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Author Topic: [8/25] Buono LIVE at the Nippon Budokan  (Read 1269 times)

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[8/25] Buono LIVE at the Nippon Budokan
« on: January 15, 2016, 07:34:29 AM »

Translation of Airi Suzuki post - 2016-01-15
UP-FRONT LINK·Friday, 15 January 2016

Article title: ♡Buono!
Date: 2016-01-15 Article link:

Helloooo *\(^o^)/* Today I will report you an information I didn't make, missing the timing!!! *\(^o^)/*
During the Countdown Live, After quite a long time Buono! performed (´ー`)♡♡♡
And there were new costumes ♡ I am haaappyyyyyyyy *\(^o^)/* ♡♡♡
Then, whaaaaaat!!!
On August 25th Buono! will perform at Nippon Budokan!!
About Buono!'s live at Nippon Budokan... The word "Budokan" is used in the lyrics of a song (From UFL-staff: in their song "Rockno Kamisama") So concerning Buono!, Budoukan has been for a long time A dream within a dream story(´ー`)♡♡♡
I have been able to stand at Budokan stage many times but, it is a dream to stand at Budokan for a solo live and I definitely want to sing *\(^o^)/*
Wooooow! It has been really quite a while for a solo live!! *\(^o^)/*
Probably since I was a senior high school student. Really!!
For the moment the details are blank but We will definitely have a live funny and rock!!!
And it will be during the summer vacation♡ So without fail please keep your schedule open!!♡
Oh!!! Yes!!!
My color in Buono! is yellowish green♡Lol Pink is for Momochi so don't make any mistake!! Lol lol
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Re: [8/25] Buono LIVE at the Nippon Budokan
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2016, 01:12:19 PM »

A revival of Buono! with a live at one of the most prestigious venues in Japan.  This is serious, right?  I'm not misreading something?

I know that Momoko has continued with Country Girls, what has been the status of Miyabi during 2015?  (My resolution for 2016 is to pay less attention to my work and more attention to Hello! Project...  to recover my first infatuation with them since 2004 !!)

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Re: [8/25] Buono LIVE at the Nippon Budokan
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2016, 04:54:48 PM »
^ There have been auditions to form a new group with Miyabi with a focus on fashion, but no winners have passed so far. Other than that, she has been hosting The Green Room weekly, which is one of H!P's shows on YouTube. :3
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