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Author Topic: [EXID] LoyalFlutist's OS  (Read 2939 times)

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[EXID] LoyalFlutist's OS
« on: July 18, 2016, 06:49:17 PM »
Table of Content
Hotel Trouble!

This one's for you specifically, Grandma BbSis. Enjoy it, and thanks for dragging me into this ship.

Hotel Trouble! [LE x Solji]

The members of EXID were on a break. After working so hard on their comeback album of L.I.E., their management decided it would be best to let them off for a whole week on their own. The amount of relief that washed over the great was more than enough to have a similar sensation occur twice. One by one, the five members dispersed into their own world. Wherever they went was up to them. LE, Solji, Hani, Hyerin, and Junghwa are not together as EXID. As of this moment, they are themselves, free from the responsibilities of being a part of the famous and still-rising K-Pop group.

"Ah~ Why is it so hot out here?"

Solji couldn't help but use the pamphlet as a paperfan, quickly flicking her wrist in attempt to produce as much gust of wind as possible. Despite how late it was into the night, the heat outside was unbearable. Summer was both a good and a bad season for most everyone, and Solji considered its cons more than its pros. Standing in front of a hotel with a rolling luggage, this vocal trainer and one of the two main vocalists of the Korean pop group was reading the signs plastered on the tall building.

'Looks like I got the right hotel from online.'

Once she had made her confirmation, the long, orange haired female clicked her black high heels into the area. Sliding doors smoothly shifted to the side as a fresh gush of air from the central AC came into contact with her figure. One of the two bellboys nearby bowed their head as a form of greeting to the pop star. The entrance into the hotel made it seem as though it was all planned for Solji's grand appearance.

Her grip tightened on the black handle of her luggage, hurrying towards the receptionists. It was late, and it would be a lie for Solji to say that she wasn't exhausted from spending time with Hyerin today. Besides, she needed to get as much rest for tomorrow's trip to the beach. Just thinking about how much energy would be required for a fun day is already draining most of her mental power for tonight.

'What a minute...'

Solji slowed her pace. Her eyes narrowed as she saw a figure from the distant. She seems to be talking and motiioning her hand in the air at the receptionist. It seems to be a familiar person... a very familiar person. When she identified who it was, a smile ran across her face as her pace resumed back to its original speed.

"What are you doing here, Hyojin?" the singer asked once she closed the distance between the two.

LE, also known as Ahn Hyojin, raised both eyebrows at the sight of the vocal leader. Any conversation that once had with the staff came to an abrupt pause. "I should be asking you the same thing, Solji. What are you doing here?"

"I booked a room just last week for a couple days," she explained. "Planning to head to the beach tomorrow, then to an amusement park the day after tomorrow. Maybe even spend one day dedicated to shopping."

The rapper hummed as she bobbed her head. "I suppose the same could be said for me... If I could get this issue fixed first."

"Issue?" Solji shifted her focus towards the female across the glazed desk. "Does my friend have some kind of issue?"

The uniformed staff adjusted her stance, a faint bead of sweat running down the side of her face. "As you can see, all of the rooms are booked and filled. We don't have any extras."

"Huh? What about my room then?"

"Your room? If I could have your name-- wait, you're Heo Solji. I recognize that face anywhere. Let me see... Your room is still with us, and it's available for you."

"What about Hyojin?"

"That's... the problem we're running into, ma'am. We don't have her room available." 

The curly-haired female ran a hand through her hair. She bit the bottom of her lip as she murmured, "It's strange... I booked a month early..." When the singer heard the rapper mutter a complaint, Solji's eyebrows furrowed together.

"Yah! You telling me that you don't have any extra room for her?"

The orange haired female felt the corner of her lips twitch. How dare the hotel treat her friend like this! LE had booked a room for at least a month in preparation, yet the most they could muster was bad news and empty hands? When Solji shot a glare at the staff, the female simply shook her head.

"We're sorry, ma'am, but it doesn't look like we have a room. Unless you don't mind sharing your room with her, then she has no choice but to get a refund and leave the hotel."

A loud exhale came out of Solji's nose. She pinched the bridge of her nose as she squeezed her eyes shut. How could Solji have predicted this? Should she have known LE was in a pinch, she might've ordered a room with two beds! If LE were to stay with her... That would mean the two ladies would be sharing the same bed. It wouldn't be an issue for the singer, but what about the music composer? Would she be okay? If she wasn't okay, then how would LE fare for the night without a place to sleep nearby? She could always return back to her home, but that would be too far away, Solji recalled. LE would have to accept, wouldn't she? A few second passed by before the young woman reopened her eyelids. These questions wouldn't be answered unless she initiates them. Pondering long and hard about it won't do much other than waste time for the two members. Another exhale, though out of her mouth this time, was heard. Solji lowered her hand, and turned her attention to the rapper.

"Hyojin, you don't mind staying with me, do you?"

LE merely shrugged her shoulders. At that same moment, she barely managed to stifle a yawn. "It doesn't matter. I just need a room to stay in."

"I only have one bed ordered at my room--"

"Solji, it doesn't matter like I said."

That clamped the other female's jaw. Well, it looks like everything's solved. Since LE wasn't making any objection to her offer, Solji could only agree with the receptionist's idea. The vocal trainer blinked a couple times before returning her attention to the staff. After a few exchanges, the keys to the hotel room she booked just last week was given to her.

"Let's go, Hyojin." With that spoken, the EXID member's spare hand grabbed the rapper's wrist and dragged her along. Although the female would normally knock off her leader's hand, tonight, LE herself allowed Solji to take her to their destination as her other hand made sure her luggage didn't run away. It didn't take long for the two to reach to the room that they are unexpectedly sharing.

The two proceeded to mind their own business. At least, that occurred for the first thirty minutes. Most of that time was used to unpack and take out toletries in preparation for a shower and cleaning off their make-up. Complete silence filled the atmosphere.

"I'm going in the shower first, Solji," LE proclaimed to the other female.

Solji waved a hand in the air to silently signal the rapper her approval. A faint smile ran across her lips as she heard the composer leave the main bedroom and clicked the bathroom door shut. It wasn't bad spending time with another member of EXID, and it certainly was a surprise to bump into her friend. Then again, Solji felt a tinge of heat spark on her cheeks when she realized that it was just her and LE in the hotel. Just the two of them, alone. Usually they would be bunched as a group wherever they crash into a hotel during their event tours or concerts. This... is actually the first time she would be spending time in the same room with the female outside of idol activity. To make it worse, they're sharing a bed.

'Just like a couple... Yah! What am I thinking of!?'

She shook off the silly thought. In desperate hope to keep her mind off of the odd topic, Solji decided to use her phone to Instagram, post a selfie of her in the hotel room with the mention of LE's presence, and check on a One Piece episode. It didn't help that doing all of those things made time rapidly progress by. It felt like ten minutes have only passed by when LE came out of the bathroom. Dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt, the composer stretched and yawned as she made her entrance.

"It's your turn, Solji."

"Right, thanks Hyojin."

As Solji used this time to waddle into the bathroom, LE decided to leap onto the soft mattress. A single contact of the material was almost enough to knock her asleep. She buried her face into the furniture as a soft exhale was heard. The composer would usually spend her time on her phone, playing a couple of game apps before calling it a night. But she was simply exhausted. Stress that built up over the months finally left her mind, and replaced with nothing but fatigue. Another sigh came from LE.

An hour passed by before the door to the bathroom swung open. Steam faintly escaped the area as Solji happily stepped into the single bedroom. Out of the shower, the leader of EXID spotted the female. She raised an eyebrow. LE was sleeping like a child. Eyelids closed, body curled in a fetus position, and a slow breathing pattern gave an adorable image. Compared to the strong and charismatic personality, this seems surreal. It was a side only few would be able to witness. The singer smiled, and approached the bed. As the "mother" of the K-Pop group, she took the time to adjust the rapper's sleeping position so that she was both under a blanket and giving enough room for Solji to sleep. Once she neared the composer, the singer felt heat radiating from LE's figure.

'Hyojin feels... so warm...'

Could she be falling for the other idol? Perhaps, but this woman can't seem to put her finger on it. Solji embraced her warm body from behind. Her arms comfortably wrapped around the slim figure as she laid her head near LE's head. Then, she closed her eyelids and pressed herself against the rapper. A smile was scrawled all over her face at the contact.

"Good-night," she whispered with a gentle squeeze.

And although the rapper was fast asleep, within her dream, the embrace was transferred into it along with the sweet words by Solji.

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Re: [EXID] LoyalFlutist's OS
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Sorry shachou, I won't write a long comment, just wanted to drop by and say I am so in love with this, OMG  :wub: :inlove: :heart:
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Re: [EXID] LoyalFlutist's OS
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Gd Ly ~ :inlove: :wub: :inlove:

This is so awesome and cute and amazing! I'm so proud here. I really hope you start to enjoy this ship more from now on :3

Solji convincing herself sharing a bed was ok was funny :p And it was so adorable when Solji back hugged LE and wished good night and it affected LE~ I'm soooooo in love with this I'm gonna read more and more hahahha

Please write more Lesol when you can and thank you foe this cutieeeee  :heart:

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