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Author Topic: [WAKAREI OS] WE WERE IN LOVE| ROOMMATES |MUKUCHI NA LION (1 OCT 2017)  (Read 9277 times)

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recently I gave my comments to chapter 5. but i'll commenting this part too :D
whether nanase would really die?
so their relationship is ending. on the one hand I think about nanase and her condition. but on the other hand I think about reika's feeling.

well as i thought.. ikuo is a player :lol:

hurmm ryuu.. i know that you and nanase were over. but not so the way it works. you want jun keep nanase for one night and in your apartement you and reika ....  :smhid :wigglypanda: now i feel poor to nanase wwwwww

how about my hashigawa pairs btw? i need more about them too :roll:

thanks and please update soon author-san :twothumbs

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Huwaaa.. Why naachan? Is she will be die? I hope you make naachan with jun...   :fainted: :pleeease:
And for wakarei, they're finally together. I love it... :ding:
Thank you and please update soon, author-san.  :mon lovelaff: :mon sweat:

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  • WakaRei: So real it's unreal life been so busy after my last comment. I need to catch up  :on study:

Anyway, onto the comment.
Even though Ryuu ruined the moment, MaiMai sure knows how to handle cold Naoki. All hail Holy Mother!  XD
I knew there’s bound to be some IkuRei happening in this fic, I just didn’t think he would have Himetan too. I do ship IkuHime, though.

I also had a feeling Naachan situation will get worse. But asdkfldgkldgkldk!!! I wanted WakaNana to work at least until Naachan is gone or get better (whichever is gonna happen in the future) and I wanted Ryuu to genuinely love Naachan like how he loves Reika  :mon whine:
I feel like WakaRei happening too fast? Like it doesn’t feel right while Naachan is still there. But that’s just me….

I swear, someone needs to write a WakaNana fic that doesn’t end up tragic or them being with someone else  :pleeease:
I need a happy, fluffy, diabetes inducing WakaNana fic. Someone, writes it, please!  :on speedy:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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« Reply #43 on: September 30, 2017, 05:32:59 PM »
(A/N: This is very longgggg last chapter, may time with all of us..)

Mukuchi na Lion – Part 7


      A WEEK LATER, everyone had gathered in front of Ryuu’s house early in Monday morning, each has backpack as if they’re going to hiking tho the concept is about the same. Reika could only laugh at the turn out, well they’re supposed to camp inside Ryuu’s house to celebrate Naachan’s return from hospital.

      Excited with the event and not wanting to waste their time, Jun, Kazuo and Misao started to set up their big tent, set aside all the furnitures close to the wall, giving them enough space to make it as a real camp site. Few arguments occur between them whether to make a bonfire or not, but then they decide to used only big lamp in the center.

      Fifteen minutes later, Ikuo came in, since this event was planned for their close friends, Ikuo of course included though they had severals private argument before. Seeing Ikuo, Reika flashed her acknowledge smile which he replied with a nod. Noted that they supposed to have a talk from her text last night following her broke up declaration few days before.

      Like everyone’s suggestion, since they all busy with their own tasks, Ikuo and Reika will take in charge of foods and beverages. They somehow feel at ease to leave the experienceless Ikuo with Reika to handle food in the kitchen, little did they know Reika too has less or no knowledge regarding that matter unlike what everyone thought.

      Well, if this is not the time to learn, then when will she learn? So taking it as challenges, Reika cheered herself to prepared all the foods as well as talking to Ikuo since this will give them less pressure.

      “I’m sorry for the sudden break up” Reika didn’t know where to start but she thinks it more proper if she apologized first since she is the one who asked for this talk. Besides she still unsure how Ikuo would feel after her text few days ago since they haven’t met in a while. To her surprise, Ikuo was actually smiling at her with not prove of disappointment, make her at ease.

      It turns out that, Ikuo actually figured it out after their fist fight before, when Reika choose to defend Ryuu instead of him as her current boyfriend.

      “I guess that is love?” Ikuo simply reasoning failed to noticed Reika somehow blushing at his sentence, he then continued on how he always think of Ryuu as his absolute rival who always have girls after him without doing literally nothing but act of kindness. This time, Reika could only nod in agreement, same reason why she likes him.

      As they’re talking, Ikuo poured almost half bottle of vinegar into soaked spagetti just to give them more flavor like the restaurant he always visit. While Reika spending most time to cut onion in a big and random shape, though still unsure what to do with them, at least she knew onion is used in every cooks.

      Finished with the ingredients preparation, they started to cook the food. They have several argument with the menus but ended up agreeing on the spagetti meat balls and fried rice as their main course since it was as simple as 1 2 3, hamburger steak as a side dish, and puding for finishing.

      But, things are not as simple as they thought they would be, even pouring instant sauce onto hot fray pan can make them jumped all over the space, successed in gaining everyone attention to them. When Jun offering help, they just proudly wave him away, saying they’re working on secret mission which no one can involve with the process. And Jun walk backward hesitatantly, somehow feeling eerie at the outcome.

      When everyone thought that was the end of it, another explosion was heard as Reika trying to heat up the red beans using microwave, incidentally set up the ‘her’ desired temperature of 150oC for fifteen minutes instead of five. Again, everyone was beyond shocked at Reika awkward smile while reasoning she just experimenting the surprised effect.

      Worry at their stomach later moreover Nanase, three of them are offering help but Ikuo skillfully wash them away with his cold aura and low voice, doubting their trust to him after long friendship although it’s not the main matter right now. Reika didn’t sure if they actually believe or they just afraid of him that they walk away with fear on their face but she glad Ikuo came to her rescue.

      Afraid of what Ryuu might thinks of his beloved kitchen when he came back, Reika encourage themselves to work ‘more’ properly this time. They takes things slowly and carefully without wanting to obtain everyone’s attention again.

      An hour later, the supposed to be meatballs spagetti turns outs to be more likely to mince meat rather than meatballs but as they taste it, it was actually acceptable, aside from the fried rice a bit tastier than their expectation and the puding turn into fruir cocktail in the process. Nevertheless, they’re proudly high touch which make everyone worried and currious at the same time.

      Even though their outcome came out far than their expectation, Ikuo and Reika could only laugh their ass out at the end. “The result are not that important but the efforts are all mattered” Said proud Ikou, receiving Reika’s attentive nod. Not only they capable of making their own disasterous dishes but along the way they already achieved their own point of friendship, is what they actually think of deep in their heart. 

      As their busy working on their indoor camping, evening came without them noticed and now they all are expecting Ryuu’s to come home with Nanase. He promised to bring Nanase back no matter what happen and have her experience a real camping like her wish.

      So, when the doorbell ringing, everyone quickly dashed to the front door, hoping to scream ‘Okaeri’ to Nanase but it turns out to be Miona and Himeka whom later cried at the sudden surprised and everyone are laughing at awkward situation there.

      Well, actually they forgot Miona was also invited by Ryuu since she is one of closest person to Nanase, and to avoid from being bored during the event, Miona was allowed to invite only one friend and Himeka was chosen among her long listed classmate. What a pure coincident there, Reika thought as she remember the girl.

      Not knowing that, Ikuo was flustered at the new visitor. He looked at Reika and Himeka nonchalantly, afraid of what might happen between her previous and current girlfriends later. But Reika only give him her knowing nod while whispering ‘its okay’ to calm Ikuo’s storm thought inside.

      After long waiting and everyone already tired of it, Ryuu and Nanase came home. But he forgot to ring the bell as planned, everyone jumped at the sudden arrival, unprepared for the surprise. Ryuu could only scratch his back head as apology.

      Still, Nanase laugh at the unexpected celebration, touched with everyone kind thought, happy tears forming from her eyes when she saw all the set up and everyone big smiles. Glad that she came back.

      As everyone celebrating for Nanase, Ryuu anxiously searching for Reika’s gaze. The latter somehow never failed to avoid his longing eyes. He sighed his disapointment away, feeling guilty to feel that away at this special moment. It is not the time for him to crave for other attention when he supposed give his all or Nanase. He smiled as Nanase’s weak but sincere laugh that always light everyone mood.

      And so, that night they spend their precious time with Nanase. Although everyone try to put happy face, giving their best to make Nanase happy and enjoy the moment, but deep there they are silently grieving and preparing. This might be the last time they heard Nanase’s healing laugh, her bright wide smile and might be the last time they saw her too.

      Unlike before, tonight they treat Nanase like she was healthy, it was one her request too. For them to treat her like she is one of them, not giving her special treatment anymore, letting her do everything by herself, eating the same food like everyone else and play games like they used to before she was sick.

      Indeed, Nanase was having fun, laugh with all her might, forget the fact that she was sick for the moment. Never thought of seeing this when Ryuu asked her what she wanted the most few days ago. She knew Ryuuu wouldn’t be so serious with this so she asked for impossible. She want to go camping. Never know they would turn her request into reality when he insisted of getting her out of hospital today, even willing to go against his own brother. And she never regret agree to his request. Afterall, today might be her last day.   

      While everyone was enjoying the time, they forgot about what happen in the kitchen this afternoon and inhale the food like they were starved for months to the point the bowl is clean without any trace for food. Reika gladly skipped to the kitchen to top up the food without realizing Ryuu is following.

      Only when she turn away she realized Ryuu is too close to her, body almost stick to each other. Know what he wanted from her, she try to run away but each time, Ryuu managed to stand her way. Now they both stand in awkward position.

      “When will you stop avoiding me Reika?” Ryuu asked right away, knowing time is not on their side later everyone will notice they’re missing, and they both know what he was talking about. It has been week since that day yet they never talked or meeting eyes ever again, it made him so fucking frustrated at her for doing this.

      “I’m not” Reika stepped back, giving more space between them. Her eyes shakes uncomfortably, hinting she was lying.

      “Are you mad at me?” His eyes begging for answer while each hand grabbing kitchen counter, he didn’t want Reika to slip away again like she always does.

      “I’m not Ryuu.” Reika barely holding herself from screaming, eyes shifting to the living room, check if anyone would see them doing this and her eyes meeting with Nanase’s but the latter just smile at her.

      “Look Reika, I’m really sorry for that night I didn’t have any inten..”

      “Why you’re apologizing when nothing happened?” For seconds, their eyes met before Reika looked away, feeling hurt remembering the topic. It’s true, when both of them losing control, falling too deep in their own demand for lust, trying to satisfy their own needs for selfish love, yet nothing is happen. As much as she wanted it to happen, reality snapped in her like a lightning. They’re not supposed to do that, they’re confused, Ryuu was confused and she too not in right mind. And so, she was avoiding him for the whole week, afraid if the same thing might happen when they’re close.

      Flustered, Ryuu felt a heavy weight drowning his guts as he try to search for the right words. She is right. But still, everything started from him and he feel guilty about it and if not why she is running away?

      “I will move out this weekend,” Her sentence hit him hard to the point he didn’t know how to react. “We need more space Ryuu, we both are confused. Aren’t you?”

      Ryuu could feel his body weaken, unable to see this coming and Reika took the opportunity to walk pass him. This is her final decision, and she telling it only to Ryuu since this is for both of them.


      “YOU KNOW REIKA, we all the same. Unable to get over our first love. Me, Ryuu and you and none of us are happy” Naachan suddenly speaks. Its already pass midnight and everyone were fast asleep. It’s just her who couldn’t sleep, she wanted to savour every moment of this night, everything is so beautiful. Listen to Reika anxious breath, she knew Reika too couldn’t sleep.

      While Reika, although her body demand for some rest, her mind couldn’t do so, unconciously she was thinking about what might happen to Ryuu after she left. Could he do this alone? Who will help him if anything happen? And who will offer him shoulder to cry on? As she was thinking all those things, she was breathing hard and so makes Naachan sure Reika still not sleeping.

      “However, it makes me realizes that letting go is always a way to be happy. To be truth, I never feel this happy before.” The day where they were at the beach flashed in her mind, that time she thought her decision was the worst for herself.
      “For always standing besides Ryuu when I couldn’t, I wanted to thanked you.” This time, she smile so bright, feeling so grateful. Reika stay silent. But second after that, the smile disappear right away.

      “Can you please be with him? Even after I’m gone?” Her voice shakes as she tried to sound normal. She saw what happen in the kitchen before, she heard nothing but she could read something. Reika is leaving and she didn’t like that.

      “He will be okay.” Reika finally said, sound so confident. Little did she know, it was actually for herself.

      “You’re right” is what Nanase uttered as she wipes away her tears. Why she thinking too much about him? He is strong, he has faced so much when he taking care of her, doing everything almost by himself, something others couldn’t do. What had made her thinking that he is so weak that she was too scared and worried to leave him alone? “He will be alright”

      And so, their hand finding and grasp on each other while eyes staring to the starry night behind those glass window. There are no values could compare to this relationship, exactly why she thought friendship is more important than love. 

      As time passes by, their eyes too finally able to shut off. Naachan still smiling as she drifted into dreamy land, feeling comfortable warmth from Reika’s hand on her right and calmness from Ryuu’s breathing on her left. Like everything is inviting her into absolute deep sleep. She could have good dreams with all her friends by her sides much more when Ryuu and Reika are there too.


      Reika turn to Naachan’s side when she feel a sudden cold through her hand. And it was then when she realized Naachan was smiling while her eyes slowly shut down.

      The next morning, Reika still half asleep when everyone else fall into chaos saying “Nanase is not waking up,” Kazuo anxiously shakes the girl’s body few time but received no response. ‘Nanase is gone’ Misao wiped his face, accepting the fact. ‘She is smiling in her sleeps’ Jun said, gently brushing Nanase’s cold face with his fingers.

      Miona is crying even harder upon seeing the last dandelion she gave to Nanase on the table next to the window already wilt. Himeka on her side try to calm down Miona whilst eyeing Ikuo’s silent reaction in the corner.   

      That was then Reika remember saying ‘itteraishai’ to Naachan in her sleep, thinking she maybe dreaming. In those chaos, her eyes finds Ryuu who stand in stupor receiving the news so calm and emotionless. As if he was readied for it with eyes still on Nanase’s cold body.

      So, in that beautiful Tuesday morning, she’s gone. The girl they used to know already passed away, still smiling beautifully.


      MONTHS HAS PASSED since Nanase left them, its seems like everyone are able to cope with the lost. It’s the least Reika knew about them since she left a week after Naachan passed away, like her promise. She glad that no one asking her why but understand her circumstance. She transferred to a college near her hometown, now in her semester break, planning of having a great holiday but..

      But now, here she is stands in front of the very familiar door. Keys in her hands, still unsure whether she should use it or just ring the bell. Either way, she don’t have any courage to face the person behind that solid door.

      Though this is not what she promised to herself months ago, to left and never came back for anyone or more precise Ryuu. But upon receiving tons of mail from Ikuo and everyone else had made her worry so much.

      “He never came to class anymore, he had quit” Jun is the first person she met when she came back to Tokyo. The beautiful man, Jun now has grown neat mustache, looking manlier. “He even stop drawing..” Jun’s confession torn her heart into pieces. From her eyes, Jun too seems hard to accept the reality. None of them would thought this will happen, its beyond their control. And nothing he could do to help his friend, that’s why he called Reika, asking for help.

      ‘No one had ever saw him after the funeral but Miona said, she always saw him buy ramen and beer everyday’ Reika still remember Ikuo’s text before. 

      Ikuo might be the only person who sees Ryuu as a rival but he genuinely cared for his friend thus never stop reporting to Reika about Ryuu even if she always rejecting the idea. Afterall, she want to clear her mind off him. It seems like it will never happen.

      “He still didn’t cry for Nanase” was the last thing she heard from Jun before parting which the only things had bring her here, juggling with the keys she still kept and guilt filled her heart. Only if she didn’t left.

      Doubt with her choice, Reika somehow manage to muster up all her courage to knock the door, at least giving Ryuu more time to prepare. Three times, four times, no response. She dailed Ryuu’s number confirming whether he is in there or not. A familiar ring was heard and her brows forming a tight knot.

      “Ryuu, I’m coming in” Her voice trailed off as she jabbed the key into the keyhole. A click was heard, make her sighed away her worries, used to think Ryuu might change his door knob, not wanting anyone to invade his private space anymore.

      Taking a first step in after a while, Reika eyeing the house for moment. It was too quiet and everything was in huge mess. Dirty clothes piled up in about three baskets near washing machine and some more in every corner, ramen cups scatter around in the living room and kitchen showing how frequent he ate that thing during this few months. Empty beer cans can be seen in every corner, explained why the house would smell like alcohol though she knew, Ryuu never drink in his whole life.

      “Ryuu,” she called, pulled the curtain to give her enough lights to search for Ryuu. But the young man is nowhere to be seen. She turn her heels towards his room, feeling nervous so sudden upon seeing the open door and coldness crept out from the room through small space in between. She called again,careful not to surprise him if he was in there.

      Again, she received no answer which worry her. Feeling something is off with odd coldness, she switched on the light and found no one in there. Its not even Ryuu but there also no sign of him. Unlike the living room and kitchen, his room was totally clean. Not even a wrinkle can be spotted on his bed, his clothes also hung in their respective place, the bathroom also look dry and cold like no one ever be here for a long time. The dust on the mirror prove her theory, he don’t sleep in his room anymore.

      Like a lighting hit her, Reika dashed to the next room. There, the first thing she heard is a small cry, like a child longing for his lost mother, except that child is no other than Wakatsuki Ryuu and the one he longed for is long gone Nanase.

      “Ryuu..” guided by the sobbing sound, Reika walked to him and found him sobbing on Nanase’s bed, hugging her picture and sweater dearly.

      Without saying anything, she brought him into her embrace, brushed his back lovingly. As her hand roam around his body, she could feel how thin he is right now with every bones protruding through its frame.

      The sight had devastated Reika so much, didn’t expect him to mourn for their lost best friend this much. She thought he could over this like everyone else. The Ryuu right now is not far than a man who lost his light. That’s might be true, Ryuu is the one who always be with Nanase in every ups and downs. Dedicated his whole soul taking care of Nanase since the first day she sick until she passed away. Ryuu is always there. So after Nanase gone, he lost his life too.

      Without Reika realized, she trailed every corner of his face with kisses, ignoring the sharpness of his growing beard, wiping his wet eyes with her thumbs. Appreciate the fact that he is still alive after this storm.

      “I’m sorry I didn’t come earlier”  Reika said as she met his dry lips, restraining herself from crying at his saddening state. Why, why.. Reika never stopped blaming herself for this.

      “Reika?” Like he just woke up from deep sleep and found someone else in his private space jumped over, surprising Reika who yelped in the process. Feeling he is trying to run away, Reika quickly ran to him, hug him tightly as if she could lost him any seconds. 

      “I’m sorry for leaving you alone, I will never leave you ever again.. never” moment after Reika declared her promise, a pair of hands wrap her waist, shivered in fear and relieved at the same time. When she felt her shoulder wet with tears, she know Ryuu too is struggling to live.


(A/N: Ahhhh I didn’t know how to end this… this story has gone too far than I expected them to be, so I lost myself in the middle too. But, this is how I imagine them to end when I first started MNL. Again, I’m sorry for any mistakes i have made in here.. and like always THANK YOU FOR READING  :wub:)

cause you're my favorite author so i hope you make this fic ending with interesting  :hee:

aww thanks for the compliment, did i somehow make it interesting for you now? sorry if i didn't (but i hope it still good)

hurmm ryuu.. i know that you and nanase were over. but not so the way it works. you want jun keep nanase for one night and in your apartement you and reika ....  :smhid :wigglypanda: now i feel poor to nanase wwwwww

how about my hashigawa pairs btw? i need more about them too :roll:

haha hope this chapter answers your curiosity.. well, now you mentioned hashigawa,.. i think i forgot about out holy pairing? PLEASE FORGIVE me  :bow: :bow: but but... ah nvm..

Huwaaa.. Why naachan? Is she will be die? I hope you make naachan with jun...   :fainted: :pleeease:
And for wakarei, they're finally together. I love it... :ding:
Thank you and please update soon, author-san.  :mon lovelaff: :mon sweat:

this chapter answer your question.. hope you don't mind if it ended this way since this is how i imagine them to be when i started this.. and yeah.. i guess wakarei 'finally' together?? thanks for the love for his fic.. hope you can spend some time to comment again as i love them so much..

@pretend_2besome1: finally, i thought you will never came back!  :welcome hope you already catched up the rest chapter of MNL since this is the last chapter of it..

I knew there’s bound to be some IkuRei happening in this fic, I just didn’t think he would have Himetan too. I do ship IkuHime, though.

I also had a feeling Naachan situation will get worse. But asdkfldgkldgkldk!!! I wanted WakaNana to work at least until Naachan is gone or get better (whichever is gonna happen in the future) and I wanted Ryuu to genuinely love Naachan like how he loves Reika  :mon whine:
I feel like WakaRei happening too fast? Like it doesn’t feel right while Naachan is still there. But that’s just me….

I swear, someone needs to write a WakaNana fic that doesn’t end up tragic or them being with someone else  :pleeease:
I need a happy, fluffy, diabetes inducing WakaNana fic. Someone, writes it, please!  :on speedy:

IkuHime! i love them too, too bad himetan will soon graduate and disappear from entertainment life as well, like someone we used to know..  :cry: :cry: :cry:

actually, Ryuu love Naachan in a special way.. its just Ryuu is too confused with his love line.. its either he has less experience in romance or because he is too majime.. (like the waka we know..)  :lol:

nahh, its not just you.. they both feel that way too.. glad that you understand the situation well too..

lols, i'm sorry that this had to ended tragically and they didn't ended up together, but i guess all their small moment before light your mood (hopefully)  :wub: :wub:

is that a request my dear comrade???  XD

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« Reply #44 on: October 01, 2017, 01:22:21 AM »
I'm crying a lot while read this chapter... I hope naachan rest peacefully there.  :mon waterworks: :mon runcry: :mon whine:

Don't cry ryuu... You're reika is back now.. :mon thumb:

And i want hashigawa couple too...  :mon misch:

Thank you for update author-san. Fighting!  :mon innocent: :mon squee:

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