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Author Topic: Rappapa new beginning (gekiblack, kojiyuu, nezucenter etc)  (Read 12350 times)

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Re: Rappapa new beginning (gekiblack, kojiyuu, nezucenter etc)
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 :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :love: :love: :love: Opening jphip after seven month and finding blackgeki fic makes my day even though there is grammar problem i still love you fic cu nobody is perfect love it soooo much hehehe i hope rena would confess her feeling

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Re: Rappapa new beginning (gekiblack, kojiyuu, nezucenter etc)
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Chapter 19

"Of course, aren't you the leader of Rappapa? Your subordinates' relationship problems are also your problems too." Sado simply threw the problem to Yuko. "What? Fine! I am going to show you I'm capable of solving this too." Yuko walked out of the walk to find Black. "Have a rest Gekikara, the doctors just finished restitching you up we are going to let you have your rest  first call us when you need us."

"Sado-san...thank you."

"See you later." Gekikara watched them leave and heaved a sigh thinking everyone had left and she finally can have her peace.

After contacting Black, Yuko set her foot to the clubroom with a heavy heart thinking how can she give a good starting with Black about the talk. "Yuko-san."  Yuko got startled by Black when she was thinking what to say. "B-Black you're here fast. Have a seat first." Yuko sat on her seat while Black took the bench. "I heard from Gekikara about your talk went wrong, she didn't complain to me. All I heard from her was whatever she convey to you had lead to misunderstanding her. So I wanted to get a understanding from your side."

"Yuko-san....there's nothing wrong with us and we are just a comrade that's all." Black stood up preparing to leave. "Black do you think the rest of us are blind? All do you think you can continue to deceive us? Black I recruit you personally, I knew each of you personality the best. Even without words I can see you are trying to lie to yourself. If you don't wish to say anything to me fine by me, let's go back."

"Gekikara....she's a let down. Everything was just a wishful part of me." Just when Yuko was about to take a foot out of the clubroom, Black spilled up what's she has been holding. "What do you mean? Didn't Gekikara put you and Hikaru first before everything?" Yuko couldn't understand what Black was saying and look at her with a disbelief face. "Indeed she did....but what she say to me is just an insult, if I ever need a father to Hikaru I would graduate and get a man already."

"Black you can't call whatever what Gekikara said to be an insult to you when you two are jsut a comrade, she is just concerning about Hikaru's background." Yuko tried to provoke Black to make her say she like Gekikara. "She's not just just a comrade to me at the very least." Yuko was screaming in her head, thinking why it is so hard to make Black confess. "Black...just one word do you like Gekikara?"

"Of course I-" Yuko placed her hand up stopping Black continuing while she picked up a call. "I'm coming over now."

"Sorry Black this tslk has to push back I have an emergency to settle first, you can go back first." Yuko rushed down the stairs after telling Black.

"You better don't die Gekikara!"

"How did Gekikara's condition turned worse?" Yuko's face turned angry when she reached Gekikara's ward seeing her in critical condition instead. "Yuko-san...we also din't know how too Gekikara's father contacted us about it also. He is leashing out at her primary docotr too." Sado explained to Yuko while looking at Gekikara in coma state.

"Girls....let me show you what happened instead."

"Please uncle."


Gekikara was preparing to sleep, she felt someone's presence but ignore it until she felt something pointy at her throat. "What do you want?" The person didn't speak up instead was grinning at her, Gekikara saw her grinned and immediately knew who it was but didn't say it out. "If you want to kill me now, now is a good time for you right?" The person pulled her out of her bed and drag her to the staircase where mostly people won't use it. "Did your father teach you not to call anyone who is your elder?"

"Kaa-san....otou-san indeed taught me not to care about you."

"You really about my daughter normally people would be afraid to speak but you still be so calm at this point, let me tell you what I want. I want you come back to my side along with your little girlfriend with her son." Gekikara widened her eyes at her mother's words. "I won't do it neither bring Black along to your world,stop this or when otou-san found out about this he will really kill you next time. Or destroy your lair."

"Shut it! I can bring you back now." Gekikara saw how near she was at the end of the stairs and thought of a way to end the talk with her mother. "Kaa-san you won't be able to bring me back too." After saying that Gekikara pushed away her mother and let herself rolled against the stairs while hitting her head at the end of the stairs. "Rena! This brat you're crazy!" Gekikara's mother ran away afterwards not caring Gekikara fainted and bleeding on her wound.  A doctor who was taking a smoking break walked into the staircase saw Gekikara fainted was shocked and ran down to see how she was got a double shocked when she was his patient immediately called his nurse to get her back to her bed and called up radiologist to arrange a bunch of scans for her. He also called the operating theatre to worked on her wounds again. lastly called up her father.

End flashback

"The doctors saw her scan and had a meeting all felt that there was nothing wrong about her, they find a psychologist to interpret her current condition. They agreed that she had locked herself up if this persist she will passed away in her state very soon."

"You're saying Gekikara's subconscious is making her in her coma state because she does not want to wake up, she is currently in danger if she doesn't wake up? How long can she live if she cannot wake up?"

"Two days is what the docotrs predicted."

"Sado, Shibuya get Black to come her now!" They nodded thier head as they know Yuko is furious as she saw what happened while she was away."Uncle why don't you go get some rest while let us handle Gekikara, we would make her wake up no matter what."

"Thank you."

"Yuko what are you planning?"

"Takamina these two people have to settle it themselves, we have to let them settle it or this will go nowhere."

"Yuko-san Black and Hikaru are here."

"Good. Black let's go to see Gekikara." Yuko pulled Black to Gekikara's ward. "What's the meaning?" Black was shocked to see Gekikara on oxygen tank. "She is dying...two days maximum. She had a fall at the stairs, whatever you need to say now is only chance." Yuko pushed Black to wear a gown before going to Gekikara's bedside.

"Gekikara...tell me this is just your bad joke. Pinch me with your hands!" Black placed Hikaru aside and held onto Gekikara's hand. "Please Gekikara! I really can't-" Black held back her words and tried to continue her words. "I like-"

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Re: Rappapa new beginning (gekiblack, kojiyuu, nezucenter etc)
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Chapter 20

"This Black is it so hard for her to confess to someone? Before that also the same, just tell her I like you and Gekikara wakes up isn't it?" Yuko saw what happened inside and started to complain why is it so hard for them to confess. "Yuko-san...what are you trying to do?"

"If you guys are trying to tell to be seious about it forget about it, we are hungry." Sado and Atsuko pulled back Yuko and Takamina before they take another step forward. "But....." They were pulled before another word comes out from them, Sado and Atsuko looked at each other before turned their heads back to the Gekikara's side thinking that pulling Yuko away could at least let Black says what she wants to say without anyone interrupting her.

"I'm not going to say anything now Gekikara....Hikaru must also have a lot of things to say to you also." Black carry Hikaru to Gekikara's side which the latter started to hit her hand when he saw how unreactive she was. "P-pa...p-pa! P-pa!" Hikaru had been hitting on Gekikara's hand which causes her hand to flinch but Black didn't saw it. Whether it is because of the hitting or she started to wake up, no one knows.

"The visiting hours is now over, we need you to leave the patient needs to leave."

"If anything happens to the patient please contact me first." Black gave the nurse her contact number before leaving, gave one last look to Gekikara and close the door.

"Shouldn't you be in the hospital Black?"

"....Now is school hours and i have questions to ask so I came over here instead." Yuko was startled when she came in saw Black was sitting down quietly with Hikaru sleeping in her arms. "Go on and ask if I can answer you."

"Why did Gekikara first entered the hospital you didn't tell me anything?"

"She told me not to tell you a thing."

"Why when I asked to see her, you send me back?"

"I told you Gekikara told me so."

"Why am I always to know what happened to Gekikara? You trusted me to take care of Gekikara in the first place, so why am I always not told anything?"

"Yuko...let's just tell her everything with Gekikara's condition."

"I know...Takamina if that's for the best."

"What have you guys hid from me?"

"The reason why Gekikara enter the hospital was because her mother stabbed her while waiting for you to change Hikaru's diapers, she told me not to tell you anything since she doesn't want you worry and I didn't thought things landed up to this. We busted Hikaru's...graandfather's lair, Gekikara's father found out about the lair and takamina and I went with her father to destroy it. This was because her mother was related part of the gang, he was furious about Gekikara getting hurt too. But he doesn't know Gekikara saw her mother before this attack."

"I can't believe you guys hide from me so many things."

"As much as we wanted to tell you but Gekikara stopped us from telling you a thing."

"Today is the last day from her critical condition, I am going to the hospital first." Black then left the school which Yuko received a call from the hospital. "Matsui Rena-san....she's.....missing."


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Re: Rappapa new beginning (gekiblack, kojiyuu, nezucenter etc)
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"Something happened to Rena?" Takamina saw Yuko's face turned white and let her handphone slipped through her hand. Sado bend down to pick the phone up and saw the call log, she glanced over to Yuko which the latter hasn't shown any emotions. "Yuko-san what did the nurse told you about Gekikara?" When Sado asked the question everyone was waiting for Yuko to answer. "T-they said Gekikara i-i-i-s  missing!"

"What!" Everyone screamed at Yuko which she covered her ears to minimize the volume. "That's why we have to catch up to Black first before she reaches the hospital." Everyone immediately ran down the stairs towards the hospital, those that were walking in the corridor saw Rappapa running towards with a serious face immediately hid themselves from the danger. But when they saw they were running out of the school heaved a relief that they were in any danger. "What do you think Nezumi?" Nezumi and center saw what happened but Nezumi didn't comment anything and walked away from center. "Where are you going?"

"Hospital." Upon hearing the word Center ran towards Nezumi and head towards the hospital. "Don't be mistaken about me worried about Gekikara, I just thought that seeing Rappapa members running like that something must have happened. As a member of Rappapa i should be there so I can be there to support the frontline members."

"I didn't say anything yet and all I hear from you is just being worried about them." Nezumi quickly walked away from Center from continuing teased her. At this point Rappapa members caught up to Black at the entrance of the hospital, holding her as a support to catch their breath. "Yuko-san?"  Black was shocked to see Rappapa members behind her being breathless. "B-Black....Gekikara....let's go together and see her." Yuko decided telling her now would make things worse, let alone to think that she might use her super speed to Gekikara's ward. "Ok." Even though Black thought that they could have called her to tell her that, there wasn't a need to run all the way to the hospital. But decided to keep it as they were reaching Gekikara's ward. Which the nurse was pacing in front of the room but when she saw Yuko came and immediately ran towards her. "Oshima -san..."

"Calm down first, what happened?"

"Before we change shifts with the other nurses, she was still sleeping in her room. But afterwards, she was missing we couldn't find her anywhere. Her robes in the room, we suspected she is still in the hospital somewhere. We discussed with the doctor that even though she's awake but her body is still recovering from all the injuries, so her movement is slow. She might be somewhere resting to recover her stamina."

"Ok...Split up everyone to find Gekikara if anyone finds her give a call." Everybody start to run in different directions which Black broke down  when she heard this news, Atsuko saw this, she went back to Black and comfort Black. "Black-san....we will find her don't worry, why don't you rest first while we find her." Black shook her head and left the scene. Takamina saw Atsuko trying to comfort her stopped in her tracks and waited for her. "Atsuko...I can understand how she's feeling for Rena, all the bad things keep happening to her. She couldn't even help her in anyway but to only look at her suffer. That's why Yuko and I vowed to protect her but we failed very badly this time, if she's feeling this way I'm pretty sure Yuko is having double of this pain since we have always watched her. As a sister and a friend we are very guilty." Atsuko saw takamina cried for the first time, she knew that means she is very worried for Gekikara instead of comforting her she pulled her to find Gekikara.

"This is Shibuya...Gekikara I found her but.....Yuko-san you need to come here, we are at the rooftop." Everyone heard Shibuya's message immediately ran towards the rooftop, when they all reached all they saw was blood. "What happened Shibuya?" Yuko questioned Shibuya as they saw Gekikara with another person but couldn't see who she is as they were covered with blood. "When I reached here they are already in that position, I cannot stopped their fight at all." Black saw Gekikara acting like she was used to be, craving for blood to excite her. Biting opponents making them scream their hearts out. Black knew she had one try to get back Gekikara's senses back as her laughter was starting to make him scared and was about to cry. "Hikaru...let's go to papa." As Black carry Hikaru to where Gekikara was, as the baby nodded his head to go to his father, Yuko grabbed onto to Black.

" know if you can't get her senses back we are all attacking at once right?"

"I know....whether is it worth the try." Gekikara turned around as she heard voices behind her. "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! You guys are angry right?" Black didn't said a thing but pointed Gekikara to Hikaru, but hid his face from her. Gekikara saw it and went back to her opponent. But she stopped halfway and left the rooftop instead. They went to see who was it, not sure what to say what as they saw it was her own mother with a broken guitar next to her. They decided to let the hospital handle her instead and head to where Gekikara's ward is.

They saw a clean Gekikara resting at her bed after doing her checks, Yuko and Takamina decided to talk to Gekikara instead. "So what happened?"

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Re: Rappapa new beginning (gekiblack, kojiyuu, nezucenter etc)
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Uwooooo soooo good !!!  :cow:
I want more  :cathappy: :cathappy:
Please if you have time continue this please  :bow: :bow:

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Re: Rappapa new beginning (gekiblack, kojiyuu, nezucenter etc)
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Chapter 22

"I-I decided to settle everything before confessing to black again, I have to act crazy in order to not get Black into my family matters. How's kaa-san?" Yuko and Takamina took a seat as they sighed. "She's injured very badly according to the doctors, whether she lives or not is a question they doctors are not sure. The physical attacks to her body mostly her head was to much for her to handle, so she's in coma now. Your father is with her now." Rena couldn't help but tear up hearing that, even though they have estranged relationship. Gekikara rushed to ward to see her, when she reaches there both her and her father silently looked at her."

"Don't worry about this, since we can't avoid this disaster from happening at least we would have some peace for now. You should get some rest Rena.....even though your mother hates you but she wouldn't kill her own kid." Gekikara head back to her own bed after seeing her mother for the last time. "Yuko-san...... does black hates me when she saw me in that state?"

"Rather than hating.....she doesn't have any emotions displayed when we saw you in blood. Maybe we are used to see you like that so we don't really think much about it, Hikaru seems to be in a shocked when he saw you in that state." Gekikara didn't comment anything upon hearing it, Black appeared at the door then Yuko and Takamina left them to be alone."


"Hate me if you want, I don't care." Gekikara started talking as black was just standing around. "I don't hate you but why did you do that?" Gekikara heaved a sigh not knowing how to answer the question. "Since I was born, kaa san has been trying to kill everyday. Even tried to make me go crazy, I was malnourished all the time. All this happened because tou-san have divorced her while she was pregnant with me at her eight-month." Black didn't what to say a thing but went to comfort Gekikara by giving her a hug. "I would never throw you away even if you want to leave."

"How's Hikaru doing after seeing my crazy state?"

"He's doing fine, seems like hanging around rappapa too much has helped him being strong mentally. Enough about him..... about us..... I want to continue my words while you were in coma." Black stood up but Gekikara was holding onto Black. "Why don't I say first before you say what you want to tell me?" Black nodded as she sat down back.

"Previously I didn't managed to say finished what I wanted to say, Hikaru needs a real father but we are both girls so would you mind letting me covered up this role? Kashiwagi Yuki........ I like you so much that everything about you including is part of my life, please do not leave me because I'm afraid I might die because of that."

"Matsui Rena let me answer you this...... I like you as much as you like me, so I hope I'm your no. 1 priority. If anything happens to you I hope to be the first one to know." Gekikara seeing Black and her has the same felling can't help but stunned for a while. "Why are looking at me blankly like that, don't you think something is missing after the confession?" After getting what Black is trying to hint, Gekikara quickly captured Black's lips, Black who immediately answered Gekikara's kisses as the both of them thought that the wait was worth it.

"After I'm discharged let's find a time we go on a date with Hikaru."

"I would like it if it's just the two of us." Catching what Black is trying to say, Gekikara of course nodded in consent. "Before that we should have a party to celebrate for both of you finally confessing to each other." Yuko abruptedly barged in scaring the two of them. "That would have to wait too......too many things are happening right now, I'm would be living in the hospital for the time being. I want to settle my family issues before celebrating anything, forgive me if I disappeared again."

"Just give me a call to let me know if you're alive, I will head back first before Hikaru is looking for me." Before leaving Black and Gekikara kissed goodbye. "So what are you intending to do now?"

"Destroy what kaa-san has builded during these years while she's in the hospital."

"With three of us? Or with the power of Rappapa? We would finished first."

"I would let tou-san lend us his men in this case,  so we can destroy the whole organisation where they are disturbing Black we are killing two birds with a stone." Yuko and Takamina got into deep thinking upon hearing it. "None of these should go to Black's ears, we should get her out of this fight."

"You are breaking your promise with black in a flash not even lasting a day."

"That's why nobody should tell her anything about it." The three of them got into deep thinking on how to tell the rest. "What are you going to tell us about?"

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