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Author Topic: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 13] UPDATE!  (Read 7491 times)

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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 9]
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Update!!! Sorry for the wait..
Thanks for the comment kuro_black29 san :) here's the answer for your question... Hahaha
This is pretty long compared to other chapters.
Hope you like it.. Enjoy!!


"Cheer up Milky." Mayu said when she saw her friend sighing since morning.
"How can i cheer up Mayu. It's been 2 days Sayaka doesn't go to school." Miyuki looked down.
"Isn't it good? She's going to kill you Milky." Mayu whispered the last part so no one could hear them.
Miyuki just kept quiet.
"How can you still like her after you know the truth? You're crazy Milky."
"She's not that bad like you think she is."
"How can you be so sure.. You just met her, haven't even a year Milky." Mayu started to frustated. She just couldn't understand her friend's thought.
"I just know okay? I can feel deep down she is a kind and gentle person. She just hides it for some reasons."
"Really.. I can't understand how you think Milky. I just can pray for your safety. You won't listen to me if it's about her right?"
Miyuki grinned. "I promise you i will be fine."
"Alright alright.. Don't do anything stupid okay?" Miyuki nodded.

'Sorry Mayuyu but i need to hear directly from Sayaka her reason to kill me.'

Miyuki looked down at Sayaka's address which she got after lots of trouble.


After lied to Mayu that she had to go with her mom, Miyuki went straight to the address she got earlier.
"This is where she should be. Please be right." Miyuki press the bell button.
Not long after the door was opened and there she was.
Seeing Miyuki was the one outside her house Sayaka was ready to close the door.
"Wait! Sayanee.." Miyuki stopped the door right before it completely closed.
"What do you want?" Sayaka stopped but still not giving any sign for Miyuki to come in.
"How's your wound?"
"You come here just to ask me that? And how in the hell do you get my address? Just go if you don't need anything from me."
"Wait!" Miyuki stopped the door again. "I need to make sure something important. Please let me talk to you." Sayaka just kept quiet. "It won't be long. Please..."
#sigh "Alright. Keep your promise." Sayaka finally opened her door to let Miyuki in.
"Thank you."

'Wooaaah.. It's the first time i come to Sayaka's house.. The house and its' owner match really well.'

"What do you want to know?" Sayaka sat at the sofa waiting for Miyuki.
"Ah right. Sorry i'm to amazed by your home. It really match you well." Seeing no answers Miyuki knew she must ask her questions now or never.

Miyuki cleared her throat. "Ehmm.. You are.. A sweeper right?"
"How can you..." Sayaka surprised by what she just heard. How can Miyuki know who she was.
"You didn't hide your mind properly these day. Mayu hears you. She told me just now." Miyuki told her.
"Tch.. Screw me. It must be because i think too much." Sayaka looked at Miyuki and smirked then walked toward her. "So you know about my hate for your power and that you will be killed by me soon? There's no need for me to hide it anymore." Sayaka kept walking that made Miyuki backed away until she was stopped by the wall behind her. She pinned Miyuki to the wall pissed off. "Can you still saying that you like me now?"
"I'll always like you no matter who you are." Miyuki's answer made Sayaka boiled up. How could be an idiot as stupid as Miyuki.
"Are you dumb or something? And you still come here even though you know i'm going to kill you!"
Miyuki looked at Sayaka and smiled. "I know i'm stupid.. But i want to believe you won't kill me."
Sayaka chuckled. "I can't believe it.. You know.. Our condition now really makes my job easier.. We're alone here. I can kill you any second."
"But i believe in you.. You won't kill me." Miyuki said made Sayaka more pissed off.
Sayaka grabbed Miyuki's collar. "You really pissed me off Miyuki! Why are you so sure i won't kill you! How can you said you like me when you know i'll kill you! Huh!? Tell me!"
"Because you're just like me Sayaka.. You always hide your true self." Sayaka loosen her grab.
"You know.. My parents never care for me. I hardly see them. In their minds are just money and money. I always left alone at home just with maids... And so to make myself better and hide my sadness i always act cheerful outside. It feels like if i didn't do this i would never taste happiness.. I feel the same things from you. Your cold and rude attitudes are just acting. You do this just to run away from your sadness." Sayaka looked down.
"Let me help you Sayaka. You don't need to bear these all alone."
"What do you know about me?! Because Special like you my parents died. Because your power exists i lost my family.. I will never see them anymore..." Sayaka tighthen her grip on Miyuki's collar.
Miyuki closed her eyes waiting for what she would get next. Instead of pain she could feel Sayaka loosen her grab.
"Gah.. Forget it. I won't do anything to you now. Just go away." Sayaka let Miyuki go and then walked to another room.
"Wait! Sayanee.." Miyuki called which made Sayaka stopped and looked back.
"Please.. At least tell me your reason to be like this. What had happened?"
"Then what? What will you do after that? Huh?" Sayaka walked back to Miyuki.
"You can do whatever you want to me. If that really can help you if i die then so be it." Miyuki said.
"Hmpphh.. You're the most idiot girl i ever met.." Sayaka smirked.
Miyuki just kept quiet and looked really serious about it.
"If you really said so don't regret it later.." Sayaka said looking at Miyuki's seriousness.
Sayaka let Miyuki go and went to her sofa.

"It all started 8 years ago.. I remember clearly every details that happened at that time. It was Sunday and my birthday. It should be the best day of my life because my parents promised me we would go to a zoo to celebrate my birthday. I was so happy until i couldn't sleep so I woke up early and helped my mom to prepare for our lunch. Everything was perfect, we saw so many cute animals, ate lunch my mom and i prepared, it was the best birthday ever and i felt like i will never forget that day. It's true that i never can forget that day.. But in different way.. The happy memories i got since morning were all ruined in just some minutes..."

8 years ago..
"Sayaka.. It's getting dark. Let's go home.." Sayaka's mom said.
"But mommy.. I still don't want to go home." Little Sayaka whined.
"Let's go home now Sayaka. You have school tommorow right? I promise we will go here again together. Okay?" Sayaka's dad persuaded her.
"Mou.. Okay then.. But you really promise to come back here right?" Sayaka asked while pouting cutely.
"Of course.. Come on." Sayaka's dad picked Sayaka up and then the three of them walked home.

On the way home..
"Mommy daddy i want to walk pass the park." Sayaka said still on her father's embrace.
"But it's night already Sayaka. No one's there." Sayaka's mom said.
"Just this one time.. Please.. Please.. Please.." Sayaka used her cuteness to lure her parents.
#sigh Sayaka's dad smiled. "Okay then.. Let's go.."
"Is it really okay honey? Isn't it too dangerous?" Sayaka's mom asked worried.
"It's okay.. I'm here so you all are safe." Sayaka's dad reassured.

The family walked together pass the quiet park. When they were about to reach the exit suddenly someone stopped them from their track.
"Give me all your belongings or i'll kill you!" A man holding a knife said threatening.
Sayaka's dad put Sayaka down and so her mom held her hand tightly.
"Mommy? Daddy?" Sayaka called them scared.
"It's okay Sayaka.. We will be fine." Sayaka's dad patted her head and then nodded reassure his wife.
He stood in front of his family. "I'll give you what you want but please let us go after that."
"Okay.. Now come here and bring them. Quickly!"
Sayaka's dad walked to the robber, brought what he asked carefully.
"That's all we have. We can go now right?" Sayaka's dad asked.
The robber smirked and then disappeared made the three of them surprised.
"Where is he gone suddenly?" Sayaka's mom asked.
"You think i'll let you go after you see my face? Stupid.." A voice was heard but they couldn't find the source of the voice.
"Please.. At least let my wife and daughter go." Sayaka's dad said an tried to protect his family.
"Then you will be dead first." Suddenly the robber appeared in front of Sayaka's dad and then stabbed him over and over again.
Sayaka's mom screamed.
"Daddy!!" Sayaka screamed.
"I hate your heroic act. You will watch me helplessly while i'm killing your beloved family."
"R-run." Sayaka's dad said.
Hear that from her husband Sayaka's mom ran still holding her daughter
"No you won't." Then the robber disappeared again.
The robber suddenly stood in front of them made them stopped.
He stabbed Sayaka's mom many times. Sayaka couldn't do anything due to shock.
After he satisfied stabbing Sayaka's mom he looked at Sayaka smirking made Sayaka fell down trembling.
The robber grabbed Sayaka and Sayaka's mom and then dragged them to where Sayaka's dad lied helplessly.
"They're still alive little girl. At least to watch their daughter died." The robber laughed.
When he was about to stab Sayaka police siren was heard.
"Shit." The robber stopped. "You're lucky little girl. I really want to kill you. But we won't meet again. You will never can find me so don't even try. Thanks to my invicible power those police will never can catch me either. See ya girl." After that the robber disappeared.
Sayaka looked at her parents and started to cry. "Mommy daddy..." She came to them. Her mom and dad touched their daughter cheeks softly.
"W-we love y-you Sayaka." Sayaka's dad said.
"Be a good girl okay?" Sayaka's mom said.
Their hands fell down.
"Mommy? Daddy?" Sayaka shook their body but got no respons.
"Mommy! Daddy!"

Back to present..
"After that the police came. When they came my parent were already died. Because i was the only one there i was interrogated. I told them everything about the robber power and all but no one believed me. They thought i've gone crazy and so they frequently sent doctors to my room. And when i was being held at the police station for weeks, that robber was still roaming outside killing other people. Police really are useless. He wasn't bluffing. Police really never could catch him. If just i had become a Sweeper back then. This would never been happened." Sayaka looked down.
"... H-how can you became a Sweeper then?"

"Morning kid.." Suddenly a man came in to Sayaka's room.
"What do you want?" Sayaka just sat while hugging her knees on her bed.
"I know the person you're saying. I'll help you out." That mysterious man told Sayaka.
"Liar.. You're just another doctors whom sent here because they think i'm crazy."
"No i'm not. I know what he is. Why does he have that invicible power. He's not the only one with powers like that though."
Sayaka just kept quiet looking at him. Thinking if she really can believe this man or not.
"I know you still can't believe me now. But if you follow me you won't regret it for sure. I really can help you find and take revenge on him... If you believe me feel free to follow me." Then the man went out from the room and without much thinking Sayaka followed him out from her room. She didn't have any choice since no one believed her.

That night they found the robber immediately. He was killing another family when Sayaka and the man found him.
"He is insane. For how many more people must die because of him?" Sayaka said disgusted by the psycho robber.
Heard familiar voice the robber looked aside and found Sayaka and a man looking at him. "Ah look who is here. Long time no see little girl." The robber greeted Sayaka. "Who is that man? You bring another prey for me to kill? So nice of you.." The robber chuckled.
"Just like my informant said you're so full of yourself. It's pissing me off." The man said.
"Lot of people told me that but no one could do anything though. You know why? Because i have this." The robber disappeared and appeared again in a second. "So.. What will you do?" The robber put his hands into his pockets and looked down at the man.
The man pointed a gun to the robber. "Of course i will kill you, you stupid Special."
The robber laughed. "You think you can kill me with that?"
The man smirked.
"Okay then. If you really sure try it. After that it's my turn to tear you apart." Then the robber disappeared again from the sight.
The man just closed his eyes with his gun on his side. All Sayaka did just watched what would the man did. Suddenly he pointed his gun and fired several times to empty air for Sayaka's eyes.
Slowly the robber body was appearing drenched in blood but still to healthy to die soon.
"Ho-how can you k-know where i w-was?" The robber asked trying hard to move.
"Don't underestimate Sweepers. You're nothing hard to kill for us."
"Sw-sweeper? T-the rumour is r-real?! Pl-please do-don't kill me. I will change. Please.."
"It's not me to decide. Sayaka.." The man gave Sayaka who just watched the whole time the gun.
"Wh-what is this gun for? Don't tell me..." Sayaka took aback.
"Take your revenge for your parents' sake. Can you accept how your parents died by him?"
Sayaka looked at the robber. Just looking at his face made Sayaka mad and wanted to kill him.
Sayaka took the gun from the man's hand.
"How could you let him go after what he did." The man smirked. "You can do this Sayaka."
Sayaka walked to the robber with gun on her hand.
"Please spare me girl. I'm sorry for what i did. Please." The robber begged.
"Did you her my parents begging you? Why i must let you live when you killed my parents?" Sayaka pointed the gun to the robber head. Her hands were shaking really hard but she tried hard to endure it. And then..
The robber lied lifelessly with blood all over him. Sayaka looked at the man.

Back to present..
"President told me everything about the Sweeper and Special stuff. After i heard all of that i decided to become a Sweeper too. He adopted me and raised me. He teached me himself how to become a Sweeper. I promised myself to kill every invicible user by my own hands. And so since that day i live my life killing Specials one by one."
"..." Miyuki looked down and kept quiet.
"So now it's my time to kill you too. Specials like you shouldn't have live. I've told you everything. So..." Sayaka pushed Miyuki to the sofa and put her knife in front of Miyuki's throat.
"Sayaka you stupid!" Miyuki looked at Sayaka's eyes. "You knew killing him was useless but you still tainted your hands because of him! How idiot are you!"
"Shut up!" Sayaka pushed Miyuki harder. "What do you know about me?! You never know how it feel to see your parents murdered."
"Yeah you might be right about that but what i know is killing people won't make anything better. Your parents must not want all of this happen."
"Then what must i do? Must i just let him go? President was the only one who believed and helped me figured out what i must do! If you really want to help me you should have come at that time not now!"
"Just shut your fucking mouth up!" Sayaka pushed Miyuki harder and ready to cut Miyuki's throat.
Miyuki closed her eyes waited to feel the pain.

"I was scared." Sayaka put her knife down and so Miyuki opened her eyes. "I was scared he would kill me too after i went out from police station... When i found that robber and he was so helpless all i could think was that if i get rid of him i won't be scared anymore. I know i was just a stupid coward. I've known from long ago that killing Specials are stupid."
Sayaka fell down beside Miyuki and cried. "It's too late to help me now Miyuki.. I've drowned into this world top deep and too long."
Miyuki hugged Sayaka. "No.. It's not too late. I'm sorry i couldn't help you at that time. That's why i will help you now. Please let me help you Sayaka."
"But what must i do? All i know is this kind of life."
Miyuki made Sayaka looked at her and swiped her tears away with her thumbs. "Don't kill anymore. Let's do things like any other girls do. I'll always be with you."
"Yeah of course. I promise."
"....I'm sorry.. For everything." Sayaka let Miyuki hugged her and felt more calm by it.


Finally Sayaka's past revealed.. Other characters' past will be revealed too soon.
Who will be the next huh?? Try to guess it.. Hehehehee~~
Thanks for reading.. :D

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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 9]
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Next...hmmm... Jurina and rena past XD

Omg, hope that sayanee and milky will be together in the end...I mean happy ending
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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 9]
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Nice turn of events. Finally! SayaMilky is together!  :love:
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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 9]
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congratulations to sayamilky :twothumbs

Thanks for update author-san :bow:
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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 9]
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I want jurirena ..
Thanks author-san
 for update

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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 9]
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I want jurirena ..
Thanks author-san
 for update

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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 10]
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Thank you for reading and leave comments @qweakb @phoenix0i @The Ray and @purnamazaki :)
Next will be a little bit of Jurina and Rena past to be revealed.. Just like qweakb san guess..
Please enjoy chapter 10... :)


Sayaka walked passing the school yard alone with some bruises on her. Not long after that a girl caught her up made everyone put their attention on the two girls.
"Sayanee.. Wait for me.." Miyuki clung toward Sayaka. That's not a shocking news for everyone in school. What made them shock was that Sayaka didn't resist Miyuki like usual.

"Hey hey hey. Look. Watanabe san and that trasfer student."
Girls pointed at them and started gossiping.
"What happen? Why that transfer student doesn't resist Watanabe san like usual?"
"I heard Watanabe san saved her from bullying yesterday."
"Are they dating now?"

"You're popular now Sayanee." Miyuki talked to Sayaka still clinging.
"It's your fault. I don't want to be popular. It's annoying. Beside i'm popular because they hate me."
"I'll make them love you too."
"What will you do?"
"I'll just bribe them with my cuteness to love you too."
"Hahaha.. I don't need that Miyuki. Beside they will just be nice to me in front of you."
For the first time Miyuki saw Sayaka laughing. Not just Miyuki but everyone around them witnessed it too.
"Aww you're so cute Sayanee." Miyuki ruffled Sayaka's hair.
"You're messing up my hair Miyuki." Sayaka pouted while fixing up her hair.
"You're really cute. I love you much more." Miyuki hugged Sayaka.

"That idiot.. How can she is swayed by her own prey?" Jurina watched the couple while drinking her milk and leaning to the barrier fence. She witnessed everything from the rooftop.
#sigh "I should have just kill that invicible girl from the very start. I found her first before Sayaka did. Look at what happen now when i tried to respect her."
"Ah shit.. I run out of milk." Jurina pissed off when she couldn't get any milk left inside the box.

"You really are a kid. Piss off just because you run out of milk."
Jurina turned around. "Shut up Nezumi."
Nezumi chuckled.
"I see you get out more frequently now." Jurina said.
"Mayu is stupid still not aware of my existance."
"But if you get out too frequently without important matters she will find out really soon."
"It's okay.. You know.. Last time Rena found out just in 2 days after i first took control. She's the fastest so far."
"Don't talk like you know Rena chan that well. It really piss me off."
"See? You're really a kid with bad temper. But that's what make me like you."
"Tch.. Just go straight to the point.. What do you want?"
"We got a job tonight. Be ready at 10. Don't be late!"
"Yeah yeah.. I won't. That's all right? Good bye." Jurina walked away.
"Hey i just get here. At least accompany me a little more."
"I can't stand be near you for too long. I don't know when i can't hold myself not to kill you." Jurina stopped and looked back a bit then left Nezumi there alone.
"Hahaha.. That kid really needs to learn how to respect older people. It's time to go back."
Nezumi closed her eyes then in a mere second the look in her eyes changed.

"Huh? Where am i? I'm suddenly in other place without i know again. These past days it's getting more frequently. Maybe i must tell senpai about this."

Jurina walked home alone after the school ended. She was going to prepare her equipment for tonight hunting. She was whistling and ran a little while sightseeing her surrounding. She always shew her cheerful image outside.
"Good evening Mrs. Tanaka. How is your flower shop?" Jurina greeted one of her neighboors.
"Oh Jurina chan... Today is a great day. How's your school? Any interesting story?"
"Gah.. Just another boring lessons." They laughed together. "Ow.. It's already this late. I must go now. Bye Mrs. Tanaka." Jurina waved.
"Be safe Jurina.."

Jurina continued her walk till she saw something or you could say someone unexpectedly not really far from her.
".. Rena chan?"
Jurina ran chasing after Rena. But because the street was busy she could barely see where Rena went. Until in the end she lost her completely.
"Where is she? That's really Rena chan right?"

"Hi.. I'm Jurina. You must be Rena chan right? Nice to meet you.." Jurina grinned to her new sister.
"Rena.. From today on she will be your little sister. Be nice to her okay?" Rena's dad told her daughter.
The shy little girl just nodded and looked at Jurina blankly.
"Please take care of her Jurina chan. She's a little bit too shy toward new people." Rena's mom sighed, trying to made Rena be more welcome to Jurina.
"Leave it to me Mrs Matsui. I'm sure we will get along well."
"What's with Mrs. Matsui?? Call us mom and dad.." Rena's mom told Jurina.
"Yes Jurina chan.. You're our daughter." Rena's dad jointed in.
"Hehehe.. Okay mom dad.." Jurina said being shy.
"I'll take Rena chan then. See you later mom dad." Jurina grabbed Rena's hand and dragged her along. "Let's go Rena chan.."

"...rina.. Jurina.. Hey! Jurina!"
"Ah yes.. You don't need to yell Nezumi."
"I won't yell at you if you're really listening to me. What happened with you?"
"It's nothing. Let's just finish this quickly and then i can go home." Jurina couldn't stop thingking about Rena. She was so sure the girl she saw before was Rena. But how could she find her again?

"There's something bothering you. You're different than usual." Nezumi suddenly said after they finished their job tonight.
"What? Like i said.. It's nothing."
"You really can't lie Jurina chan.. You're thinking about something. Hmmm.. Let me guess.. Matsui Rena right?"
"Shut up Nezumi. It's not your bussiness."
"Too much privacy although we're partner." Nezumi acted hurt.
"I never want to be your partner in the first place."
"Hah.. I hate this side of you.."
"Just leave me alone! Tell me who you want to kill and Rena chan is save. That's all."
"Alright alright i won't bother you anymore." Finally Nezumi gave up, or not?
"I'm going now." Jurina walked away without looking back even a bit.

"Hmm.. This might be even more interesting now.." Nezumi chuckled.

#sigh "It's rude not to greet your old friend properly Oshima san. Furthermore you eavesdroping too."
"Your sense is good like usual. But sorry.. I never consider you as my friend."
"Ah too bad.. I like you though."
"Can't imagine that girl is the new assassin."
"Ah you mean Jurina? She's pretty dependable right? After Sayaka becomes useless now. How is it? Finding out your own sister is becoming your biggest enemy?"
"I'll just find a way to drag you out from Mayu."
"Unfortunately it's impossible without my own will."
"I'll just need to use force a bit." In instant Yuko was right in front of Nezumi ready to punch her. Having a good reflex Nezumi dodged the punch and middle kicked Yuko on her side.
"You want to drag me out from this body with that ability? You sure have a big mouth."
"And you sure are so full of yourself."
Suddenly without Nezumi knew she had already felt sting on her left cheek.
Nezumi chuckled. "You're improving since the last time we met Oshima san."
Nezumi gave Yuko a hook punch but Yuko ducked it perfectly and then she kicked Nezumi from below aiming for her chin.
"Strike.." Yuko smirked.
"Not bad.." Nezumi spat blood. "You don't hesitate even a little although this is your sister body. How cold are you."
"Your appearence might be Mayu but you're still not her. I can apologize to her after you die."
"Since when you become this aggresive?"
"And you're calmer now after becoming Nezumi."
"I'm tired of Gekikara's like brutal behaviour. It's more convenience this way. Don't you want to know how's Haruna doing now?
"She has nothing to do with me."
"You lose your composure a bit." Nezumi laughed. "It's time for me to go. Inform your sister about me and Jurina. I don't understand how can she still not noticing me. Oh.. And i can't wait to see how will you drag me out from this body. See ya.." Nezumi waved and in a sec her body fell on the ground.

"Nee chan.." Mayu opened her eyes for a sec and then unconcious again.

"Ugh.. My head is hurt."
"Mayu.. Are you okay?"
"Senpai.." Mayu saw Yuki rushed to her side. "I saw Yuko nee chan. She's talking with me. No.. That's not me. There's someone inside of me. And i can feel she is dangerous." Mayu held her head trying to sit.
"Mayu... Let's just forget about her now. You need more rest." Yuki tried to make Mayu lied down again.
"You know about her already. I'm sure nee chan knows about her too right? Why do you never tell me?"
"Yuko san told me not to tell you yet."
"Explain to me about everything you know. I need to know senpai." Mayu shew determination which couldn't be resist by Yuki.
"Alright.. I'll tell you now. But promise me you will take a rest after that."
"Okay okay i get that."


Jurina sees Rena, Mayu knows Nezumi existance, Yuko starts to show herself in front of Sweepers.
What will happen to everyone next??
Please wait for the update!! :D
Thank you very much!!
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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 10]
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Wao.. I did not expected to guess correctly.. Hahaha

Er... Mayu try to talk with nezumi? Or take control? 
Er... Jurina meet rena gain? Kojiyuu meet? Hahaha.. I Don know XD
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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 11]
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I think you must be confused a bit by wmatsui part.. The scene where Jurina introduce herself to Rena is actually Jurina remembering her past. I'm sorry i forget to italic that part.. Hehehe.. :D
@qweakb : thank you for reading.. :) actually Mayu just know there is Nezumi in her, she haven't talked or trying to take control. For wmatsui i think my mistake i just explain above is the one that makes you confused. Hehehehe.. Jurina just saw Rena on the street but she lost her again. And Kojiyuu haven't met. Yuko just show up in front of Nezumi.. They will neet soon though. :)
Not need anymore words here's chapter 11....


A girl was seen sitting alone under a tree eating her lunch. Dispite it was lunch time with chitchat and laughter everywhere she chose to be alone.
"Rena chan..."
"Ju-jurina?? What are you doing here?"
"Hehehe.. I want to eat lunch with you.." Jurina answered while sitting beside Rena then opened her bento.
Seeing her sister Rena just smiled and then opened her bento too.
"Do you always eat lunch here?" Rena just nodded while ate her bento.
"Why don't you eat with your friends?"
"Quiet place is better. It's just too noisy out there. And why don't you eat with your friends too?"
"Because i like being with Rena chan. You're much more fun than my classmate." Jurina grinned.
Somehow Rena blushed hearing what Jurina said. She tried to hide it by continue eating her bento again.

Since that day Jurina came to that place frequently. The two of them ate lunch together almost everyday. At first they ate quietly just sometimes Jurina said something and Rena answered it. But as time went by they became closer and closer thanks to Jurina persistent.
Jurina started to discover that Rena was not that quiet actually. And Rena found out that dispite of Jurina's mature side she also had childish side too which also, she just shew in front of Rena.
"You know what Rena chan? It's the first time i see you laugh after i become your sister for 2 months. I love your laugh. You're much better with a smile."
"Mou.. Stop it Jurina.. You're always praising me."
"Why don't you show this side of you to others?"
"... I don't know but i can't. But somehow i feel like i can do anything when i'm with you."
"It's good to hear that." Jurina said looking straight into Rena's eyes. For some seconds they're just keep staring at each other.
"Ah... Lunch really makes you sleepy." Jurina broke the silence. "Let me take a nap on your shoulder." She moved closer and then closed her eyes.


"Matsui san... Matsui Jurina!"
"Ah hai sensei!"
"Is there anything more interesting out there than my lesson?"
"Ah no sensei. I'm sorry."
"Although you always get good marks don't mean you don't need to lis..."
#ring the bell went off
"Alright today lesson is over. Don't forget to make your homework."
The teacher went out and everyone went out from the class to go home.
"You're saved by the bell Jurina.."
"Gah.. That Matsumoto sensei really tick me off."
"What were you thinking made you that drown in your thought like that?"
"Nah.. It's nothing Kanon. I was just spacing out."
"Is it your sister again?"
Jurina just kept quiet looked aside. Her best friend got it right. It's true that Jurina always told Kanon about Rena. That's why she could easily guess it.
"I know it. What happened? What makes you spacing out often like now?"
"... I saw her.."
"Really?? Where? How is she?"
"I don't know.. I lost her and i haven't seen her again after that day." Jurina looked down.
"Don't be so down Jurina. You will meet her again soon. I'm sure of it." Kanon patted Jurina's back comforting her friend.
"Thanks Non.." Jurina smiled bitterly.
"Let's go home."

#phone ringing
"Yuki. It's me Yuko."
"Yuko san. Where are you now?"
"I still can't meet you guys now. I'm in the middle of investigating lots of things. Ah right i have something to tell you."
"Yuko san.. Mayu has known it."
"Huh? About what?"
"Nezumi... She can feel Nezumi inside her. I told her everything we know."
#sigh "It's time already. I know we can't keep it a secret from her forever. Please take care of her Yuki."
"You can leave it to me Yuko san. I'll protect her no matter what."
"Thanks Yuki."
"Oh right. What did you want to tell me?"
"Ah.. Be careful of Matsui Jurina. She is the new assassin."
"What?! You mean Matsui Jurina from our school? Are you sure?"
"Yes. I saw her talking with Nezumi that day. Be careful Yuki. I'll search about her more."
"I can't believe it. Now i'm understand why she's so clingy to Mayu. Thanks for the info Yuko san. I'll tell Mayu as soon as possible. Please come back soon Yuko san."
"Yeah. I will. I'll go now then."
"Okay. Take care."

Sayaka leaned to the hand rail looking down to the yard from rooftop. She enjoyed the wind and quietness up there. It had been a while since the last time she felt peace inside. Since that accident all in her mind was killing Specials.
"I know you're there Miyuki. You don't have to hide yourself." Sayaka suddenly spoke up.
"I don't make any sound. How can you know i'm here??" Miyuki finally shew herself and walked to Sayaka.
"I can feel invicible users presents so whenever they become invicible i still know where they are." Sayaka turned around to Miyuki.
Miyuki surprised by what Sayaka just said. "You said.. You can feel.."
Sayaka chuckled seeing how funny Miyuki's shock face was. "Yes i know everytime you stalk me Miyuki. I just pretend i don't know. I can't believe it, you even followed me once when i was taking a bath. Pervert." Sayaka chuckled.
In a flash Miyuki's face was as red as a tomato. "What.. So embarassing.. I don't think i can face her anymore." Miyuki looked aside and whispered to herself.
"You're so cute when you're blushing Miyuki. That's what make me like you." Sayaka said suddenly made Miyuki blushed even more.
"..." Miyuki looked at Sayaka for seconds didn't say anything. Sayaka was just kept smiling waiting for Miyuki to say something.
"Ehh... I.. I.. Too... You.." Miyuki couldn't said anything made Sayaka laughed.
"What are you saying Miyuki? You must see your own face.. It's so funny." Sayaka laughed harder.
"Mou Sayanee.. Stop making fun of me.." Miyuki pouted.
Sayaka stopped laughing. "Hah.. Thank you Miyuki.. Thanks for giving me a normal life." Sayaka patted Miyuki's head made Miyuki blushed again and again.
"Today you keep blushing over and over again Miyuki." Sayaka teased Miyuki again.
"You're so mean Sayaka.." Miyuki whined and punched Sayaka lightly, Sayaka laughed again.
"Thank you for believing me too Sayaka."
Sayaka stopped laughing. They just kept staring at each other for some seconds. Without they realised the gap between them was decreasing each second. When their lips just milimeters away...
#brak the door burst opened
In instant the two of them moved back.
Miyuki looked at the door. "Ma-mayu? What a-are you doing here?"
"Yamamoto Sayaka.. Answer me honestly. You've met me before right? I mean the other me. You know about it since the first time we met right?"
Sayaka was too shock to answer Mayu. She didn't expect Mayu to have realised about Nezumi.
"What do you mean Mayu? What's this all about?" Miyuki couldn't catch up with the conversation.
"Yeah you're right. I've met Nezumi before i came here." Sayaka finally answered.
"Is she really on the Sweepers side?" Sayaka nodded.
"This is all a lie." Mayu crouched down. "All this time i search for that betrayer and in the end she is in myself. What must i do now..."
"Mayu.." Miyuki came closer to her friend. "Can you tell me what really happen?"
"Milky..." Mayu hugged Miyuki crying.
After Mayu calmed down she told Miyuki everything. On the side Sayaka just could sit quietly watched the two friend.

"I'm sorry Watanabe san." Sayaka said after Mayu finished telling Miyuki.
"It's not your fault Sayaka. You was part of them. It's too dangerous if you told us." Miyuki reassured Sayaka.
"If you really have quitted you should have tell us Yamamoto. Although Miyuki already believes in you i still can't trust you. You can just pretend to be in our side then when the time comes you kill all of us."
"It's okay Miyuki. She's not wrong. It's hard to trust someone who has committed to many sins." Sayaka smiled bitterly.
"You too must be careful Milky. Don't trust her too easily. It's for your own safety."
"Mayu chan!! Sayaka's changed. Trust her! Why can y..."

#drttt drttt
"My phone.." Mayu ignored Miyuki.
"Hello senpai.. What's wrong?"
"There's something i must tell you Mayu. Can we meet now? It's urgent."
"Hmm okay. Let's meet at my place."
"Okay see you soon."

"Come with me Milky." Mayu dragged Miyuki.
"Mayu!! Stop this already!"
"I can't let you being alone with her even if it just a sec." Mayu pointed her forefinger at Sayaka.
"She won't harm me Mayuyu!"
"Who knows!"
"It's okay Miyuki. You better go with her. I understand how her feel." Sayaka told Miyuki.
"Let's go.." Mayu dragged Miyuki again leaving Sayaka.
"See you tommorow Sayaka chan.." Miyuki waved while being dragged by Mayu. "I'll text you tonight."

After the two of them left Sayaka turned around and leaned to the fence looking to the sky, sighing.
"It really is hard to change your life."


Pretty short update but i hope you guys enjoy it..
How is it? Please leave any comments how you think about this fic.. :D
Thank you for reading..

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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 11]
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Can't wait for the next update.
SayaMilky cant be together that easy.
Gonna wait for some WMatsui moments.
Discovering the wonders of your vague imagination.
Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 11]
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really hope sayaka changed for good...ganbatte sayaka

and still waiting for wmatsui to meet each other~

so what Yuki gonna tell mayu..??

Thanks for the update~

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Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
World of fantasy..World of Lalaland~

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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 12]
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Chapter 12

"Senpai.." Mayu greeted Yuki when she came in her room.
"Oh Miyuki is here too."
"It's been a while senpai."
"So what is it so urgent?" Mayu asked.
"It's about the new assassin. I know who it is. And you won't believe it. It's Jurina."
"WHAT??" The two of them shouted in unison.
"No way!!"
"It can't be!!"
"Where did you get this info senpai?" Mayu asked.
"Yuko san called me a while before."
"Yuko nee? Why doesn't she come herself to me and tell me?"
"You know it will be hard for her to go again if she meets you Mayu." Mayu pouted.
"How did she find out senpai?" Miyuki asked to break the awkward silence.
"She said she saw her talked with Nezumi before. Do you remember it Mayu?"
Mayu shook her head. "No.. I was just awaken when Yuko nee's fighting with Nezumi."
"What must we do now?" Miyuki asked again.
"Pretend we haven't known about this. Although i'm sure Nezumi already know we find out. But always be aware."


Every evening after school Jurina walked pass the street where she saw Rena the other day. It had been almost a week but she still hadn't found Rena.
"Was that just my imagination?" Jurina sat on a bench at the nearby park. "It's been almost a week but she is nowhere to be seen. Please let me meet her again God."

"Who is she?"
Jurina looked back to the voice source.
"Nezumi.. What are you doing here?"
"Just finding an answer for my curiosity. Just like i've thought. You saw Rena chan huh?"
"That's not your bussiness." Jurina stood up and walked away leaving Nezumi behind.
"You look desperate Jurina. Do you want me to tell you where is she now?"
Jurina stopped by Nezumi's words.
"I don't need your help."
"Really? I really will tell you. But of course with one condition."
Jurina waited for Nezumi to continue. It was a lie if she said she wasn't interested by Nezumi's offer.
"Bring Yamamoto Sayaka back to her sense. Kill Watanabe Miyuki and she will lose all of her stupid hopes to live like normal girls."
"How can i trust you you will tell me?"
"Same question again. It's always up to you Jurina. But i know in the end you will do as i say." Nezumi laughed and then left Jurina.
"I'll kill you when i find Rena chan. Just you wait Nezumi."
Nezumi stopped and turned around a little.
"By the way Jurina. This girl has already found out about me. So i can't go out that often. Oh and i think your identity has already found out too." After that she walked again leaving Jurina.


Few days later..
"Alright everyone class is over. Don't hang around. Go straight to your home." Sensei said dismissing the class.
Everyone including Watanabe Mayu tidied up her belonging. She did it quickly didn't bother to put them properly because she knew her best friend would run away from her and dragged along that Yamamoto Sayaka.
No matter how often Miyuki had convinced Mayu that Sayaka wouldn't harm her she still couldn't be at ease. Who knew she just pretending?

"Milky.." Mayu looked back just to find empty seats.
"Tch that girl. She really runs away from me with that Yamamoto."
"Hahaha.. You think you can run away from me. Unfortunately all of your plans have been leaked to my head. I'll drag you home Watanabe Miyuki." Mayu talked to herself which got confuse stares from her classmate.
"You look scary when you're talking to yourself."
Mayu's thought distracted by the sudden familiar voice.
"Se-senpai.. What are you doing here?"

"Heeee.. Kashiwagi senpai is here."
"It seems the rumors about Watanabe and Kashiwagi senpai closeness is right."
"Ah i'm jealous of her."

"I just have something to do near your class so i thought of visiting you to go home together. Let's go." Yuki her arm to Mayu and dragged the blushed Mayu, which she didn't notice, out of the class.

"Let's go eat something before we go home."
"I must search for Miyuki since she is going with Yamamoto today."
"Oh... I'll help you then."
"No no.. You don't need to. It's quiet far from here. She really don't want me to interfere." Mayu sulked.
"It's okay. Actually i have investigated about Matsui Jurina and i got a lot of news. That's why i went to see you."

For the rest of the walked Yuki told everything she knew about Jurina. The more Mayu knew about Jurina, the more she felt pity for her.

"She always looks cheerful. I never thought she has a sad past."
"Don't be affected too much Mayu. Remember she still one of the Sweepers."
"I know i know.."
#drrtt drrtt
"My phone.. Wait a minute senpai." Mayu walked away to answer her phone.

Few minutes later Mayu ran panically to Yuki. "Senpai! Milky is in trouble. They ran into Jurina. Jurina is going to kill her."
"Where are they?"
"At XX park. Let's go there!"
"Wait Mayu." Yuki stopped Mayu. "I know how to stop Jurina. You go there first. Buy me some time. I'll go there as soon as i can."
"What will you do?" Mayu asked.
"There's no time to explain. Just do what i said."
"Okay. Come quickly senpai.. See you there."

'Please be there. Please let me find her quickly God.' Yuki prayed running to the place she was sure to find the girl.

"This is the right place right?" Yuki stood in front of an appartment. She looked at the paper in her hand to confirm the place. The appartment was in a really terrifying condition and not to mention looked like it will be collapse anytime.
"How can she live in a place like this?"
Yuki came in.

"This must be the room." Yuki knocked the door.
"Coming.." Yuki could hear a girl voice from inside.
A girl maybe at the same age as Yuki came out.
"Can i help you?"
"Actually i'm looking for a girl. Her name is Matsui Rena."
"You know about her?" The girl asked.
"Hmm.. Kind of.. Is she here?"
"You really know about me?" The girl asked excitedly.
"Matsui Rena san?"
"Yes.. I'm Matsui Rena.."

"What's wrong Rena?" Another girl came out from the room.
"This person here said she know about me Airin. That's amazing."

"I need your help. Can you come with me? It's urgent." Due to a really little time she got Yuki cut in the conversation.
"I'll explain to you on the way. Please come with me. My friend's life is at the line."
"What can i help?"
"Don't come Rena. Who knows she's lying? It's too dangerous."
"But she said she knows me. I can't let this chance go."
"But Rena..."
"I might not know many about you but there is one girl there who surely knows you." Yuki reassured Rena.
"I will be okay Airin.. I'll be at home again as fast as i can."


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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 12 part 2]
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12 part 2

Few hours before..
"Sayakaa~ i have a place to show you." Miyuki pleaded showing her cuteness to lure Sayaka.
"Night is coming soon Miyuki. We better go home now. I promise we will go there later."
"But i want to show you something really special. Tonight is the best time to go there." Miyuki pouted, crossing her arms.
"Oh come on Miyuki. Don't be mad." Sayaka tried to cheer her up but she refused.
#sigh "Alright alright. Let's go there. But not to long okay?" Finally Sayaka who couldn't bear seeing Miyuki mad, gave up.
"Yey!! You're the best! I promise you won't regret you go there now." Miyuki hugged Sayaka.

"We shouldn't go in Miyuki. There's a no-entry sign outside." Sayaka said worriedly.
"It's okay if we're not get caught. I often go here lately and no one is here. It's worth it to break the law really..." Miyuki said reassuring while opening the gate.
"Please come in." Miyuki motioned Sayaka to come in.
#sigh "Alright.. It better really amazed me.. If not..."
Miyuki was just motioning Sayaka to come in again.

"Wow.. I don't know there's a place as beautiful as this."
Sayaka amazed by the lake before her eyes. The bright and clear moon up above them lighted its' surface made it much more beautiful.
"See? It's really beautiful right? Not many people know this place. You are the only person i tell. Not even Mayuyu."
"How can you find this place?"
"It was an accident. I was roaming around and then i found that gate because i was curious i went in. And when i realised i'd been gone here frequently."
Suddenly a knife was thrown to Miyuki. Fortunately Sayaka was deft enough to catch that knife.
"Jurina.." Sayaka already knew who it was by the knife.
"Come out here! Don't be a coward like this!"
"What a coincidence to meet you two here.."
"You following us?" Sayaka pulled Miyuki to her back.
"You think i don't have other work to do! That wasting my time. This is my place. I often come here."
"What do you want from us?"
"I don't any business with you SENPAI." Jurina emphasised the last part. "What a lucky day my prey come directly to me." Jurina pointed her finger at Miyuki.
Hearing that from Jurina, Miyuki clutched Sayaka's cloth more tightly.
"It's okay Miyuki i won't let her hurt you even a bit." Sayaka held Miyuki's hands to calm her down. "Go hide behind that tree."
At first Miyuki hesitated to leave Sayaka but after Sayaka reassured her, she finally did as Sayaka told.
"There's no way i let you do that KOHAI!" Sayaka also emphasised the last part.

In a sec the two of them clashed in a full speed. It's like a non humans battle.
Jurina tried to slice through Sayaka but all of them were dodged by Sayaka using the knife Jurina threw before.

From a far Miyuki watched the two of them fought while praying for Sayaka safety. She could see their style of fighting was completely different. Jurina did a lot of light but really fast movements and once in a while when she got some chances she would launch her deadly moves. On the other hands Sayaka just made a little but efficient movements. All she did was dodging and then when the time came she made sure her opponent wouldn't be able to move anymore.

"Mayuyu.." Miyuki grabbed her phone quickly then pressed the speed dial.
"Mayu! Please help us! We met Jurina. Sayaka and Jurina are fighting."
"Calm down Milky. Calm yourself first. Where are you?"
"At the no-entry land near XX park. Quickly come here Mayu." Mayu could hear how worry Miyuki was.
"I'll go there as soon as i can. I'm near the park now."
Miyuki hung up her phone then watched the fight again while praying.

"How can you change your mind easily Sayaka? She was your target and now you protect her with your own life." Jurina asked while still launching her fast attacks.
"I never want to be in our dark world since the first place. My condition dragged me in. I find light in her."
"I still can't understand you. Every Sweepers even the pres will surely hunt you down and kill you. You betray the organization. If you stop protecting her now i think you still have hope to survive."
"I love her.. That's the reason why i do all of this."
Jurina slowed down for a sec hearing this statement. Of course this thing didn't slip out from Sayaka's eyes. She noticed the impact from Jurina hearing this topic.
"I know you understand how i feel. Your feeling for someone, makes you willing to do anything."
Seeing her chance Sayaka kicked Jurina hard made her thrown away.
"Ugh.." Jurina held her stomach where Sayaka kicked her before. It hurt so much till she couldn't get up.
"You're lose Jurina. Stop chasing after Miyuki. I warn you." Sayaka grabbed Jurina's collar. "Answer me!"
Jurina didn't say anything instead she just smirked. "You forget one thing Sayaka. And that'll kill your friend there."
There were lights around Jurina's body. "Say good bye to Watanabe Miyuki." It's too late for Sayaka to dodge the light.

"Sayaka!!" Miyuki who was talking with Mayu ran to Sayaka when she heard her scream.
"Sayaka!" Miyuki held Sayaka's body, shook her a little to got some answers from the girl.
"What a-are you do-doing Miyuki? Quickly run a-away from he-here."
"There's no way i will leave you. I've made a promise remember?"
"Gah.. I can't bear seeing this lovey dovey scene." Jurina walked closer.
Bearing all of the pain on her body Sayaka tried hard to get up and pulled Miyuki to her back.
"I won't let you touch her Jurina."
"Move aside Sayaka. I don't want to kill you. Beside you've been stung by my light. You won't be able to move."
"Enough already Sayaka. You'll hurt yourself more. It's my turn to protect you." Miyuki helped Sayaka to move back.
"You're pretty brave huh? I appreciate that. But your bravery will just kill you."
"Just you see." Miyuki hid herself.
"You think just Sayaka who can sense you?" Jurina threw her knife and luckily it just sliced Miyuki's right ankle. But it was enough for her not being able to stand.
"Arrghh.." Miyuki appeared from her hide sat helplessly while holding her sliced ankle.
"Miyuki!" Sayaka tried hard to go to Miyuki but her body just didn't want to do so. "Damn!"
Jurina walked to Miyuki with her knife.
"I'm amazed you can change Sayaka's mind senpai. I even never can talk to her without an argument. So ironic you must die because of the person you love. Goodbye Watanabe senpai.." Jurina held up her knife ready to kill Miyuki.

"Hold it Jurina!!" A familiar voice stopped Jurina.
"Mayu chan.." Miyuki whispered.
Mayu saw Miyuki and Sayaka condition.
'Oh God.. I must buy some times for senpai. Please be quick senpai.'

"Just stop all of this already Jurina."
"Mayu senpai.. What a right timing. Do you want to see your friend killed?"
"Why do you want to kill Milky so desperately?"
"What any other reason can be there? She's a Special and i'm a Sweeper. I'm just doing my job."

'Think Mayu think... Ah!'

"You lied. You have other reason. Nezumi made you do this right?"
Mayu saw Jurina flinched.

'Strike!! Now after she wavered i can read her mind.'

"What a stupid kid. Always do what she told you to do."
"What do you know!"
Mayu knew how short tempered Jurina was. She witnessed an incident which Jurina raged before just because of small matter. It wasn't that hard for Mayu to piss her off, distracted her from Miyuki. For now...

Mayu saw two girl at the park. The younger one was crying because she fell a while before and her knee was hurt.
"Oowww please don't cry Jurina."
"It's h-hurt Rena chan.." Jurina continued to cry.
#kiss "I've taken away the pain with me. You should stop crying okay?"
Rena kissed Jurina's knee where she hurt. Just like what Rena told her she stopped crying the moment Rena kissed her knee.
"Let's go home. I'll treat your wound at home." Rena stood up and gave Jurina her hand.

"Oh yeah i know. You just like to kill people."
"No! You know nothing!!"
"So what is it? For the sake of someone? Huh?"
"...." Jurina just kept silent by Mayu's words.

'I get it right again. Senpai's info about her is right. Where are you senpai. I'm almost run out of words. I need to say more.'

"A lame excuse to kill people. You're selfish. Sacrifice other people to save your precious someone. People you killed also have people waiting for them. Don't you think about them."
"Shut up!"
Suddenly Jurina already in front of Mayu, pushed her down and put her knife in front of Mayu's neck.
"You don't understand how i feel! Rena chan is more than just precious someone."
Mayu knew she shouldn't talk anymore.
"I'm sick of you and Nezumi! Just go die already!!"

Jurina looked at the source of the voice. It was Yuki who called her. Jurina saw other girl beside Yuki. After she recognised who the girl was she couldn't hold her tears and all her anger was replaced by relief and happiness.
"Rena chan..."

"Hey!! Who is there?!"
"Oh shit the security is coming! We better go now if we don't want to get caught!" Mayu quickly got Miyuki and helped her ran away.
"Mayu chan! Sayaka!" Miyuki pointed at the helpless girl lying on the ground.
"Senpai please help Yamamoto san there!"
"Alright i'll get her. You go first Mayu."


Double update for chapter 12!! :D

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Thx for double update author-san
Please update soon  :on GJ: :on GJ:

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Re: [eel_96's fanfics] Life is Unfair (REWRITE) [Chapter 13] UPDATE!
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Chapter 13

"It's already out of control too much!"
"Calm down a little Haruna. We will fix this. But we won't find any solution if you're not calm down."
"How can i calm down Sae! First Sayaka left, Nezumi can't go out freely too since Watanabe Mayu found out about her and now Jurina met Rena. She will leave too. Rena whereabout is the only reason she is with us. How can i face grandfather? He might give my sister the pres position. I can't let that happen."
"You know what? All of this mess was caused by you."
"Wha do you mean? What did i do?"
"Oshima Yuko." Sae could see a little shock on Haruna's face. "She's the one who's helping out Specials."
"...." Haruna just kep quiet.
"We all know you didn't kill her 3 years ago. You still like her right?" Sae waited Haruna to answer.
"What do you mean?" Of course Haruna couldn't tell Sae about her feeling. She should be her enemy but she let her go and now everything was in a mess.
"Just admit it already. We all know."

#tok tok tok
"Ah yeah come in.." Haruna was saved by the knock.
"Excuse me Kojima sama.. Miyazawa sama.." A girl came in. She looked really nervous till she just stood straight near the door she just came in.
"Furukawa Airi if i'm not wrong."
Haruna walked near the girl slowly. "I'm sure you know why you're called Furukawa san.."
"I.." Haruna kicked Airi right on her stomach made her thrown away.
"That's the only job you must do and you failed."
"I.. I-i'm sorry.. I've tried t-to stop her.. B-but sh.." Airi was stopped by a kick from Haruna again.
"We don't need any excuses. What's so hard to hide an amnesia girl from Jurina? You failed your job means our deal is done."
Airi shocked by what she just heard.
"No.. Please.. My mom will die if she doesn't get her treatment. I don't have anything to pay the bill. I'll do anything in return."
Haruna grabbed Airi's collar. "You failed your job and you still dare to ask us help you? You sure have guts huh?"
She already about to beat her up again but luckily Sae stopped her. "Haruna..."
#sigh "You're lucky this time." Haruna let go Airi then she went out from the room.

Sae turned around facing Airi who was half beated up. "I'm not helping you. I just think she shouldn't waste her energy to kill you. You can go now."
"Please Miyazawa sama.. She is everything for me. I can't live without her."
Sae just looked at Airi quietly. She perfectly knew how it felt to be left by someone special for you.

#sigh "I'll give you another chance."
Airi looked up full of grateful.
"But she mustn't meet Jurina anymore. You must make sure of it. Don't let her regain any memories too. She will go find Jurina surely if that's happen."
"Rena chan mustn't remember her past?"
"Why? You have any problem?"
"Oh no no.. I'll do that." Airi said that but actually she was not sure if she could do it or not. It was true that she wanted her mom to always be with her. But now she also want Rena to remember her past. Living together for almost 3 years would surely make anyone got attach to each other well. At first Airi really didn't care. She just did her job and so her mom wouldn't leave her. But as time passed and she got to know Rena better it was getting harder to see her desperately tried to remember.

"What's wrong? I see hesitant in your face."
"Huh? Oh no i'm okay. I'll make sure she won't meet Jurina."
"This is your last chance. Remember that well. Our deal will end surely once Jurina meet Rena."
"I won't make any mistake again."
"You better don't. Report to me everything. What will you do and what has happened. Got it?"
"Yes Miyazawa sama.."
"You can go now." Sae dismissed Airi.


"Okaeri.. Where have you been? You've already gone when i wake up Airin." Rena walked to the front door to greet her friend.
"I have some things to do.."
"Ah at least leave a note for me so i know where you are."
"Gomen gomen.."

"Ah.." Airi nodded a little when she saw someone was sitting at the living room.
"You must be Furukawa san.. My name is Matsui Jurina.. Thank you so much for taking care of my sister. Nice to meet you." Jurina bowed to greet Airi.
"Oh it's nothing really."
"She tells me a lot of things Airin.. I think i will remember soon if i meet her often." Airi could see a excitement from Rena which made her felt much more guilty.

'I'm so sorry Rena.. It's not like i don't want you to remember your past but... I don't have other choices.'

"Hmm.. I think it's time for me to go home.." Jurina looked at her watch. "I'll come again. Good bye Rena chan.. Furukawa san.." Jurina took her backpack.
"Thank you Matsui san.. Be safe."
"Mou Rena chan.. Like i've told you. Just call me Jurina. We're sister you know." Rena chuckled seeing Jurina pouting.
"Hehehe.. Hmm.. Take care... Jurina."
Jurina nodded satisfied. "Hmm that's better. See you later." Rena walked Jurina out.

"So.. Where have you been Airin?" Rena asked while she walked back in.
"Just meet my job partner. Hmm.. Rena.."
"I get a new job."
"Really? That's good Airin."
"But we must move from here."
"What?! No! I can't go."
"Is it because of Matsui san?"
"..... I can't let go of this chance Airin."
"How can you be so sure she really is your sister? She might be lying.. She even doesn't look like you."
"I want to believe in her." It was true that Rena also couldn't find anything similar between her and Jurina but...
"Let's just stop seeing her nee? You can remember your past in other way, not just hear what she tells you."
"Honestly i don't want to show you this but i have no other choice." Airi took out papers from her bag. "Read this by yourself."
"This is..." Rena read everything carefully not a single word left.
"See? She's an orphan. She lived in an orphanage since she was little. She just have the same last name as you."
"Why they have to lie to me?" Rena couldn't hold her tears anymore. "I feel so stupid. All this time i believed them."
"This is not your fault Rena. You just want to remember your past. Let's forget about them okay? We will find your past at our new home."

'I'm so sorry Rena chan. I don't have other choice.'


Few days later...
"Ne ne senpai.. Here's the list of Specials i found this week." Mayu gave Yuki a piece of paper.
"Woah.. This is quiet a lot right? You're really good at this kind of thing Mayu." Yuki amazed by how well Mayu did her job in finding this many Specials in just a week. She knew how hard to find people with special power which they would try hard to hide for sure.

Ever since Mayu found out about her double personality she thought she must do something to stop all of this. And when she said this to Yuki and Miyuki, Sayaka who was happen with Miyuki that time suggested to find other Specials and grouped with them to fight Sweepers.
It wasn't like Mayu had accepted Sayaka by doing what she suggested but her idea was just seem right to do for now.

"Nah it's not completely all my works. Yuko nee helped me a lot."
"So happy to hear you two finally get in touch again."
"Yeah i'm really happy about it. Beside now we work together so we can meet each other often." Mayu giggled happily.
"Aww you're so cute when you're giggling like that." Yuki pinched Mayu's cheeks.
"Mou senpai.." Mayu pretended to be annoyed to hide her blush but deep down she was completely happy.
"So.. Want to meet the first person on the list today after school finish?"
"Hmm.. Okay i'll wait for you at the school gate then."
"Let's ask Yuko san to go with us." Yuki suggested.
"Will she be able to come with us?"
"Nah i'm sure she will. This is exactly what she's doing the whole time right? So she will be glad to get some help especially from you. I'll ask her later."

"I think it's time for us to go back to class. See you Mayu chan.." Yuki patted Mayu's head then walked away to her class.
"Gah.. Why must she do everything that makes me always blushing like this."

After school finished..
"Milky today i'll go to the first person with Yuki senpai."
"Want me and Sayaka to joint you?"
Mayu looked at Sayaka who's just finished tidying her stuff.
"Nah don't mind me. How about you two go to the other? The faster we find them the better right?"
"Okay then.. I'll go with Sayanee. I see you've let just the two of us together." Miyuki circled her hand around Sayaka's shoulder.
"It's not like i've already approved her completely. It's just you seem happy to be around her. Don't do anything stupid or you will regret it for the rest of your life." Mayu threaten.
Sayaka just smiled calmly. "I won't."
"Okay then. I'll go first. Bye.."
"Let's get some ice cream before the searching?" Miyuki suggested.

Outside the school gate..
"Yo Mayuyu." Someone called Mayu when she waited for Yuki.
"Nee chan.. You really come." Mayu hugged Yuko.
"Of course. I must protect my little sister."
"Awww so sweet.. You're as cheesy as usual."
"You better learn from me so you can use it for Yuki and grab her heart." Yuko teased her sister.
"Mou.. What are you talking about?? I don't like her or anything. She's just a senpai." Mayu averted her gaze from Yuko.
"Ah Yuki chan!!" Instantly Mayu looked back to greet her favorite senpai.
"Gotcha! See? You're reacting just by hearing her name. Love is sooo sweet.." Yuko kept teasing Mayu.
"Mouu.. Nee chan..." Mayu complained which didn't heard by Yuko.

"What are you two talking about?" Suddenly Yuki who was just arrived startled the two of them.
"Se-senpai.. You startled us."
"Hahaha.. Gomen gomen. You two seemed really enjoy talking with each other."
"You just arrived?" Mayu asked in case she had come earlier and heard her conversation with Yuko.
"Un.. Sorry for the wait.. Hey Yuko san.. Long time no see.." Yuki bowed her head.
"You greet your will be sister in law this late? Ckckck i can't believe it." Yuko pretended to disappoint.
"Nee chan!!" Mayu complained while blushing as red as Yuki was.
"Ehmm.. G-go now??" Yuki asked to change the topic.
"Sure." Yuko observed the two of them while enjoying the sight in front of her.
'You two really need a push to have some progress. Time for me to do my duty as an older sister.'

"So... This is the first person?" Yuki asked when she saw a really horrible house.
"Yes.. I'm sure we're not wrong." Mayu checked her data again.
"Tano Yuka, 15 years old, living just with her father, can make her body penetrable." Yuko added.
This house looked like will be collapse anytime soon. How could someone live there?
"You stupid daughter!! You won't be able to run away this time!"
"Aahhh!!! Let me go!"
The three of them could heard a loud yell and crash from the house.
"What the hell?!! You're not human! What the hell are you!?" The man who was supposed to be the father yelled.
Not long after a petite girl got out or ehmm... Went pass through the door to be exact. She was crying and accidentally bumped Yuko and fell.
"Wh-who are you? What d-do you n-need?" The girl, Yuka, asked in the middle of her crying.
"We're here to help you. We know you're special and we need you." Mayu told the younger girl.
Yuka scared when Mayu said they knew her ability and so she would be an experiment. She wanted to run into her house but her evil father was waiting to beat her up too.
'What must i do??'

"Excuse me.. Who are you guys?" Suddenly a voice came from behind the three Specials. She didn't see Yuka who was still sat on the ground.
"Tomu!!!" Yuka stood up and ran toward the Tomu girl.
"Who are you?" She already knew Yuka's evil dad must had abused Yuka again but what she wanted to know was who were the three girl in front of her.
"They said they know my ability and they need me." Yuka said made Tomu being alert and pushed Yuka behind her more.
"Calm down we won't harming you guys." Yuki reassured.
"Can we talk in other place? I don't want to face the loud man inside that house." Yuko pointed at her back which was Yuka's house.

The five of them finally settled in a cafe nearby. Yuka and Tomu sat on the opposite side with Mayu, Yuki and Yuko. After they got their own drinks Tomu start to ask.
"So what do you mean by knowing Yuka's ability?"
"First let us introduce ourself." Yuki said. "My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, like this girl i have a special power, my wound will heal fast by itself. This is Watanabe Mayu, mind-reader and Oshima Yuko, time-controller."
"Okay... I'm Muto Tomu, no any special power and i think you guys have known Yuka. Back to the topic. What is going on now?" Tomu asked.
"This will be a long story... You better prepared yourself to hear this." Yuko sipped her tea.


"And so we are collecting as many Specials as we can and train them to control their power."
All the time Tomu just kept silent listening to Yuko's explaination.
"I never thought there are other people who got power like me. I thought i'm the only freak in this world. I'm not the only one who have strange ability Tomu chan." Yuka said happily. "Thanks for letting me know. When will i start?" Yuka asked Yuko.
"I'm sorry but she won't join you guys." Tomu finally opened her mouth. "Let's go Yuka." Tomu put her bill and Yuka's then dragged Yuka out from the cafe.

After quiet far from the cafe they finally stopped.
"What's up Tomu? Why can't i join them? It's my chance to control my power.." Yuka yanked her arm from Tomu's grip.
"Didn't i tell you not to believe strangers too easily? What if they're just lying and they will do experiment on you. We even haven't seen their ability right?"
Yuka's mad slowly turned to a smile mode.
"I never expect you to be this caring toward me." Yuka tried to hug Tomu but she was rejected instantly.
"I'm just telling the truth. Let go of me we're in public. How can you still joking in this kind of situation." Tomu tried hard to push Yuka away from her.
"You're so tsun tsun like usual. But thank you very much for always helping me." Yuka ready to kiss Tomu but then stopped by Tomu's hand. "I let you hug me and now you want to kiss me. No way!" Then Tomu broke out from Yuka hug. "Let's go." Tomu walked away leaving Yuka.
"I'll make sure you won't be a tsun tsun on me anymore Tomu. Hehehe.." Yuka said to herself looking at Tomu's back leaving. "Wait for me!"

Another Specials appear...
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