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Author Topic: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH11-15th FEB, 18)  (Read 27472 times)

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic)
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Well, it worked for me because I like games. You can find something you like that’s related to English to make learning it more fun.

thanks again for your wonderful comments. i love it so much, i mean your comments.

Oh no, Waka knew they’re in relationship and gonna get married  :scared:
Waka looks good with both short or long hair  :heart:

yes, absolutely.. Waka always looks good in everything..  :ptam-vain: but since Reika love her (more) when she have longer hair. well i just wrote that way  :mon yo:

I feel kinda sorry for Iku-chan. Maybe if he is a girl it could work with less problems, but Reika is just too gay  :lol:

yap.. feel sorry for ikuchan too..   :mon sweat: now i read your comments i just get that feel and laugh at myself.. how can i forget reika gayness? so thats why she can't accept male ikuchan  :hiakhiakhiak:

I thought Reika’s an orphan from the start like Waka, so that’s why I thought she could be brainwashed.
I blame all this mess on Reika’s father. If only he wasn’t so selfish  :mon mad:

hahaha you're absolutely wrong. jezzz, :glasses: i admit i'm bad.. i love to make my readers thinking and then it's just wrong. am i that bad?  :mon sweat:

I wonder what happened to Miona?

about miona.. hurmm idk.. i just can't grip an idea to write about her.. but there will be explanation later i just can't spoiled it now. don't we? :wahaha:

I hope Waka’s decision of wanting to be the sniper wasn’t because of what she saw in the cafe. She needs to let Reika explains first otherwise everything will be lost.

about waka being sniper, you may think it that way... but we'll see soon.  :mon nyah:

thank you so much for reading this despite everyone have their own busy schedule..  :shy2:
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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) (UPDATED 3 SEPT)
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(A/N: I’m sorry for delaying this for almost two days.  Well is this… T.H.E  E.N.D?)

   Ikuta Eri, handsome man with cold eyes that can kill. Everyone in the clan feared him, Ikuta Eri, the most trusted man in the clan since previous leader until now. He is the merciless guy than always do what he thinks right and can end his problems which always mean the word of ‘kill’.

   They don’t say it right at his face but they do think he is a psychopath person. He gone mad for no reasons, and kills someone with anything he got on his hand; knives, blades, guns or even his own fist. He is an unpredictable person who can change depend on his mood. The second he laugh could be the first thing they scared of since he is a person who only laughs when he is mad. They knew they shouldn’t get into mess with this psychopath person.

   The reason why he always becomes the most trusted person is he always does thing ‘properly’ without thinking any longer but the end result is always satisfying. He follows order without any question; like a loyal handsome puppet. What should be done, need to be done; always be his motto of life.

   However, for someone who can heartless kill anyone, Ikuta Eri sometime not scary as they said. He know how to have fun, know how to enjoy life, know how to deal with girls even he never had any other than Sakurai Reika. She is the first for him. But, since he is the most unpredictable man, that made he’s the most feared man, maybe? He could change anytime he want depend on his mood.

   “How the sold of weapon this month?” Ikuta asked to the man who is checking the condition of the weapons. Too engrossed with his job to even notice Ikuta presence, he looks shocked.

   “Well, it did not decline but not also increasing. We got no new customer lately.” He reports in vibrating voice. Seeing Ikuta’s face unchanged, he sigh in relieve.

   “That’s a bad new.” Ikuta drop the gun he was just hold and grips the man’s jaw tightly made him hard to breathe. “Who doesn’t want to deal with us? We’re the most famous clan that sells the best weapons. We always have new people want our best weapons” Well the standard does make him mad. Except, when he always go mad for everything.

   “Well they said that we not like before, after Sakurai Reika-san take Sakurai Kamata-san leadership.” He tried to explain while shivering, the grip make him hard to even spell words properly. He saw Ikuta averted his eyes, looks away and released him from his tight grips. He let out a relieved sigh.

   “They said, we too soft nowadays. They lost their trust for a clan that was before strong but become weak like a girl. Because our leader is..”

   Bang. The loud shot was heard echoing in the whole warehouse space, shocking everyone from their own jobs. Their eyes widen in shock and unbelievable with what they just witnessed, but they just keep silent, have no ability to question and undone what have be done. Or they just to scare to received same fate as that dead body.

   The man who seconds ago alive now lying hopelessly on the ground with blood coming out from his head. One clear shot can be seen clearly on his forehead, his eyes wide open tragically, like he just saw his death. He did, before his life finally come to an end.

   Ikuta just saw the lying corpse without any expression on his face. He is emotionless. “Don’t say her name with your dirty mouth.” He snapped and walked away like nothing has occurred. And everyone just ignored the lying body. They saw, but they pretended not to care. That’s what happened when you messed up with him.


   “They said you shot another man of yours.” Sakurai breaks out the silent. As usual, they’re at the same café, have a date if you can say it is. Except Sakurai having a bad mood after what have happen. She can never accept what Ikuta always did with his power.

   “He is at fault.” Ikuta said monotonously and looks away.

   “Is it because of me?”

   “Who said that?” Ikuta glared with his fierce looks.

   “No one. It happened that I was there.” Lie. It is obviously lie. If she said that she heard from someone, that person would be found dead. Ikuta would kill him like he did before. Sakurai sighed heavily. Sometimes, she hates that side of Ikuta asides from he is to in love with her. Too obsess.

   “Let’s forget about that. We came here to have date.” Ikuta curled his upper lips and converted it into a smile. Like always, he reaching out for Sakurai’s hand.

   “Have a fun when you still can.” Wakatsuki mumbled while moving her rifle from Ikuta’s face into Sakurai’s. She is now stand by at the rooftop of the opposite building of the cafe counting every single moment before pulling the trigger and bullet will penetrate into her head. In Wakatsuki’s mind, there is still clear image of Ikuta do his random shot which killed Ami when she first arrived at Solitude Sister’s place back then. And also the scene where they’re holding hands; like right now still fresh in her memories. She cannot even erase that image from her memories which make her mad.

   “Waka..” It’s Nanamin on the other sides. Calling Wakatsuki with her low voice, almost whispering.


   “I know you have no intention to kill Sakurai..” Again, Nanamin speaks with a soft low voice. And she just made Wakatsuki taken aback. Shock. How should Nanamin knows that?

   “What does it mean Wakatsuki?” Kazumin sounds so surprised but she still control her voice. Everyone listen to their conversation through the earpiece.

   “They love each other Kazumin. Like you and Ami. Why not gives Waka chance for once? She needs an answer.” In a second, they were silent; like they’re thinking after what Nanamin said.

   “I have better plan.” Maiyan interrupt.

   Sakurai gives an unsatisfied looks before she just let Ikuta do what he wants before a shot was heard followed by the sound of broken glass. The glass smashed into thousand pieces by next three continuous bullets. Ikuta stands up, aware of that dangerous situation. But too bad, the second he wakes up, the bullet already penetrate into his body. Right into his left shoulder, a little bit higher than his heart; he would be dead if it is go lower. Not even able to balance himself, he just falls to the floor.

   Wakatsuki watched the scene from above, how panicked Reika is when her boyfriend got shot so suddenly. Sigh, she never able to end Reika’s life with her own hands. It is true that she have no intention to kill Reika, they have unsolved matter. But, she also wouldn’t dare to see her be killed by Nanamin. So, she thought her choice to be a sniper is good. 

   Sakurai who got panicked over that repeated gunshot kneeled down to help Ikuta. She pressed the wound to lessen the blood loss. She take her gun from her back with her other free hand. She looked around; searching for their man, but everything is so in messed. People in public run like crazy; run away from the unwanted death. Continuous shot was heard outside the café, she observes the situation more while her left hand pressing on Ikuta’s wound.

   Maiyan, Nanamin, Misa and Kazumin all release their shot. They’re all using guns with silencer in order to confuse them, they did confuse and just shot to the random direction; panicking over unknown source of the bullets while the Solitude Sister members hiding well among all running public. More shots were released and more men down due to the shot. Not surprised, they all ended at Ikuta’s men body. They won’t harm any public.

   After being an observer, Wakatsuki stands and runs with rifle on her back. She needs to reach there before they take her, before she went missing. So Wakatsuki run with all her might, down the stairs and jump over the wall. She has this determined look on her face. She will end it today. She wants an answer.

   “Shit.” Reika can only saw their men being shot, not their enemy. They’re hiding well. One of her men came in, maybe the only one save from fifteen she bring to guard her. She gives signal to replace her. She jumps to the outside through broken glass wall.

   While Wakatsuki ran from the other sides with her mask on, they bump right at the in front of the café, without thinking much Reika pointed her gun to Wakatsuki. Wakatsuki flinched and step back before another men came from Reika direction to protect her. She aiming her gun and shot him, but Reika who is panicked shots Wakatsuki at the same time; right to her chest.

   “Reika.” Wakatsuki calls out her name but it was just too late. She fell unconscious but still can hear her name being shouted anxiously before finally her sight went black. Reika.

   “Wakatsuki!” Nanamin and Maiyan shouted when they saw Wakatsuki was shot. Maiyan wants to shoot Reika back but Nanamin stop her. They run to Wakatsuki direction. Nanamin bring Wakatsuki on her lap while calling for her name few times. 

   Reika, on the other hand is speechless when she heard that name. She watched them being panicked over the person she just shot; unconscious, and when the mask was removed, she much more speechless. Wakatsuki. Her heart call for that person, hoping she was alive. When Reika no longer can detain her feelings, she ran away. 


   They arrived at their hideout 10 minutes later. Nanamin and Maiyan who carry Wakatsuki put her on the table. While Kazumin and Misa carry the wounded Ikuta, throw him under the basement. Nanamin who is too anxious of Wakatsuki condition get her undress. Luckily, they all wear the bullet-proof vests so the bullet stopped there, but the after effect could also harm her body. She searching for pulse on her hand and neck but nothing can be felt. She gives the emergency aid to Wakatsuki, pressing her chest and doing the CPR.

   “Calm down Nanamin.” Misa try to stop Nanamin from losing her mind. Since five minutes ago she keeps doing the CPR on Wakatsuki. Nanamin could pass out of lacking oxygen if she keeps doing that. Everyone wanted to do so; saving Wakatsuki from shock death, but it is more painful watching Nanamin like that and they all scared of losing their precious teammate too.

   “I can’t let her go.” Nanamin cry, shouts like a crazy girl, her action make everyone surprise but they just can’t say anything. It is very unusual of Nanamin to lose her calmness, she is a girl who always stays composed but now they know Nanamin actually fragile inside. “Wakatsuki, wake up. Remember your mission.” She hit Wakatsuki chest repeatedly when she can’t feel any pulse on her hand and neck. They might lose her at this point. “Remember your purposes here. Please hold on.” There are tears drop from her eyes. She keeps giving the motivation as she knows Wakatsuki still can listen her words.

   “Jezz, Nanamin. It’s hurt.” Wakatsuki coughs two three times gasping for air; finally regained her consciousness due to the hard blow she received on her chest. It is really hurt, but thanks for that she retrieved her heartbeat again. She smiles weakly to Nanamin.

   “Wakatsuki.” They all shouted in happiness and smile in relieved.

   “I won’t die we wear the bullet proof vest, remember?” She smiles, trying to ease their worriedness while looking at Nanamin teary eyes. Actually surprised by Nanamin action, never know she was important to her, to them. Undeniably, she feels warms with all the loves she received.

   “Stupid. You were shot in short distance. You could die from heart attack!” Misa almost shouts, mad at Wakatsuki carelessness. She slaps Wakatsuki’s shoulder; tears almost fall from her cheeks. But then she laughing at herself; how she also scared of losing more precious friends in her life. But now, she glad that their teammate is fine.


   While Sakurai Reika finally arrived at the warehouse after being picked up by her men 30 minutes ago. But, Ikuta Eri was taken by them, so she was tensed because of that. For what reasons they took Ikuta, they need to do something. She rushed into the warehouse, gathering all her men.

   “Track down the chip on Ikuta’s body.” She gives the order. Luckily her and Ikuta always being observed, it is always useful for situation like now.

   The person who is in charge of the technology quickly doing his job. His hand moves quick and fast on the keyboard, the red blinking point finally appear on his monitor, leaving him smiles proudly. It takes not more than 30 seconds to work on tracking people down.

   “Go get prepare yourself, we’ll raid their place two hours from now.” Another command was given by Sakurai Reika. And everyone spread out as fast as they can, they check on their available weapon, fills in the bullets in the magazine as much as they can. Everyone looks as tense as Sakurai Reika who just sits on her chair, emotionless.

   Since an hour ago, Reika’s mind is spacing out. The scene that just happened before her eyes still haunting her mind. She can’t think how that is possible. How it is that even possible? How Wakatsuki can be on their team? Did she just shoot her? Did she actually shoot her Wakatsuki. She’s her enemy but she love her..

On the other side..

   “They will find us, sooner or later.” Maiyan said. Much more like stated the facts. Well, she is one of them before, so she knew their way.

   Nanamin and Misa nodded in agreement. “We should finish our job faster.” They look at each other.

   “Waka can take in charge of Ikuta.” Kazumin voiced out her opinion. “He doesn’t know you.. so it would help.” Again, they reach an agreement of same opinion when everyone gives a little nod.

   “My pleasure.” Wakatsuki raised her hand high up, she just smiling while jumped from the table. “I just have to use my specialties. Haven’t shows it to all of you yet.” She smirks proudly while walked away. Everyone just rolled their eyes up.

   “Now, it’s time to get ready.” Maiyan take a lead after Wakatsuki left. Her battle mode; on. Her face now changes into seriousness. Everyone gathered around the table, without anyone never declared their position, they acknowledge of Maiyan abilities as a leader. They listen to her more, if not; they have to face Maiyan in Kuroishi mode for a week. It is scarier than being shot.

   “Kazumin, you should prepare your dynamite as much as you can. We have less people, using them would be a help.”

   “Haip. Roger.” Kazumin gives an okay signal.

   “Guard the entrance, put them on several place. Don’t use too much, enough to waste their time.” Maiyan told again.

   “Nanamin, you guard from upstairs. Shoot anyone who comes into your sight. Prepare as much as magazines you can. Don’t waste your time.” Maiyan turn to Nanamin who also nodded as okay. “I will help you to cover everyone’s back.”

   “Misa.” Maiyan looks at Misa. She takes a deep breathe before speaks again. “Guard the basement. Don’t let them approach the entrance. Please be careful.” She said with a worry expression on her face. Misa just smile.

   Everyone silence after listened to Maiyan’s order. Maiyan heave a deep sigh.

   “We maybe can clean our names, avenged Ami’s death..” Maiyan looks at her teammate’s face, to Kazumin who looks eager. “But, we might not able to get out from this war one piece.” She smiles, a bitter smile. She looks at her teammate face one by one, there is different looks in their eyes. Something she haven’t notice before.

   “I’m glad we finally come to an end.” Misa said in low voice, she’s smile but there is fear in her eyes but then the fears gone replaced by her determine looks. She approach Maiyan and put her hands on Maiyan’s shoulder.

   “Thanks to Wakatsuki.” Kazumin finally spoke out. If before she would blame Wakatsuki who came in incidentally on the same day they were attacked, but now thanks to her they’ve seen a little hope. She also does the same thing as Misa, put her hand around Maiyan’s shoulder.

   “Ahh, I know you’ll finally accept her in our group.” Nanamin left out a dry laugh. Also came in the circle and completing their bond together. 

   They smile brightly despite this is might their last time doing this thing together. Long time together as a team, they grateful they were fate to be in a team, grateful that they meet with each other. “Let’s do this!” They’re all shouts in one voice and wave their hand high to the air and scatter around to prepare their things. Now, they are ready to face whatever might come in their way. Alive or not, it is different story, at least they fight what for they should.

   “Hey. If I could ask a favor.” Nanamin said before she left. She looks down before she open her mouth. “Please, don’t touch Reika. Wakatsuki need something from her.” Nanamin gives a look up to her friends with hope in her eyes.

   “Simple matter.”

(A/N: Ahhhhah I’m finally reaching to this point,  :cow: there is still part 6 everyone! I’m actually made it in one part, but it is very long..tooo long, so I separate in into two parts  :deco:. There are more worth waiting for. Please be patient, alright? Okay, love yaa. :hip smile:)

Your comments are much more welcome :bow:
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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED PART 5 - 3 SEPT]
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I think Reika did say she likes girl with long hair. Always so gay that captain  :lol:
Nah, many authors do like to tease their reader with plot twist/cliffhanger.
When you said we’ll see about the sniper, I immediately thought “oh maybe she’ll shoot Ikuchan instead.” although it was Maiayan's idea, right?
Reika shooting her Wakachu will probably make her guilty for a long time even when she didn’t mean to and Waka was alright.
So, Nanamin....she’s always quick to help/defend Waka and gets emotional about her more than the others. Does she somehow like Waka more than a friend?  :dunno:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED PART 5 - 3 SEPT]
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chapter 6 please! can't wait for the action! and of course wakarei too! :cow:
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED PART 5 - 3 SEPT]
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@ミサキ :Now you said this, i'm just realized that there not much their sweet moments here. i'm sorry to disappoint you  :bow: . thanks for your comments, it makes me happy because you got time despite your busy schedule just to read my lame fanfic  :badluck:

@pretend_2besome1: well, your comments always makes me happy and energetic! thanks you for spending your precious time reading my boring fanfic  :on_hot:
well about Nanamin, there is actually her own story which i had make it beforehand.. but i don't know where to put it. maybe in the epilogue i'll insert it. i'll try my best!  :tama-bigheart:


(A/N: I'm finally reaching to this point, however... I'm so scared!!!! Don't know why, i'm just feel melancholy to end my very first fanfic,  :mon surr:
minnasan, this part is too lengthy so! gomenasaii  :bow: :bow:
enjoy your reading.

   “Reika-san.” One of her man calls, waking her up from her daydream. “We’re ready.” He reports with a serious look. Sakurai nodded as she receives the info. He leaves soon after that.

   Reika stands up and look around. She observes all or her men. For the first after a long time, she questioned herself. What am I doing right now? She sighs heavily and walked down the stairs. For this war, three jeeps were prepared, full with the armed men. She walked into the third jeep and gives signal to move.


   In the basement, Wakatsuki sits facing Ikuta Eri who now was tied on a chair with his hand on the back; still unconscious. His wound was treated by her 10 minutes ago. She observes each inch on the cold man face. Right into her eyes, there is pain. Her heart ached too much that she no longer can hold on her insanity. She can’t wait for Ikuta to wake up anymore. She takes a pail of water full of ices from her side which she prepared beforehand. She splashed the water to Ikuta’s face; forcing him to rise. It is a success.

   His face is wet; he can feel the cold sensation that forcing him to open his eyes. Blurry sight, but he can see a slender figure of a woman with same height as his lover, Sakurai Reika. He smiles before her firms voice made him realized that he was bounded into a chair he was sits on.

   “Hi.” Wakatsuki greets the man that was tied onto a chair; looks confuse with his position. She smiles sarcastically when his eyes landed on her. “Remember me?”

   It takes a while for Ikuta to have a clear image of girl in front of him. “Ah, the girl at the café.” He finally come his sense, he laughs as his own stupidity back then. He moves around but it just makes his wrist sore from tight knots.

   “Yes. It is me.” Wakatsuki stands up and kicked her chair far. She took out a gun from her back, it a classic gun with six empty cylinders. She fills in one bullet and rolled it three to four times before unlocked into its place. She doesn’t know the position of the bullets itself. So, it is a game of luck.

   “Let’s place Russian roulette.” She tries to negotiate. An absolute offer with an absolute answer.

   “Why are you doing this?” He asks. Confused and fear. He just watches her through the corner of his eyes.

   “Buuuuub. Wrong answer.” It’s not an offer, it’s an order. He has no choice. Wakatsuki let out a fake laugh; like she is watching a fail variety show. She stepped in front Ikuta, playing with her gun, she threaten him quietly.

   “You have six chance with 1/6 possibilities being shot. Just answer with yes or no.” Wakatsuki cocked her neck and flick her tongue, which produces a small click sound. Her eyes meet with Ikuta’s nervous expression. She smiles mockingly.

   “You killed Sakurai Kamata.” Wakatsuki go straight to the point, not letting that man to even open his mouth to protest. No point of joking around too, they not have much time anyway. She gets ready to pull the trigger, her face turn serious.

   “Yes or no?” Wakatsuki brings their face close together with her hands pressing on his wound. Ikuta’s face wrinkled in pain. She knows how to play with him. But he just keeps silent while their eyes glued to each other, he not even bother to answer. 

   No answer. So Wakatsuki smiles and wait for two seconds before pulled the trigger.

   Click. He is safe. For now.

   Ikuta left out a sigh. Relieved. He never thought that this small girl ever serious with her game.

   And Wakatsuki just smile sinisterly. “Did you think I’m joking right now? I’m serious you know.” They back to their previous position, leaving 5 centimeters distances between their eyes. Her seriousness is clearly shown in her eyes which make Ikuta taken aback.

   “Again. You killed Sakurai Kamata.” She pressed his wound harder, make him more desperate to escape but he has nowhere to even moves.

   “1/5. Yes or no?” She still with her previous position. Standing there like they’re on their way to kiss each other. 

   “Why the answer is so important to you?” He asked back. Now he got courage to speak after he can’t find answer through her eyes. He looks partially confused, other half is he just don’t care.

   “Nice that you asked it now.” She sits on the chair again and playing around with her gun. “My friends, which I’m sure you know them. They were framed by someone. Said they killed a man called Sakurai Kamata-san, which I’m sure, you know him too.” She smiles at the end of her sentence threaten him silently. Like it is all the sweet bedtime story she told to some kids. Ikuta expression change a little bit, now he can grab the clear idea of this crazy game.

   “So you’re with them.”

   Nod. “Yes. I got some business to settle. We’ll see if you involved in it too.” Again, the same smile tucked on her lips. Like she is flirting with him. But, for sure, it is not. She is threatening him with all her sweetness. 

   “So, you wasted your second chance.” She pointed the gun back to its place. She won’t get distracted that easily if it is what he meant to do. She smirks, showing her evil side before pulled the trigger. 


   Again, he is safe. Ikuta breathe in, relieved. He almost got heart attack each time she unhesitatingly pulled the trigger, if he safe from the bullets, he maybe die due to heart attack. There is that probability.

   “So you scared of this game.” Wakatsuki let out her fake giggles at Ikuta obvious reflexes. His relieved expression too obvious just now which exposed his real inner conflicts; he is scared.

   “Back to our game. You killed Sakurai Kamata. 1/4.” Her tone change again. Wakatsuki right now is like a crazy psycho girl who just unpredictable, she laughs but second after that she turns serious. She looks into Ikuta with her serious stare, she is no kidding.

   Ikuta silence again while looking straight at the gun’s mouth and through the barrel, their eyes meet again. Counting all the possibility that might happen. And this girl is no kidding so serious. He can never distract her with his tactic. And her smiles? He can fall into her smiles each time she smiles, that precious dimple. But his chances get smaller each time she pulled the trigger.

   “My men will track me down anytime now. They will raid your place soon.” He tried to play with time. But it is true; there is a chip inside his boot that connects him to his men on their nest. They will find him soon. He finally able to smile when he saw she’s thinking hard, maybe finding a plan B. Not knowing that Wakatsuki already knew it. She left out a confidence smile again.

   “Ahh that can wait for later. Now you just waste your third chance. Will you able to see your men? I’m afraid you already a dead meat the moment they found you.”

   Ikuta’s face dropped down. He obviously can’t control his expression. He is scared. And Wakatsuki just jeered at him before once again aimed the gun to his head.

   Click. Again, he is safe but still almost got heart attack.

   “You have long life.” Wakatsuki commented while counting with her finger. Just playing with him by counting his chances. “How much left now?” She talked to herself. “Ah.. 1/3, I don’t think you will met them..” She pointed the gun to his head again. Her face turns to serious mode. No smiles, no more games. She wants to end this faster.

   Seeing that does make Ikuta wants to pee. All the cold sweats make his body shivering. Damn this girl. Their eyes met again and he can see the seriousness in it. He won’t last any longer.

   “You kill..” She stops and looks at his eyes again. “Sakurai..”

   “Yes. I kill him. I just want to take his leadership. But he never want to give it to anyone except her daughter..” He finally blurted out while closing his eyes, praying for his long life. “And I will kill his daughter too.” Ikuta looks straight into her eyes. He laughs when he saw an obvious surprised expression on her face.

   Wakatsuki was clearly taken aback for what she has heard. This man is really crazy, a psycho that she never expect him to be. She heard him laugh again, but she try as hard she can to stay composed. She can’t lose her mind right now.

   For a second, he let out a small laugh when he saw that girl stepped back from him. He can feel she is feared of him now.

   Ikuta smirk a sinister smile when the small gun successfully end up at his grip without they notice. At the corner of his eyes, he watched Sakurai Kamata being pointed with gun to his body while being force to kneel down, his back facing Ikuta. Taking advantage of the situation; he shot Sakurai Kamata. It hit directly on his chest. Ikuta never wasted the gold chance, it will ended faster this way.

    That old man groaned in pain on the floor before he passed out. All the girls give him an unbelievable looks. He just shrugged his shoulder and mouthed the words ‘He is old enough to die.’ And he smile like nothing have happen, like innocent man despite he just shot his own leader.

   Looking at the motionless body of Sakurai Kamata, Ikuta however have this evil smile on his lips. He is unusually happy looking at that body, and he wished that; the old man will die. He never feels this happy in his life. So he laughs hysterically leaving the girls with their surprised expression.

   Well, he doesn’t know when this feeling occurred in himself but he always wanted to be at highest in the clan. He wanted to be respected, but it cannot win against his desires to be the most powerful, to be the most feared by others. 

   Well, he has been in the clan since he was 15.. he witnessed everything what that old man did with his own eyes. He respected him, admired him for what he can do with his power. So, for almost 7 years in his life, he worked hard, he try his best, he want to be acknowledge by that old man to be his successor. He thought he had chance to achieve his dream since he has nobody except him to rely on; that old man trust Ikuta Eri with his life. But, how in the world that he can have a daughter?

   That fact makes him mad and angry. That Sakurai Kamata makes his dream shattered when he said he wants his only daughter to take over his place and Ikuta Eri can always be the most trusted person in Sakurai’s family. He can never accept that after what he have sacrifice for this clan. He can never allow a girl to snatch his dream. Doesn’t that old man know his dreams? He can never lower his head for a girl! Not ever.

   So he killed him. Ikuta Eri shot Sakurai Kamata behind his eyes. This is what they often said; don’t trust the outsider too much. Again, Ikuta smirks proudly. He aimed his gun to that old man head. He wanted to end his life right away.

   Bang! Bang!

   But, Nanamin is faster. She shot Ikuta before he could pull the trigger. The bullet hit precisely on Ikuta’s hand and made gun slips from his grip. He hunched in pain and anger. He wants to fight back but before he can do that, Nanamin quickly hit his back head with her gun. And he fell unconscious. 

   “It’ll be easier if you said so.” Wakatsuki stands straight and calm down her inner self. She can’t endure any second close to him.
   “So you heard his confession?” Wakatsuki talked to the camera which was put secretly behind stacks of book on the table. She takes the camera and turned it off. She smiles widely leaving Ikuta with his surprised expression; he seriously could get a heart attack with this girl games. Damn stupid game. Even if he is crazy, but he can’t do anything with his condition right now.


   Boom!! The loud crashed can be heard in the warehouse, their hideout. Sakurai’s men already arrived, but the girls already on their spots; ready to be attacked. As soon as the door was blown up, a bunch of men steps in. They’re all fully equipped with advanced weapon. Well, it is understandable since they do black market on it, so they have easy accessed on every weapons they want to use.

   “Ahhaa.” Watching everything from a monitor, Kazumin let out a dry laugh. She pushed one button on the control in her hand. Another loud sound can be heard echoing in all spaces. A small concussion can be felt at every place including in the basement.

   Four men were flung as the effect of the small explosion. It make the men scatter around, panicking over unexpected treatment they received. Kazumin laughs again and make Nanamin make a face due to her odd laugh.

   “Kazumin, please control yourself.” She said over their Bluetooth communication. It is true, Kazumin laugh sound so odd and weird, she herself already strange.

   “Sorry Nanamin.” Kazumin closed her mouth with her palm. Stopping herself from laughing again. Nanamin on the outside behind all the big boxes just rolled her eyes up.

   “Shit. They’re using dynamite Reika-san.” One of her man reported. Luckily, not many of their men were affected from that explosion. 

   “Be careful, and watch your steps.” Reika said fiercely, she’s in rage too.

   Another bunch of men come in. They observed the surrounding, no traces of people. Their enemy hiding well, almost invisible in their eyes. It made them anxious and scared so they just shoot randomly. It makes loud noise that can be heard down to the basement. Ikuta just smirk when he heard the shooting sound while Wakatsuki waiting impatiently. Pray for her teammate safety.

   Seeing the events, Nanamin released her shot which also revealing her position to the other side. And every shot was then directed to her. Luckily she has the big boxes as her shield. She exchanges eyes with Maiyan who still waiting at the end of corridor of same level.

   Kazumin flinched when she saw Nanamin being targeted. She pushed another button. Another explosion can be heard, the shooting stop for a while before it was continued by another men. Just like that, they able to decrease the number of men. It is all about strategies. Nanamin and Maiyan smile altogether, they now can start their move.

   Nanamin takes a precise observation before she shoots her target. Unlike their enemy, it all hit the target. More men went down from her shots. Same as Maiyan, she is guarding Misa who just below her position. She shoots whenever they move closer to the Misa’s position.

   Knowing that not much men she has now, Sakurai clench her fist. She hits the jeeps bumper, cannot hold her anger anymore. She steps in together with her men.

   “Kazumin. Stop.” Nanamin gives a signal when Sakurai comes to her sight. She continues her shoots but never aimed to Reika.   

   “I don’t think you will save.” Ikuta smirk sinisterly after lots of bangs was heard and felt. Only he and that girl were left under here. He exchanges looks with Wakatsuki who sits anxiously far at the corner. “We have more people.” Ikuta said again; provoking. But he actually silently tries to untie the knots. He moves his hand slowly, his smooth movement make the knot loosen a little bit, giving him more than enough spaces to release himself from the rope.

   Wakatsuki, whom too concerned over what happen upstairs not realized about Ikuta agendas. The moment she looks to Ikuta, a fist already directed to her. She falls when it hit directly on her face.

   “How..” Not able to think of that, Wakatsuki received another hit. She fails to stand up and gives Ikuta more chances to attack her. Two three punched was aimed at her body. Try to turn the table, Wakatsuki drag her body faster until she is has enough space to stand up. And now she’s already with her fighting stance.

   “Jezzz.. I’m not going to be soft with you.” Ikuta smirks again. He stepped in, blowing his high kick, but was restrained by Wakatsuki using her hand. She also gives a high kick. It hit Ikuta’s head. He just rolled to the ground but wake up quickly.

   He is fast. Wakatsuki remarks that point. It helps her to have more chance in attacking if she increased her speeds.

   Sakurai shoots to the upstairs, precise to Nanamin direction. The continuous shots hit on her rifle make the gun drop from her grips. Nanamin takes another gun which is smaller, she wants to aim to Reika but that fast girl already lost from her sight. She curses under her breath.

   Notice Nanamin mad expression, Maiyan quickly takes in charge. Searching for Sakurai Reika, but the moment she found her, she already being aimed by that girl. The shoots hits directly to her weapon and her hand. Maiyan is now bleeding due to shots she received. Damn, that girl too fast and precise.

   Realized the situation, Kazumin came out from monitoring room and replace Maiyan’s position to cover for Misa. But it’s too late, she miss Sakurai Reika again.

   “Misa senpai, it is time for you to shine brightly. Reika might reach your spot any time.” Kazumin report that as they have no choice and chance to move while being attacked by remaining men. Leave it to Misa-senpai.

   “She’s already here.” Well it is a fast reply but it’s true. Sakurai Reika already stands in front of her.

   “Well, I’m unarmed. No harm.” Misa shows her hand. Right no weapons, she was assigned with no weapon. Moreover, Reika is not for her to handle. She smiles like she’s not scared of a gun being pointed to her at all.

   Reika just examines Misa using her eyes. No harm. Well, she still won’t shot anyone, not by her gun. They only came to have Ikuta back.    “Then?” She throws away her gun, get ready to fight with Misa before she takes a glimpse of a door under Misa’s feet. So that’s where they isolate Ikuta. “Let me in.” She said strictly.

   “Ah, sure. But I’m here to guard it. So..” Misa get ready with her fighting stance, challenge the other girl to have a battle. Just after she get ready, a fist came in right to her face. Wow, not to this pretty face, she evaded it just right at the moment and pushed it with her back arm. She punched Reika right to her ribs make her groaned in pain. Misa smirks. Don’t underestimate a pretty girl like her.

   Received a blow from Misa does levelled up her rage more. Reika gives an outer kick.

   Misa dunked. That is the moments she saw a man came in; success in sneak into her area when she is busy with Sakurai. She slips out a small killing knife from her boot. Well, she did lie to Reika for not having any gun but she has knife as her weapon. She has no intention to hurt her anyway. Misa throw her knife, it breakthrough into his chest, he just fall helplessly.

   Realized her chance, Reika kicks Misa from the back, make the girl rolled far from her. Taking it as advantage, Reika quickly move to the door. She opened it. But the moment she opened it, Wakatsuki slender figure already stand there.

   “Well, she is all yours Waka, handle with care.” Misa said cunningly when she takes a glimpse of the situation between the two.

   Again, Sakurai is speechless. So it’s true, she with them but she is relieves; Waka looks alright after received her blow earlier. ‘But why should I worry for her? When she did betray her?’ Reika bites her lower lips at her own thought, fighting with her inner self.

        She catches the sight of Ikuta’s body lay on the ground behind Wakatsuki. She aimed her gun to Wakatsuki; again. Sakurai step forward, Wakatsuki retreat back until they’re finally in the basement. Left alone with Ikuta’s; unconsciously.

   Nothing was spoken since two minutes ago. They just stared to each other, no words. And Reika never shifts her gun from Wakatsuki’s head. While she only able stare into Reika’s face with watery eyes. If she need to say something.. She would say..

   “I’m glad you’re safe.” She said that. Finally, they’re able to face with each other. Wakatsuki smiles, a sincere one.

   For the first time ever, Sakurai Reika is hesitating, so she drops her gun. She dives into her eyes. How can, how can she still able talk to her like that. Is she just being grateful for her? Be thankful that she alive rather than mad at her after what she did?

   “Look Reika, please listen to me.” Wakatsuki step forward, it just makes Reika on her guard again. Wakatsuki walked to Ikuta, retrieved the camera he takes before when they’re fighting. But luckily, he already injured before so he has less stamina than her. Without Sakurai notice, she secretly reaching for the classic gun she used for Ikuta before this.

   “I just want you to listen to this.” She turned on the recording and shows it to Reika. The moments Reika’s eyes averted from her, she aimed her gun to her face it make the other girl taken aback. They’re now pointed a gun towards each other. Reika clearly surprised by that.

   “Still, you owe me an answer. I need to hear it from you.” Tears finally drop down from the corner of her eyes. She no longer can hold this, not in front the person she long to see so much, yet she’s has the eagerness to shoot her too.

   Reika, however still surprised with gun to her face. But, she is much more interested to the recording that now being played. She is motionless and emotionless while listening to the recording. Same goes with Wakatsuki, froze in position with gun aimed to Reika, her Reika. Their eyes still glued to each other.

   “So, it is all his lies?” Reika said, almost a whisper. She can’t believe what she just heard.

   Wakatsuki just nod. She has nothing to say either. She has done what should be done. What was left is their matter. She aimed her gun again with this determine looks; she would ended everything here.

   “I want an answer Reika!” Wakatsuki shouts with tears drop from her eyes.

   It makes Reika fell into solemnness. She never heard her shouts before, Wakatsuki never increase her voice towards Reika. Guess, she made her like that? Reika has this lonely smile in her face. How should she explain things? That she actually lied to her for whole of their friendship, since they meet each other. Everything full of lies, she is not an orphan; her father hates her. She is not a normal girl; she a girl trained to kill.

   “This is my life Waka..” Reika finally speaks. Wakatsuki nodded.

   “Then what am I?” Stutter in between her feeling, she asked. As much as she can, she tries not to cry again. Not in front of this girl.

   “You….” Reika lost for words. She observes each inch on Wakatsuki’s face, searching for answer. Wakatsuki to her is a very stoic person, she put pressure for herself in order to live, she lives most of her life alone, and so she needs that strength to survive. Never once in her life she saw Wakatsuki with that sad expression. Like she is so fragile and will broke into pieces any moments. No, she already broken, just waits the right time to be vanished by wind.

   Seeing Reika in silence, she left out a dry laugh. Bitter laugh. “Are you pretending with me?” She can’t, can look at her face even she missed her so much. “All this time? For almost seven years?” She looks down for two seconds. “Are you lying with me?” Her voice almost disappears in sadness. She can’t do this. Still, gun was aimed toward each other.

   Who knows, seven years ago, when they met in the orphanage.. They will finally come to a point of killing each other? Pointing guns towards each other while reminiscence all their memories? Like they don’t love each other, like they have become enemy for a long time. Who knows, a year ago.. When they
separated they will met again in this situation? Reach the point of no turning back. Would they regret of falling to each other back then if they know this will happen?

   Reika frozen. “It’s not like that Waka..” She stumbled under her breathes. She can’t stand looking at Wakatsuki sad face; she thought she is strong enough to hide it from her. Yes for everyone, but not in her eyes. She knew when Wakatsuki is sad.

   “You’re my happiness that I never have. I never meet anyone as you Waka.” Reika finally found her strength to speak. Their eyes meet again after a long time hiding from each other. She beams her smile.

   “You’re the only one I have, even if I’m bad, the best in me is you..” Her words finally come to its way. She still looks into Wakatsuki with a sincere looks contain love.

   “But, being with you.. it is not the place where I belong. This is place, I can’t deny it even if want to.” This times, it is Reika’s turn to have watery eyes. She looks down to her shoes. All of her miseries come all together at the same times.

   “I’m sorr..” She doesn’t know if she can have the forgiveness, but at least she should apologize for what she has done. What is the price of breaking someone’s heart? She doesn’t know that.

   “Reika..” Wakatsuki calls softly. She might be mad, angry for what Reika did back there, but she still unable to watch her blame herself.

   “My hand, my heart.. Will always open for you.” Wakatsuki looks up, into Reika’s eyes with tears. “I just need your answer. I have it now.” She smiles while wipes her tears with other hand. Guns still aimed towards each other.

   “Waka..” Reika is touching; almost cry in happiness with Wakatsuki’s sincere words. This girl; is too kind for a bad girl like her. Still, Wakatsuki is the best in her.

   “I love you Reika. I miss you. I can’t live without you. Just come home. Okay?” She cries while smiling. This tear is so unbearable. She has holds them for a long time already. She misses Reika so much; she loves her too much that she can’t live without her.

   Reika smiles, they both are smiling. With that they drop their gun and embrace each other.

        'Starting for today, let be together forever.'

         It is their silent promise, their heart talked in silent, and they nodded in silent. They don't need to voice out what their heart wants, they already know it. because what the hearts wants is what they actually loves to. 

   BANGG!! Loud shot can be heard under the basement.

A/N: Well thank you everyone for bearing with me since beginning until I reach this point of no turning back. i knot this is pretty boring fanfiction but still, thank you for bearing with me! I would like to thank all of your, my loyal readers, my silent readers (I know you read this) Thank you so much.  :bow:)

tell me if it is good :luvluv1:

tell me if it is bad   :on_pick:

your feedbacks will just make me a happy person.  :on GJ:
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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED PART 6 - 8 SEPT]
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 What's with the last statement?

They died? :mon cry: :mon cry:

And, sorry for being a silent reader... btw, It's good👏👏👍👍

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED PART 6 - 8 SEPT]
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What's with the last statement?

They died? :mon cry: :mon cry:

And, sorry for being a silent reader... btw, It's good👏👏👍👍

i hope i can post the epilogue soon. there still epilogue. :glasses: thanks for passing my by first fanfic!  :luvluv1:

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED PART 6 - 8 SEPT]
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It’s okay to feel that, this your first fic that you finished. Congrats!  :)

So there’s still something Ikuchan is afraid of…to die. I take it back when I said I kinda feel sorry for him. He wanted to kill Reika, there’s no forgiving him after that, nope.
Kazumin odd laugh  XD

Finally, the WakaRei showdown.
Waka  :pleeease:  her world crumbled apart because of the girl she loves, yet she still wants Reika to come home. There’s no other like Waka indeed, she’s the best.

Okay, so I know it’s not gonna end well somehow. And still won’t know who is it that got the bad ending until you post the epilogue.
There’s just too many possibilities since you pull a “Barrette” (the MV) ending there.
About Nanamin story, you can add it as however you like. In the epilogue or as a bonus side story after the epilogue. I’m just curious about it.
You can call me C (everyone can actually) so feel free.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED PART 6 - 8 SEPT]
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eh what about that eri?
please make an omake and thnk you for writing
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED EPILOGUE PART 1 -12 SEPT]
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 (A/N: I have a week off! And because I’ve sampling for my final year project in an isolate island after this holiday.. So I write a quick chapter of epilogue contain most of everyone life after that. Hope this is okay for you. Enjoy your reading!)


                It has been a week since Wakatsuki got her Reika back, since Reika shoot Ikuta at his hand because he's mad and wanted to stab Waka from her back; Reika just said that “No one could kill Wakatsuki but me.” such a cliché but she let Ikuta to takes her place as a leader in the clan as it is what he always wanted to be, and it has been a week since they last meet.

                Everyone agree that they would walk down their own path, Misa-senpai open her own fighting class, and her students are mostly girl because they need to protect themselves-never depend on boys. Misa must be really popular with her students even she is a girl but sometimes she has her manly sides too. She has that side of her believe it or not.

                Kazumin go back to her hometown at Chiba. She wanted to live her life without Ami peacefully. Everyone will support her, Wakatsuki gave her motivational words that “Even its will be hard but you will able do it and found someone else to cheer you up.”

                Maiyan? Don't know what happen to her. She just shrugged her shoulder when they asked what she wanted to do. “I will just go home.” She smile brightly, she never smile that bright before. Nanamin did asked her to live together but she just rejected that offer, said that she already have someone in mind.

                As for Nanamin... she wants to find her love too; kinda feels annoyed at Waka and Reika happiness after they reconciled. Like nothing had happen between them before. Such an unbelievable story that Waka just forget what Reika did to her. Sometimes Wakatsuki just being stupid Wakatsuki. She thinks that. So, after take times thinking what she wanted to do, she eventually said “I want to do what you do to Reika.” She said that when they’re alone and everyone has left on their way.
               “Hontoni?” Wakatsuki just laugh at her sentence. “So.. Why did you help me all this time?” Wakatsuki asks as their stride on their path. She always grips on Reika’s hand.

               “Hurm. I don’t know. I will tell you once I have them.” Nanamin laugh, tries to hide her awkwardness. She has her answer right now but she can’t tell her, not until she found her.

               “Ahhh don’t tell me you fall to my Waka.” Reika interrupt suddenly, she jeered at Nanamin and she clearly taken aback.

               “How can I?” Nanamin’s eyes widen in shock, she don’t expect them to have that thinking. Wakatsuki just laugh.

               Wakatsuki?? She just continues her normal life before she loses Reika. They become the usual stupid couple as like Nanamin said. Being able to sleep with Reika besides her already happiness for her and when she woke up and Reika still beside her, she called that heaven. She is happy and glad. And she work again at the Hoshimina's bakery, they readily accept her back after she left before.


                It has finish. I finally can come home, to my dear beloved sister. I stride along the familiar nostalgic road which I haven’t been for a long time. Long time since she knew about me. Well, she is my sister. Miona.

                We’re coming from different background, my mother remarried; so I have an instant younger sister, and her name is Miona. And I hate being at my own house, I don’t know why but maybe because there are strangers? And I never come home. Miona is a persistent girl, she always comes to me without any particular reason, mainly because she overstress about her homework. She followed me here and there, even stay at my place without permission with an excuse ‘I’m her sister.’

                 I can’t do anything about her and let her be, until I give up to not getting close to her. She knows how to make me laugh because of her stupid joke and imitations. So we meet more frequently at our special secret place; only we knew. But Miona never questioned me why I never come home anymore, she just being a little cute sister.

                 And here I am, at my own small place I call home. Since I move out from my parent’s house, I have my own small house; well you know ‘that’ kind of works made a lot of money. And we always spent most time here; our secret place, Miona are free to come anytime she wants.

                I stop in front of the main door. I saw a sandal, her sandal. I smile, happy that she still comes here despite what has happened approximately year ago.


                Bang! Bang! I’m speechless to what actually happen before my eyes. But I feel relieve when Nanamin shot Ikuta, he is a danger to us. After confirming that he is unconscious, I ran to Miona, I untied the knot behind her. She is weak, maybe haven’t eat for days.

                “Is she alright?” Misa came and help me to carry Miona. I just nodded.

                “And you?” I smile bitterly as an answer. How I should answer that? I feel like losing my heart for what has happen today, but overall I relieve. All matter to me is Miona condition.

               We bring her to my home, put her on her futon. She sleeps soundly. After sending everyone home, I sit there silently, watching her sleep intently. I miss her badly, we haven’t meet for months and in this bad situation, we meet. What would she say when she know who I am? What I’m doing with my life in order to make money? That her once good older sister which admires so much actually bad? But it is not my mistakes at the first place!


               I jumped from my chair when I heard her weak voice; I turned to her, waiting her next sentence. But it was all silent. I saw her spacing out; maybe try to regain all her memories for this three day. It must be hard for her.

               “Are you okay?” I asked after Miona being mute for minutes. I sit near to her and look into her, worried if she is sick.

               “Why are you doing this?”

               She looks down, probably disappointed of me. Well, I have hid this fact from her for a long time already. She hates this kind of thing but for me, this is the only thing I can do perfectly.

               I grab her hand, but she takes them away.

               “I hate you!”

              She turns around and lay with her back facing me, not to show her face and not giving me any chance to speak up. I sigh heavily; I knew this is will happen. I never have intention to drag her in this matter but she was dragged by. I walked out from the room, off the lamp and leave her there.

              “I will come home.” I said to myself, a promise before I close the main door. “I will finish what I have started.” And I walk out from my house.


             But I never knew she will be here after that. I never come here anymore since that day and I’m sure she won’t either; which makes me surprise that she still. I determined to finish my own problem to even come home. I inhaled deeply, trying to gain my courage to face her this time.
“Tadaima..” I chirp happily when I open the door. I catch a glimpse of her figure, sitting there doing her homework. She must be lying to our parents again each time she coming here that she will stay at her friend’s home. She turn around with a round shock eyes, I smile to her, try to ease my own nervous.

            “Miona.. I’m home.” I smile when I repeat my sentence again. I stand there on the main hallway like a statue, waiting for her reaction; patiently. I cannot read what is on mind. Did she shock? Did she still angry with me? I don’t know I don’t want to keep thinking about that.

            “Nee-chan!” Finally I can hear her voice. And she is running to me happily after a second of shock. Seeing her reaction makes me happy and I open my hand wide for her, waiting for her to come into me. She hugs me without delay.

           “Where have you been?” She asks with teary eyes.

           “Gomen.” I say while patting her head.

           “No, I’m sorry.” She said, make retreat. “I should listen to you that night. I don’t hate you.. I miss you.” She hugs me again. “Don’t leave again.” I heard it in between her cry.

            I hug her back and brush her back softly. “It is okay, I’m here, and I’ll never leave you again.”


            I nod. “Yes.” Everything has finished, I can finally meet you, face you proudly that I’ll become her sister again. I fulfill my promise.


                 Dusk falling very quick today, or time just leaving me behind while watching for a girl? I don’t know which one but it is already 6 and very late for the girl to play by herself, she is just around 5 or 6 years old. I watched her intensely; she is too engrossed in her sand castle to even realize she has late to come home. I chuckle to that cute view when she talks by herself about prince and princess.

                 I walk to her and squats in front her. She still doesn’t budge from her sand castle. I laugh again. “Hi.” I try to get her attention and she looks up to me. I amaze by the sight, she has beautiful eyes, like her.

                 She smiles to me before continue playing with the sands. And her smiles make me amazed once again. She has similar smile like her too.

                 “It is already late. It is dangerous for you to be out here.” I try to grab her attention again. That makes her stands up abruptly and wants to run after scanning her surroundings. I chase for her and she stops right after that, she turns to me with her scared expression.

                 “Why?” I squat to level our gaze. She almost crying while pointed into the direction she wants to go. I look to where she meant. There is a wild dog waiting at in front of a house, guarding with a fierce face. She must be afraid of that dog. What a cute little girl. I chuckle.

                 “Are you scared?” She nodded. I smile to ease her tension; I hold both of her shoulder. She almost is tearing up.

                 “What is your name?” I ask, seize the opportunity to be close with her.

                 “Fukagawa Nanami.” She answers me eloquently with her small mouth. I’m speechless upon what I heard even her voice is so small that I barely hear her but it is so clear. Don’t want her to notice my inner conflict, I smile again.

                “Well, we have same last name then.” I smile brightly, happy for that reason and she stops crying after that. “So Nanami-chan. Since we have same name, you have to be brave like nee-chan.” Our gazes still fixes at each other. She nods and I hug her, giving her a little comfort.

               “Nanami-chan, where is your house? Let nee-chan walks you home.” She silent tries to consider about my offer. “I’m not bad person you know.” I smile and laugh to ease her worries.


               I nod confidently.

               “But mom will mad if I bring stranger to our home.” She voice out her worries. So that makes her hesitate.

               “I’m not stranger. We have same name, don’t we?” I persuade her with my sulking face. She smile and nodded, taking my words. I hold her hand and stand up.

               “Let counts till three, and run as fast as you can okay?” She nods with her fear looking face. So cute. “I will never let go of your hand. Okay?” She nods as a return.

               “1, 2, 3!” And we run hand by hand. I heard her screaming when we reaching the dog point and she giggle happily when we past them. She has a very soothing laugh, like that someone. Then we walk to her home while talking about many things; mainly about her – favorite cartoons and foods. She never stops talking, that make me amused by how can she talks continuously like that? But I keep listen to her story like a sweet melody.

               “This is my house.” She pulls my hand signaling we have reaching her house. I know it actually.

               “Sokka..” I squat and our eyes meet. She has deep black calm eyes with an angelic smile. I guess she inherits those qualities from her?

               “Mou Nanami-chan. Where you gone? I’m worried.” A woman runs out from the main door. Her mom, it’s her; Fukagawa Mai. Looking at her slender figure makes me stand up in instant. She walked pass me and hug little Nanami, she must be worry crazily. I chuckle at the beautiful sight. She is beautiful, like the last time I saw her.

               “I’m sorry mom. I’ll never do it again.” She apologizes with sincere eyes. She is so cute; never fail to make me amused and happy. I standing there loyally, wait for them to finish their long encounter after day.

               “Okay! Promise me!” They made a pinky promise. I let out my soft laugh which makes her looks up to me. She has this surprised expression on her face. As expected. And I just bow to her lightly.

               “Nanami chan, can you go in first? Clean yourself okay?” Little Nanami gives a little nod to the instruction. She is an obedient kid – she runs straight into the house without looking back to me; she forgets about me just like that! That makes me sad but I think it is okay because she left me alone with her.

               We finally face each other. She looks into me with her furious eyes, I don’t know what she thinks but that stare makes me uneasy. So I look down with guilt.

               “Thanks for sending Nanami home.” She sounds so cold. I slightly nod. From the corner of my eyes, I can see she cross her arm on her body. I want to look at her but I can’t bring myself to doing that.

               “How are you?” Her unexpected question makes me startle and I look to her. She has this look of anxiety in her eyes. Why?

               “What?” I can’t get the exact meaning behind her question. She makes me nervous. She lean against the wall, sigh and pouting.

               “How are you?” She averts her eyes away from me, I can see she try to hide her shyness. I give my friendly smile, finally at my right mind. She is real.

               “I’m fine.” I move closer to her, she flinched to my moves but she didn’t restrain me, I guess it is okay. She is cold but I can tell she is waiting me to get close to her.

               “How are you?” I voice out, shove aside my nervous. She looks down, probably searching for a right answer. I can hear she sigh lightly. Am I doing something wrong?

               “I’m not okay.” She puts me in a halt with her answer. So I ask question at wrong timing.

               “You never come to me again after that day.” She looks away, refused to look into me. “You went missing just like that.. Without explanation.” She is hurt; I can tell that from her tone. I made her hurt.

               I bite my lower lips; holding myself from step closer to her. “I thought you never want to see me anymore.” I stops and searching for her eyes. “You run away from me.” I stating that little fact.

               “Baka Nanamin! I run because I want you to chase for me!” She shouts. I step back; surprise by her sudden confession and voice. She never raised her voice before this. So she is mad because I don’t chase her that day. The day where she run away and I just let her go then went missing.

              “I thought…” I’m stutter from my nervous. I can’t find the right words; I never want to be heard as an excuse. “Maimai..” I call her name for the first time. She looks to me; she has tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry.” I look down.


                That day, I’m doing my usual chores that I get from the leader of the clan. Finishing some men that intruded with our business. Me and Maiyan. We punched them, kicks them on several places until they’re weak enough to wake up and fight us back. We laugh at our own ability and strength to knock down some men by ourselves. I can tell that we are being feared by some people at this area, we have our own standards and achievement, and even we’re merely 17 years old girls.

               “Don’t interfere with our business again after this.” Maiyan said while pulled the hairs one of the men. He just nodded in fear. I let out my dry laugh, makes him more afraid of us.

               “If not, you will see our face again.” I kick his stomach when I walked past through him. It is Maiyan’s turn to laugh. We did a high touch after completed our tasks and walked away from the scene while chit chat.

              “Nanamin..” I heard someone called my name, a familiar voice. I look around and found a very familiar figure. Maimai, she is hiding behind a pole. I flinched and turn around to the scene earlier which is not too far from her spot. She is not watching those scenes right?

              “Nanamin..” She called for me again, demanding attention. I look at Maiyan, she shrugged.

              “Maimai.. It is not like what you saw.” I try to explain, even it might sound like a lie; it is a lie. She stepped back as I walked to her.

              “You know I hate this kind of things. Why did you involve in this kind of things?” She shook her head with disbelief. Maybe she tried to deny what she just saw, denying me.

              I take another steps to her, she stepped back again telling me that she don’t want me to get close to her. “Mai..” But she ran away from me before I reached to her. I want to chase for her but Maiyan grabbed my hand.

              “Give her time Nanamin, she need to be in right mind. You’ll make thing worsen.” Maiyan shook her head. I sighed, that is the only thing I can do in my state right now.

              And after that I keep watching her from a far. Wait for the right moments to approach her. but I don’t have the enough courage, I don’t even know how I should explain to her that I was in ‘this’ kind of thing long before we met, that I’m actually a bad girl whom she hates the most.

              How we actually attracted to each other and befriend at the first place? I don’t know, she just a fragile looking girl, so innocent and kind that need protection and care. Well, she is very kind actually, she hates violence the most – that is what she always said repeatedly which made me so hesitate to tell the truth about myself. And why she attracted to me when I’m already bad on the outside? I always wore the black jacket with tight jeans, it already reflecting my image.

               But for her “Nanamin is so cool, I like that side of Nanamin!” she only cheered for me when I once asked her that. “You’re so mysterious that you look so good in short hair. You’re so cool but sometimes you’re very adorable.”  She starts listing all the qualities she looks in me. Well, I’m surprised at first but cannot help but blushing hard. “I like how you blushing so easily like that.” She adds while pinching my red cheek.

               I cannot help to fall for her the moments we met. And I cannot help myself from distancing myself from her when I knew she actually hates violence – that is literally me. Hashimoto Nanami is equal to violence.

               I can’t approach her after all and just observed for her every day which later become years. I never show up in front of her anymore, try not to make her hates me even more.

               She found a man after that. He is better than me, is what I can say about him. With my bleeding heart, I watched their happy moments. But then, I knew, he left her when he found her pregnant of his child. That bastard, I’d want to kill him, but that will make her baby fatherless; so I restrained myself from doing that.

               If she thinks she was alone, she still has me without her notice. I took a very good care of her, well without her knowing. I paid a girl to help her when she has too many groceries to carry by herself, hired a boy to cheer her up when she feels down, I made her boss fired her just because the work is too heavy for a pregnant woman and find her suitable place to work at after that. I put several magazines about mom under her front door, making sure she read them all, seeking all the info about her and her baby health from her doctor after she meets them. I cannot help but to worry about her.

                And she gave birth to a very cute little girl. I can see that she was her happiness. Her true happiness, then I finally stops watching her. She is happy, she is not alone anymore, and she already has someone precious to her.

                A week before today, that is after we settle down everything and walked down our own path. This is my path, I choose to look out for my happiness again; well aside from my teammate, and this is my uppermost happiness.  I started to look up for her once again. Err not for her, but her beloved daughter. I never knew she named her after me. I observe her everywhere she go when she is alone, well Mai is working and will come home in the evening, and since she has little paid she cannot afford to hire someone to look after her. But I can tell she is a good daughter since she rarely going far from her home and play with strangers. She listens to her mom words very much.


                I move closer to her. Too close that our feet is touching. She flinched and look away from me. I grab her hand and bring it to my chest. She finally looks at me, maybe not expecting this simple gesture.

                “I’m sorry.” I whisper the words to her ear. I dive into her eyes telling her in silent that I’m sincere. We look into each other for a moment, she stay quiet whilst letting me dive into her.

                “At least you finally come to me.” I heard she said with a small smile tucked on her lips. It is the most beautiful angelic smile I ever seen. Her nose wrinkled more when she smiles, make her so cute.

                “Am I forgiven?”

                She takes a moment of thinking. “Nope!” She pouts, that makes my heart sunken more. “Not until you have dinner with us.” She let out her cunning smile which makes me relief, I nod in happiness.

                “Please don’t leave again.” She hugs me in sudden, make me blushing hard. She never fails make my heart losing its beat. I embrace her tightly, for a moment I want time to stop just to let us enjoying this warmth. “I miss you.” She said in between her deep breath.

                “I miss you too Maimai.” I can feel she tighten her grips on me, so do I.

                “Tadaima..” I said after we broke our long deep hug. I look into her eyes, she smiles.

                “Okaeri.” She smile brightly as a return, make a wrinkle on her nose and her eyes more obvious. She is the most beautiful I ever see. Fukagawa Mai.

                Well, if Wakatsuki will ask her last question again today. I have my answer why I help her getting her answer and Reika back. Because..

                I’m actually amazed by her determination in searching her answer while I’m just being a scaredy cat, running away from my reality and person I love so much. So I help her get her Reika back with a desire to keep chasing my love after she found her answer. She is someone who never give up fighting for what she wants, not even a second I saw her hesitate or scare of what might happen, if the answer she searching is not like what she hoping for, if Reika actually don’t love her anymore. She is stoic that whatever answer it is, she gonna accept them openly. But it is good for her that, they’re not disappointing one. She believes what she want to believe, turns out that it was true. Meeting Wakatsuki makes I realized that, it doesn’t matter what the outcomes is unless you try hard. She teaches me that simple fact of life.

              ‘Thanks Wakatsuki.’ I smile while following Maimai into her house and never let go her hand ever again.

(A/N: So everyone come home after their war. Maiyan back to her lil sister, and Nanamin back her place where she belong. Is this okay? Well, wakarei part will come in after this. But you know, i'm feeling down a bit due to their current relationship of 'just a friend'. :err: They used to call each other 'AIKATA THAT AIKATA THIS!  :ptam-cry:)

@ミサキ: So you know what happen to him. but I'll write it in a longer ver. for him later.. i'm not promising though  :hee:

@C: So here is the Nanamin part and a little bit about her past! And how is this???  :mon determined: Maimai made a second appearance her!  :luvluv1: i kinda miss her so badly these day.. and I think I'm falling into Nanamin more than i supposed to..  :k-inlove:

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED EPILOGUE PART 1- 12 SEPT]
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Its Soo Awesome for me!! :D i like Maiyan  :heart: :heart: :heart:
Thanks Author!! You're soo cool!   :cow: :cow:

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED EPILOGUE PART 1- 12 SEPT]
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thank you for omake~
glad to hear they have a happy ending^^
maiyan finally come home and aww :inlove: you add hashigawa pairing too.. :inlove:
eh? 'just a friend'? in nogizaka kojichuu isn't it? they said なかよし, isn't that character have same meaning as aikata? :?
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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED EPILOGUE PART 1- 12 SEPT]
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I’m surprised Reika didn’t kill Ikuchan, even more that she let him be a leader. Won’t it be a problem if Ikuchan wanted to have a revenge in the future? That guy is rather crazy after all.
Of course Misa-senpai would be popular with girls, she’s quite the womanizer  XD
I hope Kazumin finds her peace. Also, I’m glad Maiyan and Hori relationship is fixed.
HashiGawa scene reminds me of Tachinaori Chuu MV only it’s MaiMai instead of Maiyan.

Thank you for the epilogue. It’s more than what I expected especially the HashiGawa part. Initially I didn’t think much of HashiGawa because MaiMai has a daughter so I thought MaiMai wouldn’t be in the story much let alone has a past with Nanamin.
I miss MaiMai too, there’s no other like her.
Yeah, WakaRei doesn’t appear that close nowadays. I think Waka is really sensitive about the lesbian comment so she tried not to be so close to Reika so there won’t be rumors. But I’m sure they’re just as close as before behind the scene.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED EPILOGUE PART 2-21 SEPT]
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(A/N: Hey guys I take longer time to post this part.. because basically yeah.. I doubt of myself, like… “This is not me! I’m not writing this kind of story.” Even I don’t know if you would think this is okay. I mean… this chapter, got little romance.. but for me, I can feel my fingers cringe too much.
But pardon me, I’m now experimenting my own writing styles. If you feel this ‘one person view’ is not right or sounds uncool.. just tell me, I can change it another way. Don’t feel shy at all. )


      If I need to name the kindest person in the world, it will be her. Wakatsuki Yumi, my Wakachuuki, my best friend, partner in live, ultimate love and everything.

      If anyone would be in her place, they will never do what she does. She brings back my own self, she brings me out from my place, put me in her very warm love and heart called home, treat me like nothing has happen between us. I'm grateful that she found me, that she still love me like I do. I'm thankful for everything she did to me which I think I would never repay her; I'll never let her go again that is FOR SURE.

      I watch her sleeping face intensely, memorizing each inch in her face, her moles under her eyes, her fallen hairs. How she still look gorgeous and cool? She always calm in every situation, even in her sleeps. I always amazed by this view, she has nice body line which I never realized she has this before, like she used to work out, maybe she is when we’re not together. Even the way sweats fall into her face, she looks even sexier. I slightly touch her body, savoring her tempting body with sexy muscles. I would do anything to be in this place again.

      "Why aren't you sleeping yet, Reika?" Her sleepy voice startle me, I thought she has sleeps. Well maybe she is before I disturb her earlier. 

      "Nothing, I’m just not sleepy." It is the truth, because I want to enjoy this moment a little longer.

      Without opening her eyes, she put her hand against my cheeks. I can feel her warmth. She brushes my cheeks lightly, it is very comfortable. She always did this when I can't sleep. I laugh, because I'm able to make her believe me. She was serious person anyway, take my words seriously.

      “Why are you laughing?" And she opens her eyes, make me surprised again. I can't help myself from laughing at her shocking sleepy face.

      “Nothing." I smile teasingly. She looks into my eyes. I did the same. There is no word between us but our hearts resonate with each other. I can feel her, so did her. I smile sincerely, grateful for this moment.

      "Thanks Waka." I said, I don’t know for how many time I thanked her, but I think I will never enough. Even myself think, I’m unforgivable. But she shakes lightly like she always do as she knew what I mean. "How can you still accept me after what I have done to you?" Since long ago, I always wanted to ask her that, even she always said that we'll never talk about this again; about what happen since I went missing. Let it be forgotten. But I can't. I wanted to know, everything. Even it might hurt her, hurt us.

      "We not gonna talk about this again, aren't we?"

      I just keep silent with my eyes stick solely into hers’; I wanted her to know that I'm serious. She return with a silent agreement in her eyes when our gazes met. Maybe searching why I want to know that so badly. Then she sigh slowly.

      "Because I love you."

      "I know." Here she comes with her usual answer. "That is a confession, not an answer." I try to not depressing her more by teasing her more. She flushed and flustered that I caught her off guard. That is not the case, because she always confesses her love every morning and night but still can feel shy? Moreover because I know, feel and sure that she has been hiding something from me since long ago, and I want to know what that is.

      We read each other’s eyes. I can see she is hesitating to call back the past. I know, and me too.. but I think everything needs to be settled between us. I can’t carry this unanswered question inside me. To walk down a better future, we need to clear things in the past; is what I at least think.

      "I was there when you raid their place for the first time." I heard she finally speaks with heavy tone.

      I'm shock but try to keep myself usual calm. I hold and brush her hand softly, I can feel her pain. She nods, like she can hear my inner question. And she smiles, reassuring me to listen more.

      "Right above you when you call Ikuta to do your job." She averts her eyes away from me; throwing away pain she wanted to forget. I reach for her hand and kiss them lightly saying I'm sorry and she smile. Again, our hearts listen to each other.

      “That time I know. You're just you. Just being a nice and kind Reika. You don't kill people. You won't dare, so you look away when he shot."

      So she saw through me. I'm so surprised of her ability to read through me. But I’m more amazed by her trust in me even after she knows who I am actually.

      "I'm just testing you all the time. I watched you from a far, wait for you to take action. And I know I'm right." She smiles.

      "You stalker!" But I’m actually happy and hyped that she pay close attention to me, that she has her eyes only for me.

      "You don't shot Nanamin and Maiyan when you have chance. You have that plenty of chance. And you play fairly with Misa, why don't you shot her when she just right in front of you?" It is questions but I don’t think I need to answer that, she has the answer in her. I’m pretty sure of it. I let her speaks more but still I'm flustered when she listing them one by one. Am I so obvious back there?

      "Back in the basement, you shot Ikuta.. Right onto his hand. Even he is really bad to you." She stops and looking into my eyes with her stern gazes. “Why don’t you just kill him?” There is unbelievable tone in her voice.

      But I’m the one that more shock. I still can’t believe this. How she manage to catch on the slightest things in me? And the last one. Yes of course I remember that one clearly.

      I finally drop my guns and moves into her warm hug. We both did the same. We hugged each other for the first time after a long time, I heard her cries on my shoulder, and she must be in huge pain all this time. I’m dumb if I think she was really okay even she said she is.  I pat her back slowly; try to shove away her sadness. “I would never left you again.” I promised.

      The moment we are too engrossed with ourselves that is the time I saw Eri reached out for a knife not too far from his spot. I saw he aimed that to us, to Waka direction actually. But I made my quick decision and point my gun to him instead before he able to do that. I shot him on his hand in a split of second. The knife plunked away making a clear clicking sound when it met with solid floor. He already wounded at the first place so I think it is more than enough.

      Waka broke our tight hug and looks at me in shock, I smile telling her that it is okay and enough. She nod before pulled my hand to go upstairs but I pulled back. “Let me talk to him.” I pointed to Ikuta, she nod and leaving both of us alone.

      I squat beside his weak body, he gives me his deadly glare but I just smile as a return. “Just be the good leader to the clan. This is my father legacy so please guide them well. No one can do that well than you.”

      He has a surprised look on his face; maybe never expect me to tell him that. Well, he become like this because can’t get what he wants to be, so I give him that. More than that, this is not for me, it doesn’t suit me at all. “And please, don’t disturb any of us again. Never.” I emphasize my last word so he would get it into him. I don’t wait for his answer, I don’t need them, and he heard me. I left him without any delay.

      So, that’s is why she never shot me too when she has chance, never question my actioned why I don’t shot Ikuta on dead spot. She has that trust in her towards me.

      "Everyone deserved a chance." I tell my simple answer - try to not debate with her but Waka just laugh at me. I give her my ‘What??’ look.

      "And that is why you shot me on the chest when you knew I have bullet-proof vest all along?"

      Ahhh, I think my mouth open without me notice. That is it. She saves that for the last.

      "When you already knew I'm the one who shot Ikuta when I carried the rifle?" I cannot content more surprise any longer. “Because practically that time, you all just to in love with each other and almost married.” She rolled her eyes in annoyance. So, she did jealous back there. I smirk. “But why don’t you kill me too? You don’t even know who am I at that time..”

      "Yadaaa Yadaaaa.." I roll my body all over the space I has on the bed out of satisfaction. I don't want to listen to her anymore. She makes me crazy. But it is just because I don't want to remember my biggest mistakes ever. I shot her on her chest when I detect she is the one who shots Ikuta who is my boyfriend at that time. Even if I’m aware that she has protection but I also know for that short distance shot could also bring her heart into shock and stopped. I will never forgive myself if anything happen to her. But I'm relieved that she is okay when I saw her at the basement. 

      "Why? You asked me first." She catches me by my shoulder and pinned me firmly. I can see her smirks when she able to end up on me. She is now on top of me. Our eyes meet, and my breath caught on my thumping heart and slows down. Our breaths moving in the same pattern. I can feel blood rushed to my cheek, luckily it is dark in the room so I'm sure she don't see that I’m so embarrassed right now.

      "I know you just being you Reika. Even if you're in that bad circle. You still can't bring yourself to do the bad thing." She whispers to my ears. I'm frozen by her simple tempting gesture.

      "I love that side of you even more." She leans to me, to kiss me and I'm frozen. This is not our first time being like this, but she never fails to make me nervous like this is our first time.

      I close my eyes, letting her takes charge of our situation now, like she always did. But after five seconds, our lips still not in contact and I heard her laughing instead. I open my eyes, I saw her smiling teasingly. So she just plays with me! Jeezzzz I had enough and I rolled her back when she off guard, too focused on her victory. Our position now changing I’m on my lead. She is now below me with both her hand pinned. I can see her gulping. 

      I chuckle at her funny expression which is so rare to see that. Maybe shock of my ability to make her off guard. This is the first time I'm leading. I smirk telling her how dare she making fun of me and she makes her sorry face soon after that. It is so cute and very rare to saw that side of her. Well, she is still girl after all. But no, I will not forgive her this time.

      "No one can kill you but me. And I can 'kill' you right now." I lean to her and whisper my words of threat. Despite of darkness, I can imagine the usual manly and ikemen Wakatsuki blushing hard over my deathly flirts. But she is not fighting back so I think it is okay?

      I lean forward, aiming for her tempting lips, she closes her eyes and I'm smiling like a bad girl. Well in other way, I am. I make a sudden change and aimed for her neck instead. I bite and suck them lightly; I can feel she squirms due to my sudden unexpected attacks.

      "Did I just kill you?" I whisper again with my tempting tone, there is no answer or deny so it must be yes then.

      I aim for her lips and bring our body closer we kiss passionately like we haven't kiss for a long time. Err we did not kiss after a long time so I guess it is okay to make further moves? I grab her neck, wanted to feel her warm body. Her hands move to my back. I expect her to grab me as return but no. She pulled the blanket and covers our body. The last thing I heard is her sweet chuckles. She is bad girl too sometime, but for sure.. I’m more baddass?

(A/N: Soo…. Is this chapter okay for you? Because my taste is little bit off. Since I rare read romance, so it’s hard for me to write this part. Any way… should we end this here? Or should I write another part to fill holes on my fic? I don’t mind writing more actually..
Mention that.. this is little announcement I need to make, I will make some make over for this fanfic, but it still will be in same part. The storyline still the same, I just decided to make it more systematically and proper. But I will inform you guys if I have time to work on it!!)

@C: Right.. misa senpai is womanizer.. i will fall with her if there is no waka..  :on bleed:
and you caught on that! yes,, it is in tachinaorichuu mv.. i get an idea by listen to them,..  :ptam-glow:
once again you're right.. waka is so sensitive.. i know they're not lesbian.. well, that kind of fan service actually make me happy. at least  :cool1:

@ミサキ: thanks for reading and never fail to stop by giving comments. it makes me hype!  :wigglypanda:
i don't know but translate said that it means close friend.. maybe it is same.. but aikata = partner give different vibe afterall! that is why i love them both!  :k-inlove:

@chocolatepandastarlight: Aww, thanks for reading. it is my pleasure anyway... for my own sake of fantasies.. :mon misch: hahaa i sounds so pervert..

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Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED EPILOGUE PART 2-21 SEPT]
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It’s good to experiment with your styles.
Just reading the opening and I’m already presented with Reika’s gayness  XD
Reika’s really lucky to be loved by Waka.

Of course, it’s easy to fall for Misa-senpai. She’s really pretty/charming and she knows it.
I don’t think WakaRei is a fanservice at all, I believe they really have a good relationship (whatever kind that may be). But Waka is probably afraid if the closeness will make Nogizaka look bad or something, that girl is super serious after all and she cares a great deal for Nogi so she's being careful.
And it’s okay if you want to end it here, it’s a good end. Although I wanted to see all the gang get together and see how their lives been since all that, be real friends and then maybe Nanamin can tell WakaRei her reason now. In other words, I just wanna see more HashiGawa  :lol:  but that’s just me, it’s really up to you.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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      It was late autumn that time, under a bridge, there is a small figure curling her body to retain all heat she could. Her face hidden between her two knees, small vibration can be seen through her body showing that she is freezing. It was late autumn which now waiting to enter winter so the temperature probably around 11ºC which her body can’t tolerate much with this windy and light rain. And she only wearing one piece of shirt, it obviously cannot help her retain all the heat she needed to live inside. Her sitting composure now fall by her side, she is laying down there with eyes slowly losing the light of hope.

      However, despite all the coldness wrapping her body and she have no hope of keep living; she still smiling. It is not a happy smile but she smile reminiscing all her memories she gained for today.

      She ran from her house, an orphanage which she literally can call home, but she can’t keep staying there. They might be provided her with everything she need, food, clothes, study, warm place and friends. But that is not what she wants, she dreamed of freedom. She wants to explore outside, she wants to know how the world out there. It is not like they didn’t let her going out but that’s not enough for her.

       The first place she went to is market, it is an ordinary place but for her she loves going there especially with her mother in the morning every weekend. She loves the commotion where everyone shouting to promote their product. The happiest thing occurs to her this morning is when an obaachan reward her with an ice cream as she help her carry all her groceries. She haven’t taste ice cream for a long time after her parents died due to an accident two years ago and left her alone in an orphanage. At first, she would cry her eyes out but she found that they will never come back no matter how hard she prays them to. And, she slowly accepting that people gonna leave anyway that is why she loves to be alone. She hates the feeling how loneliness can kill her when someone leave her. Being with people makes her paranoid because she afraid the lost, afraid the feeling of being alone after she laugh with someone.

      The second place she went to is a playground. She loves to watch people walked their dog in the morning and have a morning jog. She still remembers that her father used to bring her to nearby playground to have morning exercise. He always said that “exercise keep your body healthy. So you can live longer.” But he left her despite he is still young.

      Having enough things to watch at the playground, she wanders around the town. Enjoy watching people doing their activity. When she meet someone need her help, she would help them voluntarily either they reward her with something or not is different story. When she finds some empty wall, she would fill them with her drawing. She loves to draw, maybe that is why she loves observe people.

      Following where her small feet brought her, she somehow ended at a theme park. It just a small theme park but she thinks that her dream already fulfilled. She used to list them as the most places she wanted to go with her parents. But they weren’t here anymore, she need to fulfill her dream herself.  It is not like she blamed them for leaving her alone in this world but she needlessly to say that she hates how her parents makes promise to her yet not try to fulfill them. At the theme park, she just walked around watching people having fun. She loves when she can see all those smiling face.
      That was when she found herself being lost in the crowd of people in the town with empty stomach and low temperature. She cannot remember her way back to the orphanage since she just follows her small feet where they would bring her. But she didn’t panicked yet feel happy, isn’t this what she wants all her life? She wants this freedom, she feels jealous when she watching people walking freely from her windows in the evening. Always think that, why they didn’t allow all the kids to play outside from the house? Yet, after some time she understand why, because they have not enough people to observe us when we going out, incase if one of us went missing since lots of naughty kids in the house.

      So, she enjoy her little free time outside and ended up under a bridge just remember that her stomach has nothing except than that ice cream given by obaachan. And here she is, curling under the bridge waiting for death coming to her slowly. She expects death on her tenth year of life. She might be not dying due to overload hungry but also due to freezing. Maybe, she can meet her parents earlier this way; they might be waiting for her for a long time.

      She smiles again, not feeling scared of what might come to her today, and she has experienced lots things she wanted to. It is enough for her, and she can die peacefully. But, all the things that rewinds on her mind right now is the words from one of her friend when she found her secretly escaping from the orphanage this morning.

   “Nee! Make sure you come home!” That ‘friend’ is pouting but she couldn’t care less or more for it but to proceed with her plan. But her shirt was held by the other girl tightly. She sighs to the other girl act that annoyed her so much.

   “Make sure you come home! I’ll be waiting for you!” That ‘friend’ emphasized her words; make her feel guilty for a moment. She brushed her hand on her shirt, neither not wanting to hear more words nor to promise anything to someone she don’t know.

   She wouldn’t call her a friend, but she is the only one would talk to her even she never reply anything. They have lots of similarities, they came in almost at the same time, but that ‘friend’ came one week earlier than her. Their beds are side by side so before she went sleep, that ‘friend’ would always sings to her but most likely to herself since that is the song her parent always sang to her. That ‘friend’ would talk to her all of her worries even she feels weird that girl at her ten would have lots of worries. But that ‘friend’ never mad when she never replied anything. So, even if she don’t know that ‘friend’s’ name, can she call her a friend? At least at her last breath? Well, actually it is a lie, she knows her name since it was written on everyone’s bed but she just pretend not to know or to care. How irony it is because right now she want to listen to her singing before she can close her eyes peacefully. If before that ‘friend’ would tell her all her worries, right now.. she want to tell her some too. It is including, how she scared to be alone, how she appreciate meeting her, how she want her by her side right now.

      How funny it is because at this moment she remembers her? Wanting her to be by her side waiting for her last breath? She chuckles a little at herself. Right now, she wants to talk to her, wants to run to her and said she is here to fulfill her promise. But it is a waste; she can’t go home in her condition right now. She has no energy to even walk and it is too cold that she is freezing.

      “I’m sorry, I can’t go home.” She said weakly while closing her eyes. Her lips trembled so much that the words all jumbled. Her lips shaping a small weak smile, feeling satisfied if she died this way. But there are drop of tears at the corner of her eyes. She let out a big breath, a sigh that forming a cloud of vapor. Maybe her last breath. Her eyes were tightly shut down.

      Despite her thinking that she is dead, she can hear a fade turn clear footstep coming to her. Closer and closer. Is that death angel? She questioned herself but keep her eyes shut not even can open them up. She can hear that footstep stopping by her side. So he came to take her life. Take her, she willingly and volunteer to die. But instead, she feels her body being carried by him in bride style. Is this the way they take life? She questioned that to herself again, not even fighting when her life being taken.

      “You can’t die yet. At least not today.” It was a man voice, hoarse and dry. Somehow it sounds so comfortable and safe for her.


      The next morning she was woke up by a nice smell of food. Is she already in heaven that she was rewarded with nice food for her deed that she came at her early age? She smile in her sleeps thinking of that. But then a voice waking her up; loud and fierce. Remind her to have enough sleep but to wake up already.

      “Hey new girl! Wake up already, it is noon!” That girl scream loudly so she cannot help but open her eyes slowly and found that she was in a big room. Too big to be called as a room. Her eyes wander around the space, it is like she is in a mansion with classical design. She imagines this as a heaven before, maybe she really in a heaven but who is this two girl? She looked at the two girls with quizzical looks. They have same height, probably in her teen age. One of them have long brown hair while the other have short black hair. Both looks so scary to her that she don’t even dare meeting eyes with them.

      “Wake up.” The short haired girl yelled her as she looked at them with question in her face. She nodded before she get down from the big bed and follow the two girl into a kitchen; where she found a big table full of delicious and tempting food. Heaven.

      She sits on a chair where she was pointed to by the two girls which was at the single sit at end of the table. There are lots of girls surrounds the table full of food and they just look at her with weird gaze that make her awkward realized that she was sitting at the center. The two other girls sit at her side. She looks at them, asking for an explanation. But they just silently stare at the food waiting for something. So she bury all her question, she can ask them later.

      “He always serves us with nice food whenever new girl came in.”

      “Yeah, try to make her feel safe here.”

      “But of course, that is only tempo..”

      “Shut up, welcome your new friend nicely.”

      She heard them whisper to each other but it is too clear for her to listen to them before a man came in and shut them off. They then went silent. She looked up to the voice direction, he standing at the other end of the table. Their eyes meet but only for a second,  because she still feeling afraid. So, he is the one who saves her when she almost dying due to cold. She smiles to herself, proud that she makes a choice to escape the other day that she almost dying but it all makes her destiny better. She understands now that, a sacrifice is needed in order to meet with better life. She nodded at her own thinking.

      “Now let’s eat.” The man said and was replied by sound of fork and knife meeting with each other. She embrace herself to look to the man again as she can feel his eyes piercing her small head. Their gazes met again, this time she returns with a thankful smile. He nodded lightly, telling her to start eating.

      She gladly reaching for a fork and knife then starts eating crazily. She has been starving herself for almost two days if it is true that she unconscious for a day.

      After she was treated with a feast, everyone just went missing, leaving her with two same girls waking her up this morning. Right now they’re sitting on the sofa in a room full of books waiting for someone patiently. There are no words come out from each of them so she didn’t try to speak. The two girls are too intimidating for her, they never smile even once since they meet this morning.

      They stand up instantly when a man came in the room. She follows them, stand up and found that he is the same man as before. They bow so she bows too and beamed a smile to him. Somehow she felt indebted to him for saving her life, so a smile at least can pay him her gratitude.

      “Nanamin, Maiyan, please treat this new girl nicely, she is new here so you know what you should do right?” He said monotonously to the other girl.

      So their name is Nanamin and Maiyan, she remarks that in her head as she saw them nodded as a pleasure. The girl with short hair and stern face is Nanamin, and the girl with longer brown hair is Maiyan. She guessed that as he looks at them while he mentioning their name.

      “You, the new girl.” He turns to the small and squats down. She startle at first but try to stay composed; not wanting him to notice that she found him scary with a deep scar on his chin. “What is your name?” He asks as their eyes on the same level. His voice is so hoarse that she thinks that as scary as his scar.


      “Cut that.. just introduce to yourself to this girl later.”

      He didn’t wait for her to finish her sentence. But he just stands up and walked away from the room; left her with two girls in the air full of pressures. Of course she felt pressure, they’re not telling her anything, of where she might be right now, that full of girls around her age, maybe she is back in orphanage but different ones. Judging from today’s grand breakfast, now she didn’t mind if she was accepted to be here as one of them.

      She turns to the other girls who are now just in front of her. She cannot help but looks down when she felt their eyes on her. She doesn’t want to meet their scary eyes.

      “What is your name?” One of the girl asks her, her tone now are full of concern not as what she imagine them would be. The other girl squats in front of her. She grips on her shoulder lightly, making her to look into their eyes one by one. They’re smiling. She feels calm. 

      “What is your name?” The girl named Nanamin ask her again. She is clearly smiling to the small girl, making her more confused.

      “I’m..” She is totally confused, how they treat her so different to her right now. How they’re too cold with her this morning but now they are like a sister she never have. She can’t help but to think they have another agenda behind that friendly smile.

      “Don’t worry, think of us as your older sister. We will explain to you everything after this.” Maiyan said while squeezing the small girl’s hand. She wants her to feel safe.

      “Wakatsuki Yumi.” She said in a small voice after so much thinking and the two girls smile brightly to her, shushed away her negative thinking. Wakatsuki returns them with a smile.

      “Jaa.. make sure you remember your name because after this..” Nanamin turns the small girl’s body to her. So they can face each other. “Because they won’t call you with your name anymore.” Nanamin speaks as she looks into Wakatsuki with concern gaze. But she only makes the small girl more confused and afraid.

      “Here, we were trained to be an assassin. We are assassin too. But we won’t kill you as long as you do what we told to.” Maiyan now take turn in explaining things to her. Wakatsuki was clearly taken aback by her words. She clearly didn’t expect this from her. Her only memory of grand breakfast from today morning still denied her words.

      “That grand food just an act.” As she knew what Wakatsuki Yumi was thinking, Nanamin added more. Cannot help but sigh with the small girl naïve thinking.

      Now the small girl can take a grasp of real situation here. And the two girls just smiling weakly upon her reaction.

      “You can’t escape from here, unless you’re died.” She feels pity on how should she say that but Nanamin said that anyway. It was her job given by him. She looks away as the small girls starts to tear up, maybe feeling fear of her new destiny. And Maiyan starts to hug her tightly and rub her back slowly. She didn’t want the small girl to start wailing.


      The day she was brought here, change everything. She was teach how to fight by some man together with other girls. They all are coming from various background, but probably they are same with her.. have no one that will search for them. So that is why she still heard anything about people searching for her. Will they keep searching for missing orphan? She didn’t think so.

      They might be around same age, but most of them not befriend with each other. ‘Friends is not a choice for us to have’. Nanamin said that one day when she asked her why everyone look so fierce and scary. ‘We cannot afford to have friends.. unless we want to see them die. Here, everyone is competing with each other.’ Maiyan added.

      She doesn’t know why, even if they said that they are friends right? Maiyan and Nanamin look so close to her, but that time she still don’t have courage to ask and understand why. And, even if they never say anything, she will always stick with them, well probably because she doesn’t have any choice when Nanamin is the one who teach her using gun and Maiyan is the one who teach her using daggers.

      And she like being with them, even if, they will change in instant as they start training, Nanamin is the one who always showing her hard stern face on the outside when teaching her shooting. The first time she asks her why Nanamin change, she receives a punch on her cheeks. She don’t understand why would Nanamin punched her but after that she will never ask her anything again during their training and keep her face stoic emotionless as ever. Maiyan is the same as Nanamin, she might have that kind of cool beauty, easy to approach and friendly but Maiyan kind of more scary than Nanamin, at least Nanamin never throw her knife on her face or shot her whenever she failed hitting a target. Luckily, Maiyan is expert enough using knife or any kind of daggers so it ended up slicing her ears a little bit.

      Years of practicing, Wakatsuki Yumi improved a lot, she would always thanked Nanamin and Maiyan willing to teach her in her early days when other girls was teach and tortured by their mean and bad trainer. If before she never able to hit a still target, now she even able to shot a moving object while shut one her eye off, and of course Maiyan Spartans way of teaching using daggers make her better than herself.

      At her age of 12, she made her first kill. A young boy probably around 17 years old. Reason for her kills is, he is totally a jerk! They got lot of orders to kill him, but at first the orders was ignored by Akimoto sensei, the man with deep scar on his chin, but when they received dozens of order to kill him and the pay are getting higher day by day so Akimoto sensei simply sent her to kill him.

      Her first kill, it wasn’t perfect but she did it. She killed him during he was drunk. It was dark that night, but thanks to her capability and training in harsh environment, she kill him without any problem. Well not really without any problem because at first she plan to just stab him but he got lucky as her hand trembled a lot during the mission and the knife ended up on the floor. The sound of metal fall on the ground wake him up about the silent accompany in the dark. He quickly takes charge to her when he realizes a girl in front of him, trying to kill him. Even if he is drunk, his is much stronger than her 12 years old strength. They fighting for two minutes before she finally strangled him to death using her young energy, her desire to end his life are increased second after second when he smashed on her head using the wine bottle. She is bleeding but she is mad. He is dead within 30 seconds of breathless.

      That was her first kill, it wasn’t perfect but it is successful for the first timer like her. But the after effects are painful to her. She was only 12, but she had her first kill, and she couldn’t even forget about it. She is sleepless for more than one month because whenever she sleeps she would have bad dreams it was random nightmare. She couldn’t eat anything and ended up throwing up everything she swallows. Nanamin and Maiyan, strangely didn’t comment anything about her skipping her practice. They just let her stare blankly on the ceiling without doing anything.

      The verges of her pain are when she almost jumped from the mansion without her consciousness. She is sleeping that time, and as always she would have nightmare, she walked in her sleep to the window, she climbed the window and almost jumped from level three. She maybe will not die from the jumped but could break her bones. Lucky enough that Nanamin is awake from the sound of windows being opened. It takes her minutes to realize that the younger girl try to kill herself in sleep. Again, she received punches from Nanamin for doing stupid things by herself. But when Nanamin have enough punching her body and Maiyan just being bystander, Nanamin hugged her cry on her shoulder. For the first time, she realized that.. death is not a solution.

      ‘Person who destined to be dead will die anyway. The difference is we help to accelerate the death. And the person we kill is deserved to die anyway.’ Maiyan words change her way of looking at things after months of suffering and regretting things. That is true. Most of people they kill is someone who deserved to be dead on the alley, someone that useless to their family, community and country.

(A/N: So how is it? I’m sorry if it is too long to be a prologue, I didn’t imagine it can be this long but well here is it, my new idea. I’m still with my old genre of story.. it suits me more than romantic but I can promise you that this will fill with much more romance than before.

I make this approximately one month ago, I think I should finish my previous fiction before posting on this.. the vague idea is there but we’ll see, your comment might change the story line a little bit, so you can voice out your opinion and see it if I can make it better. Yeahhhh

Actually, I have two story I want to write, first is this one and the other one is sequel to TBIMIY which I will focus more on NanaMai. But I think, I couldn’t do it at this time so I proceed with this one. Are you okay with this?? Thank you for all of your supports.)

@C: I'm sorry for the late reply, thank you for always commenting on my stories,
well now you mention about HashiGawa, I really want to write about them but yeah, I have no idea on how to write it.. if you have some ideas, kind to pay me a pm. Hehe,
well as i mention above, i have some idea about the continuation but i think it will longer than t should be, so well yeah i need some time to write since i will be busier in my final year of college, wish me best!
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new fic!! I like all genres (except horror). so I'll enjoy your fic. from the titles I read has made me curious :roll:

poor waka.. it must be very hard in a young age you should do it :cry: but don't worry nanamin and maiyan will take care of you and make you become a stronger person, right?

Thanks for the new fic author-san. waiting for next part :deco:

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Hi! To tell the truth, I've been reading ever since the first story came out but stays a silent reader, now I'm going to change that because the new story is so good XD.

Poor Waka, she never thought that she'd ended up an assassin, but at least she has Nanamin and Maiyan with her. Also, Nanamin seems like a person who lets her emotion out by hitting something :banghead:.

Now I'm curious about what the other nogis would be (it will be awesome if some of them turns out to be assassination target). This will also have a pairing right?
I'll be waiting for the next chapter  :D

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« Reply #38 on: November 09, 2016, 01:02:48 PM »
Hmm about HashiGawa, I’m thinking maybe see how Nanamin is adjusting with Maimai and little Nanamin, like how will Maimai explains little Nanamin about the big one sharing her name and how well will she accept big Nanamin sudden presence in their life.
But like I said it’s okay if you end it there especially now you have a new story to focus on.

Nogi fic with action is always welcome  :yep:
I feel bad for Waka’s ‘friend’, I hope she get adopted by a good family.
Also poor Waka for wanting freedom but getting caught in the assassination business instead.
I’m liking the WakaMaiyanNanamin combination.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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(A/N: Sorry for the late  :bow: i should post this sooner but yeah, i got no time, barely breathing last week  :mon surr: . but here you are, first chapter. sorry if it below your expectation or too long. Leave comments as it will make my day and keep my spirit to update  :wub: :wub: !!



      NOGIKILLERS. Is what they was call. Nogi? Because they was situated in Nogizaka, but most people wouldn’t know about their present. People who usually need their service and skills often made it through newspapers; there was a code on newspaper advertisement. It was really easy actually, their customer only need to reply to one of their fake advertisement which selling for service.

      Only people who are in need will answer to their advertisement. They are not using any technologies like mail or phone but the order was sent through letter. That was a little bit risky but yeah; different address was used with different recipient. It was the basic they know, other than that, the people from above arrange it for them. Or someone who suits the task that require intelligence. The one who usually break the message was Akimoto Manatsu and Nakada Kana, the genius born from the crack. Simply because of they have the brain and can’t use power that much. Wasting them was not a choice from above.

      And of course, people like Akimoto sensei have his own cable, everyone know him with good and high position in the country. It is his mask to his country, but real bad people know what he actually selling. Service. He is doing that for money and lives.

      Killers from NogiKillers was because well they are the killers. Some would called themselves as respected killer as they only killed and terminate one’s live just because they’re jerk, useless which have nothing but to waste everything they have; people that their own family hates. Well, there was also exceptional where they kill someone who has rank, like minister, lawyer, doctor, named them all they have it in their list. Because these people are someone who act good on outside but stink inside. And other exception is, when you’re at high position and rank, surely there will be people wanted you to be dead. As simple as that. But for them, they didn’t care, they just doing their job and being paid. That is more important than caring for their target. Because that is what they made for, killing people for living. The concept that was grown in them is either you or your target will be dead. 

      The total of them are now 46 girls. 16 of them still a trainee and new, 20 of them are still in trial and 10 of them is the upper rank. The trial girls, is something everyone should scared of, because trial means.. If you failed to pass the test you will be terminate right away. The tests are quite easy for someone who is mean to be killer, because the only thing they need to do is kill. Yeah just kill, the method itself is not important but the target is what they should worry the most. If they are lucky enough, they will get cheap outsider to be killed. But if not, they need to kill the insider. The question is who is that insider?


      Two assassins to-be will be sent in a room, they call the room of destiny. Because it determined their fate, alive or dead. And they just need to kill. The quickest, strongest and aggressive will win the fight. At last, the 20 people from the trial will remain as 10 girls. Well as easy as that. That is how the girls will become permanent killers called Upper Rank Girls. And Maiyan words back there is true; they didn’t use their real name in here. The ranks represent themselves.

      But things not ended there, once you have become the permanent members, you need a rank. Any rank would be but not as last. The higher their target is the beneficial they will be. Come back to the base with good result (means you’re still alive) will get your rank higher. But if they didn’t come back, just assume there will be empty rank to be fighting for.

      For the 10 girls in upper rank… a word to describe them is professional. They didn’t afford a failure. They will always come back alive and without injuries. The way they finish their tasks or assignments also something should be proud of, they only need one day to finish them from given time. Usually, they will be given one week to do some research which for them quite long.

      And after 10 years of harsh training, Wakatsuki Yumi has climbed the leader drastically. She is the youngest and earliest to enter the upper rank at 15 years old. Everyone has killed tones of targets, but her? She is something different; hundreds of man was terminate by her hand. Personally, she has lots of request to kill. People want the best, and she was chosen to do the assignment. She has the monster in her; she will kill fast and without mercy. Never hesitates to end someone’s live in split of second. Because she never doubt why she should kill. Since then, she lives by following orders.

      She in the upper rank along with Nanamin and Maiyan, each was separated by one rank. The highest is still, Nanamin and second Maiyan and third is Wakatsuki. But they have something unsettle with their ranks. Three of them almost have close number or success kills but consider that she came later than most of other upper rank girls, she surely at different level of standards.

      She always takes the target that is ranked third. Well, the target themselves has rank according to their importance. The higher the target rank, the higher the pay and difficulties. And for Wakatsuki, she always takes the third. Not because she didn’t have the guts to kill the first but she just…

      “You take time choosing your target this time.” Nanamin came from behind while wiping her dripping sweat from fighting training two minutes ago. That is was before the list of target was display on the huge electronic target board. Usually, the shorter girl didn’t mind much about her target but this time, she surely takes time to stare at it which makes the older girl wonder why.

      “I will just take the usual one.” Wakatsuki said before walking passes Nanamin, she is done looking and it is Takayama Kazuo as her next target.

      “Nee! Why don’t you take the first?” Nanamin high voice stops everyone from their doing, including Wakatsuki who already sitting on the bench, getting ready to go home. Maiyan who is standing next to the ring, far from them also shock, Nanamin is not someone who will shout. She is as calm as the evening wind.

      “It was impossible for me.” Wakatsuki laugh it off awkwardly then packing her stuff in her bag pack.

      “Impossible? Is not something like professional assassin like you will say.” She laugh at the statement like she is looking down at her used to be apprentice. She walks to the ring and calmly enters the ring that used for fighting training. “Come here, settle it with me.” She challenged Wakatsuki with her low voice. The voice that no one would ever say no.

      “Nanamin! Are you serious?” Maiyan who is clearly shock by the sudden challenge try to wake up Nanamin from her madness. She never knows that this day would finally come. The day when Nanamin finally challenging Wakatsuki to fight in public; in front of all upper rank girls. She can’t say that her decision is wrong since these lately Nanamin seem so unsatisfied with the younger girl.

      Well, everyone would know that how hard Wakatsuki is pushing herself from rank 10 into the best three since she was 15. She keeps on challenging higher rank than her to fight. She never stops fighting everyone else and it has been a year she stop challenging at rank third. When everyone, expecting her to keep climbing the rank but she didn’t. It was a lie if Nanamin and Maiyan didn’t feel the anxiety at all, they do wait what Wakatsuki’s next step is.

      Some would assume that the reason why she stops is because there are Maiyan and Nanamin. Both of them are her trainer and she may be having kind of respect for both girls. Moreover, Nanamin and Maiyan have been there since forever. Ranking number one and two is their starting line. No one ever success taking those rank from them.

      For Maiyan, of course she knows what Nanamin feels. She feels degraded, she feels like Wakatsuki was looking down at both of them. Why didn’t take the rank when she capable of it. Two of them have been with Wakatsuki Yumi since the day she was taken here. They teach her everything they have, but for little girl like Wakatsuki, she is quick learner. She learnt more than what she was teach. And both of them know it exactly that Wakatsuki has surpassed both of them.

      That is not only their views, everyone in upper ranks also think the same. Since Wakatsuki enter the upper rank, everyone seems to look down at them. Saying that, Nanamin and Maiyan still there because, Wakatsuki never ever dared to challenge her two trainers.
      Maiyan takes a quick glance towards younger girls.

      Wakatsuki, still standing there does nothing. But of course she know and familiar with that tone. Taking moments of thinking, she chooses to ignore those words. This is not the first time Nanamin provokes her, but this is the first one in public. Maybe she can ignore it as she usually did.

      “Don’t you all think so?” Nanamin provokes other girls, she starts to be impatient to gain some supports. She glares at Ikoma, the one who always saying things she shouldn’t. Ikoma Rina’s words always make Nanamin mad but all this time, she still can take it.

      Ikoma, who gets the meaning behind the glare, starts to back off. Even if she always saying things like how Nanamin should be grateful with her rank just because Wakatsuki never challenge her, but she never dared say it in her face. Never knew that Nanamin know it was her who always setting fire inside other girls.

      “Well, it is not like that.” Ikoma shakes her head and hand vigorously. Try to defend from the killing glares.

      “Yes! We all think so!” On the other side of the ring, Inoue Sayuri voice out the opinion bravely. And everyone followed with a little nod. It makes Nanamin chuckles on how she finally able to make everyone honest. At least in front of her face.

      “Nanamin, you know you can do this outside.” Maiyan, still can’t accept the idea of finish their issue here.

      “You too Mai, don’t you think we should end it here? That girl should know her place.”
      “Yeah, we all want to know who is stronger. Who is number one, we want to see the fight.” Matsumura, the #9 also starts to have courage. She is usually the silent girl who always follows what was set up for her.

      “See?” Nanamin crossed her hand over her body with satisfaction. And Maiyan, starts getting nervous. She catches a glimpse of Wakatsuki small body. From behind, she knows that girl can’t take it any longer when everyone starts to support Nanamin and provokes her.

      This will be bad. Maiyan can feel where this will lead to when Wakatsuki finally turns her body to face all of them in the Upper Rank Training Room. Maiyan face palmed when Wakatsuki starts to take small steps towards the ring.

      “Are you really wanted to finish this at once?” She asked in her unusual low tone and tight jaw.

      The answer was seen through Nanamin confident nod. And Maiyan once again face palmed. This will be really bad. She looks at Wakatsuki who is now slowly walks into the ring. Wakatsuki stop in front of taller girl, having a tight pressure around them.

      “Wait a minute!” Maiyan suddenly scream and step in between Nanamin and Wakatsuki glare competition.

      “Nani?” Nanamin and Wakatsuki speak in unison. Both annoyed with Maiyan sudden interruption. She looks damn nervous, not like someone professional killer would be. Not how calm emotionless she supposed to be when she killed her target.

      “You should defeat me first before Nanamin. I am number two.” She looks up to Nanamin who is now totally flustered and shock.

      “That is not..”

      “You said it too right. We have same issue. So why can’t I?” Maiyan smirks while stepped into the ring and pushed Nanamin to the corner. She is now giving her fierce look to Wakatsuki who just stand still in her place. “Come Waka.” Without waiting for any answer for her question, she gets into her fighting stance; she clenched her fist tightly and gritted her jaw. 

      “I won’t waste my energy just to fight two people at once. If I beat Nanamin, it means I beat two of you. Isn’t it?” Wakatsuki glances to Nanamin at the side, silently forcing her to agree and nod. “It would be unfair for my second round. Right?” This time, Wakatsuki smirks to Maiyan. The slack in Maiyan stance proving Wakatsuki’s word is right. She could lose lot of her energy for her next fight, so why can’t she kill two birds with one stone?

      “She is right.” Nanamin step in and pushed Maiyan to the corner, making the other girl dumbfounded.


      “You can’t finish her, you know that too. Right?” Nanamin’s words almost fall into whisper and it silence Maiyan at once.

      Nanamin was true, she know it well that Maiyan can’t beat Wakatsuki colossal energy. So she keeps as bystander with the fight between Nanamin and Wakatsuki. It never make her at ease, her face wrinkles as much as she would have when she enter 80s.

      “Jaa, why don’t we start?” Nanamin getting ready with her fighting stance just like Maiyan. Both of them have same starting position. Nope, make it three with Wakatsuki too now with the same position. As expected from trainer and apprentice.

      They take two seconds to just look into each other eyes, both have fire in their eyes which will never erase when they’re fighting. And everyone starts to have close view to the fighting ring. They will never miss this legendary fight between Nanamin who always at the top between Wakatsuki who has beat as much as upper ranks girls just to climb the rank. Other previous girls were beaten by her too and they barely can stand up. That ignites the flames between upper girls that how Wakatsuki should take the top instead.

      It didn’t take Nanamin longer to charge into Wakatsuki, she has done more than that during their early day anyway. Few hits landed on Wakatsuki’s body but still she didn’t flinched. She takes all the punched calmly, like she used to be. Another outer kick turned Wakatsuki’s body to fall by her side. And Nanamin seize the opportunity to trap the girl under her. Another hit was blow to her face continuously, fast and heavy. But still, it never returned. Wakatsuki stay still.

      “Why?” In between her breathless voice, Nanamin questioned Wakatsuki. She asked again and again each time she hit her. Until Nanamin lost almost all of her energy just to spit her anger and outrage.

      “How should I know why when I never know it too?” Her words keep halting whenever she received punches from the older girl.

      “Then find the answer!”

      It was sent simultaneously with the heaviest and hardest blow towards Wakatsuki.

      “If you didn’t know, find it. Find it I say!” Nanamin’s madness finally reached the limit. But thank goodness that small body has taken it more than this before. She still can endure it no matter how mad Nanamin right now. Because that is what shaped little Wakatsuki into right now.

      “Teach me how!” But the pressure of searching the reason was huge than the blow itself. Why pushing her to the corner without teaching her how to? And Wakatsuki was turned on by that fact she just realized. That she was always teach by Nanamin and Maiyan how to face things. Up till now, she is doing what she was told to. How to end someone’s life, how to finish her tasks, how to fight, how to use knives and everything she know, was teach by them. Then how she would find the answer when they keep giving it to her?

      And the first blow was sent to Nanamin face, heavy enough to make her body fall to the side. Wakatsuki quickly stand up, she stagger a little bit but it didn’t failed her to urge towards Nanamin and give continuously hit to her body. The fast movement makes Nanamin paralyzed for second. She can’t find opportunity to even defend herself.

      “I am now.” Despite all the pricking pain in her body, Nanamin still able to smirk.

      But the whisper word was unheard to Wakatsuki who is now turning into madness. She has different level of madness than Nanamin just now. She can’t think it right when she is in that state. Nanamin knows it well so she keep it silent without defending anymore, just letting the younger girl to lash out all her anger all this time. But, without anyone realized it, she has this unusual satisfaction smiles on her face. 

      It was different to the audience side much more to Maiyan side when she realized that Wakatsuki never be like that. Wakatsuki they know never return any of Nanamin’s hit. She has endured it since forever. And why Nanamin still can smile after all that punches? That worries her the most.

      “Waka! Waka! That’s enough!” Even the loudest yell can’t stop her from her craziness. Maiyan can’t take it anymore so she jumped into the ring and separate Wakatsuki from Nanamin, just to find Nanamin still smiling with blood on her face. “Are you crazy?!” She glares at both girls.

      Maiyan’s yells awake her from her another self just to realize that she finally escape from her own cage of endurance. And the crowd also starts to cheer over Wakatsuki winning side. But there only thick silence between three of them with Nanamin still smirk for unknown reason and Maiyan still fuming over what has happen.

      Loud claps from upstairs silence all of them. They look up in instant just to discover Akimoto-sensei with two of his bodyguard. Like dominos effect, everyone keep silence and get stand up. They give 90 degrees of bow before lowering their head.

      “That was a fun fight. I should make it more frequent as a show.” Akimoto-sensei said after done clapping. He scratches his chin few times while thinking deeply. “Now the ranking has change isn’t it?”

      The question make Wakatsuki look up in disbelief. Did she just beat Nanamin? She looks at Nanamin, her state telling her all. She beat her. Wakatsuki heaves a deep sigh.

      “You will be number one starting from today. Looks like I didn’t have to force you to take number one target as for now. You have done it yourself.” He gone while laughing creepily, leaving everyone back to their normal state.

      Maiyan help Nanamin to walk down the ring while passing Wakatsuki who still lowering her head. She can’t face up to Nanamin until a touch on her shoulder awake her. It was Nanamin. She found a crook smile on Nanamin’s face and it makes her confused.

      “Sometimes, you need to break the wall in front of you. You have to. And you did it, right?” Nanamin smiles again before she finally missing at the entrance of training room.

      Everyone also gradually missing from the training room left only Wakatsuki standing inside the ring like a statue. She looks lost and confused. What is mean by she find it earlier? She can’t catch the meaning behind it. It makes her head confused even more.

      Right, Nanamin and Maiyan are her wall. She just breaks it. It has been that way since beginning. She can’t break the wall when it was thr only thing makes her feel safe and accepted. Safe from everything she found scary to her. Even if right now she already 20 years old, she still have the side of small child. The side she has been hiding from everyone but ‘family’. It was only shown when she was home.

      Her phone beeping signaling she received a message. In swift movement she swipe to read the message. ‘When will you come home?’ That simple one sentence makes her smile a little bit. Realize that it already dark outside. She step out from the ring and walk towards her backpack. She stops in front of target board before she gets out. In a glimpse, she read her new target.

      Nakamoto Reika.

      Is her new target. And without further ado, she shuts off the light in the training room and get out from their usual place of routine. Just to get home.


      HOME. Home is the only place she would act childish. Well because there are person would treat her the way it supposed to be when she was 10 years old. Wakatsuki lower down her hood to cover the bruises on her face from nearby passerby. She lives in an apartment where she will be assumed as normal girl.

      It has been two year since she moves out from the mansion. That is one of the advantages every upper rank girls get when they manage to break into the upper ranks. She enter the upper rank since she was 15 but, that time she still young and the pass can’t be given right away, not until she reach 18. And now, she relieve that she can go out anytime she want, feeling the wind as much as she can and dreams of freedom. But she still needs to go back to the mansion occasionally. The mansion has their practice room which can’t be accessed by other trainee easily. The practice room for upper rank girls is much more comfortable even if it situated underground.

      In just few swift movements, she opens the door into her home. As soon as she enters the house, she was attacked right away. Her neck was lock down, forcing her to bend her body lower.

      “Nanamin! It is hurt! Stop it!” She screams. Without looking at the culprit she already who will attack her like that. Only Nanamin will play with her like that.

      “Are you mad little girl? Huhh huh??” Nanamin teased Wakatsuki while knocking her head, not even concern about untreated wound on her face; well she wounded too but already was treated long time ago.

      “Itttaiii yo! Let me go, I need to shower.”

      Wakatsuki struggle for a while to escape from Nanamin but the lock never loose even a bit.

      “Nanamin! Let her go, she need to shower and treat that wound you put on her.” It was Maiyan who always break their childish fight. And as usual, Nanamin will obey her. Maiyan might be soft on outside but she turn on her kuroishi mode; she should pray she was dead by that time. And at home, Maiyan was like their older sister. Well, it does serve her when Maiyan is the oldest among them, and doing most of the chores at home.

      Wakatsuki rolled her eyes and stick her tongues as soon as Maiyan’s order was out. Before Nanamin catch her again, she run to her room to have a bath. While Nanamin just joined Maiyan on the table to have salad as late snack while waiting for Wakatsuki. But the thick pressure between them is noticeable when Maiyan only stares into distance, not even looking at Nanamin.

      “Are you mad?” Nanamin asks after moments of silence with her best friend. She glances at her side, checking Maiyan expression and it was flat which answers her question. She didn’t have to confirm it twice. Those silent said it all. 

      “Nope.” Maiyan answers it plainly.

      “Don’t lie, I know you are mad.”

      “Then why asking for more when you already knew it?” Maiyan drops her fork in her salad bowl, stopping Nanamin from munching and gaping widely.

      “So you are mad.” Her voices now turn into whisper and she looks away, dared to face Maiyan right now. Well, supposedly Maiyan will mad at her from this evening event. And deep there she mad at herself too.

      “You didn’t have to do that way, Nanamin. You hurt yourself to, and Waka.” Maiyan lower her head in disappointment.

      “I need to do it anyway. He knows how close we are and if I didn’t do that, he will do it in his way. You know how he does thing too.” Nanamin keep her voice low.

      “I know your intention. But it will be another way, right?”

      Nanamin sigh. Actually she can’t think other way. Well, it is funny to think that how fragile her inner self when it involved Wakatsuki and Maiyan. Two people who are close to her real damn much. It is not weird if Maiyan close to her, they are taken at the same time they already face everything since then; when only them and Akimoto-sensei in this business. They grew up together, so it was understandable but with Wakatsuki?

      It might be because she was the youngest back then during she was taken. Before this, the youngest when they were taken in is 13. Probably because she felt empathy to her? Maybe yes. Moreover, Wakatsuki remind of them when they first came at that young age. Because when she and Maiyan were taken into the mansion, they’re around her age too. So she gets the feeling. Lost, scared and need help.

      “I know she remind you of Asuka. Right.” Maiyan know what actually in Nanamin’s head. A little nod from Nanamin proving her is right. They might share the same feelings about little Wakatsuki back there, but to Nanamin, she knows it was more than what it supposed to be.

      Asuka is Nanamin little sister. She never met her, but only knows her from picture Nanamin show it to her. To Nanamin, Asuka is the only person she love, everything she have but the incident which killed Asuka, has change Nanamin a lot. From loving sister into mean and emotionless girl; that what she guess whenever Nanamin tell stories about Asuka. She could see the love in her cold empty eyes. Different story with Wakatsuki, they spent lot of time together, they trained, they fight, and they have witnessed everything about Wakatsuki when she is growing. It is like taking care of their little sister.

      “I’m hungry. What we will have for dinner?” Wakatsuki came into the kitchen feeling enlighten after having bath. Her short hair still wet and her bruise was cleaner.

      “Nothing. You came late so Nanamin finish it for you. And it as your punishment for hit her.” Maiyan said it plainly while putting her bowl into sink. Nanamin just laugh at Wakatsuki ‘it can’t be expression’.

      “It is not my fault Maiyan! She hit me first.” She whined.

      “Even so, it is not respectable to beat your elder. Right?” There she is, Maiyan in her semi-kuroishi mode while hands on her hips, her eyes widen. It makes Wakatsuki’s head down to the floor even more and Nanamin still laughing.

      “You deserve that.” Nanamin laughs again.

      “Come, let me treat your wound.” Having enough teasing the younger girl, Maiyan pulled her to the sofa and getting ready to treat her wound. Not much different than Nanamin’s injuries. Both bruised a lot but to Wakatsuki, it is nothing since she used to it.

      “Then who is your new target?” Nanamin casually ask as she starts to lie on the sofa and turn on the tv. 

      “I don’t know. Still didn’t work on the details. Maybe tomorrow.” Wakatsuki answers lazily. She hates talking about job when she is at home. That is her policy. Receives no replies from older girl, Wakatsuki glance to her left and found Nanamin already fell asleep.

      “As expected from sleepy head Nanamin.” Maiyan left out small laugh and was followed by Wakatsuki.


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