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Author Topic: You and Me... and the Red thread - Chapter 20 (09/04/2021)  (Read 120123 times)

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread - Chapter 19 (05/04/2015)
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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the long long wait. I hope all of you forgive us  :nervous
I hope everyone is okay and doing well.

Will be updating this fic this week :)
Please bear with us.
Thank you!!!!

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread - Chapter 19 (05/04/2015)
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Chapter 20 – Trouble ahead
It was a peaceful Sunday afternoon, Takamina went back to her hometown to visit her sister's grave.
"Nami, I bought your favorite flowers" Takamina smiled as she arranges the flowers at her sister's grave.
"Have you've been well up there in heaven? It's your birthday soon right?" She continued talking, lighting the incense
"It feels like it was just yesterday when you're here.. I miss you Nami"

Takamina closes her eyes and lowered her head. Memories of her sister keeps on flashing on her mind again and again. Happy memories.. sad memories.. Even if it's already been years when it happened, for her it was as if it was just yesterday when it happened.
"Well then, I should go back home now. Atsuko might been waiting impatiently again haha.." Takamina let out a small smile after cleaning the grave.
"I'll visit you again my dearest sister"

Actually, Atsuko wanted to go with Takamina because she was worried about her going to her sister's grave alone but Takamina insisted her to just study at home.
At home, Atsuko was anxiously waiting for her to come back.

"Ah, Minami, you finally answered your phone. Where are you now? I told you don't be late and come home before dinner" Atsuko nagged at Minami at phone
"yes, yes, I got it Atsuko-chan" Minami smiled hearing the girl's voice. It made her calm and thankful to have Atsuko in her life. She was already on the train station heading back to Tokyo when Atsuko called. Minami knew that she might be worried about her so she called.

"Well, see you. I'm busy studying so buy me snacks when you get home, ok?" Atsuko hanged up.

"Geez, that kid is worrying too much about me.." Takamina helplessly smiled staring at her phone when she received another call.

After boarding the train, Minami already arrived in the city and went to a family restaurant to meet the person who called her earlier.

"you've gone to your hometown senpai?" the younger girl asked

"Yes. It's been a while." Takamina answered

"Let's order some food now. I bet you are hungry already" she added.

"I know it's your day off today senpai. I'm really sorry to bother you right now" the younger girl with shoulder-length hair said, you can see at her eyes that she's really sorry to disturbed her precious senpai's time

"You are not bothering me at all. So tell, what happened?" Takamina asked 

They ordered some food and Yuihan talks about her problem.
She's having a really hard time fixing things with her girlfriend Paruru and she's asking for Takamina's advice.
Their fight ended up kicking her out of their apartment and she's really restless now on what she should do.

"Maybe give her some space for now. All misunderstanding will be settled afterwards" Takamina comforted her
"You are right senpai. But I don't know where should I stay for now" Yuihan said as put both her hands in her face and give a long sigh
"Oh! I know! you could stay at our apartment for the meantime" Takamina offered
"Will Atsuko-chan be okay with it? You know senpai even if you don't tell anything about the two of you I know she has a feeling for you"
"Huh?! NO! She's just my little sister. And ha ha ha I'm her guardian that's all" Takamina nervously said as she was having a cold sweat defending the situation
"Hmm" as Yuihan looked at her senpai being suspicious.
"So? What's your decision Yuihan?"
"Okay then, as long as I'm not a burden to the both of you. And thank you so much senpai for helping me out" Yuihan said as smile genuinely
"That's settled! Oh by the way Atsuko's birthday is near"
"I would gladly to help you prepare senpai!"

So the two of them planned what they will do for Atsuko's birthday. They spend a lot of time talking to each other forgetting what time is it now.

"Oh shoot. We need to go home now Atsuko will be really mad at me" Takamina said as she looked at her phone that has 50 missed calls and 35 text messages from Atsuko

They headed back immediately to Takamina's apartment. When they arrived Atsuko is waiting for her at the front door.

"Hey Acchan! We have visitor. She will stay here for the meantime" Takamina said as she pointed at Yuihan

"Konbawa, Atsuko-chan" Yuihan greeted Atsuko

"What the hell? Are you serious here Minami?! Is this the reason why you are ignoring me the whole night while I am here waiting for you to come home? Bakamina!" Acchan thought as she looked at Yuihan jealously and rush back inside the apartment as she slams the door.

"Hey, Atsuko that was rude hey.." Takamina tries to follow Acchan
"I'm sorry for her rude action, she doesn't really mean that." Takamina said to Yuihan
"It's okay senpai, I understand."

"I was right all along. She really has feelings for Senpai and senpai is really dense not noticing it *sigh* I'm really sorry Acchan please bear with me for the meantime" Yuihan thought

"Wait here okay, I'll try to talk some sense to Atsuko. That's just her inner spoiled brat speaking. She's a really nice girl."

"Or maybe she's just really hurt not just by me being here but with you not taking her feeling seriously senpai." Yuihan said as she furrow her brow

"No, no that's silly. She's just my little sister and I spoiled her too much. Us being together with romantic intentions would be weird." Takamina explained

Atsuko that time is about to open up the door again to leave and heard what Takamina said loud and clear and it made her heart ache more. She's now firm with her decision to leave.

"Acchan" Takamina was shocked when she saw Acchan suddenly with her things

"Wait! where are you going?! Hey Atsuko!" Takamina said but Acchan ignore her and just continue to walk away from them

"Senpai, I'm really sorry for causing trouble to the both of you," Yuihan said

"No-no-no. You are not causing anything *Sigh* she'll be with Yuko-chan for sure. I'll just call Yuko later to watch her over her. Come inside and take some rest. And please just make yourself feel at home." Takamina said as she is really off on what Acchan acts.


"Yo Acchan haha what is it, princess?" Yuko answered
"Fetch me now. Convenience store right at the corner of the street near our apartment."
"Eh?! What?!"
"Now Yuko"
"Okay okay I'll be right there give me 10 mins"

When Yuko arrived Acchan immediately hug her and cried hard. Yuko on the other hand comforted her friend and bring her home.

Back at Takamina's apartment

"I'm really sorry for Acchan causing a fuss about it. She's really a nice girl and very responsible. Maybe I spoiled her so much that's why. I'm really sorry" Takamina explain while preparing the futon in the living area for Yuihan
"Senpai, what do you think about Atsuko-chan?"
"Huh? She's my little sister of course"
"Hmm not to meddle on your things senpai, but I know you miss your little sister and you are putting your attention and love that should be to your little sister to Atsuko. But I think Atsuko-chan is serious about you"
"She's on her exploring age, even Nami told me that she loves me differently and what would her parents will tell me if I take Acchan's feelings seriously"
"But senpai, Nami and Atsuko are different"
Takamina became silent

"At least look at her differently senpai, you know, we both know that you feel differently towards Atsuko and not in a little sister way"

At Yuko's apartment

"*sniff* Your apartment is clean," Acchan said as she wipes her eyes
"Haha of course. Feel at home princess"
"I was expecting random girls running around your house"
"Haha maybe next time I'll call them up for you"
"Oh shut up Yuko" :smhid
"Anyway, what happen exactly?"
"What about her?"
"Takamina brought her home."
"Wait, why did Takamina brought her home are they gonna do something?"
"Stop wriggling your eyebrows yuko, you look creepy"
"What? I'm just saying she never brought anyone home aside from you"
"I don't know why she's there I was just waiting for her to come home cause I'm worried about what happens to her because she came back late from visiting her sister's grave and then suddenly I saw Yuihan with her when she told me she wants to go alone and insisted that I stay home and study."
"And you assumed Yuihan went with her? How are you so sure about it? Did you ask Takamina or did Takamina tell you directly before you threw your tantrums at her?"
"I didn't. BUT THEY WERE TOGETHER!!!! :angry:"
"UHUH congratulation on making Takamina confuse again. No wonder Takamina still thinks of you as a kid"
"BUT THAT'S NOT ALL, OKAY! She said us being together with romantic intentions would be weird and she told Yuihan-sensai that I'm only her little sister"
"Oh, that's something. What do you want to do now?"
"I don't know but I'm gonna stay here for a while"
"Aren't you suppose to ask me if you can stay here. I'm a very busy person you know"
" Good then that means your apartment will be empty so I'll stay here"
"Whatever suits you, princess. But how about school?"
"I'll still go to school and do my responsibilities in the student council. Your job is to make sure Takamina will not get near me okay?"
"Okay. But make sure you will not do something that you will regret later."

Atsuko on the other hand had something on her mind as she smiles.

"Oh no. What are you planning to do?"
"You'll see just do what I tell you"

Morning at Takamina's apartment
Takamina still thinks about what Yuihan and Yuko told her.

"Why do they keep on telling me that I have romantic feelings towards Atsuko. I only see her as my little sister. And she's really special to me but there's nothing more to it. And if she'll be with someone else I..I.."
Takamina stops and asks herself "What will I really do? I can't imagine her being with someone else but I'm just being protective that's all. Aaaaah Acchan why do you keep on doing this? You make me worried not replying to my calls and messages." Takamina is so frustrated that time and forgot that Yuihan is with her
"Anoo. Senpai are you ready? We're gonna be late if we don't go now"
"Ah sorry sorry let's go"

At school, Takamina and Atsuko are always in the same room but Yuko is always there to block Takamina every time she tries to get near Atsuko. Takamina is trying her best to fix the conflict between the two of them but even Acchan is completely ignoring her.

After all their activities at school, Takamina is waiting for Acchan at the front gate but she was shocked at what she saw.
Atsuko is running towards a guy and hugging him happily.
Takami was frozen to move as the two people are walking away.

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Re: You and Me... and the Red thread - Chapter 20 (09/04/2021)
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I can't believe this story got an update. I've never commented in this thread before because I joined the fandom in 2018 and it looks like the last chapter was uploaded in early 2015. But even so, I was able to find this fic and it's just so *chef's kiss*. I've come back to this story so many times because the WMatsui angst is so good, and I like the fact that everyone has relationship problems that don't all feel the same as each other. Every character feels unique too. Thank you for coming back to it.

I sympathize with Acchan in this chapter. From her perspective as she talked to Yuko, I can really tell why and how she feels that way about Takamina and decided to leave. I wonder how Takamina will deal with that guy that Acchan's running to.

Thanks for coming back and posting this chapter!

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