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Author Topic: Jube's OS Collection [140218 - Remnants of Summer (NagiUha) ]  (Read 15319 times)

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Jube's OS Collection [140218 - Remnants of Summer (NagiUha) ]
« on: February 01, 2016, 05:39:43 PM »
I just have to write this. One moment I was listening to SEKAI NO OWARI song called 'Fushichou' and suddenly *POP* the idea came out just like that. It has gone a lot more complex than I initially thought though... ha ha.

For starter, the setting of this fanfic is set in a post-apocalyptic world. And warning: THIS FANFIC WILL BE DARK. No, really. The amount of gore and heart-breaking moment will be higher in this one compared to my previous fanfics here. The first part is very light, but I guess I'll release my limiter for once and see what happen... *smirk*

Anyways, enjoy~

~Project: Fushichou - part one ~


You're the perfect creation invented by humanity
And the only differences between us
Is that you are immortal

One day at the start of summer   
I think I've fallen in love with you


Kitagawa Ryouha could still remember that day.

The day when she first met her, and the day where she was enchanted by that wondrous sight.
Everything was still fresh in her memories; the pure white wall, the endless hallway, the soft fabric of the toy dog she tightly held in her arms and the sound of her own footsteps echoing within the empty room.

“…papa?” Her voice called out nervously. “Papa, where are you…?”

There was no answer; only a whirr of machinery echoed from somewhere behind the wall and the girl flinched, quickening her steps. She was around six years old back then, and she had remembered coming to her father’s workplace before getting lost in this maze-like corridor. Her father was a scientist, you see. A very smart yet so busy scientist it seemed. And this place was his laboratory.

Being a genius scientist her father was rarely at home, and it made the girl kinda frustrated to find that her father tend to spend more time with his experiment rather than herself. That, double with the fact that she only had her father as her family, brought her to the very situation she was currently in. To make it simple, the little girl was lonely. She was getting lonely at home so with all the silly reasoning her young mind could think of she decided to give her father a little surprise visit. But something of a problem happened.

“Papa… Ryouha is scared…”

The girl sobbed and hugged her doll tighter, her eyes darting around the room to find any familiar scenery. She had visited the lab a few times of course, so she assumed she had remembered the route all the way to his office, but she never remembered anything quite like this corridor. Did she take a wrong turn somewhere? Why are there no windows around? Why the walls are all metal and look the same? With each question that popped in her head she went more and more scared. The only thing she could do was keep walking and hoped that someone would notice her in one of the security cameras, if there’s any. She couldn’t find anything like that around unlike the other parts of the lab, but she tried to assure herself that they’re probably hidden somewhere.

As Ryouha continued her walk she was finally met with a dead end in a form of a thick steel wall. 

The wall was dyed in white, much like the other walls. The only thing that made this wall looked special was the mysterious red marking on its surface and a blue orb around the size of her head that was planted in the middle. The orb resembled that of a camera lens and was making a constant beeping. Perhaps she could contact someone through this? The girl approached it carefully.

No response.

“I-is anybody…there?”



The mechanical voice startled the little girl and she took a few steps away, watching as the orb blinked just like a makeshift eye. The artificial eye focused its attention to her.




A hatch opened on the nearby wall beside her, startling her once again.
“Uh, no. I was lost and—“


The machine flatly repeated and the girl fidgeted nervously. What should she do now? She turned her attention to the hatch, finding a mark that resembled an open palm. She knew that mark. Her father and the other scientists used it to open doors by putting their hand above it, but there’s no guarantee it would work the same way for her. Oh, Ryouha might still be a six years old back then but she wasn’t stupid. That mark was made as a security system, letting only the one with matching ‘identification data’ to enter a specific area. Her father had given her access to various parts of the lab though, so she could only hope that this one included. At least if this one didn’t match the alarm would activate and her father would realize.
Ryouha took a deep breath, gathering her courage. Here goes nothing… She tapped the cold metal with her finger once before putting her whole right hand over it. There was no response, and the blue orb only gave her another blink. She sighed. But then, another robotic voice came out.


A ring like contraption shot out as soon as the voice died out, locking itself tightly around her wrist.



The ring let out a whirr and started to move, pulling her hand with it. Something is wrong. The girl thought loudly in her head as she tried to shake her hand free. This was different from the usual procedure and it threw her into quite a panic. She pulled and pushed and kicked with all her might, but her attempt to free her hand was in vain; the grip was too strong and she could felt two more rings pressing against her skin to keep her arm in place. What is this? I’m scared… That was the only thing left in Ryouha’s mind as she heard a loud click, finding that her whole arm had been inserted into the mechanism.


The girl yelped, feeling a quick sharp pain from somewhere around her wrist.



The machine let out another whirr, before opening wide and releasing her hand. She fell to her knees, sobbing and gripping her wrist that was throbbing in pain. A cut that resembled a needle mark was there and she was bleeding slightly. It hurts… What just happened? Papa, where are you? I’m scared. I’m scared. But Ryouha instantly closed her eyes, trying to push away that thought. There’s no point in crying, she assured herself, no point at all. She had known the hard way that crying never solved anything. The girl sobbed once more and lifted her head, trying to study her surrounding, and what she saw afterwards quickly erased the lingering fear inside her.

“What…is this?”

What she saw beyond the door was a place blanketed in colorful lush and green grass, with all the plants and trees she’d never seen before. She shakily stood, staring at the blue sky that stretched as far as her eyes could see, and stepped inside the area with eyes filled with awe. The air was light and easy to breath, and the sun was soft against her skin. A small smile tugged on her lips and she quickened her steps, hugging her discarded doll with both arms as she walked deeper into the vicinity.

The place looked just like the one she saw in one of her story books, so bright and so colorful unlike the dull concrete buildings and gray murky sky she saw her whole life. The said book was one of her favorite among the many books her father gave her, the one she always read whenever she was lonely waiting for his return. What was it again, the title of the book… The girl mulled for a while. Oh yeah.

[David and The Phoenix]

The story was rather simple. A little boy found a huge mountain by his new home and decided to climb it on a whim, and as soon as he reached the summit he was met by the wondrous phoenix. The phoenix was hurt from being chased by an evil scientist, so the boy decided to help it and they both went on an adventure together, running and hiding from the scientist all the while.

She giggled as she remembered the silly yet heart-warming story. It was a bit of an irony though, that the book she loved had a scientist as the villain while her own father was a scientist himself. She wondered if her father didn’t realize it when he bought it; maybe because he always bought a whole lot for her without thinking too much of the content. She shrugged off the thought and started walking again. After a few more walk she found a little stream by the ground and she crouched, her attention caught by the little creatures swimming inside the clear water. Oh, she knew these creatures; she had read about them in one of her books. If she’s not mistaken they’re called ‘fish’. So this is how the real ‘fish’ looked like, how cute. She let out a soft laugh.

     Oh, phoenix, please grant me immortality

The girl blinked as she heard a voice in the distance, turning her attention away from the fishes.

     I won't be scared of anything as long we're together

…a song? Where did it come from? She stood, trying to find the source of that peaceful melody.

     And if you aren't somewhere in that place called ‘heaven’

She pushed through the thick bushes, finding the voice grew clearer as she walked toward its direction.

     I’ll stay in this world and become immortal with you

And it was then that Ryouha met her.

Sitting there above a rock was a girl, her white sleeveless dress trailing behind her as she draw her knees against her chest. A white metallic collar circled around her neck, giving out a soft glow as it glistened under the sun. She looked as if she was in her late teen, her black wavy hair flowing just past her shoulder, her eyes closed as she hummed the tune quietly under her breath. The girl let out a soft sigh as she finished the last verse of the song, opening her eyes to reveal her jet black eyes that seemed to gaze blankly into nothingness. 

Time felt as if it has stopped back then, and Ryouha didn’t know how long she had been watching the mysterious girl in silence like that. She shook herself back to reality. Who is that girl? Ryouha never saw her before and she didn’t seem like one of the scientists. Curiosity got the better of her and she took a step closer, but as soon as she did that the mysterious girl flinched, snapping her head toward her. Ryouha froze, staring back into the emotionless yet gentle face.

“Unknown specimen detected.”

The girl stood, leaping down the rock and approaching her slowly. Her bare feet didn’t make any sound as she walked through the grass, as if she was weightless or was floating slightly above the ground.

“Please confirm your identity.”

Ryouha didn’t answer, her eyes wide and mouth slightly agape as she found that she couldn’t form any coherent words. Whether it was awe or fear or something else, Ryouha didn’t understand. It’s just that she was paralyzed, staring at the mysterious girl that was towering before her. The girl blinked and tilted her head; her emotionless face stayed the same but there’s seemed to be a bit of confusion in her eyes. Ryouha gulped. The girl was a lot taller than she imagined, but as soon as she thought of that the girl crouched down to match her height, her dark eyes locked on her as if searching for something. Without a warning the girl suddenly snatched her right hand, much to Ryouha’s surprise.

“Blood.” The girl blinked again, raising the injured hand to her eye level to examine the cut, and Ryouha bit her lip, feeling the pain returning to her body.

“Open wound confirmed. Calculating the best possible action. Intiating procedure.”

The girl’s flat mechanical tone was so different from her previous singing, but Ryouha didn’t have time to think about it as she saw the girl biting down on her own forefinger, drawing out some blood. Ryouha was taken aback from the shocking action but the girl’s strong grip kept her in place, and she could only watch as the girl dropped her blood over the wound. Their blood mixed and dissolved into one, and suddenly Ryouha felt that the pain on her right wrist had completely disappeared. The girl released her hand and Ryouha stared at her healed wrist with renewed awe. The cut on the girl’s finger had also gone without a trace and she returned to her full height.

“Operation complete. Analyzing the next step of action.”

“U-umm…” The girl blinked, seemingly surprised to hear Ryouha talked.

“T-thank you.”


Ryouha was met by another blank stare, and the girl didn’t answer for a while, as if trying to find the right words to say.
“Unidentified error detected.”


“Warning. A matching response can’t be found— “Ryouha! Stay away from her!!”



Warm. Something warm splattered onto Ryouha’s face and she reached her hand to touch it, but before she could see what it was someone pulled her into a strong hug.

“Close your eyes. Close your eyes and keep walking.”

It was her father. She wouldn’t mistake his voice and the strong smell of antiseptic of his lab coat anywhere. The little girl nodded and did as she was told, clenching her father’s coat as she felt his arm around her shoulder. She could hear another whirr of machinery, followed by some cold robotic voice.




Ryouha tried to peek through her father’s lab coat, finding the green grass had somehow turned into a deep shade of red. She had a speculation of what it was, if that redness was produced by the same warm liquid that currently covered her face, but she quickly dismissed the stray thought because it made her feel sick. She closed her eyes tightly once again, letting her father guide her steps until they had hit another metal floor. The grip around her shoulder disappeared.

“Release your doll.” 

She obeyed the order without a second thought and felt a wet towel against her face afterwards, cleaning her from the mysterious warm liquid. She heard her father speaking to someone with a difficult language she couldn’t understand, before the man finally sighed.

“Alright. You can open your eyes now.”

And Ryouha did. Slowly, very slowly. The first thing she noticed was that she had returned to the room with pure white wall, her father standing in front of her with his hands buried in his lab coat. His face twisted in a mix of shock, anger, and disappointment. The little girl looked away.

“Ryouha. What are you doing here?”

“I-I… I…”

Ryouha found her tongue had gone numb again, and she shrunk under his gaze. Her father let out another sigh.

“Very well, you don’t need to answer. It doesn’t matter anymore.”


“Your arrival did help to identify a flaw in the security system. That alone is enough.”

In the end it’s like that again. He never cared as long as what she does didn’t interfere with his work. Ryouha clenched her skirt, raising her eyes from the ground to find her father typing on the monitor by the wall. His brown eyes that looked exactly like hers were stone cold as usual.

“Um, Papa…”

“Yes?” He answered quickly, his eyes didn’t even bother to leave the monitor. Ryouha gripped her skirt tighter, gathering her courage.

“That girl… who is she?

The man came into an abrupt stop, his fingers hovered slightly above the screen and his eyes widened. Ryouha felt another rush of panic as he glanced at her with an expression she couldn’t decipher, and she instinctively turned her gaze away.

“So you have been entranced by her as well.”


“Follow me, Ryouha.”

Ryouha had expected the usual ‘classified’ answer, so hearing her father responded that way was a surprise to her. She gave a quick nod, switching into a little run to match her father’s long stride. They passed some more metallic doors on their way, which the little girl noticed was thicker than all of her thickest books combined, until they arrived in a room with a huge glass window on its one side. She saw her father planted his right hand on the glass surface, a strange look of longing in his eyes, and the girl followed suit, turning her own attention to the huge window.

It’s her.

A strange shiver struck her and Ryouha planted her both palms hard against the window, seeing the previous girl she met washing her face by the nearby stream. A patch of red was still left by her right cheek and the girl wiped it off casually with the back of her hand, before turning her attention somewhere else.

   “Project: Fushichou.”

Ryouha glanced at her father as she heard that, a part of her was still slightly mesmerized.

"The undying bird. The artificial being that holds the key to immortality.”

She saw her father trembled and clenched his right hand into a fist.

“It is still far from stable and there hasn’t been any clue regarding its regenerative ability, but I can assure you this.” He turned to her with a smile, something that Ryouha hardly ever seen on his face.

That creature carries the hope of all human races. The thread that will connect us to the future.”

Project… Fushichou…

Ryouha turned her face toward the window again, watching as the girl shook her head to dry off her wet hair. The girl blinked and glanced at her direction. Their eyes unconsciously met.

Ryouha flinched, a strange feeling of nervousness downed her.

“Do not worry,” She heard her father said. “This is a one-way mirror so she wouldn’t be able to see us.”

The statement calmed her a little, but still, the girl’s jet black eyes kept themselves locked at her direction. As if she could truly saw her standing behind the window.

Ryouha clenched one hand above her chest, trying to calm her rapid heartbeat. She didn’t know the meaning of that complex emotion by then, but she could understand one thing; a desire that even a little girl like her would never mistake.

She didn’t care whether the girl was an artificial being or something that carried the hope of humanity.

She just wanted to meet her again, one more time...


Oh Phoenix, please grant me immortality
I won't be scared of anything
And as long as we can be together

I will become immortal with you in this hell

Project: Fushichou // END OF PART ONE
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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part one]
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I like the first part of the story and looking forward to the continuation :thumbsup
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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part one]
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OMG This looks so good!!! I can't wait for more!!! >w<

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part one]
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Yooo, this is good! Update soon, alright? :D :thumbup

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(OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Two]
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Hello and thanks for reading part one. Here's part two everyone~

Don't say I didn't warn you...

~Project: Fushichou - part two ~


In this universe invented by God it is said that
Every being given life will someday die
But since you're created by humanity

Does it mean we can't go to heaven together?


Half a century ago the earth had gone into a state of brink destruction.

Forests were cut down, water gone polluted with dangerous chemical, and the air was covered in smokes and residual gases from numerous machinery. This slow yet inevitable corruption reached the peak when humans started to set their sight in nuclear energy. A little leakage and slight carelessness led into a huge catastrophe, and now ninety-percent of the earth had turned into uninhabitable zone for all living creatures. In this devastating state humans thought of a new plan of survival. Borrowing the knowledge and technology they gained in price of this destruction they constructed an isolated area for them to live, shutting themselves behind steeled walls and suffocating domes that didn’t even let a puff of air from the outside to enter.

The world had fallen into a post-apocalyptic era.

And Kitagawa Ryouha was born in such world.

Having seen the artificial environment since her childhood she never knew about the destruction the earth had suffered. It was, until she accidentally found that secret facility deep inside her father’s laboratory. The hidden utopia where a certain creature resided.

Ever since that day Ryouha was haunted by the mesmerizing sight. She asked her father to tell her more about that place and about that girl she met back then, but her father would always avoid the subject. She kept asking and asking and asking, until one day her father did something she could never forget.

The man brought her to a part of the lab, showing her the place where they stowed away some specimens. You know, like those you saw in Biology class, where frogs or rats being preserved inside a jar with formalin, only bigger. And it wasn’t frog inside. Ryouha remembered the event very well, as well as the horror she felt back then. She remembered every word, every gesture.

“That place, you see, is something that civilians should never know about.

Wait, that’s a bit incorrect.

I was tasked to make sure that no civilians know about it.”

The man tapped the jar and stared at her coldly, their brown eyes mirrored each other.

“You understand don’t you, Ryouha?”

It was warning, she knew. That if she didn’t keep quiet she’d be the one ended up inside that jar next. And somehow she knew that he wouldn’t even hesitate when the time come.

Since then Ryouha stopped asking her father about the girl, or maybe she had stopped speaking with him at all. But it didn’t mean she had given up. She decided to search about that girl herself. She searched far and wide, through news and rumors and even gossips, going as far as sneaking to her father’s study whenever she got the chance. The more she searched the more she realized that something was wrong. The history of the world prior to 50 years ago had vanished. Neither her friends nor the teachers at her school knew about it, or they hid it purposely for some reason, the girl didn’t know for sure. In the end she resorted to antique bookstores where she could sometimes find remnants of literatures from the old world, spending most of her times there.

As years passed she finally learned about the cruel reality; about the earth and the true devastating state humanity was in. But even then, she couldn’t find any trace about that girl. She had heard, of course, about the mystical bird called Phoenix and the many legends revolving around it, but as they said, it was nothing but a legend. In the end she concluded that the only way to find out was to return to that place again. So the girl started to study.

She studied hard, day-in and day-out, so that she could impress her father and finally joined his circle. She knew that her father valued knowledge and intellectual pursuit more than anything so she did just that. Bio-chemistry, Neurosciences, Mathematics; she studied them all without a day break, ignoring all the wicked stares she got from people around her. Granted, she was gifted with intelligence that might rival her father and with that she quickly rose to the top of her school.

And now, at the age of sixteen,
she was known as the next genius scientist that would carry out the legacy of her father.

“But alas, it was quite a surprise.” A man in the middle of his forties said as he packed his belongings.

“You used to be so absorbed in fairytales back in the days. To think that you would grow up to be a fine scientist—”

“People change, dad.” Ryouha plainly said as she helped her father stuffing his suitcase. “People change…”

“But not much on the inside.”
Ryouha narrowed her eyes, watching as her father tossed his loaded suitcase to his robotic assistant.

“Now I believe I have to catch my train by an hour. I’ll be leaving Japan for a month or so and I trust you can manage the regulation of the lab in my absence?”

“…is that a rhetorical question?”

“My, your tongue seems to have developed a pleasant deal of sharpness.”

Her father said that with his usual flat tone, but Ryouha could sense a huge deal of sarcasm behind his words. She couldn’t suppress her glare anymore and she crossed her arms, hinting that it’s almost time for the man to leave. He shrugged and started walking, stopping by the front door for a while to glance at his only daughter.

“And you used to be so sad whenever I left...”

“You will miss your train, ‘professor’.”

She strongly put an emphasis at each syllable, and the man stared back at her with a hint of disappointment in his face.

“Well then,” He gave her a nod. “I’ll see you in a month.”


Ryouha huffed, feeling relieved that her father had left. So he finally showed fatherly affection, now that she’d proven to be useful to his research? Ha, what a bad joke. It made her want to puke. The girl shook her head, trying to push away the unproductive thought. She glanced at the clock by the wall.


The lab’s operating hour usually ended at 8 o’clock but it wouldn’t be a problem to her. Most of the lab was funded from her father’s research, and as the one to inherit his place she had gained almost the same level of authorization as him. The only project she couldn’t access was one.

“Project: Fushichou…”

She whispered the name quietly under her breath.

It was a hidden project led by her father, an experiment of highest priority only known to the higher-ups of the country. Nothing was known to the public; what kind of activities was conducted and for what reasons, the information remained confidential even among the scientists. But of course, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t find any trace of it.

She had found that the project actually started from a mere accident, when one of the subjects from Xenotransplantation Project showed something of an unexpected behavior. Xeno-project started around the same time when the Great Catastrophe happened. Back then a strange disease was spread among the humans, deteriorating their organs and brought death to a huge number of populations. The number of recipients greatly surpassed the number of donors available, and the scientists were forced to find another way of gaining healthy working organs. It was then that they thought of something.

What if there’s a being where we can harvest organs without a mean of rejection?

What if we create that being ourselves?

Those simple thoughts gave birth to everything.

Xeno-project was conducted under the process of creating artificial creature from humans’ stem cells, then transplanting their organs to human recipients. The subject was brain-dead and supposed to cease all functions once their organs are taken, thus complaints about human-rights whatsoever were rarely heard since they were not considered ‘alive’ in the first place. However there was a strange form of mutation in one of the subjects. That very subject showed a sign of heart activity where it shouldn’t have and soon regenerated its lost organs in a mean of seconds. The reason was not known and the fact that the subject slowly gained a sense of awareness truly baffled the scientists. Following that shocking discovery, the subject was moved into a new facility right away for further research. From there, Project: Fushichou started.

It was her father who gave name to the project, Ryouha discovered, and she was a bit puzzled when she first found out. Perhaps her father had really read that storybook he gave her and decided to name the project after it.

“Who is the one absorbed in fairytale now?”
Ryouha mumbled it quietly as she entered the password by the computer, opening the huge steel door of the lab. She had perfectly remembered the way around the lab now and she walked down the corridor to the underground maze where got lost back when she was still six. The place didn’t change at all, whether the white wall or the red marking or the blue orb, everything was still the same like she remembered them. A nostalgic robotic voice greeted her.



Everything felt just like a déjà vu as she put her hand over the hatch and the machine took her blood sample. Suddenly she felt like becoming a little girl all over, and the sensation of nervousness she felt long ago returned. She took a deep breath, stepping inside the area as soon as the door opened wide. From her observation the underground facility was probably around 1km in radius, and if she looked around it wouldn’t even take an hour until she found the girl, but as she walked deeper into the area, her nervousness slowly changed into something else. She noticed that the place wasn’t as beautiful as it used to; there were traces of broken trees and blood was splattered all over the place. Ryouha covered her mouth, trying to hold in the nauseating feeling. She’s used to seeing blood but this amount was just ridiculous.

“…that old man…what kind of sick experiment had he been conducting?”

She silently cursed, trying to ignore the blood as she continued her search, but then she noticed something in the distance. A human figure, dressed in white and a speck of red, its head lolling to one-side as if broken. The figure shook its head and swayed a bit, trying to regain a sense of balance, and then, it turned its jet black eyes toward the girl. Ryouha froze. She recognized that person; that blank stare and dark wavy hair.

It’s the Fushichou.

Ryouha lowered her hand from her mouth, trying to say a word, but before she could do anything a strange sensation hit her.

“Life-form detected.”

Eh? Ryouha gasped, feeling the air being cut out of her. She couldn’t breathe and there’s a sharp pain around her neck.


“Initiating extermination procedure.”

The girl was strangling her and Ryouha shakily raised her hands, trying to pry her strong grip off her neck. She could feel her legs dangling slightly above the ground and she started to feel faint.

“S…stop…” No response. Only the girl’s emotionless eyes staring blankly into hers.



The grip disappeared and Ryouha fell to the ground, coughing and gasping for air. What just happened? Was that the new defense mechanism her father devised? If it was, then why did she stop? Another emergency shutdown? Didn’t seem like it.

“You are…” The girl crouched, eyeing Ryouha intently as she spoke. She nodded.

“Identity confirmed.”


    “You are the unidentified specimen from ten years ago.”   

Ryouha blinked as she found the girl pointed at her calmly, her eyes didn’t show any doubt.


The girl only tilted her head, as if telling her that it was obvious, and Ryouha felt like chuckling. If her throat wasn’t in pain that is. Perhaps it was strange of her to say this in such situation but she couldn’t feel anything but happy right now. The stench of blood around her was unbearable and her neck hurt like hell, even then she was happy. It’s strange, isn’t it? But she didn’t care. If there’s one to blame she’d say that her father’s madness was probably genetic.

“Requesting medical report.”


“Was there any permanent damage?”

Ryouha did as she was asked, switching into a sitting position and letting out some random sound to test her vocal chords. There’s still some pain but it was functioning normally. The damage didn’t seem to reach her spinal cord nor her brain, too. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

“Understood. Calculating the next step—“

  --“Good evening, Fushichou.”

What? Ryouha flinched, darting her eyes around to find the source of the voice. She knew this voice. And that was the very reason she’d grown all alert.

  --“Today’s Hunting Session had ended quite well in my opinion.
   There is improvement in your physical performance and fight-or-flight judgment which I believe will satisfy the higher-ups.”

She could see a bit of static on the open space, before the image of her father flickered into existence. A hologram. Did he purposely leave it in his absence? Ryouha growled and waved her hand through the digital image, finding no response as it kept reading the result of the experiment. So it was one-way. That meant he wouldn’t be monitoring her each and every actions, but it was enough to prove that he didn’t trust her to run the lab on her own.

  --“As you can see I am currently not within the facility but no drastic changes will be made to the usual schedule.
   I had stored the necessary data in this holographic image and anything of physical situation will be handled by my daughter, Ryouha,
   who will be meeting with you tomorrow morning. Or perhaps she is already here?”

The two girls exchanged look, before Ryouha nudged her forehead in frustration. Tch, so that man had predicted my action… She glared at the hologram. Don’t get too cocky…

  --“Normally that session will be the end of today’s experiment, but…
   A new file was issued by the Japanese Ministry of Welfare regarding the new species found outside the dome.”

Another holographic image flickered beside them and Ryouha took a close look at it. The creature resembled what she believed to be a mix of armadillo and porcupine, with thick exterior shell that looked like spikes. It must be one of the mutated animals resulted from the Great Catastrophe, she thought.

  --“They need data regarding the poison it produces, whether it was lethal or not, and how human’s antibody will react to it.
   I believe it will also be necessary to test the speed of your regeneration against this new toxin.”

Ryouha narrowed her eyes as she heard that, and she quickly returned to her feet. She had a bad feeling about this.

  --“Now, let’s begin with the experiment.”

She could hear the familiar whirr of machinery from somewhere, followed by a robotic voice that started a 30-seconds countdown. The Fushichou stood.



“An unnecessary specimen is detected and might cause a hindrance to the experiment. Requesting a five minutes delay.

Ryouha snapped her head toward the girl. A part of her felt annoyed for being called an ‘unnecessary specimen’ but her rational mind couldn’t help but agree with that statement. It might as well be the only possibility to reason with her father. She saw the hologram image froze, as if analyzing the request, before she heard something she could never imagine of hearing.

Her father laughed.

  --“A request? A request!? My, how much intelligence have you accumulated~~”

He laughed so hard, so loud that Ryouha afraid it would shake the whole facility by itself.

  --“That was amusing~ But of course, dear Fushichou, there’s one thing you have yet to learn.”

And back then, staring at his crazed eyes, only one thing remained in her head.

  --“An experimental subject has no right to speak.”

          Aah… This man is a monster…


Ryouha covered her face as she felt the sudden gush of wind. She could hear two squishing sound, like the one she heard when squirting out a bottle of nearly empty tomato sauce, and she reopened her eyes. The Fushichou was there, one arm hung limply in front of her as two huge spikes pierced through it.


  --“Hmm, a form of Neurotoxin is it?”

The girl pulled the spikes off her arm, and Ryouha watched as the bare flesh regenerated flawlessly.


Another whirr of machinery. Ryouha looked around her in reflexes, trying not to panic. She had to calm down and analyze the situation. There were hatches opening from the ground and somewhere behind the trees, and from there a gun-like mechanism shot out. The spikes came from that gun. If she could find the way to disable those guns—


Eh? Ryouha glanced to her side, finding the Fushichou raising her voice.

“Target of shooting confirmed. Issuing command rules.” The seemingly older girl stared at her; her usually dulled eyes grew a bit sharp.

“One: Stay here; don’t move a single step.
Two: Do not interfere with the experiment.

Obeying these rules will ensure your safety.”

What? What is she…


The Fushichou ran out into the forest as the machine finished its monologue, and Ryouha could hear another countdown.


Another sickening sounds, and Ryouha closed her eyes.






This is wrong.

She had to stop this madness. NOW.

The girl pushed her shaky legs to run, ignoring the warning from the other girl as she reached for the nearest monitor and typing down on it rapidly. The mix of robotic voices and gurgling sounds entered her ears, over and over.


Ryouha bit her lip, trying to get her mind to focus on her task. A huge ‘ACCESS DENIED’ flared on the monitor and she cursed. She had to hack through this.


The foul stench of blood entered her nose and she slammed her fist to the wall, trying to distract herself from the smell.


She kept typing. Her brain spinning wildly that she couldn’t see anything else but numbers.


The robotic voice stammered and changed into a deafening static.




Ryouha fell to her knees feeling her legs had grown weak, her breath hitching. She tried to breathe normally through each gasps. This was the normal side-effects of adrenaline rush; there’s no need for her to panic and make matter worse. She tried to assure herself, wiping the cold sweat dripping down her forehead.

“…Fushichou…I need…to find her…”

She tried to ignore the dulling pain all over her body and started to walk, letting her legs guide her through the hellish sight. Her shoes made a muffled squelch every time they hit the ground, but she forced herself not to look down, because she knew her stomach wouldn’t be able to bear it. But something far more horrible was awaiting her.


Ryouha couldn’t hold it anymore and she threw up, groveling on the ground. The girl’s body was in disarray; countless spikes pierced through her and her blood oozed out constantly like a faucet. It was worse than those animals she found by the butcher. It was torture.

“…what…about this…is humanity’s hope?” She clenched her hand tightly.

“…what kind of future…are you seeking from this!?”

The girl hit her fist hard against the red ground, tears streamed down her face. This place was no heaven. It was just a farce; a cruel bird-cage decorated with beautiful gold lining. It had been like that from the start. It was always like that. But she didn’t realize. Even the dome where she lived all this time, it was just a bigger cage made by humanity. And she could do nothing about it.

“…damn it…just…what is this…” She closed her eyes tightly.



Ryouha gasped as she heard the voice. She lifted her head slowly.

“Experiment…over? Another…20 minutes…supposed to be…why?”

She saw the undying bird moved her hand groggily, pulling out a spike from her throat.

“Speak…better…huh...?" Suddenly her body jolted, and she vomited more blood through her mouth.

"...death…15 seconds…regeneration…take time…poison…slowing down…”

She pulled out another spike, this time from her left eye. The girl blinked her restored eye as it regenerated.

“Sight…secured. Next…”


Ryouha gritted her teeth, pulling out the huge spike from the girl’s chest. Warm blood drenched the front of her shirt but she didn’t care. She kept pulling spikes after spikes, crying, trying hard not to vomit from the grotesque sight in front of her. The Fushichou only stared at her blankly through it all.

“You are interfering? Why?”

“…shut up…” She sniffed. “…or the wound will worsen.”

The injured girl tilted her head.

“I cannot die.”

Ryouha stared back at the girl’s emotionless face, glaring.


Her words put the Fushichou into silence, and Ryouha continued her treatment.

She’d get this girl out of this hellhole.

Even if the whole world was against her, even if that thing called humanity resented her.

Even if it takes her forever, she wouldn’t stop.

And if there’s really no place called ‘heaven’ out there, then—




Project: Fushichou // END OF PART TWO
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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Two]
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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Two]
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Ryoha fears but something will being her back although I wonder what the being will do when it does.
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(OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Three]
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Hello and thanks for reading up to part two. And here's part three for you all.  :D
A very light chapter if I must may, safe for some theory and all. And something about the blue feather that Ryouha mentioned is an excerpt from the original book "David and The Phoenix". In case you're confused, ha ha.
Oh, and this fanfic will end in five part by the way. So please sit tight until the ride is over~


~Project: Fushichou - part three ~


If this night filled with countless stars has never existed
Nobody will ever call the pure white world ‘day’
Likewise, I believe

There’s no such thing that has no end or beginning


A bad dream. A very bad bad dream.

If Ryouha could choose one word to describe what she had seen last night, she would undoubtedly said ‘nightmare’. In fact, that’s all she wanted it to be. A bad dream and nothing more. But the dulling pain on her right wrist said the opposite.


The girl tossed on her bed, switching to her side to look at the small bandaid on her wrist. The sight reminded her of the horrific scenery and she closed her eyes tightly, grabbing the little wound as she curled into a ball. She couldn’t remember how she managed to get back to her room; she recalled disposing her bloody lab coat and uniform by the dust bin but that’s all. Did anyone spot her by the street last night? Did she just walk around the neighborhood looking like that? She wasn’t sure. Probably nobody did as her house wasn’t that far from the lab. But in all actuality she didn’t really care. What concerned Ryouha wasn’t the fact that she might be suspected for homicide; it was the cruel experiment she witnessed and the very creature trapped within it all. She gripped her wrist tighter as the memories of that night resurfaced and she quickly pushed herself into a sitting position.

“…I have to save her.”

Ryouha walked across her room toward the bathroom. She took a glance at the clock.


She had thirty minutes until today’s shift started. If she did everything quickly she could finish arranging the lab’s schedule and workload before nine. Knowing her father though, she might need to inform the other scientists herself about the change in lab’s protocol. And she didn’t like that much. Some of them seemed to look down on her because of her age, thinking that it was all because of her father that she managed to reach such high position, but to put it bluntly, she didn’t care. Not at all. She didn’t feel like speaking though, so she’d probably just send a message to their office.

“Right. I’ll just do that.”

Ryouha nodded to herself as she changed to her usual uniform and white lab coat, walking toward the living room to fetch her breakfast. The housekeeper robot greeted her like normal, a tray of toasts and milk on its mechanical hand. Ryouha took only the milk and left through the front door. She popped open the bottle, drinking it slowly as she walked, her mind already working on a way to execute her plan. What would she need to do to help that girl? First she needed to know everything about Project Fushichou until the tiniest bit. Fortunately with her father gone she could access any information to her heart content, but she couldn’t rest easy just yet. This project is one of the highest priorities so she couldn’t make any suspicious move. Any wrong step could easily lead to…


She quickly clamped her mouth as the words passed through her lips, her hands involuntarily shaking. This is crazy. She’s risking her limited life to save an immortal. How absurd. Pointlessly and callously irrational. The logical part of herself screamed in protest but she tried to ignore, typing the password to access her father’s office. The room lit up as she stepped inside, all the equipment turned on automatically for ready use. Ryouha sighed, putting away the empty bottle of milk on the nearby surface. There’s no reason to be afraid. She had made her whole life looking for her and she wouldn’t give up now. Besides, it’s all about irrationality in the first place. So why hesitate?

“But still…what makes me so drawn to her…?”

The girl mulled to herself as she started arranging the lab’s schedule by the computer. It’s a mystery indeed, the way her mind work. She had tried to deduce it once, and she concluded that the emotion derived from the loneliness she had when she was small. The ignorance from people around her made her yearn for a figure of comfort, so when the Fushichou showed a sign of concern to her she couldn’t help but feeling happy. Perhaps she had seen the Fushichou as some kind of savior. So she decided to save her in return. Logical enough? Not exactly. If she put everything on a scale it wouldn’t add up. The amount of struggle she gave was definitely bigger, but still, the drive inside would always outweighed her logic and brought her to the same conclusion. That’s why she believed the topic of emotion couldn’t be solved with logic. So she decided to just leave it at that.

Ryouha leaned back on her chair for a while, taking a little break. She had finished the schedule for one sector of the lab and reviewed the data of yesterday’s experiment. Come to think of it she almost forgot to inform the other scientists about her father absence. She better do it now. The girl sighed and tapped the envelope icon on the holographic monitor, finding a new message in the inbox. She blinked. The message just arrived by 8am this morning right at the start of the lab’s operating hour. It seemed to be generated automatically since the sender was of the same address as this office, which means… Ryouha narrowed her eyes, having a wild guess of what it would contain and from who. She just hoped she was wrong.


   --"Good morning, Ryouha."

Ugh. Her face quickly turned into that of annoyance as the hologram of her father materialize beside the computer.

   --"I believe you have run through some of the schedule and is about to notify the other scientists by now. Rest assured; I have informed them regarding the current condition beforehand. You are not acquaintance with them, true?"

The girl rested her chin on her palm, didn’t look amused at all.

   --"You have no need to concern such trivial matter. You are only needed to do what only you and no other scientist can do. Something concerning Project Fushichou."

His words caught her attention and her glare softened a bit.

   --"First of all, bring this new piece of clothing to the subject. Day to day experiment always tears them so you will be required to deliver a new one every day. It is funny when I think about it; why get proper clothing for a simple lab rat? Quite taxing and time consuming. I might issue about this matter to the higher-ups later, what do you think?"


Ryouha said the words sternly as she grabbed the clothing from the open hatch by the wall, glaring dagger at the hologram. She knew it was a pre-recorded message but she couldn’t help growling at it.

   --"The next procedure will be available as you finish the task one by one. I have left all the necessary data and you only need to follow suit. That will be all."

And with that the image vanished. Ryouha sighed, turning off the computer before standing up. She hadn’t finished with the schedule yet she didn’t feel like staying in the room any longer; maybe she’d just fetch a portable computing machine and continued it later. The girl decided that way as she took the said device and started walking. Ryouha hummed, her right hand fiddling with the small computer while her left one carried the white piece of clothing. As soon as she reached the door leading to Fushichou’s chamber, she put away the gadget into her pocket, taking a deep breath. Here I go…

The young scientist stepped inside, finding the facility had returned to its original colorful lush and green grass. No trace of blood or anything left. Ryouha knew better though, so she walked on cautiously, her eyes darting around to make sure that it was safe to proceed. She couldn’t hear the usual whirr of machineries and that holographic image of her damned father hadn’t said anything yet, so perhaps it’s alright to assume that today’s experiment hadn’t began. Ryouha let out another sigh, pushing through the thick bush.

“…Fushichou? Are you there?”

No answer. Perhaps the girl couldn’t hear her? She tried to speak louder.



Ryouha yelped, feeling a strong force knocking her from above and sending her to the ground. What just happened? She tried to push herself up but couldn’t, finding something on her back keeping her in place.


Ryouha froze as she recognized the voice.

She felt the person moved away and she slowly turned into a sitting position, staring eye to eye with the Fushichou. She gulped.

“…good morning.”

The Fushichou blinked and tilted her head.

“Umm, I… Today…”



It was Ryouha’s turn to blink as she saw the Fushichou pointed at her with her finger.

“Specimen identified. You are ‘Ryouha’, correct?

“…yes. Yes, I am.”

The Fushichou lowered her hand and nodded, before staring at her intently. Ryouha suddenly grew nervous and turned her face away, trying to find the right words to say. Think, think. What is she coming here for? Oh yeah.

“Y-your spare clothes. Here…”

She peeked through her long strand of hair, seeing the immortal girl taking the clothes from her hand, but what the girl did after startled her so much that she nearly felt her heart burst.

“W-w-what do you think are you doing!?”

The Fushichou paused from undressing herself, seeing Ryouha flailing her hands, trying to cover her flushed face. She blinked.

“I believe this activity is called ‘changing’.”

“Question. May I know the problem—“


The Fushichou gave her another blink.

“I will need to know the reason—“ “Just. Do it.”


Ryouha could hear some shuffling sounds in the distance, but she kept her eyes locked to her black shoes, fiddling them with each other in an attempt to distract her thought. She bit her lip.


“Receiving command.” The voice sounded like a few meters away. “Is there anything you need?”

“No, it’s just… what were you doing up on the tree?”

There was a pause before the Fushichou answered.

“I was sleeping. To engage the activity without delaying the reconstruction of environment the tree will be the most effective choice.”

“W-what? Don’t you have…a proper bed or sleeping chamber?”

“Negative. No data about such facility ever present in the system.”

Ryouha clenched her hands, lifting her head to see the Fushichou walking back to her.

“I am nothing but an experimental subject. A ‘lab rat’ in Professor’s word. I have no need of such thing—“

“Don’t say that, ever again.”


“I will never let anyone call you a ‘lab rat’. Not even yourself…”

The sentence ended barely above a whisper, and even the Fushichou seemed to be able to pick up a hint of anger in her words. So the undying bird only nodded. Ryouha let out her breath, trying to calm herself. She could see the Fushichou sat beside her, eyeing her with a blank expression she couldn’t read. Right, she better start doing what she came here for.

Ryouha took out the little device from her pocket, putting it on the ground and turning it on. A holographic monitor appeared in the thin air, and she typed on the imaginary keyboard just below it. The Fushichou watched her whole movement in silence. She browsed through the many directories of the lab, trying to find the exact data she needed concerning Project Fushichou. No luck. Perhaps it was hidden? She typed in some lines of command.

     X:\> attrib –s –h “X:\DOME\Users\001\Project\2025\Fushichou”

   Path not found - X:\DOME\Users\001\Project\2025\Fushichou


What? That’s weird…

   X:\> dir /a:hd X:\DOME\Users\001\Project\

Ryouha narrowed her eyes, scanning through the countless lists of hidden projects. No trace of Project Fushichou there. Great. Her father must have masked it with a different name. But what? It would take her all day to search through the list one by one and it’s too risky.

“Question. May I ask what are you engaging with?”

Ryouha didn’t answer. Her eyes closed, deep in thought. Think, think. If it was her father, what would he do? He was the one to name the project. The name was taken from the book he gave her long ago. The David and The Phoenix. Was there any clue in the story?

Knowledge. 500 years tradition.

Rebirth. Pyre and cinnamon. Fire.

What left after the ritual?




“…the Blue Feather.” She quickly typed it down.

   X:\> X:\DOME\Users\001\Project\2025\BlueFeather

   Password: _

Found it. Now for the password…



Ryouha snapped her head toward the Fushichou.

“I recalled that Professor is fond of wordplay.”

Wordplay? Well, she couldn’t deny that her father likes to speak in riddles but will it be that simple? Fu-shi-chou. 2-4-5. Maybe she could try.

   X:\> X:\DOME\Users\001\Project\2025\BlueFeather

   Password: 245_

Ryouha took a deep breath, before clicking the enter button. The screen turned black right afterwards, before the words ‘Project: Fushichou’ appeared. I win, old man…

  --"Good morning, you two."

Tch. Ryouha quickly closed her computer, turning to see the now so familiar hologram of her father. She saw the Fushichou did the same.

  --I believe that you have managed to finish the first task. Now it is time to start with the first batch of the experiment. You will proceed with the usual procedure, Fushichou. And as for you, Ryouha, you will be required to check the experiment report if there is any fluctuation or abnormality in the data. Now off you go.

The sickening sound of machineries struck Ryouha with pure horror. She could see a door opening on the nearby wall and the Fushichou stood. Ryouha sprung to her feet, reaching out to grab the girl’s hand. The undying bird stopped and turned, seemingly confused by her sudden action.

“Is there anything you need?”


“Do you need information regarding the experiment procedure?”

“No, I—“

“First batch of daily experiment. Calculating the body physical limit which include: muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular respiratory. The experiment will be conducted in a special chamber and for as long as necessary.”

“…until ‘the subject could no longer function’?”

She could see the Fushichou flinched a bit.

“That is correct.”


Ryouha turned her face to the ground, gripping the girl’s hand tighter.

“…is it impossible…for you to not go?”

It was a stupid question, she knew. Nothing but a baseless hope she had. And she could already guess the answer.

“That will be impossible.”

Of course. That answer didn’t surprise her at all, but still, something inside her felt hurt hearing that.




“Three weeks…”

She released the girl’s hand hesitantly. Her voice trembled.

“Give me three weeks…I’ll definitely find a way to save you…I promise…”

She didn’t know what kind of face the Fushichou made back then nor did she have the courage to look. She just kept her eyes to the ground, listening to a familiar robotic voice counting down to zero, until the door to the experiment chamber came into a close.





Bountiful forest enclosed within thick steel walls. That scenery started to feel familiar to Ryouha as she walked into the facility, a piece of clean clothing and some books on her hands. Several days had passed since she said her promise to the girl and since then she came to the place everyday, tending to her wounds despite her regenerative ability and bringing books of all kind to show her about the outside world. The next thing she did was memorizing all of the experiments schedule, and as soon as she did that she started working on cracking its system, doing everything she could in an attempt to stop the cruel experiments. It was not far off to say that her whole actions confused the Fushichou, a being that knew nothing but being an experimental subject all its life, and it wasn’t only once or twice that she asked what the girl’s intention was.

“…nothing much.” Ryouha would say, as she put down the books and handed the clothes to the Fushichou.

“I just…want to help you.”

The Fushichou couldn’t find the proper reply to that. She just silently walked behind the nearby tree, changing her tattered and bloody clothes with the new one she just acquired. This ‘Ryouha’ was a very strange specimen indeed, she thought. But what puzzled the Fushichou most would probably why she even cares about her. Ten years ago, why would helping that girl be the most accurate action?


 The undying bird blinked as she heard the voice.

“Have you finished changing yet?”

“Yes. I’ll be right with you in a second.”

Strange. Really really Strange. Every time she met Ryouha she felt like something inside her started to change bit by bit. Even her speaking pattern had changed, from that of a mechanical tone to a more fluid conversation. Maybe all the books she brought and they way she tried to speak with her played a role in that change. The Fushichou mulled to herself as she saw Ryouha so immersed in her computer, seemingly not noticing her presence. She blinked. Her face was as emotionless as ever, but somehow, she couldn’t deny that there’s a mischievous urge building up inside. Really strange indeed. The Fushichou approached the girl quietly.

“What kind of books are you bringing today?”


Ryouha flinched, feeling cold air on her left ear as she heard the whisper. She nearly jumped, covering her ear with both hands and staring at the Fushichou with wide eyes. The creature only blinked in response. The girl always looked so flustered whenever she got close, and that reaction somehow amused the Fushichou. Amusement. Perhaps it’s one of those humans called emotion?

“Are you still working on breaking the server?”

“…yes. I almost got it, but…not yet…”

“I see.”

The undying bird sat beside her and Ryouha returned her attention to the monitor, trying hard to avoid the girl’s gaze. The two girls sat in silence; Ryouha relentlessly typing while the Fushichou hummed quietly as she browsed through the books. There were days where they would spend hours doing just that, with the Fushichou sometimes poking the young scientist just for the sake of annoying her and seeing her reaction. There was a great change in her behavior, Ryouha noticed recently. It was as if the artificial creature had started to develop a personality of her own. And quite a troublesome one it seemed.



“You smiled.”


Ryouha glanced at the Fushichou, finding the older girl poking her cheek playfully with her finger.

“That’s very rare.”

See? That kind of troublesome teasing personality. Ryouha pouted, puffing her cheek in a childish manner.

“I’m not.”

“You are.”

Ryouha sighed and rested her head on the girl’s shoulder, a small smile on her face.

“…I’ve worked on this for days… I haven’t broken through the system, yet… and I’m tired. How can I be smiling?”

“Alright, alright. You are just tired. I understand.”

She huffed, feeling the Fushichou played with her hair as she continued working with the lines of codes.

“Hey, Ryouha.”


“The thing holding you down, is it this collar?”


The young scientist grew silent, before she finally answered.

“Yes… that collar always monitors your condition and sends data to the main server every minute… I have found a way to disable it for a few seconds, and if I use the small disturbance to alter its flow of information to a fake source I can make as if you’re still within the facility. But… “


Ryouha stopped her endless typing, a hint of hesitation in her eyes.

“I still need…to get that collar off your neck…”

The Fushichou tilted her head as she heard that, and as if it was obvious, the girl spoke.

“That’s simple. You just need to cut off my head, right?

Ryouha clenched her fist.

“…no. No, I can’t do that. I-I don’t know how long the program can fool the system… I don’t even know if it would really work… What if there’s an error? What if they found out…and put you into a far more horrible experiment? What if…” She swallowed, trying to find her voice.

  “What if… I can’t see you anymore...?”

She clenched her hands tighter, her mind trying to find any other option to no avail.

No. That’s unthinkable. There’s no way she could do that. Think, think! There’s got to be another way—

“You’re very strange.”

Ryouha yelped as she felt Fushichou's arm around her, pulling her closer.

“I am immortal, remember?

Ryouha didn’t answer. She let the Fushichou petted her head and comforted her, hearing the girl’s heartbeat beating a bit faster than normal.

“Hey, Ryouha. Why are you doing all this? Getting me out of here is the same as declaring war with all humanity.”

“…I know. And I don’t care.”

“You really are strange.”

Ryouha looked away.

“I… I just… want to be with you… And I can’t stand seeing them hurting you for their own sake…” 

“An empathy? Or is it pity?”

“No… it’s… I don’t know, but it’s not that.”



“Because I’m starting to think the same way.”

Ryouha glanced at the Fushichou, seeing the creature smiled as she lifted her face to the artificial sky. It was the first time she ever saw the girl smile, but somehow it looked so natural as if she had seen it over and over before.

“That irrational drive, is that what they called emotion?”

“…I believe it is.”

“It’s very strange.”

“It is…” Ryouha chuckled. “Pointlessly and callously irrational…”

The Fushichou laughed with her, and for once she forgot all her previous worry.

That’s right. There’s no turning back.

She will do this. No. She’ll make sure that this plan will work.

She wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

For sure, if it’s with her,

Everything will be…




Project: Fushichou // END OF PART THREE

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Three]
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I think Ryoha will be the one to protect her but will end up destroying it just to protect her in the end :nervous
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Three]
« Reply #9 on: March 02, 2016, 02:54:03 PM »
Whoa... is it really okay if ryouha get fushichou out from her father lab?  :O

Hmm... i smell something lovey-dovey in the next chapter~ (♡´艸`) and... something more dark too!!  :banghead: :bleed eyes:

Please update soon~ (*´▽`)ノノ
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(OS) チグハグ ~Patched-Up (NagiUha)
« Reply #10 on: March 19, 2016, 04:44:20 PM »
A quick short idea that popped out of nowhere. Hmm, what should I say... my head is making something dark again, ha ha.
Oh, Ryouha expressive emoji in her 755 are always so cute. And Nagisa almost ALWAYS ends her SNS comment with(笑)(lol)
That's all.




Something broke

Something inside me just broke,
and it has gone beyond repair...


“...police in Akihabara, Tokyo, are looking for the culprit of multiple slashing incident that occurred lately. The latest incident happened to a man who was slashed on the face as he was walking home on Friday night. According to police, the incident occured at around 10pm when the 25-years-old man, who was walking from a nearby pub suddenly attacked from behind by a kitchen knife. The man suffered cuts through his eyes and nose but is in a stable condition. The motive of this assault is still under investigation--”


I turned the TV off, hugging my knees close to my chest. The room was dark and I could barely see my own hand in front of me; I tossed the remote away, hearing the small 'thud' it made as it hit the floor and I fell to my side. The sofa I was sitting on was so soft that I almost felt drowning in it. I closed my eyes.

  “Once upon a time...”

I whispered quietly under my breath.

“There was a family of three living peacefully in Osaka.”

The room was so quiet that I could almost hear my voice echoed in the silence, and I continued.

“A mother and two daughters; they lived by their own on a small apartment. Even though life was hard they always stick together, and they were happy. Until something happened. Hmmm... Say, mr. Foxy, what was it named again?”

I opened my eyes and let my right hand fell to the floor, searching through the messy piles. My fingers brushed something soft and I grabbed on it, a quick squeaky sound entered my ears as I did.

“Ah right, 'stalker' was it?” I raised the stuffed toy above my face, staring at the dirty patched-up doll. I could barely made up the pointy fox ears in the darkness.

“This person called 'stalker', or was it 'father'? Eh, maybe both. Anyways, he came and snip-snap 'em all to pieces. The end. What do you think about this story, mr. Foxy?”

The toy didn't answer and I smiled.

“Sorry. You're already fed up with this story, huh? He heh, I know...”

I pinched its soft cheeks, making the little stitches around the fabric opened a bit and showing the fluffy cotton beneath it.

“...but mr. Foxy, what if one of them still alive?”

I smiled wider and gazed at my little friend silently, ignoring the loose string that barely kept its one buttoned eye attached to its face. I was waiting. Waiting...for what, is it? An answer? I didn't know for sure. But I just stayed there silently, watching the muted fox doll with a huge smile on my face.



A vibrating sound. And a small light shining in the dark room. I pushed myself up and reached my hand toward the light.

   --1 new message

I tapped the message icon on my phone.

   From: Kitagawa Ryouha
   Subject: Where are you?

   Hey, didn't I tell you that we're having a welcome party today? Mio and Meru just returned from a one year exchange to Okinawa
   so come here right away!! (・`ェ´・)つ

I blinked and stared at the message for a while, before typing the reply.

   From: Shibuya Nagisa
   Subject: Scary~ (lol)

   Uwaah, I'm sorry~~ I forgot to check my calendar.
   But I'm too lazy to come out now so maybe I'll pass (lol) (lol)

There was barely a minute when the next reply come.

   From: Kitagawa Ryouha
   Subject: I'm not scary

   So even your big appetite lose to your laziness? You're so hopeless. ┐(´(エ)`)┌
   Fine then, I'll take away the leftover for you.

I chuckled and typed another reply.

   From: Shibuya Nagisa
   Subject: You are scary, ms. Tiger Cub (lol)

   Eh, don't bother. You don't even know my house. (lol)

   From: Kitagawa Ryouha
   Subject: Stop calling me Tiger Cub!

   Then tell me already! Geez, you always disappear somewhere when school ends!! ( ಠ ಠ )

   From: Shibuya Nagisa
   Subject: See? You're scary (lol)

   Naaw, my place is just so messy it couldn't afford a visitor~~ Anyways, don't go home too late
   and stay safe on your way back. It's dangerous at night.

There was a long pause this time, before finally another '1 new message' appeared on my phone screen.

   From: Kitagawa Ryouha
   Subject: ...

   Are you worried about the 'slasher' incident? The police haven't caught the culprit yet, I heard.
   But from what I know he only attacked men around their thirties or so... 

I tapped the screen with my nail a few times, biting my lip.

   From: Shibuya Nagisa
   Subject: Why no cute emoji? (lol)

   Not 'slasher' but 'stalker'. Who knows how many of them lurking out there?
   Oh, but when you're glaring you're as scary as an old man in his thirty
   so maybe the slasher may mistaken you for one. (lol)

The reply came quickly this time and I snickered.

   From: Kitagawa Ryouha
   Subject: (╬•᷅д•᷄╬)

   Who are you calling old man!? ヾ(o`ェ´)ノ
   And if I end up glaring it's mostly because of YOU.

I giggled to myself at her cute reply, but before I could type anything another message came in.

   From: Kitagawa Ryouha
   Subject: Besides...

   If there really is someone stalking me...
   You would have known already. (¬з¬) 

A huge smile stretched on my face and I felt my fingers start typing on their own.

   From: Shibuya Nagisa
   Subject: Re: Besides...

   Of course. I'll definitely protect you.

Another long pause. I almost thought she stopped replying when suddenly the screen lit up once again.

   From: Kitagawa Ryouha
   Subject: Stop saying embarrassing things

   Anyways. Miki has started her long speech. Night.

   From: Shibuya Nagisa
   Subject: G'night

   Have fun~

I tossed the phone away, walking out of the sofa.

“Aah, Ryou-chan is being flustered again~ Ain't she just cute, mr. Foxy? Ha ha~”

I shared my old stuffed toy a little laugh as I grabbed a black hoodie from the floor and searched the wall for a light switch. Click. I could hear the sound briefly before the dim light crackled on.

“Now, where is it... I'm sure I left it here somewhere...”

I crouched and dug my hand carefully though the pile of clothes, books, and newspaper clippings sprawled on the floor. Something reflected light from beneath the messy heap and I smiled, reaching for that thing.

There you are~ I was looking all over for you, ha ha~”

I took the kitchen knife on my hand and stood, walking toward the front door.

“Come on, Ryou-chan might need us~ Oh, and I almost forgot. Mr. Foxy.”
I gave my broken fox doll another glance, staring at its patched up face with a huge happy smile.

I lied about the end of the story. One of the two daughters, you see, is still alive~”

The doll stared back at my laughing face without a word. It just stared on silently, until I closed the door behind me and left into the dark night.




“...ah, it's broken again.”


It has broken,
that little gear inside me

But I'll be fine, right?

Yes, I'll be fine for sure
because you are there beside me

So please hurry and find my Patched-Up Heart

before it lose itself and crumble to dust...

チグハグ ~Patched-Up// END
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Re: (OS) チグハグ ~Patched-Up (NagiUha)
« Reply #11 on: March 20, 2016, 01:21:09 PM »
Oh my... you're such a scary person jubethehare-san :bleed eyes:

So.. in other words, nagi was protected ryouha from the stalker?  :? And the slasher was nagi?

Uuhh... i think i should re-read this -_- if i'm wrong~

Thanks for the os :D please moar nagiuha~~
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Re: (OS) チグハグ ~Patched-Up (NagiUha)
« Reply #12 on: March 20, 2016, 05:57:14 PM »
Thanks for reading~ Eh, am I that scary? Well~~

So.. in other words, nagi was protected ryouha from the stalker?  :? And the slasher was nagi?

Yep, you got that right~ But actually before she met Ryouha she had already 'broken' (if you carefully read her monologue) and got problems with stalkers. So that she wouldn't lose anyone again, she decided to, well... snip-snap

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  • 「皆さんが笑ったら私が笑って、私が笑ったら皆が笑う。 永遠にそんなループを世界へ誘いたい。」
Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Four]
« Reply #13 on: April 09, 2016, 12:40:35 PM »
Hello and long time no see, everyone. Here's part four for you~  :D

We're finally reaching the climax of the story.

Please fasten your seatbelt and remain seated until the ride is over.

Well then, enjoy~

~Project: Fushichou - part four ~


Hey, if my life does have an end
and I can spend that limited time with you

Can I call that a miracle?



“Umm, welcome... to my house...”

Ryouha quietly said as she walked through the automatic door, glancing at the hooded figure beside her. The figure stepped inside, lowering the white fabric that covered her head to reveal her long wavy hair. She blinked.

“A house. So this is a house?”

The girl skipped ahead, stopping by the nearby table to poke at the little lamp on its top, a hint of curiosity in her jet black eyes. Ryouha smiled as she saw that. She took her sight off the girl for a while, removing her shoes before stepping inside the living room herself, taking the time to scan the small optics by the ceiling. She had made sure to disable all the security cameras and load a different footage so that her father wouldn't know this.

That she had brought what was called humanity's hope out of its confinement and took the creature all for herself.


Putting it that way made her sound like the bad guy.

Ryouha sighed, walking toward her room with hesitant steps. Why is it only now that she realized how big of a danger she'd got herself into? She managed to get the girl out of the lab, then what? She should've thought everything a lot more thoroughly. The young scientist let out another long sigh.

She heard the Fushichou called and she turned her head toward the source of the voice, only to find the said girl poking her left cheek with her finger. Ryouha took a step back in surprise, covering her cheek in reflexes. She could feel it heating up a bit.

“W-what is it?”

The Fushichou gave her a blink.

“You seem to be spacing out. Is there anything wrong?”

Ryouha didn't answer, eyeing the oblivious girl silently as the guilt inside her melted away. This girl had suffered enough 'for the sake of humanity'. If there's anyone she could call 'the bad guy' it would be those people who forced this girl to partake in such cruel experiments. Sure she was artificially made but is it enough of a reason to torture her? Ryouha shook her head, giving the Fushichou a small smile.

“'s nothing.” She pushed a button by the steel wall, making another door opening up beside her. “Come on in.”

The Fushichou paused for a while before following the girl inside. She let her eyes wandered around; a closet, a bed, a desk complete with its computer set and a chair, then a huge shelf with various kind of books inside. She glanced at Ryouha, seeing the girl putting away her lab coat on the nearby hanger, her eyes avoiding hers.

“...this is my room.”

Ryouha said that quietly, very quietly, and if it wasn't for her good hearing the Fushichou might've missed it.

“Your room. I see.”

The older girl walked toward the bookshelf, taking a random book and absentmindedly flipped through its pages. Ryouha took the chance to calm her racing heartbeat. She had never brought anyone to her house let alone her room, but she didn't think it would this...awkward. She let out another sigh. This is no time be so flustered! She shouted to herself. I have to come up with the next plan. Fast. The girl tried to shake herself back to reality as she walked over to her closet.

“Fushichou? Can you...come here for a while?”

“What is it?”


Ryouha nearly screamed when she felt the cold air by her ear, finding the girl already standing beside her with her usual blank look. She didn't understand why the Fushichou never made any noise when she walked but it seemed like the undying bird had took that to her advantage lately, catching her off-guard and purposely startling her. Ryouha knew. Because there's one time when she shrieked and slapped her in reflexes, and she almost sure she saw the girl smirked. This girl... just where did she pick up such an annoying hobby...? That, she never knew.

“...stop sneaking up on me.”

“Did I?”


Forget it. Ryouha sighed and opened the closet, rummaging through the clothes. The Fushichou staring at her with curious gaze.

“What are you looking for, Ryouha?”

“...proper clothes. For you. But...” Ryouha glanced at the girl for a while. “I don't think any of my clothes will fit...”

“Is that so?”

Ryouha slowly nodded. Actually she had grown quite a lot in the last ten years and the gap between their height wasn't too far now, but still there are...places where she's sure they wouldn't fit. The Fushichou seemed to not understand the problem though, and the girl simply eyed her, up and down and up and down.

“W-what are you looking at?”

“I see.”


“I could see the problem from the size of our ch—



The Fushichou stopped mid-sentence as Ryouha threw a piece of jacket to her face, taking it with her hands afterwards. Ryouha crossed her arms.

“Don't worry, it's my mother's. So it WILL probably fit.”


“Good. Then start changing while I'll find some shoes for you.”

Ryouha handed her a t-shirt and a pair of pants right after, pushing the oblivious girl to the bathroom and closing door. She huffed.


She heard the Fushichou called from behind the door.

  “How do you put these things on?”

Ryouha froze. She got to be kidding me... The young scientist ran and fetched her portable computer in reflexes as she heard the door being pushed open.

  “Would you—“ "Take this.

'Push this button once you finish. It has all the procedure intact. Now g-go and get change!”

She handed the device to the girl and quickly pushed her inside, her eyes avoiding the exposed body all the while. Ryouha sighed, her back against the bathroom door as she slowly slid down to the floor. Seriously. All of these trivial matters suddenly made her felt so exhausted. She covered her face with both hands and quietly squirmed. The room fell silent for a good few minutes, with only some shuffling sounds of the Fushichou changing and the clock ticking by the wall. 

  “Hey, Ryouha.”

Ryouha lowered her hands as she heard the girl called.

  “Can I ask you a question?”

“...what is it? Is there something you don't understand?”

  “No. It doesn't concern the clothing procedure.”


The Fushichou paused, before she finally spoke.

   “That 'mother' person that you mentioned, who are they?”

Ryouha flinched as she heard that. Why did the Fushichou suddenly bring that up? Ah, could it be? That she realized the strange atmosphere and decided to switch the topic? That girl sure learned fast concerning human conversation. But still she didn't expect that question, so she stopped for a while, trying to find the right words to explain.

“My the person who gave birth to me...and she's a 'she' by the way.”

   “Is that so?”


   “Is it alright to lend her clothes to me?”

Ryouha blinked.

“It's fine... Father said that she disappeared when I was still a baby, so...”

   “My mistake. I shouldn't have bring that up.”

“It's fine, really...”

Ryouha stood and walked over to her closet, a soft smile on her face as she recalled the little memories she had of her mother. She could barely make up her face but she clearly remember her voice. It was a very beautiful voice. She always loved her mother's voice, especially when she sang that soothing lullaby—

Ryouha suddenly stopped.



“That song you always sing everytime...where did you learn it?”

How could she be so oblivious? Why that song sounded so familiar, why she always found the melody comforting; why did she only realize it now? There wasn't any lyrics back then, but if that melody was really the same with the one she heard when she was small, then...

  “I learned it from a certain woman. A woman with that lab coat and straight long hair that resembled yours.”

Ryouha clenched her hands, a feeling of sadness and joy mixing inside her as she heard those words. She swallowed her breath, trying to find her voice.

“...what did she look like?”


“The woman you met back then...what did she look like?”

  “She's very kind. And a very strange woman, just like you.”

She could feel a soft grip around her shoulder and she closed her eyes, letting the warmth comforted her.

“She had your smile and silky long hair, but she barely glares as much as you.”

“...well, people always said that I have my father's eyes.”

“That solves the equation then. But she did have your timid way of speaking.”

Ryouha smiled as she heard that. She raised her face, staring eye to eye with the Fushichou.

“'re sneaking up on me again.”

“I just walked over normally. It was you that didn't realized my presence, Ryouha.”

She playfully puffed her cheek and the Fushichou did the same. The two girls laughed at each other.

“ she...”

“I'm sorry. The last time I saw her was more than ten years ago, way before we met.”


She could feel the Fushichou hugged her tighter but Ryouha only smiled.

“...let's get your shoes and get going...”

The Fushichou release her grip on the girl, tilting her head.

“Where to?”

“ get the information we need to escape the dome...or more precisely, an antique bookstore by the edge of this birdcage...”


It's been a long time since Ryouha walked around the dome city and she never enjoyed it much. She barely knew anyone around the neighborhood, and she couldn't say she had any friends back in school. Not that she regretted it. If there's one thing she's concerned about right now was the fact that the Fushichou kept dragging her all over the place, asking this and that like a curious child. They should keep a low profile and yet there they were touring around as if there's no care in the world. Well, she had made sure that the girl put on her hood and tried to avoid as many security cameras as possible but it was proved to be difficult. If not at all impossible. Ryouha sighed, shaking her head as she heard the Fushichou called her for what seemed like the hundreds time that day.

“...Fushichou.” She nudged the girl and spoke quietly, barely above whisper.

“Would you...stop running ahead of me? We have to stay hidden...”

“Hidden? Why?”

Ryouha didn't answer. She simply pulled the girl away from another security camera, blending into the crowded street.

“But Ryouha.” She heard the girl spoke. “You said nobody but you and your father knew my face. And that there's barely anyone in this town who know you.”

“...that's true... but...”

I don't fancy meeting anyone who do know me right now. She wanted to say that but she decided otherwise, holding the girl's hand to make sure that she wouldn't run off again. Those who knew her wasn't necessarily like her. She could even say the opposite. Whether out of envy, or fear, or plain unease; they didn't like her company and so did she. So if possible she wanted to avoid any kind of confrontation with them.

“Do you hate this world, Ryouha?”

Eh? She glanced at the Fushichou, trying to read her blank expression. The girl had been asking everything out of the blue lately.

“I...not that I hate's just...”

“If you hate them I can always eliminate the whole world for you. “DON'T.”

Ryouha flicked the girl over her nose, scolding her.

“I don't want you to get hurt or hurting anyone...”

“And if there's someone hurting you?”

“...I'll find a way myself.”

“You really are strange.”

The Fushichou pulled her closer and nuzzled her cheek.

“I won't let you though.”


Ryouha couldn't answer that. She only pushed the girl's face away, trying to hide her own flushed face. After a few more walks around the tall buildings and skyscrappers they finally reached the edge of the dome; the dark quiet slums where the remnants of the old world resided. There's barely any security cameras around, unlike in the main city; if there's any it would've already being scavenged and sold by the pawn shop. Anyways. Ryouha walked down the dirty road silently and she could feel the Fushichou tightened her grip on her hand, the girl's eyes sharpened in alert.

“...don't worry. We're just stopping by a bookstore on the next intersection.”

“Affirmative. Scanning the area for any imminent danger.”

Ryouha tried to stifle her laugh as she noticed the flat robotic tone. Who's being careful now? She shook her head and continued walking. They reached an old two-storey house after a while, and Ryouha pushed the wooden door open.


She called, her voice echoed inside the messy room filled with many bookshelves.

“I'm here to look for some books again.”

The girl stepped inside and urged the Fushichou to do the same, seeing the undying bird darted her eyes around carefully. Seems like she's still in alert mode... Ryouha closed the front door behind her.

“Baacha—“ “Yes, yes! Geez, lass, I can hear you just fine.”

There was some rumbling sound from the deeper end of the house followed by footsteps. The Fushichou flinched as she heard that, stepping in front of Ryouha and hiding the girl behind her.

“What's that? Yer' bringing a friend 'ere?”

“Unidentified specimen found.”

“Huh!? Yer' one rude brat, ain't cha?”

“Calculating the best possible action—“ “This.”

Ryouha pushed the Fushichou aside, addressing the old lady. “ Yabushita-baachan. The owner of this bookstore.”

The Fushichou blinked.

“Data recorded. A strange pattern of speaking found.”

“Hmph, like yer' one to talk. If there's anything strange, lass, it'd be yer mechanical tone not my Kansai-ben.”

The old lady spat while the Fushichou deepened her glare. Ryouha wondered where their mutual hostility came from but whatever it is it wouldn't do them any good. She nudged the Fushichou by her arm.

“...she's been very kind to me, so be a good girl. Okay?”

“...if you insist.”

The Fushichou lowered her arm carefully, while Ryouha gave her a small smile.

“And Baachan, she's...umm, my friend. Her name is...Fushichou.”

The said girl bowed her head halfheartedly.

“Eh, what a strange name. Don't know about parents nowadays naming their child that way. And what with wearing a hood inside a room? 's that supposed to be cool lately?”

Ryouha sighed, stealing a glance at the Fushichou as the girl didn't seem to be pleased.

“...Baachan, can you be a bit...gentle to her? ...she has her own reason.”

The old lady only shrugged and walked away, leaving Ryouha with another sigh. She turned to the Fushichou.

“...would you stay here for a while? I need to talk to her.”

The Fushichou obediently nodded, busying herself with some of the books. Ryouha took that as a 'yes' and proceed to catch up with the bookstore owner.



The old lady put down a kettle of water above the stove and turned the fire on. 

“I... I-I need your help...”

"Sure. Shoot up.”

“Do you know of a escape the dome?”

The old lady froze as she heard that. She gave the girl a skeptical look, before sighing and motioning her to sit by the dining table on the middle of the room.

“I always thought it's strange for a bright lass like ya to come to this wretched place.”

She sat adjacent to the girl, folding her hands above the wooden surface.

“Ya finally got yerself into a crime or somethin'?”

Urgh. Ryouha switched her gaze away. Well, she couldn't really deny that.

“Ya gotta be kiddin' me...”


“Ryouha, lass.” The old lady leaned forward, trying to whisper to the girl. “What have ya got yerself into?”

“I kind of...” Ryouha tilted her head slightly to the Fushichou by the other room. “Sneak a certain specimen out of the lab...”

“A specimen? That brat?”

Ryouha nodded, and the old lady leaned back to her chair.

“Heh, what a joke. So those scientists still carry out their crazy experiment?”

Ryouha blinked as she heard that.

“Baachan...? You know...”

“Xenotransplant, was it? There's so many of 'em back in the day but not anymore. Thought they already done with it.”

“...are you one of a recipient too, Baachan?”

“Nah.” The old lady stood, turning off the stove as she heard a loud whistling from it. She took the kettle with her, telling Ryouha to get the cups and teabags.

“A friend of mine was. But once she knew the true nature of that project she declined the transplant.”

“...umm, then how is she...”

“Dead.” The old lady blantantly said as she poured some hot water into the cup.

“She's all dead with a happy smile on 'er face. As if sleepin'.”


“Eh, what with this gloomy talk. Call that friend of yours over and--“



The grumpy store owner shouted as she heard the loud sound, finding one pile of her books crashing down onto the unsuspecting girl.

“Watch yer hands, those books are one of a kind!”

The said girl poked her head out of the mountain of books, her hood falling down to her shoulder to show her full appearance. She blinked and turned her head toward the old lady.

“I apologize, Yabushita-san. That was my mistake.”



“Baachan?” Ryouha narrowed her eyes in worry as she saw the old lady shivered.

“I-is something wrong?”

“ are you...”

The old lady slowly walked over the fallen girl, reaching her wrinkled hands toward her. The Fushichou flinched a bit as the harsh skin touched her face, feeling uneasy from the sudden closeness.

“...fifty's almost fifty years, damn it... and I couldn't even recognize yer voice anymore...”

The store owner fell to her knees, her body trembling as tears silently fell down her eyes. The Fushichou blinked and glanced at Ryouha, who seemed be as shocked as she was.

“I'm glad I can see ya one more time.” The old lady whispered under her breath.






“I see. Project Fushichou...huh.”

The old lady sipped her tea, her eyes closed as if lost in remembrance. Ryouha glanced at the said creature beside her, finding her sipping her own tea quietly.

Project Fushichou. A project that was born when one of the subject from Xenotransplantion suddenly showed a sign of mutation. The subjects were made from human stem cell, which means...

“Baachan... your friend, could it be that she...”

“Most likely.”

The old lady stood from her chair, walking toward the dusty chimney with some photos lining by its top. She took one of the rusty frame, wiping away the cobwebs covering it. She chuckled.

“Nah, I'm sure about it. I just can't mistake her stupid face.”

She returned to the table, showing the photo to the two girls. Ryouha's eyes widened as she recognized the person in that picture, and she switched her eyes to the Fushichou.

Shibuya Nagisa. You, dear Fushichou, were created from her stem cell.”

The Fushichou touched the faded picture silently, the exact copy of herself standing there behind the frame. The girl was smiling widely. And the way that girl smiled struck her somehow, leaving a strange little pain.

“This girl.” Fushichou softly whispered. “If I was never born, would she still be alive?”

Ryouha clenched her hand tightly.

“Fushichou... that's— “Tell me, Yabushita-san. Will she be alive?”

The old lady stared at the girl, before chuckling and shaking her head.

“Didn't I told 'cha? That kindhearted idiot refused the transplant by her own. She's dead and she wanted YOU to live on. Heck, seeing ya here might be enough to make her laughing in heaven now.”

The store owner laughed, walking to the nearby shelf to retrieve a small old book.

“Now, Ryouha my lass, to answer yer previous question.”

She put the book down on the table and Ryouha took it to her hand, flipping through the fragile pages carefully.

“Baachan...this is...”

“The blueprint of the dome. Don't ask how I got it but there's only one of this. Will it help?”

Ryouha smiled and put the book into her bag, hugging the old lady.

“Thank you very much, Baachan.”

“Hey now, since when yer being this touchy?”

The old lady chuckled and glanced at the Fushichou, giving the undying bird a smile.



“Thank you for being born.”

“...yes.” The girl returned the smile, a soft smile of her own that came from her own heart. “Please thanks Shibuya-san too one day, for giving birth to me.”

"Heh, are ya telling me to die now? Silly brat."

The two girls bid goodbye to the store owner, walking down the empty road of the slum in silence. There were so many things swimming in their heads that they couldn't say any word; about their past and how everything will unfold from now. The Fushichou decided to break it first.

“I remember.” She quietly spoke.

“A voice telling me to live on. Is that why I could never die?”

Ryouha giggled as she heard that and she moved closer to the girl.

“If that really is the secret to your immortality...then I'm sure my father will flip out...”

“I'd like to see that.”

The two of them quietly laughed, holding each other close. The sight of steel white buildings and skyscrappers could be seen the distance and they walked slower. From here on they would return to the harsh reality, and they'd need to carefully think of a escape plan before the month ended. Two weeks left. Ryouha gulped. If she didn't managed to find the way to escape the dome in that time then...

“It's alright, Ryouha.” She felt the Fushichou squeezed her hand.

“Everything will be—“



Ryouha froze, feeling a strange wind beside her, the grip on her hand weakened. She glanced to her right.



A metal cord. A strong metal cord attached to a huge harpoon pierced through the girl's chest.

“Ryouha...” The Fushichou released the girl, switching her grip to the sharp metal. “Run--!”


The cord contracted, pulling the Fushichou off the ground and smashing her to the far away building. Ryouha gasped, her legs moving without a second thought and her eyes darting around to find the source of that attack. Her brain already spinning. A weapon that big must be shot from an automaton or a vehicle. If she could pinpoint the location and disable it from behind...

“I can't believe you have become such a naughty girl, Ryouha.”

That voice... No. It can't be.



Ryouha gasped as another metal cord shot out and caged her left hand painfully.


She gritted her teeth, glaring at the patrol robot coming out of the dark alley and the man standing beside it.


Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be away until the end of the month? Is that what you want to say, my dear Ryouha?”

It was not a hologram, Ryouha was sure. Her father was really there, staring and looking down on her with his usual cold expression.


“Oh? Keep it within that condition until we transport it back to the lab.”


Ryouha froze as she heard that, staring at her father calm demeanor with disbelief. He raised a brow at her.

“My, my. I wonder what is the meaning of that expression you're making.”

“ monster...”

“No, Ryouha. I am a human. I am doing all of this for the sake of humanity.”

Her father approached her slowly, and if it wasn't for the contraption on her left hand Ryouha would've tear him apart right then. The man seemed to realize the dangerous glare she was giving and stopped on his track.

“It is you who are the monster, child. Ignoring public concern and putting your own desire above it, what else should you be called?”


“I wonder who is it that had been tweaking with the lab's protocol? Hacking the system and letting the data being stolen by outside source?” 

“...why? Is it bad for your reputation now that your filthy experiments had been exposed?”

“That is enough.”

The girl flinched, feeling a small needle pricked her left wrist. She started to feel faint.

“Let us return. I shall see what kind of punishment befitting this treacherous behavior of yours...”


Oh, Phoenix please grant me immortality
I won't be scared as long as we're together
and if you're nowhere in that place called 'heaven'

then I'll--


It's dark. It hurts.

Everything is painful.

How many days had passed? Ryouha didn't know.

Everything had been a constant relapse between pitch black room and constricting arm chair since her capture.

She didn't even know what came in and out of her body anymore, with the numerous syringe being injected to her and several torturing device cutting into her skin. Even then, she was alive. And she could only think of one thing.

What happened to the Fushichou? Where is she?

The girl silently thought as she crawled on the corner of the room, staring into the darkness.

  --”What a stubborn child you are.”

Her father's voice. Ryouha lifted her head to nowhere in particular, listening to the recording.

  --”I will ask you one more time, Ryouha.”


   --”What have you done to the Fushichou? What kind of virus had you injected to its system?”

Ryouha could feel a small smile tugged on her lips.

   --”Did you ever think the consequences of your action? The subject had been rejecting all of our experiments and is on the loose now! Do you even know how much delay your selfish action have caused to the project!?"

“...well.” Her voice was hoarse, and speaking even felt so painful.

“How just give up on the experiment?”



   --”I have enough of your nonsense.”

She could hear a whirr of machineries, followed by cold steel grips around her wrist. The light turned painfully bright and Ryouha squinted her eyes, feeling two mechanical hands dragged her to the now so familiar arm chair.

   --“You and your mother. The two of you are just the same.”

Her ears pricked as she heard that, and she glared at the speaker.

“ did you do to mother?”

   --”That woman always spouting that same nonsense as you. Stop with the experiment, she said? Ridiculous.”


She could hear the familiar sound of a steel door opening, showing the furious and crazed face of her father.

“The only thing valuable from the both of you were just your resourceful brain.”

“...then what? You will...cut out my brain and preserved just that...?”

“You really are a bright child, Ryouha. Yes I will. And I will watch it with my bare eyes, just like I did to your mother...”

Ryouha stared at the man silently, before switching her eyes slowly to her right and left.

“Searching for a way to escape? You should have known that it's impossible after your numerous failed attempts.”

She gazed at her father one more time, seeing the twisted grin he was wearing as he browsed through the surgery equipment.

“Let me tell you one thing, my dear child. The dome had fallen into a complete disarray thanks to your doing. You've been labeled the greatest enemy of mankind now. And if it wasn't for me you would have been executed on place by the government.”

“...I prefer dying...rather than being toyed around by a madman like you...”

“You have become quite a rude child.”

“And what makes you have the right to call yourself a father?”


The man took the knives one by one, arranging them by the mechanism in front of him.

“Once the other countries learned about Project Fushichou a great uproar was created. Each and one of them spouted their protest and accused the Japanese government for hiding a potentially dangerous weapon. Can you believe them? We were only researching for the perfect cure to all illness and the key to immortality. What else can humanity ask in this barely extinct earth?”

Ryouha couldn't contain her laugh anymore. She snickered, ignoring the pain on her throat and the perplexed look the man was giving her.

“ just the same...”


“...hiding the Fushichou for yourself...for the benefit of your own 'country'...if it's really for humanity, then why don't you all just work together? ...fighting over it like children pulling each other's toy...”


“...all of us are the same, father...the same selfish humans...”

  “Enough is enough!!”

The man shouted on top of his lung. Her vision was blurry but Ryouha could still make up his furious face, and the man roughly took one of the surgical knives with him. He approached the helpless girl slowly.

“I will cut you apart myself girl, and I will make sure it will be as painful as possible...”

Ryouha smiled, staring back at the man silently.




 “...I’m looking forward to it…”


The room turned pitch black.




“What is going on—“

The man didn't manage to finish his sentence as he was knocked off the floor, cold iron grips around his both wrist as he felt his body being locked in place.


Ryouha stood, looking down at the man by the arm chair with a cold gaze.

“…what did you say…about failed attempts again? …do you think I did that without purpose?”

“Ryouha, you ungrateful child! Release me this instant!!”


The girl coughed, taking the knife by the floor and putting it back to the previous mechanism.

“I don't know how this machine works...” She patted the robotic figure.

“...what did you type into its command system, I wonder...”

“Don't you dare...”

She pushed the power button, and soon the cold machinery whirred into life. The girl sighed and limply walked toward the door, giving her father one last glance.

“...goodbye, father.”



Ryouha rested her back on the steel door, taking a good whiff of the air. Her muscles felt like screaming everytime she moved but she couldn't stop now. She leaned her weight to the wall and started walking. Third floor, east wing. Ryouha mentally noted her position as she looked around the familiar lab, finding some broken walls here and there and papers scattered all over the floor. Something had happened when she was confined in that room. Something big enough to leave the lab half-ruined. She bit her lip, gathering her courage to look out of the lab's broken window.

“ this...?”

The scenery beyond that was nothing but destruction; buildings were razed, the street abandoned and fire danced all over the city. The gray murky sky she always saw all her life were covered in more smoke, a part of the dome's roof cracking and threatened to fall off. It was the same as that nightmare she saw back in the underground facility, only at a bigger scale. And all those people down there wasn't anywhere near immortal. They were only humans. A weak and fragile human being.


Ryouha fell to her knees.

“...why...does it have to come this...?”

Tears silently trailed down her cheek as she saw mountain corpses down the main street, as if nobody was even care enough to give them proper burial.

“ it's true?'s true...” She chuckled between her sobs.

  “There's nothing called 'Heaven' in this world.”

It's over. There's really nothing else she could do now. She raised her face to the sky and laughed.

...hey, is it my sin to ask for 'happiness'?

There was nobody to answer her. Only the howling wind and the screaming sound of people in the distance. The only thing left in this world is hell. So, at least, if she really have to live through this hell, she wanted to spend it with her. That was her one and only wish. The last force that kept her legs moving. The girl pushed herself back to her feet, stepping down the almost deserted lab all the way to the ground floor.

   --”--quest--back up--”

Ryouha stopped on her track, hearing the broken voice coming from a speaker by the wall.

   --”--unable to stop—subject—regenerate--too quick--”


   --”The Fushichou—east building—irst floor—now--”

She pushed her legs as quickly as she could, running toward the mentioned place. There was nothing else in her mind now. She just need to see her. That is all. Ryouha could hear some gunshots as she reached the east building but she couldn't care less. She stepped inside, trying to find that undying bird amidst the countless destruction.


She could see the girl standing there, a dangerous glare on her face as she spit out a bullet from her mouth. She tried to find her voice and shouted.


The undying bird flinched as she recognized the voice, and slowly, she turned her face toward the girl.


   --“Cease fire.”

   --”Is that a civillian? What are they doing here?”

The heavy infantry around the hall lowered their rifles, seemingly more than puzzled to see the girl's sudden appearance.

   --”Wait, that girl...could she be?”

   --”Commander. Waiting for order.”




   --”Take her down.”


...huh? What just...happened?

Ryouha felt as if the world was running in slow motion, the sense of gravity left her as she slowly felt herself fell to her side.

Cold. Cold. Cold. Red. this?

She could see some red liquid start pooling around her. She switched her gaze upward, finding the Fushichou rushing toward her.

Fushichou? What’s wrong? Are you...crying?

The only thing she could feel now was the girl's strong grip around her shoulder. The girl was shouting something, but even in such a close distance she couldn't hear anything.

Don't cry... 

Her voice wouldn't come out and her whole body felt numb.

We’ll be together from now on...   

She shakily hold the girl's hand in hers, smiling. The light around her started to fade.

In this scorching hell...






You are beautiful just like the Phoenix
I pray that one day death will come to you too
Because all things with shapes will one day break

So, until that time I'll be here
hugging your hand tightly...

Project: Fushichou // END OF PART FOUR

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Four]
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 :O :shocked :huhuh :?

Why did he...? Why his own daughter...?

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Four]
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Thanks for reading~  :D

:O :shocked :huhuh :?

Why did he...? Why his own daughter...?

You can't really explain psychopathic tendencies, I guess. When that kind of person is absorbed in one thing they might ignore any morals and go sacrificing everything for their 'belief'. In this case her father only see her brain as the only value to his intellectual obsession. Well, actually if you think about Ryouha's actions she might inherited that tendency too as she was obsessed with...

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Four]
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Ryoha now has to protect the experiment although it may kill her regardless not knowing the power although the father seemed to keep it sheltered rather than let it go.

Interesting the battles to be coming up with the adventures for them  :twothumbs
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Final]
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Hello, everyone.
Welcome to the final part of this fic, though I must say this is more of an epilogue actually.
Oh, and here's a bonus >> link. I suggest you read the fic first before opening, or playing it while reading.

Well without further ado,

~Project: Fushichou - part final ~


I’ve come to realize
that the most wonderful magic in this world
is a simple yet powerful magic called [Death]
so God, please cast the spell of death on me too

I don’t need immortality
I just want to love her until my life withers…


Day XX Month X
Year 22XX

The world is coming to an end.

That’s what they said,
as I heard the numerous screams and cries fluttering about in the air.

The rain of bullets that had boundlessly pierced my skin come into a halt,
the once so prideful soldiers casted away their weapons and abandoned their posts like there was no tomorrow.

   Or perhaps, because there would really be no tomorrow.

So, keeping that thought deep inside me,
I waited.

I waited and waited and waited

Through the immeasurable pain and sound of countless deaths around me.

I waited for [The End of The World] to come.

But after all that happened,
tomorrow still come to greet me.

And I alone stood there.



I didn’t remember how many more years passed since then.

I didn’t remember when was it, that I saw the end of humanity.

   I couldn’t even remember that day anymore,
   the day that I lost you in my arms.

Time had always been so eternal to me.

But now that eternity left me with nothing but an empty shell.


I guess I cried for nights.

I guess I screamed until my throat went dry.

But as the eternal loop repeated itself,
I guess I had finally lost all my senses.

Everything broken inside me always fixed itself
    on and on and on and on and on...

Until I don't even know the real me anymore.


One day I just started to walk.

Without any reason or destination,
I walked through this scorched land of what once called earth.

Reminiscing my little memories of you.

At one point I couldn’t even walk anymore.

The sun had grown too close, I guess,
Because I could feel my own blood boiling inside.

My body died and reborn over and over.

Without being able to do anything I simply closed my eyes,
feeling the ground against my back and the burning sun against my broken flesh.

I think I remembered something that time.

Something that I heard many many years before,
Something you said when you were still there by my side.

  That every being with shapes will someday come to an end.

So then, if my whole body had vanished and withered to the air,
would I finally be able to die and meet you once again?

I smiled and raised my hand to the sky, clinging to that little hope you gave me.
Waiting for my fateful end.


Aah, if we could really meet again after this,
I wish that I could spend the whole eternity with you.

Learning how to feel and knowing what you feel.

If only I could understand them sooner perhaps I could say it too in this world.

I grasped onto that little emotion, the one and only emotion I had left,
And whispered those words to the approaching darkness.






          …I love you.”

Project: Fushichou // END

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Final]
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Sad... T^T

Nagi... Uha... TT____TT

It is good, but so sad... *grabs tissue and blows nose*

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Re: (OS) 不死鳥 ~Project: Fushichou (NagiUha) [Part Final]
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Well...... Fushichou can die, theoretically, if she has nothing left of her body to regrow, right? Like, if blown into pieces or like, perhaps, drown in lava? Sorry, my sci-fi movie brain is taking over me XD

Nothing is eternal, except herself and Fushichou learned it the hard way. She will live to see the end of the world.
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