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Author Topic: MatsuiLee's OS Box - My Two Cents (Takayama Kazumi x Nishino Nanase)  (Read 10958 times)

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Re: MatsuiLee's OS Box
« Reply #40 on: May 15, 2016, 09:05:54 AM »
"Typical Heartbreaker"

Sayanee's POV

I've seen you smile.

I've seen you cry.

I've heard you laugh.

I've seen you getting mad.

By the way, your mad face is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life.

I'm like. Urgh! You're so cute.

Me. Want. To. Pinch. Your. Cute. Cheeks.

I know. I know that it's creepy. I just can't help it.

You're so beautiful and cute at the same time.

I always saw you and your boyfriend do dates here in the park, where I always hang out and write my songs.

And what about that Playboy Boyfriend of yours, always making you cry and breaking your heart.

Why can’t you see that his a TYPICAL HEARTBREAKER?

He doesn’t deserve you.

So here I am, strumming my guitar and singing my song. My song about you and your douchebag boyfriend.

I know you're listening. I saw you glancing at me from time to time.

As my song was about to end. I got up my sit and walk towards you, wearing my biggest smile.

I introduce myself.

You just smiled.

I sat beside you, a complete silence between you and me.

"He broke up with me"

I was shocked and happy about what you said. YATTA!

"Oh." that's what the only thing that I can say.

Where the heck is my confidence go? Why the heck I'm nervous?

"A-ano." I stuttered.

"Do you want to have some coffee? Don't worry it's my treat." I shyly asked you.

"I would love too." a smile plastered to your face.

My jaw drops. I didn't expect you to go out with me.

A complete stranger.

Your weird "stalker".

"Aren't we going?" you stood up in front of me.

"U-un" showing my biggest smile.

Thank you.

Thank you, Heartbreaker. For letting go this beautiful angel.


Thanks for reading.  :theking
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Re: MatsuiLee's OS/Drabbles/FlashFic
« Reply #41 on: May 15, 2016, 09:53:58 AM »
I never expected a SayAnnin OS. It caught me by surprise. Hahaha  :lol: :lol:
But something new is also interesting. Hahaha
I'll be waiting for BNO 4.  :) :)
Hehehe. I'm a person who can't help but love AKB48 Group. I'm a silent reader please treat me well. I'm the kind of person who gets crazy over my favorite pairings

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Re: MatsuiLee's OS Box
« Reply #42 on: May 18, 2016, 04:34:20 AM »
"Crazy In Love"

When I met you, I thought to myself this is love.

True love.

But the truth was, it's not.

You always making me feel that I was the only one.

Always saying those sweet words.

Sweet words, that makes me hypnotize to this "love".

But in fact, I'm just one of your collections.

Even if I knew it.

I didn't care.

All I know is that I'm crazy in love with you.

Truly, madly, crazy in love with you.

After a year, you get tired of me and decided to dump me.

Like what you did to your other collections.

I’m pleading not to leave me.

I love you so much.

I can’t live without you.

I will do anything you say to stop you from leaving.

Even if it costs me my life.

But still, you don't want me.




My mind went blank.

The next thing I know.

Blood over my hands.

A knife lying on the floor.

Next to your lifeless body.

I smirked.

Maybe I'm just crazy.

A Crazy in love.

Thanks for reading.  :theking
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Re: MatsuiLee's OS/Drabbles/FlashFic
« Reply #43 on: May 18, 2016, 07:29:52 AM »
well, i can imagine Rena's smirk after killing jurina...
Just my imagination tho~
anyway, keep going.. :mon thumb:

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Re: MatsuiLee's OS/Drabbles/FlashFic
« Reply #44 on: May 18, 2016, 12:02:31 PM »
Lol when I read the part dtaring from the 'Blood on my hands' and so on, I was    :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :on cloudeye: :on cloudeye: :on cloudeye: :on cloudeye: :on blackhole: :on blackhole:
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Re: MatsuiLee's OS/Drabbles/FlashFic
« Reply #45 on: May 18, 2016, 01:25:47 PM »
Y-YandeRena?! O_O

Or... yandere Jurina?

Which one? I don't know.

Either way, one of them is yandere. X3

Very nice! ^_^d

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Re: MatsuiLee's OS Box
« Reply #46 on: May 30, 2016, 05:02:40 PM »
@Ruka Kikuchi @Janix123 @niineechan: Thank you for reading.

As you could see, I always post fanfics focusing on my favorite pairing (WMatsui) but now, I have decided to lessen my fics on WMatsui and focus on my new favorite pairing Sayanee + Annin = SayAnnin (I find SayAnnin really cute so yeah.). Don't worry this is not the last WMatsui fanfic that I will post. So, without further ado.....

"My Love"

"You may kiss the bride"

Some of the guests are clapping their hands.

But some are shouting "Congratulations".

Here I am smiling beside you.

By the way, I haven't told you yet, you're so beautiful on your wedding dress.

You walk up to me.

You hugged me tightly.

I feel the warmness of your hug.

You broke the hug and stare right to my eyes.

"I love you." and you kissed my cheek.

"I love you too." that's all that I could say.

"Thank you for coming to my wedding. I really appreciate it."

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to miss the best moment in your life. Congratulations on your wedding Rena."

He called you.


You hugged me again

"See you later" you start to walk away with a big smile on your beautiful face.

I smiled and whispered.

"Goodbye my love"

Thanks for reading.  :theking
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Re: MatsuiLee's OS/Drabbles/FlashFic
« Reply #47 on: June 02, 2016, 01:55:45 PM »
 :cow: i'm a fan

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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Re: MatsuiLee's OS Box
« Reply #48 on: July 19, 2016, 04:30:48 AM »



Everything to me is plain black and white.

Wake up.


Go to work.

Play my guitar.

Go to sleep.

These are my daily routine.

Everything is bland.

Then LOVE knocked on my door.




Love brings color to my life.

Love brings new meaning to my life.

Thanks for reading.  :theking
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Re: MatsuiLee's OS Box
« Reply #49 on: August 10, 2016, 02:43:44 AM »
"Afire Love"

While reading this listen to Ed Sheeran's Afire Love. (Start the song in 1:07 the Chorus part)

As we lay down here in our bed.

Face to face.

Your black raven hair.

Your beautiful brown orbs.

Your nose.

Your kissable lips.

I caressed your now pale cheek.

I kissed your lips.

Tears roll down on my face.

Hugging you tightly, till there’s no tomorrow.

Hoping God hear my prayers.

That He won’t take you away from me.

Not now.

Thanks for reading.  :theking
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Re: MatsuiLee's OS Box
« Reply #50 on: February 10, 2017, 01:05:32 PM »

You told me not to go.

I told you to wait for me.

I know this is hard on both of us, but our country needs me.

Kissing you and hugging you like it's the last.

A rifle on right hand and a picture of you on the left.

My heart is longing for you.

Wait for me, my love.

I will end this war.

I will fight for our country.

I will fight for our freedom.

I will fight for our future.

I will fight for you.

At last the war is over.

I will make up with all those years that I'm gone.

I can now kiss you every day.

Hold you every night.

Live my life with you forever.

My haven, my life.

The reason why I am alive.

Everyone is celebrating to our freedom.

The rebirth of our country.

A wedding was also held.

It was your wedding, with someone else.

You finally found someone who's always there for you and wearing your biggest smile.

And now, a picture of you on my left hand and gun on the right.

I have no reason to live.

Gun pointed at my right temple.

A loud gunshot was heard.


Thank you for reading  :theking
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Re: MatsuiLee's OS Box
« Reply #51 on: April 15, 2017, 05:53:39 AM »
You read the pairing right? No need to explain.

"A Little Thing Called Love"
TTM's Hoshino Maru/Marco and Saito Asuka (MarcoAshurin)

Please listen to this song while reading it. :)

10 years ago, I meet this girl. Long hair. Small face, and has a mole above her beautiful thin lips. Ok, ok, I’ll just cut to the chase, I meet this cute girl, way back in grade school. Some of the kids doesn’t want to get near her. Being halfu sure is hard and lonely. I know it myself, because I’m one of them.

We’re classmate, my first attempt to talk to her. Silence. She doesn’t want to talk with me. I tried to make a racist joke but failed. She has this flaming eyes and dark aura emitting outta her, just like in the anime that I watched. She must be pissed, because of this I immediately run back to my seat. Dude, it’s was a racist joke. Why so mad? But she’s so cute when she’s mad.

Second attempt.

My mom made me a two-layered bento. Why mom? I can’t even eat it all by myself.
I decided to eat this two freakin’ layered bento on the rooftop. I opened the door and saw this beauty seating alone, eating a bread. Melon pan? Curry bread? I don’t know. So, I walked to her. She finds my presence and glances at me. She made this cute mad face. She stood up and picked up her things.

Why are you walking away??


But she didn’t even stopped walking.

Oh, men! I grab her hand and said.

“Want to eat with me?”

She just stares with confusion and hesitation on her eyes.

“Please? I’m sorry about the racist joke. I know, it’s bad. Please? Can you forgive me?” I attack her with puppy eyes. I learned it from my younger brother.

She blushed. Cute. She paused for a second and nod to agree to eat with me.


Well, to make a long story short, my second attempt was a success. Less than a month we became friends. We always do things together. Going to school. (Great we’re in the same neighborhood.) Eating. Going to the library. Graduating in grade school. Studying for entrance. Taking up entrance exam. Entering junior high. As in anything, just name it. But don’t misunderstood our closeness, WE ARE JUST FRIENDS, BEST FRIENDS to be exact, until.......

One day.

I came to her house, you know, catchup with her. I rang their doorbell at least 2 times and guess what? An anonymous guy open the door then Asuka came after.

“Hey!” She said cute smile plastered on her face.

Confusion still stuck on my face. Who the hell is this guy? I look at him from head to toe. Examining him. He’s good looking, but who the heck are you?

“Oh! He’s Ryoka my boyfriend” she clings to his arm.



“Oh. You haven’t told me anything about you getting a boyfriend.” Smiled, there is something inside me that’s not happy about this. I don’t know, I can’t explain it.

“I told you! Or maybe not” She’s so mischievously cute.

“You should go inside. I want you to two know each other” She suggested.

A part of me said go inside and the other one is to leave.

“Nah. I want you to have a special time with your BOYFRIEND. I’ll catch up tomorrow. Bye, nice to know you, Ryoka.”

And that’s it. After that I started to be cold and annoying to Asuka. For the first 3 weeks of changing, she came to me asked why did I changed, sometimes I just ignore her or reply “because I want too” then walk away. Then after that, she gave up, she even said to me that she doesn’t even know me anymore. She cried. I don’t want to see her cry, but I’m the reason why she’s crying. From that day on, we became strangers.

At first I thought that, Ryoka snatched my best friend but no, I realized that she snatched my first true love. Every day, I always do annoying things to Asuka, like snatching her things or hiding it. Imitating every word, she says. Flipping her hair with no apparent reason. And pranking her.

I did those things to change my feelings for her, or maybe……. Getting her attention.

I will hide this crazy feeling for you.

Forget about her, Marco.

Forget her.

But still, I want her to be mine. I even cry myself to sleep because I know to myself, that she will never like me. That she…... only sees me as her best friend, but nah, who am I to say now that she’s my best friend, we’re strangers now, all because of me.

High school graduation is right there in the corner. This is the last time I will see Asuka. I will be going back to Korea to continue my studies there. Taking up Business related course. Maybe it’s time that my coward heart needs to be brave. I will face her and confess everything. I don’t care if she still with Ryoka. I will face her.

So here we are. Where everything started from. The rooftop of our old grade school. The wind blowing, oh and that beautiful sunset. How nice. I wish I have my camera with me. Capturing that beautiful sunset and that beautiful girl that’s with me.

I asked this beautiful girl in front of me.

“Do you remember we always hang out in here? It’s our haven from those annoying teachers. And you always eat your bread her.” I smiled. My best genuine smile. The smile with hint of sadness.

She didn’t say anything, like before. She just stares at me. Those beautiful glaring eyes.

“Tsk. What’s with that reminiscing? Am I even your friend?” she finally spoke.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I always do terrible things to you for the past years. It’s that this feeling this feeling inside me.” Point my heart and tears falling on my eyes.

“Asuka, I’m very sorry, it is my fault why we became like this. It’s my fault that I’m terribly madly deeply in love with you.” I chuckled but my freakin’ eyes won’t stop crying.

“I’m going back to Korea, after our graduation. I hope that, maybe we can be friends. You know like the old days.”

“Friends? I don’t know about that.” She sobs.

Making her cry makes me guiltier of everything I have done. She doesn’t even want me to be her friend anymore. I don’t blame her. Who want to be friend with a jerk?

There is a long pause between us. I sighed.

“I know, who am I to ask you to be my friend again. So, I’m sorry again. I’m sorry for being a jerk to you.” I walk pass her.

As I’m about to open the door.

“It’s good to see you again, Asuka. Have great life. Sorry for bothering you.”

“Wait!” she shouted.

I turn back and see her crying her eyes out.

“I waited for a long time to hear that jerk to say those things. I have fallen for that him ever since the day he asked me to eat with him here in this rooftop.” She smiled, that smile that is only for myself.


Thank you for reading  :theking
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Re: MatsuiLee's OS/Drabbles/FlashFic
« Reply #52 on: April 15, 2017, 12:19:38 PM »
Thank you for making a fic with Maru on it~ ^^
I was like  :inlove: with Maru being all over Ashurin but I remembered Paru is waiting for her so I was like, "Really Maru?" :catglare:
Haha. Kidding aside, this is a very nice work. I really appreciate it! *brofist* Thank you!  :cow:
I love girls in short cut...

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Re: MatsuiLee's OS Box
« Reply #53 on: September 21, 2017, 05:00:31 PM »
Shout out to @shortcut48 for revising this shitty drabble. Thanks bro.  :rock:

Lately, I have been stuck on watching Nogizaka46's Nogizakatte, Doko and Nogizaka Under Construction and realized that I'm becoming a N46 Wota. Btw, my kami-oshi is Ashu but I'm falling for the charms of NISHINO NANASE. OHMYGOSH! She's so cute! And Ashu too. My ship is Takasemaru (Takayama Kazumi and Nishino Nanase). Ok, I'm blubbering too much. 'Nuff of this and let's start!

Please take note that this is my first ever N46 Drabble and this is a GENDERBEND.

CAUTION: Shitty drabble ahead.

"Not Over You"
(Hashimoto Nanami x Fukagawa Mai)

Over you?

Not over you?

Here I am sitting in a table for two.

Over you?

Not over you?

Reminiscing our memories.

Over you?

Not over you?

That beautiful face that my eyes loved to look at.

Over you?

Not over you?

That sweet smile that makes my heart beats so fast.

Over you?

Not over you?

There you are my angel.

Over you?

Not over you?

“Hey Nanamin! How are you?”

“I’m good! How about you?” I gave my best smile. A mask to tell you that I have moved on.

“I’m fine.” You fetched something on your bag.

“Here.” An envelope with your name engraved on it.

“I hope you can come” smile painted all over your face, partnered with pleading eyes. That beautiful, innocent face.

“Sure.” I said trying not to sound coldly as I can be.

“Oh! I need to go, I’m about to measure my wedding dress. Wanna come?” She stood there waiting for my answer.

“Nah. I’m meeting someone.”


“Oh! Too bad! I want my best friend to come to see my wedding dress”

“Sorry” That’s all I can say.

“Gotta go now! See yah!”


I smiled bitterly. You’re doing so well but here I am living as if I’m in hell. I wish I could turn back the time and give my very best to make you mine. But you always see me as your best friend.

Your best friend, that has feelings for you that you can’t love as a man.

Over you?

Not over you?

I guess I’m not over you.

Thanks for reading.  :theking
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Re: MatsuiLee's OS Box
« Reply #54 on: October 23, 2017, 05:44:21 PM »
"My Two Cents"
(Takayama Kazumi x Nishino Nanase)

Once upon a time, there was an adventurous dorky little boy. His mother was always mad at him if he came back home with scratches on his body or his clothes are all dirty, but his father is on his side and always saying “Let him do want he wants. Let him see and experience the world on his own”. As his father say those words, the boy drew a smile.

One day, as he explores the garden of his grandfather, he saw an old wishing well. He was so afraid to get near that well. He thought to himself that who’s in the right mind to get near that freakin’ wishing well after that movie came out? He just stood there, far away from the well.


The boy screamed as a little girl with her hair on her face pops out from behind. He somewhat passed out for awhile.

The boy regained his consciousness and heard a girl laughing her heart out.

“Hey! You scared me, you meanie!” He stood up and dust off his pants.

“Who are you?? This is a private property! How do you get in here?”

The girl didn’t say anything and just continues to laugh.

“Hey! Stop it!” The boy crossed his arms and pouts.

“Sorry, your face looks so funny and you passed out. What a wimp!” the girl wipes her happy tears away.

“You didn’t answer my question, who are you and how do get in here?” asked the boy.

“First off, my name is a secret and my father works for your grandfather.” Said the girl.

“Okay, I won’t bother asking your name again, but what are you doing here alone? Aren’t you afraid?”

“No! I’m just wandering here, finding something interesting, then I saw you staring at that well.” The girl points out the well, while the boy is still pouting.

“Do you know that Germanic and Celtic people believes that wells are sacred places?” the girl asked and walks near the well.

The boy just shakes his head while following the girl.

 “They believe that, if you wish and toss a coin, that wish will be granted by guardians of the well. Here, take this.” The girl gave the boy a coin.

“Let’s make a wish!” the girl said enthusiastically.


The two clasped their hands and closed their eyes as they wish.

“Are you done wishing?” the girl asked.

“Yup!” said the boy.

“Let’s toss the coin”

“What did you wish for?” asked the boy.

“Secret” the girl winked.

From that day on, the girl and the boy was always together and the guardians of that well granted their wish.

The end.

“Papa, what did the boy and the girl wished for?” asked by the little boy.

“Well, they wished for a great adventure!” the man said smiled at his son.

“Papa! When I grow up I want to experience that!”

“I’m pretty sure that you will, my son. But for now, sleep.” The man kissed his son and walks out to his room.

“Is Ikuo sleeping?” the woman asked.

“Yup” the man smiled and walks to his wife.

“Have I told you that falling in love with you is an adventure?” the man asked as he hugged his wife.

“A million times now, Kazuya.” The woman hugs back.

“Let me tell you again. Falling in love with you is an AMAZING! WONDERFUL Adventure that I have experienced and you, Nanase will always be my greatest adventure” Kazuya kisses his wife, Nanase.

Thanks for reading.  :theking
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