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Author Topic: A Little Love Story - Chapter 1 Part 2 (AtsuMina) 01/01/2017  (Read 1889 times)

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A Little Love Story - Chapter 1 Part 2 (AtsuMina) 01/01/2017
« on: November 22, 2016, 09:24:16 PM »
Hello guys~~ This is my second FanFic and most credits go to my friend  that provided me with this FanFic


Maeda Atsuko (F)

Takahashi Minami (M) -> Atsuko’s childhood friend

Oshima Yuto (M)

Kojima Haruna (F) -> Yuto’s girlfriend

Maeda Atsushi (M) -> Atsuko’s twin brother


–          The bold in quotation marks is indicating the person’s in POV is talking.

–          The italic words are mostly the thoughts of the person’s POV.

–          The “/////” means blushing.
So without further ado, ENJOY~~ :welcome :welcome

Chapter 1 – Atsuko and Minami

Atsuko’s POV

I let out a sigh. I’m so sleepy.

Although he knew already that I’m not a morning person…

He keeps coming to my house every morning to go to school together.

I could hear his voice calling for me. Tsk. It’s so annoying.

“Atsuko~! We’re going to be late! Please hurry up and let’s go!”

“Oh, shut up… Why don’t you just go by yourself first?”

“No, I can’t. If I’m not going together with you, you might not coming to school.”

Well. That’s true anyway.

It takes about 20 minutes from my house to school using bicycle.

Minami is cycling in front of me while humming a song.


Suddenly, a girl comes approaching from a shadow.

Minami’s bicycle makes a brake sound and he stops.

…what now?

“Ooh, good morning!”

“Good morning! Uhm… Please, take this!/////”

“Huh…? M-M-M-M-Me???”

She’s wearing our school uniform so maybe she is…a freshmen?

With a blushing face, she’s giving a kind of gift to Minami.

I tried to move a bit far from them.

“I liked you from a long time ago… See you.”

…what the hell is this?

Minami is being confessed?

With a bright red face, Minami is spacing out.

I don’t know why but it makes me feel like excessively annoyed so I shouted.

“Minami!! I’m going ahead!!!”


He replied to me absent-mindedly while keeps spacing out.

What’s wrong with him!?

While I’m getting annoyed, I left him and continue pedaling my bicycle.

At school.

When I entered my class, Yuto called me.

Even though Yuto’s height is short, he’s very cool and very popular at school.

It’s a big differential with another certain midget!

“Morning~ Huh? Acchan are you alone? Where’s Minami?”

“I dunno!!”

“W-Wow… Seems like you’re in a bad mood now…”

While I’m feeling queasy, I go to the toilet and I meet Haruna there.

“Acchan, good morning~♪”

“Oh, Nyan-Nyan, morning.”

Haruna is Yuto’s girlfriend.

She’s a type of a beauty yet an air-headed girl.

And Minami is aaaaaalways getting lovestruck in front of her.

“Eh? Where’s Minami?”

“You know, Haruna? Minami was being confessed by a freshmen this morning!”


“His face was turning red and he kept on spaaaaaaacing out!”

“I see.”

“Isn’t he an idot?!”

Haruna asks curiously to me who is now feeling annoyed.

“Hm… But why are you mad, Acchan?”


“It’s just that, Minami is being liked by a freshmen. But I’m wondering why are you mad. Haruna doesn’t get it.”

“Eh… I-It’s because he was spacing out with a reddish face and I went ahead but he didn’t even notice me there.”


Uh… And… And…

“A-…Anyway, I couldn’t stay still seeing him being shy, it makes me feel annoyed! You can understand that, can’t you?”

“Yes. I understood~”

“I know right? It’s annoying, right?”

“No, not that.”


“Acchan, you like Minami, right?”

Haruna said that and pleasantly smiling.

“Eh…? H-…What??”

“I couldn’t think anything but you like Minami when I was listening to you.”

“I-It’s not like that! You know that we’re just a childhood friend. Why should a person like him with me…”

“Fine, fine. Let’s just go back to our class. And, look at Minami’s face.”


“Yes. I think if Acchan doesn’t like him, you’ll be just feeling annoyed again just by seeing his face.”


“But if you like him…”

“…if I like him?”

“Hmm… You’ll get a feeling of striked right on your heart.”


…me? Will I get that feeling…?

Nah. No way.

I giggled to my own thought.

“Okay? Let’s go back to our class~”

“…yeah. Got it.”

Haruna drags me to go back to our class.

“Uhm… Where’s Minami…oh! There he is! Acchan, try to look at Minami carefully.”

My sight is looking for a certain midget that Haruna was pointing at.



What…is this feeling…?

I feel like my heart is jumping.

I feel like my heart is throbbing.

“How is it? You saw? H-Hey, Acchan! Your face is…”

“/////No waaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!/////”

“Uwah, I was shocked! What’s wrong with you, Acchan?”

I was brought back by Yuto’s words with a making fun of tone.


My eyes met Minami’s who is now looking at me curiously.

But then I look away in hurry.

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Re: Atsumina ~A Little Love Story~ Chapter 1 Part 1
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2016, 08:48:50 PM »
AtsuMina ~A Little Love Story~

Chapter 1 – Atsuko and Minami

Part 2

Minami’s POV


“Nyan-nyan! Let’s go home!”

“Ah, okaaaaay.”

Yuto and Kojima-san are holding hands and going home.

Ugh… I envy them!


“Haa… It’s so fun to be you, Yuto. You have a cute girlfriend like Kojima-san and being lovey-dovey everyday.”

I said something like that.

“Listen, Minami. Try to go out with that freshmen in the morning. I bet it would be fun, yo!”

“Please stop that////”

“Why? She’s a cute girl, isn’t she?”

“I’ll pass. A-Atsuko, let’s go home.”

I called Atsuko who is still sitting on her chair.


Hm? She doesn’t reply me.


“Minami… Go on ahead.”

Her voice was too small!

I wonder why…?

“Is there something wrong? If you have something to do first, I’ll wait.”

“No. You don’t have to wait… Starting from tomorrow, you can go to school alone.”

“Huh? What are you saying?”

She suddenly stood up from her chair.

“I said don’t pick me up to go to school anymore!! And going home too…”

She finally looks at me with either furious eyes or teary eyes.

“Just leave me alone!!”

She left and ran away from the classroom.

…what’s with her?!

The next day.

“Good morning!”

I came to school alone this morning.

“Ooh! Are you alone today? Where is Acchan?”

“I have no idea where she is. I don’t even know what she wants and what’s she up to.

“Are you both in a fight again?”

“I can’t stand to her self-indulgence!”

I told my buddies about what happened yesterday and about this morning when I went to her house to go to school together but she didn’t show up. When my buddies were listening to me, the chime is ringing.

When the homeroom is about to start, Atsuko comes in to the classroom.

Even though I’m feeling a bit annoyed, I’m glad that she’s actually coming to school.

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Re: Atsumina ~A Little Love Story~ (UPDATED)Chapter 1 Part 2
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2016, 11:46:57 AM »
i think i know this story  ;) ;) ;)
are this story got 3 season? and the third one is still ongoing?
am i right?  :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

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Re: Atsumina ~A Little Love Story~ (UPDATED)Chapter 1 Part 2
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Re: Atsumina ~A Little Love Story~ (UPDATED)Chapter 1 Part 2
« Reply #4 on: January 01, 2017, 06:03:48 PM »
@ecchi- I don't really know since it's my friend that's given me this FanFic. So whether it's from a website or not I  don't know.


Chapter 1 part 2

Minami’s POV

In the middle of a class.

It couldn’t be helped, I keep looking at Atsuko’s side face.

She looks sluggish…

Why don’t she just say if she doesn’t feel well.


When I remember what happened yesterday, I feel annoyed again.

I don’t want to think that Atsuko would just yell at me even though I’m worried about her.

I don’t care anymore!

Let’s just focus on the lecture.

Just when I thought that…

Atsuko suddenly fell down to the floor.

The class became a fuss.

Okaro-kun brought Atsuko to the infirmary.

And I’m just staring at his back which is now getting small and disappeared from my sight.


Break time.


“Ko-Ko-Ko-Kojima-san! What’s wrong?”

That feel when Kojima-san calls me to talk to her is….

Too cute!

“Don’t you want to go visit Acchan with me?”


I’m worried about her but…

“I think it’s better for me not to visit her. Atsuko is avoiding me afterall.”

“Hmm. Do you know the reason why?”

“I don’t know! It makes me irritated that I don’t know the reason why she’s being like this. She’s just avoiding me without any reasons…”

“Why don’t you two talk about this for a while?”

I skipped a class with Kojima-san…////

Kojima-san didn’t notice the “heart-throbbing” me. She’s delving to the subject immediately.

“Minami, do you understand why Acchan said that she wanted to stop going to school together with you?”

“That’s because… Heck no! I don’t understand at all! She always said that I’m annoying and I think she hates me now.”

“I wonder if it’s actually like that~”

“It is! Is there anyone who avoids a person he/she likes because she/he hates that person?”

“Fufufu~ There is.”

“Eeeh? That’s new to me!”

“Minami… You don’t have an experience of liking a girl, right?”

“I-…It’s not like that…///”

I actually like Kojima-san a bit anyway…///

“But you didn’t know that there is a person who avoids the person he/she likes.”

“But in Atsuko’s case…”

Kojima-san squints her eyes and…

“Acchan is that person!!”

Kojima-san keeps staring at me after saying that.

“Why…Kojima-san said something like that?”

“You were there when Acchan screamed yesterday, weren’t you?”



“That moment, Acchan realized that she likes you, Minami.”


“I made her realized that.”

Haha… Kojima-san… What are you talking about…?

“I feel bad to her because I said this to you. I was planning not to tell about Acchan’s feeling towards you.”


“But I couldn’t stay still seeing her in pain.”

Kojima-san is looking down.

“Shall we go to the infirmary now?”

I didn’t say anything. I just nodded at her.


In the infirmary.

“Excuse me. We’re visiting someone here.”

“You’re going to see Maeda-san, right~? She’s still sleeping.”

The infirmary teacher, Ohori-sensei points at Atsuko’s bed.

“Minami, I’m going now. Make sure you two solve both of your problem here.”

I nodded and Kojima-san left the room.

When I sit on the side of the bed where Atsuko is lying down, Ohori-sensei opens the curtain.

“Takahashi-kun, I’m going outside for a while. Please take care of her, okay~?”

Eeeeh? Sensei?!

“U-Uh… W-Wait a minute…”

Is it okay to leave from here?

Isn’t this a workplace abandonment?!

I glanced at Atsuko’s sleeping face.

There’s no way that Atsuko likes me.


But I can believe what Kojima-san had told me.



Atsuko’s lips are moving slightly.




She called my name just now…didn’t she?

Atsuko opened her eyes.

“A dream…? Huh…why…I’m here…?”

I call out when she’s still spacing out.


I tried to greet her with that.

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Re: Atsumina ~A Little Love Story~ (UPDATED)Chapter 1 Part 2
« Reply #5 on: January 01, 2017, 09:43:33 PM »
first,i'm ryu not ecchi.
you got my name wrong gekikara-san  :smhid :smhid
second,if your friend who gave you this fanfiction,that mean your friend is the author of this story?
third,are you gonna post all chapter here? if yes,then i will be happy wait for update since there are some chapter that i cant read on other blog without password.
so i hope you will post that chapter too and that if you already got permission to perv section though  :drool:
so keep going gekikara-san.
im waiting for your update    :yossi:  :otomerika: :cow: :thumbsup

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Re: Atsumina ~A Little Love Story~ (UPDATED)Chapter 1 Part 2
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Interesting story there...

Atsumina love story... very cute start

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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