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Author Topic: [drabble series] Secret Married Life  (Read 1696 times)

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[drabble series] Secret Married Life
« on: November 15, 2014, 03:24:40 PM »
well here's the idea that i've shared when i posted the chap 16 of our main fic, You and Me... and the Red Thread
because we have nothing to do at work, so instead of getting sleepy we came up with this drabble  :lol: i had the draft 3 days ago but it's just this afternoon that i decided to edit this haha sorry i'm naturally lazyXD  :cathappy:

we plan to make different versions for other ships (yeah if we don't get lazy we'll do that )  :lol:
but that ships will obviously be [mayuki][saeyaka][kojiyuu] i'm still thinking for ideas for [atsumina] and [wmatsui] but we can't think of anything yet...

but for starters it's mayuki ver.


#1 – Proposal 「Mayu’s proposal」

It was 10 pm already, the team B’s ace has just finished her work and arrived in a certain person’s apartment… using a spare key that she have, she unlocked the door and waited inside.

She was supposed to surprise her beloved someone at her house, it was their anniversary. But it seems she is still not coming back from work.

She put her things beside the table and placed a box of chocolates on the top of the table. She was planning to eat it with yuki later. The chocolates was from her oshiri sister. They had met a while ago and gave her the chocolates as a gift for yuki and mayu’s anniversary.

Mayu sat down and patiently waiting for her girlfriend to be home, a little while mayu was staring at the box of the chocolates that yuko gave. She was reminiscing from the past, the time where they are just starting in AKB.

“time really flies fast…many things happened to me and yuki but I’m just glad that we are like this now…” mayu murmured smiling to herself.

after a while her boredom strikes.. She opened the television and saw something unpleasant in her eyes.

Yuki wrapped her arms around a certain guy's neck.

It was a television drama where yuki is starring.

She doesn’t like to watch it, but she saw some parts of the scene and was irritated that she almost broke the remote when she turned the tv off. She decided not to think about it because it was work related but somehow, the scenes that she saw was playing on her mind. She was jealous but she knew she shouldn’t… with her depression from thinking about that, mayu just decided to open the chocolate box and eat instead… she ate the chocolates while grumbling, cursing the guy who was with her in that drama.

Mayu don’t easily get jealous but this time her blood boils with jealousy, maybe because they rarely get to spend time together because of their busy schedules that made her sensitive.

"You’re dead when you get home Yuki"

After half an hour, a raven haired girl have just arrived at her apartment.
Her eyes widens from surprise when she saw a very grumpy Mayu sitting on a couch waiting for her.

"Mayu, what are you doing here?"

"Why?! Is there something wrong waiting for my girlfriend to arrive home?" Mayu replied in an irritated tone

"eh? mayu? Why are you mad?"

"Do you have fun at work?” Mayu continued asking, you can sense her anger from her tone

“huh? What are you saying? Of course I’m enjoying my work” yuki replied honestly but her answer only made mayu mad

Mayu grabbed her wrist and pushed her to sit in a chair and then she tied her up

“w-wait mayu? What are you doing!?” yuki’s eyes widen, she was surprised by her girlfriend’s sudden action but mayu just gave her a smirk, a sarcastic smile

“mayu? Mayu! Untie me at once!” Yukirin was now a bit irritated

“hm?” mayu leaned over her and placed a kiss on the back of her ears

“ma..yu…” yuki softly moaned

“yuki are you enjoying this, hm?” mayu teased making yuki blush

“no-” yuki tried to resist mayu’s teasing but that only made mayu’s anger grow

“no?” mayu continued her teasing and now kissing her in the neck and slowly down to her collar bones

“mayu? What’s gotten into you? –ah….. ma..yu… stop”

“stop? Don’t you like this?”

“uh-n i-its not like that”

“then what is it yuki?” mayu asked as she put her hands inside yuki’s shirt, unhooking her bra

“ma.. yu…uh– stop it”

“so you like other guys to do this but not me eh?” mayu suddenly stopped on what she is doing

“mayu? What’s wrong with you? What are you talking about?”

“you like flirting with other guys but not with me, right?” mayu complained with an angry tone, she kneeled down and took off yuki’s shoes and do like what she saw on the drama.

“mayu, why are you doing this?” yuki was dumb-founded, she has no clue why mayu is acting like that

“so you do enjoy flirting with other guys huh?” mayu was glaring at her, she was mad

“huh? –Ah! don’t tell me it’s that drama” after a while yuki realized why mayu is acting like that but still she was surprised because she knew mayu would never get jealous especially if it’s work related

*sigh* "Mayu are you jealous?"

“huh!? Why would I be jealous?”

“then why are you acting like this?” yuki said raising an eyebrow


“mou! Mayu just untie me now okay? I’m quite tired from work”


“Ugh!!! MAYU! Untie me this instant!”

“no! coz you enjoy flirting with others so I’ll punish you”

“huh!? How about you? You sure have fun there! Kissing lolis!?" yuki talked back she was really irritated

“coz they’re cute” Mayu smirked at Yuki

“Mayu!!! Why are you acting like that? like I did something wrong…” yuki was now teary eyed

"You don't have enough time for me these days and in addition to that you’re letting other people hug and touch you… I don’t want that"

"Look Mayu, I’m not letting them do that, It’s because of work"

"Yeah! for work! all you do is for work! You look at that guy so much! You even forgot that it’s our anniversary today!"

"I didn't forgot our anniversary today! And I told you its work so I don’t have any choice, stop acting like a kid Mayu"

"Yeah I'm a kid just a kid in your eyes that’s why you like older people"

"That's not what I mean why are you acting like this?  And what about you? I'm also hurt when you are fooling around with other people. You’re the one who insist on kissing them, even if it is work related I'm hurt seeing you around like that"

Seeing yuki with teary eyes, mayu was now feeling guilty on what she acted but she is still jealous…

“sorry, I just don’t want you to get close with others… sorry for getting mad yuki” mayu apologized trying to calm herself

“mayu… I’m sorry too, for not noticing… but you know, I didn’t forget that it’s our anniversary today. It’s just that I can’t get a day off today, I’m sorry…”

“it’s okay…”

“but you know, I did get a day off tomorrow, we could go on a date”

“really!? I love you yuki!” mayu’s face brightened up on what she heard and hugged yuki

“I love you too mayu!”

“uhm mayu? Can you untie me now?”

“ah– hehe… I forgot… sorry”

“geez… mayu can be a spoiled child sometimes… but I can’t help to love her more” yuki sighed and let out a giggle

They are now sitting on the couch hugging each other…

“but seriously mayu, If you’re just jealous you should say it to me you know”

“I told you I’m not jealous…”

“you’re not?” yuki rolled her eyes… “such a tsundere”

“I just need an assurance… that you will not leave me for another person” mayu was embarrass to say this so she buried her face to yuki’s chest

“aw… so cute…” yuki squealed in her mind…

“well I need an assurance too you know… coz you’re always kissing others, and make them kiss you… especially those lolis…”

“hm… can’t do anything about that, they’re cute you know…”

Yuki was now getting angry…

“but still you’re the cutest yuki… hm, no… the most beautiful…”

Yuki’s anger turned into a blush, hearing what mayu said made her heart skip a beat and she was now blushing furiously

“uhm… mm… t-thanks” yuki don’t know how to react, her heart was beating fast

“yuki…” mayu faced her with a sincere eyes…

“let’s get married…”

“h-huh? M-married? W-wait? What? Married? Seriously? Mayu?” yuki was really shocked by mayu’s sudden proposal, it made her happy but she knew that there
are many things to consider especially they are busy with their career…

“I’m serious yuki… don’t you want to?” mayu pouted then she hugged her again burying her face into yuki’s chest, she can hear yuki’s heart beating faster…

“of course I want it, b-but w-wait! We should plan for it carefully o-okay? U-uhm… wait! you just proposed without a ring you know!? mou… and what about the date of the wedding? we can rarely get days off and if we  do, our days off are not the same. And what about the reception? And after that uhm, what about the h-honeymoon? ugh! What am I saying!? Ah-... Should we tell others about our plan for wedding so they could help us? Mayu? what do you think?”




“huh? Mayu? Wait! you’re asleep already!? Hey mayu!? What about your proposal? Hey!! Mou! Mayu!!!”

After that yuki carried mayu on the bedroom and was sleeping peacefully. Before she decided to join mayu to sleep, she clean her things first and she saw the box of chocolates on the table…
It was a  gift from yuko… it was a liquor chocolate with 5% alcohol content on each… and mayu ate them all…

“EEEH!?” yuki face palmed


A/N: if you’re wondering where mayu got the rope to tie yuki on the chair, I also don’t know so just don’t ask hahaha  :lol:
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Re: [drabble series] Secret Married Life
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2014, 06:08:57 PM »
Lol Mayu is drunk!!

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Re: [drabble series] Secret Married Life
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2014, 06:21:06 PM »
Poor mayu :lol:

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Re: [drabble series] Secret Married Life
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That was funny! Thanks  :lol:
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Re: [drabble series] Secret Married Life
« Reply #4 on: November 21, 2014, 03:19:22 PM »
Yurin here~  :hee:

here's an update

douzo  :P


"Last week you proposed to me and then the next morning you forgot everything that happen *sigh* that Mayu, Mou~ but still, I forgive you. I’m really glad that my work ended up early, I’ll pay a visit at your work and I'm going to surprise you" Yuki thought happily while she was inside the taxi.

Then Yuki arrived at the setting where the recording of AKBingo is being film. She just hides herself at the corner and gives sign to the staffs to keep quiet. She was just standing there at the corner admiring her beloved Mayu and she also notice that her daughter (Natsu) is also there in the recording.

Mayu didn’t notice Yuki, after a while she hugged the two lolis (Nako and Miku) and fan girl over them. While Mayu’s eyes are sparkling seeing the two cute lolis near her, Yuki on the other hand is emitting a dangerous aura.

"Don't you even dare to kiss them Mayu"

The staffs signaled that the recording was about to start so Mayu stopped fangirling over the lolis. Yuki watched the recording, while Mayu still didn’t know that Yuki was there.

At the recording of akbingo, Mayu instructed the two lolis to kiss her on the cheeks. And because of that scene Yukirin was really mad, but still keeps her smile.
After the film had finished Yukirin was about to go where Mayu is, but someone greeted her.
"Yuki-kaachan, how are you? I didn't know you are here, I thought you have work at Osaka" Natsu said greeting her

"I just missed you Natsumi and that stupid Mayu , who was having fun with those kids, so I paid a visit. I was planning to surprise you guys but she’s busy I guess. Anyway I need to talk to her now, okay?" as she holds Natsu's cheeks gently but she can see a black aura surrounding her mom. Natsu that time felt that her Okaa-chan was really mad.

While Mayu was having fun, Yuki was now behind her. Yuki called her with a soft voice and tapped Mayu’s shoulder which gave Mayu a surprise as she turned her face slowly to face yuki.

"Ah! He he he… Yuki I thought you are still at work in Osaka" Mayu gulped as she can already feel her girlfriend’s anger
"I finished work earlier and" Yuki stopped and look at the two lolis
"Can the both of you excuse us for a moment?" Yuki continued and smiled at them, the kids immediately respond a nod and run far away from Mayu and Yuki
"etou… he he he" mayu laugh nervously
"Now then come with me" Yuki grabbed Mayu's hands and they went inside the dressing room.
"Anou.. Is there anything wrong Yuki?"
"You should have known why"
"First, you tied me up last time when you waited for me at home, and then you got angry with me all of sudden"
O_O "I did that?"
"Second, even when you proposed to me that time you forgot about it"
"EEEEEEEEEEEH?!" Mayu blushed
"Third you kiss and fool around with those lolis even if i already told you that i don't like you seeing with others like that!!"
"Easy Yuki... please calm down he-he~" Mayu said laughing nervously but she’s panicking inside her mind
"How could I calm down when i see you fooling around with those kids in front of me??"
"Etou....." Mayu was trying to think of something as an excuse

*knock*knock* someone knocked at the door all of their attention have change to the doors direction

"I'm coming in" someone said
"Eh? Natsumi?" both Mayu and Yuki widen their eyes from the figure that opened the door
"Yes, it’s me. What is happening in here, okaa-chan?" Natsu said as she was frowning at the two
"etou..he-he-he" Mayu laughing nervously while scratching the back of her head
"You cannot hide anything from me" and glared at them
Both Mayu and Yuki look at the other way just to avoid Natsu’s gaze.
"*sighed* why just the two of you clear things up peacefully, I can hear your voices outside the hallway (-__-) you know you two should just get married already"
Mayu and Yuki blushed
“well then I’ll excuse myself for now”
"*sigh*relieved* Natsu is sure is scary, like her okaa-chan" Mayu whispered while wiping her sweat at her forehead
"Mayu" Yuki said
"h-hai?" Mayu’s scared and nervous face came back

Yuki cupped Mayu’s face and kisses her.

"*sigh* let’s have dinner together with Natsu later" Yuki said after she broke the kiss that left Mayu hanging and her frozen. She was just staring back at Yuki’s lovely eyes

“Still you are not forgiven, but I will surely forgive you and say YES if you proposed to me when you’re not drunk” Yuki continued while walking towards the door and then turns her head and winked at Mayu.
Mayu’s heart skipped a beat because of that wink. She as totally stunned while Yuki just giggled.

That night Mayuki will be having a dinner in a private room in a restaurant. They are waiting for Natsu to arrive.
When Natsu arrived she threw something at Mayu which the latter caught it.
Because of her busy work schedules Mayu didn’t have a time to choose a ring to propose to yuki. Luckily, Natsu offered to help her.

“Etou.. etou…” mayu was trembling from what she will do right now

Mayu kneeled in front of Yuki and show her a small box with a ring in it.

“W-will you m-marry me?”
This startled Yuki but because she is still mad from what happened she wanted to tease Mayu for a bit.

“What if I say NO?” Yuki said turning tilting her head
“Mou~ Yuki you black! Mou~ *sob*sob*” Mayu pouting cutely while trying to hold her tears
“I’m just kidding Mayu” Yuki said giggling and sat down on the floor to face Mayu who was kneeling before her and kiss her passionately
“kaa-chan.. and um.. tou-chan… you two didn’t forget that I am here watching, don’t you? *sigh* can the both of you just have a room? But first let’s just finish our dinner…” Natsu said in a bored tone, tired of seeing the two fighting and suddenly being lovey dovey with each other.
“Hai~, but Natsumi you sure are cute this morning in the recording of AKBingo… getting that heart paper from Madoka and passing it to Aoitan~” Yuki said while giggling teasing her daughter
“ahh, you did a good job there, how was it? kissing two cute lolis alternately? Hehe~” mayu joined the teasing
“please- stop teasing me, and I didn’t kiss them directly, there was a paper you know… and wait! That’s only a game mou-” natsu said blushing
“kawaii~” mayu and yuki squealed

“what a nice family I will have~” mayu thought

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