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Author Topic: The Forbidden Dance Ch.21 (WMatsui) 03/23/2017  (Read 40664 times)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.18 12/28/2015 Update!
« Reply #160 on: January 07, 2016, 04:31:29 PM »
Please make a happy ending, i always read your story, and when i first found your story i love it so much and i would love to read your work
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.18 12/28/2015 Update!
« Reply #161 on: January 19, 2016, 05:47:13 PM »
konbanwa minna! :heart:
i'm targeting to end my wmatsui on or before jurina's bday :roll:
haha~ hopefully i can... cross fingers :nervous

@Ruka Kikuchi: tadaima~ senpai! :deco:
@vickystar: thanks and more love to come before the story ends :inlove:
@buciq: may i ask what kind of matsui moments do you prefer? :grin:
@key17: i missed you too! here's the next update :thumbsup
@yurin23mayuki: i'm excited to write about my next pairing! ganbarimasu! :bow:
@kuro_black29: yes she's back and i decided not to make the wait too much longer anymore :P
@sasshierie: do you ship rinorie? i actually prepared a story for them too 8)
@yuuri14: the confession part is near lol XD
@faanpal: hi there! thanks for reading! :)2
@wmatsui fanfic.: hey, i didn't forget you.. note that i mentioned the word "previous chapter" that's why you're not listed hehehe..  :lol: but never will i forget you my friend :love:
@purnamazaki: here's the next chapter! :theking
@kumabear: chapter 19 is right here! :oops:
@blackcold: spoiler alert lol... anyway, thank you for always dropping by :D
@yocelyn17: i love happy endings as well... but... we'll see soon :sweatdrop:

The Forbidden Dance
Chapter 19

I thought everything between us will go back to normal the moment she woke up... But.....

--- Three years later ---

"Ojousama, may I remind you that after you finish your magazine photoshoot and interview this morning, you'll proceed next to your lunch out meeting with the CEO of Kasai group." Churi informed me as she scans my list of schedules for today.

"Churi, will you please stop calling me that way?" I told her while keeping my voice low.

Churi didn't enter university after graduating highschool. She didn't pass a single college entrance exam she applied for. Churi may be a type of person who doesn't take things seriously, but it doesn't mean that she isn't smart. I knew something was bothering her before, because for some reason, she stopped Airin from tutoring her. So then, she went with her plan B. She reminded me of our old deal that if she fail her exams, I'll hire her in our company. And now, she's my secretary for more than two years already.

"Okay, Ma'am..." She answered politely again.

"That, too." I answered back.

"Hmm... Boss?"

I raised an eyebrow and glared at her.

"How many times will I tell you that nothing has changed? Call me by my name or I'll kick you out of my office." I teased her.

"J-Jurina-c-chan..." She tried awkwardly. "It's so difficult to call you the same way before, especially now that you'll officially become the chairwoman of the whole corporation in just a few days. It sounds so unprofessional!"

"It still doesn't sound right, I won't ever get used to it. And besides, our relationship is an exemption here since we're friends and we're the same age."

"We are, but at your age of 21, you are now one of the most powerful and richest people in Japan! And Endou-san might kill me if he heard me talking to you so casually." She explained.

I remember that Endou-san was the one who trained Churi. He was one of those in favor to the idea of making her my secretary. He believes that loyal friends can make good associates, but one should never forget where their place is.

"Fine, I get it." I finally agreed. "But whenever it's only the two of us left around, call me the usual."

"Sure, I have no problem with that! Shall we continue on your schedule now?" She smiled looking back to the list on her hand. "After your document reviews and signing in the afternoon, you have an appointment with the chairman's doctor. Well, even if I don't remind you, I know you're not forgetting that last one. Do you want me to come with you to the hospital later?"

"Thank you, Churi. But it's okay, I can handle that. It will probably be another long day today so just treat yourself a rest after work." I told her.

For three years, my everyday life has always been like this. From the time I accepted to become Grandfather's heiress, I focused myself mainly on managing our company. I underwent series of training to familiarize myself on our business and started traveling outside Japan to meet our partners and stockholders around the globe. I decided to choose this path, because people's lives depend on the company and I can't let them down. Especially my grandfather, I know how much he loves the company he built for many years.

When Grandfather suddenly fell ill, his body slowly weakened. His health was greatly affected by his old age. Doctors were saying that he doesn't have any much time left. But I'm not giving up hope, that is why from time to time, I meet up with his doctor to check if there's any positive result. But his condition only continues to worsen as each day passes by.

I arrived Grandfather's room and saw my mother sitting there beside his bed. Since he got sick, Okaasan voluntarily took care of him like a daughter to a father.

"Tadaima." I stepped inside his room.

"Okaerinasai, Jurina." He weakly called my name.

I went near him, he's lying flatly on his bed. I noticed his face became thinner than before.

"You look more tired that I am. How's your day?" He asked.

"Everything's well in the office. You don't have to worry, Grandfather." I softly answered.

"I never worry about that. I always know that you can handle anything. You're my grandchild after all." He gently looked at me. "Jurina, I already taught you everything that I can teach you. Everyone witnessed your hardwork and I'm very proud of you."

His hand reached for mine and held it.

"I am already old and weak. I might not stay any longer by your side. If there's one more thing I could ask of you, that is... I wanted you to be happy."

I cannot say any word as tears started to cloud my eyes.

"Go find her, Jurina." He said brushing off my tears. "Bring Rena home."

--- Three years ago ---

"Rena-chan here~! Have some fresh fruits, these will help your health recover faster." Churi offered Rena-chan as she peeled off one by one the fruits she brought for her .

"Hey! That's not for you!" Churi yelled at Airin when she suddenly snatched that one piece in her hand.

"It feels weird to see you acting so sweet around Rena." Airin said as she munched on the fruit. "Mmm... just poison checking."

"How dare you! Why on earth will I do that? I already realized that she hasn't done anything wrong and I did apologize to her." Churi spoke non-stop. "Wait, what did you call her again? Really, no honorifics?"

"Well... Rena kept on telling me before not to use any, so..."

"Yeah, yeah I get it." Churi cuts her off. "Why am I talking to you, anyway? I don't remember forgiving you."

"You don't have to restrict yourself, Churi. I know it's hard to resist me." Airin boldly answered.

Churi was silenced after hearing that from Airin, it's obvious that she didn't know how to react. We all heard Rena-chan gave out a soft laugh. She chuckled at the awkward yet funny atmosphere between those two. Her eye suddenly turns to my direction, then she gave me a quick smile.

I think her smile made my blood rushed upwards because my face felt hotter, I know I'm blushing hard so I immediately looked away. Why is my heart beating fast like this? I never felt so shy around her before. Luckily, we are distracted by a knock on the door. The assigned nurse together with Mayu-chan entered the room.

"Just a little check up on the patient." The nurse said as she went to Rena-chan.

We gave way to the nurse and Mayu-chan stood behind her to assist.

"Watanabe-san, I just can't help but notice how your medical uniform looks good on you." Airin complemented her.

"Yeah, and you've gotten even much prettier than before." Churi added. "Isn't she, Jurina-chan?"

"Eh?" My eyes scanned Mayu-chan from head to foot. "Well, that... I'm not so sure...."

Then Mayu-chan suddenly walked towards me.

"I-Itai! T-That hurts!" She pinched both my cheeks. "Alright, alright.. you already are!"

She released her hands off my face. "Just too scary for a doctor..." I whispered to myself.

"Do you want to get hurt more?" She warned reaching for me to attack again.

"Enough, enough! Gomenasai." I protected my cheeks. "But honestly speaking, the uniform does suit you."

The room was then covered with silence after I said those. Both of us turned to glance at Rena-chan at the same time. It seems that the nurse was already done checking up her condition.

"We are leaving now." The nurse said. "You children, behave. Don't let the patient get tired."

The nurse gently reminded us before she went out the room. Mayu-chan followed her shortly.

"I should go, too." Airin excused herself. "Sorry, I can't stay long. I have things to do, some university papers."

"Then, I'll come with you." Churi told Airin. "Jurina-chan, stay here and take care of Rena-chan, okay?"

The two went out the room and I was left with Rena-chan. Somehow deep inside, it made me a little happy to have her all alone with me. But the atmosphere between us is a bit different now than before. I knew something has changed.

"The room's peaceful when they're away, isn't it?" I tried to break the awkward silence between us.

"I don't really mind." She answered. "It's fun when everyone's around."

"So, you mean it's no fun if you're alone with me?"

OH CRAP. That doesn't sound right... right? There's no way I can take it back now... Think of something!

"I'm always happy when I'm with you, Jurina-san." She said before I opened my mouth.

I felt my face getting hotter again. I thought my heart almost melted with what she just said.

"Well... hmm... you can drop the -san part if you like to... I mean... I was just thinking if... I can also call you the same way as Airin..." I kept on stumbling over my words.

She smiled and just nodded.

"Then... R-Rena..." I nervously spoke her name.

"Yes... Jurina?" She looked at me.

Wow, I never thought my name can sound so perfectly good.

"C-Could you say it one more time?" I asked a bit shyly.

"Jurina." She softly repeated.

We both felt embarassed after quietly staring at each other for seconds. We laughed at ourselves realizing that sudden awkward moment we shared. I thought that was the start for things to slowly loosen up a bit between us.

Everyday, despite our busy schedules, we always find time to visit Rena at the hospital. Her wound was healing well and her health was recovering fast that is why her release from the hospital became earlier than expected. But when the day that she's about to be dismissed came, we heard from Mayu-chan that she just disappeared. All what is left on her bed was a letter she wrote for me.

Dear Jurina,

By the time you read this, I might have gone somewhere faraway. I decided to start off a new life.
Please don't go looking for me. Promise, I'll be fine. You don't have to worry for me anymore.

Thank you for everything,


Three years has passed and I have never been in touch with Rena. I thought everything between us will go back to normal the moment she woke up... But I guess I was completely wrong.

That day when she disappeared, I immediately asked the hospital staff to review their CCTV cameras. Even though she asked me not to look for her, that won't stop me from getting worried about her. We found out that she left the hospital with a help from someone. In the video, Rena was sitting still on her wheelchair while someone was carefully pushing it all the way out the hospital. I looked closely at the person and recognized that it was no other than Sakippe-sensei. Rena doesn't even looked like she's being forced. I don't understand why Rena went away with her.

And more importantly, she just left without giving me a chance to tell her my real feelings. I haven't asked her yet about the meaning of her kiss. I wanted to know what she feels for me. She said she's happy being with me, and now she wanted a life without me. I'm trying to understand her reasons, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't. Again, she just left with these questions unanswered.

I secretly tried to search where they are. I took advantage of my money and power. With the help of those people I hired to locate them, they were easily found. I personally went all the way to the small town they are currently living to check on them myself.

Rena and Sakippe-sensei started to live a new simple life in the country side.

I saw how they're peacefully living by themselves. And since I'm now sure that Rena is safe and sound, I decided not to disturb her anymore. But still I always come and visit their place once in a while. For three years, I was only there... watching her from afar.

Yes, all this time I knew how to find her. But no one else knows about that.

Now, I'm returning to that small town again. But I need to show myself this time. For the sake of my grandfather's request, I have to ask her to come home with me.

Sounds like dejavu, isn't it?

The only difference is that... it's now myself who will try to convince her to come with me. It's like we only switched places. Life is really funny and unpredictable.

I arrived at their town earlier than expected so I decided to stop first where Sakippe-sensei works. Her workplace is a children home center. Sakippe-sensei continued to be a music teacher. She started teaching small children how to play piano for a living. By observing her, she seems genuinely happy with her current job.

I should be hating her for the bad things she has done, but somehow deep inside me, I rather feel pity on her. Maybe because I know she was also a victim of circumstances. There is good in her, because if there wasn't, Rena wouldn't able to trust her again and gave her a second chance.

Few minutes later, Sakippe-sensei excused herself from her young students and walked out the center. I wonder if she's going home already. But it's only past 9 in the morning. Their house can be a walking distance from her workplace, but still it will take few minutes to get home by just walking.

I quietly followed her behind without her noticing my presence. I always feel like a creepy stalker whenever I do this. But I had no choice, I still don't have the courage to show myself.

"Tadaima." She opened the front door as she reached their house.

And there she appears... the person I'm always longing to see again and again. Rena. As much as I want to run straight to her and hold her tightly against me. I just kept my distance and hid myself from her.

"Oneechan? You're back so early!" Rena welcomed her.

"I forgot my pen." Sakippe-sensei told her. I can hear their conversation from here.

"You forgot... your pen?" Rena repeated.

"I cannot write music without a pen." Sakippe-sensei explained.

"I know that but... don't they have a pen for you to borrow?"

"Well, mine is like a magic pen, you know? I can easily compose music when I use that one." Sakippe-sensei further explained but Rena seems not very convinced. "Can you please just get it for me? It's right above my desk inside my room."

Without questioning her anymore, Rena went back inside to get the pen while Sakippe-sensei stayed at their front door waiting for her.

"So... how long do you plan to keep on hiding?" Sakippe-sensei speaks again.

Eh? Who is she talking to?

"I know you've been watching and following us all these years." She continues.

She already noticed me? But when and how?

"Oneechan, I found your pen!" Rena came back.

"Thank you, Rena. I might come home late today so you don't have to wait for me. I'm going back now."

"Take care, Oneechan." Rena then closed the door.

Sakippe-sensei took steps forward away from their house and stopped near where I hide.

"Even if she doesn't tell... I know she's always waiting for you." She said.

Is she saying that to me? I looked around and see no one else. I guess I've been already found out so there's no need for me to hide anymore. I finally show myself to her.

"Don't keep her waiting.. Jurina-chan." She gave me a quick smile before she went ahead and left.

Sometimes I don't really get what's running inside her mind. But one thing's for sure, she's still that clever and scary one person who deeply cares about Rena.

I wonder if what she said is true. Is Rena really waiting for me? But I thought she wanted to forget about me, that is why she decided to keep me out of her life. I nearly believe that she already forgotten everything about us and now she's happy living a life without me. All these years, I focused on distracting myself away from the pain of being not with her.

I tried to stop myself from thinking anymore, I carried my feet and took small steps towards their house. When I reached the front door, I gathered all the courage left in me just to push that tiny button infront. And when I did, the doorbell rings and the door finally opened for me...

"Oneechan, did you forget something agai-....."

Our eyes met. I felt like time froze right in that moment. My heart melts seeing those beautiful gentle eyes staring straight back at mine. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I only stayed like that standing infront of her like a statue. I'm a bit afraid to hear her say my name once more.....


I don't know if there's yet deeper ahead than to this... because she might only keep me on falling endlessly for her.


next chapter will be rena's pov! :cathappy:
i missed writing her thoughts :wub:
and yeah i'm excited on this one! :twothumbs
3 more chapters to go... :panic:

thanks for reading! :)

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
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Thank you for coming back :") i miss you so much :")
WMatsui in my heart <3
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
« Reply #163 on: January 19, 2016, 06:03:59 PM »
Okaeriiii ainivel-san  :deco: :deco:

Hmmmm So basically now they switch their place. Jurina is the CEO while Rena is the poor one.

which wmatsui moment i prefer huh?
i dunno i leave it up to you  :sweatdrop:
as long as you keep updating i'll be here read yours  :cathappy: :cathappy:

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
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I would love to see WMatsui momments, please update, i waiting for the update
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
« Reply #165 on: January 19, 2016, 06:57:45 PM »

I really hope this will be a happy end! :deco:

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
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Just...Just...Just gimme more WMatsui, ainivel-san!>O<
You really know how to hang up the story-,-
Now, I gonna wait the next chapter!
Keep going, ainivel-san! Thanks for the fic!^o^/
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
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 :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya: :nya:

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
« Reply #168 on: January 21, 2016, 09:47:04 AM »
OMG!!!! Please don't left me hanging! I don't know when you'll updating, don't make it too long please...
Oh.. Thanks for updating :D

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
« Reply #169 on: January 21, 2016, 08:04:37 PM »
 :smhid this is how you tease us?? teasing is bad .

can you please write about rena and Sakippe kiss sense please i kinda love them xD last kiss

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
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Yatta!!! Welcome back..
Although I stop reading fics for quite a while
Since our housE is under construction..

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
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hey author san, its first time i post a reply  :sweatdrop: but i'm always read this threads..and waiting next episode anw.  :lol: yoroshiku neee :nervous
i'm sorry for my poor english~
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
« Reply #172 on: January 23, 2016, 08:57:46 AM »
Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
« Reply #173 on: March 23, 2016, 03:54:16 PM »
Author-san please update  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
« Reply #174 on: March 24, 2016, 01:08:39 AM »
ireally hope you update&complete this of my faves

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
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I hope u update soon  :P
I like it so much author-san  XD
And i'm too corious now  :panic:
Update sooooooooooooonnn  :twothumbs

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
« Reply #176 on: April 24, 2016, 04:59:53 PM »
please update....

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
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/vibrates softly/ i can't wait for the rest of the chapters :mon star:
i'm stuck in yukirin's world.
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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
« Reply #178 on: June 13, 2016, 08:54:08 AM »
:D waiting for the next chapter  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Re: [WMatsui] The Forbidden Dance Ch.19 01/19/2016 Update!
« Reply #179 on: June 18, 2016, 02:49:00 PM »
great fic! :P :twothumbs
please update, author san :cow:

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