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Author Topic: 48 Days - chapter 3 (WMatsui) [4/05/2018]  (Read 5791 times)

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48 Days - chapter 3 (WMatsui) [4/05/2018]
« on: September 22, 2015, 04:19:54 PM »
Hello~ it's me again~ well, i'm back with new fic! well i decided to make wmatsui ongoing fic! ahahaha.. hope you all like~ :D


48 Days..

Bang! Bang!

   The sound of gunfire was heard. Jurina took her falls when a bullet entered her chest, cold shivers went zapping around her body. Goosebumps were formed as Jurina collapsed onto the asphalt ground. Veins popped up on her forehead as she covering her wounded chest and clutched her bloody shirt.


   Jurina knows someone approaching her, arms placed on her shoulder, having a firm grip
on her. However, Jurina was slowly losing her consciousness, eyelids begging to be closed. Black dots clouded her vision and soon, darkness took over her.

       “Re… Rena-chan…”


       Jurina felt her eyelid so heavy.. she try to open her eyelid and blink few times. She can see the white ceiling and she also heard beeping sound.. and then reality hit her.. she just remember what happen yesterday! Wait! How long she has been sleep? Jurina try to get up from the bed.. Strangely she felt nothing.. no pain at all! She remember that she got shot on chest.. Jurina inspecting her wound on her chest.. yes.. theres left stitch scars on her chest but she felt no pain at all.


      Jurina heard someone entered her room.. and its seems already time for her daily checkup.. the doctors accompanying by the nurse walk nearer her bed.

     “Sensei..”  said Jurina, but the doctor not giving her respond at all.

      The doctors still engrossed with her patient chart while sometimes looking to the heart monitor beside Jurina’s bed and after that writing something on the chart. Then Jurina avert her attention to the nurse who now changing the IV drip bottle..

      Why it’s seems everyone ignoring her?

      “Excuse me” said Jurina again while waving her hands in front of the nurse. But same with the doctor.. that nurse also ignoring her.

      And then..

      “oh.. Ms.Matsui..” greets the doctors to the new guess who just entered the room.

      “Rena-chan...” whisper Jurina.

      With her infamous Cheshire smile planted on her face, Jurina greetings her beloved soon to be wife.

      “Renaaaa-chaaaannnn!!” greeted Jurina hapily. But Rena face not showing any emotion.

      “how is her condition Watanabe sensei?” said Rena to the doctor who had charged on Jurina.

     “what are you talking about Rena-chan?? I‘m hereeee!! I‘m fine!” said Jurina again. Jurina felt little frustrated with everyone on her room right now! First it’s her doctor who ignored her, and then the nurse, and now even her own fiancé is ignoring her too!! What kind of joke is this?? Today is not 1st of April right??

     “Hello!! Everyoneeee! Look at me here!” said Jurina with a louder voice. But like before.. she got nothing.. no one turn their attention to her.

     “Ms.Matsui can we discuss about it on my room instead?” offer the doctor.

     “alright..” before Rena take her leave following the doctor to her room, Rena showing a forlorn look towards Jurina bed.

     “Rena-chan..” Jurina know that look.. Rena seems so down.. she have no heart to looking at her fiancé sad face.

     “Waittttt!! Rena-chaaannnn wait!!!” begs Jurina when Rena leaving the room.

     Jurina abruptly get down from her bed ready to chasing Rena. When Jurina trying to grab Rena‘s arm.. Finally Jurina realized something going wrong with her.. as she try to hold Rena.. its seems that Jurina cannot reaching Rena.. Her reach fall into thin air..

     “What the heck?!!” curse Jurina while expecting her own hands who just transpierce thru Rena arms.


So how is it? interesting? should i continue? i already make the chapter 1 btw! :D hahahaha... please do comment~ i want to know your opinion guys~ i dont bite... please feel free leave a comment,hahaha :D
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« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2015, 04:37:37 PM »
hoo.. nice prologue :on GJ:
is this fic based on korean drama '49 days'? or it's just the title?
update soon!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2015, 05:08:30 PM »
Yeeees very interestiiing
Please continuee chap 1 lol

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« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2015, 06:38:52 PM »
What happened next?? :shocked
Please continue.. why Jurina being shot and what would happen to her now..  :panic:
Urghh.. I'm curious athena-san.. :banghead:

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« Reply #4 on: September 24, 2015, 03:05:39 AM »
OMG IT'S SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

PLZ UPDATE SOON!!!!! :bow:

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Chapter 1
« Reply #5 on: October 06, 2015, 05:57:17 PM »
Hi hi~ O genki desu ka? ahahahaha~ btw sorry for the long delay for the chapter 1.. i'm caught up with school assignment.. i'm on my last year on college.. so well yeah i'm kinda busy with assignment,hahaha.. but! i'm not gonna abandon this fic! :D
And thank you very much for everyone who read, commenting and vote for this fic! love you guys~ hahahaha
and oh yeah! key17-san mentioned about korean drama 49 Days... well, this fic is not based on that dramas anyway.. hahaha.. i know the theme is kinda similar.. but rest assured this story gonna be different! so please keep reading this fic guys~ hahaha #shamelesslypromotingmyownfic

So~ without further ado here the chapter one~ enjoy all~

sorry for the typo and grammatical error were found


         Still in dazed with what just happen to her own body, Jurina trying hard to comprehend all the things that happen to her from the first time she wakes up. Jurina spot a bench on the hospital hallway.. she walks to the bench and sitting down on the bench, she even forgot her intention to chase Rena. 

         Jurina examine her own hand but there’s nothing strange to her own hand or body! She even wearing patient gown that hospital give to every patients, maybe her eyes playing trick on her. She can’t be dead already right? The doctor just come to her room to examine her condition not long ago.. or maybe her souls got separated from her own body! Okay that’s sound so absurd! But there’s possibility that thing is happen to her! Just like in the movies.. maybe her body right now is in comatose state but somehow her souls is wandering around freely.

         Jurina brush away that idea immediately “haha.. heck! That thing is only happen in the movie! No way that’s kind of things happening in real life!” To proofing that theory is false.. Jurina try to greet random people in the hospital hallway.

         Jurina see a mother with her daughter walking towards her way. Jurina can see that the little girl smiles to her, and somehow Jurina’s feel relief.. Jurina wave her hands to the little girl.

         “Mama..” the little girl tugging her mother hands and pointing to Jurina direction

         “what happen dear?” ask the mother. But the little girl not saying anything, she only points to Jurina direction.

         “Mitsuko.. don’t pointing like that.. that’s rude” and with that they walk passed Jurina. The little girl turns her head to see Jurina and waving her hands to Jurina.

         “That’s weird..” mumbled Jurina.

         Jurina try one more time, but its same with what just happen back in her room.. everyone ignoring her.

         “HEYYYY!!! ANYONEEE!! JUST LOOK AT MEEEE!!!” Frustrated Jurina. Jurina keep shouting.. shouting.. and shouting in hope just anyone will notice her.

         And suddenly.. a young girl abruptly open the door and glaring towards Jurina.

         “Can you shut up!! This is a freaking hospital!” said the girl.

         Jurina stunned.

         “What?? Why you staring at me like that??” ask the girl coldly.

         “No! no! no!.. wait! You can see me?” asked Jurina

         “of course I can see you! What do you mean??”

         “No! but Really you can see me??”

         “This’s absurd! I’m gonna back to my room.. if you can’t keep down your voice I’ll tell the guard to drag you out” that girl pull the doorknob and ready to leave Jurina.

        “Waittttt!!! I need your help!” in reflex Jurina grab the girl arms and magically she can touch that girl!

     “Oh! I can even touch you! This is amazing!” Cheered Jurina.

     “let me go weirdo” said the girl.

     “pleaseee listen to me firstttt… I really need your help!” begged Jurina with her signature puppy eyes.

     The girls only can sigh looking at Jurina pleading eyes.

     “so what? i can’t help you thou” said the girl after scanning Jurina appearance from top to bottom.

     “Listen.. I know this might sound so absurd but you need to believe me!” said Jurina. The girl only furrowed one of her eyebrows looking weirdly at Jurina.

     “A-anna…” Jurina heard a voice from the room that the girls who can see her come from. The girl turns her head to the room.
     “Sorry.. its seems we can’t talk right now.. I need to take care my grandma” said the girl who named Anna.

     Jurina only sighing.. but she can’t give up right now! maybe Anna can help her! Beside so far only Anna who can see her! “o-okay.. but! How about we met later? My room is on that hallway..” pointed Jurina to her own Room.. “you can came to my room… or better we met on another place?” Anna giving Jurina weird stare again, Anna might think that Jurina is totally weirdo! How come a total stranger suddenly invited a new person she barely knows to their own room!
         “No no! don’t take me wrong.. but I really need your help Anna-san!” pleaded Jurina again with her hands clasping together in front of her face.

         “How come you know my name?” ask Anna

         “Duh! Your grandma just calling your name of course I know it” answered Jurina

         “Okay.. but I still need to be cautions.. your face looks like you’re some kind of jerk.. no offense but you give me a players vibes” said Anna.

         Jurina only rolling her eyes hearing Anna accused, but well yeah she used to be a player before.. but! That’s over long ago since she got together with Rena!.

         Anna nodded her head accepting Jurina offer.. but she still unsure with her own decision. It is fine to believe with a stranger? Heck! Even Anna didn’t know that stranger name yet! How can she easily believe her words?. Jurina realize that Anna having second thought about her offer.

         “Listen Anna-san I know you having second thought right now right? But believe me! I don’t have bad intention at all! I really need your help!”

         “O-okay.. you know what.. I don’t even know your name.. it’s just so bizarre for me, you a total stranger begging for my help.. don’t you have any relatives? You can ask help from your family or friends instead! But why me?” ask Anna curiously.

         Suddenly Jurina remember her intention to catch up Rena! She just too stunned by what happen to herself earlier till she forgot about run after Rena.

         “oh shoot! I supposed to be run after my fiancé!” said Jurina. “well, I’m better searching for my fiancé first! See you later Anna-san” with that Jurina bid her goodbye to Anna without giving Anna chance to give her answer.
         Anna can see Jurina back getting small in the crowd before completely disappear from her sight. Anna decided to go back to her grandma room.. but before she turn open the door knob, some nurse greeting her..

         “Ohayou Anna-san..” greet the nurse

         “Ohayou.. Kuwabara-san” greets Anna back.

         “Anna-san.. why are you talking by yourself just now?” ask the nurse curiously. Well, firstly Kuwabara think that Anna is talking on the phone.. but she saw Anna behaving so odd.. it’s like she having conversation with someone, but Kuwabara clearly see no one talking with Anna.. that’s why the nurse decided to asking the girl.

         “Kuwabara-san what are you talking about? Did you not see some weird girl shouting like lunatic just now? I’m just giving her warning and suddenly she ask me for help..” explain Anna. Kuwabara seems not amused with Anna explanation.

         “O-okay.. then.. enjoy your day..” said  Nurse Kuwabara without asking further. Anna tilt her hear slightly not understanding with the nurse words, but then Anna just shrugs her shoulder and back to her grandma room.


         Jurina still looking around to finds her fiancé. She lost her fiancé because she encounters with Anna..

         “damn! Where is Rena-chan?” curse Jurina, and then Jurina remember about her doctor name and decided to looking for that doctor room instead. “yeah! Rena-chan must be on dr.Watanabe room! Why I’m not thinking about that sooner! Baka!”  but before Jurina taking her step to looking for dr.watanabe room, Jurina seeing someone that seems familiar. And suddenly Sharp pangs of intense pain shot through her head.

         “urghhhh!!!” grunted Jurina while clutching her head.

   ‘Rena-chan Happy birthday!!~’
   ‘Thank you Jurina for the surprise party’
   ‘No need to thank me.. it’s my responsibility to make my princess always happy’
   ‘What? nooo.. I’m not flirting with you Rena-chan’
   ‘Yeah.. yeahh whatever you said Ms.flirty’
   ‘Mouuu Rena-channnn stop calling me flirty..’
   ‘Oi! Love bird! Come here already! The guest wants to meet with the birthday girl!’
   ‘Let’s we go to Airin before she start scolding you J’
   ‘urghhh! Why you always listen to Airin huh? If I do not know Airin I might get jealous of her!’
   ‘Stop pouting like that! You’re not a kid J! let’s go~’
   ‘okay.. okay.. stop dragging me princess’

   ‘Rena-chan what are you doing? This’s is wrong! We can't do that!’
   ‘Please just this time..’
   ‘No Rena!’
   ‘Why? You never push me away before? But why now?’
   ‘Because this is wrong’
   ‘You just realized it now huh?’
   ‘Stop it! Lets we just ended it now’
   ‘Rena-chan.. please don’t make this hard for me’
   ‘Why? You said that you love me.. but why you back away now?’
   ‘Because I know that I’m not worth for you’
   ‘Why you said like that? Only me who can decide who is worth for me’

         Finally the pain on her head is subsided, Jurina still flinch with the pain that just came suddenly.
        “what’s that?” mumbled Jurina when she remember seeing some flashback when the pain shoot her head. Still recover from the pain, Jurina decided to take a break from looking her fiancé. She just had an indeed strangest day ever in her life!.

        Still trying to calming herself while sitting on the bench.. in distance Jurina seeing a familiar figure across the hospital lobby.. she squinted her eyes to try recognize the figure face..
         “Rena-chan?” mumbled Jurina. she still not sure thou.. but when the figure turn her body to take a last look into the hospital.
         “Rena-chan!!” Jurina jolted from her sitting position. Jurina ready to run after her fiancé once again, but she holds her steps when she saw unpleasant scene before her eyes.. Her fiancé kissing another person! And that person is… her own best friend.. Airin.


note: text in green is flashback

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Re: [WMATSUI ON-GOING FIC] - 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 1 [061015]-
« Reply #6 on: October 06, 2015, 06:26:22 PM »
No Rena why are you kissing Airin Jurina's the one for you :banghead:

Jurina needs to hurry up and wake up so she can beat the shit out of Airi and maybe marry Rena. She is still a cheater I don't know how I feel about that

I can't wait for the next chapter and keep up the good work. Bye bye  :peace:

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Re: [WMATSUI ON-GOING FIC] - 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 1 [061015]-
« Reply #7 on: October 06, 2015, 09:14:31 PM »
Rena you can't break my Jurina's heart like that  :panic: :sweatdrop:,thaanks for th update,this story is very interesting (≧▽≦)

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Re: Chapter 1
« Reply #8 on: October 07, 2015, 08:09:00 AM »
What happened to WMatsui, Athena-san?????
 :shocked :shocked :shocked

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Re: [WMATSUI ON-GOING FIC] - 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 1 [061015]-
« Reply #9 on: October 07, 2015, 09:00:35 AM »
What happened to WMatsui, Athena-san?????
asli.. geli gue bacanya Thi! lol

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Re: [WMATSUI ON-GOING FIC] - 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 1 [061015]-
« Reply #10 on: October 07, 2015, 10:17:35 AM »
wakakakakaka... kan pura2 gak kenal... XD
*ngakak gegulingan*

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Re: [WMATSUI ON-GOING FIC] - 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 1 [061015]-
« Reply #11 on: October 07, 2015, 02:59:58 PM »
RENA-CHAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!! :frustrated:
oh.. my wmatsui heart :err:
update soon!!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 2 [290716]
« Reply #12 on: July 29, 2016, 03:52:30 PM »
hi hi~ its been so long since the last time i've been here! hahahaha..
but here i am! i'm back guys!  8)

well, without further ado here we go~

sorry for the typo and grammatical error were found

Chapter 2

Jurina ready to run after her fiancé once again, but she holds her steps when she saw unpleasant scene before her eyes.. Her fiancé kissing another person! And that person is… her own best friend.. Airin.

   “Airin…” whispered Jurina

   The scene in front of her it’s feel surreal, why her own fiancé kissed her bestfriend? How come?? What happen actually?? And why she trapped in this condition?? Are god just playing trick on her?.

   “That ba*tard!” cursed Jurina while clenching her fist. Jurina still standing in her place, eventhou her fiancé and bestfriend already long ago go. “Am I dreaming right?? It can’t be real! Yes! This only dreams! Wake up Jurina!” said Jurina while slapping her own face, but it’s no use.. because someone just passing thru her own body without feeling anything.

   “Goddammit!” curse Jurina. “I need to find out what the actual fvck happening to me!” with that Jurina decided to go back to her room. There’s so many question clouded on her mind, how come she ended in this situation, the last things she remembered before she woke up is she got shot on her chest the night before, well she’s not so sure thou for how long already she’s in comatose state. The accident when she got shots its happening in flash. If she not mistaken, she got call and they order her to come to some abandon building and then she forget about the rest.

   Jurina decided to go back to her room first, maybe she can find something in her room and figured out what she should do next. While taking her step to her room, Jurina passed Anna grandma room, and she suddenly remember about her offers to Anna. Jurina believe Anna can help her and she need to make sure that Anna will help her! Well, she’s desperate!

   “Should I’m checking on her again? I mean just to make sure.. I really need her help!” pondered Jurina while now standing in front of Anna grandmother room. And then Jurina taking look at her surrounding before decided to open the door. Her palms already grabbed the door handle, with just one twist the door should be open. But Jurina still contemplated to go inside the room.

   “Wait! I’m in spirits state right now right? Even people can pass by my body.. I don’t need going thru the door duh! Should I just going pass the wall? yeah! Just like in the movie! Ghost can go transpierce thru anything! Ahahaha.. Well, to think about it again.. its kinda awesome being a lost spirits!” being mischievous herself, Jurina want to try the idea being ghost who can go transpierce thru solid things.

   Jurina inhaled big amount of air and “here we go!”. With a firm steps Jurina trying to walk pass by the wall and..


   It’s failed.. her head just bumped into the wall with a loud bang. Jurina cursed while bending her body and rubbed her forehead continually trying to erase the pain.

   “Mothafvcdksjvsd!! SonOfBitdhklf!!” a beautiful curse flows smoothly from the lost spirits mouth. Jurina still busy rubbing her forehead to ease the pain didn’t realize that the door opened abruptly.

   “You again?!!” said the girl looking in disbelief at Jurina who just smiled sheepishly.

   “What are you doing huh??” asked Anna.

   Jurina straighten her posture and make an awkward cough before answering Anna’s question “Well.. you see that I’m on spirits mode right now.. i.. i was kind of curious is it true that ghost, spirits or anything you named it.. can go walk pass by the door and wall.. and y-yeah.. Somehow it’s not working with me.. hehehe..” explained Jurina with awkward smiles and scratching her not so itchy head.

   Anna only rolled her eyes hearing Jurina nonsense explanation. “So now what?” asked Anna.

   “uhmm.. you know.. I just saw my fiancé..” said Jurina

   “And then? Don’t you feel happy finally you can meet your fiancé?”

   “Well, reality can be so cruel sometimes.. that’s why I’m here looking for you, cause I really need your help Anna-san! Pleaseeee!” said Jurina suddenly while bowing deeply.

   The ride to Rena apartment filled with silence. Both Rena and Airin drown into their own thought, both of them have not saying anything since the ride from the hospital. The Traffic light signaling the red light.. Airin abruptly stepped on the brake and stopping on the right time.

   The sudden brake makes Rena back from her own thought and diverting her eyes to Airin. It’s not so like Airin, Airin is not a careless driver. Rena eyeing Airin who looks so restless.

   “Are you okay?” asked Rena. Airin turn her head look at Rena.

   “I’m okay.. why are you asking?” answered Airin.

   “Are you still thinking about Jurina? Airin it’s not your fault” said Rena reassured her secret lover. Yeah, Rena has been in relationship with Airin behind Jurina back. Even though Rena now is Jurina fiancée, but she still can’t let go Airin.

   “I know.. it’s just.. if only that night I tag along with Jurina, that accident wouldn’t happen  in the first time! Damn!” frustrated Airin while banging the steering wheel. “Rena.. Am I a horrible friends? Jurina is my bestfriend and look what am I doing behind her back? I even dat-”

   “Stop it Airin! I thought we already agree to not bring it up again?!. No you’re not a horrible friends! I am.. I’m the worst fiancée ever! Do not take all the blame to yourself..” Rena sighed deeply while looking away from Airin. Airin reach Rena hand and holding her hands tightly reassuring her girlfriends.

    “We’re both a horrible then I guess” said Airin.

   “Yeah we are..” whispered Rena.

        The light already change into green, Airin let go her hands from Rena and continue drives her vehicle to her girlfriend apartment.


       “Mariko!” Sayaka suddenly break in into Mariko office.

       “What?” asked Mariko eyeing her bestfriend questioningly.

       “Why the hell you’re still here?? I thought you already on flight to Tokyo right now! You already know about the news right?” Sayaka walked nearer to Mariko desk.

       “I heard it already” said Mariko

       “So? I thought Jurina is precious to you?”

       “yeah she is”

       “Then why you’re still here?” said Sayaka impatient.

       “Calm down will ya, I already appointed Dr Watanabe to take care of her and not to mention she had her own fiancé to looking up on her, beside I had more important things to do now” explained Mariko.

       “What is so important that make you postponing your visit?”

       “I need to investigate first who is the one that shot my sister, you know right it’s not a coincidence! They’re targeting Jurina in the first place! And that police over there is so useless!” Sayaka can see that her friends now really mad.

      “Then what information that you get so far?” asked Sayaka.

      “Sae already send me a few report from police and her own investigation, I’m still studying it tho.. so far we still don’t know the culprit yet, and beside we still need to looking up at Jurina phone calls record for these past weeks, maybe we can get a clue from that” explained Mariko.

       Now Jurina and Anna already inside Jurina’s room. Somehow Jurina successes pursuing Anna, and here they’re now in Jurian room. Anna cannot believe with what she saw! She can see that Jurina body lying on the bed with a lives supporting machine attached to her body. None of them making any sound, only the heart monitor constant beeping can be heard in that room. Jurina can see that Anna still in shock state, she try to catch Anna attention by clearing her throat.

      “ehem..” Anna turns her head to Jurina who was standing beside her.

      “You see right that I’m not laying” open up Jurina. Anna only can nod little.

      “Bu-but.. how come?” asked Anna. She turn her head to unconscious Jurina and walk nearer to the bed.

      “I don’t know too.. when i wake up, I was already in this state” explained Jurina.

     Anna saw the name plate in Jurina bed, and it was written that Jurina already five days admitted to this hospital, which means she’s already in comatose state from five days ago!. “say again.. you just woke up this morning right?” asked Anna again.

      “Uhmm.. I just woke up this morning” nodded Jurina.

      “That’s mean you’re already in comatose state from five days ago”

      “Whattt?? How do you know? I don’t even know how long I already in this hospital!” said Jurina unbelievable. Anna looks at Jurina with ‘duh’ face.

      “Did you even read this?” Anna pointing the name plate in Jurina bed.

      “what is that?” confuse Jurina “I  even didn’t  realize that thing was in there”

      “Seriouslyyy??” said Anna unbelievably. Jurina walking nearer to her bed and looked at the name plate and read it contents.

      “Oh! It’s true! I have been in this hospital for five days! You’re so genius Anna-san! I’m not wrong to choose you as my savior! ahahahaha” Anna only rolled her eyes seeing Jurina laughing over silly things. Anna look over Jurina room and she can know that Jurina must be from a rich family! Heck! Her VIP rooms is no different from a five stars hotels vip room!.

      “So? What can I do for you?” asked Anna who now facing Jurina.

      “hmm.. I don’t know to be honest..” answered Jurina sheepishly.

      “What?? Seriously??”


      “Oh gosh! Listen Jurina-san.. I’m not a Shaman! I don’t know how to do spirits ritual shit to put back your soul into your own body! How can I help you then?” said Anna.

      “Well, about that.. hmm.. c-can you be my mediator then?” over Jurina.

      “Mediator? What do you mean?” confuse Anna.

      “Well, it’s like you’re my spoke person.. yeah spoke person! I mean so far it is only you who can hear and talking with me! I want you to be my mediator so i can communicate with others.. Because I need to talk with my fiancée” explained Jurina. Anna trying to digest Jurina idea, its kinda risky tho..

      “how?” asked Jurina. Before Anna answered Jurina question, someone enters Jurina room.

      “Sae-san?” murmured Jurina.

      “Who are you?” asked the person who just entered Jurina rooms to Anna.


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Re: [WMATSUI ON-GOING FIC] - 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 2 [290716]-
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Goshh! this is rlly cool fan fic  :ding:
Damn renairin kissing scene  :temper: i can heard crack sound from jurina's heart. I feel you ju  :fainted:
Please update soon athena48-san and welcome back  :on GJ:

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Re: [WMATSUI ON-GOING FIC] - 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 2 [290716]-
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Nice fic author-sama 😄
RenaAirin scene is to painful for juju  :(
What happend in the next chap????  :?
Ah i'm curious already  :nervous
Good job author-sama  :twothumbs

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Re: 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 2 [290716]
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Glad to know that you'll keep going with this fic, Athena-chan~~~...  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: [WMATSUI ON-GOING FIC] - 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 2 [290716]-
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Hi (^)__(^) I'd like to say that this fic has a very well thought out plot

Is that Ishida Anna or Iriyama Anna that can see Jurina?

Please add Churi to the fic so that Jurina won't be broken-hearted anymore?

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Re: [WMATSUI ON-GOING FIC] - 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 2 [290716]-
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Hi Athena48! 

I like this fic, it's mysterious!

I hope you'll continue it :)

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Re: [WMATSUI ON-GOING FIC] - 48 Days -UPDATE CHAPTER 2 [290716]-
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D: im confused which anna is her. (?).. Murashige anna (hkt) ijiri anna (nmb) ishisa anna (ske) kawai anna (8th gen ske) iriyama anna (akb)...

All this chapter my mind was working with differents face when you said 'anna' also because we dont had physical characteristics
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48 Days - chapter 3 (WMatsui) [4/5/2018]
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A.N: Omgggggg! i'm so sorryyyyy for not updating this fic!! its nearly 2 years since the last time i'm updating this fic! i feel so horrible now! Gomenasaiiiiiii!!!
Well, in these past year so many things happen.. like bunch of Ex-SKE member getting married and having their own children! I'm so happy for theeemmmmm! Ah, also.. Jurina is participating in Produce 48!! Wtf??? lol  :lol:

Okay.. without further ado, here are the new chapter~

So sorrryyyyyy for the loooooong delay! >.<

Sorry for grammatical and error were found~

Chapter 3

“Who are you?” asked the person who just entered Jurina rooms to Anna.


Anna take a glance at Jurina asking for some help.

“What should I answer? Who is she?” mouthing Anna.

“Just said that you’re my friends, she’s someone that I close to” said Jurina.

Getting no answer from Anna, Sae walk nearer to Anna who standing beside Jurina bed and asking her again for the second time.

“I’m sorry Miss who are you again? And what are you doing in this room?” asked Sae.

“Ah! I’m so sorry for being so rude.. my name is Iriyama Anna, nice to meet you” said Anna while bowing to Sae. “I’m here because I hear that Jurina-san got admitted to this hospital. Since my grandma also admitted to this hospital I just take a visit to her room, I’m her friends by the way.” Sae seems not so pleased with Anna answer, both Jurina and Anna can see it from Sae expression.

“hmm.. So you’re Jurina friends?” asked Sae again.

“Y-yes” said Anna. Anna glanced at Jurina and mumbled some words “what now? She seems didn’t believe me!”

“don’t worry just keep going.. she will trust you anyway” said Jurina assuring Anna.

“Well, Iriyama-san..” Sae haven’t finished her words yet but Anna suddenly cutting off her words.

“Anna.. just call me Anna or Annin” said Anna.

“Okay then Anna-san.. Well, you see right that Jurina already in this condition for five days?” Anna only nodded listen to Sae words. Anna can see that Sae face becoming serious now.

“I was put in charge for her case, my name is Miyazawa Sae” inform Sae. “I’ll be straight to the point now.. Lets we take sit first” offered Sae. Anna takes glance to Jurina and Jurina only nodded.

Both of them now sitting in the sofa facing each other, since Jurina room is VIP room the room kinda had its own privileged, like sofa, LED TV and refrigerator was provided in that room.

“First, I want to ask you a few question regarding Jurina, I hope you don’t mind” said Sae.

“O-of course it’s okay for me”

“You said earlier that you’re Jurina friend right?” asked Sae. Anna nodded unsurely, and Sae clearly can notice it.

“Hmm.. I see..” Sae can see that Anna looks nervous somehow.

“Can you relax a bit? You make Sae-chan suspicious of you” Said Jurina who now sitting beside Anna.

“Shut it!” whisper Anna harshly to Jurina.

“Pardon?” Ask Sae when she thinks she heard Anna said something to her.

“O-oh no-nothing.. ahahaha..”

“Nice..” Mocked Jurina. Anna elbowing Jurina who sit beside her, and somehow its work and Jurina groaned in pain.

“Ughhh! What the?!! Its hurt ya know! What’s the point being in a spirits state when I can’t get the privileged as ghost!”
grunt Jurina. Anna choose to ignore the lost spirits who still groaned in pain.

“Miyazawa-san.. actually what really happen with Jurina-san?” Asked Anna. Jurina who also curious with what happen to her, waited for Sae answer patiently. Both Anna and Jurina see Sae sighing deeply before avert her gaze to Jurina who lay in the bed still in comatose state.

“Well, I guess you already heard the news about Jurina right?” Anna nodded and waiting for Sae to continue “She got shot.. eventhou the operation was success but Jurina still ended in coma state.. Till now the police still searching for the culprit.” Explain Sae.

“Anna-san.. how long you know Jurina? As I remember I never see you before I think..”

“Ah.. hahaha.. we.. we..” Stammer Anna. She was unsure how to answer Sae simple question.

“Just said we just met last week or months”  said Jurina.

“Ehem..” Anna clearing her throat, and smiled little to Sae “Actually I just got to know Jurina-san last month.. She was helping me and my grandma that time..”


“I was so surprised when I heard that Jurina admitted to this hospital! Last month she’s helping me to bring my grandma to this hospital” said Anna.

“wow nice acting Anna-san!”
Jurina amazed with Anna acting.

“I see then..” Sae starting to believe Anna after hearing her explanation. Yes, Jurina is that kind of person, eventhou from outside she looks like ignorant, but the truth is Jurina is a kind hearted person.

“Can you asked Sae-chan where is my sister?” Said Jurina to Anna.

“How?” muttered Anna.

“Just ask why nobody with me in this hospital? hurryyy”

“Okay.. okay! Calm down will ya!” Hissed Anna cause Jurina keep nagging at her, and of course Sae can see Anna weird antics.

“Err.. Miyazawa-san c-can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what it is?” answered Sae.

Anna take a quick glance of Jurina room surrounding before her eyes meet with Sae who wait for Anna question.

“Why no one here with Jurina-san? I thought since she involved with that mysterious accident, her room will be guarded by bodyguard 24 hour/day. I heard from Jurina-san that she had older sister, but I haven’t seen her.. I’m sorry if my question lil bit rude”

“Ahh.. its okay.. Well, didn’t you meet with Jurina fiancée earlier, she always coming here every day, and about her sister.. for now her sister cannot come, its family matter actually” Said Sae.

Jurina only looking at Sae suspicious. Family matter what? What Mariko doing right now?.

“Ahh.. thank you then.. I think I should go back to my grandma room now” Anna standing from her sit position, ready to leave Jurina room. But Jurina suddenly grabbing Anna arms, preventing Anna from leaving her room. Anna shift her vision to Jurina, with question plastering in her face.
Anna try to break Jurina hold while talking to Sae.

“Its pleasure to meet you Anna-san.. and thank you for coming to see Jurina” said Sae.

Finally Anna success breaking free from Jurina hold. “It’s okay.. I’ll visit here in another time.. I hope everything is going well” smiled Anna. For the last time before she take her leave, Anna glancing once again to Jurina body who still laying in the bed before shift her eyes to Jurina who stand beside her.

‘I’ll see you again tomorrow’ Anna mouthing to Jurina. And Jurina just nodded hearing Anna words.

With that Anna taking her leave and going back to her grandma room. All that happening to her today is just so bizarre!.


In other place,

Rena just got home after visiting Jurina. After Airin taking her back to home, her girlfriend choose to not stay with Rena in this mean time. Rena knows that Airin still blaming herself for what happen with Jurina that night.

When Rena want to enter her apartment unit, she saw something strange! Yes, she can see that someone is inside her home! Rena twist the door knop, and yes it is already unlocked!

The intruder keep the rooms lamp off, with careful step Rena enter her unit, and not to forget she grab the bat that was placed near the door. Yeah it was Jurina silly idea to place a baseball bat near the entrance door, but now somehow Rena feel grateful for her fiancée silly idea!.

With careful step Rena walk into her living room, and in there she can see a silhouette someone sitting in her favorite reading chair.

“Ahh.. finally you’re home” Said that person without looking at Rena direction!.

That voice! Rena knows that voice!

“Did you just got back from visiting your beloved fiancée?” said that person while emphasis the last word.

“Urghhh! What are you doing in here??” grunted Rena. She thought some burglar breaking into her unit. Rena put down the baseball bat and turn on the lamp. And there she saw the petite figure sitting comfortably in her favorite reading chair.

“You’re really disappointing me Rena.” That petite figure standing up and walk to where Rena standing still.

“I know that this thing gonna happen.. that’s why I take care all by myself..” said the petite figure.

“How can you…” said Rena in low tone.

“What? Did you said something?”

“You!! How can you do that?!!” shouted Rena.

“See! You already going soft now.. Bye lil sis” said that person without caring before she take her leave.

The fumed Rena only can falling down on the floor weakly.. her legs feel so weak till it can't support her whole weight.

“Why? Why??” Tears started to formed in Rena eyes before its falls freely.

To Be Continued

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