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Author Topic: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (WMatsui) Ch.9 12/09/2017  (Read 52786 times)

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ Backwards Drama (WMatsui) Ch.10 11/05/2017
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Ch.10 Also known as the day we got together

I felt like I was falling into a velvety heaven as Jurina’s lips devoured my own. I knew I should be pushing her away, but every single part of my being refused to. I cupped her face as she deepen the kiss. It was so sweet, yet passionate. I couldn’t get enough. For once I let go of everything. My fear, my morals, the voice that said I would regret this. Everything. Jurina parted for a bit to take a breath. I watched her only inches away from me. Had she ever been that attractive? I bit my lip. Jurina groaned.

“Don’t do that,” she muttered.

“What?” I asked in still in a daze. Jurina chuckled her laugh fill of mirth.

“Bite your lip. Turns me on,” Jurina whispered. Before I knew it, she had her face buried in my shoulder. I sucked a breath as I felt her pulling on my shirt.

“I want you so much,” Jurina mumbled before biting my bare skin. I jumped at this coming back to reality. I pushed her away. This couldn’t happen. Especially not like this. Jurina was drunk. She had no clue what she was doing. I mean maybe she had an idea, but she wasn’t 100% all there right now. I ran my fingers through my hair nervously.

“You’re drunk,” I reminded. I mostly for my sake. I couldn’t let this happen no matter how tempting it was. Jurina pouted.

“What a tease!” she whined. I laughed at the sudden change in personality. This girl was really something.

“C’mon I am doing you a favor. You’re supposed to be mad at me,” I told her. Jurina gave me a goofy smile.

“No, I am not! You were just jealous of Milky cause you like me. So cute!” Jurina giggled pitching my cheeks. I gaped at her not bothering to stop her.

“You know I have a crush on you?” I asked her. Jurina nodded.

“Yup. Everyone does I think. I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that,” Jurina added with a sheepish smile. I face palmed myself. Was I really that obvious?

“Really? And here I am stressing out over how I am going to tell you. God if you knew this why didn’t you say anything?” I demanded even though I knew Jurina wasn’t in the state of mind to give me a clear answer.

“You didn’t know,” Jurina replied as if it was obvious. The wording was awkward due to her current state, but I can only assume she mean I didn’t know of my own crush on her. I sighed. I can’t believe I was that transparent. Suddenly, a bitter thought hit me.

“Wait, were you just messing with me just now? Because I have a crush on you?” I asked growing upset. Jurina quickly shook her head.

“What! No! I like you,” Jurina answered before covering her mouth with her hand. She giggled looking embarrassed.

 “Oops!” she giggled at her loose tongue.  I was instantly relieved, yet curious. If Jurina knew I liked her, and she liked me back why didn’t she do anything about it?

“I don’t understand. If you like me and I like you why didn’t this happen sooner?” I asked. Jurina thought about it scrunching her eyebrows in confusion. It occurred to me she might be too drunk for this conversation. I sighed.

“You know what forget it. We’ll talk later. Did you eat yet?” I asked. Jurina shook her head.

“Couldn’t. I was too sad. Airi is mean,” Jurina replied looking crossed. I laughed at this. She was seriously really cute right now, but I felt guilty about that. I wanted to tell her Airi didn’t mean what she said, but I felt this would all go over her head. It could wait for later.

“How about I get us some food?” I asked her. Jurina crossed her arms.

“I am not hungry. I wanna drink more,” She said getting up to get a drink, but falling to the bed. I quickly rushed to her side.

“Are you okay?” I asked trying not to laugh, but failing.

“It’s not FUNNY!” Jurina exclaimed covering her face. This caused me to laugh harder.

“Sorry. I won’t. Okay? But seriously you should eat something,” I insisted. Jurina sighed at this.

“Fine!” she replied. I smiled and patted her head.

“Good girl,” I told her. I was hesitant whether to order food service or not. It looked like Milky had money to burn, but I still felt guilty about ordering on her tab. I sighed looking at Jurina.

“Hey, Jurina would you be fine if I go buy something real quick?” I asked her. Jurina pouted.

“You’re leaving?” she asked with the saddest expression. I shook my head quickly.

“No, no! Not at all. I am just going to get us food and then come back. I won’t be long. Can you manage to stay here and not get into any trouble?” I asked. Jurina was still pouting, but looked relieved.

“Fine! But come back quickly,” she insisted. I laughed at this. She was acting really cute. I honestly couldn’t stop gushing.

“I will,” I said as I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. I paused before I opened the door.

“Jurina. Don’t invite anyone here while I am gone,” I told her.

I groaned as I felt light peering through the hotel window.  I squeezed my eyes tighter not wanting to wake up quite yet. It was so warm and I was hugging the softest pillow. But I was unable to delay awakening any longer and before I knew it my eyes were open. The first thing I felt was a sharp pain in my forehead. What the hell? Then confusion. The soft pillow I was holding was not a pillow, but Rena who seemed to be fast asleep besides me. I looked down only to find myself shirtless. My eyes widen as I searched my head for any memories as to how we got here. I remember dragging Milky here than her leaving. Then there was the hotel girl and then… Shit… I stir up quickly as I took in the situation. The last thing I remember doing was kissing Rena. Oh god what had I done?

“It’s not what you are thinking,” a soft voice muttered interrupting my thought process. I felt my cheeks color in embarrassment. I didn’t know Rena was awake.

“R-Right! Of course…” I answered awkwardly with a sheepish smile. The whole atmosphere became awkward as we sat there in silence. I didn’t really know what to say or do.
“Do you want some water?” Rena asked after some time.
I nodded too embarrassed to look at her as I recalled all the things my drunken self said. I watched as Rena poured me a glass of water from a nearby pitcher. The more time I spent with Rena the harder I fell for her. I knew she was really nice and all, but I never thought she had such a caring side to her. I thought about she handled me when I was drunk. I honestly felt so pampered and taken care of. I never felt like that before. Even in my other relationships the girls I dated usually ditched me the moment I got too drunk or yelled at me. Part of me was still expecting Rena to yell.

“Here,” Rena said handing me the glass of water.

The glass felt so cool in contrast to my warm skin. I drank the water quickly feeling it hit the spot. I groaned as I felt a sharp pain in my forehead. Hangovers. It’s been a while since I had one. Just how much did I drink in the span of a couple of hours? I looked up to find Rena gathering her stuff.

“You’re leaving?” I asked. Rena looked at me startled by my voice in the quiet room, but then quickly turned her expression neutral again.

“Yeah, you seem better and it’s late. My mom will be angry at me if I go home any later,” Rena answered calmly. Her excuse was reasonable, but I got the feeling she was trying to run away from me.

“We should talk,” I told her sitting up. Rena gave me a look almost pleading me to let her go without saying a word. I was right. However, I couldn’t let her go home like this no matter how much she wanted me to.

“Y-Yeah, we do, but you’re probably tired and I have to go, so…” her voice trailed off at she looked at her feet avoiding all eye contact.
I sighed and got up from my spot heading towards her. Rena didn’t seem to notice though her focus placed on gathering all her stuff together and avoiding my gaze. Rena finally finished grabbing her stuff and started to head out reaching for the doorknob. Rena paused before opening the door.

“I guess I’ll see you later,” Rena said faking cheeriness. However, before she could turn the knob I grabbed her wrist stopping her. Rena gasped softly at the unexpected contact. I pressed my back against her leaving no space between our bodies. I felt her breathing quicken and her wrist quivering underneath my hand.

“J-Jurina?” Rena uttered my name softly as if it was something unspeakable.

 “Don’t run away from me,” I whispered letting go of her wrist and wrapping my arms around her waist.

I placed my head on her shoulder. Rena tensed at first, but then I felt her body relax and her breathing normalize. Her sweet scent filled my nostrils. It was so sweet. So intoxicating… I never want to let go. I don’t think I have ever felt this way about a girl before. We are only hugging and, yet I feel my body hyperaware of every single moment she makes.

We stayed like the for minute or two until Rena spoke up, “Umm… I don’t think I’ll be able to talk to you if you’re hugging me like that.”
I smirked somewhat proud to entice a reaction out of her.

 “Okay,” I answered letting her go. My body instantly missed her warmth making me feel cold. I sighed and sat on the nearby bed. “Okay, let’s talk.” Rena’s cheeks redden causing my to raise an eyebrow in confusion.

“C-Can you put a shirt on?” Rena asked rather timidly clearly embarrassed. I chuckled noticing her eyes trying their hardest not to look at my bare skin. I felt my ego soar off the roof. I couldn’t help it. I thrived on her attention and I don’t think I ever seen Rena look at me that way before. I mean I knew Rena liked me, but I wasn’t sure how sexually attracted she was to me until now.

“Sorry,” I mumbled not sounding sorry at all.  I grabbed my shirt that was lying beside the hotel bed and put it on. Once my shirt was on the room instantly grew tense.

“You can sit down,” I told her patting the spot next to me on the bed. Rena shook her head.

“No, I don’t think I can,” Rena answered looking at her feet. Her eyebrows were furrowed, and she looked like a child who had lost her mother. I could feel her panicking right from where I was. I bit my lip.

“Rena, what are you so afraid of?” I asked growing concerned. Rena was quiet not answering my question. Instead she hugged her small frame as if trying to protect herself from the world. I frowned.

“Is it me? Are you scared I am going to hurt you? Because Rena you should know I would never hurt you,” I promised standing up and putting my hand on her shoulder. Rena backed away almost as if she was allergic to my touch. I tried to hide the hurt in my face, however I couldn’t help, but let it show.

“I see. I guess I kind of should have seen that coming. A girl like me shouldn’t be dating such a nice girl like you. You deserve better,” I mumbled backing away from her. Rena head shot up quickly.

“What? No! No, of course not. How could you even say that?” Rena asked her voice growing louder. I smiled somewhat relived at her reaction. However, it quickly disappeared at I watched her withdraw again.

“Then what are you scared of Rena?” I asked once more. Rena looked at the ground and muttered, “Everything…”

 My eyes widen at this, but I couldn’t say I was too surprised considering Airi’s stories and how homophobic this entire town seemed to be. I put myself in Rena’s shoes and I could suddenly understand how she felt. I felt my face soften as I saw tears streaming out of her face. This was the more vulnerable I had ever seen her. I slowly made my way towards her grabbing her hands. She looked at me surprised.

“It’s okay. I promise it’ll be okay,” I told her. Rena looked like she was trying her hardest to believe me, but couldn’t. “How do you know that?” Rena questioned looking at me with her doe-like eyes. I sighed.

“I don’t, but if you believe in it hard enough it might just turn true,” I replied. Rena scoffed at this. “How’s that working out for you?” Rena asked me her tone dark. I smiled at her.

“Pretty well actually considering I met you,” I told her. I almost giggled as I watch her cheeks redden. She was so cute.

“Say Rena? How do you feel about me? Do you like me? More than as a friend?” I asked her. Rena rolled her eyes at this.

“Really? You are asking me this as if you don’t already know?” Rena shot back. She went from vulnerable to hostile, but I understood. It seemed to me Rena was someone who pushed back all her feelings until she couldn’t anymore, and everything came out to the surface. If anything, it seemed her hostility was more towards herself than anyone else.

“I want to hear you say it,” I insisted. Rena bit her lip at this and I resisted the urge to kiss her right then and there. If luck was in my favor I would be able to kiss her whenever I wanted after this. Rena hesitated trying to find the right words for whatever she was going to say. I patiently stood there waiting for her answer.

“I love you,” Rena mumbled avoiding my gaze. My eyes widen at this not quite expecting her to say that, but it was not unwelcome. Not at all. I loved her too, but I didn’t want to used the word love for fear of scaring her off. It seemed like we were in the same page though. Rena seemed to notice what she said because she began to panic.

 “I-I meant to say I like you. Yeah I like you cause it’s way too soon to say I love you and-“

I didn’t get to hear what explanation she was going to give me because before I knew it I crashed my lips against hers. This kiss was so different from our first. It was soft and slow. Hesitant and unsure. In a sense, this felt more like a first kiss than our first had. I slowly pulled back to find Rena with her eyes still shut. I felt a wave of fondness wash over me. She was so cute. However, the tears falling across Rena’s face brought me back to reality. Rena slowly opened her eyes and bit her lip. Again. I almost groaned in frustration. I told her to stop doing that. I took a deep breath.

“W-What was that for?” Rena asked. Before I answered, I began wiping the tears in her eyes with my sleeve. Once I finished I backed again pleased. I smiled at her.

“I love you too,” I answered simply. Rena looked conflicted.

“Jurina… I-“ Rena began, but I interrupted her.

“Rena, I know you love me and I love you. Please don’t push me away,” I begged. Rena shut her eyes tightly bringing another onset of tears.

“Jurina… We can’t,” Rena insisted. I wanted to be annoyed, but I couldn’t. I understood. I understood why she was scared. To be honest, I was a little scared myself. But I wasn’t about to let fear keep me away from her.

“No one has to know,” I whispered. Rena’s eyes widen at this.

“What do you mean?” Rena asked intrigued.

“It can be our little secret. We don’t tell anyone. In front of those people we pretend everything is normal and that we are friends. But when we are alone we can be together. No one has to know we are dating. Unless you want them to,” I told her. Rena seemed to consider this.

“What if they find out?” Rena asked.

“I mean there is a small possibly, but I am willing to take that chance. How about you?” I asked her. Rena gave me a tired smile and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll go out with you.”

I collapsed on my bed after a long lecture about calling home if I am going to be late from my mother. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my mother that angry before. Then again, I’ve never gotten home that late before. Thankfully, she didn’t ground me or anything being as it was the first time it ever happened. But I didn’t dwell on that for very long.

I looked out my window absently mindedly. Jurina’s room was dark. I guess she hasn’t come home yet. I couldn’t say I was too surprised. Jurina did say she wanted to talk to Miyuki. I smiled as thought about the events that transpired today. Jurina and I were finally dating.

Dating… The word had a funny feeling. It was both exciting and nerve wrecking. I wasn’t sure what dating entailed. Sure, I dated Daichi before, but that doesn’t really count. I spent most of my time avoiding him. Jurina had experience though. I felt my heart fill with uncertainty. What if I disappointed her? I bit my lip feeling insecure. We didn’t really discuss much about our relationship before my mother called demanding to know where I was. Did dating work the same for way as it did for straight couples? Or were there different rules? I mean I guess we were dating in secret, so that further complicated things. What thing where we allowed to do in public without raising suspicion?

With all this uncertainly all I could think about is about how I want to see here again. I left the hotel room so quickly after receiving an angry phone call from my mother that we didn’t get to discuss anything about our new relationship. I looked at my phone that was sitting on my nightstand. Should I? However, before I could decide my phone buzzed. I smiled as I saw Jurina’s icon on the screen.

Jurina: Hey. I hope you didn’t get in too much trouble.

Rena: A little, but it’s okay. Are you still in the hotel?

Jurina: Yeah, I think I might go home though. It doesn’t seem like Miyuki is coming back anytime soon.

I wasn’t too surprised considering how much of a party animal Miyuki seemed to be. I wondered if Miyuki managed to succeed in wooing the waitress from earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. I was about to reply when I was interrupted by another text.

Jurina: I miss you already. Lame, huh?

I felt my cheek burn at this. It felt nice though. To know I wasn’t the only one that felt this way.

Rena: Me too. I wished we had more time to talk.

Jurina: I wished we had more time to do other things.

I nearly dropped my phone at her forward comment.

Rena: … Pervert.

Jurina: Haha… Kidding Kidding… Unless you want to?

I felt the heat rise up my cheeks at the insinuation. Did I want to? Yes. My mind instantly supplied. I would be crazy not to, but…

Rena: I want too, but isn’t it too soon for that?

Jurina: Shit, you’re right. I am sorry. I never done this before.

I was fairly surprised at this reply.

Rena: Done what?

Jurina: A relationship

Rena: But you been with so many girls?

Jurina: I wouldn’t count any of that as dating. I just slept with them. But this? This is different. I am not sure what happens next.
I smiled at this. I guess we more similar than I thought. At least I am not the only one completely lost here. I felt relieved.

Rena: Me either. I was thinking about it before you texted me. I was so scared you would be disappointed since you have so much more experience.

Jurina: There’s no way that will happen! Don’t think like that. Sure, I have experience, but that’s only with sex. I have no clue about love and dating.
Rena: We’ll learn together then.

My phone buzzed right after that last text. I smiled excited to see what Jurina had replied however my smile quickly dropped. It wasn’t Jurina. It was Daichi.

Daichi: I am sorry about everything. I really miss you. We should talk.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (WMatsui) Ch.9 12/09/2017
« Reply #201 on: November 06, 2017, 12:54:22 AM »
I had almost forgotten about Daichi.
But I'm glad that Jurina and Rena have decided to take the next step, even if it's a secret for the time being.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (WMatsui) Ch.9 12/09/2017
« Reply #202 on: November 16, 2017, 08:48:30 AM »

Btw im waiting for your next update ganbatte author san :cow:

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (WMatsui) Ch.9 12/09/2017
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This is interesting. What is Daichi thinking...?
I'm looking forward the next chapter.

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Re: Kawaiiidolworld Fanfics~ New Fic Backwards Drama (WMatsui) Ch.9 12/09/2017
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Completely forgot about Daichi.  :lol:

He better not mess this up.  :angry:

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I have never binge read so many fanfics from one author in forever! I seriously love your fics! I hope you update soon too, Every series you make leaves me wanting more  :panic: :heart: I usually dont leave a message since most of the fanfic threads I read are already dead hopefully you get up and running with this series again :) Im looking forward
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Nooooooo.... I need an update for this
Daichi is coming back when Rena and Jurina are trying to figure things out
I hope things between Jurina and Rena would go on smoothly although I know that maybe not after some drama
Author-San, please upadate this fic soon

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