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Author Topic: Daily Life of MaYuki Family #53 [NatsuMado,JiiNatsu,ChiiNatsu,AoNatsu]14/08/2017  (Read 68752 times)

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Waiting for an update Author-san. :cow:
Matsui Rena + Matsui Jurina =

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Update please  :bow:
NatsuMado  :deco:

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Can you write another season fanfic where Natsumi and Madoka were married and they have three kids with Hana the eldest and Nako and Miku as twin younger sisters :wub: :wub: :inlove:
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Just after "Daily life of Mayuki Family" ok? :twothumbs
Can call another season fanfic "Daily life of NatsuMado Family"? but it's fine you can change it cause I want the series to be continued  :thumbsup Oyasumi Minna-San :deco:
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I'm still waiting for update  :cry: :cry: :cry:

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I read the whole story all the waaay here... and it's somewhat similar to the anime called Nisekoi lol hahahaha :lol:

Anyway, I was left hanging in the end cuz OMG i am screaming!!! Madoka confessed and Natsu was hopeless, poor ikemen prince.. I like the plot, it has so many exciting moments! Please continue this I beg of you :bow:

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So after a long wait~ here's the update
 :bow: we are really sorry for the wait .. we've been very busy with work and other stuffs.

52 - Dishonesty

It was already weekend and once again the KojiYuu family gather together to celebrate Yuko's birthday in their family villa.

Currently they are having a party..
Yuko, Mayu, Sayanee and Natsu are grilling the dishes while others are preparing the table

Yuko: hmm.. My birthday seems to be incomplete without my best friends.. this is so heartbreaking.. (´⌒`。)
Mayu: geez, don't say that touchan you still have us here   :smhid

Sayanee: But why they will not come here today touchan?
Yuko: they went out of the country and was supposed to come here this day but their flight was delayed 😕 *sigh*

Mayu: ah well, that can't be helped..
Yuko: and I told them countless time to come home early to be here tho.. T^T
Sayanee: but touchan i'm sure they still want to celebrate their best friend's birthday even if it's late

Yuko: Yeah i know, but why is Jurina, Rena and Madoka-chan also didn't come with us? geez.. my birthday this year is so lonely 😣

Mayu: well.. *glances at natsu*
Natsu: *not listening* *staring blankly*

Yuko: *sigh* thank goodness, at least I still have my Haruna as a a present later.. since she agreed to finally wear the lingerie I bought *perverted laugh* (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Mayu: uhh.. (^~^;)ゞ
Sayanee: er.. touchan don't say such things around the kids please.. (@ ̄A ̄@;)

Yuko: it's alright, it's alright *laughs*

Sayanee: geez touchan, it's no wonder why my sister got that perverted-ness
Mayu: what!?

Sayanee: really.. you two should hold back when there are kids around, What if Natsumi got influenced?
Mayu: huh?! you shouldn't be the one to say that, i know you're just perverted as i am *sarcastic laugh*

Sayanee: what?! i'm not! *blush*
Mayu: heh~ is that so? ╰(▔∀▔)╯

Yuko: fighting again? geez.. you two said you'd stop fighting since it's my birthday..

Sayanee: ah sorry..
Mayu: sorry touchan..

Yuko: alright but please hold back from your perverted-ness while the kids are around, ok *smiles* *grills meat*

Sayanee: ...? we don't want to hear that from you, touchan..
Mayu: eh? (・∧‐)ゞ

Mayu: *glances  again at natsu, who is still staring blankly at the meat she's grilling* AH!!! Natsu, the meat is being burnt- o_o;
Natsu: hm? *looks at what she's doing* ah-!*panic*

Mayu: geez, what are you doing? *helps natsu*
Sayanee: natsu are you okay? are you still sick? you seems pale..

Natsu: ah, no I'm alright *tries to smile*
Yuko: Why don't you rest for a while

Natsu: eh, but sofu-
Yuko: it's ok *gently smiles*
Natsu: h-hai, thanks sofu..

Meanwhile on the other side, Aoi is worried and secretly glances on Natsu walking away

Milky: *whispers at aoi* why don't you follow and talk to her?
Aoi: eh? -but kaachan..

Milky: hm? but? is there any problem?
Aoi: ...

Milky: perhaps, you're still angry with her?
Aoi: no, it's not that..

Milky: then why? it's your chance you know~ if you like her you should steal her heart *tease*
Aoi: i know, but still... *looks down*

Milky: *sigh* I know you're worried, why don't you just talk to her... Also, i know you've been crying alone..

Aoi: eh...?
Milky: just go ok? *smiles*

Aoi: mmkay *nods*
Milky: good, that's my daughter *hugs*

* *
Natsu went back on her room and laid down on the bed, she was staring blankly at the ceiling not wanting to think of anything when someone came knocking..

Natsu: yes? *gets up to open the door*

Aoi: nacchan..
Natsu: a..aoi- *startled*

Natsu: *opens door*

Aoi: feeling better? *smiles*
Natsu: u-uhm y-yeah..

Aoi: liar.. *pouts* can i come in?
Natsu: s-sure..

Aoi: *sat on natsu's bed*
Natsu: *looks at aoi*

Aoi: well?
Natsu: eh? *confused*

Aoi: i mean why are you staring at me like that naachan?
Natsu: ah- no, i just thought you're mad at me..

Aoi: i am mad at you.. *lays on the bed*

Aoi: really mad..
Natsu: i'm sorry..

Aoi: why are you even saying sorry..
Natsu: that's because—

Aoi: i hate you..!
Natsu: aoitan

Aoi: *turns around burying her face on the pillows*
Aoi: i hate... still love you.. *mumbles* *tries not to cry*

Natsu: eh?
Aoi: nothing!!!

Natsu: ok, uhm..  aoitan.. *sits beside her*
Aoi: ...

Natsu: aoitan..
Aoi: what?
Natsu: are you still angry?

Aoi: hmmmm..
Natsu: aoi-chan, still angry?

Aoi: ......
Natsu: aoi-tan *pats aoi who's laying , facing down on the bed*

Aoi: ......
Natsu: what should i do so that aoitan will be able to forgive me?

Aoi: ....
Natsu: please~ tell me.. i don't want aoitan to be mad at me, so please~

Aoi: *sits up facing natsu* nattan.. remember when we are still kids, how you always protects me, always care for me
Natsu: un..

Aoi: that time you said that you will always be there for me.. that you wouldn't leave me, and i believed you.. i thought we will always be together

Natsu: eh..? *startled*

Aoi: you don't remember anymore? *tears*

Natsu: no- it's not that.. of course i remember.. i did say that..

Aoi: *suddenly hugs natsu*

Aoi: Back then, you were always prioritizing me before anyone but then, one day you told us you have a girlfriend..
Aoi: you already forgot what you promised..

Natsu: it's not that aoi *doesn't know what to say*

Aoi: It is! i know it's bad but.. when you and Jiina broke up, i felt happy.. really happy.

Natsu: eh?

Aoi: but then you're always sulking.. crying.. you feel distant. I can't bear to see you like that.. I just want to be with you.. I want you to be happy nattan..

Aoi: *sniffs* *hugs tighter*

Natsu: I- *speechless* *confused*

*Aoi's thought: why..? why don't you just love me instead...*

Natsu: aoitan?

*Aoi's thought: no- why am i thinking like this.. *

Aoi: *cries*

Natsu: eh?!? don't cry aoitan *panics*

Aoi: you— why are you even back with her again?! didn't she already left you?!
Natsu: she did left me but she has her own reasons too

Aoi: reasons? what kind of reason is that, enough to hurt you like that?! 

Natsu: aoi, about that.. it's not her fault, please don't be angry at her.

Aoi: it's not her fault that she left you?! really?! didn't she decided that on her own?! what will you do if she hurt you again nattan?! what if she leave you again? didn't you already learn your lesson?

Natsu: Aoi, please understand. she has her own circumstances too. please give her a chance.

Aoi: a chance of what ?

Natsu:  I know that you are angry with her but she's a nice person, she also wanted to be friends with you, so please give her a chance. aoi.. you're a really important person to me, that's why I'm asking you—

Aoi: so you're saying that, i should give a chance to accept her?

Aoi's thought: stupid.. *pain*

Natsu: aoi.. *hugs* it's not that! but please just give her a chance too..

Aoi: why did she left you?

Natsu: well.. she kinda have family problems that time so.. well, you know..

Aoi: then why didn't you tell me anything about her returning back?

Natsu:  that's... sorry, i didn't tell you..

Aoi: ...

Natsu: well.. i know you would get angry so i couldn't say it..

Aoi: angry? do you think i would just get angry?

Natsu: eh?

Aoi: forget it! then, what about chii-chan? haven't you ever considered her feelings when you got back with your ex?

Natsu: uh..? *sweats*

Aoi: you know how chii-chan loves you, so why are you hurting her like this?!

Natsu: h-how did you know..

Aoi: And what about mado-chan? didn't you ever consider her feelings too!? stupid nattan!!

Natsu: w-what?! how did you know that—

Aoi: why? why do you keep on hurting those who loves you nattan..? *painful expression*

Natsu: *stunned*

Aoi: tell me nattan.. *sniffs* do you- do you really love her?

Natsu: eh?

Aoi:  *firm look*

Natsu: what kind of question is that, aoitan?

Aoi: *leans over natsu* do you still love your ex?

Natsu: that's... of c-courー

*suddenly knocking on the door*

Sakura: nee-chan, are you asleep? can i come in?

Natsu: saku-chan? *rushes to the door* *heart beating*

Sakura:  kaa-chan is worried about you.. *notices natsu's  expressions* are you okay, nee-chan?

Natsu: I'm alright, don't worry *pats sakura* *smile*

Sakura: alright.. ah, aoi-nee is here too? *sees aoi, sitting on natsu's bed*

Natsu: uhm yeah

Aoi: i was worried about her so i went to check her, saku-chan *smiles*

Sakura: oh, ok.. but the food is now ready so should we go down now? and sofu is getting lonely

Natsu: haha, is that so? we should really go down now, right aoitan? *looks at aoi* *helpless smile*

Aoi: un..*small smile*

On the way, the 3 were silent..

Sakura feels awkward and with the atmosphere, she is wondering if something else had happened besides her beloved sis' ex lover is back.
Despite this she chose to stay silent and about it.

Meanwhile, Natsu somehow felt conflicted. She feels somewhat relieved that her sister interrupted Aoi's interrogation even though she really wanted to talk to her and explain everything.

While walking, Aoi often glances at Natsu feeling unsatisfied, from their talk and from Natsu's answer.

* *

Yuko: oh~ they're here! geez, i thought we'd die from hunger before you can get back here.. tsk.. tsk..

Natsu: eh..? sorry sofu.. ^-^;

Haruna: yuuchan—  can't you see natsumi-chan is still feeling sick? (;¬_¬)
Yuko: *gulp* hai sorry.. I'm just kidding you know.. mou~

Haruna: are you okay now? don't force yourself if you're not feeling well ok?

Natsu: hai, thanks sobo *smile*

Yuko: well then, let's have a feast!

While eating,, Natsu thought she should try lessen their worry and smile more considering how worried her family is, but she flinches whenever their conversation involves madoka..

Haruna: so, why is jurina and rena didn't celebrate with us? did they have another business trip?

Mayu: uhm.. yeah, that's right kaa-chan

Haruna: hmm, i see.. what about their daughter? madoka-chan, you should've invited her over natsumi

Natsu: *gulp* ah- yes

Aoi: *looks at natsu from across the table*

Yuki: we did invite her, but it seems she have another plan

Haruna: i see.. well, i was hoping to see them since Yuuchan keep on telling me that finally we'll be a real family with her best friends

Yuko: ahh- wait nyannyan

Mayu: eh?
Sayanee: what do you mean kaachan?

Haruna: well you know a real family since natsumi-chan and madoka-chan engaged

Natsu: *choked*

Sakura: neechan? are you alright?

Natsu: u-un..

Mayu: kaachan that's..

Haruna: hm? why? is Yuuchan only joking? *looks at yuko*

Yuko: *shakes head*

Mayu: uhm, it's that, even though we set it.. of course we want the kids to decide for their own self

Haruna: hm, i see

Sayanee: but isn't that a good thing, they look good together

Aoi: *drops the utensil*

Sayanee: aoi?

Aoi: sorry hehe *smile*

Milky: *looks at her daughter worried*

Yuko: well, let's move on with that and talk about other things okay?

Yuko: how about sakuchan? time really flies.. look at how my sakuchan had grown up

Mayu: i know right, and she's going on a rebellious phase right now, it's so sad..

Yuko: haha, well that happens. But sakutan, don't you have someone important right now? it seems you're always holding your phone *teases*

Mayu: Huh?! WHAT?! that can't be!! Sakutan, is that True?! tell me who is it?! *rage*
Yuki: mayu, calm down..

Sakura: geez.. *mentally face palmed*

After the celebration, Natsu sat on the bench outside to refresh herself.
From afar, aoi saw her and is now gazing on her

Milky: so, why is my baby alone here while making a sad face?

Aoi: kaachan, I'm not a baby anymore

Milky: really? *combs aoi's hair*

Aoi: mou..

Milky: *giggles* well, you're still a baby since you keep on crying

Aoi: i'm not.. *pouts*

Milky: you do..

Aoi: but that's because.. *looks down*

Milky: you know.. *pats aoi's head* it's not bad to cry if you're feeling sad or you're hurt but— crying too much and you'll get drowned..then will lose sight on the things that could make you happy

Aoi: *looks at her mom*

Milky: have you calmed down now?

Aoi: somehow.. thanks kaachan

Milky: why don't you go and talk to her again? *smiles*

Aoi: un! *walks to where natsu is*

Sayanee : *appears from behind* *about to call her daughter back but is stopped by her wife*

Milky: let the kids do their own stuff okay? *smile* *drags sayanee on bedroom*

Sayanee:    Σ(°△°|||)︴ eh?

Aoi sat beside natsu who seems to be drowned from her own thoughts that she became oblivious, not noticing aoi approaching her.

Aoi: i wonder what is nattan's thinking..
Natsu: *startled*

Aoi: you seemed to be deep in thoughts, you're making a troubled face..

Natsu: am i? *laugh forcibly*

Aoi: you are, well you still have the cute face tho

Natsu: *sudden laugh* that's somehow rare

Aoi: rare? you're not the only one who can be a sweet talker you know, hmp.

Natsu: eh, i'm not a sweet talker

Aoi: you are! and a play girl

Natsu: eh, that's how aoitan view me? how sad..

Aoi: well, no matter you look at it, you are *laughs*

Natsu: geez.. what's wrong with aoitan today, bullying me.. *laughs*

Aoi: you finally laugh huh *smile*

Natsu: *surprised* ah—

Aoi: sorry i got mad at you nattan

Natsu: no- it's my fault, i know i should've told you but I'm.. well kinda worried.. *nervous laugh*

Aoi: hm..

Natsu: and that I'm scared..

Aoi: scared? scared that we would get angry?

Natsu: well you know.. i don't want to hurt chiichan or madochan but i'm scared.. I'm such a fool..

Aoi: yeah you are.. and you know.. not only chiichan and madochan would be hurt, didn't you think that it would hurt me too? *leans on natsu*

Natsu: aoi?

Aoi: before madochan, even before chiichan.. you only care for aoi so I'm jealous..

Natsu: I didn't forget my promise, aoitan.. you're important to me and I'm always by your side when you need me

Aoi : *gets up, looking at natsu*  really?

Natsu: really

Aoi: then what about chiichan?

Natsu: chiichan is also very important, you know that. She had been always there for me when i need her, I- I don't want to lose her

Aoi: what about madochan then?

Natsu: She— She's important to me too.. even though we know each other for a short time, she became very special to me too..

Aoi: then? you do not plan on telling jiina about your engagement to her?

Natsu: actually.. she already knew..

Aoi: eh?! then—

Natsu: but madochan..

Aoi: hm?

Natsu: madoka.. she break it off.. the engagement..

Aoi: don't you want that? *looks at natsu*

Natsu: it's not that i don't.. it's that

Aoi: it is what?

Natsu: it is— uhm.. *confused*

Aoi: you said you love jiina? then why don't you want that?

Natsu: i do but it's just that... *recalls what happened* it's just that madoka, she's crying..
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Finally update as well ,,,,
I am very happy ,,,,,
No natsumado moment
Thanks for the update

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to those who are left waiting for an update, sorry..  :bow: we'll try to update regularly now

at least once every 2 weeks or if time permits, then twice or some side stories :sweatdrop:

maybe i'll try  to finish the next chapter this week, once yurin cleared the plot for this chap :nervous

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waaaahhhh <3
new update!! Thanks author-san!!
i really love how cute aiotan <3
no natsumado moment, :(
Yuko's birthday is fun but a lil bit lonely coz some characters aren't there but still <3
SayaMilky moment tho hahahaha <3
keep it up please! we've been waiting
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I'm the forever Acchan guy :)
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Yes really big thank you, you are alive  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:
I was really looking for an update, if madoka is crying, jurina will kill nachan e.e
I really want to know about mado-chan in the next update(?)
seriously thanks for comeback
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great twist author-san😀😀..pls update more.!😚😚

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  • Newbie as Always~

Expecting for more in the next chaps! Although it has an AoiNatsu vibe in this, I'm still strong with ChiiNatsu pair. Wahahahaha! XD

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53 - Is it okay like this?

After Madoka confessed to Natsu, she ran away and stayed at her best friend's house. She didn't wanted to go home, or rather, she didn't want to go back to Natsu's house.

Weekends, After they come back from work, Rena and Jurina rushed to where their daughter is as they were contacted by their daughter's best friend.

When they arrived, they found out that their daughter has been locking herself in the room for the past few days  making them worry.

Knowing that her daughter wouldn't tell her anything, Jurina asked Madoka's best friend but her wife, Rena, said that she would talk to their daughter.

Rena:  Madoka-chan *knocks*
Madoka: Kaachan?

Rena:  Can I come in?
Madoka : Hai

Rena: Are you okay? *sweet smile*
Madoka: un *looks away*

Rena: Are you sure? *saw her daughter's swollen eyes*
Madoka: un..

Rena: I don't know if you're just worried that it would trouble us or you're not the type to tell us your problems but we're still your parents and we are worried about you
Madoka: S-sorry kaachan...

Rena: so, is it okay to talk about your problems?
Madoka: hm *bites lips*

Rena: It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it *hugs* *pats head*

Rena: sorry, we've been busy at work.. but just remember we are here for you, okay? Whatever happens we are on your side.

Madoka: Okaachan can we move to other place?
Rena: Eh?

Madoka: Please okaachan
Rena: Hmm.. okay.. but why do you want to move place? and to where?

Madoka: Anywhere.. It's just that.. I don't want to be around with her anymore

Rena: Is it Natsumi-chan?
Madoka: ...

Rena: Did something happened between the two of you? You two have been very close.
Madoka: I.. I fell in love with her kaachan.. *tear drops* this is the first time I feel this but it hurts.. so much...

Rena: I see.. *pats head* *worried*

Rena let her daughter cry on her chest until she calmed down

Rena: Are you sure about this?

Madoka: She's someone I could never have so it would be better to move away and forget her..

Rena: Okay then I’ll talk to your Touchan about it. *wipes Madoka’s tear* stop crying okay?

Madoka: un..

Rena: we can't still move away from this city since both of our work is in here but we can move to another house so is that okay for now?

Madoka: *nods*

Jurina after knowing what happen, immediately bought the house that they were originally planning to buy after sometime Yuki offered their house to stay.
And it's actually quite far from MaYuki residence.

She was worried about leaving her daughter alone in the house when they were planning to move in Tokyo, so that was the reason why they accepts Yuki's offer  and moved to Mayu's place but seeing her daughter like this, made her think if she made a mistake.

Jurina called Mayu that there were moving away and would just visit her after they come home.
Yuki and Mayu talked about it but didn't told their daughters.


It was already Sunday night..
After the celebration,  The MaYuki family is on their way home.

While on the trip, Natsu keeps on sighing and the talk she had with her cousin keeps flashing on her mind.

**** flashback ****

Aoi: You said you love Jiina? Then why don't you want that?

Natsu: I do but it's just that... *recalls what happened* it's just that madoka, she's crying..

Natsu:  I don't want that..

Aoi: of course, she would cry! Naachan is an idiot!

Natsu: eh?

Aoi: didn't chiichan cried too?

Natsu: unn.. *deep sigh*

Aoi: so what do you intended to do?

Natsu: I- don’t know

Aoi: You said all of us is important to you but  I wonder who really is more important to you Nattan?

Natsu: eh? *startled*

Aoi: *sigh* I know you know it.. No.. you should know this..  Please think about it carefully, I know you consider us to be important to you but there will always be someone who will get hurt in the end.

**** end flashback ****

After a while, the MaYuki family arrived at their house. Natsu startled seeing Jurina alone in the living room.

Mayu: oh- you finish packing Jurina?

Natsu's thought: eh? packing?

Jurina: Yeah, *smiles* Will just pick up the other things and here’s the key thank you for having us Mayu.

Mayu: Sure there's no problem, our parents did raise us like a family after all.

Jurina: Yeah.. and uh, Mayu can we talk? also *Looks at natsu*

Natsu: eh? *sweats*

Jurina: Can i talk to you too, Natsu?

Natsu: h-hai *nervous*

Mayu: Then, Let’s go to the backyard before you go

Jurina: hm sure thing

And then Mayu and Jurina went to the backyard followed by Natsu who was internally freaking out.

- at the backyard

Mayu: *waiting for Jurina to talk*

Jurina: *sigh*

Natsu: *gulp*

Jurina: You know, I'm actually mad at you natsu.

Mayu: Jurina..

Natsu: *scared*

Jurina: Well, it's just that it hurts me to see my daughter like that. But I know I shouldn't interfere.

Mayu: *silent*

Jurina: You know.. that kid, we often leave her alone at home because of our work, she'll just say it's okay so we shouldn't worry about her and she wouldn't tell us that she's feeling lonely.

Jurina: That's why when we moved here, I was hoping that she wouldn't feel lonely anymore.. And I was actually happy since I often see her smile, laugh often.. but now..

Natsu: I'm really sorry *looks down*

Jurina: Sorry huh.. Actually If you are not my best friend's daughter I would really get angry for breaking my only daughter's heart you know *laughs*

Natsu: *stiffen*

Mayu: that's to be expected of course, if i were you i would also feel like that.. but things are.. *sigh*

Jurina: yeah, we should have not forced our daughters to be engaged, right?


Jurina: well, I have one favor to ask to Natsu though

Natsu: eh?

Jurina: Please stay away from my daughter for now. don't make my daughter be hurt again

Natsu: but- *shocked*

Jurina: Please. If you don't like her, just stay away from her.

Natsu: It's not that i don't like her—

Jurina: *firm look*

Natsu: well I..

Jurina: I'm begging you Natsu. Please.

Natsu: *speechless*

Jurina: well then.. *pats natsu's shoulder* I should probably leave now. *smile*

Mayu: ok, take care on your way Jurina.

Jurina: yeah, I'll go ahead now. Thanks again Mayu.


After Jurina left, the Mayuki residence was silent..
Natsu wanted to apologize thinking that she gave her parents a trouble but words couldn't come out..
She didn't know what to say so instead she just went to her room.

Natsu: *looks around* so empty

on her bed, she notice there was a teddy bear sitting

Natsu: *sat on the bed* this.. *looks at the stuffed toy*

Natsu: the teddy bear that I gave her.. she leave it behind.. *frowns*

Natsu:  natsu-chan (the teddy bear's name)  *sigh*

*remembers first time she and Madoka met on her room*
(a/n : reference, chap 4)
  - - - -
"I'll sleep in the bed and you on the floor"

"Madoka: Hey! Natsumi!Hey!"

"I want more pillows here! Natsumi!"

"Why are you so red right now?"


  - - - -

Natsu: *laughs* that was actually my first kiss.. can you believe that..

Natsu: we used to always argue with each other.. but surprisingly we got close huh.. *hugs teddy bear*

Natsu: ... can't we just go back like before?


Natsu: I’m sorry maachan, please come back.

*phone’s ringing*

Natsu looked at it. It’s jiina calling her.

Natsu: *answers phone*
Jiina: already at home?

Natsu: um yeah
Jiina: good! how was it then, did you have fun? *giggles*

Natsu: yep
Jiina: hm? are you okay?

Natsu: yeah, sorry  i’m just tired right now. can we talk tomorrow? I promise I’ll make it up to you.

Jiina: mhmm it’s okay take a lot of rest okay? I love you
Natsu: un~ thanks i love you too

*hangs up phone call*

Natsu: *Sigh* what am I doing? she will get worried. stupid..

Natsu: maybe i really should get some rest..

* * * *

The next morning, It was school days again..
Natsu feels so drained from what had happened in the past weeks that it even included in her dreams..

On the stairs going up to their classroom, Lost in her thoughts Natsu incidentally bumped on someone who was on her way down..

Natsu: *startled* maa-

Madoka: *startled* *runs away*

Natsu: heyー

Natsu was about to chase Madoka but there are 3 things that stopped her from doing so..

Her girlfriend calling her

Madoka's best friend who blocked her

and Jurina's words that flashes back on her mind..

" don't make my daughter be hurt again "
" If you don't like her, just stay away from her "

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waaahhh <3 thank you for the update author-san!!
when natsu saw jurina in the living room i got scared lol  :scolding: :scolding:
rena :( <3 i read rena's line so soft and smooth waahhhh <3
natsu pls dont hurt maachan anymore plss
" don't make my daughter be hurt again "
" If you don't like her, just stay away from her "

Thank you author-san!! Please update again!!!

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Ooooooh mooooree!

This is really getting intense, love it!

I wonder how they will work this out :?

Anyway, thanks for the update XD

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 :inlove: please update author-san 🙇 I want to see more natsumado scene  :cow:
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I only finished reading your whole fanfic today. At first only read it because of Mayuki and WMatsui.But along the story I become fond of Natsu and Madoka. I really hate Natsu because she hurting many girls around her :scolding: :knee: .Hate to admit, but I cried while reading this :fainted: .
So please update author-san  :bow:
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