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Author Topic: [04/15] Morning Musume 58th single [Seishun kozo.../Yuugure wa.../Ima koko kara]  (Read 16625 times)

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OK, I found out the truth about this video. There was a contest on who would be the director for this music video. And there were three entries that made it to the finals. Here they are.

This one is a very good video, but the tone of the song makes it sound off. It would've suited a less intense song.

This PV was my personal favorite. I mean, come on! That was a really cool PV. >w< I loved the black and white, the rain, and the YURI!!!!!!!!

Honestly, THAT'S who should've one! XD

But I guess they were looking for something different, because, here's the winning video.

So...........yea. That explains all that. lol

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Yep, we all first heard the news about it (the contest) near the end of last year (posted in several posts on page 28 of the Morning Musume Thread, starting with this one):

If anyone here had missed the show where they revealed the winner and wanted to see it, click here and click on the Tudou video link that I posted:

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