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Author Topic: .FORGET. (Mayuki & others) - COMPLETED  (Read 15486 times)

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! chp 9
« Reply #40 on: March 23, 2015, 04:53:36 PM »
i'm really sorry for the really late update
it's short , but i hope it's not bad

chapter 9

"kai-sama, what are you planning to do ?"

"you will know it later"

"what is that? i can't read what is written there"

"of course you can't , it's yunani language"

"what? is that some kind of spell?"


"so , what should i do here?"

"increase my power when i told you to"

"i see..., are they gonna be okay?" worrying

"believe in your friend, they're strong you know?"



the battle group has arrived , but the saw no one at there. just right when they want to go , something attack them , something exploding from above

"go away from that thing!!!!!" the matsui leader shout to warn then , fortunately they are all okay

"what is that?" mayu ask

"probably, it's shinoda who done this"

 suddenly a sound appear

"you , weakling people , don't think you can defeat me that easily"

the matsui leader suddenly speak up , "where are you mariko?"

"i'm somewhere around here , my uncle"playfull tone

"why did you do this ?"

"why did i do this ? you want to know ? why don't you ask yourself?"

the matsui leader can't speak anymore , the other wondering why he didn't speak anymore , even rena confused with her father.

"you can't speak up anymore ?"


"give black to me"

"there's no way in hell i will give my daughter to you"

"you won't ? then i will do everything" laugh evilly , "EVERYTHING!!!!" the attack come again , this time the attack is bigger

"shit! what's with him , keep attacking like this"

"yuko , we don't have time to complain , make sure you didn't got attacked" haruna warn her

"ahhh!!!!" someone shouting

"yuki!!!" yuki got attacked badly

"yuki, yuki , are you okay?"

"m-my leg" , mayu look to yuki leg full of blood

"minna, yuki got hurt badly , we should treat her leg"

all of them gather to help yuki , some keep dodging the attack

"how dare he hurt my daughter" her father got really angry

"SHINODA MARIKO ,HURRY GO OUT HERE AND FIGHT ME IF YOU DARE!!!" he forget what kai told them

"dad!!!! don't do that"yuki and black shout in unison


"there's still one thing you should keep in your mine"

"what is it ?"

"don't fight him alone!"

"we understand that"

"don't fight him alone , never do that , unless you want to die , keep remember that"

*end of flashback"

"to late , kashiwagi , you want to fight me right ? then fight me" he have arrive there in the blink of eye

"you are really full of yourself , you think i will lose to you that easily ? no way"

"really? then hurry attack me , if you c.a.n" smiling evilly

"dodge this then" , he really attack mariko with full power but ..

"just that? lame~, who want to fight me ? this old geezer is lame" all the attack didn't scartch him at all

"what did you just said ? don't understimate me" preparing his next attack

"kashiwagi-san" the matsui look at him like pleasing

"damn it , why should he be like this" put down his hand

of course he do that , the matsui didn't want to hurt mariko , they think of him as their own son , all of them know it, so they can't do anything

"what?not going to attack me ? give up already ?"

"shut up you shitty brat! if the matsui didn't told me to , i will kill you already"


"treasure them as your parents, can't you do that?"

"seriously , are you stupid ? they are not my parents"

"they are the one who raise you"

"and they are the one who kill my parents!!!!!" really angry

"what the hell are you talking about? they die on accident"

"that'a what all of you think , the truth is not"

"what did he mean matsui-san ?"


"seriously , someone please tell the truth"

"i didn't kill them"

"what? you still lying?"

"i didn't kill them, trust me"

"then , why did he said so?"

"mariko , will you hear to what i say? i will tell you why , trust me, i didn't kill them"

"shut up! i will never trust someone like you"

"Mariko , why don't you hear to what he said ?"a girl suddenly come out

"micchan?, alright , tell me the stories"

"mariko , don't feel sad and don't blame yourself"


"they do a suicide , cause they didn't want you"

"see micchan , they only tell me a lie , i should just kill all of them" mariko prepare to land a final attack , but micchan block his way

"you should stop this already mariko"micchan said in a sad way

"what now ? you want to betray me ?"

"why can't you believe what they say ?"

"what? why should i believe their lies ?"

"he told you the truthh!!!!"

"how come .... , no , i won't believe it , i will kill all of you , alll!!!"

mariko start his biggest attack , once it land on them , there's no tomorrow for all of them , even mariko will die too

"DIE TOGETHER WITH ME!!!!!!" he land his last attack

"Yuki , i love you" go to protect yuki

*big explosion*

thanks for reading and comment
this will reach the final chapter
really thank you

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Re: .FORGET. (Mayuki + other , fanfics) UPDATED!! Chapter 9 [23/03/15 ]
« Reply #41 on: March 23, 2015, 05:07:48 PM »
What happened I want to know  .

I can't update I'm trying hweeee.

I can't believe you forget your forget fic xd.

Waiting for update

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Finally the last chap
thanks for reading this lame fic

Chapter 10

"Yuki , I love you"go to protect yuki from the attack


*big explosion happened

"Weird , why I didn't feel anything? Have i died ?" Mayu thought

"Are all of you alright ?" The matsui ask

"Ehhh?" Mayu confused with her condition

"We are all alright , but how ?" Rena said

Suddenly they hear acchan shout

"Kaii!!!"acchan run to kai

"Kai , what are you doing , are you stupid ? Don't leave me , please.."

Acchan crying nonstop , kai go to the battle field and protect all of them with all his power, he take the attack all by himself.

"A-acchan , y-you are o-okay right?*cough*" he cough a blood

"I'm okay , I'm really okay , so don't leave me" desperately crying

"Gomenne Acchan"

"Don't say it , why you apologise?"

"Sorry and Thank you" that's his last word

"Kaii , kaii!!! No , don't leave me , don't leave me" crying , kai disappear to the sky

"Acchan ...." Mayu look sad too

"Send him with a smile , he's our god , don't cry like that for him"the kashiwagi's said

"Why? Why? Why?? Why did you keep help them? Are you even a god? Don't think that I can't kill them even if you died"

"STOP IT MARIKO!!" The Matsui's really got angry

"Like I care"

he is ready to attack them again , but something feel weird , all of them start losing their energy and they collapse one by one , not knowing what happen.

"I wonder if this is okay , i should hurry go to them"

"Jurina!" someone call her

"Who are you?"

"Not important , give this to Yuki , heal her wound"

"Okay , but who are you?"

"......." smiling and go

"Can i trust you?"


"What a weird girl"

at the battlefield

Almost all of them have awake , except Mariko , Yuki , and Mayu. They just collapse for a minute.

"Hey , where is Black?" yuko realise black have disappear



"Are all of you okay?"

"Jurina , we are okay but yuki got hurted and black disappearing" rena said

"This is for yuki" jurina give something

"What is this?"

"I don't know , Someone give it to me and say this is to heal Yuki wound"

"Who is that person?"

"I don't know"

"She is not a bad person right?"

"I believe she is not"

"What happen?" Mayu wake with a flat face

"Mayu , are you okay"

"Yes, i think? Yuki!!"worried face

"Don't worry Mayu , she's okay"

"Her wound..."

"This" Jurina give the medicine

"What is this?"

"To heal her wound"

"okay" give it to yuki who is still sleep


"Don't move!" treating yuki wound seriously


"Are you feeling better?"

"Yes, Arigatou Mayuyu"


"Hey, anyone know where is black?"

"Don't say that...."

"What is it Rena?"

"Don't say that Black is the one who gave this to Yuki"

"Ehh?? , but they didn't look alike at all"

"She can change her face for awhile"

"What? why did she do this anyway?" jurina said

"How can you think that is Black?" yuko suddenly ask


"Tell us Rena , you know something right?"


"I will tell you"


"From the start , Yuki and Black will never can be together"

"What are you talking about Matsui?" yuki father said

"I know you knew this better than anyone , they are your daughter after all"

"....." he can't said anything to reply matsui

"And maybe , she go from this country so that everything will be alright"

"Wait! She didn't have to do that anymore" jurina speak up


"Kai-sama , has do his job"


"All witch power has been deleted , none of us have a power and yuki and black don't have to worry about anything"

"What? we don't our power anymore?"


"That's mean we are only a normal person now?"


"But, Jurina , you didn't collapse right?"


"Why?your power have been deleted too right?"

"Because i'm half witches , i'm not a real witch, i'm created"

"I see.."

"Why did i collapse then?" Rena ask

"Of course cause you are a witch" yuko said

"I'm not"

"What?" all

"You all forget? My family power is given , the seventh sense is not a witches power!"

"Then, that's mean , this world still have power like yours?"

"Of course , only my family."

"Anyway , when will he wake up?" kojima said

"He has"

"Ouch... , where am i?" feel pain on his head

"Still here"Matsui's said

"Oh, uncle , where am i?"

"the battlefield"

"Battlefield? what battle?"

"You don't remember?"

"Remember what? and why am i here?"

"Seriously Shinoda , after all what you did , you forget it! did you get amnesia?"

"What i did to all of you? and who are you?"

"What? you don't even remember?"

"No. Did i do something bad?"

"Really bad!"

"Eh? Gomennasai!" hurry stand up and bow

"Eh? You become a good person now? are you pretending?"

"I don't know what i did to all of you , but , i'm really sorry" bowing once again

"Seem like he really forget everything Yuko, just forgive him"kojima pat yuko


"Forgive him , okay?" fake smile


"You...."acchan said looking down


"How dare you forget about all these thing after what you did?" acchan crying again , try to hit mariko but she didn't have energy left

"What have i done to you?" wipe acchan tear

"I really can't remember anything , but please forgive me , i will do anything"

"Please, don't do anything bad anymore ,don't make Kai die for nothing"

"I promise i will not do something bad anymore, i'm really sorry for the bad thing i have done, but i just don't remember anything"

"It's better that you don't remember it" the kashiwagi's said

"But , where is black?"


"Black? is that you?" jurina saw someone from far

"No." straight face

"Where have you been? you have disppear when we collapse"

"Cause i didn't collapse and i saw a light flying so i follow it"

"Light?" all confused

"Yes , Light"

"What light"

"That girl light"


"I don't remember her name , she is the girl who show together with Shinoda"

"That girl?" Mayu said

"Yes , she said that she has delete some of shinoda memory and gave the medicine for yuki wound"

"Ehh? That's herr?" jurina starled

"Maybe , and she also said sorry for all the trouble she cause"

"Trouble? what trouble?"

"I don't know, she didn't told me"

"Okay. Now we know why Shinoda lost his memory, and it's not a really bad thing, let's forgive him and end this, Can you do it Acchan?"mayu said

"Yes" just stop crying

all of them try to forget about this war , and they manage to do it. After years later, they still live in peacefully and really had forget the wars but they always remember their god.

"Mayuyu, Where are you?"

"At work of course"

"What time is it and you are still at work?"

"I'm really sorry Yukirin, there so much work i have to do."

"*heard a girl talking to mayu*, Who is that?"angry


"The girl that talking to you"


"What? someone? are you cheating?"

"What? No , i'm not"

"You are lying!" end the phone call

"What?hello, hello, Yukirin!"

"Damn it, now i have to hurry go home"
pack her thing in a hurry.

gigle "Now she will go home in a hurry"

"That girl is really...... my weakness"

At home

"Yukirin, i'm back"

'no answer'

"Yukirin?" go to their room

open the door , " Yukirin?" saw yuki sitting on the bed

"Yukirin, i'm telling the truth, i will never cheating, i only love you"

"I know"

"EH? then why yo-" just know the reason

"ehehe , gomen , i just want you to go home"

Mayu pretending to be mad

"Mayuyu  i'm sorry i just really miss you"

still ignore yuki

"You rarely go home , even when you go home it's already really late and you wake really early to go to office, i neber have time with you"

"So, i just want to spent my time longer with you" start crying

"Ehhhh , yukirin , don't cry I'm not mad and i'm sorry. I never know what you want and i'm always busy. gomenne" hug yuki

"Not a problem anymorre , you have go home and it's enough" kiss mayu cheek

"No, let's go watch some movie."


"Yes , we will have a date today , so hurry prepare yourself"

"Okay" go to bathroom

Mayu phone ring


"Mayu-san , you should hurry go to the office"


"We have a problem with the new client"


"Matsui Jurina"

"damn that girl, just leave her , i can't go back to office and i will take a day off for tomorrow" end the phone call

"Mayuyu, i'm done"

"Lets go"


"Yuko, Hurry done your work or the boss will get mad"

"Nyan-nyan, I'm tired"

"don't. you should done this work first."

"But i'm really sleepy" slowly fall asleep

"This girl is really want to make me busy" seeing yuko cute sleeping face

"But, it's okay seeing her face like this is enough to revive my energy.Now , work!" she do yuko work too and let her sleep.

"But, why the hell did boss give both of us so much work to do? and i must do double" not really wiling to do all the work , but she still do it in the end.



"Oh, Sayanee.."

"What? didn't want to see me?"

smile, "Come here and sit with me"

"So, what are you doing here alone?"


"Lier. Thinking about Mayu?"

"You are a mind reader or what?"

"I know it without i read it"

"We didn't have our power anyway."

"Mayu , have married you know right?"


"Forget about her"

"I will"

"Then..." sayane move her head closer to milky and say this word

"I will help you forget about her and i will make you fall to me"

Milky blush hard , and don't really know what to say

"W-what are you talking about" move her head

"That's what i'm talking about, i promise you, jaa" go away

smile, " I will wait... for the time when i fall for you"




"You again.. what do you want today?"



"That outfit really suit you"

"Here, why did you come here everyday? don't you have something to do?"

"Of course i have and  i come here to see you"

"You don't have to do that if you feel sorry , i have forgive you from the start"

"No, that's not the real reason . I come here really just want to see you"

"What a good person, you come here all the way just to see me"

"And i like your coffee , i hope you can make this for me every morning"

"Haha , i'm not your wife , i can't do that"

"Then, be my wife"

"Eh?" blush

"Just kidding."


"Sorry , just kidding."

"you surprised me"

"I mean , marry with me"

"Stop the nonsense"

"I really mean it this time"


"I will wait for you answer"

"You don't have wait, i will give you the answer now"


"I will say _____"

"Thank you".






"May i hug you?"


"Eh...." pouting

"May i kiss you?"

"Ehh??" *chu

"Now , don't disturb me , i have so much work to do" smirk

"O-okay" frozen

"Rena , your father told you to go home"


"But , the work"

"Leave that"


"Bring your frozen girlfriend too"


"Jurina, let's go" jurina still frozen

"Jurina? No choice" kiss jurina once again

"Can you move now?"

"Um , not really , i need one more kiss"


"Okay, now?"

"Maybe , but see like my hand can't move yet"

"Really? okay" , kiss jurina once again

"Happy now?"


"Let's go"


"My house. Father told us to come"

"Oh...., i wonder for what"

"Dunno either"


At Matsui's House (Rena ones)

"Good , everyone is here"

"Why did you suddenly invite us?" kashiwagi's said

"Just want to meet and know what all of you have been doing"

"You see , all of them doing good except black"

"What with her?"

"Now, all of them is couple except black, she didn't have one"

"Hahahaha , don't worry about that , you want to be grandpa that much?"

"What? no"

"Then don't worry too much"

"And i have announcement"

"What is it?"

"Mariko will get married soon"

"Whattt??" all shocked

"Who with who?" Jurina said

"Mariko with atsuko"

"Ehhhhhh???????" all shocked once again

"What a unique couple" Black said

"Congratz Achhan" Mayu and yuki said

"Arigatou" smile

"What's wrong Black?"

"I'm wondering about something"

"What is it?"

"Mariko, do you remember the girl that together with you at the war?"

"Girl? who? no"

"Souka... , i wonder where did she gone to"

"What?" yuki heard something but not sure


"The thing you just said"

"I didn't s-said anything!"



at somewhere

"Mayu, where did you want to go?"

"let's meet with Jurina and Rena"

"There they are"

"Jurina , rena"

"Yo mayu"

"Wow , this place is really a good place for refreshing"

"Of course , Rena is the one who chose this"

"I know , if you are the one who chose , then the place won't be this peaceful"


"Had been so long" Rena said

"Right" yuki said

"What so long?" mayu and jurina

"Since fourth of us hang out together like this" yuki said


"That's true. And i don't believe this is the ending already"

"Pfftt , Mayu can say something like that too?" teasing

"You want me to hit your dummy Brain?" evil smile

"Rena, p-please help me" hide

"That's why you mustn't tease her" rena chuckled

"But it's really the end right? no war , no blood anymore right?"

"Who knows Mayu, at least we are still able to spent our time together" yuki said

"Right right" jurina said and hug rena from back

"And when will both of you get dmarried?"

Jurina and rena looking each other

"Later" both say

"Really, what's with both of you?"

"Really weird" both said again

"Okay , both of you is weird"

fourth of them laughing happily like theres no tomorrow and they don't know someone is watching them from far , not just the fourth of them but all of them.


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Yeaaaaaaaah, update heheheheheh *cathappu*

so who was the girl who give Jurina medicine?  lol

black is alone,*sad*

how about make gekiblack.
gekikara is Rena twin sister xd.

oh mariko and Atsuko getting marriage, good for them.

heheheh Yukirin lie to bring Mayu home early xd.

who was watching them from fare?

is this last chapter *sad*

Thank you for the update xd

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Yup , this is the last
i can't continue this anymore
anyway , thx for always reading mine taro

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
Noooooo pls continue if u have time or think about it

"That's true. And i din't believe this is an ending" Nice said Mayu

This is not the ending yet!!!!

Thank you for awsome story

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Thanks for the update author san

agreeeeeed..please make sequel of this fic
who the someone watching them..??
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Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

            (っ´▽`)っWmatsui~Mayuki ♡ (。’∀’。)

Tend to forget things but not mah fav author and fics

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Ehhhh? Should i really continue this one? :pimp:

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I want a new fic or OS from you author sama

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new fic.....
i have some idea  , but... , i need to finish my other fic first
But , i will try to make os
Thanks for replying geki geki san

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This fic is really,please make a short sequeal at least...hehe :D :thumbsup

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Wow.. Nice fic.. I really love it..

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