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Author Topic: Pride (Sayamilky) [22/12/19 Chap 5/5] + OS  (Read 3583 times)

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Pride (Sayamilky) [22/12/19 Chap 5/5] + OS
« on: September 02, 2019, 05:51:15 PM »
Hey ! I'm a new writer here ! Yoroshiku~

After reading 48G fic for years (first Atsuyuu fic, then Kojiyuu and Atsumina fic and now Sayamilky fic), I decided to post my fic 'Pride' here. I'm not confident at all so be nice with me please.  :deco:

'Pride' is a Sayamilky fic and i don't know if it is good enough but I want to try since there's no that much Sayamilky fic...  :doh:

Also I'm not good with english since my native is french and there must be lot of mistake in the english translation of my fic. That's why for those who want to read it in french (better version since I'm good with it), I'll post 'Pride' French version on a other site. :pen_whirl: :tama-excite: :tama-excite:

If you Can read french I recommand you this version.

Here this Is the link for French ver :

The french ver is already finished but I have to translate all the chapters  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: Each chapters in both version will be posted in the same time.

That's all ! Thanks for reading my fic and I hope you will enjoy it !

Please feel free to let a com !

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Re: Pride (Sayamilky) [02/09/19 Chap 1/5]
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Okay this Is the first chapter of my fic! I Hope you Can enjoy it!


To Yamamoto Sayaka, pride is something really important and she try her best to live without crinkle it. Apologise is for her, an injury to her pride so the simple fact to pronounce words like « I’m sorry » hurt her a lot. She already has pronounce them but it was only because she has to. This way of life caused her lot of problems in the past and she has lot of fight because of this. Because she wants to keep her pride safe. But fight aren’t a big deal for Sayaka, because she’s strong. It’s how she keeps her pride safe, because no one can win against her.
But on an other hand, the raven haired  girl is someone who is really appreciate by others. They even choose her as their class representant this year. Because she is good in every subject and she always takes care of others. They say that she’s kind and friendly but in reality she has few friends. Few real friends. Because of this f*cking pride. But it’s too important for her and she’ll never give up on it.
That’s why she can’t understand Watanabe Miyuki. Both of them are in the same class since their first grade of high school, so it’s been 3 years they meet each other almost everydays in the same classroom. But Watanabe Miyuki is still a mystery to Sayaka. This girl doesn’t care about her pride at all and leave it so easily. A big number of rumors about her can be heard in high school. But she never denies it and keeps smilling with her fisher smile which seems so fake to Sayaka’s eyes. That’s why Watanabe Miyuki annoys Yamamoto Sayaka. And even if Sayaka will never admit it, it’s also why Watanabe Miyuki fascinates her.

Tonight, Sayaka finish her activities with students council very late. Ah, it hasn’t been said yet… Sayaka is the president of the students coucil for the second consecutive year. Because she’s loved by everyone, she and her best friend Yokoyama Yui have been elected during her second year of high school and like everyone were satisfied by their work, they have been reelected on their 3rd year.
So tonight, she has to stay late with Yui because of their functions and as always, the two best friends came back together, talking about all and nothing.
Yui and Sayaka meet each other during their middle school years and quickly became close. In fact, to Sayaka, Yui is her only friend. She is the only one person she is close to. Yui is a calm and serious person and even if she doesn’t seems to be hardworking, she works really hard to have the best mark at exams. In contrary to Sayaka, Yui seems asocial and show a cold side of her personality to the others. People says she has interest for nothing and that she feels superior because she has a rich family. But Sayaka knows that it’s not the case. She saw Yui works more than anybody to leave her family. When she entered high school, Yui took a part-time job and tried her best to live by herself without her family’s help. During her 2nd year, she has been elected co-president of student’s council and had to learn how to live with her part-time job and student’s council’s activities. And she succeeded. Futhermore, people says she has no interest in anything but it’s not the case : Yui is fan of idols and she’s able to talk about them for hours. And Yui is in love. She loves a girl from their high school who is one year younger. But because of her timidity, she can’t talk to the girl and is now persuaded that Haruka -the girl’s name- hates her.

This night, while Sayaka accompagny Yui to her job, Yui complains endlessly about her poor love story with Haruka. Story which never started though… Sayaka makes fun of Yui kindly and when they arrive to the coffee where Yui works, Yui glazes with a very serious stare to her best friend.

« Don’t mock me Sayaka. You don’t know how it’s painful to love someone. »

Yui waves and left her friends.

« See you tomorrow Sayanee » she murmur.

The short haired girl stay one moment freezed in front of the coffee shop on the shadow of an autumn night. Finally the wind woke up her and she grin before sighting.

« What’s that, Yui ? »

Then,  she comes back home,  in her apartment within she lives alone since her parent's death,  2 years ago.  Streets are dark and the wind is cold but Sayanee have no fear.  She takes this way too much often,  she could takes it with closing eyes. When she walks in the narrow street, she see a group of person she never saw before.  The more she look at them, the more she can see there is something wrong with the group. There is only men between 25 and 30 years old with a girl who's face is hidden to Sayanee.  But she wears her high school’s uniform. Sayanee can’t hear the conversation but she can see that those men haven’t goods intentions with the girl.

That's enough for Sayaka. Because she is the students council's president she has to make sure her classmates will be fine.  And for her president's pride,  she has to do something. 

Men haven’t see her yet, even if she is just next to them.  Slowly,  she drops her bag on the ground and show a dark gaze before speaking :

« What do you think you're doing to this girl? »

Men stop their actions and look at Sayaka. Without doubt, they don’t appreciate to be stopped like that but whatever. Two of them come close to the raven girl, not friendly at all.

« Do you want to play with us too, girl ? »

Sayaka doesn’t give an answer and send her fist in the guy’s face. He screams before falling with his hand on his left eye. The other guy try to kick Sayaka but she’s quick and dodges easily before give a kick to the man's stomach.  But he’s still on his feet staggering.  Sayanee take this chance to make her foot kick the man's inseam. There’s still 3 opponents but Sayaka win easily. After they escape,  she takes her bag and looks at the girl. 

‘Are you oka-'  start Sayaka before she realise who is  the girl in front of her. ‘Watanabe Miyuki… ‘

Then, Miyuki smile, this smile Sayaka hates because she can’t understand it. Silence takes place between them and it become awful.

‘Ah,  I’m Yamamo-'

‘Yamamoto Sayaka' finish Miyuki as her smile become bigger. ‘We're in the same class since three years, you know. It would be strange if I don’t know your name ! And you’re the student's council’s president too.  All the students have to know their seito kaichou ! ‘

Sayaka doesn’t give a answer and just nodded with a little smile. Even if she hates Miyuki's smile, talking with her is a little different from what she expected. Silence come again between them but it's not as awful as before.

‘I take you home.’ Say Sayaka as she take a random direction.

But Miyuki doesn’t follow her. She just stay where she is, without look at Sayaka. During one moment, the short haired girl can see a sad smile in Miyuki face's but it's dark, she can’t see it well and when the other girl raises her head, she has her usual smile. Then Sayaka decides she has imagined things. With this annoying smile,  Miyuki come close to Sayaka and their faces are just way too close, forcing Sayaka to step back.

‘Nee Sayaka-chan' says Miyuki with a sweet voice.  ‘Let me sleep at your home tonight.’

‘W-what ? N-no way !  I take you back home ! ‘

‘But I can't go back home tonight… ‘ says Miyuki with her cute voice.  ‘And you chase those guys who wants to sleep with me so they can’t pay the hotel for me. ‘

Sayaka can’t say anything. This girl really wanted to sleep with those guys just for a room ?  Is she mad at her because she saves her ?  How much this girl will broke her pride to live ?  Sayaka can’t believe it. For her,  it's absolutely impossible to do such a thing. 

‘Come on Sayaka-chan. ‘ Miyuki’s sweet voice interrupt Sayaka's thinking. ‘Because it’s your fault if I have no place to sleep after all…  You can let me sleep in your room. ‘

Really ? Thinks Sayaka. She’s way too under chock to answer correctly. She wants to refuse and says to Miyuki to go home but the sweet girl says she can’t go home… Why can’t she ?  Sayaka wants to ask her but she can’t speak correctly.  And…  As she see the cute face of Miyuki, she can’t refuse something to her.

‘Okay…’ She finally answered.

‘Really ?’ Miyuki looks surprised. ‘Thank you Sayaka-chan !  I love you !’

Her last words make Sayaka become red. It’s the first time someone say it to her…  But she doesn’t show anything and look at Miyuki. It’s the first time I see someone that happy…  The two of them don't speak on the way home but it’s not really awful.  At Sayaka’s side,  Miyuki looks really happy.  She sings some songs walking on rhythm. Sayaka find this really amusing and she can’t help but think that Miyuki is cuter than she thought.

Finally they arrive at home. Sayaka makes Miyuki enter while murmuring something about the disorder in the room but it’s look like Miyuki doesn’t care. She looks at the entire room before her eyes met with the autel of Sayaka’s dead parents.

‘So you live alone… ‘ says miyuki. ‘How lucky… ‘

One more time, Sayaka can’t breathe anymore. How Miyuki can say this after seeing her parent’s grave ? She has surely understand that they’re… But ? What is this smile in Miyuku’s lips ? Is it sadness?

’You can take a shower if you want Watanabe-san. I’ll prepare you a towel and a pajama. We have the same size so I can lend you one of mine.’

‘Watanabe-san ? Call me Miyuki !’

‘O-okay Miyuki…-san.’

‘Miyuki !’


Miyuki agree with a satiesfied smile and disapears to the bathroom. During the time Miyuki takes a shower, Sayanee clean her room. She usually doesn’t have someone at home, well exepted Yui but Yui doesn’t care about the mess, so usually she doesn’t clean her room. When she finished, she kneels in front of her parent’s altar and address few words to them.

 ‘Dad, Mom. One more time, I’m home. Today was a little special though. I’ll tell you the details later but it was kind of amusing. Ah, I had a fight too even if I promise you to not fight anymore. I had a reason this time. I have to go now. Thanks to always look after me.’

When she stood up, Miyuki was just behind her with her pajama. She’s faster than Sayaka though. The raven girl feels her cheek become red as she wait for comment from Miyuki about the fact to speak to death people but she doesn't the mocking gaze she expected in Miyuki's face.

‘It’s your turn. Thanks to let me use your shower.’

‘No, it’s fine.’ Sayaka smiled.

When Sayaka finished her shower, she came back to Miyuki and one more time Miyuki let her speechless. Seems like Miyuki will never stop to surprise her.

 ‘W-what are you doing Miyuki-san ?’

Miyuki isn’t even surprised by her and looks at Sayaka with this smile Sayaka hates each time a little more.

‘Food ! As you receive me in your house, it’s the only thing I can do.’ Then Miyuki sigh. ‘But still… There is only instant ramen here… So you’re this kind of people who doesn’t know to cook.’

Sayaka don’t answer. She has to much pride to admit Miyuki is right. But it’s the truth. Sayaka can’t cook at all and all she try became a black thing. The only real dish she eat is those Yui made when she came at Sayaka’s home.

As she doesn’t want to ruin Miyuki’s dish, Sayanee set the table. When she’s done, Miyuki arrive with the food and they start to eat. During the meal they speak calmly. Unlike Sayaka though, Miyuki is easy to speak with and there’s no akwardness between the two girls. Miyuki’s dish is delicious. Sayaka had never though the other girl can cook this good. After this, Sayaka put the crockery in the sink and takes mentally note to wash it later.

There’s only one room in the appartment so Sayaka place a tatami next to her bed for Miyuki and both of them go to bed. After read a little, Sayaka turn off the lights and prepares herself to sleep. But few time after, Miyuki’s voice came from the darkness.

‘So, Your parents are dead.’   

It’s too frank for Sayaka. Even if it was already few years ago, the scar is still open in Sayanee’s heart and the way Miyuki speaks about it only make it hurt even more. Sayaka takes a little time before answer with a husky voice :
‘Two years agor. In a car accident.’

‘So it’s like that. Was it your only family ?’ ask Miyuki as if she can’t see how much she hurts Sayaka.

‘No. I have a little sister. She lives in Tokyo with my grand parents now.’

‘Don’t you want to stay with her ?’

‘I wanted to stay here.’

‘Tell me, what’s her name ? Your sister…’


Silence came back in the dark room but Miyuki break him one more time.

‘It’s been 10 years since I last saw my little sister… ‘

Sayaka looks at Miyuki even if she can’t see her face in the darkness.

‘Why ? ‘

Miyuki doesn’t answer imediatly and Sayaka wonder if Miyuki’s crying. But when she speaks, there’s no mark of crying in her voice.

 ‘When our parents divorced, I go with my father and Mayu with my mother. Since then, we haven’t the right to see each other.’

Sayaka wants to ask why but she can’t pronounce any word. There’s too much questions she wants to ask to Miyuki but she can’t express them. Silence stay in the room and ten minutes later, Sayaka think that Miyuki is already sleeping.

Time flies while the teenager look at the ceiling.

« Hey Miyuki… Tell me. How can you throw away your pride like this ?’ ask Sayaka.

No answer. Watanabe Miyuki is already sleeping after all. Or it’s just what Sayaka thinks while minutes flies in silence.

‘What’s pride for someone who consider himself like a dead person ?’ whispered Miyuki.
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Re: Pride (Sayamilky) [02/09/19 Chap 1/5]
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2019, 05:39:26 PM »

Thank you for published your fic, I think it's very interesting.. I want to know more about past of them also yuiparu! that0s sound great!

Waiting for your updated

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Re: Pride (Sayamilky) [07/09/19 Chap 2/5]
« Reply #3 on: September 07, 2019, 05:57:53 PM »
@Haruko : Thanks for your comment :k-sad: For Sayaka and Miyuki's past, I hope this chapter can answer to you  :twothumbs: And for YuiParu... Unfortunatly I don't suucced in including them in this fiction... They're just montionned few time in it. I'm still thinking about making an OS for them but I can't find any good idea for the moment...

Okay, this is the second chapter of 'Pride' ! I hope you guys will enjoy it ! The main action will start in the next chapter so please wait for it ! I'll try to update it as soon as possible but since I came back to school it may takes some time. I'm sorry for this !  :bow:
Anyway ! Enjoy this chapter !

Chapter 2 : You can cry

The next day on the morning, Sayaka eat with Yui in the classroom, as always. But this time, Yui is unusually quiet. She doesn’t speak about idols or her fail in love and even if Sayaka is relieved about it, she can’t help but be worried about her friend.

‘Yuihan, what’s wrong ?’

Her friend look at her with a worried expression. Wait, isn’t Sayaka who have to be worried about Yuiù ? Then, Yui glance around her as if she wants to be sure nobody listen to them and approch her face to her friend with a sign to tell her to do the same thing. Intrigued, Sayaka do what Yui want.

‘What’s wrong with you Sayanee ?’ whisper Yui.

‘What ? I didn’t do anything !’

 ‘Everybody speaks about this. They say you slept with Watanabe-san. Someone saw both of you go out from a building together. And-‘

‘Wait, what ? I didn’t slept with Miyuki !’

‘Miyuki ? You call her Miyuki ? Since when you two are that close ?’

‘It’s not like that ! Yesterday she can’t go home so she slept in my house. But nothing ha-‘

‘She slept in your apparment ?’ Yui seems really shocked.

‘Nothing happened ! It was just to help her.’

Yui go back a little to lean against her seat. She looks really shocked and even a little mad.

‘Listen Sayaka. You do what you want of my advices but let me tell you this. You’d better stay far from this girl. It’s says that she only play with people. She make them fall in love with her, play with them, slept with them and then drop them. It’s says she slept with lot of men. More than you can even do in your whole life. I heard that she even slept with celebrities. So you must be careful.’

Sayaka listen carefully Yui. After all, she has always had good advices and was always there for Sayaka, even when her parents died. Yui was the only one to stay with her, by her side, to confort her, to support her. It was because of Yui she can get over her family loss. But now what her friend says seems have no meaning. Miyuki isn’t that kind of person. And who are those ‘it’ ? Who says that ? Hear this only made Sayaka get mad and it’s with a mad tone she’ll respond to Yui but a voice stop her :

‘You don’t know anything !’

Miyuki looks really mad. Sayaka never saw her like that. In general, Miyuki doesn’t have that much contact with others. She is not totally appart, she seems to be the gravity center of everybody but she isn’t totally like the others. She’s often alone and she never get mad against someone.

 ‘Is it amusing to spread those kind of rumor about the others ?’ She ask with an angry voice to two girls in front of her. ‘You can spread rumors about me as much as you want but I wont allow you to spread rumors about the others ! Whether it is Yamamoto-san or someone else ! I never slept with her ! We aren’t together yesterday ! I had something to fix with the student’s council so when we arrive in the same time this morning, I spoke to her. But it’s not a reason to spread rumors !This is the truth ! i’ll never sleep with this king of person !’

When she finished to speak, she left the class, leaving the silence in the room before whispered chat start again. One more time, Miyuki leave Sayaka under shock. Why Miyuki lied ? Why did she react when she usually don’t say anything ? And even if Sayaka wont admit it, the last sentence hurts… And what’s that ‘Yamamoto-san’ ?

The following weeks, everything is back to normal. Rumors stoped immediatly and students don’t take interest in the story anymore. Sayaka stayed with Yui and Miyuki don’t approch her anymore. In fact, it was as if Miyuki never come to Sayaka’s house. She only speaks to Sayaka when she have to and always call her ‘Yamamoto-san’. That annoyed Sayaka. Even if Miyuki has always annoyed Sayaka, this time itw as even worst. And her smile seems as false as never to Sayanee’s eyes.
This time, Sayaka don’t went to student’s council. There was a important meeting and Sayaka have to lead her but Yui forced her to take a rest. Her friend tells her she will lead the meeting for Sayaka and even if Sayanee has assured she’s fine, Yui doesn’t listen to her and Sayaka had to go back home.

But alone in her room, the students council’s president have the impression of suffocate. She can’t help but think about the time Miyuki slept here. It was so unbearable that she has to leave the place and go out. She take her guitar and go to the parc. Once she arrived, she sit in one of the swings and start to play music. She plays this song she wrote few time ago and which give her courage when she can’t cheer up. In the end, Yui was maybe right to say that Sayaka isn’t in her normal condition.

My friend, on the asphalt
Let’s lie down and talk about our dreams
My friend, it seems like the sky
Is so huge and close we can almost reach it with our hands
The wind blows my bangs over my eyes
I’m sure lots of wonderful things will happen
From now on

Let’s go Let’s go
You and me together
Let’s go Let’s go
Even if we trip and skin our knees
Let's go Let's go
Keep your chin up
Keep on Keep on
Supporting each other with smiles is a great way to live
And I’m sure that tomorrow
I’ll shine a hundred times brighter than today

When she finished her song, she lift up her head. In front of her, there is Watanabe Miyuki. Sayaka give her an incredulous look. Whe is she here ? Even though she ignore her for weeks… But Miyuki don’t seems better than Sayaka. In fact, she looks even worst. And yet, she give to Sayaka her usual smile. This time, Sayaka can’t support it anymore :

‘Stop that. I hate this smile.’

This time, it’s Miyuki who is surprised. It’s the first time Sayaka see Miyuki with this kind of expression. It’s not really the moment but Sayaka has the impression to have accomplish something. It’s an everyday life’s victory. However, Sayanee can’t enjoy her victory as Miyuki come to sit by her side. Her head is down and Sayaka just watch her until she lift it up.

 ‘Tell me Sayaka-chan.’ Start Miyuki. ‘What’s the meaning of ‘love’ ?’

‘Eh ?’

‘How is it to be loved ? ‘

Why ? Why does Miyuki ask this ? Why all Miyuki do or say don’t have any meaning to Sayaka ? The guistarist don’t know how to answer. She looks to Miyuki but can’t see her face. How is Miyuki’s expression now ? Then, she notice something. In Miyuki’s neck there is scratchs and the most deeper is still bleeding. Sayaka stand up and squat in front of Miyuki. It’s at this moment she saw Miyuki’s tears.

‘You’re hurt, you have to be treated.’

But Miyuki stay quiet and even if her tears fall from her eyes, she just smile with this smile Sayaka hates the most. Sayaka have to try her best to not beat Miyuki. But because she’s in tears, she can’t do it. And Miyuki’s hurt. And it’s Miyuki. Then the guitarist grap Miyuki and force Miyuki to stand up. She start to take her at her home even if it’s pretty far from the garden. But soon, Miyuki stop her.

‘My home is close. I’m coming back. Thank you Sayaka-chan.’

But Sayaka can’t just let her go like that. She doesn’t realy know why, maybe because Miyuki is hurt or just becaus it’s Miyuki.

 ‘I’m coming with you.’

Miyuki don’t say anything and let Sayaka do what she want. Her home isn’t far from the garden. In fact it’s just in front of it. Her house is small, smaller than Sayaka’s house. There’s only few furnitures and it’s in bad state. The floor is full of beer’s can and others trash, rest of meat and plastic’s bags. Miyuki go to scheach something for her injury and during this time Sayaka looks at the appartment closer. She don’t says anything as she thinks that Miyuki can be embarassed. The appartment has a little kitchen and the living room isn’t that big too. Toilet and bathroom are one and only room. The nit left one room wich the door is closed and Sayaka thinks this is Liyuki’s room. She wants to know how it looks like so she grap the door handle when Miyuki’s voice stop her :

‘It’s my father’s room. He sleeps, don’t disturb him.’

Sayaka give up and looks at her classmate who hands her the pharmacy box. The guitarist take it and go with Miyuki to the living room. Then she realise something :

‘You don’t have a room Miyuki ?’

‘Nope.’ Miyuki smiles. ‘I’m not here often so I don’t need one.’

Sayaka doesn’t know how to answer so she just stay quiet as she takes care of Miyuki. She remember about this night when the other girl slept at her house. Does Miyuki sleep at the hotel often, as she wanted to do with those guys ?  The more she thinks about it the less she understand Miyuki. During this time, Miyuki doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t smile and her look is lost somewhere else. She doesn’t look like the usual Miyuki and Sayaka’s hearth start to beat faster.

When she almost finished, Miyuki stand up suddenly. She looks a little panicked as she looks at something behind Sayaka. The raven haired girl turn back and just in front of her stand a tall and slim man who looks like as he just woke up.

 ‘Miyu-chan’ Says the man. ‘I’ve already ask you to clean it. And you don’t do it. You know what happen when you disobey, right ? Moreover, you came with someone. A girl ! I didn’t think you were on this side… I’m really disappointed Miyu-chan. How many time will you disobey ?’

He didn’t scream, he’s voice was very calm when he was speaking. But he was menacing. Sayaka can’t understand all he was speaking about. She don’t understand what he mean by ‘this side’ nor what will happen to Miyuki if she disobey. All she can see, is Miyuki’s terrified expression who try to find the right answer.

 ‘Dad I… I promise you, I’ll clean it… I…’

But the man don’t even listen to her. He came slowly closer to her while she try desperately to disapear in Sayaka’s back. But he take her closer and skim gently her cheek with a little smile. Miyuki froze, she can’t do anything but she give up and smile. Sayaka can’t handle it, she can’t handle more and while the man start to open Miyuki’s shirt, she decide to take action. Quicly she grap miyuki’s arm and take her from her father, out the house. She run through the city without let Miyuki go. The cute girl doesn’t resist, she let Sayaka’s strong grap guide her. Finally, they stop when they can’t breathe anymore and Sayaka let her go. Miyuki fall on her knees and start to cry. Sayanee can’t say anything so she just take her in her arms and take her at the closer bench. They stays like it, with Miyuki in Sayaka’s arms until she stop crying.

 ‘Those rumors about me… It’s the truth. I though that if I had sex with lot of men I could forget the stain he lay on me.’

Miyuki start sobbing again then Sayaka grap her hand to make her feel better. Yui was doing it when Sayaka lost her parents and she can’t handdle her sadness.

‘But itw as foolish.’ Continue Miyuki. ‘Now I just feel like if my soul is gone and this body just keep moving alone. This life have no meaning already.’

Sayaka can’t say anything, she can only look at Miyuki sobbing and wait for her to calm. Time flies in silence before Sayaka make a move. Her hand doesn’t let Miyuki’s one, as if she wants to tell her taht she’s not alone. Finally, the guitarist squat in front of the crying teenager in the same way than before, in the park. Then, she use her free hand to dry her tears.

‘Don’t cry anymore. Everything alright now. Let’s go to my appartment.’

That’s how Miyuki sleep at Sayaka’s house for the second time. This time they talk a lot. Miyuki tell her everything, her happy childhood with her father, her mother and her little sister Mayu and then the painful separation of her parents because of an affair. She tell her how her father who was so kind before become an alcoholic, boken by his wife’s affair and ho he slowly change becoming a angry and violent man. She speaks about the first time her father touch her and she though that would never happen again. But she was wrong, he did it again and as she doesn’t know how to clean the stain, she start to sleep with other men. She though that if her father is only one in the middle of a bench of other men, i twill be better. But she was wrong again and it become worste. Miyuki cry a lot this night but each time Sayaka take her in her arms until she’s calm again.

When she finished to cry and count her story, Miyuki apologizes to Sayaka for disturbing her with this. As Sayaka become mad because of Miyuki’s apologise, she count her own story to her schoolmate. She tell her everything, even things she never tell to Yui. She tell her how her parent’s laboratory had lot of debts with Yakuzas and how her parents tries to run away. She count the moment of the accident with lot of details. The car where all her family was, was sabotaged by yakuzas and her mother lost control of the vehicule. They ended up in the pavement. At this time Sayaka faint and when she woke up, she saw a man, a Yakuza, pointing a gun in her parent’s direction. She couldn’t do anything, she was injured and couldn’t move at all. In her right side, her sister was still unconscious and only one movement from Sayaka could possibly kill both of them. The man looks at Sayaka’s parents who begs him to not kill them and without a single hesitation, he kill them with the gun in front of Sayaka. She had always says to Yui and the others she doesn’t see her parent’s death, that she was still unconscious at this moment. The, she started to keep distance with her family and quit them to live alone here. She couldn’t look at them after being so powerless in front of her parent’s death. Her pride was reduce to a thousand pieces and even now she can’t acceot it totally. Miyuki listened to Sayaka’s story without interrupt her and at the end, she take her in her arm and murmur her a few words.

 ‘You can cry too.’

And it’s Sayaka’s turn to burst into tears. Then they, turn on the TV and watch a variety emission, forgetting their homeworks. They laught, eat some instantaneous ramen and Sayaka plays guitar. Miyuki sung with her too, their voices sounded etrangely good together. They talk until the middle of the night before to sleep. The next day, they came to highschool together, talking as they had always been friends. Yui ask to Sayaka about this but she only answer her that she became friend with Miyuki the past day.

After the class end, Yui came to take Sayaka in her classroom to go together at the student’s council when she heard Sayaka’s voice.

‘You can’t go home Miyuki !’

‘I don’t have choice anyway…’ answer Watanabe-san.

‘You can stay in my room.’

Yui is as surprised as Miyuki. She can’t believe what she heard. Of course, she don’t know anything about the last night but for her it’s impossible for Sayaka to say such a thing. Few time after, Miyuki left the classroom with Sayaka’s keys. Her eyes cross Yui’s eyes but the two girls don’t says anything to the other. Then Yui enter the classroom where Sayaka finish to packed her things. When her friend see her, she gives Yui a big smile.

 ‘Are we going ?’ ask Sayaka to Yui.

But Yui just gaze at her and sigh.

‘I can’t believe you invite her to your room Sayaka ! You even give her your keys ! What’s wrong with you Sayaka ? ‘

‘Don’t worry Yui, Miyuki won’t do anything wrong.’

‘You just meet her ! You don’t even know her !’Yui gets angry. ‘You don’t know anything about her !’

‘And you ? What do you know about her ? Tell me Yui ! Why do you hate her that much ?’ answer Sayaka.

‘I don’t hate her, I just don’t trust her. You must be careful too Sayaka.’

‘Anyway, it’s none of your business.’

Yui doesn’t say anything, Sayaka’s behaviour irritates her. It doesn’t look like Sayanee to trust someone this easily. What could have do Watanabe Miyuki to Sayaka ?

 ‘Sayaka… Don’t tell me… You fall in love with Watanabe-san ?’

‘What ? N-no ! Of course no, I don’t !’says Sayaka blushing.

Yui gaze at her like if she doesn’t trust her at all but at the end she just sigh one more time.

‘Oh f*ck, I give up. Let’s go to the council.’

To be continued...

Note: The song Sayanee sing in this chapter is 'Smile' from her first album 'Rainbow Rose'
More Sayamilky, Kojiyuu and Yuiparu !

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Re: Pride (Sayamilky) [02/09/19 Chap 1/5] + OS
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Hey !

While I’m currently working on the 3rd chapter of my fic, a new idea poped in my head. So this is my first OS !

In fact, I saw a advice in the forum from I-can’t-remember-who wich says ‘Your real life is more interresting than fictional facts. That’s why you should put some elements wich really happened to you in your fic’ and I wanted to give it a try.

But I couldn’t find anything interresting in my life (lol)

At first, I wanted to write drabbles about Sayamilky but I can’t write anything. Then I remember my one sided love story during my high school year. It was really pityfull but I decided to put some elements of it in this OS.

I’m sorry I couldn’t think to a title for this story.

OS #1 (Sayamilky)
She couldn’t tell exactly when she start to feel like this. Nothing really happened and one day she just woke up thinking « I’m in love with this person ». But Sayaka is a rational person. She just can’t accept the fact that she fall in love just like that. During a whole month she keeps hesitating and telling herself that it’s not true, that she just wanted to know how it feels to be in love with someone. She keeps telling herself it’s a mistake , it can’t be true. Love isn’t like this. Futhermore, she doesn’t even know well the other girl. They just meet 6 month ago and they’re not even that close. Friend of friends that’s what they are.

But after a month where Sayaka was just fighting with herself, she finally admit it. She’s in love with Watanabe Miyuki. They never been in the same class but in 3rd year of high school, they have a class in common. Since Miyuki was in the same class as her friend Kei last year, they just casually talk during this class. Also, some of her friends like Maachun or Akarin (Kei’s girlfriend) are in the same class as Miyuki. That’s why they meet sometimes and even eat together with the others.
But there’s nothing particular between them. They’re not close to each other. So why Sayaka have to feel like this when Miyuki’s next to her ? Why is she always looking for Miyuki when she’s at high school or even in the supermarket. It’s killing her.

She can remember one time, maybe it’s because of this, they were waiting in front of the classroom. Since it was the first class of the day, there was only few students. Miyuki was talking with an other student of an other class when Sayaka arrives. Sayaka can’t approch people easily that’s why she just ignored Miyuki and her friend. Or maybe it’s just because she doesn’t know how to react with her. Whatever, this time she tried her best to avoid/ignore Miyuki. Her back was against the window and her head was turned to watch through the window. There’s nothing interesting here, just some students gathering here before going to their class but yeah, it’s a way of avoiding Miyuki. Or it was what she though.

As she become bored of the window, she turned her head slowly and without any expression of her face. Then she saw Miyuki’s smiling face at only few centimeters of her’s. As her eyes became bigger, Miyuki stepped back with her smile. Sayaka couldn’t say anything. Her heart was running faster.
‘’Sorry’’ says Miyuki ‘’I shouldn’t have done this, I almost kissed you.’’

Almost. Sayaka blushed and replied with some pitifull answer like ‘’Yeah it was dangerous.’’ But in fact she didn’t notice they were about to kiss. The only thing she can see was Miyuki’s beautiful brown eyes. There were nobody at this time so they are the only two who know about it.

The second time Sayaka should have noticed her feeling was the time when Kei, Miyuki and her were speaking about love relationships. Kei was speaking about Akari and sometimes Miyuki said something about her previous relationship (It seems like Sayaka was the only one who never date someone). Then Miyuki says something like that :

‘’I’m always too kind with guys who ask me to go out with them. I can’t say no to them. But it’s a bad habit and a friend reccomend me to find a serious relationship. But there’s no one I can think about…’’

‘’What about Sayaka ?’’ ask Kei and Sayaka wanted to slap her face. ‘’She’s a serious person and she likes to take care of the others. There is always lot of kouhai gathering around her, asking her for help. Futhermore, she plays guitar and can sing very well !’’

Sayaka really wants to shut Kei’s mouth down but she can’t do that. It’ll be strange with Miyuki around. So she just cursed Kei in her head, noting to beat her later. She was in the middle of her though when Miyuki’s beautiful eyes just go deep in Sayaka’s one.

‘’Is that so ? Sayaka, do you want to go out with me ?’’

Sayaka kept her pokerface and acted all cool as she replied.

‘’No way.’’

There’s an other thing. Miyuki takes the habit to always hug Sayaka when they meet. It’s just a friendly hug and Miyuki hug all her friends but Sayaka usually hates hugs. With Miyuki, it’s different. She won’t respond to Miyuki’s hug but won’t avoid it either. This will makes her friends mocked her because she never let someone hug her. Her good friend Ogasawara Mayu aka Maachun always tries to hug her but she never succed. That’s why her friends always laugh at her when Miyuki hugs her. But Miyuki doesn’t care. And Sayaka had no clue about why she let Miyuki embrace her.

One day, she was speaking with Maachun and Kei when Miyuki arrives by her back and hugs her. Sayaka act all surprised and tried (even if she doesn’t really tried) to escape from Miyuki. In fact, she saw Miyuki before she come and hug her but acted as if it wasn’t the case. She always see when Miyuki is next to her, as her eyes are always searching for the other girl. After her weak tries to escape from Miyuki she just gave up and let Miyuki do what she wants.

‘’You two looks good together.’’ says Maachun.

‘’That’s right.’’ agreed Kei ‘’But your characters don’t fit…’’

Both of them didn’t answered. But the next day Sayaka woke up with this strange feeling in her stomach and she can’t help but think about Miyuki all the time. She used her reason, it was bad, they’re two girls. Futhermore Miyuki act like that with everyone, there’s no way she likes Sayaka. Even if she ask her out, it was just a joke… Right ? At the end, Sayaka just accept her feeling.

She loves Miyuki.

But what ? It’s her first time feeling like that and she doesn’t know what to do. She can’t ask help to her friends since they always tease her about Miyuki. And she’s afraid. Afraid that Miyuki can reject her. Yamamoto Sayaka always act cool and she’s a model for lot of her kouhai but in fact she always wanted to live the perfect love with someone. And it’s seems her heart choose Miyuki. But what if Miyuki doesn’t like her ? She doesn’t want to be disappointed.

There is only one month left before the end of the school year. Before the end of high school. After this, she’ll never be able to talk with Miyuki again. Miyuki wants to become a doctor and Sayaka have to study economy to be able to lead her father’s firm later. As she can’t confess to Miyuki, she just enjoyed as much she can her time with Miyuki. They don’t meet that often but it’s already enough. It was what Sayaka though even if her heart hurt her a lot.

The final exam passed. During it, Miyuki was just behind Sayaka and they can talk a little more during this week. But it ended quickly. One week after the exams, the school used to organize a party for the graduated students. Both Miyuki and Sayaka were there. They took some photos with all their friends and Sayaka speaks as much she can with Miyuki. But they’re not exactly in the same group of friends and Miyuki and her friends go to dance when Sayaka and her’s just stay out and discuss. At the end, when they were about left, Sayaka pretends to want to eat something and go where Miyuki and her friends were dancing. At firt, she couldn’t see Miyuki and feel down. But then Miyuki appear just in front of her.

‘’So you’re leaving ?’’ asked Miyuki as she saw Sayaka with her bag.

‘’Yes. We decided to continue the party somewhere else.’’

‘’Okay, then see you.’’

Sayaka really wanted to Miyuki confess at this time since she doesn’t have enough courage to say it herself. But Miyuki didn’t confess and just hugged Sayaka.

‘’For the last time…’’ whispered Miyuki to Sayaka’s ear.

It just made Sayaka more heartbroken than before. She wanted to cry really hard but she didn’t and just smiled to Miyuki while waving at her.


Sayaka couldn’t enjoy the after party with her friends.

Since this day, Sayaka never met Miyuki again. They weren’t close friends sot hey didn’t speak after their graduation. It takes a lot of time to forget Miyuki but she finally succeeded and during her 3rd year of college she fall in love again. It wasn’t like the first time. The guys confessed to her and she started to like him after going out for few weeks. They dated each other for 1 year before Sayaka broke up. After this, she just focused to her studies and she graduated successfully, being the first one of her promotion.

Then, she started to work in her father’s company. 5 years passed like that. She’s now 26 and at the top of the company. Well… After her father. One year ago, her mother contracted a cancer and had to follow chimiotherapy, but her state became worse and 2 weeks ago she was admitted in the hospital.
Today, Sayanee went to visit her. Her mother was in a good mood and she speaks a lot about the new nurse who takes care of her.

‘’She’ll be coming soon. You’ll see she’s a really good person ! I’m sure you’ll like her too Sayaka-chan.’’

Few minutes after, the nurse finally arrives and Sayaka can’t help but show a surprised expression.

‘’It’s her Sayaka !’’ says her mother with a really exited tone. ‘’She’s Watanabe Miyuki. You’ll see she’s amazing !’’


It was all Sayaka can whispered when she saw the other girl. Her heart suddenly started to hurt her again. It was really hard to forget Miyuki, it takes so much time. And the only reason Sayaka finally gave up on her is because she’ll never see her again’. And now, Miyuki’s just in front of her. And it hurts her so much.

‘’Oh, you’re Yamamoto Sayaka, right ? From Namba High school, isn’t it ?’’ asked Miyuki with the same smile as those previous days.

‘’Do you know each other ?’’ asked Sayaka’s mom.

All Sayaka can do is nodded. Then they have to explain to her mother why they know each other and the three of them just speak during 2 hours before Sayaka left. When she was about to leave the hospital, someone called her.

‘’Yamamoto-san !’’

She turn back and saw Miyuki coming in her direction. She felt a pinch in the hearth when she noticed that Miyuki called her ‘Yamamoto-san’ instead of ‘Sayaka’ like during high school.

‘‘Yamamoto-san.’’ Miyuki is now next to her. ‘‘I finished my work for today, how about to eat something together ?’’

Sayaka has nothing to do now so she just accept. They go to a cheap restaurant next to the hospital. They speak a lot and it was not akward at all even if Sayaka’s heart hurt her. They share their stories since high school, how they grown and how they become what they are now. It seems like when Miyuki was in second year of medecine her father suddenly died in a car accident and she gave up on her studies and became depressed. It was really hard for her but her mother and some of her friends convinced her to start studies to become nurse. And it’s what she does. Both of them also speak about Sayaka’s mother or their memories of high school.

At the end they exchange phone numbers.

They started to chat a lot and they often encounter each other, at the hospital but also outside. Sayaka know it’s bad but she can’t help and slowly fall in love for Miyuki, one more time. Miyuki has a boyfriend so Sayaka can’t say anything. It’s killing her every time she meet with Miyuki.

‘’You know Sayaka-san.’’ They’re now close enough to call each other by their first name. ‘’I’m glad I found you again. We’re not that close before but now you’re special for me.’’

They were laying in the lawn of a parc. Miyuki almost killed Sayaka with her word. But the cute girl was watching the sky and didn’t see the blush on Sayaka’s cheeks.
‘‘Yeah, you’re special too…’’ whisper the raven girl.

‘’Ah, look !’’ Miyuki find something in her bag.’’It’s a present of Hiro-kun ! Isn’t he cute ! I really like the fact he always take care of me ! He says I seemed depressed and-‘’

Sayaka can’t hear more. She replied ‘yeah it’s cute’ or ‘He’s kind with you’. But her chest hurt her too much that she can barely breathe. ‘I too’, she was thinking ‘I can give you presents. I can take care of you. I want to. Why have I to be so hurt at the end ? You look so happy, can I be the one who made you laugh like this ?’.

It was so hard for Sayaka but she keeps her feeling for her and always support Miyuki. Even when she said she wants to marry this ‘Hiro-kun’ that Sayaka hates.
But one day, Miyuki came with a sad look Sayaka never see in her face.

‘’What happened ?’’ she ask and she wants to hug her like they do in high school but doesn’t do anything.

‘’Hiro-kun… He broke up with me…’’

‘’What ?’’

‘’He said he’s going out with an other girl he likes more than me…’’

Miyuki start to cry and Sayaka really wants to kill this guy. But instead, she takes Miyuki in her arms and hug her. Miyuki looks surprised but doesn’t resist. It’s a sweet time for Sayaka and she feels guilty to enjoy this hug while Miyuki is really bad.

After this, Miyuki came back to her depression. This time, she didn’t let her mother to know she’s getting worse and Sayaka was the only one who knows. That’s why she takes care of Miyuki. She cooked for her, verified her everyday, talked to her until the middle of the night. But it wasn’t enough. Miyuki started to think about death.

Sayaka was powerless. It was so frustrating she couldn’t do anything. She wants to hurt herself even more for this. She was always thinking about Miyuki and even had nightmare where Miyuki commit suicide. Those makes her to send messages to her friend in the middle of the night.

One day she was washind the dishes at Miyuki’s house when Miyuki told her this :

‘’I’m sorry Sayaka-chan. I’m just a burden to you. Maybe it’s better if I’m not here.’’

Hearing that, Sayaka freeze. She stopped what she was doing and came just in front of Miyuki.

‘’Don’t dare to think like that.’’ Said Sayaka with a cold tone. ‘’I won’t let you die. Because of you I’ve been so hurt even since high school. That’s why my selfish heart will keeps you just by my side and never let you go again.’’

‘’Sayaka-san…’’ Miyuki tries to escape but Sayaka stuck her against the wall.

‘’Don’t even try to escape.’’

Miyuki was really shocked. Sayaka never acted like that with her. She’s always protective and kind but now she’s just cold and have a serious and deep look.

‘’I really hate you.’’ Said Sayaka. ‘’You always make me weak and hurt. I hate you because I love you so much.’’

Then Sayaka kissed Miyuki’s lips. It wasn’t the confession she dreamed of and she felt so embarrassed that she couldn’t look into Miyuki’s eyes anymore. Her face became all red and without looking to Miyuki, she ran away the appartment.

‘’W-wait !’’ called Miyuki but it was too late.

Sayaka didn’t came to Miyuki’s house anymore. She couldn’t do it anymore after what happened. Of course she’s worried about Miyuki but the only thing she can do is to stalk Miyuki’s networks. Miyuki also tried to send messages to Sayaka but the short haired girl didn’t replied.

A month passed like that. One night, Sayaka was laying in her bed unable to sleep when her door bell rings. It was around 2 am and she had no clue about who it would be. Lazily she wake up from her bed and go to open her door.

It was Miyuki.

She looked better than before, noticed Sayaka. She wore a cute dress which perfectly fit her and had a gentle smile on her lips.

‘’Can I go inside ?’’ asked Miyuki and Sayaka noticed that they were being like that for quite a long time.

‘’Ah… Yes, sorry.’’ Whispered Sayaka while introducing Miyuki in her house.

Miyuki looks carefully at each details of the appartment. They stay like that in an akward silence until Miyuki sit donw in the sofa. Sayaka just look at her back without say anything.

‘’You’re an idiot.’’ Miyuki finally break the silence.

‘’I know…’’

‘’You don’t know. Because of you I can’t die now no matter how much I hate myself.’’

Sayaka doesn’t reply and Miyuki sigh.

‘’You’re not the only one you know. I too, I was very hurt during high school because of you. You were so dense back then. No matter I flirted with everyone or hugged an other person, you won’t notice me. I couldn’t confes too. I was so afraid you could reject me. You seemed to have no interet for me…’’

‘’What are you saying ? It was me who felt hurt because I was nothing special to you ! It was you who always played with my feeling by hugging me and say me all those things ! I was the one who was afraid to confess her feeling !’’

‘’I too ! ‘’ Miyuki stand up and come close to Sayaka. ‘’I too… I was like that. Even if I had experimented love before, it was different with you. I couldn’t do anything…’’
Miyuki start to cry just in front of Sayanee. So Sayaka take her in her arms.

‘’We both are idiots, right ?’’ she whisper.

‘’I love you too’’ replied Miyuki while crying.

And Sayaka kiss her for the second time but this time Miyuki reply to her kiss and it was the best kiss she never had.

‘’Sayanee look ! Isn’t this cat so cute ?’’

‘’He’s cute Milky, he’s cute.’’

‘’Uh ? What are you looking to ? A dog ?’’

‘’Look, they said his name is Neon !’’

Miyuki look at her Sayaka’s face. She seems to really like the dog, she’s so cute like that. Sayaka always act cool so it’s rare for Miyuki to see such a cute expression in her girlfriend’s face. Yosh, it’s decided ! She’ll buy the dog for Sayaka’s birthday next month !

‘’Sayaka~ Let’s go back home, I’m tired.’’

Sayaka looks at Miyuki. It’s true she seems quite tired. Diverting her attention from the puppy, she surround Miyuki’s body in her arms and kiss the girl.

‘’Okay, let’s go back home.’’


I hope you enjoyed it, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.
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Re: Pride (Sayamilky) [02/09/19 Chap 2/5] + OS
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Wow so many things happen, Knowing about sayamilky past was so sad ):, but we know that miruki couldn't live with sayaka forever because she idoesn't have legal age to live alone without her parent approvement ):

Hope yuihan doesn't become in a obstacule in sayamilky relationship

thank you for this amazing chapter

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Re: Pride (Sayamilky) [12/10/19 Chap 3/5] + OS
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@Haruko : Thanks for always let a comment  :thumbsup About Miyuki, Nobody really cares about her so she can leave with Sayaka for the moment. She had the habits to sleep on other place than her house and her father doesn't really care. Her mother already left long time ago so she's not a problem too. And for Sayaka's family, Sayaka doesn't tell them so it's okay :thumbsup
Yuihan will play an important role in the next chapter. You'll be able to learn more about her too!

So this is the 3rd chapter!! Finally... I'm sorry if it takes such a long time... From now, lot of things will happen and the fic will be a little different from before. I hope you all will like this too...

There's a new character in it, please saw it as Sugai Yuuka from Keyakizaka46.

You're in love, right?

Days and weeks become months and Sayaka and Miyuki are getting closer to each other. Miyuki is now living in Sayaka’s house even if she still take care of her father. She does his shopping and makes him food but she doesn’t sleep in his home anymore and most of her clothes are now in Sayaka’s appartment. At school, they don’t ignore each other this time. In fact they’re almost always together. Others students start to spread some rumors about them and Miyuki get away from Sayaka. But the short haired girl always brings her back to her side. She can’t say it clearly so she just thinks that she want to protect Miyuki. But in fact she just doesn’t want Miyuki let her behind. Yui can’t accept Miyuki and always says to Sayaka to be aware even if it’s useless. That’s why she keeps her distance with her friend. Thanks to that she’s finalle getting closer to Haruka, this girl she love. But she’s still worried about Sayaka.

Today is Sunday and the guitarist and her room-mate go out in the city. Well, It’s more like Miyuki convince Sayaka to go doing some shopping. They passed the day out shearching for clothes and accessories wich can make Miyuki’s hapiness. Sayaka doesn’t care about shopping, in fact she hates this but because Miyuki asked for it she just can’t tell no.

Afternoon are soon finished and the two girls are coming back to home. Both of them eat an ice-cream, chocolate for Sayaka, strawberry for Miyuki. At this moment Sayaka think it’s been a while since she had this much fun and as she looks to Miyuki’s profile, she thinks it’s all thanks this girl. Miyuki turn her head and smile to Sayaka. It’s no more this smile she used to make before but a real and sweet smile wich would made everyone’s heart beat louder. And Sayaka isn’t an exeption.
When they arrive in front of Sayaka’s house, someone is already here. It’s a young girl who seems to still be in middle school. Miyuki doesn’t know her but she can easily find who is it. The young girl wear a leather jacket with a red T-shirt. Her legs are covered by a long black skirt. She has long black hair and a face who looks like Sayaka’s face. By the way, at Miyuki’s side, the guitarist is frozen. She stops eating her ice-cream and looks to the other girl with a bewildered look. It’s only when the girl looks at them, that Sayaka’s face become wothout any expression again. She even seems a little mad. The leather jacket girl send them a big smile and come to them.


She hugs Sayaka but the guitarist pushes her away soon.

‘’Yuuka… Why are you here ?’’

 ‘’Mou… Onee-chan, you should be happier to see me. As you never give news to us, I came to have some.’’

‘’Tss. It wasn’t necessary. You can just call me. I’m fine so now you can go home.’’

Miyuki can’t believe Sayanee act so cold with her sister. Because Sayaka always take care of the others, is someho shocking. Tension grow between the two Yamamoto sisters and Yuuka looks like she will cry even if she try her best to hide it. Miyuki can’t help but notice that like that, she really looks like Sayaka. But Miyuki’s thinking are cut by her friend’s voice.

‘’Come Miyuki, let’s go back home.’’

And Sayaka start to go, letting her little sister behind. Miyuki doesn’t move as her gaze come between Sayaka and Yuuka.

 ‘’You can’t let her here ! She comes from Tokyo to see you and you just send her back to her home ?’’

Sayaka looks at Miyuki, then at her sister who supplies her by the gaze, come back to Miyuki who frown and sigh.

‘’Okay, Okay you can stay here tonigh but tomorow, you leave.’’

That’s how Yuuka follow Miyuki and Sayaka inside.

‘’Take off your luggage, I gonna make the meal.’’ Says Miyuki as she see Yuuka is still in the entrance.

Yuuka doesn’t answer. She looks to Miyuki with wide eyes then to her sister who’s still find some place for what they buy before.

‘’So you have a girlfriend Onee-chan ?’’

Sayaka chokes by hearing the question and she looks to Miyuki who just become red.

 ‘’Don’t say stupid things like that ! Miyuki have no place to sleep so…’’

‘’But you call her by her name and without honorific so I though…’’

‘’You though wrong !’’

Yuuka sends a suspicious look to her sister while Sayaka blush even more and Miyuki giggle. The meal is calm. Yuuka says to Miyuki how is Tokyo, the differences with Osaka. At the end of the meal, Sayaka tell that she’ll call her grandparents to say them Yuuka come back tomorow but her litlle sister stop her.

‘’Ne need to disturb them ! I already send them a message to tell them ! They said there’s no problem.’’

To Miyuki it’s a good excuse but Sayaka doesn’t believe her.

‘’Really ? In that case I can call them to take some news ?’’

‘’No !’’

 ‘’Yuuka…’’ Sayaka frown. ‘’Don’t tell me you didn’t tell them you came here ?’’

‘’Of course I tell th…’’

‘’Yuuka !’’

‘’Okay… I didn’t tell anything… But they would never let me come here !’’

‘’Of course no ! You still have to go in class !’’

‘’But I don’t want to go back !’’

Sayaka didn’t answer, she didn’t expected Yuuka would say such a thing. She needs some time to assimilate all the words and to calm herself. During this time, Miyuki stay away from the conflict and set some things for Yuuka. It’s a family matter after all, it’s none of her business.

‘’Why ?’’ finally ask Sayaka.

But Yuuka foesn’t answer anymore. She just lowers her head. Her sister try to make her speak but she doesn’t want to say anything. At the end, she just says :

‘’Tomorow, I’ll go back home. No need to disturb you more.’’

And they stop the discussion as Yuuka leave the room to help Miyuki. The two sisters don’t speak for the end of the day and the three of them just go to sleep early without a word.

On the morning, when Sayaka and Miyuki woke up Yuuka have already left the appartment, only leaving behind her a note with a breakfast in the kitchen.

‘’Sorry for disturbing you !’’

Sayaka doesn’t say anything about it and keeps acting as usual with Miyuki even if the sweet girl can easily say there’s something wrong with the guitarist. The day pass without any notable incident. After the end of class, Sayaka have to go to the student’s council so Myuki left first. As she remember there’s only few food left in the fridge, she decides to go shopping. She goes to the combini, buy what she needs for the following days then she remembers that’s been a while since she goes to her father’s house and add some food for her father in her bag.

Then, she goes in her appartment. The legal one, where lives her father. The man isn’t inside when she enter the room. Good thing, she doesn’t have to face him. She let what she buy for him in the fridge and leave the appartment. She pass through the garden where she speaks with Sayaka for the second time.

In the swing where Sayaka dry Miyuki’s tears, there’s someone in the darknest. Miyuki reconize her quicly :Yuuka. Slowly, she walks to the young girl ans sit in the next swing.

 ‘’Why are you still here ? You says you’ll come back home, right ?’’ Miyuki ask softly.

Yuuka finally saw Miyuki and turn her face in her direction. She doesn’t seems really surprised.

‘’I’ll go later. For the moment I don’t want to.’’

Silence come again. Miyuki doesn’t ask anything. It’s seems like she doesn’t have the right to ask something. In the end, it’s Yuuka who speaks first :

 ‘’Nee Watanabe-san, you love Sayanee right ?’’

Miyuki is a litlle surprised by the question but she answer calmly :

‘’What do you think about it ?’’

‘’Hmm… I thinks you love her.’’

‘’Maybe it’s the case then.’’

It’s late now and Miyuki isn’t home yet. She never come back that late and the only few time she came a little bit late she would always texted Sayaka to prevent her. But tonight, Sayaka doesn’t receive any message and start to really worry about Miyuki. She tried to call her various time but Milky didn’t respond. She wants to go search for her room mate but she doesn’t have any single idea of where she could be. At the end, she decides to call Yui. There’s no way Yui would know where Miyuki is but she sould at least know how to calm the guitarist.

 ‘’Welcome in Yokoyama Yui’s voice message box. I’m not here for the moment, please let a message after the bip. Biiiiiiiiiip.’’

Sayaka sigh. Why is this world this cruel with her ? What can Yui may have to do at this hour ? She may be too occuped with this Haruka and ignores her bestfriend’s disturbing calls. F*ck it Yui ! Sayaka’s thoughs are cut by her phone ring. Miyuki ! Sayanee answer quickly.

 ‘’Miyuki ! Where are you ? Why you didn’t tell me you’ll be late ?’’

Only the silence replied to Sayaka.

‘’Miyuki ?’’ asks the worried guitarist.

Few seconds passed before she can hear something. A man’s laugh.

‘’Who are you ?’’ Even if Sayanee doesn’t show anything, she really start to panic.

‘’You don’t need to know my name Yamamoto. But I need a favor from you.’’

‘’What do you want ? How do you know my name ? Where’s Miyuki ?’’

 ‘’Hahaha !’’ The man’s laugh ring one more time. ‘’Don’t worry your dear friend is in security. Well she’ll be if you do what I want you to do.’’

‘’… What do you want ?’’

‘’Well you see, your parents had to settle some little things with me. But unfortunelly they were killed before. They played with the fire and tried to fool the Yokoyama clan. Because of that, they were killed and I couldn’t have my revenge. I didn’t know they had kids, I’ll finally can take my revenge of the Yamamoto !’’

While the man laugh a new time, Sayak’s brain tries to understand all the informations. She doesn’t have any idea about what the man told her. The Yokoyama clan ? Is there any connection with Yui ? Her though are cut by the man who just finished to laugh.

‘’I want you come at the entrepot next to the big factory at the border of the city. Now. If not this girl will die. You don’t want your dear friend to be killed, right ? I heard her sexual sevices are pretty good too, maybe I should try th-.’’

 ‘’Don’t touch to Miyuki ! Let me speak to her ! How can I be sure she’s with you ?’’

‘’I see, you’re pretty smart.’’ Then he speaks to an other person. ‘’You have 10 second. Take care at what you say.’’

‘’Sayaka ?’’ Miyuki’s voice can be heard on the phone. ‘’I’m sorry to always cause you problems… I beg you, don’t come…’’

A big sound can be heard on the other side of the phone and Sayaka hear Miyuki’s scream.

‘’Miyuki !’’ she shouts powerless.

‘’Understand ? Come here now. And don’t tell anyone if you want to see this girl again. Ah and I forget something : I have your little sister here too. You don’t want something happen to her too ?’’ He speaks to Yuuka. ‘’Speak !’’

‘’I’m sorry Onee-chan…’’

Yuuka’s voice is weak, as if the teenager doesn’t have any energy left.

‘’I’ll come.’’Finally answer Sayaka. ‘’Don’t even dare to touch them.’’

The call ends there. Sayaka quickly grad a knife in the kitchen, take her vest and leave the appartment. Her heart beat really loudy in her breast as she run all along the traject. She doesn’t understand what’s really happening but she doesn’t have other choice than to obey at this unknow man. If not Miyuki and Yuuka will… She doesn’t dare to think about it. What will she do if she can’t save the two most important person in her eyes ? There’s no way she can keeps leaving after a new lost.
10 minutes after, she arrives at the entrepot. She catch one’s breath and try to calm herself before opening the heavy door. She grabs her knife in her hand, hidden in her sleeve. In the middle of the entrepot, there’s a man and his laugh resonate when he sees the guitarist. This is the man who speak to her on the phone. By his side, two people are ligoted to chairs : Miyuki and Yuuka. The first one doesn’t seems to be really hurt. There’s just some blood in the corner of her nose. She gaze to Sayanee with a bulky look to tell her to run away quickly but Sayaka try her best to ignore it. Yuuka looks… Really bad. She’s absolutly exhausted and it’s seems like all forces leave her body. Her eyes are dead, inexpressives and her body is full of bruises and injuries as if this man only beats her.

 ‘’You came. Good.’’ Says the man.

‘’What do you want of me ?’’

‘’Give me back what you take to me.’’

‘’I don’t even know you.’’

‘’Don’t play do=umb with me ! Your parents took me all I have ! My position, my money, my life, Everything ! Because of them, I’m nothing. They destroyed me, they took me my humanity.’’

 ‘’i don’t understand. I don’t have money to give you anyway.’’

The man laugh a new time. He’s already crazy thinks Sayaka.

‘’It’s been a while now since I don’t care anymore about money, youg girl. I want you to suffer. I want her to suffer.’’ He shows Yuuka with one hand. ‘’I want all Yamamotos to suffer and pay for what they have done !’’

‘’What are you speaking about ?’’

‘’HAHAHA ! They don’t tell you anything ? Really ? They didn’t even tell to their own childs, they’re monsters ! HAHAHAHA !’’

‘’My parents aren’t monsters.’’

‘’HAHAHA ! That’s really what you think ? What’s the laboratory’s name ? YM Pharma ? I was an employee there, a long time ago. Then they started to try those experiments on me and when I became crazy  and useless they throw me away as a shit ! AHAHA !’’

‘’You’re crazy ! This is a nonsense !’’ Now Sayaka’s mad. She can’t believe something like that.

‘’Is that so ? Then, why don’t you ask to your little sister ? Hey, Tell me little sister, I’m telling a nonsense ? I am crazy ?’’

He take off the tissue on Yuuka mouth. He wants she answer to his question but she doesn’t say anything and her eyes avoid as much she can her sister’s one. When the man understand Yuuka won’t say anything, he throw his fist in her face. The much is so powerfull that the chair fall and Yuuka’s face hits the floor violently. The man lets Yuuka like this and looks at Sayaka again.

‘’I had finally found a way to take my revenge. Everything was already settle, the plan was perfect. But those monsters tried to fool the famous Yakuza clan : Yokoyama. They tried to robb them lot of money to pay their horrible experimentations ! Of course the Yokoyama clan won’t just stay sit down and wait. They killed your parents before I can take my revenge. It takes me a long time to find both of you but now I’ll can make you pay for what they’ve done. I want to see you two suffer ! AHAHA !’’

Sayaka is totally lost. She can’t believe a single word that come from this man. Her parents were kind people, it’s absolutely impossible that they’re those people the man speaks about. Yet, this man finised to laugh and walk close to Miyuki. Slowly, he takes a knife in his pocket and approach it to Miyuki.

‘Don’t do this !’ Sayaka shout. ‘I’ll do what you want but don’t do this !’

The man sends her a satisfied look :

 ‘That’s it. I want to see this despair in your eyes. Do it ! Beg me on knees ! Beg me to do nothing !’

Never Sayaka kneel in front of someone. Never she beg someone. Those little things are really expensive for her. They ruin her pride, offend it and tear it and she will never repare it totally. Without pride, Sayaka won’t be able anymore to live head up. But on the other hand, if she doesn’t give up on her pride, Miyuki will be hurt. And this is even more painful to Sayaka. When exactly Miyuki became even more important to Sayaka than herself. Sayanee isn’t sure about it but it seems like it’s been a long time. Even before the two girls started to became close to each other.

The man keeps approach slowly his knife to Miyuki’s cheek before he touch it. The cut isn’t deep but red blood start to flow from it. Sayaka doesn’t have the choice anymore, she can’t endure more. She fall on her knees and put her hand in front of her knees. Her head approach the floor slowly. She had headache but she endure it and says with a weak voice :

 ‘I’m sorry. You can do what you want but please don’t touch her.’

The man’s laugh resonate a new time, even more crazy than before. While Sayaka sends him a supplicating look, he take off the knife from Miyuki’s cheek who still affraid. He put the knife in his belt and the guitarist let a sigh of relief. As she see the man wont ask her anything else, she slowly stand up. At this moment, the man make a rictus and take the knife frome his belt, and before Sayaka can do anything, he puch it strongly in Miyuki’s leg. Miyuki try to contain her scream but the pain is insupportable. Her scream resonate in the whole entrepot.


So, what do you think about it? Thanks for reading my fic  :bow:
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Re: Pride (Sayamilky) [12/10/19 Chap 3/5] + OS
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Woooooooot, Miyuki!!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! what's going to happen!!!! O_O.. and yuuka chan too.. Sorry I don't know keyakis gurls so I just give her a neew face and name Yamamoto Ayaka, an NMB member who name kanjis are almost the same than Sayanee

Nice updated.. waiting for the next one

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Re: Pride (Sayamilky) [29/10/19 Chap 4/5] + OS
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@Haruko : Hehe~    I though of making Aayan Sayanee's sister but it would be weird if two sisters have almost the same name. And since Yuuka sometimes looks like young Sayanee (at her debuts), i choose her. (And with that I succeed in including my fav Keyaki girl tehe)
I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter !

There's lot of things that happened in this chapter! But that also mean, this fic will end soon. In fact the next chapter will be the last ! I'll try to upload it soon.  :sweatdrop:
So now, enjoy the 4th capter ! :twothumbs

Fake Reality

Miyuki’s scream pierce Sayaka’s heart and the shord haired girls react, this time, really quickly.

‘’BASTARD !!’’

She rush to the man, grapping the knife she was hiding in her sleeve. When she’s close to him, she tries to stab him at the face but he dodge easily. Then, she try again and again until she finally success to hurt him at the face. Her wist bump his face and he fall on the cold ground. Sayaka feels that she’s finally taking the advantage so she grip her knife and is about to give him the last attack. A this moment, a shot can be heard and a horrible pain pierce Sayaka’s arm forcing her to release the knife. She fall on the ground, contening a scream and turns to see where the shot comes from. At the entrepot entrance, a group of 5 men with knifes and a gun pointing in Sayaka’s direction.

The kidnapper stand up again and laugh.

‘’Look little girl, this is my friends. Like me, they were guinea pigs and like me they hate the Yamamoto family. They want to take a revenge and they’re really strong.’’

The man takes Sayaka’s knife and play with it.

‘’I’ll let them play a little with you. I wonder how many time you can resist.’’

And he laugh a new time while the 5 men come close to Sayaka. The guitarist stand up as she can even if her injured arm hurt her a lot. Her eyes meet her sister’s one, who’s face is still against the ground. The teenager cry in silence while she’s still on the ground, powerless.

I don’t have the choice, I have to fight for Yuuka. And Miyuki. Sayaka rassemble the courage she needs to face the armed men. Fortunately, most of them have ‘only’ knife. Only one have a gun. The 5 men attack at the same time, using their knife while Sayaka try to dodge every attack. But it can’t last forever. Soon, Sayaka start to recieve more and more punches and doesn’t have the strength to dodge them anymore. Quickly, she fall on the ground, unable to make any move.
I’m sorry, she thinks as she see Miyuki crying. I couldn’t protect you two. I’m still  powerless. Exactly like at this time…

The Kidnapper orders to the 5 men to release her while he’s still playing with her knife. This is when Sayaka regrets she hasn’t call the police.

‘’It’s so kind of you to take a knife here. I wonder what expression I’ll see in your face if you see your little sister die with the arm you take. Will you be hurt ? Will you feel remorse ? Guilty ?’’

He’s now close to Yuuka and still playing with the knife. He squat in front of the terrified teenager.

‘’You’re a Yamamoto too after all. You have to suffer too.’’

Then, he push Sayaka’s knife in her sister’s stomach. Yuuka screams in pain and her face takes a horrible expression. Sayaka doesn’t even have the strength to yell or beg the men to stop. She can only cry bitter tears of powerlessness. She can’t even close her eyes to not see it.

The entrepot door opens in a big noise, surprising everybody. The kidnapper stand up with a suspicious look. Sayaka can hear someone’s walk. Only one person. But she doesn’t have the strength to turn to see who is it. She just hopes it’s not a bad person.

The man laugh when he finally recognize who is it.

‘’Look who we have here. Yokoyama’s clan heir in person ! So Yokoyama’s clan doesn’t like when we hunt their prey ? That’s it Yokoyama Yui ?’’

Sayaka freeze. How can Yui be here ? Why is she even here ? And again this Yokoyama clan. If the man is right, they are her parents assassin. And Yui would be related to them ? She would be their heir ? No, that’s just impossible. This man is crazy. Nothing he says is the reality. So why Yui doesn’t deny him ?

‘’Yokoyama’s clan has nothing to do with it.’’ The newcomer says and it’s really Yui’s voice. ‘’those people are under my protection and you will regret you have hurt them.’’

‘’Hahaha, really ? It’s what we’ll see Yokoyama. You five, kill her.’’

The five men surround Yui while she finally can be seen by Sayaka. She wears a long red kimono wich cover only one shoulder. In her right arm, there is a kataa and in her left shoulder a majestic dragon is tatooed, symbol of a Yakusa boss. It’s the first time Sayaka see Yui’s tatoo. So Yui really is a Yakuza. Is really her clan who killed her parents ? Isn’t the man as crazy as he looks like ? Words Yui says to Sayaka before the battle start aren’t reassuring :

‘’After this, we’ll have to talk Sayaka.’’

Yui has always looked like a sweet and weak person to Sayaka’s eyes. Never she see her been angry or fight against someone. But reality is very different than what Sayaka believed anyway. Yui is really able to get mad  and her madness is really scary. And Yui isn’t weak. She’s way stronger than Sayaka. In a 1 vs 5 battle where Sayaka only last 5 minutes, Yui has no problem to take the advantage. 2 men are already defeated and the 3rd one let go his knife and gun. Yui’s fight is beautiful, elegant and as her face shows : serious.

While following Yui’s fight, Sayaka see her sister. Her respiration is difficult and she keeps loose lot of blood. By her side, her kidnapper is still here, following the battle too. Sayaka does’nt want to see her sister die. She doesn’t want to be that powerless one more time. So she use her last energy to reach her sister. After stand up with lot of difficulties, she walk to her sister. But the man see her and after a moment of reflection, he repulse her with his foot.

 ‘’Don’t come close !’’

But Sayaka stand up again and try to come close again. But everytime the man reject her. Yui has now only one enemy left. When she see the talk between Sayaka and the man, she ends her fight quickly. She runs to the man and puch her katana in his stomach, ending his life.

Sayaka can finally reah Yuuka. She’s still alive but lost lot of blood. Her lips are dry and her skin more white as ever. Sayanee release her and take her in her arms trying to stop the haemorrhage. She keeps repeating ‘i’m sorry’ while she rock her sister. She doesn’t want to loose her but she can’t do anything. One more time, she’s useless, she thinks while her tears roll on her cheeks.

During this time, Yui verify Miyuki. She released her and treat her injury as best as she can. She takes her phone now and call someone. At first, Miyuki though she’s calling an ambulance but when Yui speaks to the person, she understand this is one of her man. Whe Yui finished her call, she speaks to the others :

‘’Men who are under my orders will come to clean this place and treat you. You’ll have to take few days off.’’ Yui’s tone is fromal but soon it become more reassuring. ‘’Don’t worry, everything is finished now. I’m taking care of the rest. I’m sorry for coming this late… I have some explications to give you but it’s better to wait you’re in better condition first.’’

After this, everything is like Yui said. Men come and take care of the 3 girls. They are treated during few days before Sayaka and Miyuki come back home. Yuuka’s state is worse and she’s transfered to an hospital. Everyday, Sayaka visits her. She didn’t come back to school, in contrary to Miyuki. When she come back home after school, Miyuki cooks for both of them but Sayaka refuse to eat correctly and to speak to her. She locks herself in her room and refuse anybody to come in. So Miyuki have to sleep on the sofa. But Milky doesn’t care, she knows it’s a hard time to Sayaka and that the short haired girl needs some time. She only obligate Sayaka to eat a little bit to keep her in ‘good health’ even if it’s hard to says Sayaka is in good health.

In the other hand, Yui disappeared. One day, she encounter Miyuki and tell her she’ll come back when she finished what she have to do. At shcool, a large number of rumors are spreading since the president and the vice-president of the student’s council are absent but none of them are even close to the reality. Lot of students had also questionning about it to Miyuki but she just pretends to know nothing.

One more time, Miyuki had buy some food before coming home and one more time she found Sayaka locked in her room, refusing to go outside.

‘’Sayaka, eat a little I made ramens.’’

‘’Don’t want.’’

‘’Come on ! You have to eat ! If not, you’ll die.’’

‘’Then I’ll die. It might be better like that.’’

As usual, if she tries harder, Miyuki will succeed to make Sayaka eat a little. But this time, Miyuki doesn’t insist more. She tired and her injury still hurt her. She sit down her back against the door Sayaka refuse to unlock, the ramen bowl getting colder at her side.

‘’I don’t want you to die Sayaka.’’ She says softly.

There’s no answer but she makes sure to speak loudly enough for Sayaka to hear her.

 ‘’You know.’’ Continue Miyuki. ‘’At first I didn’t though we could even be friends. However you became the most important person in my eyes. I wanted to die, there was no more reason for me to be live in this world. But you gave me one. Now, I want to be the one who help you as you were the one who helped me. But I’m not as amazing as you and I don’t know what to do. If I’ll say ‘Don’t die’, will you stay alive ? If I’ll say you ‘Don’t live me alone’, will you stay with me ? I…’’

Tears blur her vision and doesn’t let her finish her sentence. She wipe them quickly, she doesn’t want Sayaka knows she’s crying. She has to be strong for Sayaka. On the other side of the door she can hear some snifiing.

 ‘’I don’t care to be injuried but I feel terribly guilty for putting you in danger.’’ Miyuki continue. ‘’I stayed powerless and couln’t do anything. I could just see you suffer. But you feel the same, right ? That’s why you’re locked in this room. Because you can’t face others.’’

She still hear Sayaka cry on the other side and haven’t any answer from her room-mate. She sigh and stand up :

‘’I let your ramens here, okay ? Eat it if you’re hungry. I’m going to watch the TV a little.’’

Miyuki gives a sad look to the closed door.

‘’Don’t die please.’’ She mumurs without Sayaka can hear her. ‘’I love you.’’

Around one hour later, Miyuki’s still watching the TV. Her eyes are red because of tears but the idiot and absolutly japanese emission she’s watching succeed in calming her. She’s not really listening but the video is enough to make her smile. Then, Miyuki hears the room’s door sound but she doesn’t dare to give it a look. She doesn’t want Sayaka see she was crying. The guitarist entered the room with the ramen bowl still full in her hand. Miyuki is a little disappointed she hasn’t eat it but Sayaka put it in the micro-wave. When it’s hot, she comes in the sofa next to Miyuki. The sweet girl gives a look to Sayaka who’s watching with lot of attention the TV screen. She really looks bad, she has bigs undereye bags under her red eyes because of all the crying. She eat slowly the ramen cup without saying anything. When she’s done, she put the bowl on the table in front of her and keep her concentration on the TV. Or it was what Miyuki believed until Sayaka mumurs to her :

 ‘’I love you too.’’

At first, Miyuki isn’t sure she has heard it well so she stares to Sayaka looking for the slightest hint in her face. At the end, it her blushing cheeks which betray her while she prentends to be really interested by the TV show. Miyuki comes closer to Sayaka, with a little smile on her lips.

‘’Excuse me ?’’ she asks with an innocent look. ‘’I couldn’t hear…’’

‘’It’s nothing’’ answers Sayaka with a cold tone while her cheeks bush even more.

‘’I want you to say it~’’

 ‘’IsaidIloveyou.’’ Repeats Sayaka quickly.

‘’Mou~ You speak to fast.’’ Miyuki tease her.

‘’I LOVE YOU !’’

Miyuki wasn’t exected Sayaka to say it this loudy. She wasn’t expected the black heaired girl to give her such a intense look. It’s now Miyuki’s turn to blush really hard. But she recovers quickly. After all, she’s Watanabe Miyuki, the girl with the most experience in the whole high school when it comes to love relashionships. She can’t be this much affected by a simple ‘I love you’ she had already heard so much times before. But it’s not a simple ‘I love you’. It’s Sayaka’s one. The one Miyuki never though she can’t hear, the one she gives up on ever recieve it.

To cut her though, Miyuki leans toward Sayaka and captures her lips. But Sayaka doesn’t give her kiss back and she retreats disappointed. Didn’t Sayaka says she love her ? Why doesn’t she answers to her kiss.

Her though a cut quickly as Sayaka’s lips touch hers one more time. But this time it’s not Miyuki who initiates it. Sayaka’s lips are rough and her kissi s clumsy but for Miyuki it’s the best kiss she ever had.

This time, Miyuki doesn’t sleep on the sofa but in Sayaka’s bed, in Sayaka’s arms. And for the first time since the incident, the two room mates sleep without a nightmare.

The next day, Sayaka comes back to school. She’s still in bad condition and had lost lot of weight. She can’t concentrates in class too and teachers always tell her to listen. All day she also have to face all the questions of her comrades but she avoids it and run away everytime she can. All day, she didn’t speak to Miyuki and the girl couldn’t help but worry about their relationship. Is Sayaka regreting ? Even if she knows she’s not the main preocupation of the guitarist, for the moment she just can’t stop herself to think Sayaka has in reality no feelings for her. Fortunately, she’s reassured when on the way back home, Sayaka kisses her suddenly.
Few days after, Yuuka can finally quit the hospital and go back living in Sayaka’s house. The eldest Yamamoto had finally called her grand parents to tell then Yuuka is with her and will stay for few time. She doesn’t tell them about the man and the 5 others. She had no news of Yui but life slowly come back to normal and the three teenagers recover step by step of their physical and moral injuries. Yuuka lost her vitality, she spends the whole day in the appartment doing nothing. Sometimes she can be find lying down on the sofa only staring at the ceiling for hours. She also speaks a lot to her parents who’s pictures are on the little altar in their memory. The only times she recover her energy is when she teases Sayaka and Miyuki about the two going out together.

-------TO BE CONTINUED-------

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter ! Don't hesitate to let a comment, it's really cheering me up to continue this fanfic  :bow:
I didn't realise it before, but this chapter is so short, sorry !
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Re: Pride (Sayamilky) [29/10/19 Chap 4/5] + OS
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Finally they are together

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Re: Pride (Sayamilky) [22/12/19 Chap 5/5] + OS
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Hey !
I'm finally here with the last chapter of my fic "PRIDE". Thanks you all who followed this fic!
I'm sorry it takes me some times to finally post this chapter and it's still really short...
Hope you guys enjoyed this fic and don't hesitate to let a comment^^

PRIDE: The truth

Yui came back to school a month mater but during the whole day she avoid Sayaka and Miyuki. At the end of the class, she didn’t come to the student council meeting with Sayaka and left the school before Sayaka can stop her. After the student council meeting the short haired student can go home. When she finally open her apartment’s door, she can smell a good odor of food.  Because it does smell really good she let her feet guide herself at the kitchen, letting her bag and coat fall in the sofa. In the kitchen she find Yuuka, Miyuki and… Yui. The three of them are making their own part of the food. When Miyuki find Sayaka, she let her knife and come to kiss her girlfriend who hug her quickly before turn her eyes at her best friend. Yui smiles softly:

 ‘’I know you have lot of questions but first let us finish this curry special WataYokoYamamoto.’’

Sayaka wants to say something but Miyuki doesn’t let her :

‘’Set the table for four persons please. It’s the best thing you can do if we want to save this curry.’’

Sayanee grumble something but do as Miyuki ask her. When the curry is ready, the four girls start the meal. This curry is delicious and Sayaka hope there’s more WataYokoYamamoto collaborations. When the curry has almost entirely disappeared, Yui starts:

‘’I owe you some explainations’’

Silence is made and the three others exchanges some gazes. How to start?

 ‘’Yokoyama-san, you’re a Yakusa?’’ finally ask Miyuki.

‘’My father is Yokoyama’s clan Oyabun and I’m his successor. He told me about our family the day of my forteen.’’

‘’Why you didn’t tell me anything?’’ says Sayaka.

‘’At this time, I didn’t have enough courage to tell you this. Lot of people hate the yakuzas and I was afraid I could loose my only friend. Then, your parents died and it was my clan’s fault. You were so bad at this moment, I couldn’t say you such a thing.’’

‘’Why they had to die? Why your clan killed them?’’

Yui doesn’t answer anything, she hesitates, her eyes avoids her friends’s one. By her side Miyuki doesn’t feel at her place so she uses the silence to clear the table and left.

‘’I suppose I’m going to walk a little.’’

 ‘’No stay.’’ Sayaka stops her. ‘’You were caught too, you have the right to know.’’

Miyuki really wants to leave. She doesn’t care if she doesn’t know anything but she can see in her girlfriends eyes that Sayaka only wants some support so she sit by her side waiting Yui speak again. But it’s not Yui but Yuuka who speaks first:

‘’This man said the truth. He was surely crazy but all he said about our parents were the truth.’’


 ‘’I was in shock too when I first find about it. They were so kind with us, they couldn’t be bad people, right? But the truth is their laboratory had illegals activities. They made experimentations with human guinea pigs. This man and his 5 friends could be one of those guinea pigs. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t want to! But I had all the evidences in front of me. Ah… I wish I never find this box… There were everything. Guinea pig’s identities and experimentation’s details. After this, I couldn’t look at Oji-san and Oba-san so I left. It takes me one month before I came here. I slept in different hotels and when I have no more money, I slept outside. But I couldn’t live with this secret and you have the right to know so I came here. But I couldn’t tell you and the man finds us…’’

Silence come back in the room and all eyes are on Sayaka who seems totally lost. The three of them are worried about her reaction but at the end she stay calm:

‘’I don’t trust you. It’s impossible and absolutely incoherent.’’

‘’But it’s the truth.’’ Says Yui softly.

‘’I don’t want you to speak about truth when you lied to me about everything. I though I was close to you, I know you enough but you’re totally different from the Yui I knew.’’ Answer angrily Sayaka.

‘’’Sayaka! Keep calm!’’ intervene Miyuki. ‘’Yokoyama-san only wants to protect you. She didn’t do anything wrong.’’

 ‘’She didn’t do anything wrong? She knew my parents will be killed but she didn’t do anything!’’

‘’What do you know about that?’’ Now Yui is also angry. ‘’You don’t know anything about all the efforts I made to try to save them! If my father had find me, I wouldn’t be alive in this world now. But I haven’t enough influence and the only thing I obtained is you and your sister to be saved.’’

‘’You’ll better let us die then!’’



‘’It’s time for me to left now.’’ Says Yui before left the apartment.


‘’You’ve been too far Onee-chan. Yui-san try her best to save you and protect you. She always been here for you and It may have been hard for her too. You didn’t have the right to speak like this only because you don’t want to accept the reality.’’

Yuuka stands up and come back with a an heavy box.

‘’All evidences are here. Look at it when you’re ready. I’m going to sleep now.’’

After Yuuka left, Sayaka just stay in front of the box, unable to open it. She’s terrified to think everything could be true. Because if it’s the case, everything she know would be a liar. She can’t accept this. But on a other hand, she wants to know the truth.

While Sayaka hesitates, Miyuki clear the dish. She let some time to Sayaka, she doesn’t want to impose herself. When she have finished to tidy everything, she come back by Sayaka’s side.

 ‘’You don’t have to look at it now if you’re not ready.’’

‘’I have to. If not I can’t keep going.’’

Sayaka’s voice is broken, more than usual. It’s hard to talk for her, as if she try to contain her tears.

‘’You need to be alone.’’

Miyuki’s going to left when Sayaka grip her wrist.

‘’Stay.’’ Her voice is painful. ‘’Don’t let me alone.’’

Miyuki nods and sit by Sayaka’s side without let her hand go. Then Sayaka finally open the box. All evidences are here. With her free hand, Sayaka browse all the documents and the more she read, the more she tighten her grip on Miyuki’s hand. Milky stay quiet, reading documents with Sayaka. They didn’t say anything before Sayaka ended. Then she tidy all the files, close the box and stand up. Miyuki does the same and smiles to Sayaka:

‘’Let’s sleep now, okay?”

But one more time, Sayaka stops her. This time she hugs her tightly. Miyuki, surprised by the sudden action, takes some times to realize Sayaka is sobbing in her neck. Then, she hugs her girlfriend and calms her the same way Sayaka calmed her after meeting Miyuki’s father. Miyuki takes her girlfriend on the sofa. When she’s finally calm, Sayanee stay few times her face hidden in Miyuki’s neck. Maybe she doesn’t want Miyuki saw her like that. When she finally move it’s only to capture Miyuki’s lips. The kiss is deep and long. When Sayaka broke it because she can’t breathe anymore, she let her head rest on Miyuki’s shoulder, still hugging her in her arms.

‘’Don’t let me alone…’’

On the morning, when Sayaka and Miyuki wake up, Yuuka already left. It’s 9 AM and they already miss half of the first class. Furthermore it takes some times to Miyuki to convince Sayaka to go to school. She wants Sayaka to do her apologizes to Yui. At the end, they go to school for the 3rd class at 10:30 AM.

It’s only at 3 PM that Sayaka find the time and the courage to speak to Yui. But Yui isn’t in the classroom, in the library or in the students council’s room. It on the rooftop that Sayaka finally find her.

“Yui…” She calls her slowly.

Sayaka repeats again and again her apologizes in her head but when Yui looks at her she forget them immediately.

 ‘’Your cheek… What happened ?’’   

“Ah this?” Yui caress her cheek with her hand. “Haruka didn’t really appreciate that I let her for a whole month.”


“Girlfriend’s angriness is terrible Sayaka. You better never upset Miyuki.”

“Un…” Sayaka swallow. “Wait. Girlfriend? You’re really going out with this Haruka?”

Yui nods quite embarrassed. Then Sayaka takes her hands.

“That’s great! It’s been so long since you’re in love with her. I’m proud of you Yuihan!”

Sayanee hugs her bestfriend, congratulating her for the good news. But she remember the reason she came and release Yui.

“Ano Yui… About yesterday, I’m sorry. I was angry but I didn’t have to speak to you like that.”

“It’s okay. It’s hard for you, I understand. We will always be bestfriends, right?”

“Yui you’re the best!”

After the student council’s meeting, Sayaka come back home with Yui for the first time since 3 months. She accompany her until the café she works in. On their way, they talk like they were used to before all this happened, as if nothing happened. After this, Sayaka go home, passing by the street were she meets Miyuki. It’s been less than 4 months but her life already changed so much.

-----3 years after-----
She waves a last time at the crowd who’s cheering her before left the stage. She likes this feeling, standing here in the stage, in front of her fans she loves. Her guitar in her hands, she can’t help but smiles during those moments where all she loves are reunited around her.

Staff greets her behind the scene, thanking her and congratulating her. It’s been 3 years since that. Lot of things happened, happy times as hard times but she always go through all the trials. Now, Sayaka is a singer quite famous. She’s far from being the most famous in Japan and people usually doesn’t recognize her in the streets but she’s still quite popular, especially for the youngest. She’s busy by recording, repetitions, concerts, emission TV and radio but she can live her dream and never complain about that.

Miyuki’s also quite busy. She’s working as a model for fashion magazines and often makes apparitions in TV shows. Sayaka and her are still together but they have to hide it from the media if they want to protect their both careers. They always have to take care when they go out together, for a date or else and can’t do anything like a couple unless they’re in the apartment they share. 

Yuuka worked hard to retakes their parent’s laboratory. It was always working, led by coworkers and friends of their parents and still making some terrible experimentations. After years, Yuuka succeed in takes the direction of the laboratory and stops all the experimentation. Now it becomes a real laboratory without any illegal activities. 

Then Yui almost disapeared. She succeed her father as the Yakuza’s boss and takes the decision to avoid her friends. She wanted to protect them but as well protect herself. Because she knows that her friends can be her weakness. When she became the boss, she broke up with Paruru because she can’t live a normal life with her. It was a difficult decision for the both of them but at the end Paru let Yui go. Sometimes Yui still meets Sayaka, Miyuki and Paru, the for of them still have a good relationship but those meeting are always rare and short for everyone’s sake.

Things really changed a lot since high school but Sayaka is satisfied with the life she lives now. After the concert, she go to a bar with all musicians and staffs, as usual. That’s why it’s already 3 am when Sayaka come back home. Quietly, she takes off her clothes and changes in pajama before going in her bed. She can feel Miyuki’s warmth just by her side.

“You’re back…” says Miyuki with a sleepy voice while turning her body in Sayaka’s direction.

“You’re still awake.”

“I wanted to wait for you.”

“You didn’t have to..” Sayaka chuckles then she takes Miyuki in her arms and kiss her on the lips.

Miyuki always try to wait Sayaka when she have a concert. Most of the time she just fall asleep before but sometimes she’s still awake when Sayaka go in the bed. The guitarist will always complain about Miyuki not sleeping enough but even if she’ll never admit it, she finds this part of Miyuki really cute and loves this kind of attention.


Yeaaaaah I finished this fic !!! We learned the whole truth about Yui and Sayaka's family !
Hope you enjoyed this.
Thank you for reading !

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Finally you update. Wah I never wait so long for an update. This fic is the longest. Since you are done with this fic, why don't you write a new one. I'm waiting hehe.

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Finally you update. Wah I never wait so long for an update. This fic is the longest. Since you are done with this fic, why don't you write a new one. I'm waiting hehe.

---> Haha sorry for that... I was suite busy and kind of lost my motivation...
I don't know if I'll write a new fic, it takes me time, especially when I write in english a'd I don't have any good idea for the moment.
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