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Author Topic: Precious One - chapter 6 (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina) 3/12/2015 - DISCONTINUED  (Read 15094 times)

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 3: Friends
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2 vampires hate Maeda clan...

Ah... you put Mendol in there... Like the twist idea

What's going to happen to Atsumina next?

Can't wait to see other charaters too

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 3: Friends [NEW POLL]
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Hi all! This is NOT an update okay~? I just want to thank all my readers (including the silent readers) for reading, commenting and loving my fic so far. I hope you all will continue reading it :shy2:

Btw, there is a new poll about which pairings you guys want to see more. Please do vote okaaaaay???

Ok, so I'll be replying to the comments aye~?

@geki geki: Eh? Yea, I introduced them in the first chapter (remember the top 5 vamp clans??) and as for Sae, I did say a little bit in chapter 2... Well, Kanon is an exception cuz I've yet to say anything~ XD

@Kairi65: Really? It's interesting?? Thank you!! Do continue reading this in the future okay~? :D

@MayuxMatsuixMusic: hehe~ be patient okay? You'll see more of Mayuki in the next chapter :)

@Sydney W: yeaaa~ I hope I'm able to deliver a proper Atsumina fanfic :P

@Siren: Hmmmm, as the writer, I also can't wait for Acchan to confess~!! but but... Takamina has Ray!! SO HOW???!! Find out soon okay~!!  :w00t:

@cisda83: yeaaaa... I hope that putting Mendol will make things interesting~ You're welcome~ Will update soon! :twothumbs

Ok, so I'm almost done with Chapter 4 (yaaaaaaaay~) and I even started a lil bit on chapter 5~ I might be able to update chapter 4 on Saturday as well so please look forward to it!!!!
Don't forget to vote in the poll!

Merry Christmas!!!! and have a happy holiday~ :nya:

See you guys in the next chapter! Bye bye~~~~~ :byebye: :mon bye:

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Will be waiting for the chapter out... Hehehe XD
Thank you
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(After reading the fanfic, my favorite pair just keep increasing :( )

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Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
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@qweakb: hehe here you go!  XD

CHAPTER 4: Party

Tuesday, 15 April 20xx


[Rena's POV]

Time went by pretty quickly but I didn't want that to happen. It was close to evening and I've already ended my work.

A sigh was let out since I wasn't really looking forward to tonight.

"Rena, what's wrong? Had a tough second day here???"

Airi startled me by suddenly approaching my table with a question.

Of course as her best friend since high school, I only confide my problems to her.

"Nothing much. I just don't feel like going for the party later."

"Ehhh? You always said that every year! Why, Rena??"

"Mou... I just don't like interacting with others... And the fact that they pair people up is quite ridiculous! Who started this whole thing?!"

At this moment, Airi just laughed at my reply. Apparently she finds it funny whenever I complain.

"You never change, do you? If you're always THIS anti-social, how are you gonna find your soul mate??"

"Mouuuu Airin~ Finding a partner can come later! If I still have Airin, why must I look for someone else?"

"Awwwww~ You love me so much huh?"

That's right. I love Airi a lot as a best friend and I know that Airi loves me as much as I do. We've been together since my first year in high school. We first met when I was lost in such a big school. I was a shy person and didn't know anyone but she kindly approached and helped me. From there, even though she was a third year, we became close.

I didn't feel sad at all when she graduated because firstly, we hardly meet in school and secondly, we hang out outside. Our frequent meetings out of school made me become really fond of Airi. She was also the first person beside my family to find about my mother's death and Jurina's appearance in the family.

Airi and I continued our funny chat as I started to pack my things. Both of us made our way out of the school. Airi said she wanted to walk together to my house since she was quite free.

I couldn't take my car once again since Jurina made another prank: leaving a can of unopened soda inside for it to explode. Yea and thanks to that, the whole car became a mess and I had to send it for cleaning... Seriously I don't know what's wrong with that girl.

"The sakura trees are so pretty~ Just like Rena!"

"Come on! That's embarrassing..."

Airi took my right hand and rubbed it gently with her fingers before locking our hands together with our fingers intertwined.

We continued our journey with the warm feeling on our hands. It was really pleasant and I didn't really want to let her hand go AT ALL.

"Ne, do you want to follow me to the anime shop this Sunday? The latest volume of XX is out."

With a gentle smile, I replied with a nod. Visiting an anime shop is totally a great idea to relieve some stress since we're both an otaku.

As we approached closer to my house, a figure was seen to be sitting near the doorway.

"Jurina??! Why are you sitting here?"

"I don't have the key." She sounded so unhappy seeing us for God knows what reason.

"I'll be going off okay? Bye bye~"

"Thanks, Airin! Take care!"

I waited for Airi to disappear from my sight before I can enter. I gave the keys to Jurina since I felt bad for having her wait in this slightly cold weather.

"Why was she with you?"

Jurina gave me a mini shock for asking such a question immediately after I closed the door.

"Airi? Ahh, she just decided to accompany me since she had some time. Jurina, don't ask me any other question and get dress. Maeda-san said she's going to pick us up at 6.15."

It was already half past five and I'm still exhausted from work!

"URGHHH fine!"

Geez, she’s as rude as always!

Lucky for us, we took only 30 minutes so prepare ourselves so while waiting for Maeda-san, I decided to read a book that I've yet to complete reading.

It's really an interesting book because to understand what the author is trying to convey, the readers need to keep reading with a very deep thought. Lately, I wasn't able to understand the book because I don't get peace in the house. And you know why.

"Ne ne, Rena-chan~" That girl's back to her bubbly and playful side.

"Don't disturb me.. I'm trying to read here."

"Rena-chan, I reaaaaallly got an important question here, so please pay attention to me~?"

Jurina should be glad that I'm not giving her such a cold attitude.

"Alright Ace-san, what do you have for me?"

"It's about Akane-san. Her parents told her to take an off day for tonight. What about that??? I'm just curious."

Parents???? Wow, Akane lied to her to such extent? Haha this is funny.

(A/N: Akane & Rena know each other ever since Rena joined the party a few years back. Also, she knows Akane so called "secret" which is much related to the lie she made to Jurina. Actually, our dear Churi is-

Rena: Author-san, it's best if you DON'T say it now!


"Well I'm not too sure myself. Why don't you ask her again later?"

I only got a nod from Jurina, who didn't seem to be interested in talking about Akane.

"Ne ne, Rena-chan~?"

"What is it this time round?"

"Does Rena-chan loves Jurina~?"

That question was soooo sudden. For the entire 6 years we've been together, I have never once said I love her, as a sister of course. I didn't what to reply! Saying yes will be embarrassing but saying no will just hurt her.

*honk honk*

That must be Maeda-san!!! Ahhh, thank you for reaching here earlierrr! Really saved my life there.

"Come, l-let's go. Maeda-san's here." I immediately tried to drop the conversation and Jurina seems to buy it because she's more excited for the party.

"Yaaaay!!!!! Let's goooooo!" What a happy kid.

[End of Rena's POV]

[Atsuko's POV]

I was on my way to Jurina-chan's house. Ahhh, it's been quite a while since I met her. She's such an adorable kid when we first met!

"Onee-chan, this is a waste of my time. I don't wish to meet that Kashiwagi again!"

"Ami, you don't have a choice. Besides, it was your wrong decision to be hunting for humans during the day. Of course someone like Kashiwagi-san wouldn't like such behavior."

I warned her about the risks in hunting. Without doubt, the country isn't doing anything to stop us but the rest of the elite vampires are keeping an eye of us Maeda. We're the special kind. No matter how many practices or how much effort we put in, we won't be able to stop our instinct to hunt.

Families like Kashiwagi, Matsui, Yagami and Takayanagi tried to change human's perspective of vampires many years ago and they successfully did it. They controlled human hunting and other vampire-related activities that can cause harm to humans.

Only my family chose to disagree to such plan. Hence, we continued doing our own way.

Anyways, back to reality. Ami looked really pissed at what I said but I couldn't really do anything about it. Inside my head, I kept thinking about yesterday.

I finally met Minami! Though it's been 6 years, she didn't change much. Still as short and still fail at jokes. Although I must say she looks much prettier than before with the non-ribbon hairstyle. (I'm not saying she's ugly with the ribbon okay? She was cute with that!)

I regret not finishing my sentence yesterday. Why did she have to leave so early???

Finally, I reached Matsui residence and when I looked at my watch, it was only 6pm.

Hmmm I wonder if both of them are ready.

*honk honk*

Within a few seconds, the main door of the house opened and two slim figures went out.

"Acchan!!!!!" Jurina-chan shouted my name when she opened the car's door.

"Hey, Jurina-chan! Come on in."

"Maeda-san, thank you for picking us up."

"You're welcome. Didn't I tell you to drop the honorific??" Rena and I are about the same age so of course I didn't feel comfortable when she call me that way.

"By the way, Jurina-chan, you haven't met sister before right? This is Ami."

"Ouhhh. Hey Ami-san!" Jurina-chan's as cheerful as always. Then you have Ami, who only turned to the back and returned a smile to Jurina-chan. Mou, it's about time she calm down!

I used the time it took to drive from Jurina-chan's house to the party to catch up with those two sisters. Jurina-chan kept telling me how much she misses me and my home baked snacks.

"Ne ne, Acchan~ Come by our place often okay?? We can bake together!"

"Hehe okayy~ I'll try to stop by next week."

It has only been 3 months since I got a driving license so I've always been nervous whenever I go out for a drive. So glad that the entire journey was smooth. Driving with a dress on is totally not comfortable.

"Alright, here we are!"

We've finally arrived at Kashiwagi's hall. That hall has been used for several events like weddings, coming-age ceremonies and this annual party.

When we enter by the huge-ass grand door, many of Kashiwagi's guards were there greeting us.

As usual, the decoration is splendid. It felt really grand yet classy. The lightings were bright enough to bring out the elegance of the place. The aroma of food and blood brought pleasure to my nose. Have I mentioned BIG this hall is? It always amazes me every time I come here! Ok I'm really going overboard with this.

"Rena, Jurina-chan, we're going to look for our parents. See you around~"

"Ok! See ya!"

[End of Atsuko's POV]

[Jurina's POV]

Woah, this place is.... AWESOME!

It's so cool!!! I feel like I'm in a luxurious 5 star hotel! This place is so huge I can't see the other end of the hall from the entrance!!! This is so exciting, I almost felt like jumping for joy!

Calm down Jurina! We're just getting started! OMG the food looks super tasty and I freakingly can't wait to get those stuffs into my watery mouth!

Ahhhh I can't seem to chill. Relax Jurina! We're attending an elite and elegant party here. But serious I can't stop being so excited! If I don't have much self-control, I'll probably be running around this place like a little kid shouting how great this hall is.

On the other hand, Rena-chan is reacting WAY opposite from what I'm feeling. She just gave a face that she wants to go home.

Oh yea, by the way, Rena-chan looks super gorgeous tonight! Normally, she puts on light make up whenever she goes out of house. Today, she's putting slightly more and with that stunning dress, it's enough to impress a man. From the moment she got out of her room until the time we reached here, I cannot explain how much of a beauty Rena-chan is~ Ahhh so cute!

Woah, if I continue talking about Rena-chan, I might not know where I'm walking to! I just blindly follow wherever Rena-chan goes because right now, I only care about wanting to eat. I'm super hungry!!

Rena-chan went around greeting a lot of other families while having small conversations with them.

"Rena-chan, if you don't wanna do this don't force yourself yo!" is what I wanna say but I decided it was wise enough to say such stuff to a slightly bad mood Rena-chan.

After walking away from some Miyazawa family, Rena-chan let out a sigh. I wanted to tease her a bit to at least bring her mood up but then...

"Ah! Rena!"

"Akane! Ahhh I'm so glad I meet you now!"

Akane-san appeared from our back. Her red dress really matches her. She looks totally different from what I usually see her. From a cute little bird to a matured pretty lady!

"Akane-san! Finally you're here! I want to ask you-" andddd I got cut off.

"Rena, meet my son, Takumi."

Eh? That's right ladies and gentlemen, my reaction to this is only EH????!!!

"Good evening my lady, I'm Takayanagi Takumi. It's a pleasure to meet such a beauty like you, Matsui Ojou-chan."

This guy... That blonde and spiky hair... Slim and tall figure... So good-looking!!!!

(A/N: please try to imagine Usui Takumi from an anime Kaichou wa Maid sama as Churi's son. If you don't know who this handsome fellow is, pls use google~

Jurina: Goodness, Mai-chan(author's nickname), you need to stop coming in between the fic to do you little unnecessary notes!

Whatever kiddo!)

Ok so I was pretty taken aback on how handsome Akane-san's son is but let me say this shocking thing again. WAIT. SON?!

"Good evening, I'm Matsui Rena. It is nice to meet you."

"Rena, I'll leave you with Takumi for a while okay. I'll be back don't worry. Matsui-san, follow me."

She's still referring to me as that huh??? Anyways, I followed her until we were quite far away from those two. Wait, why is Rena-chan alone with that handsome man?

"Wait a minute, Akane-san. What's the meaning of this???"

"Looks like I have to spill the beans myself eh?"

"Ok, firstly, I lied about the "my parents want me to take a leave" thingy. My parents are long gone so my husband and I are the current "head" of the family. I took leave to finish some necessary preparation related to the party which you never need to know."

"Which lead the second thing. I'm as old as your dad, who is about 50+, I'm married and have 1 son."

"Ok and thirdly-"

"Woah woah woah! I'm not listening to anything of that anymore! That's too much intake at once!"

I seriously don't know where I lost her but whatever she said was pretty f*cked up in my mind.

Ok relax. Breathe in... Breathe out... Breathe in... Breathe out...

"Is it okay for me to talk now?"

"No, let me say a few words first. What are you doing matching Rena-chan up with your son?"

"Ehh? Don't you know that your father wants Rena to settle down by 25?"

Wow that's a first. I didn't know about that at all!!! And Rena-chan never once told me about this...

"Worse still, Rena's been rejecting offers made by other clans. Since we're quite close to each other, I thought it'll be fine if I make an offer."

Now this is wrong in every level! I don't want Rena-chan to get married yet!

"Anyways, what I want to say is that, you got an offer from Yagami."

 I should be happy here but nope. Just nope. The thought of Rena-chan getting married... Noooooo!

"Sorry Akane-san, I have to reject whoever that Yagami guy is."

"Exactly. That's what I want you to say silly! You're too young for all this. Don't worry, I've actually spoken to Yagami-san, I'm just letting you know."

When we were done with our mini conversation, I followed Akane-san back to where Rena-chan is. Is Rena-chan blushing or what? Those flustered cheeks, they're telling me something...

"Hope you two were talking! Rena, I need you to think about it okay? Let's go Takumi."

"Wait, Akane! We haven't even chat or something."

"Sorry, I need to meet up with some other families. See you around okay?"

Just like that, Akane-san and her sexy son left the area to approach a group of family quite far from here.

"Rena-chan, why didn't you tell me that you have to get married soon?" It sort of pained me when Akane-san broke the news to me.

"Can we not talk about this now? You know what, let's go home. We need to meet Kashiwagi-san first to acknowledge our presences."

This sucks! For a moment, I was really impressed with the interior of this place but soon the excited feeling quickly died down of knowing a lot shits.

Well, I was indeed half expecting that Rena-chan would be offered a matching with someone but, the fact that it was from Akane-san's son itself was already shocking enough to hear! What's more, Rena-chan needs to get married in like what? Two years time?!

As I followed Rena-chan to the direction of whoever that Kashiwagi is, my mind wondered off quickly into thinking about Rena-chan and her marriage...

[End of Jurina's POV]

[Yuki's POV]

The hall is as busy as ever. With people and families coming and greeting me non-stop, when am I supposed to have a break? Handling and organizing this troublesome party is already one hell of a job, plus, with my parents gone for a business trip with the useless Matsui, people come to look for me! Of course, I’m glad that my grandparents are around, but they will never keep still at one position and will go everywhere around the hall, greeting people.

Finally I was able to find a table to sit. This is exhausting, I swear!

As much as I thought I could handle everything by myself, I failed to do so. Supposedly, I had to check yesterday whether everything is okay for the party but thanks to a certain girl, I totally forgotten about it.

Since yesterday night, my mind is all about that thief. What’s about her that I’m thinking about?! Why am I even thinking about her if she’s just a stranger? Am I supposed to know her way before this incident or what? I had those kinds of questions in my mind for quite some time already today.

Anyways, if that Takayanagi old lady wasn’t around earlier, I would have been in a tight pinch because there were actually some things that went wrong.

“Hehe I knew there might be a need for my help so I took the day off~” Those were the exact words she said. What’s with the ‘hehe’ anyways?! And what the hell is with this ’73-yet-forever-23’ woman being able to read the future and all?!

I lost my train of thoughts when I saw two figures approaching me. Urghhhh! Just the person that I don’t want to see. Now, if I could walk away and ignore those two, it’ll totally be great but I could see my grandparents not too far from here and they seemed to have spotted the two figures that were approaching me.

“Matsui-chan, you look so gorgeous as always eh~?” If there’s one person in the whole history of Kashiwagi who’s a player, that would be my grandfather. In every way possible, he’ll make use of the advantage of looking young eternally to flirt and capture women’s hearts. Sometimes, he would jokingly ask for an offer for marriage…

“Good evening, Kashiwagi-sama.. Ahhh, I don’t think I am…”

“My my, this young lady beside you, aren’t you a hottie as well~? But why the sad face??”


“Hmmmm… young lady, I never see you before~” That’s probably the same situation as everyone here. I did heard that Matsui-san’s new wife has a child, so no wonder this kid here is giving off a different feel than anyone else.

“I’m Matsui Jurina and it’s my first time here~!” Suddenly, that kid who called herself a Matsui had her mood brightened and seemed to take a liking to my grandfather’s cheerful personality. I still don’t get why my grandmother doesn’t stop him from flirting. What? Is she not jealous or anything???

I just sat down there like no one’s business, looking at my own grandfather sweet-talking with not one but two ladies as he tried to bring them to eat with him.

“Ah, Yuki-chan, do you want to eat together with us? We’re gonna sit at the other end~” When he caught me staring at them, he offered me an invitation to eat with them, which I obviously declined. Nope, I will never take a chance to sit on the same table with a Matsui.

Well, coincidently, my phone started ringing so I definitely used such reason to excuse myself. Since it was uncomfortable to answer the call inside, I decided it was best to go outside. Besides, I could take a breather. I was about to take the call when the name displayed on my phone screen gave me a little shock.

Nezumi? Since when did I have such a contact in my phone? Is this supposed to be a client or something? Hmm no… All my clients’ contacts are saved using their last names and adding a honorific to it.

As much as I tried to reject the call, somehow, a part of me felt tempted to answer. In the end, I gave in to my curiousity and answered.

“Who is this?”

“Woah, what is this? Are you not going to say a ‘hello’?” This voice, it’s familiar! I remained silent, waiting for the caller to continue.

“Do you not know me? I’m the little mouse you tried to chase yesterday.”

“You… What do you want from me? What’s your intention of saving your number in my phone??”

“Relax, princess. I just want to know more about you~” What a bold thing to say.

“Is it? Don’t make me laugh, Nezumi. I’m hanging up.” What’s with this woman? All I wanted was to get rid of her in my mind and this thing has to happen!

I was about to press the end button but then I was told to wait. What more does she want from me?

“Wait! You haven’t caught my name yet!”

“Is there a need to?”

“Watanabe Mayu.”

Watanabe… where have I heard this name??? “Ok… Watanabe-san, is there anything you need from me?”

“Like I said, princess, I want to know more about you. Let’s meet.”

“No. You’re not going to meet me.”

“Say whatever you want. 8pm at the park near Shibuya. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Do whatever you want. You won’t be seeing me there. If there’s nothing else, I will end this call. Good day to you, Watanabe-san.”

Gah! We’re supposed to be nothing more than strangers. The fact that she had once stolen my phone, who is she to ask for a meet?! Urghhh… and I was supposed to take some fresh air here….

[End of Yuki’s POV]

Friday, 25 April 20xx


[Jurina's POV]

It's about roughly a week since the party. Honestly speaking, I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Certainly, the food was awesome, but there was one thing that kept spoiling my mood.

The last time I tried to bring up the matter, Rena-chan shut me off fiercely, and I didn't really want to see that side of her again. Even though I felt like giving up, I couldn't bear to think about it. I know I should be somewhat happy that Rena-chan is going to date someone but even if I did, I would be lying to myself.

Rena-chan would try to pretend like nothing shocking happened and will make normal conversations with me. To be truthful, I hated that feeling.

If someone were to ask me why I am reacting like this, how do I even answer when I don't even know my own feelings well?! Rena-chan is someone I love deeply, someone I treasure a lot, someone who's always there for me in every situation. We're not even blood related, but our relationship is something precious.

I didn't want to give her up to someone else. I just want her all to myself. Deep inside my heart, I know I can't be this selfish.

Every time I thought hard about my feelings, I end up being more and more confused. Who is Rena-chan exactly to me?

The fact that there is another obstacle into finding my answer is frustrating. All this while, I've thought that I love Akane-san more than just a teacher, more than a close friend. I know it's weird to have feelings for a girl, what more, a teacher...

She's been my homeroom teacher and club advisor ever since I stepped into high school. Every time, there are chances for me to get to know about her a little more. Sometimes, I developed a funny feeling whenever I'm with Akane-san.

Somehow, things turned to be different during last Christmas. That was the start where I started to feel the same way to Rena like how I felt to Akane-san.

Wow, what am I going to do now????

"Jurina." A call of my name just snapped me back to reality.

"You've been combing your hair at that area for quite some time already. You okay???" I looked towards the door to see a worried Rena-chan standing outside. Has she been watching me or what??!

"Eh... Yea I'm fine... Just some stuff to think about. Hehe~" I tried to put on a smile in the end, only to find it really fake.

What's wrong with me??? Jurina, this is so unlike you! Get over it!

Rena-chan saw the act and frowned.

"You're acting weird suddenly! Are you sure you're alright??" She stepped into my room and came really close to where I stood.

Before I could say anything else, Rena-chan pressed her forehead lightly on mine.

That funny feeling! This is what I meant!!!! It's this kind of simple actions that makes my heart skip a beat.

I tried not to react weirdly. Thank goodness I don't feel like I'm blushing or anything! It's just that this funny feeling on my heart won't go away.

The light touch of our foreheads must have made Rena-chan embarrassed when I saw some pinkish red formed on her cheeks. If it was this embarrassing, why did she even have to do it???

It ended just like that. That 5 seconds of touch was so short yet sweet.

"Ahh... Urmmm.. I-it seems like y-you don't have a f-fever or anything..."

"I told you already, I'm fine~" I just answered so confidently, like as if that moment was forgotten.

"Well, o-okay then... I'll see you downstairs." Rena-chan tried to avoid eye contact as she looked down. When she left the room, I decided to stay here for 5 minutes to let Rena-chan cool herself down from her shyness. Well I need to calm myself down too... After that, I'll try asking her again.


The journey to school was pretty much silent, except that the radio was on. It was finally when I mustered up some courage to speak up, the atmosphere in the car was not awkward anymore. I mustn't let this chance to slip off. No matter what, I'll get the answer today.

"Rena-chan, I've been thinking a lot lately... You wouldn't want to talk about it but I feel that I need to know it at this instance."

"I don't get where you're going, Jurina, but if it's about THAT matter, then this conversation is over."

That's it. I had enough hearing the same thing over and over again. It kept ringing annoyingly in my ear and I won't let that happen again.

With my anger taking over my mind, I placed my hands on the steering wheel and tried to bring the car over to the right.

"J-Jurina what are you doing?!"

I guess I was a little too rough in handling it till the car almost hit a lamp post. Thank goodness Rena-chan stepped on the break on time. This isn't a good time to get into such a stupid accident.

"Geez! What's wrong with you Jurina?!"

Frustration have yet to leave my body so when Rena-chan raised her voice at me, I felt the urge to shout back.

"Me? Shouldn't it be you?! I don't get you! Why is it that EVERY TIME I tried to bring up that topic, you just freaking avoided it??!! What's your problem lady??!!"

I didn't just stop there.

"What? You did that to not get hurt am I right? Then what about me, Rena?! Do you even know how I feel about this?? Do you think I like it when you're not giving me any answer? How am I supposed to react when I don't know what you've decided???!!!"

"You don't even care about me!! So, are you gonna date that guy and marry him??? Go on then and leave me alone!!"

At that moment, I didn't care whether I went overboard with the shouting. It had been bottled up since last week and suddenly after all that, I had a slight relief.

"J-Jurina... I'm sorry... Please, calm down..." Rena-chan who looked really pissed just now changed her expression into a really upset face when she said that. It was then when I realized I sort of hurt her fragile heart.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of soft and warm hands on my cheeks. Rena-chan then caressed them softly while still putting on that expression. As she slowly and silently caressed my cheeks, she was also wiping off my... tears. They were shed without me realizing. I was too emotional, this isn't me!

"Rena-chan... I'm sorry... I didn't.. I mean, I... should have said all of that."

"It's okay... I never realized how bothered you are about this, so I should apologize."

Those tears stopped falling but I still remained quiet after that, didn't know what else to say.

"Just don't get too angry... You even said my name with a -chan just now." Rena-chan continued.

Honestly, I could remember only about half of what I shouted. My mind blanked out a lot of things.

Both of us stayed in that position for quite some time. Rena-chan had her head lowered while her left hand remained on my cheek. As I close my eyes, I took the time to reflect on what I said and why I said that (not like I remembered everything though...).

That warm feeling on my cheek... I never want that feeling to go away. Unconsciously, I held the hand that was on my cheek since just now, but my movement was unexpected which made Rena-chan jumped a little out of shock. Also due to that, she let her hand away from my cheek and back to her lap.

"S-Sorry..." was the only thing that came out from my mouth. I wanted to say more but no words could form in my mind.

I only got a nod as a reply as Rena-chan was preparing to drive the car again.

Silence was filled in the car once again but it was disturbed shortly by Rena-chan's voice.

"About that... I think I'm rejecting Akane's offer."

Eh? Did I hear it right??

"But..." There's a but??? "I will still have to go out with Takumi-san for at least once. It was already a promise so I can't let that go."

"I'm glad." As expected, I can never keep my happy feelings as a secret.

"Right now, I don't want to think about getting a boyfriend and getting married. I just got a job, so it's best if I focus on that first. Besides….”

I remained silent, anticipating to what Rena-chan’s going to say next. I didn’t like this suddenly silence so I’m pretty sure I gave a frown upon my stare to Rena-chan. She probably didn’t realize it since her eyes were fixed to the front.

“I can’t possibly start dating when my sister is so clingy!”

“Mou Rena-chan! Are you teasing me~~?” I folded my arms and pouted, only to receive a comment about acting childish.

Just like that, we continued talking and teasing each other like there’s no tomorrow until we reached school. Even though we had a little fight earlier on, after making up, we talked as if nothing happened. There’s no awkwardness between Rena-chan and I in the first place, so being with her felt the most comfortable. Ok, maybe sometimes things get awkward if my tease goes a bit too far. Oh well~


Ahhhhhhh! It’s finally lunch! Math period before lunchtime is probably the worst… Who would want to listen to that old hag Math teacher???

As usual, Rena-chan packed bento but today, there’s an additional food: melon bread. Geez… What’s so nice about this bread that Rena-chan got addicted to?? Whatever, as long as it’s done by Rena-chan, I’m fine with that!

“Jurina-chan! Do you want to have lunch with us?” I was asked by a group of girls seating not far away from where I was standing.

“Hmmmm? Not today, I guess~” and just when I was about to make my way out…

“Jurina-san, would you like hang out with me today~?” A cute looking girl from 2-5 asked a similar question like earlier, which I had to decline once again.

“Hmmmmm but since I feel bad for not hanging out with Miyamae-chan today, here you go~!” I quickly planted a small and light kiss on her forehead, like a “player” I can be. The girl was blushing like mad, probably because I did that to her for the first time. Haha everyone yearns for such service from me, be it male or females. Of course, I never made contacts with the guys. I would only play around with the girls, giving them hugs or pats on their head and sometimes, a kiss to their foreheads~

“Ah, by the way Miyamae-chan, does Kuumin and Non-chan happen to be in the classroom right now?”

“Hmmmm no… Jurina-san, please call me Ami!”

“Eh? Haha okay Ami-chan, see ya~!”

Heh… I wonder where those two went. Most of the time whenever I don’t feel like hanging out with any other people, I would turn to them. Those two are pretty interesting beings. Today seems different because usually, they won’t bother going anywhere else besides staying in the classroom during lunch.

Looks like I’ll have lunch alone. Well, that’s not too bad since it’s been quite some time I get to be alone. My stomach couldn’t endure the hunger anymore so without wasting more time, I headed up to the rooftop, hoping to get some fresh air while eating at the same time.

As I went up the stairs, I could hear voices. Eh? I guess the rooftop is already occupied huh?

“Kanon… stop…” Suddenly, there was a familiar faint voice coming from the rooftop. It was so soft but I was sure that it was… Kuumin’s.

Heh… So those two are up there huh? Wonder what mischief they’re up to now. As curious as a cat (though I’m more like a puppy character), I decided to take a LITTLE peek~ I didn’t want to draw their attention so I had to carefully open the rooftop door, making as little noise as I can.

There they were, Kuumin’s hand wrapped around Non-chan’s waist. At the same time, Non-chan buried her face on Kuumin’s neck and by their position, I knew what they were up to in an instant. Futhermore, I could smell fresh blood. The way Non-chan sucked on Kuumin’s blood, those greedy eyes and the blood that was slightly overflowing and started dripping, I can’t help but remembered a certain moment that still couldn’t be erased from my memories: last Christmas.


Wednesday, 25 December 20x(x-1)


“MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! *hiccup*”

“WOOOOHOOOOO *hiccup* Merry Christmas~~~ *hiccup*”

“Ahhhhhhhh~~~~ Christmas~~~~ *hiccup* Christmas~~~~”

Rena-chan and I threw a Christmas party the evening before the 25th at our house since our elders weren’t around. Airi-sensei, Akane-san, Kuumin and Non-chan turned up but due to a tight curfew, Non-chan had to leave earlier and Kuumin sent her home. It ended up with only the 4 of us and this was supposed to be light party but…. STUPID AKANE-SAN BROUGHT ALCOHOL!!

At first, Rena-chan was furious but…

It was already midnight and the start of Christmas day. By then, everyone was tipsy! I didn’t take a sip of those of course. I tried to stop them, reminding the two teachers that they still have work in the morning. Even Rena-chan, who was super reluctant at first, knowing how weak she is with alcohol, ended up drinking cups after cups!

Ahhhhh~~~ What should I do man?? Looks like these two have stay for the night, I mean day…

“Ummmm, Airi-sensei, I guess you’ve drank more than enough~ Let’s stop for tonight okay??” I tried pulling away the glass she was holding but her grip to it was too tight, holding like as if it was her dear life.

“HUH???! *hiccup* Who you calling *hiccup* Airi-sensei…. *hiccup* I AM THE LEGENDARY AIRIN-SAMA!!!!!” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat kind of crap is that?!

“Then errrr, Akane-san~ Stop drinking and look at me okay?? I’m super bored here~~~” Oh gosh I didn’t know what to do anymore.


How do I even stop these adults?

I turned to Rena-chan for help even though I obviously won’t get any answer. Rena-chan was just standing there, holding a half filled glass and laughing maniacally at Airi-sensei who was doing some weird elbow dance.

“Rena-chan… Come on, put the glass down. You’re far too drunk already!”

“JU~RI~NA~ The night is still young~~~”

Our eyes met. Her cheeks were a little red from drinking too much. The sight of her smiling like that was quite cute, I can’t help but stare at her longer.

Eh? What am I doing??!! Jurina, you got to stop your sister!

“Áhhh whatever it is, just give me that!” I successfully grabbed the glass from her grip, seeing her giving a disappointed look.

”No, Rena-chan, don’t give me that face…”

Suddenly, her frown turned into a smile once again, this time, more like a grin.

“Jurina… You look… delicious.”

For that moment, I stunned there, not being able to move. I wasn’t able to speak as well. My body began to tense up by the action Rena-chan did next.

It started when she got closer and closer, inches away from me, and wrapped her arms around my neck. My heart pounded heavily with a fast pace and my mind couldn’t be sure whether I wanted this to stop or not. My ears, they seemed to block out the sounds of laughter from the other two in the background. My eyes never once looked away from the prey-like eyes as it was something my sister never made before.

“I didn’t know… you look this great…”

Words tried to form but nothing came out from my mouth. I never once expected someone like Rena-chan to say such words. They always say, whenever someone is drunk, they tend to speak the truth.

Rena-chan broke our eye contact and went straight to looking at my neck. I don’t know why but suddenly, her eyes turned bright red and her fangs started to show up.

“R-Rena-chan…” I could only call out her name and nothing else did.

The grin from her face still remained, and without a warning, she went really close to the right side of my neck as I was given a ticklish lick when her tongue made contact to my skin. Just a second after that, I felt a sharp pain from that area. Immediately, I felt like my energy was being drained out but the feeling kept continuing.

Even though I knew what was going on, I can’t help but feel a bit weird. This was so different compared to that time when Rena-chan turned me into one of her kind.

Suddenly, the pain subsided even though she never stopped sucking my blood away. This time, it felt… pleasurable… There was also a feeling that started forming in my heart. It was something I’ve felt before, but not to Rena-chan… This funny feeling… I wonder why I’m feeling this.

“Rena…” I kept calling out her name repeatedly and kept my eyes shut the whole time. My hands moved on its own towards her hair and I was sure I pulled it hard.

I was beginning to enjoy the feeling from my neck until Rena-chan stopped the whole thing. My eyes slowly opened, wondering what just happened and the first thing I saw was Rena-chan’s eyes. They weren’t red anymore. Her face, it was super red, this time, I knew it was not because of the alcohol.

My cheeks felt really warm, probably I was as flustered as she was. Her grin earlier was gone while her eyes were still locked to mine.

The funny feeling got weirder and my heart was beating too fast that it might explode anytime.



It was like as if my mind took control of my body as I closed the gap between the two of us. Just like that, like I couldn’t control myself, I went for her lips and gave a gentle kiss as I wrapped my hands on her waist.

I could taste the mixture of blood and alcohol but somehow, it unexpectedly tasted sweet.

I didn’t know what I was thinking, probably my mind was only blank.

Rena-chan kept moving backwards like she was signalling to me something so I just kept walking forward, not breaking the kiss even once until she had her back against the wall. The suddenly halt made our kiss deepened.

My eyes were shut once again as the sweet taste grew stronger and stronger around my lips.

Suddenly, someone gave a flick on my forehead….



“Oi, Jurina! What are you doing standing around like that??!!”

My eyes were closed tightly as I tried to deal with the pain on my forehead. When I opened my eyes once again, I saw two figures, both looking quite pissed.

“Were you spying on us??” Kuumin screamed on me again.

“I wasn’t! I was just about to have peaceful lunch up here. Now which one of you did this?!” I pointed to the area where I was hit, most probably a little red.

“Me, but that’s not the point! You were standing there and stared into space! Of course I had to bring you back to earth.” Non-chan admitted to be the culprit but I also ended up getting a tongue lashing from her.

“Hehe~ Sorry~ You guys had lunch already? Or is that considered Non-chan’s lunch~?” Here, I would expect a hit on the head by either one of them but no! They didn’t do anything but blush! Even Non-chan lowered her head by my tease.

I told ya, these two are interesting fellows!

I got them to accompany me as I happily ate the bento Rena-chan prepared. Ahhh, talking about Rena-chan, I don’t want to remember that scene again!

[End of Jurina’s POV]

[Mayu’s POV]


Today's my off day. I spent my time wandering around town and visiting my parents' grave. Every year, this date, without fail, I would visit their grave. It's both of my parents' birthday today, special isn't it?

Somehow, every time I visited them, I never once shed a tear. Now that I realized, I didn't cry when I found out about their accident. I was devastated, I was sad, but I didn't cry.

I hardly did whenever bad or sad things happen. Sometimes, I even put on a straight face, as if I want affected. In grade school, I was called a cyborg.

Well, I think I'm able to express my feelings way better than last time, I can smile, I can frown, but maybe, I just can never look sad.

As I walked aimlessly, I found myself at the park near Shibuya. That's right, I was supposed to meet with Kashiwagi Yuki that night, but she never appeared. She never picked up my calls not reply any messages I sent. Well, that's expected, but isn't she missing something?

I can't believe she forgotten about us... But why? Why did I forget about her for a moment?

When I saw her for the first time, she felt like a stranger, but then, I knew her name shortly after and suddenly the long lost memories hit me hard.

Kashiwagi Yuki... Am I not familiar to you....?

Kashiwagi Yuki... I want to see you!

It was like as if she could read my mind when she suddenly appeared right before my eyes, sitting down on a bench near a fountain.

This is coincidence. I never told her to meet today but yet she's there at 8pm, sitting there, looking up to the sky.

I want to approach her. I really want to. My mind seemed to stop myself from going a step further, but my heart, it kept telling me to go.

This might be last time I would get such a chance.

Slowly and nervously, I made tiny steps, moving towards her direction. It seemed like she didn't realize me as she had her head up facing the sky.

"I knew you would come forward." She suddenly spoke and looked front. It got me so startled I almost tripped on my foot!

"So, you saw me from a far but didn't approach me?"

"Why would I? I'm not here to see you anyways." Ouch, I thought that for once, she wanted to meet me. How stupid can I be?

"Not going to walk away?"

"I have no reasons to why I should do that."

"Then why are you here?" I kept pestering her to a conversation but she seemed to be annoyed by that.

"You like to ask a lot of questions huh?"

I needed to tell her what I'm here for. Now, I'll just stop asking stupid questions and get straight to the point.

"I need to talk to you. Please, just listen to me."

"Listen, if this is going to end up with some crazy talk, I'll leave even before you finish."

"I promise you it won't be." I only received silence which was probably a signal for me to start.

I took a really deep breath.

“You and I... We’ve met before a long time ago.”

“Ok, I’m leaving.” Wait, what kind of response is that? I don’t think what I said has anything to do with some ‘crazy talk’! This woman sometimes gets into my nerves. She was about to walk away.

“Wait, don’t go! I’m being serious here!” As much as I hate seeing this woman sometimes, I can’t let this chance to just slip away. I tried to stop her but I felt my words weren’t enough to convince her to stay.

She didn’t walk anymore after I grabbed her wrist from behind. She didn’t retaliate but never once faced me.

“I think I know why you don’t remember me but first, listen to this.”


11 years ago…

After my family got kicked out from our previous house by the tenant, we finally managed to settle down at a rental apartment. It was small, but enough to fit the 3 of us. As a result, I had to transfer school to somewhere nearer. The only school available in the area was AKB Elementary School.

I was only 9 back then, but that moment of my life was tough. Being in my previous school was bad enough since I didn’t have any friends who were willing to play with me. They would tease me, calling me names such as ‘cyborg’ and ‘scary monster’ for my looks. I was a shy and anti-social kid who didn’t know how to make proper expressions.

School life in AKB Elementary School was no different. In fact, as I was a transfer student, it was more difficult to make friends.

Everyone knew each other already so I was left out. No one dared to approach me. It was painful but nobody knew since I put on the same face every time.

There was some buddy system where the seniors who are 3 years older than you will be your buddy until they graduate. Of course, everyone already had their ‘buddy’ since 1st Grade and then there’s me, a transfer student with no one.

However, that one day, some kid from my class was transferred to another school so his buddy had to ‘adopt’ me. For that moment, I felt as lucky as winning a lottery but it was never shown on my face.

During lunch, that ‘buddy’ approached me, for the first time.

“Hey… You and I will be buddies, even though it won’t be for long since I will move to middle school next year.” She reached out her hand in front of me, a warm smile plastered on her face.

“My name is Yuki~! What’s yours?”

For the first time, I felt warmth. Someone approached me with a smile, a smile that is welcoming.

“Mayu… I’m Mayu…”

“Ok then! From now on, you are Mayuyu! Nice to meet you~!” Her hand never once moved away from that position so I took her hand nervously and shook it. Even her hand was warm. Everything about her was warm.

From that day on, Yuki would eat with me, play with me, talk to me and listen to my sorrows.

When she graduated from elementary school, my life felt meaningless. What’s the point living when I can never see my only friend again? There’s no way we could meet in middle school since she would have graduated by the time I joined.

Everything was back to how it was and ‘Mayuyu’ turned back to ‘cyborg’.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t remember meeting you at all.” Those words shot me to the heart. I can’t believe that after saying all this, I received nothing but pain.

She flicked off my hand and made a move. She was leaving… Yuki was leaving!

“Yukirin wait!” It made her stopped but when she turned around, I was glared at fiercely and coldly.

“Don’t… ever call me that again…” I watched her as she disappeared from my sight despite my vision got blurry from the tears that formed.

I know that she’s definitely the Yuki I met but why…. Why is she doing this to herself? Why couldn’t she remember anything? Is it because my existence meant nothing to her at that point of time?

I need the truth. I want to know the truth but maybe… the time is not right.

[End of Mayu’s POV]

[Minami’s POV]

“Say what??!!”

“Like I said, you’ll be appearing in a movie together with Maeda Atsuko-san.”

“W-Wait a minute, I never agreed to act again and plus, with M-Maeda Atsuko?!!”

I’ve acted in dramas and movies many times, be it in cameo appearances or lead roles. I wouldn’t say I dislike it but sometimes, it’s just weird acting with females who are taller than me! The hell…

Now what?? The president went ahead with that offer without my permission. Urggghhhh that sucks! Plus, I don’t know how to meet Atsuko face to face as Kai! It’s going to be awkward… and weird… Did I ever say that Atsuko is a Persona fan?! Well now I did…

The L president left our room after saying a few words. It looks like the first meeting is next week.

“Isn’t that great, working together with your best friend and all~?”

“No no no, Miichan! This isn’t great at all! Atsuko is a crazy fan of us, and as her best friend, it’s just super weird!!!!”

“Mou! You’re just thinking too much. Go, your phone’s ringing.”

Ahhhh, if it’s Atsuko, I swear I don’t feel like answering… The screen however showed a different name.


A familiar voice I longed to hear was on the line but the next thing I heard was something unpleasant. “Hello, Kai~ I heard you’re going to act in a new movie! Wahhhh, I’m so proud of my Kai~”

Urgghhhh the news even spread to her?!

“Hmmmmm yeaaaa… thanks.”

“What’s wrong?? You don’t sound so happy hearing my voice…”

“Ah that’s not it, Ray! I think I may be a little too tired… hehe~”

“I see~ Kai must be tired from the recording just now right? Then I guess I should disturb you anymore okay~? Good night~!”


“I love you~” Those were the last words heard before the line got cut. I don’t know why but, I have never said those same words to her even though we’re an item. Sometimes, I felt like our relationship isn’t true… Somewhere in my heart, it says that it’s wrong. I guess since probably in reality, we’re both females.

That, is just wrong…

[End of Minami’s POV]

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy the bits and pieces of everyone's POVs! This time, I'm able to give a longer chapter (8751 words). I'm hoping to write longer chapters so that you all can enjoy more ^^ I'll be waiting for comments~ by the way, don't forget to vote for the poll~ I'm seeing a pairing that's popular among the rest!! Hehehe~~

Next chapter: A Day Together

Till then, bye bye~~~


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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
« Reply #25 on: December 27, 2014, 10:41:29 AM »
Rena-chan doesn't want to marry yet. Because Jurina is clingy? I guess it's much much more than that! Kyaaaa XD

And me of course here for my wMatsui! No other! (•̀﹏•́)ง 

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
« Reply #26 on: December 27, 2014, 01:02:27 PM » could Yuki forgot Mayu?!

And wmatsui already had their first kiss?!

Now, how will Kai react?

Can't wait to read the next one!

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
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Okay, so...

Yuki and Mayu met in the past, but something happened that made Yuki forget...

Rena got drunk at a party and, not only had her first kiss with Jurina(probably hers, too), but also bit her...

And the Atsumina couple is Atsumina.

WOW. Just... WOW.

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
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Ah... Jurina is so cute...

Minami is Kai... and she is item with Ray... But she still didn't think her L Relationship is correct.

And Atsuko is looking forward to meet Minami....

What's going to happen with their relationship...?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
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My wmatsui feels!!!! :monk gboy: :monk gboy: :monk gboy:
Please update soon! And thanks for the update! :on GJ:

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
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WMatsui feels  :bath:

Rena should be more honest with her feelings  :bigdeal:

Hmm, Mayuki have met before  :on_plug:

Takamina maybe u just don't love Ray but Acchan  :hehehe:
Kami Oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena and Jurina

WMatsui and Mayuki all the way :D

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
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Please update soon! And thanks for the update! :)

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Re: Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina fanfic) Chapter 4: Party [27/12/14]
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Am I the only one that have perv think when read the "drunk scene" of WMATSUI ??

I feel it's cz I've read so many smutty FF. . . . Fyiuuuuuuhhhh. . . . How bad,,my think. . .


I love the way Jurina confess her feel to Rena. Zannen,,They're sibling. Although just step sister. Incest ??? IDK. I just love some taboo think of WMATSUI.

Thankz for the update. . .

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HEY EVERYONE~! This is not an update unfortunately... but I'll just reply to your comments and make an announcement. Ok maybe I'll make the announcement first~ :D

Ok, so what I wanna say is HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!!! Hopefully 2015 will be a great year for all of us. Secondly, what I really wanna say is that initially, I wanted to update Chapter 5 this Sunday BUT school is about to start for me so I had to make a lot of preparations and hence, I have yet to write halfway for that chapter... I am so so sorry everyone! :kneelbow: Also, once school starts, I'll be busy. SUPER BUSY. I'm preparing for my national exam this year and since it determines whether I'll be going to university or not, I will need to CUT down on my use of Internet and stuffs...

Which mean, Precious One will not be able to be updated regularly like once a week like I always did. Instead, it can be updated once per 2 weeks or up to once a month... Sincerely, I apologize to all my readers... :err:

I hope you guys will still stay with me and still support me... I don't want to lose readers! :depressed:

Anyways, according to the poll, out of 49 people, apparently, 21 people voted for Furuyanagi to appear more~!! YAY! I'll do whatever I can to make them more main as well~ Besides, I have a story for them too so do look forward to it in the future~ XD

Replying of comments time~

@lahika: perv thinking?? Hehe~ I actually had that thought too while writing that scene but I had to control myself ooooops~ :nervous I know right... Do look forward to what's going to happen to wmatsui in future chapters ne~ XD

@KojiMa MaYuki: I'll try my best, really~! Thanks for reading and you'r welcome~ :)

@crosteks: Hehe~ Too much feels until can't write any words and had to put the emojis???! Haha I hope that chapter was enjoyable~ :lol:

@Siren: I wonder how R feels about J, seriously~ hahaha! Yup they sure did! Do look forward to how Mayuki is gonna progress when one really can't "remember" the other.... Maybe yes, maybe not~? Why not ask Takamina hehe~ :D

@Koyumichan~: I had the same reaction when I typed those scenes hehe~ :inlove: Will try to update as fast as possible! Thanks for reading~

@cisda83: Jurina is cute no matter what she does~ :w00t: Yep yep, maybe Kai & Ray are not meant to be??? May Acchan & Kai's meeting together be smooth~ Hehe

@Ruka Kikuchi: Yea... maybe she wants to forget or she really couldn't remember :O hehe~ wmatsui first kiss but don't you think Rena won't rmb anything since she was drunk~? :( Idk how to write Atsumina moments properly omg whyyyyyy???

@Kairi65: I know right! Yuki's so mean :( hahaha or maybe she really couldn't remember! Yup but probably Rena doesn't remember that scene.... I'll try to update fast~

@RenshuChan: Hehe I wonder if that's just an excuse~~~ well J sure is super clingy to her dear R :lol: YAY you're here for wmatsui~? I hope to give you even more moments of them!

@AKB48couples: Really??? Thank you so much~!!! :D

OK so I hope I replied to everyone~ Thank you so much for reading and commenting~ Even you silent readers, thanks for supporting me~ I will never let anyone down (I hope not) so hopefully, chapter 5 will be more and more enjoyable to read. I'll try my best to update next weekend (11 Jan). I'll try okay?

Till the next chapter, bye bye~! :byebye:

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Precious One (wMatsui, Mayuki, Atsumina) Chapter 5: A Day Together [22/02/15]
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HEY GUYS! So sorry for the hiatus!  :kneelbow: Too busy with school... tskkk... Anyways I won't wast anymore time so here we go~

CHAPTER 5: A Day Together

Sunday, 25th May 20xx


[Minami's POV]

Today... Is an important shooting day for the movie that I'm starred in. Well, it's probably one of the scenes that I would treasure the most throughout the entire movie: a kiss with Atsuko.

It's weird to say that I want to treasure that moment, but seriously I want to. Atsuko seems to really like me, though as Kai. Every single time we meet for a shoot, she appears so much differently from when I usually meet her as Minami. She shines brightly and freshly, like a new born diamond.

I love to see that sight of her.

It was still hours before the shooting start. Apparently, Atsuko asked me out for breakfast, saying that she wants to show how greatful she is to act with Kai. I didn’t have any work with Persona or any other stuff so I gladly agree to the offer.

The thing is, what she texted Minami was that she wanted to know more about Kai and at the same time, have some private time with him.

Haha Atsuko's such a cheeky girl!

I put on my shades as I stood in front of the train station, hoping that the disguise was enough for me to be unrecognizable to the public. Well I even wore a cap to hide my hair (which is already fake to begin with).

Actually, I have been waiting for her here for 30 minutes already. She was supposed to pick me up at 9!

Maybe I should give her a call...

Wait! I'm not Minami! Kai doesn’t have her number too! Calling her equals to my secret exposed! What was I thinking?

Ahhhh, I'm starting to get a little impatient.

"I'm so sorry!" I turned sound to see Atsuko trying to catch her breath. Ok, time to switch to man voice!

"Ah, it's okay. Glad you're here, Atsuko."

"Hehe... Thank you for agreeing to have breakfast with me."

"No problem! So, where do you want to bring me to?"

"Ah, my friend recommended me to place nearby. Maybe we could go there?"

Nearby??? Hmmmmm... If I remembered correctly, I did tell Atsuko of a place that serves great food, especially breakfast. Hehhhhh, is that 'friend' referring to 'Minami'??

The walk was only about 5 minutes until we reached a certain cafe that was not alien to me. Yep, that's definitely the place I've talked about.

“Ummm, Kai-kun, are you sure you’re not busy with anything?”

"Hmm? Not at all, I'm completely free this whole morning, don't worry~!"

"Well, what I exactly mean is... What about your girlfriend? I mean, is it appropriate for you to have breakfast with me??" She rephrased her question, which seemed different from her previous one, still looking down to her plate.

"Ahh, it's okay! She's not too free right now and besides, of course it's okay! We're working together on a movie, right? So it's alright for us to eat together before the shoot~"

Geez, Atsuko! If she thought that way, then what's the point of inviting me in the first place??? Certainly Ray is sort of the jealous type, but either way, Atsuko is my friend so it's not as if I develop some feelings for her.

Atsuko gave reply by a nod and continued to eat while giving off the shy feeling.

Our table was silent for a whole minute until I tried to come up with a topic to say. Damn, what happened to "wanting to know more about Kai" plan??!!

“So, how do you find shooting? Was it difficult??”

“Eh??? Yeah, a little… It’s my first time acting on a major role so the pressure is greater…”

“Heh~ Well it’s alright! Everyone starts like that. Atsuko, you have potential, so without a doubt you’ll do well in this!”

My words just caused Atsuko to blush more. Is it just me or Atsuko has some feelings for me?? Certainly, she usually talks about Kai whenever she’s on the phone with Minami but I never really expected anything since Atsuko is a great fan of Persona.

"Say, are you okay with today's scene? I mean, I'm sure you would want to lose your first kiss to someone you love."

I didn't know why I asked such question. Maybe I'm just curious to what she might answer?

"Eh??? Ummmm... You're maybe right but, if it's for acting purpose, I must be professional and accept whatever that don’t cross the limit, right?"

"Then, do you want to practice first?" What am I asking?!

"EHH? B-but but... EHHHH??"

"Woah Atsuko, relax. It's ok if you don't want to..." Yeah that's right Kai, that question is somehow like a joke. Atsuko, please don't take me too seriously!

"Kai-kun, honestly, I don't mind... But where can we do it? No, wait, actually... Never mind." You got to be kidding me but phew for that last few words~

"We can practice at my place." Stupid Kai! What are you saying?! "Besides, the other two ain't around so yeah, why not?" Urghhhh stupid! Can't you think before you talk?! It's like what I think and what I say is all messed up!

Atsuko, please say no~!

(A/N: Dear readers, don’t you think that our dear Kai is making a really good move here?? Come on, I mean, who cares about that diva Ray when he can have the beautiful and innocent-looking Acchan?? #supportKaixAcchan



"Uhhh... Okay..." Dammit! Come on, brain! Order me to say that it's a joke! Is my brain not functioning well today???

I couldn't say anything. Throughout the entire meal, I spoke nothing. Atsuko didn't say a word as well and I really wonder what was on her mind.

Is this really okay? I have Ray... Wait. We're just gonna practice so that the shooting will not be screwed up. Besides, Atsuko is truly Minami's friend. MY precious friend.

Yeah... She's my friend... While Atsuko thinks of me right now as Kai, not her midget best friend. She might be having some feelings for Kai, and if she did, I have to hurt her feelings since I have a girlfriend and another thing is back to my main point. She's my friend...


[End of Minami's POV]

The midget and his co-actress were already in Persona's house. Miichan and Haruna were away for individual work and the L President and secretary would not be around the house during the day. It seemed like a perfect moment for those two to do anything under the sun, not literally though.

"Make yourself at home. Sorry if it's a little messy~" the ikemen finally spoke to Atsuko after silencing himself during the journey to the house while the latter settled down on a comfy red sofa located nicely and with a suitable distance in front of the TV.

The girl however, couldn't stop fidgeting from the seat, probably a little too anxious and nervous after thinking about her purpose for being here.

Kai just went out from the kitchen, bringing some drinks to the table.

"What's wrong?" He asked, as if the reason wasn't obvious enough.

"Kai-kun. Let's just... do this now... Like, the faster we finish it, the more time we have for something else, like rehearsing other lines." With a hesitant voice, Atsuko suggested something which Kai seemed to agree with.

"Alright." he responded with a nod and after which he made his way to the same sofa Atsuko was sitting on.

Their eyes were locked to each other's as both couldn't break off the eye contact. The brave one made the move first by moving closer to his co-actress as his own heart started to beat the way he didn't expect it to.

True be told, it wasn't just Atsuko's first time. Soon, Kai's, or even Minami's first kiss will be stolen.

He was nervous - hands trembling, sweats forming. The other girl was no better.

As both slowly closed the gap between each other, some shades of red also formed on their fair cheeks. Nearly zero silence filled the living room as only the sound of their breaths could faintly be heard.

They were inches apart; both too scared to go any closer until Kai forced himself to do the job since they were not getting anywhere.

He could feel the Atsuko's breath as he gently landed his lips on the latter's soft and pink ones. It made Atsuko jerked a little, her eyes still shut.

The warmth and pleasance were felt around their lips as Kai pressed then a little more than the beginning until it felt a little too... hot.

Unknowingly, Atsuko wrapped her hands around her kisser's neck and automatically leaned backwards. Soon after, Kai followed her direction as he moved more forward and ended up lying on top of her, the kiss never once broke...



It was time for Mayu to have her lunch break. The manager of AniMie, who was holding on to a clipboard, busy checking the stock suddenly looked at his watch. Afterwards, he signalled the woman at the counter to go for lunch. Like a happy kid who finally gets to eat candies, Mayu hopped towards the staffs’ room, grabbed her purse and dashed out of the store.

The anime lover was full of jubilance for a great reason; she got her pay check yesterday. It was the time of the month where she could spend on tastier and slightly pricier food. Also, she was able to buy a few anime or manga related goods and then set aside some money to save. It seems like her priorities are food and anime…

Mayu already planned ahead to where she would want to have for lunch as she didn’t waste any time after getting out of the store.

Skipping her way at the pavement, Mayu was on her way to the café that she desired to go to. Or so she thought until the sound of a car horn could be heard clearly behind her, obvious enough that it was meant to catch her attention.

It got her annoyed as she did not wish for anything to disrupt her way to the café. She really felt like telling the driver off for wasting her time. However, when she took a glance at the person who sitting at the back seat, shock was the only think expressed on Mayu.

"Yukiri- I mean Yuki? What are you doing here?"

"Shut up and just get in."

The clueless otaku followed the rich lady's order and went in the B.M.W car, somewhat happy that she was able to see the latter again after a month or so.


"Where are you taking me? At least give me some explanation!" The mouse started to rage as it was probably her fifth time asking the same question ever since she got into the car.

"You really cannot keep your mouth shut, huh? Do you want me to tape it???" Yuki, who was beside her got pissed off too. She showed no sign of wanting to start a conversation as her stare was fixated outside the car from the window.

Mayu already gave up and faced the other side, also looking outside. The entire journey, Mayu couldn't help but feel really annoyed. Firstly, she was going to miss her lunch time. Secondly, this cold woman wouldn't let her speak!

Her face was plastered with frown until she spotted a building that was way too familiar.

"Wait, what... Yuki, why are we... here???"

Once again, Yuki didn't respond and just got out of the car. The mouse, still shocked, followed the other girl's action.

They arrived at a place where a mixture of pleasant and horrible memories of Mayu took place. The place where she didn't feel like going. The place where the two of them met - AKB Elementary School.

"Hey! It's about time you answer my question! Why the hell did you bring me here??!" Mayu raged once again. She didn't want to be here, at all. It was awful. The memories that came back to her suddenly was awful. "You know what? I'm leaving!"

Mayu made a turn, wanting to leave the area when...

"So, this is the place that you mentioned last time, right?" Mayu's walking came to a stop. "What Yuki said, was it an indication that she finally accepted my words from that day?" She thought.

"You made me listen to your story, didn't you? This time round, do you mind listening to mine?"

"Eh? You... What are you saying??" Mayu was confused as hell. One moment, Yuki was super cold but the next thing you know, she sounded so pitiful.

"G-go on. If it's something stupid, I'll leave." Mayu continued since Yuki didn't say anything.

(A/N: ehhh? Aren't Mayu's words a bit similar to Yuki's words last time??? HAHA YUKIRIN GETS TO TASTE HER OWN MEDICINE NOW MUAHAHAHA

Mayu: ...errrr... Nothing to comment...

Yuki: you stupid author

Hey! What's that for?! But finally, you guys commented something on my notes >< WAHHHH it scared me a little when no one said anything on my previous a/n *relieved*

Yuki: that's very nice, so can you get back to the story?!


[Mayu's POV]

"It's not that I trust you or anything, but I felt that you should know this since according to you, we've known each other before all this."

"Wow, I don't get you. Sometimes you're cold, sometimes you're nice!" I blurted it out. Seriously, I don't get her!

I anticipated for her so-called story but honestly, I do not want to be here...

"I... lost my memories..."

At that moment, I had nothing to say. I didn't know how I felt as well. Too confused. I just didn't say a word, allowing Yuki to continue saying everything she needs to say.

"I don't remember my childhood... Everything about it, I don't remember. My middle school days was a blur but I can recall a few stuff."

"I got into an accident the first day of high school. Couldn't remember anything before that."

"I knew I was happy... But now, it's nothing but pain." From her voice, I knew she was holding back... her tears.

"That's why the phone was precious.  The photos in it are things I've held on for so long, hoping that I'll remember the past."

I thought it was hopeless, until you came in... Telling me your bullshit story that may seem to lead me the way..."

"Yuki..." I passed her a tissue as her tears started to fall. She seemed so fragile, so delicate...

It was a rare occasion to see this sight of Yuki.

"Yuki... You must believe me. Whatever I said the other day was all true. Those were part of your memories!"

"That's why... I brought you here... I wish to gain back my memories here! Follow me. We're going in the buildings." And that's where I refused to step anywhere in the school.

"There's no need for that, Yuki! I can tell you more stuff, you don't have to be in the school grounds for your memories to come back." I made an excuse, not stepping anywhere beyond the gate.

Well, it did made delicate Yuki to mean Yuki again.

"Huh? Are you kidding me? And this is why I have trust issues! Why do you even refuse? Of course being at the place is the best way to regain one's memory!"

"You don't understand! This place freaks me out to no end! I can't do this Yuki! You need to trust me!"

"Urgh. And here I thought at least you a little trustable. Forget it, Watanabe-san. You are not needed here since you do not 'wish' to be here." Ouch.

"But Yukirin, I-"

"Do you not hear me? I do not need any help from someone who doesn't seem trustable at all."

That's it. That was too hurtful. Without wasting more time, I dashed out of the area, the area where it keeps haunting despite how many years it has been.

No matter how hard I tried to move on, those painful memories will be stuck to me eternally.

Why can't you understand, Yuki? I am here to help, but I just can't bring myself to be there any longer! I just need you to trust me that we really knew each other back in those days.

I was this close to getting back my Yukirin but...

[End of Mayu’s POV]


"J-Jurina.... Mmmhhhmmm! Aaahhhhn! S-stop that!"

"Why do you want me to stop? Don't you feel good?"

"It does b-but it hurts... Ahh... Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!! T-there~"

"Did I hit the spot?"


"Rena-chan, I'll do it harder okay?"

"Nooo! Don't!! I swear it hurts ahhhhhhh!!! Mmmmm ahhhhhh!"

"Jurina... I'm at my limit already..."

"Ahhhhhh... Ahhhhh... Ahhhhhhhhhhn!"

Rena kept screaming and begging the younger Matsui to stop when suddenly, the door of her room opened.

"What is that all about, young ladies?" Apparently their noise became an annoyance to their mum's ear so she had to check on what mischief those two were up to.

"AAAARRGHHHH!" That was Jurina's last and best shot and Rena was definitely on the verge of fainting.

Both of them were REALLY sweaty.

"Oh, nothing Mum! I'm just massaging Rena-chan. She's been complaining that her shoulders hurt for a week already."

"Uhuh.... But the massage she gave... was too rough… I think... my shoulders might have gone... worse!" Rena managed to say those few words while panting.

"Okay ladies... Your father and I are going for a business dinner with the Kashiwagi. Rena, please, take care of Jurina."

"Mum, I'm not a kid anymore!!!" The young Matsui started whining towards her mother.

Jurina's mother had to keep explaining how her actions and behaviour are similar to a mischievous little kid, but that was one thing that Jurina couldn't accept.

After bidding their parents goodbye, the two sisters went back to the older Matsui's room, bringing up snacks and soft drinks.

"Ne, Jurina, are you sure these will suffice? Don't you want a proper dinner or something? Cuz I can just make some omurice for us…" Rena was quite worried for the younger girl who has not been eating her dinner properly due to club activities.

"I'm fine dude! Are you hungry??" The younger Matsui responded with another question and the older one only shook her head.

"There! Then that's settled~! Ok, what shall we watch?" Jurina had rented several movies for the two of them to watch over the weekends. Comedy, romance, horror, sci-fi, anime, she made sure she rented plenty of videos out of different genres to keep entertaining themselves.

The overly enthusiastic girl has been waiting for this moment to come. All this while, the two sisters were busy even during the weekends that they have yet to spend some time together.

Also, ever since their parents came back from a business trip on April, they could never have the whole house to themselves.

"Hmmmm... Then, let's watch this!" Rena replied with excitement, holding onto a scary-looking-cover-page DVD.

“Sure! Don’t regret your choice aye, Rena-chan~!”

The younger Matsui quickly put the DVD in the player and hopped to the bed together with her sister.

[Rena’s POV]

“Rena-chan… You know ummm… I think we should like… watch something else… because…. it’s boring…”

“Hmmm? Are you sure it’s boring? Or you’re just scared?”

“Mou Rena-chan~ Don’t tease me~”

I know my sister far too well that she is scared of horror movies. Though she always tried to act tough and claimed that she enjoys watching them, even before halfway of the movie she already gets freaked out and makes excuses to not watch it.

Well, she’s still a kid after all!

“Alright alright. Let’s just watch something else okay?” I gave in. Well, honestly, I am the one who find this movie boring. Horror and jump scares are really fun to watch but apparently this one didn’t caught my attention.

I nudged Jurina’s arm, signalling her that it was okay to change this boring movie to something else.

“You know, Rena-chan…” As she was changing the DVD, she said something in a serious manner.

(Jurina’s Note (J/N): You know shit gets real when I get all serious.

Maji desuka???!!!

J: Maji dayo! Wait a minute, wth did you make me do, Mai-chan?! Get back to the story!

Oi! Don’t blame me when it’s you who started the J/N!!!)

“What is it?”

She didn’t face me but she continued talking. “Yesterday night, I overheard your conversation with Oto-san.” So she had heard…


Saturday, 24th May 20xx


“Rena, do you have a minute?” Oto-san suddenly called for me in the living room when I was about to make my way back to my room. It’s not like we don’t always talk or something, but it was still pretty rare for him to call me for a conversation. Besides, we may or may not be on very good terms ever since that incident happened.

I sat on the sofa opposite of him, waiting silently.

“I don’t know what is happening, but we might be facing bankruptcy in the future…” What??? Don’t tell me…

“Oto-san, are you saying that the Kashiwagi has alrea-“

“Not yet! Kashiwagi has yet to bring us down. What I just said may be a possibility, but I’m trying my best to gain back from the investments’ losses.”

“That’s why I keep telling you stop working with them! Whatever you both do seems to be on the favour of the Kashiwagi! Just break the business ties with them!”

His hand met my cheek; the contact was strong and painful as the slap left a very significant redness to my cheek. The last time I felt such pain was when I was disrespectful to Oto-san at the age of 7. Since then, I’ve always respected him, or at the very least tried to. I never raised my voice at him until today. I had enough.

“Don’t you dare teach me about business! If you think you’re any better, why don’t you take over the company then?!”

Oto-san just stomped out of the living room to his private office room in the house. It got me so frustrated by the fact that he doesn’t see how bad the impact is with his business with the Kashiwagi.


“Well, don’t worry Jurina, things will work out some way or another.”

“I’m not entirely concerned about this whole thing but you know, the problem lies with Mum.” Yeah, I can totally understand that. It was obvious enough that Jurina’s mother has no romantic feelings to Oto-san and it was his wealth that attracted her. True enough, if we were to get bankrupt, there’s a chance that that woman will leave the family.

“Of course she also knows about this. She just told me to really do something about it or else there’s no point for us to be part of the family. That’s what she said.” I knew it.

“Ahhhh it’s going to suck if we’re gonna be separated~”

“Hey don’t say such stuff yet!”

“So if we did separate, are we still going to call ourselves sisters?? Or??” What is she talking about??

“What do you mean? Separate or not, you’re still my sister no matter what. I made you one of our kind and you now carry the blood of a Matsui. Why, you don’t want to be my sibling anymore??”

“Ahhhh no no! That’s not what I really mean~ Ahhh Rena-chan you still won’t get it! Do you even understand anything??”
Why do I feel that I’ve been asked such question before?

“Wow… Yeah yeah I don’t get it. Now hurry up change the movie!”

[End of Rena’s POV]


[Jurina’s POV]

Wahhhhhhh I feel so sleepy now! So glad that we changed the movie earlier, if not, I don’t think I can sleep in my own room for a week!

Big Hero 6 was an awesome movie~ I swear Baymax was super cuuuuuuuute!

Ahhh… Actually, my mind can’t get over the conversation Rena-chan and I had earlier. Of course I don’t want Mum and Oto-san to get a divorce. Of course I don’t want us to be bankrupt. Most importantly, I don’t want to be separated from Rena-chan…

Meeting Rena-chan was the best thing that ever happened. She became so precious in my life that I don’t think I can live without her. However, somehow, I don’t seem to be satisfied with something. Rena-chan is my sister and yes, I do love her but… What more am I asking for?

“Ahhhhh so frustrating!!”

I should call Kuumin.

Ahhh, maybe not. Kuumin and Non-chan wouldn’t even give me any fruitful advice. All they care is about themselves and as long as they are together, they don’t care about other’s existence. Yeah, some GREAT friends I have there.

Maybe I should ask… Akane-san? Ahhh but my feeling for her is quite complicated as well! Never mind, just give it a shot. Besides, she got experiences man! That old hag should know what advice to give me~ She should still be awake at this hour, right?

I dialled her number and waited for a “hello~” or something but after 30 seconds, it just kept ringing.

Urghhhh. I’ll try again. This time, I finally got an answer but the tone she gave was worrying.


“Hello, Akane-san? What’s wrong??? Are you crying?!”

“Airin…” Airin??? Does she mean Airi-sensei??

"Uhh, Akane-san? It's Jurina... What happened?!"

"...Sorry..." Andddd she hung up.

Dammit now I'm getting so worried! I tried to call again there's nothing at the receiving end.

Great. Now I have two things to worry about..

[End of Jurina’s POV]

HEY GUYS SO I HOPE YOU ENJOY CHAPTER 5! Sorry that it's short... Only 4304 words... but I'll try my best okayyyy for the next chapters~ Next chapter will be a bit special so do look out to it! I'm hoping to finish it before end of March... cuz yeah, I have my reasons~ THANKS FOR READING THIS CHAPTER! SEE YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOON (I hope ><) Btw, there's a new poll that I've put so don't forget to vote~

Next Chapter: Helpless Bird

Till then, bye bye~~~~~


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