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Author Topic: Beyond The Sea(Atsumina,Mayuki,Kojiyuu,Wmatsui,Marimii) [COMPLETED]  (Read 47005 times)

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I hope to see Wmatsui soon ^^
Thanks for the update author-san ♡♡♡♡
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yeeay .. finally update also .. I so can not wait .. I really liked this fic. please update it later because I want to see the story jun and rena
Thank you

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That ken... :angry:

Wmatsui, here we go! :cathappy:

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I want the next chapter , please update soon  :grin: :bow:
thanks for your fanfic  :thumbsup

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Yeay finally update I really wait for the next chapter  :thumbsup

I want to see more WMatsui  :cathappy:

Update soon  :cow:  :cow:

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I cant wait for Rena to come into the story. So excited for the next update. XD

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This story is getting more interesting.
Please keep writing nguyen23-san!

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Oh... mayuki is official...

When is Rena showing up in the story?

Would Atsuko be able to kill Ken?

What about Atsuko's and Yuki's past?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the udpate

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@shinigamielf, @purnamazaki, @Kairi65, @AI712, @vivinardisa, @Bakamina_Oshi, @kazuko, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.   XD

Here is chapter 7  :)

Chapter 7: Revenge

In the Evening

Atsuko and Minami disguise themselves as Naru's servants. Atsuko takes Naru’s pendant as the proof for their identity. After the preparation, Atsuko and Minami go to the west side of the island. When they got there, they see a ship. She comes and talks to the man who guards the ship. Atsuko shows him the pendant and said

“My master is busy right now. He worries that your captain will wait for too long, so he told us to meet your captain first. When he is done, he will come here later.”

The man nods and takes them to the meeting room.

Meanwhile, at another place. Yuu leads the ship to get near the place but not too close. After that they divide themselves and wait for the signal.

Back to the ship

Atsuko and Minami step inside the room.

"Hello captain, my name is Namiko and this is Katsu. Master Naru ordered us here to apologize for his late. He has an urgent business, so he cannot come here right away. After he finishes his work, he will come here as quickly as he could." Atsuko bows and said to him.

"You are quite a beauty to be a servant" ken said while he is coming closer to her. He raises her hand and kisses it. However Atsuko takes her hand back before he could kiss it.

"Sorry captain Ken, but I'm only a servant. Now please excuse myself to the seat.” She bows again and goes back to her seat.

Minami stands there and holds his fists very tight

"Minako-san. Just call me Ken. So we can be close with each other. I'm not your master" he said and winks to her. Then they start talking about the red diamond. Sometime he is flirting her.
"What a disgusting man" Atsuko thought

Atsuko keeps herself calm and said.

"While we are talking in here, please excuse Katsu. He will go out to see if our master’s ship has come yet."

Ken nods.

Minami bows and leaves the room.

"If that filthy man ever touches Atsuko, I swear that I will kill him right away." Minami is frustrated and shouts in his mind.

Minami comes out of the ship deck. He stands in the corner of the ship and signals for Yuu. Yuu received the signal and orders everyone to sneak into the ship. They go to Minami's place. Slowly they spread around and attack the guard.

Yuki sneaks behind the man that stands in the quarter deck and chokes him by the string in her ring.

Jun goes down to the storeroom. Suddenly a man walks through. He quickly hides himself. Then he sneaks behind him and breaks his neck.

Mayu hide behind the door and aim at the two men who guard the meeting room.

Meanwhile in the meeting room

Ken moves his seat closer to Atsuko. He said

"Minako-san, why don't you quit being Naru’s servant and come to my ship?" He moves close to her

"Minami, where are you? Please be quick." Atsuko steps back and thought.

"Captain Ken, you really like to joke, didn't you?" Atsuko smiles wryly.

He stands up and corners Atsuko

"I'm very serious" he whispers and raises his hand to touch Atsuko's face.

Suddenly the door swings open. Minami steps inside. Seeing the scene, he is really mad now, but he has to calm down. He takes a deep breath and said

"I'm sorry sir, but I have something to report to Minako"

He looks at Minami then returns to his seat.

"Everything is ok. Yuu and the other are now at the crews' room to take care of them." Minami whispers to Atsuko's ear.

Atsuko smiles and thought

"Good, it is my turn now"

"Before we show you the red diamond, I have something to show you. I think you will like it" Atsuko said and smiles.

"The only thing I like the most is that guy is not in this room" Ken said while pointing at Katsu

Minami is now at his limit. His eyes are now filled with anger. If he could, he would kill that man in an instant.

"I'm sure you will like it" Atsuko said while pulling a thing that look like a staff that covered with a black cloth.

Then Atsuko slowly pulls down the cloth. Ken widens his eyes and stands up. Before him is the long thin sword with special decoration which is a phoenix that engrave in the guard of the sword.

“See, I told you that you will like this, Ken” Atsuko changes her expression into cold and her tone is full of hatred.

“ did you have that sword? Who are you?” Ken stutters and shouts at her.

“Did you forget me, Ken? The little girl was saved by uncle Aki. The person, you nearly kill 18 years ago. The little girl, you tried to steal this sword from her.” Atsuko said in anger.

Ken is in shock. He sits back to his seat and shakily asks

“You are that little girl. Maeda Atsuko”

“So finally you remember me huh? Traitor” She shouts and slams the table.

“How can you go in here? Where is Naru? Guards, everyone, come here” he shouts from his room.

“Keep your strength to another thing. We already took care of them very good, and make sure that they will never wake up from their sleep.” a voice said and laughs loudly.

“Yo..You are Yuu?” he stutters

“I have to praise your good memories.” Yuu said and claps his hand.

“How about me, Ken? A small and weak little girl, you nearly stab by your sword?” Yuki steps down

“Kashiwagi Yuki?” he said

“So you guy come here to take your revenge huh?” Ken said while laughing.

Then suddenly a lot of noises come from the ship deck.

Mii and Mariko run up to see what happen. They see Naru and his people come to the ship.

“Mii, run down and tell them about this. I will keep them busy” Mariko said

“Ok, be careful. I’ll be right back.” Mii said and quickly runs down to inform Atsuko.

“Man! Naru. Atsuko, Minami you two stay here and fight him. I'll take care of those above." Yuu turns and said.

"My men are here. You all are doom now" Ken smirks

"Seem like you underestimate us huh? Doesn't my name remind you of something else?” Atsuko smirk and said.

"Maeda Atsuko" he thinks.


"It's you, pirate "The Legend". Enemy of pirate." Ken shouts.

"Seem like you realize it. Uhm, we got a new name." Atsuko claps her hands

"You are stupid as your uncle Aki. Being pirate but attack pirate, you are our deadly enemy." Ken shouts and rushes to attack them.

Minami and Atsuko take out their sword and dodge to the two sides of the room.

Meanwhile on the ship deck

"Naru, I already spared your life, but you still don't regret about your action." Yuu shouts at Naru

"Don't make me laugh Squirrel. Do you think that I'll bow down and thank you for that?" Naru smirks.

"I just careless at that time so that you could capture me, but this time, you all will die" he shouts and laughs loudly.

"Prepare for your die" he shouts and rushes toward them with his men.

Yuu rushes to Naru and takes out his two daggers. He jumps up and attacks from above Naru’s head, but he blocks his dagger by his sword. Yuu jumps back. Then they rush to attack each other again.

Meanwhile Jun lures a group of other Naru’s men go down to the storeroom and fights them there. He dodges their attack and jumps up to kick on one man’s ear. After he lands on the floor, he turns and does the round kick on another man’s waist.

At the same time in the quarter deck, Yuki uses her katana to fight with the other group of Naru’s men. With Haruna uses her gun to shoot the men on the main deck, and Mayu uses his dark to attack them.

At the meeting room

“Minami, this is my fight, I want to revenge for uncle Aki” Atsuko looks at Minami.

“I understand, I’ll step aside, but if you are in danger, I will join the fight no matter what” Minami said while holding back his sword, and looks at her with serious eyes.

She smiles and nods at him

“Stop that chit chat and ready to die” Ken said and runs toward to attack her.

Atsuko slides on the floor and bends backward to dodge the attack. Then she uses her right hand to support and jumps up. She rushes to him and pierce her sword toward him. He blocks the sword, but she raises her feet and kicks his stomach. He falls back, hold his stomach, and groans in pain.

In Yuu place

Yuu jumps up kick Naru’s stomach, and then he uses spin kick to kick Naru’s face. Naru is hit. He flies back and hits the ship mast. Taking that opportunity, Yuu runs up and puts his dagger on Naru’s neck to disable his action.

At the same time, Yuki is also finishes almost all her opponents. she takes the string in her ring and chokes her last opponent. As for Mayu and Haruna, they also finished their work.

At the storeroom, Jun takes out his sword and cuts the throat of the last man.

Back to the meeting room

“You are pretty good huh?" Ken said

“I’m not the weak little girl in the past. I’m now a pirate and the captain of the famous pirate ship “The Legend.” I will make you pay for your sin.” Atsuko said.

Ken jumps over her head and attack Atsuko from behind. Atsuko puts her sword behind her back to block Ken’s attack. Then she turns around, injures his right arm, and kicks his face. He falls and drops his sword. Atsuko puts her sword on Ken’s neck.

“Please spare my life, Acchan. Please think about uncle Aki” Ken begs

“Don’t call my name. At that time, did you think about him when you kill him? He took care of you as his own son, but you betrayed his trust” Atsuko shouts

“I know. I was wrong. They tempted me. Please, forgive me this time. I swear that I will change.” Ken fakes crying.

Suddenly, he takes some flour from his cloth and throws to her eyes. Being taken by surprise, Atsuko cannot react to the attack. He takes the chances and kicks Atsuko at her stomach. Atsuko is hit and falls on her knees

“Keeping some flour is a very good fighting plan.” he thought.

“You jerk” Atsuko shouts in pain.

Then he takes out a knife and rushes to stab her. Minami is fighting some men outside the meeting room. He notices that and rushes to her

“Atsuko, Watch out!”

Minami runs to shield for her. He got stabbed in his shoulder. At the same time, he pierces his sword into Ken’s heart. Then he falls down.

"Minami!!" Atsuko catches Minami before he falls.

Atsuko’s eyes are still blurry because of the flour, but she can feel that Minami is very hurt.

"Minami, Minami, are you ok?" Atsuko calls Minami while crying.

"I'm fine Atsuko, please don't cry" Minami smiles and wipes her tear.

Then he faints.

"Minami" Atsuko shakes him

Everyone comes back to the meeting room after finished fighting Naru. When they see Minami's state, Mayu quickly runs to them. He checks Minami's state.

"Don't worry Atsuko-nee. The knife does not cause him any serious injuries. I gave him a medicine to stop his bleeding. He should be fine now." Mayu said.

"Thank you Mayu" Atsuko said in tear.

Then they go back to their ship together.

At the deck

Haruna is standing and looking at the sky.

"Nyan Nyan" Yuu runs toward haruna and calls.

Haruna stands still and looks at the sky

"Say, Yuuchan, are you gonna leave?" Haruna suddenly speaks

"Nyan Nyan, I have a question to ask you" Yuu speak in serious tone.

"Huh? What is it?" Haruna said.

"Why did you volunteer to help me find the secret room" Yuu asks

"Yuuchan, do you remember the little girl who you helped in the ‘Silk Island’?" Haruna said


"Hey guys, that is the daughter of the richest man here" a boy said.

"She is such a shut-in girl. A weird kid." another said

"Let go there and tease her" another one continues.

They come and take the apple from Haruna and run away. The poor little girl just stand there and crying. Then a hand gives out to her with an apple in his hand. When she looks up, she sees a boy with some bruise in his face and his cloth is messed up. He smiles and said

"Here is your apple. I already taught those rude kids some lessons. They will never bully you again"

"Thank you" Haruna said in a small voice

"My name is Oshima Yuu. In the future, I want to be a famous thief. Maybe I will name me 'the squirrel'" Yuu innocently said.

When she is about to respond, a voice interrupts her.

"Yuu, we need to go back to the ship"

"Ok" Yuu shouts back

"I have to go now. See you around" Yuu bids farewell to Haruna. Then he leaves.

Only Haruna stands there with a stupor face.

End flashback

"You are that cute little girl?" Yuu asks in surprise tone

"When I saw you in the first time, I felt that you are very familiar. Then I heard Yuki call you, but that time I wasn't sure if you are him." Haruna said

"Then you ask Acchan's help. You introduced yourself is the famous thief 'Squirrel.' I think that I have finally found you. That is why I want to help you." Haruna shyly said.

"Nyan Nyan, you are the best." Yuu said and hugs her.

"Now, I will answer your question." Yuu returns to his serious voice

"No, I will always follow you everywhere you go, Nyan Nyan." He said and turns her to look at him.

"Nyan Nyan, I love you. Properly, from the first time I met you" Yuu said then pulls her close to him and kisses her on her lips.

After a while they broke the kiss and hug each other. Then Haruna whispers to Yuu.

"I love you too, Yuuchan. From the first time I met you" then she hugs him tightly.

At one room

He stands near the bed and looks at the girl who is still unconscious.

"Why were you there?"


At ken's ship

Jun is fighting Naru's men in the storeroom. He takes out his sword and quickly slashes through the last man throat.

"Finish those stupid pirates. Piece of cake." He said and smirks.

When he is about to leave the room, he heard the girls voice. He comes and opens the locked door. There he sees a lot of young girls who are captured in there.

"Those filthy pirates, they sell people, too" he shouts in his mind.

"Don't worry. I'm not a bad guy. I'll save you all. You all are free now. We will take you to the island."

"Thank you" they said to him and leave.

Then he notices there is one girl who is unconscious. She has a long black hair, and a slender body. She looks just like a sleeping princess. He comes closer to look at her

"It cannot be" he steps back

Then something flashes in his mind.

"Jun, wait for me." A little girl chases a little boy

"Catch me if you can" the little boy laughs and runs around.

Then Jun carries the girl with bridal style back to the ship.

End flashback

"Why are you here?" he touches the girl face and whispers.

“I miss you very much.” he kisses her forehead.

At Minami room

"Mayu, is he ok now?" Atsuko asks worriedly.

"Yes, don't worry Atsuko-nee. It is just a minor injury. He just faints because of losing blood." Mayu said

"Mayu said that he is ok now, so don't worry Atsuko-nee. I think you should go back to sleep. You are exhausted by now" Yuki said in concerned voice.

"Yuki is right Acchan, you are really looks exhausted now" Mariko said.

"If you worry, I can stay here and watch over him" Mii suggests.

"No, I'm fine. You guys just go back to sleep. You guys are also very exhausted today. I'll wait for him to wake up" Atsuko said while her eyes still look at Minami's face.

"Atsuko-nee" Yuki just looks at her sister with worried eyes.

Then they all get out of Minami's room. Atsuko raises her hand and touches Minami's face

"Why did you risk your life to save me?" Atsuko said

"It broke my heart when I think that I will lose you" she said while tear rolling down her cheeks.

Then Atsuko slowly falls in sleep because of exhausted.

In the morning

In Minami's room

Minami's POV

I slowly open my eye. My shoulder is hurt. Then I feel someone holding my hand. When I look down, I saw an angel is sleeping. Her hand is holding me tightly. I stroke her hair and move the hair that covers her face to the side.

"Why are you sleeping here my cute captain?" I smiles and thought

Suddenly someone opens the door and stealthy steps inside

"Oh you are awake" Yuki asks me in whisper tone.

I nod slightly. Then I look at Atsuko

"Do you remember what happened yesterday?" She asks

"I got injure by Ken's knife then I fell down" I said to her.

Suddenly I remember Atsuko’s crying face.

"Luckily that the knife just caused a minor injury, so you are ok now" Mayu said.

"Atsuko-nee is very worry about you. She cried a lot. Last night, that is the first time I saw her like that. Please take care of my sister. If you ever make her like that again, I'll make you pay for that." Yuki said with dark and deadly aura surrounding her.

"Hush Yuki, you will wake Atsuko-nee up" Mayu tells Yuki in low tone.

Then they leave the room. I look at Atsuko's face. She looks so calm and peaceful.

"Minami, please don't leave me"

She is sleep talking, and I see tear is rolling from her eyes. She looks so weak and defenseless right now. I touch her cheek, and she is awake.

"Uhm..." She rubs her eyes. She is so cute

Then she looks up. I look at her and smile. She suddenly stands up and hugs me tightly

"Minami, you finally awake. I'm very happy" she said

"You are an idiot, why did you run to me? What if he stabs you lower, it would be your heart." she lightly hit my back

I feel something wet on my shoulder. She is crying. The cold and scary captain is now crying like a baby on my shoulder. I stroke her hair and pull her out to look straight at her eyes which are now all red because of crying.

"I told you before right. I will always be by your side and protect you no matter what" I smile and said to her.

Don't let her respond. I pull her up and kiss her lip.

End Minami's POV

Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise because of Minami's action. Then she slowly relaxes. She closes her eyes and replies his kiss. Unconsciously, she puts her arms around his neck. He holds her waist and pulls her closer to him. While they are enjoying kissing each other, the door swings open

"Takamina, Yuki said that you are awake...oops sorry" Yuu jumps in and said. Then he realizes he goes in bad timing.

Atsuko and Minami hear Yuu’s voice. They quickly pull out from each other, and their face is burning red

"That stupid squirrel" Minami shouts in his mind.

"Sorry for interrupting you two. Please continue what you are doing" Yuu said and smiles devilish.

Outside, Haruna, Mariko, Mii don't know what happen

"Shhh, let the lovebird alone" he said and winks to them

"I see" they all said and giggle

Then Yuu takes Haruna’s hand, and they go to the ship deck. Mariko and Mii go to Mii’s experiment room

Back to Minami's room

They sit there silently still embarrass because of what happen. Then Minami takes Atsuko shoulder and turns her to look at him

"Atsuko, I love you. You are everything to me." he said in serious voice.

Atsuko cries and hugs Minami

"I love you, too Minami. When you are injured and lost conscious, my heart is broken in pieces. I thought 'what if you never awake, what if I lost you forever' I was very scared. Please don't leave me Minami." Atsuko said in tear.

Minami strokes her back, pats her head, and said

"I will never leave you no matter what. I promise. I will never let you feel scared and lost like this again. It makes me sad when I see you in pain like this"

He then hugs her tightly. After a while, Atsuko finally calm down. Now, Minami sits on his bed and leans on the wall while Atsuko is resting her head on his shoulder. Their hands entwined with each other's.

"You know what Atsuko" Minami speaks up

"Huh?" Atsuko looks up

"When that guy touched your hand, I swear that I wanted to kill him in that instant" Minami said.

"Not only that. he also flirt you. And when I came back, I saw you are cornered by him. I wanted to rush there and kill him right away" he continues

Atsuko smiles and leans to give Minami a short kiss on his lips

"Don't worry Minami. He cannot do anything to me. Do you forget who I'm."

"However, when he cornered me, I'm really scared. I wished you to come back soon"

He kisses her forehead and said

"I will never leave you like that again. No one can touch you. You are my Atsuko"

The he leans and kisses her lips again. After a while, they leave the room and go to the ship deck.

"Hey, lovebird, what up" Yuu teases them.

"Yuuchan" Haruna said to him

"Why are you still here? Your business is done right?" Atsuko coldly said.

"No, I want to stay here with my Nyan Nyan." Yuu said while hugging Haruna

"Wow, since when Nyan Nyan become your?" Minami teases. However unnoticeably, there is a pair of killing eyes that glare at him.

"So, are you jealous, Minami?" Atsuko said with a dangerous tone.

Minami, now, notices the dangerous aura. He hugs his jealous girlfriend and said

"Of course not, my eyes are only for you. My cute Atsuko" then he kisses her cheek.

Atsuko's face slowly turns pink. Yuu notices it then continues teasing her.

"I can't believe my cold friend could be embarrassed and weak towards that midget."

"Who do you call midget?" Minami raises his eyebrow.

“Sorry, I don’t need any more crews on my ship” Atsuko coldly said.

“That is a payback for calling my Minami ‘Midget,’ and teasing me’” Atsuko thought

“ made our captain mad for calling her cute boyfriend ‘Midget’.” Mariko and Mii come to the ship deck.

“Come on Acchan, how can you deny your best friend’s request?” Yuu runs toward Atsuko and fake crying.

Minami stands in front of Atsuko and stops Yuu

"What do you want?" Minami glares at him.

"Yuuchan." haruna calls him

"Nyan Nyan, Acchan and Takamina bully me" he runs back and hugs haruna.

"Nyan Nyan, decision is on you" Atsuko said.

"Yuuchan, you have to behave" Haruna said to yuu

"Yes ma'am" Yuu said and stands in soldier form.

"By the way, where is Jun? I don't see him around." Atsuko asks.

"He found a girl yesterday. Seem like he knew her. He is in her room with Yuki and Mayu." Mariko said

"Acchan, I have something to tell you" Yuu changes his expression.

Seeing Yuu looks serious. Atsuko said

"Come to the meeting room"

In the meeting room

"What is it Yuu?" Atsuko asks

"Yesterday, after I won the fight against Naru, Jun comes up with a group of young girl. I realize that they not only attack people, they also selling people." Yuu said

"That is so cruel." Atsuko slams the table and said.

"I turn to him and ask him about that" Yuu continues


"What are you doing with these young girls?" Yuu asks

"We selling them" he said with his blank expression

Yuu slaps his face and said

"You are despicable"

"Yuu prepare for your doom. You and that Maeda Atsuko. You don't know who you just pick on." Naru said and laughs.

"What do you mean? Who is your boss?"

Yuu takes his collar and asks him

Suddenly, an arrow flies through Yuu’s face and pierces through Naru's neck. Yuu looks back and see nothing.

End Flashback

"So there is a big organization huh? And one more thing they are heartless" Minami said.

"However, right now we don't have any clues about them. Therefore just let it be and wait to see if they will do something to us." Atsuko said.

"I guess from now on just be like that." Yuu said.

"Now, let go to Jun's room to see how the girl is doing and who she is" Atsuko said and they leave the meeting room to come to Jun's.


Here is Chapter 7. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Feel free to comment about your opinions.  :)

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The girl is definitely rena! XD

I guess they're sailing to the big guys now 8)

If its rena, will she accept jun? And haruna was a rich man daughter? Why and how she became a pirate?

Otsukare, author san!

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Hohohohohohoh,finally Wmatsuiiii  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
I think,i fell in love with your fic  :shy2: :luvluv2:

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Awww atsumina and kojiyuu finally became a couple.

This chapter was awesome  XD

Keep up the good work!

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Wow finally it's WMatsui  :cathappy:  :cathappy:
Really wan to read the next chapter  :grin:  :grin:

Update soon  :thumbsup  :thumbsup

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Obviously, that was Rena!! :on gay:

And, finally! KojiYuu is together~ :mon inluv:

More KojiYuu moments and more action please~? :depressed:

Update soon~ :mon bye:


君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


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Yeeaayy.. Moreee WMatsui pleaseeee !!!!

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Reeeeeena-chaaaaaaaaaan~~~ >w<

WMatsui!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Rena-chan  :onioncheer:

Finally WMATSUI appear  :ding: :on gay:
~WMATSUI forever~

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AtsuMina   :farofflook: :luvluv2: :mon lovelaff:
Wmatsui appear  :k-great:

smell Trouble  :frustrated:

Thanks for your update  :mon thumb:
Update soon  :onioncheer:

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Ah... final enemy huh?

May be this big organization and boss has something to do with Atsuko's past?

What's going to happen next?

Why was Rena there?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Hi author-san.. I just read your fic right now.. :fap
And its awesome.. Those fighting scenes are really great, you describe it very clear.. :twothumbs
And now atsumina, mayuki, kojiyuu are officiall..
And is marimii already an item from the start?
I just want to ask what is mayu's skill in fighting?  :? I just remember that he is the doctor, but he fight too in this chapter..
And finally wmatsui appear.. Rena what happen to you?  :cry:
Love wmatsui..  :inlove:
Can't wait for the next update.. Thanks for the hard work :thumbsup

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