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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 10 27/08/2016
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@AI712: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 10  :D


Part 10

In the hospital

After reaching the hospital, Atsuko quickly rushes to the surgery room. A nurse waiting for her at the front door

“Dr. Maeda, the ambulance is still on its way to here. It will reach here in 3 minutes” The nurse said while giving Atsuko’s a file which is the record of the patient’s current condition

“He got into a car accident. A truck lost control and hit his car causing his car to roll down on the bridge” the nurse explains while Atsuko reading the record.

“Atsu” Rena and Haruna also reach the place.

They will assist her in the surgery.

“Let’s go to the surgery room, aunties” Atsuko said while wearing her coat

They reach the front of the surgery room at the same time, the patient is pushing toward the room.


Behind that, there is a little girl chasing after it. She is crying while calling her father. Seeing that, a screen suddenly flashes back in Atsuko’s head.

“Daddy, mommy...please don’t leave Atsu, please don’t leave Atsu”

She remembers about her past when she was 12. At the day her parents got into an accident and passed away. She remembers she is chasing after her parents after they were taken out of the surgery room. They were covered with a white cloth over to the top of their head. At that time, she lost her parents forever

“Daddy, mommy...please don’t leave Atsu, please don’t leave Atsuko”

“Daddy, mommy” Atsuko whispers while holding her head

“Atsu” Rena pats her shoulder snapping her out of her thought

Atsuko quickly closes her eyes and shakes her head to calm her down. Then she looks up at her aunties.

“I’m fine, aunties. Let’s go” she smiles and said to them

When Atsuko is about to walk into the room, the little girl rushes toward Atsuko and hold her coat

“Please doctor neechan. Please save daddy, please save my daddy” she holds Atsuko’s coat and said in tear

Atsuko looks at the little girl who is looking up at her with her teary eyes. Then she bends down in front of the little girl and pats her head

“Don’t worry. I will do my best to save your daddy ok” She said while smiling at the little girl to reassure her

Then she quickly goes into the room. Rena and Haruna look at each other, then Atsuko. They notice Atsuko’s strange action, and they know why

In the surgery room

“Atsu, are you ok?” Rena asks in concerned tone

Atsuko closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Then she opens her eyes and smiles at them

“Don’t worry aunties, I’m fine. Let’s save him no matter what” she said seriously while wearing her gloves

“Uh” Rena and Haruna smiles and nods


At Tokyo Police Department

Yuu and Minami walk toward the crime investigation department to find Koji.

“Hello sir” Koji stands in front the room and greets him

“Hello inspector Takahashi” Yuu said

Minami bows at him

“What can I do for you, sir?” Koji asks

“I want to talk to you about one of your people” Yuu said

“Let’s talk in my office” Koji said

In Koji’s office

“What do you want to talk to me, sir?” Koji asks while sitting down

“Where is Suzuki Tachi?” Yuu asks

“He requested for a week off because of his family matter. Why did you ask sir? Did you need him about the case?” Koji asks

“What is his family matter?” Yuu asks

“I don’t know sir. He just told me that” Koji said

“I thought you and him are very close.” Yuu said

“Yes, we are best friend. However there is sometime a friend can’t know everything about his friend, don’t you think? I asked him about that, but he didn’t tell me anything” Koji said

Yuu frowns his eyebrows. He doesn’t know why, but since the first time he sees Koji, he doesn’t like this man.

“Yesterday, he went to Maeda private hospital and kidnap Atsu.” Yuu said

Koji widens his eyes in surprise

“Really sir? How is Atsuko doing? Did you catch him?” he stands up and asks in surprised tone

“If this is an act, I will give you an Oscar” Yuu thought

“She is fine now. And no, seems like there is someone helped him to escape” he said while looking directly at Koji’s eyes

Koji looks at Yuu. Then he slowly sits back on his seat

“Did you suspect that I’m that “someone”?” He asks while looking at Yuu

“Of course not. You are a high ranked inspector. I believe that you won’t do anything that can throw you into jail, right?” Yuu said while emphasizes each of his word

“Of course sir. I won’t do that, especially to Atsuko. I will never harm her” Koji said

“Really?” Yuu thought while chuckle to himself

“Still as a traditional thing, I still have to ask you. Where have you been, yesterday from 3:00 to 4:00?” he said

“I’m in here working. Everyone in the room can be my alibi” Koji said

“You can also check the camera here” he continues

“That is good. Just asking” Yuu said

“Another thing inspector Takahashi, do you know any place that Suzuki Tachi can hide? And why did he kidnap Atsu?” he asks

“I’m sorry but I don’t know sir. I really don’t know why he did that.” Koji said

“Why did he do that since we are police?” he continues in angry tone

Then he stands up to bow at Yuu and asks in serious tone

“Sir, please give this case to me. I will definitely catch him”

“No need. I already order my people to investigate and track him down. If I need something, I will ask for your cooperation” Yuu said

“Please give me this case sir. He is in my department and also my follower. It is my responsibility to catch him” Koji asks Yuu again still bowing

“I know he is in this department, but he tent to kidnap Atsu. She is one of the investigators in this serial case. I suspect he related to the serial case, so I will investigate this too” Yuu said

“I understand sir” Koji said and sits down

“That’s good. I will leave now. Contact me if you remember anything” Yuu stands up and said

Minami also stands up and leaves with him. When they are about to walk away, Koji calls Yuu.


Yuu and Minami turn back

“What is it?” Yuu asks

“Sir, I have an idea about the helper.” Koji said

“What is your idea?” Yui asks

Koji looks down. Then he looks up with hesitation eyes.

“Though I don't want to believe it. But...Takahashi Minami is still out there.” he said

Hearing what his brother said, Minami can feel his heart tightens.

“Koji-ni, why don’t you trust me?” he thought while holding his fists tightly.

Yuu looks at Koji and said

“I see. However, why did he have to kidnap Atsu while she is one of us who trying to investigate this case again?”

“Uhm...yes, I forgot about that. I'm happy that you didn't suspect him” Koji said while nodding

“I just have that thought. When I know something else, I will tell you.” he said

“Good. Thank you for your cooperation. Though I said that, I will consider your thought” Yuu said

Then Yuu and Minami leave the department to Tachi’s house.

In the car

“That Takahashi Koji, I don't know why, but he keeps pissing me off every time I see him” Yuu said

“...” Minami just stays silent.

He doesn't hear Yuu because he is still bothered about what Koji said.

“Why didn't Koji-nii trust me, even just a little?” he thought sadly

Feeling silent, Yuu turns to look at Minami.

“Hey Takamina”

“...” still no response from Minami

“Takamina, Atsu calls you” Yuu said

Hearing Atsuko’s name, Minami snaps out of his thought. He quickly takes the phone from Yuu’s hand and said

“Hello Atsuko”

However, he didn't hear anything.

“Atsuko?” he calls again in confused tone

Still no response from the other side. Feeling something weird, Minami looks at the phone screen, but it is just a dark screen.

“Huh, no one call” he thought in confuse

Suddenly he hears a very loud laughter. Yuu is laughing very hard.

“You’re funny so funny Takamina” he said while laughing

Realizing that he was tricked by Yuu, Minami said

“Uncle, you tricked me”

“Hahaha….it is your fault. I called you countless time, and you didn't answer me. As expected, only Atsu can wake you up” Yuu said while laughing

Minami can only stay silent because of embarrassment.

“You are really funny Takamina.” Yuu said still haven't stop laughing.

“Uncle, stop making fun of me” Minami said

“Hahaha...ok, ok.” Yuu said

“Anyway, you are still bothered because of what your brother said?” he asks

His voice turns into serious tone

“Yes” Minami said.

“I don't really understand, but he pissed me off a lot. Also how can’t he trust his little brother? I agree about being fair, but before I judge anyone, at least I have to have a definite evident. Everyone said he is a promising police. However, I think he just a stupid one who only want to be praised” Yuu said

“I have a feeling that he just wants to frame you into those crimes.” he continues

“I don't think so. My brother is just being strict. We were taught by our father to not tolerate any crime. Therefore, he will be very strict toward it. I'm his little brother, moreover I'm a police, so he will be even stricter toward me” Minami explains for his brother

“Huh? You really think that? Don't you hate him or sad because he suspects you like that without thinking through” Yuu asks

“If I said I didn't feel sad or anything is a lie. I'm sad and hurt when hearing he said that. Plus, to be honest, at first I'm really mad at him. I thought why he didn’t trust me. I'm his only brother. However…” Minami said and pauses

“However?” Yuu repeats in confused tone

“I believe he is like that part of it is because of dad’s death. The pain causes him to lose his clarity” Minami said

“I see. You seem to trust your brother a lot” Yuu said

“Uh, he is my brother, and now my only family, he won't blame me or hurt me. Secondly, he is a police, he won't do thing against the law. Lastly and the most important thing, he can't kill dad. I know he loves him as much as I do.” Minami said in definite tone

“Another thing, dad always taught me that we are brothers. We have to love and trust each other. I strongly believe that he won’t forget that lesson” he adds

“I see” Yuu said

“I hope him live up like your expectations” he thought

“Anyway, put that aside, when will you confess or just let's your so much beloved brother take her away from you” Yuu asks

Hearing that Minami quickly responses confidently

“Of course I will confess to her. I will definitely say it.”

“Wow!! So much confident. What changed your mind?” Yuu asks

“At first, I really didn't have enough courage to confess because I'm afraid to lose what we have now. However I have another thought in me after that incident. It scares me even more if I lose her. I was so scared when Tachi pulled Atsuko into that elevator. My heart was going to stop. My head when blank. There is only one thought, no there are two thought in my head. One is I have to save her no matter what, and my second thought is I won’t ever let her go off my hand again.” Minami said with his most honest feeling

Yuu smiles when hearing what Minami said

“Ok, that's good to hear that from you. Take good care of her ok” he said

“Yes, I will” Minami said


In the hospital

After 5 hours of the operation

Atsuko finally comes out with with Rena and Haruna. The little girl and her mother quickly rushes to Atsuko

“Dr., how is my husband?” the woman asks in worried tone

“Don’t worry Mrs. Azuma. Mr. Azuma is out of the danger state. However, he still has to go to the ICU for us to check on him closely in 48 hours to make sure everything is going well” Atsuko said

The woman smiles in relief

“Thank you, Dr. Thank you very much” she bows at Atsuko, Rena, and Haruna and said in happy tone

The little girl looks at her mother. Then she pulls Atsuko’s coat to calls her.

“Dr neechan, daddy is ok, right?”

Atsuko bends down in front of the little girl. She pats her head and gently said while smiling

“Uh, your daddy is ok. He just needs to rest a lot, so you have to be a good girl and help your mommy take care of him ok”

“Yes, I will.” the little girl said happily

Suddenly she jumps and hugs Atsuko’s neck tightly

“Thank you very much, Dr. neechan” she said happy

Atsuko is surprised. Then she smiles and said while patting her back

“You’re very welcome”

“You and your daughter can go there to see your husband. We will be there shortly to check on him.” Rena turns to the mother and said

“Thank you Dr.” The woman bows at them again

“Let’s go Isuzu” she said to her daughter

“Bye bye Dr. oneechan” the little girl waves at Atsuko

Then she leaves place to the ICU room with her daughter.

Atsuko still stands there while looking at them. Then she goes back to her office with Rena and Haruna.

While walking, sometime Atsuko will take down her glasses and caresses her eyes. She is tired, very tired with the operation. She did her best for that, and she is happy with the result. However it doesn’t change the fact that she is tired both physically and mentally. Rena and Haruna notice how tired Atsuko is.

In Atsuko's room

“Atsu, why don’t you rest a little here? We will check on him for you” Rena said

“Uh, you look so tired” Haruna adds

“Ok, thank you aunties” Atsuko said in tired tone

“Do you need anything, Atsu?” Haruna asks

“Uh-uh, I’m fine. Thank you aunties” Atsuko shakes her head and said

“Then relax, ok” Rena pats her head and said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

After Rena and Haruna left, she sits down on her chair and leans on the back of the seat while closing her eyes to relax. Suddenly she opens her eyes

“I wonder if Minami is done with uncle’s work” she thought

“Maybe I will give him a call” she mumbles while dial Minami’s number

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

The phone rings, but no one answers.

“Huh? Why didn’t he answer?” Atsuko thought

“Maybe he is still busy” she thought and puts down her phone

She leans her back on her chair again while closing her eyes to relax again. Unknowingly she felt asleep because of too tired

At the same time

At Tachi's home.

Minami and Yuu come to his apartment to check if there is any clues left about his where about. After checking for about 1 hour, they didn't see anything. Then they leave the house back to National Police Agency

“So Takamina, you will go to the hospital right?” Yuu asks while standing at the agency parking

“Yes” Minami nods

“Ok, say hi to Atsu for me. See ya later” Yuu said

“Ok, see you later” Minami said

Then he goes into his car and drives away.


In a big mansion

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She sees that she is standing in the middle of a room.

“Where am I?” she thought in surprise

After looking for a while, she realizes that she is in her room.

“This is my room? What is going on?” Atsuko mumbles

Suddenly she hears some voices

“Atsu, mommy and daddy have a sudden important conference tomorrow.”

“But daddy, you promised to take me to the amusement park as my birthday gift because you and mommy were busy at my birthday.”

“Atsu, mommy, daddy are sorry. How about we will take you there after we back?”

“I don't want. You and daddy only promise”

“This is” Atsuko thought in surprised

She realizes that is the conversation between her and her parents before their accident. Suddenly everything around Atsuko turns empty. She tries to look around to see what is going on here. Then she sees her parents walking in front of her.

“Daddy, mommy” She chases after them while calling them

They stop and turn around. Seeing them, Atsuko smiles widely

“Mommy, daddy. I miss you” she rushes to hug them tightly and said

However they stay still and say nothing to her. Feeling strange, Atsuko looks up at them. Instead of gentle eyes that always looking at her in the past, she only sees two pairs of cold eyes looking at her

“Mommy, daddy?” she calls them in confuse

“Atsu, why didn’t you listen to us?” her father said

“Why did you always act so stubborn?” her mother adds

“Mommy, daddy” Atsuko steps back and calls them in surprised tone

“We can’t be with you anymore. You always act so stubborn.” they said and turn away

“No mommy, daddy” Atsuko calls them while catching their hand

However she missed. They keep walking ignoring her painful tone. She hopelessly chases after them, but she can’t catch them no matter how fast she is

“Daddy, mommy”



After checking for the patient, Rena and Haruna come to Atsuko’s office to check on her. When they come in, they see Atsuko is sleeping on her chair tiredly. They look at her tired face

“She definitely is very tired” Haruna said

“Yes, I hope the incident this morning didn’t remind her of the accident” Rena said

“Let’s me make some tea for her to relax” Haruna said

“Uh” Rena nods

Then Haruna leaves the room while Rena goes toward the closet to take a small blanket to put on Atsuko. When she is about to put the blanket on her, Rena sees Atsuko frowns

“Daddy, mommy, daddy, mommy don't leave Atsu. Please don't leave Atsu. Atsu will be good, please don't leave Atsu” Atsuko said unconsciously while raising her hands and like she is trying to catch something

Rena looks at her and sees tear rolling on her cheeks. She pats her head and said

“Sshh...Atsu, calm down, calm down. Atsu is good. Daddy and mommy love you, and they will always be with Atsu. Uncles and aunties too.”

“We are here for you, Atsu. You are very precious to us” Rena keeping patting her head and said

After a while, Atsuko finally calm down. Rena smiles. She puts the blanket on her and walks back to the sofa.

She is working while taking care of Atsuko. Then Haruna comes back with a glass of tea. After putting the glass on Atsuko’s table, she sits down on the sofa

“She just had that nightmare again” Rena said

Haruna is surprised

“So the incident this morning really reminded her that” she said

“Uh” Rena nods

Suddenly Atsuko shouts while sitting up


While sitting up, her hand accidentally hits the glass on her table causing it drop down on the floor and breaks.

Rena and Haruna quickly rush to her

“Atsu, are you ok?” Rena asks in worried tone

Hearing Rena’s worried tone, Atsuko slowly regains her conscious. She looks around and realizes that she is in her office. Turning to the left, Atsuko sees Rena and Haruna looking at her worried eyes

“Aunties” she calls

Then she sees the broken pieces of the glass on the floor

“I'm sorry” Atsuko quickly bends down to pick it up

While picking up the glasses, the piece cuts her hand making she hisses in hurt

“Atsu, leave it to us.” Haruna said and rushes to check on her hand while Rena picking up the rest of the pieces and throw in the trash can

“I'm fine, auntie. Just a little cut” Atsuko said

Suddenly Atsuko's phone rings. Immediately, she takes her phone and looks at it. However she then puts it down disappointedly. Rena looks at the phone and sees that the caller is inspector Takahashi

“You don’t want to answer it, Atsu?” Haruna asks

Atsuko closes her eyes and shakes her head. Rena and Haruna look at each other. They know whose call Atsuko is waiting for

“Atsu, are you worry about Takamina?” Rena asks

Atsuko opens her eyes and nods at her aunties

“I called, but he didn't pick up my phone” she said in worried tone

“Why don’t you try it again? Maybe at that time he is busy” Haruna said

“Uh” Rena nods

Atsuko takes her phone and calls Minami again. Again, there is no answer from Minami. She puts her phone down worriedly.

“Let's me call Yuu.” Haruna said

Then she takes her phone and calls Yuu. However just like Atsuko, no one pick up the phone

(The number you are dial...)

Atsuko looks at Haruna waiting for her

“Hello Yuuchan, is Takamina there with you?”

“I see. Then I will hang up now don't bother you two working” Haruna said and hangs up.

“What's it, auntie?” Atsuko asks in worried tone

“He is working with Yuu, right now. Checking all the evidences. Also, he left his phone in Yuu’s car that is why he didn’t know you call him” Haruna smiles and said

“I see” Atsuko said

Her face looks relief a little

“Atsu, how about we take you home to rest?” Rena asks

“Ok” Atsuko nods.

“Atsu, wait for us here. We will take our things after that we will go home” Haruna said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Outside of Atsuko’s room

“What’s wrong, Haruna?” Rena asks

“Yuuchan also didn’t pick up the phone either.” Haruna said

Rena looks at Haruna with surprised look

“But just now…” she said

“I believe that they are still busy with that case. However, I have to say that hoping that will help Atsu feeling better” Haruna said

“I see. I agree with you” Rena said

At the same time

On the road

After checking Tachi's house, Minami says goodbye to Yuu and quickly comes to the hospital because he knows that Atsuko is very worry.

In the car

“I should call Atsuko to tell her that I'm on my way to the hospital” Minami thought

He wants to let Atsuko know that he is done with his work and comes to her place so that she won’t worry too much. However when he looks for his phone, he realizes that he left it in his room.

“I forgot to bring it. How absent minded” Minami thought

“Anyway, let’s get there quick” he said

After a while

Minami reaches the parking of the hospital. He sees a lot of police in front of the entrance. They are checking every single car just as what Yuu said. He sighs in relief because he knows that Atsuko is very safe in there.

When he is about to drive into the place, he sees a suspicious car that park not far from there. He realizes it is the car that Tachi used to escape, though the car tag is changed. In addition, he sees from the car mirror that the person in the car keep looking at the hospital’s direction. Plus that person also looks very suspicious. That person wears a cap that pulls down covering half of his face. He also wear a jacket with a hood.

Feeling suspicious, instead of driving into the parking, Minami turns his car and drives away. He finds a good place to observe the car secretly.

After about 15 minutes

The car leaves the place. Waiting for a while, Minami also follows it. Following it to Tokyo outskirt. Suddenly Minami didn't see it anywhere. He parks his car at the side road and come out

“Where is he?” Minami thought while looking around

He is sure that the car won't be far. Then Minami decided to walk around the place a little more.
Walking for a while, he sees in front of him is an old factory. He immediately rushes to it. When he is near the place, he sees that suspicious car. He stops and hides behind the tree to observe. He sees no one in the car.

“They properly are in there” Minami thought

“I should call uncle here” he thought while looking for his phone

Then he remembers that he forgot it at home.

“Man!! Why now?” he thought

“Then I have to go there by myself then” Minami mumbles

He has no choice, but to come on because if he leaves, he afraid that Tachi will escape again. Then he slowly and carefully come to the door. It opens. Minami hides behind the door and looks inside. He sees that there is no one in there.

He carefully walks into the place. Unknowing to him, there is a man hiding on the second level while looking at him smirking.

“Annoying butler.” he said

Then he raises his gun aiming at Minami.

*Bang!* *Bang!*

The sound of gunshot echoes through the silent factory.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 10 27/08/2016
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why you put 'TBC' in that scene ...
Im Curious rght now :D

I'll wait for your update :D

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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 11 03/09/2016
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@AI712: Thank you  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 11  :)


Part 11

In the abandon factory

The man standing on the 2 level raises the gun in his hand and aims at Minami

“Die, annoying butler.” he said

*Bang!* *Bang!*

The sound of gunshot echoes through the silent factory. Hearing the sound, Minami quickly turns around, and he sees a man falling down on the floor.

“What’s?” he thought in surprise

When he looks up, he sees Yuu and Jun are standing in the front door

“Master?” he calls in surprise

“You are lucky boy” Yuu smiles and said while putting down his gun

“If we came here a little later, you would be lying here not this man” Jun said

“I see. Thank you, master” Minami bows and said

Then they turn to the man who is lying on the floor, died, and bend down to look at the man

“As expected, he isn't Tachi” Yuu said

Then Yuu stands up and shouts loudly

“Suzuki Tachi, surrender now. I already ordered police to surround this place. You can't escape”

Responding for Yuu’s shout is a long silent.


When Yuu is about to shout again, they hear a loud laughter. Behind the wall, Tachi steps out while clapping his hand

“ got me chief” He said and smirks

Yuu quickly takes out his gun and said

“Surrender now!”

“Ok, ok…Don’t have to be so hyper like that” Tachi said in ease tone while raising his hands

“Yuji, catch him” Yuu orders

A lot of police rushes in. They hold Tachi down and handcuff him. After that they take him back to the National Police Agency

[b[In Minami's car[/b]

Yuu and Jun go with Minami to the National Police Agency.

“Uncle, how did you know where am I?” Minami asks

“About that…” Yuu said


After Minami left, Yuu also goes back to his office

In Yuu’s office

While Yuu is reviewing the case to see if he can find something, his phone rings

“Hello Jun” he picks up his phone and said

(Hi Yuu, are you done there?)

“Uh, I’m done there. I’m now in my office”

(Then come to my company. By the way, is Takamina with you?)

“No, he left sometimes ago.” Yuu said

“Why did you want me to come there?” he asks

(Just come here and you will know) Jun said

“Ok” Yuu nods

In Jun’s office

“Hi Yuu” Jun greets them when seeing Yuu walk into his office

“Hi! Jun, what’s up?” Yuu asks while sitting down on the chair

“Today we will go fishing” Jun said while smiling

“Fishing?” Yuu said in surprised tone

“Uh, fishing, we will fish a big fish, an ugly one” Jun smiles mysteriously while saying

Yuu look at Jun with confused look

“Look at this screen and you will understand” Jun said while pointing at a big screen

Yuu turns and looks at the big TV at the back of Jun’s working desk. Then Jun turns on the TV which is connected with his laptop.

In the screen showing a man just walked out a very small grocery store. He is wearing a cap pulling down covering all his face. Also he is wearing a big jacket with a hood over the cap making it even harder to see who it is under those big clothes.

“That man looks suspicious” Yuu said

“Wearing like this under summer time is really something.” he continues

“So what is your guess, Yuu” Jun asks

“Is that the big ugly fish that we are looking for?” Yuu asks while smirking

“Yup, that is him. I tracked him down hours ago. I also used his picture to test, and it matched with him.” Jun said

“So you know where he is?” Yuu asks

“Of course. That is why I ask you to come here with Takamina” Jun said

“Then let’s go there quickly. We will call him on our way” Yuu said

End flashback

“After we got to the car, we immediately call you, but we couldn’t contact you. At first we thought you were busy with something at the hospital.” Yuu said

“Uh, however after we got near here, we saw your car, so we guess you could already there. As expected, you were in there.” Jun said

“About the phone, I forgot it at home. And about why I’m there, when I reached the hospital, I saw Tachi’s car there. Feeling suspicious, I parked my car far away to observe and followed him there” Minami said

“I see.  Lucky for you that we came there in time.” Jun said

“Thank you uncle Yuu, uncle Jun” Minami said

“Yeah that is lucky. If not, I really don’t know how to face my little niece.” Yuu said

“Correct, she will hate you for not protecting her beloved “Minami”.” Jun said in teasing tone

“I know. That is why I felt so relief when I can shoot that man before he shoot Takamina” Yuu said

“Uncles” Minami calls while blushing

National Police Department

Minami, Yuu, and Jun walk toward the interrogation room. Yuji is standing at the front door waiting for Yuu.

Seeing Yuu, he bows and said

“Hello sir”

“Where is Suzuki Tachi?” Yuu asks

“He is inside sir.” Yuji said

“I see” Yuu said

Then he turns to Jun and Minami and said

“Jun, Kai, go to the watch room. I will go in there and talk to him”

“Ok” Minami and Jun nod

After that Yuu and Yuji go into the room. He sees that Tachi is sitting very relaxing in the room, and he doesn't look like he is scared or guilty of what he did.

Yuu and Yuji sit down in front of him

“Hello sir” Tachi said while smiling at them

His face looks strangely calm

“You seem to be so relaxed for a criminal” Yuu said

“Sooner or later I will confess my crime so why bother” Tachi said and shrugs

“So you accept that you killed those three girls, and Takahashi Koichi?” Yuu asks

“Yes, I killed them all.” Tachi said with eased tone

“I can never imagine a police can do this.” Yuji said

Tachi just smirks at his words

“Now tell me why did you kill those girls?” Yuu asks

“Because I like it” Tachi said

“You like it?” Yuu raising his tone while frowning

“Yes” Tachi nods

“Imagine this, you catch them, hearing their scream in terrify, begging for their life. How do you feel?” he said while smiling crazily

“You crazy” Yuu said

“Don't say that. Think about this. When you put them on the operation table. Their tearful eyes look at you, and they keep begging you for their dear life” Tachi said

“Please, please don't kill me, please don't kill me, I’m begging you.” he leans closer to Yuu and imitates a girl voice

“They keep screaming until they can't say anything anymore.” he whispers

Then he laughs loudly and crazily

“How was it? Thrilling right?” he sits back on his seat and said

“You disgust” Yuu said

“Thank you for your complement, sir” Tachi said still keeping his creepy smile on his face

Yuu frowns with disgust while holding his fists tightly

“Why did you take their eyes and cut their tongue?” Yuji asks

“Those are the tool for them to express their feeling. I took them as my prize” Tachi said

“If that annoying butler didn't interfere, I will have another collection. That doctor’s eyes, so much beauty for my collection” He continues

“You jerk…” Yuu thought while looking at him angrily

“I will put it in the center of my collection. The most beautiful eyes” he smirks while looking directly at Yuu’s eyes

“You…” Yuu holds Tachi’s collar angrily.

“Sir” Yuji holds him back

Yuu takes a deep breath. The he pushes Tachi fall on the chair

“If I'm not a police, I will kill you for hurting my niece like that even if it is just in your imagination” he said angrily while frowning

Tachi laughs loudly

“Is that so? How scary?” he said while smirking

“*Sigh*...what a shame. How I long to hear her lovely voice begging me for her life. That beautiful eyes will fill with tear be…”

Can't contain his anger anymore, Yuu takes his collar and punches hard on Tachi's face. Then he walks out of the room leaving Tachi still sitting on the floor laughing crazily


In the watch room

Jun is also very angry at Tachi.

“That jerk” He said while holding his fists tightly

“I will kill him now” he continues in anger tone

Minami is also very angry when hearing that. He wishes he could rush there and beat that crazy until he can't stand up. Suddenly he notices something strange with Tachi’s eyes

“Wait a minute” Minami said

Then the door opens. Yuu angrily walks into the room

“That jerk, I want to kill him” He said and slams the table

“Me too. How can he think of harming our little Atsu like that” Jun said

“Master” Minami calls them

“What is it, Kai?” Yuu asks

“I feel something strange” he said still looking at Tachi.

Tachi now stops laughing already. He closes his eyes while leaning on the chair. He keeps leaning forward and backward while humming something in his throat.

“What do you mean, Kai?” Jun asks

“I felt like he is trying to make you angry.” Minami said

“Why did you think that?” Yuu asks while looking at Tachi

“I don’t know. It is just that so much not like the Tachi I know. We are not so close, but we studied at the same police school. Also we are colleague for 5 years. He has a family, and a lovely little girl. He is also a very gentle father. Whenever I came to his house, I see how gentle he is toward his wife and daughter. I can’t believe that he is this crazy and heartless” Minami said

“Kai, somehow, I think you are too soft. Maybe he is gentle in front of his family. It doesn’t mean he is a good person.” Yuu said

“I agree with Yuu. Maybe he has some problem with his mental like Atsu said before. Although he is nice with his family, but those girls he killed them just to satisfy his animal desire” Jun said still anger in his voice

Minami just nods. He still feels something strange. The pieces in his head about those cases still can't fit logically. However, he doesn't know what is missing. Yuu looks at Minami's face

“Ok, I will go there and ask him more. There are a lot of things I haven't ask him yet. Maybe with that we can decide whether he is acting or not” he said

“Ok” Jun said

When Yuu is at the door, Minami calls him

“Master Yuu, can you ask him why did he throw those girl in those places, and where did that collection, he mentioned?” Minami said

“Ok” Yuu nods

Then he goes back to the integration room.

In the integration room

Yuu opens the door and walks in. Hearing the sound, Tachi opens his eyes. He turns and smirks at Yuu

“Finally calming down, huh sir?” he said in sarcastic voice

Yuu ignores his question and sits down.

“So tell me why did you throw them to those places?” he begins asking question that Minami told him

“Those places?” Tachi said in wonder tone.

Then he quickly said

“Just random.”

“His face” Minami thought

Though it just happened in a brief moment, Minami notices that his face showed confusing

“Random? Really?” Yuu asks while looking right into his eyes

“Yes. After I killed them, I will throw them to the place that flashes in my head.” Tachi said

“Ok, how about the collection, where are they?” Yuu asks

“I burned them down” Tachi said

“Really? You burned things that you collect? How painful it is” Yuu said in mocking tone

“If it is not because of that little doctor, I don't have to do that. It was her who want to open this case again” Tachi said

“I should have kill her right at the time I had her in my hand.” he continues

“You dare…” Yuu holds his collar and said in anger tone

“If you kill her, I will kill you right here, right now, no matter what law is.” he continues

Then he pushes Tachi down again

“How about detective Takahashi, why did you kill him?” Yuu asks

“Easy, because he knows about me. Secondly because I want to blame Takahashi Minami for all of this” Tachi said

“When I know that he is about to get to know me is the culprit, I started planning on killing him.” he continues

“Then why did you want to blame Takahashi Minami?” Yuu asks

“Because I hate him. He has everything that I don't. So much for an honor student and a promising police. I want to see how he look like when becoming a criminal is, and I got what I want. He is now no more than an escaped criminal” Tachi answers and chuckles

“Tachi, you…” Minami thought while holding his fists tightly in anger

“About that old man, he used to be my teacher, one day, suddenly he called me to his house. Then I realized that he seem to suspect me because he keeps babbling about being a good and responsible person. Then I have to act like I feel regret”


“Tachi, you used to be my student, and I know you will be a good police” Koichi said while looking at Tachi

“Tell me what changed you?” he asks

Tachi looks down

“I'm sorry sensei. Seem like the stress of being a police got me. Every day I come back home with a ton of thought. My wife complained that I'm not a good husband because I didn't spend much time with her and our daughter. Also a lot of stuffs going on. I felt stress. Then suddenly one day, I found a way to release my stress” Tachi said

“Is it how a police saying?” Koichi slams the table and shouts

“I'm sorry sensei. I know I did a lot of unforgivable thing. I came here today to say that I want to confess.” Tachi kneels down and said

“However, I want the person who arrest me is Takamina. He is my friend. I want he is the one handcuff me” he continues

“It is good that you still know what you did is wrong. I will call Minami here” Koichi said and sits down

Unknown to him, Tachi already put some sleeping pill in the drink while he is out calling Minami.

End flashback

“After he drank that drink, my poor sensei fell down. Then I just did as I planned. I put him on his chair while putting some fake blood on his shirt waiting for Takamina. When I heard his voice, I drop the glass for his attention. After that he became a heartless criminal who killed his own father” Tachi said while laughing

“How can you do that, Tachi?” Minami holds his fists tightly

His tear unconsciously rolls down on his cheeks

“He is a monster” Jun said

“You are a monster. How can you kill your own teacher like that” Yuu said

“If I don't do that, I will end up in jail or worse. This is life. You are a hunter, or being hunted.” Tachi said

Yuu just looks at Tachi while shaking his head.

“So how can you put all those pictures in Takahashi Minami’s house?” Yuji asks

“Piece of cake. Takamina is a very enthusiastic police. He always does his best to find the killer. Therefore he rarely comes back to his house. Taking that chance, after I planned everything, I put them into his house and ‘BAM’ he became that criminal” Tachi said while laughing again

“You are a monster” Yuu said

“Thank you for your complement again” Tachi said

“You know what?” He asks while looking at Yuu

Yuu stays silent while looking at Tachi

“Today, I also came to check on your precious niece because I want to kidnap her again. However, there are a lot of police there. Then that annoying butler there too. He tried to follow me huh? I let him. I want to kill him for ruin my plan. If not because of you, I already killed him” he continues

Yuu shakes his head while leaving the interrogation room. Yuji will finish the rest of the work there. Then Minami, Jun, and he return to his office.

In Yuu’s office

When Yuu sits down, he takes out his phone to check it. He sees a lot of call from Haruna. Feeling worry, he quickly calls her

At Atsuko’s house

Haruna and Rena look at Atsuko worriedly. Since they go back home, Atsuko didn’t say anything. She just sits on the sofa while looking at the front door waiting for Minami.

“Atsu, why don’t you eat a little? You haven’t eaten anything since morning” Rena said in worried tone

“I’m not hungry.” Atsuko said

“At…” When Haruna is about to say something, her phone suddenly rings.

She looks at it and sees that is Yuu. She quickly rushes outside and picks it up

“Hello Yuu, where have you been? I called you since noon until now” Haruna said in worried tone

(I’m sorry. I was very busy since this morning. I just caught Suzuki Tachi and took his testimony) Yuu said

(But why did you call me, Nyan Nyan?) he asks

“I want to ask about Takamina. Atsu is very worry for him. She didn’t eat anything since morning until now” Haruna said in worried tone

(What? She didn’t eat anything? It is already 7:00 p.m. What’s wrong? I heard Takamina said that she was fine in the morning) Yuu said

“Yes, she was, but after the surgery, she isn’t fine anymore” Haruna said

(What’s wrong?)

“She remembers about that time again” Haruna said

Then she told Yuu about the patient that they took in this morning and her nightmare

“The incident yesterday together with this morning incident causing her to look very tired. Plus she wants to find Minami, but can’t find him. She is worry about him. It causes her look extremely exhausted right now” she continues

(I see. I will go back there right away) Yuu said and hang up

Back to Yuu’s office

Hearing Yuu’s conversation, Minami asks in worried tone

“What’s happened, uncle? Is Atsuko ok?”

“She seems to be worried about you because she can’t call you. We have to go back quickly” Yuu said

Then the three go back to the mansion immediately

After 1 hour

Minami, Jun, and Yuu finally reach the house. Minami quickly rushes inside the house.

“Atsuko” he opens the door and calls her

Hearing Minami's voice, Atsuko quickly looks up. She sees him standing in front of her while looking at her worriedly.

“I'm s…” hasn't finished his words, Atsuko rushes to hug him tightly

“Atsuko” Minami calls her in surprise

She just stays silent while hugging him tightly. He can feel her shaking.

“I’m sorry Atsuko” Minami pats her head and said

Suddenly her grip slowly loosens, and she falls back.

“Atsuko” Minami catches her in his arms and calls her in worried tone

She faints because of exhausted. Then Minami carries her back to her room.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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update as soon as you can :D

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@AI712: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is part 12  :)


Part 12

In Atsuko's room

Minami sits on Atsuko's bed looking at her while stroking her hair gently.


After Atsuko faints, Minami quickly carries Atsuko to her room and puts her down.
“Is Atsuko ok, auntie?”  He turns asks Haruna and Rena   

“She is fine. Just exhausted and hungry.” Rena said

“Uh, When she wakes up, cook something for her” Haruna adds, and Minami nods

Then they all sit down on the sofa in Atsuko's room and talk while waiting for Atsuko to wake up

“What happened auntie? She still looks fine this morning” Minami asks in worried tone

“I told you about the kidnap, right?” Haruna asks

“Yes” Minami nods

“I think you also heard about Atsu's parents, right?” Rena asks

“Yes, Atsuko told me that they died in a car accident when she was 12.” Minami answers

“Atsu is a friendly little girl when she was a kid. However after that kidnapping, she starts feeling unsecure with stranger, no not only stranger but everyone, except her parents. She also attacked to them more than before.” Yuu said

“Uh, even us, at that time, we were working oversea, when we came back it took us the whole two months to make her feel secure around us again.” Jun adds

“Then after 4 years, right after she got a little better, her parents got accident. It is a very big shock to her until now. She cried a lot in the hospital while waiting for doctors to save them. However, they couldn’t.” Haruna sadly said

“Atsu kept calling her parents in tear while chasing after the nurses who pushed them away.” Rena said

“It is really broke my heart when seeing her running behind while calling them like that.” Jun said

“Yes, it is very painful. We hugged her, but she kept chasing after the nurse until she fell on the floor.” Rena said while sobbing.

Hearing that, Minami looks down sadly.

“After her parents’ funeral, she locked herself in her room for almost a year refusing to do anything. We did a lot of thing to help her get better” Yuu said

“We swore to our brother that we will never let Atsu experience that pain ever again, but now once again everything happened just as that year” Jun said

“And now, Takamina, she is scared right now. She is scared that you will leave her forever like her parents. She is afraid of losing you.” Rena said

Minami looks up at them with surprised look.

“Losing me?” He said in question tone

“Uh, in the past, the one she depends on of course is her parents. However now, the one gives her the secure feeling is you, Takamina. I don't how you two meet, but I know that she trust you more than anything.” Yuu said

“Uh, that is what I felt too” Haruna said

“About that, I still can't believe that I can meet her again after all those years. Also I can't believe that she remembers me while I just realized who she is not long ago” Minami said while scratching the back of his neck

Yuu, Haruna, Jun, and Rena look at Minami with surprised and confused look

“So you met her before?” Rena asks

“Yes, I met her when she was 8.” Minami said

“It was her kidnapping case. Her parents hired my father to solve it secretly. Right after he saved her, he took her to our house outskirt of Tokyo to protect her, and she lived with me there for 2 weeks.” he smiles and continues

Then he told them about his father’s plan at that time and why Atsuko stayed with him there.

“I see. No wonder she trust you like that” Haruna said

They talk to each other for a while. Then Yuu and the rest go back home.

End flashback

“I will never leave you Atsuko. Never ever. Takahashi Minami will always protect you and love you forever” Minami whispers

Then he bends down and kisses her lips gently. After that he leaves the room to the kitchen to cook something for Atsuko.

In the kitchen

Minami is cooking porridge for Atsuko.

“All done” he thought while smiling.

He cooked a very special food for Atsuko with all his love. Suddenly, he hears Atsuko's brighten voice

“Minami, Minami where are you? Minami!”

“Atsuko” Minami thought in surprise

He quickly rushes out of the kitchen.

In the main house

Atsuko is rushing down the stair and looks around for Minami. Her heart beat super-fast and sweat covers all her face. She is scared. Then she hears Minami's voice

“Atsuko, I'm here”

She turns to where she heard Minami’s voice. Then Atsuko immediately rushes to him when seeing him.

“Minami, Minami” she calls him scarily while burying her face on his chest.

Minami is very surprised with Atsuko's action. He quickly hugs her and pats her back

“Ssh….Atsuko, I'm here. Don't be scared. I'm here. I’m here” He said gently while patting her back.

He can feel her tear on his chest, and she is shaking.

“Minami, I'm scared” Atsuko said in shaky tone while tightening her hugs

“I'm here, Atsuko. I will always be here for you” Minami whispers while patting her head.

“Let's me take you up stair ok” he continues in gentle tone

Atsuko keeps silent while still holding on his shirt very tightly. Minami breaks the hugs and lifts her up in his arms. Atsuko holds his shirt tightly while burying her face on his chest like she is afraid that Minami will leave her if she loosen a little.

Minami looks at Atsuko gently. He kisses her head and said in gentle tone

“I won't ever leave you, Atsuko. I will always be with you”

Then he walks up stair toward Atsuko's room.

In Atsuko's room

Minami puts Atsuko down gently on the bed while leaning her back on the bed head. Then he sits down on the bed too. He looks at Atsuko. She is looking down, but her hand still hold Minami's sleeve.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her gently while lifting her face up.

Atsuko looks at Minami's eyes. Her eyes are moist because of tear.

“Tell me, what brighten you, Atsuko?” he said while wiping her tear

“I had a very scary nightmare. Then I wake up and didn't see you anywhere. I was so scared. Minami, don't leave me” Atsuko said

She hugs Minami tightly while sobbing on his chest

“Sshh….Atsuko, I won't ever leave you. I…” Minami pauses

He breaks the hug and looks directly at Atsuko's eyes. Then he bends down and kisses her lips lovingly. Atsuko widens her eyes in surprise with Minami's action.

After that Minami breaks the kiss and said

“I love you, Atsuko. I won't ever leave you even if you force me.”

Atsuko is very surprised with his words that she can’t say anything. Her surprised face is very cute.

“You are so cute with this face” He smiles gently and said while pinching her cheeks.

“Minami” Atsuko calls him after calming down a little

“Huh?” Minami smiles and asks

“What did you just say, Minami?” Atsuko asks again because she doesn't believe in what she heard even though she heard those three words this time is second time

“You are so cute, Atsuko” Minami laughs softly and said

“I said that I love you. I love you very much my Atsuko” He said while pulling her into his embrace

“It is funny. I always thought that confessing to you will be very hard because I'm afraid that you will reject me and distance from me. However, it is so different. When I said to you ‘I love you’, I feel so refresh and great, like I can show you all my heart.” He continues while resting his chin on Atsuko's shoulder

“Finally with all my courage, I can say to you clearly that I love you, Atsuko. I love you with all my heart and soul.” Minami smiles and said.

Feeling Atsuko silent, Minami breaks the hug to look at her. He sees tear keeps rolling on her cheeks. Seeing her crying, Minami panics

“Shh….Atsuko...Atsuko….don't cry. It is ok if ymhmp…” hasn't finished his words, Atsuko already stops him with her lips.

She kisses his lips lovingly. Then she breaks the kiss and smiles shyly at him. Minami can see a little pink on her both cheeks.

“Atsuko” Minami calls Atsuko with little confused voice.

“I….I love you, Minami” Atsuko said shyly while playing with her fingers

“I...I….I love you from a long time ago” she continues while looking up at Minami

Hearing what Atsuko said, Minami smiles brightly. He immediately hugs her and kisses her lips deeply. Atsuko smiles to the kiss and replies his loving kiss. Their kiss soon turns into more passion and intense. Atsuko hugs Minami necks pulling him closer to her while Minami pulls her waist even closer to his body to deepen their already deep kiss. They kiss until neither of them has any air left. Then they break the kiss and smile at each other

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko said to him while smiling

“I love you too, Atsuko” Minami said while pulling her into his embrace again

This is the happiest thing to Minami. He never thought Atsuko loves him too, their feeling is mutual.

They just stay silent like that while enjoying each other present. Atsuko closes her eyes happily in Minami’s arms listening to his steady heartbeat while Minami keeps stroking Atsuko’s back.

Suddenly the nightmare once again flashes back in Atsuko’s head. The nightmare that startles her until now.  She tightens her hug while burying her face on his chest. Surprising with Atsuko’s action, Minami asks Atsuko gently

“What’s wrong Atsuko?”

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in shaky tone

“What’s wrong?” Hearing her shaky tone, Minami breaks the hug and asks her in worried tone

“Please don’t leave. Please, please Minami” Atsuko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

“Sshh...Atsuko, I told you that I love you. I won’t leave you.” Minami said while wiping her tear

Atsuko shakes her head and said

“My parents told me that too, but they left me. The nightmare just now scared me. I don’t want to lose you, Minami. Please don’t leave me.”

“Ssh...Atsuko...Atsuko...calm down.” Minami kisses her forehead and wipes her tear

Then he uses his hands to cup her face and asks

“What is your nightmare, Atsuko?”

“I...I...saw I was standing in a very strange place. Suddenly someone covers my mouth and pulling me with him. He said he will capture me no matter what. I called out your name while struggling. Then you appear running toward me. I was very happy, but then suddenly, I heard gunshot. I saw blood...a lot of blood, and you slowly drop down in front of my eyes. I called you a lot of time, but you just lied there motionless. I’m scared, Minami. I had this nightmare yesterday too.” Atsuko said in tear

Minami looks at his lover. She is scared of the thought of losing him like her parents. His heart tightens when seeing her pale teary face.

“Shh...Atsuko, that is just a dream. I promise you that I will never leave you. For your information, I’m a person of my word, especially toward my love, I will always keep my promise. I will never ever leave you” Minami smiles while looking directly at her eyes

“Really, Minami?” Atsuko looks at Minami and asks

“Of course, I won’t ever leave you, my love” Minami smiles and said

Then he tilts his head and kisses her lips gently to reassure her that everything will be ok. Atsuko feels so much better now. In Minami's warm arms, Atsuko feels safer than ever. All her worries is gone away.

Now when her worry completely went away, she start feeling hungry. After all, she hasn't eaten anything since morning. She looks up at Minami and tells him in pouting tone

“Minami, I'm hungry”

“Of course you are. I heard auntie said that you didn't eat anything since this morning. You fainted is because you didn't eat anything” Minami looks at Atsuko and said in serious tone

“I'm sorry” Atsuko looks down and said

Minami looks at Atsuko.

“Promise me that from now on you have to eat properly ok. It breaks my heart when seeing you like this” he said while caressing her face

“Ok. I know.” Atsuko nods and said

“Good. Now, sit here and wait for me. I will bring food here for you” Minami pats Atsuko's head and said

“Ok, thank you, Minami” Atsuko pecks his lips and said

Then he goes down and comes back with the bowl of porridge for Atsuko. Minami sits down on her bed while holding the bowl. He raises the spoon of porridge and blows to cool down. Then he said

“Say ah, Atsuko”

“Minami, I can eat by myself” Atsuko said shyly

“No, I have to feed my Atsuko” Minami smiles and said

“Now, my angel, say ah” he continues with a smiling face.

“Ah” Atsuko opens her mouth and eats Minami's food.

Then she looks up at him and said happily

“Minami, so delicious. The most delicious food I have ever eaten”

“I'm glad” Minami pecks her lips and said

Few moment later

Minami finally done feeding Atsuko. He puts the bowl on the dresser. He looks at his watch and said

“It’s late now, Atsuko. You should sleep”

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then Minami helps her lie down. After that he takes the bowl planning to put away in the kitchen. However, when he is about to stand up, Atsuko holds his hand. She looks at him with worried eyes. She still feels insecure. Knowing her eyes and her worriedness, Minami smiles gently and said

“I just go down to the kitchen to put this away. I will be right back ok”

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then Minami goes down to the kitchen. After that he quickly goes back to Atsuko’s room. He sees that Atsuko is still awake. She is waiting for him.

“I’m here, Atsuko. Now lie down, close your, and sleep” Minami holds Atsuko’s hand and said in gentle tone

However, Atsuko still looks at him.

“What’s wrong, Atsuko” Minami asks in confused tone

“Minami” she calls him in small tone

“What is it, my love?” Minami asks while stroking her hair 

“I...I...I want you to hug me” Atsuko said shyly

Minami smiles gently. He pecks Atsuko's lips and said

“Of course, everything for my love”

Then he lies down next to Atsuko. He hugs her waist and pulls Atsuko into his embrace. Atsuko snuggles closer to Minami while burying her face on his chest. Only his arms can make Atsuko feel safe.

After a while

Minami feels Atsuko’s steady breath. He sighs in relief knowing that Atsuko already fell in sleep without having any bad dream. He keeps stroking her back to comfort her while smiling happily. He is happy because he finally confessed to her. He buries his face on her neck and whispers

“Thank you for loving me, Atsuko. I’m very happy right now”

“At first I was so scared...” Minami said and stops

Suddenly he hears Atsuko’s voice

“Scared of what, Minami?” she looks up at Minami and asks

“Atsuko, you are awake?” Minami said in surprised tone

He thought she already fell asleep.

“You seem to like talking to me when I was sleeping huh?” Atsuko said while pinching his nose

“Talking when I was sleeping?” Minami thought

Suddenly something flashes in his head

“That heard me?” Minami said in surprised tone while his face starts getting red

“Uh, I heard everything” Atsuko smiles mischievously and said

Minami blushes madly when hearing Atsuko said. He is so embarrassed to say anything now. Then Atsuko calls him


“W...what is it, Atsuko?” Minami asks still feels embarrassing

“What make you scare, Minami?” Atsuko asks him

Minami stays silent while pulling Atsuko closer to him. He hugs her tightly while burying his face on her neck

“Minami” Atsuko thought while hugging him tightly

“I...I...I was scared that you will love my brother, I was scared of losing you. Though that time I said like that, but I really don’t want to lose you to anyone. I want you to be mine and only mine” Minami said while tighten his hugs

“Minami” Atsuko calls him

They stay silent like this for a while, then Atsuko looks up at Minami and asks in confused tone.

“But why did you think that I have feeling for your brother, Minami?”

“About that, I heard uncle said that you never went out with anyone, but you accepted his invitation before. The other day, you even invited him, so I thought…” Minami said while caressing Atsuko's face.

Suddenly he sees her mischievous smile toward him.

“What's wrong, Atsuko?” he asks in confused tone

“Do you know what did we talk that day, Minami?” Atsuko asks

Her question reminds him of that day. Seeing her talking to his brother makes him feel jealous.

“I don't know.” Minami pouts and said

Atsuko laughs softly at his action. She leans and whispers in his ear. Minami widens his eyes in surprise with what Atsuko said

“You told him I'm your boyfriend?” he said in surprised tone

“Uh” Atsuko said

Then she looks up at Minami and asks in pouting tone

“You don't want that?”

“Did you have someone else thmhm…” she continues but is stopped by Minami lips.

He kisses her deeply.

“Of course I'm happy that you told him I'm your boyfriend. It is just that at that time…you know, I still hadn't confessed to you yet” Minami said

“Minami, do you know why did I invited him there? And why did I told him that?” Atsuko asks him

Minami shakes his head in confuse

“I invited him there to make a certain baka jealous so that he can tell me that he love me. However, what I got is his silent support for his big brother” Atsuko said in pouting tone while pinching Minami's nose

“Ouch...ouch...Atsuko, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.” Minami said while holding Atsuko's hand

“Atsuko, I really want to confess, but because you invited him, I thought…so I'm scared. I'm scared that after my confession there will be a distance between us. I'm sorry. I'm a coward” He continues while looking at Atsuko gently

Atsuko smiles and said

“I forgive you this time my Baka Minami”

“Atsuko don't call me that. Uncle and auntie call me that every day” Minami pouts and said

“That is because you are a baka, but I love your baka. That is very cute” Atsuko said and pecks his lips

Minami smiles brightly when hearing that.

“Then I will be your baka Minami forever” Minami said while caressing his nose with hers.

Then he remembers her second question

“Atsuko” he calls her while stroking her back

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks him

“Then why did you told my brother that you are my girlfriend?” he asks

“Easy because I want to get rid of him. I know he is not someone who easy to get rid of, and he will bother me every day like that, so I told him that. By saying that he won’t bother anymore” Atsuko said

Minami looks at Atsuko with surprised look. Then he asks her

“That is it?”

“Uh, that is” Arsuko nods and said

Minami looks down sadly, and he feels a little disappointed. He thought Atsuko said that because she love him, but…. Suddenly he feels Atsuko hands holding his face up to look at her. She smiles her most beautiful smile at him and said

“You’re really my baka Minami. I'm just kidding”

Minami widens his eyes in surprised

“What do you mean, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Since the day he asked me to went out with him for dinner, I know what his intention is. I said to him that you are my boyfriend to let him know that my heart already belong to you, so don't approach me anymore.” Atsuko explains

“Atsuko” Minami calls her gently

“Uh, I love you for very long time ago, Minami, a love of a little 8 years old girl. I think you didn't remember, right?” Atsuko said

“I do. I always remember about you, Atsuko, my chibi tomato” Minami said

Then he takes out a little tomato charm to show Atsuko. Atsuko is surprise with what she saw

“You still keep it, Minami. I'm happy” Atsuko said in happy tone

“Of course. I always remember the little girl stayed at my house who love tomatoes more than anything and our promise though I didn't recognize you until recently” Minami said

“Tell me Atsuko since when did you recognize me?” he asks

“Me? Since after you stole my first kiss.” Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles sweetly

“Right at that time?” Minami said in surprised tone

“Uh, right at that time.” Atsuko nods and said

“How did you know it was me? I always thought that you already forgot about me” Minami asks

“I immediately realized you because of your eyes. I will never forget your gentle eyes.” Atsuko said while touching his eyes.

“And of course I remember you. I will never forget Taka-niichan who always took care of me gently. I think I hold this unrequited love for very long time. Finally I meet you again. At that time, in my heart, there was an indescribable happy feeling.” Atsuko said while smiling happily

Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles gently. Then another idea appear in his head

“Atsuko, if you remember me, why don't you tell me?” Minami asks in wonder tone

“Because I know you don't remember me. You promised me that you will never forget me, but you do.” Atsuko pouts and said

“I was hurt because you didn't recognize me.” she continues and turns away

“Atsuko...Atsuko” Minami hugs her from behind while burying his face on her back

“I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I’m sorry, Atsuko” He whispers and kisses her neck

“I always want to meet you, the little cute girl I took care before. It is just that I never thought that little girl is you. The little girl from the past now become a very cute and beautiful girl. That is why I can’t recognize you” he continues in whisper tone

Atsuko smiles and turns back

“Sweet talker” she pinches Minami’s nose and said

Minami smiles and pecks her lips

“Only with you, my love” he hugs her tightly and said

Atsuko smiles happily and buries her face on his chest

“Really, I’m really happy that I meet you again, Atsuko. I’m even happier when I know that you love me, Atsuko, an indescribable feeling in my heart, right now” He said while patting Atsuko’s back

“Me too, Minami. I’m very happy, super happy” Atsuko looks up and smiles sweetly at Minami

Minami bends down and pecks Atsuko’s lips.

“Ok, now my Atsuko, it is very late now. Close your eyes and sleep” he pinches her nose and said

“Ok, good night Minami” Atsuko said

“Uh, good night, my love” Minami kisses her head and said

Then they slowly happily fall in sleep in each other arms

In the morning

Minami is woken up by his phone’s ring tone. He looks at his phone and sees Yuu’s message

(Good Morning Takamina, last night I forgot to tell you. Today you don’t need to disguise yourself....)

While reading the message, he hears Atsuko’s sleepy tone

“What’s it, Minami?”

Minami turns and smiles at Atsuko

“Uncle just texted me. He said that today he will come to Tokyo Police Department and clear my name, and I will come with him” He said to Atsuko happily

“That's good, Minami. Congratulations” Atsuko hugs his neck and said

“Uh, I'm so happy.” Minami hugs Atsuko and said

Then he turns and puts her underneath him. Atsuko looks at Minami and blushes

“Now Atsuko, I want you to congratulate me” Minami said while smiling at Atsuko

“I just did” Atsuko said

“Not by word, but action” Minami bends down and whispers in Atsuko's ear.

“Now my angel, I'm waiting for you” he continues while looking at Atsuko

Atsuko raises her hands to hugs Minami's neck. Then she pulls him down and seals her lips with his for a loving kiss.

Minami smiles in the kiss while kissing her back. Their kiss soon turn into more passionate and intense. They kiss each other until they need air. Then they pulls out and smile at each other

“Let's go down Atsuko, uncle will be here in second”

“Ok” Atsuko nods

After preparing everything, Atsuko and Minami happily go to the dining room together while holding each other's hand tightly.

When they get down there, they see Yuu and Haruna walk in together with Jun and Rena. Seeing Minami and Atsuko holding hands like that, and also Atsuko's happy face, a face that they haven't seen for a very long time, they know Minami confessed to Atsuko, and Atsuko is very happy about that.

“Look you guys, I feel something abnormal today” Yuu teases while looking at Atsuko's and Minami's entwined hands

“Hum...I felt that too. Super abnormal thing” Jun said while walking around Atsuko and Minami

Their words make them blush madly

“Rena, the other day when you two weren't here, I heard someone told us that she will never care for a baka, but now she is holding that “baka” hand" Haruna teases Atsuko

“I see. How strange? Then that baka had to do something that make her extremely happy so that she let him hold her hand, confessing for instant” Rena said while looking at Atsuko

“Uncle, auntie” Atsuko calls them in embarrassing

“What's wrong, Atsu? We are just talking about a certain stundere girl, right guys” Yuu said

“Uh” the three nod

“I won't ever talk to you again.” Atsuko said and walks away because of too embarrassing

“Aww!! My little niece is so cute. She is shy” Yuu said

“Uh, it's rare to see that super cute face” Rena said

“It all thank to you, Takamina.” Jun said and pats Minami's shoulder

Minami looks at them with surprised look

“Uh, you brought back her real personality which she buries deep within her” Haruna said

“I'm happy that I can make Atsuko happy” Minami smiles and said

“It is good to here that from you Takamina. We hope you will always love her and take good care of her” Rena said

Suddenly they hear Atsuko's voice. In her tone there is a little pout

“Minami, I want my drink”

“Ok, I will take it for you.” Minami said

Then they all come into the kitchen together. A good and happy morning for all of them


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :)
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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 13 17/09/2016
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is part 13  :D


Part 13

At Tokyo Department

Yuu are walking in the hallway while a lot of eyes looking at him because of a simple reason. It is the man walking beside him. He is none other than Takahashi Minami, the police who is accused to be a serial killer. They are surprised because Minami was missing for almost 2 month, and now he reappears together with Maeda Yuu, chief of National Police Agency.

Though there is no official announcement about the case is solved, almost everyone in the department knew about this. Still they never thought that he is with Yuu.

Yuu and Minami walk into the crime investigation department. Koji is already standing there waiting for them. Seeing them, Koji slowly walks toward them while smiling

“Minami, I'm so glad that chief Maeda finally can prove that you are innocent” he hugs Minami and said

Minami smiles happily and said

“Thank you Koji-nii”

Then Koji turns to Yuu. He bows at him and said with happy tone

“Thank you so much sir. Without your help, Minami would be blamed for what he didn’t do. Thank you for doing what this useless brother can’t”

“Don’t say that Koji-nii. At that time, you trusted me too. It is just that everything came so sudden none of us can do anything” Minami quickly said

“Thank you, Minami” Koji pats Minami’s shoulder and said

Yuu stands there and looks at them. Then he said

“Good now everything is clear. Takahashi Minami will be reinstated to be police again from today.”

Minami smiles happily at Yuu

“Thank you sir” he bows deeply and said

“Not yet” Yuu said

Minami and Koji look at him with surprised look

“I have another announcement” Yuu said

“Besides being reinstated to be police again. Takahashi Minami also will transfer to National Police Agency from today”

Minami and Koji look at each other, then Yuu with surprised look.

“So this is what uncle meant by big surprised” Minami thought


In front of Atsuko’s mansion

Minami is standing beside his car and about to go in. He will go with Yuu to the Tokyo Police Department. Then Yuu calls him

“By the way, Takamina”

“Yes, uncle” Minami looks at Yuu and said

“Today, I have a very big surprise for you.” Yuu said

“Big surprised?” Minami thought in confuse

“What is it, uncle?” he asks

“I said that is a surprised. If I tell you right here, it won’t be surprised anymore, right?” Yuu said and winks at Minami

Minami nods, but his face is still full of confuse. Seeing that Yuu said and smiles at him

“Just keep in mind that this surprise is really for you. You deserve this”

End flashback

“Thank to Takahashi’s help and information, I was able to close the case this early. After the meeting yesterday at the National Police Agency, we decided that we need a person like this in our national system” Yuu said

“I see.” Koji smiles and said

“Congratulations Minami. As your brother, I'm happy that you are promoted in a good position. You are really all growth up now” he continues while patting his shoulder

Minami smiles happily while turning to Yuu. He bows and said in happy tone

“Thank you sir. I won't let you down”

“Good” Yuu said

Then he turns to Koji and said in confident tone

“Thank you Koji-nii. I will do my best to not disappoint you and dad”

Today is Minami’s most happy day. He is proved to be innocent, and he is also promoted to National Police Agency.

“Now, Takahashi let's gather your belonging. Tomorrow you will start working in National Agency.” Yuu said

“Yes sir” Minami said with full enthusiastic tone

After gathering everything, Minami leaves the crime investigation department with Yuu. On his way, his colleagues keep congratulating him which make him happier than what he already felt.

When Minami reaches the front door of the police department, he sees Atsuko stepping out of her car. She turns and smiles brightly at him

“Atsuko?” Minami calls her with surprised tone

“Minami” she rushes to him and hugs his neck tightly

Minami smiles and hugs her back. Then he breaks the hug and asks Atsuko in confused  and surprised tone

“What are you doing here, Atsuko?”

“I told you that I will go shopping with auntie, right?” Atsuko said, and Minami nods

“This morning, I heard uncle said about your transferring. Therefore I decided to come here to congratulate you before we go to shopping.” Atsuko said in happy tone

“I see” Minami said

Suddenly her expression changes

“Why did you look so surprised like this, Minami? You aren't happy when seeing me? Or you don't want me to come here. Did you hide something or someone from me?” she pouts and said

Minami laughs softly at his girlfriend’s cute expression

“You are so cute when you pout like this, Atsuko” he said

“Also I love your jealous face. Just so cute” he continues while pinching Atsuko's nose.

Then he pecks her lips and said

“I only have you in my heart. It is just that I didn't hear you say anything about coming here”

“Really?” Atsuko said in teasing tone

“Of course. I only love my Atsuko. I love my Atsuko the most. More than anything in this world. You came here to meet me and congratulate me make me very, very, very happy. You know that I miss you right after I left your home” Minami hugs Atsuko's waist and said while burying his face on her neck

Atsuko smiles happily when hearing his words.

“Sweet talker” she whispers in his ear

“I’m only being sweet in front my Chibi Tomato” Minami whispers back

Suddenly they hear Yuu's voice

“Ehem….we are still here, and also here is the police department, you know?”

Minami and Atsuko quickly break the hug. They turn and see that Yuu and Haruna are standing there while giggling at them. It causes their faces to turn red quickly.

“I completely forget about them and where we are” Atsuko thought

Yuu smiles in his mind when seeing they are embarrassing

“I'm so sad. My Atsu now only know about her “Minami” and forgot this lonely uncle. Nyan Nyan, I only have you now” Yuu pouts and said while leaning his head on Haruna’s shoulder

“Of course my Minami is the best” Atsuko smiles and said

“Nyan Nyan, I’m so sad” Yuu fakes crying on his wife’s shoulder

“Yuuchan, remember your position” Haruna said

“We are in front of the police department. Do you want your men seeing you pouting and crying like this? They will never listen to you again” she continues

Yuu pouts and stands up

“Ok...Ok...if you two want to be all that lovey dovey, go back home. At there you can do whatever you want without being interrupted” he said teasingly and winks at them

Atsuko and Minami blush by what Yuu said

“Uncle” Atsuko calls him in embarrassed


In the fourth level of the build

There are four police talking to each other in the police cafeteria

“Impressive. I never thought Takahashi-san would know chief of national Police Agency” the first girl said

“What's more, he is even his niece's boyfriend. No wonder his case was reopened again.” the second girl said

“However, I’m happy that the chief reopen his case. I never believe that he can do that sort of things” the third girl said

“Me too. He is a great and talented police. I learned a lot from him since the day I came here” A man said

“Aww!! Look at them. They matched perfectly with each other. What's a beautiful couple” the first girl said

“I also want a girlfriend like her, beautiful, smart, and elegant. I heard that she owns very big hospital, Maeda private hospital.” the man said

Suddenly the three girls laugh loudly

“In your dream." The second girl said

"Yeah! If you want to be that, go and train yourself until you can be as talent, good, and handsome as Takahashi-san” the first girl said

“I know. Just wishing” the man said while scratching his head

Then the second girl gestures for the three to move closer to her.

“What's it?” the third girl asks in curious tone

“My relative works at her hospital. They said that they see a man in our department come there. They think he wants to make a move on her. However he didn't know that she and Takahashi-san already together before.” the second girl said

“Really? Who is it?” the man said in curious tone

“Our boss. Mr. Takahashi” the second girl said

“Really? Wow!” the man asks in surprised tone

“Yea! I heard about it too. He met her at the day police chased after Takahashi-san.” the first girl said

“I see. What ashame, she already belongs to Takahashi-san, his little brother” the third girl said

“Uh” they all nod

“Hey wait a minute, if Takahashi-san transferred there, then that means his rank will be higher than you know who, right?” the first girl said

“Good point. Aww, if I were him, I will be really mad at Takahashi-san. He has both love and power. What a lucky person” the man said

“As I told you before, if you as good as him, and you are as handsome as him, then that would be a little chance.” the second girl said

“Yes, he is a good police. When he first came here until now, he solved a lot of hard cases. With his talent, he deserved that position” the third girl said and the rest nods

They just keep talking about Atsuko and Minami without noticing someone standing behind the wall. He stands there holding his fists tightly in anger.

In the evening

After coming to the National Police Agency to meet with his new colleague and workplace, Minami return to Atsuko’s house first while Yuu still has something to do. After that he will gathers in Atsuko's house with Jun, Haruna, and Rena to celebrate for Minami

At the mansion

In the family room

Atsuko is working on her laptop on the sofa. Minami opens the door and comes in. Because she is too focus on her work, she didn’t notice him. He smiles and walks slowly behind her.

“What are you doing, my love?” He hugs her from behind and whispers

“Minami, when did you get here?” Atsuko turns and asks him with surprised tone

“Just moment ago, but you are too focus on your laptop that you didn’t notice” Minami sits next to her and said

“I see, I’m sorry, Minami. There are some business in the hospital that I have to check on.” Atsuko turns to him and said

“It’s ok, Atsuko.” Minami said to her gently

“Also Atsuko, can you close your eyes a little?” he holds her hands and asks her

“Huh? Why Minami?” Atsuko asks in confuse

“Just do it, Atsuko.” Minami said while pinching her cheeks

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then she closes her eyes waiting for Minami

“Ok, Atsuko.” Minami said while putting down a bottle in front of her

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She smiles widely when seeing the bottle. That is a bottle of tomato juice

“Minami, this is what you bought for me when I was staying at your house. It has been a very long time. How can you have this? I looked for it everywhere” she said happily while looking at the bottle on the table

“I saw it this morning when uncle and I stop at a fast-food store. I remember that at that time you really love this juice, so I bought this for you” Minami said

“I hope you like it” he continues while scratching the back of his head

Atsuko smiles sweetly at Minami.

“I love it, Minami. Thank you. I love you” she hugs his neck tightly while saying.

Minami smiles and hugs her. He is very happy when seeing his Atsuko happy.

“Everything for my lovely Atsuko. I’m happy when you are happy” he said and kisses her cheek.

Then Atsuko breaks the hug and kisses Minami's lips sweetly.

“That is your reward.” she said

“Not enough” Minami said

He hugs her waist pulling her closer to him and seals her lips with his again with a deeper kiss. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss while hugging his neck tightly. They kiss until they both need air. Then they break the kiss and smile at each other

“I love you, my Atsuko” Minami said while caressing his nose with hers

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko said

Suddenly they hear Jun's voice

“Should we go home guys? I think there is no need celebration for Takamina.”

“Yea! Only Atsu is enough to make him extremely happy.” Yuu said

Atsuko and Minami quickly break their hug and turn to the door. They see the four looking at them with amused look

“U...u...uncle, auntie” Minami calls them stuttering

“S...since when are you here?” Atsuko asks

“Since when? We came here right at the main part” Yuu said

Then he turns to Jun and imitates Minami’s voice

“I love you, my Atsuko”

He even imitates Minami’s action when Minami caressed his nose with Atsuko’s.

“I love you too, Minami….mwah...mwah” Yuu imitates Atsuko’s voice teasingly

Being teased by Jun and Yuu, Atsuko and Minami blush madly.

She keeps silent because of embarrassing. Then she holds his hand and pulls him out of the family room leaving the four behind

“So cute, these day, our Atsu keeps showing her rare and cute side quite a lot” Rena said

“She sure does. What a cute little girl” Haruna said while giggling

“Ok, let’s prepare for the party” Yuu said

After a while

They finally set up the fire and everything for the BBQ party. They gather around the table to eat

“Ok guys let raise our cup and congratulate Takamina.” Jun said in happy tone

“Congratulation Takamina. You finally was proved to be innocent from such a big case” Rena said

“Also, congratulation Takamina for finally got our Atsu’s heart” Yuu said

“Lastly congratulation our little niece for finally found for her a person who love her dearly, also who she loves deeply. We hope you two always happy and love each other more and more” Haruna said

Minami and Atsuko look at each other and smile happily

“Thank you uncle, auntie. Without Atsuko, uncle, and aunties, I won’t be able to be a police again.” Minami said

“I promise that I will love Atsuko and take care of her forever” he continues while looking at Atsuko lovingly

“Ok cheer” Jun said

“Cheer” they said

Then they sit down and eat happily. However there is one person hasn’t eaten anything. Noticing Minami is spacing out, Atsuko turns to him and asks while holding his hand

“What's wrong, Minami?”

“Though the case is solved, I still feel something is not right” Minami said

Yuu and the rest are talking to each other. Hearing what Minami said, they turn and look at him

“What do you mean, Takamina?” Yuu asks in curious tone

“Uhm...I don't know. Mostly of it is my instinct. However…” Minami pauses

“However…?” Jun repeats in question tone.

“Do you remember when you were asking Tachi about those victim, uncle Yuu?” Minami asks

“Uh, what's it?” Yuu nods and asks

“When you ask him about where he throw those girls body, I saw him stun a little. It is just a flash, but I felt his confusion” Minami explains his confusing

“Hum…” His point makes everyone silent.

They are thinking about the possibility of Minami's confusion. Then Yuu speaks up

“I see your point there. Let’s talk to him again. Maybe we can get some new things”

“I can help you with that” Atsuko said

“No, it's ok, Atsuko. Uncle and I can manage it. Don't worry” Minami smiles and said

He is afraid that Atsuko will be scared when seeing Tachi who kidnapped her before. He doesn't want her to recall those scary moment again. Jun and Yuu notice that, and smile in their mind. They are happy to see how caring Minami is toward Atsuko

“Uh, Takamina is correct. We can do it, Atsu.” Yuu said

“Ok, if you two say so” Atsuko said

“Ok, ok, put those stressful things away. Let's get back to our celebration” Rena said

“Yes” they all nod

At night

In the family room

After the party end, Atsuko and Minami decided to come to the home theater room to watch some movies.

They are lying on the sofa, and Atsuko is lying on Minami's arm while their hands are entwined with each other.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her

“What's it, Minami?” Atsuko asks while looking up at Minami.

“The case is already solved. Tomorrow I guess I will go back to my house and...”

When Minami is about to continues his words, he sees Atsuko’s surprised face. Then she suddenly sits up without saying anything to him. However Minami quickly hugs her waist and pulls her back on his chest. Atsuko struggles from his grip, but he holds her tighter.

“What's wrong, Atsuko?” he asks her in worried tone

Atsuko stays silent burying her face on his chest refuse to answer his question.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her again while using his hand to lift her face up.

However, she holds his shirt tightly while shaking her head refusing to look up.

“Atsuko, what's wrong? Don't act like this, I'm worry” Minami sits up and said while lifting her face up again.

This time he can lift her face up. He is surprised when seeing tear already form in Atsuko's eyes.

“What's wrong, Atsuko? Are you hurt? Tell me please. I’m worry when seeing you like this” Minami said in worried tone while wiping her tear.

“You don't care about me anymore” Atsuko said in small tone.

He is surprised with her words

“Baka, who said that?” Minami said while looking at Atsuko

“You want to leave me.” Atsuko sits up and said in sad tone while turning away

Minami looks at Atsuko and smiles gently

“Baby, I just go back to my house.” He hugs Atsuko from behind and said in gentle tone

“You promised me that you will always be by my side and protect me, but now you want to go back to your house and leave me here alone” Atsuko said in pouting tone

Minami laughs softly at Atsuko's pouting face when realizing that she misunderstood him. He turns her around and bends down to kiss her pouted lips. However, Atsuko pushes him out and said still in pouting tone

“Minami, I'm serious”

Her words remind him of their past together. Minami laughs loudly and said while pinching her cheeks

“You are so cute, Atsuko. Just like that time when you asking me about tomatoes. You don't know how cute you are right now, baby. Super cute”

His words make Atsuko blush madly.

“You sweet talker” she hits his chest slightly and said

Minami laughs softly at her cuteness. Then he holds her hand and pulls her into his embrace.

“Atsuko, I think you misunderstood what I meant” he said while stroking her back

Atsuko quickly looks up at Minami with surprised look

“What do you mean, Minami?” she asks in curious tone

“I haven't finished my sentence yet. It is true that I want to go back to my house. However I just want to go there to take my things. I told you before I will never leave my Atsuko alone. I will always take care of you and protect you” Minami explains while looking at Atsuko lovingly

“Minami” Atsuko smiles widely when hearing his words.

She hugs him tightly while burying her face on his chest

“Don't leave me, Minami. Don't ever leave me” Atsuko whispers while tightening her hug

“Of course I won't, my love” Minami kisses her head and said

Atsuko keeps burying her face on Minami's chest. She closes her eyes feeling his warm presence. She wants this moment to last forever. Suddenly Atsuko feels like she is being lifted up. As reflection, Atsuko quickly opens her eyes while wrapping her arms around Minami's neck to stable herself

Then she realizes that Minami is carrying her bridal style in his arms, and he is smiling gently at her

“Minami, what are you doing?” Atsuko asks in confused tone

“Going to sleep. It is already late” Minami answers while looking at Atsuko

His words make her blush. Seeing that Minami teases

“Why are you blushing, Atsuko? What are you thinking?”

Atsuko blushes even more with what Minami just said

“N...nothing bamhm…” hasn't finished her words, Minami already seals her lips with his.

Then he carries her back to her room. He puts her downs and pulls the blanket over her. After that he bends down and kisses her forehead

“Goodnight, Atsuko” he said to her lovingly

When Minami is about to stands up, Atsuko holds his shirt back. Minami turns and asks her

“What is it, my love?”

“S…stay here with me, Minami” Atsuko said shyly while looking away

Minami looks at Atsuko cute shy face and smiles. He cups her cheeks and turns her face. Then he leans and kisses her lips gently. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss. Minami kisses Atsuko passionately while pushing her down on her bed. Then he breaks the kiss and looks at Atsuko lovingly while caressing her cheeks

“Minami” Atsuko raises her hands cupping his cheeks while calling him gently

“What's it, Atsuko?” Minami asks in gentle tone while bending closer to Atsuko face

“I love you more than everything in this world, Minami. You are very important to me” Atsuko whispers.

Minami smiles at her words.

“I love you too, Atsuko. More than anything in this world” he whispers and kisses her lips gently.

After that they drown themselves in the sea of passion and love, and that night they belong to each other


In a dark room

There is a man sitting on the sofa while holding a can of beer in his hand. He grips the can tighter in angry. He holds his fist tight and slams strongly on the table.

“Takahashi Minami” he said while gritting his teeth


In the hospital’s cafeteria

“Thank you Atsuko for inviting me here” Koji said to Atsuko

“No problem. It is a thank for those flower” Atsuko said 

“Then I should give you more flowers everyday” Koji said and smiles at Atsuko

Atsuko just keeps silent and drink her tea. Koji looks at Atsuko and thinks a while. Then he asks

“How is your day today?”

“Ok, there is nothing special, and you?” Atsuko answers him

“My day is very good. Especially when you accepted my flowers and invite me here. It makes me extremely happy” Koji said while looking at Atsuko’s expression

She doesn’t show any expression even after he said those thing to her.

“She is hard to get than I thought. No wonder the only information I found about her is nothing, but she is a cold person. However I will definitely get her” he thought

Then he changes the topic and asks

“Atsuko, did your uncle find any new about the case?”

“I don't know about that. I just help him with examining the victim's bodies. You can ask him about that” she continues

“I see. It's ok. I just want to know if he need my help in anything,” Koji said

“Oh” Atsuko said

“I also heard that Ozaki Ken died” Koji said while looking at Atsuko

“Uh, I just examined his body this morning” Atsuko said

“How was it?” Koji quickly asks

Atsuko looks at him curiously

“Ah..nothing. I just want to see if I can help in anything” he explains

“I see” Atsuko said

Then suddenly she asks him a surprised question

“Inspector Koji, do you know why did my uncle want to reopen those cases?”

Koji is surprised by Atsuko’s question

“No, I don't” he answers

“Don't you curious?” Atsuko asks while looking at him

“Yes, I’m. But he is chief of police, I can't question his work” Koji said

“The culprit is Takahashi Minami, right?” Atsuko asks him

“Uh, as what my team and I investigated, he is the culprit though I don't want to believe it. He is my brother after all” Koji looks down and said sadly

“I tried my best to deny that but the result just tears my heart apart” he continues

“I see you love Minami a lot” Atsuko said

Koji looks up in surprise when hearing how Atsuko call Minami.

“Because you are Minami’s brother, I will tell you the true. I asked my uncle to investigate this case.” Atsuko said

“You did?” Koji said in surprised tone.

“Uh, because I don't believe that Minami do that.” Atsuko said

“May I ask you a question?” Koji said

“Yes” Atsuko nods

“What kind of relationship between you and Minami?” Koji asks

“He is my boyfriend.” Atsuko said

Koji widens his eyes in surprise

“He is your boyfriend?” Koji asks

“Uh. We knew each other for a very long time now. My uncle still didn't know about it though” Atsuko said

“After you came to my office, he called me. He said that he is innocent, and he will find the evidences. That's why I ask uncle to re-investigate again. I want to help Minami” she continues

Koji is very surprised, but he still keeps him to calm and smiles at her. Then he asks

“Did you know where he is, Atsuko? If he said that, I will do my best to help chief Maeda find the real culprit. He is my only little brother too”

“No, I don't. I lost his contact since that time. I hope when his name is clear, I will meet him again” Atsuko said

Then she looks at her watch.

“Sorry inspector Koji, I have to go back to my office.” Atsuko stands up and said

“It's ok. Thank you for inviting me. I hope we will have more time to talk next time” he said

Atsuko nods and walks away leaving Koji sitting there. He holds his fists tightly in anger

End flashback

“Takahashi Minami, why did you always step into my life?” Koji shouts and throws the can to the wall

He groan in anger while kicking the table in front of him.

At another place

Jun is looking through some old newspapers. Then he comes across an article that causes him to widen his eyes in surprise.

“No way” Jun whispers in surprised tone

Then he takes out his phone and calls Yuu.

“Hey Yuu, I got something for you” he said while looking at his laptop screen.


Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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thank you for the update :D

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@AI712: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is part 14  :)


Part 14

In the morning

At Atsuko's house

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko is sleeping very soundly on Minami’s arm while Minami hugging her in his strong and protective arms.

Minami is already awake. He just lies on the bed looking at his angel. He smiles happily when seeing his angel sleeping face. Her face is very cute and angelic. He brushes the hair that covers Atsuko's face aside, and then he bends down to kisses her lips lovingly. After that, he lies back down and keeps looking at the sleeping girl.

After a while

Minami sees Atsuko buries her face on his chest. Then she moves back while rubbing her eyes. She is awake now. Minami smiles at her cute action.

“Good morning angel” He kisses her head and whispers

Atsuko opens her eyes seeing Minami smiling at her

“Good morning, Minami” she said to him with half sleepy tone

Minami smiles at her cuteness.

“You are so cute, Atsuko. I love you so much” he hugs her tightly and said

“I love you too, Minami” she hugs him back and said while burying her face on his chest.

They just lie there and enjoy each other's presence for a while. Then they step down and prepare to go to Minami's house. Atsuko also goes with him because it is still her day off.

After taking everything that Minami needs in his house, they return to their car.

In the car

“Atsuko” Minami calls Atsuko while holding her hand

“What's it, Minami?” Atsuko turns to look at him and asks

“I want to take you to this place” Minami said

“Where is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“A place that I want to come for so long, but because of that incident, I can't go there” Minami sadly said

“You want to visit uncle Taka’s grave?” Atsuko said

“Uh, I miss him so much. I'm a useless son. I didn't even come to join my own father's funeral. I didn't even pay him a visit once in those two months” Minami sadly said

“Maybe my father is mad at me right now.” he continues sadly while tightening his grip on Atsuko's hand

“Don't be like that, Minami.” Atsuko holds his hand and said

Then she raises his hand and rest her face on it.

“I know your father will understand your situation. Instead of madding at you, I believe that uncle is very happy, right now because you finally caught the criminal who killed him.” she said while smiling

“You think so, Atsuko?” Minami asks Atsuko in relief tone

His voice is lighter than before a lot.

“Of course, I'm definitely sure that your father is very proud of you right now. So don't regret and exhaust yourself over that ok.” Atsuko said gently

“Uh, thank you Atsuko.” Minami said happily

After 30 minutes

They finally reach the cemetery. Minami steps out of the car and opens the door for Atsuko.

“Let's go Atsuko” he said

“Uh” Atsuko nods and holds Minami's hand

Then they happily walk into the cemetery together. When they reach the place, Minami sees a familiar figure standing there.

“Koji-nii” he calls in surprise tone

Koji turns around when hearing Minami's call. He is surprised when seeing Minami and Atsuko standing there. He takes a quick glance at their entwined hands. 

“Koji-nii, you are here too. What a coincidence” Minami said in happy tone

Koji smiles slightly at Minami

“Uh, I come here to visit dad. You also come here to visit him, huh?” he said

“Yes, I come here to visit him. I can't visit him when his funeral, so I come here right away after everything is settled down.” Minami said

“I also bring Atsuko here to visit him. You already met her, right?” he turns to Atsuko and said

“Yes, we met through your case” Koji said

“Hello inspector Koji” Atsuko nods at him

“Hello Atsuko.” Koji said

“I have to go back to the department now. Let's go out for dinner sometime.” He continues

“Yes, I also want to invite you for dinner.” Minami smiles and said

“Ok, I will go now. See you two later” Koji said

“Ok, see you later” Minami said

Then Koji leaves the cemetery. Atsuko turns and looks at him with serious look. Minami notices that. He holds Atsuko's hand and asks

“What's wrong, Atsuko?”

His question snaps her out of her thought. She turns and looks at Minami

“What's is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks in question tone

“You are looking at my brother. You are also spacing out” Minami said in pouting tone

Hearing Minami's voice, Atsuko smiles and said while pinching his cheeks

“You are jealous, Minami. So cute”

“Of course I'm jealous. My girlfriend is looking at another man and spacing out” Minami said keep pouting

Atsuko laughs softly at Minami's action.

“So cute Minami. I never thought you have this childish side too. Normally, you look so cool, but now you are so cute, Minami.” she said while hugging his neck tightly

“I love you, Minami. You and only you in my heart” Atsuko whispers while tightening her hugs

Minami smiles and hugs her back

“I love you too, Atsuko” he whispers

They stay silent like this for some moment. Then Atsuko breaks the silent and said

“I looked at him because I felt something very weird from him. His eyes just...I don't know, but they scared me. His tone too”

Minami breaks the hug and looks at Atsuko with surprised look

“You are scared of him?” He asks in surprised

“Uh, by the way he is looking at you, it is like he will harm you. It scared me, Minami” Atsuko nods and said while holding Minami's hands tightly

Minami smiles while looking gently at Atsuko

“Don't worry, Atsuko” he said and pats her head

“I believe you think like that because of your first impression about him.” he continues

“Yes, it is true that I doesn't have good impression with him since I first met him. I always see him faking something every time he comes here. I...I don't know why, but I felt that he doesn't like you.” Atsuko said

“What if he harm you, Minami?” she asks him with teary eyes

Losing her parents makes Atsuko be more insecure with everything. She doesn't to lose the important person to her ever again especially Minami. Minami knows that. He cups Atsuko cheeks and said

“Sshh...Atsuko...Atsuko, everything will be fine ok”

“I know my brother. He looks cold, but I believe he won't ever harm me. He is my brother after all” he continues while smiling at Atsuko ensuring that everything will be fine

Atsuko hugs Minami tightly while burying her face on his chest

“Promise me again that you will never leave me alone, Minami, please” she said to him in shaky tone

“Of course I will never leave my love alone. You are my oxygen. If I leave you, how can I live in this world.” Minami pats her back and said

“Promise” Atsuko looks up and asks him again

Minami pecks her lips and said in definite tone


Atsuko finally smiles widely at him. Her smile makes him feel relief. Then he holds her hand and said

“Ok, now my Atsuko, let's go to meet your father in law. I believe he is waiting for you”

His words make Atsuko blushes

“F...father…” she stutters cutely because of embarrassing

Seeing her cute face, Minami teases her more

“Why? Is that not true?”

“Of course it’s true” Atsuko quickly replies

Then her face turns super red because of that. Atsuko stutters while her face getting hot

Seeing that Minami laughs loudly

“You are so cute to tease, Atsuko” he said while pinching her cheeks

“Minami, you are meanie” Atsuko pouts and said while hitting his chest slightly


In Jun's office

Jun is working in his office. Then his phone rings.

“Hey Yuu” he picks up his phone and said

(Hey Jun, what's up) Yuu said in happy tone

“You seem to be very happy. Did you find something?” Jun asks

(Of course. That is why I call you. Not just only found something. This information is super interesting.) Yuu said

“I see. Then let's discuss it with the rest tonight” Jun said

(Uh) Yuu said

At Atsuko's house

In Atsuko's office

Minami, Atsuko, and the rest are gathering in Atsuko's office waiting for Jun and Yuu to tell them about something that to them is very interesting.

“Rena, do you know about what Jun will tell us?” Haruna asks

“No, I have no clue about that. However, he has been looking at some old news and newspaper lately” Rena said

“How about uncle Yuu, auntie? Did he tell you something?” Atsuko asks

“Not a thing.” Haruna shakes her head and said

“I wonder what is the thing that uncle want to tell us” Minami said

“Uh” Atsuko, Haruna, and Rena nod in agreement

Then the door opens, and Yuu and Jun walks in

“Hello everyone” they said in cheerful tone while waving at everyone in the room

“Jun, what is the thing that you want to tell us?” Rena asks said

“No rush, honey. Let's me show you all some newspapers” Jun said

Then he sets up his laptop down and connects it to the screen projector. The screen shows some old news with a big title




Everyone widens their eyes in surprise when seeing those papers. They realized what case that those paper mentioned. The similarity between them

“This is…” Minami speaks up in surprised tone

“You all are very surprised, right?” Jun said while sitting down

“Me too. When I saw those news, I was also very surprised” He continues

“Uh. When I received the email from Jun, I realized that I completely forgot about this big case” Yuu said

“What does this mean? Was this case appear at there before?” Haruna asks

"Uh" Yuu nods

“Can you tell me more detail about this, uncle?” Minami said

“About 7 years ago, the police in Minnesota found a dead body of a woman in a junk yard. Her eyes were taken off, and her tongue was cut.” Jun said

“Just like this case” Rena said in surprised tone

“Uh, after that there are 5 dead bodies founded each month. Until now, this case is still remain unsolved” Yuu nods and adds

“Then could it be that the culprit of that time and the culprit now is one person?” Atsuko asks

“That is a highly possibility." Yuu nods

"Another possibility is the culprit know about this case and copy it” Minami adds

“Uh" Yuu nods

“Then come to another interested part here” Jun said

Everyone turns back to look at him with confused and wonder look

“What do you mean, Jun?” Haruna asks

“Takamina, does the term Minnesota familiar with you?” Jun turns and asks Minami

“Minnesota?” Minami said in question tone

Then he remembers the state that his mother moved to with her new husband in the past

“That is where my mother lived until she passed away” Minami answers

Then Rena suddenly realizes something

“Hey wait, I heard Atsuko said that your brother lives with your mother there, right?” He asks

“Yes, after my parent got divorced, they moved there with my mother new husband” Minami answers in confused tone

He doesn't know why they ask about his family. However then an unbelievable thing flashes in his head. He looks at Yuu and Jun.

“Uncle, did you two suspect that my brother did that?” he asks in surprised tone

“He will never do that. I know him. He is a police. He won't ever go against the law.” He continues while standing up

“Calm down, Takamina. That is just our initial thought. We still have to investigate more” Yuu said

“I'm sorry” Minami bow and said

“It's ok. I know you trust your family. Let's just sit down and continue our discussion” Jun pats his shoulder and said

“Yes” Minami nods and sits down

Atsuko raises her hand to hold his hand.  She wants to give him power and support. Minami turns and smiles at her reassure her that he is fine while tightening his grip on her hand.

“However, our suspicion is not just guessing” Jun said while sitting down on his chair

His words surprise Minami and the rest.

“What do you mean, uncle?” Atsuko asks him

“The very first victim, do you know who is she?” Jun asks

“Who is she, Jun?” Rena asks

“Her name is Kisaki Kira. A Japanese American. Takahashi Koji’s…”

The whole room is silent. Everyone focuses their attention on Jun waiting for him to finish his words

“She is Takahashi Koji’s fiancée”

“Koji-nii’s….” Minami said in surprised tone

“Fiancée” Haruna and Rena finishes his word

Everyone is very surprised with the surprised true.

“Uh,, let's me rephrase myself. She is his ex-fiancée” Jun said

“What do you mean, Jun?” Rena asks

“As the information I got from the police in Minnesota, they broke up one month before their wedding” Yuu said

“He had a fiancée? Also the wedding? And Broke up?. How come dad and I didn't know anything” Minami said in confused tone

“You didn't know about that Minami?” Atsuko turns to Minami and asks

“Uh-uh, I didn't hear anything from dad.” Minami shakes his head and said

“I see.” Yuu said

“What happen next, uncle?” Minami turns to Yuu and Jun and asks

“Right at the day that they planned for their wedding day, her dead body was found at the Junkyard near the wedding place” Jun said

“The condition is the same with the cases here” Yuu adds

“What did the police there said, Yuu?” Rena asks

“At that time Takahashi Koji also works as a police there. They also took him in to ask about her, but he has alibi who is his mother.” Yuu said

“And that is all I got from the police. They will send me more detail about the other victims later” he continues

At night

In front of Atsuko's house

Atsuko and Minami sit on the doorstep looking at the starry sky. Atsuko is sitting in Minami's embrace while leaning her back on his chest, and Minami is hugging her waist. Their hands are entwined. Suddenly Atsuko hears a small sigh from Minami. Then she turns and calls him


“What is it, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Are you thinking about your brother and the case?” she asks

“Uh” Minami nods

“I know I shouldn't let my feeling into this, but I can't bring myself to think that he is a crazy killer. Even more, he killed dad.” he said

“The time I spent with him not long, but he also taught me a lot of thing. He is just like dad, he hate the most is criminal.” he continues

“I…I…I just can’t believe that” Minami said while frowning

“I see.” Atsuko said

Then Atsuko turns to him and puts her hands on his cheeks

“Don't worry Minami. If your brother is innocent, I believe that you can find the evidences to prove it” she smiles at him and said

“Uh, I will definitely do that” Minami smiles at Atsuko and said

“But…” he continues

“But?” Atsuko looks at Minami and said in wonder tone

“But if he really did those things, I will definitely arrest him for me and on behalf of my father” Minami said in serious tone

Atsuko smiles brightly at Minami.

“That is my Minami. You are soooo cool” Atsuko said and hugs his neck tightly

Minami laughs softly at Atsuko's action. She is really his encouragement. Whenever he feels down, Atsuko will definitely help him feel better.

“Thank you, Atsuko” he kisses Atsuko's head and thought

In a dark place

Atsuko is walking in a dark valley alone. Only darkness surrounds her.

“Where am I?” Atsuko through

Suddenly someone appears in front of her. He is smiling at her, a very dangerous smile, but she can't see his face. He walks toward Atsuko and said

“Hello Atsuko”

“Who are you?” Atsuko steps back and asks

He ignores her question, the man keeps walking toward her.

“What do you want?” Atsuko continues stepping back and asks in shaky tone

The man smirks while keep walking toward her. The suddenly he rushes to her and catches her hand

“You are mine, Maeda Atsuko.” he pulls her toward him and said

“What are you doing, let's go off me” Atsuko shouts while struggling

“Minami, Minami” She calls Minami while trying to get her hand out of the man's grip


“Atsuko” when the man is about to say something, Minami's call cutting his word

Atsuko turns and sees Minami is standing in front of her.

“Minami” she calls him happily

“Let's go of her, jerk” Minami shouts while rushing toward them.

Suddenly Atsuko hears a gun shoot. She widens her eyes when seeing blood drop down from Minami's left chest.

“…” Minami falls down on the ground

“MINAMI, MINAMI, MINAMI” Atsuko shouts

She struggles trying to rushes to Minami. Suddenly she hears the man loud laughter

“He died already. Now you completely belong to me, Atsuko” the man said in cold tone

Atsuko turns around. She falls on the ground when seeing who the man is. The man standing in front of her no other than Minami's big brother, Takahashi Koji

“Now you go with me” he said and pulls her with him into the darkness

“No, Minami, Minami” Atsuko keeps calling Minami while struggling



Minami is sleeping in his room, suddenly he hears Atsuko's frighten voice.

“Minami, Minami”

“Atsuko” Minami thought

Then he quickly rushes to her room and sees that Atsuko is struggling on her bed. Minami rushes to her bed and holds her hands.

“Atsuko, Atsuko” he caresses her face and calls her in worry tone.

Sweat covers all over her face.

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls him in her dream

“Atsuko, Atsuko, I'm here. I'm here.” Minami said

“Minami” Atsuko shouts loudly while sitting up

Minami quickly pulls her into his embrace and said while patting her back

“Sshh….sshh...Atsuko, everything is fine. I'm here, I'm here”

Atsuko is panting heavily in Minami's embrace.

“I'm here. I'm here Atsuko” Minami keeps patting her back while comforting her.

Slowly Atsuko regains her conscious, and she realizes that Minami is hugging her.

“Minami” Atsuko calls Minami with her still shaky tone

Minami breaks the hugs and looks at Atsuko

“Are you ok, baby?” He asks in concerned tone

Atsuko looks at Minami. Then tear rolls down on her cheeks. She hugs him tightly while burying her face on his chest

“Minami, Minami...I was so scared” she said in tear

“Calm down Atsuko. There is nothing to be scared. I'm here, I'm here to protect you, my love” Minami pats her back and said

After awhile

Atsuko slowly calm down.

“Are you ok, Atsuko?” Minami asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“Then lie down and sleep ok” Minami said

“Minami, stay here” Atsuko holds his shirt and said

Minami smiles gently at Atsuko

“Uh, I will hug you and watch you sleep ok” he said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then Minami helps Atsuko to lie down, and then he lies down next to her. Atsuko snuggles closer to Minami while hugging him rightly

“Good night, Atsuko” Minami kisses her forehead and said

Then he pats her back to comfort her. Suddenly Atsuko speaks up


“What is it, my love?” Minami asks

“Please don't leave me” Atsuko said

“Of course, I won't.” Minami said

He can feels Atsuko tightens her hug around him

“Just now…” she said

Minami stays silent waiting for Atsuko to continues while keep stroking her back

“Just now I had a nightmare, that nightmare again” she told him in scared tone

“Someone wants to capture me. Then you appear, and he shot you, Minami.  I'm so scared. I see a lot of blood and you drop down…”

“Shh….Atsuko...shh…. Everything will be fine. That is just a dream” cutting her word Minami said

He doesn't want her to be scared because of that dream anymore

“Minami, when I look at that person. I can see his face now. It was him. It was Takahashi Koji. I saw him shoot you, Minami” Atsuko said in shaky tone

“Atsuko, look at me” Minami cups Atsuko cheeks and said

Atsuko looks up at Minami. He can see that her eyes are all red. He reassures her with a gentle smiles and said

“Don't worry, Atsuko. That will never happen because he is my brother. He won't harm me. Plus, I'm a police. No one can harm me. I can protect myself and you”

“I promise that I will always be with you ok” he continues while smiling at her

“Promise” Atsuko asks

“Uh, promise.” Minami nods

“Let's us seal our promise ok” he continues

Then he bends down and seals her lips with his in a deeps kiss. After that Atsuko buries her face on his chest and sleep

In the morning

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She turns but doesn't see Minami.

“Minami” Atsuko thought while sitting up.   

Then she sees a note on her dresser

“Atsuko, I have to go to the Police Agency early. I already made breakfast for you. Uncles and aunties are busy too, so they can't come today. Also, I can't have lunch with you today, however, let's eat dinner together ok. I already booked the restaurant. See you later, baby. Love you”

She reads the letter while smiling.

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko mumbles in happy tone

Then she steps down from her bed preparing to go to the hospital

National Police Agency

In Minami's office

“Hello Koji-nii”

(Hi Minami, how are you?) Koji asks

“I'm good. Are you free this evening, Koji-nii?” Minami asks

(I'm free) Koji said

“I want to invite you to this place.” Minami said

(Where is it?) Koji adks

“I will send the address later.” Minami said

(Ok, see you then) Koji said

Then they hang up. Minami looks at his phone, and then he looks at the picture on his table, which is his father, him and Koji in there with serious look.

At the moment

In Tokyo Police Department

In Koji's office

He looks at his phone and smirks

“Let’s have a friendly brother talk, Mi-na-mi” he said while making an red “X” mark on Minami’s picture


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
Fic Index

OS & Short Story
Atsumina's OS collection
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     +[Short Story] I Love You (Completed)
     +[OS] Promise
     +[Short Story] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Completed)
     +[OS] Perfect Valentine
     +[OS] Our Love Story
     +[Short Story] Power of Love (Completed)
     +[Short Story] Escape (Completed)
     +[Short Story] My Feeling for You (Completed)
     +[OS] Miracle of Christmas
     +[OS] Christmas Wish

Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) (Completed)
Mission of Love (Atsumina, WMatsui, Mayuki) (Completed)

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 14 24/09/2016
« Reply #188 on: September 25, 2016, 03:37:36 PM »
I really enjoy your fanfics. Great job author  San

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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 15 01/10/2016
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@sadrilim: Thank you! I’m happy that you enjoy my fic  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :)

Here is part 15  :D


Part 15

In the evening

Minami is walking in the cemetery toward his father's grave. He puts down his flower and sits beside the gravestones.

“Dad, how can I forgive him after all of this” he looks at his father's picture and said in sad tone


In the morning

After leaving Atsuko's house, Minami goes to his father house to investigate about his father's death. He still can't believe Tachi killed him. Plus, as Yuu's and Jun's new discovery, the culprit might not be Tachi, so Minami wants to go there and double check again.

He stands at the front door and looks at the house which is very dear to him. He opens the door and comes into the house. His old memories flashes back to him. He sees his father standing in front of him while smiling gently. He also can remember his happy face at that time

“Hi son, how is the test?”

“Dad, I passed. I finally become a police from now on”

“That is my son. Good job”

Minami smiles when remembering that.

“Dad, I want you to pat my head and praise me again like in the past” he whispers sadly

Then he walks up to his office. When he opens the door, once again, his memories return to him. He sees his father is sitting on his chair looking at him while smiling gently

“Minami, how is your first day?”

“It's very fun dad. Today, I caught a thief and save an old lady.”

“Good job, my boy”

Minami remembers his father. He can still hears his laughing and sees his happy face whenever he told him about his police job. Minami touches the table where his father were always working.

“Minami, remember this. You are a police. You have to be a good police who can help other people and protect the righteousness of the law and justice.”

“Dad, your words are always in my heart.” Minami whispers

Then he sits down on his father chair. Suddenly he feels something on the chair handle.

“Huh?” he sits up and thought

He strokes the place once again and feels like something is engraved there. Then he bends down to look at the handle. He sees a mark likes a smiling face

“This is…” Minami thought in surprise

“Minami, remember this. In the past, the pirate always use symbol to talk to each other so that no one can understand except us. Therefore let’s create a symbol between us when we play this hunting game ok.”

“Yes, that sound cool dad”

“Uh, very cool.”

“So Minami, what symbol do you want to use to indicate treasure?”

“Treasure? Uhm….a smiling face”

“Huh? Why is that?”

“Because if you found the treasure, you will smile happy right”

“Hahaha...that's right. Ok we will use this”

The symbol reminds Minami of the treasure hunting game that he played with his father when he was a kid.

“Treasure” Minami thought

Then he looks at the symbol and notice that the line that indicate the mouth looks like an arrow. It is pointing to the bookshelf

“What is it?” Minami thought

Then something flashes back in his head

“Dad’s secret office” He said and quickly rushes to the bookshelf.

On the shelf, there is a collection of the detective fiction Sherlock Holmes. Minami takes all of them out. Behind it is just a wooden blank. Minami raises his hand and pushes the wooden blank aside showing a number pad.

“Minami, remember this series number. This will lead to my secret office.”

Then he dial the number that his father told him before. Suddenly the shelf turn around leading Minami into his father other office. He looks around the small secret room. There is only one desk in the room. Minami remembers when he was little, his father always working in here while taking care of him.

He walks around the room.

“Why did dad want me to come here?” he thought

“Where is the treasure that he wants me to find” he said while checking the shelf.

While looking around the shelf, he sees an album with a title on its book spine, “My Treasure”. He hasn't seen this album before.

He takes the album and looks at it. He sees in the first page is his picture when he was little with his father. That is the picture in his locket necklace. There is another picture. In the picture is his father and 2 boys. The older boy is holding a baby boy in his arm. He knows this is his father, him, and his big brother, Koji.

“Dad's treasure” Minami thought while touching his father's face on the picture.

Then he continues looking on the album. In the album, there are only his picture and his brother pictures when his brother was a kid. Every picture is taken care very careful and labeled by event and year. When he reaches the last page, Minami sees a letter and a big envelope.

“Huh?” he thought

Minami takes them to the table and then puts back the album. He looks at the letter. It is for him.


My son, if you read this letter, it means I already left this world.”

Minami widens his eyes in surprise when seeing the first sentence in the letter

“Dad knew about that” he thought in surprise

“But how? Did he know who will kill him?” Minami mumbles

Then he continues reading the letter

“I’m sorry, Minami. I’m not a good father for you. I can’t give you a good family. You grew up without the love of your mother. I’m sorry, Minami.

However I’m very happy that you grew up and become a very good police. You are my proud, Minami.”

“Dad” Minami calls him

His eyes are moist with his tear. Actually, he is very happy because his father proud of him.

“Dad, you are my great father. I can be like his is because of you and your lesson” he whispers

Then he continues reading the rest of the letter.

“My most regret thing is Koji. To him, I’m the worst father, I didn’t even take care of him much when he was a kid. In the past, all I think was working. It was me who ruin this family. Then when he grew up, I couldn’t be with him.

Minami, no matter what is happened, I want you to always forgive him.”

“Forgive?” Minami thought in surprise

“What does dad mean?” he said in wonder tone

Then he puts down the letter and picks up the envelope. He slowly opens it. In his mind, he still wonders about the last sentence that his father mentioned. Suddenly something flashes back in his head

“Minami’s father is a famous detective. He is not a kind that easy to let a stranger go into his house, even more, his own office”

“So you mean the one who kill him have to know him”

“Uncle, did you two suspect that my brother did that?”

“However, our suspicion is not just guessing”

“No, it’s not true. Koji-nii will never do that. He wouldn’t kill dad. No” Minami mumbles while shaking his head

He opens the envelope and sees a book. Also there is some picture in here. He quickly takes out the book and pictures

“This is…” Minami said in surprised tone when realizing what those pictures are

They are pictures of the victims of the serial case that he thought was killed by Tachi days ago. He quickly opens the files and reads it. Each page is the information of a victim. Their hobbies and everything about each of them. Minami quickly skims through all the information. Then he comes across the information of the victims in U.S.

“Dad knew about this too.” Minami thought in surprise

Everything in the files is the same as Jun’s and Yuu’s information. Suddenly he stops at a page with a picture of a person that very familiar to him. He is very dear to him and his only family, Takahashi Koji.

“Koji-nii?” Minami thought in surprise

He immediately looks at the information to see what his father investigated.

“Takahashi Koji, high ranked police in the police department. He used to live in Minnesota, U.S...”

His father wrote every information about Koji including his life in US. He keeps reading until he sees a very surprised information and picture.

“1 month before the missing of the victim, Koji met her in the train.”

“3 weeks before the missing of the second victim, Koji met her in a bar.”

“Koji met the third victim in a Gym.”

“Those three girls on common is they already have a boyfriend or fiancée.”

“Koji seems to involve with them in some ways.”

“Just like the cases in Minnesota, he knew all these victim girls at most one month before their missing”

“His girlfriend/ fiancée…”

“So the most suspicious one…”

“I will confront him about this. I have to do what a father have to do.”

Minami looks up at the day of the diary. That is the day before his dead

“Dad” Minami thought

“No, it can't be. Did he really do this to dad?” Minami thought while holding his fist tightly

Then he turns to the next page. He sees a recorder. His father diary is like a box. The recorder is placed in it. Minami turns it on

“Hello son,

If you read my diary, I believe you now understand my letter more, right? I'm really failed as a father. It is very normal for him to hate me. I owed him a lot. I just hope that he know what he did was wrong. Don't let the scar in the past haunt him anymore.

Please Minami, my son. Please, forgive him and help him back as Koji in the past. I know you can do it, Minami.

My proud son. “

End flashback

“Dad, I hate him. I hate him for doing that to you. How can he…” Minami said while tear rolling on his cheeks.

“How can he…” he grins his teeth in anger while holding his fist tightly

“However…” Minami said and wipes his tear

“Because it is your last will, I will do this. I will tell him to submit himself to uncle Yuu. Or else, I will arrest him by myself. He has to pay for what he did” he thought seriously

Standing in front of his father's grave for a while, Minami hears the footsteps.

“You came early, huh?” Koji said while putting flowers on Koichi’s grave

“Uh” Minami nods

“So Minami, why do you want to meet me here?” Koji stands up and asks

“I just want to talk to you. Being in here like this just like three of us talking to each other.” Minami said

“I see.” Koji said

“Say, Koji-nii, do you still remember what dad said to you when you told him, you want to become a police?” Minami asks

“Of course I remember. That is the third summer when I came back here to visit dad and you. At that time, I was a high school student. I stood in front of him and said proudly that I will become a police and protect the righteous and justice just like him” Koji said

“Then he patted my shoulder and told me that: ‘I'm very happy Koji. If you want to become a police, you have to follow the law and be a reliable police to the citizens. You have to protect them above you and keeps the justice above everything’. ”

“I see, you remembered it very well. It makes me happy about that” Minami smiles and said

“But…” his face turns serious

Koji turns to look at Minami waiting for him to finish his words. Minami takes a deep breath and said in disappointed time

“But why can’t you keep those words and being a responsible police, Koji-nii”

“What do you mean, Minami?” Koji asks while frowning

“I believe you understand very well what I mean, right Koji-nii. After what you did?” Minami looks at Koji and said in serious tone

“What I did?” Koji said in question tone while walking toward the big tree near Koichi’s grave.

“Minamoto Eri, Fujimoto Anna, Nakahara Hana, and Also, all the victims in Minnesota” Minami walks toward Koji and told him all the victims’ name

Koji looks very calm and normal, but then his expression changed when Minami said one name

“And your very first victim, Kisaki Kira”

Koji holds his fists tightly in anger

“What are you saying, Minami? I don't understand. Why did you mention those girls name?” he said in ease tone

“Really?” Minami chuckles.

“Tell me why you broke up with your fiancée, Kisaki Kira?” he asks

“That's none of your business” Koji said trying to hold his anger.

“Then why did you kill those innocent girl” Minami asks

Suddenly Koji turns to look at Minami and shouts angrily

“They aren't innocent. They all are slut, trash.”

“So it's true that you killed them because they are just like your fiancee, right?” Minami said

Koji stays silent. Suddenly he laughs loudly.

“Yes, I did all of that. So what?” he said with careless tone

“So what? You asked me so what? Do you know what you are doing? You killed people. You murdered those girls. Don't you feel guilty about what you did?” Minami shouts angrily

He can't stand with his brother's action.

“Guilty? Hahaha…don't make me laugh” Koji laughs loudly and said

“They all deserve to die. Those cheater, betrayer, slut, trash” he said in hatred tone

“Why did you say that to them?” Minami said

“I thought you already knew about that. That Kisaki Kira, she betrayed me. She betrayed my love. How can she cheat on me after all I had done for her? I gave her everything and what did she give me, a broken and painful heart. She desired to die. That eyes keep looking at other men with lust, and that tongue keeps lying with all the love.” Koji said

“Those women too, I just say a little nice words and acted a little gentle, they all leaned to me like crazy despite that they already have a boyfriend, trash” he continues

“Who are you to decide whether they deserve to die or not? No matter what the reason is, you can't kill people like that.” Minami said to him in angry tone

“Plus, you said they desired to die, how about dad? Why did you kill him? Is it to cover your sin?” he takes Koji by his collar and shouts

Koji smirks

“He also deserved to die” he said in cold tone

Minami widens his eyes in surprise when hearing what Koji said

“What are you saying, Takahashi Koji?” he said in angry tone

“I said he deserved to die. A person like him don't deserve to live. He failed to be a father, and he doesn't ha…” hasn't finished his words, Minami punches him hard on his face making him fall on the ground

“How can you say something like that to dad, Takahashi Koji? He loves you a lot, you know that” Minami shouts angrily

“Love me? Hahaha….” Koji said and laughs sarcastically

“You said he love me? Hahaha….” he continues while laughing

“That is the most hilarious thing I have ever heard. If he loves me, he wouldn't let me go with that unfaithful woman. If he love me, he wouldn't only focus on his work and leaving me alone. The only one he loves is you. He takes care of you the way that he never did to me. He gives you the love that I never had.” Koji said

“Do you know how my life is, little brother?” he takes Minami's collar and asks

“I live with that woman who so called mother, your mother too, right? She is the most irresponsible mother in the whole world. All she did was looking for man after man leaving me alone with her new husband. He hit me day by day, and he kept calling me a trash because of what she did. At those time, where are you? Being taken care with love. Sleeping in a warm bed while I had to sleep in the cold basement.” Koji shouts while pushing Minami out

Minami is very surprise with what his brother said. He never thought that his brother suffered that much in his childhood.

“That is why I hate her and all those unfaithful women, and I don't believe in woman anymore.” Koji shouts angrily

“However, then that woman came to my life acting as if she is a good and pure girl. I trusted her and gave her my love and everything, but once again, she is just like that woman. She cheated on me behind my back with my best friend. What a painful thing. Being controlled by anger, I killed her and that man.” Koji said while tear dropping down on the ground.

Minami looks at his brother. He know now why did he kill those girls.

“Just like Atsuko said, he has problem with his mental.” he thought

He isn't angry anymore. Now, he only wants to help his brother.

“Minami” Koji calls him

“Do you know why I blamed you for killing dad?” he asks

“Why did you so that?” Minami asks while holding his fists tightly

“Because I hate you. I'm jealous with what you got. The one dad kept by his side is you not me. Why did dad take care of you like that while with me he always busy working. I always thought that why did you always have what I don't. That is why I hate you. I want to push you down, and I want to blame you a sin that unforgivable. I want you to suffer” Koji said

Minami looks at Koji. He doesn't feel any angry after hearing that. He just feels sorry for him. He walks slowly toward him and sits down in front of Koji



Cutting Minami's voice is the cold sound of gunshot. Koji smiles coldly while standing up

“Ko...ji...nii” Minami calls weakly while holding his bleeding stomach.

“Stupid” Koji said in cold tone and kicks Minami making him cough painfully

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

“…?” Minami trying to stand up while asking Koji

“You asked me why I did this. Easy, I told you before that I hate you right. That is why I want to kill you.” Koji said and rushes to punches Minami at his bleeding stomach

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

Minami kneels down and coughs painfully

“I hate you even more now, Minami. Why did you always have what I want? But now, no more Takahashi Minami in this world. I will take what is yours including Maeda Atsuko. She will be mine” Koji holds Minami collar and said

“You...bastard...I will kill you if you dare to hurt her” Minami holds Koji's collar and said in angry tone

Koji smirks.

“Look at yourself. You can't even save yourself how can you think about protecting her. Stupid” He said and kicks Minami again.

Minami holds his injury while bending his head down.

“Now let's this big brother escort you to the other world” Koji said while raising his gun aiming for Minami's head.

Suddenly Minami raises up. He throws sand to Koji eyes, and then rushes through him. Koji shakes the sand away and chases after Minami. Unfortunately to Minami, he doesn't know that he is running toward a cliff. He stops at the end of the cliff.

“Dead end for you now, Minami” Koji said while laughing

Minami turns around and looks at Koji while frowning.

“Why did you do this to your family, Koji-nii?” he asks

“Family? No, neither you nor him is my family. I don't have any family, and you are just an annoying rock on my road. Get rid of you and I will have everything” Koji said

“You…” Minami thought while stepping back

Because he is standing at the end of the cliff, when moving back, he accidentally trips and falls down the cliff. Koji is surprised with what happened. He immediately rushes to check on him, but he didn't see anything. This is a very high mountain. No one can survive 

Then he laughs loudly

“Hahaha….finally, I finally can get rid of Takahashi Minami.” Koji said and keeps laughing crazily

“Minami, don't hate me. Hate yourself for being a rock in my way.” he said and walks away


In Atsuko's mansion

Atsuko is preparing herself while waiting for Minami. They will have a dinner date. However, it is very late, and Minami still hasn't come back yet.

“What took him so long?” Atsuko thought worriedly while sitting down on her bed.

Then she takes out her phone and calls him, but she can't reach him no matter how many time she calls.

Now Atsuko start feeling worry about Minami. Suddenly the scene in her dream flashes back in her head. Her heart beats faster, and her body is shaking.

“No, Minami, please be ok.” Atsuko whispers while holding her phone tightly


In Koji's house

He is drinking his wine and smiles victorious. He finally can get rid of the big stone that blocking his way. He laughs loudly and said

“No more Takahashi Minami. No more annoying rock in my way.”

Then he looks at the picture in his phone. That is Atsuko’s picture

“The weakest time of a woman is when the person she love lost. It is also the time that a man can make a move on her easily.” Koji said while playing with the glass on his hand

“Maeda Atsuko, soon you will be mine. Power, wealthy, everything will belongs to me” He said

In the evening next day

While Atsuko is working, she hears a knocking sound. She looks at her laptop screen which connected to the camera outside her door. She sees Koji. She quickly stands up and walks toward the door.

She opens the door with a worried face.

“Inspector Koji, it is good to see you” Atsuko said in happy and worried tone

“What's wrong, Atsuko?” he asks in worried tone

Of course he knows what her worry is. He was the one who caused it.

“Minami….do you know where he is, inspector Koji? I haven't seen him since yesterday morning. I also couldn't contact him. I asked uncle, but he didn't know either. I'm so worry.” she said to him in worried tone

Tear starts forming on her eyes

“Minami is missing? I don't know about that. I was very busy since yesterday. Today I had something to do near here so I stop by to greet you.” Koji said innocently

“Oh” Atsuko looks down sadly and said

Koji looks at her. Then he comes and holds her hands. Atsuko withdraws her hands immediately in surprise

“Inspector Koji” she said in surprised tone

“I'm sorry. I just want to comfort you” Koji said

“Don't worry, Atsuko. I will look for him for you.” He continues in gentle tone

“Thank you” Atsuko said

“You don't need to say thank to me. I will do everything for you” he smiles and said to her

“Today, I planned on coming here to invite you for dinner, but I guess you don't have any mood right now, right?” Koji said

“I'm sorry. I'm worry for Minami. What if something happen to him?” Atsuko sobs and said

“Don't worry Atsuko. He will be fine. I guess he just have some serious thing to do and unable to contact to you in the meantime. I will definitely find him for you” Koji pats Atsuko's shoulder and said

“Thank you” Atsuko said

“I told you that you don't need to thank me. I will do everything for you, Atsuko” he said and Atsuko nods

“I guess I will leave now. If I have any information about Minami, I will call you right away” Koji said

“Ok” Atsuko nods

Then Koji leaves the place. He is walking with a smiles on his face and thought

“Soon very soon, you will be mine, Maeda Atsuko.”


Atsuko walks back into her room and closes the door. She leans her back on the door while holding her fists tightly.

“Disgusting” she mumbles

“Atsu, you have to act like you don't know where Takamina is so that he won't suspect anything.”

Then she walks into the restroom and washes her hands. After that, Atsuko opens her parents secret lab and walks in

There is a person lying on the patient bed. His face is not so pale, and his heartbeat is steady. His head is bandaged. That person is Minami. She walks closer and sits down on the chair next to his bed.

“Atsuko, I promise you that I will never leave you alone.”

“Minami, I won't allow you to break your promise with me” she gently caresses his face and said while tear dropping down on his hand


Hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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Atsumina's OS collection
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     +[Short Story] I Love You (Completed)
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     +[Short Story] My Lovely Ojou-sama (Completed)
     +[OS] Perfect Valentine
     +[OS] Our Love Story
     +[Short Story] Power of Love (Completed)
     +[Short Story] Escape (Completed)
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     +[OS] Christmas Wish

Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
Beyond The Sea (Atsumina, Mayuki, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Marimii) (Completed)
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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 16 08/10/2016
« Reply #190 on: October 08, 2016, 12:13:03 AM »
Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is part 16  :)


Part 16

(The night Minami was attacked by Koji and fell off the mountain)

At Atsuko house

Atsuko is sitting on the sofa waiting for Minami to come back. They will have a dinner date today. However, it is very late now, and Minami still isn’t home yet. She tried to call him a lot of time, she couldn't reach him. She also asked Yuu, and he said that Minami already went home.

“What took him so long?” Atsuko thought while looking at her phone.

Suddenly her phone rings. She looks at it immediately and picks it up right away when seeing the caller is Minami.

“Hello Minami, where are you? I'm so worry” Atsuko said in worried tone


However exchanging for her question is a long silent

“Minami?” Atsuko calls him again

(*Cough* *Cough*)

This time from the other side is not silent but someone coughing very painful. This makes Atsuko even worrier

“Minami, please answer me. Please say to me that you are ok” Atsuko said while tear rolling on her cheeks

(At…su…ko) Minami calls her in weak tone

“Minami, Minami, what's wrong? Where are you? Are you hurt?” Atsuko asks in worried tone

(I'…sorry, Atsuko...seem….like...I can't have…dinner with you…, and…I can' you *Coughs* either...)

Atsuko is surprised with his words. She quickly asks

“What are you saying, Minami? What's happened to you? Minami, please tell me where are you?” Atsuko asks in tear

(At…suko, I' idiot….I'm really…an idiot. I was…wrong. brother anymore…) Minami said, and his voice gets weaker

“Minami, please, please tell me where are you. Minami, I’m begging you.” Atsuko said in tear

(At...suko…, I...I...want you to...know...that...I love you. I love you…more than…anything in this world.…) Minami whispers faintly

Suddenly his phone drops

“Minami, Minami, please answer me, Minami” Atsuko calls in tear

Then she quickly calls Jun


Jun and Rena are having dinner. Then suddenly Jun's phone rings.

“Hello Atsu, you still haven't gone to yo…” Jun smiles and said

But he was cut off by Atsuko’s panic voice

(Uncle, please save Minami for me. Please save him for me)

“What's wrong, Atsu?” Jun asks in surprised and worried tone

His voice makes Rena surprise and worry. She looks at him worriedly

(Mi...Minami just called me. His voice is very weak. He is hurt, but I don't know where he is, uncle. He told me he can't keep his promise being with me forever. Uncle, please find Minami for me) Atsuko said in tear

She cries very hard over the phone

“Sshh….Atsu, don't cry, uncle will come to your house now. Takamina will be ok. He will be fine. Uncle promise you ok” Jun said in gentle tone reassuring her that Minami will be fine.

Then he hangs up and quickly stands up

“What's wrong, Jun?” Rena asks

“I don't know, but seem like something happened to Takamina. We have to get to Atsu's house quickly” Jun said in hurried tone

“Ok” Rena nods

Luckily their house is not far from Atsuko's. It took them 15 minutes to get there. After parking their car, they quickly rushes into the house

“Atsu” they call Atsuko in worried tone

“Uncle, auntie” Atsuko rushes to them

“What's happened Atsu?” Rena asks in worried tone

“Auntie, please find Minami” Atsuko hugs Rena and said in tear

“Calm down Atsu, we will find him for you, ok” Rena pats her head and said

“Atsu, give me your phone” Jun said

Then Atsuko gives him her phone. He tries to locate Minami's phone by his number.

After 10 minutes

“Ok, I got his location, let's go” Jun said

Then they all leave the house.

In the car

Atsuko is crying very hard on Rena's shoulder.

“Auntie, Minami will be fine, right? He won't leave me like mommy and daddy, right?” she asks her in broken tone

“Of course he won't leave you. He is a man of his word. He promised you that, and he won't leave you” Rena pats Atsuko's head and said

After 1 hour

They finally reach the place indicate on Jun GPS. Atsuko quickly rushes out of the car following Jun. They run into a big forest, and next to it is a very high mountain.

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls out his name loudly

“Atsu, this way” Jun said, and they follow him

When they finally reach the place which the GPS is indicating, Atsuko stuns at her place. She drops the phone that she grips so tight just moment ago. Through the flashlight, she sees Minami is leaning on a tree unconscious. Blood is all over his face and shirt.

“Mi...nami” Atsuko whispers while walking slowly to him

Then she burst out in tear and shouts while rushing to him


She hugs him in her arms tightly and calls his name in tear

“Minami, please open your eyes and looks at me please, please, Minami” Atsuko cries harder while calling him.

Then they hear the sound of ambulance. Jun called Yuu and asks him to call the ambulance when he and Haruna get ready to go here. Then they quickly take Minami to the hospital

In the operation room

Atsuko is standing near the operating table while looking at Minami. She is about to do the operation for the person she loves the most, and she never thought this will ever happen to her.
Rena and Haruna look at each other worriedly.

“Atsu, how about you go out and wait, we will do this operation?” Rena said in concerned tone

“Uh, we promise we will definitely save him.” Haruna said

“It's ok, aunties. I will do it. I won't let him break our promise.” Atsuko said

Then they start the operation.

“Minami, you know that I hate the most is liar, right? So you have to be alive and do what you promised me if you don't want me to hate you for breaking that promise.” Atsuko thought while doing the operation.

In the present

At Maeda's private hospital

In the secret lab

Minami slowly opens his eyes and looks around.

“Am I still alive?” he thought while sitting up

“Ouch, it is hurt” he said while hugging his stomach.

Then a happy thought flashes in his head

“If I feel hurt, then that mean I'm still alive. Then I can meet my Atsuko again” Minami said happily

“But who saved me?” he thought while looking around the place.

He sees a strange but familiar scenery.

“This is Atsuko's parent lab” Minami thought

Suddenly the door opens. Minami turns and looks at the door. He sees Atsuko standing at the door. Her face looks surprise, and then her eyes start filling with tear.

“My love” Minami smiles and calls her while opens his arms

“Minami” Atsuko whispers while walking slowly toward him

“Minami….Minami” she keeps calling him in happy tone while speeding up her speed to Minami

Then she hugs him tightly, but very careful so that it won't hurt him

“Minami, you baka. Why did you come there to meet him by yourself? What if I come there a little later? You….you...would…” Atsuko cries very hard in his embrace

“I'm sorry Atsuko” Minami pats her head and said

“Minami, you don't love me. You want to leave me alone….you don't love me….you don’t love me anymore” she cries harder and said in tear

Minami pulls her out to looks at him and said while wiping her tear

“Baka, of course I love you. Who said I want to leave you alone. Moreover who said that I don't love you?”

“You are my life, Atsuko. I can't live in this world without you. I love you more than anything” he continues with sincerely tone

“Then why did you go to meet him while knowing that he could be the criminal. He is a crazy killer. He can kill you, you know that, Minami.” Atsuko said

“I'm sorry my love. I'm sorry. I never thought that he would do that to me. Deep in my heart, I never thought that he would do that. I'm sorry for making you worry, baby” Minami said while burying his face on her neck

“Please don't ever do that again, Minami. Don't leave me, please” Atsuko tightens her hug and said

“Uh, I will. I won't ever make you feel this way ever again. Atsuko, I'm sorry” Minami pats her back and said

“You said that, you have to keep your words, Minami” Atsuko looks at Minami and said

Minami smiles gently while wiping her tear and said in gentle tone

“Uh, I will”

“Promise” She said while raising her pinky finger

“Uh, promise” Minami nod and said while rounding his pinky finger around hers.

Then Atsuko smiles brightly at him.

“However Atsuko, I think it is not enough” Minami said in serious tone

Atsuko looks at him with confused look

“What's not enough, Minami?” Atsuko tilts her head and asks

“The seal of our promise” Minami said

Then hasn't let Atsuko response, he seals his lips with hers in a deep and loving kiss. Atsuko closes her eyes and replies his kiss. They kiss until they both need air. Then they break the kiss and smiles at each other.

“So our promise is official now” he pecks her lips and said

Atsuko hugs his neck and smiles happily. Then they hear a knocking sound. Jun, Rena, Haruna, and Yuu walk in.

“Yoo” Yuu and Jun greet them

“How is your injury, Takamina?” Rena asks

“I'm ok now. Thank you uncles, aunties” Minami smiles and said

“Of course he is ok, Rena. Having Atsu by his side like that, it is more than enough to make him feel better” Jun said

“Not only feeling better, but even stronger than before” Yuu adds

“Yeah…” Jun said

“...Power of Love” Yuu and Jun said at the same time and high five each other

Atsuko blushes madly with what the two said. When she is about to say something, Minami holds her closer on his chest and said proudly

“Yes, it is true. Because Atsuko is here, I was able to feel better in no time”

His words surprised Atsuko. Rena and Haruna are also very surprised, especially Jun and Yuu. They thought they can tease Minami and Atsuko, but they never thought that he can talk back like this.

“Wow, wow, wow, our Takamina today is surprisingly cool and daring huh?” Yuu teases

“Yeah, he is a big boy now” Jun adds

They still don't give up and keep teasing him. Minami knows that they still want to tease him.

“Thank you uncles. I'm cool and daring like this because Atsuko is here for me. Just like you two said. This is “power of love”.” He said and smirks at them

He wants to tease them back. Then all of sudden, he bends down and kisses Atsuko at her lips in front of the four.

“Mi...Minami” Atsuko calls him shyly while hiding herself on his chest because of too embarrassing.


“Hey boy, don't act too close to our little Atsu like that” Jun said while pulling Atsuko out of his arms and sits between them

“Yes, we are still her uncle. If you want her hand, you have to ask us, you know” Yuu rounds his arm around Minami's shoulder and said


“Wow that is a surprised. Instead of just staying silent, he teases them back” Rena whispers to Haruna

“Maybe that bullet affect something on his brain. Making him bolder, I think” Haruna nods and said

Then the two giggle at each other while looking at the three especially the two jelly uncles. They keep teasing each other for a while. Then Jun said

“Ok boy. We give Atsu back to you. Love her and cherish her like what you said to us.”

“Uh, we are glad that you are fine now. You made Atsu so worry for you these three days. Look at her, she skinnier than before a lot. Don't ever make her feel that way ever again ok.” Yuu said

“Yes, I will. Thank you uncles” Minami smiles and said

Then they sit down on the chair and talk.

“So Takamina, can you tell me why did you come to meet him alone?” Yuu asks

“About that…” Minami said

Then he turns to Atsuko and said

“Atsuko, can you open that drawer for me?”

“Ok” Atsuko nods in confuse

Then she turns and opens the drawer next to Minami's bed.

“Did you see a big yellow envelope, Atsuko?” he asks

“Uh, what's it, Minami? Did you put it in? When did you do that?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, yesterday before I went to meet him. I came here and put it in there” Minami said

Then Atsuko takes it out and gives him.

“Inside this envelope is my father's diary and his investigation about this case including the cases in Minnesota.” Minami said while opening the envelope

Everyone is very surprised with what he said

“How did you have that Minami?” Atsuko asks in surprised tone

“That day, I left home very early to come to dad's house. I still can't believe that he is the one who did all of this. On top of that, he killed dad. Then I remembered dad was also investigating this case. Therefore, I came to his house hoping to find his investigation diary of some information about the case.” Minami said while giving Yuu the files and diary.

Then he told them about what he found out that day and what is in the diary.

“I see. That is why you came there to confront him about that, right?” Yuu asks

“Yes, I want to verify everything, and if he is really that crazy criminal, I will arrest him myself as what my father wants” Minami said

“Takamina, you are an idiot” Jun said in serious tone

“Yes, I agree with Jun.” Yuu said

“If you saw those information, you have to know how crazy he is. Even your father, his father too, he killed him without a second thought. How are you supposed to think that he will let you arrest him that easily?” Yuu said

“I'm sorry. It is just that, though it is a small hope, I still want to think that he is not that heartless. However I'm wrong.” Minami said while looking down

“Minami” Atsuko thought while looking at his sad face.

She holds his hand and looks at him with worried look. Minami looks up and smiles at Atsuko

“Don't worry, Atsuko. I'm fine” he pats her head and said

Then Haruna asks Yuu.

“Can we arrest him now, Yuu?”

“Uhm...not yet. We got this evidences. However most of them are from his deduction. The information about his relationship with those girls is not enough to accuse him. At least we have to know where he kill those girls and those things which he took from them” Yuu said

“I see” Rena and Haruna said

“How about Takamina go out and be a witness? After all, he nearly killed Takamina” Rena said

“No he can't go out with his real identity.” Yuu shakes his head and said

“Uh, looking at him, I know that he is a very smart person. If we make a wrong move, he will definitely get away again” Jun said

“Uh, that's what I'm worrying too” Yuu said

“I will go back as Kai until we arrest him” Minami said

Then something flashes in his head

“I will take what is yours including Maeda Atsuko. She will be mine”

The memory worries Minami a lot. He turns and said to Yuu

“Uncle, can you call some police to protect Atsuko?”

His voice shows that he is very worry

“True, Yuu, you have to order some of your men to come here protecting Atsu 24/7 because we won't know what that crazy man wants” Jun said

“Uh, I thought about that too. I will order them to come here immediately” Yuu said

“So how can we arrest him?” Rena asks

“There is one person who could know something about him.” Minami speaks up

Everyone turns their attention to him.

“Who is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Suzuki Tachi” Minami said

“That's right. He should have known something.” Jun said

“Uh, why did he take all the blame since he didn't do anything? What cause him to do that?” Yuu said

“So, if we can make him confess about that, we can have more evidences against him” Rena said

“However, we have to figure out what cause him to do that in order to make him talk to us because he doesn't seem to tell us anything now” Minami said

“Uh, I will order Yuji to look at his information and investigate more about him” Yuu said

“Ok, let's stop our discussion for now. Takamina, you should rest more since you just woke up. We will talk more about this later.” Jun said

“Ok, thank you uncle, auntie” Minami said

Then the four leave the room leaving Minami and Atsuko in the room. After they left, Atsuko turns and asks Minami in concerned tone

“Are you tired, Minami? You sat for too long”

Minami smiles gently and said

“I'm fine, Atsuko”

“As I said, just seeing you here with me is enough for me to feel much, much better. I'm full charged” Minami raises his hands and said.

However because he does a little too strong, it causes him pain at the injury at his stomach. He frowns while holding his stomach. Seeing that Atsuko said in worried tone while checking on him

“Minami, don't move your hands too much. Are you ok?”

“Uh, I'm fine my love” Minami said

“Let's me help you lie down and rest” Atsuko said

“Ok” Minami nods

Then Atsuko helps him lie down. Suddenly right after he lied down, Minami once again hugs his stomach while frowning. He looks like he is in pain.

“Minami, are you ok? What's wrong?” Atsuko asks him in worry tone

“I...I...I...need...I...need a pain relief.” Minami said hardly

“Ok, ok, I will. But I have to check on you first, Minami” Atsuko said in panic tone

However she still tries her best to keep calm so that she can help Minami. When Atsuko is about to check on Minami, he sudden grabs her hand pulling her down and kisses her lips deeply.

“Minami?” Atsuko calls him in confuse

He winks at her and said while smiling

“That's my most effectively pain relief.”

Atsuko looks at Minami dumbfounded. Then her face slowly turns dark because of anger and tear starts falling from her beautiful eyes.

“Minami, you are a baka” She said while wiping her tear

Seeing that Minami quickly raises his hands and hugs her. She buries her face on his neck and cries silently

“I'm sorry Atsuko. I didn't mean to scare you like that. Please don't cry. I'm sorry” Minami pats her back and said

Then he turns and kisses her head while keeping patting her back
“Minami, you are a baka. You know how worry I was? These past three days were torture to me. You just lied on there and didn't wake up. And then when you finally woke up, you did this. I hate you, Minami. I hate you.” Atsuko said in tear

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry my love” he kisses her head and said

“I hate you, Minami. I hate you….” Atsuko keeps saying like that

Then she suddenly said

“I love you very much, Minami. I love you with all my heart. You are everything to me, Minami. Please don't do that. I don't want to feel the feeling of losing someone important to me again. It is very painful, Minami”

Minami can feel his heart tighten when hearing those words from Atsuko. He scold himself for his stupidity

“You are an idiot, Takahashi Minami”

“I'm sorry Atsuko. I'm sorry. I'm an idiot. I shouldn't scare you like that. I'm sorry.” Minami tightens his hugs and said while patting her back

After a while

Atsuko finally stops crying. She looks up at Minami with her red eyes because of crying.

“I'm very sorry my love.” Minami wipes tear left on her eyes and said

“Don't ever do that again, Minami” Atsuko said

“Uh, I won't. I'm sorry. I'm an idiot” Minami whispers

“Now smiles for me my Atsuko.” he continues

Atsuko slowly smiles at him her beautiful smile. Minami smiles back at her

“I love you, Atsuko.” he hugs her pulling her down and kisses her lips lovingly


In Yuu's office

Yuu is looking at Tachi's information. His record is very clear with no bad record.

“Suzuki Tachi, a police in Tokyo Police Agency. Graduated from police school with great score. His parents own a small family restaurant near Shibuya. He got married 5 years ago. His wife, Suzuki Maiki is a nurse in Central hospital. He has a 4 years old daughter name Suzuki Eriko.” Yuu reads the information

“Hum...what a happy family.” he thought

“Why did he take the blame on him?” Yuu whispers while leaning his back on the chair.

Then he calls Yuji to his office.

“Sir, you call me” Yuji asks

“I need you to do this for me.” Yuu said


Hope you guys enjoy reading it!  :D
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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 17 15/10/2016
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic

Here is part 17


Part 17

The next day

At the hospital

In the secret lab

Atsuko is working on her patient's files. She decided to work in her parents’ lab because she doesn't want Minami feel lonely all by himself in here. Also working in here, she can also watches Minami in case he needs something.

Minami is reading book on his bed. Once in awhile, he will look up at Atsuko who is working seriously. He smiles when seeing her serious face. He thinks she look very cute when she is working. Then he puts the book down and stands up planning to walk to her. However, Atsuko looks up seeing Minami is standing from his bed, she quickly rushes to him

“Don't move around too much, Minami. If you need anything, just call me” she said while helping him to sit down

“Atsuko, I'm fine. My injury doesn't hurt anymore. I just want to come to you” Minami said while holding Atsuko’s hands

“What do you want, Minami?” Atsuko asks while sitting next to him

“I want you” he said and pecks on her lips

When Atsuko is about to say something, they hear an alert sound indicate Atsuko that there is someone in front of Atsuko’s office. She looks up at the monitor which connected to the camera in front of her office to see who the person is.

“It is him” Atsuko said with anger tone

When she is about to stand up, Minami hugs her waist back

“What's wrong, Minami?” Atsuko asks in surprised tone

“Don't go. He wants to harm you. I know it” he said while tightening his hug

“I know Minami. However, this is my hospital, he can't do anything to me. Plus, my knight is right here, no one can harm me” Atsuko pecks his lips and said

“Also, if I don't go out, he will suspect” she continues

“Ok, be careful, Atsuko. I will protect you no matter what” Minami whispers

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then she goes out of the room to meet Koji. She stands in front of the door and takes a deep breath. She hates to meet him, but she has to. After preparing her mind, Atsuko opens the door and comes out.

“Hello Atsuko” Koji greets her with a smile

“Hello inspector Koji” Atsuko bows and said

Then she quickly asks him

“Inspector Koji, did you find any information about Minami?”

Koji shakes his head sadly

“No, my people are still investigating about him. I wonder where he went?” he said

“I see” Atsuko looks down sadly

Suddenly Koji raises his hand and touches Atsuko's face. She quickly steps back in surprise

“Atsuko, you look so skinny. Did you eat properly?” he asks her in concerned tone while raising his hand to touch her face again

“I...I...I'm fine. You don't have to worry” Atsuko quickly steps back and said before he can touch her face again

“Sorry, I’m just so worry about you.” Koji said and withdraws his hand

Then he asks her

“Are you free, Atsuko? I want to invite you for lunch”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not in mood” Atsuko sighs and said

“It’s ok. I know you will say that, so I bought this for you.” Koji said and raises a bag of food in front of Atsuko

“You don’t have to do that” Atsuko said

When Koji is about to say something, the door opens. Minami walks out in Kai disguise.

“Minami” Atsuko thought in surprise when seeing Minami comes out here.

“That butler” Koji thought angrily while frowning when seeing Kai stepping out

“Atsuko-sama, you got a phone from your patient” Minami bows and said

“Ok, thank you Kai.” Atsuko said

Then she turns to Koji and said

“I’m sorry inspector Koji. I have to go back to work. When you have any news about Minami, please tell me right away”

“Ok I will.” Koji said

“Also, please accept this, Atsuko” he continues while giving Atsuko the bag of food.

“Thank you, inspector” Atsuko said

“Kai” she turns and calls Minami

Minami bows and takes the bag. After that, they go back into the room while Koji turns and leaves the place. He walks away while holding his fists tightly in anger

“Yamamoto Kai” he mumbles in angry tone


In Atsuko’s office

“Minami, why did you come out there?” Atsuko said while helping Minami sitting down on the sofa

Then she sits down next to him and continues

“You know it is very dangerous to walk like this with your injury. What if your injuries hurt again? What ihm…”

Hasn’t finished her words, Minami turns and kisses her lips gently while pushing her down on the sofa.

“What's wrong, Minami?” Atsuko asks in surprise tone while blushing because of his action.

Minami keeps silent still looking at Atsuko gently. He raises his hand and brushes her hair aside gently. Then he bends down and kisses Atsuko's cheeks down to her neck. He licks her necks and sucks it making Atsuko moans in surprise


Suddenly she hears Minami whisper.

“How can he touch my Atsuko with his filthy hand?”

He keeps saying it while kissing her cheeks up and down again and again. Atsuko now realizes that Minami is jealous. She smiles and uses her hands to lift his face up.

“Are you jealous, Minami?” she asks him

“Of course. This is more than just a jealous. When I was in my room, I saw he kept getting closer and closer to you. He even touched your face.” Minami kisses Atsuko's cheeks again and said

“My blood boiled when I saw that. I don't want that filthy hand to touch my Atsuko, my Angel. That is why I went out there” he continues

“Also, that food. I will throw it into the trash can.” he adds while pointing to the bag on the table

“Minami” Atsuko hugs his neck and calls him happily

“I also hated it very much. I really want to slap at his face and shout at him. I hated anytime I have to talk to him like nothing happened while he was the one who hurt my love, my Minami so bad and nearly took you away from me” Atsuko whispers while tightening her hugs

“Sometime I'm really scared when he keeps taking me by surprised with all his disgusting action like just now.” She continues while burying her face on his chest

“I will definitely arrest him fast so that he won't be able to do anything to you, Atsuko. I will definitely protect you, my love” Minami said

“Minami” Atsuko looks at Minami and smiles happily

She holds his face down and kisses his lips lovingly. Minami replies her kiss passionately and intense. By the time goes by, their kiss turn into more and more intense.

“I love you, Atsuko” Minami whispers while kissing Atsuko cheek and traces down to her neck

“I love you too, Minami” Atsuko said

Suddenly they hear a knocking sound and Yuu's voice

“Atsu, it is me”

Atsuko and Minami quickly sit up and straighten their clothes. Then she uses the remote and unlocks the door.

Yuu opens the door and steps into the room. He sees Atsuko and Minami are sitting next to each other on the sofa

“Oh hey Takamina, I thought you are still in the lab.” Yuu said

Then he notices that Minami already changed into Kai.

“And why did you in Kai disguise?” he asks in confused tone

“He came here” Minami said in serious tone

“He? Takahashi Koji?” Yuu said in surprised tone while frowning

“Yes, he came here just moment ago” Atsuko nods and said

“Acting all caring. He also gave her this trash” Minami stands up while taking the bag

“Minami, let's me” Atsuko said

“It's fine. I will throw this away.” he said and takes the bag to the trashcan.

“So he wants something from Atsu, huh?”  Yuu said

“Definitely” Minami said while walking back to the sofa.

Atsuko stands up and helps him to sit down.

“I won't let him lay a finger on Atsuko.” Minami holds Atsuko's hand tightly and said

Then he looks up at Yuu and asks

“Speaking of which, why did you come here, uncle? Did you need something?”

“Uh, I just talked to Suzuki Tachi yesterday” Yuu said

“What did he say?” Minami asks

“Nothing” Yuu said while shaking his head


Yuu is sitting in front of Tachi in the interrogation room

“I give you one last chance. Tell me did you really kill them?” Yuu asks

“...” Tachi stays silent refuse to say anything

“I know you took a blame for a certain person, and I know who that person is” Yuu said

As expected from Yuu, Tachi reacts with his words.

“Don't use that cheap trick on me. I did everything by myself. No one involved in this case” Tachi said

“Do you have anything to say to me? If not send me back to the prison now” he stands up and continues

“Ok, take him back to the prison” Yuu orders

When they are about to leave the room, Yuu said

“When you decided to take all the blame, did you ever think of your wife and your daughter?”

Tachi stuns at his place by Yuu's words. Then he bends his head down and walks away

End flashback

“I see” Minami said

“Uncle, do you ever think that he was forced to do this by Takahashi Koji?” Atsuko asks

“I think that is a possible. That is why I ordered my people to investigate where his wife and daughter are. Maybe Koji threatened him with them” Yuu said

“That's not possible” Minami suddenly speaks up

His words make Yuu and Atsuko surprise

“Why did you think so, Takamina?” Yuu asks

“Koji and Tachi are best friend. They knew each other since forever. I believe that he won't threaten him by his family” Minami said

“Also in the past, Koji even helped his family when they are in trouble. He saved Tachi when he nearly lost in the mafia world.” he continues

“But didn't you forget that he killed his own father and nearly killed you” Yuu said

“He killed dad for three reason” Minami said in sad tone

“One because dad know he is the killer. Two because he wants to blame me for everything, and three, especially three, he killed dad because he said that dad didn't love him. He said that dad chose to keep me not him by his side because dad didn't love him. That make him hate dad” Minami said

“About me, the obvious reason is he hates me since the day dad kept me by his site not him. Then for all those victim, he killed them because they reminded him a very bad memories of him. It is just like what Atsuko mentioned about him” he continues

Then he tells Yuu and Atsuko about what happened to Koji when he was living in Minnesota

“I see. That is complicated huh” Yuu said

“Yes. Therefore I think, he won’t harm just any people” Minami nods and said

“Even if you said so, the chance that Koji uses his family to threaten him is still high if he wants to evade his sin” Yuu said

Suddenly his phone rings

“Hello Yuji, how is your investigation?” Yuu picks up the phone and asks

“I see. Ok, you can go back to the Agency. Remember to not let anyone meet Suzuki Tachi.” Yuu said and hangs up

“What is it, Uncle?” Atsuko asks him

“Seem like your theory is correct, Takamina” Yuu said

“What do you mean, uncle?” Minami asks

“I ordered Yuji to investigate about his wife and daughter. Those two are highly candidate that Koji would use to threaten him. However, as my people report back, there is nothing abnormal around them. They just came back here from his father in law house which is in Hokkaido, and seem like they didn't know anything about he being arrested. She just said that before she went to visit her parent, he told her that he would go to another city for police business and won't be able to come back in a few months” Yuu said

“Plus she also told us that Koji always helps them a lot when they were in hard time, and Tachi told her that he owed him a lot and willing to do anything to help him” he continues

“Willing to do anything huh?” Minami said in wonder tone

“Including bearing all his sin” he continues while looking at Yuu.

“That is a positive.” Atsuko said

“Uh. That is a possibility. I will talk to him again tomorrow” Yuu said

“Uncle” Minami calls him

“Huh?” Yuu looks up and asks

“Can I go with you?” Minami asks

“Sure, but you have to ask permission from your cute doctor here” Yuu said in teasing tone

“Atsuko, I'm fine now. My injuries are completely healed.” Minami turns to Atsuko and said

“But let's me check your injury first” Atsuko said

“Not a prob.” Minami said

“Ok, you two do whatever you want. I have to go back to work now. See ya” Yuu said

“Ok, bye uncle” Minami said

“Bye uncle” Atsuko said

After a few days

In the evening

Today, Minami finally can discharge from the hospital. Atsuko parks the car outside of the mansion and steps out. She quickly rushes to the door to open it for Minami and helps him out. However, Minami already out

“Minami, let's me help you” Atsuko said

“Atsuko, I'm fine already. My injuries are already health” Minami said

Then he suddenly lifts her up and carries her in bridal style.

“Minami” Atsuko said in surprised tone while hugging his neck

“See, I can even carries my lovely Ojou-sama back into the house.” Minami said while smiling at Atsuko

“Really Kai-kun?” Atsuko said in joking tone

“Of course, Milady” Minami said

“Then show me” Atsuko said while tightening her hug on his neck

“But I need power from Milady.” Minami said

Atsuko smiles and leans to kiss his lips loving. Minami smiles and replies her kiss. After a while they break the kiss.

“Now, I have full power to carry my lovely Ojou-sama to everywhere” Minami said while laughing softly

“Be careful. Don't drop your oujo-sama, or I will punish you” Atsuko laughs loudly while hugging his neck tightly

“That will never happen, my ojou-sama. If I bring you back home to your room safely, what will my ojou-sama give me as reward?” Minami buries his face on her neck and said

“Hum...let's see about that.” Atsuko said in teasing tone

“There is nothing to think. I will take you as the reward” Minami said while laughing lovingly

Then he bends down and seals her lips with his in a deep kiss while walking back into the house


Outside of Atsuko's mansion

There is a car parked there. The person in the car look at Atsuko and Minami with angry look while holding his fists tightly. When they already went into the house, the person turns on the engine and drives away.

At night

In a big dark room

There is a man walks slowly into the room. He turns on the light and looks at the big picture in the middle of the room. That is Atsuko's picture, and her pictures are all over the room.

Flash back

5 years ago

At a big university

In a classroom

A middle aged man comes in with a young man walking beside him.

“Good morning class” the middle aged man said

“Good morning Dr. Sakaki” The class said in union

“Today, let’s me introduce you to the man beside me. His name is Takahashi Koji. He is a young successful police from Minnesota. He is also a very young inspector in Tokyo Police Department. Today he comes here to give our class a lecture about criminal and justice.” The middle aged man said

The class applauses loudly to welcome.

“Ok, Mr. Koji, I will give my class to you.” The man said

“Thank you, Dr. Sakaki” Koji nods at him

After the professor went out, the girls in class keep talking about Koji.

“Sir, you are so handsome” a girl said loudly

“Thank you girls” he winks at them and said

It makes them went crazy. However, there is one person in the class show no interest in him. She turns and looks outside of the window. Koji looks around the class and spots that beautiful, but silent girl. Her beauty attracts him making him staring at her. His heart he once thought turned cold because of the unfaithful fiancée start melting with her innocent look.

At lunch

Koji comes to the cafeteria with some professors in the university. Once again, he spots the the beautiful girl again. She is eating alone at a table while reading her book. He keeps staring at her again while sitting down on his table. Suddenly, he hears some male students next to his table talking about her

“Did you see that beautiful girl over there?”

“Yes, she is so pretty”

“Correct, her name is Maeda Atsuko, and she is an honor student here. I want approach her”

“No way, I heard that she is very cold. She never talk or smile to anyone.”

“She is like a cold princess in a big castle, so elegant, gorgeous, and untouchable.”

Koji still looks at Atsuko who is only looking at her book ignoring everything around her. However her eyes and face already melted his heart.

End flashback

“Maeda Atsuko” Koji said in angry tone

“I thought you are different from those low life women because of your look, your eyes, and your act” he whispers and caresses the picture

“Your beautiful eyes with a very pure and beauty look. I was so happy when I met you again. I tried everything to get you, but you already Takahashi Minami's girlfriend. Then when I finally got rid of him, I thought you would lean on me but I'm wrong...” He pauses while holding his fists tightly

“You are just like those fake women, acting all highly mighty, faking with ever muscle on that face, and speaking all the lies. Right after your boyfriend just missing, you already flirting with other man. Yamamoto Kai, that lowlife butler” he shouts angrily and stabs a knife on Atsuko's picture

”These days, I didn’t see her boyfriend anywhere”

“Instead, she was flirting with her butler in her office and other places. I saw they feed each other. She even kissed him”

Koji’s eyes turn red because of angry when remembering all the words he heard, and also what he saw in front of Atsuko’s mansion

“Trash have to be in the right place” he whispers in angry tone while stabbing at the picture eyes over, over, and over again


Hope you guys enjoy reading this!
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 17 15/10/2016
« Reply #192 on: October 18, 2016, 07:27:57 PM »
I knew tht koji is the culprit is when i read ur story but u surprise m tht its story was this interesting  :lol:
btw, atsuko is quite careless and being sweet with kai which make ppl misunderstand her
Though sure kai and minami is same person but nobody know about its except among themselves
I wonder wht koji will be doing next :?...i hope he will not manage to hurt atsuko like wht he did to his victims
Thank you for update~

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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 18 22/10/2016
« Reply #193 on: October 22, 2016, 02:57:01 AM »
@takeshi77: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 18


Part 18

In the prison

Tachi sits silently in the corner of the dark room.


In the prison room

Tachi is sitting on his bed silently. Then the guard comes and calls him

“Suzuki Tachi, there is someone want to see you”

“Who is it?” Tachi asks

“You will know when you come there" the guard said

Then he leads Tachi to the meeting room and opens his door for him. Tachi walks in and sees a man sitting in there waiting for him. He is wearing a cap and a butler suit.

“Who are you?” Tachi asks

The man stands up and takes off his cap. Tachi widens his eyes in surprise

“Yamamoto Kai” he said

Minami stays silent and takes off his wig and glasses which makes Tachi even more surprise


“Yes, it is me. I’m Yamamoto Kai, and I’m also Takahashi Minami” Minami said

“I see. So you are here all along” Tachi said

“Uh” Minami nods

Then they sit down in front of each other. Tachi looks at him and surprised when seeing his head bandaged. Noticing that, Minami smiles and asks while pointing at his head

“You are surprised with this huh?”

“Do you know why it is?” he asks another question

Tachi stays silent

“The person who I call brother did this to me. He also nearly kill me” Minami said

Tachi is very surprised when hearing what Minami said. However he still keeps silent. Seeing that, Minami continues

“It’s ok, if you don’t want to say anything to me. Just hear clearly what I want to say”

“I know he helped you a lot in the past, and wanting to repay for him is not wrong. However...” he pauses

“Don’t you think your action is selfish and stupid?” he asks while looking at Tachi

He is still looking down and stays silent

“Do you think this is fair to all of the girls who he killed before? Do you think it is fair for him to not be arrested because of what he did? Do you think he will stop his crazy action right after you bearing everything? Especially do you think it is fair with your wife and daughter?” Minami asks in serious tone

After all the question, Minami stays silent leaving Tachi time for him to think about what he said. Minami’s last question makes Tachi feel pain in his heart. After staying silent for awhile, Minami stands up and said

“I said what I want to say. You are a good person, I know that. I believe you will know what to do right?”

Then he leaves the place.

End flashback

“Selfish” Tachi mumbles to himself

“Stupid” he whispers and laughs at himself

After that he stands up and walks toward the door. He said to the person who guarding him

“I want to meet Mr. Yuji”

At dawn

In Atsuko’s house

In her room

Minami is lying on the bed while looking at Atsuko’s sleeping face. He is very happy whenever he looks at her peaceful face like this. He hugs her closer to him while entwining his hand to hers. Then he feels Atsuko burying her face on his chest. Minami smiles and kisses her head.


Hearing Atsuko’s voice calling him, Minami looks at her and asks

“What is it, my love?”

“You will always come to me whenever I call you, right?” she asks him while looking directly at his eyes

“Huh?” Minami thought in surprised

“Why did you ask that, Atsuko?” he asks her in confused tone

He doesn’t understand why she asked him a weird question like that

“Answer me, Minami” Atsuko said in pouting tone

Minami laughs softly and said

“Of course no”

Atsuko looks at him with surprised look. Her face amuses him causing him laugh softly.

“I love your cute face right now Atsuko” he said and pecks her lips

Then he hugs her waist and pulls her even closer to him.

“I said like that because I will always stay by your side and protect you from everything. Therefore you don’t need to call out for me. I will be by your site anytime you need me, and I will never let anything happen to you, Atsuko” Minami kisses her forehead gently and said

Atsuko smiles brightly at him

“I’m happy, Minami” she buries her face on his chest and said while hugging him tightly

Minami smiles. Then he breaks the hug and asks Atsuko

“Atsuko, why did you ask me that question all of sudden?”

“Nothing, I just want to ask that” Atsuko smiles and said

Minami doesn’t understand why, but there is some uneasy feeling in his heart. He just has a feeling that Atsuko is acting strange these days like she is hiding something from him.

“Atsuko, I can handle this case with uncles. Don’t do any reckless thing ok? Also don’t meet him whenever I’m not with you, ok?” Minami caresses Atsuko’s face and said gently.

His face clearly shows his worriedness. Atsuko leans on to peck his lips and said

“Uh, I know”

“Good” Minami hugs her and said

Suddenly his phone rings. He turns and picks up the phone

“Hello uncle”

“Really? Ok, I will go there right away” Minami said in happy tone

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks him

“Yuji just called uncle and said that Tachi wants to talk to us” Minami said

“Really? That is great if he can tell you and uncle everything” Atsuko said in happy tone

“Uh” Minami said

“Then you have to go now, Minami. I will go to the hospital by myself today” she continues while sitting up

“It’s ok, I will take you to the hospital first. After that I will go to the Police Agency” Minami said while holding her hand


“No but, it is normal for me to take my wife to her work, right? My wife is my first and number one priority” Minami hugs her waist and said

“W...who is your wife?” Atsuko said shyly

“You, Maeda Atsuko will be Takahashi Minami’s wife. You will definitely be my wife, baby” Minami hugs Atsuko tightly and said

Hearing Minami’s word, Atsuko blushes because of embarrassing. At the same time, she feels very happy.

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko hugs his neck tightly and said

Minami smiles happily when hearing that

“I love you, too” he whispers

Then they prepare their things and go out of the house.

In Atsuko's office

“Bye Minami” Atsuko kisses his cheek and said

“Bye, Atsuko. After I finish there, I will come here” Minami said

“Ok, see you later” Atsuko said

“Uh, see you later. Love you” Minami pecks her lips.

Then he leaves the office.

In the prison

Minami sits down on the chair together with Yuu. They wait for Yuji to lead Tachi out. Then the door open and Tachi and Yuji come in.

“Sir” Yuji bows and said

“Thank you, Yuji” Yuu said

Then Yuji leaves the room

“So what do you want to talk to us?” Yuu turns to Tachi and asks

“Firstly, I want to ask does my family know about my situation.” Tachi said

“No, they don't. The information about you are still kept in secret. No one know anything about this.” Yuu said

“And about your wife, I already ordered my people to protect her since the day I captured you. Just as what you told her, we told her that I ordered you to go do some work overseas” he continues

“I see, thank you” Tachi said in relief tone

“I know he wouldn't harm my family, but I'm still afraid because he can even kill his father and attack you” he continues

“So you will tell us about him?” Minami asks, and Tachi nods

“Koji is my best friend and my saver. My family owned him a lot. He saved my daughter. He gave us the money for her heart surgery. I owed him a lot” Tachi said

“So you know about his work?” Minami asks him

“Uh, I overheard his conversation with the first victim boyfriend.” Tachi nods and said


On the day Yuu came to the Police Department to request the information about Minami’s file. After Yuu left the Police Department, Tachi return to his work while Koji goes back to his office

In the evening

After gathering all the information that Yuu needs, Tachi stretches his hand and said

“Finally done.”

He stands up and looks around. He realized that everyone already left. Then he turns and looks at the clock. It is already 7:00 pm

“Wow, it's pretty late now. I have to quickly give this to Koji. After that I can go home” Tachi thought

He gather all the files of the case. After that he comes to Koji's office to give him those files.

On his way

“I wonder why the chief wanted to reopen this case” Tachi thought while walking

“Uhm…some of his points is true. Takamina couldn't kill his father like that.” he keeps thinking

“But the evidences and Koji also agreed with them.”

“But still…”

While Tachi is deep in his thought, he suddenly hears a whisper voice

“Why did you come here?”

Then another voice is coming from Koji's office

“Calm down, there is no one left in this department. Today, I just come here because these day, I'm a little short in money.”

“Huh?” Tachi thought in surprise

He slowly walks closer to the office and hide behind the wall.

“I already gave you the money that we agreed on” Koji said

“But I lost all of them” the other voice said

“Lost them? Don't make me laugh. You burned them in your stupid gambler blood” Koji said in angry tone

“That mean the same. I also owed those loan shark a lot of money. My brain works in a strange logic. I will accidentally speak out things that I shouldn't say when I'm scared” the man said

“Such as what really happened that night...and your rela….”

The voice was cut off by Koji angrier voice

“Take this”

“Also this is the last time. Plus, let's me warn you this. The chief of Police wanted to open this case again. If he found out something, you won't get away that easily. Remember, you are still a ran away criminal” Koji said in surprisingly normal tone

“Re...reopen the case?” the man in surprised tone

His voice also contains a shaky behavior.

“Afraid now?” Koji chuckles and said

“You….you better help me to get out of here. You are not any better than me. You killed all those girls and your own father. You even blamed everything on your poor little brother. If I was arrested, I will spill out everything” The man said in panic tone



Tachi heard everything the man inside the room said. He stuns at his place, and his eyes are wide opened because of surprise

“Koji...did...all...of...that” He whispers in unbelievably tone

Suddenly he hears Koji’s voice louder

“Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Ozaki. I will make sure to arrest him as soon as possible”

Knowing that Koji is coming out, Tachi quickly hide himself. While hiding he tries to look out to see who is the person that Koji talking with. He widens his eyes in surprise when realizing who the person is.

“He is the first victim boyfriend who also the witness accuse Takamina” Tachi thought in surprise

End flashback

“So you heard all their conversation?” Yuu asks

“Yes” Tachi nods

“Did you confront him about that?” Minami asks

“No, I decided to stay silent” Tachi said

“Because he is your helper and saver?” Yuu adds into his sentence, and Tachi nods silently

“You are selfish” Yuu said

Tachi just looks down silently

“Then why did you decide to kidnap Atsuko?” Minami asks him

“Because I know that she was the one who want this case to reopen through the conversation between me and Koji. Plus, she is also chief Maeda niece” Tachi said

“I thought if I kidnap her, I can end this investigation” he continues

“How can you end this investigation by kidnapping Atsuko? Kill her?” Minami's asks

His tone shows that he is trying to hold down his anger because of Tachi’s stupid thought and action that almost harm the girl he loves

“No, I didn't mean to kill her. I...I just want to threaten the chief. Also Koji told me that she is your girlfriend, so I want to use her to lure you out. However her butler, I mean you saved her” Tachi said

“So in the end Takahashi Koji was the one plan the kidnapping” Yuu said

“No it was me. He didn't know anything” Tachi shakes his head and said

“Then why do you think he told you that Atsuko is my girlfriend. He even hinting you about luring me out, right?” Minami asks

Tachi now seems to realize the logic.

“Lastly, after your action failed, you decided to turn yourself in and take all the blame?” Yuu asks

“Yes, I want to repay him for what he had done to me and my family” Tachi said

“I planned on taking all the blame so that Koji can be free” he continues

“However, what you said to me the other day brought me thinking. Then I realized how selfish I was. If I'm here who will take care of my wife and daughter. I can repay him in a lot of way, but not this way. Even me I'm still unsure if he would stop his action or keep killing those innocent girls. I just realized how stupid I’m. I want to be with my family” Tachi said in honest tone while tear dropping down on his hands

“Don't worry, I will ask the judge to consider that you already confess everything” Yuu said

“I will help you to soon be with your family again” he continues

Tachi looks up at Yuu happily. He stands up and bows deeply

“Thank you, sir”

Then he turns to Minami and said

“Thanks Takamina”


In Maeda Hospital

Atsuko is working with her paper work. Then she hears a knocking sound.

“Come in” Atsuko said still focusing on her work

The door opens and a nurse comes in

“Dr. Maeda, someone want to meet you” the nurse said

“Who is it?” Atsuko looks up and asks

“I don't know. Maybe patient family want to know about their family condition” the nurse said

“Then call that person here” Atsuko said

“He said that he is in a rush. Can you come and meet him outside?” the nurse said

Atsuko looks up in confuse

“Ok” she nods and stands up

Then she follows the nurs to the stairway. They keep going down and down until they reach the basement. Atsuko is confused. She turns and looks at the nurse

“Where is that person? Isn't this hospital’s basement?” Atsuko asks

“Yes this is hospital basement” the nurse said and smirks

Then behind Atsuko, a man slowly appears with a baseball bat in his hand. The nurse looks at Atsuko and said

“Goodnight doctor”

Atsuko is surprise with her word. Then she feels something behind her. Quickly she turns around, but when she turns around, the baseball bat already hits her head very hard. Atsuko feels dizzy and falls on the floor. Blood from her head runs down on her face. Her eyes are blurry now, but she still can see who that person is

“Takahashi Koji” Atsuko mumbles

“Yes, this is me, dear” he smirks and said

“Minami” she calls Minami’s name in her mind before completely falls unconscious

Koji smirks and turns to the nurse

“Thank you honey” he hugs her waist and said

“Everything for you” she said

Then Koji pulls her up and kisses her lips passionately. After that he said

“Now the only thing we have to do is take her out of this hospital through all the police of her uncle”

“That is easy. We just need an ambulance. Because they won’t check it if it goes out to pick up patient” the girl said

“That is why I love you baby girl. You are smart” Koji said in seductive tone

“Really? I thought you love her” the girl said in pouting tone

“Of course not. I just want to play with her. You are my most baby” Koji said

“Sweet talker, but I love it” the girl said

Then they take the unconscious Atsuko to the ambulance. As the girl said, they got away from the police easily

Back to Minami

After talking to Tachi

Minami quickly goes to the hospital to meet Atsuko. He doesn't know why, but he has an unknown uneasy feeling in his heart. He takes out his phone and calls Atsuko.

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

It keeps ringing, but Atsuko doesn’t pick it up

“Huh?” Minami thought in surprise

(The number you are dial….)

“Where is Atsuko?” Minami mumbles in confuse

Then he calls her again and receives the same result.

“Is she busy?” Minami thought

However, he feels that his worriedness is increasing. Then an idea flashes in his head. He takes his phone to call Rena, but then he remembers that he can't call either Rena or Haruna.

“I can't call them. They just went to U.S for a conference.” Minami said disappointedly

Then he speeds up his speed so that he can reach the hospital faster. When he reaches the hospital. Minami quickly parks the car in the exclusive parking. After that he rushes to the elevator and goes up to Atsuko's office.

“Atsuko” Minami rushes out of the secret lab while calling Atsuko

However her office is empty. Minami looks at the table and sees her phone there. Minami picks Atsuko's phone up and looks at it

“Where is she? She must finish her appointment with her patient long ago” Minami thought worriedly

Then Minami walks out and finds Atsuko’s nurse assistant.

“Hello Mrs. Saki” Minami greets her

“Hello Mr. Yamamoto, what can I do for you? Or does Dr. Maeda need anything?” the woman asks Minami

“I came here to ask if you know where Atsuko-sama is.” Minami asks

“She isn't in her office? Her patients left for a long time ago, and she doesn't have any surgery schedule today” Saki asks Minami in surprised tone

This make Minami even worrier

“Where is she going?” he thought worriedly

“Thank you Mrs. Saki” Minami said and turns to leave the room

“Mr. Yamamoto, do you want me to look for Dr. Maeda for you?” Saki calls him

“No, it’s fine. I will find her” Minami turns around and said

When he is about to turn away and leave, another nurse walks in. Saki calls her and asks

“Hey Aki, do you know where Dr. Maeda is?”

“Dr. Maeda? I saw her about 2 or 3 hours ago. She was going somewhere with Hina” the girl said

“Hina?” Minami asks in surprised

He never heard Atsuko said anything about that name

“She is a new nurse here. I heard that she used to live in Minnesota” Aki said

“Wait, where is she come from?” Minami asks again in surprised tone

“She came from Minnesota” Aki answers again in confused tone

Minami stuns at his place. His heart suddenly beats faster

“Aki-san, do you know where did you see them?” he asks her trying to calm himself down

“I saw them went into the stairway near her office” Aki answers

“Do you know where did they go, Aki-san?” Minami asks her again in hurry tone

“I don’t know” she shakes her head and said

“Thank you, Aki-san” Minami said and quickly rushes out of the room toward the security room to look at the security camera in the stairway of each level to find out which level Atsuko was

“Mr. Yamamoto” the security greets him

“Can you show me the clip of the stairway near Atsuko-sama’s office and all the levels that connected to that stairway” Minami asks

“Yes” the security nods and shows Minami the clip

Minami according to Aki’s words, he searches the clips about 2-3 hours ago.

“Here” Minami said when seeing Atsuko walks into the stairway with a woman in nurse outfit

He looks and sees Atsuko and the nurse keep going down from level to level. Then they stop at a level which seem very dark. He can see Atsuko confused face when she come into the place. He sees on the wall there is a letter B.

“Where is level B?” Minami turns and asks the security

“That is the basement. Normally there isn’t any cameras here” the security said

“The basement” he thought and rushes out of the security room

He quickly rushes toward the elevator and goes down to the basement. He immediately turns on the light and rushes in

“Atsu…” Minami stops when seeing blood on the floor

“No” Minami whispers in shaky tone

In the dark room

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She holds her head tightly because of hurt. Then she looks up and thought while looking around

“Where am I?”

Suddenly the light in the room lights up. Atsuko frowns because of sudden brightness. Slowly she can opens her eyes after her eyes get used to the light. Now she realizes that she is trapped in a big steel cage. Then when she looks up, she sees Koji and the nurse that called her before walking toward her with a smirk on their face

“You finally awake huh?” Koji bends down in front of Atsuko and said

Atsuko stays silent while leaning on the cage.

“Don't want to talk to me huh?” Koji chuckles and thought

“Oh well, let’s see how long can you keep this face” he stands up and said

Then they leave the room leaving Atsuko sitting there in the darkness again. She shrinks herself in the corner of the cage. Her body is shaking because of scare. She buries her face on her knees and hugs her knees tightly

“Minami” she calls his name silently

In the basement

Minami bends down looking at the blood on the floor. Then he notice a shiny thing near it. He picks it up and looks at it. It is the name tag on her coat.

“Atsuko” Minami holds the tag tightly in his hand


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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     +[OS] Our Love Story
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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 19 29/10/2016
« Reply #194 on: October 29, 2016, 08:35:33 PM »
Thank you everyone for reading my fic  :D

Here is part 19


Part 19

In front of Maeda's private hospital

A lot of police cars rushes into the hospital parking. The sound of police cars echoes throughout the street. The chief car stops in the middle, and Yuu rushes out. He orders his people right aways

“Block all the exit here and check every single person and car.”

“Do not let anyone out slightly even doctor, nurses.” He stresses seriously

“Yes sir” the police answer

“Yuji, take Suzuki Tachi to the hospital basement for me” Yuu turns to Yuji and said

“Yes sir” Yuji said

When Yuu is about to rushes inside the hospital, he hears Jun’s voice


Yuu turns and see Jun rushing to him with worried face.

“What is going on? What happened to Atsu?” He asks Yuu right away

“I don't know. I just got here just like you. Let's go to the basement to meet Takamina” Yuu said

“Ok” Jun nods

Then the two rushes to the basement while Yuji comes to the the car to take Tachi

In the basement

Minami stands there looking at the blood on the ground while frowning.

“Atsuko” he whispers while tightening his grip on her name tag

Then he hear the sound of the door opens. He turns and sees Yuu and Jun.

“Uncle” Minami calls them

“What happened, Takamina? Why Atsu is missing?” they ask Minami at the same time in worried tone

"She is kidnapped" Minami said

Then he told Yuu and Jun everything since the time he came into the room.

“When I came here this is all I saw” Minami points at the blood on the floor and said

Yuu and Jun quickly rushes to where Minami standing and look at it

“Atsu” they thought worriedly

“And also this lying next to that” Minami gives Yuu the tag and said

Yuu and Jun can see his hand shaking in anger.

“So you said that Atsu follow some nurse here, right Takamina?” Yuu asks

“Yes, however the nurse that she followed used to live in Minnesota. I'm afraid…” Minami said and pause

“Takahashi Koji” Jun said in angry tone

“That jerk. I should have arrested him before” Yuu said

Then Yuji walks into the basement with Tachi

“Sir, I took Suzuki Tachi here” he bows and said

Hearing Tachi's name, Minami quickly turns around. He rushes to Tachi and holds his arms tightly

“Tell me Tachi, where did Koji hideout? Where did he take Atsuko?” He asks in hurried tone

“What are you saying, Takamina?” Tachi asks in confused tone

“Tell me where Koji is? Where is he?” Minami repeats in angry tone

“Calm down, Takamina” Jun and Yuu take his arms and pull him out

Minami struggles from their grip and rushes to Tachi again

"Tell me, Tachi. I knew you know that" he said angrily

"Calm down, will you" Yuu pulls him out and shouts

"You was very calmed just now, right?" Jun said while holding his other hand

“I can't, Atsuko is out there with a heartless and crazy murdered. He could harm her anytime.” Minami said while struggling out of their grip

“Then tell me how can you save her in this state of your” Jun takes Minami at his collar and said

“Where is the calm Takahashi Minami I knew?” Yuu asks

Minami looks down while taking Jun's hands out of his collar

“It is all my fault. I should have come back here earlier. This is all my fault” Minami said in sad tone

“You have to calm down Takamina. I know you worry about Atsu, we do too, but we can't do anything with a hot head.” Yuu pats his shoulder and said

“I know you are smart, and I know you that you will be able to think a way to find, Atsu. All you have to do is calm down and think. Atsu is waiting for you” Jun said

“I'm sorry, uncle” Minami said

“It's ok” Yuu said

Then he turns to Tachi and asks

“Suzuki, do you know where can Takahashi Koji be?”

“No, I only know his house, but I believe that he won't just keep her there” Tachi said

“True” Jun said

Minami sits there thinking about Atsuko and how to save her. Suddenly he remembers something. He looks up and said

“He is in his house”

Yuu and Jun turn to look at Minami with surprised look

“What did you say, Takamina?” Yuu asks in curious tone

“He definitely hides Atsuko somewhere in his house. Also, his hideout is no other than his house” Minami said while standing up

“What do…”

When Yuu is about to ask Minami what does he mean, Minami already rushes toward the elevator. Yuu and Jun look at each other, and then they follow after him.

After a few moment, the elevator takes them back to Atsuko's office. Minami opens the door and takes his laptop. He opens it and said

“Look at this uncle”

“What is it?” Jun asks

“Did you see this stain on the victim’s shirt?” Minami asks

It is a strange color stain.

“Yes, the forensic said that it just came from a common type of mold that can find anywhere around here.” Yuu said

“When he nearly kill me, he said to me one sentence.” Minami said

“They thought that where I took them to is heaven, but they didn't know that is the hell for them, idiot” he repeats what Koji said

“Heaven?” Yuu said

“The street name of his house is Tengoku.” Minami said

“Tengoku, heaven” Jun said

“Yes, also his house located in the southeast of Tokyo where a lot that kind of mold lives” Minami said while showing the information on his laptop.

“I see” Yuu said

“Yuu, let's order your people there quickly” Jun said

“No we can't” Minami said

“He is a sneaky person. If we show him any wrong move, he will definitely get away, and Atsuko would be in danger” he continues

“So what can we do?” Yuu asks

“Hacking into his house security system” Minami said

“Hacking?” Yuu said in wonder tone

“Uh, I went to his house a lot of time. I notice some cameras were there. He properly puts some camera around the house and the place he captured Atsuko.” Minami said

Then he turns to Jun and asks

“Uncle, can you hack into his system without him noticing?”

“Of course. However, I need one thing” Jun said

“What is it, Jun?” Yuu asks

“He picks up his phone. Just a brief moment is fine.” Jun said

“In that way, I can check to see if he connect his system to his phone which I'm sure that he does. That way I can hack into those camera” He continues his explanation

“I see” Yuu nods

Then he turns to Yuji and said

“Call Takahashi Koji and do as I said” Yuu said

“Yes sir” Yuji nods

“Tell me when you are ready Jun” Yuu said

“One last thing, that is where to set up everything” Jun said

At Koji's house

In the basement

Koji walks in together with the woman who helped him before. Atsuko is sitting in the cage while leaning her back on the steel bar. Seeing them, she closes her eyes refusing to look at their disgusting face. Koji smirks at her action and bends down in front of the cage

“Feel like talking to me now, honey?” he asks her

Atsuko still closes her eyes and keeps silent refusing to answer him. This pissing Koji off. He takes out a gun and shoot at the wall.

“Open your eyes and look at me” he shouts angrily

Atsuko is startled because of the gun shoot and opens her eyes. Koji smirks when seeing that.

“Let's me show you another thing” he thought while standing up

“Come here honey” Koji calls the nurse

“What is it?” The girl said in seductive tone while walking toward him

“I just want to thank you for helping me capture this girl” Koji holds her waist and said while pulling her closer to him

“Right here?” the girl asks

“Of course, I want that girl to see.” Koji said and bends his head on her necks

Suddenly the girl widens her eyes in surprise. Atsuko too, she sits straight up in surprise when seeing blood dripping on the floor.

“You…” the girl points at Koji.

He smirks and pushes her down on the floor. There is a bloody knife on his hand

“Don't think yourself too high whore” He said in scornful tone

Then he turns to look at Atsuko whose face is still very surprise. He laughs loudly with satisfy laugh

“How was it, my dear?” he asks

Atsuko looks at him.

“You are crazy” she said in disgusted tone

“Thank you for your compliment” Koji said

He is quite satisfy with Atsuko's look when she saw he killed the woman. However, suddenly he hears Atsuko's laughter. Her face is surprisingly normal now.

“Why did you laugh?”

“I laughed at myself because of my naive” Atsuko said

Koji smirked and said

“You are naive because you choose my little brother not me? You regret now?”

Atsuko looks at him and laughs loudly again

“Can I borrow the word you just said to that woman ‘don't think yourself too high Mr. Criminal’.” Atsuko said while stressing the last part.

Koji is very angry with Atsuko's words

“I laughed because why did I be surprised with what you did”

“What do you mean?” Koji asks while frowning

“Easy, you can kill your fiancée, and even your own father. This is nothing to you, right?” she said while observing his expression

Hearing what Atsuko said, his expression changes immediately. His frown quickly turn into more serious and anger face when hearing about his fiancée.

“Why suddenly so silent? Is my words hit your dark heart?” Atsuko said in challenging tone

Koji takes a deep breath composing himself again. Then he opens the cage and walks toward Atsuko. Atsuko steps back.

“So you knew all of that huh? How about your uncle, they knew too?” he asks her

“My uncle knew all your dirty work. However we can't do anything to you because of lacking evidence just like the time in Minnesota.” Atsuko steps back and said

“Aww!! Too bad. Seem like this time I won again” he smiles victoriously and said

“Oh by the way, you still didn’t know about your poor boyfriend, huh?” Koji said

Atsuko looks at him while frowning

“What did you do to Minami?” She asks acting like she doesn't know anything

“I just made a hole in his stomach. And he is now died somewhere under that high mountain near that old man cemetery” Koji said in satisfaction tone

Atsuko holds her fists tightly because of anger. She knows Minami is fine, but hearing what he said still made her angry, very angry

“Monster, I will definitely take revenge for Minami” Atsuko said

“Revenge?” Koji said sarcastically and laughs loudly

“I thought you must be happy because I got rid of him for you so that you can openly flirt with your butler, Yamamoto Kai” Koji said

“Kai?” Atsuko thought in surprised

The she smirked and said

“I see, you knew about that too huh? Yup. I'm actually very happy being with the man I love.” Atsuko said

“The man you love? How easy to say that. How about Takahashi Minami?” Koji asks

Atsuko looks at him with challenging eyes

“That has nothing to do with you” she said

“You only just know one thing, too bad, no matter how you act in front of me, it is still very disgusting. And I won't ever fall for you” she continues

“You…” Koji takes Atsuko by her neck and pin her to the cage

“Let's see how long you can keep that big mouth. Tonight I will make a big ceremony for you because you are different from all of the girl I met.” Koji said

“It will be very nice my dear” he touches Atsuko’s face and said

Atsuko pushes his hand out and looks at him angrily.

“Just wait and see when you will bend for me.” He laughs loudly and leaves the room

Atsuko slowly sits down on the floor. Her body is shaking. She is scared very scared

“Minami” Atsuko whispers under her breath

At the moment

Not far from Koji’s house, there is a big ads trailer. Inside is the whole spying system which is managed by Jun. This is a way they disguise themselves to observe Koji's house closely

Jun is sitting on the chair while typing something in his laptop. Minami and Yuu are standing next to him. They look at the monitor to observe around the house

“It seems to be so quiet” Yuu said

“Uh” Minami nods

Then they hear Jun's voice

“Ok, Yuu tell Yuji to call him.”

“Ok” Yuu nods

In Koji’s house

When Koji just steps out of the room which locked Atsuko, his phone rings. He looks at his phone and sees a strange number. He picks up and said


(Hello, is this Fujimoto Akira?)

“No, I think you got wrong number” Koji said

(Oh, I’m sorry)

At the same time

In the trailer

Right after Koji picked up his phone, Jun got the signal and hacked into his phone. He uses the Wi-Fi signal to hack into the whole system in his house. Jun smiles victoriously and tabs the enter button

“All done”

All the screens in the trailer show every part of Koji's house where he put his camera.

“Good job Jun” Yuu said happily

Minami looks around the camera to find where Atsuko is. Then he comes across a monitor. It is very dark with a dim light. He sees a cage and a small figure sitting cowered there

“Atsuko” Minami thought worriedly

He knows that Atsuko is very scared staying all by herself in that place. He quickly turns to Jun and asks

“Uncle, do you know where this place is?” Minami asks

“Let's me see” Jun said

He types something on his keyboard to search for the location of the camera

“Hum? Weird. The map showed that it is placed in the house. However, it doesn't have definite location” he said in confused tone


In the basement

While Atsuko is sitting cowered at the corner of the cage, she hears car’s engine

“He left” she thought happily

“I have to do something. I can't just sit here like this” Atsuko mumbles while looking at the door

Back to the trailer

While Minami and Yuu are focusing on Jun's laptop, suddenly Yuji calls Yuu

“Sir, Takahashi Koji just left the house”

“Good, now we need to find a way to sneak into his house without being spotted by those cameras” Yuu said

“Uh, also, I believe he also set up alarm system for his house. We have to find a way to disable it without him knowing” Minami said

Then Yuu looks at Jun and asks

“Can you do that Jun?”

“Uhm…it will take quite sometimes because his security system is not simple” Jun said

“Then start doing this first” Yuu said

“Ok” Jun nods

Then Minami and Yuu look at the camera where showing Atsuko's location again. Suddenly they see Atsuko standing up and walking toward the case

“Takamina, seem like Atsu is doing something” Yuu said

“Uh” Minami nods

He tries to zoom in the screen to look more closely


In the basement

Atsuko is trying to unlock the cage door. She remembers Yuu taught her how to unlock before

“Atsu, uncle will teach you some techniques about picking locks. It will come handy in your life”

She takes out her necklace, a paper clip in her pocket

“Luckily, I always keep this thing in my pocket” she thought

At the moment

Seeing Atsuko's action, Yuu remembers

“She is trying to escape that cage.” He said

Minami turns to him and asks in surprised tone


“Uh, I taught her how to unlock before” Yuu said

“I see.”

After a while

They see that Atsuko finally unlocked the cage after that is the door.

“Good job, my little niece” Yuu said in happy tone

In the basement

Atsuko quickly rushes outside after she unlocked those doors.

“I have to find a way to contact Minami” she thought and turns left.

She keeps running in a dark hallway aimlessly because see can't see anything clear in the dark.

“Where am I?” She thought in confuse

She keeps running for a while then she notices a door. She stops and slowly bends down to look through the keyhole. She sees that is a big empty room. She holds the door knob and slowly turns it.

“It didn’t lock” Atsuko thought

Then she turns the knob opening the door and steps in. She turns on the lights and looks around. There is nothing in here except a very big curtain

“What is it?” Atsuko thought and walks closer to it

When she reaches the place, she holds the curtain and opens it up. She falls down on the ground while covering her mouth

“That is…”


In the trailer

Minami and Yuu look around all the screens to see which way Atsuko go. However, they see none. Suddenly Minami notices the door of a room opens.

“Uncle” Minami calls Yuu

Yuu turns and sees Atsuko is walking into the room slowly. She looks around and room. Then she walks toward a big curtain and pulls it down

Minam and Yuu widen his eyes in surprise when seeing what behind the curtain

“That is an operation room” Yuu said half shouted

“This is bad” Minami thought

He looks down at Jun and asks

“Uncle, are you done?”

“Just a little more” Jun said

Back to the basement

Atsuko slowly stands up after calming down. She looks around and sees a table with a phone on this. Atsuko quickly rushes there and takes the phone. Immediately she dials Minami’s number

In the trailer

While looking at Atsuko, Minami's phone rings with a strange phone number. Knowing that is Atsuko, Minami quickly picks it up

“Atsuko” he calls her in worried tone

From the other side, Minami hears Atsuko's shaky tone

(Minami, I'm scared)

“Sshhh… Baby, calm down. I saw you. Uncle Jun is trying to disable the security system. Then I will come there with you right away” Minami reassures her

“Don't be scared ok” He continues

(Uh) Atsuko wipes her tear and said

Then Yuu tabs Minami's shoulder and signals him to ask Atsuko about her where about. Minami nods

“Atsuko, do you know where are you at? We tried to find your location, but it didn't show up” He asks

“I don't know Minami. This place is very dark” Atsuko said while sobbing

Suddenly she remembers something

(But I can hear his car engine from here) she said

“You can hear his car engine” Minami said

(Uh) Atsuko nods

Minami stands there and think. Suddenly he hears Yuu's shout


Minami quickly looks up. He widens his eyes in surprise and shouts

“Atsuko, behind”

Atsuko quickly turns back but something already hits her head. It is not very hard to make her unconscious. However it is strong enough to make her fall on the ground, and the wound on her head is bleeding again

“You little unpleasant girl” Koji said angrily

Then he takes the phone to his ear

(Koji, if you harm her, I will kill you) Minami shouts

“Oh, really? So scary. Come here, Mr. butler” he said in cold and dangerous tone

Then he slams the phone strongly.

In the trailer

“How can he get back here?” Yuu said

“Anyway, we have to go in there before he hurt Atsuko” Minami said

At the same time

Jun said


“Good, let get in there and save Atsu” Yuu said

Then they rush inside the house.

Back in the room

Atsuko is cornered by Koji.

“You little. I treated you nicely, but you forced me to treat you in a hard way” Koji said while walking closer to Atsuko

He is holding a small surgery knife in his right hand and a gun in his left. Atsuko is stepping back. Suddenly she remembers Minami's words

“We are outside.”

Then an idea appears in her head. She roams her hands around finding something to defense. She finds something like a jar. Atsuko holds it and throws it at Koji. He dodges easily. Then he looks back and smirks at her. However, he sees that Atsuko is rushing to him. She uses all her strength to pushes him and takes the gun in his hand. He catches her hands to take the gun back. The gun is now pointing to the floor.

Atsuko tries her best and pulls the trigger

*Bang* *Bang*

Two gunshots appears throughout the place.

“You little” Koji shouts angrily and kicks her stomach

Atsuko flies and hits the wall. She looks down and sees blood dripping on her stomach. Koji stabbed her. Her face slowly turns pale, and her eyes slowly turn blurry

Koji walks closer to Atsuko while holding his gun in his hand

“If you want to die by this gun, I'm gladly give you that.” he said

He points the gun on Atsuko's head and said

“Goodnight stupid girl”

Atsuko closes her eyes thinking that she can't escape this time. But then

*Bang* *Bang*

Another two gunshots echo through the place. Koji slowly turns around. He sees Yuu and Minami in Kai disguise standing there. Blood runs down from his shoulder and legs. Koji slowly fall on the floor. His face is still showing his surprise

Minami quickly rushes to Atsuko and hugs her in his arms.

“Baby, I'm here. I'm sorry. I'm late” he said in worried tone

“I know you will come and protect me” Atsuko whispers weakly

She looks up at him and smiles while slowly lost her conscious.

“Atsuko” Minami calls worriedly

Then he hear Koji's surprised voice

“How can you….”

“Thank to the sound of gunshot” Minami said while lifting Atsuko up in his hand

“You lose now, Koji-nii” he said seriously while looking at him with angry eyes

“Koji-nii” Koji is very surprised when hearing what Minami said

“You are….” he said in disbelief tone

“Yes, I'm not Kai. Yamamoto Kai has never been existed. I'm Takahashi Minami who you tried to kill before” Minami said then left the room

Yuu walks to him and said

“Takahashi Koji, you are under arrest because of illegally imprison people, murder, and kidnapping. You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law”

“Yuji” Yuu calls Yuji

Yuji nods and handcuffs Koji who still stuns at his place


Hope you guys enjoy reading it  :D
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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 20 (Final) 05/11/2016
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is the last part  :D


Part 20

In the hospital

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes and sees familiar eyes looking at her worriedly

“Mi…nami” she calls him

Minami smiles happily and asks

“How do you feel now, my love?”

“I'm fine, the stab is not so serious. Just a little headache. I guess because I was hit twice” Atsuko said

“Does it hurt a lot?” Minami asks worriedly while caressing Atsuko's head

“No, because Minami is here” Atsuko shakes her head and said

Minami smiles lovingly

“Minami, I know how I will feel even better” She said while holding Minami's hand

“How?” Minami asks her seriously

“Your special pain relief” Atsuko said while blushing

Minami smiles when he knows what she meant. He bends down and kisses Atsuko's forehead and then her lips gently. After that he looks at her and asks

“How about now, my angel?”

“Much, much better” Atsuko smiles brightly and said

Minami smiles gently at her. Then he said

“Wait for me a little, I will bringfood here for you, ok”

“Ok” Atsuko nods

After a while

Minami comes back with a tray of food. He helps her sits up and feeds her

“Say ah, princess” he raises the spoon and gently said

Atsuko does as he said while blushing

“So you captured him, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, finally” he said

“And I'm glad that I came there on time” he continues while smiling at Atsuko

“I knew that you will heard that gunshot” Atsuko smiles and said

“You shot it?” Minami asks in surprise

“Uh, because I have no choice, and I know that you are out there. I made a bet that you can hear it” Atsuko said

“I’m sorry, Atsuko. If I go back sooner, you wouldn’t be kidnapped by him and got injured” Minami holds Atsuko’s hands and said sadly

“It is not your fault, Minami. You saved me. Also, I knew he would use her to kidnap me” Atsuko said

Minami looks up in surprise and asks in confused tone

“You knew? What do you mean, Atsuko?”

“Actually, I saw her with him long ago. It was the day before you got attacked by him.” Atsuko said

“Then you got attacked, and he came to me and acted innocent. It made me so mad, and I want to capture him. At that time, I got an idea. I attach very close to you even in public when you were in Kai’s disguise. I knew that that woman would tell him about that. When she came to my office, I knew what she wants. Taking that time I want to bait him” she continues

“What?” Minami stands up and shouts in surprised

“You used yourself as a bait? Atsuko, do you know how dangerous it is? He is a crazy man. What if he does something to you? What if...what if…” he said while holding his fists tightly

Tear starts forming in his eyes.

“Minami, I…”

Hasn’t finished her words, Minami already turned around and leaves the lab

Outside the lab(Atsuko’s office)

Minami walks toward the door. At the same time, the door opens, Yuu, Jun, Rena, and Haruna walk into the room.

“Yoo! Taka…”

Minami walks passed them without greeting any of them. The four look at each other with confused look

“What’s wrong with Takamina?” Jun asks

“He seems uhm...mad” Rena said

“Please, wait Minami” Atsuko calls

They turn and see Atsuko is standing at the front door of the lab while holding the door tightly. One of her hand is holding her stomach

“Minami.” She calls him weakly

When she is about to walk, the wound on her stomach hurt more causing her to fall. Luckily, Rena and Haruna catch her in time.

“Be careful, Atsu” Rena said

They help her up and walk back to the room. After that they help her sits back down on her bed. She looks down sadly, and tear drops on her hand

“What’s wrong, Atsu?” Haruna sits down and asks Atsuko gently

“...” Atsuko just stays silent and wipes her tear

Seeing that Yuu and Jun are mad.

“That idiot, I will make him pay for making my little niece cry” Yuu said

“Yes, let's go, Yuu. How can he make our little Atsu sad while she is in this condition” Jun said

Hearing that, Atsuko quickly stands up and calls them

“Uncle, don’t”

Because of her strong action, the stab on her stomach hurt again.

“Atsu, don’t be so reckless. Your wound will get bad” Haruna said while helping her to sit back

Then Rena turns Yuu and Jun and said

“You two stop right there”

After that, Rena turns to Atsuko and asks gently

“Atsu, tell us what's happened?”

“I made him mad” Atsuko said in breaking tone

“He doesn't care about me anymore” she continues and sobs

“Takamina, won't mad at you, Atsuko. He loves you and care for you a lot” Rena said

“Uh, Rena is correct” Haruna said

“But I made him mad” Atsuko said

“Why? Can you tell auntie what's wrong?” Rena asks

Then Atsuko tells them everything. Yuu and Jun widen their eye in surprised with what Atsuko said

“Atsu, you did know doing that is very dangerous, right?” Yuu said, and Atsuko nods

“I know, but I want to help Minami. Also revenge for him” she said

She knows it is dangerous, but she can't forgive Koji for hurting Minami, the man he love the most.

“No wonder he is acting like that” Jun said

“Uh” Rena and Haruna nod in agreement

“I'm sorry.” Atsuko said in small tone

“Atsu, listen to auntie. Takamina is not mad at you. I’m sure about that.” Rena turns to Atsuko and said

“Really?” Atsuko looks up and asks.

“Uh, definitely.” Rena nods and pats her head

“Yes, I believe that he is just so worry about you and doesn't know how to react with what you said” Haruna said

Suddenly Rena gasps in surprise, she sees blood on her shirt

“Atsu, your wound is bleeding again”

Atsuko looks down and sees a red stain on her shirt. Because too worry about Minami, she doesn’t feel anything, but now she feels hurt again at the stab

“Maybe because you act so strong and step down on your bed” Haruna said

“You two take care of Atsu. We will talk to Takamina” Jun said

“Uh” Yuu nods

Then he turns to Atsuko and reassures her

“Let's uncle talk to him, ok”

“Uh, we will talk to him. And if he dare to mad at our little Atsu, we will punish him” Jun said

“Uncle, Minami didn't do anything wrong” Atsuko said.

She is worry that her uncle will do something to Minami. She knew her uncles can do anything for her. Jun smiles and said teasingly while patting her head

“Just kidding. How can we do something to your “Minami”? You won't talk to us anymore if that happen”

Atsuko blushes at their teases. Then Yuu and Jun leave the lab.

Outside of Atsuko’s office

They walk out of Atsuko’s office and see Minami is sitting in the front door while looking down sadly.

“Takamina” Yuu calls him

Minami looks up at Jun and Yuu

“Come into the room” Jun said

Minami stands up and walks into the office. He sits down silently on the sofa while Yuu and Jun sitting down on the opposite of his seat.

“What's wrong, Takamina?” Jun asks him

“...” Minami still stay silent

“Atsu was very sad when you suddenly left like that. She cried a lot” Yuu speaks up

Hearing that, Minami's head moves a little. He knows that, but it's just that he was so worry about her and doesn't know what to do.

“When you walked passed us and left the room, Atsuko stepped out of the lab to call you, but you didn't hear her.” He continues

“She even wanted chase after you, but the stab on her stomach held her back. She nearly fell on the ground if Rena and Haruna didn’t catch her” Jun adds

Minami looks up in surprise. When he is about to ask them about Atsuko, Jun said

“She is fine now, don't worry. Though her wound is bleeding again a little…”

Minami quickly stands up and said

“I have to check on her”

“Don't worry, Takamina. Rena and Nyan Nyan are treating her.” Yuu said

Minami nods and sits down

“She was crying very hard because she thought she made you mad, and you would never care for her again”

“Of course I care for her. I love her and care for her a lot” Minami looks at them and said

“I know. And she already told me everything. If not, we would make you pay for making her cry and sad like that” Yuu said

“I'm sorry” Minami whispers

“Takamina, I know what she did was very risky and reckless. However she just wanted to help you and take revenge for you.” Yuu said

“Plus everything is fine now, so don't be that sulking and mad.” Jun adds

“I know she just want to help me. I know she did that risky act to revenge for me because he nearly kill me. That is why I'm mad” Minami said

“I'm not mad at her but myself. If I didn't act by myself and believe in him, I wouldn't be hurt by him causing her to worry about me and think about doing that dangerous thing. I'm only mad at my useless and softness that nearly push the girl I love into the dead end” he continues with his most honest tone

Jun and Yuu smile at each other when hearing that. It shows how much he love Atsuko. Then they look up and smile at Rena and Haruna. They are helping Atsuko to come out. Atsuko is also very happy when hearing what Minami said.

“Minami” she calls him gently

Minami is surprised and turns around.

“Atsuko” he calls her surprisingly

“She insisted us to take her out here. You two take your time and talk” Rena said Haruna help Atsuko to sit down next to Minami

Then the four stand up to leave. Before that, Yuu turns to Minami and said

“Tomorrow, we will take Koji's testimony”

“I know. I will be there early” Minami said

“Good. Now see ya” Yuu said

Then they leave the room.

“Minami, I'm…”

“Sshh…” When Atsuko is about to say sorry, Minami puts his finger on her lips

Then he caresses Atsuko's face gently and said

“I'm sorry for raising my voice at you and left you all of sudden like that, Atsuko”

“It's ok, Minami. I'm happy that you aren't mad me” Atsuko smiles at him and said while caressing his face.

Minami looks at Atsuko. He notices her tired and a little pale face. She just woke up and doesn't have a lot of rest. And he acted like that causing her to worrier about him

“Atsuko, I heard uncle said that your injury were hurt and bleed again when you tried to chase after me. I'm sorry Atsuko. You just woke up, and you look so tired.” Minami said worriedly

“I'm fine, Minami. Knowing you aren't mad at me make me feel a lot better.” Atsuko smiles and said

Then she hugs Minami arm and leans on his shoulder.

“However, I still need your medicine to make me feel better.” she hugs his arm and said in pouting tone

Minami smiles at her words. He pecks her lips and said

“Is that so?”

“Uh” Atsuko smiles at him and nods

She loves being spoiled by him.

“Then let's me give you the real medicine first. After that will be the great medicine from your handsome boyfriend ok” Minami lifts Atsuko up bridal style and said

Atsuko smiles and hugs his neck tightly. She pecks on his lips and said

“I love you, Minami”

“I love you too, my beautiful” he whispers and kisses her forehead.

Then he takes her back to the lab and puts her down on the bed. He gives her the medicine and helps her to drink it. After that he helps her lies down, and he also lies down next to her.

He strokes her hair and caresses her face. Then he touches her eyes and down to her lips.

“I love you, Atsuko” he whispers and kisses her lips lovingly.

He kisses her gently and deeply. After awhile Minami breaks the kiss and smiles at Atsuko.

“Ok, my Ojou-sama, you got the real medicine and special medicine. Now close your eyes and sleep so that you can get well soon” Minami said lovingly

“Ok” Atsuko nods.

“But you have to hug me” she continues while looking at Minami

“Of course milady.” Minami hugs Atsuko pulling her closer to him.

Atsuko closes her eyes and sleeps in Minami’s warm embrace. Her lips still forming a happy smiles. Minami smiles when hearing her whisper before she fall in sleep

“I love you a lot Minami”

“I love you too. Good night my Atsuko” he whispers and kisses her forehead gently.

In the morning

In the integration room

Koji sits there with a normal face like he doesn't care about anything. Then the door opens. Minami, and Yuu walk in with Yuji. He looks at them and smirks

“Why did a big chief want to talk to me? I thought everything was solved” he said in scornful tone

“So you admit that you are the serial killer here and in Minnesota, you also killed Takahashi Koichi, and Suzuki Ken” Yuu asks

“Sure I did all of that. That is not any big of a deal” he shrugs and said normally

“Not big deal?” Minami said in angry tone

“Takahashi Koji, do you know what did you do? You murdered people” He continues

“Little brother, why did you fast forgetting thing? I told you before at that old man’s brave right?” Koji said to Minami and smirks

“I didn't kill any innocent people. They all deserve to die. Firstly, Suzuki Ken, I gave him the chance to be alive, but he kept bothering me. A criminal like him, deserved to die.” He continues

“Secondly, those sluts deserve to die. They are betrayer, cheater, and they don’t deserve to live” Koji said in hatred tone

“Who give you the right to decide who live or dead?” Yuu frowns and asks

Koji chuckles and smirks

“With those trashes, anyone can kill them. I just help them to release their sins” he said

“You are crazy” Yuu said

“Thank you” Koji said and laughs loudly

“You said that you kill them to release them from their sins, then how about your father? He is a good detective, and he helped a lot of people. Also he is a good teacher who taught a lot of promising police. What is his sin?” Yuu said

“That old man? He…”

“Don’t use that disrespect to address dad” Minami takes Koji’s collar and said cutting his words

“ are so naive, Minami. To a lot of people, he is a respectful person, but to me…” Koji said with monotone and pauses

“...he no more than a failure man who can’t even keep his family.” he slams the table and said in angry tone

“He failed to be a husband which is why his wife cheated on him, and he failed to be a father since he unfairly treats both his sons. Why did I’m also his son, but he treated that cold while he treat you with a complete different manner? Then when that woman took me to U.S, he did not once visit me until I came back to meet him. I hate him” Koji grits his teeth and said angrily

“How did you know that he didn’t care for you?” Yuu said

Koji looks at Yuu and smirks.

“What did you know, Mr. Maeda?” he asks in sarcastically voice

“Enough to make you realize how wrong you are” Yuu said

Koji frowns when hearing what Yuu said. Then he laughs loudly and said in angry tone

“Don’t make me laugh sir. Tell me where did I was wrong?”

“Tell me how can you got submitted in the famous private middle and high school? You can even live in their luxury dorm. Also, how can you got that great part-time job? And when you got into the university, tell me how can you get in that big and famous university?” Yuu asks

Koji looks at Yuu with surprised look. Minami also is very surprised

“What do you mean? Those thing I got from my scholarship, what else? And that woman’s super rich husband’s money” he asks

“Yuji, show him the files” Yuu said

“Yes, sir” Yuji said

Then he takes the files in front of him and puts in front of Koji.

“Look at those files” Yuu said

Koji opens the file and realizes that is his middle school file. There is a line wrote sponsor, Takahashi Koichi. Koji widens his eyes in surprise. He quickly looks at another file which is his dorm file. The sponsor is also Takahashi Koichi. And the rest of the file is still the same

“I guess you didn’t know this, but your father used to live in U.S before. He met your mother in that state, too” Yuu said

Koji is surprised as well as Minami. He didn’t know about that either.

“The principle in your middle and high school is his best friend. Your father was the one who support you with money for your education. He also knew about your house situation. That is why he also support you with your dormitory expenses.” Yuu said

“The job you got at that time was also from his support. Your university is a very strict university. You think they will accept you in and gave you all that scholarship? It was your father who helped you to get in there because he used to be an honor student and professor in there” he continues

Koji stuns with what Yuu said.

“What do you think now, Takahashi Koji?” Yuu asks

Suddenly Koji laughs loudly

“He thought that he did all of that to get my forgiveness? Forget it. If he really cares for me, why don't he keep me? Using that money? Don't joke at me.” He said

“You, ungrateful person” Minami takes his collar and punches at his face.

“Calm down, Takamina” Yuu said stopping Minami

“Dad loves you like that. What else do you want him to do?” Minami shouts at him angrily

“You shut up. A child is loved by him like you know nothing. You said he love me? Hahaha… I don't need his money. I don't need to go to great school. I don't need that famous university to accept me. He never knows what I really need.” Koji stands up and shouts angrily

“Let's me tell you why he had to let you go.” Minami said

He puts the letter in front of Koji and said

“This is the letter that dad wrote for you. Read or not is your choice. Also wanting to understand him or not is your choice. However there is an undeniable true that is he loves you as much as he loves me because we both his son” Minami said

Then he leaves the place with Yuu. Koji sits still looking at the letter in front of him. He slowly raises his hand and takes the letter

“Koji, I'm sorry. I failed miserably as your father. I couldn't keep you by my site at that time because I’m not your real father.” Koji widens his eyes in surprise when seeing the line

“I love your mother very much. Marrying her is the happiest thing in my life. After the marrying, she told me that already pregnant you with her boyfriend who is your stepfather now. However because her parents forced her to marry me. That is why she marry me. I was so shocked with what she said, why did she treat me like that. Why did she look down on my love for her like that? I was very mad, but at the same time, I still love her a lot. Therefore I stayed silent and tried to forgive her.  I also buried myself into ton and tons of work to forget about everything.

When you were born, I really want to see me as my son, but I can’t look at you normally because you are the result of her betraying me. I was really mad at that time and didn’t want to be with you or have any interaction with you

Then Minami was born, I was so happy because he is my real son. I spent all my time with him even taking him to work. I know you hate me a lot because of that. That's my regret, too Koji. I wish I could treat you with more love at that time.

When you was 6, your real father came back here, and your mother wants to return to him. I have to let her go. I can’t keep you because after all he is your real father.

Just right after the divorce, your mother remarried and took you to U.S. However, she didn't tell me where you were. At that time, I realized, I really love you too. I miss your every action. How happy you was when I got home, your happy face when I give you a gift. I missed everything about you. That is when I regret with all my action. Why didn’t I play with you more? Why didn't I treat you as my son?

It took me a lot of time to find out where you are. At that time, you already a middle schooler. I had to confront her a lot of time to let me meet you. That is why she took you back here.

When knowing that your real father abused you, I tried to sue him, but your mother defense for him and his power and money got him away. I want to take you back here with me, but I was disqualified to see you because of him. I know I can’t get you back now. That is why I ask my friend who is the principal of that private school. I also asked him about the dorm so that you can get away from him.

Then when you told me you want to be a police which made me extremely happy. At that time, I had the idea for you to study in the university where I used to studying and teaching. I hope you can become a great police.

I'm sorry Koji. I can't do anything for you. Because of me, you had that traumatic. I'm not mad or angry at you because of your action even if you kill me. I just hate myself for my useless.

Koji, I don't ask you to forgive me, I just want you to release all your anger and turn yourself to the police. Thought you aren’t my real son, I love you as my real son, and I want you to be released from your anger and have a peaceful life. I’m sorry for everything Koji

----Your useless father”

Koji puts the letter down and laughs bitterly. He is laughing but tear just keep dropping on his hand.


Minami stands there with Yuu. After a long silent, Minami can hear his half-brother painful laugh. He laughs loudly and bitterly.

7 years later

In the 5 stars hotel

A person walking on the hallway with a white lab coat. Then she stops in front of the room where a lot of police surrounding. One police stop her. She raises her badge in front of them and said.

“I’m Dr. who will examine the victim”

“Good morning Dr” he said while stepping aside for her to walk in

“Good morning” Atsuko nods and said

Then she walks into the room and examine the victim.



The police who are checking around the room gather together and said

“Wow, she is so pretty” one of them said

“You mean the Dr. who just came in?” the second police asks

“Who else? She has an aura that no normal girl has. She is dreaming” the first one said while looking at Atsuko who is seriously examining the body

“Yes, that is so true” the second nods in agreement

“Stop that dreaming. I heard she is the director of the big private hospital” the third police said

“Wow, really? That young?” the first and second said in surprised tone

“Uh” the third nods

“Anyway, I still want to talk to her even once.” The second said

“Yes, I wonder if she has a boyfriend” the first said

Suddenly they hear someone quietly coughs behinds them


They quickly turn around and see Minami looking at him with serious look

“Sir” They bow at him and said

“I believe this is working time not chatting time. If you guys want to talk, why don’t go to a coffee shop and chat” he said in strict tone while frowning

“We are sorry sir. We will get back to work now” the three said and go back to their work.

While walking they whisper to each other

“Why our boss is stricter than normal?”

“Who know? Anyway, let’s wrap up everything”


Minami looks at them. Then he walks to Atsuko

1 hour late

Atsuko and Minami finished their work at the crime scene, and they are standing at the parking lot happily talking to each other. Then Minami sees the three police who were talking about Atsuko before. He looks at Atsuko

“Atsuko, raise your left hand like this” he said while raising his hand up

“Huh?” Atsuko looks at Minami with confused look.

“For what Minami?” Atsuko asks in confused tone while raising her left hand as him instruct


The three are walking out of the building toward the police car. Then they see Atsuko is talking happily to Minami

“Hey, she is smiling. It is different with when she is working” the first police said

“Yea, it is weird. She never talks to anyone, and she didn’t even smile at anyone the whole time” the second said

“True.” The third police said

“Does she know our boss?” he continues

“Looking like that I guess not just know” the first said while seeing Atsuko is clinging on Minami’s arm

“But I heard that our boss married, right?” the second said

“Yes, he is. I saw his wedding ring. Also I heard the his wife is our chief’s niece” the third said

While they are talking, they see Atsuko raising her left hand. The back of her hand in facing their direction. The three sees something shining on her ring finger.

“Aw!! She already married.” the first man said in disappointed tone

“Hold on, that ring, it is the same with our boss’s ring” the third said

Back to Minami

Minami smirks victoriously when seeing their disappointed face. Then he holds Atsuko hand pulling her up and kisses her lips. Atsuko widen her eyes in surprise

“M...Minami, we are in public” Atsuko said in shy tone

“Why? I just kiss my wife” Minami said

“Baka” Atsuko hits his chest slightly while smiling

Back to the three police

They widen their eyes when seeing Minami kiss Atsuko.

“ she his wife?” the first police stutter

“Yep, she is his wife, Takahashi Maeda Atsuko. They married 7 years ago” suddenly they hear a voice behind them

They turn around and see Yuu walking toward them. They quickly bow and said

“Hello sir”

“Hi” Yuu smiles at them

“Your boss is a serious, but not a strict person. However he will be very serious and strict when it comes to his lovely wife who is also my little niece. Therefore, remember never talk about her whenever she come to help” he continues and winks at them

The three nod and gulp.

“Oh boy” they thought at the same time

Back to Minami

“You two are as sweet as ever” Yuu said teasingly to Atsuko and Minami

“Hello uncle” Atsuko and Minami greet him

“Hello, my little niece” Yuu and

“Uncle, I’m not little” Atsuko said

“Aww! Although you married, you are still our little girl” Yuu said teasingly

“By the way, hello jelly husband” Yuu turns and said to Minami in teasing tone

“Jelly husband?” Atsuko said in confused tone while looking at Yuu

“Why don’t you ask your jelly Minami?” Yuu said and laughs loudly while walking away

“Uncle” Atsuko calls him

However Yuu just waves at them and keeps walking

“What?” Atsuko thought in confuse while looking at Minami who is standing there scratching the back of his head

“What does uncle mean, Minami?” she asks him in confused tone

“L...let’s go home” Minami takes her hand and pulls her to their car

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in pouting tone and stops him

Minami stops and turns to Atsuko. He can’t ever ignore his Atsuko’s pout. He looks at her face and smiles at her cute pouting face

“What is it, my love?” he hugs her waist and asks

“What did uncle mean about asking you?” She asks him

Atsuko can see a little pinks appear on his cheek. It makes her tilt her head in confuse

“Uhm…when I came into the crime scene, I heard three police talking about you. So…” Minami said while scratching his head

Seem to realizing something, Atsuko smiles mischievously while clinging on his arm and rest her head on his chest

“I understand now” she said

“Understand?” Minami asks Atsuko in confused tone while looking at her

“Why did you told me to raise my left hand, and why did you kiss me in the middle of parking lot all of sudden” Atsuko said while pinching his nose

Minami blushes at Atsuko’s words

“You are so cute when you are jealous, Minami” she laughs softly and said

“Of course, I have to do that. I want to show them you are mine so that they don’t have any thought about my beautiful wife” Minami hugs Atsuko’s waist pulling her closer to him and said

“And I’m happy about that” Atsuko whispers and kisses Minami lips lovingly

“I love you, Minami” she said after breaking the kiss

“I love you too, Atsuko” Minami smiles and whispers while leaning down and kisses Atsuko’s lips lovingly

The End

That is the last part. Hope you guys enjoy reading this fic.  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic.  :inlove:

Once again thank you!  :wub: :inlove:
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Part 20 (Final) 05/11/2016
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Really really really nice story author-san.  :thumbup :twothumbs
I'am fully enjoyed your story.  :deco:
Thank you very much author-san.  :thumbsup
Aaaaannnnddddd i'm waiting for your new storyyyyyyyy  :D :P

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jealous minami so cute  :heart: :heart:
really really good and enjoyable story
i hope u update new story soon outhor-san
thank you

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[Atsumina's OS collection] Escape (Atsumina) Thank you 13/11/2016
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Really really really nice story author-san.  :thumbup :twothumbs
I'am fully enjoyed your story.  :deco:
Thank you very much author-san.  :thumbsup
Aaaaannnnddddd i'm waiting for your new storyyyyyyyy  :D :P

Thank you for liking my fic. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it :wub:

jealous minami so cute  :heart: :heart:
really really good and enjoyable story
i hope u update new story soon outhor-san
thank you

Thank you. I'm happy that you enjoyed reading my fic.  :wub: :D
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[Atsumina's OS collection] My Feeling for You (Atsumina) Part 1 20/11/2016
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Hello everyone, here is a short fic that I just wrote. Hope you guys enjoy reading this.  :D

My Feeling for You

Part 1

My name is Takahashi Minami, and I'm 15 years old. My father is the Japan ambassador in U.S. My mother and my father are living in the U.S. Therefore I live by myself here in Japan. Because they are very busy, they rarely come back here to visit me. They told me a lot of time that they want me to come to U.S with them because my father’s family is also in U.S. However I’m cool with living here. I love staying here. 

Today, as always, I'm walking back to my house after school is over. In my daily routine, I will walk pass by a very beautiful river bank near my house, and I will always stay there to look at the beautiful sky and enjoy the nice breeze.

While walking on the bank, I suddenly hear a very loud and angry voice

“Stop right there brat.”

“If I can catch you, you are death”

I turn and see a angry looking man chasing after a little kid. I don't like that man’s face. He seems bad to me.

About the little kid, he is about 10, I guess. He wears a cap and an old grey jacket. He turns and said to him in challenging tone

“Catch me if you can, old man”

Then he turns back and keeps running. Suddenly there are two other men appear in front of him. Doesn't notice it, he bumps into one of them and falls on the ground.

“Catch you brat” the man said while standing in front of him

Then each of the man takes his hand and pulls him up. The old man walks to him and takes the wallet in his hand. After that he lifts him up by his collar

“Let's me go, old man” the little boy said while struggling

“Brat, you dare to steal my things” he said in angry tone

“So what, old man” the little boy said

Then he kicks the man knee making him groan in pain and throws him on the ground.

“Serve you right, old man” the little boy stands up and said in victorious tone

Then he turns around and run away. His mischivious face makes me smile.

“Catch that brat for me. I will kill him for this.” The man said angrily

His two underlings rush and block his way again.

“What? Two big guys bullying a little boy” I thought angrily while walking up to the road.

I want to help that boy. However I stop when seeing the little boy seem isn’t scared of them. Therefore I want to see what he can do. I'm near him anyway, I can save him whenever he is in danger.

“Don't underestimate me, brainless men” the little boy said to them.

His words amuse me.

“You brat” one of the man said

Then they rushes to catch him. He quickly bends down to dodge it. After that I see the little boy rush to one of the man and steps on his feet. Then he uses his head to hit the man at his stomach causing him fall on the ground.

“Catch you little brat” the man behind him take his jacket lifting him up from the ground

“I won't let you, idiot” he turns and uses his two fingers to poke the man’s eyes. 

“Serve you right, Baka” He said and runs away

“What are you doing idiot, catch that brat for me” their boss shouts

Those two men rush after him toward my direction. I know it is time for me to help him. When the little boy is near me, I take his hand pulling him behind me blocking him with those rough men.

“Hey” the little boy complains

“Stay still kid, I will help you” I said

“Who need your help” he said while struggling

I smile at his stubbornness and holds him tightly. When I look up, I see the middle aged man with his two underling standing in front of me.

“Hey you, give that little brat to me” the man said to me or more like commanding me

I stay silent while playing with that little boy who is still struggling in my arms

“You look funny little boy” I said while chuckling

He really looks so funny, especially his pouting face

“Hey you, my boss talk to you” one of the bodyguards takes my collar and shouts at me

“My name isn't you. Your mother didn't teach you how to interact with other huh?” I said to him while taking his hand of me

Suddenly there is a sound of police sirens. Those men seem scared when hearing that sound.

“I let you brat loose this time.” He said

Then he looks down at the little boy who is now finally standing still beside me.

“Remember me, brat. Next time I see you, you aren't going to get away that easily” he said while pointing at him

Then they run away

“Catch me if you can, old man, Baka” the little boy beside me shouts while sticking his tongue at him.

I laughs softly at him. When I'm about to bend down and talk to him, he kicks my leg and takes his hand out of my grip.

“Ouch” I hold my leg

Taking that chance, he runs away from me

“Bye bye old man” he sticks out his tongue at me and run away

“That brat” I said

Then I stand up and walk back to the river bank. I pick up the phone that I put on the ground in the grass moment ago. I turn off the alarm that is set up

“The good way to chase away bad guys” I chuckle and thought.

Then I pick up my bag and go back home

End Minami's POV

At night

Under the bridge

There is a very small shelter which made up by cartons. It is a place called house to a small little boy. The little boy walks into his house. Then a small dog jumps up at him and licks his face

“Ok, ok I got food for you” he laughs softly while raising a box of food in front of him

The dog barks happily

“Good boy” the boy pats his head and said

Then he sits down and opens the box.

“Today, I stole money from a bad guys. He always bullies everyone” he said while pouring half of the food down on the dog dish

“I nearly got caught by his men.” He continues telling his story to the dog

Seem to understanding what he said, the dog comes to him and caresses his head on the boy’s knee. The little boy laughs and said

“Don't worry, I'm fine. A stranger saved me”

Then he remembers the incident this evening and said

“What a weird person”

“Hey, another funny thing. You know what Hero?” The little boy picks the dog up and said

Hero tilts his head and barks as asking him

“He thought that I'm a boy. That's real funny.” The little girl said while taking off her hat showing her golden long hair.

Then she puts the dog down and said in sad tone

“But that doesn't matter. I'm no one in this world. Hero, you are my only family. Only you acknowledge my existence.” she said to the dog

Hero barks and jump on the little girl lap. He caresses his head on her arms and lies down. The little girl smiles and strokes his fur.

“It's late Hero, let's sleep” she said

Then she picks him up and goes to the corner of the house. She lies down cowerly there while Hero burying himself in her arms

“Good night Hero” she said

In the next evening

Minami's POV

Today, as normal I'm still walking back to home from school. I stop at my favorite spot at the river bank. When I'm about to lie down on the grass, I spot the little boy yesterday. He is standing under the bridge not so far from here, and it seems like he is hiding from someone. When I look up, I see a group of men are looking around with angry face

“He caused trouble again” I thought

I see them walking toward me. I ignore them and lies down on the grass

“Hey boy, did you see a brat running by?” One of the men asks me

I ignore them. Asking other with his attitude, no way I will answer

“Hey you” the other man shouts at me

“Over there” I point randomly at who know what direction.

I don't want them to stand here any longer. They might notice him. I open one of my eyes and see that they already left.

I sit up and look at the little boy. Seem like he still didn't notice me. I stealthily walk toward him.

“What are you doing, boy?” I speak in a deep tone

He turns around and falls on the ground because of surprise. I look at his face and can't hold my laughter. He looks so funny. When I look down at him again, he seems pissed. He stands up and turns away

“Hey not so fast boy” I hugs his waist preventing him from running away like yesterday.

“Let's me go, pervert old man” he struggles and shouts

“Pervert? What did I do to you?” I asks

“Tell me holding a girl by her waist like this is not a pervert?” He said to me

His words surprise me

“A girl?” I thought

“You mean you are a girl?” I turn him around and asks

“I never said that I'm a boy, Baka” she said to me

Then suddenly she steps on my foot again and runs away

“Baka, Baka” she sticks her tongue out and calls me baka again

“Again” I thought irritated

“I let that little boy, I mean little girl get away again, ugh…” I scratch my head angrily

“Next time, next time I will definitely catch her. I can’t believe I let a little brat ran away twice.” I told myself

Then every day I try a lot of way to catch her, but she is a smart little kid. She always has a way to get away from me. And anytime she got away, she would call me a Baka. That is really irritating

On the street near

Today as usual I'm walking toward the bank to wait for her. I won't let her trick me and run away again. Being tricked by a little girl and is called Baka really pissed me off.

Suddenly I see the familiar figure running toward my place. That is her.


“I have to run now, don't have time to play with you. See ya” cutting my words, she said

“Hey wait” I catch her hand and said

“Look behind you first” She points to behind me

I turn and look around in confuse. I widen my eyes in surprise when seeing a lot of men running toward this place. They look angry, and they are holding staff on their hand.

“Oh no, let’s go” she said and pulls me with her


We are running away from those guys along the river bank. Somehow it is very fun. It has been a very long time since I run like this. We are running for a while, then she pulls me to run down under the bridge where she hid before.

“Where is that brat?” I hear one of the men said

“Let’s get moving” he continues

After a while

I hear nothing outside. I slowly look out and see no one near here.

“Safe” I thought

Then I look down at the little girl who is cautiously looking around to see if they are still here.

“Don't worry. They left” I said to her

“I'm not worry. I don't afraid of those idiots” she said to me strongly while sitting down on the ground

“Then why did you run?” I asks her while sitting next to her

“Because I'm not a stupid” she said

“Huh? What do you mean?” I ask her

“Don't you see they bring with them a lot of thing to hit me?” She raises her eyebrows and asks me

“I saw that, but you just said that you don't afraid of them” I said

“That and this are different.” She looks at me and reasons

I laugh to myself at her funny reaction. Then I feel something is not right. She doesn't try to run away from me

“Why don't you run away again?” I ask her

“Nah…I'm tired. Plus I don’t have mood” she said

“Really?” I ask, and she nods

“Ah...they come back” suddenly she shouts

I turn around, but then I rush in front of her blocking her from running away. She looks up in surprise

“I won’t fall on your trick again, kid” I said and smirks

She pouts and sits back down on the ground

“Ok, you caught me this time. What do you want?” she said in pouting tone

I laughs at her.

“I just want to talk to you” I sit back down and said

“Talk to a person like me? Why?” she asks me in surprise tone

I look at her with surprised look

“Why did you say like that?” I ask her

“Never mind. I have to go now” she said and rushes away.

“Wait, what is your name?” I shouts, but she already left

I sit back there and think about her words

“A person like me?” I mumble

“Hum, what a big word come from a little kid” I thought and throw a stone to the water.

Then I stand up and go home. I’m definitely gonna talk to that little girl again.

At night

In a big modern house

Minami’s POV

I’m sitting in dining room with my cousin, Matsui Jun. He is older than me 10 years old, and he is a police. Today, I have dinner with him at his house

“Takamina” he calls me

“What is it, Jun-nii?”  I ask him

“How is things going these days?” he asks me

“Ok” I said

“Really? I thought there must be something happened.” My cousin said

“Why?” I ask him in confuse

“You seem happier these past 2 months. Mariko-sama said so, too” he said

Mariko-sama is my aunt. She is my mother’s older sister. She is also his mother. However he always calls her like that.

“Really?” I said

“Yeah, she suspects that you have a girlfriend” he said

His words nearly cause me to spill out the water that I just drank

“No, why did she think so?” I said

“Well, you seem to get home late every time she or I call you. Also you look happier than before. You know, you always seem so serious in a lot of things. You are a type of quiet person, but those days, you seem open up a lot.” my cousin said

I know what he meant. It is true that I’m always an introvert person. Except studying and reading, there is nothing interested me. I come to that river bank near my house because I like quiet.

Mention about that place, I met that little girl there too 2 months ago. I feel so relax when playing with her. Her bright and mischievous character makes me feel so comfortable. Maybe that is the reason. While deep in my thought, Jun-nii pats my shoulder

“Hey kid, what are you thinking? Your girlfriend?” he asks me

“No, I said that I don’t have any girlfriend. I’m only 15 years old” I said seriously

“Ok, ok, just kidding” Jun-nii said

“By the way, how is things going between you and Rena-neechan?” I asks

Matsui Rena, she is my cousin’s crush since forever. She used to be his neighbor before her parents moved to another town when she was high school. However, he still keeps in touch with her. She moved back here when she went to medical school here.

“So so” Jun-nii sighs and said

“I don’t understand. Why don’t you just confess?” I said

“ don’t understand.” my cousin said

Why don’t I understand? He is just being shy. It is unbelievable. A big police that a lot of criminal scared of is scared of a girl.

“You should be quick before someone snatches her away.” I said randomly

“Anyone dare to steal my Rena” he said seriously

“Calm down Jun-nii, just joking” I said

“Oh, it's time. I have to pick Rena up at her hospital.” My cousin said

“Just go and eat dinner with her. After finishing my food, I will lock the door for you” I said

“Ok, thanks kid. See you later” he said and rushes out of the house

“Well, they already look like a couple to the whole world” I thought and turn back to my food.

“Uhm...I wonder what is that little girl doing now? Where is she living?” I thought while looking outside of the window


Under a big bridge

The little girl walks back to her house

“Hero, I’m home” she said while walking in

*Bark* *Bark*

The dog barks and rushes to her while waving his tail left to right happily as greeting her. She smiles and sits down on the old blanket on the floor. She pours the food that she found on his dish and sits back. The dog happily eats his food.

“Hey Hero, let’s me tell you this.” the little girl strokes his fur and said

“I meet that weird person again.  He kept trying to catch me for 2 months now, and today he caught me” she continues

“However it is very fun to play with him like that.” she smiles and said

“Do you know what he said to me?” she asks her dog

“He wants to talk to me” she laughs and said

“He wants to talk to a person like me. A non-existence being.” she said sadly

Seem to know his owner is sad, Hero looks up and bark in small sound. He jumps on her laps and licks her face. The little girl laughs at his action

“I’m fine, Hero.” she strokes his head and said

Then she lies down and hugs him up to face him. The dog barks and licks her nose making her laughs softly

“Another thing about him” she said

“When I ran away, he shouts loudly asking me about my name.”

“That is super weird of him, right?” she smiles and said

The dog tilts his head and makes a small sound like he is confused like her.

“You think so too.” she asks

Hero barks in agreement.

“What is my name again? It has been so long since I mention about it.” she said

“At-su-ko” Atsuko whispers

“Anyway, are you full, Hero?” Atsuko asks him

The dog barks again happily.

“Me too” she said

Then she puts him next to her

“Let’s sleep buddy” she said and the two fall in sleep


That is the first part. Hope you guys enjoy reading this.  :D
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