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Author Topic: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[Bonus]  (Read 17844 times)

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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CHAPTER 04]
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Dumbness+Anger is the best! Go Nagisa!

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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CHAPTER 04]
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君を見つけたらどんな言葉を掛ければいい?その姿 見とれて僕はきっと立ち尽くす人混みと喧噪の隙間愛する人と出逢えたことだけでしあわせになる


For more gayness and sweetness, visit the FuuMiru Thread and KojiYuu Thread!

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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CHAPTER 04]
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K-Kamisori?!?!?! :w00t:

Are we gonna see Kamisori?!?!?! OwO

Does that mean... we may also see Zombie?!?!?!? >w<

OMG Can't wait! Update soon!!!


Yep, Kamisori here is the same as the Mako who's the leader of Joshikou Keisatsu. Just a little spoiler: the next chap will focus on Mako. And for zombie, well... I guess you guys already know when Nagi mentioned about the chief's 'other half':kekeke:
Fu fu, please wait warmly as the next chapter's being baked in my word processor...

Dumbness+Anger is the best! Go Nagisa!

Yeah, go you NMB's number one Bakako!! Stop thinking and run them over like a bulldozer :lol:

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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CHAPTER 05]
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Finally got my chance to update this fic.... *sighing loudly* Oh well, here you go! Chapter 5!  8)
Oh, and I also made an art for this. I put it on the Table of Contents, by the way. Enjoy~

The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 05: Choices and Homecoming


  “Deputy Shibuya Nagisa. I order you return to headquarter right now—”

  --“Goodbye, chief.”



Mako closed her eyes and sighed, lowering her phone from her ear.

It’s over.

She's too late. She's way too late. There’s no point in calling her back; the girl would’ve probably crushed her phone or thrown it away somewhere by now. Yes. She knew for sure. She knew about 'Seigi', a lot more than she knew about 'Shibuya Nagisa'. Why you ask? It’s only natural, isn’t it?

Because it’s her job to look after that monster, and to kill it if it someday went out of control.

It’s a secret mission given to her since that day; the day she lost her other half, and the day she gained this little squad called Joshikou Keisatsu. That day is the end, and also the beginning of everything. How long had passed since then? A year? Or maybe two? Perhaps the peaceful days had really dulled her razor sharp sense and made her forgot about the important mission she was given back then. And thanks to that, she had made another mistakes and brought her squad into a big mess.

“Heh, the Inspector would’ve laughed if he sees me now…”

Mako reopened her eyes, staring at the call log shown on the screen of her phone. The log was empty, safe for a single entry from her previous call.

     Shibuya Nagisa – 08:40

So it's time, huh? She tapped the entry and the screen changed to show the information of her desired contact. She narrowed her eyes.

"Goodbye to you too, Deputy Shibuya."




The squad leader froze, staring at her own hand trembling. Her finger hovered over the little picture of a trash can on the top right part of the screen. Why? Why is she hesitating? She knew what needed to be done and the huge consequences this mission would bring. If she didn’t get rid of ‘Seigi’ more and more of innocent people would be dragged to 'that world'. No. She wouldn't let that happen. She had enough of that world and she wouldn’t let anyone important to her involved with it ever again. Yes. She had to pluck away that disturbance before it consumed the whole Joshikou Keisatsu. That’s what she needed to do, as a squad leader and as herself.

...but then why?

Why is she still hesitating?

After spending these peaceful days together with her, does she start to see 'Seigi' as more than a mere object? Heh, it made her want to puke. She might as well cut off her own throat with a razor before thinking of accepting that heartless beast. But then why—



The sudden slam broke her away from her inner conflict and she switched her eyes to the source of the sound in reflexes, staring at the newly arrived figure by the door.

“Wha-whoa!? What’re you doing here, chief? Class has already started, you know.”


“Yup, it’s me of course. Who else could it be?”

Meru smiled and gave a quick salute, a small plastic bag on her other hand. Mako blinked, once, twice, before she finally returned to reality. She sighed and put her phone back to her pocket, a part of her felt relieved by the distraction.

“Stop slamming the door when you enter the office, Meru.”

“Sorry, my bad… I thought there’s no one inside so I just kinda ‘BAM’ like that.”

Mako shook her head as she saw the girl threw her arms to the air to emphasis her words.

Tashima Meru. The most childish member of Joshikou Keisatsu and the rowdy engine of the group; there’s bound to be a blast when she’s around. Well, literally. Despite her noisy personality the girl was a genius, and somehow, doubled with her love for pranks, she’s an expert at explosives and home-made trappings. As far as Mako knew the girl had already mapped the whole school in her head and lay out her booby traps around. Fortunately she only used her ability for harmless jokes and nothing more.

Maybe I should thanks the Inspector for finding her first before anyone dangerous…

Mako sighed, watching as the girl lifted her plastic bag and unloaded the content to her desk; small plastic balls bounced out of the bag in a messy heap. Huh? The squad leader  mulled to herself as she took the ball that rolled near her foot.  Ping-pong balls? What kind of prank is that girl planning this time? Meru seemed to notice the curiousity on her eyes and she chuckled.

“Hey chief, you know what ping-pong balls are made of?”

“Whuh, what? Plastic, right?”

“Well, it’s called ‘celluloid’ actually, but yeah, still plastic. And you know what? It’s extremely flammable~

Bombs. She's making more of them. That girl sure loved them. Mako crossed her arms gave the girl a look of warning.


“What? It’s nothing harmful, I promise!”

“We’ve made this agreement before; You may make explosives but it’s only for police-related situation. You may not make one in the school area as well. It’s dangerous...”

“So you said, but I’ve seen you bring a gun here before.”

Urk. Mako switched her gaze away, her fingers absent-mindedly twirled the ping-pong ball on her hand. Meru smirked in victory.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep that a secret from Naachan. Besides, I’m just making some smoke bombs.”

“And what are you trying to do with those bombs?”

“Oh, those? I just need ‘em to trick the smoke alarm. You see, there’s that special Melon-pan that Mio wanted today so I’m thinking of buying her some.”

Oh yeah, that limited menu. They're always sold out by the time she reached the cafeteria. But what does it get to do with the bombs? Meru smiled as she pulled out a cutter and made a hole on her ping-pong ball, big enough for a pencil to fit.

“Our class is so far from the cafeteria you know, so I’m sure we’ll miss them even if we run with all our might." She put a pencil into the hole and started to cover the mechanism with a layer of aluminum foil. "Then what should we do? TA-DAH!” The loud girl raised her hand to reveal her creation. “I just need to get myself a handicap~”

Mako blinked, staring at the strange item before her.

“I’ll trick the smoke detector with these bombs and while they’re in panic I’ll get the Melon-pan. Ping-pong balls will burn completely and leave nothing but smoke so I just need to hide the aluminum foil~”

Meru laughed in excitement as she declared her plan, puffing out her chest in pride. do a mischievous deed without leaving any evidence behind; that’s what you called a perfect crime. For a member of a police force to do it, what an irony. Mako held her head in disbelief. Well, as long as nobody’s hurt by it...

“So what about you, chief?”


Mako raised her face to stare at the excited girl.

"What about what?"

“I’ve told my reason, but what about you? You never skip any class before so it has to be something important.”

“…just some police-related business.”

“Does it have something to do with the attack on Nagi-chan’s apartment and Ryou-chan’s disappearance?”

What a sharp girl. Mako gave her a small smile and tossed away the ping-pong ball on her, which the girl caught with no trouble. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“Meru... Can I trust you?


What the--? Mako opened her eyes to find Meru casually cutting a ping-pong ball, an air of indifference around her. She glared at the girl.

"Oi, are you listening to me?"

“Yeah, I do.” She said, her attention never left the little handicraft she’s making. “Geez, chill out already. You’re being so stiff that I thought I was talking with Naachan for a while now, ha ha!”

The girl laughed, putting away a smoke bomb she made on the nearby table and started to work on another.

There’s a hidden passage I made on the other side of the Gym. You can sneak out of the school unnoticed from there. You have something important to do, right?”

Mako stared at the girl with wide eyes.

“I’ll pretend that I don’t see you here today and make something up.”

The Hakata girl gave her a toothy girl, patting her shoulder. Mako smiled.

“Thanks, Meru.”

“Sure, any time you need~”

The squad leader raised her hand and gave her friend a quick high-five before walking toward the front door.

“Oh, and chief. Can I ask you a favor in return?”

Mako stopped on her track, giving the other girl an oblivious look. That's strange. It’s rare for Meru to ask for help. The said girl scratched her cheek as if she's embarrassed, a sheepish smile on her face.

Come back here safely, alright? Everyone will be waiting for your return. And please tell this to Nagi-chan and Ryou-chan as well.”

She froze. A feeling of uneasiness swelled inside her and she looked away, trying to avoid the girl's gaze.

"I can't promise you that."

"...I see."


"Say, chief. What do you think about Joshikou Keisatsu?"

...what? What is she suddenly talking about?

"I really love this place, you see. I love the feelings that every one of us put together despite all our differences.

    The Naachan that always so keen and keep us on track...
    The Nagi-chan that always smile and brighten our days...

    The Ryou-chan that always quietly watching and put everyone on a fair ground...

    The Mio that always nurture us and bring us at ease...

    And the you that always look after us and bring us together.

For me, Joshikou Keisatsu is just like a real family-- "Stop it, Meru."

Mako clenched her fist.

"What you see is just a lie."

She saw the smile on the girl's face faltered. What am I saying? She wanted to stop but the words kept flowing out of her mouth.

"There's no family, there's no friendship, there's nothing. Nobody is like what you see them. Even me-- "I know."

A casual answer. A very casual and light answer. Something that she didn't expect to hear, and she turned her perplexed look to the girl.

"I know that everyone has something they can't tell anyone about; I know that everyone's been hurt before. Sometimes I can see it too, you know; You and Nagi-chan and Ryou-chan, even though you smile there's always a hint of loneliness in your eyes. Even then, I don't think these days we spent together are a lie.

'I think the Inspector has his own reason; why he created Joshikou Keisatsu and chose the seven of us personally.
And if these days are really a lie, then I'll give me all to protect this lie."

Giving one's protect a lie?


"Aha ha ha ha!"

Mako laughed loudly, feeling all the hesitation she had before disappeared into the thin air.

"Eeeeh? Why are you laughing, chief?"

"You really are a child, Meru..."

"Whaaat? I just said something cool and that's what you're giving me?"

"Yep, a child. Definitely a child, a ha ha ha!"

Meru smirked.

"Say, chief. The smoke produced by this bomb can be toxic if inhaled directly, you know. Need me to lit one for you?"

"Whoa, time! Time! Okay, I'll stop."

Mako took a deep breath trying to calm herself. She smiled.

"Well, I'll be going then."

"See you~"


A lone girl in a green jacket walked down the road in silence, burying her both hands deep into her pockets. She was heading to that place, a famous dog cafe on the block with that eye-catching painting of Chihuahua. The girl opened the door without hesitation, the CLOSED sign being ignored for what seemed to be the countless time.


The dogs swarmed around and barked as the silver bell on the entrance rang, and the owner of the cafe sighed loudly.

“Again? I’m sorry, but we’re closed today—“

“It’s been a while, Kotani-san.”

Kotani Riho let out a whine as she recognized the person by the door.

“First Seigi and now you? Perhaps I should buy a bigger CLOSED sign…”

The cafe owner crossed her legs and rested her chin on her broom lazily, her observant eyes studying the girl standing by the door.

“So? What do you need from me, Kamisori?”

Mako felt her ears twitched as she heard the name, but she decided to let it slide.

“You sure have a knack at hitting the right button, huh?"

"Well, if not I wouldn't be an informant, ain't I?"

That actually makes a sense. Mako shrugged.

"I heard that Nagisa came to your place yesterday.”

“She did. She even came all beaten up in the middle of the night.”

“And could it be that you're the one who provoke her to awaken her violent side?”


Riho paused. Her lazy eyes turned sharp.

“I see… So she had finally awakened…”

The cafe owner stood to her full height, walking toward the nearby table. Mako followed her movement with her eyes.

“Are you perhaps trying to pull something, Kotani-san?”

“No. Nothing at all. I only gave her a piece of advice.”

“Is that so?“

“Stop being so hostile, Kamisori. You’ll frighten the dogs.”

Dangerous growls entered her ears and Mako glanced to her side, finding dogs of each and every size eyeing her like a predator. She narrowed her eyes, putting her alert in all high. Riho smiled and petted the huge Labrador beside her.

“So then, since Seigi had awaken you’re coming here to get ‘that thing’ right? Why don’t you have a seat while I fetch you what you need?”

The cafe owner pulled a chair over for her, motioning her to sit down, and Mako sighed. She had no other choice but to comply.

“Even then, I was surprised. Why are you wearing that jacket instead of you usual red one?”


“That jacket is hers, am I right?”

Mako narrowed her eyes dangerously. This woman truly knew how to push someone to their edge. Won’t she just hurry it up and give her what she need right now? Mako sighed loudly to herself as she watched the cafe owner browsed through the faraway shelf.

“Let’s see…ah, here it is.”

Riho returned with a small package and she set it on the table between them.

“This is what you’re coming here for, right?”

She proceeded to open the package, revealing the metallic item sleeping inside.

A pitch black handgun.

Mako gulped. She reached her hand toward it, shivering a bit as her skin touched its cold surface. It's been a long time since she touched a real gun. Well, she always carried one on a capture operation but there’s barely any need for her to pull its trigger. But right now... She bit her lip. Suddenly the gun on her hands felt so heavy. Riho seemed to notice the slight fear on her eyes and sighed.

“What are you planning to do after taking this gun?”


“You’re going to kill Seigi, to kill Shibuya Nagisa with your own hands? It is your choice though. You may as well get your revenge by then.”

Mako didn't answer; she fixed her eyes on the little weapon in her grasp, lost in thought.

“You hate her, right? You hate Seigi. You hate her for taking away your most precious person.”

"...that's true."

She smiled and put the gun back to its sheath, taking them with her.

"I hate Seigi. I hate that monster more than anything in this world and I couldn’t deny that hatred. But it doesn't matter right now. Those Gekioko bunch have taken two of my squad members with them. Two of my precious friends. So I'll use these hands to beat them up instead and take back what's mine."

It was Riho's turn to be surprised, and she gave the girl a soft laugh.

"You sure have changed, huh Kamisori?"

"Perhaps I have."

"Well, in commemoration for your growth, I'll give you a little present."

The cafe owner pulled out a piece of paper from her breast pocket and put it gently on the table. A shinkansen ticket, straight from Tokyo to Osaka. To prepare this in advance... the woman must have planned this all along. Mako smirked and took it with her.

"Bring them back, Kamisori. And after that, let's have a party with everyone."

Mako stood, giving the woman a slight wave as she walked. The cold wind blew against her as she stepped outside, letting the green jacket fluttered slightly, and she closed her eyes.






"Let's go home, Zombie."

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 05 // END
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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CHAPTER 05]
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Zombie.... o.o

...uh-oh..... o-o

Is Zombie....? T^T


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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CHAPTER 05]
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Did Seigi kill Z??!! :OMG:

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Re: [MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CHAPTER 05]
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Eeiiii~ it really took my interest~
ah NagiUha!!! <3
hm poor Mako but I hope she's already get over with her sad and please save your comrades!
Nice story author-san! N thanks~
just love to read alot of fiction story

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[MJSK4XJoshiKei] The Epitome of Justice (NagiUha+VariousPairs)[CHAPTER 06]
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Hello again, everyone. At long last chapter 6 is finally here.  8)
Err, there are a lot of concealed situations and names on this chapter so I hope you all can bear with it, because from here on...a new arc will begin! More and more secrets about Gekioko will be revealed from this point and it'll get more and more dark as the story progress... 

Oh, and I've also updated the character description so sit tight and enjoy the ride~

The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 06: Broken Girls; Broken Memories


“Hey, Seigi.”


“Yer entering Gekioko next year, right? Why there?”

“Hmmmm… For world’s peace.”

“Pfft, wait what!? How the heck you come to that, ya blockhead?”

“Eeeh, well… They’re one of the strongest schools ‘round here, ain’t they? So if I take their top I’ll be the strongest in Osaka.”


“From there I’ll take the top of the top, then the higher top, all and all until the highest top.  If people only listen to the strongest, then I’ll be the strongest and make ‘em listen to what I say.”

“Then you’ll tell ‘em to make peace with each other.”


“…geez, why do I hafta to stuck with a delusional idiot like you.”

“What’s that ya stinkin’ brat!?”

“Nah, nothing. But Gekioko, huh? They have a low passing grade so I’m sure we’ll pass.”

“Whaddya mean ‘we’?”

“Well, thanks to YOU we’re stuck together now. So I’ll follow ya even to the depth of hell.”

“Why? And why yer blaming me for that!?”

“Because… Heh, I’m sure a super-dense blockhead like you will never understand…”


Nothing had changed.

A year had passed since she left this place, but even then, nothing had changed. Nothing at all. The identical gray buildings, the dull walls covered in messy graffiti, the broken dark fences; everything were still the same as how she remembered them, standing there silently in front of her like a mirage projected from her long lost memories. A black metal sign planted on its gate.

      [ Gekioko High School ]

Nagisa sighed and closed her eyes, burying her hands deeply to her red jacket. She’s here. She’s really back here. Back to Osaka, back to this delinquent high school, back to the place where she was called a monster. Back to ‘that world’.

     ——yes, seigi—back here—destroy—you’re a good girl—

The girl growled, holding her head as the painful headache returned. Shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT THE HELL UP! She screamed loudly inside her head, fighting off the echoing ghastly voice. This is bad. She had to find Ryouha and leave this place quickly before—


She opened her eyes and turned around, switching her attention to the new source of voice.

“Who’re ya? What’re ya doing in our school in the middle of the night!?”

Was someone there? Her view was a bit blurry from the headache but she could see a group of girls in matching white uniforms approaching her, and she instantly knew who they were. So they’re still lurking around the school even in nighttime? Those Gekioko’s hyenas. She kept silent as they eyed her curiously, taking the time to observe their messy outfit in return.

    “Oi, check out her fancy uniform.”


    “Wheew, what a surprise~ Yer from some elite school or somethin’, missy?”

One star. There’s only one star badge on their collar. If Kango-ka didn’t change their system then these yankees supposed to belong to the lowest class. And there’s one, two…three of them? Or was there more? She didn’t know for sure. The scenery was too dark and the constant headache didn’t help at all.

     “Ya look a pale~ What, pissing yer pants already?”

Aah, this is bad. This is really really bad. She really hated unnecessary conflict. She better do something to scare them away before she lost her temper. The former Kango-ka general opened her mouth.

“Stay out of my way.”


“Stay away... before I tear y’all apart.

Her threatening voice pierced the heavy atmosphere and she could see them flinched from her icy-cold gaze, but looks like it wasn’t enough.

“What did ya say, punk!?”

One of the girls grabbed her by her collar, glaring back at her empty eyes. Aah, really. She hated this. Nagisa clicked her tongue, her hand slowly moved to the grip on her collar. One second. Just in one swift movement. She closed her palm.


“Ack! Aaaagh!!!”

Huh? The girl released her grip and let the screaming yankee go.

“Y-you bastard…”


The yankee clutched her broken wrist, trying to hold in the pain, and Nagisa looked back at her with wide eyes. That’s odd. Was human supposed to be that fragile? She switched her gaze to her own palm and stared at it in confusion. Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. She continued that gesture with her palm like a child observing a new toy they found. No. That’s wrong. It was nothing new. How could she forget? She used to break many and many people with her hands before. Even then…

“All this time I’ve been holding you with this same hand, huh? Ryouha…”

She whispered those words softly under her breath. How could that be possible? Was there something stopping her from breaking that girl? She didn’t understand. Well, she’s always been called an idiot so maybe it’s pointless for her trying to understand. The former Kango-ka general chuckled and switched her eyes to the group of yankee, startling them.

“I told cha to stay away, but ya won’t stay away… That means~~” She smiled widely.

“I can tear all of ya apart now, ain’t I~~?”

Fear. She could see it reflected clearly in their eyes. The yankees scampered away from the intimidation but some of them stayed, fighting off their fear and keeping their ground. She gave the remaining girls an empty look.

“D-don’t look down on us!”

They let out a pathetic yell and she cracked her fingers in response. Should she really crush them all?

“As members of Kango-ka, we’d never— “THAT’S ENOUGH.”

Hm? Another voice. A familiar voice she heard just recently. She glanced over her shoulder, finding the older of the Nandeyanen Sisters appearing from the school premise, a calm stern look adorning her face. About time…

  “I-Ibukuro-nee!” “It’s Ibukuro-neesan!!” “Ibukuro—“

“Leave this place. NOW.”

The yankees let out a quick ‘yes ma’am!’ in unison and made a hurried bow, before leaving the area in a rush. Simple. In one strict order from the upper rank they’d withdraw without a complaint whatsoever. So there’s still some who follow Antonio’s teaching of ‘minimalizing bloodshed’, huh? That took a bit load out of my mind… Nagisa put her hands back to her pocket, turning to face the newly arrived yankee who was standing there between her and the school gate. They stared at each other in silence, waiting for the right moment to speak, until Ibukuro decided to break it first.

“So we meet again, ms. Police Officer.” The yankee shrugged.

“Shall we continue what we had left before?”

This again? Nagisa sighed, giving the yankee a bored expression in reply. Just when she thought she could avoid a useless fistfight… Aah, this is why she hated ‘this world’. When she plucked the weak ones the stronger one would appear afterwards as if there’s no end to them. How troublesome. How very VERY troublesome. The girl clicked her tongue in annoyance.



“Where is she?”

“Heh, who knows? Aren’t ya the one who know her best? Or perhaps…” The yankee narrowed her eyes dangerously. “Ya have forgotten all about her?”

Forgotten… Forgotten? Had she forgotten about Kimotama? Wasn’t she supposed to be someone important to her before? Nagisa switched her eyes away, trying to recall her memories of that girl. The place Kimotama is waiting at, the place that she would’ve definitely know; where is it? Ibukuro smirked as she saw the dreaded expression on the girl’s face, and she continued.

“Or maybe not just her?

Ya have forgotten all about Kango-ka; about this place we all built together, this place we called ‘home’.”

   ——Home—Gekioko—Kango-ka—Antonio and Coby—a place to belong—

She held her head as a surge of memories flooded her mind. She remembered. She remembered about them, but it’s not enough. Deeper. She had to dig deeper to those suppressed memories.

   ——Kimotama—Friends— ***** SacrificeGone??

Another wave of hysteria hit her but she held them off, searching through the broken pieces.

  ——Where? Where, where where—after school—baseball—together—

  ——Ain’t it fun~?

Nagisa flinched, gasping for air as she finally found what she’s looking for. She remembered now, the place where Kimotama would be, and Ibukuro seemed to realize it too.

“Have ya remember now?”

She didn’t answer, staring at the overly calm yankee silently as she tried to calm herself. ...this is bad. There’s not enough time. She had to go to that place fast and save Ryouha before the time limit passed. The former Kango-ka general gritted her teeth and stepped forward, raising her hand toward the yankee in front of her.


“Step aside, Ibukuro.” She whispered to the yankee’s ear, resting her right hand on her shoulder. “I have no time to fight with you.”

“…I see. Then I’ll withdraw today.”

Huh? Nagisa blinked, partly surprised to find the yankee stepping aside without a single fight, and Ibukuro snickered in response.

“Don’t let any blood being spilled for nothing. That’s what Antonio taught us, right?”


“Go and finish what ya need to do. In fact, I was waiting for ya to come and pummel that brat. She’s been way too cocky lately.”

She gave the yankee a perplexed look, before she smiled, hitting her old friend lightly on her shoulder as she walked past her.

“Thanks, Ibukuro.”

“Don’t thanks me yet; ya know that it’s probably a trap, ain't it?”

“Eeh, well yeah but… Too bad an idiot like me can only charge forward, ha ha~”

Ibukuro shook her head and sighed.

“…hey, Seigi. You’ve realized it, ain’t ya? Something’s wrong with the current Kango-ka. And it’s been like this ever since ‘that day’.”


She closed her eyes, her back against Nagisa as she spoke quietly.

“Can ya tell me?  What happened on ‘that day’ one year ago?  Why did ya suddenly disappear without a word?”


“That massacre… Seigi, is it true that you— “I don’t remember.”


“I don’t—I can’t remember. What truly happened on ‘that day’, I can’t remember at all. Maybe something bad happened and I’ve decided not to remember. Funny, isn’t it?”

“I see…” The yankee let out a long breath, before turning to give her old friend a grin.

“Well then, it’s getting late so I’ll catch my leave now. See ya.”

“Uh...sure? Bye.”

The yankee snickered as she heard the awkward reply and waved her right hand lazily, whispering something as she left.

“Good luck with yer rescue operation ms. Police Officer.”


“Home run!! Yeah!!!!”

“Eeh, no way!”

“Heheh, that’s for making me wait for two hours. I told ‘cha that I’ll be waitin’ in the usual place, and of course I mean THIS field you idiot.”

“Stop callin me an idiot, yer grade’s not much better than me dammit! And I didn’t put my power to that throw ‘cause *****’s the one catching it.”

“Pfft, being a sore loser are ya? Well, bring it on! Step aside *****, just let the catcher position empty.”

  “ ‘Kaaay~”

“Ya better start yer prayer ‘cause I’ll put my 100% on this one!”

“Talk all you want, I’ll make it fly all the way to the school ground for ya.”

  “Don’t hurt yourself now. Nagisa-neechan~ Shu-neechan~”


The baseball field behind Gekioko High. At 7pm strike.

That’s the place. Kimotama would definitely be there without doubt. In fact Nagisa could already see the said girl from the distance, standing in the batter box as she swung her metal bat wildly. The former yankee took a deep breath and entered the field, stopping a safe distance away from the girl, and as soon as she did that Kimotama stopped her constant swinging. The girl turned to her visitor, a hateful smirk on her face.

“So ya really come, huh?”


Nagisa didn’t answer, her eyes locked on the nostalgic figure in front of her. Kimotama—no, Yabushita Shu. Her childhood friend and the one she used to call best friend. Why did she look so unfamiliar to her now? Her smile, was it always look so twisted like that? Somehow she just couldn’t remember.

“I thought you’ll make me wait for hours again like you used to, Seigi.”

Waiting… Yeah, she could faintly remember about that. They used to play baseball together in this place even before they entered Gekioko. She remembered. She always came late every time. By then Kimotama would get angry and they’d fight until ***** told them to stop. They got along again afterwards, mouthing a quick ‘sorry’ to each other as ***** treat their bruises. Then they’d laugh and play until the sky got dark. Those were happy times, weren’t they? How could she forget about that?

Wait. ***** ?

Nagisa blinked as a blurry figure started to appear in her memories.

   Was there someone else beside the two of us...?

“I’m a bit disappointed, actually. I was thinking of playing with yer girlfriend a bit more, popping her bone one by one for every minute yer late~ Aha ha ha!”

The girl flinched back to reality as she heard that and she clenched her fist. No, she couldn’t get distracted now. There’s something more important for her to do. She took a deep breath, finding her voice once again. 

“Where is Ryouha?”

“Ryouha? Oh, is that her name? That weak shitty girl.”


“Aha ha, ya should’ve seen her expression when I broke her arm! Pffft, it was so priceless that I couldn’t help yanking her face up to take a closer look.”

Nagisa clenched her fist harder, trying to stop her building anger.

“Stop yer useless blabber and tell me where she is…”

“What? Ya don’t even have time to listen to my story now?”

The Kango-ka general let out a dry laugh and walked toward the nearby metal basket, taking one ball from the pile of baseballs.

“Ya remember, Seigi? We used to play here together like there’s no care in the world.” The girl walked slowly as she juggled the ball with her right hand. Up and down and up and down; Nagisa followed the bouncing balls from the corner of her eyes, focusing her attention on the girl playing with it.

“Sometimes we fight, sometimes we get along, but we always stick together. We were two of a kind, ain’t we? Nothing can separate us back then. And I thought everything will stay like that forever—!

Nagisa’s eyes widened as the yankee suddenly throw the ball to her face, and she quickly raised her hand to catch the incoming projectile. She gulped, feeling her palm stung a bit from the impact. If it was someone else their skull would’ve been broken by now. She stared at the yankee in disbelief. This girl…she really wanted to kill me.

“Ya still have a quick reflexes even now, huh? Amazing~” Kimotama snickered, resting her metal bat on her shoulder.

“It doesn’t matter though. Bam.”



What the—!? Nagisa threw the ball away in reflexes as it suddenly exploded, covering her nose from the smoke it produced.

    --“Whoa, it really exploded! That psycho-head Henteko can make a useful toy, too.”

A smoke bomb? No. She said it was Henteko’s so it wouldn’t be something that simple. Nagisa narrowed her eyes as she somehow started to feel a bit lightheaded, trying to identify the current situation. This sweet and strong smell of alcohol… Don’t tell me— She gasped as she finally realized what it was and she hurriedly sprinted out of the thick cloud of smoke, holding her breath to stop herself from inhaling anymore of the dangerous gas.   

“Oh? Ya realized what it is? Guess yer survival instinct does surpass yer idiocy.”

Chloroform. The girl clicked her tongue as she started to feel her limbs going numb, glaring at the smirking yankee in front of her.

“But geez, yer still conscious from that strong dose? Yer really are a monster. A brainless one that is. A ha ha ha!”


“Why? Why you ask? Hah, ya seriously ask that?”

Kimotama raised her boot, kicking the girl’s numb leg and sending her to her knees. The yankee growled, grabbing Nagisa by the hair and forced her to look at her face.

Because I hate you, Seigi. I hate you, because you destroyed everything I have. ”

CLANK— The metal bat hit Nagisa painfully on her face and she grunted, falling to the cold ground.

“I was alone. I was always alone. But then ya come and saved me from that. Don’t cha remember? Don’t cha? Ha ha, of course ya don’t! I don’t mean anything in yer eyes anymore, ain’t I!?

She pushed herself back to her feet, forcing her woobly legs to move and escape the enraged yankee.

“I was happy just by being by yer side; I’ve decided to stick with ya through anything! But then what? You suddenly disappeared ‘that day’ and left me all alone again. I thought you were dead, and I thought I was better off dead too…”

She raised her arms over her face, blocking and dodging with all she had as Kimotama swung her metal bat wildly. CLANK—CLANK—CLANK—CLANK The blows didn’t feel hurt at all, but with each hit she felt her body getting more and more numb.

“But in the end I decided to keep on living! I became a general and decided to take over the top in yer place; I’ve decided to continue yer silly ideal for you. Aha ha! But y’know what I found later?

   Yer still alive~~”

Kimotama let out a loud giggle, and hearing that, Nagisa felt a cold shiver running down her spine.

“Yer still alive and well and happily leading a oh-so-carefree life away from here!! What the heck—Ya frickin joking with me!? Do you know how it feels when I found out?

    Do you know how I feel? Seeing my most important person cheerfully living with someone else while forgetting all about me!?

Do you!? NAGISA!?!!” 

Nagisa gritted her teeth, feeling another blow hitting her left leg and pushed her out of balance; the pain from the impact registered not to her brain, but pierced straight through her heart. She rolled to her back, staring up into Kimotama’s furious gaze. Her whole body started to feel numb from the previous gas she inhaled. The yankee stopped her mad rush, her head lolling to her side like a broken doll, her hateful stare boring into the person in front of her.

“If only you were dead back then…” She towered over the fallen figure, stepping hard on the girl’s chest to keep her down. “If only I never meet you maybe being alone wouldn’t be this painful…”

Kimotama smiled and raised her bat high above her head, staring down at the source of her pain with sad eyes. It was the look that Nagisa never seen in that girl before and somehow it made her heart crunched.

“Please, just disappear Nagisa… Forever…


I’m sorry, Shu…



Kimotama froze, seeing the girl raising her right hand to catch the metal bat. Her jet black eyes glaring into her.

“I’m sorry…but I can’t die just yet.”

The girl let out a loud scream, clenching her palm and yanked the metal bat away from Kimotama’s grip, her other hand snaked out to grab the yankee by her collar. What!? Where did she get that power from? Kimotama thought loudly in her head as she felt the girl lifted her off her feet, struggling to escape the iron grip.

“Aah, now I understand why they called me a monstrous berserker…”

Nagisa sighed, closing her right palm into a fist.

“Now clenched yer teeth tightly, Kimotama.” She gave the yankee a wide grin. “Cause I’ll put my, maybe just 60% to this one punch.”

“Sto—“ “Here I go~~”


Her right fist hit the yankee hard on her cheek, sending her flying a good few feet away across the field. Kimotama squirmed as she hit the ground, feeling her jaw barely intact from the single blow. She heard the other girl let out a long sigh once again.

“Wheew, that feels refreshing~”

“Ya fricking monster… what are ya—“

“Huh? We always did this before, ain’t we? Hitting each other when we didn’t get along. Ain’t it our way to get our feeling across?”

The yankee stared at her in disbelief, and Nagisa gave her a little laugh.

“I had my own reason to leave back then… but it was wrong of me to forget about ya. I guess the memories of ‘that day’ really outweigh my other memories here, ha ha~”


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for hurting ya, but I want you to understand one thing; You’re not alone Kimotama. Everyone in Kango-ka is like a family and I want ya to remember that. Well, even though I heard this family is in a bit of trouble now…”



“…you think I’ll listen to yer pitiful excuse?”

“Well, I’m trying.”

Kimotama sighed and pushed herself to a sitting position, staring at the other girl blankly.

“Then…ya better try harder, ya brainless idiot!”   She smirked, and Nagisa smirked back as she heard that.

“Huh!? What did ya call me, ya stinkin brat!?!!”

“An idiot! The biggest idiot there is in this world!! And yuck, what with those cheesy lines you said? You’ve been so lovey-dovey with yer girlfriend that ya turn all mellow now?

Wha— Nagisa felt a small blush ran up her face and she gave the other girl a dangerous glare.

“Ya little…want another piece of me!?”

“Bring it on, shithead!!!”

The two girls glared at each other, growling and throwing insults like there’s no tomorrow, before suddenly, they started laughing.

“Aha ha ha—ouch, ouch! Dammit, why did ya hafta to punch my face!?”

“Stop complaining, yer assaulting me with a metal bat for god’s sake! And what, chloroform? Dang, my head starts to feel whoozy again… I think I’ll collapse any second now so ya better carry me after this.”

“Sure, I’ll dispose ya in the nearby trash can.”

“Ha. Ha. Very funny.”

Nagisa chuckled, sitting back to the ground as she felt her consciousness started to slip. Aah, so this is how it was, huh? Her life back here in Osaka. Just because what happened on ‘that day’ she had forgotten all about it and put them in her darkest mind. A coward. What a stupid coward she was. Perhaps she’d visit this place again once in a while after everything’s over.

“Hey Seigi. That girl…Ryouha, was it?”

Huh? Nagisa blinked, turning her attention to Kimotama.

“Just for yer information... She’s with Gakushu right now.


“I’ll take ya to her place after this so ya better be grateful, blockhead…”

“…ha. Ha ha, thanks— “Helloooo??? Check, check, is this thing on?”

The two girls froze as they heard the gruff voice echoed from the school’s speaker.

   --“Can ya two down there hear me? It’s the great Henteko-sama late night radio! Yeaaah~~!!”

Kimotama closed her ears as the loud voice pierced the air, cursing under her breath. “The heck!? What’s that crazyhead on to now?” She hurriedly returned to her feet, feeling all alert,  and Nagisa clicked her tongue. I have a bad feeling about this…

   --“I’ve been watching ya two from afar with my super long-range telescope. Man, how touching~ After sharing yer feelings with each other with some cool fistfight, the two of ya finally go all buddy-buddy again. Whoo-hoo, I’m like watching a grand arc from some shonen manga! Bravo! I’ll give ya two a special prize in return.”

“Let’s get outta here, Seigi.” Kimotama said, swinging her friend’s arm above her shoulder. “I don’t like the sound of this.” Nagisa nodded, letting the smaller girl helped her back to her feet. The voice behind the speaker let out a playful drum roll, before shouting in joy.

   --“TA-DAH! A super explosive hand-triggered land-mine made by yours truly!! Huge enough to blow the whole field up~!!!”

What!? Nagisa tensed, feeling the yankee beside her stricken in the similar manner.

   --“Ain’t it romantic? To die together in the place where all yer memories are buried in. I’m shivering in excitement just by hearing it~ And don’t worry Seigi, I’ll take a good care of yer girlfriend after this. She’ll make a good addition to my collection, he he~”

“Shit, she’s really crazy! Like hell we gonna die here!!” She could hear Kimotama shouted in panic as the smaller girl tried drag her away from the field. Her consciousness started to fade even more.

   --“Imma starting the countdown now. 10… 9… 5…” 

“The heck—she’s skipping the count!?”


Her ears started to fail her, and the counting voice sounded like it was underwater.


Aah, what was that?


A blur of green was approaching her from afar. And why did it look so familiar?







The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 06 // END
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This's so exciting.!
And what da heck with Nagi n Shu back there?! LoL.
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Thanks for reading this chapter~ And here's reply to your comments

@ruka kikuchi @nineechan : Well, Seigi did separate Zombie from Kamisori once but what truly happened to her... I'll let you two guess about that until I reveal it in later chapters~

@deguchi : Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoy this fic  ;)

@faanpal : a 'skinship' between bestfriends is nothing strange, right~?

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Hello, everyone! Here's the Xmas special. Man, I thought I wouldn't make it by 25th of December but I guess I was wrong, ha ha. Anyways, this chapter takes place around episode 8 of Joshikou Keisatsu (it's better if you watch it first, but it's fine if you don't) and a good half a year BEFORE the first chapter of this story.   

This one isn't as dark as the usual, but more of a peek at their earlier peaceful days. Enjoy~

The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 06.1: Xmas special - Their Fleeting Dreams


A dream is fleeting,
and yet because of that

It is beautiful...


"Thanks for your hardwork, squad."

"Yes, chief. Thank you very much."

Seven girls in white school uniform answered in unison, raising their hands as they gave their squad leader a perfect salute. The man by the chief desk did the same, answering their salute, before letting out a tired sigh and fell back to his chair.

“Well then, that’s all for today. Dismiss.”


Shimo J smiled as he heard the energetic response from the little squad, his eyes silently observing the whole room as the girls started to tidy up their belongings. Three months had passed since Joshikou Keisatsu started their service, and the police-in-trainings had been doing their job quite well. It's quite an achievement, given that some of these girls had been through hell and back; their output as part of police force was decent and their deduction abilities were quite great, but still, something else concerned him.

“Man, I’m beat~ So glad today’s work is over, ha ha~"

Nagisa stretched her arms and leaned back on her chair, a huge grin on her face. The other girls rolled their eyes as they heard that, while some let out a small laugh. A certain girl sighed, taking a stack of paper with her as she approached the smiling officer.

“...not for you, Nagi.” Ryouha hit her partner lightly over the head with the papers, scolding the girl.

“Concerning today’s operation…you’re writing the report for it…tonight.”

“Eeh, why me? I gotta take out my laundry after this~”

Nagisa let out a playful whine, earning a little giggle from Mio. Ryouha shook her head. This girl, she always has a reason for ditching work, doesn't she? Even today she suddenly disappeared somewhere without a word and neglected the operation. She couldn’t help but glare at her partner as she remembered that. 

"Na--" “Would you stop your complain? Shibuya Nagisa."

Ryouha blinked, stopping short from her scolding and switched her attention toward the source of the voice, finding Nagisa did the same. Here comes the first spark...

“You barely did anything today, so be grateful you only need to do that much.”

Nana said in a stern tone, her eyes never left her desk as she neatly put her belongings back to her bag. Ryouha could see Nagisa clenching her fist from that, but in contrast to her action, she heard the girl let out a playful laugh instead.

"But Naachan, it was a capture operation~ Told 'cha I can't participate 'cause of...something."

“And I suppose you can tell what that 'something' is?”

"Well that's..."

Nana crossed her arms, finally switching her whole attention to the girl, and Nagisa looked away. Great, it's starting to get worse. Mako sighed as she could mentally hear the crackle in the air, while Miki gulped, trying to step in between the two.

"I-it doesn't matter, isn't it? The operation went smoothly. Besides, Meru-chan didn’t join too.”

“It’s because chief said I couldn’t blow the guy up.”


Meru suddenly appeared behind the poor girl, tapping a cold can of drink to her neck, and Miki let out an ear-piercing scream. The little prankster laughed loudly.

“Meru-chan…" Mio approached the girl and proceed to lecture her, while Mako let out another sigh.

“Let it slide, Nana. She already did a great job tracking down the suspect.”

“…fine. I'll let her off the hook today."

Nana turned and resumed packing her things, while Nagisa huffed, switching her attention to her own bag. The look on her eyes changed a bit. Ryouha noticed this, but she decided to not press the matter any further and returned to her own desk, taking the previous papers with her. And with that, the room turned dead quiet in an instant.

And there you have it.

Shimo J sighed as he watched the unfolding scene. This. This was what concerned him the most. It’s true that their individual skill was way above average, and they could cooperate effectively when it’s needed, but perhaps having them to get along in a personal level was a bit too much to ask. Well, he had predicted that they might clash given their different backgrounds and personalities, especially those two. If there’s one thing he could be grateful was the fact that Mako didn’t let her emotion get the better of her and join the fray for a three way battle.

The man hummed, his hand absentmindedly reached for the toygun he held reserved on his desk while his eyes wandered to the window beside him, eyeing the busy street of Zoshigaya that was blanketed in pure white snow. A big old man with red pointy hat was waving by the sidewalk, and he stared at the figure intently. Oh yeah, it's almost that time of the year. Maybe he could make use of that ‘certain event’ and gave these girls a little push.

"Come to think of it, everyone.” Shimo J said as he twirled his toygun in his hand.

“It's almost Christmas."


The girls abruptly stopped from their current activities and turned toward their chief with wide eyes.


They let out the word in unison and Shimo J tried hard to hold in his laugh from their cute reaction. So it managed to catch their attention, huh? He raised his shoulders in a playful manner.

“Yes. Christmas. You know, the day when Santa Claus come and--"

“Wait, we know what Christmas is, chief." Mako cut him off. "But why are you suddenly bringing it up?"

"Bffft, seriously?”  The man snorted. “Listen carefully, Kojima. If it's Christmas it calls for one thing.”

He pointed the toygun toward the girl, and she blinked in confusion.

    "A Christmas Party."

The police girls froze, staring at their squad leader with a blank look. A…party? Suddenly, one of the girls rose from her seat.

"A-a party!? You mean with all the presents and cute decors and everything?"

"That's right, Nishino. We'll do all that if you want."

"Ooh, this will be so fun!"

Miki squealed as she heard the news, and Mio clapped her hands, starting to look excited herself.

"We can do it at my place. It's big enough to hold all of us."

"Whoa, seriously? On Mio-sama's fancy residence and restaurant class meal?” Nagisa joined in, her huge smile returned.

“No way I'm missin this party, ha ha~"

"P-please stop calling me like that, Nagi-chan. And I prefer if we all can cook together..."

" ‘s that so? Alright then, we’ll cook together~"

"'re staying out of the kitchen, Nagi."


Nagisa dropped her shoulder, giving her partner a big pout, while Mio let out another giggle.

"Don't worry, Nagisa." Meru grinned and patted her shoulder. "I'll cook for your share."

"Umm, no Meru-chan. You're staying out of the kitchen, too."


Everyone let out a laugh as they heard that, and Shimo J couldn't help smiling himself. Looks like his plan was a success and the girls looked very eager to do it. Everyone but one person, it seemed.


Nana let out a dangerous growl, sending the room into another eerie silence. Shimo J raised a brow at her sudden outburst.

"Is something wrong, Okada?"

"Yes. EVERYTHING." Nana glared and crossed her arms.

"We're the police; we're not supposed to take a day-off even in holidays! And moreover you even intend to hold a party? Are you kidding me, chief?"

Uh-oh. So here we have Ms. Serious spoiling the joy again. Shimo J rested his toygun to his shoulder, keeping his calm. Well, it's not her fault given how she was raised. He had met some of the Okada before on his earlier days, and he knew just the right thing to shut this uptight bunch. He smirked.

"If that's what you're worried about we can start the party after the usual shift end. I'll arrange the time so that it wouldn't bother your job. Besides, it's normal practice to celebrate little things like this to improve the squad's moral. Don't you agree, Okada?"

"That..." Nana paused as Shimo J tilted his head slightly, telling her to see the disheartened looks on her teammates, and the girl sighed in defeat.

"Alright. I get it."

"And there you have it, girls."

"Yaay!" Miki shouted in joy, tackling and hugging her partner. "Thanks a lot, Nana."

"W-why you--release me this instant!"

The other girls laughed as they saw Nana tried to struggle out of Miki's bear hug, while Shimo J tapped his toygun to his palm.

"Right. Now that it's settled, let's start with the preparation. There's only less than a week left until christmas so we have to hurry. Tomorrow we'll start with decorating the office. What’s your reply, squad?"

"Sir, yes sir!"


A party. A Christmas party.

Kitagawa Ryouha had never been into a party before, let alone a Christmas party, and she couldn't help but wondering about it. Fortunately Mako had explained the basic to her and everyone else, but still...

"A present...huh."

The girl whispered quietly under her breath, her eyes absentmindedly watching the other girls as they all walked together to their respective home. She's not really good at such kind of things. Who shall she give? And what? She closed her eyes and sighed.


Eh? Ryouha flinched as she heard the loud sneeze, snapping her head to her right to find Nagisa covering her nose.

"Brrr, it's so cold today..."

The kansai girl hugged her coat tighter, trying to hide her bare hands and neck from the cold, and Ryouha blinked as she saw that. The girl was only wearing a layer of coat above her uniform, and although it was a winter uniforms it seemed that the fabric wasn’t enough to block out the cold. The said girl shivered a bit as she tottered away.

"Heey, Miki-chan~ Lend me yer pocket~~"

"What? Geez, you're so hopeless."

Miki retracted her gloved hands from her pockets, letting Nagisa snuggling her from behind and buried her own hands to it. The twin-tailed girl sighed, giving her friend a look of pity.

"Seriously, go buy a muffler or something already."

"Eeeh, y’know that I’m broke.”

“And you still have enough to buy a pair of headphones?”

“This and that is different. And imma saving this month’s paycheck for sumthin' else."

“Gosh! Can’t you set your priorities straight?”

Nagisa only laughed at that, while Miki couldn’t help but facepalmed at her friend’s silly behavior. Mako tilted her head, giving the two a perplexed look as the group continued their walk.

“You guys… isn’t it hard walking like that?”

“Oh, it is hard.” Miki sighed, slowing up her steps to match Nagisa’s. “Reaaally hard.”

Mako let out an awkward laugh and stole a glance at Ryouha, seeing the quiet girl staring at the two in silence as she walked a good few feet away from them. Whoa, that’s some scary look… She gulped and quickened her steps, walking alongside Nana. After a while the group reached an intersection, and Miki stopped on her track.

"Okay, now hands-off, Nagi-chan. I have to go the separate way.”

“Awww… But it’s cold~”

Miki pushed the girl’s face away as Nagisa gave her a big pout, making Meru and Mio laughed from the funny face she’s producing. Nagisa blinked, her eyes wandered around the group of six as she noticed something was missing. Hm? She shook Miki’s hand off her face.

"Where's Ryouha?"

"She left just earlier. I guess you’re too busy to notice that." Nana said plainly as she approached the girl, snatching her hand out of Miki's  coat. "And while I'm at it, I'd like to have you off my partner as well, Shibuya. Go annoy your own partner."


Nagisa retracted her both hands and put them back to her own pockets, seeing the group dispersed as they waved each other goodbye. She smiled and returned their wave, watching as her friends left the sidewalk one by one and disappeared by the crowded street. She sighed, blowing out a puff of white smoke from her mouth as she hugged her coat tighter, the smile on her face disappeared.

“Maybe I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”   


“Hey, Mio-chan.”


“Is something wrong with Ryouha?”


Mio stopped from writing her report and glanced at Nagisa, finding the girl standing by the Christmas tree by the corner of the office, absentmindedly poking it as she talked. She couldn’t see the girl’s expression as her back was against her, but the tone of her voice was a bit different than usual. Mio sighed and spun her chair toward the girl.

“What makes you think like that?”

“Well,” The kansai girl ruffled her hair. “She’s clearly been avoidin’ me fer a while, going straight home by herself without saying goodbye or anythin’. And she's been a lot colder ta me than usual.”

“Hmm…” Mio tapped her chin. “Maybe she’s mad at you.”

“Eeeh?” Nagisa turned, showing Mio her usual pout. “Why’s that?”

“There’s too many reason I can think of. First, you never do your job properly. Second, you rarely pay attention to what she’s saying. Third, you lie too much. Fourth--“

“Kuuh, please stop~ ’m wrong, I know, I know~”

Nagisa sighed and hang her head, while Mio gave her a giggle.

“It’s better if you stop fooling around once in a while. That will make Nana feel better too.”

“Aye, aye…”

“Ah, but I think what makes Ryou-chan’s angry wasn’t that.”

“Huh? Then what?”

Mio turned her attention back to her work, giving the confused Nagisa a quick smile.

“There’s only two days left until Christmas. Meanwhile, think about what you’ve done wrong and prepare a nice gift for her.”

And with that, she left the oblivious girl thinking by herself. Nagisa let out a loud whine, dragging her feet toward her desk as she heaved her body back to her chair. She sighed, playing with the tip of her pen. If it’s a present, I already have one…


“We’re back~!!”

Nagisa flinched as she heard the front door being slammed open, revealing an excited Meru and a not-so-happy Nana behind her, the rest of the squad following suit behind them. The kansai girl instantly put back her huge goofy smile, her eyes silently searching for her partner among the group of girls. Leaving early today too, huh? Nagisa couldn’t help but feeling a bit disheartened as she couldn’t find the girl, but she hid it perfectly behind her smile.

“How’s it? The investigation goin’ well?”

She asked no one in particular, and Mako gave her a nod.

“Sure. But before that, I need to make an announcement.”

An announcement? The other girls returned to their respective seat while Mako walked toward the whiteboard on the front, facing the whole squad.

“Regarding Christmas, the chief said that we can finish our work earlier to prepare for the party. But...not at all of us.”

Wait, what? Nagisa narrowed her eyes. I have a bad feeling about this…

“The other squad could only substitute us after 6pm so someone has to be on standby until then. Nana had volunteered for this, while I would also stay as the chief’s representative. The last one staying will be--”

Mako switched her eyes toward one of the girls. “You. Nagisa.”

Nagisa blinked, trying to process the situation, before her eyes widened realization.

“Whoa, whoa, wait a sec.” She raised her hand in protest, and Mako blinked.

“Ya sure choosing me? ‘m just gonna screw up again y’know~”

“It’s the chief’s order.”


The simple statement instantly shut her and the girl sighed, hanging her head in defeat. This is great. Spending a day with two people who hated her the most, while having her partner avoiding her all the while? Wonderful. I guess I just have to grin and bear it. Nagisa smiled wider, trying to reel in her irritation.

Oh, yes. It would be a very great day indeed...


“Ha… Ha ha, yeah it could be worse.”

Nagisa let out a half-hearted laugh as she walked down the busy street, finding light twinkling here and there as the town was enveloped by the feeling of Christmas. She sighed, feeling the happy and merry atmosphere in air as she brought her coat closer. Today’s work ended with only one case, with the culprit being a stalker who accidentally killed his loved one. It’s a case that left a bad after taste in her mouth, but what truly ruined her mood wasn’t that.

“Damn it…”

The girl gritted her teeth, feeling the scar on her stomach throbbing a bit. She didn’t know if Shimo J did it on purpose or it was just her being careless, hitting herself by the end of the table like that, but thanks to that little accident she couldn’t even put a proper smile now. That’s the end of the rope. There’s no way she’s going to the party with her current condition. Even though she had prepared a present, too...

“Aah, I really screwed up this time.”

Nagisa sighed, letting her legs guided her as she wandered aimlessly around the town. The Christmas party would’ve started by now, and the whole Joshikou Keisatsu must be having a great fun. She wondered if they missed her even a little. She wondered if her partner missed her. If Ryouha missed her-- The girl stopped on her track as the thought crossed her mind, and she clenched her fist.

“Heh, the heck’s wrong with me? I’ve gotten really soft, huh?”

She chuckled, letting her eyes wandered to her side, finding the colorful illumination staring back at her in a soft wonderful glow. The display was nothing grand, a lot smaller than the light festival she once saw back in Osaka, but it was enough to make her remember of that place. Of that hellhole she used to live in. Yeah. It was enough to remind her that the peaceful life she spent now was nothing but an illusion, so fragile that it might go crumbling anytime.

 “Just like a it? A beautiful, yet fleeting dream..."

She closed her eyes and turned.

"Guess I’ll go home for now. Might as well check if the wound openin’ up again--hm?”

Nagisa stopped on her track as she bumped into something, and she reopened her eyes, hearing the figure she bumped into falling to the asphalt with a ‘thud’. She offered her hand in reflexes.

“Ah, sorry. I wasn’t payin’ attention to my surrounding--“

Nagisa stopped mid-sentence, her eyes widened as she recognized the person.


The quiet girl took her hand and stood back to her feet, eyeing her partner with her usual cold expression. 

“What are ya doing here--ouch, ouch, ouch!

Nagisa yelped as the girl suddenly pinched her cheek, while Ryouha simply huffed, giving her a glare.

“…what are YOU doing here?”


“The party has already started…and everyone is waiting for you.”


Nagisa stared at her blankly, holding her cheek that was red from the previous attack, her head still trying to process the words. Ryouha sighed and grabbed her hand.

“Stop giving me that stupid look…let’s go.”

“Wait, I--“ Nagisa paused, trying hard to put back her smile. “I don’t feel well, so I think I’ll pass. Ha ha~”

Ryouha stopped and glanced at the girl, staring straight into her jet black eyes, and Nagisa smiled wider. They stayed like that for a while, the soft glow of the Christmas tree illuminating them as they stared eye to eye in silence. Finally, Ryouha sighed.

“Aren’t you cold...?"

“Huh? Well, that’s true but--“ “…here.”

Nagisa blinked as she saw Ryouha undid the muffler around her neck and put it around hers, once again trying to decipher the situation. The girl looked away, seemingly a bit flustered.

“…i-it’s a Christmas present…I made it for you.”

The kansai girl stared at the blue muffler in silence, touching the soft fabric with her cold fingers. ...oh. So that's how it was. She finally got it now. The reason why Ryouha had been leaving early all this time, it’s because she’d been sparing her time to make this for her. And to think that she thought her partner was avoiding her, all of that sounded so silly know that Nagisa couldn’t help laughing.

“Thanks, Ryouha. For everything.”

“W-what’s with you? Suddenly saying stuff like that…”

Nagisa only chuckled at that. Oh yeah. She also had something to give her. The girl reached for her pocket, searching for a little present she set aside for her partner.

“I also got something for ya.”


“Here ya go~”

Ryouha flinched as she felt the girl’s cold fingers brushed against her cheek, feeling her putting something on her hair.

“This is...?"

“It’s a hairpin. I just bought it in impulse since I thought I suits ya. Besides ya should show yer face some more, ya got some beautiful eyes after all, ha ha~”

“…”  The quiet girl touched the golden pin lightly, and Nagisa scratched her cheek in embarrassment.

“Err, ya don’t have to wear it if ya don’t wanna though. At least it’ll help to ward off some sweat in summer--“

“No. I like it.”

“Is that…so?”

“…thank you.”

“Sure thing~”

Nagisa gave her a huge grin, and Ryouha softly laughed. It's been a long time since anyone gave her a present, and getting one from her usually so dense partner made it even more special. She smiled, before she suddenly let out a small sneeze. Nagisa stifled her laugh.

“Pfft, now yer the one feelin’ cold? Ya should’ve brought along yer muffler too.”

“…shut up, I had my hands full looking for you all over the town.”

“Okay, okay, ‘m sorry for that~”

She walked closer toward her partner, loosening her muffler and looping it around the two of them. Ryouha turned her eyes to the ground as she did that, while Nagisa looked away, switching her attention to the illumination beside them.

“Umm, say…”


“Wanna stay here and watch the illumination a bit? I don’t feel like going to the party yet.”


Nagisa smiled, clenching her partner’s hand as they watched the Christmas tree in silence, seeking comfort in her touch. It was nothing but a simple pine tree decorated by lamps and all its artificial lighting, but still, as she enjoyed this moment with this girl, it looked a lot prettier than everything she had ever seen. This similar scenery... Had she seen it somewhere before? Somewhere, somehow, with some other people... A distant laughter echoed at the back of her mind as she tried to remember, the sound of some children laughing and mumbling words she couldn't comprehend. She sighed, trying to shook away the headache that come accompanying the blurry memories.



"Are you okay?”

“…” Nagisa didn’t answer, and she felt Ryouha squeezing her hand.

“You're in pain…I can see it in your eyes…”

“...ha ha, ya got some amazing skill, ain't ya?”

“People lie a lot, so I'm just accustomed to sensing one…”


Ryouha gave her a nod, and Nagisa chuckled.

"Then I'll have to get better in doing it.”


“It's a joke, a joke~"

She laughed, and Ryouha sighed, raising her face to see the illumination beside them. The girl hesitated a bit, biting her lip, before she took a deep breath.

“Your they still feel cold?”


“I could get you a pair of gloves too, so…” Her voice grew quieter just above whisper, and Nagisa tilted her head from her sudden change in tone.

“…could you stop…snaking your hands to other’s pocket…or something like that…

Nagisa stared at the girl with wide eyes, studying the girl's beet red face, before she let out a playful snicker.

“Eeh, so ya really were angry at me~ And it’s b‘cause of that silly reason--ugh!

She grunted as Ryouha elbowed her right atop of her wound, and she gritted her teeth, trying to hold in the pain.

“I see that you're already fine now…"

“Uurgh, well...thanks to you..."

"...did I hit you too hard?"

"Nah, no worries. A little nudge can't hurt me, ha ha~"

Nagisa took a deep breath, pushing the pain to the back of her mind. Ryouha blinked.

“Let's go to the party then, everyone is waiting…”


Nagisa grinned, matching her steps with her partner as they started to walk.

“Oh, and one more thing…”

Hm? Suddenly the quiet girl stopped, making Nagisa did the same as she gave her a confused look. What is she on now? Ryouha turned to face her partner, a small yet sweet smile adorning her face. The soft light of the illumination basked her white skin perfectly, and Nagisa could feel a little blush creeping up her face as she saw that beautiful sight.

“Merry Christmas, Nagisa.”


Nagisa laughed, staring deep into those lovely brown eyes. And she smiled.

“Merry Christmas to you, too. Ryouha…”


This is a dream
a beautiful yet fleeting dream
and because of that

I want to spend it some more, together with you...

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 06.1 // END
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Aaaaaah~ so good~~~

And I love your artwork; beautiful as usual. >w<

Merry X-mas! :heart:

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Happy New Year, Everyone~~!! :D

So, to start this year I've made some bonus art for the story. Enjoy~

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Okay! It's about to update this fic jubethehare-san!!!  :angry: :angry:

It's been 1 month  :catglare:

Hahahahaa! I'm sorry, kinda miss nagiuha :3

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I'm waiting for you :3 ah.. but if you still working on your new fic, it's okay. But not too long!!  :D
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Hello, everyone! Here’s your long awaited chapter 7  8)
Whoa one month, huh? Has it been that long? I guess I’ve been occupied with my other fanfic that I hardly realize, ha ha. Oh and of course, there'll be update on the character description.


The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 07: Strategy Meeting


"Hiya! So yer' Kitagawa Ryouha, huh?"


"Nice ta meet ya! I'm Ka—I mean, Shibuya Nagisa. We gonna be partners from now on, so let's work hard together. Ha ha~"


"Yer' very quiet, ain't cha?

"...why are you laughing?"


"Your eyes... you look like you're about to cry..."


Nagisa opened her eyes slowly to the soft ray of the sun and the sound of bird chirping by the window. She saw a dream. A dream from when she and Ryouha first met. Was it a good dream or a bad dream? She couldn't say for sure. Whichever it was it just reminded her of the girl. On how she missed her and that she got to help her, fast. She sighed, trying to move her sore body.

Head. A bit dizzy, probably side-effects of Chloroform. No serious damage.

Legs. Still a bit heavy but movable.

Right hand. All great.

Left hand...




Nagisa narrowed her eyes as she felt she couldn't move her left arm, as if something was keeping it in place. She glanced to her side, and as she found what made her arm trapped, she let out a loud whine.

It was Kimotama, sleeping on a chair by her bedside with her left arm caged within a bear hug. The girl was sleeping so soundly that Nagisa afraid that she might drool on her arm. Scratch that. She already did.

"Goddammit... Wake up, ya slobberhead!"

She shook her arm a few times, attempting to wake the sleeping girl, but Kimotama only groaned and hugged her hand tigther. Nagisa let out another sigh. She gave up. Maybe she'd just lay down for a while until she gathered enough energy to fling the brat away. Well, at least she seemed fine though. Come to think of it, what happened with the explosion last night? And what is this place?

"So you're finally awake?"

Nagisa flinched, hearing a familiar voice from the other end of the room. She pushed herself into a sitting position, turning her attention to the door.

"I almost thought you'll finally sleep forever."

"Too bad, chief. Imma lot tougher than that, ha ha~"

Nagisa snickered as she saw Mako entered the room and closed the door behind her. The girl's hair was tied up into a ponytail, while a dusty green jacket replaced her usual school blazer. Nagisa narrowed her eyes as she recognized the attire. That jacket... wasn't it belong to...

She pushed the thought away, her smile widened.

"So? Whatcha doin' all the way to Osaka? Skippin' school? Ah wait, this still Osaka, right?"

"It is. And why am I here... let's say I'm on a police-duty."

"Eeh, don't drag me into it~ I already quit Joshikou Keisatsu, remember? And as for the official letter 'n stuff... I'll give it to ya later, haha~"

"Don't worry about that, Deputy Shibuya." Mako closed her eyes, her right hand reaching for something behind her jacket.

"I'll take care of all the documents for you. All of them. Down to your death report..."

Nagisa clicked her tongue as she found a pitch black gun being pointed at her forehead, and she eyed Mako with a bored look. Aah, what now? This is troublesome... The two girls stared eye to eye in silence, as if trying to find an answer from each other, until a loud yawn distracted them. Nagisa snickered.

“Finally awake, eh slobberhead?”

“Shut it you—huh?”

Kimotama froze as she noticed the gun, her head trying to decipher the situation as she was still swayed between sleeping and awake. As soon as her mind cleared, her eyes turned into a deadly glare.

“You bastard!! What're ya—“


“Ouch, ouch, ouch!”

Mako almost cringed as she saw Nagisa squeezed Kimotama's fingers in her grip, barely breaking it.

“Oi, oi, calm down will ya~ If ya provoke her I'll be deadmeat, ha ha.”

“You idiot... why...“

“And get yer arms off my hand. It's starting to grow numb.”

Kimotama gave her friend a look of disbelief, staring at her abnormally wide smile. Seigi, what are ya planning? She tried to convey it through her eyes, but the girl only chuckled, shaking her left arm free.

“Now then, what's this all about, chief? Shooting someone without a reason will get cha in trouble, y'know.”

"Not if I have the permission.” Nagisa blinked as she heard that.


"This is the task given to me.” Mako said matter-of-factly. “To get rid of 'Seigi' if it ever go berserk again."

"By the inspector?”


“I see. I almost thought you're on me for a revenge."

The statement seemed to shaken the girl a bit, Nagisa noticed, though she seemed to try keeping her calm composure. Well, well, now what shall I do? She switched her gaze around the room, trying to find any opening. Her headache had subsided quite a bit and she got her both arms free now. Avoiding gun in point blank is unthinkable even for her but if she could hit the girl's arm and diverted the trajectory...

“Any last word, 'Seigi'?”

Nagisa blinked again, focusing her attention to her former squad leader. And then, she chuckled. Or perhaps there's no need for me to do that...

“Seigi!? What are you—!”

She could hear Kimotama shouting in panic as she closed her eyes and raised both hands in defeat. 

“Third floor, East Building. There's a library where a Kango-ka member called Gakushu usually reside. She's the one who got Ryouha.”


“Oh, and one more thing, chief.”

Mako raised her brow as the laid-back girl opened her eyes.

“What is it?” 


Mako froze as she heard the loud stomach growl, while Kimotama stared at her friends with her mouth opened. Nagisa only gave the two a sheepish smile.

“You have food? I'm hungry.”




“..pffft, aha ha ha! You're really something else, Nagisa.

Eh? What?


Kimotama turned her dumbfound face toward the laughing Mako, then to Nagisa, before ruffling her hair with both hands.

“The heck is goin' on, dammit!? First ya all pointing gun and now—argh!”

The yankee shouted on top of her lungs and fell back to her chair, her head dangling above the headrest as she mumbled.

“That's it. I have enough of ya, Seigi. I'm done worryin' or savin' yer ass.”

“Eeh~ I thought you say you'll follow me even to the pit of hell?”

Kimotama growled and kicked her friend by her side, earning a grunt, while Mako shook her head and put her gun back to its sheath. She watched as the two grabbed each other's collar and started throwing insults, before taking a glance at the clock. It's about time...

“Let's go, Nagisa.”

“Huh?” She stopped from barely trading punch with Kimotama, tilting her head at Mako.

“Where to?”

Mako shrugged, opening the door.

“Well, aren't you hungry?”

“Ooh, now we're talking!” She released Kimotama without a single thought.

“Breakfast, here I come~”


“Whoaa, this is good! One more serving, please!!”

Nagisa grinned, raising her bowl as she asked for more rice, while Kimotama elbowed her.

“Psst, watch yer words a bit.”

“Hm, what's wrong with ya? Did ya hit yer head or somethin'?”

Kimotama gave her a skeptical look, before gesturing her head to the short-haired girl by the counter.

“That restaurant lady, don't cha realize who she is?”

Nagisa blinked, switching her attention to the girl. She crossed her arms, eyes closed as if she was in deep thought, before she finally shrugged. Kimotama growled and hit her fist lightly on the table.

“Stop actin' so stupid, shithead! That girl is—

   “Thanks for the food, Sakura-san.”

Mako finished the sentence for her, and the said girl nodded in response. She was just about to take the dirty dishes with her when Mako stopped her, taking the bowl and chopsticks by herself to the sink. Nagisa blinked as she saw that.

Mako seemed to respect that girl a lot, huh.

She hummed, taking her bowl as the girl finished refilling her rice.

Hmm, Sakura. Sakura. That name sounds familiar...


Nagisa clicked her chopsticks as she finally remembered.

Why of course! That girl is Miyawaki Sakura. The legendary yankee who put an end to the war between Majisuka and Gekioko two years ago. Nagisa was still in Junior High back then so she didn't know the detail, but it was said that the girl stormed Gekioko by herself and defeated Antonio in a one-on-one battle. So then, what's a powerful yankee like her doing working in a small family restaurant like this? Is she an informant just like Kotani Riho? Sakura seemed to notice the stare Nagisa had been giving her, and she turned to the kansai girl.

“Do you want another serving?”

“Huh? Eeh, maybe later. Just kinda curious though.” Nagisa put down her meal.

“What is this place? And what are you doing here?”

She could feel Kimotama elbowing her again but she ignored it, keeping her eyes on Sakura. The girl raised a hand, telling her to wait, before walking to the kitchen to retrieve a pitcher of warm tea.

“This is Asobina.” Sakura calmly said as she poured a cup of tea to her curious customer, “A family restaurant just a few blocks away from Majisuka High School. We offer many kind of dishes but we're specialized in Japanese Cooking.”

“Eeh, that's amazing~ There's barely any restaurant near a yankee's hideout; those Majisuka bunch's so lucky, haha~”

Nagisa gave her a playful answer and sipped her tea, watching the girl offering a cup to Kimotama as well. Sakura continued.

“As for what I'm doing here... Hmm, that's right.” She tapped her chin. “I'm working.”

“Ah, I see, I see~ As a waiter or?”

“As a waiter, yes.”

That wasn't the answer she anticipated, but Nagisa kept her smile, taking another sip of her tea. Sakura seemed to notice the change in her mood.

“And a chef, for now. The owner of this place is currently away for vacation so I'm handling everything in her place.”

“Hmm.”  Nagisa put down her cup, ready to ask another question, but Sakura beat her to it.

“I've heard about you.”

Sakura said calmly, sitting adjacent to her as she poured a cup of tea for herself.

“In fact, it would be strange if I haven't heard about you. Seigi.

Nagisa flinched as she heard that, her smile vanished. Sakura sipped her tea.

“A former student of Gekioko. The only first-year general ever and the one who study directly under Antonio and Coby. And also,” The girl locked her emotionless eyes on the frozen girl. “One of 'their' pet dog.”

“Huh? What's she talking about, Seigi?”

Nagisa clenched her fist, staring back at the girl calm face.

“You... how much do you know?”

“Not much.” Sakura took another sip of her tea, and Nagisa looked away.

“I have nothing to do with 'them' anymore.”

“Do you think saying that will erase your sin?”


Nagisa hit her fist hard to the table, sending all the plates and cups into the floor in a huge crash, and snatched Sakura by her collar. She brought the girl close, trying to supress her building anger.

“What do you know about me?”

   --calm down, calm down, calm down

“Nagisa! Release her right now!!”

She could see Mako pointing a gun at her from the corner of her eyes and Kimotama staring at her in horror, but she couldn't care less.

   --calm down, calm down, calm down

“What do you know...”

“I don't. You're the one who know.”

Sakura stared into the girl's eyes, not even faltering a bit.

Show me your seriousness, Seigi. You can't laugh everything off and running away forever.”

   --calm down—

“Ooh, ooh~~ What's going on~? Do I come in a wrong time~~?”

Nagisa came into an abrupt stop as she heard the loud voice, her fist barely colliding with Sakura's face. She slowly turned her head to the source of the voice.

“If you call, then I'll definitely come! It's Enoki-man~ TA-DAAH~~!!”





Nagisa's face fell as she recognized the figure and she quickly released Sakura, falling back to her chair in a lazy manner.

“Damn, I suddenly don't feel like hitting anyone... Kimotama, pass me some rice.”

“Huh? U-uh, yeah. Sure thing.”

Kimotama shook her head and did as she was told, while Sakura pushed away the broken table.

“Can you get a broom from the kitchen, Oshima?”

“It's KOJIMA—I mean, right away, Sakura-san.”

The whole situation reverted back to normal and the new figure froze, hearing the wind howling beside her.

  “Wait, wait, wait! Ya all ignoring me!? Huh??”

The girl ran into the restaurant, waving her hand in front of the Osaka duo who had resumed their eating. They blinked.

“Ah, it's a mushroom.” Nagisa flatly said.

“A mushroom.” Kimotama continued and raised her hand. “Excuse me, Sakura-san~ Can ya grill this one for us, please?”

Sakura nodded, while the girl in front of them shook her head.

“Tsk, tsk. Enoki is not for grilling, fools. If it's Enoki, then nothing beat a mushroom nabe indeed!”


The Osaka duo gave the girl another blank look, before Nagisa raised her hand.

“Scratch the grill. Can we borrow some hotpot?”

“Tsukkomi me already!” The girl shouted in frustration. “And the heck, ya two really want to eat me!?”

Nagisa tilted her head, while Kimotama gave her an 'isn't it obvious?' look.

“Err, I see the three of you already know each other...”

Mako let out an awkward laugh and stepped in between them, stopping for a while from sweeping the floor.

“Nope.” Nagisa flatly answered, stuffing some meat to her mouth.

“Ain't know any mushroom, nope.”  Kimotama added with no care whatsoever. The girl dropped her shoulder, and Mako couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for her. Sakura crossed her arms.

“You two, don't be so cruel to Shiitake.”

“It's ENOKI. Kuuh, I know they're both mushroom, but they don't even rhyme you see...”

“Ah...” Sakura blinked, her face as emotionless as ever.

“Sorry, Emoji.”

ENOKI!! Now yer just doin' it in purpose!”

Sakura-san... Mako held her face in frustration. They hadn't even start a real conversation yet and she's already feeling tired. Somehow she wished Nana was here to get the topic straight. She cleared her throat.

“Now, can I have everyone attention?”

Mako said in a stern tone, and the girls switched their eyes to her. Finally... She let out her breath in relief, setting the broom on her hand aside.

“The reason I brought all of you here is because there's something I need to tell you all about.
Regarding what happened last night, and what we are going to do from now on.

The squad leader pulled two chairs for her and Enoki, while Sakura left the four girls by their own, fetching some more tea.

“Last night explosion has put Gekioko on their highest alert. Therefore it will be harder for us to proceed with our rescue operation.”

“ 'We'? Yer into this too, chief?” Mako gave Nagisa a nod.

“Yes. But of course, I'm keeping this a secret from the other Joshikou Keisatsu. I leave a record that says that you, me, and Ryouha are in a special mission out of town.”

“Whoa, way to go~ Nice going there chief, ha ha.”

“Now, the problem is, it seems that something has been going on even before we arrived. Do you know anything about this, Kimotama?”

Kimotama sighed and ruffled her hair.

“A lotsa students from Gekioko have been arrested lately. The reason varied, but most of 'em are non-active members of Kango-ka or shady bunches who rarely seen in school. The principal grew wary though, thinking that yer responsible for this, Seigi. Come to think of it, why did the principal think like that?”

“It's 'cause of Gakushu.” Enoki cut in.

“You saw it too, ain't ya Kimotama? The footage that showed Seigi's whereabouts. Kango-ka members are being arrested and their missing general is now part of the police. No wonder the principal thought that way.”

Mako nodded, seeing Nagisa starting to put a bored expression. About time to bring out her plan.

“The three of us are currently hunted by Gekioko so we can't move freely around their territory. That's why I asked Enoki to get information for us while we build our strategy here in Majisuka area.”

“Now that ya mention it.” Kimotama glanced at Enoki. “Why're ya wearing Majisuka uniform, mushroom-head?”

Enoki snickered, puffing her chest in pride.

“Heh. Well that's of course, as the new information broker and successor of Basset I'm enrolled in Majisuka, Gekioko, and Yabakune all together. That way I can retrieve info from all schools without being suspicious.”

Nagisa tilted her head at her. “I see. Then why're ya helping us? What're ya asking in payment?”

Enoki snickered, pulling out a cellphone from her pocket.

“There's something I wanna ask from the three of ya. Or more like, something that my other client need.”

She dialled a number and put the phone in the middle of the table, while the three girls waited, their eyes locked on the screen. 

    -- …

   --  …

   --”Good Afternoon, everyone.”

Kimotama flinched while Nagisa smirked as she recognized the squeaky high-pitched voice.

“Long time no see, Gakushu.

Mako glanced at her fellow officer as she heard the name, before focusing her attention back to the phone.

   --”Oh, it's Seigi-san. Hello. Long time no see, indeed.”

“Cut with the formalities, Gakushu. Whaddya want?”

There was a few moments of silence on the other end before Gakushu continued.

   --”I believe you all have learned about the multiple arresting that's been happening around here.”

“Heard 'em. What about that?”

   --”Those things... I am actually the one responsible behind it.

Kimotama froze as she heard it, while Mako and Nagisa kept her cool, listening intently.

  --”I did that to create an uproar within Kango-ka. And not only Gekioko; Majisuka and Yabakune,
   I've done the same things to them with Enoki's help.
   Now the three schools have been suspecting each other.”

“And then?” Mako asked. “What are you trying to achieve from doing that?”



   --”A war.”

The three girls narrowed her eyes as they heard the declaration, each of them wearing a different expression of their own.

   --”I want to create another war, just like what happen two years ago, and destroy the current Kango-ka with it.”

Nagisa chuckled as she heard that, while the other girls kept silent, didn't know what to say.

“Eeh, so ya wanna drag all of Osaka to yer rebellion? That's some grand plan, ha ha~”

Mako nudged her temple, trying to calm herself from the shocking information.

“So then, when do you need us in this plan of yours?”

   --”Three days from now I will have a meeting with a member of Majisuka's Rappapa in their territory.
   That moment, on my way to the meeting, I want the three of you to kidnap me.

The words brought Mako into another shock while Nagisa couldn't contain her laughter anymore.

  --”I will tell the detail of the plan there.
   And of course I will make sure that your friend is safe under the rebels' protection.
   You can have my head if there's even a scratch in her face, Seigi.”

“Gotcha~ I'll take ya on yer word, Gakushu.”


   --”Well then, I'll be waiting for you in the appointed place. Until then.”




“And there ya have it.”

Enoki put her phone back to her pocket, while Mako sighed loudly, crossing her arms. Nagisa raised her shoulders at the girl.

“Whaddya say, chief? Yer buying this deal? If ya decline I'll just storm into the place and save Ryouha on my own.”

“THAT is the very thing I want to prevent. Just for your information, if I didn't come to save you yesterday you'd be dead from the explosion.”

“Now, now, stop dwelling in the past~ Ha ha~” Nagisa let out a playful laugh and turned to Kimotama.

“How 'bout cha, Kimotama?”

“Eh, I'll follow whatever ya choose. If yer stomping the place then I'll be right beside ya.”

The duo bumped their fists and Mako let out another sigh, glancing at Enoki. There's no other choice.

“Enoki, please send this word back to Gakushu.

'We're taking the deal.”


The night wind howled loudly as a lone figure walked the empty road of Osaka, carrying a backpack with them. The figure walked cautiously, their eyes darting around as if to make sure that nobody was following them, and suddenly they broke into a run. They could hear footsteps from behind them and they quickened their pace, glancing to see some group of people running after them. They turned on the next fork road, running down the narrow alley with all their might.

A dead end. The figure stopped and turned, finding that they're already being surrounded, but their emotionless face stayed the same. The figure sighed.

“About time you show yourself, Seigi.”


The pursuers fell to the ground one by one, and another figure in a red jacket jumped down the tree branches, revealing herself.

“Why're ya callin my name just now, Gakushu? If they wake up later they'd know that I'm the one attacking them.”

“That's exactly what I'm doing. Shifting the blame to you.”

“Ya little...”

Nagisa cracked her fists, trying to stop herself from punching the girl on the face. Gakushu didn't seem to care though, proceeding to search through her pursuer and taking their wallets.

“I'm quite surprised you really come though. I thought you'll dismiss my secret message and stick to the back up plan.”

“I'm done running away...” Nagisa whispered quietly. “And ya better be grateful; it's hard wrestling out of Kimotama's bear hug, y'know.”

“Well, isn't she a handful? Should I tell your girfriend about it?”


“That's my head you're stepping on, dear Seigi. Not like I mind it.”

“Tsk, yer disguting...”

Nagisa gave Gakushu a light kick on the head and the yankee stood, taking all the money she could get.

“But to think that the principal only send these small fries after me, is he mocking me? Or is it a trap?”

“Doesn't matter. ” Nagisa spat, burying her hands in her pockets.

“Spit out yer plan. It's not just a rebellion, ain't it? The reason why yer doin all these, are ya trying to smoke them out?”

Gakushu smirked.  “You can be quite sharp sometimes for an idiot, Seigi-san.”

Nagisa let a 'hmph', and Gakushu continued.

“You're correct. Nothing will change if we don't destroy them from the root, and I will sacrifice everything if necessary.”

She gave the girl a determined look, something that Nagisa never saw in her before, and the former Gekioko general sighed.

“Fine, I get it. I'll play along with ya. As long as you promise that you'll keep Ryouha safe.”

“Of course. Because she'll also play a vital role in this plan.”

“Gakushu, you bastard!”

Nagisa grabbed the yankee by her collar. “Don't drag her into this!!”

“But it's already too late, Seigi-san. I've told her about them. I've told her everything.


Gakushu gritted her teeth, holding in her scream as Nagisa clenched and broke her forearm. The former yankee pushed her away roughly, a cold blank stare in her eyes.

“As I thought, I really don't like ya.”

“That's too bad... Because I like you so much.”

Nagisa clicked her tongue, feeling a slight shiver running up her spine. She turned away.

“Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Nagisa glanced at Gakushu, staring down at the squirming yankee.

“I'm taking yer right arm as promised. And if I find her hurt in any way, I'll make ya regret ever living in this world...”

“Don't worry. Like I said, I'm all ready to sacrifice anything.”

The former yankee let out another 'hmph', pulling her hood over her head as she leaned on the wall, waiting for her childhood friend to treat her broken bones.

“Why are ya doing this, Gakushu? Ya have nothing to do with them. And I've known ya long enough to know that ya don't even care about Kango-ka at all. So why?
For what reason ya wanna destroy 'them'? Just another form of yer entertainment?”

“Why, huh?"

Nagisa peek through her hood, seeing the yankee fastened her makeshift arm-sling over her neck. The girl put her good hand on her chin for a while, thinking.

"I'm doing all this for you, of course.”

Nagisa shivered as she saw the girl smiled. “Stop sayin' disgusting stuff or I'll rip off yer throat.”

"Now, don't be so hasty. Seigi-san."

Gakushu carried her backpack on one arm, walking side by side with the former yankee.

"Let's work together as a team. Just for the sake of old times."

Nagisa didn't answer, burying her hands deep in her pocket as she walked along the empty alley. She clenched her fists.




"Wait for me, Ryouha."

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 07 // END
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The Epitome of Justice
Chapter 08: Before The Storm


:.03:00AM, a certain hotel room—

“We'll take cover for a while here.”

Gakushu heaved her backpack to the nearby bed while Nagisa looked around, inspecting the small and slightly unkempt room. She walked over to the cupboard.

“Ya still keeping this place as one of yer base?”

“Of course.” Gakushu plainly answered. “I rather say 'our' base, though. The owner's even as kind as keeping this room the same as the last time we visit.”

“Don't go including me as you please...”

Nagisa growled and opened the cupboard, finding a pile of clothes and blunt weapons inside. It was perfectly the same as how she remembered them two years ago safe for the dust and cobwebs. She crouched down, searching through the pile.

“There's no 'we'. I'm only following ya till I get what I need.”

“I wonder why you're always so cold to me, Seigi-san. Did I ever do you wrong?”

Ha ha, right. Are you kidding me?

Nagisa felt like laughing as she replayed the memories of that poker-faced manipulative childhood friend of hers in her head.

90% of the memories was filled with nothing but troubles.

99% of the troubles ended up with her having to suffer in some way while the girl ran free off the blame.

Don't ask what the other 10% is. She wouldn't even want to remember.

Nagisa clicked her tongue. She felt like shouting in front of the girl's face but she knew better than arguing against Gakushu. The only thing she'd get is another headache. So she ignored the girl, blowing off the dust from a pair of brass knuckles she found from the cupboard; her favorite weapon from back in her time as a yankee.

“No answer? Well, it's not like I hate that part of you.”


She put the brass knuckles to her pocket and turned around, glaring at the yankee's emotionless face. The yankee smiled.

“Ah. Finally get your attention.”

“...I don't know what ya want Gakushu but if ya keep pressing my temper—”

“You'll punch me to the end of the world. You always said that.”


“But you never did. From what I remember the farthest you ever punched me to was the emergency room and you even regretted it so much you came to visit me everyday.”


Nagisa hit her head to the wall in frustration.

“Why can't ya just die back then and there...”

“Because you're the one bringing me to the hospital, Seigi-san. Really, sometimes you're too kind for your own good. And I like that part of you, too.”


“Please, Seigi-san. I know you don't have a brain but it's better if you stop doing that before you break the poor building. If you need a punching bag I can always volunteer.”

“Shut up ya freakin' masochist.”

She removed her red forehead from the wall, glaring dagger at the living heap of troubles. She remembered the girl being annoying but not THIS annoying. Perhaps her memories failed her. Nagisa sighed and put her back against the wall, crossing her arms. 

“Just spit out yer plan. Now.”

“Don't be so hasty. I'm just about to get to that but first, I have something for you.” 

She clicked her tongue in annoyance as Gakushu searched through her backpack.

“Ah, there it is.”

The yankee pulled something out of the worn-out bag, and as soon as Nagisa realized what it was, her eyes widened. It was a black choker, with a red ear-cuff chained to it and metal plates adorning the leather material. The sight brought a lingering horror in the back of her mind.

“Do you remember this?”

Of course. She remembered. There's no way she could forget.

That cold chained ornament was her 'leash'. The collar she wore as their pet dog. She gripped her arm, trying to stop her own shivering.

“ did you...”

“I took it after you went on rampage that day.”

Gakushu tossed the choker to Nagisa, her eyes intently watching as the girl caught the trinket with an anxious grip, a sign of fear in her face. Psychological resistance. The yankee calmly thought. I better do something about that.

“Hey, Seigi-san. Do you know what your 'Berserker Ability' truly is?”

Nagisa didn't respond, her eyes still locked on the black leather in her hand. Gakushu continued.

“In theory, your ability is just another form of extreme adrenaline rush. The unique thing about it is that you can easily access it by triggering your anger and pushing your physical limit to the maximum. But of course you will be no different from a wild animal if you can't control it. That's why they created that choker; to control your adrenaline level by sending electrical impulses through the device. I altered the function a little though.”

The yankee finished her speech with a sigh and sat down on the bed.

“It will still check your heart-rate and body heat for any sign of rush, but now I've added an extra feature. There's a timer that you can activate by turning the metal plate on the left which will delay the electrical current—”

“Cut with the useless explanation, Gakushu.” Nagisa turned her gaze toward the yankee.

“How can this thing help?”

That choker is your 'brake', Seigi-san. The reset button to your Berserk state.”

Gakushu paused, staring as the girl clenched the choker in her hand. She smiled.

“You don't need to worry about going wild anymore. In fact, I will be needing that ability of yours at given times.”

“...a brake, huh?”

“That's right. Oh, but since it works just like a stun gun your body will be completely immobilized afterwards so please use it moderately.”

“I know. I'm not that stupid.”

“Then I'll trust you with that. I don't know about the stupid part though.”

Nagisa gave the smiling yankee another growl before she took off the headphone around her neck, revealing the burn marks she always hid behind the device. Just a proof of how hard she knew the choker could sting. She sighed, putting the black leather around the reddish skin and locking the ear-cuff on her left ear. The way it touched her skin felt sickeningly familiar, almost choking even, but she tried to push the thought away. At least she knew she wouldn't go destroying things without control now. And that took a load off her mind.

“Are you done readjusting yourself?”

She heard Gakushu spoke and she turned her attention to the yankee.

“Yeah, all clear.”

“Very well.”

Gakushu closed her eyes and let out a long breath, before letting her body fell to the bed. Nagisa stared at the girl and blinked, once, twice, before she kicked the bed hard, almost knocking the yankee to the floor.

“Oi. Whaddya think yer doing, huh?”

“I'm trying to sleep, Seigi-san.” Gakushu answered calmly as she fixed her position on the bed. “Sleeping, as in charging my energy for the upcoming war. And while you're at it can you help me move my backpack to the table?”

“...ha. Ha ha ha ha.

Nagisa dropped her shoulder, her body trembled slightly as she let out a dry laugh.

”Ookay~ Have.a.nice.sleep~~”

She smiled widely, trying to reel in her anger as she grabbed the backpack. Two hours. It's only been two hours since she stayed with Gakushu and she had almost exploded. She put down the bag on the table slowly, taking the time to calm herself down.

“Oh, and Seigi-san?”

“Hm?” She glanced at Gakushu, seeing the yankee patted the empty space beside her.

“We can share the bed like we used to. And don't worry, I'll keep this a secret from your girlfriend. All those nights we spent together as well.”

Nagisa clenched her fists and took a deep breath, before exhaling an equally long one. Her smile widened.

I'll kill you after this, Gakushu...


:. 08:00AM, Asobina Restaurant

Mako hummed quietly as she swept the wooden floor of Asobina Restaurant, listening to the lively bird chirping outside. Sakura was out shopping for today's grocery so she was left to look after the place in while waiting for the Osaka duo to wake up. It was kind of a silly sight, for the leader of the elite squad of Joshikou Keisatsu to sweep the floor of some small restaurant in the middle of nowhere, but Mako was not bothered even the least. Whether moping the floor or killing someone, if Sakura asked for it she'd do anything. That's just how much she owed the girl.

“” She grabbed the sleeve of her green jacket. “We owed her a lot, didn't we?”

She stopped sweeping for a while, a soft smile on her face. Yes. If only you're here as well—

“SHE'S GONE----!!!!”

Whuh? What the—!? Mako flinched, shaking herself out of her thought as she heard the ear-piercing scream. She could see Kimotama sprinted out of her bedroom right after, eyes wide as she searched around the restaurant in panic. Mako tried to catch the girl.

“Wait, Kimotama—calm down. What in the world happened?”

“Damn, damn, damn—Dammit! SEIGI. SHE'S GONE!”

What!? Mako shook her head, trying to keep her thought straight as the yankee started pushing around the furniture roughly.

“Calm down for a while. Maybe she's just out for a walk.”

“That's impossible, shithead! She's too much of a lazybum for that! Argh, and I thought I've locked her arms perfectly. Should've put a leash on her and chained her down!!”

“Wait, don't—“

Mako could only stare as Kimotama took her metal bat and stormed out, her words being ignored on the wind. She sighed, nudging her forehead. This girl and that one too; how can she forget how reckless a yankee can be? Especially THAT one. How great. Now she understood how Nana felt. Maybe she should've let her put a tracking device on the girl.



Now of all time? Mako groaned and pulled out her cellphone. The word 'Enoki' flaring on the screen. She narrowed her eyes, answering the call.

   “Yes, Kojima here.”

   --”Err, I got some bad news.”


   --”Last night Gakushu was, uhh, kidnapped or somethin y'know. And rumors goin' on that her kidnapper was—“

   “Seigi. Am I right?”


That idiot... Mako clenched her phone. This is bad. Really really bad. Things are running out of control and heading for the worst. She had to come out with another plan. Fast.

“Enoki. I want you to search around Gekioko and find—“

The loud sound brought Mako back to reality and she turned toward the source in reflex, finding a girl in black school uniform dangling on the window unconscious, the glass pane breaking into pieces. Oh, for... Mako gritted her teeth, cutting off the call as she pocketed her phone and ran outside.
She knew that uniform. In fact, she had once wore it before.

It's the Majisuka yankee.

The young police pushed the front door open, meeting more and more of the familiar black outfits surrounding the building, Kimotama fending some of them off with her metal bat. One of the girls noticed her and shouted.

“Oi, that's the other one!”

“Get her!” did it come down to this?


Mako raised her broom to parry a punch, spinning on her heel to kick her attacker on the gut. She sighed as she stared at the broken broom.

“Sakura-san will scold me after this...”

She threw the broom away and joined the fight.


Mako crouched, dodging as the said girl swung her metal bat over her head and hitting the yankee behind her. She jumped back to her feet and turned, standing back to back with the Gekioko general.

“What did you do?”

“Nothing! They suddenly appeared and attacked me for no reason!”

She sighed, parrying another blow with her elbow and returned the punch. She switched place with Kimotama, her eyes scanning the bunch for any familiar face. No luck. Are they all new students? One way to find out...

“Kimotama. Get down.”



The yankee moved to her knees in reflexes as Mako swung her right arm in a horizontal arc, watching as an invisible blade cut through the Majisuka girls.


Kimotama whispered in awe. The group of yankee stopped their attack abruptly, taking a few steps away in alert. Kimotama raised her brow from their sudden change of behavior, glancing at Mako. 

“Oi, what's with 'em?”

Mako only shrugged, until one of the girls shouted.

“K-kamisori! She's Kamisori!”

Huh? Kimotama froze as she recognized the name and she turned at Mako with wide eyes.

“Wait, yer THAT Kamisori!?” Mako only blinked, offering her hand to help the yankee stand.

“Yes. Am I really that famous?”

Kimotama didn't know what to say. There's nobody in Kango-ka who didn't know about Sakura and her two underlings, but why is one of them being part of the police? And Seigi even calling her 'chief'. Just what's going on? The thinking made her head hurt and she ruffled her hair.

“You.” She pointed her metal bat at Mako. “Ya better explain everythin' to me later.”

Mako answered her with a simple nod, before switching her eyes back to the Majisuka yankees.

“Can I have all your attention?”

Her stern voice made all of the yankees flinched and she stepped forward.

“What is your reason for attacking us? Depending on your answer, I might let you guys off without a complain.”

She could see the yankees mumbled to each other, seemingly not sure what to say. Could it be that they were sent here without knowing the reason? That'd make her work a lot harder. And she didn't feel like coming all the way to Majisuka for it. The girl sighed, burying her both hands in her pocket.

“Fine. If you can't talk bring your boss here—“ “There's no need for that.”

Mako flinched as she heard the familiar voice, watching as the yankees dispersed to make way for the newcomer.

“Good to see that you're still up and healthy, Kamisori.”


She whispered the name quietly, staring as her old comrade approached her with her trademark smirk, her long skirt and red jersey still the same as ever. Mako blinked as she saw the plastic bag on the yankee's hand.

“What are you bringing?”

“Oh this? I met Sakura-san on my way here so I helped with bringing some of her groceries.”

Uonome tossed the plastic bag to Mako and the girl inspected the content. Flour and vegetables and some of those stuffs. She glanced back at Uonome.

“I don't mean you any harm, Kamisori. I just need that Gekioko girl and her little friend Seigi.”

“And why is that? I don't remember you working for Gekioko.”

“I don't.” Uonome shrugged. “I'm doing this to protect Majisuka. No more and no less.”

“What do you mean by that...”

Uonome snickered, shaking her head.

“Many things had changed since you left, Kamisori. And since this gonna be a long story how about we talk it over a pot of nabe?”

Mako stole a glance at Kimotama, seeing the yankee growled and lowered her metal bat in defeat. She sighed.

“I'll prepare the hotpot.”


:. 09:30AM, an abandoned building



Nagisa stared at the huge rifle in front of her, her eye twitching a bit.

“You... How do ya manage to get THAT?”

Gakushu only gave her an odd look.

“That is a very stupid question, Seigi-san. I have my own channel, of course. Or do you think we'll be going against them with plain old fistfight?”

“Ha ha...”

Ah, yes. How could she forget? This girl is crazy. Big time. Nagisa sighed, crouching to inspect the sniper rifle.

“Who's the target?”

“The student council liaison teacher.” Gakushu plainly answered, sitting down on the floor as she emptied her backpack.

“He's one of the person I find close enough to the principal. Do you know him?”

Nagisa peered through the scope, watching the middle aged man eating breakfast in his living room, his white shirt clean and tidy as he seemed ready to go to work.

“Nah, don't ring any bell. And I didn't get that annoying headache when I see 'em.”



Nagisa gave Gakushu a confused look, and the yankee continued.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. That's where your constant headache comes from. It also seems to cause you partial memory loss about everything related to them.”

“Yeah, yeah. Post-whatever it is. So is this guy one of 'em?”

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

Nagisa clicked her tongue.

“Look. I ain't killin' some random guy just because of yer hunch.”

“Investigation, mind you. And we're just about to find out.”

Gakushu pulled a frilly dress out of the bag and Nagisa stared at the clothes blankly.

“What's that thing doin' in yer bag?”

“Nothing. Just one of your infiltration equipment.”

Wait, what? Nagisa switched her blank stare to Gakushu.

“You only need to get to his room and fetch the information I need. If he's indeed one of them you can kill him as you please. I'll make sure that the area is clear and watch over your movement through the sniping scope.”

“...come again?”

“To make it simple, Seigi-san.” Gakushu smiled at her sweetly, sending a shiver up her spine.

Please make use of your other ability. The one you learned from Coby-senpai...


I'll DEFINITELY kill you, Gakushu.


:. 10:00AM, inside Asobina

“...and that's what happen.”

Uonome put down her bowl as she finished her speech, leaving Mako staring at the empty hotpot in silence. Majisuka was in shamble. Uonome, Jisedai, and the rest of team Hinabe took over Rappappa after the previous Heavenly Queens graduated, and now the top position was left empty. And all of that happened after—

That day. The time when you and Zombie left us.”

Mako clenched the bowl in her hand tightly.

“Majisuka couldn't afford another war with the current condition. That's why I'm trying to hand over the real culprit to clear our name.”

“We didn't kidnap that bastard Gakushu!” Kimotama shouted, smashing her hand to the table.

“Maybe you didn't. But how about your friend Seigi?”


The Gekioko general spat and turned away, crossing her arms. She glanced at Mako, signaling for her to speak.

“Uonome.” The former Majisuka yankee spoke.

“From what I hear Majisuka was being toyed around by Gekioko. What are you guys afraid of? Was it because there's nobody strong enough to lead from the top?”

“Not quite."


"There is someone. And we're waiting for her, all this time.”

Uonome folded her both arms over the table, staring straight into Mako's eyes.

We're waiting for you, Kamisori.
 To come back and take over that place which rightfully yours.”

Mako looked away, switching her eyes to the empty bowl in front of her. Uonome sighed as she saw the reaction.

“Are you still blaming yourself for what happened? Look, Zombie wasn't—“Stop it, Uonome.”

She gritted her teeth, her voice trembling.

“You don't know what happened..."


"...just...stop talking...”

“...I understand.”

The Rappappa member leaned back on her chair, a hint of disappointment in her face as she absentmindedly gazed around the room. She could see some of her underlings whispering at each other in panicking manner and she narrowed her eyes.


“Y-yes, Uonome-san!”

“Did something happen?”

The girl seemed to hesitate a bit before approaching Uonome, whispering to the yankee's ear.

“I see... Then so be it.”

Uonome sighed and stood, giving a glance at Kimotama and Mako before she bowed slightly.

“Our talk ends here. We'll take our leave now.”

“Huh? What's that?” Kimotama smirked. “Ya ain't trying to capture me or Seigi anymore?”


Mako lifted her face as she heard that, watching the dark expression Uonome was wearing as she walked toward the front door.

“The discussion with Gekioko had failed.

'The war had begun--”


:. 10:20AM, The Liaison Apartment

Nagisa hit face hard to the wall, trying to forget everything what just happened. Oh how she wished all of this was just a dream and she'd wake up back in her apartment in Zoshigaya to meet another boring yet peaceful paperworks. But it seemed like her prayer wasn't answered.

  --”Seigi-san? Can you hear me?”

Ha ha, right. Lucky me... Nagisa groaned as she tapped the communication device on her ear, mentally laughing.

   “Loud and clear.”

   --”Alright. Good work getting into his place without being suspicious. What is your position? I can't see you through the window.”

Nagisa rolled her eyes, walking toward the nearby window.

   “Here. And I've got rid of that guy. Snap his neck clean and hid the body in the closet. Ya clean up the rest.”
   --”...ah. What did he—“

   “Don't ask, Gakushu. Don't ask.”

   --”If you say so. Well, your acting was perfectly cute so—"


   "The plan."

   --"...right. Now I just need you to search around his computer for any valuable data.
   I'll guide you along the communicator so listen carefully.”

Nagisa muttered a quick 'ok' and turned on the computer, doing everything as the girl instructed. She's glad that Gakushu didn't press the matter any further though, because if she did she would probably kill the yankee for real now. The girl sighed loudly as she browsed through the many photos of Gekioko's student, finding some familiar faces on the list.

   --”Enter the year from when the previous war happened until the year of your disappearance.”

Right. Nagisa did as she was told, finding her own photo from almost two year ago as well as Kimotama's and Gakushu's. They looked so innocent back then that it's almost laughable. Oh well, back to her job. The girl scrolled down the list, meeting more and more familiar faces, until she stopped on a certain entry.

   --”Seigi-san? Can you hear me? What's wrong?”

   “...found her.”

Nagisa smirked, holding her head as the throbbing headache returned. The voices in her mind howled and she closed her eyes, trying to fight it back.

   —hello—you're miss Ka—gisa, correct?

That face... That voice... The more she tried to remember the more her head felt like exploding.

   —heard what happened to your——can help—

Nagisa hit her fist to the table, gritting her teeth.

   --”Seigi-san!? Do you get another attack? Get out of there before— Shut up! Shut up, I almost remember!!”

She opened her eyes, forcing herself to look at the photo. She had to remember. She had to. So that she could settle everything and face them head on.

   —justice? Of course——student council—Gekioko—

The very person who destroy her life. The one who turned her into a monster.

The one to give her that hideous name.

   —Fujie Reina——second year—call me  [ZERO] for short—

  —Nice meeting you, [SEIGI]

The Epitome of Justice : Chapter 08 // END
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