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Author Topic: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 11 26/12/2016  (Read 7911 times)

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 6 23/10/2016
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I was expecting more older version. But it's nice they're still together and fulfilling their promises every year, although the separation.....
Does that mean Reika will stay? Then Maiyan should ask Reika to take care of her Naachan while she's away.
“I’ll definitely tell her next time…”
Oh man, usually this kind of thing doesn't end well, sigh.

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 6 23/10/2016
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Hi!  :welcome
So about your story, it's really nice, I love seeing Shiraishi being all protective :roll:
   “I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time… Nanase, I really really lo…” Mai was cut off by the ringing of her mobile phone.
I have no idea what to feel about that, I actually don't think that a confession before going away could cause some complication, but still there's a part of me that was cursing Waka for interrupting  :nervous
I sense that things will not go smoothly with Waka and Maiyan leaving  :panic:
About being sad because of Nanamin graduation, it's okay you're not the only one  :on cloudeye:   
I'll be waiting for the next chapter :twothumbs

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 7 30/10/2016
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Chapter 7
In front of the recital hall
   Mai was holding Nanase’s hand while they are both running towards Wakatsuki who was waiting for them.
   “Osoi yo Nanase-chan, Mai! Reika’s gonna be really really mad if we miss her recital” Yumi complained.
   “We’re sorry, we got caught up on certain things.” Mai explained meaningfully while looking straight into Waka’s eyes.
   “Oh….that CERTAIN thing,” Yumi said, understanding what her cousin meant, “anyway let’s go inside, the recital’s about to start” she continued and went inside.
   “Eh? What was that about Maiyan?” Nanase asked confused as to what the other two were talking about.
   “Hmm, it’s nothing Nanase, don’t mind Waka, she’s just being weird again. Anyway, shall we?” Mai asked as she offered her arm.
   Nanase blushed as her Maiyan was being sweet to her again, she looped her hand to Mai’s arm and went in together.
   When the recital was over the four decided to have dinner at Fukugawa Restaurant. Reika and Nanase sat beside each other while the other two sat opposite of them.
   “You were so good Reika!” Nanase praised.
   “Thanks Nanase-chan. I’m glad you made it.” Reika answered.
   Wakatsuki faced her cousin and whispered, “Ne, Mai? About what you told me earlier, were you able to say it to Nanase-chan?”
   “No, I wasn’t able to tell her, I was about to but… it was interrupted-.”
   Mai was cut off when Yumi yelled, “Seriously?!! Mou, we’re about to leave soon! You have to tell Nanase-chan.”
   The other two who was chatting, turned their heads to Waka and Mai.
   “Kora! Wakachuki don’t shout!” Reika reprimanded.
   Nanase having heard what Yumi said looked to Mai and asked, “Tell me what Maiyan?”
   Yumi who was agitated suddenly answered, “Dakara… Nanase-chan, Mai here wants to conf-…Ouch my foot!!”
   Mai seing that Waka almost blurt out what she wants to say to Nanase stomped her foot hard on her cousin’s foot and covered up, “continue teaching you how to ride the bike tomorrow after your class, Nanase.”
   “Really? Wah, thank you Maiyan!” Nanase ecstatically said. ‘Yay! I get to spend more time with her'
   Yumi slammed her hand on the table and faced cousin. “What was that for?! Do you want to a start a fight with me?! Baka Mai!”
   After hearing the insult her cousin threw at her, Mai also stood up while glaring at Waka and said, “Bring it on.”
   Reika and Nanase who was watching the scene both sighed and stood to go near Mai and Waka.
   “Kora, Wakachuki! What did I tell you about not shouting and fighting!” Reika scolded while pulling Wakatsuki’s left ear and away from Mai.
   “ah! Itai…itaiyo Reika…okay, okay I’ll stop.”
   Nanase also pulled Mai’s right ear and pouted, “Mou, Maiyan! I told you no fighting with Waka!”
   “eh? but she’s the one who started it.” Mai answered when she felt her ear being pulled harder. “Alright,alright I got it Nanase.”
   “Hai! Omatase! here’s your order!” Misa announced as she put the food on the table. Nanase and Reika let go of both ears and sat down. While the cousins also sat down holding their red ear.
   “I see you four are as lively as always! Enjoy the food, Mai-mai helped prepare those.” Misa told them.
   “Thanks Misa-san.” Nanase said.
   “Ja, shall we eat?” Reika asked to which Nanase nodded to.
   Misa faced Mai and Waka, seeing them trying to ease the pain of their ears she tried to hold back her giggle. But the two heard it and glared at her. “Hehe… enjoy your meal.”
   “This is not funny Misa.” Mai warned.
   “Yeah!” Waka agreed.
   Misa laughed a bit, “Well for me it is. I have to go now the other customers are waiting.” she said but stopped, “Oh and Mai…”
   Mai looked to Misa who leaned down to whisper at her,
   “Welcome to the club! Ne, Wakatsuki?” Misa held her ear then winked at Waka before leaving them.
   Yumi who somehow got Misa’s message when she saw her hold an ear also said, “She’s right Mai, welcome! To the allergy club!”
   Mai just hit Waka on her head, “Like I will.”
   Meanwhile the other three were talking about their newfound club, Nanase and Reika were also talking to each other in low voices.
   “So Nanase-chan, were you able to finish knitting the scarf?” Reika asked.
   “Not yet, but I would probably be done tonight so I can give it to her before they leave. What about yours?” Nanase questioned back.
   “It’s done, I’m also planning to give it tomorrow.” Reika sighed and continued, “I just can’t help but be worried, I hear it gets quite cold there especially during winter and Wakachuki can sometime be reckless.”
   “Me too. Maiyan also tends to forget about her well-being when she is set to do something, they’re really cousins.” Nanase agreed.
   “I guess all we could do now is support them from afar…” Reika started.
   “…and wait for them to come back to us.” Nanase continued.
   Both of them looked to Mai and Wakatsuki who was talking to each other…

~~kind of a filler chapter... i'll update again tomorrow, the story/plot is going to unfold soon.~Ajan05

PS Thank you for the comments again and thanks also cheering me up regarding the graduations....  :onioncheer:
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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 7 30/10/2016
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Thank you for this chapter, Ajan-san :cow: :cow:
Waka and Maiyan just childish as always :banghead: Really, these two... :banghead:
Aww.. They make a scarf for Waka and Maiyan :inlove:
just a simple otaku and silent reader

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 8 31/10/2016
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Chapter 8
On the way home…
   “That’s a beautiful bracelet Nanase-chan.” Reika pointed out.
   “Thanks, Maiyan gave it to me today for my birthday.” Nanase explained and looked to Mai and Waka who was still bickering with each other about the so called Allergy club.
   “Could you two stop that now? Especially you Wakachuki! Stop teasing Mai!” Reika scolded her two childhood friend.
   “Hai…” both the cousins answered noticing that Reika will be angry.
   The driver stopped the car and announced that they have arrived at orphanage, Mai quickly got out of the car and assisted Nanase in going down.
   “Thank you Maiyan I had a lot of fun today.”
   Mai smiled, “It was my pleasure. See you tomorrow.” she held Nanase’s hand and kissed it quickly and said, “Happy Birthday my princess Nanase.”
   Nanase’s heartbeat suddenly quickend by the simple gesture, she couldn’t explain it but recently everytime that Mai would do something sweet for her she would be having this unexplained feelings inside of her. “See you Maiyan ouji-sama.” she answered. Nanase would always call Mai ouji-sama (prince) when the latter would call her princess.

   In the car the three childhood friends started talking about the scholarship program.
   “Well, what do you know time sure runs fast. It was like last year when your applied the both of you for the program and now you’ll be going soon.” Reika started sadly.
   Wakatsuki who sensed the sadness in Reika’s voice assured, “It’s going to be fine Reika… its just like you said time would pass by quickly and we’ll be back in no time.” she draped her arm over Reika’s shoulder.
   “I guess so, you two have no choice but to go both of your fathers insisted on it.” Reika murmured while leaning her head on Yumi.
   ‘And when I come back, I really promise I won’t ever leave you Reika. I’ll ask Uncle Sakurai his permission to court you.’ Yumi thought to herself, she too have been feeling anxiety about being separated from Reika for a long time. They will be there until they graduate high school.
   “Besides, we’ll be able to return on holidays to be with you and Nanase-chan. Ne, Mai?” Waka once again assured. She was waiting for her cousin’s response but was met with silence.
   Mai was holding on the locket that Nanase gave her tightly while staring into blank space, at first she was against the idea of studying abroad because she’ll be away from Nanase but she had no choice when her father told her that she had to accept and assured her that he’ll continue to support Nanase. She was broken out of her trance when Waka and Reika nudged her.
   “I’m sorry, what was it?” Mai asked.
   “I was telling Reika that we could return here during holidays. What’s wrong? You were spacing out a while ago.” Yumi answered.
   “Perhaps you were thinking about leaving Nanase?” Reika questioned.
   Mai nodded and said, “Yeah. Even though I don’t want to leave as much as Waka, I also have to follow Father’s order to study abroad. But I still worry about her, I promised that I won’t leave her when we first met and yet…”
   “Don’t worry, I’m sure Nanase-chan will understand. I’ll help take care of her while you’re not here Mai.” assured Reika.
   “That’s right Mai. Reika’s very good at taking care of people and I’m sure Nanase-chan would also do the same for Reika.” Yumi agreed.
   Reika got offthe car when the driver announced that they were at the Sakurai Mansion. “See you two tomorrow.” she said.
   With the two cousins left, Yumi said, “But seriously Mai, you should tell your feelings to Nanase-chan before we leave.”
   “I know that Wakatsuki. But how about you? Won’t you tell your feelings to Reika? She might have some suitors as soon as you leave.” Mai questioned back.
   “Mou, you’re being silly Mai. Reika already knows that I like her and I also know she likes me too. Have you forgotten we grew up together since babies? Father and uncle Sakurai are best friends, they always tell us that Reika and I have been acquainted ever since we were in our moms’ womb.hehe…” Wakatsuki elaborated.
   “Well that must be great…” Mai said.
   Wakatsuki nodded and continued, “I have nothing to worry about except for when I ask Uncle Sakurai his permission to court Reika. You on the hand have lots to worry about…”
   “What do you mean by that?” Mai asked again.
   Yumi decided to tease Mai a little more and said, “Well, from what I heard from Reika, Nanase-chan is quite popular at her school not only because of her cuteness but she is also talented artist. A lot of students there admire her there. That’s why I really think that you should confess to her before we leave three days from now.”
   ‘ha! Mai is so fun to tease when it comes to Nanase-chan’ Waka thought seeing Mai’s face scrunch up when she mentioned the possible admirers Nanase may have.
   Mai had to close her eyes and breathe deeply to calm her nerves, Yumi really knows how to rile her up. “Don’t worry, Wakatsuki, I’ll definite tell her my feelings.” Mai concluded with resolve once again gripping Nanase’s locket.

~~another filler chapter perhaps?good news ??? I might be able to update another chapter later.~Ajan05 :on drink:
PS. I'll introduce a new character... feel free to guess who it is.  :?
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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 9 01/11/2016
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Chapter 9
The next day at Nogizaka Elite School…
   It was lunchbreak, Wakatsuki and Reika were waiting for Mai at cafeteria. When Yumi suggested that they go to Mai’s classroom to pick her up.
   “Ano, have you seen Mai?” Reika asked one of the students that came out of the room.
   “Ah, Shirashi-san desu ka? Yes I’ve seen her a while ago.” the student replied.
   Yumi questioned, “Do you happen to know where she went?”
   “Hmm… I think I heard they were going to the rooftop.”
   “They?” Waka and Reika both said.
   “Yes, they. I think that was Matsumura-san. I kinda overhead her that she has something to say to Shiraishi-san. That’s why they went to the rooftop.” the student further explained then left.
   “Matsumura?Who’s that?” Waka asked aloud.
   Reika answered the question, “Matsumura Sayuri-san, she’s a transfer student in our class Wakachuki. she came here a month ago. I wonder what she wants from Mai.”
   “Well, anyway let’s head to the rooftop and find out.” Waka said.
At the rooftop
   When Waka and Reika were at the door, they couldn’t interrupt Mai and Sayuri who seemed like seriously talking with each other, they decided to leave the door open and eavesdrop a bit.
   “What’s the matter Matsumura-san? What do want to talk about?” Mai asked.
   Sayuri nervously fidgeted while gathering up courage, “Ano ne, Shirashi Mai-san…”
   “hmm.. what is it?” Mai once again asked.
   “I actually, I really really like you Mai-san! Please accept my feelings!” Sayuri bowed as she told this.
   Meanwhile from where Wakatsuki and Reika were standing, Waka suddenly shouted “WHAT?!” to which Reika quickly covered Yumi mouth with her hand hoping the other two didn’t hear them.
   Sayuri wasn’t able to hear anything due to her nervousness but Mai immediately recognized the voice and looked to the direction where the door was, she just sighed and faced Sayuri.
   “I’m really sorry Matsumura-san…” she started. To which Sayuri looked up to.
   “but there’s already someone that I like.” Mai continued and then bowed to Sayuri this time and said, “I’m really sorry but I can’t accept your feeling for me.”
   Sayuri who was abit shocked that Mai would bow down to her, she somehow expected that she could be rejected and its alright with her as long as she has finally admitted her feeling to the one she like. But for Mai to sincerely apologize to her, this made her happy even if she was just turned down to.
   “It’s okay Shirashi-san, please look up now. At least I was able to tell you how I feel. And I must say that whoever that person is, the one you like is sure is lucky to have your feelings.” Sayuri somehow smiled brightly.
   “Matsumura-san, why don’t we be friends instead?” Mai said also smiling now.
   “I’d like that. Sayuri. You can call me Sayuri from now on.” Sayuri accepted.
   “Ja, Sayuri you can call me Mai.” Mai replied and looked to the door, “Hora, Wakatsuki! You and Reika can come out now.”
   Yumi and Reika went out of door and walked near to the other two, with Waka rubbing the back of her head with one of her hand, “he…he… barechata ka?(are we caught?)”
   “With a voice as loud as yours Waka, everyone would probably hear and know it’s you.” Mai answered whike shaking her head.
   “Eh? Sakurai-san? Eh? Were they here the whole time?” Sayuri asked feeling a bit embarrassed.
   “We’re sorry Matsumura-san, that we kinda heard your confession.” Reika apologized.
   “ Yeah, forgive us. But let’s be friends also.” Yumi said excitedly.
   Sayuri laughed a bit because of Yumi’s enthusiasm before saying, “It’s okay now. Yeah let’s also be friends.”
   “Yay!!! Shall we go to the cafeteria now? I’m getting hungry.” Yumi said while dragging Reika with Sayuri following behind.
   Mai was left behind moment looking at the three laughing and thought how lucky she was to have these kind of friends. She also thought of Nanase and important she is to her. “I guess from this point on, I have to get serious.”

At the softball practice…
   Mai was warming up for the practice game when the coach called her.
   “Shiraishi, your father excused you from the practice today. You can go now.” the coach said to her.
   She went out of the school gate and saw their family driver waiting, whe she went in the car her father called her on the phone.
   “Moshi moshi, otou-san? Why did you excuse me from practice today.” Mai asked.
   “ah, Mai, I just want to introduce you to a friend of mine. He just came back today and insisted that we meet up with our daughters.” her father explained.
At Shiraishi Hotel and Restaurant
   “Here she comes.” Shiraishi said as soon as he saw his daughter approaching their table.
   “Good afternoon, I apologize for being late.” Mai politely said as she sat down.
   “So this is your daughter Shiraishi. It’s a pleasure to meet you young lady.” the man who was seated across of them said.
   “Why yes Ijiri, this is Mai. Mai, this here is Matsumura Ijiri, the owner of Matsumura Corporation.” Mai’s father introduced.
   “It’s nice to meet you Sir.” Mai shook Ijiri’s hand.
   “I’m sorry for the wait Dad.” Sayuri said as she arrived.
   Mai looked to the one who spoke, “Sayuri?”
   “Eh? Mai? Why are you her?” Sayuri asked.
   Ijiri who saw this interaction smiled to himself and said, “Ara, Shiraishi, it seems like our daughters know each other already.”
   “Yes Father, we’ve recently been acquainted at school.” Mai said to her father.
   Ijiri who heard this once again grinned and thought ‘This will make it easier for me to merge our corporation to Shiraishi Companies if my daughter would be with Shiraishi’s daughter.’
   The four ate while chatting, “This is so much fun, I see our daughters like to talk with each other Shiraishi, why don’t we plan anoth-.” Ijiri was cut by Mai’s watch beeping.
   Mai stood up from her seat and said “I’m sorry but I must take my leave now, father, Matsumura-san, Sayuri.”
   “Is it time already?” Shiraishi-san asked.
   “Yes father. I have to go pick up Nanase from her school. She would be waiting for me.” Mai replied.
   “Be careful on your way there. Tell her I said hello.” Mai’s father told her.
   “Yes, I will. Thank you for the meal, I had a great time.” with that Mai left.
   Ijiri who was abit surprised by the turn of events asked, “Shiraishi, may I ask who your daughter would be picking up?”
   “She’s Mai’s childhood friend, Nishino Nanase, she’s the daughter of the famous painters Nishino Yuuichi and Haruka.” Shirashi answered.
   “Nishino Yuuichi and Nishino Haruka? The painters who died in a car crash 8 years ago?” Ijiri questioned once again.
   ‘This may be a problem to what I’m planning…’ Ijiri thought.
   “Yes. My daughter met her 6 years ago. Since then they’ve close each other, Mai always pick her up after school.” was the reply Ijiri got.
   Sayuri saw Mai’s expression 'Nanase? That must be the one that Mai like. She seems really special to her. I’m glad that she has someone to make her smile like that.’ she thought feeling happy for Mai.

~~and it has started.... hehe...hope you continue reading my fic.~Ajan05

PS. heads up to the reader, something going to happen...  :hee:
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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 9 01/11/2016
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Hmm... seems like Maiyan and Sayurin will ended up getting into an arranged marriage or something similar. I don't know who to root for since I'm also a sayumai shipper  :banghead: But looks like Sayurin is fine with the rejection, maybe she only want Maiyan to be happy. I really hope Ijiri wouldn't dare to do something too overboard in order to separate Nanase and Maiyan  :(  I'll be waiting for the next chapter  :D

Anyway, Author-san, can you give me the video link to the nanamai screenshots in your signature? I've been looking for that  :cathappy:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 10 10/11/2016
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Chapter 10
   On the way to Bemars Public  Middle High School Mai asked the driver, “Did you bring the bicycle I asked for?”
   “Hai ojou-sama it is in back of the car.” the driver replied.
   “Then could you drop me off a block away from the school, I’ll ride the bike to go there.” Mai said.
   The driver tried to protest, “But ojou-sama, wouldn’t it be better if I take you there myself?”
   Mai then shook her head and said, “It’s fine. You could just fetch me later in the evening at the orphanage.”
   “If that’s what you want… we’re here ojou-sama.” he accepted.
   “Thanks, wait for a bit while I get the bike okay? See you later.”with that said Mai took the bike and rode to go to Nanase’s school.

Meanwhile in Bemars Middle School…
   Nanase was in front of her locker with her friend Takayama Kazumi. She opened her locker and a lot of letters fell from it.
   “Woah, mata? It seems like your locker is always flooded with love letters everyday Nanase.” Kazumi commented.
   “Mou, Kazumin we still don’t know if all these are what you so called ‘love letters’, anyways here.” Nanase said and gave the letters to Kazumi to which the other took.
   “Hai,hai…wakatta… leave this to me.I’ll Return them to the senders… as usual” Kazumi nonchalantly ansewered.
   “Thanks, Kazumin. I’m counting on you. Let’s go?” Nanase happily stated.
   Kazumi only sighed, its always been like this ever since Nanase gets letters. She is the student council’s Vice President so Nanase asks the favor of returning the letters to their owners from her.
   While the two were walking towards the gate, Kazumi suddenly asked, “Ne, is Shiraishi-san picking you up again?”
   “Yeah she is. She promised to teach me how to ride the bike today.” Nanase answered in a low voice, she suddenly felt shy.
   “Really? But you know what Nanase, why don’t you just tell your admirers that Shiraishi-san is someone special to you so they would stop pursuing you…” Kazumi suggested.
   Nanase was surprised, she felt her cheeks getting hot and stuttered, “wha..what a..are you talking about Kazumin?”
   “Well I mean you two are very close, one, she always pick you up after school ever since kindergarten. Two, you’ve been going to the amusement park yearly on your birthdays. And third your sketches are mostly about her, finally the burnt cookies you made in home economics are probably for her.” Her friend elaborated.
   There were a lot of students at the gate when they arrived, they couldn’t get through while other students were murmuring, “Hey, isn’t that Shiraishi Mai-san from Nogizaka Elite School?”
   “Yeah it is. I wonder what she is doing here?”
   Mai got off and parked the bike when she asked aloud, “Gokigenyo. Do any of you happen to know where Nishino Nanase is?”
   Back where Nanase stood, “I wonder why it is  crowded?” she thought. When one of the student in front of her shouted, “She’s here! Nishino-san is over here!”
   Kazumi and Nanase was surprised when the crowd gave way to them. Mai who noticed the crowd parted saw Nanase with her friend and walked towards her.
   “Sorry I’m l a bit late Nanase. It’s nice to see you again Takayama-san.” Mai greeted.
   The crowd started to murmur again, “Eh? Does Nishino-san know Shiraishi-sama?”
   Nanase looked a bit confuse, “Did you come here by yourself Maiyan? I don’t see uncle’s car.”
   “I did. I brought that.” Mai pointed out to the bike parked and continued, “I did promise you to teach how to ride it. And besides this is probably the last time I’ll be able to pick you up before we go to the States tomorrow and you’ll have to wait for a while before I could pick you up again. So I thought we could just go home. Just the two of us.”
“Then, I leave her in your care. I’ll see you tomorrow Nanase.” Kazumi bid farewell.

   Mai let Nanase ride on the back of the bike. “Be sure to hold on to my waist Nanase. We’ll go to the park first.”
   “Alright.” Nanase nodded and put her hands on each side of Mai.
   Mai laughed a bit, “Not like that, you may fall. I meant like this.” She took both of Nanase’s hands and wrapped them on her waist. “There. Hold on tight okay?  Feel free to lean your heard on my back Nanase.”
   “Yeah. Thank you Maiyan.” Nanase whispered as leaned into Mai, feeling at ease because of the warmth the older girl had.

At the park…
   “We’re here.” Mai announced.
   The two got off the bike and switched places to teach Nanase how to balance the bike. They spent a few hours practicing.
   “Okay, Nanase I’m going to let go of the handle now. You’ll be the one controlling the bike once I let go.” Mai slowly lifted her hands up from the handle.
   “Wow! Maiyan look! I can do it! I finally can.” Nanase exclaimed.
   After a while, Mai decided to spread out her arms, Nanase who felt this asked, “What are you doing Maiyan?”
   “I’m flying..hehe..”
   Nanase smiled and decided to also let go and spread her arms out. “This feels great Maiyan.”
   The bicycle started to wobble causing it to stumble and the two fell with Mai on top of Nanase, they were laughing until they met each other’s gaze. ‘She’s so pretty…’ Mai thought.
   “Nanase…” Mai barely whispered.
   Nanase on the other hand felt somehow nervous by the sudden closeness of Maiyan being on top of her.
   “I’ve been wanting to tell you this ever since, Nanase. I’ve been hesitating a bit but now I don’t want to leave without you knowing about my feelings…” Mai started, “the truth is I really love you, Nanase. Probably since the first time we ever met, I started to fall for you.”
   Nanase was surprised to hear this from Mai, she didn’t know how to respond, but there is a warm feeling inside her when she heard Mai’s confession. She suddenly felt shy and she knew her face was getting redder by the moment so she looked away a bit.
   Seeing that Nanase might be getting uncomfortable with their position Mai stood up and helped the other to stand up as well.
   “A..A..Anone, Maiyan,ji..jitsuwa…” she didn’t know why she was stuttering and can’t speak clearly to Mai.
   Noticing this, Mai suddenly hugged Nanase and assured her, “It’s alright Nanase. You don’t have to answer me right away. I know you still need to sort your feelings out. You can just give it to me when I come back. Just remember that I’m always here for you and I’ll always love you no matter what.”
   Nanase wrapped her arms around Mai waist.
    “Hn, I will… Thanks Maiyan. Promise me one thing though, that you’ll fulfill your dream of being a famous softball player. I’ll be cheering for you.”
   Mai laughed a little, “I promise, but I’ll miss you a lot there in America.” she pouted.
   “Baka Maiyan, you already have my pendant right? You could just look at my picture there whenever you start wanting to see me there.”
   “Hehe, I guess you’re right, then I’ll do just that. Thanks Nanase, suki da yo.” Mai agreed and leaned her head on Nanase’s shoulder while still embracing her.
At the orphanage after dinner, Nanase went with Mai to see her off…
   “Ja, Oyasumi Nanase. I’ll see you tomorrow at the airport”
   “See you there.” Nanase replied when she remembered, “Wait here for a sec, okay?”
   Nanase ran to get the scarf.
   “You didn’t have to run,you might get hurt”
   Nanase held out the scarf shyly, “Here, I almost forgot. I made this for you. I heard from Reika that it’s cold in America so I made this to keep you warm.”
   Mai took and wore the scarf around her neck, she was super happy when she heard that Nanase especially made it for her.
   “Thanks Nanase. I’ll be sure to use it. Ja, ittekimasu.” she happily said.
   “Itterasai.” Nanase answered back when Mai suddenly leaned down and kissed her cheek.
   Mata ashita!” Mai said as she went in the car who was waiting for her.
   Nanase was left there with her heart beating fast while she held the cheek that Mai just kissed, “Maiyan…” she uttered.

~~~chapter 10 is up... I hope this is okay to you... (this is the very first time I wrote a made-up confession scene, while Sayuri's confession to Mai was like in the dramas I watched so I kinda patterned it to that.) :hee:  ~Ajan05

PS. Ahem... next chapter... Be ready for something.....
      @finiarel: thanks for the comment, by the way I somehow got the screen shots from this music vid (), but wasn't really able to find the photoshoot, sumimasen....
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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 10 10/11/2016
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Nice :thumbsup
Hello from your silent reader.
Nice to see more nogizaka fanfic, because its kinda rare here.
Keep kour hard work. Thanks.

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 11 26/12/2016
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Chapter 11

Wakatsuki brought Reika home. “Ja, I’ll see you tomorrow at the airport Reika.”

         “Wait…” the other shakily whispered and gripped Waka’s shirt, “don’t leave…”
     “Reika-” Yumi uttered noticing that Reika was almost on the verge of tears.
   Reika suddenly looked and forcefully smiled, “Just joking… hehe… I meant why don’t you stay over for tonight Waka-” She wasn’t able to finish for Yumi hugged her tightly…

   “Mou… shouganai ne ,boku no Reika-hime wa nakimushi de. (What can be done, my princess Reika’s a crybaby)”


   “Shh.. I’m here Reika. I’ll always be by your side no matter what.” Yumi once again assured, “You don’t have to worry, I won’t look at other girls once I’m there, cause I already have you… hehe.”
   Reika felt her cheeks getting red and pounded her fists on Waka’s chest, “Baka Wakatsuki!”

   “I’m serious Reika.” Yumi seriously stated as she held Reika’s hands , they stared at each other before Wakatsuki decided to lean and kiss Reika on her cheek.
   “That’s the proof of my promise to you.That’s why you have to give it back to me when I return.” Waka smiled.
   “Hn, I’ll wait for you Wakatsuki.”
   “There, you finally smiled.That’s the Reika I like the best.” Yumi said and patted Reika’s head lightly.

   “Oh, right. Waka I made this for you.” Reika got the scarf from her bag.
       “Waah, a scarf! Arigato, I’ll always have this with me once I’m in America.”
       “Eh? Doushite?  Even though it’s summer there?” Reika asked.
   “Yeah. That way it’s like I’m with you.” Waka sincerely said causing the other to blush.
              Yumi put the scarf on her neck and quirkily asked “Dou, Reika? Did I become handsome when I wear this?”
   “Mou, Wakachuki tara.” Reika can only shake her head as she knew Yumi was being silly again and she can’t help but blush a bit.
         “hehe, C’mon let’s go inside now.” Waka pulled Reika with her entering the Sakurai Mansion.

~~~Merry Christmas! finally found time to update again (even though there's a storm here) and post Chapter Wakarei, I mean 11.  :cathappy: I have a week vacation Happy Holidays to everyone  :omamori: so I could probably update again, Thanks for reading and perhaps waiting....  ~Ajan05  :byebye:

PS. I'm sorry if it's short... :kneelbow:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 11 26/12/2016
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I’m glad Maiyan was able to confess her feeling before she went away even though Naachan hasn’t replied it yet.
It’s nice to see this kind of WakaRei. Usually I only see Reika scolding Waka lol
Anyway, is WakaRei already official girlfriends or they know they like each other but not in an actual relationship?
Happy new year, author-san!

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Unmei no Hito ~Nogizaka46 fanfic~ Ch. 11 26/12/2016
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Author-san!! I miss Maiyan and Nanase and Wakarei!!
Please continue this fic. Happy to know that Maiyan confessed before going to States. I was also wondering about how long Waka and Maiyan will stay there.

Looking forward for.more 😀😀
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