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Author Topic: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: JuriSaku OS (11/7/18)  (Read 21610 times)

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Eh~ nice plot. XD RENA as teacher uh ~ XD NOT BAD!
Maybe you should have write more more more more fluff~ :P HAHAHAH

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wmatsui its so cute.. and dont worry about yuiparu :D
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Wow~ I will really like to watch this Nogizaka46 special program! Too bad it ain't real  XD
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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: AtsuMina OS (7/2/15)
« Reply #23 on: February 07, 2015, 01:03:29 AM »

This is actually dedicated to a user, kahineechan, who kind of requested me to write this during the group chat one day... (if she does remember)  :nervous :nervous :nervous Not sure if it lives up to expectations but this was the best I could do for now!  :sweatdrop:

Hopefully y'all will enjoy it too. Not completely AtsuMina fluff but... hmm... oh well~  :sweatdrop:

Replies to peeps who commented~: 

@Zhen: HAHAHA I KNOW I KNOW. WMatsui lost me these few days.  :cry: Probably that's why it affected the amount of fluff?  :( But thanks anyways!!!  :grin:
@Haruko: Thanks for reading! And thanks for the consideration  :)
@DC2805: Hahahaha really? Thanks for reading yo!  XD

Takamina- The Parent

“Minami, why don’t we adopt a kid?”

… Is what Atsuko had suddenly asked me one day, with pleading eyes that got me enshrouded in feelings of uneasiness.

We had eloped from our loved ones—mainly, our parents, and civilization in general. We actually tried convincing our parents about the love but… heh, to no avail obviously. As much as we were famous idols in Japan’s most famous all-girls idol group, AKB48, with Atsuko as the face or Ace of AKB48 and me as the Leader of the whole team as well as the General Manager after she had graduated before I did, after we had told our companies that we got married, they were always hesitant on giving us more jobs in the entertainment business.

It didn’t mean it was the end… just, a hiatus I guess? A long one, at least until everyone has forgotten about us and we come back with a BOOM. So for now, with whatever income we have by working in the entertainment business, we got ourselves a house at a secluded but serene countryside, away from the city scene. The folks in the countryside were all welcoming elder folks, something we were really thankful for.

I managed to get a job as a humble rice farmer who plants rice crops daily on an old man’s paddy field. Apparently he’s the owner of this huge patch of land used for rice crops, and is one of the main suppliers for rice in the whole of Japan, so it’s really neat. He gives reasonable pay and also, he’s a really nice person. I thought he would be a tycoon! But seeing him live happily with his children who helps out with the plantation on the paddy field and his grandchildren, who attend primary school in this small town, makes me want to live as happily as he can.

Atsuko you ask? Well she’s usually at home like a housewife. She does have work from time to time as a kindergarten teacher, which surprised me when she told me she actually took the time after graduation to get a degree in education in between her hectic schedule. It saved us, and definitely gave us stability in our new lives.

However… this one day had completely changed our slow-paced, peaceful lives together.

It had been two years since we had a 180 degree change in our lifestyle and now Atsuko had decided to drop a bomb?!

“H-Huh?! W-What did you—"

“Minami!” She looked into my eyes with a pair of pleading ones, “Please… consider this!”

“Wait wait wait, we were just starting to get warmed up for years and years to come and you want a kid now?!” I exclaimed back, in panic.

“Is that…” she titled her head slightly with an irresistibly cute facial expression, “… a no?”

I facepalmed, shaking my head, “… No no it’s not that… just… why so sudden?”

“Well…” she begun fiddling with her fingers in embarrassment with her head hung low, “… Umm… I thought since we can’t actually have children… why don’t we adopt one? I…” she looked at me with a red hue appearing on her cheeks, “… kind of want to experience a life with children.”

“Atsuko…” I softened my tone of voice, obviously knowing I would give in to her any second now and let out a deep sigh, “… Fine.”


I hit my chest proudly with an open hand and grinned at her, “Let’s go to the adoption center in Tokyo right away. We’re getting a kid today!”

“M-Minami, y-you—"

“Don’t make me turn back on my words, Atsuko! Go get ready! I’ll wait for you in the car.”

“Minami…!” She practically leapt onto me when I was about to stand up from the sofa we were sitting on and I fell back immediately, Atsuko’s warm body on mine as she hugged me tightly, “… Thank you!!!”

“You better not get tired of this whole thing halfway through Atsuko…” I slowly caressed her head, “I know you have a tendency to like something and forget about it after a short period of time…”

“I won’t~” I could feel her smile on my chest, “Trust me~”

- - - - - -

If I could turn back time…

I would not have trusted Atsuko.

Because what we brought back…

… Was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

- - - - - -

“O-Oh my… you’re Maeda Atsuko and Takahashi Minami…!” The caretaker looked at us with shocked eyes, “… I-I thought you both disappeared or something! The newspapers even made it sound like you both died or something…!”

I had taken off my sunglasses and placed my index finger to my lips gesturing for the caretaker to stay silent, “Mmhmm. We’re supposed to have ‘died’, so please do us a favour and keep quiet about our appearance here yes? We’re not supposed to be in Tokyo. That’s why… ” I swirled around, showing the caretaker my disguise which was a normal parka that had a hood that could cover my head accompanied by a cap, sunglasses and a face mask in which Atsuko had something similar on as well and took off my sunglasses once again, “… We’re in such dull clothing.”

Atsuko had casually nodded in response to what I had just told the caretaker before she tried to calm down and regain composure to lead us into one of the rooms to see a group of children who were having their play time.

This was an orphanage near the outskirts of Tokyo; children who had lost their parents, or just got thrown out of their houses were all sent here when they were found or reported. Though they looked happy as they played around with each other, I could sense the loneliness looming in the room’s atmosphere. These kids were happy-looking sure but deep down, they lack something that all kids should have experienced to live a better life—love.

And it’s up to Atsuko and me to choose from this group, a kid. As much as I would love to take everyone home so they would understand what love is it’s just impossible… with education expenditure in mind and all. At most, if I could save one of these kids and let them experience a parents’ love, that would be amazing. I’m sure God would be happy if I did such a good deed.

“So… who do you recommend?” Atsuko asked nonchalantly which earned an elbow jab to her sides lightly by me.

“Oi oi, you’re not supposed to ask something like that so crudely!” I said in a soft voice and she just returned a confused look to me.

“Hmm… well…” The caretaker looked like she was pondering deeply until suddenly, a kid with brown hair tied into twintails came up to us, tugging Atsuko’s skirt.

 “Hmm…?” Atsuko looked downwards and knelt down slightly to level herself with the kid’s line of vision, “Hello there~”

“Minako-chan?” The caretaker called out to the kid who responded with a smile.

“Minako-chan huh…” I said under my breath.

“Caretaker-san, are these two Onee-chan going to adopt one of us?” She looked at the caretaker with innocent eyes.

“U-Umm… yes, Minako-chan,” the caretaker smiled wryly at her.

“Uwaa~!” She clasped onto both Atsuko’s hands and enveloped both of them into her small ones, “Ne, ne~! Choose me! You won’t regret, Onee-chan!”
“Mmm~ sure. You seem very energetic,” Atsuko smiled back warmly.

“A-Atsuko! Shouldn’t you give a thought about this…?!” I exclaimed back as friendly-sounding as I could as to not scare the kid.

Atsuko just gave me a blank look on her face and shook her head. I facepalmed.

“Yay~!” She started to pull Atsuko towards the door behind us, “Now we have to go sign the documents, right Care-taker-san~…?”
I swear I saw the caretaker break into sweat when the kid said that and I felt an ominous presence being emitted from her too.

“Y-Yes… Minako-chan.”

“Then I’ll be bringing this Nee-chan into the office first~”

She dragged Atsuko off right after that. The caretaker was about to leave through the door too before I stopped her with my famous Soukantoku stare that would shake the faint hearts of many. Yes yes, I’m exaggerating I know.

“What’s with the kid? Something’s up am I right?” I practically sounded like I was interrogating the caretaker who seemed like she was shaking uncontrollably.

“Umm… she’s… quite a ‘unique’ child… she’s energetic and adorable but… please be patient with her,” she gestured me to leave the room, “… Now let’s get going to the office to sign your agreement.”

“H-Hey hey hey, I think you’re supposed to tell me every—W-Wait! D-Don’t just force me to the office!!!”

After the signing of the documents which was all on Atsuko, we were wished ‘good luck’ by the caretaker who had a suspiciously worried face and headed towards our home in the countryside.

In the car however…

I think I got a glimpse of why this kid is going to be scary… VERY… annoyingly scary.

- - - - - -

“So~ I’m a Takahashi now yeah?”

“Yup! Minami is the manlier one if I were to compare myself to her,” I could feel Atsuko smirk as I had my eyes on the road.

I rolled my eyes for a second, “HA. HA. Yeah yeah, whatever you say Atsuko.”

“Ne, ne~ why are you both married? You both are girls aren’t you? Isn’t it forbidden?”

“Well…” Atsuko stayed quiet, obviously begging me to answer despite me being the one driving.

“… It’s because we love each other and did not have any dudes in mind so we got married.”

“But Minami-oneechan is such a shortie! I could probably grow taller than her after a few more years!”

“You trying to pick a fight kiddo?!” I raised my voice, feeling kind of irritated.

“M-Minami…” Atsuko called my name with the intention of cooling me down, “Umm… maybe we can continue talking later Minako-chan? I mean, Minami’s driving and all—"

“How old are you and Minami-oneechan, Atsuko-oneechan?”

“Oh! We’re both 29—"

“What do you both work as??”

“U-Uh… we were idols previously but I graduated earlier than Minami and—"

“Oooh! Idols?! I love idols! I really like Nogisaka46!”

“Nogisaka huh…” I shrugged.

“Why did you stop being an idol?”

“I wanted to pursue in an acting career so—"

“Uwaaaa~! Atsuko-neechan’s a movie star?!”

“Umm… kind of?”

“Can I have your autograph?! Please please pleaseeeeee~!!!”

“For crying out loud, hold your horses and pipe down already kiddo!”

This kid was like a loudspeaker gone nuts!!!

I know kids are really inquisitive and all but if this is really how we’re going to live from now on… I think I’m going to die.

- - - - - -

Back at home, she pretty much ran around almost everywhere, commenting and asking curiously about various pieces of furniture and awards we had on display at home. She was like an unstoppable tornado which I couldn’t even handle! Atsuko acted like the nice parent while I did the part of acting like a meanie and yet, the kid had completely no respect towards me but stuck to Atsuko like glue.

I don’t know if she was trying to provoke me but she’s pretty much getting in the middle of Atsuko and I.

Even during dinner…

“Atsuko-oneechan please feed me~ ah~~~”

“Hai~ ahh~” Atsuko fed her while the latter had a playful grin on her face as she munched on her food.

“Gosh I think I realized how mature Jurina was…” I ate slowly with an arm on the table, supporting my head while the other hand continuously fed myself.

“Jurina…? Matsui Jurina?”

“Oh wow, you actually know Jurina-chan, Minako-chan?”

To be honest, I was surprised too.

“Mmm!” She nodded, “She came to our orphanage a few days ago for a TV programme thing. Something about spreading the love to the kids in Japan or something… she taught us some puns!”

I literally choked, “J-Jurina taught you kids puns?!” Is Jurina an idiot now?! Why did she teach kids puns instead of other useful things?!

“Mmm~ there was one…” She pondered for a while, “Ah! ‘Two loaves of bread wanted to get married so they eloafed’!”

“Hahaha that was a nice one!” Atsuko laughed.

That Jurina… she made that pun up in relation to us didn’t she?! Plus, how would kids even know what eloping means, darn it!

“Do you even know what ‘eloafed’ means, Minako-chan?” I looked at her dully.

“No? I just thought it was funny how Jurina-san phrased it! It’s like a rhyme!”

“Oh gosh…” I sighed.

“Minako-chan, do eat your food,” Atsuko reminded her warmly in which the latter nodded and grinned playfully at Atsuko once again.

“I want Atsuko-neechan to feed me~~~”

“Oi oi, no spoiled brats in this household.”

“You’re just jealous Atsuko-neechan’s feeding me aren’t you, Mi-na-mi-san?” She put out her tongue provokingly.

I gritted my teeth in frustration when Atsuko kicked my leg lightly. I sighed in defeat and quickly finished up, leaving the dining room, “Thanks for dinner Atsuko.”

- - - - - -

I went outside for a while with a packet of cigarettes in hand. It was given to me by the landlord who told me kindly that a smoke would release whatever stress I had in mind. Taking a stick without lighting it up, I placed it into my mouth, biting lightly onto it.

“… No friggin’ way am I gonna smoke. Atsuko’s going to hate me if I do… sorry Old Man,” I said softly to myself as I took the stick out of my mouth with a sigh.

As much as I wanted to call my friends now for support, it was hard. Atsuko and I wanted to remain having this low profile as long as we could without alerting anyone about our whereabouts so we pretty much severed our ties that we shared with close friends of ours like Yuko or NyanNyan. But dang… I really miss them. My family in the 48 group… my coworkers in the entertainment industry… my fans… my family… everyone…

I had begun to reminiscence of all the good times I had as Takahashi Minami of AKB48.

That was until…


A soothing voice from Atsuko resounded in my head and I turned back, with the cigarette stick in my mouth, “Hmm?”

“Y-You were smoking?!” Atsuko yelped.

“Hmm…? Ah!” I quickly removed the article from my mouth and shook my head, pointing at the cigarette stick to show that it wasn’t lit, “O-Of course not! It’s just for fun!”

“Mou…!” Atsuko stomped towards me and quickly snatched the box of cigarette that I was holding onto, along with the stick that I used just for the feel of it, “These are confiscated! I don’t want my Minami to smoke!”

“Well duh~” I shrugged, “I won’t obviously. I have a certain someone's lips that need kissing from time to time and there's no way I'd want them to smell like smoke,” I smirked which made Atsuko blush.

I looked around her, “Hey Atsuko, where’s the twerp?”

“D-Don’t call her that!” Atsuko exclaimed, her blush disappearing within that instant as she took a deep breath, “She’s in the bath right now.”

“Ah alright.”

Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around me and laid her head onto my shoulder, “… Please try to get along with Minako-chan… okay? I know she’s really… hyper at times but… please… for the both of us?”

“How can I decline now when you put it that way Atsuko…” I embraced her in response, “… I’ll try. As long as that kid doesn’t drive me nuts in the process.”

She chuckled for a moment before a voice broke our sweet moment.

“Ne, ne~ Are you both ‘making out’ right now?”

Both Atsuko and I broke away from each other’s embrace and turned towards the source of the voice with flustered faces.



“What? I just said ‘making out’… was I wrong?”

“COMPLETELY WRONG YOU TWERP!” I stomped towards her and grabbed both her arms aggressively but she still had that innocent look on her face, “WHERE THE HECK DID YOU EVEN LEARN THAT PHRASE FROM?!”



- - - - - -

The next morning, Atsuko had to work after I had come back from paddy planting early in the morning. The kid was literally sleeping in between us but didn’t notice we had left the bed to prepare or begin our daily activities.

“I’ll get Minako-chan enrolled. So till then, please take care of her okay?”

“… Yeah sure. Hopefully she doesn’t destroy this place before you come back Atsuko,” I shrugged.

“I’m sure she won’t. I trust you with keeping her in check, Mi-na-mi~” She pecked my cheek before continuing, “oh and, don’t forget! Today's your turn to do the chores okay~?” she entered the car shortly after a brief hug and drove off to school for work.

I on the other hand, am stuck with a crazy kid that has issues with me. Oh gosh now what.

I heard a loud yawn from behind me as I closed the door after seeing Atsuko off. Turning to look behind me, the kid was rubbing her eyes tiredly and gazed at me with a blank look.

“Yo Minako-chan.”

“… Where’s Atsuko-neechan…?” She yawned again.

“She left for work.”

“HAAH?!” Seems like that jolted her awake since she’s grabbing onto my shirt now as if she’s ready to rip it apart, “YOU MEAN I’M STUCK WITH A BAA-SAN LIKE YOU?!”



“Who else is in the room huh?!” She retaliated.

“Why you little punk…” I was ready to slap the kid on the face until Atsuko’s face suddenly popped into my mind, halting my actions. A sad-looking Atsuko who seemed disappointed in me for treating this punk badly.

I let out a sigh, “… Go clean yourself up kid. I don’t want to stir a fight with you.”

“What, you’re scared of me or something Mi-na-mi-san?!” She continued grasping tightly onto my shirt, pulling it downwards as if she wanted to level my head with hers, but I looked away to avoid direct eye confrontation.

“I never said that kid. Don’t make me do things you’ll regret,” I said calmly, despite the fact my nerves were already at its limits.

That’s it.

“YOU’RE TESTING MY PATIENCE KID!” I pushed her away and she fell onto the floor, and that was when she began tearing up.

Oh no.

“MINAMI-SAN’S A JERK!!!” She yelled while crying aloud.

“O-Oi oi… stop crying…” I approached her slowly but she dashed off after I got into a close distance range between her. Hearing her slam the door of the bathroom and a loud click, I knew she had decided to lock herself in the bathroom.

This is turning out to be a nightmare huh.

But no, I can’t let Atsuko know. I’d get into trouble if I do… probably get into a huge argument…

Looks like I have to make sacrifices…

I took my cell phone out of my pocket and scrolled through my contacts. There was one person I could rely on no matter what. Someone who has vowed to be my comrade for life despite my countless attempts at convincing her to be my best friend instead.

Oshima Yuko.

“Hello? Who’s this?”

That’s right… she wouldn’t know my number since I’ve changed it…

“… Yuko. It’s me.”

“That voice… Bakamidget?!”

“Geez, name-calling already? We haven’t been in contact for two years you know?” I chuckled lightly.

This was very nostalgic.

“Well duh! You think I’d care? Where the heck are you huh?! I heard rumours that you and Atsuko are together and disappeared without a trace or something!” I could sense her concern from the tone of voice she was using.

“Yeah well. Rumours were right. We ran away. Threw everything for the sake of love I suppose.”

“Since when were you a romantic huh?” She laughed, “It totally doesn’t suit you, Bakamina!”

“Right right… before we can catch up any more I need help,” I tried to sound as serious as I could.

“Help from Oshima Yuko, the amazing Japanese movie star? Sure, hit me.”

Yuko’s voice had a soothing effect on me too, but in a best friend/comrade way. It had helped calm me down as I explained the whole situation to her. She was also a brilliant listener. Though Yuko may be depicted as a crazy, energetic squirrel but when she has to act mature, she does. I mean, she has been so much more mature on TV right after she had graduated. I suppose when one has a goal, it really changes the person. It was the same for me when my music career was hitting its peak until I decided to call it quits.

“Dang… what a predicament you’re in Bakamina. Acchan’s so~ gonna bite your arse if you don’t make up with the kid.”

“I know… so?”

“Hmm… maybe as an adult, you should apologise to her? Just let her have her way for the whole day. It probably works that way?”

“Won’t that mean she’s going to continuously become spoiled?”

“Yeah well… I’ve seen kids who you actually let them have their way yet they do thank you at the end of the day. I guess you just oughta buck it up and try. I mean, NyanNyan and I are together but we have never ever thought of kids. I salute you for being a daring… mother?” She laughed after advising me.

“It’s all Atsuko’s idea Yuko…” I sighed.

“Anyways Bakamina. Just converse with the kid until she comes out and reward her or something. If you act cool and composed and all, the kid will totally dig you! It’s not a surefire thing but at least it’s better than leaving everything on a bitter note yeah?”

I nodded with a smile, “Mm. Thanks Yuko. I knew I could rely on ya.”

“Guess you better hurry before it turns worse huh? Talk to you next time. Stay in touch okay, Takamina! Don’t go MIA on me again!” She exclaimed.

“Yeah yeah but don’t be a loudmouth and tell the world that I contacted you and all okay?”

“Heh. Leave it to me Comrade. Hear from ya soon.”


- - - - - -

After we both hung up, I went towards the bathroom. Facing the source of the sound of waling, I stretched a bit and slapped my face lightly to get myself fired up. Knocking on the door, the sobs stopped momentarily and I knew that was the chance to speak.

“Err… M-Minako… chan?”

No response, but I knew I had to just keep talking.

“… Hey uh… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you or anything just now… I lost my temper. That was my mistake but… you were a bit too much too… I mean, we just met yesterday and you’re already acting like this—umm… no… I mean… it isn’t nice to act like this…” I scratched the back of my head as my mind kept thinking for words to tell Minako-chan.

“… You see… I don’t know your background completely other than the fact you lost all contact from your family after being dumped to the orphanage and they even made sure to not disclose their information to the caretaker but… you’re with us now. Atsuko and I. If you and I don’t get along, it’ll pain Atsuko. If I insist on not getting along with you, Atsuko and I will break up… that would mean you’ll lose a chance of experiencing how a family is… though we’re not exactly a normal one…”

I heard footsteps slowly approaching the door and it stopped right in front of it. I knew my preaching was working.

“… So… please. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you, Minako-chan. I’ll even show you things you’ve never seen before… play with you… personally cook you homecooked food if Atsuko ain’t around… anything! Just… give me a chance, Minako-chan. You’re a precious gem to Atsuko and me now…”

I felt I was about to burst into tears with all the amazing things I’m spouting to the kid now… I don’t know if she even gets what I’m saying to her but I knew it worked when she swung open the door and dived into my embrace the next moment, crying her heart out. It wasn’t one of anger or frustration, it was one filled with gratitude, hidden sorrow and apologies.

“I’m so sorry, Minami-neechan… I’m so so sorry…!” She said in between sobs.

“Nah… I’m sorry for being pretty darn harsh too,” I caressed her head tenderly, trying to express my affection as a ‘parent’ to her with every stroke.
The both of us were silent as only her sobs resounded where we stood and I decided to break the silence with a smile forming on my lips, “Hey. I think I have a treat for ya. Follow me,” I wrapped an arm around her shoulder as she buried her face with her hands, constantly wiping away her tears as I brought her right in front of the fridge.

“Hmm…” I opened the fridge with one hand and looked at the freezer above me, “Let’s see… I think it was… here!”

I had to tip-toe a bit to see what was really in the freezer no thanks to my height and finally found what I was looking for. Closing the fridge, I nudged the kid with a pat or two on her shoulder so she would look at me with red eyes and puffy cheeks.
“Here. It’s actually the last one from my secret stash since Atsuko would literally steal my ice-cream when she finds it but I guess I don’t mind sacrificing it for you. It’s from Tokyo,” I placed the ice cream into both her tiny hands which she blankly shifted her gaze to.

“We don’t always go to Tokyo nowadays due to our… actual identity. So it’s really precious to me, okay?” I ruffled my hair in sheer embarrassment due to the fact that I actually told a kid that a packet of ice-cream from Tokyo is precious to me.

She giggled, “Minami-neechan’s like a kid too huh…?”

“Hey, even adults have childlike hearts you know? I mean… not all the time…”

She beamed a smile so innocently sweet at that moment and gave me a hug, “Thank you Minami-neechan, for forgiving me… for giving me a second chance.”


When she let go, she looked at the floor as she unwrapped the packaging, “… The caretaker hid from you something very crucial to my adoption… I was actually thrown back five times now… my previous ‘parents’ couldn’t take me.”

“… What…?”

“I tried being an ordinary, nice kid towards my first parents but they were so engrossed in work I just had to stir up some kind of trouble so they would pay attention to me… same goes to my second and third ones… I started to act aggressive for my fourth and fifth parents and they couldn’t handle me… so I got thrown back to the orphanage,” she explained, holding in her sadness, “… All my friends there looked at me funny… the caretaker became afraid of me… I became afraid of adults… but Atsuko-neechan and Minami-neechan… when you both came in… it felt like God was behind me, pushing me to take brave steps towards you both…”

“So that was why you approached Atsuko all of a sudden…”


Dang… no wonder she turned out being rowdy… she’s a quiet girl at heart that was forced to be rowdy thanks to her previous ‘parents’… I really wonder why they adopted her in the first place. If there was no love towards this child, why bother taking care of her huh?

She started licking the chocolate crust that hid the deliciously soft vanilla ice cream on the inside and that was when a brilliant phrase popped into my mind.
“Hey stop licking that for a bit.”

“Huh?” She looked at me confusingly as I arched my back a little to lower my height.

“Mm… now that you’re living with us, we’re your parents and we won’t let you experience what you have been through up till now,” I winked awkwardly.


“Imagine the crust of this ice-cream as Atsuko and I. We’re the outer layer of this delicious ice-cream,” I paused and broke open a part of the crust of the ice-cream, revealing the soft, white-coloured vanilla part, tossing the crust that I broke into my mouth and quickly ate it to continue, “See the insides? It’s the soft, delicious most precious part of this ice-cream. That’s you.”

“… You made it sound kind of… disgusting…” Minako-chan pouted.

“Wait! Uh… what I mean out of this whole thing is that people would have to come through us to hurt you! So trust in us and if you play your part, we will play ours and we’ll live in perfect harmony. No problem,” I gave reassured her with a grin.

“Mm… that was kind of cheesy but… that was easy to understand with the ice-cream example… thank you, Minami-neechan, she smiled, “though…” she pointed at the obvious hole that I made in order to make my example, “… you made a hole in my ice-cream…”

“Sharing is caring, kid,” I flicked her forehead which made her flinch, “Deal with it.”

“Oww~” She rubbed her forehead with her free hand while the other was busy feeding herself with the ice-cream.

I stood up straight and stretched again, “Right~! Hmm…” I looked at the clock and realized I had forgotten to do the chores for today, trying to cheer her up, “Oh crap I have to hurry!”


“M-Minako-chan! You’re helping me too! We’re gonna do chores!”


“No ‘eh’-ing! After you’re done with your ice-cream AND freshened yourself up, we’re doing chores and that’s final!”

“Nngh~…” She looked at me with an unimpressed gleam in her eyes, “… Fine~ but it’s only because you treated me to ice-cream!”


“Whatever, it’s still ice-cream!”

We stuck our tongue out at each other but shortly after, laughter filled the room.

Heh. The kid’s a monster, no doubt but… I think we’ll get along fine after all.

- - - - - -

Third Person's POV

“I’m home~… Hmm…?”

Atsuko looked around, seeing that the house was pretty much spotless. Next, her gaze shifted towards the sofa beside her, only to see the sleeping faces of Minami and Minako, with Minako sleeping on Minami’s lap with a cloth that was most probably used for cleaning hanging on her waist and Minami, holding onto a duster placed right beside her.

“Looks like you got along just fine with Minako-chan huh? Minami…” Atsuko proceeded to plant a kiss on both their foreheads and smiled at the peaceful sight of her lover and her child finally at peace with one another.

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: AtsuMina OS (7/2/15)
« Reply #24 on: February 07, 2015, 02:05:22 AM »
This is sooooooo cute! I felt my phone buzz and I saw your comment and... THIS IS MORE THAN I ASKED FOR!! SERIOUSLY I always saw takamina the strict-er parent between her and atsuko.. I mean she was a leader so she possess that trait.

And Acchan just spoils the kid.

I love you forever because by far this is the best AtsuMina with a kid fic that I have read and gusjfuejfuhjudjhdufn I feel like re-reading it over and over!

Sankyuu Sakicchi~~~ Gambatte!!!!
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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: AtsuMina OS (7/2/15)
« Reply #25 on: February 07, 2015, 06:04:27 AM »
minako is a cute kid... ;D
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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: AtsuMina OS (7/2/15)
« Reply #26 on: February 07, 2015, 07:54:49 AM »
I just saw this thread, and I adore how you wrote the characters in these oneshots, especially since they're some of my favorite pairings!

Matchmaking Atsumina is adorable and that twist with Kojiyuu's living together at the end...  :inlove: I also liked how you threw in some interaction between other members as well!
Somehow, I can perfectly imagine Atsumina actually being these kind of parents; carefree and kind Atsuko, stern but actually really soft Minami...  :oops:
Jealous Rena can be really scary when she wants (Just like her as Gekikara)!
I enjoyed being spoiled by the early Valentine's Day WMatsui as well, but now I can't expect anything when it's actually Valentine's Day.  :cry:

These are amazing oneshots, I hope you continue to write more, and I'm also excited for your next update on Indestructible Fire!

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: AtsuMina OS (7/2/15)
« Reply #27 on: February 07, 2015, 01:41:34 PM »
Ah! It was so cute OS..  :shy1: I even wanted to know what would happen next.. How would go their life, when Atsumina couple have one more person, for who need to take care and treat like a real parents should do..  :hee:
But oh well.. it's still very good if it's OS.
Thank you!!!  :)
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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Mendol OS (4/3/15)
« Reply #28 on: March 04, 2015, 10:19:46 PM »
Hey~ hope you guys have been reading my updates on Indestructible Fire recently  ;)

This fic... let's just say it's a failure of a fic to post here but what the heck, I had the guts to post it up on two years ago, on the 2nd of September, 2013 to be precise. SO MEH. It's AKB48-related so I decided to repost it here. And yes, supposedly if you guys have actually read this somewhere before, it's my work. So no worries~ It'll be hilarious to plagiarize myself!  :lol: Though... I just might for a future fic in my mind?  :huhuh

So yeah, this is a Mendol fanfic I had written two years ago. Though it's embarrassingly cliche (I really wonder what the heck was going on in my head when I wrote this back then), I hope you guys will like(?) it regardless......? ><

Replying time~:
@kanineechan: I'm so glad you loved my AtsuMina fic really!!! Thank you so so much! You don't know how much your comment means to me!  :thumbsup
@Haruko: Mmhmm~  :P
@TeenyTae: Thank you very much for supporting me, TeenyTae-san.  :) I'm happy you like the fics in here so far, and not to mention,  Indestructible Fire
@black_maa: Ehehehe it's an open end for you to imagine what happens to their life as it goes on~ I'm happy you liked it! Thank YOU!  :lol:

Just Another Off Day

"THIS SUCKS! Why am I the one who always has to do retarded things like THAT?!"

Kawachi Nami a.k.a. Kai of the up-and-coming all-boys idol unit, 'Persona', yelled out in frustration while tightening herself with the chest-binding bandage that she had been wearing ever since the start of her idol career where she obviously doesn't appear on media as a normal girl, but a charming bad-boy archetype dude.

"Why not just think of it like… hmm… when you're having fun with us?" Her cute-faced friend, Otawa Hinata a.k.a. Kuu who is also from the same idol unit, suggested while rolling around lazily on her bed.

Nami snapped back, "How the HECK am I supposed to ENJOY myself when I'm going out with RAY?!"

"W-Well… I don't think Ray is that bad… I mean uh… look on the bright side! You get to hang out with Music 10's current Top 1 idol! Normal people would've died just to experience that!" responded Wakamatsu Asahi a.k.a. Riku who is the taller girl of the three in 'Persona', clenching her fists in excitement just to try consoling her restless friend.

"Then why not YOU go out with her?!" The now-blonde hair 'boy' exclaimed as he loosely let his tie hang around his collar and roughly put on his coat, leaving the room and his friends behind him with a loud slam of the door.

- - - - - -


All three girls shouted in glee as they plopped back onto their beds with bright smiles apparent on their faces. It was a rare occasion that they managed to get an off day from their sadistic director, Saeko-sachou, who would've worked them to the bone, but they were free from that today after their successful sudden live gig that took place the previous night. Their off day was just to reward and indirectly thank them for doing their best regardless of how exhausted or sudden the event calls for. It was definitely the most delightful news that the girls heard all day when Saeko-sachou broke the news to them herself.

"Off days are undoubtedly the best~!" Nami proclaimed, punching her balled up fist into the air energetically.

"Agreed!" Asahi agreed, punching into the air as well.

"Hinata agrees too!" Of course, Hinata did the same.

Nami lifted herself up briefly and looked at her two friends lying beside her, "So? Wanna go karaoke? Or eat delicious food that we've been longing to eat? Or go shopping at the malls? Or… Or—"

Before Nami could continue showing how excited she was in suggesting what to do for the whole day, Saeko-sachou barged in with her aide, Marilyn, by her side, fawning over the manager as always.

"Kai. Get changed. NOW."

"Eh~…?" Nami scratched the back of her hair in annoyance, "Why should I Sachou? Didn't you say it was our 'long-awaited off day' today?" She continued protesting but stopped abruptly when the director dumped her Kai attire right on top of her without warning, the latter then struggled to get her precious disguise off her.

"A call from the studio is why I'm putting hold onto your off day, Kai. They're in desperate need of help," Saeko-sachou crossed her arms, "It seems that Ray-san will not perform if she doesn't go out with her beloved Kai. That's why," the director explained with a stern look on her face.

"R-Ray…" The shoulder length-haired brunette felt a sudden chill down her spine before continuing to defend her rights on enjoying her precious off day, "S-So?! If she doesn't perform, what the heck does it have to do with me?!"

"It OBVIOUSLY has EVERYTHING to do with you!" Saeko-sachou gestured to Marilyn to hand her her infamous 'weapon of punishment'—her whip—and whipped it towards the floor, causing the three girls, especially Nami, to yelp in fear involuntarily.

"If you don't go out with her, she won't perform tonight. And if she DOESN'T perform tonight, you three will be off air tomorrow night, and that means you'll be unknowingly disappointing your fans that have been waiting to watch you three perform for the whole week since they'd use your slot to replace what Ray had missed!"

"The heck…" Nami sighed deeply and noticed that her two friends were busy trying to help her put on her clothes silently, causing her to deliberately jump away from her bed, "T-The heck are you two doing?!"

"Helping you put on your clothes obviously~" Hinata stuck out her tongue in a cute manner.

"Yup. If you don't hurry to serve the Princess, we'll lose part of our jobs… and you know what that means right? Nami…?" Asahi looked at Nami with a scary-look on her face which made the latter overthink about the consequences and gave into defeat with a defeated shrug.

"Fine fine… all I have to do is go out with her, right?"

Saeko-sachou answered her with a nod, "Once you're ready, please proceed downstairs so I can brief you again on what you'll be doing with Ray. Understood?"

Nami rolled her eyes, "Yeah yeah…"

After the director and her aide left the room, Nami looked towards the ceiling, clenching her fists to her sides with her eyes closed and vent out her frustration.


- - - - - -

Downstairs, at the living room, Saeko-sachou was sitting on the sofa patiently with both her legs and arms crossed, with the addition of her right hand holding onto the grip of her whip quite firmly while Marilyn was in the kitchen brewing tea for her beloved director.

"I'm ready, Sachou~…" Nami, who was now dressed up properly as Kai, reported to duty in an unenthusiastic manner which Saeko-sachou decided to not pay her attitude to mind.

"Good. Now," Saeko-sachou gestured him to come closer as her was standing quite a distance from where she was sitting, the latter obviously feeling his legs getting wobblier and wobblier each step he took to get close to the director at the sight of her malicious whip before he was unexpectedly handed two tickets, as well as an envelope.

"Huh?" Kai examined what he was handed with closely, eyes beaming in surprise at what his director had just given him, "Aren't these tickets for admission to the newly opened amusement park nearby…?!"

The director nodded delightfully, "Correct. And that envelope is—"

"100,000 yen?!" He was amazed by the amount of money that was inside of the envelope.

"Let's just say it's your allowance for the whole day. If you have any extra money left, please do return it to me. Are we clear on that? There will be no dishonesty on this!"

"… Stingy L freak…"

"What. Did. You. Just. Say?" A whipping sound of a whip was heard.

"U-Uh nothing Sachou! I heard you loud and clear!" Kai deliberately stood up as straight as a ruler and saluted to the director in fear of being whipped.

"If everything's clear, leave at once! Shoo shoo!" Saeko-sachou flung her hand outwardly, gesturing Kai to get out of her face in which he did with a shrug.

- - - - - -

"Kai~ Kai~ I can't wait to see Kai~" sang Ray, the big-shot Diva who had appeared various times as the Top 1 position holder of Music 10 as well as the self-proclaimed lover of Kai, with a random melody she thought of in a moment as she skipped cheerfully through the hallway of the outside of the office to meet her loved one excitedly.

Unaware of her surroundings, she accidentally bumped into a person who managed to catch her from falling by supporting her with a hand supporting her back, balancing the both of them.

"S-Sorry! A… Are you… al…" The voice of the person who bumped into her started to shake and stop abruptly as his eyes widened.

"Nngh… you should be more… careful…" The girl who was taller than him by nearly a head ended her sentence abruptly as well when her eyes sparkled at the sight of the person she had bumped into and caught her, "A-Ah! Kai!"

"R-Ray!" Kai literally flung himself away from her before she could do her usual 'greeting kiss' in which he succeeded with a groan, "W-Why the heck are YOU here?!"

"I'm here to pick you up for our date, dummy~ Saeko-sachou told me to come here personally~" She answered lovingly. Kai shivered in response.

She then swiftly clung onto Kai's left arm with a playful smile, "Let's get going, Kai~!"

The blonde-haired boy rolled his eyes with a forced smile as they left the building.

"Yeah yeah… Let's get this over quick. Ugh."

- - - - - -

They took a taxi and arrived at their destination with Kai dashing out of the cab, looking as exhausted as ever. Ray was clearly trying to make a move on him throughout the whole ride, so he had not much of a choice but to protect himself. Even the taxi driver gave them a funny look when he received his payment from Kai and left.

Ray ran lightly towards the entrance of the amusement park, arms opened wide like a kid, "Uwaa~ so this is the new amusement park!" She turned to look at Kai, who had his hands in his pockets coolly and a forced happy look on his face, "Kai, look! Look! We're here!"

"I can see that without you telling me that…" He said under his breath and rolled his eyes before continuing his complaint softly, "Geez… why the heck am I here with this stupid airhead when I could have been enjoying my rare off day with those two…" He ended with a pout.

"Kai…? What's wrong?"

Without knowing, Ray's face was a few inches away from his with a worried look and Kai took a step back to increase the distance between him and her instinctively, "U-Uh… N-Nothing! A-Ahahahaha!" He forced out a laugh before mechanically walking pass the entrance of the amusement park, not waiting for Ray at all.

"W-Wait for me, Kai!" And so she sped up to follow the awkward looking Kai.

- - - - - -

Meanwhile, another group of people were coincidentally in the theme park too.

"You sure we should be doing this…? Kuu thinks it isn't right to be spying on people's love affairs…" A boy with black hair and blue highlights on parts of his hair asked his dark brown-haired friend.

"I know it's not right but still! If anything happens, we can prevent it from getting out of hand! Plus…" he took out the entrance ticket that was in his pocket with a smirk, "… It's the Sachou's orders right? It'd be a waste if we didn't come to see how this place looks like at the same time."

"I guess you're right Riku…" Kuu replied hesitantly.

The both of them left their positions, which was right behind a random bench near the entrance, away from Kai and Ray's field of vision and speedily got up to follow the 'couple' as stealthily as they could by blending into the crowd.

- - - - - -

By the time Kai and Ray had taken a few of the rides and checked out the infamous Haunted House, it was already late noon. But Ray was still full of energy and wanted more, much to the dismay of the exhausted Kai. Usually he wouldn't get tired because of amusement parks, so he blamed it on the person he came with.

"Kai-kun! Let's go on the Ferris Wheel next! I want to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Japan with you~" She tugged onto her beloved's sleeve quite hard which annoyed Kai and instinctively tried to shrug her off him as they walked, "Ugh seriously! Get off me! It's hard to walk—"

He stopped his complaining when he heard a loud cry nearby. When he looked around, he was able to quickly spot the source of the crying in the form of a little girl who was in the age range of six to eight years old, near the barrier of the Merry-Go-Round ride. There was a navy blue-coloured balloon that was attached to a string, with the end tied onto the wrist of the little girl's hand.

The 'couple' nodded in agreement—for once—and headed towards the direction of the crying little girl to see what was going on.

"Yo," Kai caught the girl's attention before attempting to console her by kneeling down slightly to match her line of sight, "… You lost or something?"

The girl nodded while sobbing and Ray proceeded to wipe her tears that kept flowing out from her eyes with a handkerchief, "Don't cry little one… Papa Kai and Mama Ray will take good care of you until we find your parents, okay?"

Kai retaliated instinctively, "I'm not PAPA Kai and nor are you MAMA Ray! We're bringing her straight to the PA area so they can announce the presence of a missing child, okay?!" His tone of voice as he retaliated followed by an annoyed pout lightened the spirits of the lost little girl who giggled slightly, even though sobs could still be heard.

"H-Hehehe… Onii-san is funny…!"

"Of course he is. He is the man who made me fall head over heels for. And now, we're idiots in love~ right Kai?" Ray smiled innocently at the pouting Kai who was ready to retaliate.

"NO WE ARE NOT!" He put both his hands to his sides, "Don't go teaching a minor weird things, idiot!" He lectured with Ray nodding submissively. They seemed so animated that the little girl couldn't help but continue to giggle at the somewhat funny argument that went on between the 'couple'.

Kai looked at the little girl who was smiling wryly and smiled warmly at her, "Well then… enough of that, let's get going yeah?" He then took her free hand and started to walk off with her, Ray trying to tag along behind them as fast as she could but was blocked by the crowd that has been gathered unknowingly through the pathway of the amusement park.

"Kai…! You're walking too fast…! Wait!" She called out, but to no avail. He was already quite a distance away from her. All she could do was stand dumbfounded in the crowd until a hand pulled her out of it and brought her to a quieter area…

- - - - - -

"So you're here because…" Kuu pointed at Riku, "… You felt Riku's presence here…?"

A tall and suave young man who was endowed by a white coat and had curly brown-blond hair, nodded with a smile.

Riku sighed, "Look uh… Katsuyuki-san…" She ruffled her hair slightly, "Kuu and I are kinda busy right now… so—"

The director of Sunny Music glared at Kuu as he cut Riku's unfinished sentence, "W-What are you doing with Riku…" He animatedly had his arms wide open, "… in a place… LIKE THIS?!"

"Definitely not what you're thinking…" Riku answered softly in a calm voice.

"Umm Riku…? We really need to go! We're losing them…!" whispered Kuu who nudged Riku's arm slightly.

The latter nodded before they left silently, leaving Katsuyuki-san alone to digest, imagine and monologue dramatically on the spot, catching the attention of many people who passed by, "… Amusement park… Riku on a date with Kuu…? No…! I… I love you Riku…! And yet… why… wait—"He finally snapped back to reality, "R-Riku?"

He looked around his surroundings, only to be seen by a few pairs of eyes looking at him with a weird look and realizing how embarrassing of a situation he was in, he quickly, but steadily, left the scene, desperately looking for his 'partner'.

"Riku…" He called out his 'partner's' name under his breath as he searched for the spying pair.

- - - - - -

"Thank you for finding our daughter, Sir!"

"I-It's nothing really~ Hahaha~" Kai chuckled sheepishly, feeling quite shy for being a good Samaritan.

"U-Umm Onii-san…?" The girl suddenly called out to Kai, averting his gaze, "… Where's the funny Onee-san…?"

"Eh?" Kai looked around him but Ray was nowhere to be found,"R-Ray…? Oh… no…"

That was when, a terrible flashback flashed through his mind momentarily. This flashback is only triggered when Ray was involved.

- - - - - -

"How could you make Ray upset?!"


"Oww!" Nami cried out in pain as he backside was getting a serious whipping thanks to Saeko-sachou.

"If it happens again," Saeko whispered into Nami's ear with a screechy and unpleasant voice, "… Your punishment won't be as light as this one! Remember that!"



- - - - - -

"Oh gosh…" Kai started to tremble in fear, "I-I gotta find Ray… otherwise…" He put a hand to his behind and imagined a horrible scene, "… I'm going to die…"

"Onii-san…?" The girl called out, breaking Kai's daze.

"O-Oh sorry. Onii-san has to go find that stupid—uh no—funny Onee-san now so," he gave a light pat on the little girl's head before turning around and ready to leave, "See ya, kid!"

"Bye bye, Onii-san!" She waved happily at Kai who did the same and her parents thanked him again with a brief bow.

Once both sides were out of sight, Kai had a trail of imagination running in his head that was unpleasant and it started to worry him, "I'm so~ dead if Ray gets upset just because I lost her here…!"

As he rummaged through the crowd, out of the blue, he lightly bumped into someone once again.

"A-Ah not again! Sorry… wait… RIKU?!" He exclaimed in surprise at the sight of the person he just bumped into.

"K-Kai!" Riku did the same, with Kuu appearing from behind Riku.

"The heck are you both doing here?! Wait a sec… I could've sworn I saw someone who looked like Katsuyuki-san on one of the benches on the way to the Bumper Car ride…" Kai pondered slightly before Riku shook him to prevent him from pondering too much into useless things.

"T-That aside, where's Ray? D-Don't tell me you both…"

Kai cut his sentence, "If you're thinking we argued, we didn't! I-I just lost her without knowing! This stupid place has too many people, you can't completely blame me!"

"Hopefully Ray hasn't been abducted by anyone suspicious…" stated Kuu which made her get the death glare from both Kai and Riku for jinxing things, were they to even happen.

"Alright. Let's not waste time. We should split up and search for her," Riku's suggestion gained the approving nod of the other two.

"I'll go to where the Ferris Wheel is. That's where we were planning to go before we split up," Kai said calmly.

"I'll check around the food and beverages stall. If anything, she could be there to relax," Riku informed.

"Then Kuu will… hmm…" He put a finger to his chin in thought before deciding, "… Kuu will try the toilet area! When you gotta go, you gotta go after all~"

"Great! Let's do this! Persona!" They gathered in a small circle and stacked their hands atop of one another in the center, followed by their famous 'battle cry'.


- - - - - -

"Man, what a coincidence! Just when I was assigned to find ways to take photos of the famous Ray-san, she really appears in an unexpected place!"

"… Hmph. I only allowed you to take my photo just because you said Kai will be here… now I doubt you."

The cameraman who went by the name of Jiro who was also Asahi's childhood friend, nodded confidently to protect himself, "H-He'll be here! I'm sure of it…!''

"Asahi…! Please appear with your friend out of nowhere now… pleaseeee…"… Were the thoughts that were actually going through his mind as he looked at how impatient Ray was getting.

Lo and behold, Riku appeared. It was just as she predicted, but under different circumstances.

"R-Ray! I found you! And…" She looked at the familiar man beside her, "J-Jiro?!"

"You…!" Ray approached Riku, eyes lighting up with hope, "… You're one of 'Persona's' members right…? Did you see Kai anywhere?" She clasped Riku's hands together with hers as she asked.

"Yeah! Kai is actually—"


- - - - - -

"Hmm… No signs of the two girls yet? Okay…" said an aged man in coat with sunglasses as he put his handphone into his pocket after ending the call.

"Ah…! Kuro-nyan!" Kuu said with an excited voice, but when he was about to approach him, he realized he was still in his Kuu getup, so there was no way he would make a blunder and expose himself as Otawa Hinata to her 'Prince Charming'. All he could do was shrug in disappointment and looked around the toilet area before deciding to meet up with Riku at the food and beverages stalls, which Kuro-nyan seemed to be heading towards to.

"Oh well~. He must be going there to get a piece of strawberry cake or strawberry smoothie or something~. Doesn't hurt to follow him a little longer~," said Kuu to himself before following the man in coat.

- - - - - -

Back to Ray and co., a loud voice was heard through the crowd that was followed by a powerful swinging punch straight into Riku's left cheek which sent him falling to the ground in pain.

"OWW! That REALLY~ hurts!" Riku cried in pain, touching his now-bruised cheek and looking at who his assailant was, who so happened to be…


Kai was panting hard, as if he had been running around everywhere and not just searched the area he said he would be searching. He had a genuinely concerned face, much to their surprise, as he usually wouldn't even give a care to whatever Ray gets herself into. It seemed like he was concerned that Ray was interacting with a stranger, not being able to see clearly from the crowd that is, so he punched whoever it was without a second thought albeit a friend or a stalker.

To him, or so he thinks, it was to protect himself from getting into trouble with the terrible sadistic Director of his. But in Ray's eyes…

"K-Kai! You're… my hero!" She had already fantasized about the whole scenario turning into a 'save me from the enemy' scenario. She quickly took the chance to hug him, with the latter snapping out almost immediately of his supposed blind rage due to his body contact with her and pushed her away as usual.

"U-Uwaa!" cried Kai, "R-Ray!" He turned to see who he had just hit, only to see it was Riku who had an unimpressed look on his face and was getting help from Jiro to get up from the ground, "O-Oops… I-I'm so sorry, Riku!"

"I-It's fine… then again… you were really that worried eh? I could feel it in your punch," the dark brown-haired boy smirked teasingly at his blonde-haired friend who ended up turning flustered from what he had just said.

"T-That… is SO not true!" He denied, covering his cheeks that were turning red by each second.

"Aww… Kai… you were really worried about my well-being…?" Ray's eyes lit up and cheerily went up close to Kai once again, wanting to kiss him as always.

The latter struggled to push her off as always, "N-No! Y-You're disillusioned! I definitely did not punch Riku to protect you or anything of the sort!"

"Tsundere Kai is sooo cuteee~" Her teasing, followed by her continuous desire on wanting to kiss him gave him energy to break free of her 'evil clutches'.

"We're in public, idiot…!" He crossed his arms and gave Ray a demanding look, "If you stop this harassment, I'll take you to the Ferris Wheel. That's our last stop for the day before you get on to performing later at night. Got that?!"

Ray happily nodded and latched herself onto Kai's arm without a word and he decided to not care anymore and they walked off towards the Ferris Wheel after saying their goodbyes—and apologies—to Riku and Jiro.

Riku sighed in relief, "… Geez… what the heck was that…" Riku touched her bruise and he squinted his eyes in pain, "… Man…. It hurts."

"Maybe we should go to the first aid? There should be a first aid around—"

"Nah it's fine," Riku smiled reassuringly to his childhood friend, "I'll patch myself up back at home. Thanks for the concern, Jiro."

He chuckled shyly in return.

"Let's get going, Riku~. Kuu's getting kinda tired…"

"Sure thing—EH?! Kuu?! Where did you come from?!" asked Riku in shock of the sudden appearance of her friend, who just speechlessly responded with a peace sign and an innocent smile.

Looking at Kuu, she also noticed a familiar looking man in sunglasses near the ice-cream stall and on instinct, decided they should really get going before anything bad happens. So after greeting Jiro goodbye, both Riku and Kuu left the amusement park, leaving Kai and Ray to enjoy their last moments of the day together on the Ferris Wheel.

- - - - - -

In the evening, the trio found a note stating that Saeko-sachou and Marilyn would be out till midnight, to the girls' delight. At least this would make up for the time that was used up for that eventful day and so they had a sushi feast with the money that Saeko-sachou had given Kai in the living room.

The programme that was on at that time was the music programme that Ray was on. Weren't it for Kai, she wouldn't have made an appearance in tonight's programme. This made Nami smile without realizing it and that caught the attention of the two.

"You really seemed like you had loads of fun today huh, Nami?" inquired Asahi teasingly with a playful smirk on her face.

"W-Wha-?! N-No! It was a huge waste of my precious off day! Are you mad?! But maybe…" Her denying face suddenly softened for a brief moment, "… I did sorta… have fun. Just a teeny~ weeny~ bit." She gestured how small the 'fun' she had was, and the two laughed.

"Nami is really dishonest huh? If Kuro-nyan were to hang out with Hinata, I'd be really happy~" said Hinata.

"Kuro… nyan? Who was that again?" asked Asahi.

"O-Oh uh... n-no one…! Ehehehe…" Hinata smiled meekly and pointed at the sushi on the table, "W-We should really hurry up and eat…!"

"Yeah… it'd be bad if the Ls come back and wipe out all our food…" Nami shook her head at the thought.

Asahi smiled, "Alright then! Thank you for the—"


"EH?!" The trio exclaimed at the same time when they saw Saeko-sachou and Marilyn pop out of nowhere.

"W-What the heck are you doing back here so darn early?! It's not even midnight!" protested Nami.

"On the contrary Kai… this is my agency. I get to return a-ny-time I want to~. Don't forget that fact. Also…" She gave Nami a glare of death that pierced straight through her heart, "Where's the extra money from today? 100,000 yen is a bit too much to be used in one day, don't you think so?"

The trio gulped and turned to each other speechlessly.

Saeko-sachou looked at how exquisite the sushi platters look like and questioned them once again, "… Don't tell me… you used it all on the food…?"

Still no answer. But they were already sweating buckets in nervousness.

"Looks like… it's punishment time. Don't you think so? Marilyn?" Saeko-sachou gestured for her whip once again.

"Anything you say, Sachou~" Marilyn just smiled and handed Saeko-sachou her whip.

The trio instinctively stood up from the floor they were sitting on and slowly stepped away from where Saeko-sachou was, "U-Uh wait…! I-I can explain…!" yelled Nami, trying to protect everyone.

"No explanation needed. PUNISHMENT IT IS!" The sound of the whip resounded in the living room and the painful cries of the girls were heard as usual.


As for the food, they were shared by Saeko-sachou and Marilyn respectively, with the trio having cup noodles for dinner in their rooms and a sore bottom.


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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Mendol OS (4/3/15)
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Triple update on Indestructible Fire and now this Mendol oneshot?! Now you're really spoiling us.

I actually enjoyed watching Mendol, and am all for Nami/Kay x Ray, so you've got another oneshot featuring one of my favorite pairs. I have to admit though, Nami really is a tsundere.  XD

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Jurina B'Day OS (8/3/15)
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Oh gawd, made it!  :doh: It's still 8/3/2015 in my timezone, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATSUI JURINA-CHAN~  :heart:

Let me start by rambling. SERIOUSLY. I scrapped ideas after ideas and deleted drafts after drafts just to come up with this fic!!! J's b'day fic really gave me a huge headache...  :sweatdrop: So I'd really appreciate it if you guys do read this and leave a comment though it might be bad and all which I hope not  :) It's Juju's birthday after all~  :grin:

Hope you all like it~ Ahh. It's WMatsui if that piques your interest  ;)

Replying time~:
@TeenyTae: Hahaha here you go, another one to spoil my fellow readers.  :thumbsup Thanks for the constant support, TeenyTae-san!  :D I'm glad you liked my Mendol fic that was written two years ago  :sweatdrop:

Happy Birthday, Jurina

The remaining five first generation members of SKE48— Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Oya Masana and the graduating duo, Satou Mieko and Nakanishi Yuka had an afterparty at a Japanese-style restaurant after the ‘Seifuku no Me’ performance at the theatre today which was also to celebrate SKE48’s young Center/Ace’s 18th Birthday. It was a tiring but fulfilling day definitely, both for the birthday girl and the members who have participated in said event. Jurina’s mother had popped on by earlier to the restaurant to give a cake to her daughter to celebrate her birthday with her fellow first gens, and that really spiced the mood up as the first gens got to have double servings of cake.

Of course, the cake is not the most important matter. Spending time with the birthday girl on her special day is.

And this is especially so for a certain someone who shared the same family name as her.

She could not stop glancing shyly at her younger Ace/Center counterpart as they partake their meal and share tabletop stories with each other. The fact she was sitting on the opposite side of her, besides Mieko was definitely not helping. Not only that, Rena had to get used to the younger Matsui’s sudden new haircut. She remembered how surprising it was for everyone to see her with her short hair when she stormed into the dressing room on a high note and that brings up fond memories.

The fact she had short hair was significant to the older Matsui, and it made her reminiscence of the past in her sea of memories. The past where she hoped had never happened.

It was around the time where they first shot the infamous and somewhat controversial, ‘Kataomoi Finally’. Jurina had entered the dressing room in high spirits as she did today and kept showing off her short hair to everyone. It really looked good on her, in fact, she looked handsome instead of beautiful, however she still had the cute factor. A lot of members back then fawned over her good looks and the younger Matsui, taking the advantage of it, was consistently latching herself onto member after member, either taking photos with them or just randomly giving them kisses.

Rena had thought of that as annoying until she had to film ‘those’ scenes in ‘Kataomoi Finally’. Yes. The scenes where a cool-looking Jurina slyly caressed her thigh as she walked past her, the scene where she had her ear nibbled on lightly by Jurina’s soft cat-like lips that needed constant retaking due to them being unable to hold on their laughter and even the scene where she had her finger sucked on.

She honestly thought of Jurina as a suave, young ‘boy’ even at one point, and that made her punch her pillows each night she had fantasies of her. She had a particular fondness towards ‘shota’ and ‘loli’ but never did she expect she would have affections blooming for her young counterpart.

The odds were never in her favour the year after ‘Kataomoi Finally’. ‘Kiss Datte Hidarikikki’ was choreographed to have them kiss at the end whenever they were centers. And oh boy did Rena curse herself over and over again after fawning over VTRs that were taken for each member to see how they had performed and what can be improved. She had unconsciously repeated the parts where she would spin into the latter’s arms and faked a kiss by meeting the other’s face as closely as possible so that the VTR would make it seem like a kiss.

Jurina has seen her kissing face before but not once has she seen hers, well, at least not at close proximity. She had the desire to though, and whenever those thoughts entered her mind, she would give herself a hard slap on the face for being such a lolicon.

Since then, her feelings accumulated within her, and Jurina slowly grew up. There is also an unnatural rift between them now which Rena thinks that it is most likely due to the difference in work schedules and places and that they just don’t meet each other on a whim like before. Both of them are living extremely hectic lives, and that is the price to pay for being professionals in the entertainment business.

Without realizing it…

Jurina had turned 18 today.

With the hairstyle reminiscent of the time she began to fall for her. It really felt like her feelings for the 18-year-old she had tried to completely bury to the depths of her heart had just resurfaced in a flash, despite Jurina not doing anything with her recently.

… If the tight, playful hug on stage during her Seitansai just a while ago did not count… coupled with Jurina briefly whispering "Thank you for coming, Rena-chan" into her ear... oh no, of course that did not count.

... Is what Rena would want, and tries to think.

“Well then~ I think it’s about time we headed home! What a fun time we had huh~!” Yuka said with a wide grin, holding her empty cup high into the air as if she was drunk.

“Thanks for treating all of us for dinner, Mieko-san…!” Jurina briefly bowed at her seat, causing said person to gesture her hands around which said ‘it’s fine’.

“Mieko-san, you’re coming with me to my place for a bit yes?” Masana voiced out.

“Yep~ Yuka’s tagging along riiiiight?” Mieko looked at the latter with a suspicious wink that followed.

Yuka winked in response, “Of course.”

The three of them stood up from their seats in unison, grabbing their belongings and moved past both Jurina and Rena who were still sitting on the outer side of their respective rows. Jurina who was startled by the three who suddenly decided to leave, got up soon after her mind processed what was going on, taking her belongings with her.

“W-Wait, what about me? Don’t I get invited too?!” Jurina asked with her signature puppy-like eyes.

“Mm well…” Yuka shrugged with a smile, “You have someone who wants you to herself for now, am I right, Rena?” Yuka made a mischievous wink which made Masana and Mieko look at Rena with a mischievous smile on their faces, causing Rena to blush furiously, slamming both hands on the table with embarrassment as she looked at the mischievous three.

“Y-You don’t have to put it that way! Mou!!!” Rena exclaimed with Masana patting her shoulder closest to her side to calm her down.

Jurina had a confused look on her face and shifted her gaze to Rena, “… Rena-chan?”

“Anyways, we’ll be on our way~ please excuse us~” Mieko said with an older woman-sounding tone of voice, pushing both Yuka and Masana out of the aisle and towards the exit.

“Good luck Rena~” Masana called out to her before they disappeared out of sight, leaving an awkward atmosphere between the two Matsui.


Both Matsui just did not know what to say to each other. They had not been together in private like this in a long, long time. When their eyes met for a moment, they looked away in embarrassment for some reasons. How did exchanging looks that was normal for them in the past become hard for them when they were left alone with just each other?

Is it because they started to feel the rift of drifting away from each other not just as fellow members, but as close friends kicking in? Or is it something more…?

In order to stop the negativity circulating in her mind, Rena balled up her fists and mustered her courage to call out to the younger Matsui, breaking the awkward silence between them after the other three had left them be.

“J-Ju… Jurina!”

“H-Huh?” Jurina was startled by the older Matsui’s voice, tilting her head to face the older one properly.

“I… the flowers… umm…” Rena clenched her fists harder and took a deep breath to steady her pounding heart, “… T-They aren’t the only gifts I’ve prepared for you actually…”

“Eh?” Jurina’s eyes glinted with excitement when she heard Rena had other presents for her, “You still have other presents to give me Rena-chan?!”
With that, as if she had already planned for Jurina’s reaction in advance, Rena quickly stood up with her small bag slung over her shoulder and grabbed onto the younger one’s free hand, pulling her out of the shop.

“R-Rena-chan?!” Jurina was surprised at the sudden actions of the older Matsui, not to mention the strong grasp she had on her hand. It was definitely the strength she would never expect out of Rena who was not in any way considered athletic.

“Just follow me…” Rena simply replied, without even looking over her shoulder to see how Jurina looked like at the moment.

- - - - - -

Throughout the whole walk to God-knows-where, it was just complete silence. Jurina certainly had plenty of questions in her head that she wanted to question Rena—where was she bringing her to? Why does she look so flustered? What is going on? However, she chose to remain silent and submit to the tight hold of her counterpart, trusting her completely as they made their way through the streets of Nagoya.

After a while, Jurina realized that they were in an urban park in Nagoya which was quite famous for the fountain show that was sometimes synchronized to symphony orchestra music depending on the month of visitation. And as expected, the fountain show was definitely not on at that time but Rena had still pulled Jurina towards the center of the park where the fountain was.

When they had arrived near its perimeters, Rena let go of Jurina’s hand and continued to walk even closer to the fountain, leaving her dumbfounded a metre or two away from Rena who still had her back facing her. The park was dimly lit, so Jurina could not see Rena clearly eventhough she was just a few footsteps away from her.

Rena had went through her small handbag and took out her phone in hand with a smile, before taking a deep breath once again.

“Ne Jurina… do you believe in magic?”

“Magic…?” Jurina slowly walked towards Rena.

 “... Three… two…”

“Rena-chan?” Jurina was about to put a hand on Rena’s shoulder from behind until suddenly…

“… One.”

Orchestral music started to play from the speakers near the fountain and the water that was stagnant in the pool of the fountain began to spray upwards, dancing in synchronicity with the music. There were lights from the bottom of the pool that lit up and began circling around, making the fountain look like a breathtaking sight to behold.

Rena could not help but smile at the success of her plan. She had called Yuka when she counted to ‘one’, knowing prior to this, the other three, with her along of course, had begged the park’s owner to let them use the fountain at night just once for this day after appearing as an ambassador for said park before sometime during their career. The humble owner was fine with it and handed over the remote control that functioned the fountain and the music, provided the remotes were returned immediately the next day.

As planned, the three had left earlier than the two Matsui to check if everything was in place and working right. They also had to find a good hiding spot to control the fountain as well as act as if they were never there. Of course, they decided to hide in a scrub of bushes that was quite a distance from the fountain after testing the distance of the connection of the fountain and the remote.

Yuka, Mieko and Masana high-fived themselves and proceeded to look on at the two Matsui from afar, hoping that everything goes as planned. Rena had been dreaming of this day and had consulted the three of them a few months before even. They knew how earnestly Rena felt towards Jurina and they also knew that Jurina, despite being the player she seems, had always kept her heart open for Rena, since the young Matsui did consult them as well, especially Masana, who constantly hangs out with her while giving her relationship advice as the adult she is.

“W-Whoa…” Jurina stared at the spectacular sight before her, mouth agape.

Immediately after, Rena twirled back towards the younger Matsui with her head hung low enough to hide her eyes behind the shadow of her bangs and pulled the younger Matsui into an unexpected embrace while she was still in awe of the beautiful sight. Jurina’s handbag had then slipped off her grip and fell to the ground beneath her with a thump.

The younger Matsui was surprised at Rena’s sudden actions. She felt her face dangerously near her neck, and whenever Rena’s warm breaths touched her neck, it would send shivers down her spine. That was when Rena could not help herself anymore but nuzzle her counterpart’s neck, inhaling the aromatic scent of the girl who had just taken a shower before joining the first gens for their afterparty.

“R-Rena-chan…?” Jurina said, holding in the feelings of wanting to laugh due to how ticklish it felt for Rena to be nuzzling her neck.

“… I’ve been waiting for a long time Jurina…” Rena started with a soft voice, “… Ever since the KataFai shoot, I started having… forbidden feelings towards you…” She paused for a while to leave Jurina’s warm neck and look downwards at the ground beneath her, pushing herself slightly away from the embrace but still arm-in-arm with Jurina.

“… But back then, you were still underaged… so I just couldn’t, and didn’t, have the courage to confess to you, but today,” She slowly lifted her head and looked directly into the latter’s eyes warmly, “You’re finally of age… an age where I can legally tell you how I really felt about you, Jurina...”

The younger Matsui stayed silent as she looked into Rena’s soft orbs and felt like the whole world had paused in movements when she felt something soft being pressed tenderly onto her lips. No, her brain just would not let her believe what was going on right now.

Matsui Rena. One of—if not—the most hardest target to even have skinship with, let alone kiss, had just… kissed her.

Without being forced to.

Jurina had wondered how long it has been since she had tried to capture the older Matsui’s lips, however she just gave up, realizing how impossible it was. Though she did once, or twice, and that was not a kiss but a lucky, and brief, peck. This however… this was the real deal. Jurina knew in her mind that the kiss could get even more intense if Rena had not decided to break away for them to take a breather.

“J-Jurina… I…”

“… I love you too, Rena,” Jurina blurted out, looking away at the older Matsui’s eyes.


Rena always knew that when Jurina dropped her honorifics, it largely meant she was serious. And that had definitely taken her aback with a heart pounding rapidly in anxiety.

“Like you… I’ve been bottling up my feelings for you…” Jurina breathed in deeply before continuing and shifting her gaze back to Rena, “It always felt like you were way out of my league… not to mention the six-year age gap we both have between us. I never thought you’d like me back the way I do to you anyways… so I really had instances of giving up…”

She paused and let out a depressed sigh, “… Even today during my Seitansai, I said that my ideal girlfriends in SKE48 were Nao-chan and Churi right? Well… To be honest, I wanted to scream your name out loud today but…” Jurina’s cheeks had a hue of pinkish red on them now, “… Y-Your very presence on stage beside me overwhelmed me… so I turned tail, fearing it might affect the rest of our performance today so  I restrained myself and thought of Nao-chan… and Churi.”

“Jurina…” Rena’s voice trailed off when she heard Jurina’s own confession.

She really hoped for a 0.01% chance that Jurina would reciprocate her feelings, but when she did, Rena’s mind had come to a complete halt. All she knew now was that her ears were heating up in pure embarrassment and that her cheeks were rising in temperature too.

“But if what you did just a moment ago means what I think it means…” Jurina grinned childishly, “… Then this would really be the best present you’ve given me so far, Rena-chan~!”

Rena nodded slowly, eyes warming up to the latter’s, “Yes… I mean it… and…” She stepped away from Jurina a bit more that broke their hug on each other and took a small box from her pocket, opening it slowly. Inside, were two silver rings that had the letters ‘J x R’ embedded onto them.

“T-Those are…” Jurina’s eyes widened once again.

Rena smiled shyly, “Matching rings, yes… she took one out and gestured for Jurina to place her hand out, “This is for you…”

When Rena slipped the ring into her beloved’s ring finger, Jurina’s heart raced as if there was no tomorrow. She would have never dreamt of such a thing happening to her in reality. She had fantasized about it but… she had always scoffed at the idea to herself right after.

“Happy birthday, Jurina,” Rena had a warm smile formed on her lips.

“T-Thanks…” Jurina said shyly and when she noticed Rena was about to put the other ring on by herself, she quickly stopped her, insisting to slide it in for her.

“It isn’t fair if I don’t put this on for you…!” Jurina hurriedly slid the ring into Rena’s ring finger, which made the latter smile and yet, burst into tears of sheer happiness.

“H-Hey why are you crying, Rena-chan?!” Jurina quickly used her thumb to wipe off Rena’s tears that accumulated near her lower eyelid.

“I-I’m just… so happy… that this is all happening right now…”

Jurina laughed heartily at Rena’s cracking voice as she spoke, “Rena-chan, shouldn’t I be the one who should be overflowing with emotions? You prepared a wonderful fountain show for me, and then confessed to me and then…” She raised her hand, pointing at her ring finger, “You decided to be my wife~”

“H-Huh?” Rena looked confused at Jurina, “What… W-What are you talking about…?!”

“Uh… Rena-chan… you slipped a ring into my ring finger just… a few seconds ago and you forgot?” Jurina asked with a playful tone of voice.

Rena blushed and her eyes widened in shock as if she realized a mistake, “N-NO! It was not supposed to be on your ring finger!!!”

Jurina stepped backwards and dodged every move Rena made to grab Jurina’s hand that had the ring, “Whoa whoa! Where was it supposed to go then~?”

“Y-Your thumb! O-Our thumb! It signifies friendship there, so just be a good girl and let me redo the whole thing!” Rena exclaimed, flustered about her mistake.

“Eh~? Friendship sounds so plain~” Jurina put her tongue out, still dodging Rena’s attempts at grabbing the latter’s hand, “I’d rather we be husband and wife~ I did claim to a fan that you’re my bride after all~”

“Y-You…” Rena stopped after a while, realizing it was already impossible to recover her mistake and shrugged, looking at her own ring finger.

Jurina picked up her bag that shortly after and hung it over her arm before approaching Rena who was staring intently at the ring on her finger, fear beginning to swell within her as she might take the ring off on her own and slide it into her thumb instead.

“… R-Rena-chan… you’re not going to…”

Rena smirked and acted as if she was trying to pull out the ring on her finger, with Jurina starting to act panicky before she let out a laugh and looked at Jurina with teasing orbs.

“Of course I won’t. Don’t worry…” She smiled, “After all… it’s your birthday… I don’t mind being… yours…” Her voice began to trail off near the end but Jurina heard it perfectly.

“You what, Rena-chan?” Jurina teased with her Cheshire grin.

“N-Nothing! Mou! Baka Jurina!” Rena pouted with her arms crossed.

Jurina chuckled to herself before shifting her gaze back to the dancing fountain that was still on and thought of something brilliant.

“Hey, since the music is still on…” She reached a hand out to Rena with a grin, “May I have this dance, Rena-chan~?”

“W-Wha—" Rena scanned around her surroundings to reassure herself that no one was around other than the fact that the mischievous trio were hiding somewhere near them, “D-Dance…?! H-Here?!”

Jurina pouted cutely, “Well duh, where else? After that, come to my place to spend the night.”

Without hearing the older Matsui’s response, she quickly placed her bag back on the floor once again and skillfully grabbed her by the waist, her other hand intertwined with Rena’s.

“W-Wait, isn’t our relationship moving a bit too fast?!” Rena retaliated at last, despite blushing furiously at that moment as they were waltzing around the fountain side.

“Rena-chan, you have such a dirty mind~ I got a book about Shinkansen from Teppei-san and it’d be nice if my wife taught me how to appreciate the shapes and sizes of Shinkansen~~~” Jurina said in a low voice that made Rena’s heart aflutter. No doubt, she had always loved it when Jurina talks in a low but soothing voice to her, it made her sound more boyish after all.

“I-I wasn’t... thinking of anything dirty… and stop calling me your wife like that, it’s… e-embarassing…” Rena answered with guilt in her voice. She did have inappropriate thoughts of the girl with her, alone together, in her room—

“Mmhmm~” Jurina continued to swoon along with the music with Rena in her arms before she suddenly stopped, making Rena trip towards her and Jurina cupped her chin while supporting the latter regain her balance to give Rena a passionate kiss. They pulled away after it got a bit too heated up and they panted, feeling each other’s breaths as their faces were still in close proximity with each other, nose touching.

“Thanks Rena-chan... for celebrating my birthday alone with me in such a serene place…” Jurina said, eyes closed with a smile.

“Mm…” Rena smiled as well, “… I love you, Jurina… Happy 18th Birthday once again…”

“I love you too… Rena.”

They pulled each other into an embrace once again and kissed under the moonlight, with a beautiful setting right next to them.

With that, Matsui Jurina’s 18th birthday celebration ended on a high note for her, thanks to Rena’s brilliant surprise, and their feelings finally have reached each other.

- - - - - -


“… Hey are we se-rious-ly going to wait for them to leave???” Yuka asked with an impatient tone of voice after kneeling on the ground for quite some time.

“Obviously! Stop being such a wuss! We decided to help Rena so we’re here aren’t we?” Mieko retaliated.

“I want to go home~” Masana said in a sleepy manner which was followed by a yawn.

Yuka facepalmed, “I hope JuriRena aren’t going to stay here all night…”

- - - - - -

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Jurina's B'day OS (8/3/15)
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That was funny and cute at the same time. Thanks for writing it  :thumbup
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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Jurina's B'day OS (8/3/15)
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Gahhhh they are so cuteee :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:,anyway thanks for the fic author-san

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Jurina's B'day OS (8/3/15)
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so romantic Wmatsui    :thumbup :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Jurina's B'day OS (8/3/15)
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Good work, author-san!  :thumbup

Hope we wish this is real!  :lol:
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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Jurina's B'day OS (8/3/15)
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that was beautiful!!! :D love it wmatsui!! but all the time I melt for this couple and I though about mieko, masana and nishishi being behind.. watching everything..
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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Jurina's B'day OS (8/3/15)
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Yes, they're married!  °\(^▼^)/°
Jurina's new haircut is cute, but if she had side bangs she'll be even cuter. No, forget what I said please.
Nice! (∩_∩)

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Jurina's B'day OS (8/3/15)
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Buhahahhaa. Awesome~ <3 thank you for the rush writing~ you are so kind~ unlike me. Buhahahhaa. I love how cute they are~ :3
Thanks yo~ :D

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Ohhh nice one hehehehehe I love it

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Re: Misaki's OS/Random Drabble Page :) - Update: Jurina's B'day OS (8/3/15)
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Gugugugugugugugu XD
I can't describe what I'm feeling right now! That was perfect! Gaaaah :inlove:
The surprise, the rings! Please don't kill me with their cuteness~ XD
Jurina.. Rena.. (Get married and have kids quickly you two! Lol.)
Thanks for the great os, Misaki-san! :wub: looking forward for another WMatsui :twothumbs

"Once I told Yui a message, 'no matter what happens, I only want Yui to be by my side.' To think of it, it just become a vogue, isn't it?"

-Shimazaki Haruka-

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