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Author Topic: Adventures in Art School: OS Box-The First Smile (YuiParu+bonus Jurina)(7/11/20)  (Read 3166 times)

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Collection.
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@Haruko + @Nozokime I'm always happy to see you two come around! I hope you like this one just the same.

Much love to the silent readers too!


Are we at 2k views? Man... that's a lot. We got another new pairing! Handing out some Sakuruppi content! (I see some people calling it HaruSaku, but I liked Sakuruppi better.)

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

6. Reunion (Miyawaki Sakura + Kodama Haruka)

Reunion (Sakuruppi)

Miyawaki Sakura decided that she deserved a much needed break from school. Projects kept piling up leaving Sakura to have little time to herself.

Didn't help that her roommate Annin kept inviting Renacchi over. She always got told to leave the room so they could do… things.

Sakura just wanted a day off so to play videogames. Was that so much to ask for? Just one day where she could just ditch class and turn her brain off. Sakura plopped herself onto the couch and focused on her games. She leaned in and put her entire mind into completing a particularly difficult level that had been giving her trouble for a while. She promised herself that she'd beat it this time.

In the middle of a challenging boss battle, her attention was stolen by a knock on the door. She considered ignoring it, but decided to begrudgingly pause the game and answer instead.

Upon opening the door, Sakura was met with a smiling girl with a short neck-length haircut holding a bouquet of flowers.

"Good Morning! I'm Kodama Haruka, I'm new here! I'm handing out roses to everyone on my floor and you got the last bouquet." She held out the flowers and Sakura slowly took them from her hands.

The girl had just introduced herself, but Sakura already knew her. She never forgot the sound of her voice, nor did she forget her friendly face.

"Haruppi?" Sakura hesitated.

The short haired girl tilted her head and squinted her eyes, "How do you know that name? Have we met before?"

"Don't you recognize me?"

Haruka hastily rummaged through her bag and put on a pair of glasses. She blinked a few times before recognizing the girl in front of her.


Before Haruka could say any more words, Sakura pulled her into an embrace. The bouquet in her hands made the positioning somewhat awkward.

"Tell me it's really you." Sakura tightened her hug, "and tell me I'm not just hugging a stranger."

Once Haruka processed the situation, she reciprocated the embrace, "It's me Sakura, it's been so long hasn't it?"

"Come inside for a little. Let's play games like old times."

"You still play videogames at your age?" Haruka teased.

"How dare you. Videogames are still amazing." Sakura then proceeded to take Haruka's hand and pull her into her room


The two played several games together. Haruka didn't stand a chance against the devoted gamer. Every time Haruka lost, she had an excuse to explain her defeat.

"My controllers messed up!" Haruka complained.

"We've traded controllers for each time you brought that up."

"I haven't played videogames in years. You've probably been practicing for ages!" Haruka's barrage continued.

"This game came out 2 weeks ago." Sakura calmly replied.

Several years have passed between them, but one thing certainly hasn't changed. Haruppi was still a sore loser.

Sakura decided to turn the game console off. As funny as it was to see Haruka all frustrated, she actually wanted a proper reunion with her old friend. Sakura flipped the channel on TV onto some nature documentary. She remembered that Haruka loved those shows when they were younger. Sakura found them boring, but she wanted to treat her guest.

"Still can't believe we ran into each other here. Doesn't feel real." said Haruka.

"Yeah. I'm finally glad we're together again. My mom still won't stop asking me about you." Sakura sat back down on the couch next to the short-haired girl.

The two began to reminisce on past memories from when they grew up. They recalled the time Sakura threw an egg at a teacher's car because he gave Haruka a failing score on a test.

They also talked about how they would pretend to reciprocate romantic feelings for boys to trick them into buying things for them. (Which in retrospect, they agreed was a super uncool thing to do.) The pair lost track of the day as they made up for lost time. 

As they continued to catch up, they failed to realize how much time had passed. The sun was beginning to set. The natural light was slowly being pilfered by the passing hours of the day and the TV screen was the only thing illuminating their faces in the darkening room.

Sakura couldn't help but notice how pretty her friend was. She always thought Haruka was attractive, she even had a crush on her  before she moved. However, Sakura was never brave enough to admit her feelings. The last thing she wanted was to damage their friendship through unrequited love.

"Do you remember that rumour about us  secretly dating back in school?" Sakura never knew how Haruka felt about this rumour. She figured it was a better time than ever to find out.

Haruka's once smiling face went solemn. Sakura quickly noticed her change in mood.

Crap, I shouldn't have said that. That's just like you Sakura, always messing these things up! I'm such a–


Her voice snapped Sakura out of her brief bout of mental scolding, "what is it Haruppi?"

"Why… didn't we get together?" Haruka turned to face Sakura, the sorrow in her eyes slowly spreading like a drop of ink in water.

Sakura hadn't anticipated this. This whole time… she would have returned her feelings? She couldn't find the proper words to express her surprise, she remained silent trying to find the correct response.

"I'm sorry. We can change the subject if you want." Haruka pushed her glasses up and turned her attention back towards the TV.

Sakura needed time to process everything, but soon realized that this might be her best chance to show how she truly felt.

Acting purely out of sheer emotions and instinct, Sakura lifted Haruka's chin with her finger and looked deeply into her eyes before taking the leap of faith and closing the distance between their lips.

The pair pulled apart from their kiss, both of them maintaining silent eye contact.

"We can be together now." Sakura intertwined her fingers in Haruka's hand. "Don't you tell me you think it's too late."

Haruka kissed Sakura instead of responding with words. Anytime their lips would part, they would connect again. They made absolutely sure no feelings were left unanswered.

The two were interrupted from their passionate kiss once they heard Annin and Renacchi opening the door.

Anna's eyes darted between Sakura and Haruka. "Oh, I see you two are busy here." Anna turned to Rena, "I guess we'll just go to your room tonight instead." before shutting the door.

Haruka turned to the TV and noticed the credits rolling, "Aww, we missed the whole documentary."

"Maybe you should have kissed me sooner."

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My works! or... work I guess.

Adventures in Art School: OS Collection

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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Collection.
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Hello friends! Back here once again with more stuff. More Minis this time around. I like writing these as I can develop several pairings at once pretty quickly. No new pairings this time around. I hope you enjoy.

I dont think many people read my last Sakuruppi one shot, so if you haven't already, go ahead and check it out.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

11. Strange Look (FuuMiru)

A/N: While this is a stand-alone story, I recommend you read 'Roommate' to get more familiar with Fuuko and Miru's relationship.

Fuuko threw her hat and apron onto her desk thankful that another day of work was finally over. She couldn't help but notice that Miru looked a little disgruntled. Normally Miru would be all over her like a puppy seeing its owner.

"So Miru… what's wrong?"

"Everyone that has come to the door has been giving me weird looks today. Maybe there's been a rumour spread about me." Miru hugged her knees nervously.

"Weird looks?" Fuuko inquired.

"Yeah, even the ramen delivery guy wouldn't bother giving me eye contact."

Fuuko took a good, hard look at her girlfriend.

"Have you been answering the door naked?"

Miru's eyes widened as she looked down at her nude body.

"Y'know. Everything is starting to make a little more sense now."

12. Unconditional (SayaMilky)

Sayaka had finally turned in a project for her music class. After several nights of recording guitar riffs and skipping sleep, a small celebration with her girlfriend was in order.

Miyuki walked out of the kitchen with a plate full of cupcakes and set them down onto the table, "I made a lot, so we're gonna eat till we get sick!"

"They look delicious!" Sayaka grabbed one from the plate and wasted no time scarfing it down. "They taste even better than they look!"

"You're probably tasting all the love I put into it." Miyuki said as she picked up a cupcake.

In the midst of peeling off the wrap, the confectionery slipped out of Miyuki's hands and onto the floor.

Miyuki stared at the cupcake for a moment, "Hey Sayanee."


"We've been dating for about 6 months now. When you said you'll love me unconditionally, did you mean it?"

Sayaka paused at the heavy question, "of course Milky. I'll love you no matter what."

"Even if I eat this cupcake off the floor?"

"I mean… I guess."

Before Sayaka knew it, Miyuki crouched down and picked up the cupcake that was previously dropped on the floor and began to eat it like nothing happened.

Sayaka watched in awe as her princess ate the cupcake from the floor. But at the end of the day, it didn't really matter. Sayaka loved Miyuki unconditionally.

13. The Cafe's Contest: Part 4 (RinoRie)

Rie approached her wife who was passed out next to a stack of paperwork. Rino's sleep schedule had gotten pretty inconsistent ever since she stopped drinking coffee.

Rie lightly shook Rino's shoulder to wake her.

Rino slowly blinked awake and lazily sat up, "I was having a dream that we got this amazing deal on imported tea leaves."

Rino's dedication to the cafe was so great that she regularly dreamt about it.

Rie smiled and held a package, "We got another entry in the contest. Thought you might wanna see it with me."

Rino took the package and pulled out the entry. It was a beautiful painted piece depicting two koi fish swimming in a cup of tea. The colours were vibrant and the painting itself also fit the cafe theme. It was perfect.

"This is amazing, who's the sender?"

"A regular like always. This one is from Oya Shizuka." Rie's eyes trailed down the envelope, she noticed something that made the colour drain from her face.

The package was stamped with the insignia of the Oya Clan, an infamous Yakuza organization.

Rino gasped when she saw the clan emblem, "Is Shizuka a member of the Yakuza!? I didn't even know girls could be part of it!"

Rie hurried to close the blinds and windows of their apartment, "crap, should we just let her win!?"

"We have to burn it! No one can know we saw this!" Rino dropped the painting and stuffed it back into the packaging.

"I'll just write up a small discount in case scary men in suits come to our cafe."

to be continued...
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My works! or... work I guess.

Adventures in Art School: OS Collection

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Thanks for this!
How good it is to read another sayamliky writing from you they are my favorites
I like your drabbles because you can develop several stories at the same time and give us the opportunity to know about the other pairs.

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RinoRie is not a common pair so it's amazing to have a this kind if fanfic but my heart belong to  Sayamilky, thank you for that
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Re: Adventures in Art School: OS Collection.
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@Haruko + @Nozokime Like always, thank you for reading! Isn't it wonderful that Sayamilky fics are being made even after their graduation?


We got a YuiParu fic! I'm always excited to develop pairings. I have a little confession to make... Paruru is my favorite. But of course, my biases won't get in the way of me writing about more pairings.

I'm gonna do something a little different this time around. I'm gonna add a small bonus chapter to this post. A small non-pairing fic. Completely for comedy sake. Maybe I'll do it more often.

I hope you guys enjoy this! Comments and Thank you's are greatly appreciated! Don't be shy!

7. The First Smile (Shimazaki Haruka + YuiParu)

The First Smile (YuiParu)

A/N: I strongly recommend you read 'Messenger' to fully understand this story.

Yui had to make a late night run to the convenience store. She couldn't be seen carrying a bag of cat food through campus without anyone suspecting her of owning a pet. Night time shopping was her only option.

A small electronic jingle played when she entered the store. Yui wasted no time going to the pet section and grabbing the largest bag of cat food they had in stock. Bisu deserved to be spoiled after perfectly delivering her note to Paruru.

As Yui made her way to the front to make her purchase, she noticed that no one was behind the register. She laid the cat food on the counter and waited for a clerk to ring up her purchase. She waited there for 5 minutes before beginning to grow a little impatient.

Yui knocked on the counter, "Hello? Is anyone working here?"

From the back room a girl wearing a t-shirt with the store's logo moved behind the register. Yui recognized her immediately. It was none other than the salty (and remarkably cute) girl herself, Shimazaki Haruka (aka Paruru).

"Ah! Shimazaki. You work here?"

"Yup." The salty girl didn't even smile.

Paruru scanned the barcode of the cat food and raised her eyebrow.

"Something wrong?" Yui asked.

"The cat and the note, was that you?" Paruru squinted at Yui. Her expression didn't match the typical 'service with a smile' procedure.

It was inevitable that she would ask that question. After all, Yui was buying cat food from her. Trying to shake any suspicion off of herself was an uphill battle.

"I-I don't know anything about a note. And pets aren't allowed on campus, remember?" Yui had always been a terrible liar.

"Then explain the cat food you're buying."

Yui was far worse at thinking on her feet than she was at lying. Finding a believable excuse on short notice would be near impossible.

"Uh… I… eat cat food! Y-yeah. I read online that it's actually good for you. I'm trying to maintain my health you know." Yui was praying that the girl would believe it.

"Uh-huh." Skepticism was ever present in Paruru's voice, "if you eat a handful of cat food in front of me, I'll give you the bag for free."

Crap. I knew that would backfire.

Yui was met with the crossroads. She could either simply admit that she has a crush on her which would also mean revealing that she owns a pet, or she could avoid her current predicament by eating cat food.

She made her choice quickly. Yui opened up the bag and thrust her hand wrist-deep. She scooped out a handful of cat food before  shoveling it into her mouth and crunching down. She pounded her fist on the counter as the flavor filled her senses. How do cats eat this stuff?

"Yup… I eat this all the time." Yui said as she swallowed it down. Tears began to fill her eyes.

Paruru watched in shock as the girl devoured the handful of pet food. However, her expression changed as she burst into laughter. Tears were filling her eyes as well.

This was the first time Yui had ever heard her laugh or even seen her smile. It almost made eating cat food worth it.

"Well, the bag is yours. You earned it." Paruru stumbled over her words as she attempted to stifle her laughter.

"You think I can get a box of mints with that?" Yui cringed when she caught a whiff of her own breath.

"Sure, whatever." The girl behind the counter said, still reeling from the effects of her laughing fit as she slid a box of mints over to Yui.

"Thank you very much." Yui put the mints in her bag and headed for the door with the open bag of cat food in hand.

"That was the first time I ever enjoyed working here." Her tone was salty, but a big smile was found on her face.

"Maybe I'll come visit more often." Yui spoke over her shoulder as she held onto the handle of the door.

"I'll be here at the same time tomorrow. I'll be waiting." Paruru waved with low energy.

Yui waved back at the salty girl as she began to make her exit.

"Oh, bring your cat along too!"

"I will!" Yui said as the door closed behind her.

Halfway through her walk back to campus, Yui pulled out her mints and desperately fit as many as she could into her mouth. In the midst of her minty refreshment Yui realized she had made a grave error.

Paruru tricked her into admitting everything at the end.

I ate a handful of cat food for nothing.


Burning Rose (Matsui Jurina, Kuramochi Asuka. N.P)

The art history class ended for the day. Every student packed their bags and left the classroom. Jurina stayed seated and watched everyone file out of the door.

"Jurina, class is dismissed. Or… did you want to talk about something?" Professor Kuramochi inquired while watering the various potted plants that decorated the room.

"Actually, I have something to turn in." Jurina pulled out a stack of papers that were stapled together. "I did that Kenta Kobashi extra credit paper."

"Incredible! In all my years of teaching, no one has ever actually bothered to do it!" The professor snatched it out of her student's hands with a grin stretched across her face. "So tell me, what do you think of Kenta Kobashi?"

Jurina wore a malicious smirk on her face, "I could tell you, but I'd rather show you!" After a deep breath she roared, "FEEL THE MIGHT OF HOLLYWOOD JURINA!"

With a spin, Jurina extended her arm and delivered a powerful chop across the chest of her professor which left Kuramochi momentarily breathless.

Kuramochi was shocked, but she quickly recovered from the strike. The professor then locked eyes with Jurina, revealing a fiery gaze that no student has seen from the usually kind and supportive teacher.

Jurina readied herself to receive a chop in return from Kuramochi.

With an ear-splitting battlecry, Professor Asuka Kuramochi unleashed a thunderous palm across the chest of her (now-favorite) student. The impact rang out like a firecracker, echoing down the halls of campus.

The chop brought Jurina down to her knees, as she did not expect the irresistible strength of the unassuming woman.


Tiger-Rose Kuramochi lifted Hollywood Jurina into a vertical base which ultimately led to Jurina being suplexed through the teacher's desk, leaving the two laying in a chaotic pile of smashed papers and broken wood.


The student and professor both stayed laying in the debris for what felt like half an hour, huffing and puffing.

"You're… so strong…" Jurina struggled to get the words out of her mouth.

"What would you think… about starting a wrestling club?" Kuramochi winced between words.

Jurina's lips curled into a smile, "That's the finest idea I've ever heard."
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Adventures in Art School: OS Collection

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