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Author Topic: Always with you (Kai X Acchan & other pairings) [30/30 COMPLETED]  (Read 46242 times)

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Hey guys,

This is my first attempt for a fanfic...I always enjoy reading fanfic on Kai X Acchan...which make me want to write something too  :D...hope you enjoy reading it
PS Sorry for my bad english  :P

Chapter 1:

Akiba Academy is a escalator school where the students study from middle school to university. Currently,the students are having their school break.


"OHAYOOOO Minna!! How have you guys been?" Kai greeted happily while running towards the guys.
(Kai is cute guy standing at 148.5cm tall. A reliable person who everyone looks up to. A hardworking person who never gives up easily and always
a positive energy to the people around.

"Where do all these energy come from? By the way, we see each other almost every day Kai." Riku said as he led out a big yawn.
(Riku is the most handsome guy in school. A friendly guy who is always surrounded by girls, yet is afraid to start a real relationship.)

"Well,  that's our Kai. Endless amount of genki-ness." Sae said with a big smile on his face.
(Sae is the most popular guy in school. He is sensitive and gentle to the people around him. Kai's pillar of strength if he ever feels down.)

"No no no...You are the 'Genking' Sae! Nobody beats you to it." Kai said with his hands crossed.

"Will I get to see her today?" Jun wondered while the other guys were chatting happily.
(Jun is the most daring person in the group. A honest and straight forward guy who always speaks his mind without hiding. But when it comes to girl,
he is extremely shy and indecisive.)

"Pssssss!" Kai said as he points at Jun, signaling the other guys to pay attention to Jun.

Kai, Riku and Sae grinned at each other, with a common evil plan in their mind. Sae 'volunteered' to execute the plan while the others looked on.

"LOOK! Its Matsui senpai!" Sae said while pointing towards the entrance.
Jun quickly stood up and turned towards the entrance, ready to greet Matsui senpai. But to his disappointment, entering the basketball court is
not Matsui senpai but Kuu.

The three guys led out a big laugh while Kuu walks towards them looking puzzled.  Seeing Jun turned to slap Sae's head, Kuu laughed finally
understand what happened.

"Stop that! That's not funny at all." Jun said angrily.

"Fallen for the same old trick again Jun?" Kuu asked as he put down his bag and sat beside the guys.
(Kuu is the trustworthy guy who is always there for his friends whenever they are in trouble. But he always keep his feelings to himself.)

Jun had always admire Matsui senpai since he started middle school. The guys always teased him knowing his affection towards Matsui senpai.


Upon hearing the whistle, the guys quickly stood up and gathered around as the coach, Akimoto enters.

"OHAYO Akimoto sensei!"

"Ohayo! Anybody not feeling well?" Akimoto asked.

Being the captain of the basketball club, Kai asked his team mates.

"MINNA! Daijoubu desu ka?" Kai asked.

"OSUUUU!!" Everyone replied with a loud and energetic voice.

"Good! Now start warming up and then run 20 laps around the court!" Akimoto said as he took up his whistle to blow.

Kai lead the team to warm up exercise. After warming up, Sae the vice-captain lead the run. Just then, a group of girls entered the basketball court.
They are from the volleyball club. As the basketball court has three courts, the two clubs always share the training area.

"Look! It's Matsui senpai!" Riku who is running next to Jun, whispered to him.

"Shut it! Stop making fun of me!" Jun said while turning to face Riku with a annoyed look.

As they were about to run pass the entrance, Jun faced forward and saw Matsui senpai.

"Its really Matsui senpai!" Jun shouted with excitement in his mind.

"Ganbatte kudasai!" The girls cheered while Matsui senpai simply smiled.

The guys, upon hearing the encouragement from the girls, started to pick up more speed. As they wanted to impress the girls by acting tough.
However, Jun reacted quite differently. Upon seeing that smile, a strong current seems to be electrifying his body and he started to sprint.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Jun shouted and started to run faster, overtaking Sae who is the lead runner.

"Jun! Slow down! Run with the team!" Sae shouted at Jun who is running far ahead.

Seeing Jun running fast ahead alone while the others were shouting at him to form back to the team. It made the girls laughed as the
scene looks funny, except for Matsui Rena. She look worried insteadof finding it funny.

"I wonder what happened to's dangerous to run with that speed..." Rena thought in her mind.

Knowing the perfect reason to Jun's sudden 'crazy mode'. The coach looked at Rena and signed.

"Not again...that fool..." Akimoto said and shook his head.

After 30 mins, the team finished their ran and started to do their routine practice. Except Jun, who is laying on the ground as if he's dead,
due to his crazy sprint.

"Daijoubu desu ka?" a familiar voice asked while handing Jun a bottle of drink.

"Dai...jou...bu desu..(pant)" Jun replied and grab the bottle to drink.

As he drink, he finds the bottle familiar but was too thirsty to bother who it belongs to. In his mind all he can think of is to finish the water if not
he will die. Jun was gulping down the water quickly like his life depends on it.

"AHHHHH! Arigato....I'm saved dude!" Jun said in a refreshed tone and stood up.

Jun frozed the moment he saw his savior, he was unable to make any movement. Its Matsui senpai, who handed him the bottle of water.
Seeing Jun's reaction, Kai and Riku ran towards Jun.

They thank Matsui senpai for her kindness and drag their frozen friend back to practice. Matsui senpai smiled and then head back to
her team practice.

"Time to unfreeze and back to practice Jun!" Kai said while slapping Jun's face, trying to get his sense back.

Jun finally snapped out from his frozen state. Jun's can't believe what has happened. He can't believe that Matsui senpai would show
concern towards him and kept thinking the possible reasons as if he is solving a Math equation. Throughout the 2 hours practice,
Jun was smiling like an idiot, thinking of Matsui senpai.


"Everyone gather!" Akimoto said while signaling his team to gather around him.

Everyone stopped whatever practice they were doing and quickly ran towards sensei.

"Today we will end the practice early. Everyone rest well for today and be here at 9 am tomorrow with your white uniform. Don't be late!
Akimoto said in a serious tone and then he turned to look at Kai and Sae.

"Kai...Sae... make sure warming up is done before I come in." Akimoto said

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at each other with a beaming face. They all know the reason. They will be having a practice match tomorrow!
Something they have been looking for since the start of their school break. And they knew in their heart who they will be playing against even though
the coach did not mention which school. They knew their coach would always end their practice early and get them to put on the white uniform if
they were to have a match against 'That' school.

"Is that understood?" Akimoto asked in a stern tone.

"OSUUUU!!!" Everyone replied loudly.

"Kai...Sae...take charge from here. Minna  otsukaresama." Akimoto said while he starts to walk out of the court.

"HAIIII! Arigato gozaimasu " Kai and Sae said while bowing to their coach with everyone following.

After their sensei left, Kai and Sae lead the team to do cool down exercises. They also set the meet up time at 8 am before dismissing the team.
The volley girls continued their practice.

As the basketball club members begin to pack and leave, Kai and the others noticed Jun was not packing up. He was waiting for a chance to
talk to Matsui senpai and return her the water bottle. However, his plan was destroyed by Riku.

"Jun! Lets...go!" Riku asked in a cheeky tone even though he knows what Jun is up to.

" can go ahead first! I have a urgent matter to attend to..." Jun panicked.

"Come on lets go...The girls won't be ending their practice early. Your matter is not as urgent as mine...we need to go grab some katsudon now!
So don't waste your time here, lets go!" Kai said while picking up his bag.

"But I need to return this to senpai!" Jun said confidently while showing the guys the bottle, he thought it was a good excuse to stay and wait.

"Did you wash the bottle?" Kuu asked.

"YABAI...." Jun said with a shocked expression. He just realized he have forgotten to wash it as his mind is too busy solving the 'Math equation'
and basketball practice.

The others can't believe the usual dare-devil would turn out to be such a airhead. So they decided to help Jun out before he make a fool out
of himself again.

"All the more you should come with us! You need to wash the bottle CLEAN and get a thank you can you just return it without showing thanks..."
Sae said.

"But...senpai will not be here tomorrow...there is no volley practice I won't be able to return this to her tomorrow...I won't be able to
see her tomorrow...what if she needs the bottle tomorrow.......And tomorrow..." Jun said sadly and before he can finish his sentence, Kuu locked
his arms on Jun's neck and pulled him down.

"STOP YOUR TOMORROW! You speak like a sissy! Come back to your sense Jun!!!" Kuu said while locking his arms around Jun's neck.

"No point worrying about it now. Maybe you will get to see her tomorrow, since the volley girls SOMETIMES come back to practice on their own.
Especially the 'bottle fairy'...." Sae said.

"But...I..." Jun tried to stand firm to his stand on staying back and wait. But was interrupted by Kai.

"Can we now go grab some katsudon now?" Kai asked impatiently.

"Hey Kai, you are not helping here..." Sae said.

"What? Can you fight with a empty stomach? Kai asked.


"....." Everyone silently look at the same direction.

Embarrassed, Jun gave up and quickly packed his bag before leaving  with the group for lunch. After lunch, they helped Jun choose a gift and
went back home separately. Jun held the gift carefully, as he walk alone the streets. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at the gift.

"Please come to school tomorrow...senpai..." Jun made a small wish in his heart before making his way back home.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings)
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 :shy2: yay , first lol. :ding:
interesting fic :on GJ: :on gay:, love kai x acchan :luvluv1: :luvluv2:
cant wait to meet the other pairs :farofflook: :hee: :hehehe:
up date sooooooooon :tantrum: :nya: :on woohoo:

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings)
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Yes another kai x acchan fics. Looking foward to your next update.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings)
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Thank you very much in reading this fanfic! Will definitely update soon! =D

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings)
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Yeah... KaiXAtsuko pairing...

Been a while.... LOVE IT ALREADY...

Basketball players huh???? Nice school setting

Erm... Jun is so funny there, always froze or worked up by Rena's present

When will the other girls showing up in this story?

Who is their opponent the next day?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the new story

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 2]
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Chapter 2:

At Kai's house

"Tadaima..." Kai said as he enter the house and sat down to take out his shoes.

"Okaerinasai Kai..." a unfamiliar voice came to greet Kai.

As Kai looked up, he was surprised to see a girl standing in front of him. Its Yuki, Kai's twin sister. As he was unsure if she is really his twin sister,
it took him some time before he starts a conversation with her.

"Yuki...?" Kai asked.

"Hai! It has been such a long are you? Yuki asked with a smile.
(Yuki is Kai's twin sister. Borned minutes later, she is the younger sister of Kai. She is a cheerful girl and talented girl who likes to sing.)

Having a bad heart condition, Yuki have been away from Tomonobu and Kai for a long period of time. Leaving Kai to Tomonobu, their mother,
Minami took Yuki to America to get treatment and recuperate.  It has been almost 10 years since they last saw each other. Yuki is always weak
so their mother forbid visiting, wanting to make sure Yuki gets lot rest.

"Erm....fine...thank you?" Kai replied in a awkward tone.

Just then, their father walked in and interrupted their awkward conversation.

"Okaerinasai Kai...Why are you sitting there like a rock...come on in and go greet your ka san. " Their father, Tomonobu said.
(Tomonobu the father of Kai and Yuki. A businessman with a chain of performing  theaters in Japan and overseas. A strong- willed man
who never gives up easily and a father who is like a friend. Someone you can trust and count on always.)

"Oh...ok..." Kai said as he grabbed his bag. Thanking his father in his mind, as he had no idea what to talk to Yuki and that their awkward conversation ended.

"Yuki, you too...don't just stand there. Don't over exert yourself ok?" Tomonobu said in a worried tone before he starts walking to the living.

"I am fine otou san. You worry just like oka san." Yuki said and followed Tomonobu.

Together, they head towards the living room. As Tomonobu and Yuki was walking in front of him, Kai had this weird feeling overwhelmed in him.
He had many questions he wanted to ask, but decided to wait till he greet his mother.

At the living room

A slim figure was standing in the living room, looking at the rows of photos and adjusting the frames nicely whenever she finds it crooked. Tomonobu eye signaled Kai, telling Kai to greet his mother himself. 

Kai looked at his father with wide eyes as he thought his father would help him. He was lost for words as he was unsure how he should greet his mother.
10 years, he has not seen his mother for 10 years. She seems like a stranger to him and he had forgotten how he should address his mother.

"Erm...erm...Oka...san?" Kai finally pluck out the courage to call his mother.

Minami turned around. But she wasn't looking at Kai, she was looking at Tomonobu with a displeasing look after what she just heard.

"Is this how you taught our son all these years? What kind of greeting is this?" Minami asked Tomonobu in a fierce tone.
(Minami, mother of Kai and Yuki. A heart doctor specialist, who decided to get Yuki treated in America upon discussion with her husband.
Due to Yuki's condition, she cannot tolerate simple mistakes as she put Yuki's well-being as priority to everything else.

"Ahahaha...our boy is kind of shy...don't mind don't mind..." Tomonobu said in a joking tone, hoping to break the ice cold atmosphere but Minami
stared at him instead.

"Oka san...I believe Kai is like what otou san said. Please don't be angry?" Yuki plea.

Minami looked at Yuki and Tomonobu and sign. Minami can never hold her anger when she sees Yuki. She always tried to keep her composure
so that her bad emotions would not be a stress on Yuki.

"Ok fine...But I expect a better greeting next time Kai...No more excuses of being shy...I'm your oka san, not your girlfriend." Minami finally
looked at Kai and said.

"Hai...." Kai replied, looking as if he have been wronged.

"Lets go get some rest before dinner time Yukirin." Minami said to Yuki. Yukirin is Yuki's nickname which Minami gave.

"Kai... See you at dinner time." Yuki said with a smile before following her mother to their bedroom

"o...ok...see you later." Kai replied still in a awkward tone which made Tomonobu laughed.

Minami and Yuki then went up to their perspective bedrooms. They had a tough day from several hours of flight in order to come back home.
After seeing their loved ones got into the bedroom, Tomonobu asked Kai to drop by the study room first as he have something to tell Kai.
Once they reached the study room, Kai started to ask his father questions.

"What's going here? Why wasn't I informed that Oka san and Yuki is coming back?" Kai asked his father in a serious tone.

"Well...It was meant to be a surprise!" Tomonobu said.

"But it turned out horribly! Tou san, you should have told me! I almost had a nervous breakdown there and now mum is displeased with me...
I wasn't prepare to see them and suddenly they just came here...." Kai said sadly.

"Sorry son, I miscalculated...hahaha...don't worry...I think oka san is just tired from the flight...eventually you will get used to it...." Tomonobu said.

"What do you mean...are they going to be here permanently? forever?...So they wasn't here for a vacation or something? What about Yuki?
Is she ok now? Did something bad happened?" Kai asked seriously.

"Slow down on your questions son...yes they are will be staying here permanently as Yuki's condition is ka san and I decided
 to let Yuki move back and start schooling is Yuki's wish too, to come back to Japan..." Tomonobu said with a wide smile while looking at Kai.

It had been tough for his father. Tomonobu have to travel frequently to America to see Minami and Yuki. Despite how busy he is with his
business on hand, Tomonubu always tried his best to keep Kai company.Making sure Kai's birthday is never spent alone.

For Kai, Tomonobu is his role model. He is grateful to have such a wonderful and supportive father with him all these years without his mother.
Seeing his father wished finally came true, Kai was really happy as it has been so long since his father had such a smile filled with happiness.
He always knew how badly his father longed to have the whole family stayed together.

"Yokatta ne...ka san and Yuki is back...Arigato tou san...for everything..." Kai said while giving a pat on his father back.

"....." Tomonobu paused upon hearing the words Kai said. His eyes started to well up with tears. But Tomonobu tried to fight back as much
as he can as he does not want to let his son see him in this state.

Seeing that, Kai knew exactly what he needs to do. So he stood up and said to his father.

"Ehhh...tou san...I'm all sweaty from the'm heading to the shower..." Kai said, then hurriedly exited the study room.

"....." Tomonobu simply nodded his head without looking at kai.

As the door gently closed, Tomonobu cried. He tried his best not to make any sound with his hands over his mouth. All the loneliness and
sadness within him are all unleashed. How much he missed his wife and daughter, how much guilt he have for making Kai lonely on the
days he went to America or managing his business. He was unable to contain his emotion anymore.

On the other side of the door, Kai was standing there. He lied about going for a shower. Kai knew his father has been acting tough for his sake.
So even if just a little while, he wanted to console his father behind the closed door. Hoping to be his father strength even if his father does not know it.

That night, the four of them finally had the long awaited dinner. As a family.
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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 3 updated]
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Really having fun writing this fanfic...hope you enjoy reading it as I write it. :inlove:

Chapter 3:


Riku, Sae and Jun was the first to reach the basketball court as usual. They were practicing some shooting while waiting for the other members to arrive.

"Ohayo...." Kai greeted the guys as he enter the court.

Noticing something is unusual about Kai, Sae stopped his shoot and approach him.

"Hey buddy, everything ok?" Sae asked.

"Huh...what do you mean?" Kai said as he put down his bag.

"You don't look like your usual" Sae said in a worried tone.

Sae never fails to notice whenever Kai is down, since they have been best friend since their elementary  school. So Sae knew everything about Kai,
including his family issues.

"Just some family matters..." Kai said.

"Something happened to your sis?" Sae asked seriously as he pull Kai to a corner to talk.

"No...hmm...maybe...its just some stuff happened..." Kai said.

"Ic...I know its hard...are you able to play later? I can talk to the coach for for today, let me take charge...let your mind take a rest ok?"
Sae said as he offer to take charge for the day for Kai.

"Nah its ok...I'm worries...Arigato." Kai said with a faint smile.

"Ok...if there is anything I can help...let me know...I got your back." Sae said as he pat Kai's back to show his support for his best friend.

"Ohayo..." Kuu and the other members greeted them as they enter the basketball court.

"We'll talk about this later...Lets win this Kai!" Sae said with his fists clenched.

"...." Kai nodded in agreement.

Kai and Sae then ran to the center of the court to muster all the members. As they starts to warm up, a familiar girl walked into the
basketball court, carrying a container.

"Ohayo gozaimasu..." the girl said.

"Ohayo are very early today...the match starts around 9 am...Didn't Kai tell you?" Sae said. Sae knew they were neighbors and
Kai would always inform Acchan, whenever the team have a match.

"He did...But I happened to wake up early today...So I thought of dropping by early to show my support." Acchan replied cheerfully.
(Atsuko, nickname Acchan. Is a childhood friend of Kai and Sae. A petite girl who likes to sing. Likes sports but was never involved in
any due to her asthmatic body. She always come and support them whenever they have matches.)

"What is that?" Jun asked, pointing at the container as he do his stretch.

"This? I borrowed this from Kai the other I am returning it back to him." Acchan said with a smile.

"Huh?" Kai said while looking at Acchan, as he does not remember lending anything to Acchan.

"Oh that! Don't you remember? Come on...go and collect it from Acchan before you forget..." Sae said as he pushed Kai to get the container from Acchan.
Sae knew that there is something special hidden in
the box that will definitely cheer Kai up.

Kai run over to Acchan. Acchan then carefully handed over the container and ask Kai to open it. Confused, Kai opened the container. Its katsudon
with meat forming the word, Gabatte. Kai was surprise, but was very touched by Acchan's effort.

"It must be hard preparing this...Arigato Atsuko." Kai said with a smile.

"Gabatte, Kai..." Acchan said smiling.

Kai nodded and then carefully put the container into his bag. He then resume warming up with his team mates while Acchan
went up to the audience sitting area.


At Acchan's house

"Gochiso sama...Oka san, I will be up in my room..." Acchan said as she put her dishes away.

"Don't stay up too late....." Acchan's mother, Haruko said.

Acchan went up to her room and looked out the window. As she looked out, she saw Kai storming out his house. They were neighbors along
Akihabara street since elementary when Acchan moved in with her parents when she was a grade 2. She always go to Kai's house to play
with the twins before Yuki moved to America with Minami.

"What happened?" Acchan wondered.

For she know Kai will only reacted this way whenever he is sad or angry. Acchan once asked Kai the reason for this behaviour
and Kai told her that he needs to exhaust his own energy before he starts using these bad energy on others. He does not want to
blame or vent our his anger at anyone.

"I better go after Kai....." Acchan thought and quickly went out her room.

She told her mother that she is going out for a little walk and will be back soon. Haruko knows where Acchan will be so she did not ask much.

Acchan manage to find Kai at the same old place, sitting behind a big sakura tree. Its Kai's favorite hideout.


Kai heard the pant and turned around. He saw Acchan running wobbling while taking frequent stops to catch her breath. He quickly stood
up and run towards Acchan, helping her to stabilize.

"Are you crazy? You are not suppose to be running around!" Kai said with a harsh tone.

"I...(pant)...I...was...just...(pant)...taking...a walk...then...I saw... (trying to catch her breath) " Acchan said.

"Do you think I believe you being the state you are in now?" Kai said worriedly as he helped Acchan sit down under the sakura tree.

" saw me ran out the house..." Kai asked.

"......" Acchan nodded.

They sat down for a while, enjoying the night breeze. Acchan did not ask any question, she was waiting for Kai to speak whenever he is ready.

"My mother and Yuki.....they are back..." Kai finally broke the silence.

"Ic..." Acchan said, she know there is definitely more to it so she was waiting for Kai to disclose more.

"Yuki will be attending our school starting from our next term...she wants me to quit basket..." Kai said as he stood up and lean against the tree.

"Yuki said that?...thats..." Acchan said, as she can't believe Yuki actually said that. Before she can continue, Kai interrupted.

"No...its not Yuki who said that...its my mother...she wants me to be a 'escort' for Yuki...take responsibility for her well-being to and from school..."
Kai said sadly.

"What did uncle say?" Acchan asked.

"Of course...tou san is on my side...and...Yuki too....." Kai said.

Acchan finally understands the situation. Kai is angry with his mother, forcing him to quit his favorite sport without giving him any chance
for further discussion. He is also angry with himself when he refused to comply to his mother's request.
Pushing away the responsibility of taking care of Yuki, which will definitely cause problems to his father. And despite his selfishness,
his father and Yuki still side him, which made him even more guilty.

"It will be will definitely be able to find a way to strike a balance and convince auntie..." Acchan said while she stood up and lean
against the tree beside Kai.

"You have uncle's and Yuki's support isn't it? I believe Sae and the others will too..." Acchan said.

"Of course...Mine too..." Acchan said softly with a smile.

"....Arigato Atsuko...I am feeling better talking to you...Arigato..." Kai said as he looked at Acchan.

The two of them then looked up the starry star. Enjoying the cool night breeze and silence together.
-After an hour-

"Well...Shall we head back now? I have a important match tomorrow morning..." Kai said excitedly.

"Feeling better? Match against them?" Acchan asked.

"Yes...them...I better rest early and get myself 100% ready!" Kai said with a energetic tone.

"What time? Place?" Acchan asked.

"Our school...Sensei wants us to be there at 9 am" Kai replied.

"You coming?" Kai looked at Acchan and asked.

"Of course! I am the no.1 fan of Akiba Academy basketball club!" Acchan said as she strike a no.1 pose, with her right hand on her hip and
left hand pointing up the sky.

That made Kai laughed. And the two of them then made their way back home.

-End of Flashback-

"Warm up done, lets start with the shooting practice!" Kai said with a energetic and loud voice.


Jun was looking at the entrance at that time. Wondering if there is any possibility that Matsui Senpai will come today as what Sae said.

"....Jun?" Sae said while walking towards Jun.

"Jun!" Sae said as he slapped Jun's back.

"Ouch!! What are you doing!" Jun retorted.

"I have been calling out to you but you wasn'tt I thought that will slap you back to earth...that is...if you happened to be
in some bottle fairy land." Sae said seriously while trying to hold his laugh.

".....What do you want?" Jun asked in a impatient tone.

"What do YOU want? Everybody is practicing while you are standing guard, looking at the entrance." Sae said.

"Don't worry, fairies are meant to come out when you are in a pinch..." Sae said confidently.

"Huh...I don't know what you mean..." Jun said, acting ignorance and joined the practice.

It was 9 am. Footsteps can be heard afar. Kai and the others stopped practicing and looked at the entrance. Its them, Majisuka Academy. 
Majisuka Academy basketball team wearing their dark blue uniform entered the basketball court with their coach, Togasaki sensei with
Akimoto sensei leading them to the court.

"Ohayo gozaimasu!" The two teams greeted each other.

"Arigato gozaimasu! Togasaki sensei, thank you for taking time for a practice match with us." Kai said with a bow. Together with Sae as they
ran to Togasaki sensei.

Kai and Sae then went over to Majisuka Academy's captain, Sato Takeru and vice captain, Itano Tomohisa to exchange greetings.
After that, both teams starts to gather and prepare respectively.

"Kai, Sae, Riku, Jun and guys are up first...start with formation 4..." Akimoto said.

"The others watched carefully, we will change players accordingly. So be prepared to get in anytime!" Akimoto said.

"HAI! Akimoto sensei" Everyone replied.

As usual, the aces of the team will be in the starting team. Kai and Sae then discuss tactics with the team.


The school referees of both school blew the whistle.

"Lets win this! Today we will avenge our lost during the championship!" Kai said and lead the shout out with everyone gathered in circle.

"Yossha ikuzo!! AKIBAAAA ACADEMY!!"

Not losing in spirit, Majisuka Academy's captain also lead their shout out.

"Rappapa! Majisuka!!! WE ARE THE BEST!!"

Standing on the same court, the startup players are all ready to start the face off. Sae and Takeru will be jumper for their team.
With everyone in position, the referee start off with the ball tossed in the air.

Let the match begin!
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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 3 updated]
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This fic is interesting!
I want more Kai x acchan moments  :3

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 4 updated]
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@Taenylove: Thank you for supporting! I will try to write more about them
@NightSky: Thanks for the support! Stay tune for more Jun x Rena moments

Chapter 4



"White 04! Charging!" said the referee as he blew the whistle.

"Yabai...3 fouls half way to the match...Coach will definitely substitute me if I get another...DAMN! Jun concentrate!" Jun shouted in his mind.

Jun was struggling to concentrate. Throughout the match, he keep looking at the entrance or around the court. Hoping to catch a glimpse
of Matsui senpai somewhere. Just then, the referee blew another whistle.

"White team! Player change!" said the referee.

"Jun!" a voice called out.

Jun turned towards his team. It seems his worse fear came early. Akimoto signalled Jun to head back to the team's rest area. Kai, Sae, Riku and
Kuu was shocked by their coach's decision and can only look on as Jun walked out the court. They have no choice but to continue on without Jun.

On the other hand, Togasaki see this as a chance to widen the score point. He hand signalled Takeru to change their formation, going for full offensive.

"Form A now!" Takeru said to players.

As soon as the match resumed, the score between the school widen drastically. Kai and the others had no choice but to go full defensive in order
to stop the score from widening. Akiba Academy is now 12 points behind Majisuka Academy. Previously with Jun around, they were able to keep
the points gap within 4

"Coach! I need to be in there! Please sub me in!" Jun pleaded.

"......" Akimoto simply ignore Jun's plea.

"We can't win like this! Kai and the others needs me now!" Jun pleaded once again.

"Win? With you like this?" Akimoto asked not looking at Jun.

"Akimoto sensei!!" Jun called out several times but Akimoto does not answer him.

At this moment, Jun is filled with anger, he felt that his coach is picking on him. Unable to contain his frustrations, he kicked the bench a
nd stormed out the court. Seeing Jun walked out the court angrily, Kai was worried but was not able to do anything except fighting on
to reduce their lost points.

"Don't worry...I believe somebody else will help us get Jun now lets concentrate...we can't afford to lose anymore points..." Sae said to Kai.

"Right....." Kai replied and continue the match.

At the water basin area 

"Damn! What is wrong..." Jun said while splashing water to wash his face, trying cool down. 

"Why doesn't sensei let me continue to play...why!" Jun said angrily and he slammed his hands on the basin.

Jun keep venting his frustration out by splashing the water to his face. Making himself drenched. Just then...

"Kyaaaa...Stop it! Stop it!"

Jun heard a girl's voice protesting.

"Yabai..." Jun said as he knew he must have accidentally splashed someone with water.

Jun quickly turned off the tap. And turned around, bowing down to apologize without looking at the person.

"Gomennasai!" Jun said.

Jun then looked up. Nobody is there.

"Did I hear wrongly? Jun said.

"Anoo...who are you apologizing to? I am right here." the girl said.

Jun then turned to look at his right, following the voice. Its Matsui senpai!  Now Jun is really embarrassed, he did not expect to meet
senpaiin this manner. Worse of all, while he is splashing water like a mad man, he splashed it on senpai! Once again, he froze there.
Not knowing what to say.

"Anoo...daijoubu desu ka? You seems to be not in your usual form today..." Rena said as she took out a hand towel from her bag to wipe herself dry.

"What do you mean senpai?" Jun defreeze and asked, surprised by what Matsui senpai said.

"You were looking don't seem to blend into the team play...mistakes which I think you hardly commit actually happened today...
like passing the ball to the opponent or losing grip from balls passed to you..." Rena said honestly.

"So you were there! You came to see me!...NO! I mean...I mean US! Our team!" Jun said excitedly.

"Oh no...Matsui senpai was looking at me all this time? Am I dreaming?..." Jun thought happily in his mind. His happiness however, is short lived,
as what she said strike him.

"I was looking everywhere...I don't blend into the team play? Meaning...I lack in focus?" Jun asked himself in his mind seriously.

"Gomen! Senpai...I need to go back to the court...." Jun said realizing his mistake.

Before Rena was able to reply, Jun ran as fast as he could back to the court. He accidentally knocked down a trash can and then clumsily put the
trash can back to its position. She laughed, as she sees of how silly Jun looks.

"Looks like he is back to himself..." Rena thought.

Rena then kept her hand towel and walked towards the basketball court.


As Jun enters the court, he saw the scoreboard showing  48 : 62. Majisuka Academy is leading 14 points now. Everyone on team
Akiba is cheering frantically. Time left to end of match, 12 minutes.

"Come everyone...defend!" Kai shouted to his team mates.

" no.8!" Sae shouted.

The opponent wearing jersey no.4 preparing to make his shot. As he take aim and shoot out, Kuu ran as fast as he could and made a leap.

"NOT SO FAST!" Kuu said as he tried to block his opponent's shot.


Kai ran to Kuu and hugged him. Kuu managed to block off his opponent's shot. As Kuu was the last man to touch the ball when it went out the court,
Majisuka Academy get to start the ball.

"Here it comes!" Riku said.

Seeing his friends fighting hard, Jun cannot bear this anymore. He walked up to Akimoto and said.

"Sensei! Gomenasai! Please reconsider on letting me play for the team! I realized my lack of conviction. Please forgive me." Jun pleaded as he bows to Akimoto.

"Sensei! Please forgive Jun! I believe he realizes whatever mistakes he committed...Please give him another chance..." the other team mates helped Jun plea.

"......" Akimoto simply concentrate on looking at the team play without saying anything.

"SENSEI! Onegai!" Jun pleaded once again.


Majisuka Academy scored. Bringing the score points to 48: 64, with the lead of 16 points. Akimoto stood up, and made a hand signal to the referee.


"White player change!" said the referee.

"Go..." Akimoto said as he tapped on Jun's shoulder.

Jun looked at Akimoto. He was surprised by Akimoto's sudden decision of letting him play. In order not to let his coach and team mates down.
This time, he is full of determination to win by giving his all.

"HAI!" Jun said and went into the match court.

"Okaerinasai..." Riku said while exchanging hi-five with Jun.

"Time to payback..." Jun said confidently.

"Of course! That why we are here." Kuu said.

"Lets go! Akiba!" Kai and Sae said.

With Jun's comeback, the team spirit is high again. Jun is the sharp shooter in the team. With 7 minutes remaining, he scored three 3-pointers,
narrowing down the gap to 7 points. They were also able to stop the opponent from scoring any more points. Successfully defending against Majisuka.

Seeing a change in Akiba's formation, Togasaki signalled Takeru to change formation. To full defensive and offensive for the remaining 7 minutes.
Takeru nodded. As he was about to tell his team mates, he notice a girl was cheering energetically

"Who is she? I remember seeing her at every match..." Takeru thought to himself.

"Captain!" Tomohisa shouted.

Hearing that, Takeru snapped out from his thought and convey their coach's message to his team mates. Now, everybody is man marked.
Which made it harder for the Akiba team to score with each of them being shadowed by a opponent.

With 1 minute left, the Akiba team was able to narrow down the gap to 2 points. The score now is 63 : 65, with Majisuka Academy still leading.

"Kai!" Riku shouted as he passed the ball out to Kai.

Kuu and Sae ran towards the opponent shadowing Kai, helped block him away from Kai. With his friends help, Kai sprint his way towards the
basket while bouncing the ball.

"STOP HIM!" Tomohisa shouted and everyone sprint towards Kai.

Kai then made his shot.


"Blue no.7! Shooting foul!" said the referee.

When Kai was making his shot, Takeru accidentally knocked into him and that caused both of them to fall. Everyone of the Akiba team was cheering
happily when Kai was awarded two foul shots.

"Focus Kai! I can do this..." Kai said to himself as he prepare for his first attempt.

As the referee blew the whistle, Kai made his shot. He leap forward lightly and slowly released the ball.


The ball hit the ring and bounced off. Kai shook his head upon seeing the rebound.

"KAI! You idiot!" FOCUS!!" Kai said to himself as he held the ball tightly.

"Its ok Kai..." Sae said as he looked at Kai.

Kai took in a big breath and prepare himself for the last attempt. He jumped and made the shot. As he put in much more strength than his previous,
the ball bounced off as excepted. This is because Sae was the one who suggested it. Before the last attempt, Sae used his eyes to signal where Jun
is while talking to Kai. Kai knew exactly what he meant and put in more force for this shot.

"GET THE REBOUND!" Everyone in the court shouted.

"AHHHHH!!!! ITS MINE!!!" Riku shout out as he grab the ball.

"Jun!!!" Sae shouted and Jun quickly run into his best position.

"Makaseru!" Riku said as he pass the ball to Jun before he land on the ground.

Jun made his shot at his 3-pointer position as soon as he got the ball and the ball went into the basket!


"No count! 63 : 65. Majisuka Academy win!" the referee said.

What a waste! Jun made his shot right after the referee blew whistle. That is why his 3-pointer was not counted. Hearing the referee's declaration,
the Akiba team members stopped in their motion while the Majisuka Academy team celebrates their win.

"If only I score all the foul shots...we would be able to draw with them and go for extra time..." Kai said angrily to himself as he dropped to his knees.

"If only I passed the ball to Jun faster...Why didn't I jump higher?" Riku reprimanded himself in his mind.

"Its my fault that we lost...its my fault..." Jun said to Sae, while Sae tried to assure him that it wasn't that case.

"......" Kuu was just standing there, trying to cool himself. He was really disappointed with the result. He does not blame anyone since this is a team
effort and he knows that everyone did their best.

"Come on guys...lineup..." Sae said as he pull everyone to form a line.

With both teams lined up, they bowed as they greet each other with  "Thanks for the match!" followed by a handshake with the other team members.

"Your team has matured, Akimoto...We were lucky this time." Togasaki said as he shakes Akimoto's hand.

"We definitely will win next time with our skills and with all the luck on our side." Akimoto said confidently.

"Good...I look forward to that." Togasaki said and then he left the school with his team.

As Akimoto walk towards his dejected team, he knew consoling them is useless. Even though he felt that they actually performed well,
as compared to the previous match with Majisuka. But, a loss is a loss. Knowing his team well, Akimoto believe they would be able to reflect
by themselves without him saying anything.

"I have nothing to debrief for today... tomorrow there will be no practice... all of you are dismissed...go back and have a good rest..."
Akimoto said as he leave the court.

"Arigato gozaimasu....." Everyone said and bowed to their coach.

"Alright...Everyone, pack up and have a good rest. See you at the next practice." Sae said as he clapped his hands to gather attention.

The members started to leave one by one, while the 5 aces of the team stayed on. Acchan not knowing what to do, continued to sit at the
 audience sitting area with Rena as company.

Moments ago, the court is filled with shouts and bouncing ball. Battling to win. Now, it is filled with the cries of 5 bitter guys. Who have lost.
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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 4 updated]
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wmatsui more  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 4 updated]
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sooo i saw my favorities pairing!
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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 5 updated]
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@junrena: As you wish! Thanks for the support :twothumbs
@Haruko: Great to know you like them too! These couples are my favorite pairings after reading so many interesting fanfics with them on it  :)
@NightSky: Thanks for the support always! I like basketball too...thats why I decided to have that as the theme :twothumbs
                  Great to know that you like this story. Thanks for the suggestion...I really appreciate it and will definitely consider putting it into this story  :yep:

Chapter 5


The guys walked back to the court after their shower and start to pack up.

"Wanna eat lunch before heading home?" Kuu asked.

"Ok..." Riku and Jun said.

" time..." Sae said.

"Not today..." Kai said.

Sae wanted to continue the conversation with Kai earlier on before the match while Kai remember Acchan's handmade katsudon. So they decline the lunch offer. Just then, Acchan and Rena came down from the audience seat and walked towards them. Sae then remember another important task.

"Jun...didn't you make arrangement to meet up with Matsui senpai?" Sae said.

"HUH? What are you saying..." Jun said, revealing how shock he is from his facial expression
"Oh that..." Riku said cheekily as he see Rena approaching them.

"Looks like its just us today...bye guys...bye senpai!!" Kuu said as he leave the court, with Riku following behind.
"Sae, Atsuko lets go...bye senpai..." Kai said and walked towards Acchan with Sae. Together, they left the court.

"PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME! COME BACK!" Jun pleaded in his mind as he looked at Sae.

"Where do we go next?" Rena asked.

"Erm...senpai...if you don't mind me asking...why...are you here today when there's no practice?" Jun asked while trying to hide his nervousness.

"Wasn't you who asked me out? Thats why I'm here today." Rena said.

"......" Jun frozed. He knew its Sae's doing but don't know what to say.

Looking at Jun's reaction, Rena laughed. She then took out a note from her bag.

"I suppose...this is not from you?" Rena said as she flash out the note.


The volley girls is having their 15 minutes break. Upon seeing that, Sae fake a excuse of needing to use the toilet and walked out the court.

"Kitahara...Pssst!" Sae called out his classmate.

"Nani...Miyazawa kun...Aren't you guys having practice?" Kitahara asked.

"Haha...never mind that...need a favor from you...Can you help me pass this to Matsui senpai?" Sae asked.

"What's this? Love letter?" Kitahara's eye lit up as she asked.

"Sort of...but not from me..." Sae said.

"Then who?" Kitahara's asked excitedly.

Knowing Kitahara would not stop asking unless he have something else to draw her attention away. Sae flash out his ultimate 'weapon'.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH! AKB UDON VOUCHERS!!!" Kitahara said excitedly and tried to snatch the vouchers.

Knowing Kitahara's love for udon and hot spring eggs served by the AKB's, he knew that his plan will definitely succeed.

"So?" Sae asked as he hand over the vouchers to Kitahara.

"DEAL!!" Kitahara said.

-End of flashback-

Jun paused for a while, looking at the note. Thinking if he should tell Matsui senpai the truth. After awhile, he made his decision.

"Actually...its from..." Jun said. Before he can finish his sentence, Rena interrupted him.

"Miyazawa kun?" Rena asked.

"......" Jun nodded, surprised that Rena actually guessed correctly.

" do we go next? Rena asked.

" don't mind hanging out with me? Even if its not me who gave the note to you?" Jun asked nervously.

"But its true that you wanted to return me my bottle and have something for me?" Rena asked.

"......" Jun nodded his head vigorously while looking at Rena.

"Then that is a fair enough reason. Lets go." Rena said while looking at Jun's silly action. His reaction totally cracks her up.


Jun and Rena walked in and sat down. They placed their order and were waiting for their food and drinks to be served.

Jun was feeling nervous and dare not look at Rena. While Rena was still browsing through the menu wondering if she should order a dessert.
The silence between them is making Jun feeling awkward and wanting to hide himself away.

"So...when are you giving me back my bottle?" Rena asked with a smile while she close the menu and look at Jun.

"Ehhhh..." Jun replied in shock.

"My bottle?" Rena asked again.

"OH! That!!" Jun said and quickly dig into his bag to look for the bottle.

Unable to locate the bottle, he almost take out his dirty jersey to put on the table. Luckily, he was able to hold his composure and avoid embarrassing himself again.

"Ehhh...HERE!" Jun said and present it to Rena.

"Arigato..." Rena smiled and thanked Jun when he hand over the bottle to Rena.

It have been 'beautified' with LOTS of ribbon and wrapped up with bubble wrap as protection.

"Erm...senpai...And also this...this is for you...thank you for lending me your bottle..." Jun said softly as he hand over the gift to Rena.

"Arigato...may I open it?" Rena asked.

"..." Jun nodded his head vigourously while facing down. He felt a hot sensation on his face, not waiting Rena to see his embarrassed face. He kept his
face down and occasionally peek at Rena to see her reaction.

Rena carefully open up the wrapped gift. Its a melon pan coin purse.

"Wow...thanks Jun kun...I like it very much..." Rena said, smiling while exploring the melon pan purse.

"Yes! Thanks Sae!" Jun thought in his mind. Then he realised something.

"Jun kun?" Jun accidentally say it out.

"Hmm? Sorry..Is it ok for me to call you that? As I find it weird to call you Matsui kun as I am Matsui as well." Rena said.

"NOT AT ALL!" Jun suddenly stood up and declare loudly.


The other customers was laughing at Jun's sudden reaction and declaration. Embarrassed, Jun sat down and hide his face. The waitress then
walked towards them to serve them their lunch.

"Its such a waste..." Rena said looking at her pasta.

Upon hearing that, Jun look at Rena's pasta.

"The pasta looks fine...did the chef put in any ingredient you find it a waste?" Jun asked.

"No...I don't mean the pasta...I'm talking about the match... Your last shot that was planned splendidly ..." Rena said.

"You know thats was our plan? Wow..." Jun said as he was amazed. He never know anyone would have thought that that was pre-planned.

"Well...Miyazawa kun is your team's tactician right? When I saw his reaction and actions, I sort of know it since I also do that with my team mates." Rena
said as she smiles.

" wonder you are senpai." Jun said.

"Hahaha...what do you mean by that? I am your senpai because I am older than you and not because of other factors..." Rena said as she laughed,
upon hearing Jun's silly way of interpreting things.

"Hmm...senpai...Can I ask you a question?" Jun asked.

"Sure." Rena said as she wipe her mouth with a napkin.

"Do you hate guys who cry?" Jun asked.

Rena was surprised. She did not expect Jun will suddenly ask her this question. As Rena and Acchan witnessed them crying earlier on, Jun was bothered
by how Rena will think of him.

"Hmm...I wouldn't say hate...I think it is a normal reaction anyone would portray out when they are sad..." Rena said.

"So you are fine with me even if I cry?" Jun asked seriously.

"Haha...With a reason I guess and not anyhow..." Rena replied.

"YES! I'm not hated by senpai!" Jun thought happily in his mind.

After that they finished their meal. Jun then mustered his courage to ask Rena something he feel outrageous. 

"Senpai...Can I walk you back home?" Jun asked as he blushed.

"Sure...but can we stop by SKE bookstore for awhile? I have some books I need to collect from there..." Rena said.

"Of course! Anywhere you want! You can stop by any place! Even my place!" Jun said excitedly with multiple hand gestures with realizing what he just said.

Seeing Jun reacting agitatedly in a funny manner. Rena laughed while Jun looked confused. Wondering what he did or say that made her find it funny.

"You never fail to make me laugh, Jun kun..." Rena said as she try to hold her laughter.

"Really?" Jun asked shyly.

The two then left the cafe. Heading to the destination Rena wanted to go before going home.

At Sae's apartment

Sae currently is living alone in a apartment. He moved out from his family main house after his father's remarriage. Not wanting to get in the way
of his father new found happiness.

"Come on in..." Sae said as he open the door.

"Ojama shimasu..." Kai and acchan said as they enters the apartment.

"Wait at the living room...I'll be right back after I change..." Sae said and then he head into his own bedroom.

Kai and Acchan then proceed to the living room.

"Let me make some tea while we wait for Sae..." Acchan said and walked towards the kitchen.

Sae's apartment is like their own house. They can freely do whatever they want without asking. Kai then switched on the TV, browsing the channel.
He stopped when he saw this channel currently screening Acchan's favorite drama, Ikemen Idol.

"Atsuko...your favorite..." Kai called out.

Just then, Acchan took out a tray with 3 teacups and walked out the kitchen.

"Started already?" Acchan asked excitedly.

" just ended..." Kai replied.

Acchan then look at her watch and realized how late it is now. It's 2.15 pm now, her favorite show started about an hour ago.

"Sorry for the wait...Shall we start eating as we talk?" Sae asked as he walk towards them.

Sae and Acchan bought some origiri from a nearby supermarket on their way to Sae's apartment. Kai did not buy anything as he has Acchan's homemade katsudon. As they eat, Kai told Sae everything about what happened last night while Acchan listens.

"So...any plans you have in mind?" Sae asked as he chew his riceball.

"No...Nothing particular in mind..." Kai said.

"Did uncle or auntie mention anything this morning?" Acchan asked as she slowly takes a few slips of the hot tea.

"Well...I did not get to see them this morning...I think they are still sleeping as I left the house earlier than usual..." Kai said and then he gulp down his katsudon.

They spent about 2 hours at Sae's apartment, trying to help Kai. But they were not able to come out with a concrete solution after much brainstorming.


"Moshi moshi...tou san? Hai...hai...I will ask her later...bye..." Kai said as he answers his call.

"Uncle looking for you?" Acchan asked.

"Yea...And you. Tou san asking if I will be back soon...Apparently Yuki still remembers you and tou san wants me to ask if you are free to have dinner with us..." Kai said.

"KAI! Thats mean! Of course Yuki remembers me..." Acchan retorted.

"Hahaha..." Sae laughed as he see them debating.

"So Atsuko san, are you joining us for dinner?" Kai asked politely while acting like a gentlemen with his right hand out, gesturing to invite Acchan.

"Hmmm....I'll think about it..." Acchan replied cheekily.

"Ok bye." Kai said and stood up, preparing to leave.

"HEY! KAI! Wait up!" Acchan said while pulling Kai's bag. Trying to stop him from leaving.

"Stop flirting guys! Hello~ I am still here and this is my territory...go elsewhere..." Sae retorted with his arms crossed.

"Opps..." Kai and Acchan said as they look at each other, sticking out their tongue.

As Sae seldom lose his cool. They like to tease Sae by having this 'couple' talk, where they can really see Sae being annoyed with their conversation.

"Well...enough of this drama...I really got to go..Arigato Sae...See you at the next practice." Kai said as he walk towards the entrance with Acchan.

"Bye Sae... See you." Acchan said.

" me lock the door when you leave..." Sae said.

Outside Sae's apartment corridor

"So Atsuko... Are you joining us for dinner?" Kai asked Acchan again.

Acchan know the main reason why Tomonobu and Yuki invite her for their family dinner. It is to help ease the tension between Kai and his mother.

"Sure...but can we stop by my place before we go over? I need a change of clothes and inform my oka san." Acchan said.

"Ok...I'll message tou san that you will be coming...Arigato Atsuko." Kai said with a sense of relieve.

After what happened last night, Kai feels that it might be awkward for him to face his family. He knew that the way he reacted is kind of extreme and he owe them a apology. Having Acchan accompany him back home makes him feel better. And so, as discussed. They drop by Acchan's house before heading back home.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 6 updated]
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This chapter is a bit long with all the dialogs...Hope its not too boring...Please enjoy reading this  :cow:

Chapter 6


"Tadaima..." Kai said as he enter the house, he then sat down to take out his shoes.

"Ojama shimasu..." Acchan said as enters, following behind Kai.

Hearing the door opening at the entrance and their greetings. Yuki walked quickly from the living room to greet Kai and Acchan
at their house entrance.

"Okaerinasai Kai...Welcome Acchan!" Yuki said as she lean forward to hug Acchan.

"Ohisashiburi desu! Yukirin!" Acchan said and she hugged Yuki back.

"Sorry to interrupt your heartwarming reunion, but it is kind of cramp in here..." Kai said.

"Gomenasai..." Yuki said as she released Acchan from their hug.

"Kai! Stop being a meanie..." Acchan said as slaps Kai's shoulders.

"Ouch...itai!" Kai retorted.

"Where's uncle and aunite?" Acchan asked.

"......" Kai rubbed his shoulder hit by Acchan as he listens on.

"They went out for some grocery shopping...they should be back soon." Yuki said.

"Ah souka...Yukirin~ Lets go in and chat! I have so much to tell you!" Acchan said excitedly as she lead Yuki towards the living room.

"Erm...ok" Yuki said while looking at Kai.

"..." Kai just followed behind without saying anything.


The three sat down at the sofa. Yuki and Acchan sat together and started to chat while Kai sat separately from them. Distancing himself from them.
Kai was not keen in joining their chat. So he switched on the TV and browsed the channels one by one. Acchan noticed that Yuki keep looking at Kai,
she knows Yuki wants to chat with Kai too. Acchan then thought of a topic to break the ice.

"Yukirin...We haven't seen each other about 10 years?" Acchan asked.

"Erm...yes.." Yuki said as she turned to look at Acchan.

"What happened to you these 10 years?" Acchan asked.

"What do you mean?" Yuki asked with a surprised look, opening her big eyes.

"Hmm...You changed so much...I almost could not recognize you..." Acchan said, pretending to be serious.

Kai is now interested in the topic, so he turned down the TV volume. Adjusting himself closer to the girls.

"Really?" Yuki asked while looking at Kai.

"Yes...Your overall look, your character and your height...As Kai's sister, I didn't except you to treat Kai in this way right after you are back...
I am really disappointed..."Acchan said disappointedly.

"So I have changed so much...No wonder Kai hates me..." Yuki said sadly. What Acchan said cause her eyes starts to well up with tears.

On the other hand, Kai is shocked by what Acchan said. Seeing Yuki about to cry, that made Kai very angry.

"Atsuko! How can you say that? I can't believe you say that about Yuki! She DID NOT CHANGE AT ALL! Yuki is still very understanding!
The only things that changed is how pretty she is now and how much taller she is than me! And Yuki, I don't hate you at all!" Kai retorted
as he stands up, looking at Acchan angrily.

"Hahahahaha...Sounds like you're having a sister complex...So you realized Yuki is taller than you..." Acchan said as she laughed loudly,
rolling on the sofa.

"Ehh..." Yuki said as she tries to understand what is going on.

Upon hearing what Acchan's said and her overreacted actions, Kai realized he has fallen victim to Acchan's bad joke.

"ATSUKO!!" Kai walked over and pinched her cheeks.

"KYAAA!! GOMENASAI!!! IT WAS JUST A JOKE!!" Acchan beg for mercy before her cheeks got stretched out by Kai.

"HAHAHAHAHA" Yuki laughed loudly.

Kai released his grip on Acchan's cheeks and they both look at Yuki. Then the three of them burst out laughing together.

"Phew...that hurts..." Kai said as he rub his stomach.

"Acchan...Arigato..." Yuki whisper softly to Acchan.

"Doitashimashite..." Acchan said.

"What?" Kai asked.

"What do you mean?" Acchan said.

"Didn't you just say something? Kai asked.

"Did I?" Acchan said, forging ignorance while Yuki tries to hold her laugh.

"Ok fine!" Kai said.

Looking at them, Yuki feel as if the time never stop at all. Both of them are still the same old Kai and Acchan, who cares and never fails
to cheer her up. All these years in Amercia, she was always surrounded by nurses and doctors with no one to talk to. Even with Minami
around who cares so much for her, Yuki still feels lonely. With them around her now, she felt like she never left at all. 10 years in America
felt like a bad dream. Think back, tears begin to roll down Yuki's cheeks.

"Yuki?" Acchan called out when she saw Yuki's tears.

"Gomenasai...I think I laughed too hard..." Yuki said while wiping her tears with her hands.

Kai knew exactly what ran through Yuki's mind. So he decided to say this.

"Okaerinasai Yuki..."Kai said walked over to Yuki and passed her a tissue.

Hearing that, Yuki burst into tears. Ever since she is back, things have been happening which distance her from Kai. She wants to
be welcomed by Kai and is worried he hates her

"Tadaima..." Yuki said as she wipes her tears.

The girls continued to chat while Kai listens on. There is no room for him to interrupt once they start their girl's talk so he continued to watch
programs on TV.

"Door opening"

"Tadaima......" Tomonobu and Minami said.

Yuki stood up from her sit to welcome her parents back. Acchan quickly pull Kai up from his sit.

"Okaerinasai otou san and oka san." Yuki said.

"Ojama shimasu." Acchan said while she bow.

"Okaerinasai tou san and oka san." Kai said while he walked over to help his parents carry the groceries.

"Help your mother...Kai..." Tomonobu said.

"Let me do the carrying oka san..." Kai said as he bend over to lift the grocery bags from Minami's hands.

"Arigato..." Minami said softly.

"Hahaha...Well son, since we will be putting these in the kitchen...Might as well we do the cooking today...Right?" Tomonobu said as he elbow his son.

"Kai knows how to cook?" Minami asked, surprised by what Tomonobu said. She have discovered something new about Kai.

"Yes oka san...I cook my own meals whenever tou san is not around...I learnt from auntie Haruko..." Kai replied.

"Wow...Teach me next time Kai..." Yuki said excitedly.

"Sure..." Kai said with a smile.

The father and son then head to the kitchen and start preparing dinner.

"Oka san...sit down and chat with us?" Yuki said as she make space for Minami to sit.

"Sorry Yukirin and Acchan, I have some reports I need to girls chat on and please make yourself at home, Acchan."
Minami said and went back to her bedroom.

Yuki is eager to find out more about Kai. Thats why she wanted to meet Acchan as soon as possible. As the girls chat and update each
other about their happenings, they felt closer than before.


The father and son carefully put the grocery bags on the table.

"What are we having for dinner?" Kai asked as he rummage the bags.

"STREAK!!!" Kai said as he lift up one of the bags up high as if holding a trophy.

"Both of you loved it...Right?" Tomonobu said while he wash the vegetables.

Kai put down the bag. He know how his father is referring to. It his mother. Coincidently, both of them loves katsudon and hamburger steak.

"Tou san... Gomenasai!" Kai said as he bowed to his father to apologize for his rudeness last night.

"Kai...its ok...I understand." Tomonobu said.

"What about oka san..." Kai asked softly.

"We will find a solution don't worry..." Tomonobu said, trying to avoid Kai's question.



"Is the food to your liking?" Tomonobu asked Yuki.

"Yes otou san...It is very delicious." Yuki said.

Kai was just gulping down his food while his parents and Yuki were chatting over dinner. Minami is disturbed by how Kai eats.

"Look at the way you am I suppose to entrust the responsibility of looking after Yukirin to you..." Minami said while
shaking her head.

"(Cough)......What?!" Kai said.

"......" Yuki stopped eating.

" scared the boy...the way you say it sounds like you are marrying Yuki to Kai..." Tomonobu said with a laugh.

"Anata...I am serious here...Stop laughing..." Minami said seriously.

"Kindly explain the meaning  please..." Kai asked seriously. He got a feeling that there is a deeper meaning in his mother's words.

"Didn't you inform Kai?" Minami asked as she looked at Tomonobu.

"Not yet...I thought of telling Kai when you and Yuki are back..." Tomonobu replied.

"What's going on?" Kai asked as he look at his father.

"......" Yuki remain silent. As she does not know what her parents are going to say.

"Yuki will be attending Akiba Academy starting from next school term and I requested to have her be in the same class as you." Minami said.

"Ok...then?" Kai said as he wait for his mother to disclose more. He believes that being in the same school and class is no big deal.
But the way his father reacts makes him suspicious it is something far worse than he can imagine.

"I want you to quit basketball." Minami said.

"WHAT! Did you just tell me to quit basketball? What do basketball have to do with Yuki? " Kai asked in a angry tone.

"Minami! That wasn't part of the agreement!" Tomonobu said. He was surprised by what his wife just said.

Kai was surprise by what his father said. So his father knew about the arrangement and also agree upon it without discussing it with him at all.
He is very disappointed.

"Tou san you wanted me to quit too?" Kai asked with a disappointed look on his face.

"No! I did not agree to that! I didn't even know your oka san have such demand from you!" Tomonobu tried to explained to Kai.

Even Yuki is surprised by what Minami just said. She felt apologetic towards Kai, for all these happened because of her. She finally broke
her silence and speak up.

"Oka san! What are you saying? What do Kai being in the basketball have to do with me? He does not need to quit basketball and
I can take care of myself!" Yuki said.

Kai finally understands the whole situation. His mother's request for him to quit basketball is her own opinion. Looking at how his father and
Yuki tried to stand up for him. He is touched, yet filled with guilt.

"Listen, I have my reasons. I know the agreement is just to get Kai to accompany Yuki to and from school... But didn't you notice's Kai's behavior?
Being so rude without manners and see how he eats...Must be basketball...since its such a rough sport...I need him to put in 100% effort in
looking after Yukirin...with his basketball practicing...he will not be able to do" Minami explained. Before she can finished, Kai interrupted her.

"ENOUGH!" Kai said as he stood up and banged the table with his fists.

Everyone looked at Kai, shocked by his behavior. Kai then stormed out of the house.

"KAI!!!" Tomonobu and Yuki called out.

"What's the meaning of this?" Minami exclaimed.

"Stop!" Tomonobu said.

"Kai will not quit basketball...As for Yuki, I will make the arrangements...We should discuss and sort it out together...Why are you forcing your
selfish thoughts on Kai?" Tomonobu said as he walk away from the dining table.

"Oka san...if you want Kai to quit basketball...I rather not go to school..." Yuki said with tears in her eyes.

Minami was shocked by what Tomonobu and Yuki said. She thought her husband and daughter would always agree with her. Not only they
do not agree, she even caused her son to run away from her.

"What have I done....." Minami asked herself.

Later at night Minami had a long talk with Tomonobu and agreed to listen to whatever Kai has to say before any decision is made. She also
assured Yuki that she will not be forcing Kai anymore and will let their father make the decision.

-End of Flashback-


"Wow! Looks like we have a sumptuous feast tonight! Thank you for inviting me over uncle!" Acchan said happily.

" yourself Acchan...don't be shy!" Tomonobu said.


Everyone started to eat without exchanging any conversation as they still remember the argument they had last night.
Acchan looked around the table, everyone is just focusing on their own plate of food without any eye contact.

"This is so awkward..." Acchan thought.

Noticing Acchan's uneasiness, Kai try to strike a conversation. Following the way his father says.

"Oka san, is the food to your liking?" Kai asked.

"It is delicious." Minami replied.

"Ok." Kai said.

-Silence for the next 10 minutes-

Acchan stopped eating and played with her food on the plate. Knowing his mother is strict when it comes to table manners,
Kai wanted to warn Acchan. As he lean nearer to Acchan to see what she is doing, he saw something amazing.


Acchan use the food and arrange those words. She knew Kai would definitely take notice of her since he is a curious person.
Leaning back to his seat, He took a deep breath and decided to give it a try again.

"Oka san..." Kai called out.

"Gomenasai" Kai stood up and bow towards his mother as he apologize.

Minami stopped eating. When she was about to say something, Tomonobu put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head.
Signaling her to listen what Kai have to say first.

"I'm sorry for my rude behavior and action displayed...But I really love basketball...I don't want to quit..." Kai said while still bowing.

"Sit down...we will talk about it and sort it out like what your otou san said..." Minami said.

"I have no objection if you want me to take care of Yuki to and from school..." Kai said.

"I have my own responsibilities which I need to deal with too. As I am the captain of the club..." Kai said.

"Is it possible to have Yuki join me whenever I have my club practice?" Kai asked.

"What? In that noisy environment? Are you seriously thinking?" Minami asked.

Tomonobu tried to calm Minami. Yuki finds Kai's proposal acceptable and wanted to agree to it. Hearing what her mother just said, she knew.
Even if she agrees, her mother wouldn't. They are back to square now, with nobody agreeing to anybody.

"Anooo...Yuki do you want to join my club?" Acchan asked as she raise up her hand to seek attention.

"......" Everyone looked at Acchan.

"Auntie you might not know this but I belong to the Composing club... Yuki told me she likes singing and will try to write her own lyrics...
so I thought...maybe she can join my club's activity while waiting for Kai..." Acchan explained.

"Are you sure? Can I?" Yuki asked Acchan.

"Of course! I would love to have you!" Acchan said.

Seeing Yuki displaying interest and also something Yuki has been doing all these while. Minami decided to find out more from Acchan.

"Will it be noisy? How many people are there? With that many instruments around, does Yuki need to learn all?" Minami asked.

"Don't worry auntie...its not noisy at all...the instruments used is just guitar and its just me in the club..." Acchan said as she smiled.

Tomonobu and Kai knew long ago. They tried very hard not to laugh after looking at how speechless Minami was.

"Let me join oka san...Please? Doesn't Acchan's club fit all your criteria?" Yuki pleaded.

"I think this plan is splendid!" Tomonobu said.

"I guess...I have no right to object to that...for the time being..." Minami said.

"Yatta!!" Yuki said.

"Arigato." Kai whispered to Acchan.

With that arrangement, Kai is able to continue to play basketball while Acchan just gained a new club member.

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 7 updated]
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Another long chapter :cathappy:...This time shifting its focus to others...Enjoy! :cow:

Chapter 7

At Kuu's house

After their match with Majisuka, Kuu and Riku ate lunch together as the others already have plans. Kuu invited Riku to his house for a stay
over and play video games since there is no basketball practice tomorrow.

"Tadaima..." Kuu said as he enter.

"Ojama shimasu..." Riku said as enters behind Kuu.

"Where's your parents?" Riku asked.

"Oyaji is out on a business trip while oka san followed him for a shopping trip." Kuu replied.

"Souka...then Kukai-ni? Riku asked again.

"No idea...Let go upstairs." Kuu replied.

As they walk towards Kuu's bedroom, they heard the sound of crashing buttons. They opened the door and saw a slim figure.
Pressing the game controller buttons agitatedly, as if her life depends on it.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOO!" the girl said as she dropped her hands to the floor.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in? Kukai at home?" Kuu asked.

Hearing Kuu's voice, the girl turned around to face them. Riku amazed by how she looks, he is excited to know who is she.

"Wow...Kuu...You have such a beautiful girlfriend? Intro please?" Riku whisphered to Kuu.

Hearing that, Kuu slammed his bag into Riku's chest.

"She's Kukai's girlfriend...Shinoda Mariko." Kuu said.
(Mariko is Kuu's elder brother girlfriend. She is 5 years older than Kuu. Currently working as a model. A cheerful and witty girl.
But always pretend and act like a airhead.)

"Woooo...itai...." Riku said as he rub his chest while looking at Jun.

"Hello! Kuu's tomodachi...I'm Shinoda Mariko." Mariko said as she wave at Riku.

 "Hello Shinoda san...I'm Kojima Riku...Kuu's classmate and we also belongs to the same club." Riku said.

"Wow...Best friends?" Mariko asked.

"Can you leave the room NOW? We have something IMPORTANT to do? So you cannot be here... " Kuu said impatiently.

Hearing what Kuu said, Mariko displayed a stunned face. Riku noticed and felt sorry for Mariko.

"Hey Kuu...that's rude..."Riku said to Kuu softly. He was surprise that Kuu would react this way.

"Shinoda san...Please don't mind him...You can continue to play the games if you want..." Riku said with a smile.

Suddenly, Mariko's face brightened up. She faced Riku with a serious look in her face.

"Don't worry Riku kun...I know why Kuu reacted this way...With you GUYS around...I must be a hindrance..." Mariko said.

What Mariko is about to say almost made Kuu faint.

"Huh? Wait a second...What do you mean?" Riku asked.

"Since we already come to this...I just have to do it...Right?" Mariko said seriously.

"What? Do what?" Riku asked excitedly.

Mariko suddenly kneel down before Jun. Riku was shocked and took a few steps back. Kuu simply stood there, waiting for Mariko to finish
whatever she wants to say and then he will make him leave the room.

"Gomenasai!" I accidentally got your Robot Mii-chan killed!!!" Mariko said with her hands clapped together. Apologising to Kuu.

As he wasn't paying much attention to Mariko in the first place, it took him a few seconds to visualize what Mariko just said.

"WHAT!!!" Kuu walked over to his game station and manage to catch a last glimpse before the game reset itself.

This is the game Kuu wanted to show Riku. It took Kuu 100 over hours to capture Robot Mii-chan. The legendary robot which is the
most powerful in the game. Due to the difficulty level of the game. If a character dies, the game player have to recapture them again.

Losing match against Majisuka even though they worked so hard as a team together. Plus now, his favorite legendary robot after working
hard for long hours is gone . Kuu is devastated. Riku seeing the situation does not know what he should say.

-Silence for the next 10 minutes-

"Sorry Riku...I guess today is not good after all...Come stay over the next time instead..." Kuu said sadly.

"Ok...I understand...I'll make a move first...Take care...Bye Shinoda san..." Riku said.

After Riku left, Mariko walked towards Kuu and kneeled in front of Kuu.

"Sorry for the loss..." Mariko said softly while patting Kuu.

"DAMN!!! WHY DID THIS HAPPENED! I TRIED SO HARD! SO HARD...WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!" Kuu shouted with tears flowing out.


At Mariko's house


"Mo..shi..." Mariko answered.

"Mari?" Kukai called out.

"Hmm...." Mariko said sleepily.

"Can you do me favor?" Kukai asked.

"Hmm..." Mariko replied.

"Kuu is out early for a basketball match and he forgotten to carry his keys when he left the house...I have a meeting today so I won't be
home early...Can you go to his school to pass it to him? Kukai explained.

"Leave it in my mailbox...I will pass it to him later..." Mariko said.

"Arigato Mari! Do you have any photoshoots today?" Kukai asked.

"No....." Mariko replied sleepily.

"If I finish early, shall we go catch a movie?" Kukai asked.

"Hmm..." Mariko said.

"Sweet dreams..." Kukai said.

"Beep...." End of call.


"May I help you?" the security officer of the academy asked.

"Hello...How do I get to the basketball court?" Mariko asked the security officer.

"May I know what are you here for? the security officer asked.

"I'm here to look for Minegishi Kuu, Class 2-4 of High school division. He forgotten his house keys and I'm here to pass it to him." Mariko explained.

"May I ask how are you two related?" the security officer asked.

"......I am Minegishi Kuu's brother girlfriend." Mariko said.

The security officer then check the school student database system to verify whether Kuu is really a student in this school . He then logged down
her particulars and gave her a visitor pass. Before giving her directions to the basketball court.


"So quiet...Is the match over? Mariko wondered.

As she is about to enter to the court, she saw 5 figures sitting down on the court.


Suddenly, one of the boys shouted. Mariko was shocked and paused in her steps.

"Why am I so slow in shooting...I should have put in my best at the start...Minna...gomen..gomenasai..."
A boy wearing white jersey no.4 cried out (Jun).

"No! Why can't I jump higher...Why am I so slow! " A boy wearing white jersey no.8 cried out as bang his hands on the floor(Riku).

"We will work harder...Even harder than anyone else...Majisuka! We will not lose next time!" A boy wearing white jersey no.9 said
while crying out loud (Kai).

"DAMN!! WE WILL DEFINITELY WIN NEXT TIME!!" A boy wearing jersey no.12 shouted as he cried (Sae).

"......" A boy wearing white jersey no.22 did not say anything but just he cried (Kuu).

Knowing that it is not the right time to interrupt, Mariko left the school ground. She decided to wait for Kuu at his house.

-End of flashback-

"We worked so hard...Harder than anyone else...Why did this happen...why..." Kuu said while wiping his tears.

"I know..." Mariko said as she lean forward and hugged Kuu.


After Riku left Kuu's house, he decided to drop by the sports shop. As he browse through the items, he heard some argument at the
cashier counter. He decided to walk over and see what is going on.

"Onegai tenchou! Please sell it to me cheaper!" A girl is begging the tenchou of the sports shop.

"No no is already the best price I can offer...any less is unacceptable..." the tenchou said.

"I really like these shoes and need them for tomorrow...Ah! Why not we do it this way, treat it as I ordered this and help me keep it while I
go back home to get more money now...Please tenchou!" the girl continue to beg.

"I'm really sorry ojou-san, even if you preorder it...You have to pay in full amount as this is our shop's policy...Why not you come back later
when you have enough..." the tenchou said.

"But this size is the last pair and I can feel the customers around here are eyeing it! Please tenchou!" the girl said as she holds the shoes
tightly in her arms.

Actually, there is only 2 customers in the shop. Riku and that girl.

"How much are you still lacking?

The girl turned around and saw Riku standing behind her. She was surprised at how handsome he looks.

"How much? Riku asked again.

"2000 yen..." the girls replied.

"Tenchou...Please help her wrap up the shoes's 2000 yen..." Riku said and then he left the shop.

Passing the shoes to the tenchou, the girl chased after Riku.

"Hey! How do I return you the money...Wait up!" the girl shouted outside the shop but Riku just continue to walk on.

The girl then went back into the shop. As she walked towards the cashier counter. She saw something on the floor.
She bend down and picked it up. It is a basketball design keychain with a name carved on it.

" Ri..ku?" the girl said as she wonder if that's the boy's name.

"I'll definitely find you." the girl said and left the shop happily with her shoes.


"Okaerinasai Riku sama!" Riku's personal butler, Noro greeted.

"Tadaima..." Riku said.

"Wasn't Riku sama going to Kuu sama's house for a stay over today?" Noro asked.

"Its a long story..." Riku said as he walked towards the living room.

"Have you eaten, Riku sama?" Noro asked.

"Are they at home?" Riku asked.

"No sir...Master and Madam went to a charity ball at Shanghai. They will only be back tomorrow night." Noro said.

"Good...I will have my dinner in my room then." Riku said.

"What would you like to have for dinner, Riku sama?" Noro asked.

"Instant noodles. Serve it later, I'm going for a shower first." Riku said.

"Wakarimashita." Noro said.


After dinner, Riku lied on the bed tossing his basketball. He is thinking how should he spend his time tomorrow since there is no practice.
While he is drowned in his thoughts, he missed catching his tossed basketball and it ended on the floor. Riku walked towards his bag to take
his basketball. Then he realized something missing.

"Where is the keychain?" Riku asked himself.

He rummage his bag and looked around his room, but could not find it. Not wanting to disturb his butler, he waited for Noro to sleep before
sneaking out. Looking around the area he walked, since he came back home.

Still unable to find it, Riku decided to wake up earlier than usual the next day to avoid morning crowd. He tried to recall the places he went and
listed them down. Just when he wanted to message Kuu to ask him help look around his house. He recall what happened today at Kuu's house.

"Hmm...Maybe tomorrow...Let him have a good rest today..." Riku said to himself.



The sound of ball bouncing can be heard a far as Riku walked towards the basketball court. This is the last area in his list. As he move closer to
the entrance. He saw a girl jumped up high, trying to reach a ball that is tossed up high.


The girl just spiked the ball across the court as Riku look on.

"Amazing... she should be around 1.5 m? Yet she can jump so high and deliver such a powerful stike..." Riku thought in his mind.


"Yabai..." Riku said as he tried to silent his cellphone.

Noticing someone else is there, the girl stopped her practice and walked over to the entrance.

"Who's there?" the girl asked.

"Gomenasai! For intruding in your practice. I am looking for something." Riku said.

As the both of them walked towards each other.

"Ah...2000 yen-san" Riku and the girl said, pointing at each other.

"Puu...HAHAHAHA" They both laughed as they didn't expect they will name each other the same.

"I'm Kojima Riku. High school 2nd year. Nice to meet you." Riku said as he offer his right hand for a handshake.

"I'm Oshima Yuko. High school 2nd year. Tenkousei. I will be attending Akiba Academy starting next term." Yuko said as she reach out
her left hand to shake Riku's.
(Yuko, is a sporty and cute girl with 2 dimples when she smiles. Always gives her best in whatever she do. When she decided on something,
she will go for it without hesitation.)

"Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu." Riku and Yuko said to each other.

"You mention you were here to look for something...Need my help?" Yuko asked.

"Its ok...I will just take a look won't take long...thanks for offering..." Riku said.

"I should be the one saying thanks! See!" Yuko said as she points to her shoes.

"Wow...It looks really good on you...Nice!" Riku said with his thumbs up which made Yuko very happy.

"Oh...Wait a moment please...I got the 2000 yen with me...I will return it to you now..." Yuko said, then she ran to her bag pack.

"Uh...ok..." Riko said.

Riku starts to comb the court area while waiting for Yuko. He carefully check around with every steps he takes, making sure not a spot is missed.

"Here...Arigato gozaimasu! You really saved me back there..." Yuko said as she handed over 2000 yen to Riku.

"Oh...You are welcome..." Riku said looking at Yuko.

As Riku take the money, he realized there is something more. He open up the folded bills and saw his keychain.

"This!" Riku said excitedly as he hold the keychain.

"Is this what you have been looking for?" Yuko asked.

"Where did you find this?" Riku asked as he nodded to Yuko's question.

"After you left the shop, I found this on the floor...Since this is the only clue I have about you, I decided to keep it and return it to you together
with the 2000 yen." Yuko explained.

"Arigato..." Riku said.

"If you don't mind me asking...Why are you willing to help me even when we don't know each other..." Yuko asked.

"Because I can feel that you sincerely like those shoes...Plus...I think you will look really cute in those..." Riku said with a wide smile on his face.

Upon seeing it, Yuko is totally smitten and captivated by his smile.

"Kawaii..." Yuko said softly.

"What did you say?" Riku asked innocently with his smiling face.

As if the switches in her body is all being switched on. Yuko made a bold declaration.

"I like you! Riku-nyan!" Yuko said and she pulled Riku down by his collar and kissed him.

Yuko's sudden attack shocked Riku and he totally froze in his position. After a while, he regained his senses and quickly pushed Yuko away.

"Oshima san! What are you doing?" Riku asked angrily as he cover his mouth.

"Kiss of acknowledgement for our love! Riku-nyan~" Yuko said and hugged Riku while looking at him tenderly.

Riku is terrified. He break himself away from Yuko and ran out of the court.

"Kawaii..." Yuko said, smiling and revealed her cute dimples.


Riku stopped and looked back to make sure Yuko did not run after him.


"What have I got myself into...Damn..." Riku said while trying to catch his breath.


"Woahhhhh..." Riku was startled by his cellphone.

"Moshi...(pant)..." Riku answered.

"Riku? Kuu here..." Kuu said.

"Yeah...(pant)...what is (pant) it...? Riku asked.

"Erm...Is this a good time to talk now? Kuu asked softly.

"What...(pant) do you mean...? Riku asked back.

"(pant)..." Kuu tried to imitate Riku in a more extreme version.

Then realizing what Kuu actually meant. Riku retorted.

"NO!!! I wasn't doing anything indecent!" Riku shouted to the phone.

"What makes you think I think that way?" Kuu tease Riku.

"......" Riku is irritated now.

"Anyway, I looked around and found nothing...Are you able to find your lucky charm? Need my help?" Kuu asked.

"Yes...Found it...along with a disaster..." Riku replied softly.

"Huh? Disaster?" Kuu said.

"No! I mean YES! I found my keychain...someone returned to me..." Riku said.

"Great! So are you free to meet now? I called Sae and he said he will be there with Kai." Kuu said.

"Sure...Where?" Riku asked.

"Let's meet outside 'FOR-TEA-EGG CAFE'. I heard their new items is awesome from Jun...especially the Fried Ebi mango sushi!" Kuu said excitedly.

"Ok..See you there." Riku said.

"Beep" End of call

Riku then take out his keychain and secure it tightly to his cellphone.

"There... Lets have a great day together ..." Riku said and then he make his way to the meeting place.


Meanwhile, the volleyball girls club was introduced to a transfer student who will be joining their club activities, starting from today

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 7 updated]
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Im really happy about kai! :D but Im waiting that sae meets yukirin :D and maybe kojiyuu?
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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 7 updated]
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@NightSky: Welcome!
                  To your question between Kuu and Mariko...I would say its stay tune for more!
                  I think being bold is one of Yuko's main charm point...Hope you like the way it is :twothumbs

@Haruko: Thanks! I feel happy for Kai too even though I am the one who set this up :P
               Stay tune for more updates coming soon :twothumbs

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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 7 updated]
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I LOVE IT! :mon inluv:

Great setting you got here! And fast updates wiiiiiiie~ :on gay:

I feel sorry for Riku :mon XD:

But he'll love Yuko anyway :bigdeal:

Yuko being bold is just :luvluv2:

Kai though :luvluv1:

Looking forward with your fast updates! :mon bye:


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Re: Always with you (Kai X Acchan and other pairings) [Chapter 8 updated]
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Chapter 8

At Kai's bedroom

"Ohayo~ OHAYO~ Ohayo~!" A familiar voice was singing with some giggling at the background.

"SHUT UP!!!!" Kai shouted as he lift up his pillow and threw it at the direction where the noise is.

The pillow flew right passed the singing voice. Kai missed.

"Katsudon! KATSUDON! Katsudon~!" The voice continue to sing.

"STOP IT!! DON'T MAKE ME HATE KATSUDON FOR SPOILING MY SLEEP!" Kai retorted and continue to sleep.

The singing stopped for a few minutes.

"Auntie Minami! Kai does not want to wake up!" The voice called out loudly.

That made Kai jump out of bed.

"Oka san..." Kai said, frantic with worry.

Kai looked up. Its only Acchan, Yuki and Sae in the room. Realizing that it's Acchan's stupid jokes again, he sat down on the bed.

"Where's tou san and oka san?" Kai asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"Oka san got a emergency call from the hospital regarding a patient. Otou san then left with oka san, sending her to the hospital. Otou san
say they will be coming home late tonight, so we have to settle our meals ourselves." Yuki said.

"Anyway, Kuu asked us out. We will grab lunch at the cafe before choosing the guitar for Yuki." Sae said.

As Yuki just joined Acchan's Composing club, she wants to get her own guitar. Acchan excitedly messaged Sae last night,
telling him Yuki is joining her club. Sae then suggest they hang out together the next day since they have no basketball practice.

"Ok...Gimme 15 minutes to prepare." Kai said as he make his way to the bath room.

"We'll wait downstairs then...Come down when you are ready..." Sae said and left Kai's room with the girls.


Kuu was first to reach the cafe. He told the waitress he need a table for 6 people and went in to sit down. As he sat down, he starts to
wonder who is the mysterious 6th person.

"Me, Riku, Kai, Sae, Acchan...then who is the 6th person? Sae's girlfriend?" He wondered.

As Kai and Acchan look like a couple, he couldn't visualize him having someone else as girlfriend.

"Kuu..." Riku called out.

"Where's the others?" Riku asked as he sat down.

"Jun said he won't be joining us as he was here yesterday. The others are on their way here with the mysterious 6th..." Kuu replied.

"Huh? Riku said, confused.

"You mean Kai and Sae is bringing someone else? Is Acchan coming?" Riku asked seriously.

"Acchan is coming...Include Acchan and us...we are 5..." Kuu said as he took a slip of water.

"Must be Sae's then..." Riku said.

"I think so too..." Kuu said.

"Anyway...Is everything ok after I left?" Riku asked.

"Yeah...I got my Robot Mii-chan back..." Kuu said.

"So much time you spent on it?" Riku asked, amazed that Kuu is able to capture it again.

"100 over hours..." Kuu replied.

"I don't get it..." Riku said

"  didn't's a hoax...a bad joke by Shinoda Mariko...the scene we looked at is actually a video clip..." Kuu explained.


At Kuu's bedroom

"Feeling better?" Mariko asked as she release the hug.

Kuu took in a deep breath. Then he look at Mariko.

"Why...are you here?" Kuu asked.

"How did you get in?" Mariko asked back.

"Door?" Kuu replied.

Thinking back, he remembered he opened the entrance door without using his keys. He is used to it as his mother is always at home.
But since his parents wasn't around, the doors should have been locked.

"Arigato..." Kuu said softly.

"What?" Mariko teased. She heard him, but pretended didn't.

Kuu know what Mariko is up to. He told himself he won't fall into her tricks.

"Nothing!" Kuu said as he stands up. Accidentally knocked off his video player.

Kuu looked at the TV screen, it was pitch black. The cables of the video player he knocked off, got detached from the TV console. He then
check his game console. It wasn't connect to the TV at all! Which means all along, Mariko wasn't playing his games, she was acting to play
with the game controllers.

"What's the meaning of this?" Kuu asked in a angry manner as he lift up his game console cables.

"Haha...I was...You know...Practicing! I want to be a actress!" Mariko exclaimed.

"You!!" Kuu said and grabbed Mariko's hands.

At that moment, they looked at each other. Without exchanging anymore words.


Kuu was startled by the cellphone and quickly let Mariko's hand go. He then quietly tidy his game station, reconnecting the cables of the
game console to the TV.

On the other hand, Mariko opened her handbag and took out her cellphone to answer.

"Moshi..." Mariko said.

Mariko chatted on the phone for a few minutes.

"Beep" End of call.

"Got to go..." Mariko said as she takes her handbag.

"Kukai?" Kuu asked.

"Yes...Ja ne..." Mariko said as she nods.

Kuu lied on his bed as Mariko leave his room. Listening to the faint sound of walking high heels along the walk way towards the entrance,
followed by the sound of closing door.

"She left...again..." Kuu thought to himself.

-End of flashback-


"No wonder...I  find it weird too...Normally when its game over, it requires the player to 'press any button'. If not the game would not
reset by itself..." Riku said as he browse through the menu, thinking what to eat.

"Damn! Why didn't I notice it?" Kuu thought to himself.

"That Mariko..." Kuu said angrily.

Noticing angry aura oozing out from Kuu who is usually cool.

"Seems like you hate Kukai-nii's girlfriend very much..." Riku said.

"......" Kuu remained silent.

"Sorry for the wait..." Sae said with Yuki following behind.

"Not at all..." Riku said as he smiled at Sae.

"...Whats with that...creepy..." Sae said as he saw Riku's smiling face.

"Care to intro that lady behind you? Kuu asked.

"Oh sorry...This is Yuki...And Yuki...this is Minegishi Kuu and this is Kojima Riku...We all belong to the same class and club since middle school..."
Sae politely introduce them to each other.

The 3 of them then exchange greetings and sat down together.

"Nice!" Riku said to Sae with his thumbs up.

"What?" Sae asked.

"Where's Kai and Acchan?" Kuu asked Sae.

"Acchan forgot to bring her inhaler so Kai ask me to come here with Yuki first while he accompany Acchan." Sae explained.

"We were right." Riku whispered to Kuu and Kuu nodded in agreement.

"Do you live around here? Never seen you around..." Riku asked Yuki.

"I just came back from America...Thats why you don't find me familiar around here, Kojima san..." Yuki replied politely.

"Just Riku will do...Without formalities..." Riku said.

"Yeah...Just call me Kuu...any friend's of Sae is ours too..." Kuu said.

"Call me Yuki too..." Yuki said as she smiled.

"Why not we take a look at the menu while we chat..." Sae suggested.

The 4 of them then browse through the menu while they wait for Kai and Acchan. The food all looks so delicious and they have a
hard time choosing what to it.


"Are you alright?" Sae asked worriedly as he gently pat Yuki's back.

"Yes I'm fine." Yuki replied, rubbing her chest in a momentum.

Sae asked the waitress for some warm water.

"Here...have some warm will make you feel much better..." Sae said to Yuki as he pass it to her.

Yuki carefully take a few slips. Just then Kai and Acchan reached the cafe. Kai saw Sae patting on Yuki's back and walked over quickly
to the table where his friends are with Acchan.

"What's wrong?" Kai asked in a worried tone as he sat next to Yuki.

Now, Kuu and Riku is confused as to why Kai is so concern over Yuki.

"Erm...Sae..Is your girlfriend alright?" Riku asked.

"Girlfriend?" Sae said as he point to Yuki.

"COUGHS" Yuki choked on water as she listens.

"No...Yuki is not my girlfriend...She is Kai's..." Sae explained half way and then his cellphone rang. He excused himself from the table to answer the call.

Kuu and Riku was shocked as to what Sae said. They looked at Acchan and gave Kai the expression of 'What about Acchan look'.
Seeing his friends reaction, Kai knew they have misunderstand the whole situation here.

"No no no no...What you think is not what you think it is!...Yuki is my twin sister!" Kai explained as he look at Kuu and Riku.

Kuu and Riku looked at Yuki and Kai.

"I know you have a twin sister...but..." Kuu said.

"Twins? How come the height is different?" Riku asked seriously.

"Bwahahahaha..." Acchan burst out laughing.

"......" Yuki and Kai were too embarrassed to make any comments.

After Sae end his phone call, he joined back the group. They then settle down once again and ordered their food. While waiting, Kai tried to
summarize the recent events in his family to Kuu and Riku.

"So...anything we can help with?" Kuu asked.

"I think we are fine as we are...I just thought I should let you guys know about Yuki...Since..." Kai said and before he finish his sentence,
Yuki interrupted.

"Actually..." Yuki said.

Everyone looked at Yuki. Yuki looks like she wanted to say something, but was hesitating. Seeing that, Kuu decided to encourage Yuki.

"Just speak your mind...We will try to do whatever we can to help since Kai is our best friend...his sister is our sister too..." Kuu said.

"......" Yuki nodded.

With her right hand on her chest, Yuki tried to calm herself down and took in a big breath.

"If possible...I want you all to keep my condition a secret..." Yuki said.

Thinking about what Yuki requested is not logical, Kai retorted without hesitation.

"That's not possible... You know it!...Oka san definitely will not agree to it...What are you trying to achieve from hiding?"Kai said.

Yuki understands Kai's worries. But her desire of not wanting to be any different from the others is stronger.

"I don't want to be different from others...I do not want to be pitied...I want to feel alive like you..." Yuki said sadly.

Not able to do anything freely and always under protection. Just like Acchan. The only difference between Yuki and Acchan is they
have different parents. Minami would discourage Yuki in everything she want to do unless she thinks it is safe. While Haruko would
encourage Acchan to try, even though it is not possible. Kai never expect Yuki to feel this way. It must have really hurt Yuki badly.

"Guys...Please do as Yuki says..." Kai pleaded.

Everyone remained silent for awhile. Thinking hard about this.

"On one condition..." Sae said.

"What?" Kai asked.

"You must not hesitate to seek help from any one of us whenever you need it...that's the condition I have for you..." Sae said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Ok...Arigato..." Yuki said.

"Arigato minna..." Kai said gratefully.

"Sorry for the interruption...Fried Ebi mango sushi roll for which customer?" The waitress asked.

"Here..." Kuu said.

The waitress then starts to serve all their orders and they begin to eat. Kuu asked Kai their plans for the day and Acchan told Kuu instead
as Kai's mouth is full of Katsudon.

Kuu and Riku then decided to tag along with Kai as they have no other plans in mind. Jun also will be joining them  as Sae told him over the
phone call about Kai's twin sister. As soon as they finished their lunch, they left the cafe and head towards the musical shop to meet up with Jun.

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