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Author Topic: Deprived Ch.4 (Matsui Rena, Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari, Kishino Rika) [12/23/15]  (Read 3731 times)

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I was planning on writing this as a one-shot, but more and more ideas started floating in my head after playing the visual novel Asphyxia and now I'm really hoping this can all work out into a coherent story. Also, I'm still not sure what the title should be, so it might be changed in the future. Haha, I don't know. I'd appreciate any feedback to help me along.  :)

Deprived (Chapter 0)

As the night sky cascaded over the city of Osaka, a beautiful, tall girl entered a café. Being nearly 1AM, the café would normally be empty and closed, but the owner of the café had called the tall girl over for some help. As soon as the tall entered the café, she was approached by the short café owner, Shimada Rena.

“Ah, you finally made it, Akarin.”

The tall girl named Yoshida Akari responded, “Thanks for calling me, Shimarena. I hope she hasn’t been too much trouble.”

“No problem at all,” replied Shimarena, pointing over to a booth table in the corner of the cafe. “She’s over there, sitting with Yuipon.”

The two walked over to the booth table with two other girls seated. One girl had short hair and was sipping on a cup of tea, while the other girl had long hair and had laid her head on the table and was now completely asleep. The short-haired girl sipping tea, Takano Yui, let out a smile seeing the two arrive at the table.

“Hello, Akarin! Well, here’s Keicchi,” said Yuipon, turning to face the sleeping girl, Jonishi Kei. “She seemed pretty out of it, all alone at the bar. Too much alcohol I presume. The bartender wasn’t sure what to do with her, so Shimarena and I said we would take care of her.”

Akarin looked at Keicchi and sighed. It seemed pretty obvious from her eyes that she had been crying. And yet despite her puffy eyes and stupid looking sleeping face, Keicchi still looked immaculately beautiful to Akarin. She’s too beautiful to always be crying now, Akarin thought. Turning back towards Yuipon and Shimarena, Akarin asked, “Was she… crying at the bar?

Shimarena and Yuipon both sadly nodded in unison.

Akarin shook her head and sighed once more. She replied, “Once again, thanks so much, guys. I’ll take care of Keicchi from here.”

Following those words from Akarin, Shimarena went to retrieve Keicchi’s jacket at the back of the café. Yuipon had called a cab in advance to bring Akarin and Keicchi back home and now the cab had arrived. Akarin, not wanting to wake the sleeping girl, put her on her own back and carried her inside the cab. Shimarena and Yuipon waved goodbye to Akarin as the cab left the café towards the two girls’ apartment. Upon arriving back at their apartment, Akarin put Keicchi in her arms and princess carried her to her room. She laid her on the bed and put the covers over her. As she was about to exit Keicchi’s room, she was taken aback as Keicchi suddenly woke up, shouting, “Don’t leave!”

Akarin ran over to the newly awake girl. “Are you okay, Kei?”

Keicchi shook her head and replied, “I had that same nightmare again. Could you… sleep here with me?”

Akarin sighed, but without saying anything, lied down on empty right side of Keicchi’s bed.

“Thanks, Akari.”

“Hush now. You need your rest. Good night, Kei.”

“Good night, Akari.”

The two quickly fell asleep, but Akari was woken up about an hour later from Keicchi’s constant shaking and moving about in bed. Probably another nightmare, Akarin thought. Akarin went over to Keicchi and gave the troubled girl a kiss on the cheek, which calmed Keicchi’s shaking down. And the troubled girl’s face flashed a smile in her sleep.

Akarin smiled, but followed it up with a defeated sigh.

She must be dreaming that was Matsui Rena’s kiss.
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Re: Deprived Ch.0 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [8/22/15]
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*saves spot* :ding:

Damn, I feel sorry for Akarin's one-sided feelings. :depressed:

Waiting for the next update! :mon bye:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: Deprived Ch.0 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [8/22/15]
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Re: Deprived Ch. 1 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [8/29/15]
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Hoping this story doesn't become a huge mess.

Chapter 1

I always see her in my dreams. She and I are talking and smiling and laughing and enjoying ourselves. And then her smile disappears and she starts walking away from me. I try to run after her, but I cannot catch up to her. I trip, I fall, I cry.

I miss her. I miss Matsui Rena.


Morning came and Keicchi awoke from her dream. The sunlight from outside snuck through the white curtains in Keicchi’s room, confirming to the girl that it was morning. The pain originating from Keicchi’s forehead also confirmed that she had that she had a hangover. As much as Keicchi wanted to stay in bed all day and mope through her hangover, she knew she had to get up eventually for class at university and suddenly, a drink of water felt like it would hit the spot. Mustering up all of her strength, she attempted to get out of bed.

Attempted and failed, because her body was being pinned down in the arms of another person. And Keicchi remembered exactly who it was. Turning her head around, she noticed the beautiful, sleeping face of her apartment mate, Yoshida Akari.

That’s right. I asked Akari to stay with me last night, Keicchi thought.

She hadn’t noticed it before, but she could feel the warmth in Akarin’s embrace. Her warm touch instantly got rid of any effects from her hangover. After Keicchi didn’t remember much from last night, but she did remember how Akarin staying in her room last night helped ease her mind and fall asleep. She was very thankful that Akarin was always there to support her.

“Thank you, Akari.”

“You’re welcome, Kei,” said the apparently-not-really-sleeping girl.

The unexpected response thanks startled Keicchi, whose body had been released from Akarin’s grasp, right off the bed. Akarin opened her eyes and laughed at Keicchi, who was now clutching her back overdramatically.

“You can be such a child sometimes,” said Keicchi, who simply got a nod from Akarin in response. “We should be getting ready for class soon, right?”

Akarin replied, “Oh right, Professor Kitagawa e-mailed yesterday that he cancelled class for today. Something about having a date with a woman in a red dress. So we’re off today.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I tried, but you…” Akarin’s voice trailed off, unsure how to finish that sentence. Instead she tried to move on to a different topic. “Since we don’t have class today and we’re both up, why don’t we go shopping today? It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?”

Keicchi looked down at the floor and said, “Well, I was thinking about sleeping in today then. I could use the rest.”

“You can’t just stay inside all the time. And only leave the apartment to only go to school and to the bar. Come on, it’s a beautiful day out to go shopping. You can’t dwell on… these lingering feelings forever.”

Keicchi thought about it and it really had been a long time since she left the apartment for anything besides school or drinking. The last few months had been difficult for her and drained any desire of it. But Keicchi knew that Akarin was right.

“Come on, Kei. Do it for me,” said Akarin, pouting her lips.

Keicchi laughed and finally relented. “Well, if you’re going to make that face, I guess there’s no way I can say no. Let’s go!”

The two girls got ready and left the apartment. The two took the train over to the shopping district and spent the rest of the morning going to different clothes stores. Akarin continuously had Keicchi try out different outfits, always complimenting Keicchi on how marvelous she looked. And Keicchi did the same with Akarin. After buying several bags full of clothes, the two stopped at a restaurant for lunch. The two girls each ordered some udon and slurped it up with gusto. After lunch, the two continued their shopping marathon, finding accessories to match the clothes they had bought earlier. Feeling satisfied with their purchases, the two girls took the train back and started walking from the train station back to their apartment.

For the first time in awhile, Keicchi was actually having fun. And Akarin noticed that Keicchi was actually smiling more, something that she hadn’t seen much from Keicchi lately.
As the two started their walk home, Akarin stated, “Looks like you had a good time tonight.”

Keicchi nodded. “I did. And…” Keicchi paused and gave Akarin a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for being there for me lately. I know I’ve been rather difficult to be around lately.”

Akarin blushed for a second before retorting, “You’ve always been difficult to be around. But still…”

“Ah, Akarin!”

Akarin’s words were interrupted by a cute girl in a high school uniform, walking towards them. Upon seeing the cute girl, Akarin hugged her and said, “Hey, Mirurun! What are you doing here?”

Mirurun responded, “Just finished with cleaning duties at school. On my way home now. Just waiting for my slowpoke girlfriend to get some ice cream from the store.”

Akarin introduced the cute girl to Akarin. “Oh, Akari. This is Shiroma Miru. My partner in crime for those magazine photoshoots. And Mirurun, this is my roommate, Jonishi Kei. People usually call her Keicchi.”

Keicchi shook hands with the cute girl and said, “Nice to meet you, Mirurun.”

Mirurun replied, “Likewise, Keicchi. You’re just as beautiful as Akarin talked about.”

Keicchi blushed and the three girls all started laughing. As they laughed, there was another cute girl in a high school uniform about 50 feet away from them. She was eating a vanilla ice cream cone and shouted, “Mirurun, let’s go!”

The shout startled Keicchi with the sense of familiarity with that voice. As the ice cream girl approached the three, Keicchi instantly recognized the girl. Fuuchan aka Yagura Fuuko. A girl she had gone out with a few times here and there before Matsui Rena appeared.

Fuuchan commented, “Well, well, well. How long has it been since we’ve seen each, Keicchi? Six months? Less? More?”

Keicchi ignored the questions, rolled her eyes, and responded, “What do you want, Fuuchan?”

“I’m just trying to see how you’re doing.”

“I’m doing fine.”

“Hmm… That Matsui Rena you’re not seeing any more might be able to keep a straight face, but you’re still a terrible liar.”

Keicchi attempted to respond, but the mention of Matsui Rena had rendered her mute. Luckily for her, Mirurun grabbed Fuuchan and dragged her away. Mirurun bowed to Akarin and Keicchi, apologizing for her girlfriend’s behavior. And the couple left, leaving Akarin and Keicchi alone again.

Akarin glanced over to Keicchi and saw her smile had completely disappeared. The rest of the walk back to the apartment was a silent one with neither girl saying anything to the other. Immediately after entering the apartment, Keicchi ran to her room and locked the door. Dinner passed without Keicchi appearing. And Akarin lied on her bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Dammit, Akarin thought.

Why do you still care about her so much?

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Re: Deprived Ch. 1 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [8/29/15]
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Okay, I need my tissue now :depressed:

Fuuchan, why?!? Keicchi was having fun and you had to do that!!? :frustrated:

Hehe, FuuMiru. :mon inluv:

Waiting for the the next update! :on gay:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: Deprived Ch. 1 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [8/29/15]
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;-;) I've been searching for this kind of fict. Thank you!

I kinda feel sorry about Akari though.


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Re: Deprived Ch. 2 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [9/3/15]
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Thank you for the comments, everyone. Hope you're enjoying the story.

Chapter 2

Upon failing to get Keicchi to come out of her room, Akarin said good night through the door and went to her room. She stared blankly at the ceiling for hours trying to make sense of what transpired before finally falling asleep deep in thought.

Unfortunately for Akarin, all those thoughts caused her to forget to set up her alarm and she overslept. She woke up in a frenzy as she had class in about 10 minutes. This meant she was rushing to get ready with no time to make breakfast for Keicchi or herself. She ran to the door of Keicchi’s room and found it was still locked.

Akarin shouted, “Keicchi! I overslept, so I didn’t make breakfast. Make sure to go to your history class later today. I’m going to be late tonight because of a photoshoot, so please take care of yourself, okay? Love you. Bye.” Akarin rushed through the door and headed towards the university.

After hearing the door to the apartment close, Keicchi finally exited her room. She had spent all night thinking about Rena and trying to avoid interacting with Akarin for the time being. She knew that Akarin was always looking after her, but she didn’t feel particularly comfortable discussing the subject of Rena with her. She knew Akarin and Rena were not the best of friends and Akarin’s continual advice to “try and forget about her” always made Keicchi feel even more despondent, no matter how logical the advice was.

Finally free from her room, Keicchi went straight to the bathroom. She made a bubble bath for herself and retrieved the bottle of red wine she had stashed in the medicine cabinet. Miyuki, Keicchi’s friend in middle school, had always said the most relaxing part of her day was when she went “chapu chapu.” Keicchi definitely felt she needed some relaxing if she was going to able to concentrate in class later. She spent the next few hours drinking, trying to put her mind at ease. She heard a knock at the front door a few times, but she couldn’t be bothered to get up from the bubble bath. Eventually, Keicchi became so relaxed in the bubble bath that she fell asleep.

Before she knew it, she found herself under the water of the bath, gasping for air, deprived of any oxygen. She came up for air and breathed heavily as her lungs filled up with oxygen again. Keicchi looked at the clock and realized her 4PM class started in half an hour. She got out of the bath and went to her room to change. She wore her favorite pair of jeans along with along with a navy blue tank top. As she grabbed her handbag and was ready to leave the apartment, she saw noticed a pink piece of printer paper.

I really miss you.

I hope I can see you soon.

The pink paper wasn’t addressed to or signed by anyone. And given Keicchi did not recognize the handwriting, she decided to throw it into the trash can before rushing out the door to head to class.

For once, Keicchi’s history class went by without any trouble. The lecture was actually entertaining and the professor let the class out 20 minutes early. Feeling better about her day, Keicchi left the classroom and started to make her way back to the apartment.

Just two blocks away from her apartment, she saw a high school boy hiding behind a mailbox. Feeling suspicious about his behavior, Keicchi approached the high school boy from behind and tapped him on the shoulder. The high school boy jumped up in shock and tried to run away. Tried being the word, because Keicchi grabbed the boy by the back of the collar, preventing the boy from escaping. As the boy struggled to try to escape, a high school girl approached Keicchi and the high school boy.

The high school girl said, “Ah thanks so much, Kei! This guy’s been following me ever since I got out of figure skating practice.”

Keicchi looked back at the high school girl and smiled. The high school girl was her beloved half-sister, Kawakami Chihiro, nicknamed Chihhii. Keicchi replied, “So lovely to see you again, Chihiro. Can’t believe you’re in high school already. You’re growing up so fast.” Keicchi pinched one of Chihhii’s cheeks, causing the high school girl to blush.

Chihhii said, “So nice to see you, too, sis.”

Keicchi then brought her attention back to the high school boy. She warned, “If you ever try anything with my sister, you’re going to regret it. Now get out of here.” She released the boy and he ran away with tears running his face.

Chihhii now gave Keicchi a hug and said, “Oh, sis, how about I treat you out to dinner as thanks? You must be getting hungry now, right?”

At that moment, Keicchi’s stomach growled. She had forgotten to eat breakfast or lunch because of the bubble bath and school and she remembered that Akarin would out be late tonight with her photoshoot. She would have to prepare dinner herself and she didn’t have the ingredients to make anything besides a bowl of cereal.

“Haha, I guess my stomach will take you up on that offer. Let’s go!”

The two sisters walked over to a takoyaki restaurant and started creating their own takoyaki. The two sisters laughed as they struggled to flip the takoyaki balls and Keicchi tried making a special peanuts version of takoyaki. After the takoyaki was finished cooking, the two ate the burning hot takoyaki and it was delicious.

Keicchi asked, “So how are things going for you, Chihiro?”

“I’m doing well. I placed 1st at my last figure skating meet. And high school is really fun. I’m making a lot of friends.”

Keicchi smiled, as a proud mother would smile at her child. Keicchi knew Chihhii was a pretty good figure skater. And she definitely knew how shy Chihhii could be, so she was relieved to hear about making friends in high school.

“So… how you found yourself a boyfriend yet?”

Chihhii smiled sheepishly, “No. The only guys that seem to like me are stalkers.” The two girls laughed at that comment before Chihhii continued. “What about you, Kei? Are you seeing anyone right now?”

Keicchi frowned at the question. She didn’t want to talk about Matsui Rena, but given that Chihhii had no idea who she was, Keicchi felt she could try to use Chihhii to let some feelings out. Keicchi said, “Not now, I guess. She doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore, I think.”

Chihhii replied, “You think? Why don’t you try talking to her then, sis? I’m sure you could work things out.”

“I guess I’m too much of a coward to do that.”

“I’ve never thought of you as a coward, sis. Look at what you did with that stalker today. A coward couldn’t do that. Just go and talk to her. I’m sure she wants to make things just as much as you do.”

That comment from Chihhii made Keicchi think about the pink piece of paper again. I really miss you. I hope I can see you soon.

“It’s different with Rena. She’s different. She… makes me feel different. I don’t know.”

“You can do it, sis. I believe in you.”

Just then, Keicchi’s phone vibrated. She thought it was probably Akarin during her check-in with her. As Keicchi went through her phone, she saw that she had a new text message. Keicchi gasped as she saw the sender of the text message. Matsui Rena.


“Thank you for your work today.”

Akarin and Mirurun bowed at the photographer and the rest of people working the photoshoot. Afterwards, they walked toward the dressing room to get changed. As the two girls changed back into their casual clothes, Mirurun blurted, “Akarin, I’m so sorry.”

Akarin, taken aback, replied, “Sorry for what?”

Mirurun responded, “For yesterday. For Fuuchan’s stupid comments to Keicchi. I swear my girlfriend can be such an idiot sometimes. I’m sorry.”

Akarin shook her head. “No need to apologize, Mirurun. Things… happen. And I can’t say I disagree with Fuuchan’s… hostile attitude toward Rena.”

“Anyways, I’m supposed to have dinner with Fuuchan tonight. Would you like to join us, Akarin?”

Akarin looked at her watch and shook her head. “Thanks, Mirurun, but I should probably head home and make dinner. Keicchi’s probably home and really hungry. And besides, I wouldn’t want to interrupt you and Fuuchan tonight.”

“I see. Well, it was fun having another photoshoot with you. I heard our next one is going to be a cosplay photoshoot,” said Mirurun, with a smile.

Akarin smiled and said, “I’m looking forward to it. See you next time, Mirurun!”

“Bye-bye, Akarin!”

The two girls left the studio and went their separate ways. Akarin walked to the train station and took the train to the train station near her apartment. She walked over to her apartment and saw a girl with long hair sitting on the stairs leading to the apartment building door. She was wearing a white hoodie, black sweatpants, a black NY Yankees cap, and white high top sneakers. As soon as the girl saw Akarin, she ran over and gave Akarin a hug.

“Akarin! I can’t believe you’re actually here. I’ve really missed you.”

Akarin looked at the girl and couldn’t believe who she was staring at.

Her first love and now popular idol, Kishino Rika.
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Re: Deprived Ch. 2 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [9/3/15]
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SPOT! :on gay:

Thank God Chihiron was there to support her sister. :hehehe:

Though, Miru apologizing for Fuuchan's behaviour was priceless. :mon XD:

But then again, Rikanyan had to appear. Whyyyyy?!?!? :depressed:

This is going to be twisted! :frustrated:

Waiting for the next update, as always. :mon bye:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: Deprived Ch. 3 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [9/16/15]
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This has been a struggle to write, it seems. And Rena should be appearing in Chapter 4, which I hope will be much better and longer.

Chapter 3

While having dinner with Chihhii, Keicchi had received a text message from Matsui Rena.

Keicchi continued to stare at her phone as she debated whether or not to read the message. Her deep breathing and overall sudden nervousness caught the attention of her sister.

As if knowing something was wrong, Chihhii asked, “Is something wrong, Kei?”

Without hesitation, Keicchi said, “It’s her. It’s Rena. I got a text message from Rena.”

“So your girlfriend’s name is Rena, huh? What did she say?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know if I should read it.”

Seeing her sister as a frantic mess was a disturbing sight for Chihhii. She was so used to seeing such a composed and confident Kei. But seeing the scared and timid Kei was starting to irritate her. She quickly snatched the phone away from Kei’s hand and said, “No more of this Kei. I hate this Kei.”

Keicchi replied, “Give me back my phone, Chihiro!”

Ignoring her sister’s request, Chihhii opened and started reading the text message from Rena.

From: Rena
To: Kei

I think we have matters we need to discuss. Please meet me tomorrow night at 9PM at the art museum near the school.

I await your arrival.

After reading the text message out loud to her sister, Chihhii looked over to her sister and saw she had her face down on the dinner table. Chihhii slightly flicked the back of Keicchi’s head to get her attention.

Chihhii said, “See, she wants to see you again, Kei. Maybe you two will get back together. I certainly hope so.”

“You don’t know that. Maybe she wants to taunt me or introduce me to her new girlfriend.”

Chihhii thought for a second and shook her head. “I don’t know who this Rena is, but just from reading her text message, she doesn’t seem to the type to mess around with one’s feelings for the fun of it.”

Keicchi mulled it over and knew Chihhii was right. Rena had always been a very serious and straightforward person. If Rena requested Keicchi’s presence, it certainly wouldn’t be for something so petty at taunting.

While her sister was thinking, Chihhii went over to her sister and gave her a hug. “I’m rooting for you and Rena. You’ll be fine, Kei. I promise.”

Keicchi smiled and thanked her sister.

The two finished their meal in the restaurant and Keicchi walked Chihhii home. After parting from her sister, Keicchi took out her phone and replied to Rena’s text message.

From: Kei
To: Rena

I‘ll be there.

Keicchi pressed the send button and started her walk back to her apartment.


Kishino Rika. Nicknamed Rikanyan, she is one of the five members of the up and coming pop/rock idol group Orera based out of Tokyo. She was also Akarin’s ex-girlfriend who was forced to break up with Akarin nearly two years ago when she decided to become an idol. And now that same Kishino Rika was in front of Akarin’s apartment.

As Rikanyan continued to hug her ex-girlfriend, Akarin was still unable to say anything. She could sense so many different emotions swirling around in her.  Noticing an absence of words from Akarin, Rikanyan brought her face inches near Akarin and said, “Are you okay, Akari?”

“Umm… uhh… yeah, of course. Wait, how did you know where I lived? And what are you doing back here in Osaka?”

Rikanyan replied, “Some fancy radio show invited Orera for an interview earlier today. After finishing up, we stopped by Shimarena’s café and she mentioned you. I asked her for your address and asked my assistant to leave a note for you.”

“A note?”

Ignoring the question, Rikanyan said, “And I found some free time to come here. And here I am.”


Rikanyan frowned and said, “You don’t seem very thrilled to see me.”

Akarin shook her head. “Of course, I’m thrilled to see you. I’m just… completely lost right now. You’re actually here in front me right now. I feel like I must be dreaming.”

Rikanyan turned her frown into a smile and meekly said, “I’m glad.”

“Oh, why don’t you come inside? It’s getting pretty cold and dark outside now.”

Rikanyan nodded and the two headed inside the apartment building. When they arrived at Akarin’s apartment, Akarin inserted the key and opened the door to her apartment suite. The two entered the suite and Rikanyan sat down on the couch while Akarin entered the kitchen to grab some coffee for the two of them. After retrieving the coffee for both herself and Rikanyan, Akarin sat down on the couch, right next to Rikanyan.

After a bit of awkward silence, Akarin blurted out, “It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you.”

“Too long,” said Rikanyan. “Almost two years since we broke up.”

With her head down, Akarin responded, “Yeah… yeah…”

After another brief pause, Akarin finally asked, “So why are you back here now?”

“I just really wanted to see you. And with work as it is now, I knew this was my only shot to see you.” Rikanyan paused to take a breath. “You look so beautiful, Akari.”

Akarin could hear heart beating faster and faster. With her cheeks bright red, Akarin could only reply with a sheepish “Thank you.”

“Actually… I wanted you to know to something else.”

“What is it?”

“I’m thinking about quitting being an idol.”

Akarin gasped. She couldn’t believe that such a rising idol would want to quit so close to superstardom. “Why would you want to quit being an idol?”

Rikanyan replied simply with a kiss to Akarin’s lips. It took a moment for the kiss to register in Akarin’s mind, but after a few seconds, Akarin completely accepted Rikanyan’s kiss. Lips still interlocked, the two girls felt their way to Akarin’s bedroom. To get more comfortable, each removed articles of clothing from the other as the two continued to passionately kiss. After twenty minutes of making out, the two got under the covers of Akarin’s bed.

Suddenly, the door to Akarin’s bedroom opened. And Akarin’s apartment mate barged in and said, “Akari! Rena texted me and…”

Keicchi stopped her words at the sight of Rikanyan and Akarin under the covers of the bed. And those two girls were staring blankly right back at her.

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Re: Deprived Ch. 3 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [9/16/15]
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OMG. OMG. OMG!!!! What's wrong, Keicchi? :ding:

Rikanyan had to do that. Really. :depressed:

But dang! Rena and Kei are going to meet~! :mon inluv:

Waiting for Chapter 4! :mon bye:
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Re: Deprived Ch. 3 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [9/16/15]
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Aaaaand the plot thickens.

(I just wanna say that lol)

It's interesting to see how Keicchi will react to the scene of Rika and Akarin on the bed. It's not like she has a feeling for Akarin, right?
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Re: Deprived Ch. 3 (Matsui Rena x Jonishi Kei x Yoshida Akari) [9/16/15]
« Reply #11 on: September 18, 2015, 10:58:46 AM »
Aaah~ AkaKei pairing  :shy2:
They're are one of my favorite pairing but this is the first time i find their fanfic, I'm so glad  :nya:
But there are many obstruction  :( Akarin's one-sided-feeling, Rena as Keicchi's girlfriend, and Rikanyan as Akarin's ex-girlfriend  :fainted:
How this story will be? I'll wait for it! Please continue~   :onioncheer:

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After a long hiatus, I finally found some time to write some more of this story. Again, hoping it's not too awful.  :lol:

Chapter 4

Keicchi looked at the two girls in bed together. Her roommate Yoshida Akari and the idol Kishino Rika.

After about 30 seconds of quietly staring at the two girls, Keicchi ran out of Akarin’s room. Akarin chased after her, but Keicchi had run directly into her room and had locked the door. Akarin’s knocks and requests to talk were met with deafening silence. Akarin returned to her room and sat down on the edge of the bed. She sighed and reminisced of a scene strangely familiar to this one.


Keicchi reached the front steps of Akarin’s home just as the sun was setting. She had noticed that both cars were not in the driveway, which meant both of Akarin’s parents were away from work. Keicchi rang the doorbell and waited for Akarin to answer the door. After several minutes of waiting, Keicchi became impatient and started banging on the front door. The impact from Keicchi’s attack on the door knocked it full open and Keicchi cautiously walked inside.

“Akari, are you here?”

No response, but Keicchi heard some noises coming from the direction of Akarin’s room and decided to investigate. She arrived at Akarin’s room door and without warning, opened the door.

Keicchi held her hands to cover the gasp coming from her mouth. There in front of her was the sight of Rikanyan and Akarin under the covers of the bed. And those two girls were staring blankly right back at her.


After reminiscing for a bit, she felt a slight tap on her shoulder. She re-entered the bed and Rikanyan immediately went to give Akarin a comforting hug.

After hugging Akarin, Rikanyan went to kiss Akarin’s neck and asked, “Now, where were we?”

“But… Kei…”

“I know that was a little embarrassing for her to walk in on us, but she’ll be fine.” Rikanyan then brought in Akarin for a kiss on the lips. After seconds of kissing, Rikanyan parted her lips and said, “Let’s not our good time get wasted.” And the two spent the rest of the night enjoying themselves in Keicchi’s bed until they both fell asleep.

The next day, Akarin woke up before Rikanyan did. She looked over to the clock and the clock read 1PM. She snuck away from the bed and headed over to Keicchi’s room to apologize. But upon opening the door to Keicchi’s room, Akarin found no one inside.

Akarin sighed. “She must have left.”

Akarin took out her phone and texted a message to Keicchi.

From: Akari
To: Kei

I’m so sorry about last night. We should talk. Please give me a call back when you can.

After finishing her text, Akarin noticed that she had a missed call. She opened the missed calls folder and found that Mirurun had called her earlier this morning. She decided to call Mirurun back.


“Hey Mirurun, it’s Akarin. You called me earlier?”

“Oh, hey Akarin! Oh yeah, I called to see if you were busy tonight.”

Akarin remembered that Rikanyan had to do another Orera radio show tonight and Akarin had nothing planned for the night. “I’m free tonight. What’s up?”

“There’s gonna be a new art exhibition at the museum tonight. One of my friend’s paintings is gonna be displayed there. Fuuchan’s busy tonight, so I was wondering if you wanted to go with me.”

“Sure, I’d love to.”

“Awesome. I’ll meet you at the museum at 9PM. See you there, Akarin. Bye.”

After the call ended, Akarin returned to her room and woke up Rikanyan so she could get ready to leave to her hotel room to prepare for her radio show later that night.


Hearing the sound of cooking in the distance, Keicchi awoke from her slumber. She looked around at her surroundings and remembered that she had decided to spend the night at her half-sister’s apartment. She was all cozied up in Chihhii’s pink bed with the warmest blanket she had ever felt in her life. Just as she was feeling comfortable, the door to the room opened.

“Ah, you’re awake, sis.”

Keicchi nodded. “Yeah. I had a wonderful night of sleep. Thanks for letting me stay here for night.”

“No problem, sis. How about we have breakfast now? I made us some pancakes.”

“Pancakes!? You’re the best, Chihiro.”

Keicchi followed Chihiro into the kitchen and they both sat down to eat some pancakes. Keicchi took the first bite of her pancake and cherished the sweet taste in her mouth.

With a smile on her face, Keicchi said, “Your pancakes are always the best, Chihiro.”

“Thanks, sis,” replied Chihhii. Chihhii wasn’t sure why Keicchi needed a place to stay for the night, but she was just happy to help out her sister. And she was really happy to see her sister smile.

After breakfast was over, Chihhii asked, “Kei, are you doing anything until meeting Rena later tonight? We could go shopping, if you like.”

Keicchi replied, “I’d like that. Gotta find something to wear to impress Rena.”

And the two left to go shopping.

After dropping off Rikanyan at the radio station, Akarin walked over to the museum entrance where Mirurun was waiting. Akarin was wearing a short, red dress while Mirurun was wearing a beautiful, long, white dress

“Looking good, Mirurun.”

“As are you, Akarin. You ready? I want you to meet my friends.”

“Sure. Let’s go.”

The two entered the museum and looked around the many paintings and other art pieces. Eventually, they arrived at the newest art exhibit. Two girls immediately recognized Mirurun and went up to hug here.

“Maokyun, Yukistun, you’re here.”

“Happy to see you, Mirurun,” said the long-haired girl.

“Yeah, really glad you could make it for my art debut,” said the girl in sailor uniform cosplay.

Mirurun smiled and said to them, “Oh, this is my model friend, Yoshida Akari. You can call her Akarin.” Looking back at Akarin, she said, “The girl on the left in the sailor uniform is Mita Mao. She’s the artist whose paintings are on display tonight. And the girl on the right is Azuma Yuki. She’s a photographer for several different magazines.”

“Nice to meet you two,” said Akarin.

“Likewise. Wow, you’re so pretty,” said Maokyun.

Akarin blushed and said, “Thank you so much.”

Suddenly, Yukistun pointed at a girl over at from the distance, “Hey, is that Matsui Rena!?”

“The famous actress, Matsui Rena?” asked Maokyun. Maokyun and the others looked over at where Yukistun was pointing.

Akarin looked over and confirmed her identity. Akarin sighed. “Yep, that would be Matsui Rena.” With the driest of sarcasm, Akarin went on, “Well, this is gonna be a fun night.”

Yukistun asked, “You know Matsui Rena?”

Akarin replied, “Unfortunately. Let’s just say we don’t have the greatest history together.”

Mirurun interrupted, “Hey, isn’t that… Keicchi?”

Akarin focused her sights at Rena holding hands with Keicchi as the two were looking around at different art pieces.


After finishing her shopping with Chihhii, the two returned to Chihhii’s apartment. Chihhii helped Keicchi do her makeup and hair and Keicchi tried on her new blue dress.

After thanking Chihhii for her help, Chihhii left for the museum. She had decided to arrive half an hour early as she knew Rena was always high up on punctuality. She went inside the museum and walked around by herself for a bit. While she looking deeply at a painting, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and caught sight of the person of the source of her greatest pleasure and her greatest pain: Matsui Rena.

“You are early, Kei.”

“Yeah, I knew you were always such a stickler for punctuality.”

Rena smiled and said, “Indeed.”

Keicchi could feel her heartbeat rising and rising, but she tried her best to keep her composure up. “You look amazing, Rena.”

“Thank you. As do you.”

Keicchi smiled. “I could never look as amazing as you are though, Rena.”

“You were always so good as flattering people, Kei.”

“I don’t think it’s really called flattering if the statement is true.”

Rena laughed, which Keicchi was not expecting. “I miss this.”

Keicchi stared at Rena and said, “Really?”

“Really. I always enjoyed our conversations together.”

“Then why… why… did you break up with me?” Keicchi couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. Seeing and hearing Rena brought about a multitude of feelings and emotions in Keicchi.

“About that… I believed I may have made a mistake.”

Wiping tears from her eyes, Keicchi asked, “Has Matsui Rena ever made a mistake before?”

“Yes, Jonishi Kei. Despite the rarity of its occurrence, even I make mistakes. I failed to factor in how much I would miss you.”

“You missed me?”

“Very much so. More than I thought I would. And I was hoping to be able to rectify my mistake here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am hoping you would take me back as your girlfriend, Jonishi Kei.”

“Of course, I would love nothing more. I love you, Rena.”

“And I love you, Kei.”

And the two kissed with all the passion that Keicchi felt she had been missing lately. And Keicchi could feel her heart being healed. And after the kiss, the two decided to spend their reunion as a couple together looking at all the museum art pieces, hand in hand.

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Don't worry, this is great!! Thanks for updating this again; it's hard to find such well written and cute stories like this. I hope you continue this fanfic  :twothumbs

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 HOLEE SHCHIIT! I didn't notice that you updated, or I was so busy that time. :depressed:

Rena and Kei back together, eh? D'aaaaaw~ :mon inluv:

Though the problem is, how about Akarin? :glasses:

Interesting as usual! Pls update soon! :frustrated:

Waiting for your update! :mon bye:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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