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Author Topic: Timeline- Part 2 11/3/2016  (Read 1172 times)

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Timeline- Part 2 11/3/2016
« on: November 01, 2016, 07:18:38 AM »
Part 1

The sun burned down upon the skin when she grabbed the loose ground below and shot up like lightning struck her to large blue vast area in front of her.  Turning to either side was the two colleagues with her hand reached upon the dry skin when she turned over with the red marks along the corner of her lips.  Turning to the other side was the sand-covered hair when she groaned upon the touch of the woman.

“Where are we?”  The first one sat up, pulling her legs into her chest.

“I’m not sure, Moriyasu.  Motomura, you okay?”  She glanced at the other two.

“Matsuoka-san, we failed.”  Motomura sighed.

“I don’t think so.”  Matsuoka reported.

Matsuoka Natsumi was right about not failing the mission but what she had expected was the black smoke around them rather than the bright sun and blue skies.  The smell of salt tickled her nose as she took to the soft ground below and stood with the joint pain echoing back into her body, falling to the ground when Motomura scurried over to note the bruise.  Moriyasu took to standing, wiping the lips of the red liquid when she scanned the area around them.

“Where’s everybody else?”  Moriyasu pondered.

“Good question.”  Natsumi spat.  “It looks like we took the grunt of the damage.”

“We have to take you somewhere to heal up.”  Motomura reported.  “Moriyasu there’s a branch and some leaves, can you please get it?”


Natsumi watched the two casually walked around her, forming a crutch to brace upon the shooting pain in her knee.  They lifted her onto the feet and assisted her into a paved path of dirt and old leaves forming up to the huts around them.  Natsumi bounced upon her good leg with her eyes scanning around before Moriyasu took to the middle.  The scent of flesh radiated in her mind when she turned to first hut and instantly swung her eyes back.  The sight discouraged the two when she walked up to the front with a person staring back at her.  It stood braced up when she saw the items from the floor mixed together.

“What is that?”  Motomura asked.

“Something like a sacrifice but it doesn’t seem this tribe does it.  The huts all have this and now our problem will come if they will return.”  Moriyasu analyzed the grim situation.

“We have to figure that they were attacked.”  Natsumi growled.  “Aoi and Madoka, do your best to find something to protect ourselves.”

The two nodded when Natsumi took to the seat by the flayed person.  She felt the pain and pushed it when a thunderous sound escape out into the room with her growl before standing up with the discomfort leading down to a two in her mind.  Natsumi didn’t want to sit around for anything when she was offered a pipe made of something soft that dusted her hand.  Aoi stood with the blade out and Madoka took the piece of clay that fit in her hand.

“This may do but we can’t protect ourselves as much with these.”  Natsumi thought.

“There’s a pit in the other hut… we may have to figure to stay warm there.”  Aoi reported.

“I’m wondering what else is out there.”  Madoka spoke when she followed Aoi into the shelter.

Motomura Aoi and Moriyasu Madoka had stood by the decision to follow through after the surprise attack on the base.  The last stand became the option when they infiltrated the core of their base.  They slid underground after the attempt with a few others following before the force reached them and blasted them like a cannon to the arrival.  Natsumi stood outside to the warmed environment.  The stinging effects lingered but with the breeze blowing in her face the stench carried over from the huts around them.

“We have to find food.”  Natsumi thought.  “I can see what else is around.”

“Not on that bad knee.”  Madoka spat.  “You just did your little tricks for the discomfort but it won’t be fully healed.”

“It’s either we go or not.  I’m not sure what else we can do.”  Natsumi demanded when Aoi struck the flint in her pocket and turned to them.

“At least some leaves and branches.”  Aoi nodded.

The two left the hut with Madoka picking up the items around the hut while Natsumi hobbled straight to the hut where the stench was strongest and observed the bodies stacked upon each other.  It was cleanly done and to remember the main area of the person disemboweled had shocked her before seeing a blue orb to the side of them.

“Mado.  Aoitan.  Come here.”  Natsumi yelled.

“Really?  It would be stink in there.”  Mado called out when she felt the hand of Aoi up to the back.

“Madoka, you should see this.”  Aoi added when the third head popped in with the blue orb by the stacked bodies.

Natsu dropped to her knees when she reached out for it before tumbling back to her behind.  Madoka had been correct, hating to admit such petty injuries from the previous adventures.  The three glanced on as Natsumi reached out again when she managed to touch it.  It glowed in her hands as she presented it to them when they all stared at it when a face popped up from the orb.

“Help me.”

“Eh?  This is asking us for help.”  Natsumi mumbled.

“You can help me save our world.”  The voice called out.

“You’re not hearing things, Matsuoka.”  Madoka informed her.  “What are we going to do?”

“Helpers you’ll be transported.”

It blinded them when they reached out to the vacuum sucking them into a black world.  Floating out, they gripped onto each other along a line before a small white hole came into sight.  The next moment was the three seeing a white room and the door opening to the amber haired figure standing in front of the three.  It reached out to Natsumi first and graze the thigh down to the injured area.  Natsumi felt frozen upon the touch when something cold came into her leg before a slight tinge ran through her body.

“You should be healed.”  The being smiled.

“What did you do?”  Natsumi asked as she stood upon the ground.  “It feels normal.”

“It was all in your heart.  The pure being came out and healed you.”  The being smiled.  “You guys don’t need a physical touch as much as a hug.”

The being lifted Aoi first to her feet and wrapped her arms around her before turning to Madoka in doing the same, gathering their attentions.  Natsumi walked up and bowed her head when the being bowed back.

“What is this?”  Aoi asked.

“The interchange of light.  It has transported you from one place to here for the time being.”  The even toned voice reported.  “By the way, you can call me Chii.”

“Chii, this interchange of light… why are we here?”  Natsumi questioned.

“You’ve responded to my plea, Natsumi.”  Chii snickered.  “Aoi and Madoka, nice to meet you too.”

The three glared upon Chii when it turned back.  Chii walked around them with the space slowly filling up with green blades of grass beneath them and installing a tree to the side, creating an environment like a park before Chii glanced back.

“I’m the holder of this interchange and reporting to you as a human woman.  The weirdest part maybe is to change into the form.”  Chii informed them as her blank face turned into the figure with the three glaring upon the appearance of the person familiar.  Natsumi was the first to mouth the name instead of Chii when Aoi and Madoka turned towards her.

Natsumi fell to her knees when she saw the figure turn like clay into the one she had loved before.  The explosion was the start of the war when she had to report out to the service.  Not seeing her had tortured her before implementing the last stand on the fort.  Viewing her as the person in her life that cherished her brought her face into the hands.

“Don’t play with her feelings!”  Aoi yelled, running to her.

“Natsu… you did the right thing.  I’m alright.”  Chii spoke when she glanced up.  “Chihiro was everything to you and she is fine.  We managed to save her for the moment.  It won’t be long before the chaos strikes again.”

“Chii… you cannot do that to her.”  Madoka groaned.

“If she is alright… when can I see her?”  Natsumi wiped her eyes.

“I won’t hold you to it but in the present situation… I can’t simply let you go out into the world.”  Chii informed them.  “You have to trust me that she is safe.”

“If you want Natsu to help you, tell her the truth.”  Aoi snarled and standing up to the woman.

“Truth is… I need your help.  In the end, she’ll be safe.  The problem has to be solved before I can let Natsu see her.”  Chii breathed.

“What is our job?”  Madoka exhaled.

“Save the timeline.  It may not be easy but what you guys saw from before was on the same timeline as the explosion when enemy troops attacked your fortress.  Everything has been on the same line but this is the reprieve to recover the main aspects before the war.  Chihiro had her memory saved from the day we saved her so the only issue is to fix what had caused your timeline to be thrown into chaos.”  Chii explained with the three nodding to it.

“How?”  Natsumi asked.

“The portal will take you to the year before the overthrow of the government.  You guys were in the military school for training but were kept away from the news of it.  The point is to seek out the moment where the indication of a coup could start.  Killing won’t be done instead a redirect of resources are in order.  You will have weapons anyway however it is not needed for this mission.”  Chii laid out the plan.

“What will happen though?”  Madoka pointed out.

“That’ll be me to figure out and guys to accomplish.”  Chii smirked.  “Any fixes can be accomplished easily if done swiftly.”

“I’m in.”  Natsumi stood.

“Same.”  Aoi added.

“I can’t say no if it’ll avoid our fate from before.”  Madoka nodded her head.

“Use it wisely and don’t plan to kill a person unless needed to be done.  The person to take out is her.”  Chii pointed to the picture.

“General Sashihara?”  The three sang.

“Yes.  In short, she caused the chaos beforehand but under wraps of the new regime.”  Chii answered.  “Do the job and you’ll come back upon the blue orb to get to the next part.”

The three instantly glared at each other upon the knowledge.  She was the one to strategically place them into the fort away from the action while the front lines had suffered heavy losses along the way.  It wasn’t until the final hours where the reports came through about the defenses breaking down from the front lines.  Sashihara had been the rock for the battle but upon the decision, she was out of the defensive building before the attack.  Natsumi swayed her eyes over when she bowed her head.

“We’ll do it.”  Natsumi answered.

“Here’s the weapons.  Don’t kill unless the last option is to do so.”  Chii informed them one last time when the bright light came again and they jumped into the portal to the street they had lived at for the months before the first assignment.
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Re: Timeline- Part 2 11/3/2016
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Part 2

Chii’s words echoed in Natsumi’s mind with the two following her into the portal set by the being.  Stepping into it, the smell of the streets struck the trio swiftly when they saw the barren area around them.  They were forbidden to leave the base while in training when they saw the tall, gray wall towering over them before they ran to the bush with their sights upon the guarded checkpoint.  Natsumi took to the opening and saw the fellow soldier up front with a laugh that caught their ears quickly.

“Chori?”  Aoi thought.  “She rarely comes to classes.”

“Nakanishi was a rank above us.  Some sort of lieutenant if I remember correctly.”  Madoka added.

“Truly I was sure that everyone had to go to classes.”  Natsumi pondered.

Two cars had passed when Aoi glanced out upon the marching army coming into the base.  Chori stood erect with the group passing by her before the truck came up to the gate and settled there when their eyes peeled away with another large vehicle riding behind it.  Aoi shifted her weight over when people got out of the one behind it.  Natsumi knew the weapons were limited to their capabilities and the words became muddled in her mind.  The three slid over to the next bush when Madoka tilted her head.

“I think something isn’t right.  I’m not sure to why it is like this but our vehicles with the government.”  Madoka analyzed.  “We could find a way to distract them to get closer.”

“Maybe Chori could offer it.”  Natsumi thought.

The group walked up to the gate when they jogged over to the tall trees.  Aoi smiled back when she pointed the weapon towards the tree.  They watched as the first shot was like a large spit when it slowly burned the trunk when the charged toward the wall with the crashing of the tree consuming their attention.  The trio crawled along the wall until they turned the corner to get a hiding spot.

“Isn’t the armory around here?”  Natsumi thought.  “We could raid for useful weapons.”

“I think it is under a security watch… I can work around that.”  Madoka smirked when she shot her weapon towards the building when they ran over and saw the covered controls. 

Natsumi pushed onto the door when it slid open as they walked into the dark corridor.  Slowly tiptoeing up to the next wall, she elbowed the next scanner and slid the next door open to the wall of orbs and saw the blue one on the wall.  She knew that it was the next phase but to continue on meant to scan the items in their possession to the black bag and opened it to her amazement.

“Let’s distract them even more.”  Natsumi suggested and closed the bag to the shadows from the front when she clicked the button and rolled it out into the hallway.

Running past the guards, they saw the group glancing over to them when Natsumi pressed onto the trigger with a large net coming over their heads and slamming them to the ground.  The trio scurried off to the next area with the chain fences behind them as they heard the loud voices echoing in the background.  They noted that none had the capability to harm others fatally but useful in the timely manner.  Aoi pointed over to the house and glanced inside before the dark item came flying by her head, dodging it when they ran for the next place.

“Geez, this is a war zone.”  Aoi breathed.

“We have to play by the rules.”  Madoka noted.  “We have to stay safe.”

Natsumi nodded when the door opened to the firing of the weapon.  She unleashed one of the bombs, rolling it out before the army came over and tackled the people inside.  It was protocol to clear out the threat but with the barren streets, they saw no other place to hide only to jump into the shallow bunker with their eyes peering over to the house.  The next stop to their right was well away with the sound of the ground thundering towards them.  They glanced at the weapons when Aoi turned the dial and aimed it towards the group passing by when the fissure came from the bunker and the ground in front of the group created the hole with the men dropping to the void below.

“It won’t directly kill them but something we can use to gain an advantage.”  Aoi thought when Madoka turned the dial to the house as the rats escaped upon the smoke.

“Let’s go for it since they are retreating.”  Madoka reported when they ran against the waves of mice coming out.

Natsumi refused to look down but with the items left, it intrigued them to consider to take it with the forearm-length blades and small handguns hanging on the wall.  Distributing them immediately, they ran out to next group, and letting Natsumi unleashed the second part of her weapon with the black cloud raining over the opponent.
The trio jogged around the swarms of people being attacked by the random items and hid behind the car with their sights upon the gate.  Aoi saw the left side while Madoka had taken the right.  Slowly moving onto the next car, the voices grew louder on the other side, rare for anything in training as Madoka managed to grab one from the side struck him in the midsection before Natsumi finished with the jugular.  Sashihara’s voice grew panicked upon the sight although taking the turn, Madoka became the first to confront the person.

“Moriyasu… what are you doing out here?”  She asked before turning up to Aoi.

They instant of the eyes meeting, Aoi pulled the trigger on the weapon provided by Chii and she fell into a violent convulsion.  Madoka scanned around the end with Natsumi grabbing a cloth from her pocket to stuff the general’s mouth.  Taking out the orb from the other container, they held their hands of the captured with the orb, transporting them back to the world where Chii stood by and observe their return with the general.  The limp body sprawled onto the floor in front of the four when Chii reached down and pressed her hand up to the head.

“Where am I?”  She shot up.

“We are here to stop you from getting to our fate.”  Natsumi replied.

“What fate?  I have everything to get back our country.”  Sashihara proclaimed.

“You’ll be under mind by the same people you are working for.  They were planning for this all along although it will be years into the future when it actually happens.  However, there’s a caveat that I can leave you with.”  Chii explained the situation with her face turning from the prideful to a confused being.

“You will be a mindless drone instead.”

“Eh?  You can’t…”

Chii touched her again as she fell to the ground.  The lifeless body was dragged back before the tall being grabbed the body and threw her back into the portal.  The trio glared back at Chii when the head shook.

“Maybe death would have stopped that but now that line will be erased.”  Chii muttered.  “We have the next mission.”

“There are two soldiers that were sent out to an undercover discovery but were put to their deaths before the coup.  They were trapped between all the sides before giving up on your side to be killed on the spot.  It’ll be hard to determine when I can put you into the timeline without being caught yourselves.”  Chii mentioned when the eyes turned back.  “Miyawaki and Murashige.”

“We heard that they were exiled.”  Aoi mumbled.

“They were killed instead…”  Madoka ingested the thought.  “They were our levels.”

“The knowledge wasn’t limited to where you stood but what you did.  Miyawaki knew how to get the classified information although there was another plan set for them but only for Miyawaki.  Murashige hopelessly walked into the trap knowing nothing of the pending target upon her head.”  Chii elaborated when Natsumi nodded.  “Seems like Natsumi knows…”

“It was something awkward at the start of our training that she wanted to pursue a different route of sorts.  She wasn’t gunning for the top here but at another place.  There was a rumor of a transfer if granted would send her off but she decided to take the offer to stay here instead.  Sakura was mentioning it one time to clarify her stance.”  Natsumi recalled the conversation although eavesdropping upon the meeting.

“Here’s the next place… about a month into the journey in Yamaguchi.”  Chii handed them the orb when the portal opened.  “Good luck.”

They nodded in unison before taking the step to the next adventure of the green lush of the city.
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