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Author Topic: It's You (YuuNaa) CHAPTER 2 180930 UPDATE  (Read 1423 times)

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It's You (YuuNaa) CHAPTER 2 180930 UPDATE
« on: September 27, 2018, 08:44:44 AM »
Helloooooo ! it's me *again. this time i use YuuNaa for my fanfic :lol:, they kinda cute together in real life. :shy2: :nya:
I'm sorry for changed Nana name to 'Naoto' cause 'Nana' is identical to girl's name. :kneelbow:
i hope you guys like my fanfic this time :peace: :peace:
sorry for my bad english. DOUZO !!!! :hee:



*Naoto POV*

Days, weeks, months have passed. However, I still remember you. I'm still here, remembering you. I can't move on from my past. Where you are, beside me. I kept asking myself, "How are you? Do you feel what I feel? Or have you forgotten me?"

"Okada Naoto! Can you stop day dreaming and help me to complete our homework?" Megu's voice made me realize.

"I hear you, Omegu, you don't have to shout!"

"Can you stop using that name?"

"Then stop bothering me!"

"Oi, Okada! I just reminded you of our duty!"

"I remember Megu and I will definitely work on my part later, just calm down."

"Naachan, how long are you going to continue like this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Stop pretending not to know! I know you still remember the girl!"

I was silent, frozen, unable to answer Megu's question because he was right. I can't stop remembering it. I can't forget it. My beautiful days with her.

"What should I do Megu?", my voice sound like frustrated now.

"You have to learn, Naoto! You have to learn to move on! I know it's not easy for you, but you have to learn!"

I sighed, "You're right, Megu."


I lay my body on the bed, staring at the ceiling of my room. Megu's words kept spinning in my head. I know he's right. I can't keep getting stuck in the past. However, I don't know how to get up if everything can remind me of her. Like this time, when I was in my bed. I always remember when she hugged me. The fragrant body was still embedded in my mind.

#Flash back#

"Naoto-kun...", the beautiful girl tightened her arms to me.

"Hmm...", I just muttered.

"I can't sleep," she said spoiled.

"Do you want me to sing for you? Maybe it can help you?"

"You know I really like your voice, Naoto-kun."

"What song do you want to hear?"

"Fly Me to The Moon ..."

"Eh? You know my English is very bad!" I said, pretending to be upset.

"Come on, your beautiful voice will cover it," she persuaded while showing cute expression that made me weak.


I started singing even though my English accent was so devastated. I also stroked my lover's hair. She began to close her eyes, and fall asleep. I justify the blanket that covers her body.

"Good night," I said then kissed her forehead.

#Flashback End #

I sigh. Look at the photo next to my bed and grab it. All my memories with her keep spinning in my head. My tears continued to trickle into thinking about the memories between me and her.


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Re: It's You (YuuNaa)
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2018, 02:55:20 PM »
nice intro, but I prefer Nana to being a boyish girl

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Re: It's You (YuuNaa)
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2018, 04:19:31 PM »
Nice..nice ..nice  :cow:
It's starting  :nya: :nya:
I like it  :ptam-wub:

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Re: It's You (YuuNaa)
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2018, 03:37:03 PM »
Can’t wait to see the development of the story
Update soon

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It's You (YuuNaa) CH. 2 180930 UPDATE
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2018, 12:30:47 PM »
maybe after this fanfic i will make that one :hee:

thank you for like it :luvluv1:

ganbarimasu :farofflook:

here the chapter two, sorry for my bad grammar and english  :kneelbow:



*Author POV*

Naoto stunned on his campus park bench. He continued to daydream of thinking about the person he loved, without knowing how that person was. Yes, the woman he loved left him without saying any word. At first, Naoto was still trying to contact her, but the number was not active. Naoto also visited the woman's apartment. However, he got the fact that the apartment owner had changed with someone else. Naoto even had time to visit Yamaguchi, where the woman came from. Again, he got disappointing results because it turned out that the family of his loved ones had moved abroad. Finally Naoto gave up. He doesn't know where to go anymore.

"Oi, Okada... how long are you going to continue like this?!" Megu worried about the condition of his best friend.

"I don't know, Megu, I can't forget it." Naoto answered slowly.

"Are you crazy, huh? She left you!"

"She didn’t leave me, Megu, stop talking nonsense!"

"Wake up Naoto! She left you without a word and it's been almost six months. You even abandoned your lecture!"

"I didn’t abandon it, you see I am still here, still going every day."

"Yes, but your mind drifted somewhere, I was even asked by Mr. Shinoda because your performance continued to decreased. Wake up, Okada!"

"What should I do, Megu? What should I do?" Naoto began to frustrated.

Megu pat his best friend’s shoulder. He was very worried about Naoto's condition. There is no more foolishness. There is no more dorky behavior. He must think of ways so that the old Naoto can return. He really didn't think there was someone who could hurt Naoto's heart so deep. He swore he would make old Naoto as soon as possible.


Naoto stepped up with lazy. He was not interested in a party full of noise, but he had to respect his friends. He did not want to make them disappointed again because he constantly refused to be invited out from his house. He understood, his friends only wanted him to have a little fun, forgetting his sadness. However, here he is, unable to mingle with many people. Naoto just sat in the corner of the room while drinking orange juice. Yes, he doesn't drink alcohol because the tolerance level is very low. In this crowded place, he felt lonely instead. Then, the shadow of the past approached him again.

#Flash back#

"Babe ... let's go home!" Naoto tried to persuade his lover, he couldn’t stand the party anymore.

"Babe, you're not very exciting! It's still 10 o'clock at night!" the girl pouted her lips, making Naoto smiled.

"But I'm not interested in parties, honey, and you're getting drunk."

"I'm not drunk! Look, I'm still conscious!"

"Saa~, we go home! I promise to give you anything if you want to go home now," Naoto teased.

"Hontou ni?"


#Flashback End #

Naoto woke up from his reverie when someone patted his back. He turned to the person who patted his back. Her face looked strange in Naoto's eyes. Naoto looked at the stranger's face long enough. The question continued to come to his mind about who the woman dared to disturb his reverie.

"Anoo… dare?"

"Ah, gomen… Murayama Yuiri desu!" the girl bowed slightly and showed her dimples when she smiled.

"Have we met before?"

"No, we just met today. You must be a person named Okada Naoto, right?"

"Oh, but how do you know my name?" Naoto looked at Yuiri suspiciously.

"I'm Sayaya’s cousin," Yuiri answered.

"Oh.." Naoto looked uninterested.

"May I sit next to you?" The girl asked, again showing her sweet smile.

"Go ahead," Naoto wasn't comfortable, but he wasn't the seat owner.

The awkward atmosphere enveloped both of them. Yuiri wasn’t sure what to say because the boy beside her seemed not interested in talking. However, she also did not want to leave the chair because her body was quite tired. Actually, she really wanted to know Naoto even further. She wanted to have many friends in Tokyo because he had just moved from Canada, but Naoto seemed uninterested in her. Naoto was even more interested in playing his phone. Yuiri can only sigh. Only this time she feel like she was failing to talk to other people and get to know him further.

Naoto felt being watched by Yuiri. However, he didn’t consider Yuiri's existence at all. Naoto just took his phone and played the game. Actually he still wanted to continue his reverie, but he doesn’t want to look weird by the person who just knew his name. Naoto was not interested in talking to the owner's sweet dimples next to him.

"Huft ..." Yuiri was frustrated by Naoto's behavior.

Naoto turned, "What's wrong with you?"

"Can we talk?"

"You already know my name, what else needs to be discussed?"

"I want to know you better, Okada-san."

"I don’t care!" Naoto said again playing his phone.

Yuiri can only sigh, she really doesn't understand what else to do. Realizing Naoto really didn’t want to talk to her, Yuiri moved from her seat. She left Naoto who was still in his game.


Today, Yuiri keeps her promise to meet Sayaya in a restaurant. She promised to treat her cousin for helping to get things done in her apartment and also beautifying the apartment so Yuiri would be more comfortable in it. Understandably, she recently moved to Tokyo. However, Yuiri was quite disappointed to treat Sayaya because of the huge portion of her meal. Yuiri is worried that her money will run out instantly.

"Hahaha" the short girl laughed.

"Oi, what so funny, Kawamoto!?" Yuiri was upset with her cousin who actually laughed at her story when she met Naoto last night.

"It's not funny, Yuirii, but you can see your annoyed expression, it's really worth laughing at," Sayaya said.

"I don't want to talk to the Buster Okada Naoto anymore!"

"Are you sure, Yuiri?"

"He really sucks!"

"You don't know him yet," suddenly a tall boy named Taniguchi Megu joined them.

"Yup, he's a good person, it's just that lately he's changed," Sayaya continued.

"I hope you still want to be friends with him, I know you're someone who cares about Murayama-san," Megu said.

"Uhm ... I'm not sure, he's very difficult," Yuiri scratched her head which didn't itch.

"What are you talking about?" there was a sound that made they shocked.

"Oh, hi, Okada-kun! Since when are you here?" Sayaya pretended to be calm.

"Enough to hear you talk about me!"


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Re: It's You (YuuNaa)
« Reply #5 on: September 30, 2018, 01:10:21 PM »
Uhhuu update :cow: :cow:
Finally yuiri appear :shy2:
She had to work hard to get Naoto attention :hee:
Thank you for update :ptam-kiss:
Waiting for next chapter  :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:

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