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Author Topic: Happy New Year! [YuiParu OS] - COMPLETED  (Read 1208 times)

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Happy New Year! [YuiParu OS] - COMPLETED
« on: January 02, 2015, 01:28:31 AM »
Haruka was nervous. The whole day she kept playing scenarios in her head, trying to pick the perfect one. But she thought of the worst situations. Yet, she got ready. Putting an elegant black dress, doing her make up and wearing her best high heels. She checked herself in the mirror once more before leaving to the party. 

Arriving at Yui's place, she rang the doorbell. Yui came to the door opening it. Haruka felt her mouth open, stunned. Yui looked gorgeous.

"Hello Haruka, you look beautiful!" Yui  exclaimed, checking her up and down. Haruka closed her mouth, blushed, and smiled at her.

"Thank you Yui, you look... Amazing!" Haruka complimented and she was honest. She couldn't take her eyes off Yui, especially her chest. "Come on in. Everyone is here." Yui moved aside letting Haruka in. Inside Haruka saw her friends chatting amongst themselves and drinking.

Yui closed the door behind them and walked up to Haruka standing next to her. "Come one lets get you some champagne." Yui said as she placed her hand on Haruka's lower back. Haruka felt goosebumps at her gentle touch. Guiding Haruka to the kitchen, some of their friends said hi to her and surprise to see her. In the kitchen, Yui removed her arm from Haruka's back and walked to the counter where there were countless of champagne bottles some opened in ice buckets and some off to the side unopened. "Shoot, they took all the glasses." Yui said searching around the table. Turning to Haruka she asked, "you don't mind sharing a glass do you?" She smiled. Haruka shook her head. "I don't mind at all." Yui smiled, turning back around and pouring cool champagne into her glass.
"Here you go." Yui turned handing Haruka the filled glass. Haruka took it taking a sip. It tasted better than the beer she gave her on Christmas. "Now let's go to the living room everyone's there." Yui said, guiding her again.

In the living room everyone was chatting or being handsy with their partner. Haruka looked at all of the couples feeling jealous. She saw across the room how Kawaei made Juri laugh as she played with her hand, she saw her friend Miyuki on Sayaka's lap whispering probably sexual pleasures she would do to her later, and she saw the married couple Kojiharu and Yuko on the couch with the other married couple Acchan and Minami having a conversation. Haruka just watched everyone communicate so easily. For her it was a bit of a challenge, she could only socialize with very few people, but the person she was easy to get along with was right beside her.

"Haruka, would you like something to eat?" Yui continued to guide her. This time to the table with many appetizers. Haruka's eyes widened at the delicious food on the table wanting to try everything.

"Did you make all of this?" Haruka asked placing her champagne down and picking up a small white plate.

Yui nodded. "I did. Try this." Yui said picking up a bite size sandwich. Haruka opened wide and let Yui feed her. She groaned at how delicious it was.

"This is so good!" Haruka said with her stuffed mouth.

Yui laughed. "Sorry." Haruka apologized as she covered her mouth. "Go ahead, dig in." Yui said. Haruka grabbed her food and followed Yui around not wanting to be left alone.

Midnight was approaching and everyone grabbed their party hats and masks and their noise makers and horns. They were getting ready for the count down. Three minutes left and everyone was in high spirits. Yui was with them ready to go crazy when the clock struck twelve but when she looked around Haruka wasn't there. She excused herself and went off looking for her. She went through past the kitchen and didn't find her, she went upstairs to her bathroom and knocked, but she wasn't inside. She went to her bedroom and found her. Haruka stood on the balcony enjoying the view. Yui grabbed the blanket at the end of her bed and quietly approached her as she unfolded the blanket.

"It's cold Haruka." Haruka jumped when she heard Yui. Yui wrapped the blanket around her shoulders.

"What are you doing here? Why aren't you downstairs?" Yui asked.

Haruka held the blanket tightly, she was nervous. "I-I wanted to be alone." She stuttered. "It's almost midnight, let's go downstairs and do the countdown with everyone."

Yui smiled, extending her hand. Haruka stared at Yui's hand then up to face Yui. "You are perfect, Yui." Haruka whispered.

"Hmmm?" Yui hummed. "In my eyes you are perfect Yui." Haruka said as she moved closer to Yui. Yui stared at her confused, yet she knew. "10,9,8,7" they could hear the girls downstairs count down really loud.

"Yui, I," Haruka whispered moving closer to Yui. "6,5,4" Yui moved closer as well and wrapped her arm around Haruka's back. "3,2,1"
Their lips met. Haruka let the blanket fall off her shoulders so she could wrap her arms around Yui's neck and Yui wrapped her other arm around Haruka and pulled her closer to kiss her more deeper. When they finally pulled away.

"Happy new year." Haruka blushed.

Yui smiled. "Happy new year." 

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