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Author Topic: Nogizaka46 FanFic [Nogizaka46 : 親衛兵 (Shin'eihei)]  (Read 2222 times)

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Nogizaka46 FanFic [Nogizaka46 : 親衛兵 (Shin'eihei)]
« on: April 21, 2016, 03:56:06 PM »
Hello! This is my fan fiction about Nogizaka46. Though this story was created last year, it got never an update since then. But I'm posting this here, (because I posted it in Wattpad already), and I hope you enjoy reading it.  :)
Anyway, please feel free to read my fan fic. Thank you very much. :)

乃木坂46 : 親衛兵

Nogizaka46 : Shin'eihei

Simple life..... turned into action!! What will be his adventures gonna be!? This action-packed with a bit of everything book, you will love it! Commence fighting! Nogizaka46 : Shin'eihei!!

Shout out for the Nogizaka46 International Fanclub Community!
All names of the Nogizaka46 Family belongs to their respective owners.
The fictional names are not related in real persons, places, things, etc.
All rights reserved.
The story is about to begin.

A snowy night are occurring in one city in Akita, snowflakes are coming one after another. The cold breeze embezzles the whole city as it invisibly spreads. People on the sidewalk are wearing their own winter clothes, some others wear jeans and shirt while holding an umbrella, and the rest is on their full winter gear. Among the crowd there's a junior high school student who only wears a school uniform and thick gray pants. It seems he didn't feel the chilly air around him, or he has just no plenty of winter clothes to wear. People are just passing him by as he stands constantly on the middle of the sidewalk. He didn't know what to do. His hands are becoming numb. The falling snow covers his black hair. After a few moments he walked out of the scene.

The doors opened. The doors shut. There was no response. It's just the quiet atmosphere along with the winter interprets a perfect theme on him. His mother noticed him entered. His Mother is fairly tall, but not tall as the boy. The Mother's expression shows a bit of concern.

"Aren't you a bit late? You missed dinner. Anyways, welcome back."

The boy answered with some few words.

"I'm home, Mother. Sorry for being late again. I'll go to my room."

"Alright if you say so, tell me if you're hungry okay? I'll cook a warm food for you."

The boy didn't replied back as he know that it's alright to go to his room now. He takes off his shoes and picks up his bag and headed to his room. He entered. Unlike the other average school boys, his room is superbly neat. The books are arranged according to their respective order, clothes are folded and kept inside a wooden cabinet, and CDs are properly stacked. He places his bag beside the study table as he lit the lampshade. Quietly taking a seat, he takes out his books and notebooks. He started to do his school's homeworks.

Couple of hours passed..

The boy fell asleep. His mother knocked on the door, not receiving any response she opens the door gently. She saw his young son sleeping soundly. She gets a blanket on the boy's cabinet and put it into him. The mother leaves the room silently. The night ended on him having done all of his his assignments and not him having a dinner.

The next day..

*Yawns* "Good morning mother."

"Good morning, Rin. Here's your breakfast, I prepared plenty for you because you didn't have your dinner last night. Eat up."

Rin thanked without expressing actions, his emotionless look already saying that he's grateful of his mother and for the meal. Munching up the food and not making any sound. After he's done eating up his breakfast, he heads to the bathroom. Half an hour later he is done preparing for an another day in school. Rin bids farewell to his mom and heads out.

Along the way, he has the same expression as always. Nothing. Rin looks like he gives a cold personality to everyone even to his mom, it looks like he's just bored everyday. Walking, he takes a shortcut knowing he is not willing to walk along with someone else. He arrives at the school right on time.

Classes are starting off, students listen eagerly at the teacher, and teachers vigorously teaching their students. High spirits are lifted up by each other. "There must be something." Rin tells himself as he looked outside. Nothing to worry about. "Egao Rin! Don't space out, listen to the lesson! Exams are coming, you must know." His teacher snaps out his spacey seconds and he just nods coldly and focused to the lesson.

Lunch time. Everybody's having their own fun time, while others are out with their friends and others just stayed at their classroom. That's also goes with Rin, sitting and eating up. He's alone in his spot. Some of his classmates are chatting and having a good time with each other. He looks at some of them and just left a sigh on them.

School bell sounds. An announcement commences.

"Egao Rin, Please proceed to Principal's Office immediately. Egao Rin, Please proceed to Principal's Office immediately."

Suddenly, all of his classmates looks straight at him after the announcement ended. Most of them are shocked. "Rin, stand up and go to the office." His teacher said. He didn't replied back. He stands up and do as the announcement ordered. As he keeps his face calm and collected, he takes a breath, knocked at the door three times and entered the office. "Coming in," The Principal is already in front of him, in one of the seat there's a man wearing a nice suit and tie with a asserted look. "Egao-kun," The Principal lets it with a soothe tone. "I want you to meet Akimoto Yasushi-san, He's here because he chooses you to do something really important." Rin turns his head to Akimoto-san. "Ah here you are Egao Rin-kun! It's nice to meet you. My name is Akimoto Yasushi." Aki-P bows. Rin bows back. "Nice to meet you too, Akimoto-san. Why did you called for me?" Aki-P smiles. "You don't smile much aren't you? Hahaha! I am the director of 48Group, you know them right?" Rin's eyes began to show a little interest in the topic and nods."Well, as you see the 2nd Generation members of Nogizaka46 are revealed and one of them is from Akita. Specifically, her hometown is here. Her name is Suzuki Ayane, same age as you and same year as you in junior high." Rin's eyes back to normal 'cold and emotionless look' "Hmm.. I see. Please continue, Akimoto-san." Aki-P continues. "I've seen your records as a perfect person for this thing, and I heard that you are proficient in self defense and bokken. I am giving you the opportunity to be the undercover bodyguard for her while she studies here at your school." The whole room turned into silence after Aki-P said that, even the Principal who is listening quietly showed a shocked reaction. "Hmm.. Why are you asking me?" Aki-P continued. "Nothing out of the blue or something, but I heard you are a Nogizaka46 fan. Hahaha. So.. What do you say?" Rin thinks about it quickly. "Alright. I'll do it." Aki-P resounds with joy "Alright! I will root for you! Later you will receive a letter, for now I must leave. Thank you, Rin-kun, and Principal-san for this. Farewell!" Aki-P leaves and afterwards Rin also leaves the room.

Back to the class, Rin received the letter from a teacher. The letter was plain white and only named on the front "Egao Rin" that teacher noted him to open it after the class ends. For now, it's just school time for Rin. As the class is going on, he spaces out again, now this time he thinks about the duty he accepted. He didn't know how it made him accepted the work. He's even confused if it was a work or just for a while."(Do it or do not do it?)" Got into his mind.

End of the class. Rin is outside the school gate when he decide to open the letter.

The letter reads:

Egao Rin,

Congratulations for being part of Nogizaka46 Shin'eihei! For this your only objective is to protect the member that is assigned to you. You are assigned to protect:


Suzuki Ayane - Nickname : Aachan

Birthday: March 5

Blood Type: O

Likes: Pink, Yellow

Known traits: Airhead


Your keyword when approaching her is: Airplanes


Your codename is: Egao


Remember, you are free to approach the one you're assigned to protect when there is no one.

Stricly, no interactions should be made during a live show, a TV shoot, Akushu-kai, and other events regarding Nogizaka46's activities.

You only need to do on those kind of events is to PROTECT.

Do something wrong and you're OUT.

Have a nice day!

*note - (Classified) Burn this letter after reading


He finished reading the letter and put it back in his bag. Gears up and ready to leave. Among the students walking outside the school, he seeks to see the one he is going to protect the letter reads. The letter doesn't have a photo of the designated member attached, Rin has no idea what Suzuki Ayane looks like because it's a new generation member. He isn't updated to the news about Nogizaka46, so he's quite pitiful regarding his own situation. Rin looks at every student girl he sees going outside the school, but his instincts does not have an accurate guess. He suddenly remembers "Airplanes." Thinking about the keyword, "(She must like airplanes.)" Luckily Rin sees one flying through the skies, and starts to look back at the girls walking. He sees someone looking at the airplane, smiling at the flying thing. "(It must be her. Let me see.)" He approaches the girl. The girl has a shoulder length hair, reddish cheeks, and wearing a standard junior high school girl uniform. Nothing stands out on her, just like an ordinary school girl. His mind telling him those things. The girl looked at him with confusion. "Hello?" The girl says. Because Rin has this cold and chilly look, the girl looks a bit more confused. Rin is ready to guess if this girl is her.

"Do you like airplanes?"

The girls eyes suddenly livened up.


Rin answers with a clear voice. "Hmmh. I am."

"Yatta! My name is Suzuki Ayane, junior high school student. Nice to work with you!" She replies with a joyful tone. Aachan gave Rin a letter, with a writing "Egao Rin" again on front. He opens it. The letter reads:


There are ways to set up a distance between you and your designated member so the latter won't be embarrassed. These are the examples:

.Set a 15 Meter distance between you and the member you're on protecting duty.

.Come when only needed by the member.

.Don't make too much movements when the member is on a walk while you are on distance. You might be suspected by a lurking paparazzi.


Also remember:

.Be alert.

.Be ready always.


That's all for today.

Have a nice day!

*note - (Classified) Burn this letter after reading


After he finished reading the letter, he looks at Aachan. "So what can I do for?" Aachan thinks while looking at the airplane. "Hmm.... Can you walk me home?" Rin agrees without hesitation. "But wait Egao-guy, can you distance like 10 meters away please?" Rin agrees. As the two walk separately, Aachan being on the right sidewalk and Rin on the left with an average distance of 12 meters away from her, Rin just wanted to call it a day. Thank Kami-sama it ended up in a matter of time, arriving at almost sunset. Rin stopped as Aachan reached the front door of her home, also Rin turns back and goes home.

Rin arrives, and her Mother talks about being late again for dinner. Rin thoroughly explained the happening today at school. His Mother is suddenly somewhat happy about that. "Now you can get closer to your favorite group! I'm happy for you my dear son, here *serves the food*, eat up so you can grow strong!" Rin accepts the meal and after that,  went to his room and lies down to bed. Thinking about the thing happened today, Rin stares blankly on the lime-colored ceiling. The lights are turned off except for the light from the lampshade which also lights are lamenting through the CDs namely "Nogizaka46". Seconds later, Rin stands up and gazes on the window, the cloudy winter is giving off a slight feelings to Rin's personality and the moon's light touching his face. He looks like on a nostalgic time. There's like a cabin in the middle of the alpine which a shine from the Moon gives it a strange cool nature. Just like how Rin thinks from his own perspective. Whilst being a cold person, he also has the right to make his own feelings into a vivid scenery. He gets back to bed. His phone suddenly rings..



Call from Unknown Number

*Rin presses the answer button*

"Konbanwa Egao-guy! Suzuki Ayane here. Thanks for doing your job today. Tomorrow I'll try to give you a treat, choco bread! Oyasumi!"

*Call ended*

Ayane hangs up. Rin only listened to the call and never responded nor gives off some short words. It's like the way he wants. He's just doing his job.

He remembered something that is not on the rules. Thinking of doing it tomorrow and want to make it a night, he closes his eyes slowly. A few moments later..

*ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ* He fell asleep that fast!? And he snores so loud. Even though his personality is quiet when awake, his sleeping self is loud as a dog barking on an stranger. Not only that, his sleeping positions changing pose by pose every minute. How does he do that? It's a thing done by a drunk man or something sober. Well, let's call it a night shall we.





Call from Unknown Number.

Rin woked up by the loud ringing noise, he reaches his phone. Obviously, his eyes are blinded by the visible moonlight closing his eyes a bit more. 5:09 AM Sunday, who would possibly calling in this so early morning!? He had those words in mind. He seemed annoyed by it. Upon answering, the annoying look he's making stopped. A voice has an adult lady-like voice. The one who is calling is a secretary of Aki-P.

"Good morning! Aren't you Egao-kun? Today is Sunday, and as of this day you've got orders from Aki-P-sama."

Rin's world is back to real world after visiting dreamland. He is now fully awake. "Please continue."

"Alright, we've got a service for you, the driver messaged me that he will come on your house around 6:00AM. Be prepared! And oh, wear some nice clothes this time. We've got something for you and your kindred. Looking forward to see you there. Later!"

*Call ended*

Rin didn't wasted a time. He rose and geared up. It's a matter of time when the service arrived. The car painted black and its window tint is also darkened so you can't see the inside. Made just for idols maybe. The driver gets out of the car. The driver is an old man with a jolly look on his face, smiles wonderfully that it could make your day happy by just looking at him. The driver waves at Rin, and he approached the old man, he bows. "Good morning, Mister." answering while trying to stop yawning. "Good day! Let's go now, they're waiting for us." Rin gets inside and so the old man did. Rin rides at the back seat. He drives off as Rin is just staring at the gray clouds. It's snowing.


After a few couple of hours, they arrived. Rin gets out of the car and grabs his bokken on the trunk. A wooden bokken. Sturdy enough to fend off your neighborhood attackers. Hehe. He sheaths it on his back. The building in front of him is a huge building. No it's not a building... It's a THEATER.

The sign reads.

"Nogizaka Theater"

His morning will be giving off some good fumes. He looks at the opposite sidewalk and there are other black cars same as he rode. He's thinking it's the car of the other Protectors that arrived first before him. "You may enter now." The old driver tells him off to get into self and ready up. The driver also noted Rin. "Be careful not to make any rivalries!" Rin turns back on the theater's door and entered.


Glossy. Flashy. Lively. That's the first impressions on Rin's mind as he casually walked on the theater. Doesn't have the idea where to and what to do, he asks one of the staffs of the theater. "Umm.. Excuse me, where's the Shin'eihei meeting?" The staff looked at him with a suprised eyes. "Oh aren't you one of them! Thank goodness, alright alright! Come with me!" Rin follows the staff and they stumble upon a room not too far away from the entrance of the theater. "Okay this is place is off limits to me now, you can enter it. Later!" The staff walks away. Standing in front of the door. He is just looking blankly at the door. He knocked three times and entered. "Coming in," A light shines! The room has a seats for a handful of people, and some other seats aren't occupied yet. The people who seated wears a suit, and they have something under their seats. All of them looked at Rin, who only wears a shirt with a strawberry logo in it and a dark pants. One person wants to keep his cool, but he released his laugh hysterically.


Rin's eyebrows begins to down gradually as the person laughs at him.


"OMG YOU LOOKED FUNNY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The guy is now stopping to laugh as he slowly approaches Rin while holding a pole.

"See, you.. are funny guy. I commend you. Are you lost kiddo?" The guy sarcastically insults him.

Rin's hands are starting to get a grip.

"Oh maybe you are a Shin'eihei too!? Or you just really lost in here. You look weak ehhh? Let's try, try, try!" The guy is running while pointing is pole at Rin.

"HERE! TAKE THIS!" He's grinning while enforcing the pole.

Rin looked shocked! His hands began to move on its own, grabbed the bokken and deflected the attack just on time the pole almost lands on him. The impact leaves Rin a bit discomfort. His eyes are carefully analyzing of what's happening.

"EHHH NOT BAD!" The guy attempts another attack. He swerves his pole upward, planning to strike the head.

Rin doesn't murmurs any word. He deflected it just like before, but he is now more uneasy.

The fight still continues.


Meanwhile at the Egao family residence.

Rin's Mother invited a friend over to have some tea in her home. She happily served a tea along with some tea snacks. They are in the living room. They talked about a lot of things including their own children. Rin's Mother are sipping her dark green tea while he thinks about his son's duty. She suddenly tells his friend.

"You know Chiyo, even though my husband passed away many years ago, he resembles Rin. They have the both personalities. But his father is more expressive while my son is not. His Father looks exactly the same as Rin when I met his father many, many years ago. Also, I think Rin has also the 'Fighter' in him. I used to nurse Rin back to good shape when he goes into fight with his seniors during his middlle school days. I always get called into the Principal's Office for that. I scold him lightly and I don't really know if he understands the meaning of fighting others or not. Rin said he fought the seniors cause they're bullying his girl classmate and the seniors teasing her a crybaby. He fights back knowing the reason. He is such a good boy even though he resorts to fighting. When I'm taking care of his bruises, he didn't show any pain, nor cried about the things he's doing. Compared before, he's now more reserved. I know what my dear son Rin has on his mind, even though he's not telling it to me. I know it because I'm his beloved mother. Right now, I'm thinking about him getting into a fight again.. Oh what a memory *Giggles*"

Her friend Chiyo listens upbeat and responded.

"Oh no you shouldn't think about that. Rin is a good boy for me you know. He always greets me when he suddenly sees me even though I didn't noticed him passing by me. When I looked on him, it's like he always sleepy. My husband said he is doing well at the bokken, he also said that Rin has a great amounts of strength compared to an average school boy. Why's that?"

Rin's Mother smiled.

"Really!? I'm happy to hear that! Hmmm... I don't know too, I haven't seen him doing exercises even once. But I know he's doing bokken since he's still on kindergarten, my husband applied for that because he wants his son to do some activities. Maybe he got those strength in bokken. I'm just grateful he is also doing well on classes, and I heard when the school held a poll about the most quiet person in the whole school, he ranked number 1. Hahaha."

The two continued their chit-chat talking about anything and everything they want to talk about.


Back to the fight of Rin and the pole guy.

*Ting!* *Tang* *Clank*

The sound of bokken and pole are clashing and trembles inside the room for Shin'eiheis, the fight can't be stopped. The Shin'eihei audience are just watching carefully and waiting for who's the first to get tired or surrender. On the far right corner of the room, there is a poster that reads:

To all Shin'eiheis,

No fighting on the room! IF you are fighting, DON'T STOP! Wait until someone with the authority arrives and declare the winner.




The Shin'eiheis in the audiences looks also a proficient and effective fighter from their looks. There is a man who is in 40s and wears a yukata, the yukata covers a large portion of his body, his build seems focuses on brawling. There is another who wears an office clothes something like a office guy would wear, and the object under his seat is a weapon also, a nightstick maybe. Back on the fighting, the two are fighting on the center of the room, the room is like a large open hall for all kinds of activities. An all-purpose room. Minutes of fighting and they're stil not stopping. Until Rin found an opening and swiftly sways his bokken, pointing to the neck of the guy.

"Stop the battle!"

Someone from the crowd appears.

"You two! Who started the fight?"

"Me." The guy with a pole said.

"YOU! Shun-kun, you should get more mature in this role! You act like a kid. I'm disappointed for you."

"Sorry, Secretary-san." Shun puts himself on the ground with his head stick to it.

"And you!" Secretary looks into Rin. "I called you this morning right? I will let it slip from now, next time you do it, you're done for."

"Hai. Sorry." Rin bows and goes to his chosen seat.

The room is colored purple-ish and there are posters of Nogizaka on the wall. Apparently, they're all Nogizaka46's, which is unbelievable for a fan. Entering one of this can make you drool for the moment you enter. The pictures of each member on their respective generation are posted, the picture of events, and celebrations are posted atop of it. And in the most front, you can see their CDs singles lined up in their numerical order and sorted by types. There are no other things that will leave you exhausted, this is the real deal! A real Nogizaka46 place to be in while having your last breath. It's like a paradise for an ultimate wota, a heaven for a top-wota. Also a picture of every important figures for the management are posted on the very top, picture of Aki-P are bit larger than others, highlighting his position as the director of all 46/ 48 Groups. All of the Shin'eihei are complete, the first generation's Shin'eihei are seated on the right side of the room, while the second gen Shin'eihei are seated on left side of the room. After the preparations are complete, it is starting.

"All right, all right! Have a proper seat you all, will you? Let's get 'is started!" A staff shouted.

Aki-P arrives.

"All rise!" Staff ordered. "Good Morning!" The Shin'eiheis followed. "Good Morning!"

Aki-P wears a standard gray suit with a black tie with a purple stripe in it. Typically emphasizing that it is Nogizaka46 he's into.

"Good morning everyone to all who attended. Let's have a seat, please." Everybody seated and lends their ear to listen to Aki-P.

He fixes his tie a bit and touches his glasses with his index finger. Lets out a simple cough. Looks on the Shin'eihei on the hall, smiling. Puts his hands on the back, and stands like a typical businessman.

"Nice to have you again here everyone. It's an honor for me and for you. I held this meeting up because of the new 2nd Generation Shin'eihei. 2nd Generation Shin'eihei, please go here in front."

All of the 2nd Gen Shin'eihei comes up front, including Rin who puts left his bokken on his seat.

"Alright it's all down now! Introduce yourselves for everyone here!" Aki-P says with enthusiasm.

Every one on the 2nd Gen Shin'eihei introduces themselves, after by after, it is Rin's turn.

"Hello, name's Egao Rin. Suzuki Ayane's Protector. Nice to meet you all."

After those introductions they back to their own seats and listen again to Aki-P.

"I gave you this people you need to protect because they deserved to be protected by you, you, shall serve as their own shields and aegis. All of you have specialties don't you? Then use it in your own style to protect the one you will protect. I expect great things from you all, that's why you are here. Let's make it a good companionship for everyone!" Aki-P cheerfully said.

Everyone Applauded.

It's a long hour indeed. The meeting ended up teaching them the whole rules and regulations of being a Shin'eihei, and how one should serve its importance. Everyone headed to another hall for a feast for celebrating a new members of Shin'eihei. After that wonderful banquet, they headed up to the theater stage to see the Nogizaka46 members practicing for a new stage play. The Nogizaka46 members also saw their Protectors on the audience place and waves a hand at them. Although the 2nd Gen are just watching the practice of fellow senior 1st Generation members, Captain Sakurai commenting about the practice's perfomace with Wakatsuki. While the other's are singing like Rottei and Kanarin, some others are having fun and playing around like Ringo and Ikoma. The rest are just chatting with other members. Meanwhile the 2nd Gen Members are seating on the front row of the stage, watching their senpais performing, the Shin'eihei are watching also.

The day on the meeting ended. Rin is returned home by a car driven by the previous driver. Rin thanked him and the car left. It's almost noontime, and he got nothing to do in his home. He's on the dining area, eating instant yakisoba he prepared while watching anime. He is obviously bored. He passed his school works and projects before the due date so he got no thing to do to keep busy and his body moving. Somebody knocked on the door. When he opened to see who it was, he remembered the face of the guy. It's Izumi from the Shin'eihei, 1st Gen Protector of Ikoma Rina.

"Oh hey." Rin's tells with a fake suprise.

"Yo!" Izumi responses with a cooly reply. "Your the Protector of Suzuki Ayane right? I am Ikoma's Protector, Izumi. Nice to meet you by the way."

"I'm Egao. Nice to meet you, Izumi-senpai."

"By the way, I'm here to pick you up. Orders from the ups. Come on. Your clothing is enough."

"I'll let my Mother kn-"

"Go tell her later. Will ya? Let's gooooo nowww they're waiting!"


Izumi heads to his motorbike, puts on a helmet and gives Rin a spare before they rush out to the place.


They arrived at the place, at the Nogizaka Theater. Where there are other Shin'eihei also waits outside. Most of them are carrying their weapons.

Rin has no idea of what's going on. He also forgots his bokken back home. "Here, let me give you another spare. I just keep it for reserves." Izumi gives Egao a carbon fiber material bokken. "Thanks." Egao sways it a bit to grasp it's potential. "Looks fine now." He murmured. "What are we doing here by the way?" Egao questioned Izumi. "We have a emergency! Someone, a Nogizaka46 member, is held up inside by group of Trashers! They are what we called a typical bad fan. We have no information of who is the member being held, we are still waiting for the Sneak Team to report." He drastically talks about it.




"Moshi moshi-desu! This is Mori of Sneak Team *static*, we have confirmation of the member needed extraction.*static* It's Manatsu-san! *static*" The radio followed.

"We're here on the vents, hiding-desu! *static* She's being held on the stage. *static* We can't do an action here because we don't have weapons on the time emergency announced. *static* There are 4 guys, mostly sweaty and old bunch of peeps. *static* They're writing something on a board... They want Manatsu-san to graduate from the group or they will hurt her!! *static* *static* We need someone to take action now. They have brooms and mops as their weapons. *static*"

The funny voice lighten up the atmosphere a bit, Shun on the crowd almost laughed but he set it aside. While Izumi is thinking of a plan, Egao asks him. "Where's Manatsu's Protector?" "Oh good question, he's badly hurt by those guys, can't make it himself. It happened when he's on the comfort room to take a pee while the culprits commences their plan, it's not his fault because Manatsu-san agreed to have him a pee break. Which resulted in this kind of matter." Izumi returns to into thinking again. "He is a First Gen Shin'eihei right? Why he's defeated?" Egao continues to ask Izumi. "Oh, he's just a Third Seat Protector. They have superiors above them. The Second Seat Protector, and the Real Protector. First Gens has three Protectors. While the Second Gens for now has one, they will have more as the time passes. "I see." Egao cleared that off of his mind. While the Shin'eihei are thinking about a countermeasure, someone arrives in a car. The man wears a long white jacket, inside is a purple striped uniform. While matching the lower body portion with a black slacks. The writings on the back of the jacket reads '2nd Seat' 'Manatsu Protector." The man has a tall build, holds a ivory-colored cane. The man frightens the whole 2nd Gen Shin'eihei except Rin, while the other Third Seats from the 1st Gen Protectors are just shrugging it off. The man speaks while walking in the front of the theater.

"Oh my oh my..... Manatchii did it again isn't it???????? She's such a little girl isn't it???? How boringgggggggggggggg."

The man looks like a lazy person, whooping his cane around. He obviously shows a bored personality, a lazy type.

"Oh my oh my...... What's the report here? Anybody who can tell me what's happening on Manatchiiiiiiiiiiii?" Hogs on the situation.

"Saru-senpai!" A Third Seat talks. "She's being held on the stage, 4 Guys with blunt weapons. Definitely the most lowest level." Further explained.

"I see nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Why did my Lovely Third Seat didn't make his duty righttttttttt? He's a mess much likelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Where is heeeeee?" Saru said with much a child-like voice.

"He's on the Clinic Bay, being taken care of the Medic Team." A Third Seat complies.

"Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy, my my my. Let me in now, let me take care of my business hereeeeeee." Saru, who's swaying his cane lately, sticked it to the ground and began walking with it. "I really hate her for thissssss. I'm in the middle of somethinggggggg. I'm baking a cake. You know cake? Cake. Cakeeee."

Saru enters the building. The sneak team quickly notices his entry on the building and they easily saw Saru below the stage just on the front row seats.

"*static* Saru-senpai is here now! He has no back up. *static*"

"Sarun, help me!" Manatsu cried.

Saru begins talking blabberish.

"Oh my, oh my. Why did you make her cry you guyssssssssss? She is just like a little strawberry to meeeeeeeee. Oh my, oh my."

"Stay back! We will hurt her if you take 5 more advancing steps!!" A sweaty old peep shouted. "Don't you dare!!"

"Oh my, oh my. You guys, I should be the one telling you that. Don't you make her cry you fools."

Saru takes 1 step forward.

"Stop whatever you're doing!" One hostage taker ordered.

Saru takes 3 step forward, he's now almost on the stage.

"Take one more step! We will surely hurt her!" They warned him.

Saru tells Manattan, "Close your eyes Manatchiiiiiiiiiii." She closes her eyes. Saru also his closes eyes.

There's a long silent on the whole stage theater, no noise can be heard. It's just the breathing of Saru and the flustered bodies of the hostage takers. The Sneak Team radio also didn't reported to the Protectors outside and just watching Saru concentrating silently. Saru throws his cane in the air. Opens his eyes and jumped! He grabbed the cane while in the air, and swiftly striked the perpetrators neatly. They fell on the ground unconscious, Manattan isn't injured and continues crying. The whole thing happened so fast the Sneak Team is trembled by the fast-as-lightning Saru.

"Are you alright Manatchiiiiiiiiiiiiii? Don't cry ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Saru comes to aid Manatsu. "Let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo."

Manatsu still crying. lol.

"*static* SARU-SENPAI DID IT!!! *static*" Sneak Team member Mori shouts the victory over the radio. "MANATSU-SAN IS SAVED!!!"

The Protectors outside the theater yells at rejoice at the victory. While Rin is amazed of what he heard, even though he didn't saw it. When Saru and Manattan gets out of the theater, the whole division claps at him, cheering and whistling. They take Manattan to the Safe Room, where the other 1st Gen Members were held when the incident happened. "I'll take my leave nowwwwwww. Time to bakeeeeee againnnn." He returns to his car and leaves like there's nothing happened. The atmosphere backs to normal.


Codename: "Saru"

Seat: 2nd Seat

Protecting: Akimoto Manatsu

Weapon(s)/Combat Style: Cane/ (N/A)

Traits Known: Lazy


The Protectors entered the theater and checks their respective Member. "Well, see you again Egao-kun!" Izumi parts ways as he goes where Ikoma is. "Yep." Rin also goes to the area where 2nd Gens are being held. Rin found Aachan easily, talking with RanRan and Kyouchan. Aachan excuses and goes to his protector. She hands him a choco bread.

"Here!" Aachan gives it with a smile.


"By the way Egao-guy, follow me and meet Kyouchan and RanRan!"


They back to the area where he found Aachan, there's RanRan and Kyouchan. Along with their Protectors. Rin eyes widened a bit when he saw Shun is Ranze's Protector, which Shun did the same back. Rin greeted the girls and their protectors equally. But Shun's look was like in bittersweet. He like wanted to get out of the place but he needed to stay because his Ranze is there. Konetoku's Protector is a slim but tall than Rin with an inch of difference. His weapon is a bamboo stick. They get along well. While Rin is eating his choco bread given by Aachan, he receives a phone call.


"Hello? Are you Aachan's Protector? I think it's you. Heehee."

Rin is a bit of curious. The caller continues to talk.

"I know you don't talk much, but our next target, is yours."

*Call ended*

He excused himself out as he was a bit agitated. He try to find Izumi which he borrows the bokken again upon returning after they part ways. Izumi didn't sensed something wrong, It's Rin who returned to Aachan after borrowing the bokken again. The happening is now over, the 2nd Gen members told to leave. Aachan left without a trace. When Rin arrived the place, Aachan is nowhere to be found. He finds her himself. He tries to find her on the whole theater but there's no luck. As he go outside, he tries to search the whole area while just standing, looking for her. There's no trace of her. Ayane is missing!




Rin is thoroughly searching the whole area with a maximum 200 meters. He is sure the Aachan never left the area that fast to be declared as missing. He rummages through the crowd looking for a glimpse of her as the people's faces begans to disperse on his mind, remembering every faces he caught a sight of. He knows now the appearance of Aachan and never's loses every detail on it. He's searching building by building, but he never sees her even her shadow. Until he stumbled upon a cake shop just 5 blocks away from the theater. He saw her along with the 2nd Gen Members, with their Protectors. He's the only missing on the cluster of Protectors.

"There you are, I'm worried about you. You disappeared in a moment." Rin relieved that nothing bad happened to her.

"Yes Egao-kun!, They invited me for a cake so I joined. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you." She briefly apologized.

"No worries."

The carpool for each of the 2nd Gen Members arrives to take to their own homes. The Protectors of the 2nd Gen also left the scene. Each of them parting ways. While walking, Rin's keeps thinking about the call whether it is a prank call or not. He decides that it isn't prank call because the caller knew his name as the one he's protecting,  Ayane. He doesn't know when the threat to Aachan will occur.

Miraculously, Rin arrived at exactly dinner time. He spends the dinner with his Mother telling of what happened today, but didn't tell her about the call. His Mother notified him about a letter sent by the management of the group, in which, he will read later.

He helped cleaning the dining table and return to his room. Opens the letter and read it.



The Nogizaka46 Management grants you a modified bokken. The item will arrive tomorrow at your doorstep. That's all.

Happy guarding!


He keeps the letter and sleeps. Bugged by something, he wakes up and prepare his bokken, bag, and running shoes. He also puts out his lucky teddy bear, about a size of a baseball. Places those things on the side of his bed and goes to sleep again. And began to snore so loud again just like before.


Next day in the school..

Sitting on the back side of the classroom, leftmost near the window, he's staring at the border between the school and the road outside. While he continues to stare, something caught his attention. There are two guys roaming around suspiciously outside the school grounds, wears a uniform but not the same as this school students wear. He shrugs them off but he remembered the faces in case of an occurrence.

Lunch time. He brings his bokken tied in his back, and bag where the running shoes, and the lucky teddy bear is hidden. He passes by Ayane which notices his presence upon passing at each other. Confirming both presence at each other. Ayane is with her other girl classmates which seems she's having fun more than Rin. He got spare time so he head towards the school rooftop. He opens up the door and lifts his head upon stepping on the grounds. He began to feel the cold air. The winter will end in a matter of days. Which seems he will be sad about because there's no more cold winter to accompany him, seconds later he decided to return to the classroom.

While the classes commences, he sensed the same feeling when he saw the suspicious guys from before. He tried to look outside but there's no sign of them. The aura he's feels annoys him and makes himself a bit uncomfortable. He endured the annoying feeling until dismissal time. Being assigned for cleaning the classroom today, he will take time cleaning up. Instead he quickly finishes it within just under 10 minutes and let his classmates who's assigned also do the rest. Outside the school, Ayane sees him and signaled that she's starting to move while Rin maintains a distance around 9 meters. The dangerous aura he's sensed started to rise, and his eyes are moving around searching for the source. His ability is unknown but innate.

The source is spiking up and down, but he can't pinpoint where is it. Fortunately, the source's aura begins to expand, meaning the source is near. Finally, he sees the two he saw before during class. The two bad guys (he thinks) now wears the same uniform as him, and has a bokken in their hands. He readies his bokken, wears now the running shoes. He hastens up his every steps approaching Aachan more than the two guys. Aachan doesn't have an idea of incoming danger so the two guys attempts to hit her with the bokken but the agile Rin deflects it which Aachan is surprised. "Stay away, Airplane." Rin ordered her to stay back. The two guys didn't say anything but tells what they want to interpret on their attacks. Hard hits and offensive attacks makes them invulnerable to counter because especially they are two versus Rin.


Ayane is staying away from the fight and did what Rin ordered. She continues to walk away to conceal her away from being the target into an ordinary student in case there's another one. Her walking speed began to gradually increase step by step, but she doesn't resort into running. She keeps assertive. She heads into a convenience store and called the Emergency Team of Shin'eihei immediately.


Going back on the fighting scene again, Rin can't create an opening for him to counter-attack. The fast paced slashing duo keeps him from doing anything besides deflecting and defending. The hits keep rushing in, slash by slash it gets more heavier and menacing. But Rin senses that their speed decreases and more than that, their movements are in now a sluggish way. Momentum decreases as they keep Rin from defending himself. Rin breathes heavily as he closes his eyes and opening it after. He feels the adrenaline rushing into his veins! It's now his turn to counter-attack! SLASH! SLASH! SLASH! The duo are now defending themselves, just before they're attacking Rin without falter.


Rin doesn't stop. He continues attacking relentless, he's not saying any word. He keeps from attacking them, the duo looks like lost their energy and ready to surrender. But he keeps their own bokkens busy dodging the attack but it can't! The duo's bokkens flips away from the road and they're vulnerable to the slash now! Rin can't be stopped, he's on blind rage. He was going to land his heaviest slash on the two when someone's leg was raised to absorb the impact.


And an invisible shock wave impacts at their place. Creating a smoke for a second. After the smoke was cleared, the attackers are still lying down on the ground with their hands covers their faces and they're in shock when someone's defended them! Rin's rage stopped as he snaps out of it. The one who saved the attacking duo is a Shin'eihei!


Codename: Raiken

Generation: 2nd Generation


Seat: 1st (obviously)

Protecting: Hori Miona

Weapons/Combat Style: Taekwondo.


"HEY! Stop it, they're defenseless now you now. No need to cause more damage!" Raiken complied.

"What did I do?" Egao has no idea of what happened seconds ago.

"(So this guy didn't know what he's doing!?) Pshhhh. You've gone crazy! (Aishhhhh. My leg suddenly felt some immense pain, what is this guy!? He caused me to raise it to protect the attackers who have no weapons anymore!) It's over now, you are Egao aren't you? Suzuki-san is now there with Hori-san *points at the convenience store*, the one's I'm protecting." He lowers his leg. "What a pain in the leg you are!"

"Sorry." Rin fills with embarrassment and bows an apology to Raiken. He ties his bokken into his back.

"(Looks into the attackers.) What are you going to do with them now?" Raiken asks.

"Nothing. Go away now. Attackers. *looks at them intensely*"

"Gyaahhhh!! Let's go!" The two attackers picks up themselves and runs away crying like a duck.

"Is she alright?" Rin asks with concern.

"You mean Suzuki-san? Yeah. Aishhh kiddo. It's a good thing she calls Hori-san for help, and Hori-san called me to help also. Go pick her back up. We're only here because Hori-san was on a meeting with somebody, luckily we're here or you could hurt those attackers really bad." He explained with a serious tone.

"I see. Thanks for your help. Farewell." He bows to Raiken with great gratitude.

While Rin walks away... Raiken suddenly thought about Egao's strength.


"His power seems not normal, his power is so dense. My leg could barely absorb the power, if the slash is added more force it can create a crack on my leg bone. I observed that his sanity is gone the time I'm approaching at the scene, he could injure those bad guys severely. He just snaps back when his attack didn't continued. And the day yesterday where Shun fights him so suddenly, he didn't flinched even a single brow. Even more, he reads the attacks and puts a countermeasure just like when he swerved his bokken into Shun's neck without us noticing. His agility in swordplay can be compared to Saru-san! But he still has more ways to go. This amazing kiddo..."


Rin arrived home. Eats and heads to his room after. He bring the package with him, opens it, revealing a new and improved bokken. Reviewing it meticulously, the sword's wood was taken from the hardest tree in japan ever lived, the craftsmanship is finely handled with care and looks very expensive for a bokken, albeit those reviews made him want to use it, he stil set it aside. "I will use it in the future." He said. For now he will use the old bokken his Father crafted for him. He will be ready and prepared for another glorious day to be an honorable guardian. Let's start the game! Dozo!


Thank you for reading!  :D

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Wow you're here...
I've been read your fic at wattpad. I hope you can update your fic, whether in here or at wattpad.
Oh btw welcome author- san. ^_^
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Re: Nogizaka46 FanFic [Nogizaka46 : 親衛兵 (Shin'eihei)]
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Thank you for reading.  :D
I think I can't update it as soon as possible, but I will try to see what I can do. 
Yes, I remember you very well.  :)

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we really need more nogizaka fanfic. thank you for write one!

i wonder will there be a first gen too ..i hope they will !  hachifukujin  :deco:

will wait for the updates
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Re: Nogizaka46 FanFic [Nogizaka46 : 親衛兵 (Shin'eihei)]
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Part 2!

Few days later, after all the introduction and orientation of the Shin'eiheis, 
there was no meeting of the said group. It's quiet since the '4 Old Bunch of 
Peeps Incident', where Manatsu-san held as a hostage. The 3rd seat has been 
knocked out, who's guarding Manatsu that time. Unfortunately, the guy, 
codenamed Rusa, went to the toilet where he's been knocked out by one of the 
hostage takers. Alarm systems wailed and the Nogizaka46's members were informed 
and went to a safe house where they're being guarded by their Shin'eiheis 
respectively,  while the others went outside as well the 2nd Generation 
Shin'eiheis who arrived at the scene. Holding their own weapon in case 
something tragic happens. Until a guy with a cane arrived at the place wearing 
a jacket with a '2nd Seat' written on its back. It's the 2nd Seat 1st 
Generation Shin'eihei codenamed Saru! He went to the theater alone while the 
Sneak Team is watching from afar reporting what is happening inside to the 
people outside. The hostage takers demanded Akimoto Manatsu to graduate from 
the group or else they will hurt her. But Saru didn't waste any seconds or 
minutes and defeated the 4 hostage takers in just split second, and Manattan is 
saved! The crowd from the outside cheered for a job well done by Saru. And 
things goes back to normal after that, there were no incidents happened after 
few days.

Meanwhile in the Conference Room by Aki-P...

Everyone is quietly talking about something, maybe about the incident few days 
ago. Maybe it's not. This month of May where the 16nin no Principal Deux, a 
stage play starred by Nogizaka46's chosen members, which will they present at 
Umeda Geijutsu Gekijo (Umeda Arts Theater). Also after that everyday stage play, 
the 2nd Generation members of Nogizaka46 will debut too in front of many 
people in the theater.

"Everyone here inside the room, 2 special events are upcoming this month. The 
16nin no Principal deux and finally, the debut of our Nogizaka46's 2nd 
Generation Members. We hope that the event be successful and also the 2nd 
Generation of Nogizaka46. They shall succeed because their future is good, and 
will improve. I say this because I believe in them, like I believe to the 1st 
Generation and also to us everyone who makes this group reach their goals. 
Let's do more of our best!" Aki-P while standing in front of the management and 
staffs, happily ended his speech. They applauded as they end the conference.

At Egao's Residence.

Rin is wearing his school uniform and carrying a bag, ready for his school. He 
already ate his breakfast and ready to go outside when his mother called him.

"Rin-kun, don't forget your bokken! You're not going to bring it?"

"No mother, I feel no danger today. Itekimasu." Rin responded as he go out

"Take care my son, be happy at school!" His mother followed up while doing the 
dishes in the kitchen.

Rin is walking quietly as usual, the morning is good and the surrounding's 
blooming. Fresh and comfortable. Rin feels it, and he's a bit overjoyed as he walks 
to school. "Nothing weird's going to happen and anything bad today." A thought 
in his mind. He is the only one walking on the street, and the place is too 
quiet early in the morning. Rin arrived at school just in time and while he 
walk to his classroom, he saw Ayane and greeted her with a nod. Ayane smiles 
back. Rin and Aachan aren't in the same class in junior high, they're in 
different classes. But their own classrooms are just two classroom away from 
each other, so Rin is only a call away from the one he is protecting.

Every class of Rin went well, he got home early because of some announcement 
about a school event. He walks home while the sunlight shines in his self. When 
he is right in front of their home, he noticed that there's a letter for him. 
Rin took it out from the mailbox and opened it. The letter reads:


Good day, young Shin'eihei!

There are two upcoming events this month, the 16nin no Principal Deux and the 
debut of 2nd Generation Members of Nogizaka46! We are informing you that these 
two are very special events. You can come at the stage play if you would like 
to, or choose to not to attend. BUT, the 2nd Generation will be introduced 
right after the stage play, so you must come to witness the debut of your 
protected one. We are expecting the other 2nd Generation Guardians to attend 
the said event, and you also are expected. With that said, we are looking 
forward to see you there. Remember, bring your weapon as always.

Happy Guarding!

P.S : Burn this note after reading


He folded the letter and put it in his school bag and went inside the house. 
Greeted "Tadaima (I'm home)" while walking upstairs to his room. He put his bag 
aside the sliding door and sat immediately on the floor, it seems he isn't 
thinking about anything else besides what will be the dinner later. He lied 
down and stared at the ceiling blankly, showing that he's really have nothing 
to do right now. The stage play's upcoming and Rin needs to prepare for it, to 
fight in case something wrong happens again.


 While his Mom's downstairs, she called Rin "Dear, there's a package for you 
here! Come downstairs and pick it up."

Rin picked up the package and went back to his room. When he opened it, inside 
a box is a tablet, and a flash drive besides it. And on the top of the box, 
there's a letter, it reads:

"Please put the flash drive onto the tablet, listen and watch carefully. Happy 

He did what the letter reads, and pressed the on button of the tablet. The 
scene on the video is almost black, Rin can't see clearly what is happening 
really, until a voice talked on the video. The voice sounds like a man, the man 
has a deep voice, almost like a radio show host.

"Good day, fellow guardians. The reason why I sent you that tablet and flash 
drive is, to notify you about the upcoming events. But there's more, I have an 
announcement to make. The Nogizaka46's 1st Generation's 3rd seats has been 
abolished." Rin is almost shocked at what he heard, he continued to listen. 
"But don't worry, they are still on the job. The higher ups decided that 
because of the incident last time, where Manatsu-san were taken hostage. I am 
sorry about the decision, but as I said before, they are still on the 
Nogizaka46's supervision. Now, the 1st and 2nd seats of the 1st Gen will take 
charge of the taking care of the members. As for the 2nd Generation's 
Guardians, stay focused and alert as always. Danger is imminent. There's a 
report from the research team that there will be a disruption of the girls' 
debut, stage play is not included. You guys will handle that, without the 
support of the 1st Generation guardians. Eliminate the threats. The debut will 
start after the stage play this week. Do your best. This is the end of 
announcement. *static*"

After the announcement, Rin turns of the tablet and put it back in the box, he 
slowly prepared his equipment in a bag even though the debut of the 2nd Gen 
will start this Friday. He likes things to get ready early.

Friday, the day when will the debut of the 2nd Gen will start. Rin wore a dark 
purple suit and pants, and a white necktie. On the back of the suit, he's 
carrying his bokken. Rin says goodbye to his mom, while his mom already know 
what his duty today will be. A Nogizaka46 staff drives Rin to the airport, 
where the boy takes a plane to Osaka, where the Umeda Arts Theatre is located. 
A long trip indeed, but Rin stays composed while in the taxi. He already knows 
Aachan debut's next week, but he is needed along with his fellow guardians.
Rin asked the receptionist where is the room for the 2nd Gen Shin'eihei. He 
followed the staff, knocked soundly and went inside the room. Rin witnessed in 
front of him his fellow guardians, all of them wore the same suit, but 
different weapons, some aren't wielding a weapon.

Raiken approached Rin.

"Pretty good looking eh kid!? Hahaha!"

"Thanks, you too Raiken." Rin responded quietly.

"Anyways, now all of the 2nd Generation Guardians are here. We must head to the 
theater room, the show will start in a few minutes." Raiken liven up his voice 
in the room. "Hey guys! Let's head to the theatre room, there are seats 
reserved to us, close to the 2nd Generation of course. Remember to not make a 
fuzz inside the theatre. Don't make us look like a bunch of dweebs in front of 
them, also there are other people watching so stay quiet. Or Yasushi-sama will 
scold us so hard. Let's move boys!" Raiken ordered the group to move out.

"Waitttt! Lemme fix my tie first!" Shun hurriedly responded to Raiken.

"That's what you get for moving so much while we're here, hurry up!" Raiken 

"Okay you guys go first! This is just easy, now walk guys!" Shun finishes up 
his tie.

Codename: Shun - Terada Ranze's Guardian

Age: Unknown (probably same age as Raiken)

Weapon(s)/Combat Style: Metal Pole / (N/A)

Traits known: Loves to fight, laughs easily


"And remember guys, there'll be no senpai to watch us there. They're busy with 
their own business, I, Raiken has been notified. Let's go boys!"

All of the guardians got outside the room and went straight to the theatre. 
They've seated in the chairs reserved for them. Rin seated beside Raiken and 
another guardian.

"Hello! You must be Egao, right? Codename's Mirin, guardian of Watanabe Miria-
san, nice to meet you face to face!" Guy introduce himself to Rin.

Mirin - Miria Watanabe's Guardian

Age: Unknown (probably same age as Egao)

Weapons(s)/ Combat Style: (Not yet revealed)

Traits: Unknown


"Ah, hello, nice to meet you too." Rin answered.

"Tonight's going to be Watanabe-san's debut! I can't wait. I'm so excited!" 
Mirin's sounds very happy.

"We're excited too, but for now let's talk later, the show's going to start." 
Raiken suddenly appeared between the two guys. "Let's watch, boys."

The curtain spreads out and lively music's flowing inside the theatre, everyone 
applauded as the members run to the stage. MisaMisa, Sayurin, Bebitan, 
Seirarin, Maaya, Himetan, Ikuchan, Kazumin, AmiAmi, Ikomachan, Wakatsuki, 
MaiMai, Sayunyan, Nanamin and Nanasemaru stared the show by singing and dancing 
in front of the audiences. The 2nd Generation guardians suddenly turned 
energetic because this is the first time they're watching a stage play, plus it 
is Nogizaka46 1st Generation who's performing live. The guardians cheered as 
they watch happily.


The stage play finished and it's time to reveal formally the Nogizaka46's 2nd 
Generation member, starting from Miria Watanabe. Rin saw Shun's sleeping, so he 
poked Raiken instead to wake up Shun. "Wake up now sleepyhead! Now's the time 
for the revelation, don't just sleep there." He taps Shun's face that it is 
like a slap. Shun wakes up wiping his drool on his mouth. "Oh! My bad. Is the 
show over?" Shun has no idea what's happening right now. Mirin merrily shouts 
with a smile as he cheers Watanabe Miria. "Gambarre Watanabe-san! I'm so 
happy!" So happy that he cried, tears of joy it is! "Just don't cry so loud 
Mirin, Raiken will tap your face too." Egao tells Mirin.

Himetan's the MC. Miria Watanabe introduces herself to the crowd, everybody's 
clapping and cheering for her. While Mirin is crying and the 2nd Gen guardian's 
watching from afar, they listened carefully. And after Mirin's introduction, 
the 2nd Gen guardians went to the room from before for a briefing of tonight's 

At the conference room..

A Nogizaka46 staff's in front of the guardians.

"I'll keep this short, all right everyone? Thank you for coming to tonight's 
event. The introduction of 2nd Generation that's left, it's until May 12, next 
week. So, let's continue supporting their introductions! You may now leave the 
area, have a good night everyone!"

The guardians stood up as the announcement finished. The staff left and Raiken 
told something to the guardians. "Now the duty for tonight has ended, why don't 
we eat, all of us at a nearby restaurant? I heard the food is so delicious 
there. Somebody wanna join?"

There was a bit of silence in the room for a second, after that someone raised 
his hand.

"Me, I wanna eat. Since I am hungry right now." The guardian looked like in his 
40's. His hair is pure snow white and shoulder length. His built is tall and 
muscular. He has a long vertical scar on his right eye. Seems like the guy's a 
brawler and scary too.

Codename: Kitano - Kitano Hinako's guardian

Age: 40's

Weapon(s)/Combat Style(s): Unknown (possibly relies on fighting with bare 

Traits: A serious one. Really serious.

"Oh, Kitano-san! What a relief! You're free to join. Anybody else?" Raiken 

"Pass Raiken, I have something to do tonight. Next time I will join you guys, 
Ja-ne." A guardian, wearing a silver eyeglasses. He has sharp eyes, like an 
intimidating one. He just left the room twirling a briefcase with his hands. 
He's the tallest guardian in the 2nd Generation, Kitano's only second to him.

"We look forward to that Uzi!" Raiken exclaimed. "Now, please make your 
decision guys! I am starving here so bad." He added.

Codename: Uzi - Shinuchi Mai's Guardian


Weapon(s)/Combat Style: Unknown/Unknown

Traits: He's a busy guy, always leaving first when there's a meeting every day 
few days ago.


"Not me Raiken, Mom's gonna get worried at me. So, bye everyone." Rin exited 
the room. "Not you too Egao, whyyy!?" Mirin whined like a child. "Let the kid 
be, he is fine just the way it is." Raiken chuckled a little. "Now, Kyoto! Come 
with us also! Everyone, I guess your responses are yes, right!? Now let's 

"I guess so, sushi will kill my hunger. It will kill. It is." Kyoto retorted. 
Kyoto's accent is somewhat odd from the other guardians, he talks like an old 
fashion. He has a keen looking eyes, and an average body build.

Codename: Kyoto - Yonetoku Kyoka's Guardian

Age: 20

Weapon(s)/ Combat Style: Unknown/Unknown

Traits: Deadpan, but Egao is more deadpan than Kyoto.

All of the men that's left headed to a restaurant. Rin walks to a konbini
(convenience store) to buy a strawberry juice drink. Opened the juice bottle 
and let out a huge sigh after drank the juice on one whole gulp. He continues 
to walk, then he stopped because he doesn't know where the airport is. He 
forgot that a staff must driving Rin to the airport so he called a special 
number to Nogizaka46's staffs only. Few minutes later a car arrived in front of 
him and drive him off to the airport, a plane is already reserved to him. The 
ticket's been paid too, may it be the departure flight from Akita or right now. 
Rin didn't paid even a single coin to the fare costs, just his strawberry drink 
that he bought. An hour passed and he ate a very late dinner with his mom. He 
talked about the things that happened earlier at the theater, how it was very 
fun and amazing to watch. It is Rin's first time too watching stage play. His 
mom looks happy his son chow down dinner and talking about what happened..

Meanwhile at some restaurant in Osaka..

The 2nd Generation's guardians are having a wonderful feast in front of them. 
"Itakadimasu!" All of them chomped it down like the guys haven't eaten for 
days. Except for Kitano, Raiken, and Mirin. The three are eating quietly while 
holding their food with chopsticks. Sushi, karaage, donburi, ramen, and lots of 
food on top of their table. They didn't hesitate to slam down the food, they 
just watched the stage play and got hungry that much.  The people around them 
who also eats stared at the guys because of their huge appetite.

"Dizs poosh, iz goud! (This food, is good!)" Shun rejoices as he talks while 

"Dond tawk wae eahsin, sthupeed! (Don't talk while eating, stupid!)" A guardian 
shouted also while chewing his food.

"Stop it Shun and Tako, you're making a fuzz here in the restaurant." Kitano 
gives the two a strong glare, resulted the two eating without making a noise. 
The other guy scolded has a shaved head, he looks like a high school 
delinquent. Yet isn't one of the bad guys in high school. He's a good kid from 
the inside.

Codename: Tako - Kotoko Sasaki's Guardian

Age: 17

Weapon(s)/ Combat Style: (Unknown/ unknown)

Traits: Hates people who talks while eating


The gentlemen quickly settled down their meal. They rested a bit, maybe an hour 
or so. Others ordered dessert such as Kitano, Kyoto, and Mirin. Others dozed 
off for a while because of eating too much their stomachs became full. 
Suddenly, Shun opens a topic about the abolish of the 3rd seat guardians of the 
1st Generation..

"Guys, do you see any of the 3rd Seats of the 1st Gen earlier at the theater?" 
Shun asks while sipping water.

"Nah." - Raiken

"No." - Kyoto

"Me too." - Mirin

"Then what happens to them after that?" He added.

"Do you want to really know?" Kitano suddenly talked. "Do you want to know to 
the 1st Generation Guardians?" After Kitano said that, all of the boys quickly 
turned terrified and surprised at what they hear. It's because they haven't 
heard about the 1st Gen guardians except in the incident when they first 
witnessed one, Saru.
"Go on then, Kitano-san." Raiken wants to listen to the story.

"Alright kids, listen. The 1st Generation guardians... wait, why am I talking 
about them?" Kitano forgot it in split second. "Like the hell we know!?" The 
boys shouted in chorus. "Ah, I got it! The first gen guardians. Okay, okay. The 
1st Gen of Nogizaka46 has the most number of guardians is 48/46 group before 
the abolish, but now I think they're equal in numbers now, with us 2nd 
Generation guardians as an exemption. Of course all in all, the 1st Generation 
guardian's the most formidable and powerful guardians. Composed of 3 seats, now 
reduced to 2 seats per member. The 3rd seats, like... how should I say this, 
they're like the assistant of the member for their appearance at events. Don't 
think that if they are even 3rd seats, they're weak. The truth is, we're only 
equal to them in an inch. Now, the 2nd seat. 2nd seat members are quite strong, 
for example Saru-san, the 2nd seat guardian of Manatsu-san. Unquestionably, 
he's very strong. I can sense the guy's power. He didn't even break a sweat 
during the incident last time, what if he's on full serious mode. No one can 
tell. As for the 1st Seats, of the 1st Gen. I really have no idea about them, 
even a single data on a member. What I know is, we should really not mess up 
with them, us kids." Kitano ends the story there.

"What about the first meeting?" Raiken asks. "I think the guardians of the 1st 
Gen who attended that time, are only few." He added. "You're right kid, that is 
the 3rd seats. Not all of them  are there at the meeting." After Kitano 
said that, the boys were not amused at all, they're like.. "Are you kidding!?" 
Shun exclaimed. "The real big guns aren't there? What a pain. I'm hoping to 
meet one." He feels disappointed. "You'll just get beaten by the senpais." 
"Yeah." The two boys agreed to each other. "Shut up Kotou and Katou! Just mind 
your own sleeping business." Katou and Kotou has the same looks: Messed up hair,   
sleepy eyes, and average build. They're so sleepy you feel like drowsy too at 
the same time. But for sure, they are different.

Codename: Kotou - Itou Junna's Guardian

Age: 18

Weapon(s)/Combat Style: Unknown/Unknown

Traits: Likes sleeping and making someone pissed off

Codename: Katou - Itou Karin's Guardian

Age: 18

Weapon(s)/Combat Style: Unknown/Unknown

Traits: Same traits as Kotou.


"Umm, sir? *calls the waiter* can I order this, *points at the menu*, yes 
please. Thank you very much." Another guy at the table orders a dessert. He has 
mustache that is thin, wears a pure black tinted rounded glasses and a bowler 
hat. A suave looking guy. "You're ordering again Purin? You're such a sweet 
tooth. Hahaha!" Raiken laughed at him in a good way. "Of course it is Raiken-
san, it's good to live life like a gentleman. Right monsieur Kitano?" Kitano 
just nodded to Purin while he continues to savour his own cold dessert.

Purin- Yamazaki Rena's Guardian

Age: 27

Weapon(s)/Combat Style: Unknown/Unknown

Traits: The most 'gentleman' among the guardians. Likes desserts more than 


"Do you guys don't know the order of the introductions in the next stage plays 
every day?" Raiken puts up a question for the group.

"I don't know. Really. Maybe the staffs don't want us to know the schedule so 
we always be guarding every day. Day by day. During the next plays." Kyoto 

"I'm happy that Miria-san gotta introduced first. I'll guard her with all my 
might!" Says Mirin with teary eyes again.

"Don't be a cry-baby, you're a guardian you know. But well, I understand that 
you have a soft spot for her, even though you must have lots o' will to guard 
no matter what it takes. Well, even I will be proud if Hori-san introduced in 
the next few days. So we're quits now Mirin. Hahaha!" Raiken commented Mirin's 
cry-baby persona.

"Nevertheless, we must take real caution in this event my fellow gentlemen. 
*scoops out a flan* *bites* *gulp*, This is the ladies' first step towards the 
life of being an graceful idol. So much that it is beautiful to see them for 
the first time by the people who expected for them. Such elegance, it is." Purin 
lets down a few sentences before going back to eat his flan.

"Glad you got quiet down man, hates the chewing noises you make. No offense 
though." Tako said.

"Now guys, hurry up finishing your lovely desserts and let's pay our bill for 
the food. We're almost here for an hour or more." Raiken called the waiter for 
their bill. Few moments later, everyone got up from the table and thanked the 
restaurant for the food. Shun opened the door and the group left. It's almost 
close to 10pm. They're on the alley and the guys walking without one of them 
making a noise. Must be really enjoyed the food and have no time to talk while walking. 
Suddenly, an object rolls down coming to their path..

"Huh?" Shun noticed the object.

"Gentlemen get out of here!" Purin shouted as he noticed the object. It's a 
The group had the time to react and safely got out of blast radius of the 

"What's that!?" Raiken blurted out.

"It's a grenade, though not lethal. I know the design, I've seen it somewhere 
before." Purin responded.

"Fufufu.. You really guys are the new guardians we're looking for." A voice 
popped out of nowhere.

"Where the hell are you? Make yourself show up you idiot!" Shun shouted.

The smoke from the blast faded and revealed masked guys. Their numbers are the 
same as the number of current guardians at the alley. Some of them are kabuki, 
namahage, and tengu masks. They wore a pure black suit, gloves, pants, and 
shoes. All black. They carry each silver briefcases.

"Be prepared, kids. I sense danger." Kitano whispered to the guardians.

Meanwhile at Rin's house.

Rin finished up his meal and went to his room. Picked up his bokken at the 
drawer and starts to polish it. He has nothing to do after that. So he got his 
homework nicely done and prepared his futon. His phone started to ring 
instantly. It's from an unknown number. He picks it up but he didn't say hello, 
that's Rin for you. An odd voice speaks from the other line.

"Go outside. Quickly. Heehee."

The call stopped and Rin feels like alerted so he brought his newly polished 
bokken with him outside. He walks on the corner of the alley but he stopped 
when he heard a thud. His eyes reacted so fast when he detected an object: 
Flash bang. He covered his sight quickly as he dashes away from the flash. Rin's 
ears are ringing because of the loud noise created by the flash bang. When he 
take off his hand to his sight, a figure suddenly jumps to him. Rin shielded 
himself with the bokken. *THUD*

"So you're a guardian, right?" The figure asked.

"So what about it?" Rin answered right away.

"You. Must. Be. Defeated." The figure wore a mask covering his upper part of 
the face except his nose and mouth area. It grinned like a murderer. "Heehee!"

"Try if you can. Please be my guest."
There'll be a huge fight? Next time, witness the 2nd Guardians' might!
Thank you for reading! :) :) :) :)
P.S Sorry for the arrangement of the story, I've written it in notepad so the arrangement's pretty messed up. Really sorry. OTL OTL

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