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Author Topic: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 2 29/08/16 updated  (Read 4032 times)

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Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 2 29/08/16 updated
« on: August 16, 2016, 06:08:08 PM »
By XxRoByNxX78 and Tigersparade

Chapter 1

Blood was sprayed across the wall.

Furniture scattered across the floor--broken.

Plates shattered on the floor.

In the midst of it, two bodies lay still.

"Mama! Papa!" A girl screamed and charged into the house, her dress ripped to shreds, barely hanging on her thin frame. Her hair was matted with dry, dark red blood. Seeing the bodies, she ran towards them, tears running down her face and breathing becoming increasingly irregular as she kneeled down between the two of them, checking their pulses. Nothing. She tried again. Still nothing. "Wake up!" She shouted, taking both of her father's shoulders in her hands and shaking him, trying the same with her mother. Again, she was met with nothing. "You can't leave me, wake up!" She pleaded, hitting her father in the chest weakly with a balled fist.

"P-Please wake up." She begged, resting her head on her father's chest, sobbing into it as she reached for her mother's hand, taking it in her own.

Slowly, a slim figure approached the girl and placed a gently hand on her shoulder.

"Please save them." The girl sobbed, not removing her head from her father's chest. She refused to show her tear-stricken face to her friend. But when met with silence, she knew the answer. "They're already dead, aren't they?" The girl murmured slowly. She lifted her head up and wiped away her tears before facing the figure behind her, looking at her apologetically.

"Your sister."

The girl instantly jumped up from her spot, dashing towards the bedroom she shared with her sister.

The door to the room was broken and hanging off the hinges, a large scratch violently slashed onto it. The girl's breathing hitched. 

Was her sister alive?

She gingerly approached the room and pushed what was left of the door open, revealing crimson bloodstains on the once-pristine white walls. The wardrobe lay fallen on the floor. The windows were no longer there, their glass shattered around the room like mines. Her bed was torn open. The girl sank to her knees in despair. There was no way her sister was alive. It simply wasn't possible.

But then she heard a whimper.

A small one, filled with pain.

It came from behind the bed.

The girl dashed towards the sound, frantically clambering over the bed.

She was rewarded with the sight of her younger sister, holding her head with one hand and the other pressing a large open gash on her stomach. The elder sister was still for a moment, before cradling the figure collapsed on the floor and running a hand through her sister's jet black hair. Her younger sister--although in pain--did her best to look at her sister, who was always reliable, even now. She gazed at her sister and admired each feature of her face, taking in the sight. She was blessed, she thought, to be able to know such a strong person. She used what was left of her strength to lift up her arm and reach out her hand.

She placed a bloodied hand on her elder sister's face and gave a tearful, bittersweet smile before letting it fall limp.

Everything turned murky, and out of the darkness rang sister's voice, resolute and firm.

"Save her."


Monday morning was rather dreary. Rain had taken over, pouring down from the sky and becoming a nuisance for the students who had forgotten umbrellas and coats. Even with an umbrella, strong gusts of wind rendered them useless.

This, however, was not a problem for any of the students that had already made it to class, including honour student and student council treasurer Akimoto Manatsu, who was attempting to hold a conversation with her friend. The said friend was staring down at her note pad, drawing something that was a circle with legs. Manatsu was pretty sure it had a name, but nothing came to mind.

"The new transfer students are coming today, Nanamaru," She said, only to be met with a hum from her friend Nanamaru (aka Nishino Nanase), who seemed to be more engrossed in her drawing than talking to her friend. Although used to this, Manatsu pouted, wanting her friends attention but it was no use. Even after poking Nanase's face, the other girl would not look up.

The door to the classroom slid open with a bang, revealing the ponkotsu student council president: Sakurai Reika, soaking wet and dripping water. She dashed towards her desk, water trailing behind her. Unfortunately, she slipped on a puddle of excess water and shot towards her desk. Somehow, she managed to stop herself and the desk from toppling over as she collided with it.

"Yes, I made it! With ten minutes to spare!" She declared triumphantly. Neither girl bothered to glance at the clumsy girl, already used to her antics after two years. Sakurai smiled and stretched, tossing her head a little, trying to shake off the rain water. She placed her bag at the side of her desk and opened it up, pulling out a blank worksheet. "Manatsu! Let me copy your homework!" Sakurai begged.

Manatsu sighed. "Do not--I repeat--do not copy each answer down correctly like last time. I am not getting in to trouble again because of you." She pulled out a completed worksheet and handed it Sakurai who engulfed her in a bear hug.

She pushed the sopping girl off of her and tapped the homework with her index finger. Sakurai smiled sheepishly, taking a pencil from Nanase's pencil case.

"So, new transfer students today." Spoke Sakurai, expertly copying down answers like she had done many times before. Manatsu inwardly debated on whether or not to reply. She didn't to sit in silence until class started, but she didn't want to disturb her friend while working. Luckily, Sakurai seemed to answer the dilemma for her, sneakily attempting to swap worksheets with Manatsu. Distractions be damned, who cared if Sakurai did not complete the homework.

"Three of them." Said Manatsu, keeping a sharp eye on Sakurai's wandering hands that were a little too close to her homework. The transfer students had been a topic of conversation for around a week now; everyone was anxious to know what they were like, especially since they were transferring in at such a odd time.

"I wonder what they'll be like. Hopefully nice, right Nanamaru?" Sakurai grinned and looked over at Nanase, who merely nodded once more.

"Don't you think its odd though coming in at this time of the year?" Inquired Manatsu, resting her head against her palm, her eyes still firmly focused on Sakurai. Sakurai shrugged, not really caring that the three girls were coming in at such a point in the year; she was honestly just looking forward to making new friends. That may or may not let her copy their homework. Of course, that would just be a bonus.

"The same class too. I wonder why they didn't split the three." Manatsu mused. She noticed the door slowly slide open and signalled the arrival of the teacher to Sakurai, who jumped up and dash to her desk, whistling innocently.

The teacher, Himura, noticed this, but shook his head, having gotten used to the girl. He motioned for the class to settle down, then called for three girls to enter the classroom. The students watched as three girls entered. One was tall and beautiful, with dark chocolate orbs and long brown hair that cascaded down her back, punctuated by a freckle above her lips. Behind her was a girl with medium length hair that touched her shoulders, curled ever so slightly, smaller than the girl in front of her, with big brown eyes and an aura that exuded innocence and almost princessly about her. Then came a girl with a high bridged nose, brown eyes and short brown hair.

"Please introduce yourselves, girls."

Nanase, at this point, had finally moved her eyes away from her notepad to look up to the transfer students. Almost immediately, her eyes met the tall one and the two settled into a staring contest.

"I'm Hashimoto Nanami, please look after me." The short haired girl bowed to the class, smiling at them all.

"Ikuta Erika, I hope we can become great friends." Piped the black haired girl, who also bowed as well.

"Shiraishi Mai, I hope we can get along well." The tall girl introduced. While she didn't bow, she smiled pointedly at Nanase, who blushed as their eye contact continued.

"Any questions for the girls? Ah, yes, Sakurai go ahead."

"Do the three of you know each other?"

"We do, the three of us are cousins. We live together due to both Mai and Erika's parents going abroad. Since our grandmother fell ill, we moved here to look after her." Nanami explained.

The questions continued for another five minutes before finally being stopped. "If I call your name, raise your hand." Himura stated. "Noujo Ami. You will be sitting at the spare desk beside her, Ikuta." Erika nodded andmade her way to the desk, quickly striking up a conversation with Noujo. "Saito Asuka. Hashimoto, you will be sitting at the desk beside her." Unlike Erika, Nanami ignored Saito's attempt at conversation, opting to sit down quietly instead. "Nishino Nanase. Shiraishi, you will be at the desk behind her."

Mai smiled at the man and made her way down the aisle. As she walked passed Nanase, she glanced down at the girl's note pad. A look of confusion settled on her face, soon replaced by an amused smile as Nanase, blushing with embarrassment, blocked the drawing with her hands.


The students took a small break before resuming lessons, and it seemed that nearly everyone in the class had decided they were going to spend it with the transfer students. While this proposition delighted one, the other two could not say the same. Nanami tried to fend some people away, since they got a little too close for comfort. Frankly, for her, touching was a no-go. Mai began to feel claustrophobia-inducing space her classmates had cornered her into, because apparently personal space was not a thing. On the other hand, Erika reveled in it, as she was a people person, and answered anything that she was questioned about.

Mai stood up abruptly, causing the students to move away, and approached the desk in front of hers. There were three students surrounding it--one its owner, the other two she assumed were friends.

"Excuse me, would the three of you be able to show us around?" She asked. The three girls heads shot towards her and a grin was soon formed on one of their faces. Another girl stared down at the desk while the other gazed curiously at Mai.

"Of course we would be happy to, though we should wait for lunch time, since break is almost over. I'm Sakurai Reika, the student council president. This," She motioned at Manatsu. "Is Akimoto Manatsu, the student council treasurer. And of course, you know Nanamaru; she's shy, but she will speak more once she gets used to you."

"Shiraishi Mai, its a pleasure to meet you. I do hope we can get along." Replied Mai, holding out her hand for each to shake. She went around, but nobody noticed that Nanase and Mai's hands remained interlocking. "Thank you for accepting to showing us around. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go save Nanami." As she stepped away, she noticed her hand was still firmly held in Nanase's grasp. She gently tugged on the other girl's hand to avoid embarrasing her. A blush blossomed on Nanase's cheeks as she retracted her hand, lingering for just a second more.

"Calling it now, but there's something weird about them." Manatsu's gaze followed the retreating figures out the door.

"Why are you so skeptical?"

"Why aren't you?"



"I had to say something."

"I'm not complaining, but it's amusing to see all these girls so eager to show us around on a tour."

"Do you think they have it supplied here?"

"Probably not, but we have prepared for any outcome, so it will be fine either way for now. Relax and have some fun, you need it just as much as Erika."

"And you?"

"I'll relax when I know Erika is safe."

"Then I guess if you don't relax, I won't either."

"We'd better get back in to class--here comes our teacher."


"Here is the student council room. It can only be used by faculty and student council members. If you need anything or need to go inside there, please inform faculty or student council members," Explained an ikemen-looking girl, who was introduced by Sakurai as Wakatsuki. She asked them to call her by "Waka-chan" or "Yumi-chan," whichever was more convenient. Wakatsuki had taken over the tour of the school roughly five minutes ago, since Sakurai was incompetent, Manatsu was too focused on the work in hand, and Nanase was too shy to talk, opting to just walk beside Manatsu instead.

"So... the school has a clinic correct?"

"Yes, I'll show you now. It's on the way to the canteen."

The seven girls walked down the hall way in silence, other than the accessional mummer from Manatsu who was focused on her work, before stopping in front of the clinic.

"So what exactly is stored in here?" Nanami inquired. Noticing the questioning gaze from Manatsu, she explained herself. "Erika here is clumsy, you see," she lied.

"I know what you mean," Wakatsuki nodded. "Sakurai is always hurting herself. They keep the usual stuff in there though, nothing drastic." Nanami was about to ask something else, but a tug on her arm alerted her. She turned her head to see Erika looking downwards at the ground, her grip on Nanami's arm tightening. She nudged the younger girl ever so slightly, making Erika look up and reveal black orbs.

"Mai." Nanami whispered, knowing Mai would hear turn around. With a glance at Erika, Mai got the message.

"Perchance Wakat-"


"Excuse me Waka-chan, would we be able continue this another time? It seems I have just remembered we need to see the headmaster. Now, if you'll excuse us." Mai quipped, dragging both Erika and Nanami down the hall in the opposite direction.

"That's not the way to his office!" Wakatsuki called out, to no avail. Manatsu frowned.

"I'm telling you, something is weird about them."

"Why are you like this Manatsu? They seem nice right, Nanamaru?"

"Y-Yes, really nice."


"Let's get out of here for a while; Erika needs to feed."

TBC ....

A/N: Hey everyone thank you for reading please do comment and tell us what you think! A very huge shout out to our two betas who we are very grateful for Weirdasspotatoe and Akbdaisuki48 we hope you all look forward to the next chapter!
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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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I lov it!  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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...reika  :mon wtfmm: :mon lmao: is ponkotsu as always...
manatsu, i think nanamaru and wakarei just senseless to feel those three are weird :sweat:

anyway, thank you for writing! :hee: keep your work :on GJ: and please update soon :kneelbow:
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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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So IkuMai are sisters, Nanamin was the stranger who saved Ikuchan, and saving actually meant turning her into a vampire (or some creature of the feeding kind)? Not sure about Nanamin, but it doesn't seem like Maiyan needs to feed, does she? This is really interesting! I can't wait to see where this is headed, but I might have a few ideas. Though I must admit, for a second there I thought it would go like that Puella Magi Madoka Magica live-action CM they did, until they mentioned about Ikuchan feeding (which is a good thing, seeing as how that CM ended with Maiyan dealing the killing blow to Ikuchan). :lol:

P.S. Sakurai, as always! :doh: How can she be the student council president when  the first thing she does when she arrives is to copy Manatsu's assignments? :lol:

Anyway, thanks for writing this. Update soon!  :twothumbs
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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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gekikarabuACE, where did you find the cm.? All i have was the cm where sayurin killed ikuchan.

I wonder who or what attacked maiyan's(or whoever it was in the beginning) family? From the sound, almost like werewolf. But, assumming the 3 kids are maiyan, ikuchan and nanamin, what is nanamin relation if not sisters? And why maiyan ask nanamin to save ikuchan unless she actually can..? Which makes me think that nanamin is either a witch or vampire. Well, that's just my guess  :P

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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Nogi fics keep increasing.. Finally.. :D
I love this fic  :on GJ:
What attack their family? Is it because erika is injured she become a non-human?
Will you make nanaminxashu pairing as they're sitting together? I hope so.. :grin:
And please add cute wakarei moments please..

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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gekikarabuACE, where did you find the cm.? All i have was the cm where sayurin killed ikuchan.

I wonder who or what attacked maiyan's(or whoever it was in the beginning) family? From the sound, almost like werewolf. But, assumming the 3 kids are maiyan, ikuchan and nanamin, what is nanamin relation if not sisters? And why maiyan ask nanamin to save ikuchan unless she actually can..? Which makes me think that nanamin is either a witch or vampire. Well, that's just my guess  :P

Oh wait, that was Sayuringo? I always thought it was Maiyan dealing the death blow. Since they were the ones fighting and all, lol.

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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It’s here!  :on gay:
I’m obviously happy with all the IkuMai, these two are so adorable when they’re together.
Why am I not surprised that Reika is such a mess?  XD
Bananaman Himura!(?)
Ohoho what’s this? NanaMai falling in like at the first sight. Already holding hands too  :hehehe:
Hmmm AsukaNanamin, I wonder if there will be something....
Manatsu has good instinct, as expected of her. (Psst Manatsu, you’re sensing Kuroishi  :lol:)
Haha even Waka had to take over the tour. Anyway, what’s her position in the student council?
There’s still so many mysteries but I love it so far, great collaboration so keep going  :twothumbs  that and I await the Holy Mother to make an appearance.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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Nice nogi  :) morr!  :cow:  :cow:

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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Oh wait, that was Sayuringo? I always thought it was Maiyan dealing the death blow. Since they were the ones fighting and all, lol.

Bcoz maiyan had her hair in ponytail while sayurin was not. And the cloth looks like sayurin too

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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It's here yeay  :onioncheer:
So, Ikuchan and probably Nanamin are vampires or some kind of creatures that need to feed. Also, I think Maiyan is quite suspicious too- especially when it comes to Nanase, her attraction to the other girl are quite odd- but I might just read into it too much or that's just how good Maiyan with girls lol.
Other than that back in the flash back someone told Nanamin(I'm still not sure) to save Ikuchan, if this someone is Maiyan it means that she is quite familiar with the supernatural things that's happening and I wonder is there anything that she has to do as a payment for saving Ikuchan
It's a great work, I can't wait to read the continuation  :D

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 1 16/08/16
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Chapter 2

It had already been three days since the so-called cousins had joined the school, but they were still the hot topic of conversation within the school. Their classmates had noticed that the elder two, Mai and Nanami, did not speak much unless they were spoken to, much unlike the youngest of the three, Erika, who was anything but shy. She often took the initiative to interact with others rather than wait for them to speak to her first, leading her to make quick friends with many of the students in her class. Now that Himura had required the three of them to join a club, that attribute of hers would come in handy. Erika was especially excited about joining a club, but the other two absolutely detested the idea. In response to Himura, they merely stated that they had "better things to do" and walked away. However, they did listen to Erika enthusiastically spout her ideas on which club to join.

As a result, the two of them trailed behind Sakurai and Erika, who were engaged in conversation. Although the deadline for clubs was the next day, nothing seemed to stand out. However, while observing the beat-boxing club, Sakurai revealed that Wakatsuki had been a part of the club once. It seemed the vice president had been a member of many clubs, including the comedy and dance clubs. Apparently her signature dance was the "robot."

"This is the manga club room. They meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and Wednesdays at lunch. Nanamaru and Ikoma-chan are both in this club." Sakurai pushed open the door, revealing book cases full of manga and anime DVDs. Stacks of books sat in the corners; many were dog-eared from overuse. There was also a chalk board with messy words hastily scribbled across. Mai squinted and guessed that they probably announced the release of a new manga or anime. In the center of the room was a table; Nanase sat at one side, engrossed in drawing.

"Ah, welcome!" A disheveled Ikoma popped out from under the table.

"Why did you come out from under the table?" Erika tilted her head in confusion.

"I dropped my manga." Ikoma answered sheepishly, holding up a book.

Erika slowly retreated behind Mai and Nanami. "She's weird," she muttered, causing the other two to laugh silently. They were not going to disagree, especially since said girl had acquired a gleam in her eye and was staring at Erika.

"What's your favorite anime?" Ikoma asked hopefully.

"I've never seen one." Ikoma's jaw dropped in horror. She grabbed Erika by the hand and immediately began explaining the premise of Free! to the girl.

"Ikoma-chan is the manga club's president, so if you need any recommendations go to her." Sakurai stated, ignoring what had just happened. She glided across the room and randomly picked a book off one of the shelves and began reading. Unsure of what to do, the pair drifted to the window to watch the students out in the courtyard. A small white ball caught their attention as it soared through the air.

"What is that?" Mai murmured softly. Nanami shook her head, placing her hands on the window sill and watching the foreign sport in fascination.

Nanase heard the question, but kept to herself. She noticed the two out of the corner of her eye and saw a smile of child-like curiosity on Mai's face. She stared at it for awhile, evidently drawn to the cute expression. A light tap on the shoulder startled her from her thoughts.

"Excuse me Nishino-san, do you happen to know what they are doing outside?" Mai looked at her expectantly, but Nanase immediately turned red and ducked her head.

"S-S-Softball," She answered, mentally scolding herself for stuttering. Thankfully, the taller girl didn't seem to notice.

"What are the rules?" Mai asked, sitting down on a chair beside Nanase.

"I-I am not t-too sure. I think it is s-similar to baseball." Nanase looked down at her sketchpad, horrified to see that she had been drawing pictures of a certain girl she was enamored with. She quickly flipped to another page, praying that the other girl was still focused on the view outside the window.

"What are the rules of baseball?" Mai had never had the chance to figure out what baseball was. She had heard of it before, but had never looked into it. Other things were more important.

Erika was more important.

Nanase shook her head apologetically; sports were a mystery to her. She usually avoided the sun, usually preferring peaceful, indoor activities.

"Well, I have decided to join the softball club," Mai declared. "What about you, Nanami?"

"Me too. It looks quite fun," Nanami nodded approvingly. "Sakurai-san, would you mind leading us to the softball field?"

"Yeah sure, this way." Sakurai turned to leave.

"Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but I have not finished explaining Free! to Iku-chan here." Complaining, Ikoma held out a volume of Free! for the room to see.

"I-Iku-chan?" Erika's brows furrowed in bewilderment.

"Yes, it's your new nickname."


"Don't tell me you have never had a nickname before?!" Ikoma whirled around to face in Erika in shock.

Erika looked down to the floor with a sad look on her face as she fiddled with her fingers. A silence settled over the room and an awkward atomsphere formed.

"You should continue explaining Free! to Erika, Ikoma-san." Mai blurted. "Erika and I can follow Sakurai-san and Nanami down later once you have finished. We're in no big rush." Having succesfully broken the tension, Mai smiled at Ikoma, who nodded excitedly and continued talking.

"Do not be too long." Nanami followed Sakurai out of the room.

Mai glanced down, catching sight of a skillfully drawn school girl on Nanase's sketchpad. "You are talented at drawing, Nishino-san. Neither Erika nor I have an ounce of artistic ablity, although our grandfather was an excellent drawer."

"My m-mother ta-taught me how to draw."

"You asked her to teach you?"

"Y-Yes, when I-I was younger m-my pa-parents took me to an art gallery and ev-everything started from there."

"I see, that's cute. My parents and I never di- have never done anything like that. It wa-- is very often lessons."


"'How to carry yourself' and such. All rather boring things, though some lessons certainly were--are fun."

"What are y-your favorites?"

"Cooking. Whenever I made sweets, Erika would always light up. I remember when I first started. I used to burn them a lot, and she would pout when I refused to give her some." Mai smiled at the thought.

"Pwease, can I have one?"

"No Erika, Mother would have my head if she heard I gave you burnt food."

"Pwease, I won't tell on you. I promise."

Mai smiled and lowered herself slightly, looking the younger girl in the eyes. She ran her hand gently over the girl's head soothingly, and the pout on Erika's face slowly dissipated. She loved it when Mai did that. It made her feel special, especially since this was a gesture Mai reserved just for her.

"Next time then?" Erika inquired, sticking out her pinky finger for her sister to take. Mai obliged, linking her own pinky with Erika's.

"Next time."


"The softball team meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school, except when it's raining. Fukagawa Mai is the captain of the team, as well as the student council secretary." Sakurai lead Nanami across the field to the softball team, who was currently on a break. Some players lay carelessly on the ground, while others sat on the ground cross-legged. The entire team looked exhuasted, except for a single girl who was practicing swings in full concentration.

"Maimai!" Sakurai shouted, running across the field towards the batter. The other girl lowered her bat and turned towards them. Nanami shook her head and continued walking leisurely. If necessary, she wanted to avoid running.

"This is Fukagawa Mai, your future captain." Sakurai proudly threw an arm around Maimai, casually picking up a water bottle labelled "Fukugawa." She proceeded to unscrew the bottle and take a gulp of water. Seemingly unbothered, Maimai simply took the bottle back and dropped it on the ground. Nanami shuddered. If you asked her, sharing drinks and things was terribly unhygenic and also a little gross. It was also how you got mono, not to mention.

"Future captain?" Fukagawa glanced at Nanami for confirmation.

"Hashimoto Nanami." She said politely.

"One of the new transfer students, right? I hope we can get along well." Fukagawa flashed a small grin at Nanami, who was discreetly looking her up and down. She was cute.

"Hashimoto-san and Shiraishi-san want to join the softball club." Sakurai explained happily, unaware of Nanami's aversion to shared saliva.

"Well, if the two of them would like to join, we would be more than happy to have you in the club. Where is Shiraishi-san?" Questioned Fukagawa.

"She said she would meet us later with Ikuta-san. They're with the manga club right now. Do you have the club applications?" Sakurai asked.

"You should have them. Aren't you student council president?"

"Hmmm... Yumi usually sorts this stuff out, though."

"Such an irresponsible president."

"Hey, I am responsible!"

Nanami rolled her eyes at the playful banter between the two of them. She really wanted this over and done with. As fascinating as this sport was, she had other things to do.

"Nanamin, did you get the sheets for us to join?" A familiar voice popped out from behind. Without turning, Nanami shook her head, still focused on the argument before her.

"What club is Erika joining?"

"The manga club! Ikoma-chan asked me to join." Erika replied enthusiastically. She skipped over to Nanami, bringing a smile to both Nanami and Mai's faces. It had been a while since Erika was last excited. An unfamiliar sound rang through air, momentarily stopping Sakurai and Fukagawa's debate. The ringing came from a nearby bag, and Fukagawa quickly concluded that it was her phone. She jogged to her bag and retrieved the device, tapping the screen to answer the call. The others observed as Fukagawa's facial expressions switched from serious to confused then back to serious. Something was obviously wrong. Before long, Fukagawa turned back to the girls.

"Is something wrong, Maimai?"

"It was my dad. Apparently, some medical supplies have been stolen from the hospital."

TBC ..........

A/N: The second chapter is finally up! We do hope you have enjoyed it thanks to everyone reading and commenting! A big thanks to our to betas weirdasspotatoe and  akbdaisuki48!

@MaYukiIsLife: Great we are glad that you do please look forward to more in the future thanks for reading and commenting

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@Kairi65: So many questions and none that I can answer haha but again theories are welcome so throw as many out there as you can! Its frustrating that I cant even hint haha but if you play close enough attention to things you should be able to figure things out. Thanks for commenting and reading

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Yes its finally here! Haha you know me I had to get IkuMai in this somewhere my friend haha and NanaMai. Its only natural for Reika to be such a mess it would not be right otherwise haha. 'Bananaman Himura!(?)' You are correct haha! Nanamai is love Nanamai is life haha. Manatsu sensing Kuroishi so soon she has a sixth sense for it clearly. Waka-chan is the student council vice president someone has to make sure Reika doesn't do it wrong. Like Manatsu for Kuroishi it seems you have a sixth sense for the holy mother haha. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 2 29/08/16 updated
« Reply #12 on: August 29, 2016, 07:32:45 PM »
wowww!! finally an update, you just a cool writer, such a mystery..

and reika will always need wakachu on her sides.. she depend a lot on her  :smhid :smhid

please update soon author-san :bow:  :roll:

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 2 29/08/16 updated
« Reply #13 on: August 29, 2016, 10:23:17 PM »
Of course, IkuMai and NanaMai are always a welcome. I ship both differently  :mon determined:
Oh Waka, you just had to try many clubs didn’t you? You serious ikemen.
Maiyan, you got it so bad already. Always gravitating towards Nanase and trying to gain her attention. Not that Nanase was any better, following Maiyan with her eyes. These two, I swear  XD
When Maiyan said lessons about carrying oneself, I’m thinking IkuMai must learn how to appear like normal human because they no longer are(?)
The burnt sweets probably wasn’t as bad compared to if it’s Iku-chan who made it  :P
IkuMai sisters is making me melt  :mon inluv:
I imagine Reika default mode like this  :on gay:  when walking/gliding/moving around because she seemed so hyped and gay. There’s no way she’s not gay, it's impossible.
I can relate to Nanamin when it comes to sharing drink  :nervous
Well, looks like it won’t be as smooth between HashiGawa. Although MaiMai seemed intrigued by Nanamin, I’m sensing Nanamin will resist until she can’t (good luck with that, Nanamin).
Everything gets taken care of by Waka, lucky Reika. It must be how Wakatsuki shows her love in a way.
Things I didn’t expect: MaiMai as captain and Iku-chan joining manga club. I thought she’d join music club or something. But it's good she becomes friend with Ikoma.
Erika, everyone’s oujo-sama. Such a precious cutie  :monk gboy:
While the trio is suspicious and all, I feel they’re not the one raiding the hospital. I think it’s related to those people who killed IkuMai family.
Nah, I don’t have Manatsu’s sixth sense, I simply like MaiMai (who doesn’t?) that’s why I asked.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 2 29/08/16 updated
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Maiyan  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 2 29/08/16 updated
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Lol at Reika being the same usual ponkotsu Reika and Nanamin being mysophobic but perhaps having a crush on Maimai could change that and she will want to share a drink with Maimai in the future. Also, smooth Shiraishi is smooth, but too bad Nanase isn't actually fond of sports, but she might have a chance to start liking it- if Maiyan is one of the player :roll: Is Ikuchan going to be okay being in different club with Nanamin and Maiyan? I'm starting to get worried...
It's a great chapter, I'll be waiting for the next one  :twothumbs

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 2 29/08/16 updated
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yay! thank you!
woah.. ikuchan in manga club? Σ(O_O)
...reika... as always a hopeless president council, she is lucky to have waka as her vice and take care everything (¬_¬;)
then, in what club waka joining now?
please update soon m(. .)m
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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 2 29/08/16 updated
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Really curious what waka's club is..? Perhaps the take-care-of-ponkotsu-president-reika club?  :rofl:

And maimai, why did her father directly call her when its a problem of his medical stuff..? I wonder what went gone? Drugs...or blood?

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Re: Outsiders (Nogi46) chapter 2 29/08/16 updated
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And maimai, why did her father directly call her when its a problem of his medical stuff..? I wonder what went gone? Drugs...or blood?

Ahahaha.....Kairi65, You're quite sharp  :nervous :nervous

Thanks for reading guys! XxRoByNxX and I really appreciate it!

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