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Author Topic: Delinquent Student vs Student Council - Chapter 5 (6/11/2016)  (Read 15188 times)

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Delinquent Student vs Student Council - Chapter 5 (6/11/2016)
« on: October 03, 2015, 01:28:11 PM »
Hellooo.... This is my first writing a fanfic  :roll:
Usually I just reading the fanfic but I don't know why I suddenly want to write one.
Anyway, if my fanfic is horrible I hope you guys will give advise to improve my fanfic.
So... Enjoy

Delinquent Student vs Student Council Character Introduction

                          The TroubleMaker

The name Watanabe Mayu. Sakura Hime Gakuen 2nd year class E. She was well known as the Genius Exam Cheater Nezumi. Had IQ above 200. An hardcore Otaku. Hate Kashiwagi Yuki because of her strict attitude.

                          The Yankee

The name Matsui Jurina. Sakura Hime Gakuen 2nd year class E. She really love fighting and people will casually labeled her as Yankee. She does'n't like class and often skip them. When she skip class she will go to the dark alley that near her school and challenge the yankee that often hang there.
 She and Rena are childhood friend and bestfriend. But their friendship fall apart because an accident had happen.

                          The Class Skipper

The name Yamamoto Sayaka. Sakura Hime Gakuen 2nd year class E. Hate the school but force to go. Born in Yamamoto family. The richest family in Namba. Act all polite and obedient in front of her family. Hate the teacher. Her family's rival is Watanabe family. That's the reason why she hide her feeling from Miyuki and turn them into hate.

                           The Woman Killer

The name Yokoyama Yui. Sakura Hime Gakuen 2nd year class E. Sayaka one and only bestfriend. She often call as Woman Killer because of her flirtatious attitude and flirt with a lot of student and teacher in their school.The reason she act that way because she had fallen in love with Sayaka but denied it because she know the true felling Sayaka had for Miyuki. Her flirty girl attitude is only just an act to keep her away from fallen even deeper for Sayaka. Always lose to Haruka who the only one girl that she had seduce that doesn't fall for her.

That's is for the delinquent student. :P :P
I don't know why I made Yuihan the flirtatious type.  :wub:
Anyway!! Next is the Student Council introduction.
I think you guys know who are them right???
Because it written in the tittle of course.  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Haha stupid me.
BTW thanks for who viewed my not-so-good-ongoing-fanfic
Love you guys
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Oh.... A new fanfic to read!
So Mayu is the delinquent? :shocked Interesting  :twothumbs
I wonder how Mayu will like Yuki though...
Update soon!

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A bad Mayuyu huh?  :glasses:

I already know that this is going to be awesome  :on asmo:
No one but Yuko,
Can touch Haruna's body.
Those who ships it, rules.

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Whoa! So interesting! :twothumbs

What about the Student Council, hmm?  :roll: :roll:

Cant wait to find out!  :thumbup
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I'm so happy you are starting this fanfic. I love the idea of delinquents vs student council.  :thumbsup

 Maybe the student council will be able to change the delinquents. I wonder what kinda of incident happened between Jurina and Rena.
I never thought Mayu would be a cheater but nezumi was a lazy character having others do things for her. Manipulating and using people.

I can't wait for chapter 1. I know the story's  gonna be amazing and keep up the good work. Bye bye  :peace:

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Little by little hate would be change to love~  :rofl:

Am I right?  :P

I like it when yuihan become such a flirt people :) hahaha

Hmmm they are a trouble maker~ i'm curious about yukirin and other character

Update soon~


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Delinquent Student vs Student Council Character Introduction Student Council
« Reply #6 on: October 03, 2015, 05:59:16 PM »
Ok here the Student Council  :roll: :roll: :roll:
Hope you guys like it.  :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Delinquent Student vs Student Council Character Introduction

                         The Strict Black Oujo Sama

The name given to this beautiful but black Oujo Sama is Kashiwagi Yuki. The student council one kind of hell strict kaichou that everyone fears the most. Sakura Hime Gakuen 3rd year Class A. This kaichou is the most fierce than the other kaichou. Why? Because if look can kill. Mostly of the school is dead already now. XD. She is the cause that all Sakura Hime Gakuen's student bad behaviour gone. She had sharp eyes. If you bring something illegal to school she will saw it immediately and seize it. She also had sharp ear. If she caught you whispering or talking while in the class you'll dead. She also the captain of Kendo and had a black belt for judo so, if she caught someone fighting in the school she will definitely break half of your bone and sent you to the principal. Everyone in their school fears her the most except our handsome and awesome and mine only delinquent student and also her Student Council Comrade who know her so well. She has one rival that she hate the most and that'll be our Genius little Nezumi and my baby called Mayu. She is the only one that dare challenge Yuki in a test and Yuki's score is lower than Mayu. At first Yuki was excepting that her score lower than Mayu and Mayu is a naturally born genius but after she find out that Mayu cheat. She always has her eyes on Mayu and hate her to the bone.

                          The Spicy But Kind Fuku Kaichou

The name given to this kind but sometime spicy and known as Gekikara Fuku Kaichou is Matsui Rena :inlove:. The student council's
kind,gorgeous,pretty,sexy and also mine only and well mannered that loved by all student. Sakura Hime 3rd Student Class A. She sometime can be more fierce than Yuki under a certain circumstances that mostly cause when she saw Jurina all bruised up and beaten and when her melonpan is already sold out. She is also in the same club with Yuki and the Ace of the club. She and Yuki are always together. There are a lot of rumor saying that they are going out but it's not. Because deep inside she'll always love Jurina. She always followed Jurina after the school time is over and often getting mad at Jurina because of Jurina yankee kind like attitude. She will always tried to heal Jurina injuries but the latter will always push her and ran away. She still felt guilty because its was her fault that the accident happen. And their friendship fell apart.

                          The Clumsy But Dangerous Kid

The name given to this cute little creature and only belong to Sayanee is Watanabe Miyuki. The cute and clumsy kid that respect by all the 3rd year because she is the only one that known mostly all the 3rd year secret and will use it for blackmail good use. She is the secretary of the Student Council. She is the only heiress in Watanabe family. She know that her family forbid her to get close to Sayaka because of their rivalry. But, that doesn't stop Miyuki that always stalk the latter especially when Sayaka singing or playing her guitar. Sayaka always avoid her and said harsh thing to her and that made her thought that Sayaka hate her. But we all knows that Sayaka love her rightt???

                          The Salty And Quite Adviser

The name given to this salty and boring and this is totally mine only XD is Shimazaki Haruka. The quite but a good observer that the only one 2nd year that entered Student Council. She is Student Council Adviser because she is really a good observer. That goes why she never fell in love with
our attractive women killer because she knew that Yui love Sayaka and only act flirtatious in front of her.

That's is for Student Council!!!!
Thanks for viewing my fanfic.

@kimseoyeonc I also don't know how to make Mayu like Yuki though. But I absolutely will make them fall in love with each other because I'm their shipper after all  :lol: :lol: :lol:
@rindg Really??? Thanks. I also hope like that haha
@korin48 Thanks.
@Ne_Okutteru I also hope that the Student will change them with a lot of love of course  XD I also don't know how I got the idea that Mayu became a cheater. hmmm Maybe because she is a genius afterall. Thank you so much  :heart: :heart:
@fath107 Yes totally  XD XD XD
@calista_castro Thank you  :wub: :wub:
@Raizel Well well Your wish is my command Raizel-sama :ding: :kneelbow:
@key17 Okay okay no fighting here!! We all knows that Rena is Jurina's and also mine muahahahah :hiakhiakhiak:
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I'm waiting for the first chapter author-san.. :twothumbs
Please make them *the delinquent student, as bad as you can.. hehe.. :twisted:

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hey! rena-chan is mine!
waiting for chapter 1 :on drink:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Delinquent Student vs Student Council Chapter 1
« Reply #9 on: October 03, 2015, 10:23:42 PM »
I'll update this fanfic as fast as I can because today evening I need to go back to hostel. And maybe I'll be back for three weeks later. So sorry you guys.  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:If I have enough time and new idea i'll make the chapter 2

Chapter 1

The sky is so clear and such a calm day in Sakura Hime Gakuen. Our little yankee today is taking her nap in the 2-E classroom. When she sleeping soundly she dreaming that she said i'm only her's  XD XD XD suddenly heard someone screaming.

"Horaaa!!!!!!!!! How many times I told you that you're not allowed to wander in the corridor 10 minutes before the homeroom start!!!!! Go back to your classes now!!!"

Our fierceful kaichou is doing her job as kaichou as she scold the student that still haven't entered their class even though the homeroom will start within 10 minutes.After her awesome scold all the student ran to their own class except a girl with a pink hoodie still leaning toward the window while playing with her cellphone and listen to the music using her headphone.And the song that she listened is NMB48 Must Be Now that is so awesome. and my Sayanee is so handsome XD XD. Didn't care at all about the kaichou that glaring at her.

As I've said before if looks can kill Mayu will definitely dead now XD

"Watanabe Mayu!!! Did you hear that I said go back to your classes now???"

The latter stop playing with her a cellphone and look at Yuki. She smirk

"Oh I'm sorry Yukirin. I didn't hear you because I was too focus listen to my baby Sayanee sweet voice :P :P looking at your score on our last test"

Mayu looked at her watch

"Oh 8:55 a.m already?? Well I need to go~~~ Goodbye my sweet Yukirin"

Mayu blow a kiss toward Yuki. And off her go back to her class.

Yuki was left dumbfounded when Mayu blow a kiss toward her but her ear start twitching when she remembered Mayu called her 'My sweet Yukirin'

"M...My..My sweet Yukirin????"

She shuttered in irritated tone. And then she screamed

"Who the heck is your sweet Yukirin!!!! Stupid Mouse!!! Arghhh"

It's you of course Yukirn. You're her's afterall. Or you want me to become her's???

Yuki then check her watch. Her Eyes wide open when she realized what time is it now.

"Yabai!!! It's only 2 minutes left before 9.00 a.m!! I need to go fast"

With that, off she go running toward third year classes on the 3rd floor.

[Jurina POV]

Arghh that annoying kaichou is screaming like crazy again!!! Arghh now I can't go back to sleep. Whoa!!!

All the student entered the classroom like a bee once they scolded by our Kaichou.

When I'm arrive the class is damn empty because all of the students like to hang at the corridor. But now... All the student come in at the same time. ahahaaha!! This awesome. They all afraid of that Kashiwagi. Tchh. Pathetic people. Wait... Where the hell is Mayu,Sayanee and Yuihan anyway???

All class 2-E's student already in entered class except our famous delinquent student

Arghhh they always left me in this stupid classroom alone. Tchh and they called themselves as my friend. Hmmm I think I don't have the more to listen to the class today especially when the others are not here.

The suddenly, Mayu walk inside the classroom and close the door. Just after she closed the door, She heard Yukirin screaming

"Who the heck is your sweet Yukirin!!!! Stupid Mouse!!! Arghhh"

And then she giggled softly.

Ah! Here is Mayu. Did I just heard Kashiwagi said "your sweet Yukirin???" Pffttt that nickname is soo funny.Then Mayu walk pass me sit beside my seat. And the she greet me.

"Yo!Juju! You're not sleeping today? It's look like you're going somewhere right? Skipping class today huh?? You know skipping class is bad right? If you still going to skip class I afraid that your lover will worry about you"

And off she go laughing hard. I soo irritated when she said my lover will be worry about me. So I hit her desk and yelled

"For your f***king information. I'm going somewhere before all of you are not in this f***king class"

Then sit on my seat.

"And you're here so I'm not going anyway. And another f***king information she not my f***king lover okay!!! So, stop with that s**t"

And then she said while her arm in front of her chest.

"Okay okay I'm sorry. Geez Don't go cursing at me just because of a small matter"

She pouted

"Okay I'm sorry for cursing at you. I don't mean it okay.. Now give me a gyu and a chuu~~"

I said while charging toward her with kisses and hug. She struggled in my embrace.

"Huaaa!! Stop Jurina!!! ahahaha Hey that's tickled"

She said while I'm still kissing her chubby cheek. And then I said between the kisses.

"This is revenge for teasing me earlier"

As our little yankee is having fun while attacking her fellow mouse friend with kisses and hugs the door is slightly open by our beloved Fuko Kaichou. When she entered the class, she had this big grin plastered on her and a happy atmosphere around her but replaced with grim look one her face and had a scary atmosphere after she saw what is happening in front of her.

When Mayu saw that Rena entered her classroom she immediately push Jurina off from continue kissing and hugging her. But Jurina That totally having fun doesn't notice of the older Matsui presence that staring at them with a grim look on her face.Rena who can't stand seeing Jurina all lovey-dovey with Mayu hit the teacher desk and gain all of 2-E's student attention include Jurina that surprised when she heard someone hit a desk and diverted her gaze from Mayu chubby and kissable cheek to Rena. She surprised to see Rena in her class. And then Rena speak or I rather said Yell.

"So now is time for homeroom not for lovey-dovey thingy!!!"

She yelled while glaring at Jurina with her famous gekikara look that a little scarier that Yuki.

"And for your information. Matsui Sensei can't attend school today because she sick. As you guys know that I'm Matsui Rena, the cute,flawless,gorgeous and sexy little sister of Matsui Sakiko sensei will give some informatition that Matsui Sensei had for you guys"

After she said what her sister told her to do so, she immediately rush out from the classroom without saying thanks or giving advice as she always did.


Mayu said. Then she look at Jurina while trying so hard no to laugh.

"I think she jealous Jurina"

Mayu said while holding her laugh

"Jealous of what?"

Then The english teacher Akimoto Sayaka Sensei entered their classroom and started their lesson.

Both Jurina and Mayu wonder where is Yui and Sayaka. Well they doesn't really care about Sayaka because she often skip class but for Yui hmmm That werid.

As both Jurina and Mayu wonder where is Yui. There is some tragedy that occur upon her.

Here the 1st chapter.. I've thought of doing Mayuki in the first chapter but I' damn sleepy right so I'll just do a little cute scene for JuriMayu and a bit of Rena's scary Gekikara character. BTW!!! Thanks for viewing my fanfic

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I didn't expect the first chapter to be up so fast, but I'm so happy it is. :mon XD:

Yuki got angry at Mayu calling her sweet Yukirin. :on lol:

Jurina got angry at Mayu for calling Rena her lover and Rena is jealous of mayu because Jurina was all over her. i can already see the Wmatsui happening. :mon star:

I can't wait for the next chapter and keep up the good work.

Bye bye :byebye:
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I'm VERY excited for this series!!! :cow: Update soon Author-san and keep up the amazing work!!!! :byebye:  :k-inlove:
Wmatsui fanfic
Fight or Flight?:

Fatal Attraction:

Oneshot here!

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Its here.. the first chapter..Wohoo.. :w00t:
Wow I can't believe Mayu really make Yuki angry like hell.. haha.. :lol:
And ghost.. Jurimayu moment is great, I have a nosebleed.. :inlove:
Rena in gekikara mode :twisted: Jurina you will be in big trouble,..  :P
Nice update Kyouya-san *is it okay to call you that?
Thanks :twothumbs

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wow you update fast!  :D :D
I cant wait to see how the story goes!! :on lol: :bigdeal:
Update soon!!  :tantrum:

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rena in gekikara mode is really scary!!
update soon! :on GJ:

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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O M G !
What the hell is this???
I didn't open this forum just for about 2 days, and look what I've found!

Another fic that caught most of my interest  :w00t:
I can't write anything for now,
I lost all of my word,
so . . . . . . . . . . .
Please update soon :bow:

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Delinquent Student vs Student Council Chapter 2
« Reply #16 on: October 06, 2015, 10:52:01 AM »
Okay, because I'm going back to hostel today so here the update.

@Ne_Okutteru I afraid that I can't finish this story because of school works that why I update it fast. Thank you

@akbfangirl24 Thank you so much

@Raizel Want me to make more JuriMayu in future  XD XD XD Yes of course you can call me that

@kimseoyeonc Thanks you

@key17 Of course! But she only like that when it's involve Jurina  XD

@Redyta_Sas Whoa!! Don't think my story can make you speechless  XD XD XD

Chapter 2

The first period almost end but still Jurina and Mayu didn't see their flirty little friend, Yokoyama Yui. Just a few minutes before first period end. The door slammed open by a girl with a messy short hair that panting like crazy. The girl or we known as The Woman Killer Yokoyama Yui said

"A..Aki..Akimoto-sensei.. I'm sorry for being really late. Something happen with my house before so, I need to clean it. hurh hurh"

She said while panting.

"If something happen why don't you just skip the school then. In okay as long you had your own reason"

"No way I'm going to skip school!! Skipping school means no cute girl and teacher for a day. How do you think I can live without that"

She said while walking to her seat. Next to Jurina. Whole class laugh at her words. Akimoto sensei just shook her head.

"You just won't learn aren't cha??"

"Of course Sensei!!"

She grin and said

"Or you just upset because your period is almost over and you can't have chance to talk to me right"

Yui said while winking at Akimoto sensei. The whole class laugh. The all had fond of Yui flirtatious attitude. Then the bell rang.

"Okay guys, make sure you guys finish my homework or face my wrath. Espicially you Yokoyama san"

Akimoto said while poiting at Yui. Yui stand up at walk toward Akimoto sensei. She take her hand and kiss it.

"Of course. My beautiful but ferocious teacher"

She said while winking at her teacher. Akimoto sensei took her book and smacked Yui head.


She rub the spot that Akimoto sensei hit and whine while puffing her cheeks.

"That really hurt sensei..." :mon annoy:

"Stop playing Yokoyama. Or you'll face my fist instead of a book, understand"


She said while walking toward her seat looking lifeless :mon POd:

Jurina pulled her chair closer to Yui's and hug her

"Come one. Don't be sad. You know that Akimoto sensei already had Miyazawa sensei right"

"I'm not sad because she rejected me or something! I upset because she hit head my head!! And damn!!! It's so fucking hurt!! Damn you AkiGori!!!"

And then, Takahashi sensei entered their class, Shimazaki Haruka as the class representative stand up and greet the teacher.

"Takahashi sensei!!! You look beautiful today. And I think you height grows a little. Want to go out with me this weekend?"

Yui said while winking at Takahashi sensei. Takahashi then walk toward Yui desk and pulled her ear.

"Ittaii,ittai taii!!"

"I haven't start the lesson yet you're already flirting with me"

She said the let go of Yui ear.

"Okay, let's start the lesson minna!!

Takahashi sensei is class 2-E history teacher.

Then it's already lunch time. Yui's face are full of bruised because she was attacked by all the teacher that she flirt. The three of them then off to their lunch place, the rooftop. Mayu and Jurina bring their own bento while Yui was prepared by her fanclub's president. Shimada Haruka or Yui would called her Haruu. Juts after Yui step out from the class Haruu walk toward her and handed Yui her homemad bento specially made for Yui.

"Oh!! Hey Haruu. Thanks for the bento!! Here let me kiss you for reward"

Yui said while pulled Haru into her embrace and kiss her forehead. Haruu face turn bright red and smoke coming out from her head. Yui then take the bento and said goodbye to Haru. She then bumped into some one. Because of her strong body, the girl that bumped fell on her.

"Huaa. Gomenasai"

Yui said then help the girl to get up then Yui suddenly realized that the girl is the Student Council adviser a.k.a Shimazaki Haruka. Haruka took Yui hand and get. She said

"Emm No, it's fine"

With imotionless face and bow her head. Then just go away.

"Yuihan!!! Hurry up! I'm so damn hungry here. If you won't come fast we'll leave you"

Jurina shouted  before going up the stairs that lead the toward rooftop. Yui ran toward them

"Hey guys wait up!!!"

Yui said running after her friends

At the end of the hallway, there is Haruka that observe over Yui and then she said

"You still won't change huh, Yokoyama-san. Putting up a mask just to denied your feeling"

She said while smirking.
She then walk toward the Student Council room. As she entered the room she saw something unexpected. Yuki is on top of Rena that lying on the couch. Their face are only centimeters apart. Her face turn bright red and then slammed the door shut while shouting.

"I'm sorry!! Please continue what you're doing!!"

"Wait Paru I can explain!!"

Yuki said while got up from Rena but her hand suddenly slipped and she felt down again but this time her lip touch Rena's. And the door suddenly open by Mayuki that dragging Sayaka with her.

"Watanabe! Let's go of my hand will ya! What the heck that you......"

Sayaka's word trailed off after she saw what happening in front of her. Her face suddenly turn bright red.


"Yuki! Rena! Get a room will ya! That's why I saw Paruru frozen in front of the door bright red. I don't know that Student Council Room can use for lovey dovey thingy"

Rena immediately shove Yuki of her and Yuki felt on her butt


"We're not doing lovey dovey things okay. We were fighting about something and then Yuki slipped and she accidentally push me on couch. At first our face just centimeters apart but then Yuki slipped her hand and we end up kissing"

She said the last part while glaring at Yuki. Yuki get's up dust her butt. She then went toward her Stundent Council Kaichou seat to finish her work. She then realized that Sayaka was in the room.

"Mind to tell me why are that rude brat is here? Milky?"

She said while glaring at Sayaka.

"Who the fuck is rude brat here huh?

She smirked and continue


So here is the update!!! XD XD XD Thanks for viewing and commenting my story. Today I'm going back to hostel. See you guys in three weeks later  :on slopkiss:
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Who was the one calling yukirin?  :?
Oh a yukirena kiss!! But it was unintentional though...  :(
But as long as there is a mayuki moment to cover up then it's fine!
Update soon!  XD

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Hee yeah  :grin:
cause it's so funny,, :D

And this one too,,,,  :farofflook:
Plese update soon  :byebye:

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Hahaha... Kyouya-san you really make me laugh hard.. XD
I can't believe Yui flirt witn Akimoto sayaka aka Gori and Takamina, of course she will get beaten up..  :rofl:
Oh.. Yukirena, hmm.. yeah student council lovey dovey moment and at the right timing Paruru, Milky and Sayaka open up the door.. Gagan *shocked face :shocked
And yes please make more moments for jurimayu too in the future, :thumbsup
I really want to see -I mean read- their reaction, mayuyu really cute when jurina trying to kiss her but in front of yuki, mayu is the bad one.. :twisted:
Anyways thanks for update.. :twothumbs

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