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Author Topic: Bittersweet Marriage (Kai x Acchan) chap 19 (LAST CHAPTER) 3-12-2017 - COMPLETED  (Read 16163 times)

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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I want mooreee updaatee. Lol

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Acchan!!!! Please be honest toward Kai!! 
Can't you see, that he is trying to be better husband!!?  :mon pray2:
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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Erm... Kai got suspension until the so-called student graduate I think.

And Atsuko is somehow thinking about having an affair with Yuu?

Eh... Yuu sometimes has violent attitude... is he a DV (domestic violent)

Or Yuu just wanted to get revenge on Kai and Atsuko for making a fool of him, when Atsuko unwillingly cheat on Yuu under influence and got pregnant and married to Kai

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Sure sure,as long as u update i will keep reading it  :on GJ:
But one question author-san,how u get idea for curry with honey?  :huhuh

And please make as much as drama on ur story i dont mind  :hee:
But remember,dont u dare separate my atsumina or else i will hunt u down  :twisted:

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 11
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actually it based from my mom  :wahaha:
I won't separated atsumina,  :peace:

I hope this is a good chapter,
enjoy it minna-san  :onioncheer: :hee:
sorry for my bad english  :kneelbow:

Chap 11


‘Sensei, I want to meet.’

A short massage which I received a few days ago it was the beginning of all these problems. I know, when I first gave my number to my students that it’s probably not wise enough action for my career. But I couldn’t leave it alone. Somehow, I don’t want to see Kojima Haruna sad. Not only because he is my students, but there are other things that make me feel sorry for her. I don’t quite understand but the day after I received a massage from the girl I wrote back and said I would meet her soon. I told Atsuko that I would go to a convinience store to buy a magazine instead met my student in a family restaurant. I don’t want to lie to Atsuko but I felt, somehow, she wouldn’t like it when I met with my students outside of school hours. I don’t feel that this is true of my action but I can’t leave it alone.

I met with Kojima Haruna in a family restaurant not far from the station. The girl was ordered curry rice and eat without saying anything. Her eyes empty as usual but this time it looks a little swollen like crying. I didn’t ask anything about what happened in her family. He just ate and I sat quietly. Until she finished the meal was neither of us spoke.

She was still wearing a uniform and carrying a bag, I suspect she had just returned from tutoring after school. She was a diligent student.

When she finished eating, for the first time since we arrived on the scene, she said something. Without looking into my eyes she thanked. She said that no one in her house and she doesn’t like to eat alone. I understand her feeling. Dinner alone is no fun because it subconsciously I offered to accompany her whenever she needed a friend for dinner. That night for the first time I saw her smile at me.

Since that night a couple of times I find an excuse to leave the house at night to accompany Haruna dinner. Didn’t happen between us, of course, I just accompany our dinner barely even talked about anything. After she finished eating we will return to their homes and this has happened a few times until today when the principal called me into his office along with several other teachers.

Someone apparently saw me and Haruna dinner together and rumors quickly circulated among the students up to the ears of the teachers and principals.

“Takahashi-sensei, I understand that you don’t mean anything, I believe what you say doesn’t happen,” the headmaster sighed and looked at me from behind wearing reading glasses, “but, if the parents and foundations to know, they would think differently.”

I can’t defend myself because I know what the principal said was true. Since the beginning I already know that I’m doing this is not true, for whatever reasons.

“you’re a good teacher and so far I see you teach well and the students were like you,” said the headmaster again with a frown “but you are young, you have to be careful, your students currently are at the age where they are keen to try a variety of things, if you know what I mean.”

I swallowed hard and nodded.

“although I also know that the Kojima-san is a student with a good record and includes students with above-average achievement, but I had to do something to set an example so that such incidents don’t happen again.”

I flinched word of the principal. For the first time after a while just shut up and listen, I opened my mouth, “sorry, but I beg you to not have impose sanctions on the Kojima-san. Currently her family condition is not good,” I tried to explain, “when parent hear that she was exposed to this kind of problem in the school..”

The headmaster held up a hand to stop me, “I understand your point, but we still have to do something.”

I sighed, I know what I have in mind the principal today, “I don’t mind receiving a sanction for this incident.”

Some teacher are also there in the room was surprise to hear what I said. Mario looked at me in disbelief.

“Takahashi-sensei, what do you realize what you just said,” said Mario, who had been silent, “Kojima who always invites you to meet.”

“yes, and I agreed to meet her,” I said, still staring at the head of the school to show my seriousness, “I think no need to punish two people, just me alone.”

The headmaster again took a deep breath. It releases wears glasses and massage his temples, “you drag me in a difficult position, Takahashi-sensei. You are a good teacher and I don’t want to lose a teacher like you,” he looked at me with a face looks tired, “for a while, you don’t need to come to teach until the new school year. At least I hope this rumor will soon disappear by itself and with this the foundation member will not protest.”

I sighed and nodded. I know that I received the punishment could be worse than this. And as long as they don’t impose sanctions on Haruna, I can be patient with this decision.

I’m just worried about Atsuko’s reaction when she heard about this.


“well, the what about our daily expenses until April? It’s still October!”

I’m little relieved that at least Atsuko doesn’t make a fuss about these rumors. I don’t know how to explain to her that I’ve been several times to lie to her to meet my student. Although I don’t do things that I thought wrong somehow I don’t want Atsuko to know about this.

I sat on our couch, staring at Atsuko, the size of the stomach, standing in front of me with hands on her hips and frowning. I smiled, “don’t worry, they still will transfer half of salary each month.”

“a half?” Atsuko doesn’t sound relieved to hear.

I nodded, “and even then because they know that my wife was pregnant at this time, but don’t worry, fortunately for the purposes of our baby already has more than enough and we still have saving, right? We still can take a vacation to the onsen, as you wish...”

“forget about the holiday,” Atsuko said as she walked up to me and sat down beside me, I looked at her confused, I thought she was keen on vacation, “we better not to spend money, right? We can still have vacation next time.”

I couldn’t hide my smile to hear what she just said who always been selfish it. I don’t think she would say that.

Atsuko was surprised when I suddenly kissed her cheek at a glance. She holds her cheek that I kissed and turned to me with dilated eyes and face flushed. I laughed and hugged her. I felt guilty for lying to her but I’m glad because her attitude slowly change to me. This is evident when she let me hold her and don’t push me or slap me. I buried my face in her short hair and smell of strawberry mixed with fresh citrus from shampoo uses.

“actually, I wanted to buy a car with our saving money,” I said, still hugging her, Atsuko shifted slightly and improve her position so it is more confident, this time her head resting on my chest, “our saving money is more than enough for a down payment for a car, right?”

“car?” Atsuko sounded doubtful, “is it not a waste?”

I chuckled to hear it, “soon we will have a baby, it would be more practical if we have a car.”

Atsuko sighed and nodded, “okay....”

“then we also have to start thinking about to move a bigger place,” I said, smiling when Atsuko docked at me, I don’t remember we been this close before.


“we must have the baby’s room?” I explained, “this apartment only have two rooms.”

“for a while it was enough,” Atsuko muttered, her voice barely audible further, “we could sleep in same room.”

I smiled.
I lost my job for a while today but this time I was the happiest person in this world.


Initially a bit hard for me to adjust my daily schedule since I don’t have to do to work. I used to get up early and get ready to jostle on the train to the station, because it was when I woke up in the morning and realized that I didn’t need to do anything, i feel strange. It look a few days to adjust to this situation. On the first day I didn’t know what to do at home on weekdays like that until Atsuko are bored saw me lying on the couch, which actually that is her place before, while watching television all day, told me to start preparing our baby’s room.

We decided to remodel the Atsuko room as a baby’s room. We don’t yet know what the gender of our baby so we choose neutral colors as soft green for the walls of the room. Remodel the rooms is not an easy task and takes over all day nut I’m happy because at least I have activities to do. Atsuko wants to help but I forbid it, of course, so she just sat watching me start painting the walls of the rooms.

“you know, I could do it more cleanly than you if you’d let me intervene,” Atsuko said as she watched me paint one wall of the room. Since she was constantly trying to make me change my decision and allow her to go to work painting the walls of the room. Of course I’m not going to let my wife who was pregnant do a job like this.

I know my work is not perfect but I’m pretty satisfied with what I already do, so I don’t think about what was Atsuko said and continue working. I know she just wants me to let her come to paint.

“I told you not to be right?” i muttered, still concentrating on my work, “I will not change my decision no matter what you say. Understand? It’s for you own good.”

Through the corner of my eye I could see Atsuko narrowed her eyes in disgust at me but I pretend not realize it and it makes it even more annoyed. Atsuko quite stubborn but I was able to insist that I want. Especially if it involves the safety of my son.

“I just wanted to help,” Atsuko muttered, her voice no longer curt but I know her well enough to know what is being played. She wanted to make me feel sorry for her. Oh no, it will not be effective ways for me, unfortunately.

 I refrain from smiling.

“no need,” I said without looking at her, “since once you want to be a princess, right? A princess doesn’t need to work. It will only sitting quietly and watching until the job is finished.”

“but the price also should not have to work, right? It’s not fair!”

I stop my movement to turn to her who looks as surprise as me. Realizing what she has just said, Atsuko’s face quickly turned red. I was lost for word as she scrambles to her feet.

“I’m going to prepare dinner!” she said as she quickly left the rooms, but I could still see the red coloring ears.

Shortly after Atsuko left alone in the room that I still stood there, didn’t understand what actually just happened. I tried to remember what she has just said in case it turns out I misheard but her reaction just now clearly shows that I hear.

I chuckled. My face began to redden as she realized the meaning of word. There is a warm feeling in my stomach tickle.

“prince huh?” I muttered still grinning.


After the events of the day, Atsuko never again asked me to allow her to help me. She no longer even see me working and will only come to call me for lunch. I think she was ashamed of what she said at that time even though I think what ift does when it’s pretty sweet.

Finally after a few days, I managed to finish the job. I called Atsuko to see the result of my work at the time and asked for her opinion. From the expression then I can make sure that she quite satisfied with what I’ve done.

The room was large with the same size of my room and Atsuko now. Walls of the room that had a soft pastel now painted light green and white ceiling. At first we intend to let the professionals to do it. I tried to do it myself, but the result are not neat and finally with a heavy heart I gave up and hired professionals. But apart from this section, all I’m doing myself.

White baby bed I put in the corner of the room with a table to change their diapers are not far away at it side. In another corner of the room there was a pile of dolls and toys that I bought for it and white wood cabinets to store baby clothes.

“not bad,” Atsuko said as she looked around her, “I don’t expect much initially.”

I smiled proudly, “I am satisfied with my work this time.”

Atsuko looked like going to say something when suddenly frowning and her arm touch her stomach. For a moment she didn’t make a sound at all just hug her belly with facial expression of pain.

I immediately went over and check it out. When we visited the doctor a few days ago, he said that Atsuko will give a birth to six weeks away but i still feel worry. There are some cases where the baby is born sooner than expect, right?

“what?” I asked anxiously when a pained expression on her Atsuko face began less, both my hand holding her shoulder, “are there sick?”

Atsuko shook her head, “he kicked my stomach hard enough just now,” and then she looked up and smiled even though it still looks a little pain, “it seems he liked his room.”

I smiled. I knelt in front of hem and stared at her stomach enlarged. Atsuko was rather surprise when I touch it, but she let me caress her belly.

“hey, what’s in there,” I mumble as he reply with small kick of my baby, I chuckled, “I’m glad you are healthy and active, but don’t get too excited, you’re hurting you mommy, understand?” Atsuko laughed hear me trying to converse with our baby, “I can’t wait to meet you.”

This time our baby kicked several times.

I looked up and looked at Atsuko who returned my gaze with a smile, “it seems he also can’t wait to meet you.”


I just finished washing dishes after dinner when my cell phone rang sign an incoming massage. I dried my hands before checking my phone. Atsuko is currently sitting on couch while watching television after dinner. As always, every meal I was in charge of clearing the table and washing dishes. I don’t mind doing it as long as it could ease the burden on Atsuko.

I was speechless when I saw the name of the sender of a massage just receive it. I never thought that I would receive a massage from her again. I looked at Atsuko who seemed unaware of my gaze. It looks fun to watch night talk show that bring her favorite idol. I turned back to my cell phone.

‘Sensei, I want to meet.’

The message was very brief without any slightest emoticons. Kojima Haruna is not like most teenagers. She seemed less interested in things that are popular among children of her age at this time.

I know I shouldn’t ignore that message. If you get to know the school, this time we were both going to be in trouble and I will not be able to protect her from further sanctions. My brain to think hard. Beside that until Atsuko knew, she probably will not like what I’m doing.

But I couldn’t let my student away. Maybe I could use this opportunity to explain to her we should not meet outside school hours. It’s all for good as well. If until the school know, this time I will really miss my job, and she will also receive sanction. I didn’t so long ago to be teacher, but I have a sense of responsibility for my students. While I could I wouldn’t let them in trouble.

I was lucky Atsuko still glued to the television. Occasionally she would laugh to hear the answer given guest star in the show over the host is a silly question. If attention Atsuko is honest with her. And more than that, actually I’m also afraid that until Atsuko knew I had lied to her, this will make her angry. Or worse, make her sad.

I don’t want to make Atsuko sad but I had to do something. Eventually I decided that this would be the last lie.

With a little shaky i was back at the screen of my cells and start typing a reply message to Haruna. I have decided to meet her tonight. This time I will explain to her that I couldn’t accompany dinner again. I will try to explain that this is also for his own good. I know Haruna smart pupils. She will understand when I explained to her.

After sending a reply message to Haruna I was again confronted with one of the worst thing I have to do. Lying on Atsuko to meet my students.


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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 12
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Chap 12

Atsuko POV

There are a few things changed in between me and Kai lately. Know since when we started getting rarely fight. Oh well,something I still scream and snapped to my husband, but what do you expect from pregnant woman with a blast hormones? I was little amazed with patience of Kai to face me, which to be honest sometimes a little far. Not only that, our relationship was back as many years ago when we were still good friends. Oh, maybe not really like it considering we now are married couple but still.. Unfortunately I can’t explain very well the changes that happened between us. For example, one of the changes that happened recently is that we are now sleeping in the same room.

Of course, even though we both slept in same bed, there’s nothing going on between us. I mean, we even don’t have such feelings to each other, and besides, I’m pregnant this time. Although from what I’ve heard, there are several ways you can do in order to have sex safely while pregnant.. Okay, forget it. You know, lately my hormones slightly uncontrolled. Sometimes strange thing cross in my head. As sometimes I feel when I looked at Kai...

“what’s wrong?” Kai asked without looking at me, his eyes still staring at the television screen in front f us. As we do usually almost every night, this time we both sat together watching television. I was kind enough to share ‘my lovely couch’ with him.

“mmm,” I said, turning his gaze back to the television screen and trying focus my attention to the middle of the show we watched that night, “nothing.”

I don’t want him to know that in recent times, each time being around him and looked at him, I feel strange. You know, uncomfortable feeling that makes you uneasy, but it also doesn’t make sense. Then, lately also, somehow, I feel that Kai looks bit more handsome.

I secretly returned to steal a glance at my husband. I’m trying to he was not observing her face again because I  do it very carefully. I don’t want it to feel big head just because I looked at him silently like this.

From my position at the moment I can see Kai’s face clearly. I had never watched his face like this and it made me realize, Kai is different from what I used to know.

Kai’s brown eyes quite large for the size of a man, and I never realized that turns her eyelashes long enough to cast a shadow as he blinked or closed his eyes. His jaw now looks more powerful as well as the neck is now decorated Adam’s apple that is quite firm. His hair is usually fairly neatly arranged every time he went to school are now to fall apart like when we teenagers. I will not say it directly in front of him, but I liked the hair is left like this.

Unconsciously I licked my lower lip when my eyes riveted on my husband’s lip. Again I can only blame my hormones when I began to imagine what it was like when he kissed me. Of course I slap myself inwardly at the thought of like this. Give me break.. Kai is my friend. Indeed, he is my husband and the father of my baby, but he remains a friend. Friends are not supposed to think about things like this about him.


I just realize that I had a strange sound when Kai looked at me with a frown. I was blushing. What he knew what I was thinking at the moment? Uh, of course he doesn’t know?

“Atsuko, what is it?” Kai asked, from the look in his eyes I knew he would not let me answer with ‘nothing’

I swallowed hard and tried to smile to mask my nervous. All these one-hormone hormones.

“I want ice cream,” I said, pointing enlarged stomach, inside I apologize to my son for making it as n excuse to escape from embarrassment, “could you but it?”

Kai raised his eyebrow, “instead of in the fridge there was still some ice cream yesterday?”

I hastily added, “banana flavor, I want the taste of bananas.”

Kai sighed, still looking at me disbelief. I grinned at him, feeling slightly guilty for lying to him.

“all right,” Kai said as he stood up, “I change first.”

I followed his figure walking towards our room with my eyes. Again I licked my lips. Ah, even back he also looks sexy.

I patted my cheeks hard to wake myself.

Damn hormones.


Hormone-hormones kept acting up. I will cry for the little things and hysterical even for things that are not related to me. I became more irritable and angry. I also began to haunted by strange feeling that had never tasted. If you think the moment before the coming months it sucks, period of pregnancy tenfold from coming months.

Of course, now, even I can only blame my hormones. I mean, in normal circumstances I would not feel like this.

So today, Kai visiting his uncle and aunt and I are experiencing cramps since this morning decided to remain at home. Entering the ninth month I could barely move as far more than three feet without feeling tired. So once again, Kai went alone driving our new car that we bought four days ago and I was alone at home.
There is nothing wrong with being home alone. I don’t feel afraid or anxious, I am quite familiar. It’s just that there are other issues that have to face at this time. Creased me staring at small object lying on the table in front of me. Apparently the owner of the object accidentally left it at home.

Colored small metallic object that is Kai’s mobile. Looks like he forgot to take it when he went a few hours ago. I could just sit staring at the phone was with mixed feelings.

I want to see Kai phone.

I know it’s wrong. I would angry if anyone tried to see my cell phone so I understand that I should not to do it but again my hormones make me act by causing a kind of encouragement to see my husband’s phone. Just a little. Kai won’t know if I peeked a little his phone. Moreover,he didn’t hide anything, right?

I bit my lower lip. Suddenly, I feel anxious. What if I find a message from another woman on his cell phone? What if I find a picture of another woman. What if.....

Oh no, Kai is not like that. He is my husband so he would not have to do anything behind me. Although he didn’t love me. Wait, what if he has another woman  he really loves? But he was married. He chose not to marry another woman, I have more confidence.. Yes, I have confidence.

But Kai is a normal man and as long as we got married we, we didn’t even kiss. Moreover Kai is man and he definitely needed....

Damn hormones.

I don’t want Kai meet other woman behind me. After all he is the father of my child, he just may divide his attention to us, me and our son.

I looked at the phone in front of it as if it could turn into giant monster anytime. Should I see his cell phone?

If Kai know I was see his cell phone, he wold be furious. I will definitely be furious if someone casually look at the contents of the phone.

More than that, maybe Kai will feel disappointed and somehow thought that he would feel disappointed even more frightening than he was angry.
But it was only when he knows. He doesn’t need to know if I see the content of the cell phone? I’m just going to see it for a while and then restore it to normal and acting like nothing happen. I just need to see it for a while just make sure Kai associated with another woman or not. Moreover, if indeed there is nothing suspicious in his phone that he shouldn’t mind if I see a little right?

Finally I made up my mind and reached out to grab the phone from the table but have not had time I touched my movement stopped. Suddenly, I have doubts whether I really need to do this. I mean, if I really find anything suspicious in his phone, what should I do? If there is a message from another woman or picture with another woman, what can I accept? What I believe I need to do this? I went back to question myself.

If Kai has relationship with another woman, what can I do? Anyway since the beginning we didn’t love each other. I can’t force his feeling right?

Suddenly for the first time over the past months, I felt depressed. I don’t even understand why I have to feel like this. If Kai doesn’t love me, it’s not unusual because I didn’t love him. Moreover, I see Yuu in tow so I don’t have the right to ban went to meet other woman. I frowned r when the though crossed in my mind. I don’t like it.

I feel like ready to cry anytime today.

Damn hormones.

I decided to go back to the room and leave the phone still sitting on the table in dinning room without I touched the slightest.


Tonight as usual we sat side by side on the couch while watching television. Only this time even though my eyes focused on the television screen, but actually I don’t really see it. Currently there are many thing that filled my head and distract from around me.

I know this time Kai staring at me. Although I didn’t look at him, I could feel his eyes on me. I don’t lean on him this time as usual. I know I have to be weird but I couldn’t avoid it. Right now I feel weird.

Of course, the cause is none than the hormone estrogen is overflowing in my body. Damn hormones.


I have not looked. I just shook my head a little, “it’s okay.”

Kai certainly don’t believe it, “you’re acting like this since dinner.”

“oh yeah?”
I heard Kai sighed. I knew he was trying to be patient with me.

“is there something you want to tell me?” he asked, still sounding very patient. I had held up two thumbs up for your patience, “I will listen.”

I shook my head. My eyes were still fixed on the television screen is actually not at all I’d seen, “it’s okay, don’t worry.”

“Atsuko,” Kai sounded tired, “when nothing has been done and make you angry, you should say that because otherwise I’ll never know what I’ve done.”

I snorted, “you don’t do anything.”


“Kai!” I finally turned to him, ready to shout out a wide range of harsh word that could relieve the tightness in my chest at the time but when I looked into his eyes that stared back at me, the words that had been on the tip of my tongue like swallowed it back. I can’t say anything.


I gulped and hurriedly shook my head vigorously to get rid of all the odd thought that just occurred to me. Something is wrong. I don’t believe, for a moment I was fascinated by Takahashi Kai.

No. I don’t want to admit that someone like Kai dazzling me. Estrogen hormones can be very terrible woman apparently.

I? Interested in Kai? Of course not...

“do you hear me?”

I blinked my eyes and rush at Kai who apparently just said something to me, “uh? Yes?”

“I was wondering, are you okay?” this time there are streaks worried look on his handsome face.

Wait a minute? Who I call handsome just now?

I shook my head, “I’m just thinking.”


I nodded, “you know, a woman has a lot of things that need to be thinking seriously,” I said, waving a hand a sign that I didn’t want to continue this topic again, “of course, a man will not understand things like this.”

Unexpectedly, Kai smiled. I blushed when I saw him smile like that. My cheeks felt hot and my chest felt tight. Since when his smile looks so handsome? Since when Kai could smiled like that.

Damn hormones.

Kai laughed and patted my head gently. He looked at me jokingly, “well then,” he smiled again show his dimple in his cheeks, “don’t push yourself to think hard, okay?” he teased as he chuckled again, “if you don’t usually think might you can get sick.”

Since when Kai laughter sounded like this. More importantly, since when only hear the sound of laughter as this could make my heart beat so fast?

“Atsuko?” Kai who seemed to expect me to reply his joke with harsh word, looking at me puzzled, “are you okay? Your face is red.”

My heart almost jumped out of my mouth when Kai unfold my bangs and presses his forehead to my forehead. I’m grateful that he was not aware of the increased heart pounding fast.

“you don’t have fever,” Kai muttered as he removed his face from me, “that strange, your face looks very red.”

“uh, hot,” I muttered, laughing awkwardly, I use my hands to fan myself, “this night is hot enough, right? You’re not hot?”

Kai narrowed his eyes and looked at me with a puzzled, “hot?” he chuckled, “in October like this?”

I pursed my lips, in my heart I wish my face not flushed again now, “a pregnant woman is easier to feel the heat.”

Kai smiled hear my reason. I silently cursed the man who married me few month ago. Usually he doesn’t smile as much like this. If it is yes, usually he doesn’t smile like this. What’s wrong with him today? Kept smiling like a fool. What he doesn’t know if his smile was..... Riveting?

Wait, give a break. Kai and riveting are two words that can’t combined in the same sentence. Kai didn’t amazed. No wonder he never did with anyone before me. He certainly was not popular among the ladies.

“hey? You hear me?”

I blinked a few times.


Kai sighed, “what happened to you today?”

Ha! That is same question that should be addressed to you, baka!

“Atsuko?” Kai call again, this time frowning and I could see a bit of resentment began to shine in his eyes, “you sure you all right? You got me worried! Since dinner before you constantly being weird. Did something happen today? You know you can always tell me, right?”

That happened today?

How dare he ask about what happened today after him, and hormones, playing with my feeling all days. First, I made wondered if this time there was another woman close to him. I spent almost an hour to argue with myself just to see the contents of the message on his phone. And at the moment I still feel upset for reasons I couldn’t understand, he showed me that smiled, uh, of course, was not too special just.. Blame the hormones. Under normal circumstances I would be dazzles by his smiled.


Again and again he thrust his face toward me, this time to get my attention.

For a moment our eyes at each other. Suddenly empty head like hypnotized brown eyes looked at me then.

I wonder who started it, knew it, I feel the lips of my childhood playmates was in contact with my lips. It took two seconds for me to realize what was going on. And strangely I don’t feel disgusted with the kiss.

Slowly i closed my eyes and let Kai is hesitant kiss. At first he was shy but when I kissed him back, he began to believe in themselves. Slowly he put his hand around me and held me to be closer to him.

After a while Kai finally keep his face away from me. He looked at me with a look of fear and shame, this time my face blushing like a few moments ago. Looks like he was afraid of my reaction.

I was surprised by what had just happened. I never thought that Kai will kiss me, but I thought better not to mention is that I enjoyed it.

This is certainly due to the hormone estrogen dominate my body.

I bit my lower lip. Kai smiled shyly at me.

Damn hormones.

This time I put my arm around his neck and pulled him toward me to kiss him again.


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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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I hate the "TBC" at the moment like this :v

Please update soon author-san~^^

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Too sweet!!!  Atsumina moment just too sweet!!!
I hope they realize their feeling to each other soon!
I really happy for this chapter  :inlove:
Please continue yuko-san :kneelbow: :mon pray2:

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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U remind me of this ff
But the Author never update again

Ah~ update soon Author san!

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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wooow sexadicchan wake up ~
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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 13
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Sorry for late update minna-san, :bow: :mon sweat:
here there are chapter 13,
enjoy it  :peace:

Chap 13

If anyone says the man is a creature who was lucky not to have pass through the birth process, you should think again this opinion. Because it is, though men don’t know what it pregnant over nine month and pass the pain childbirth, doesn’t mean that men can really have fun when his wife experienced the process. Think, for Atsuko pregnant, I had to do a lot of things to keep her emotions ready to explode at anytime. I had to wake up at midnight and went out looking for pickled radish because she suddenly wanted and when I returned with pickles, she was sleeping and didn’t want to eat pickles again. I also have to deal with all the changes that happened so fast feelings. Sometimes she would put a face like crying just because of one word I said. Me, of course, let her vent her frustration to me and try to be patient to deal with.

Like when he suddenly going angry because I answered her question.

“I look bigger.” she muttered the she looks in the mirror, I was sitting reading the newspaper looked up to see her without saying anything. In my eyes she looks normal, “am I look big?”

I shrugged my shoulders in bewilderment, a pregnant woman look bigger it is reasonable right? There is nothing wrong with a great look while pregnant.

“you’re pregnant, Atsuko...”

“do I look big?” repeated insisted once again. Both her hands on her hips and her eyes looked at me annoyed.

I put my newspaper on the table, “the pregnant woman is great”

Apparently the answer is the wrong answer. For anyone out there, for your own safety, remember this, don’t ever tell a pregnant woman that they looked great. You’ll thank me someday when considering this.

“you say that I’m fat!” Atsuko screamed beginning to tear.

Believe me when it’s like that, is not an easy job to make my wife feel batter. Even say sorry will not solve the problem. And this doesn’t happen once or twice, but almost everyday. I have to think twice or more before answering the question, but when I think too long she will conclude her own and become hysterical.

If anyone asks me how I could survive for nine months and patient enough to deal with the full Atsuko hormone estrogen, I don’t know. Sometimes I feel very angry, there are times when Atsuko , whether intentionally or not, throwing hurtful words to be heard and desperately refrain from yelling yell or reply to her words. Trust me it is not easy. It took every ounce of patience that was in me to refrain from causing unnecessary quarrels.

Usually at such times I would remind myself that Atsuko didn’t really intend to hurt my feeling. That at the time, her hormone is spoke to me. I will count to hundred hearts to refrain. I kept reminding myself that the current state of Atsuko, half is my fault too.

At night, when I fell asleep, sometimes I would be looking at her face. There are days when I lost my patience and we will fight. Of course, all would end up with me apologizing and caving. But I don’t mind to give in and apologizing even though in many cases, I am not guilty at all. When faced with a woman, a man still had to apologize to solve the problem, no matter who is wrong.

Nights like that, after we had a fight and make up, will I spend staring at her face. Doing things like this, oddly enough, makes me feel better. When I looked at her face I like receiving more stock patience in me. I will never get tired of looking at her face that was asleep. I will not be looking at ti like this at the times she woke up. Atsuko would be offended if I looked her like this.

Since childhood, I have weakness in front of Atsuko. I will be made upset and angered by her, we will fight and argue, not infrequently she would hit me when she was angry, but no matter how we quarrel, in the end always me who succumb to it.

Atsuko is like beautiful princess and has everything. She used to be pampered and get whatever she wants. And I must admit that I was one of those who are too spoiled her. Since the first hard to refuse her request. Although it is difficult, for the sake of my friend I would do anything.

In the past we were very close. Since kindergarten we were always together. But when we were junior all began to change and slowly we began to move away.

I still remember clearly the reason why we stay away. Atsuko may have no recollection of what happened that day but I will never forget.

Today is the first time I feel very angry, and disappointed at my friend.

As is usually the day I came home from school and Atsuko together. Although we differ class, me and Atsuko still go to and from school together. Morning I’ll come to her house, or when I oversleep then Atsuko will come to me and kicked me to wake up. Then after school, I would pick her up to her class and will go home together. Routines like this lasted for nearly a half until that day, when I come to her class as usual to pick her up, I overheard a Atsuko conversation with some friends.


“you misunderstand!” said a voice which I recognized a the voice of Atsuko, I stop the movement that will open the classrooms door, my conscience tell me to listen further what she would say, “the two of us there was nothing at all!”

“so you are not going out?”

Atsuko laugh, “me and Kai? You must be crazy!”

Hear that it feel like there are filling my stomach with hot water but I still endure to listen further.

“oh yeah?” I don’t recognize the voice said, “but you guys are always together so I figured there must be something in between you.”

“all the people also think like that,” said another voice, “you always come and go home together, right?”

“it’s just because our house close together,” Atsuko said again tried to explain, “my mother asks Kai to accompany me to school. But it was because we were friend since childhood.”

What Atsuko saying its true, that we are friend since childhood, but there is something in word that make me feel uncomfortable. I wonder what it is....

I’m at home before leaving Atsuko. I don’t understand either why the word of the cherry at the time, though not wrong, but it hurts when I heard. I don’t know what I expected but I was disappointed when I heard her word at the time. All the way home I keep thinking about it.

After dinner, Atsuko come to my house. She went upstairs and opened the door of my room without to knock first.

 I was lying at the ceiling of my room, still thinking about the incident this afternoon after school when Atsuko sat on edge of my bed and looked at me with an angry face. I don’t look her but I can imagine what the current expression.

“hey,” Atsuko said as she poke my waist with her finger, “why you go home first without saying anything?! I’m waiting you know!”

“sorry, I was another matter.”

Atsuko pinch my waist again, “what matters?”

I didn’t answer.

Atsuko sighed, “okay, but tomorrow we could go home together again, right?”

“sorry, I still have business.”

“uh, how long?” she poke my waist again, “what business is it?”

I tell her to stop pinch my waist and turned to look at her in disgust, “stop poke me okay.”

Atsuko laughed, “exhausted from the earlier you don’t look at me! What is it anyways? Is there a problem? You look weird today, you know.”
“none of your business.”

Atsuko pouted, “then? When can we go home together again?”

“Atsuko, we will not leave and come home together again,” I said as I turned back to her.

“eh?” Atsuko protests, “why do anyway?”

I sighed, “you and I in different class, strange if we were both too close!”

“so what? We’re friends!”

I didn’t say anything else.


Since that day I and Atsuko no longer spend time together. Popular Atsuko quickly surrounded by new friends. Even without me in her side, she didn’t look sad at all. It is I who was sorry for being selfish. If only I was satisfied with just being friends....

In high school we chose a different school. Ah, actually I deliberately chose a different school with Atsuko. I want to start something new. I want to point out that although not with her I was fine.

I don’t know what I’m trying to prove and to whom I want to prove. Atsuko looked even thought me in the slightest.

In high school I startled it all back. I dated a few women though never last long. Somehow I never had any luck in establishing relationship with the opposite sex. Know since when unconsciously I always compare them with Atsuko.

After graduate school I got put of the house and live alone. Besides don’t want to constantly rely on foster parents, I also didn’t want to continue to see the short-haired girl who lived next door. I hate to admit it but even when we’ve entered high school I still often secretly watched. By staying away from her, I think I’ll really get over it. Of course I was wrong. I never really got over it. Until one night, by accident I went back to see her.

Atsuko was drunk at the time. Red face and limp her way. I can’t believe she dared walk alone in such conditions. I insist on saying that I will drove her home but she begged me to say that she couldn’t come home drunk like that. I understand how hard Atsuko’s parents for thing like this. I didn’t have any choice but to take her back to my apartment.

Atsuko forced me to accompany her to drink again when we arriving at the apartment. I refused but Atsuko always find a way to force me.

Apparently when Atsuko in the middle of a fight with her boyfriend. My stomach like filled with a hot tin when I heard the story about her boyfriend at the time. My hands grabbed a beer in my hand tightly. I’m little compunction away from her first. If I dared to tell the truth about my feeling might all not going to end like this. My head ached, combined with alcohol and emotions I felt at the time.

Perhaps because of the influence of alcohol, probably due to the surge of emotion that has long been held back. I pull Atsuko toward me and kissed her.

It all started with a kiss and go even father. I was half drunk can’t stop myself. That night I just wanted Atsuko to be mine alone.

I don’t like to hear her tell about her boyfriend at the time. I don’t like to imagine there’s another man who touched as I touched her that night.

Therefore, when later she told me that she was pregnant my son, I don’t want to waste the opportunity and asked her to marry me.

I knew it was cunning way. She doesn’t love me, but she didn’t have another option when it besides marry me. I know I have taken advantages of the current situation but it is the only way and the opportunity for me.

But although I could marry her, this doesn’t necessarily make it have the same feeling with me. Gaze at me clearly shows that she wished she had married me. That she was sorry to have to do it with me. Therefore at the beginning of our marriage I desperately help myself. I told myself that it would be easier if I didn’t love her. There would be how painful if I don’t have anything feeling to her. As long as I have it, I don’t care.

At first I didn’t care if she didn’t love me or even though I have to keep my feeling. At first I though I would not mind even if only to be her friend, but after what happened the night that I find hard to hide my feelings.

I wonder who started it. That night for the first time since we got married, we were kissing. If this also one the effect of hormones as people say, then forget about ever I say before complaints regarding hormonal pregnant woman.


If anyone says that men are much fortunate than women because they don’t have to feel the pain of childbirth. I must say that it is not true. Although not feel the pain that is felt by Atsuko during delivery, it doesn’t mean I feel better. That day when Atsuko suddenly shouted from the kitchen to call me who was watching television I immediately raced to the kitchen. Imagine how I felt at the sight of my wife who is pregnant my son, sat on the kitchen floor with a pained expression.

“what?” I asked, squatting in front her, my face turned pale look pained expression on her face, I had never seen this before when our baby kicked her stomach, “Atsuko, are you okay?”

She shook her head, “I..... Feel the contraction..”

If my face was pale before, this time may my face turned transparent. According to the schedule should have a new baby Atsuko next week. I tried to calm down and remember what the doctor ever told. Should not panic, so I have to be quite. Pregnant women often experience a contraction hen entering the nine months of gestation, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she will soon give birth. I glanced at my watch.

“when you feel the contraction, squeeze my hand,” I pleaded, holding out my hand to her side. In a instant i felt her grip on my hand. I looked at my watch while later I felt a grip of the second and third.

“Kai....” Atsuko call me, “sick........”

I nodded as I felt her grip once again at my hand. I hate because i couldn’t do anything to reduce the pain in the sense it. We can only wait. When the contraction of the shorter distance, i decided that Atsuko will actually give birth. Carefully I held her and took her into the car. In the back seat of the car had no bag of Atsuko’s purpose in hospital later that we have prepared for a long time. I was relieved because at least I hear all the doctor say.

I don’t remember how to travel from home to hospital. Next I was in the waiting room with both Atsuko parents who came some time after I tell them. There is now more than three hours since Atsuko was in the delivery room and I still have not heard the of a baby crying at all and I am increasingly worried about it. What is the delivery process usually take time for this?

“calm down, Kai-kun,” said the mother-in-law who was sitting on the couch provided for relatives of patients waiting outside the delivery room, it looks like a beautiful middle-aged woman could read was in my head, “when I gave birth Atsuko once, I have to wait for six hours. This first delivery Atsuko, but all will be fine.”

I was still standing with hand folded across my chest could only smile at the mother-in-law. My tongue felt too numb to speak today. I’m afraid if I open my mouth this time then I would throw up so I decided to keep quite and wait. My god, this time is running slow, and I couldn’t do anything to help.

I anyone says the man is a creature who was lucky not to have to pass through the birth process, you should think again about this opinion. Because at the moment i feel very helpless. I can’t even help relieve pain in the middle of Atsuko felt today. I really want to do something but I don’t know what and how. I can’t even imagine what the pain. My face was pale imagine Atsuko should feel extreme pain to give birth to our baby. Atsuko who since childhood has always treated like princess by the people around her.

It may sound stupid but I can’t help, can’t even reduce the pain experienced by Atsuko, deliberately didn’t want to sit for three hours waiting for delivery Atsuko. I just stood and occasionally walked over to the door of the delivery room to try to peek or eavesdrop on what is gong on in there. My feet were already numb but I don’t care. I will continue to stand until our baby is born. Mother-in-law smiled knowingly when I explained the reason for refusing to sit next to her.

I couldn’t feel my legs again when suddenly the sound of baby crying broke out of the delivery room. I immediately turned to the Atsuko’s parents who immediately stood up, looked very excited and relieved. I moved toward the door just as a nurse opens the door with big smile on her face.


“yes?” actually I still feel anxious, “how is my wife? My baby?”

“your wife is fine, still exhausted after giving birth and your baby bathed at this time,” the petite nurse it looked almost as eager as second-in-law, “congratulations, you’ve become a father now!”

And my legs feels weak and lose the strength to stand. I fell on the floor sat a hospital corridor.

For the first time since I was growing up, I cried.


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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Wow~~~~ I can't wait for next chapter >>>>  >W<    :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Finally! Takahashi junior already born!
But i salute to kai who can be so patient toward acchan.
I hope thi baby can make acchan and kai loves each other :)

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bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 14
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Chap 14

Atsuko POV

I fell in love.

When I heard the sound of crying I knew I was in love, and when I held him to my arm at his face, I knew I was very, very loved him, and when for the first time he opened his eyes and looked at me with a pair of dark brown eyes, while it also I know I would be willing to die for him. When people hear stories about how the pain of childbirth, especially for the first time, I was scared. When it came time for me to really live it, apparently people are not exaggerating, it really hurts, until there is one point where I thought I would give it up. Where I want to stop trying and feel too tired to continue my efforts. But I’m grateful that I didn’t give up then. I feel grateful that despite tremendous pain I still give birth to my son. Because when I hug my baby and looked at his face, all the pain I had felt forgotten. All fatigue which until then I feel yawn and change the feeling of happiness and emotion are mixed into one.

Little baby in my arms today is the baby for nine months and ten days in my stomach,, in my body. So far I only knew him through ultrasonic image blurry when I gained a doctor checked my womb and through small kick I felt during the last three months before the birth. This time I could see his face, hugging, kissing... I’m the happiest woman in the world while hugging baby/

I looked at the face of the sleeping baby in my arms while Kai sitting next to my bed with his face still shocked in amazement and disbelief. He didn’t say much since earlier but just by looking at his face I could see that he was very happy for the birth of our first child.

The first child?

My face was slightly flushed at the thought of the possibility that one day we will have a child again. I mean, aren’t we both love each other not at all?

With a little reluctantly I keep my eyes on my baby sleeping and switch stared at my husband who seemed to be counting one by one our tiny bay fingers. His face was still leaves a bit of tension but his eyes can’t lie, I could see how he had fallen in love with our baby brown hair to like him when child and have dark brown eyes to like me. I know, Kai will do anything for our baby. Just like me, he has fallen in love and enchanted by the beauty of our baby.

I once read a book that said that a few days since he was born, the baby’s face will continue to change. Whether that is written in the book is true or not, but when I looked back at my baby’s face it I felt that he looked like Kai. Strangely, I don’t mind at all though there is the possibility that one day our baby will grow similar to Kai.


I looked up at the sound of my husband, who had been only silence it. I looked at him confused. His gaze still fixed on the baby’s face, our fisrt son. Slowly a smile on the face of Kai before, for the first time since last, he raised his face looked away from our son and looked at me with a grin. His face looked happy and proud.

(a/n: I get the name from young singer name hashimoto ryo who have similiar face with acchan)

“Takahashi Ryo,” he said in a voice that sounded satisfied, “great name, right?”

I finally understand what is being Kai said at the time. Slowly, as contracted by him, a smile on my face even as it expands. Takahashi Ryo, Kai had chosen a name for our son.
Ryo which mean brightness. I don’t hate that name, and somehow I felt the name was suitable for our child’s name. Brightness.

“Ryo,” I repeated.

I smiled when I heard that name out of my mouth. Good name and I love it. I looked at Kai and nodded. He seemed happy to see me agree with the name of his choice. I turned my attention back to my baby and smiled broadly. We have decided to name our baby boy.

“Takahashi Ryo,” I said softly to sleep baby, “welcome to the world, Ryo..”


Being a parent is a new thing for me and Kai. At the moment we even still unfamiliar with our lives as husband and wife, we now have additional responsibilities, namely as a parent. I know being a parent is not going to be easy but I’m too impatient to begin my role as a mother. Being mother is the new thing that can’t be learned from books, and I know this is not easy, but I know I will slowly learn through experience.

The first time I breastfeed my baby, I don’t think that breastfeeding would be painful for me, but if I didn’t breastfeed my baby, it would be more pain. During this time, I never imagined that something like this would feel special. When my baby to drink directly from my body, there was strange feeling that meets my chest. Feeling proud as a mother and compassion, I will never be able to explain it in words.

One more thing, I’m still not used to breastfeed my baby in front of Kai. I still feel embarrassed though Kai didn’t seem concerned at all. Either because he was a biology teacher so don’t feel uncomfortable or simply because he doesn’t care about things like this. I tried to look casual in front of Kai, of course I don’t want him realize that I was nervous when he was near me when I breastfeed my baby as it is today.

“how does it feel?”

I looked at Kai who was looking at our baby who was drinking greedily. At the age of just a few days, Ryo spent most of his time to sleeping, at the moment when he woke up as he normally would feel hungry and after full he will get to sleep again. Kai seemed to really like to accompany Ryo, when he woke up like this, even though it meant he had to watch me give it to drink at our baby.

“what?” I wrinkled my forehead, didn’t understand the purpose of my husband’s question, “breastfeeding or milk flavor?”
I blushed as soon as the words came out of my mouth. I know what I said was not wrong, but somehow the words sounded vulgar in my ear. Looks like Kai was aware of the hidden meaning behind what I said do in an instant his face was flushed. I was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do so that I turned my face staring back at Ryo are still busy drinking regardless of their parents flushed uncomfortably.

“I mean, feel to breastfeeding,” Kai muttered, his face red and his word sounded sheepish.

I’m not sure how to answer that question. Although he is my husband, he is still a man and talk about things like this with a man feels little, uhmm… embarrassing. We were both staring our baby face to hide our faces were flushed. I don’t understand why sometimes Kai saying embarrassing things like this.

“uh,” I don’t know what to say so I decided to tell the truth, “rather ill at first time, but once accustomed not too sick.”

“ah…” the blond man with flushed cheeks nodded, “souka….”

Then we both are no longer mutually say anything, just looked each other to avoid each other’s gaze. Were both silent until then Ryo squirm away from my chest. We both looked at Ryo are now yawning. Once my handsome baby is apparently ready to sleep. I straightened my clothes, smiling at the baby.

“already full?” I said, touching my nose to his nose.

Of course Ryo didn’t answer.

“I’ll take him to bed,” Kai said as he volunteered with outstretched hands to take Ryo to his arms.

I shook my head while reversing Ryo to the prone body in y arms, I support the body with one hand while Kai looked at me with puzzled look. Kai narrowed his eyes, didn’t understand what was I doing. His face turned panic when I started patting Ryo backs.

“Atsuko, what are you doing?!” Kai looked panicked and tried to grab from me.

I laughed and Kai looked me in disbelief as if I was mad. I mentioned with my husband’s hand in order to wait and see what I would do. With a frown and he stared anxiously watching gently patting the baby’s back until Ryo sound “guu!” mixed saliva. Kai looked scared seeing me reverse back Ryo body before handing him on Kai cautiously hug Ryo.

“Atsuko, what are you doing on Ryo?” Kai said demanded an explanation from me.

“babies like Ryo still can’t arrange reflex esophagus and throat. Ryo still can burp himself, therefore every meal we had to pat him on the back to help him burp. Otherwise, Ryo can throw up later due to clogged his throat,” I explained, Kai smiled amused face looked angry and anxious time, “when he burps, Ryo able to sleep well,” I turned away from Kai to Ryo and kissed his cheek at a glance, “right, Ryo-chan?”

As justify my words, Kai evaporate.

I chuckled when Kai sighed sign to relief.

Ryo seemed to writhe in Kai’s arms before then find comfortable position and started to fall asleep. I stroked the baby brown hair before lifting my face and looked at Kai and smiled. Kai smiled.

“it seems like there are already very sleepy,” Kai chuckled.

I chuckled as he leaned in to kiss Ryo cheek who have fallen asleep in an instant, “good night Ryo-chan…”


I looked at my cell phone screen with mixed feelings. I don’t know what to do. I don’t understand what is in the head of Oshima Yuu. Since the last time we met at that time, several times he tried to reach me either by phone or text message. I don’t understand what he was thinking when he tried to reach me, I mean, is not it obvious that there is not anything more between us? Is not that time, it was he who decided to end our relationship? Even before I sleep with Kai that night, our relationship is not going well. We have too often quarreled and even though at that time I still love him very much, deep in my heart. I’ve started to feel that our relationship can’t be saved anymore. Therefore, when the present time we have split up and I have been married to someone else, I don’t understand what he was determined to reach me.

Today I received a text message from Yuu again. This is already the third in this month and I have not responded at all. First, I don’t know what to answer, and the second I’m afraid. I know I didn’t do anything wrong at all. I’m not having an affair with Yuu or doing things that are inappropriate. I know I shouldn’t be afraid like this but somehow I still feel scared. If Kai knows, maybe this will lead to quarrels and even though I know I have many reasons to defend myself, but I don’t want him to think that I’m still in love with Yuu. I . . .

I don’t know what exactly I feel today. Maybe I wasn’t in love with Yuu, but I still feel the thrill when I see him at the time, and it scared me. I’m afraid to betray Kai. Know since when I started to feel like to maintain my marriage with Kai, though initially our marriage is not based on love. Although even now we still can’t love each other, but I believe we can learn to live together for a long time. Although there is no love, I feel not mind to spend my life with Kai.

I took a deep breath before returning staring at my phone. Message from Yuu still on the screen, I still haven’t found the right words to reply.

Still clutching my phone, I walked toward the couch where Kai had been playing with Ryo. I stopped and laughed a little while until the favorite couch in front of our little family. Sight in front of me enough to make me smile and shook my head. Kai looked down on the sofa lay sleep with his mouth slightly open and snoring gently. While on his chest, Ryo lying on his stomach with cheek resting on his father chest. His eyes wre closed and his lips parted . at first glance they seem very similar. Kai hugging Ryo’s body to keep it from falling. The scenery is very sweet and make my chest feel warm.

Suddenly I got an idea. I use a phone that I grabbed middle to take some pictures of the blond man and my baby who was sleeping. Smiling, I took a few photos from various directions. Ryo who was sleeping looked very cute in the photo. But this time, I’m not just going to use this photo as a cell phone display images but also for other things.

After taking some picture I chose one that I thought was pretty good picture and start typing a short message below the picture.

‘my husband and my baby was sleeping. I’m happy today’

I also sent a picture message it to Yuu.

Somehow may react, but I hope he understand what I mean.


A few years ago I found a quote in the book I read about marriage, which reads “a happy marriage is between a blind wife and deaf husband”. At first I didn’t understand the meaning of the words but now after nearly a year of marriage along with Kai, who also a my childhood playmates, I began to understand the intention of the words. To be able to maintain a marriage, a wife should be ‘blind’ and a husband should be ‘deaf’. Of course, this is only a parable. That’s mean, a wife doesn’t need to find a fault with her husband, and didn’t make the little things on her husband, and the husband should be patient to listen to all the complaints of his wife and didn’t enter into the hearts of the word expressed by his wife at the time of emotions. Now, for some reason I began to realize, marriage is not just living together under one roof, or sleeping in the same bed. Marriage is not just sex. Marriage is more than that, marriage is not about uniting the differences but to accept difference.

I looked at Kai who was sitting on the couch with a lap of our boy as he tried to get her chatting. I smiled at the confused expressions on the faces of our new baby was a month old when Kai tried to talk to him.

Marriage is not a bad thing too, apparently.

Now, I and Kai had not awkward anymore when it should be touching the skin. Although we never did more than just a kiss, but I had had enough. As this alone is enough to make me happy. Although he didn’t love me, at least he loves Ryo. I think that’s enough.

We still fight a lot, of course, but all will end when Kai apologized shortly thereafter. Our quarrel with my fault will begin and end with a Kai apology. Although often times all through no fault of which he did but selfishness. I was quite lucky because Kai budge and apologize even though all wasn’t his fault.

I learned that selfishness is not essential to marriage. I realized that I have a lot to learn to be patient and try to better understand Kai. Although all is not easy because even though we are playmates since childhood, but a few years before we meet again, we could not talk to each other at all, and there are a lot of things in themselves Kai don’t know. Kai now is not same as I knew when was child.

I tried to be patient and try to think clearly.

Therefore, when I discovered a suspicious message on the Kai phone a few days ago, I didn’t say anything.

I will address this issue in my own way.

For a happy marriage, a wife needs to blind to the faults of her husband.

Correction, for a happy family, a wife need to pretend blind. And do something quietly.

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Hmm... Very good fanfic...
Your update is faster! XD but it is better!!  :twothumbs
Please update soon!  :thumbsup  :thumbsup
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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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yeay their relationship is getting much better now. but it's to smooth isn't it? where's the third person? whre's the trouble? drama? and and and ..THX FOR UPDATE

But, deep in my heart, i i love to see them are getting love each other. lol


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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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Aaah yuu why you make acchan confused like that?! But I like it.  :twothumbs

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
« Reply #37 on: January 31, 2015, 07:31:01 PM »
yeay their relationship is getting much better now. but it's to smooth isn't it? where's the third person? whre's the trouble? drama? and and and ..THX FOR UPDATE

But, deep in my heart, i i love to see them are getting love each other. lol


I totally agree but mou....can u let them happy for a while?
I mean they just have a baby there!
Why dont let them happy and love each other then after that bring the third person to their perfect love  :kekeke:

And for yuko-san, thank for updating :kneelbow:
Now u are also one of my favorite author here since u update so fast!
Keep the good work author-san  :ding: :on GJ:

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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author-san , your story is great.
I want the next chapter .  :farofflook:
good job  :luvluv2:

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Re: bittersweet marriage (kai x acchan) chap 1
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googd and fast continuation! thanx
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