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Author Topic: Heartbeat (20/20) + Partners (23/23) + Destiny (34/?) [WMatsui] (27/05/2018)  (Read 122601 times)

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This if it gets good!

I did not expect the mother to confess the conversation she had with Rena. Somehow I expected her to stay out of the action, although it was very difficult.

Now the conversation with Rena.

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Update soooonnnnn
Finally Jurina knew what happened back then
Now I wonder what will happen next
But I believe Rena will help Jurina forgive her mom, but I could be wrong
As usual, at each end of chapters, it always make me curious on what will happen next
 :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

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Hi, Sophcaro.

I do not know if other readers also have that feeling but it's a bit strange to imagine Jurina not being an idol anymore.

Returning to the important thing, I didn't think that Jurina would find out about the conversation between her mother and Rena in this way. I mean, not so soon after her graduation and no by her mother. I can understand her reaction, however, I also understand that her mother just wanted to protect her.

Maybe after Jurina talks to Rena she realizes that Rena's decision was not easy to make and that she also wanted to protect her.
I hope things between Jurina, her mother and Rena are resolved in the best possible way.

I am very excited because Jurina went to confront Rena and at the same time, I have some fear that things get out of control ... or maybe it would be great if things get out of control and both end up kissing each other XDXD

Such a cliffhanger!!!
I am exciting to read the next chapter!!

Good job author-san  :twothumbs

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First of all, welcome back! I hope you had a great vacation :D
Thank you for keeping your promise to update this fic on May. Honestly, I didn't expect it would be this fast. I didn't know whether it because you didn't get any jet lag or you just recovered fast :P

Alright, when I read this chapter, I mentally kept repeating that certain scene when R met up with J's mom and I was like, "Oh, so this is what they talked about."
I'VE KINDA SEEN IT COMING! Because there was no way Rena would easily break up with Jurina. Now it's all make sense.

Jurina's resentment towards her mother is so understandable. We all know that certain moment of her life that had caused her so much pain and difficulties but I think that's worth her career and reputation as a top member of the group. I'm not sure if J's mother was wise enough to choose that kind of approach (setting a secret meet up with R) though. I knew Yumiko just wanted to protect Jurina's career at all cost, it was a mother's nature.  But I feel bad for J that she had to learn it in a hard way.

Moment of truth is never always a pleasant one. Well, just like Jurina, maybe her mother too, had never expected it would turn out to be like this. Yumiko must be like, "Please understand, I did this for your sake!" and of course a young Jurina wouldn't understand :smhid





I really like this moment-of-truth chapter and I'm already excited for the next chapter :grin:  :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
I hope you update soon because I can't wait!!!!
I'll wait after all though~

See you in the next chapter!

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You broke my heart  :on speedy:
The moment Ju's mom started including Rena into the conversation, I remember the scene when she talked to Rena and Rena decided to break up with Ju. And it breaks my heart again  :on speedy:
Even if it's not good to fight with your mom, I think Ju's reaction is justified. Learning a hard truth is never easy  :cool2:

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Wow...finally Jurina's mom opened up to Jurina about her conversation with Rena. Jurina deserved the truth. She might be broken knowing her mom was one of the reasons Rena took the decision to break up with her, but I believe Jurina felt relieved after all. I like the cliffhanger ending; can't wait for the next chapter when J meet R. Thank you for the update, author-san.

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Author's note: Thank you to everyone who commented on chapter 33. It's always a great pleasure to read your thoughts and also incredibly motivating. Without further ado, here's chapter 34. I hope you'll all enjoy it!


“Jurina? What… What happened?”

Jurina felt self-conscious when she saw Rena scanning her clothes worriedly, her burning questions momentarily falling at the back of her head as she realized the terrible sight she was offering. Thirty minutes ago, she had left her mother’s place in a rush with a heavy, broken heart and hot, exultant tears trickling down her cheeks. Not thinking twice, she had acted on impulse and taken the direction of Rena’s apartment in desperate need of answers, not paying attention in the slightest to the rain falling in abundance in the streets of Nagoya.

“Hi Rena. Can I…” Jurina swallowed, trying not to reveal her rising uneasiness. “Can I come in?”

“Oh yes, of course.” Rena opened the door wider, instantly moving aside to let her in. “I’m sorry. Come in.”

Jurina gave her a small, grateful nod in return and entered; a sense of familiarity hit her at once as she advanced in the hallway and took in her surroundings. It might have been already three years since the last time she set foot in Rena’s apartment, she remembered every aspect of the place with vivid clarity. The arrangement of the rooms, the pieces of furniture, the decoration: Jurina was slightly astonished to discover that Rena’s apartment hadn’t changed that much during all these years.

Suddenly conscious of a pair of small brown eyes peering at her, Jurina brought her attention back to her host, only to see Rena now standing by her side and watching her with a mixture of curiosity and expectancy. “I know it’s late and I’m sorry for coming uninvited,” Jurina hesitantly started. “But I need to talk to you about something. I hope I’m not… disturbing you?”

“No, not at all,” Rena quickly reassured her. “I finished dinner and had just settled in the living room to read a book.”

“Alright…” Jurina fell silent. If truth be told, she was having a hard time organizing her thoughts and knowing exactly where to start. When the quiet stretched uncomfortably long between them, Jurina tentatively spoke again. “Yes, so I wanted–”

“Wait,” Rena intervened. “You are completely drenched; you should get changed first. I will lend you some of my clothes.”

Completely caught off guard, it took Jurina a few long, pregnant seconds to fully process what the other girl had suggested. “No, I’m fine,” she brushed it off with a rapid, slightly embarrassed, wave of her hand. “You don’t need to do that. I’ll be fine.”

“I’m worried you’ll catch a cold if you stay in those clothes,” Rena said, alarmed. “I have everything you need in my room. Come with me.”

Jurina was about to open her mouth to protest but didn’t have time as Rena pulled her along behind her with gentle authority, effectively cutting short all form of retort. Jurina cursed herself for the reactions the simple physical contact of Rena’s warm hand around hers managed to provoke, finding her heart beating a little too quickly for her liking. When they arrived in front of the bedroom and Rena guided her inside, Jurina urgently pulled on Rena’s hand. “It’s really… It’s really important.”

Rena halted and turned around to face her. “I’m not going anywhere,” Rena murmured softly, giving Jurina’s fingers a light, comforting squeeze. “Once you’ve changed, we can talk as much as you want. Alright?”

Jurina nodded reluctantly; she knew there was no use insisting when the other girl looked so incredibly determined to have it her way.

“You can choose anything you want here,” Rena released her hold on Jurina’s hand and opened a first drawer, then a second, from the cupboard on her left. “Join me in the kitchen when you’re ready?”

When Rena left her side and pulled the door close behind her, Jurina let out a small, despondent sigh. Facing the opened drawers in front of her, Jurina’s eyes swept over the clothes carefully stored inside, feeling somewhat too ill-at-ease to dare to touch anything despite the previous, generous invitation. Ultimately, she raised her gaze and took a tentative peek around, soon finding herself torn between two opposite, conflicting emotions.

A part of her clearly felt that this wasn’t quite right; she was unquestionably invading Rena’s utmost privacy by standing in such a personal room and going through her belongings. Yet, as her eyes traveled around the place and landed at last on the queen size bed, a certain feeling of nostalgia swept through her chest. Nevermind how hard she tried not to think about it, it was impossible for her not to dwell on the past when this place held so many memories of her relationship with Rena.

Jurina glanced back at the opened drawers, grasping she didn’t have much choice on the matter. Not only it was more than obvious that Rena would never accept to talk to her if she reappeared without having changed first, it was also true that she was beginning to feel atrociously uncomfortable in those wet, sticky clothes.

Jurina carefully went through the first piles of Rena’s tops, not surprised in the slightest to notice that all were impeccably ironed and folded, even organized by size and color. The familiar view managed to bring a small, amused smile to her lips; it appeared Rena’s almost manic behavior when it came to organization and order hadn’t changed at all during those last three years.

Not wishing to deprive Rena of one of her favorites, Jurina cautiously passed the tee-shirts on the top as well as the most otaku’s ones – recognizing along the way a specific short-sleeved Gundam tee-shirt that Rena loved to wear all the time – until her attention drifted towards another pile of clothes situated at the back of the drawer, visibly some tops that Rena wasn’t used to wearing that much.

Jurina caught glimpse of a white tee-shirt that looked oddly familiar to her and, curiosity getting the best of her, she decided to take a better look at it. Prudently removing the front pile to retrieve it, she gasped when she read the Hawaiian greeting written in bold letters at the bottom.


Jurina couldn’t believe her eyes. “Wait… so it was here?!”

Happiness flowed through her as she excitedly unfolded it, her fingertips tracing the blue, large letters in appreciation. How on earth was it possible? For days, she had desperately looked for this tee-shirt everywhere at home; even called Churi to check if she hadn’t by any chance left it at her place during one of her sleepovers. The idea of losing this particular tee-shirt was inconceivable to her: it was too meaningful.

In the end, her search proved to be anything but frustratingly fruitless. Maybe she had forgotten it in the locker of a rehearsal room or left it behind in a hotel room during one of her many business trips. Hoping it would one day miraculously resurface, it had taken her weeks to finally come to reason and accept the fact that it was irrevocably lost. And a couple more to stop blaming herself for being so reckless, and not taking better care of her personal possessions.

In retrospective, Jurina felt a little stupid for never considering this other possibility.

Jurina lingered on the two, big palm trees decorating the tee-shirt, smiling reminiscently in spite of herself as this fun photoshoot for AKB48 in Hawaii and all the events that occurred in-between rushed back with vivid clarity. There were certain moments in her life she would never be able to erase from her memory: this unexpected yet so precious gift she had received from Rena in this random, small Hawaiian shop was definitely one of them.

When Jurina walked out of the bedroom, it didn’t take her long to find her host occupied in the kitchen. Jurina remained at the entrance, taking advantage of the fact that Rena had not heard her arriving to quietly observe her. The two cups Rena fetched from a cupboard above her head and the tea bags she placed inside the next moment. The way she slightly leaned against the counter and patiently waited aside the kettle, mechanically tucking a strand of hair behind her ear while the water boiled.

Jurina didn’t miss a single detail of the scene unfolding in front of her.

It was quite an ordinary scene; one she had in fact witnessed countless of times in the past when she came to visit Rena at her apartment and spent the afternoon or the evening in her company. Yet, as Jurina watched with involuntarily fascination the feminine silhouette now expertly pouring hot water inside each cup, she realized how much she had truly missed such simple moments of everyday life.

Rena had an absent look on her face; almost as if she was absorbed in her thoughts and lost in her own little world. Jurina found herself intrigued by it, wishing she could discover what was on the other girl’s mind.

Jurina didn’t know how long this moment lasted, but the spell was broken when Rena turned around and acknowledged her presence at last. “Jurina…” Her mouth tugged into a small smile of pleasure, until recognition passed over her face when she noticed the new top Jurina was wearing. “Oh, I see you found it…”

“I did…” Jurina followed Rena’s gaze on her tee-shirt. “All these years, I was convinced to have lost it somewhere. I was so mad at myself; I loved it so much. How come it was here all this time?”

Rena made no immediate reply. “I found it in the laundry basket a few days after we… I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I guess I should have told you.”

“No, it’s fine…” Jurina could feel Rena’s unease and didn’t want to add to it. Frankly, she also felt partly responsible. Her painful breakup with Rena had left her so devastated, she had never gathered her courage to meet her again, even less to return to Rena’s apartment to retrieve her personal belongings.

Now everything made sense.

“Have you eaten already? I didn’t know if I should prepare something,” Rena managed a small, tentative smile.

“No, I’ve eaten,” Jurina assured.

Rena looked somewhat skeptical. “I really don’t mind cooking something if you’re hungry.” She spun on her heels and moved towards the fridge. “I went to the Aeon Mall two days ago, so just tell me what you would like and I’ll prepare it.”

Jurina appreciated Rena’s kindness and heard the suggestion well, but she had reached her limits. Until now, she had patiently waited and successfully managed to hold her tongue, but she couldn’t keep it to herself any longer. She had too many questions; questions that desperately needed answers. “Rena, I need to know.”

Rena gazed back at her in confusion. “What do you mean, I don’t unders–”

“Is it true?” Jurina took a decided step forward. “Is it true that my mother came to talk to you after the scandal?”

Rena’s whole body tensed. “W–Who told you this?”

“An hour ago, I spoke with her. She confessed everything. She’s the reason why you broke up with me, isn’t she? She told you to do it.” Jurina was doing her very best to stay calm and control her temper, to no avail as her anger easily resurfaced when her recent conversation with her mother replayed in her head.

“You… You spoke with your mother,” Rena stammered.

“I want answers. I want to know if all this is true,” Jurina demanded insistently, yet Rena’s mortified expression and lasting silence spoke louder than words. “So it was true…” Realization crossed her features, and with it another flash of resentment. “My mother is really responsible for all this.”

At those last words, Rena snapped out of her daze. “No, your mother is not responsible for what happened between us three years ago.”

“Isn’t she?” Jurina exclaimed; incredulity surged up inside her. “Are you going to deny that you two met behind my back and she asked you to break up with me?”

“It’s not… It’s not that simple,” Rena whispered, averting her questioning gaze. She pulled a chair and sat down feebly at the kitchen table. “She asked to meet me because she had concerns about your future. She was afraid that your position in SKE had been fragilized because of the scandal. And she was right. I was terribly worried about it too. But I can’t let you blame your mother for our separation.”

“But why?!” Surprise, then disbelief, crossed Jurina’s features. “Why did you never tell me anything about this conversation? Why didn’t you tell me how you felt?”

“I did…” Rena smiled weakly. “I explained you that we needed to put some distance between us for your own protection, but… you wouldn’t understand. You were so convinced that the danger had passed. You believed we could go back to our lives as if nothing happened.”

“Because it was true!” Jurina interjected. “I had reintegrated SKE and regained my center position. No one cared or even talked about the pictures anymore. Rena, everything was fine. Everything was completely fine!”

“N-No, it wasn’t,” Rena shakily argued. “Paparazzi were after us and would never have left us in peace after the release of those pictures. What do you think would have happened if they had caught us again, a few weeks or months from then, in another compromising situation? How do you think management would have reacted this time? Do you truly believe they would have given you a second chance? Your career. Your reputation. You would have lost everything. Everything.”

A glazed look of despair began to spread over Jurina’s face. “No, I would still have you. If it had come down to choose between SKE and you, I wouldn’t have hesitated one second. I would have chosen you!”

Rena stiffened in her seat. “I was afraid you would say that.” Her eyes fluttered closed and began to water. “But how do you think it would have made me feel, to know that you were giving up… That you were losing everything because of me?”

“Not everything. I would still have the most important thing.” Jurina shook her head in frustration. “I would still have you!”

“You would have regretted it!” Glancing back in her direction, Rena’s expression turned into one of hopelessness. “In the following months, I know you would have regretted making such a decision. Every time you would have seen the group singing on TV. Every time you would have heard one of their song playing on the radio. Every time you would have seen ads for a new single in magazines or in CD stores. All these times, you would be reminded or what you had left behind and irrevocably lost.”

Rena swallowed hard and rigidly held her tears in check. “Little by little, you would have unconsciously began hating me from drawing you away from what you loved doing the most. And I couldn’t have blamed you for it.”

Jurina stared back at her speechlessly. “I would never… I could never hate you.”

“I would have hated myself for preventing you from fulfilling all your dreams,” Rena’s throat constricted with emotion. “Look at everything you’ve accomplished these last three years. You had so much success: you continued to thrive in the group and got that first rank at the Sousenkyou you coveted and deserved so much. If I had stayed in your life, I would have ruined that precious second chance you had been given.”

“I don’t agree, we would have found a solution. There had to be another way. There had…” Words hang in the air as Jurina took a few staggering steps backward, tears of frustration beginning to fill her eyes when her back hit the counter.

Jurina had listened well to Rena’s explanation, but she stubbornly refused to accept Rena’s point of view. Nevermind her good arguments and a few valid points, Jurina couldn’t resolve herself to believe that their breakup was ineluctable three years ago. There had to be a solution for her to stay in the idol group while still being with the girl she loved, Jurina kept repeating to herself. So why was her stupid brain failing to think of one? To provide her with a clever retort that would help her show Rena that she had been wrong all this time?

“You still loved me. Three years ago, when you broke up with me, you didn’t contradict me when I thought you didn’t love me anymore.” Jurina clutched the edge of the counter when she felt herself trembling. “But it wasn’t true, was it? You lied to me to make sure I would stay away from you, did you?”

“Why…” Rena looked down into her untouched cup of tea, shakily clasping her cup in her hands. “Why are you asking me that?”

“Answer me. I need to know…” Jurina desperately pleaded.

Tears slowly found their way down Rena’s cheeks. “Of course, I still loved you.”

A prolonged, heavy silence fell between them.

Pain gripped Jurina’s chest and her throat thickened with sobs; her gaze dropped when she felt her vision beginning to blur. The intense downpour falling outside enveloped them progressively as none of them dared to raise their voice anymore or even look at each other, the loud sound covering Jurina’s distress and the wet tears now falling remorselessly down her cheeks.

A chair suddenly creaked, followed by the sound of light footsteps progressing on the cold, tile kitchen floor. Jurina didn’t have time to see what was happening that Rena’s arms had encircled her, one hand in the small of her back while the other went around her shoulders protectively. “I-I’m sorry…” Jurina could feel Rena’s uneven breathing on her cheek as the older girl held her close. “I’m so sorry.”

Fresh tears welled up in Jurina’s eyes, making her realize how much she had longed to hear those three little words. Jurina was never naïve; since an early age, she always knew that hardship and pain were inevitable moments in someone’s life. Yet, as Jurina awkwardly disentangled herself from Rena’s embrace, she found herself wondering what now laid ahead for both of them after such revelations.

Jurina wiped the corner of her eyes with the back of her hand, before slowly edging away from the counter. “I think… I think I’d better go now.”

“W-What? You can’t…” Rena stood still; she stared back at her uncomprehendingly. “You can’t leave. It’s pouring hard outside.”

Jurina stopped in her tracks and looked out the window, acknowledging that the other girl was unfortunately indeed right. In fact, if she wasn’t mistaken, it awfully looked like the weather had even intensified in the past hour. “It-It will be okay…” Jurina replied, trying to sound reassuring. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be careful. I don’t live that far anyway.”

Jurina had barely stepped outside the kitchen that she felt a hand hastily closing over her wrist. “Don’t be ridiculous. It would be unconscious to go outside right now. Stay. Sleep here for the night.”

Jurina turned around, stupefied. “W-What?”

“I wouldn’t stop worrying if I knew you were outside under such a terrible weather,” Rena added anxiously. “I’ll prepare the couch for you.”

Jurina didn’t have the opportunity to utter a single word that Rena had already left her side and moved in the direction of the living room. Jurina watched from afar the other girl opening a cupboard, desperately trying to make sense of all of it. Not only she was having difficulty coping with their previous conversation and keeping control over her emotions, she certainly didn’t feel at ease invading Rena’s personal space anymore than she already had.

Her thoughts were a jumbled mess.

Jurina observed the other girl coming back shortly after with a pillow and a bedcover that she carefully placed on the sofa, having the strong impression it was going to be hard to change Rena’s mind and have the last word when she looked so determined. Yet, as Jurina’s eyes darted towards the front door indecisively, she knew she had to try. “Rena… I really can’t stay.”

Rena abruptly stopped what she was doing and turned in her direction; their eyes silently locked across the room. Little by little, Jurina could see Rena’s determination wavering. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to force you…” Rena looked down sideways as if overcome with embarrassment. Gingerly, she lowered herself on the armchair of the sofa. “I just… I only wanted you to be safe.”

“I-I know…” Jurina couldn’t hide the sudden tremor in her voice.

With an effort, Jurina tore her gaze away from the other girl and took a deep, shaky breath before forcing her legs to move and making her way towards the hallway. As she began to put her shoes on, she distinguished the sound of familiar, light footsteps gradually approaching behind her. Jurina lifted her eyes, only to see Rena retrieving an umbrella from a basket near the door and handling it to her. “At least… please take this with you.”

Jurina nodded almost imperceptibly and accepted it, trying to ignore the brief shiver rippling through her as their hands brushed together. At last, she reached out for the handle when she faced the front door.

“I’m not expecting your forgiveness…” Behind her back, Rena’s small, quivering voice was husky with despair. “But I hope one day you’ll understand that I only did this because I loved you.”

Jurina’s fingers paused on the handle instantly; she fought hard against the tears she refused to let fall again. “I understand…” Jurina whispered, tentatively looking backwards over her shoulder. “I just... I just need time to process everything.”

Jurina watched as a glimmer of hope penetrated Rena’s small, brown orbs, before she finally summoned the courage to shakily turn the handle and pull the door open. As Jurina stepped out of Rena's appartment and slowly walked away, she wanted to believe that her heart would at last be able to fully heal now that the whole truth had been unveiled.

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I lazily woke up this morning, casually checked my phone, and shrieked a little to find a notification from JPHiP about the update of Destiny. I somehow feel that this fic is on the way for its ending, and I wondered if chapter 34 would be the last chapter. I read it slowly, and mustered all my power not to peek at caveat at the bottom of the page.

This chapter brings me so much feels, it makes me a bit emotional and melancholy. You wrote each passage with great details that I felt nostalgic :’) When Jurina reminisced her good old days with Rena, I too couldn’t help but remembering all those nice moments between them. I remember their particular conversation about that Hawaiian t-shirt in which Rena said to Jurina, “You always get what you want, don’t you?” (I also remember it provoked the next action.)

When you mentioned Rena’s Gundam t-shirt, I suddenly remember her other t-shirt: the one with two intertwined trains dancing together and the story behind it. It’s one of my favourite! 

Well yeah…I did read this chapter very slowly; since for every one or two paragraphs I stopped reading and sighed remembering their sweet and fluffy moments (mostly in Partners).

I was not by myself when I read this chapter. I was with a ninja cutting onions next to me that my eyes almost watered for the entire chapter, especially when Rena finally…FINALLY…said, “Of course, I still loved you.” It was like…there was fireworks suddenly lighted up in a dark sky (despite the actual prolonged, heavy silence that fell between them.) You know how it feels? Those words feel…majestic. JURINA HAD BEEN WAITING FOR THREE YEARS FOR THAT.

The mood is a little lighter when Rena offered a couch for Jurina to stay. WHY COUCH, RENA, WHEN YOU COULD JUST ASK HER TO SLEEP IN YOUR BEDROOM? And when Jurina said, “Rena… I really can’t stay”, I mentally added, “unless I sleep on your bed with you.” Well, of course it won’t happen. Jurina was cautious enough that she “invaded” Rena’s personal space/room since the very beginning.

Anyway, thank you for this chapter. I love it!

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This chapter really brighten up my Sunday morning yet it gave me mixed of feelings. The flashback moments in Jurina's mind made me delighted and sad at the same time. I don't know what to feel anymore :cry:
This chapter is so precious except the part where Jurina did't wanna stay for the night. I believe they will have much time to spend together in the future :lol:
From this chapter I learned that I might need to re-read the whole trilogy because seems like I've missed some details. :on study:
Thank you for the beautiful chapter!
Let them have a happy ending, please please please please pleaaaaaaaaaase.......

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An update~~~~~~~
So happy to see this, totally didn't expect this update at all, as I am sitting down to take a break and scroll through which fanfic to read and of course to see whether there's new fanfic update or not
And.... I saw destiny and not wasting any second to read it
I have too many things to say that I don't know how I should start it
Jurina reminiscing the old sweet moment, with that specific aloha shirt that she found and also the view of Rena's preparing the tea for her
And the truth from Rena's pov
Another drama coming up, I feel that way although I know Jurina will forgive Rena in the end, cause.. they still love one another
this update gave me a lot of mixed feelings, happy and sad at the same time
Always a great work, sophcaro-san
I'll wait for your update

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I'm happy for the update.
Isn't the Hawaiian T shirt became small to Jurina? I mean it has been 3 years .
Anyway that "I still loved you" IS AMAZING my stomach has butterfly just because that line.
Fluffy as I expected~
Thank you sopcharo San for this brilliant update!
I'm waiting for the next update~

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