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Author Topic: [Atsumina's OS collection] [OS] Christmas Wish 25/12/2017  (Read 53096 times)

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[Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 3 12/12/2015
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@Saint0angel, @AI712, @Nezumayuyu, @cisda83, @sasshirie, @black_maa, @phoenix0i: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

This is part 3

I Love You

Part 3

In the backyard

Minami’s POV

After the bell rings, I turn and peck on her lips

“See you later, Atsuko” I said

When I’m about to go back to my class, Atsuko catches my hand.

“Minami” She calls me

I turn around and look at her with confused look.

"What is it, Atsuko?" I ask her gently

"Do you.....” She pauses

I can feel her hesitation. I sit down and hold her hands

“What is it, Atsuko? Just say it” I said and smile at her

“Do you really love me, Minami?" she asks me

I stun with her question. I look deep inside her eyes. She is scared.

“Why did you ask this question so sudden, Atsuko? Didn't I confess to you before?” I said

“I knew what you said was a lie. I knew Papa forced you in this situation.” She said

I look at her with surprised look

“I heard your conversation with Papa. I don’t know how Papa knew about my love then force you like that. I’m very sorry about that” She said to me

“She knew it all along.” I thought

“Atsuko, you knew it?” I said in surprise

“Uh, I knew that you don’t love me when you confess to me.” she said.

“More precisely, it is opposite. You hate me, right?” She continues

Her voice seems so hurt. I widen my eyes in surprise.

“Atsuko, I…”

“It is ok, Minami” Cutting my words she said

“If it were me I would also hate that person.” She continues

She looks very sad

“If you knew it, why did you agree to be my girlfriend and let me treat you like that?” I ask her

“Because that is my fault. I deserved to be treated like that by you.” she said

I stun with her words.

“Ever since I was little, my parents always take care of me very careful. They protect me from everything. Also they will give me anything I want no matter what. This time, Papa went overboard when threaten you like that. However, don't hate my Papa. He did that just because he loves me so much. This is entirely my fault.” She said to me

"At first, I want to stop my Papa. However, then an idea appeared in my head. I want to take this chance to be with you. That is why I keep silent. I don’t care how you treated me. I'm happy when I can be near you. And those days being with you was the most wonderful thing to me. ”

“However, I realized now that what I did is stupid and selfish. I should stop Papa when I heard your conversation with him. However, instead of that I keep silent and force you to be with me. Just because my selfish feeling, I was the one ignored your feeling." She continues

I see tear is rolling down on her cheeks

“All along, I’m the one playing with her feeling. I misjudged her for some stupid rumors around me. I treated her badly just to ease my frustration.” I thought

“I’m sorry Minami for causing you a lot of trouble just because of my selfish” She bows and said to me

“She didn’t even hate me. She blames everything on her while she is the victim in this situation. I'm very mad. I mad at myself for my selfish” I thought

Just because her father forces me, I put all my frustration on her. I mad at her father because he ignored my feeling. However, I’m also the bad person. I ignored her feeling, too.

“No, Atsuko. It is me, who say that words. I’m sorry for lying to you” I said and bow

“You don't have to do that. That is not your fault” She said

"You know what, Minami?" she asks me while  wiping her tear

“Today, you suddenly kiss me. It lightens a little hope in me. That is why I want to ask you this question. I know if I ask you this, there is no turn back. However, I want to know it. If you don’t love me, I will tell my Papa about this, and we can forget everything.” She said

She tries to say that as normal as possible, but tear keeps rolling on her cheeks. Her eyes look so hurt. I bend down in front of her and gently wipe her tear. Her beautiful eyes are all red. I lean and kiss her sad eyes and tear. Then I pull her closer to me and whisper in her ear with a soft tone

“I love you”

She looks at me with surprise look. Tear keeps rolling down on her cheeks. I smile at her

“I think I already fell in love with you after I confessed to you. I can’t ever forget your smile. I try to use your father as the reason to deny my feeling. Because of that, I constantly hurt your feeling. I’m sorry Atsuko” I said and wipe her tear.

Atsuko raises her hand to touch my face, but she is hesitant. Then she withdraws her hand

“Minami, it is ok, if you don’t love me. I knew Papa. He said like that but he will never hurt anyone. Plus, I will talk to him about this” she said

I pull her close to me and hug her tightly

“Atsuko, I tell you the true. I love you” I said firmly

“Minami” She hugs me and buries her face on my chest

“I’m sorry Atsuko. I hurt you all those time” I said

Suddenly she breaks the hug

“Thank you for saying that to me, Minami” She smiles and said to me

“I officially cancel that deal here. You are free. You don’t have to force yourself to be with me.” She said and smiles a force smiles

“Atsuko, I really mean what I say.” I said with sincerely tone

“I’m fine, Minami. You don’t have to feel bad or anything about this. I don’t want you to say that just because of pity” She said

“She is really a stubborn girl” I thought

“Atsuko, how can I make you believe in my love?” I said to her


Cutting her words, I pull her closer to me and kiss her lips lovingly. I want to show her my most honest feeling. This is the only way I can show my feeling to her. I hug her tightly while kissing her gently. Slowly, Atsuko starts replying my kiss. She hugs me back. Our kiss is just slowly and warm. We just shower it with our feeling of love toward each other. After awhile, we break the kiss

“I love you, Atsuko, and I really do. Your smile, your eyes, your face, and your voice fill all my head. Those days, the only person I think about is you. You are my most precious person. I’m thankful to your father because he forced me to be your boyfriend” I said in whisper tone while connecting our forehead

“Really Minami? You really love me?” She asks me

“Uh, I love you. I love you more than anything” I said and peck her lips

She smiles and hugs me

“I love you, too. I love you so much, Minami.” She said happily

I smile and hug her tighter. I finally realize this feeling; the most wonderful feeling is filling my heart right now.

“Atsuko” I call her

“What is it, Minami?” She asks me

“Let’s go home together from now on” I said and smile at her

Hearing that she smiles brightly at me

“Thank you, Minami” She hugs me

“Let’s go back to ours class, Atsuko. I will wait for you at the school gate” I said

“Ok” she said

After school

I stand in front of the school gate to wait for Atsuko. I see Atsuko walking toward me while smiling at me.

“Minami” she calls me happily

I smile at her

“Let's go Atsuko” I said to her

Then we walk back home together

“Minami” Atsuko calls me

“What is it, Atsuko?” I ask her

“Can you come to my house to play today?” She asks me

“Of course” I smile and said to her

“Minami, I want to take Salt with me” she said

Salt is the little puppy that she saved last time. I named him Salt

“Ok, you want him to meet your friends, right?” I said

“Uh” she smiles and said

Then I take Atsuko to my house to pick up Salt. After that we go to her house to play. When we reach her house, Atsuko quickly pulls me with her to the garden

“Let’s go Minami” she happily said

“She is just like a little kid.” I thought and smile

When we reach the garden, Atsuko quickly takes Salt out and happily introduces him to her pets.

“She is so cute” I thought

We play at her garden for awhile then we go and sit under a big tree. Atsuko rests her head on my shoulder, and our hands entwine. We sit there silently while feeling each other presence.

“Atsuko” I call her gently

“Huh? What is it, Minami?” She asks me

“Where is your mother? I didn't see her around” I said

“Mama? Mama is in New York. She had an important conference there. She will be back in a week” she said

“I see” I said

“Where is your father, Atsuko?” I ask her again

“He is in Osaka, I guess. He told me that he has some important business around there. He just went there many days ago” she said

“Oh” I said

“Why did you ask about him?” Atsuko asks me

“Uhm… Nothing. Just curious because I didn't see him” I said

Actually, I want to talk to him about our deal. I want to state clearly to him that I love her.

“Anyway, Atsuko, are you hungry?” I change the topic

“Uh, little” she said

“Let me go inside and bring our food here” I said

“Uh, thank you Minami.” She said

“You don't need to thank me” I pat her head and said

Then I go into the kitchen to take our food.

“Hello, Minami-sama” the chief greets me

“Hi” I smile and greet back.

“Is our food done?” I ask him

“Yes, let me prepare them for you” he said

I sit down on the chair and wait for him

“You really like Katsudon, right?” The chief asks me while preparing the food

“Uh, I really like it. My friend once asked me that if I have a lot of money, what I want to eat. I said that I only want Katsudon. I can eat that for whole day.” I smile and said

The chief looks at me and smiles

“I thought about it when I first saw you. After all you are really resemble to him, Minami-sama” he said

“Him?” I ask him

“Kai-sama.” The chief said

“Kai? Who is it?” I ask him

“Kawachi Kai, Son of Master’s best friend. He is also Atsuko-sama’s childhood friend.” The chief said

“He also likes Katsudon very much. Just like you.” He continues

“Is that so?” I ask

“Uh” he nods

“Where is he now?” I ask him

“He was dead. At that time he was only 8. It was a tragic” he said

“What happened?” I ask him

“I don't know much. I heard that is an accident. However, that time Master was already in Paris, so he didn’t know until 2 years later. Kai-sama was dead in a car accident at the same day with his parents. They were dead in a plane crash” the chief said

“I see. That is so tragic” I said

“Yes” the chief nods at me

“Kai-sama is a good kid. Atsuko-sama and Kai-sama are very close with each other. Whenever he came here, they always play together. Since Atsuko-sama’s health wasn’t good at that time, she always had to stay inside the house. Kai-sama always went to her room or stayed inside the house to play with her.”

“Although he was just a kid, he took care of her very careful. When she was in the hospital in Paris, Kai-sama asked his parents for him to stay there with her for the whole summer because he didn't want her to feel lonely by herself there. All that time, he always played with her. Therefore, Atsuko-sama was very happy.” he said to me

"They are very close huh?" I ask

"Uh, very close. Because they are very close to each other, their parents also planned on engaging them when they grow up. However, those tragic accidents happened" the chief said in sad tone

“When knowing that, Atsuko-sama was very sad. She cried a lot. She stayed inside her room and didn't come out for months. Her parents have to do a lot of things to cheer her up” the chief told me

“I see.” I said

“Do I look like him?” I ask

I don’t know why but I have this weird feeling.

“Uhm…a little. do give out a feeling of him...I guess your hobbies is somehow like him.” the chief said to me

“Done. Minami-sama, here is your and Atsuko-sama food.” the chief said and gives me the tray

“I hope you two enjoy your meal” he said

“Ok, thank you” I said and leave

I walk slowly back to the garden. My mind is now filled with a lot of thought

“Kawachi Kai” I thought

“Am I similar to him?”

Then something flash on my mind

“She said to me before that she feels very warm whenever she is near me. Does her feeling is from him not me” I thought

Suddenly, my heart feels tight. Keep thinking about that, unknown to me that I already got back to the garden


Atsuko’s call snaps me out from my thought.

“Atsuko.” I call her

“What's wrong, Minami?” Atsuko asks me

“Nothing, don't worry Atsuko” I said and smile at her


“Don't worry Atsuko. I’m fine, really” I said and pat her head

“Let's eat” I continue

“Ok” she said

Then we sit down and start eating. However, I don't feel like eating anything. My mind still echoes the Chief’s words.


I hear Atsuko calls me while shaking my arm

“Huh? What is it, Atsuko?” I ask her

“You are spacing out. I call you a lot of time but you didn't answer me” she said

“What's wrong, Minami?” She asks me


Cutting my words, Atsuko leans and kiss my lips. Then she breaks the kiss and looks at me with sincerely eyes

“Minami, don't say nothing to me. Looking at your eyes, I knew that you have a lot of thoughts in your mind. Please tell me. I'm worry” she said in worry tone

I stroke her hair gently.

“Atsuko” I call her

She looks at me. I look directly in her eyes. I take a deep breath and ask her

“Can you tell me about Kai, Atsuko?”

Atsuko looks at me with surprised look.

“Kai? How did you know about him, Minami?” She asks me

“I heard the chief said” I said

“Oh” she said

“Kai is my childhood friend, but he was dead.” She answers in sad tone

“I played with him since I was little. He is older than me 1 year old. Although at that time we were both still little, he took care of me very careful” She said to me

“Then I moved to France when I was 4. He and his parents also came to visit me very often. However, after I got discharged from the hospital, I didn’t see him anymore. Two years later, Papa said to me that Kai was dead in a car accident, and his parents were dead in a plane crash. That news shocked me a lot. Except my parents, he is the only one care for me a lot.” she continues

Her eyes look sad, and there are some tear on her eyes. I can feel that he is very important to her.

“I feel jealous of him” a thought occurs in my head

“However, why did you ask about him, Minami?” She wipes her tear and asks me

“Atsuko” I call her again

She looks at me

“Did I resemble him, Atsuko? Did your feeling toward me is come from him?” I ask her

“People might think that I'm childish when jealous over eight years old boy in the past, or something that passed for a long time. However, I want to know her real feeling. I want to clarify that. I want the feeling which she felt is from me, Takahashi Minami, not related anything to kawachi Kai.” I thought


Hope you guys enjoy reading this.  :D
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 3 12/12/2015
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Is it possible for Kai to become Minami's past?
Well.. I'll just wait for the author and Atsuko's response.  :rock:
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 3 12/12/2015
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Is it possible for Kai to become Minami's past?
Well.. I'll just wait for the author and Atsuko's response.  :rock:

I had the same thought..  :huhuh
At least Atsuko knows, that Minami really loves her..  :roll:
Waiting next chapter..  :)
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 3 12/12/2015
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Eh... kai?

Is minami is kai?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs  :twothumbs  :twothumbs

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[Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 4 15/12/2015
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I just finished my fall semester, I have more free time now. I will update Part 4.  XD

@phoenix0i, @black_maa, @cisda83: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :)

This is part 4

I Love You

Part 4

In the garden

“Atsuko” I call her

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks me

“Did I resemble Kai, Atsuko? Did your familiar feeling toward me is come from him?” I ask her

“People might think that I'm childish when jealous over a 8 years old boy in the past, or something that passed for a long time. However, I don’t want her feeling for me is based on that. I want to know her real feeling. I want to clarify that. I want the feeling which she felt is me, Takahashi Minami, not related anything to Kawachi Kai.” I thought

Atsuko looks at me with surprised look. Then she rests her head on my shoulder

“Minami” she calls me

“I haven’t told you since when did I fall for you, right?” she asks me

“Uh” I nod

“Why did she say that” I thought in confuse

I’m confused now.

"I’m in love with you since the first year, when I just enter this school. The first time I met you. You gave me a lot of impression. However, you probably didn't remember about that, right?" she said


Atsuko is walking around her new school. She tries to find her class, but somehow she lost. She just stands there and looks around. This is her new school and she is not used to it. She turns and looks around at the unfamiliar views. Suddenly someone calls her

“Hello, are you new here?” a student in school asks her

She turns and looks at him.

“Yes” She said in small tone

“Don’t worry, I will help you” he smiles at her and said

“Thank you” She said

“You’re welcome” He said

“By the way, are you thirsty?” He asks her

“Uh, a little” she answers

“Here” he gives her a bottle of water

She looks at him with confused look

“Don’t worry, it is new. I just bought it” He said

“, I didn’t mean that. It just this is yours” She said

“Just take it. I will buy another one later” He said and smiles at her

“Thank you.” She said

“Can you tell me how much is it, I will return to you” She asks

He laughs and said

“Don’t worry. It is cheap” He said

“So, which class are you in?” He asks her

“I’m in class A. First year” She said

“Ok, let go” He said and pulls her with him

After awhile they reach her class

“Here. This is your class.” He said and points to the classroom

“Thank you very much” She said

“You’re welcome” He smiles at her

Suddenly they hear someone yelling

“Takamina, Takahashi Minami” a another student rushes to him

“Hey Yuu” he greets him

“Don’t “hey” me. I’m looking for you everywhere. I need you to help me with this” He said and pulls Minami with him

Atsuko stands there and looks at his back

“Minami” She whispers

End flashback

“That is our first time meeting each other. No wonder I feel her so familiar.” I thought in surprise

“Now I will answer your question, Minami” she looks directly at my eyes and said

“Yes, it is truth that the feeling you gave me when I first met you is just like Kai. I don’t know why but I feel Kai in you.” She said to me

I feel sad when hearing her say that though I prepare already for that

“So it is true.” I thought sadly

Suddenly, I feel something soft touch my lips. Atsuko kisses my lips gently. Then she breaks the kiss and smiles at me

“Are you thinking that I think of you as Kai’s shadow? Do you wonder about my love?” She asks me

I look at her with surprised look

“Uh” I nod silently

She smiles at me and kiss my lips once again.

“Yes, I felt that way, but that doesn’t mean that I fell in love with you because of my memories with Kai. It is truth that I was drawn to you because I can feel the feeling that I once felt from Kai. However, I can say clearly to you that the feeling I has is from you. It is from you, yourself. It isn't because you resemble Kai.” She seriously said to me while holding my hands tightly

In her words she emphasizes very clearly her point. It makes me feel very happy.

“Kai is my childhood friend. He is my first and only friend, and he is very important to me. Even though, he was dead, in my mind, he is still very important. However, that is a different aspect. Minami, to me you are very special. In my heart, no one can ever replace you. You already filled up my heart. You rule it already. The person in my heart is you, Takahashi Minami.” She said to me sincerely

“Atsuko” I call her while caressing her face

She smiles her most beautiful smile at me, and I smile back at her my brightest one.

“Another thing, Minami that feeling is just a starting point. Your kindness, your gentle, your personality those are what really making me fall in love with you deeper and deeper every day. I love everything about you, Minami” She smiles at me and gently said

I feel very happy when hearing her words. I pull her to sit in my embrace. I hug her waist tightly while burying my face on her neck

“Atsuko, I love you, too” I said

Then I turn her face and peck on her lips. She smiles at me

“I still remember the day I saw you helping a lost kid. You looked so cool at that time” she said while resting her back on my chest


Atsuko is walking back to her house. She is very happy because her parents finally agree for her to walk back home alone. Suddenly she hears a crying sound. Curious, she walks toward the sources of the sound. To her surprise she sees him again. The person who helped her before, Takahashi Minami

“Minami” she whispers

Then she hides near there to look at him

“Little boy? Why are you crying?” he gently asks the boy

“I’m lost. I don’t know where my mom is. My clothes is also dirty because I fell” he said and sobs

“I see” Minami said

“What is your name?” Minami asks

“My name is Shota” he answers in small tone

“Don’t worry Shota. I will help you to find your mom” he said and smiles

“Thank you, oniichan” the little boy said

“Uh, also, you are a man. You shouldn't cry that easily. You have to be strong.” he hugs the little boy and pats his back to comfort him

“Uh, I will.” the boy nods

“Are you hungry, Shota?” he asks him

“Uh” Shota nods

“Let go, let’s me buy for you a hamburger” Minami holds Shota’s hand and leads the boy with him

Atsuko also follows them from afar. After buying the hamburger, Minami walks around near the place the boy stood before to find his mother. Atsuko also tries to look around. Then she sees a woman. The woman looks very worry. She asks everyone she comes across about her son

“That person maybe that is her” Atsuko thought

Atsuko decided to tell her. However, because rarely interact with stranger, Atsuko feels a little hesitant. Atsuko takes a deep breath

“You can do it, Atsuko” she thought

Then she walks to her.

“Excuse me” Atsuko said

The woman turns to look at her

“What can I do for you?” The woman asks

“Is your son named Shota?” Atsuko asks her

“Yes, miss, do you know where he is? I just went to buy for him some snacks. When I turned back I didn't see him anywhere” the woman said in tear

“Don't worry, there is a very good person take care of him. They are over there” Atsuko said and point to Minami’s direction

“Thank you very much miss” she bows and said

“It is nothing. You don't have to do that.” Atsuko said

Then the woman quickly rushes to the direction. She is happy when seeing her son again. She keeps bowing before Minami and saying thank you to him

“Thank you, thank you very much” she said

“No problem, you don’t have to do that” he said and smiles

Then he walks away.

End flashback

“Despite how dirty he is, you hug him to comfort him. You also walk around with him to find his mother. I love your gentle side, Minami" she said to me

“That was when I really fall in love with you Minami” she continues

I smile happily while tightening my hug

“After that I always walk back home on that street just to see you” Atsuko said and laughs softly

"I always see you helping other people on your way home. Sometime will be helping an old woman cross the street, sometime will be helping someone find their way. A lot of different things.” She said and smiles

“So I have a stalker all along” I said teasingly

“Minami” She said in embarrass and elbows my chest softly

“However, that is true” Atsuko said

“For all those time, I really want to talk to you, but I can't. I just look at you from afar. Only seeing you is enough to make me happy. I never have enough courage to thank you for helping me and confess my feeling to you." she said

“I can't ever imagine that one day; I can sit in your embrace and holds your hands tightly like this. I’m very happy. The happiest thing to me up until now” she said and smiles

"I'm glad that we finally can be with each other" I said and pat her head

"Uh" she nods

Then I turn her face and lean to kiss her lips once again

"I love you, Atsuko. More than anything" I whisper between our kiss

“I will and always love this gentle and kind girl.” I thought

"I love you, too. More and more everyday" she turns to hug my neck and deepens our kiss.

After that, we go back to our dinner.

“So you are that cute girl. No wonder I always feel you look so familiar. That time you didn’t wear glasses” I said and smile

“That time my glasses was broken, so I have to wear contact lenses. I don’t wear contact lenses often because my eyes aren’t used to them” Atsuko said

“I see” I said

“That time your confused face looks so cute.” I said and laugh softly

“So you said that time I was cute because I didn’t wear glasses. Then I’m not cute right now” She pouts and said to me

I look at her and laugh softly

“Of course you are cute. You also look very cute with your glasses. That is why I can’t recognize you. Both with glasses or not, I love everything about you” I said and peck on her lips

“Sweet talker” She said to me and smiles


In a big hotel

While Koichiro is reading something, he hears someone knock his door

“Come in” he said

His assistant comes in. He walks toward his table and bows

“Sir, I got what you need” he said and gives Koichiro a file

“Good.” Koichiro said and takes the file

“How are they?” Koichiro asks

“They are fine, better than the first time. Atsuko-sama seems to be very happy” the assistant said

“That is good.” Koichiro said

“How about him?” he asks

“He is still looking for some new part time jobs” the assistant said

“I see” Koichiro said and smiles

“Good job, now you can go” Koichiro said

His assistant bows and leaves.

Inside the room

Koichiro opens the file. He smiles while looking at it

The next day

At the school gate

Atsuko’s POV

When I walk out of the school, I see Minami is standing at the school gate waiting for me. I smile and quickly rush to him. When I’m about to call him, I heard that he is talking to someone on the phone. Therefore, I stop

“Hello Mr. Maeda, I want to talk to you” he said

“Papa?” I thought in confuse

“Can I meet you tomorrow?” he said

“He wants to meet Papa? For what?” I thought

“Maybe about us. I guess he want to talk to him about the deal” I continue my thought

“I want to talk to you about the money you gave me and our deal” Minami said

“Money? What are they talking about? I didn't hear anything about money.” I thought in surprise

“Ok” he said

Then he hung up.

“Minami” I call him

He turns around. I see that he looks a little surprise when seeing me standing behind him.

"What is it, Minami?" I ask him

"Ah nothing, nothing at all" he said and smiles at me reluctantly

"Let go Atsuko" he said and holds my hand

At night

In Atsuko’s room

Atsuko sits on her deck and looks down

“What is it about? What did he trade with Papa? Is it about the confession? Did his love for me is fake? Did he change his attitude toward me just because of money?” Atsuko thought in confuse

Her heart is hurt. At first she doesn't care if he loves her or not. She knew that is his deal with her father.

However, now he already said that he really loves her. Hearing the phone call makes her feel like she was thrown down from a very high building. Her heart hurts a lot. She buries her face on her hands and cries silently

“Minami, do you really love me” she thought


That is part 4. I hope you enjoy reading it.  :D
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 4 15/12/2015
« Reply #25 on: December 15, 2015, 06:45:40 PM »
Oh no...  :huhuh
..again complicated situation..

Waiting next chapter..  :)
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 4 15/12/2015
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do you have an idea on how many parts this story will have?

sorry for weird question

sometimes i'm realy curious and ask

blame me curiosity  :grin:

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 4 15/12/2015
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do you have an idea on how many parts this story will have?

sorry for weird question

sometimes i'm realy curious and ask

blame me curiosity  :grin:

It has about 6 parts  :D
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     +[OS] Our Love Story
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Fateful Encounter (Atsumina, Wmatsui) (Completed)
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 4 15/12/2015
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then were about to finish  :cry:

thanks for update author-san  :)

waiting for next  :)

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 4 15/12/2015
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Thanka for update author - san

Looking forward for the update :D

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 4 15/12/2015
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They just confirmed their love for each other...
How come Atsuko is still doubting him?
Trust issues.  :shocked:
Thank you author-san.
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 4 15/12/2015
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thank you so much for the answer!  :ptam-aww:

Now i will have to nervously wait to see what happen next  :ptam-wub:

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[Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 5 19/12/2015
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@black_maa, @sasshirie, @xswordeyesx12, @Nezumayuyu, @phoenix0i: Thank you!  :D

Thank you everyone for reading my fict!  :)

This is part 5  :)

I Love You

Part 5

There is a little girl sitting sadly on her bed. Then a little boy comes into her room

“Why did you look so sad?” he asks

“I want to go outside and play” she said

“However, I can’t. My parents said that I will get sick if I go out” she continues sadly

He comes closer and sits next to her

“Don’t be sad. I will be here and play with you” he said and smiles to her

“When I grow up, I will become a doctor. I will make you healthier everyday so that we can go outside and play, ok” he innocently said and smiles

“Really? You promise?” little girl happily said

“Uh, I promise” little boy said confidently

The little girl turns and kisses the boy at his cheek. She smiles brightly and said

“Thank you…..


*ring* *ring* *ring*

Minami is woken up by his alarm. He sits up

“What is that dream?” He thought in confuse

Then he steps down from his bed and prepares to go to school

In the school

At lunch

Today, I don’t know why but Atsuko is so silent. She also looks a little pale

“Is she not feeling well?” I thought in worry

“Atsuko, are you ok?” I ask her while caressing her face

She looks at me with confused looks

“You are so silent, that is why I ask that” I said

“Uh, I just feel a little tired. Don’t worry Minami” she said and smiles at me

“Why don’t you said that sooner, Atsuko? Let’s go inside. Outside is cold” I said

“I’m fine. We can’t go inside. What if someone see us? You want to keep this as a secret, right?” she said a little sad

I bend and kiss her lips

‘'Now, I want the whole world know that you are mine. Let’s go” I said and hold her hand

“Thank you, Minami. But I’m really ok. Don’t worry” she smiles at me and said

“Really?” I ask her

“Uh, definitely” she said and pecks on my lips

I smile at her. Then I remember the appointment with her father. After all the misunderstandings were solved, I decided to talk to her father. I want to tell him my real feeling to her. Also to return to him what I need to return. However, I don't want Atsuko to know this. She only knew about my scholarship. I don't want her to know about the money. I don't want her to misunderstand something.

“Atsuko, today, I’m busy, I can't go home with you. Can you go home by yourself?” I said to her

“Uh, I’m fine. Don’t worry Minami” she nods and said

However she looks down. I use my hand to lift her face up. Her eyes look so sad. I lean and kiss her eyes then her lips.

“Just only today. Tomorrow, I will make up everything for you.” I whisper to her

She nods

“Atsuko, please smile for me. I don’t want you to be sad. Just today” I said

Atsuko looks up at me. She leans and kisses my lips lovingly. Then she breaks the kiss and smiles at me

“I’m fine. Don’t worry Minami” she said

“Ok” I smile at her

After school

I go out to the gate and wait for Mr. Maeda. After talking to him, I go back to my house. When I just finished taking bath, I hear my doorbell rings. I rush to the door to see who it is. I see Atsuko is standing in front of my house soaked wet. I widen my eyes in surprise. I quickly open the door for her.

“Atsuko, what happened? Why did you come here at this weather? You are soaked wet” I said in worry tone

She suddenly rushes to me and hugs me. She hugs me tightly while burying her face on my chest. I hug her back

“What's wrong Atsuko?” I ask her worriedly

She shakes her head and tightens her hug.

“Atsuko, are you ok?” I ask her in worry tone

“I’m fine Minami. I just miss you” she said in shaky tone

I can feel her body is shaking because of cold

“Let get change Atsuko or you are going to catch a cold.” I said

I hold her hand and lead her to the bathroom. Suddenly she stumbles and falls. I quickly catch her

“Atsuko, are you ok?” I ask her

“I...I’m fine. Just a little dizzy” she said to me tiredly

I raise my hand to check her forehead. It is a little hot

“Atsuko, you got a fever. Come on; go change your clothes quickly.” I said

Then I lead her to the bathroom and give her my clothes. After that, I come to the kitchen and boil some hot tea for her to warm up. After awhile she comes out

"Atsuko" I smile and call her

"Minami" she smiles back at me.

Looking at her, I don't know why, but I have a feeling that she is very sad.

“Atsuko, sit down. I made some hot tea for you” I said and lead her to the table

“Uh, thank you Minami” she said

"Atsuko, why did you come here under this heavy rain? Do you need something, Atsuko?" I ask her

"No, I just want to see you." she said and smiles at me

“When I’m at my house, suddenly I want to see you. That is why I go to your house. On my way, I was caught in this sudden rain” she continues

I stand up and walk toward her. I pull her into my arms and hug her tightly. I rest my head on her shoulder and gently said

“I’m very happy when hearing you say that, but don't do that again ok. Look, you are sick now. My heart is hurt when seeing you sick” I said

“If you need to see me, just call me. I will be there for you anytime. You don’t have to come here” I continue while stroking her back

“Uh, I will” she nods and said

"Did you eat anything, Atsuko?" I ask her

"No, I haven't eaten anything yet" she said

"What do you want to eat? I will cook for you" I said

“There is something I want to eat. Can you buy them for me, Minami?" She said to me

"I can do everything for you, Atsuko." I said

Then she tells me what she wants to eat. However, they are in four different places.

"Though they are very far, can you buy for me Minami?" she asks me

I want to do something for her.

"Of course, as I said, I can do everything for you, my love." I said to her and peck on her lips

“Firstly, Atsuko, let’s me lead you to my room and rest a little. It will take quite some time for me to buy them. I will wake you up when I'm back” I said to her

“Uh” she nods

Then I lead her to my room and help her to lie down

"Rest well, Atsuko, I will be right back" I said and kiss her forehead

"Ok" she nods

Then I take my jacket and go to the door. Luckily the rain finally stops.

“I don't know why, but she looks so sad. I hope those food can make her happy.” I thought

I quickly rush to buy those foods. It takes me 2 hours to buy all of them. Then I go back to my house. On my way, I also stop at pharmacy to buy some medicine for her. After that I go back home. When I open the door, I see she standing there and looking at me.

"Atsuko, why are you standing here? You should rest" I said while panting

“I'm fine. I want to wait for you” she said to me

“Thank you, Atsuko” I said and peck on her lips

“Look Atsuko, I bought them for you” I smile and said to her

“Let’s go to the kitchen and eat, Atsuko” I continue and pull her with me

I give her the bowl of soup. She looks at it. Then she puts her spoon down

“It is cold. I don't want to eat anymore” she said

“What’s wrong? Today, she acts so strange” I thought

“It is ok. I will warm it up for you. Why don't you eat the other food first” I said

“Wait for me, I will warm this up for you, now” I continue

When I turn back, I see she opens up everything. However, she didn't touch anything

“What’s wrong, Atsuko?” I ask her

“I don't like them” she said

Then she stands up and walks toward living room. I quickly rush to her. I hold her hand to stop her. Then I turn her around to look at me

“Atsuko, what happened? You acted so strange today. Are you still sad because I can't go home with you?” I ask her gently

“I’m sorry Atsuko. From tomorrow, I will always be with you no matter what” I said to her

However, she still stays silent

“Atsuko, please tell me what do you want, I will do everything for you. I need only one thing is your smile” I continue while caressing her face.

“Please Atsuko, say anything. Don't stay silent, I'm worry.” I sincerely said to her

Suddenly her tear rolls down on her cheek. I quickly wipe her tear

"What's wrong Atsuko? Are you hurt somewhere?" I ask her panicky

"Minami" she calls me with broken tone

"What is it, Atsuko?" I ask her while wiping her tear

“Why don’t you get mad at me? I acted like a spoil brat” She said to me

“I asked you to buy food for me, but then I didn’t touch anything. I make your effort goes waste. Normally someone will mad if their effort just wastes like that” Atsuko said

I pull her into my embrace and hug her tightly.

“I’m not mad at you, Atsuko. Not a bit. I’m just worry. Worry a lot” I said to her

“I knew you are not that kind of person. There must be something serious that make you act like that” I continue

“However, I'm mad at myself. Seeing you standing in front of me panting, sweat covers all your face. I scold myself for those stupid requests.” She said to me in tear

“It is ok, Atsuko. I’m fine. I’m not tired” I gently said while smiling at her

“Minami, why did you accept my selfish requests? And why did you sudden treat me so nice?” She asks me while looking at me by her tears eyes

“Atsuko, I did that because I love you” I said

“Minami, do you really love me?” She asks me that question again

“Atsuko, what happened? I told you before at the school backyard, right? I love you” I said while holding her hand

“Did you tell me the truth, Minami?” She asks me

“Of course, Atsuko. What make you think that?” I ask her in confuse

"Minami, can you tell me about the money which my father gave you and his deal with you?" she asks me

I stun with her words

"Is that you will be nice to me. Did everything you say you love me is a lie?" she said in tear

"What are you saying, Atsuko? I really love you. I did not lie." I said seriously

"What make you think that Atsuko?" I ask her in confuse

"Yesterday, I heard what you said on the phone with my father" she said to me

I stun again. She heard me

“Since yesterday, I was so confused. I tried to convince myself that may be I misheard something. Then after school today, I saw you step into my father car. That is when I knew that I didn’t mistake” She said

"I was so confused, Minami. I don't know if you really love me. I want to trust you, but what is the money that you mentioned to him. I thought your only deal to him is your scholarship. I was in my room, and my mind was going to explode. I want to know the truth. I want to ask you. That is why I rush to your house" she continues and cries

"Please Minami; tell me the truth even if you don't love me. I accept everything. Just please don't lie to me. It is hurt a lot" she cries harder and said

I hurt her again. I pull her into my embrace and hug her tightly.

"Ssshhh...Atsuko. Please trust me, I love you. I really do. I went to buy them for you out of my love for you not your father money. I don't care about them." I sincerely said to her

My tear also rolls on my cheeks

"I felt that you were sad or something that is why I tried my best to cheer you up. I thought if I buy those for you, you will happy. There is nothing related to his money. It was you and only you, Atsuko. I love you" I said to her

"Yesterday, I meet him to tell him that I really love you. I will do everything to make you happy." I explain


When I’m standing at the school gate, Mr. Maeda’s car stops in front of me. I open the door and step in.

“Hello, Takahashi Minami.” he greets me

“Hello, Mr. Maeda.” I bow and said

Then I go with him to his company. After awhile the car reaches his company. I follow him to his office.

“What do you want to talk to me? Do you need more money?” he asks me while sitting down

I stand in front of him and bow at him

“Mr. Maeda, I want to return this envelope to you” I said and take out the envelope

“Why?” he asks me

“I love your daughter. I want to erase this deal. I want to honestly be with Atsuko with my honest feeling. I don’t want money come between us. Plus, I also want to return this for you for a long time, but that time….”

“You don't want to see my face right?” Adding to my words, he said and laughs

“Yes” I nod

“Good, very straight forward. I like that” he said and smiles

“I didn't open the envelope or use any money from there.” I said and give him the envelope

“I know” he said

I look at him with surprised look

“I also want you to know that I can use my own hands to make her happy” I said

“I know” he said again

“I knew you will do this” He continues while putting back the envelope in his drawer

“Why?” I ask in confuse

“Because I believe in my daughter eyes. Also in my instinct.” He said and smiles at me

Then I bow at him and leave the room

End flashback

"I just want to return all of it to him. I love you, and I want to do everything for you. I don't need that money. I never touch it even a penny. You can ask your father about that. I really, really, really love you Atsuko. What I said to you at the backyard is my honest feeling." I said and tightened my hug

"Please trust me. Don't leave me Atsuko. You are everything to me. Since the day I realized I love you, you become my everything, my life force, and I want you to be with me every second. Seeing you sad hurt me a lot. I'm sorry Atsuko for hurting you." I said and bury my face on her neck

"I love you Atsuko." I said

I feel she raises her hands and hugs me back. She tightens her hug and buries her face on my neck. Then she breaks the hug and looks at me with her sincerely eyes

“Minami, please tell me again, do you really love me?” She asks me

I raise my hand to caress her face and stroke her hair

“I love you Atsuko. You are everything to me. I love your smile, your kindness, you voice, and everything about you.” I said to her with my honest feeling while looking at her with serious and sincerely eyes

She caresses my face and smiles brightly at me

"I trust you Minami. I love you, too." she said softly.

"Really?" I ask her in happy tone

"Uh" she smiles at me

Now I can feel her happy smile. She raises her hands and wipes my tear

"I'm sorry for doubting you, Minami. I will never doubt you again." she said to me

"No, it is ok. I know about your feeling. I promise I won't make you feel insecure ever again" I hold her hands and said

"Thank you Minami. I love you" she happily said and pecks my lips.

"I love you too" I said to her

Then I pull her closer to me and kiss her lips. I kiss her hungrily and wildly. I want to show her how much I love her. She replies my kiss passionately. I pull her closer to me, and she hugs my neck to deepen our kiss. Our kiss turns into more passion and intense. I guide her to my room and gently push her down on my bed still kissing. I kiss down to her neck. I kiss it, lick it, and suck it making soft moan out of her. I move up and kiss her lips again. I slip my tongue inside her mouth and explore while my hands slowly unbutton her shirt. Then I look up and kiss her forehead.

"I love you, Atsuko" I whisper to her

"I love you too, Minami" she whispers and hugs me

In the morning

I slowly open my eyes and see that Atsuko is sleeping next to me while hugging me tightly. I smile happily when seeing her. This is what I really want, seeing her every morning in my arm. I lean to kiss her forehead. Then I move back to look at her sleeping face. I raise my hand to move some hair cover her face aside. Suddenly, the little girl in my dream flashes on my head.

“Why did I feel her resemble the little girl in my dream?” I thought in confused

Then I put that thought aside. I look up and see that it is already morning. I also have to take her home

“Atsuko, Atsuko” I call her softly


She slowly opens her eyes.

“Good morning Atsuko” I smile and said

“G...good morning Minami” she stutters

Her face suddenly turns red. I smile at her

“You always are so cute, Atsuko” I said and peck on her lips

“Let prepare, Atsuko. I will take you home” I said to her and she nods

After preparing everything, I take her back to her house. When we reach the gate, I see Eri-san rushes to us

“Atsuko-sama, where have you been for all night? Master looked for you everywhere. He was very worry” Eri-san said in worry tone

When Atsuko is about to say something, we hear her father calls

“Atsuko, and you, Takahashi Minami, come to my office”

“Yes, Papa” she answers in small tone

“Papa is mad” Atsuko said in shaky tone

She seems scared

“Of course he is not. He just worries about you” I said to her

“No, he calls me that way mean he is mad. He never calls me like that before. He is really mad at me.” She said and sobs

“Also his voice when calling you. He is angry. What if he hates you because of this?” She continues

“Don't worry Atsuko. He loves you very much he will never mad at you” I said and wipes her tear

“Minami-sama is correct Atsuko-sama. Don't worry.” Eri-san also comforts her

“Uh” she nods

Then we go to his office. I knock his door

“Come in” he said

Then Atsuko and I step in. He is working with something on his table. He looks up at us

“Atsuko, where have you been yesterday?” He asks her with serious tone while frowning

“I….I…” She stutters

“She is at my house” I said

“I didn't ask you yet” he said

He definitely is very angry right now

“Atsuko, answer me. Where have you been, yesterday?” He asks her again

“I’m at Minami’s house” she said in small tone

“At Minami's house. Who give you permission to stay outside overnight? You also didn't say anything to me. Everyone in the house was looking for you everywhere. I nearly call the police to look for you. Do you know that the house yesterday was like a chaos.” he said a little loud.

She looks down scarily

“I'm sorry Mr. Maeda. That is my fault. I should take her home sooner. Please don’t scold her” I said and bow at him.

“I’m talking to my daughter. I will talk to you later”

He strongly puts down his pen and said in serious tone while frowning

“Papa, I’m sorry. I made everyone worry about me. I shouldn't leave the house without inform anyone. I’m sorry Papa. Please don't mad at me” she said and chokes because of crying

Suddenly she holds her chest tightly while panting

“Papa, this fault. Please...don't hate...Minami. Please, please...” she holds her chest and said while panting

“Calm down, Atsuko. Your father just worries about you. Don't be scared” I pat her back to calm her down.

However, she is still scared. Her body is shaking. Mr. Maeda quickly rushes to her. He hugs her and pats her back to comfort her

“Calm down Atsu. Papa is sorry. I'm not mad at you. Also I don't hate Minami. Papa is just worry about you. Everything is ok. Calm down. Papa is sorry for scaring you” he gently said to her while patting her back.

“Papa, this is the first call me like that. You are….mad, right? This is also the first time you raise your….voice at me. You very mad. I made….you mad. I’m sorry Papa. Atsu is sorry. Atsu will...never do it again” she cries and said

Her breath still doesn't return to normal

“No, Atsu. I’m not mad at you. I just was so worry that I call you like that. I'm not mad. I’m sorry for raising my voice at you. Papa is sorry. Papa is bad. Papa is sorry for making Atsu scare” he said while patting her back

“Really Papa, you aren't mad at me. You also didn't hate Minami” she asks him in small tone

“Uh. I’m. How can I mad at my most precious daughter? Also, Atsu is Papa’s and Mama’s treasure. Anyone our Atsu loves, Papa and Mama will also love.” He said to her

“Really Papa?” She asks him happily

She is calm down a little now. I look at her and sigh in relief

“Uh, definitely” he smiles at her and said

“Thank you Papa,” she hugs him and happily said

Then suddenly a voice comes from outside

“Who made my Atsu cry?”

We turn around and look at the sources of the sound. There is a woman standing there.

“Mama” Atsuko happily calls her and rushes to her

“Honey, you are back” her father said

“She is her mother” I thought

“How have you been Atsu? Haven't met you for a month makes me miss you so much, my little baby” she said to her lovingly while hugging her

“I miss you too, Mama.” Atsuko happily said

“Sweetie, are you sick? Your body is hot. Let’s me check on you” her mother said in worry tone

“What's wrong?” her father asks worriedly

“You are sick, Atsu. Did you drink medicine?” Her mother asks her

“What? Atsu is sick. Is she ok?” her father panicky said

“I’m fine. Don't worry, Papa, Mama. Minami bought some medicine for me already” Atsuko said and smiles

“I see.” her mother said

“Just as you see, Atsu is very good, now.” She happily said

“Is that so? Mama is happy when hearing that” she pats her head and said

“Also Mama, I want to introduce you to someone.” She said and smiles brightly

“Introduce Minami, right?” Her mother smile and said

“Uh” she nods

Then Atsuko rushes to me and pulls me toward her mother

“Mama, I want to introduce him to you. He is my boyfriend, Minami” she happily introduces me

“Hello Mrs. Maeda, my name is Takahashi Minami. Atsuko’s boyfriend” I said and bows to her

“Hello, Minami. Nice to meet you” she said to me

“My Atsu already has a boyfriend huh? I’m so happy. You really are grow up now” she gently said to her

Atsuko smiles brightly at her

“Now, Atsu tell me why did you cry?” she gently asks her

“I’m not crying” Atsuko shakes her head and said

“Honey, why did our Atsu cry?” she asks Mr. Maeda with I think dangerous tone

Mr. Maeda is taken back

“Ah...uhm….I’m sorry. I’m just worry about her because she went out yesterday. Therefore I raised my voice a little” he said in guilty tone

Her mother glares at him. Then she turns to her

“Atsu, this time you are at fault. You should inform us where you at or we will be very worry. You are our treasure. If anything bad happen to you, we don’t know how we can bear that.” she gently said to her

“I know. I’m sorry for making Papa and Mama worry” she bows and said

“Good” she smiles and pats her head

“Honey, another thing. I heard that you threaten Minami to confess to Atsu, right?” she asks Mr. Maeda

“What? Who said that?” he said trying to calm down

“Even I had a meeting in New York, I still have someone to look after my Atsu here” she said

“I just want to help our Atsu” he said

“By threatening him like that? Don’t you scare that he will do something bad to Atsu” she said while frowning

“Don’t worry. He is a very good kid. He won’t do anything bad to her” he smiles and said

“You also gave him money. What if he approach our Atsu just because of our money?” she said

“No, I won’t. I really love Atsuko. I don’t need money. I will make her happy by my own hand.” I hold Atsuko hand and said

“See. I said he is a good kid. Also if he wants money, he won’t be here today” he said

I look at him with confused look

“If he wants money, he will open the envelope I gave him. In there, I did put a check with a big amount of money, but that is his parents’ money not mine. With a letter” he said

I widen my eyes in surprise

“My parents” I thought

“Here is the letter I gave you.” He said

Then he takes out the envelope and opens it. He gives me the letter

“Takahashi Minami,

Everything I said is just a lie. I just want to see what a person you are after all those years not meeting each other, and I’m glad that you are a good person with a straight forward personality just like your father. You can forget about that deal. That check is your parents’ money. Just take it and do your best in your study.

Also, I won’t force you to be my daughter’s boyfriend. However, if you can, I want you to be her friend like you two used to be before.

Lastly, I’m glad that I can finally found you. If you want to know more about your parents, meet me at my house.

                                    -----Maeda Koichiro------”


That is part 5. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :D
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[Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 6 (Final) 22/12/2015
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Thank you everyone for reading my fic!  :D

Here is the final part

I Love You

Part 6

In Maeda’s mansion

Minami reads out loud the letter. He widens his eyes in surprise

“You knew my parents? We knew each other before?” Minami asks Koichiro

“Uh, we knew your parents and you.” Tamako said and smiles

“Sorry about what I just said. I heard Atsu talk about you a lot before, and I knew you are a good kid. I just want to hear your real feeling.” She continues

“Mama, Papa what do you mean? Did I know Minami before?” Atsuko asks her mother

“Uh, not only knew, you two were very close with each other.” Koichiro said

Atsuko and Minami look at each other, and then they look at her parents with confused look

“One more thing, you said about money. But my parents are just normal workers.” Minami said in confused

“I forgot, let's me add one more thing. We knew your birth parents not your adopted parents” Koichiro said

“My birth parent?” Minami asks

“Yes, your birth parents” Koichiro said

“Your parents are not Takahashi Minoru, and Fujimoto Ayako” Koichiro said to me

Minami widens his eyes in surprise

“Who is my real parents?” Minami asks

“Your father is Kawachi Ikuto, and your mother is Yamamoto Izumi.” Koichiro said

“That is uncle and aunty name” Atsuko said

“Uh Atsu, he is Kai” her mother said to her

“Kai? Minami is Kai” Atsuko said in surprise

“Kai? I’m Kai. My real parents? What is going on here?” Minami thought

“Mr. Maeda, can you tell me what are you talking about?” Minami said

“Firstly, let me talk about your parents and what happened to you and them” Koichiro said

Minami and Atsuko look at him and wait for him.

“I was an orphan and your father, too. We met each other at an orphanage. Your father always took care of me very careful, and we see each other as brother. When I was 10, I was adopted. They took me in and brought me to Italy. Then we were separated.” Koichiro said

“I lived there until I graduated from University. Then I came back to Japan to find Ikuto. I came to the orphanage to ask about your father. I heard that he already left the orphanage. I looked for him everywhere. I also hired a lot of people to look for him. Finally, I found him. He is a president of a big group as his dream. He and his family live in Osaka.” he continues

“I was very happy. I ordered my servant to invite him and his family to my house in Tokyo. That time, I already got married, and Atsu was 12 months. He also got married and has a son. That is you, Minami. ” he said to Minami

“Koichiro and your father were very happy to meet each other again.” Tamako said


Koichiro walks back and forth around his house to wait for his best friend.

“Honey, can you calm down? Our Atsu can’t sleep because you just walk around her like that” Tamako said

He turns and sits down on the sofa next to Tamako. He takes his daughter carefully in his arms.

“Papa is sorry. I’m just nerves because today I will meet my best friend again” He said to her lovingly

Little Atsuko looks at him and smiles

“Look honey, she understands me. She is also happy” Koichiro said

His wife looks at his happy face and laughs

“Yes, she is, and I’m too” she said

“Thank you honey” He said to her

Then his butler comes in

“Master, your guests come” He said

“Take them here quickly” Koichiro said

After awhile the butler leads three people into his guest room. The door opens, and there are a couple walk in together with a little kid.

“Ikuto, long time no see. I’m so glad” Koichiro rushes to him and said

“Long time no see, Koichiro. How have you been?” Ikuto happily said

“I’m very good as you can see. I also knew that you achieve your dream right, Mr. president. You also have a very handsome kid here” Koichiro said teasingly

“Don’t make fun of me. You are a president yourself too. I’m happy that we can achieve our dream” Ikuto said and they laugh

“Uh” Koichiro nods

“Ikuto, let me introduce my family” Koichiro said

“This is my wife, Tamako, and this is our wonderful treasure, Atsuko. She is 12 months” Koichiro happily introduce his family

“Nice to meet you and your family. I heard Koichiro talk about you a lot” Tamako said and smiles

“Nice to meet you, too” he said

“Koichiro, this is my wife, Aoi, and our son, Kai. He is 2 years old” Ikuto introduces his family

“Baby...” Kai pulls his mother hand and points at sleeping Atsuko

“Uh, her name is Atsuko. Do you want to see her?” Koichiro asks

Kai nods. Then Koichiro leads Kai toward Tamako. He lifts him up to sit on the sofa next to Tamako. She bends down so that Kai can see Atsuko clearly. Kai looks at Atsuko.

“Kai, her name is Atsuko” Tamako said and smiles at Kai

“” Minami calls

“Uh” Koichiro smiles

Then Kai raises his hand to touch Atsuko’s face

“Kai, let’s Atsuko sleep” his mother said

“It is ok, let him be” Koichiro said

Kai raises his hand and gently caresses her face. Suddenly Atsuko opens her eyes. She looks at Kai for awhile. Then she smiles at him.

“Oh, that is new, Koichiro. Our Atsu smiles toward someone she just met” Tamako said

“Kai, she likes you” Koichiro bends down and said

Kai looks at him

“Like” He repeats

“Uh, like” He nods and said

Then Kai looks at her again and smiles happily

“Koichiro, seem like Kai also like your daughter a lot” Ikuto said

“Uh” Koichiro nods happily

End flashback

“So that is when I meet Atsuko” Minami thought

Minami hold her hand tightly. She looks at him and smiles happily

“After that your parents always came to our house with you to play. We are very close with each other. You always play with Atsu whenever you come.” Koichiro said

“Then my business open wider. I had to move to France to manage my business there until it stables. That time Atsu was 4.” Koichiro said


“No I don’t want to leave. I want to play with Kai” Atsuko cries and said

“Atsu, be good. We will meet each other soon. You will meet Minami again” Koichiro picks his daughter up and said

“I want to play with Atsuko.” Kai also cries and said

“We will meet each other soon” Ikuto bends down and said to his son

Kai turns away. He crosses his arms and pouts

“Kai, why don’t you say good bye to Atsuko” his mother said

“I promise that we will go there and visit them often” his father said

“You promise?” Kai looks back and asks

“Uh, promise” Ikuto nods and smiles

Then Kai walks toward Atsuko.

“Atsu, say goodbye to Kai. We will meet again, soon. Uncle also said that he will take him to meet you” Koichiro said

“Uh” Atsuko nods

Then he puts her down.

“Bye Kai. See you later” Atsuko said and sobs

“Atsu, give Kai a goodbye kiss, baby” her mother said

Then she gives kai a kiss on his cheek

“Bye Atsuko.” Kai said

To everyone surprise, Kai leans and kisses Atsuko’s cheek. Then he said confidently

“In the future, I will take Atsuko as my wife so that Atsuko won’t go anywhere and stay with me forever”

The two parents look at each other with surprise look

“Look Ikuto, your son wants to take our daughter as his wife.” Koichiro said teasingly

Then he and Tamako adds and laughs

“Wow, that is unexpected” Ikuto said

“Maybe we should engage for them” Aoi said jokingly

“Good idea” Ikuto happily said

“What do you think, Koichiro?” Ikuto asks

“That is great” Koichiro and Tamako said

“Let promise that when they grow up, we will engage them” Koichiro said

“Uh” Ikuto said

End Flashback

“Do you remember what I mentioned about your parents owe me?” Koichiro asks Minami

“Yes” Minami nod

“That is what they owe us, an engagement promise” Tamako smiles and said to me

Minami widens his eye in surprise.

“Our promise was based on your action and words” Koichiro said

Minami can feel his face getting hot. He looks down embarrassed.

“Atsuko told me before that she is in love with someone in her school. I was very surprise when knowing that the person, she is in love is son of Ikuto” Tamako said

“You two really are meant together” she continues and smiles

Minami and Atsuko turn to look at each other lovingly. They hold each other's hands tightly and smile brightly at each other

“Tamako, they see us as invisible here” Koichiro said

Koichiro’s words make Minami and Atsuko look down shyly

“Stop teasing them honey. They look like two tomatoes now” Tamako said making them blush more

“Ok, let continues” Koichiro said

“Every summer vacations or any other occasion, you will come to visit us. Then suddenly we lost contact with you all. After 2 years, I still didn’t receive any information about you all. Then I ordered my butler to go back to Japan to find out what happened.” Koichiro said

“After he was back to Japan, he reported to me that your parents were dead in a plane crash on their business trip two years ago. At the same day, the car which picked you up at your school hit the side of the mountain and exploded. I was very shocked when receive those two news at the same time.” Koichiro continues

There are tear in the corner of his eyes.

“My parents” Minami thought

His tear rolls on his cheeks. He feels pain in his heart. Suddenly something flash on his head making his head aches all of sudden. He holds his head and bends down

“Minami, are you ok?” Atsuko worriedly said

Minami now can't hear anything around him

“Kai, see you later”

“Atsuko, let’s play together”

“I don’t want Atsuko to go”

“I will take Atsuko as my wife when I grow up”

“Where are you going Mom, Dad?”

“We will be back before your birthday”

“Kai-sama, there is something wrong with the car”

“Please get out of the car now, Kai-sama”

“The car is going to explode”

Minami’s head is getting more hurt every second. His memories come back to him as flood. His head hurts. He bends down and keeps using his hands to hit his head

“Minami, Minami, are you ok?” Atsuko worriedly calls him while holding his hands

“Mama, what happened to him?” Atsuko looks at her mother and said in worry tone

“I think some of Papa’s stories makes his memories come back to him. Let’s he drink this to ease his pain” Tamako checks on Minami and said

“Minami, please don’t scare me” Atsuko said in worry tone while hugging him tightly

“Minami, Minami” Atsuko calls and sobs

Feeling the familiar warm feeling, Minami slowly raises his hand and hugs her tightly.

After awhile

Minami finally calms down. The pain in his head is slowly fading.

“Minami, are you ok? Are you ok?” Atsuko calls him

“Mama, why does he still like this?” she asks in worry

“Calm down Atsu, he will be fine” Koichiro said

“Atsuko, I’m fine. Don’t worry” Minami said and pats her head

“Minami” Atsuko breaks the hug and happily said

“I’m fine, Atsuko. Don’t cry” Minami said and smiles while wiping her tear

“Are you ok, Minami?” Tamako asks in concern tone

“I’m fine. Thank you Aunty” Minami said

“Aunty? Do you remember us, Minami?” Koichiro asks

“Yes, I did. Part of it” Minami said

“That is good” Tamako said in happy

“Minami, you remembered” Atsuko smiles and said

“Uh, I remember our time before Atsuko” Minami smiles at her and said

“Minami” Atsuko calls him happily and hugs him tightly

Minami smiles and pats her head.

“Minami, can you tell me what happened to you on that day if you feel comfortable?” Koichiro said

“I remember that day…”


Kai walks out of his school

“Hello, Kai-sama” his driver greets him

“Hello Tenchi” Kai said

Then Tenchi opens the back door for Kai. After that he drives back to his house. Kai’s house is located on the mountain.

“Kai-sama, you are going to meet your friend soon, right?” Tenchi asks

“Uh, I will meet Atsuko soon this summer. I can’t wait to tell her a lot of thing” Kai said happily

While driving, suddenly Tenchi feels something strange

“Kai-sama, there is something wrong with the car” he said

“What’s wrong?” Kai asks

“I can’t reduce the speed. Seem like something wrong with the break” Tenchi said

“What can we do now, Tenchi?” Kai asks in panic

Tenchi tries to push the break, but no use. Suddenly Kai shouts

“Tenchi, in front”

Tenchi looks up and quickly turns the car before it hit the side of the mountain. However, because the speed just keep increasing, it is getting hard to control. When the car comes to a very sharp turn, the car lost control and rolls around.


The car strongly hit the side of the mountain. A lot of gasoline leaks out. Tenchi tries to climb to the back seat to call Kai.

“Kai-sama, Kai-sama” Tenchi calls him

Kai slowly opens his eyes

“Tenchi, what happened?” Kai asks

“Get out of here quick, Kai-sama” Tenchi said

“Tenchi, what’s wrong?” Kai asks

“The car is going to explode. Get out of here quickly” Tenchi said

Then Tenchi do his best to break the window.

“Come on Kai-sama” Tenchi said

“How about you?” Kai asks in worry

“I will go after you. Now get out quick Kai-sama” Tenchi said

Then he helps Kai to get out of the car by window. When Kai is outside he said

“Get away from the car now, Kai-sama” Tenchi said

“But Tenchi” Kai calls him in tear

“I will be right behind you, Kai-sama” Tenchi said and smiles

“If you still stand here, it is hard for me to get out” he continues

“Ok” Kai said and runs away from the car

Suddenly he hears a big explosion. The impact of the explosion blows him out from the hill

End flashback

“Because of saving me, Tenchi was dead” Minami said in sad tone

“I see. I feel so grateful toward Tenchi” Koichiro said

“Uh” Tamako nods

Then silent fills the room

“Uncle, what happened to my parents? Why did their plane crash?” Minami breaks the silent

“After receiving the new, I quickly settled my business in Paris and return to Japan. I ordered my people to investigate about the dead of your parents and you. At last, after 5 years, I found out that your father’s secretary was the culprit.” Koichiro said

Then he slams his table angrily and said

“That jerk, he did something to Ikuto’s private jet. That is why his plane crashed. That is not all, your car, it was him. He did something with the breaks of the car making it lost control, and crash on the side of the mountain and exploded”

Minami holds his hands tightly when hearing that

“Where is that jerk, uncle?” Minami said in anger tone

He is really mad.

“He was the one who destroyed my family. He also killed my parents” he thought in angry

Suddenly he feels something very soft touches his hand. He looks up and sees that Atsuko is holding my hand. Her eyes are all red. He still can see some tear on her eyes. He smiles and wipes her tear

“I'm fine Atsuko. Don’t worry” Minami said gently

“Really?” She asks him

“Uh” Minami nods and smiles at her

“The police arrested him. He is now in jail to pay for his sin” Koichiro said

“I’m glad that he is punished” Tamako said

“Uh” Koichiro nods

Minami is very happy when hearing that

“Uncle, I have another question” Minami said

“What is it, Minami?” Koichiro asks

“How can you know about me?” Minami asks

“That is all thank to Atsu” Koichiro said

“After knowing that Atsu is in love with you, I ordered my assistant to find out more information about you. I wanted to make sure that you are a good person for her. When I see your picture, I feel suspicious because you look just like young Kai. Then I ordered my assistant to investigate more about you” He continues


When Koichiro is sitting in his office, he hears his phone rings

“Hello” he said

(Sir, I got the information. Takahashi Minami and his parents used to live in a small village in Osaka. They just moved to Tokyo 5 years ago for him to continue his study. His father found a job in a toy factory, and his mother work at a small restaurant. Two years ago, they died in an accident) his assistant said

“I see. Did you find anything about their life in that small village?” Koichiro said

(Yes sir, I went to that village and asked about his parents. A neighbor of his parents told me that his parents didn’t have any child. His father found him unconscious in the forest. Seem like he fell down from the hill. Because he didn't remember anything, so they took him as their son. They love him very much and did their best for him to study) his assistant said

“I see.” Koichiro said

“That place is where his car exploded. Could it be?” Koichiro thought hopeful

“Good job. You can come back here. I want you to do another thing for me” Koichiro said

(Yes sir) he said

Then Koichiro hangs up.

“Seem like I can do that this way” Koichiro thought

End flashback

“Minami, do you remember the group of doctor came to your school recently?” Koichiro asks

“Yes” Minami said

“I was the one who sponsored that. I want to check your DNA.” Koichiro said

“And the result didn't disappoint me. You are really Ikuto’s son, Kai” he smiles and said

Minami is very surprised with Koichiro’s story

“I see” Minami said

“Our daughter found his son. That is really fate” Tamako said happily

“Papa, this is what I curious for a long time. How can you know that I love Minami?” Atsuko asks in curious tone

“About that…” Koichiro said


While Koichiro is walking around his garden, he suddenly hears his daughter's voice

“Mama” Atsuko said

“I have something I want to tell you” she said

“What is it?” Koichiro thought

Then he hides to listen to her conversation

“Uhm….ah...I..actually I love someone in my school” Atsuko said shyly

“What?? She has someone she loves” Koichiro thought in surprise

“My precious daughter. She found someone she loves. Suddenly, I feel so jealous” He continues his thought

“No, I haven’t. I haven’t confessed to him yet” Atsuko said while blushing

“His name?” She asks

“His name is Takahashi Minami. He is third year student.” Atsuko said

“Minami? Takahashi Minami? I have to see who that person is.” Koichiro thought

“Mama, he is very nice and kind. He also is very good at study. He helped me before. He also helps a lot of people, He is….”

Atsuko just keeps telling her mother about Minami

“She seems to love him a lot huh. Let’s Papa help you, my precious treasure. However, firstly I have to know more about him” He thought

Then he walks back to his office and calls his assistant

End flashback

“After hearing that conversation, I ordered my assistant to find out information about you. I wa…”

“Honey” cutting Koichiro’s words, Tamako calls him with gentle but dangerous tone

Seem to realize something, he stops and turns to look at his wife.

“You eavesdropped our conversation without Atsu’s permission” She said

“I’m sorry. I...I..I..didn’t mean to” He stutters

“Papa, you heard all my conversation.” Atsuko said while blushing

“Atsu, papa is sorry. I just curious and want to help you” He comes closer to Atsuko and said

Atsuko stays silent and turns away

“Atsu, you are my precious. Papa will be very sad if you ignore me like that” he said

“Honey, can you help me?” he turns to Tamako and said in pleading tone

“That is your fault. Bear with it” Tamako said

“Minami, please help me. After all, I did help you two be together” he said

“Atsuko, uncle just want to help you. Thank to him that I can be with you. Listen to me Atsuko, your father just wants you to be happy” Minam said

Atsuko slowly turns back

“Thank you Papa. I’m not mad at you. It is just embarrassed to know that there is someone heard about that too” Atsuko said in small tone

“Really, I’m happy” he said happily

“I knew that. Atsu will never mad at you, Honey” Tamako said and laughs

“After knowing that you are Ikuto’s son, I had that idea to test your personality. Also taking that chance, I gave you the request to stop working at those constructions. I want you to stop working at there because that job is very dangerous. You also have to focus on your study for your medical school” Koichiro said

“Thank you uncle” Minami stands up and bows at him

“You don’t have to do that” Koichiro said and smiles at him

“Another thing, after arresting that Secretary, I bought your father company before it went bankrupt because of that jerk. The check which I gave you was the benefit come from your parents business. However, that is not all. That jerk also scattered some of your parents’ money and properties everywhere. Finally, three days ago, I finally gather back all his properties.” Koichiro said

“I will change the president of the company to you and give you back all the property for you” Koichiro said

Minami is surprised

“Lastly, Minami, you told me before, but I want you to confirm to me one last time. Do you really love my daughter? It is ok if you are not, we still can be close to each other like before.” he said to Minami

Minami notices that Atsuko looking at him with hopeful eyes. Minami raises his hand to holds her hand

“As I told you before I love her. I don’t need anything. The only one I need is her. I didn’t know anything about business. Uncle, can you keep my parents’ business for me. About my parents’ money, you can keep it for me, too. I will use my own hand to achieve my dream and make her happy. That time I will accept their money.” Minami said confidently

“Good words Minami. I’m happy that I’m not mistaking when I decide to give my daughter to you.” Koichiro said and smiles at him

“That is good to hear you said that Minami” Tamako said

“Thank you uncle, aunt” Minami said and bow

“Also” Tamako said

She walks toward Minami and whispers in his ears

“I knew how you treated her for all those time. I forgave you because that is Koichiro’s fault. If from now on you made her sad, I won’t let your life easy”

Minami feel shivering after her words

“I won’t make her sad ever again. I will use all my life to make her happy” Minami said loudly and firmly

“I’m glad to hear that” Tamako said and smiles.

“Minami, from now on, just move in here and stay in our house.” Koichiro said

“Uh, you don’t have to rent that apartment anymore” Tamako adds

“But...” Minami said

“No but” Koichiro said

“I have to take care of you in place of your parents.” He continues


Then he comes closer to Minami

“You also want to be close to Atsu, right?” He whispers and Minami nods

“Ok, everything is settled now.” Koichiro happily said

“You two can go around the garden to play while waiting for dinner. I still have some paperwork to finish.” he continues

“I also have to come to the hospital a little. See you all later” Tamako said

“Bye bye sweetie” She said to Atsuko and kisses her forehead

“Bye Mama” Atsuko said and smiles

Then Atsuko and Minami leave the place. They walk toward the garden

“I’m very happy right now, Minami” Atsuko said and smiles brightly

“Uh, me too. I never thought that I can meet you again, Atsuko” Minami said while stroking her hair

“Atsuko, I promise that I will always love you and love you, forever” Minami gently said

“Minami, I will always love you, too.” Atsuko said and kisses Minami lips

10 years later

In a big hospital

Minami is working with his patients’ file. Then he hears a knocking sound

"Come in" he said

Then a figure comes in

“What is it?” He asks without looking up

“Dr. Takahashi, you have a patient” a voice teasingly said

Hearing the familiar sound, he looks up and smiles brightly

“What can I do for you Mrs. Takahashi?” Minami said

“I want to ask Dr. Takahashi for lunch” she walks toward him and said

“Then what do you want to eat, Baby?” Minami said while pulling her to sit on his laps

“Minami, is this how you treat your patients?” Atsuko said and pouts

“I only treat my special patience, Mrs Takahashi Atsuko like this” Minami said and kisses her cheeks

Atsuko laughs softly when hearing that.

“Are you done, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Uh, let’s go, Atsuko” Minami said

Then they hold each other's hands tightly and walk out of Minami’s office.

“Atsuko” Minami calls her

Atsuko looks at him

“I love you” Minami smiles and gently said

“I love you, too” Atsuko smiles and said

The End

That is the last part of the story. Thank you everyone for reading my fic. Hope you guys enjoy this story.   :)

Thank you!  :D
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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 6 (Final) 22/12/2015
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nice  :) :) :) :)
sequel please  :) :) :)

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 6 (Final) 22/12/2015
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Thanks for the story :D
and waiting for the next story :D

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 6 (Final) 22/12/2015
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I'm so happy to see you completed it! :D I will look out for your next stories ;)

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Re: [Atsumina's OS collection] I love you (Atsumina) Part 6 (Final) 22/12/2015
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It was nice story..  :roll: ..with good ending..
Thank you for it and of course, waiting new one..  8)
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Very good ending...

It's very satisfying...

Thank you for the updates and ending

Can't wait to see other Atsumina story

Thank you again

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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[Atsumina's OS collection] Promise (Atsumina) 24/12/2015
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@xswordeyesx12, @AI712, @sasshirie, @black_maa, @cisda83: Thank you!  :wub: I’m glad that you guys enjoy reading it.  :)

Thank you everyone!  :D

This is a Christmas OS. I hope that you guys like this  :)

Merry Christmas to you all!  :D


On the snowy road, there is a young man walking slowly around a very crowded place alone. There are a lot of couples passing him. He looks at them and smiles. However his smile shows his sadness.

Why? Where is he going?

He comes to his most memorable place, the place where he met his most important person. After walking for a while, he reaches the place.

“Today is the seventh Christmas. How are you doing, Atsuko? Are you happy right now, Atsuko?” He whispers his lover name under a big Christmas tree.

He sits down and takes out a letter. It looks very old. By its look, people can say that it was read over and over a lot of time.

“Five years later, we will meet at the place where our love begins. I hope you be happy

                                                                                                           --- Atsuko----”

He reads the sentence and smiles.

“Atsuko, do you remember the first time we meet here. It was already 10 years right” Minami whispers


10 years ago

On Christmas Eve

Minami’s POV

Today is Christmas Eve, so as always; no one will be at home. My parents went for their annual vacation and will be back before New Year one day. Today is holiday. However, I still don't have anything to do. I just lie on my bed lazily while looking at the ceiling. Suddenly, my phone rings

“Hello Yuu” I said

Yuu is my cousin. He is older than me. He is an architect

(Takamina, Nyan Nyan can't go out with me today) he whines over the phone

Nyan Nyan, or Kojima Haruna is his girlfriend, fiancée. She is a young CEO in her parents company

“Huh? Why so?” I ask

(She said that she has an important meeting in her company to attend) he said

“I see. It can't help. That is an important meeting after all” I said

(So, today you have to go out and play with me) he said to me

“What? Why?” I ask in surprise tone.

(Because your cousin is sad, your job is helping him feel better) he said to me

“Stop joking around. Keep that and tell your Nyan Nyan to make up for you” I said

(Takamina, how can you be so cold? I’m sad. Your precious cousin is sad. You have to comfort him) he said

“Nope, that is your Nyan Nyan’s job. Not mine” I said shortly

(Oh….I know. You have a date with your girlfriend, right?) He said

“For your information, I’m still single. I’m just lazy and don't want to go outside today. It is too crowded” I said

(If you don't have any plain, then let meet up together and drink something) he said

(Today is Christmas Eve after all) he continues

“Uhm….ok. Where do you want to meet?” I ask him

(Let's meet under the big Christmas tree in the city square at 6. After that let go play some bowling or some other games) he said

“Ok, cool. See you later” I said


Then we hang up. I lie lazily for a while. Then I get up and prepare to go out. I walk toward the big Christmas tree, and sit there waiting for him. I take out my iPod and listen to music while waiting for him

After 1 hour

“Where is he?” I thought

“Hey Yuu, where are you?” I text him

I play some games on my phone and continue waiting for him.

After another 1 hour passed

I take out my phone to call him. Suddenly my phone rings

“Hey, where are you?” I said with a bit irritating tone

(Sorry Takamina. Nyan Nyan just lied to me about busy. She cooks a lot of food for us to eat together in Christmas Eve. She wants me to be surprise) Yuu happily said to me

“Oh, great” I thought

“So that means you are at your Nyan Nyan’s house right now?” I ask him

(Yup, sorry about our plan. I guess I have to postpone it to some other time) Yuu said to me


(Yuuchan, everything is done. Let eat)

When I’m about to say something, I hear Nyan Nyan’s voice through his phone

(Sorry buddy. I will go and enjoy my Nyan Nyan’s food now. Talk to you later) he said and hangs up

“Wait” I said, but he already hungs up

I sigh and look at my phone. I look at the big tree

“Great, he called me here, and then he has other plan. I guess I just go home and sleep for now” I thought and turn around

Suddenly I bump into someone. I quickly catch the person.

“I’m sorry” I quickly said

Then I look up at the person

“So cute” I thought when I see her face

I bumped into a girl. She looks so cute. I’m just standing there and staring at her. I don’t know why, but I can’t take my eyes off her. I feel like time around me is stopped. There is only me and her.

“So beautiful”

My mind still can’t process anything. There is only her face fills my mind now.

“Uhm...Excuse me” I hear she said in small tone

Her voice snaps me out of my thought. Now I realize that I still hold her waist, and our faces are very close to each other. Immediately, I withdraw my hands from her waist and steps back

“I...I...I’m sorry” I stutter

“I...It’s ok. Thank you for catching me” She said to me with soft tone

Her voice is so cute

“No problem” I said while scratching the back of my head

Then silent fills between us. I try my best to think of something to say to her. I want to be her friend

“I...I guess I will go now” she said to me

Then she turns around and walks away

“Wait, what is your name? Do you want to go on a date with me?” I blur out

She turns and looks at me with a confused look. Realizing what I just said, I said

“I mean...ah...uhm….I mean, are you free for a drink? I want to apologize for bumping to you”

I can feel my heart beats extremely fast. This is a feeling that I’ve never had before

“My name is Maeda Atsuko. And yes, I’m free” She said and smiles

“What a cute smile” I thought

“Thank you” She smiles and said

“Huh? Did I say that out loud?”

“Yes” She said

“Did I say that out loud again?” I said

She laughs softly

“You are so cute” She said

I can feel my face is getting hot

“So, what is your name?” She asks me

“My name is Takahashi Minami” I smile and said to her

“Nice to meet you, Takahashi-san” she said to me

“Nice to meet you, too Maeda-san. By the way, just call me Minami” I said and smile

“Ok, then feel free to call me Atsuko” she said and smiles

“Ok” I nod happily

Then once again, silent fills around us

“So Minami, where are we going?” she asks me

“Where?” I ask her forgetting what I just said

“You asked me for a drink. If you forget then ok, I will leave now” she said and turns away

“Wait” I catch her hand

“I’m sorry. Let’s go” I said to her

Then we go to a coffee shop nearby. We sit by the window and look at the big Christmas tree.

“Why did you are here all alone?” I ask her

“Why did you ask?” she asks me

“Because today is Christmas Eve, a lot of couples will go out. It is rare to see a cute girl like you alone” I said

“Thank you for your compliment again” she smiles at me and said

“Actually, I don’t like crowded much. Today I come out here because my cousin dragged me here. She had a fight with her boyfriend. Therefore, she forced me to go out with her. Then her boyfriend came and apologized to her. After that they left. That is why I’m here alone.” she said to me

“This day, I rather stay at home and listen to music” she said

“What a coincident, me too.” I said in surprised tone

“You too?” she asks me

“Uh, my cousin called me here because he thought his fiancée is busy. However, his fiancée just wants to give him a surprise. That is why I’m here” I told her

“I also like to stay at home alone and enjoy my own time” I continue

“I see.” she said

Then we continue our happy talk for a while.

“It is already late. I guess I will have to go home” she said

“Oh ok.” I said

“I hope to see you soon” I said in small tone

“Ok” she smiles and said

I look up in surprise. Then I see her take out her notebook and write down something.

“Here is my phone number. Call me if you want to have a drink some other time.” she said and gives me the paper

“Really? That is great” I happily receive the paper from her

“Bye Minami. It is a great pleasure to meet you” she smiles at me and said

“Bye Atsuko. I’m happy that I came here today” I said and smiles

Then we part our way

On the way walking back home, my mind just plays back her cute smile. My ears just echo her soft voice. When I got home, I go to my room and lie down on the bed. I take out the number in my pocket and save into my contact list. I look at the phone and wondering if I should call or text her. I want to, but I don’t know what I should write. Then I write

“Atsuko, thank you for today”

I take a deep breath and hit the send button. I nervously wait for her response. Then my phone rings. I quickly take the phone and open the text

(Minami? It is me who should thank you for treating me coffee. It is very fun to talk to you)

My heart is jumping in happy when I receive her text. Then I type

“Your’re welcome. Tomorrow is Christmas, are you free? We can go out for a drink again”

(Tomorrow, I’m busy. I will go out and eat with my parents) she texts me back

I feel a little disappointed when receiving her text. Then my phone rings again

(I’m free after 7 p.m, if you still free at that time)

I sit up happily

“Of course I’m. Let’s meet at that time at the Christmas tree in the city square” I text


End flashback

“You know what Atsuko? That day to me is very special. So special” Minami whispers while looking at the ring on his hand

Mean while

On a plane

In VIP seat

There is a young girl sitting. She caresses at the ring on her hand while smiling. Suddenly she stops smiling

“Minami, do you still wait for me? I guess not, right? I didn’t keep my promise after all.” she whispers

“One part I want you to move on now and be happy. Another part, I want to see you at that tree. I miss you” she whispers

Her tear drops on the ring.

“10 years ago, meeting you at that Christmas tree is the happiest thing in my life.” She said

Then she laughs softly

“At that time, you looked so clumsy and cute” She whispers

Then a flight attendant comes to her and said

“Miss, the plane is about to land”

“Ok, thank you” the girl said

City Square

Minami closes his eyes to remember their happy time

“Do you remember the first time we meet at school? That was a big surprise to me. You also felt the same right?” Minami whispers

“I still can remember that feeling of joy when knowing that you were the transfer student in my class” Minami whispers and smiles


“Oh boy, I’m late for the new school day.” Minami thought while rushing toward his classroom.

Finally he reaches his class. He opens the door and rushes in. Suddenly he bumps into someone. He quickly catches the person by hand and pulls back.

“I’m so...Atsuko?” Minami said in surprise


“Why are you here?” Minami asks her

“I just transfer here” Atsuko said

“Really? That's great” Minami happily said

“Excuse me Takahashi-san; I believe this is time for homeroom.” A woman voice appears

“Ah...I'm sorry Shinoda-sensei.” Minami said

“Ok, Maeda-san you can sit at that empty seat next to Takahashi-san’s seat.” The teacher said

Then she goes to her seat. They look and smile at each other

End flashback

On the airplane

“Those time being with you in the school is my most precious memories, Minami” Atsuko said

“I still remember the Christmas Eve, one year later, the day you confessed your love to me. You look so clumsy, but cool at the same time.” she keeps caressing her ring and whispers


Atsuko’s POV

After playing around for a while, Minami and I come to the Christmas tree where we met for the first time. We are standing there and looking up at the tree

“Minami, thank you” I said softly

He looks at me with surprised look. I smile at him.

“I feel very happy to be with you, Minami” I said

“Atsuko” he calls me softly

“That is what I really want to say to you” I smiles brightly at him and said


Suddenly, he calls my name seriously while holding my hands. I can feel my heart suddenly beats faster.

“W...w...what is it Minami?” I ask him shyly

“Uhm….I...I...actually...I...uhm…” he stutters while scratching his head

“What is it, Minami?” I ask in calm tone

However, the truth is I’m very nervous. My heart is going to jump out of my chest any second. I hope that he doesn’t feel the shaking in my hand

“Atsuko” he calls me again

I look directly at his eyes as waiting for him

“Atsuko, the truth is I…I…I…”

*ring* *ring* *ring*

Haven’t finished his words his phone rings. I thought my heart was going to stop.

“I’m sorry” he said while taking out his phone

“It’s ok, go ahead” I said and smile

However, inside me, I feel a little disappointed. I turn and look at the tree while waiting for him. The Christmas tree looks so beautiful. I always feel amazed whenever I look at it.

“Atsuko” he calls me again

I turn and smile at him.

“So, what do you want to say to me, Minami?” I ask him

“I hope what he said is what I hope for a long time.” I thought

He comes closer to me and holds my hands again. Suddenly he pulls me closer to him and presses his lips on mine. I widen my eyes in surprise. Then slowly I close my eyes and reply his lips. He kisses me lovingly and gently while caressing my face. I can feel my heart beats extremely fast. Then we break the kiss and look at each other

“ cousin said that if I can’t express my feeling by words then show you by the action” Minami said to me

“What do you mean, Minami? I don’t understand. Why did you kiss me?” I ask innocently

“Ah….Uhm….” He is thinking while scratching his head.

“He looks so cute when doing like that” I thought and smile

“If nothing then I will go” I said and act like turning away

“Wait, Atsuko.” He calls and catches my hand

“What is it, Minami?” I look at him and ask

“Uhm…I…I…” He keeps scratching his neck and stutter

I bend and kiss his lips again. Then I move back and ask

“What do you want to say, Minami?” I ask him and smile brightly

“Atsuko, the truth is I love you for a very long time. Will you be my girlfriend?” Minami said to me seriously while holding my hands tightly

I stun by his words. Those three words, I’m waiting for so long. I can feel my face getting hot. I look at him with happy eyes and smile brightly at him. I lean closer to him and whisper

“Minami, I love you”

He hugs me tightly

“I love you, Atsuko. From the day, I saw you under this tree.” he whispers in my ear

“Minami, I’m very happy, right now” I said and tighten my hug.

Then we break the hug and look at each other lovingly. We move our face closer to each other until our lips touch each other. We hug each other while deepen our kiss.

End flashback

The city square

“Atsuko, you know what? The day you accepted my confession, I see a whole world around me brighter. I can feel my heart jumping in joy.”

“I thought that we can be together forever. I planned a lot of thing to do with you in the future. However, I never thought that the next Christmas is the last day I met you. I never thought that your random question on that night was your intention.” Minami whispers


Christmas Eve

City square

Minami’s POV

After playing around and enjoy our date night, Atsuko and I go back to the Christmas tree. This is our third Christmas. I’m very happy. We sit there and entwine our hands. Atsuko rests her head on my shoulder.

“Atsuko, are you having fun today?” I ask her

“Uh, more than you could ever imagine, Minami. This is the happiest day in my life.” She said and smiles at me

“This place will always be the most precious place to me because I met you here. I met a wonderful, nice, gentle, and the most lovable person.” She said to me

“Minami, you are the most important person to me more than my life. I love you more than anything” she said while holding my hand tighter

I turn and hug her tightly in my arms. Her words make me so happy.

“Atsuko, I love you, too. More than what you could imagine. Being with you is my most happiness. You are so important to me that I can’t describe it by normal word” I said and tighten my hug

“Minami” she calls me softly

“What is it, Atsuko?” I ask her

“What if…..” She pauses

I stay silent and wait for her

“What if one day, I suddenly disappear forever, will you hate me because of that? Will you still remember me? Will you find somemhmm...”

Cutting her words, I seal her lips with mine. I kiss her slowly and gently. Then I break my kiss and look at her

“Don't say thing like that Atsuko. I will never hate you no matter what. I also will never forget you no matter what. You are here, Atsuko. Your position is in here. There is no way I can forget about you” I said while pointing at my heart

“Don't ever asking me to love someone else. That thing is impossible. In my heart, there is only you. My heart is only open for you. You hold its key. It will never open second time for anyone ever” I seriously said to her

“Minami” she calls me

I can see her tear

“I will answer your question like this. One day, if you suddenly disappear, I will always wait for you until I disappear from this world” I said

“Minami” she calls me and hugs me tightly while burying her face on my chest

“So don't ask that question again ok” I pat her head and said

“Uh” she nods

After awhile

“Atsuko, now, where do you want to go?” I ask her while burying my face on her neck

“I want you to cook for me. I want to eat your food” she said to me

“Ok. However, I’m not a good cooker for your information” I said

She laughs softly.

“I will eat everything you cook. After all that is the love that my boyfriend has toward me” she said

“I love you so much Atsuko” I said and kiss her cheek

“Me too. I love you more than everything.” she said and pecks my lips

“Let go Atsuko” I said and take her back to my house

We happily cook together. She helps me with minor thing while I’m doing the cooking. After a while, we finished our food. Then we sit down and eat together.

“How was it Atsuko?” I ask her

I see her face turns serious. Suddenly she chokes.

“Atsuko, are you ok? Does it bad? What happened?” I ask her in worry tone

Suddenly she laughs out loud making me realize that I was tricked by her

“It is very delicious, Minami” She said to me

“How dare you, Atsuko?” I said in playful tone

“I will punish you” I said and tickle her

“Hahaha….Minami, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Stop it” she laughs loudly and said

“I’m sorry…..hahahaha…..I will make up for you. Please stop this tickling” She said between her laugh

I stop

“So, what is it?” I look at her and ask

“This” she said while hugging my neck to pull me down

She presses her lips on mine and kisses me lovingly. I hug her and reply her kiss. Our kiss slowly turns to more passionate and intense. We kiss each other until we are out of air then we break the kiss

“Satisfied?” she asks me

“I actually want more than that, but for now, it is ok” I tease her making her face turn red

“You are so cute, Atsuko” I said and pinch her cheeks

“Let eat, Atsuko before it turns cold” I said

“Uh” she nods

Then we are happily eating together. After finishing eating, we come to the family room to watch TV. I also have something for her.

“Atsuko, can you close your eyes a little” I said to her

“Why?” she asks me

“Just do it and you will know” I said and peck on her lips

“Ok” she nods and closes her eyes

I take out a box inside my pocket. It contains a pair of ring. I ordered them for a very long time. Everything is just for today. I take one and wear on my finger. Another one, I slowly wear on hers.

“Ok, you can open your eyes” I said

She opens her eyes and looks down. She smiles brightly at my present.

“What is it, Minami?” she asks me

“This is something to say that you are mine, and I’m yours.” I smile and said

“I ordered those long times ago. You can see that outside the ring is our name initial. Your ring has my name, letter M, on it, and my ring has your name, letter A, on it. Inside the ring, yours will be “Minami loves Atsuko,” and mine will be “Atsuko loves Minami”.” I smile and said to her

I see tear rolling on her cheek

“Minami” she hugs me tightly and buries her face on my chest

“Thank you, thank you for loving me” she said

“That is what I want to say. Atsuko, thank you for loving me” I said and hug her tighter.

Then I break the hug and look at her. I wipe tear that still on her eyes. I bend down and kiss her eyes

“I love you” I whisper and kiss her lips

“I love you, too Minami” She whispers and replies my kiss

We kiss each other passionately and intense. I kiss her roughly and wildly. I want to taste her lips. Then I slip my tongue inside her mouth and explore every part of her mouth. We kiss for a while then we break the kiss.

“Minami” she calls me while caressing my face

“What is it, Atsuko?” I take her hand and kiss it

“I also have a present for you” she said to me.

“What is it, Atsuko?” I ask her happily

She leans and kisses my lips. Then she whispers in my ear

“Me, make me yours, Minami”

I was very surprise with her word. I hold her hands and ask her

“You mean it, Atsuko?”

She looks down and shyly nods. I lift her face up and kiss her lips roughly but gently. I want to show her my feeling. Then I lift her up and take her to my room. And that night, we belong to each other.

In the morning

I slowly open my eyes feeling empty beside me. I sit up and look around.

“Atsuko” I call her, but all I hear is silent

When I look down, I see a letter on the pillow next to me

“To my most important person” it was written outside of the letter

“Atsuko” I thought

I quickly open the letter to read it


I’m sorry for hiding this from you. Today, I will go to England with my parents. I'm sorry Minami.

I know that if I tell you to forget about me right now, you won't agree, right? So let's make a promise that five years later, we will meet again at the place where our love begins.

If after five years, you didn't see me that mean I live very good and happy by that time and already forget about you. Therefore that time, I want you to erase all of your memories about me and find for you a good person.

I hope you happy.

                                                                                                                                                                      -------- Atsuko------”

Minami reads the letter in tear.

“Atsuko, though I don't know why did you leave, why did you say those thing in this letter, as I said before, I will always wait for you. Not only five years, but until I can't breathe anymore” Minami thought

End Flashback

Minami looks down at his watch.  It is nearly midnight. The street slowly turns empty. Then he stands up and looks at the tree

“I wonder how are you doing now, Atsuko. I miss you” He whispers

“This is the second years you break your promise. However, next year, I will also wait for you here. I will wait for you forever” He continues

Then he disappointingly turns back. Suddenly he bumps into someone. As reflection, he catches the person by waist.

“Why this is so familiar?” he thought

Then he looks at the person. The familiar face appears in front of him. The girl he loves the most

“Atsuko” Minami thought in surprise

“I’m sorry” Atsuko said and steps back

“What wrong? Didn't she recognize me” Minami thought

Then he notices she is holding a staff on her hand

“A staff” Minami thought

When Minami is about to call her, Atsuko calls him

“Excuse me, Uhm….are you here for a long time?” She asks him

“Yes, from the evening until now” he fakes his voice

“Did you see this person?” Atsuko asks him while taking out a picture in her pocket.

That is his picture. Seem to realize something, Minami slowly raises his hand in front of her face and waves. Tear starts rolling down on his cheeks

“What happened to you, Atsuko?” He thought

“Mr?” Because he stays silent, Atsuko calls him again

“Ah...Uhm….no, I didn't see him” Minami said

“I see, I'm glad” she said and smiles

However, her voice clearly shows her disappointment.

“I'm sorry for my curiosity, but why did you glad when the person you are looking for not here?” Minami asks her

“If he is not here, that mean he already forgot about me and find for him a good person who can take care of him” she said

“Why? Through your voice I can guess that you love him a lot. Why did you happy when he forgets about you?” Minami asks again

“Because it will be better for him” Atsuko said

“Why did you think that it will be better for him if he forgets you?” he asks

“Firstly, I made a promise to him that we will meet here after five years. However, I broke it” Atsuko said

“Secondly, look at me right now. I can’t even take care of myself, so how can I take care of him.” She continues

“I think if he loves you, he will understand you if you tell him why you can’t keep your promise. Also, if he truly loves you, he won’t care about that. He will want to take care of you” Minami said

“But I don’t want to be his burden. I want him to be happy” Atsuko said

“Baka” Minami thought

“Did you ever consider his feelings? Did you ask him if he sees you as a burden? Why don’t you tell him what happened to you? What if one day he knew about your condition? Do you think that he will be happy? No, he will never be happy. He will bury himself in regret. Regret because of his own useless, regret because he can’t protect his lover, regret because he didn’t know the hardship that his lover had been through” Minami said with a lot of emotion in his voice, but still be able to fake his voice

“Mr?” Atsuko calls in surprise

“I’m sorry. That is just your problem just as me and my girlfriend. She left me without any reason. I want to know what happened to her. Why did she leave me? Did I do something wrong? I want to ask her so bad” Minami said

Tear starts rolling down on his cheek

“I’m sorry.” Atsuko said

“It is ok.” Minami said

“I have one last question to ask you. It is ok if you don’t want to answer me” Minami said

“Go ahead” Atsuko said

“What happened to you? Why did you be in this condition?” Minami asks

“Uhm…I guess I can tell you.” Atsuko said


While Atsuko is studying in her room, her head suddenly hurt. Her sight is slowly blurry. Then she collapses on her deck.

In central Hospital

Atsuko slowly opens her eyes. She looks around at the unfamiliar view

“Where am I? Hospital?” Atsuko thought

“Baby, you are awake” her parents call her happily

“Mama, Papa, why am I here?” Atsuko asks

“When I come to your room, I see you unconscious there. We quickly take you here” her father said

Then the doctor steps in

“Mr. and Mrs. Maeda, can I talk to you?” The doctor said

“Wait here, baby. We will be right back” her mother said and kisses her forehead

“Wait” Atsuko said

“What is it, Atsu?” Her father asks

“I want to know what’s wrong with me.” Atsuko said

“Everything will be fine honey. Let us talk to the doctor first” her mother said

“No, I want to hear my condition. Why did sometime my head hurt, and it happens often than before? Why did my sight turn blurry and sometime I can't see?” Atsuko said

“Please Mama, Papa, I want to know what wrong with me” she turns to her parents and said
“Atsu” her mother hugs her tightly

“Ok, doctor. What is her condition, now?” Her father said

“The tumor in her head develops very quickly. There is no choice now. She has to take an operation as soon as possible.” The doctor said

Atsuko stuns with what the doctor said

“What percent of succession?” Her father asks him

“With our technology here and her condition now, the chance is 15%. However, if she doesn't do that, her time is only one more year” the doctor said

“Atsu” her mother hugs Atsuko and cries

“I'm going to die. Minami, Minami, Minami” she thought while tear rolling on her cheeks

After discussing about Atsuko’s condition, the Dr. leaves the room. Atsuko just sits silently while tear keep rolling down on her cheeks

“Atsu” he mother calls her worriedly

“Mama, Papa, am I going to die?” Atsuko asks in shaky tone

“Of course not sweetie, you will be fine.” Her mother said to her

“When did this happen? Why didn't I know anything?” She asks her parents

“When you were in middle school, you told me that you sometime can't see thing well, right? You also said that your head hurt.  We took you to the hospital, and the doctor said that there is a tumor in your brain, and it located in your vision area that is why your eyes sometime can’t see” her father said

“That time, you said that I only lack of sleep and study too much” Atsuko said

“We are sorry for keeping that secret from you, Atsu.” her mother hugs her and said

“That time the doctor can't do the surgery because it is too risky, but now, it is more dangerous because it growth so quick.” Her father said

“Then I will die, either way right?” Atsuko said

“No Atsu, you will be fine Atsu” he mother hugs her and said in tear

“Yes, Atsu. Papa won't let you die. I have a friend in England. He is a doctor. I will ask him about you. You will be fine, Atsu” her father said

“Yes, baby, you can be saved” her mother said in tear

End flashback

Minami’s tear keeps rolling down on his cheeks. He didn't know anything about this. He didn't know that his Atsuko had suffered a lot.

“Atsuko, why didn't you tell me? Why did you make yourself suffer all alone?” He thought

“I'm an idiot to not knowing your condition” he scolds himself

“After my father talked to his friend, they decided to take me to England in October. However, I asked him to postpone that until after Christmas because I want to spend that last Christmas with him. After that, I won’t feel regret even if I die” Atsuko said, and tear rolls on her cheeks

“Baka, what if something happen to you?” Minami thought while looking at her gently

“After the operation, I was in coma for all those years. I just woke up last month. However, I can’t see anything.” Atsuko said

Minami all the time is holding his fists tightly while tear keeps rolling down. He looks at the girl in front of him. He notices how skinny and weak looking she is.

“All the time, you were in coma. I didn't know anything. How can I say that I love you, Atsuko?” Minami thought in tear.

“Mr?” Atsuko calls

But she feels silent around her.

“I guess he already left.” Atsuko said

“Minami, since the day I came to England for the operation, your ring is my encouragement. It helped me. It gave me a lot of strength. I believe that I can wake up because of your ring, Minami.” Atsuko said

“I miss you so much, Minami” Atsuko whispers in tear

Suddenly someone pulls her closer and hugs her tightly. Atsuko is startled.


Cutting her words, Minami speaks up

“Atsuko, why did you keep this secret from me? Baka, why did you endure all of the pain yourself?” Minami said in tear while burying his face on her neck

Atsuko stuns when hearing Minami's voice

“Minami” Atsuko calls the name that she misses for so long

Atsuko breaks the hug. She raises her hands to find him. Minami catches her hand and puts on his face

“Yes, this is me, Atsuko. I miss you so much” Minami said happily

“Is that really you, Minami?” Atsuko asks him again

“Yes, this is me. Do you remember the words written inside our rings? Minami loves Atsuko” Minami said

“Atsuko loves Minami.” Atsuko adds in tear

“Minami, you are Minami. I miss you so much” she said in tear while caressing his face.

Then he pulls her up and kisses her lips gently. After that he breaks the kiss and hugs her tightly

“Why did you still be here?” Atsuko asks in surprise

“I’m waiting for you” Minami said while stroking her hair

“But 5 years already passed. I can’t keep my promise to you. You should find someone good and build your family.” Atsuko said

“Actually I just found my destiny. She is very wonderful. A perfect girl” Minami said

Hearing that, Atsuko feels like her heart is broken in pieces. However, she keeps calm

“I see, congratulation Minami” Atsuko said and forces a smile

“I’m so happy that you can find a perfect girl who suits for you” She continues

Minami pulls her closer and kisses her lips again. Atsuko pushes him out

“Minami, don't do that, your girlfriend will be sad if she sees this” Atsuko said

“Baka” Minami flicks her forehead gently and said

“That girl is you” Minami said to her and hugs her tightly

“Are you serious, Minami?” Atsuko asks him

“I’m, Atsuko, more serious than ever. I love you. No one can replace you in my heart.” Minami said

“Yuu once told me to move on. Do you know what I told him?” he asks her

Atsuko shakes her head

“My heart already closed since the day you left. It won’t open again for anyone other than you, Atsuko” Minami said and hugs Atsuko tightly

“Acchan, so you ran off here. I was very worry.” a voice appears

Minami turn to the sources of the sound. There is a couple walk toward them

“Who are you?” Minami asks

“I'm Acchan’s cousin, Matsui Rena, and this is my husband Matsui Jun” she introduces herself and her husband

“Sorry, Rena” Atsuko said

Rena walks toward Atsuko and asks

“He is the person that you mentioned to me before, right? The person you met under this tree” Rena asks

“Uh” Atsuko nods

“My name is Takahashi Minami. Nice to meet you” Minami bows and said

“Nice to meet you too, Takahashi-san” Rena said

Then she turns to Atsuko

“No wonder you wanted me to take you here right after you got off from the plane. You really want to meet him right?” Rena said

“Uh, I thought I wouldn’t meet him here, but he waited for me, Rena. He waited even though I broke my promise with him” Atsuko happily said and smiles

“I’m glad that you are happy Atsuko” Rena said and pats her head.

Then she turns to Minami

“Takahashi-san” Rena calls him

“Yes” Minami answers

“Do you seriously love her? Do you really love her no matter what?” She asks him in serious tone

“Yes, I love her. I love everything about her” he said firmly

“Are you sure that you think very careful now? Are you sure that you won't regret what you said in the future? Remember that my cousin now is not Maeda Atsuko of 10 or 7 years ago. She is now unable to see anything. She can't take care her or you.” Rena said

“Also, I heard that you are a CEO of a very famous company, right?” Rena asks and Minami nods

“With a position like you, don't you afraid that your colleagues will whisper behind you about her? Don't you feel uncomfortable to have a disability wife like this?” Rena continues

“I'm sorry for saying thing like that to you, Acchan. However, I don't want you to be hurt in the future” Rena said

“It is ok. I know about me” Atsuko sadly said

She looks down and slowly takes her hand out of Minami's hand. Minami holds her hand back. He holds his grip tighter

“Minami” Atsuko calls in surprised

“I know what I'm doing, Matsui-san. Atsuko is the person I love. I love her not just because of her outlook. I love her because who she is. Maybe, to everyone, she isn't perfect, but to me, she is the most perfect girl. If she can't see, I can be her eyes forever. I don't care about other. Gossiping is the thing that I can't evade. However, in my mind, I only need to know one thing is she loves me, and I love her. The only one I want to be with is her and only her, Maeda Atsuko.” Minami firmly said

Rena looks at him with happy look. She knew her cousin isn't wrong when loving him. Then he turns to Atsuko

“Atsuko, you don't have to worry about anything. The only thing you need to know is, I’m Takahashi Minami will only love you, Maeda Atsuko, and only you no matter what. I can take care of myself and you. I will make you happy every day. We will be happy forever” Minami said while stroking her hair

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in happy tone

Then Minami holds her hands tightly

“Maeda Atsuko, will you marry me?” Minami asks seriously

“Minami” Atsuko calls him in tear

“Atsuko, I won’t allow you to deny me. I know your feeling. To me you are the most perfect girl in my heart. No one can compare to you” Minami adds

“Please accept me. Please let me take care of you forever” he gently said while caressing her face

“Yes, Minami, yes” Atsuko said and smiles

“Thank you, Atsuko” Minami hugs her tightly and happily said

“Nice words, Takahashi Minami. My cousin didn't love wrong person” Rena said in happy tone

“I’m very happy, and I know that her parents, too. Her parents knew that the reason she wants to come back here when she just woke up is because of you. They asked me to test you for them because they still have something to take care before come back here. They want Acchan to be happy.” Rena said

“Papa, Mama did?” Atsuko asks in surprised

“Uh, they knew how hurtful you are when you had to separate from him for that surgery. That is why they allow you to transfer your file to the hospital here.” Rena said

“By the way, everything I said just now was a lie. I just want to test him if his love for you is real or he will abandon you because of your blindness” Rena said

“What do you mean, Rena?” Atsuko asks

“You can see again.” Rena said

“What do you mean? I thought…” Atsuko said and pauses

“I just received the final result about your condition. Your eyes are just temporary blind. This happen because you just woke up from the coma. Some of the functions in your vision area still not return all to its normal state. However, you have to go to check up as the doctor said” Rena said

“Minami, Minami, I can see, I can see again. I can see your face again Minami” Atsuko happily said in tear.

“Uh, I’m happy for you Atsuko” Minami said and hugs her tightly

“Ok, my job is done here. I will leave now. Please take her home safely for me” Rena said

“Ok, I will” Minami said

Then Rena and Jun leave the place

“I’m very happy right now Atsuko. I miss you so much” Minami hugs Atsuko tightly and said

“I miss you, too Minami. I miss you a lot” Atsuko said while burying her face on his chest

"Atsuko, I want you to promise to me this” Minami said while stroking her back

“What is it, Minami?” Atsuko asks

“Please promise me that there will be no secret between us from now on. I don’t want this happen again. When I heard your story, my heart hurts so much. I felt myself so hopeless. I can’t do anything for you. That is very hurt, Atsuko” Minami said while burying his face on her neck

“I’m sorry Minami. I never thought that I hurt you because of this. I just don’t want you to be sad and worry about me. I promise you that there will be no secret between us from now on.” Atsuko said

“Thank you, Atsuko. I love you” Minami said

“I love you too Minami” Atsuko said

After a while, Minami takes Atsuko back to her house

5 years later

Christmas Eve

At night

At the city square

Atsuko is standing near the big Christmas tree

“Where is he going? What took him so long?” Atsuko thought

Minami stealthily comes behind her. Then he raises a bouquet in front of Atsuko

“Happy our wedding anniversary, Atsuko” Minami said happily

Atsuko turns around and looks at him with happy eyes

“That is so beautiful, Minami. Happy our wedding anniversary, Minami” Atsuko said and pecks on his lips

“I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have you by my side. I love you so much” she continues and hugs Minami tightly

“Me too. I’m so grateful to have you by my side every second. I love you more and more everyday”

They break the hug and look at each other lovingly. Minami bends and kisses Atsuko lips gently. After a while they break the kiss and smile at each other. Then they turn and look at the big Christmas tree, the witness of their love.

“Merry Christmas to my Atsuko” Minami said

“Merry Christmas to my Minami” Atsuko said

Atsuko leans on Minami’s chest and hugs him tightly while Minami rounds his arm around her shoulder and pulls her closer to him.

“I love you, Minami” Atsuko whispers

“I love you, too, Atsuko” Minami said in whisper tone

The end

That is the OS. I hope you guys enjoy reading it.  :)

Once again

Merry Christmas to you all!  :D
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