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Author Topic: One and the Same (WMatsui) - COMPLETED  (Read 17898 times)

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 4
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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 5
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Hi I'm back~
Another fast update haha cuz you guys are insatiable  :lol:

Alright I'm just gonna @ you guys because there's going to be too many responses, to not direct it towards someone specifically :P

@ttwn123: Lol you've guessed correctly. Good job :thumbsup
@key17: Eh she'll probably be alright. It's Jurina after all and she loves her Rena-chan~
@nezukara: DUDE I seriously look forward for your comments on this thing XD Thanks for all the praise! Lol and I wasn't sure about the fight scenes and stuff but I guess I did alright? I hope so anyways~
@RenshuChan: Yeah it's probably really scary to watch Gekikara beat people nonstop, but it's Jurina so she'll be alright haha. And yes hooray for using Yuki to initiate a WMatsui date :P
@Blackdawn: An update tonight as promised~ LOL Your 're-edit later' every time  :lol: And sorry it's hot there but where I am is really cold, like, below freezing cold. But I'll happily accept the ice cream anyways (actually had some the other day lol) And it's not really Rena's fault but you'll see~ And the answer for the confession will come in time.
@sasshirie: A picture is worth a thousand words and the gif says it all haha

Yeah um so this is sad. Caveat lector.

One and the Same

Chapter 5

Airi was my childhood friend. I used to have two best friends: Airi and Yuki. When Yuki was busy, Airi and I would hang out together all the time. We were inseparable, joined by the hip as the adults called it. Yuki often played with her other friends, the other preps and sons of rich tycoons. I couldn’t blame her, her father was always pressuring her to hang out with ‘the right people’.

And Airi wasn’t high enough in society to be Yuki’s friend. That meant she wasn’t supposed to be my friend either and she knew that, but I was stubborn. We fought over it once when we were kids, shouting and wrestling until we were both panting and covered in dirt. She knew that I wasn’t supposed to be around her...but I didn’t care. She brought it up a few times before but relented after our wrestling match. I think we became even better friends after that though. Fighting always seemed to strengthen bonds somehow.

In middle school, I always walked home with her even though we lived in completely different parts of town. She’d always be there for me, especially when I got into trouble. I tended to get into a lot of fights in those days. I don’t know why, but I’d always had this fascination with blood. Apparently when I was a baby, I always got sick so my parents were worried and called in a specialist. He was some kind of surgeon or hypnotist, but whatever he did, worked. I stopped getting sick after that, but they found something wrong with me once I turned two. I had gotten a paper cut and the maid was getting a band-aid but she came back to find me sucking on it. And no matter what she did, she couldn’t get me to stop. The only thing she could do was prevent me from cutting myself more to get more blood. Turns out, that hypnotist was a total psycho and had fled the country soon after he treated me. So there was no helping that.

As soon as I could walk, I kept picking fights with the other kids. Airi was always there to back me up since Yuki wasn’t supposed to get dirty or do such barbarous things. She was a little princess after all. But Airi and I would fight back to back, always covering for each other and taking the blame when we got scolded by our parents. My parents couldn’t even stop me, I bet they thought it was partially their fault and that maybe it was just a phase. They did try though, lecturing me about being prim and proper...but it didn’t work as well on me as it did on Yuki. So it continued on throughout middle school, my yearning for blood and violence only increased during that time. I was insatiable. And I soon made a name for myself as a yankee.

Gekikara. That’s what they called me. I’m not too sure how it started but Airi said it was because I was eating some spicy Senbei crackers as I fought one time. I couldn’t help it, I was hungry. But after all that fighting, I had made my way to the top. I was teppen and no one could challenge me. They became too afraid to fight me anymore and I gradually lost interest.

And then there was the incident that made me stop fighting entirely.

In my last year of middle school. Airi died. We were only 15 years old. I never even saw it coming.

Airi had started hanging out with this girl, her name was Akane, and she was a year younger than us. They became really close and I bet Airi was in love with her. No, I’m sure she was. They were good together and I might’ve been a little jealous since I got to spend less time with her, but I was proud nonetheless. I still teased her about it relentlessly though because it was my job as her best friend.

Akane wasn’t a fighter. She wasn’t a yankee, not even close. But she was a nice girl and I came to like her, but Airi LOVED her and who was I to stop them? They had pet names for each other too, Airi called Akane ‘Churi’ since she liked birds so much, and Akane called her ‘Airin’. It was so awkward being around them as the third wheel and I was sure I was going to get diabetes from all the sweetness. Around that time was also when I became the top. I often fought alone while Airi and Akane went on dates, and that’s when all the yankees realized that I was strong even without my partner.

But it all came to an end too soon.

Akane got into a car crash. She wasn’t in the car, she was minding her own business as Airi put it, when a semi came rushing around the corner and hit her. Airi was there to see it. And I couldn’t think of anything worse than that. Airi called it her punishment and when I asked her what the punishment was for, she never said.

Akane was in the hospital with dozens of broken bones and ruptured organs. I caught a glimpse of tubes sticking out of her in every direction before the door to the ER room swung shut. There was blood everywhere, on her clothes, staining the sheets, and even on Airi. I saw blood as an everyday occurrence but this was too much even for me. We stood silently outside the ER, waiting for the doctor to come out and tell us the news.

Airi and Akane had been on a date, they were heading home when it happened and Airi had called the ambulance immediately, then she called me.

Akane’s mom was also informed but wherever she worked wouldn’t let her leave. I was horribly tempted to go knock some sense into her asshole of a boss but Airi convinced me to stay. We were the only ones there for Akane and Airi wanted to see her as soon as she woke up. I could only smile painfully at that. I saw the blood, Airi saw the blood, and we knew it would be too late. But Airi had hope and I could only be there when she needed it. She was always the optimistic one. I was the pessimistic one and she would stop me from going overboard and insane in my fights or being so negative all the time.

Airi kept me in line and backed me up, always.

So I stayed. We didn’t eat, we didn’t sleep, and Airi didn’t even bother cleaning herself up. We just sat there, waiting. The rest of the hospital was already closed and we were the only ones left. We were there for hours before the ER room doors finally opened. The doctor came out and shook his head. I’m sure he had plenty of experience telling people bad news but he didn’t say anything. No ‘we tried our best’ or stupid shit, maybe he knew it wouldn’t help. And if he did say it I might’ve beat him. Airi asked if she could see Akane one last time and we were permitted inside. Akane had regained consciousness but only faintly. She could barely speak or keep her eyes open. I saw her eyelids close quite a few times as she drifted in and out but she fought to stay awake.

I take back what I said about her not being a fighter.

Airi wasn’t even crying, she just took Akane’s hand and sat next to her on the bed. I nodded at her, choking back tears and Akane gave me a small smile. I left after that. Airi needed her alone time with Akane. I knew that and that’s why I left with only a small nod. I had a lot to say but Airi probably had tons more.

I was back to waiting outside again, but it was more torturous this time. Akane could leave at any minute and even though she was Airi’s girlfriend, she was also my friend and I was in such shock that the depression hadn’t even set in yet.

At one point, this lady rushed in and ran past where I was sitting, she pushed the doors open and I saw Airi, still sitting there and holding Akane’s hand. She hadn’t moved an inch the entire time. I figured that the lady was Akane’s mom but I was preoccupied with my own thoughts to think about greeting her or anything. I don’t think she wanted to talk to me anyways. She had other things to do that were much more important, just like Airi, so I let them be.

I was there until Airi finally came out. Her face was pale and she seemed so tired and...older somehow, like she had suddenly aged. I noticed that she still hadn’t cried yet and she never did, not even in the following few months after Akane’s passing. She never shed a single tear.

We just left that night. Airi stayed over at my house but she didn’t say a word. She just let me lead her wherever and collapsed on my bed as soon as we trudged into my room. My parents weren’t home because they were overseas on a business trip and they probably wouldn’t hear about this for a long time. Maybe they’d never even find out if I didn’t tell them. And I didn’t.

I didn’t ask Airi anything, and she didn’t tell me anything either. I wanted to help her, console her, but I always sucked at that sort of thing. I could only stay with her and hopefully that would be enough. I did try to talk about it once about a month after, but Airi just said to drop it, so I couldn’t say any more.

The people at school kept whispering about it. Didn’t they understand that it was enough hard for Airi without their gossip? I took care of it though, they learned not to mess with me after a few fractured noses and broken bones. But they had said that Airi and Akane weren’t even in love. Now that rubbed me in the wrong way. They didn’t know that. How could they? Airi might still be young but I knew damn well that she loved Akane, no buts about it.

Airi was never the same after that either. She’d visit Akane’s grave about once a week and I considered that mediocre, she probably would’ve slept there every day if I didn’t drag her away. Once in a while I would get into a fight but Airi never joined in. She’d given up doing anything at all. She didn’t even watch anime anymore and it was heartbreaking since it used to be her favorite pastime. She loved it and was an even bigger otaku than I was.

But what was I supposed to do? I thought about it every day and I never found an answer. I wanted Airi to let it out somehow but I couldn’t. I even thought about punching her to make her mad but seeing her all depressed...I just couldn’t do it. I was utterly helpless.

That wasn’t even the worst of it.

About three months after that night in the hospital, Airi disappeared. Her parents called and I went searching for her immediately. I didn’t even wait for her parents to finish explaining. They said ‘Airi’s gone missing’ and I ran out right away. I didn’t even bother grabbing a coat even though it was nearly winter. Where could she be? I went to our usual hangouts but she wasn’t there. I prayed that it wasn’t going to be one of those times where what you’re looking for is in the last place you look. Thankfully it wasn’t.

I found her in an alley, half frozen to death and bleeding from several wounds. I instantly realized that she had gotten into a fight and had this nasty wound on her side. Whoever she was fighting must’ve used a knife. I took off my shirt and tried to staunch the wound, I tried to call an ambulance but my phone was dead. Great timing. So then I carried her on my back as gently as possible even though I was in a hurry. She woke up halfway to the hospital and tried to speak, but I told her to save her strength. She insisted though and I slowed down to listen.

She told me she was sorry. She was sorry that she’d been a sucky friend for the last few months and that she never tried to talk to me about it. Her tone was so lighthearted, like whatever burdens she had were gone.

It scared me.

I told her to stop talking like that. She asked me what I meant while chuckling slightly, then wincing in pain from the wound on her abdomen. I called her and idiot and told her to stop talking like she was going to die and she didn’t respond.

I thought she was done but then she went and apologized again for being bleak and I rolled my eyes, telling her that if she was gloomy then what was I? Then I felt even worse because that made her laugh and hurt her stomach again. She said that I was a great friend and that she was lucky to have met me. She talked about our childhood adventures and some of the best or worst fights that we had. I don’t know where she got all that strength to keep babbling on and it kind of reminded me of how Akane would often ramble about stuff nonstop. That thought made me smile.

Airi said she was glad that she could make me smile one last time and I started getting mad then. I told her to cut the crap and just shut up, that I didn’t want to hear all that mushy stuff. I swear she was laughing at me behind my back, literally.

When we finally got to the hospital I could tell she was losing strength. I took her to the ER and the doctors rushed about, tending to her. This was the second time that I had to watch a friend suffer in the ER. I hadn’t even gotten over the first time yet.

Airi tried to stay awake the whole time. The doctors did what they could and patched her up, pumping a lot of blood into her but Airi had already lost too much. They didn’t give her any drugs or anything since it wouldn’t help. It would just put her to sleep and then we wouldn’t even be able to talk to her again. Her parents came in and cried their eyes out while I stood in the corner. They stayed for a long time before Airi asked if she could talk to me alone. So her parents and the nurses all cleared out until it was only the two of us. It’s surprising how obediently people follow the requests of a dying person.

I didn’t know what to say and Airi seemed to sense that. She started talking again, going on and on about random stuff. She’d gotten some energy after the blood transfusion but couldn’t sit up in bed, so she just laid there. I was quiet until she started talking about serious stuff again.

She told me not to fight anymore and not to blame myself for her death. She said that she went looking for a fight and picked a bad opponent, though she was kind of hoping this would happen. I knew that she was thinking about meeting Akane but I never thought that it’d happen so soon. She could talk about her impending death so easily, like she was already gone and detached from here. That made me cry. All the sadness I felt from Akane came back and I bawled my eyes out. It was the first time that I’d cried so hard. I was never even much of a crier as a kid. Airi just patted my back and consoled me, I smacked her hand away, saying that I should be the one consoling her and we shared a laugh at that. Well she laughed and I half laughed, half cried.

I took a seat on the edge of the bed, the same place that Airi sat three months ago when Akane was in her position. Airi must’ve known what I was thinking because she told me to stop it and to smile, that she wouldn’t be around to keep me in line anymore so I’d have to do it myself. Then she thanked me and I told her again that I should be thanking her, and I did. I had to tell her everything now, because soon I wouldn’t be able to. I told her everything that I felt and she teased me about being in love with her, I denied it but I wasn’t so sure. I didn’t know what love was and she said she loved me though. But I knew she only loved me as a friend because the one she was IN LOVE with was Akane, and it always would be. I had accepted that a long time ago.

Then I said goodbye, I nearly started crying again but Airi gave me a light push, telling me not to look back as I walked out the door. I promised I wouldn’t and that I would start trying to be more optimistic, that I would stop fighting and keep on living because she didn’t want me to make the same mistake she did. I was still sniffling like an idiot as I said this, but I did what she said and didn’t look back. I could tell she was smiling though, as I left her behind.

I saw Yuki waiting outside on the bench and she got up as soon as I came out. She walked up to me, giving me a bear hug and a few words of encouragement before heading in to see Airi too. I was glad she didn’t ask if I was okay because I wasn’t. If she did, then I would’ve broken down right there.

Airi passed away just a few hours after our talk. It was a complete repeat of Akane’s death and felt surreal to me. It didn’t sink in until later that I’d never be able to see her again, the childhood friend that I’d been with for so long. And I didn’t think I’d ever get over losing two of my friends so close together, but Yuki helped me. Yuki couldn’t replace Airi though, and I didn’t want her to, she knew that herself. It took some time before I started going to school again but I learned from Airi that if I wanted to get back on my feet, I’d have to help myself and let myself be helped by others. Airi had taught me a lot. I wasn’t going to dwell on the past, she told me to move forward and not look back.

And that’s what I was going to do.

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 5
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*coming back later

reapppear while crying

glad to know what actually happen to rena before *wipes my cries

thankss for tha update~~waitin for next~~
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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 5
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After this heartbreaking flashback I want to know what will happen in the present with Rena, she will be really depressed after what happened...

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 5
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Dude you can bet that I will do my best to comment on each and every single chapter that you release, because my god do I love this fic! There's just the right amount of drama to keep me on the edge of my seat every time! Gah I'm so curious about how Jurina is going act around Rena from now on! And Rena's backstory is so tragic T-T Like, I thought that it was going to end with 'Airi disappeared and she was never heard from again' but NOPE! She's gone too! T-T Thank god that Yuki was there to shoulder Rena. I get the feeling that she's a better friend than Rena likes to admit lol Your depiction of their friendships is one of my favorite parts of this story!

Thanks a ton for your great work! Can't wait for any new updates!

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 6
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Hai confrontation time!
Haha Rena is such a worrywart~ Lol

@Blackdawn: Lol 'Furuyanagay'?! And I love how you always save a spot to re-edit later, it's cracks me up :lol:
@abcari: Yeah...Rena's depressed. But you know, that's her character, maybe Jurina can help her out? :roll:
@nezukara: Haha thanks for always commenting bud~ I love to hear what you think! And well I did say Airi died so I couldn't just say she disappeared (Lol she needed a proper death and according to my English teacher 'every death must have a meaning') Ah yas, Rena's friendship with Yuki is something I put in there as borderline possible relationship but more sisterly (in other words I wanted to add YukiRena in there just for fun haha cuz I can)

Aww man there were less reviews this time :cry: Nah I'm just kidding. I'll just have to try harder and earn more! XD

And without further ado~

One and the Same

Chapter 6

“Rena... You have to go to school at some point.” Acchan tried to coerce me through the bedroom door. But I wasn’t going to have any of that and just wrapped the covers tighter around myself. I heard her sigh and leave soon after, her footsteps echoing down the stairs.

I wanted to go out, I’d been holed up in this room for a week already and barely ate anything, not to mention all the trouble I was causing for Acchan. She gave me spare clothes and let me stay here this whole time without prying too much.

Although...we did talk a couple days ago. She explained that those thugs were hired by some students in our school to target her. They were jealous that a new transfer student suddenly became so popular and even took the title of Student Council President. Well screw them, that’s what I said. She also said that it wasn’t the first time they attacked her and that she had fought some off the first night she was in Japan. So THAT’S why she told me she wanted to walk home, having noticed those guys following us from inside the car. I admired her guts, I at least had to give her credit for that. But I didn’t even feel sorry for almost killing that guy back in the alley that night, if he was targeting Acchan then he had it coming. What I did feel bad about though, was that breaking my promise to Airi.

I lost control and went berserk fighting just like I used to, even after I’d promised to take care of myself since I didn’t have anyone to watch my back anymore. And Jurina...she watched me almost beat that guy to death... What did she think of me now? Did she think I was a freak? A psycho? I wouldn’t blame her if she did. I probably would too.

Thinking about it again...Did I blame myself for Airi’s death? Maybe. Was I beating myself up over it? Probably. Do I hate myself for breaking our promise? Definitely. Did I try to do anything about it or get over it like I also promised her? No. Not in the least bit.

I sort of tried, like I said I was going to. It was a half-assed attempt though. I kind of just pushed it to the back of my mind rather than get over it.

But really I was just dwelling in self-pity for all this time, feeling bad for myself even though Airi had it worse.

Just like I am now with Jurina.

I informed Acchan of my worries and she was a really good listener, like the protective older sister I never had. I gave her the short version of course and she advised me to talk to Jurina as soon as possible to sort it out. It was good advice, but I was too much of a coward to even leave the room. Thinking of these things for the nth time, I drifted off to sleep again.

I was rudely awoken by having the covers torn off of my body and I shivered at the sudden loss of warmth. I slowly sat up, slightly groggy and ready to bite anyone that came too close, but instantly changed my mind when I saw who it was.

Yuki. No wait... MAD Yuki. So in other words......Black.

Shit I am so dead.

The scowl Yuki had on her face sent shivers down my spine. Yep, dead. So dead. I knew I forgot about something!...

“Umm Yuki...I can explain...”

“Explain what?”

I gulped, oh god please help me...

“I assume you would want to tell me what happened about an ENTIRE week ago, but you don’t really have to since Acchan already spilled everything.” Yuki put her hands on her hips menacingly.

Wow she even made Acchan talk? That’s extremely impressive...and not in a good way. Her tone was so cold and seemingly uncaring, her face blank and eyes boring into my very soul. I found it much scarier than when she just freaks out and yells at me, thinking that I’d rather prefer the yelling, but Yuki did do plenty of that later.

“I thought that maybe my BEST FRIEND would tell me when something big like this happens...but I guess not.”

I flinched every time she emphasized a word and thought that maybe it’d be a good idea to stay quiet and just let Yuki vent for a bit. I sat like you would during a traditional tea ceremony and folded my legs under me with my hands in my lap. Better just be a good girl and take the bitching head on.

“Honestly Rena, what were you thinking? First of all, call a car if you’re going to go home so late. I don’t care if you want to spend more time with Jurina.”

I opened my mouth to retort but the glare she sent my way made me shut it again instantly.

“And don’t run towards trouble! I thought that maybe you would’ve learned that by now! At least call for help!” Yuki was getting really worked up now, pacing around the room and gesturing wildly. “I don’t know what you were thinking! Running to fight those guys without any back up? And I don’t want to hear about how you’re a good fighter. That cut on your head proves otherwise.” Her glare boring holes through me.

So maybe I was a little rusty.

“And lastly...why didn’t you tell me sooner?! I’ve been worried sick! You haven’t been coming to school and I thought that maybe you died or something!” She grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me. I could tell she was really worried and felt like shit for forgetting to tell her.

“I...I’m sorry, Yuki.” I looked down, unable to face her. “I didn’t mean to make you worry... I just......I’m scared. I broke my promise to Airi and I don’t want to go to school and face Jurina... What do I DO?” I said, almost breaking down again.


Yuki slapped me across the face, HARD, and it stung like hell. “Damn it all, Rena. You should’ve really asked me sooner, what are best friends for? I’m here to help and stop sounding like a lost puppy. We’ve talked about this before.”

I realized that I did sound pretty pathetic just now. I rubbed my cheek absentmindedly but then smiled, “Thanks Yuki. I think that’s exactly what I needed.”

“You’re welcome~” She smiled back and I was already starting to feel better.

“Knock knock~ Is it safe to come in now?” Acchan’s head peered through a crack in the doorway.

“Sure~ Yuki was just abusing me a bit but it’s fine.”

“Hey!” Yuki crossed her arms and pouted, having let go of my shoulders. “I was not~”

I laughed as Acchan came into the room and saw that Haruna was right behind her, the latter looking at me rather uneasily. “Hey Rena... Are you okay?”

Looks like I made just about everyone worry about me this past week. I smiled and reassured her that I was alright, except for my stinging cheek then Yuki just smacked me on the arm to make me shut up. Jeez that woman was so violent.

“So why are you all here? And where’s Takamina and them?”

“Well I’m here because this is my house.” Acchan decided to be a smartass but I knew she didn’t mean anything by it. So I just ignored it this time.

Haruna actually answered me though. “We’re here because Yuki was going to come over anyways and I thought I’d tag along. Everyone was so worried and we thought that it’d be best to pay a home visit~”

Wow. It was really nice to have friends and just to know that someone actually cares about you. You don’t find people like them very often.

“...Thank you.” It was the most genuine expression of gratitude that I’d ever spoken, and I really was thankful for all that they did for me.

They all smiled and told me that it was nothing, Acchan even patted me on the head. I pouted and said that I wasn’t a dog so she called me a puppy, saying that I was the pet of the group. I retaliated, saying that it had to be Jurina, not me...


Yuki said that she had sent Mayu and the guys over to talk to her, since she had been skipping school for the past week. I frowned at this. What had she been doing this whole time? How had SHE felt when I left her there in the alley? Damn I was such an ass.

I still hadn’t spoken to her yet. And I needed to get on that right away. She deserved to know. Now that I was all rejuvenated and ready to go, I felt that I could do it. No problem, how hard could it be?

Really hard, actually.

I went to school the next day and all my classmates welcomed me back, those little frauds, they probably didn’t even care or notice until I came back.

Fortunately, my hair could cover my head wound but my hands hadn’t completely healed yet and were harder to conceal. I had to wear these frilly, lacy as hell and dainty-ass little white gloves (that Acchan had given me) to cover up the scabs on my hands. I’d stared with horror when Acchan first presented them, but she just remarked (with a deadpan expression I might add) that it was either wearing the gloves or letting people know I’d gotten into a fight. And we all know how THAT would’ve went. So I begrudgingly put them on and had even gotten quite a few compliments on them (to which I just smiled while cringing inside).

The teachers were all informed that I had been sick and my parents thought I was over at Acchan’s for schoolwork, so overall it was basically a foolproof lie.

Lunch came creeping around the corner and all the dread I was feeling suddenly resurfaced. I thought I had calmed myself down already but apparently not. Yuki came over though, and gave me a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder before pushing me out the door. Thanks friend.

I headed up to the roof where Acchan told me that Jurina would be waiting, at least I hoped she would be.

She was.

I saw her as soon as I gathered enough courage to open the door, which took about ten minutes by the way.

Jurina was lying down on her side near the fence, at a closer glance I noticed that she was sleeping. Who could fall asleep with their head propped up with their arm? It was such an awkward position. Her mouth was slightly open and I sat down, listening to her even breathing. It was oddly relaxing.

She stirred though, and groaned a little while rubbing her eyes. I thought it was cute the way she woke up.

“Rena-chan?” Her voice was tired sounding, like she hadn’t slept for days.

“Hey Jurina...” I said as she turned around to face me, until we were both sitting cross-legged about a foot apart.

She just watched me and I did the same to her. I was observing her every feature, her lips that looked like a cat’s whenever she grinned, her shoulder length black hair that was slightly ruffled from her nap, and lastly her eyes. The same eyes that I came to love.


I tensed as I waited for what was coming next. I honestly had no idea how she would respond but I was at least pretty sure it wouldn’t be like Yuki.

“You look like shit.”

I scoffed, “Wow, thanks for the compliment. You look pretty great yourself.”

She gave me a small grin and I realized that I had really missed seeing her smile. “Well it’s the truth. Though I guess I look pretty bad too...”

I laughed at this and her grin grew. Somehow the light banter made me feel better.

“And what the hell...” Jurina pinched the edge of one of my gloves and lifted my hand to get a better look while frowning all the while. “...are THESE?”

I pulled my hand away with a slight blush. “Hey quit judging me~ Acchan MADE me wear them.”

Jurina laughed and shook her head, probably still making fun of me in her mind, but it was alright since I was kind of judging myself for listening to Acchan anyways. Honestly there MUST’VE been another pair of LESS FRILLY gloves available!

So I laughed right along with her until the sound eventually faded into a few merry chuckles.

“...Oh and if you’re going to apologize then don’t bother. I don’t want to hear it.”

I blinked in confusion, all of a sudden reminded that I still had to make up with Jurina. But she doesn’t want to hear it? What does that mean? Does it mean she wouldn’t accept it? Or does she not care? She seemed to read my thoughts though.

“I know you came here to tell me sorry probably about a thousand times, but that’s not necessary. I’ve already forgiven you.”

“Really?” I asked her, incredulous.

Jurina rolled her eyes at me, “Of course. How dense do you think I am? Now if you’re calling me stupid then I’m not going to take that, THEN you’d better say sorry.”

I could tell she was messing with me though. She always had this glint in her eye whenever she was playing. “So you’re not mad at me? Like, at all?”


Phew! I thought she’d bite my head off! Or worse...she’d hate me. “But why?”

Jurina shrugged, “I don’t know. I guess I like you too much so maybe I’m a little biased. But honestly it’s not that big of a deal.”

She was really trying to reassure me, it was kind of a weird way of doing it...but it really did make me happy to hear her say that. Every time she so casually mentions that she likes me, my heart skips a beat, and then I remember that I still never gave her an answer for her confession.

“I don’t see why you always think that I hate you or something. Like, where does that even come from? Do I seem like the type that hates things easily?” She kind of did to be honest, of course I didn’t say that out loud.

“I about what you think...that’s all...” I murmured it real quiet so I didn’t know if she caught it or not. A quick glance up was all it took to find out.

Jurina had this huge grin plastered on her smug face and I thought I’d have to punch her to make it go away. “So SOMEBODY missed me this past week~”

My face flushed as I smacked her shoulder, “Sh-Shut up!”

It didn’t stop there though. “Oooh and now you’re blushing~ Kawaii~”

This girl is going to be the death of me.

Jurina kept up her teasing for a good 15 minutes before I think she realized it was no good because all the blood had rushed to my head - that obviously wasn’t good for my health.

“Haha sorry~ But you were too cute and I couldn’t help myself~”

“Hmmph~” I huffed and tried to fan myself, god my face was burning.

The rooftop was silent for a few moments before Jurina decided to break it with a shy voice.

“But Rena-chan... Can you tell me about your past? I heard some from Yuki but she told me to ask you directly and I was planning on that anyways. No worries if you don’t want to!” She waved her hands frantically and I was struck with how young and child-like she could be. She must’ve been really scared when we were fighting those thugs. I forget sometimes that Jurina was still an ordinary person, just a normal high school girl like me.

“No, it’s fine. I was going to tell you anyways... I just didn’t know where to start or how to even breach the topic.” I smiled sheepishly.

“Well why don’t you start from the beginning? Tell me everything.”

“But...aren’t you scared of me? I was pretty......bad.” I ended lamely. I was still confused. Jurina was just so...nonchalant about this. Like she understood for some reason. “I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I was crazy and violent. I certainly wouldn’t be upset if you don’t want anything to do with me anymore.”

But Jurina just shook her head, “No. You just surprised me a bit. I’m not scared of you, I mean, it was kind of scary when we were fighting because I thought you might get hurt. Or hurt yourself. I didn’t even know you were capable of fighting since you definitely seem like the sweet and fragile type...”

“I didn’t know you could either...” I muttered under my breath and Jurina didn’t seem to catch it.

“It seems like I didn’t have anything to worry about though~” She ended on a lighthearted note, her smile so dazzling I thought that maybe SHE was the crazy one.

“...” I didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t scared of me. She didn’t hate me. She didn’t even find me repulsive for being so violent. What is with her?

One part of me criticized her judgement, thinking that she should hate me, should resent me or even get away from me. But then another part of me...was really glad – that Jurina accepted me for the way I was.

“I’ll admit that it was kind of frightening when you wouldn’t stop punching that guy - surprised the heck out of me! But then I thought about it, and in the end it didn’t really bother me after all.” Jurina said it like it was nothing and I wondered why. She wasn’t like most people would find it pretty disturbing or horribly gruesome and repulsive.

“I still wanna hear what you have to say though.” Jurina confirmed. “I want to hear about your past and I don’t care how bad it is.”

“It’s a really long story you know.” I warned her, with a small smile making its way onto my face, but she told me to give her the long version anyways. So I told her everything, down to the very last detail, and she listened intently. Her attention never strayed at all. I told her all about my childhood and how I was a yankee, told her about Airi and Akane, and everything that happened afterwards. It took forever and lunch was almost over by the time I was done. “And so that’s it. That’s basically my whole life story.”

“ weren’t kidding. That was long.” She shot me a playful smirk. “But I’m glad you decided to tell me. So now I just have one, final question...” Jurina looked right at me and it felt like she was staring straight into my soul. “Airin...Did you love her?”

I was speechless. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Wait a minute, I don’t think I ever mentioned Airi’s name let alone her nickname...I’d told Jurina the whole story without mentioning a single name. “How...How do you know that name?”

Jurina sighed and looked away, suddenly seeming tired as she rubbed the back of her neck. “I met her once, Airi I mean. She appeared nice enough, at least my sister seemed to like her a lot...”

“Your sister?”

“Yeah, my older sister...... Akane.”

I couldn’t breathe. Her sister...was Akane? Jurina was Akane’s little sister? Since when did Akane have a sister?

“Sorry I didn’t tell you, but it’d kind of a hard topic to bring up, ya know? Like, hey I had an older sister but...”

I didn’t have anything to say. What could I say? “Akane...Do you miss her?”

I don’t know why I asked that. Out of all the questions going through my head I chose to focus on that one.

“I do. I miss her a lot.”

Ouch that hurt somehow. I really shouldn’t be jealous of her sister but...

“I lost my dad when I was really little, like when I was two, so I didn’t really know him well enough to miss him. But Akane...well it hurt. A lot. I wasn’t even there to see her go since I was at a boarding school. My mom worked hard to support us and as soon as we got some cash she sent me to a private academy. I believe it was Akane’s idea, but she didn’t come with me, probably had certain reasons for wanting to stay at her old school. She was a caring sister though, sort of bird-brained at times but I still loved her. In the end, I didn’t even get to say goodbye...”

“Do you...want to talk about it? You can let it all out, I’ll listen.”

Jurina shook her head, “I don’t have much to say. But I didn’t know that Airi was your friend, promise! Heck I didn’t even know you existed until this year!” She tried to smile. It must’ve been hard for her, but she was trying. Much harder than I was.

Jurina was just so strong, even though she’d been through so much just like me, she was still fighting it head on and I kind of envied her. Heck she was even trying to lighten the mood when I was supposed to be the one making her feel better.

“I had a bad episode after Akane’s death though. I started fighting, I think I was just angry at the world to be honest. Mayu probably told you what I was like as a kid, well after that I sort of became gloomy and dark all the time, like how I am now.”

I could only keep quiet, but I did pull her closer into a hug as she talked. She didn’t resist and snuggled even closer, almost onto my lap with her head leaning on my shoulder.

“...I heard about this girl - Gekikara they called her. They said she was the strongest - the unbeatable queen - and I wanted to fight her. Thought I’d be able to prove myself somehow by beating her. But I’d also heard that she’d completely stopped fighting around the same time I started, so I didn’t have a chance. Guess now I know why, huh?” She glanced up at me with a small smirk.

“I don’t think you’d want to go against me.”

“Oh ho you think you can beat me? Is that a challenge?”

That’s when it hit me. I smirked, “Of course not~ I don’t think I’d be able to defend myself against the infamous CENTER after all these years~”

Her eyes widened, “You know me?”

I snorted, “I heard some rumors floating around~ It wasn’t hard to put two and two together.”

She laughed hard, her whole body shaking with the action and I thought she’d fall off my lap. The sound made me smile though.

But then she brought up that subject again.

“Seriously though, Rena, you haven’t answered my question...Do you or do you not love Airi?” She was staring at me again, her gaze boring into mine. It didn’t help that her face was only inches away...


Jurina sighed, “I thought so...” She began to pull away. “I really like you, but I somehow sensed that you had someone else...someone that you hadn’t gotten over yet. But I had to try even though I knew that deep down I was just Airi’s replacement. I’m not good enough for you anyways...”

I pulled her back abruptly and held her by the shoulders. “Really? That’s what you think?”

“Well excuse me for being insecure...” She sneered. “I just wish you would trust to me to watch your back at least.”

“Jurina...” No, no, she can’t leave. Not now.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” She shrugged like it was nothing and tried to pull away again. Why does she always do that?!

“Jurina...” I said with more urgency.

“I won’t hold it over you or anything, promise.”

“Jurina would you listen to me?! NOW who’s being the dense one?! I’m trying to tell you that I LOVE YOU!” I pulled her close and smashed our lips together. It was messy and sloppy and I think I bruised my lip but totally worth it.

She didn’t respond right away, probably out of shock, but she soon did and her arms snaked around my neck. I didn’t think our bodies could get into closer contact but I was wrong. My hands made their way into Jurina’s hair and she moaned into the kiss. God that was hot.

But after a few moments we had to pull away due to lack of air, both of us flushed and breathing heavily. Jurina’s hair was all messed up, way worse than it already was earlier. Did I do that? I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t even recall my name at this point.

“Rena...” Jurina said breathily. The way she was panting and her red-tinted cheeks...even the way she said my name was sexy...

I was about to apologize again but she put a finger on my lips, chuckling. “Nope I don’t want to hear it, I thought I told you that~ And why are you saying sorry’s not like I didn’t enjoy it...” She said the last bit in a whisper but I heard it loud and clear.

I grinned like an idiot and wrapped my arms back around her, it was a perfect fit. “Well then would you like to do that again? Because I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell do.”

Jurina laughed and it felt nice, I could feel it where she was pressed right up against me. “You’re insatiable~”

I kept grinning and kissed her on the lips again, just a quick peck though. But then I got all shy again for some reason, just trying to get out what I was trying to say. It was embarrassing you know! Trying to tell someone you love them, my smile turned bashful as I glanced at her through my bangs. I never really answered her properly and she deserved to know. So I spoke up. “...Just so you know...I did love Airi, I still do. But the one I’m in love you.”

Jurina turned beet red and I found that extremely adorable. She tried to bury her face in my shoulder and I chuckled at her embarrassed reaction. She was even more embarrassed than I was, how adorable! It was nice to turn the tables every once in a while and make her blush for a change.

She was smiling though, I could feel it.


A/N: So yeah, I could've ended it there. But if I was reading this then I'd hate to not know about what happens afterwards. I mean, it's easy to guess, but then again I'd still like to read it myself. And so~ That means that I've written 2 more chapters. TWO WHOLE CHAPTERS OF LITERALLY JUST FLUFF AND WMATSUI TOGETHER. I hope that's not too much hehe :sweatdrop:

So see you next time~

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*claps* perfect! this is perfect!

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MAD Yuki XD Somehow I can't stop laughing while imagining Yukirin scold Rena scene XD
And Akane was Jurina's sister?o.o That's a surprise>,<
Rena say it! She even kiss Jurina first!>,<
Thanks for this super fluffy moment!

Gonna wait for the next chapter, author-san~
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Sosososo.. Somehow jurina and rena know each other before they meet, as gekikara and center :on lol:
Two chapters for wmatsui??? I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!!

-sorry for my bad english, still learning with uncle Sae :hee:

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Nice one  :thumbsup

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thanks a lot Keiyuu san!
I really like this fic!

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wmatsui cute confesion~
don't forget 'bout to make the trolling trio to tease them author-san~ :P2

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Oooh it was so good

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I've come to comment! Ahhhhhh this is perfectttttt! Honestly the amount of development that Jurina and Rena have gotten together throughout these past few chapters is absolutely perfect! Jurina accepts Rena for who she is, and Rena finally confesses her feelings for Jurina and GAH I'M JUST SO HAPPY :twothumbs

And we get two more chapters of WMatsui fluff! :D This couldn't get any better!

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is this the end? (@_@)

it's just too good to end it  :lol:

great job! and please write more!!!

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nice one there yuki~~~
Owo..akane is ju sis..i see..hmm
YATTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~confession finally~~~
tho it sloppy and well..bold??but nice job rena~~~
ur both too cute~~~~awwww~~~ :nya: :nya:

~~waitin for the two chapta full of fluff~~ 
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Jaa... 48 is about skinship

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Re: One and the Same (WMatsui) - Chapter 7
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Hey guys! Sorry I'm a little late this time but I've been busy hehe...
Lol I almost forgot the font sizes I used for the title cuz it's been too long  XD

Anyways, I'm kinda cliche with this kind of stuff and I'm not sure how fluffy it actually is...but here's the fluff I promised and I hope you like it!

Wah so many comments to respond to! I'm happy!

@abcari: Haha thanks for calling it perfect (tho it's not) but I still appreciate it! Hope you like the fluff.
@junchan48: Ya I was laughing when I wrote that cuz a mad Yuki is funny to me lol. And yes, Akane was Jurina's sister because I thought I'd connect their past a bit. I'm glad you liked the confession!
@key17: They knew about each other...but they didn't know who was who haha. Here's the chapter you've been waiting for lol.
@mirurunky: Thank you~
@Minami-chan: You're welcome~ And I'm glad you like it!
@ttwm123: Oh no worries, I remembered the teasing lol
@geki geki: Thank you, I'm happy you thought so~
@nezukara: Haha hey there! Nice to hear from you again, bro. I love reading your comments and thank you for thinking it's 'perfect' haha. Yep Jurina accepts Rena, confession happens, and voila, a new couple gets together LOL. I'm glad this story makes you happy haha.
@RenshuChan: No worries, it's not the end, not just yet anyways~ And I do have other works that I'm working on and probably will post after these last 2 chapters.
@Blackdawn: Hey man! Haha Yuki just does whatever she wants. Yep confession and WMatsui is always too cute. And now the fluff~
@faanpal: Haha that's a good gif for describing your feels
@sasshirie: Lol you and your gifs. I can tell you liked it tho, so thanks!

One and the Same

Chapter 7

Much to my dismay, the bell rang right afterwards and we couldn’t continue doing what I wanted. Our moment was interrupted by the end of lunch and that also meant we had to separate and go to class. So disappointing. I reluctantly released our hug and Jurina looked even more disappointed than I was. But then her face lit up in a mischievous grin and made it even worse for me by whispering in my ear that we would continue later. How she expected me to sit through class after THAT, I don’t know.

Our friends put us through the wringer too. Acchan called a meeting in the Student Council room during homeroom and I thought that it was to discuss something important, but apparently not.

They just wanted to tease me and Jurina.

Mayu had been spying and got a pic of us kissing on her phone. Where was she hiding anyways?! We were on an open rooftop! Man I wanted to crawl into a deep hole, curl up and die.

“So when are you guys getting married?”

“Sh-Shut up!” I pushed Mayu away but she just laughed. She said it so bluntly that it didn’t even sound like a joke, that cyborg.

Jurina was even worse off. Nobody was used to her showing any emotion so that was a real shocker to everyone. She got all flustered with Yuko’s inappropriate innuendos (I wondered how she came up with so many) and I think Jurina even threatened to kill Mayu at one point. I thought it was cute though.

Takamina was nice about it though, probably because she understood what it was like to be teased, so she just gave me a thumbs up. Which did not make me feel any better.

And Acchan came over and patted me on the back, smiling her approval – like she had been waiting for it to happen. It made me feel like she was my older sister or something, proud that I’d grown up.

We hadn’t made it official yet - that we were dating - but then Jurina asked me right then and there.

“Rena...will you go out with me?” She looked so serious even while blushing and I was awestruck. It was just too adorable. I got so red in the face I thought my head would burst. When did that girl get so straightforward? Jeez... Well it was one of the things I loved about her anyways.

“It’s about time!” Yuko whooped while the others all clapped and cheered.

I looked to Haruna, hoping that she might try and calm Yuko down, but she was no help. She just smiled at me happily and I realized that I wouldn’t be able to count on her to get her girlfriend to stop yelling and teasing. Oh well.

Then they all shouted random things about ‘WMatsui’ and when had they even come up with that? What wonderful friends, I wanted to slap each of them silly.

Yuki mentioned that Mayu and Yuko made a bet about how long it would take us to get together. I was shocked by this. Did everyone know that this would happen except for me?! Yuki smiled sheepishly and said that she expected it too, Jurina and I were just too alike to not get together. Which, after some careful consideration, I found to be quite true. We did have a lot in common now that I thought about it, even though we appeared to be complete opposites.

Thank goodness though, that homeroom was short because I don’t think I would’ve been able to take much more teasing after that. All the blood was rushing to my face and I thought I might faint!

But god I was so giddy for the rest of the day. I think my classmates were looking at me like I was high or something, and in a way I kind of was.

I didn’t care how I looked to them anyways, I was too happy to consider how people viewed me at that point. Like all of a sudden, it was like why did it even matter? I shouldn’t care what they think, their opinions don’t affect me in the slightest. There was only one person that did matter.

Unfortunately, I did have a little run-in with Yuki’s fanclub during between classes. They were upset that Jurina and I were spending so much time together, which wasn’t really their business. Were they stalking me too or something? Because I’m sure that they stalk Yuki on a regular basis at school. Obviously seeing a mob coming after me, I panicked and got chased all over school campus – around the main building and mini hospital, through the field house and all the way to the outdoor soccer field in the back. An absurd amount of running! I thought I’d pass out for an entirely different reason this time.

Anyways they were unhappy because apparently YukiRena was a thing? It’s ridiculous. Sure I loved Yuki and all but just like a sister. But those crazy fangirls wanted me to get together with their idol, seeing as I’m also one of the popular girls that was even remotely possibly good enough to be their goddess’ girlfriend. I’ll never understand, but seriously that’s just one more fun aspect of society – mob mentality.

Eventually I was cornered by the mob but thankfully, Black came and sorted it all out though. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see her. And I was wrong about them dropping the club if they found out about Black, some of them even liked it. Those fangirls, what a bunch of weirdos.

After school, the couples all went their separate ways and I’m proud to say that Jurina and I were one of them. I decided not to inform her of my little escapade since she would probably freak out or something. Jurina could be oddly chivalrous and protective sometimes, and she definitely had the social sway or physical strength to take down the entire fanclub. And I didn’t want to cause any more trouble.

Anyways, Takamina had suggested a group date but they all disagreed, saying that Jurina and I should go on one by ourselves first, not that I was complaining, nope not in the least bit.

Jurina picked me up at my locker even though I told her to wait for me at the school gates.

“But I missed you, Rena-chan~” She explained that she missed me too much and couldn’t wait to see me. Therefore she had decided to come get me. She could be such a flirt sometimes.

I’d also found out that the first time I met her wasn’t that time in the classroom. I never figured it out that she was the girl I saw with the headphones. Remember that girl that had piqued my interest? The one I saw from the window of the café when I went dress shopping with Yuki? Yep, that was Jurina. God I felt dense. I’d even seen her wear the same exact outfit and headphones before!

Anyways, we walked out together and I had to send my car on its way. My driver was all upset about it but I didn’t care. There were more pressing matters to attend to - like where we were even headed.

Jurina had gotten some advice from the others, pointedly Mayu, Takamina, and Yuko, which I wasn’t convinced were credible sources. Those three were also kind of dense sometimes, even more so than me, but Jurina figured that they’d had plenty of experience from trial and error and I agreed with that claim.

“Okay so Mayu told me about this place that you might like, so let’s go there!” She was practically bouncing around and pulling me along with her. I didn’t mind though, her energetic childish side wasn’t something that I saw often and I cherished it. Though it WAS gradually appearing more often, Jurina was getting more cheerful by the day. I could only guess that’s how she was when she was a kid, just like Mayu said.

We walked a couple blocks with Jurina checking her phone for the address every once in a while. She’d frown and glare at the numbers on the buildings as if they’d magically change somehow. But we got there eventually, with a couple of wrong turns and backtracking but still we made it.

“I found it! Rena-chan let’s go!” She was so excited and bouncing around with infinite energy, having finally found the place, and I couldn’t help but be infected by it as well.

I gasped as soon as Jurina pulled me inside. There were books everywhere since it was obviously a bookstore, but not just any old bookstore, it was a freaking BOOKMALL. There was even a small café and food stands on the first floor and I definitely was going to be checking those out later.

Jurina had this pleased grin on her face as she saw my reaction. “I knew you’d like it~ I figured that mall Yuki took us to wasn’t really your style, and seeing how you had tons of books lining your locker...”

She didn’t get to finish what she was saying since I pulled her into a bone-crushing hug. “Thank you! This is the best date ever!”

She laughed and hugged me back, not caring that we were embracing right in the front doorway but hey, cut us some slack, we were a new couple.

I did notice my sudden boldness and how close her face was to mine...then pulled away shyly as Jurina poked my flushed cheeks. I had been kind of timid lately and anything Jurina did would have a huge effect on was weird.

I spent the next hour browsing through all the floors of the place. And it was HUGE. There were only three floors but so many genres I just couldn’t even comprehend. Jurina also told me that there was a whole section dedicated to manga and I practically tore through the shelves looking for it.

I did realize that I’d been kinda ignoring Jurina but she brushed it off, saying that she was having fun too. I did catch her smiling and watching me quite a few times. Eventually though, we did have to eat because without food I wouldn’t be able to keep running around. I spent tons of money on books and manga but I had no regrets and Jurina even offered to carry them for me.

Then we headed downstairs to the café we saw earlier and took a seat. Jurina ordered for me and of course, she got me melon pan. I was bursting with joy at this point and it took everything I had not to kiss her right there. Though something tells me she would’ve enjoyed that a little too much.

“So is this an adequate first date?”

“Are you kidding me? Of course it is! God I love you so much I can’t even describe it in words! Just GAH!” I gestured with my hands, trying the emphasize the degree of my happiness. I must’ve looked about as excited as a kid in a candy store.

She laughed and took my hand in hers from across the table. We chatted for a while about easy things until the food arrived, because then I was too preoccupied to talk. I had so much fun I was completely distracted from the hunger in my belly but I realized it as soon as the melon pans showed up. Did Jurina know that this place offered melon pans? For some reason, I got this feeling that she did. She never failed to surprise me and the food tasted even better than usual thinking about this. The bread was...fluffier somehow, and sweeter.

Jurina was devouring her food as well. She ordered spaghetti and her whole face lit up when it was placed in front of her, I almost laughed but the waiter might’ve looked at me weird so I kept it in. “I remember you told me that your favorite food is spaghetti, right?”

“Yes, ma’am~” She saluted me with her fork. “I’d say my love for spaghetti rivals even your love of melon pans.”

I pretended to pout, “Does that mean that you love spaghetti even more than me?”

She choked on her food and quickly took a drink of her water. I patted her back but felt only slightly contrite about teasing her, she did it to me all the time after all.

“I said it rivaled your love of melon pans, not my love for you. I love you WAY more than spaghetti, I promise~” She flashed me her Cheshire grin and I nearly melted in my seat. Damn sweet talker.

We finished eating in a comfortable silence, the atmosphere was completely different than when I hung out with her before. It used to be so awkward to be around her but now I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Love sure changes people.

And I was no exception.

I should’ve been mad that Jurina affected me so much. The minute I met her, everything changed. No one had been able to get to me like she did, though Yuki did try her best, I kept everyone and everything at a distance. The façade that I spent so many years building to perfection, Jurina tore it down like it was nothing. The walls intended to block everyone out, she crashed through them with ease. But honestly I wasn’t upset about it. Quite the opposite really.

The date ended too soon and Jurina offered to walk me home again. One minute she’d tease me or flirt, but then the next she could be so courteous, I was learning so many new things about her lately! I accepted her offer and we held hands on the way, she’d timidly taken my hand in hers and I smiled at her bashfulness. It was so adorable, I just couldn’t get enough.

One thing that caught me by surprise though, about a block away from my house Jurina pulled me aside and kissed me, HARD. There weren’t any alleys or anything in that area, just houses, so she pushed my back right up to one of my neighbor’s fences and we made out for a good 10 minutes. There could’ve been any number of security cameras that could’ve caught us or my neighbors in the windows. But I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Things were getting heated but she pulled away eventually as we caught our breaths. Jurina rested her forehead against mine and I still had my arms around her neck, not willing to let her go just yet.

“So would you perhaps, like to stay the night?” I asked somewhat breathlessly.

Jurina laughed, “Are you inviting me into your bed already? I never pegged you as the type, Rena-chan~”

I smiled and played along. “Only if you want to.”

She did.

She called her mom as I invited her into the house, and gave a thumbs up as a signal that she could. I informed the maids that my friend would be staying over and headed up the stairs with Jurina in tow. I didn’t even have to deal with my parents since they were still out. I called that a good deal.

We took turns taking showers since I didn’t really think I was ready to share a bath with her just yet, and then tucked ourselves into my bed. It was a king size, too big for one person alone and having Jurina there made it seem less empty.

We were both pretty tired though, worn out from the long day. Jurina cuddled up close to me and I wrapped my arms around her. She was so warm and I loved it, I also found out that she was a big cuddler. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I decided that this was my favorite position.

“Good night, Rena~” Her saying my name without the –chan sent a pleasant tingle down my spine.

“Good night, but I thought you had something else that you wanted to do tonight?” I couldn’t resist teasing her a little. Her reactions were something that only I could see and that alone made me absurdly happy.

But Jurina only smiled and tilted her head up, capturing my lips in another kiss, this time sweet and slow – probably the way our first kiss should have gone, but I don’t regret it. Then she pulled away just a fraction of an inch, I could feel her breath as she murmured, “Maybe next time~”

I chuckled and held her closer, her head tucked in the crook of my neck and both of us falling asleep listening to the other’s breathing. It was the best night I’d had in a long time and I drifted off with a content smile tugging at my lips.

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