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Author Topic: Special Beings- Chapter 19 3/18/2017  (Read 4918 times)

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Re: Special Beings- Chapter 16 2/18/2017
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Ayumu was left deep in thought on what exactly to do to save the area. He wasn’t divine by any means but with his powers seemingly away from the source, the drive felt increased throughout his body. There were few things to do with the others roaming around while the people came back like drops of water to a small feast what could be the final days. Walking outside, Yuu was starting the small spark, watching it build with the golden liquid in a small cup in hand.

“Yo! Have some.” Yuu called loudly.

“What is it?” Ayumu asked.

“It’s a drink where people will tend to forget their problems temporarily called alcohol.” He laughed. “It won’t help our situation permanently but we are going down fighting, right?” Yuu explained with a wide grin. “Have a bit.”

The taste, bitter, filled his mouth quickly with a fruity tone as he had reminded himself of everything that had happened so far and just the moment where he had made the biggest difference. It settled his thoughts into the now and if they had perished it was the fight that meant more than anything for him. The two laughed at the whole adventure together, cheering for the lost soul often when the rest had returned to see them turning the meat over to Yuu’s satisfaction.

“Having fun guys?” The voice rattled their minds when they turned back. “You could have left us something to drink?”

“Alcohol?” Yuu revealed a toothy grin.

“Maybe?” Yuka threw the smile back. “We have the resources to continue with supplies but food will a day to day process.”

“Understood. For now, how about we eat?” Yuu hummed, handing over the plate to Yuka while the rest congregated into the house when the eyes of Sayaka had attracted Ayumu’s attention. “You keep scoring…”

“I’m not sure about that… just something to always consider to sacrificing the one thing to keep something precious.” Ayumu spat when he stood by the fire.

“I’m not interested first off.” Sayaka growled to Yuu as he ran by her. “Secondly… I want to speak to you in private.”

Ayumu nodded before pointing to the food as the inn provided the plates as Sayaka and Ayumu had sped through the line. Walking into the dusk atmosphere, the warm fire had brushed their legs, sitting on the logs provided when Sayaka glanced down upon the yellow flames. “I want you to know that… keep Emika safe.”

“What about the rest of you?” Ayumu asked, holding the piece of meat between his thumb and forefinger.

“We have each other regardless but something tells me that you are well beyond what I consider a hero.” Sayaka smiled. “I know Miyuki has been testing you because… she has that gripe against people like you.”

“She’s a halife though…” Ayumu reported.

“It also affects her as much. People don’t see her powers and she hides them. It is a weak source if she didn’t practice or actually known of her possession.” Sayaka explained when her eyes slid back. “I can worry as much of Miyuki because we are the best of friends and partners in life. We have each other. Yui and Antan are rocks and they may provide a source of help but Emika is odd man out.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt her…” He sighed.

“That I can accept but Emika is someone you should cherish in case of anything. Protect her.” Sayaka breathed, lifting her body up into the standing position.

The words were just different from the incident days ago to extract the curse from her body. He would serve everybody and not her personally. Meeting everyone seemed to grab what humans are, feeble beings in face of danger. However, they are also the various forms that the other beings couldn’t compare with the time on the earth. It meant trouble to be upon it but Ayumu wiped his eye when he had considered a thought to follow through on the plea from Sayaka.

Returning into the inn, it was the happy faces that brought him back to what he had seen from outside. There was no gloom from hours earlier, just the relaxation with everyone around. The alcohol ran through his body easily as he grabbed food for himself and moved into the conversations with the priests about the mountain. Everything was an event to combine like a story for him. Personally, he felt glad of the time, seemingly with the impending doom to keep a grin with everyone until the fire burnt out and the food cleaned by the people within his realm.

“Son… you hear me?”

“Father… where’s mother?” Ayumu shot up when he had seen the bodies laid around the floor.

“I’m here… how are you doing down there?” The high-pitched voice asked.

“It’s been interesting so far.” Ayumu answered softly.

“They can’t hear you anyway.” The deep voice laughed like thunder.

“Why are you talking to me?” He asked.

“We see what is happening and want to know what your plans are?” The high-pitched voice asked.

“I’m not sure… It is something I have to be willing to try to stop it.” Ayumu sighed.

“I see… unfortunately… you seem just as lost as we are.” The other voice struck him. “Son… as a father, I heard the woman’s advice, you have done great.”

“You seem confident to chance this world.” The high-pitched voice added.

“The thing is… I’m curious yet you guys know…” Ayumu moaned.

“Unfortunately… yes but somehow if you defy the result… I’m not sure how to react.” The low voice sighed in return. “We’ll continue to watch regardless but… what is done will be done with fate.”

“I understand. I have to sleep.”
Ayumu awoke with the dreamlike sequence lingering in his mind. The doubt was cast over him that if he were to succeed something else would fail along the way. The weight had suddenly became twice when he sat up near the wall when the first face he had seen from the trance had made him instantly worried and drew a smile back.

“Ayumu… is something wrong?” Emika asked.

“Nothing… just thinking.” He replied.

“It might be worth saying that if you do have something, tell us.” She lowered her eyes. “As much we fear what is happening, we want to help.”

“I understand… thanks.”

The words had felt empty from his chest. Ayumu knew of their value was worth more than him. It was instantly that the plan had unfolded like a map. The thought of where he had placed his values was finally what he had seen from before when the rest had rolled out of their places of comfort and glanced at the sun peeking inside. Keeping what he had considered to be the best path to success, Ayumu exhaled with the rest glancing around with their half-opened eyelids.

“What shall we do?” Yuu asked.

“I’m not sure except for visiting the town again before we leave.” Yuka answered.

“We may never see this area again…” Yuu exhaled.

“Don’t say that.” Ayumu shouted. “It’ll be alright.”

The forceful smile brought everyone to agree with him although the biggest uncertainty was how much he knew the truth was going to be harsh regardless of what they could do in the long run. Ayumu had only hope in his corner to rely on when they stretched out before walking out to the town. The consensus was the incoming doom but seeing Mayu again had brought even more pleasure to seek from the men when many had been scratching around their groins as they talked to her.

“Interesting place.” Yuka smirked.

“I know what it is so I’m just greeting them.” Ayumu smiled in return.

“Well… we have our path for now to pave to head north.” Yuka informed them when they nodded their heads.

It was good. That was all that the people had expected with little interference with their lives. Walking off, the power would grow to take down the towns they had visited but in the end, it was what the people had reflected al along.
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Re: Special Beings- Chapter 17 2/25/2017
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The pristine beauty caught the eyes of the group as they passed by. The consumption of the atmosphere washed most of their concerns away swiftly when they took to the trees and sat beneath the large overhang as Ayumu glanced out to the edge with the petals falling gracefully from the tree and grabbed one in his hand. The senses came alive instantly upon the discarded item in his hand, rubbing the waxy exterior between his fingers.

“You look concerned.” The voice broke into his conscious. “I had a dream…”

“Emika… what was the dream?” He broke his lips into a smile.

“This ordeal will be over. I can live in peace with everyone although I would forget who I had my adventures with.” She responded softly, moving her fingers closer to him.

“I see…” He sighed, feeling a heaviness upon his chest.

“The only thing that reminded me of that adventure was a child… who looked similar to you. I was asked who my father was before I awoke.” Emika explained.

“Ah? I guess it would bother me too.” Ayumu smiled.

“You didn’t have a dream like that?” She asked.

“I rarely have dreams… and even now it seems harder to look forward.” He breathed, moving his hand upon the soft strands of her hair. “It’ll be harder with everything else happening.”

“I still have a debt to you.” She whispered.

“You’ll pay it off when it’s completed.” Ayumu hummed when the eyes from a distance caught their stance.

Emika stepped back, sensing the discomfort of the situation and bowed to him when the woman stepped up to view his actions. He knew too much of what was happening to admit to why she had been a thorn a few days earlier. His lips fidgeted upon the sight when she ran up and threw her arms around the body.

“Miyuki…” He groaned.

“It means more to me to understand where I came from.” She replied. “Before this ends… I must prepare for my fate too.”

“You don’t have the weight to burden. Sayaka is there for you.” Ayumu sighed.

“She is… there but I can’t win if I don’t exceed my life span to fulfill a deed.” She explained, grabbing his hand to lead him away from the group. “It isn’t a choice.”

“Shouldn’t we tell them first?” Ayumu proposed when her head shook violently before entering a huge entry.

The darkness consumed their bodies with a swift stop when everything had become a nonexistent in his view. He sensed what she had meant into the previous times but Emika was close enough to throw her off. Sayaka probably had given the green light to not obstruct her plans when he felt a tightness around the member and the voice echoing in the space. She was different than Emika although the familiar tightness was hard to develop what she had planned further. Ayumu stood frozen while she moved to her own rhythm.

Ayumu knew that everyone would stop them other than Sayaka if it was the case but quickly it was hard to develop an excuse to tell them but to allow what Miyuki had wanted was the first check mark and thought of everything from before to warm his loins up. The break from his initial shock brought him into the reality and moved forward to wrap his hands around base of her body to continue the violent motion. Her cries grew louder before that explosion that had covered Emika once before was now in the possession of Miyuki before she walked away, grabbing his hand while adjusting the pants.

“It isn’t I don’t like her… just what has happened got me to realize that Sayaka will never give me what I had yearned for as a child in the present situation. It may be rash to consider that I may or may not have it for the time but if I survive, I want to assure myself that I won’t be alone.” Miyuki turned her head, shielding her face from Ayumu.

“What I want to know… is how I know you?” Ayumu spat.

“My mother was raped. She had problems with the other worldly beings that were around us. They were just monsters in her eyes and told me to beware of people like them. I was treated badly like Emika but I was within the crowd that had been mixed with these other people. They were more open and showed them off like freaks while I had no idea what I could do. Then, I met Sayaka.” Miyuki pulled her head back and grinned. “She was the only person who didn’t treat me like trash.”

“You hate me yet you take the one thing that could be part of you forever?” Ayumu thought when she nodded back.

“It isn’t the fact that I may have it just hard to consider that if in the end, I want to have somebody with me.” Miyuki exhaled when the group saw them return.

Sayaka knew the situation while Emika’s face had turned pale. He wanted to allow an explanation when Sayaka grabbed Miyuki and took her aside while the rest stood in awe of what had happened as Yuu broke the silence, “You had a talk with her?”

“Yeah… just something that was concerning her.” He answered.

The group allowed the answer to settle when they continued along the path to head further with the large structure ahead. The priests took to the front as Emika had stood closely to Ayumu with her eyes staring up to him. The though had come to him early that it was not expected but the debt was on both to understand what could happen with the next day. The tightness came when they returned to give them a rejection and continued along the path to the immediate darkness as Yuka had pointed down the path away from the main road to a large ditch.

“It’ll be a while to get any comfort since we are heading up this path.” She explained. “The priests shouldn’t be disappointed.”

“They can’t accept outsiders… it may be the case along the way.” Itano sighed. “We will have to pray though so if anything, we will be going back to that temple.”

The three broke up the hill and escaped from plain sight while the group lingered around to find a place shelter with the open lot. Ayumu felt the wet exterior of the plants nearby before an entrance in the twilight had caught his attention and finding the person following him had come inside as he felt a warmth upon his body. His mind turned to the area, extending his hand down to the ground when he felt dry items by him before seeing a dim glint of orange. He grabbed the stick and moved the items around before placing a piece on the lighted area.

“Ayumu… do you need help?” The voice asked.

“Just blow into the light.” He directed when he let out a smile.

With his breath and the addition of twigs, it was an obvious sign that a group had just left and at least one person was in his area that would calm the situation for him as the spark came up to produce a small flame. Continuing to add what was provided had given them a chance to obtain a bit of warmth in the suddenly changing atmosphere. Ayumu walked out to the entrance with the flashing of the lights to brake off a few of the young branches and returned it back to see her face brightly, dropping the kindle onto the fire.

“You thought Yuu had followed you?” Emika asked.

“Maybe… just wanting to settle my thoughts.” Ayumu smiled.

“Oh? Sayaka…” She started when the finger went up to the lips.

“It had to be done.” He explained.

He pushed his back to the wall, letting her head settle upon the chest as the problem had been resolved although the thought from earlier was weighing in his mind. Ayumu knew it was a when to consider that Emika had accepted his form. The moments of time of length in this present world was limited but the effort was never an issue as the lips were brushed quickly.

“I have thought that if tomorrow was the last day… I want to accomplish the repayment.” Emika grinned. “It’ll be something on my part.”

“I guess so…” He laughed. “Just have to be away from everybody else.”

“Yeah… I can’t stand being watched but… I want to thank you again.” She smiled before curling up to him.

“Same.” He breathed, closing his eyes with the small glimpse of the small fire in his thoughts before escaping the reality of the world.
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Re: Special Beings- Chapter 17 2/25/2017
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Re: Special Beings- Chapter 19 3/18/2017
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Chapter 19

Night had come over them quickly with the wind blowing into the area. They were huddled with the rest in the rest houses, standing rather than sleeping with the talks about the crazy theories floating around. Ayumu assumed it was the worse although the plan was simply close to his heart. He had stepped out into the middle with the fire blazing as he saw the people, face by face, etching it deep into his mind.

Ayumu was glad to see people for everything they were but it was them to have been accelerating the effects. Acknowledging it was one thing, accepting it was another when he had started with the movement north and now ending into the brisk weather around him. He had smiled towards them like a clown, knowing that these people were going to be sacrificed to the elements or possibly saved from the problems.

His feet took him away from the group into the clearing out of the camp where the hint of the sea air had tickled his lungs. Ayumu felt a whole life lived upon earth and now the fight was still present. He closed his fist before glancing up at the moon as the star fell in front of his eyes before rushing towards him like a torpedo and dropped to the dirt below when it rushed past him before turning onto his backside with his fists up. The being stood with a pole above him and used a hook-like item to bring his body up from under his chin, barely digging into the skin.

“For one… I have an ally.” The soft voice escaped.

“Ally?” Ayumu questioned.

“Yeah… the gods surely would like an ally.” It spoke a little louder, grunting after the thought. “The name is Kanako.”

“Ayumu… what exactly are you?” He asked.

“The god where people worship for a great catch.” It reported when the moonlight shined upon the body in a blue pastel shade. “This monster surely hates the humans.”

“The question is why.” Ayumu pondered.

“Okaro had told me about you and wanted you to allow us to fight.” Kanako instructed. “We need assistance but Okaro was ignorant.”

“I’m not sure if I would be of great help.” Ayumu informed the god. “The best thing is to…”

“Without a fight? Not a great way honestly. However, as I see fishermen go out and travel. They forget who their rock is.” Kanako sighed when the eyes swayed away. “My conscious say to give her a clue into your intent.”

“She’ll be forgetting me.” Ayumu spat.

“I don’t think so but I’ve seen stranger things when they pray for their wives.” Kanako drew a smile as the hands touched the body. “Tell her.”

The camp was somber upon the return as he proceeded into the rest house as many had been lounging in whichever space was needed, tiptoeing through the crowd when he stopped to view her curled in a ball. Echoing Kanako’s words in his mind, he crouched down to brush the dark hair away. The eyes were towards him before he mouthed the words, “I’ll miss you.”

The last thought of her was to see her in a peaceful stance. Marching back with the back of his hand upon the cheek, Ayumu knew the final stanza had approached when he felt a hand upon his shoulder. The beady eyes stared back at him when he felt something in his hands that burned the skin deeply. It had been gifted what many had sought upon earth, hope. Then, another had gripped his shoulder before the final one had braced his chest before wrapping the arms around him.

“Yuu… it was an honor.” Ayumu whispered.

“I’ll see you soon.” Yuu replied as he marched off.

“Why aren’t you stopping him?” The voice asked, watching Ayumu run off.

“How?” Yuu pondered. “He had been the key to saving the world. The last time was partial forgiven and now it may be the final time to ask for such desperate needs.”

“Yuu… I felt a tear upon my cheek.” Emika breathed.


The words were enough to not state what he had thought from before but what had been in the plans. Yuu walked into the forest nearby with the weapon in one pocket and a vial in the other. One swig of the vial before stabbing into the warm body and sweeping up into the throat as he fell upon the cold ground. The light escaped from the body from the dark area when he followed behind Ayumu to the cliff. Hiding behind the tree, he felt a cold sensation run through his spirit.

“Minami.” Yuu spat.

“Hmm… took you a while. You venture around the world and now you finally get your ghost partner.” Minami growled.

“Settle down. We are going to be witnesses to the greatest fight ever seen.” Yuu breathed as the two jumped off the cliff and followed to the edge as they saw the rocks below.

Yuu and Minami leapt before floating down to the ledge as they landed with the shadow in the distance. The moment had overwhelmed him that the sight had been what generations ago, upon the lands he had dedicated himself to fight. The beings were part of the world as a whole and the monster was the dark side they had faced before the humans had adjusted to the life. Minami gazed out and shook the head.

“Something wrong?” Yuu asked.

“For me, as your twin, I hate to assist you in this battle. This one though… we can end this right away.” Minami thought as the eyes closed and leaned over with the body being a torpedo with Yuu following behind into the cold, salty water below.

The bodies had been like fish up to the shadow when the small red bulbs appeared. Yuu swam up when he felt a force driving him back. The bubble grew large around one when the silhouette had become its orb. Yuu sensed it to be beyond what he had produced in the last fight as he almost would have to be sent back to the other world as the shadow struck towards it and the loud crashing of a shield meeting with its head caused a loud boom in the ears of the group.

The rest stood in awe while Minami and Yuu had creeped up for a better view of the match. The pair grew interested in Ayumu for the possession he had in his body. All the people before him had much less but their will carried them through but the power would be an equal matchup while Ayumu was a factor in how long to continue the battle. They observed the shadow retreating before launching a fireball towards Ayumu, deflecting back as another strike would be shot in return.

The lights had lit up the ocean above and below with the people seeing it for themselves for the days to continue. Above the surface, the group noticed the halt but the hearts racing from the battle in the depths of the ocean with one settling upon the rest house as an option. For her, it began to sink what Ayumu had done wasn’t just for himself but for the others. The selfish act consumed her but understood with little bits of information that if it had worked, he would return.

Days had turned into weeks and suddenly it was a few months where neither side had budged. Ayumu knew the test was now the spectacle around him. The last thought before entering the ocean had haunted him but wiped it away when he charged and broke through a wall in the shadow. The darkness surrounded him when he saw two figures pop up in the water. He swam closer before they scurried off in the opposite direction. Ayumu closed his eyes and saw a bright light from the afar.

The particles had slowly encompassed the body and suddenly the eyes caught it in the reality of the event. He caught a glimpse of a large item, floating towards it, and smiled. Ayumu inhaled the used air and speared towards it. He felt the warmth upon the cheek as the strike had blasted him into depths but the roar from the echoes knew the job was done. The last image was darkness and what had been the dream for them, the moment where fear had escaped the humans about Ayumu and the rest.
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