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Author Topic: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)  (Read 50914 times)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (II)
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Another one has fallen for Maru. Why did Maru call Irene with her real name? I thought Maru would only call someone by their real name if they give Maru a new name

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (II)
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The Maru harem adds up! XD

I'm doing my best not to hate the writer but I'm confused where to side up!! Team AKB or Team RV. OMG, but honestly, Seulgi flavor is more mouth watering than the usual salt xD

Ganbare Cut-san. I hope Maru and Seulgi kisses there. (Hate me people!) Bring the angst out! Haha!
Uza... Uza... Uza... EKISAITINGU!!!
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (III)
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Things That Mix | Plus RED

Loooooong chapter ahead...


Second Day with RV

“WE JUST want to give Seulgi a gift. She always saves us from trouble when the other members are afraid to do the tasks we make them do. She would always volunteer to try it first which gives the other members courage to try as well. The girls seem to really like you but we are doing this because we can see that Seulgi is fond of you. In the group she always take the gentleman role so I guess she was really moved when you saved her during the prank. Please Maru-ssi, we need your cooperation with this.”

Seulgi woke up unexpectedly early. She wanted to wake Maru up but the other girl is nowhere to be found when she opened her eyes. Did she sleep that well that she didn’t notice that Maru left?

The Dancing Machine immediately went to the other rooms to see if Maru is there but all she did is wake everybody up but didn’t find the glasses girl. She went downstairs with the other girls following her, trying to wipe the sleep from their eyes.

“Where is Maru-ssi?” Seulgi asked the PD who was currently drinking coffee that time. She looked around and saw that the cameras are already rolling. All of them aren’t wearing any makeup but they don’t seem to mind.

“Did she leave already?” Yeri asked followed by a yawn.

“She had an urgent thing to do. We couldn’t tie her up anymore.”

The PD’s answer made their hearts sank for a moment. Irene noticed how Seulgi’s shoulders fell in disappointment.

“She should’ve atleast said goodbye before she left.” Joy murmured.

“Yeah.” Wendy answered. “It looks like she didn’t enjoy hanging around with us.”

“If I knew it I should’ve already asked for her contact details!” Yeri raised her fist but it fell lifeless short after. “But she left already. I wonder how I will get it.”

“It’s okay, girls. Maru-ssi said that she will send a substitute. He will be here in a few—“

The doorbell suddenly rang which caught all their attention. The PD smirked as if she succeeded with a lifelong dream. “Right on time.” She said before she asked one member of the staff to let the person in.

The girls hurriedly went upstairs to make their selves more presentable. Meeting someone for the first time while in pyjamas would be inappropriate especially since they heard it was a he. Seulgi couldn’t help but to wonder why Maru suddenly left. Was it because of the girl that she calls in her sleep? As far as she could remember, their PD told them about Maru’s bestfriend whose name is Haruka but would someone yearn for her bestfriend even during her sleep?

“Don’t tell me—“


Seulgi jerked when Irene suddenly entered her room. Leader Bae is all set to go, still sparkly even in early morning. “Are you okay? Let’s go downstairs now.”

“Y-Yes!” Seulgi dusted off her dress and smiled at Irene. “I’m ready, Eonni.”

Irene just looked at her observantly as if she doesn’t believe that Seulgi is okay. She just shrugged her shoulders and went out. Seulgi followed her short after.

“Why do they have to let Maru-ssi go?” Yeri complained right after coming out of their room. “We managed to destroy her schedule anyway, why not go all out?”

“I agree with you.” Joy seconded. “We were bonding with her so well already.”

Wendy looked at them with a shock expression. “I understand your feelings about it but to that extent? You girls are such a devilish duo.”

“It can’t be helped.” Irene walk passed them. “We just have to do better this time. I’m sure Maru-ssi has her reasons why she couldn’t continue working with us.”

“But I really want Maru-ssi! It was fun messing with her.” Yeri grumbled.

“Come on. Don’t say that in front of the new guest.” Wendy frowned at the youngest.

“But I also want Maru-ssi~!”


They could already see the new guest while going downstairs. He is sitting in the couch where Maru used to sit. They couldn’t see his face since the seat is facing the opposite direction. It seems like he is discussing things with the PD. Irene waved at their PD to tell her that they arrived. The PD then rose up from her seat which was followed by the guest.

“This will be Maru-ssi’s substitute…” The guy turned to them and their jaws dropped. The guy was wearing a white shirt topped with a black leather jacket. His hair is brushed up on the other side. It’s a clean look tainted with badassery and it was—

“I’m Hoshino Marco. Nice to meet—“


Yeri jumped at the guest and hugged him tight. Marco laughed at the girl and her reaction. She gave her a pat on her head which made her heart run fast to the point that her cheeks turned red. She buried her face on Marco’s chest to hide her blushing face.

“What is this?” Irene asked the PD while laughing. “I thought Maru-ssi already left.”

The PD triumphantly smiled. “I’m such a genius!”

“This revelation is too corny.” Joy laughed. “But why are you wearing men’s clothes and acting like a g—“ Then realization struck her. This is Maru’s other well-liked persona in Japan. They saw this picture when they searched about her on Naver. People in Japan like it when she dresses and acts like a guy. This is such a huge thing for the fangirls as well.

“I’m sorry, did I make you worry?” Marco suddenly spoke in a lower pitch which made them froze. Maru has really mastered this act down to the smallest details. “I didn’t leave. As if I could.”

“Wow.” Wendy mouthed at Irene. “She’s really incredible to be able to pull something like that.”

Irene just nodded. She agrees with what Wendy said. How could someone be charismatic like this? She visited a forum about their group last night and it seems that the video Yeri uploaded already made an uproar in their fandom. Strangely, their fans didn’t seem to reject the idea of having Maru with them. There are people who know about Maru and they all think that the girl is such a good person so there’s nothing to worry about. She has captured the hearts of the Korean netizens and that is really something.

“Maru-ssi will be Marco-ssi for today’s tour. It will be nice if you would look at her as a guy for now. He will be your tour guide and the destinations were all decided by him. Details about the tour will be explained after breakfast. The crew hasn’t eaten yet so—“

“Wait.” Irene suddenly raised her hand. It is rare for the leader to do this. “I have an idea.”

“Go on.” The PD gave her the permission.

Irene looked straight to Marco’s eyes before going on with her idea. “I… I thought of giving Maru-ssi a name.”

Maru’s eyes widened after hearing it. This is one of her most favorite thing in the world but having Irene talked about it so sudden…

“I already have a name for her.”

“W-Wait! Isn’t that supposed to be decided by all of us?” Joy petitioned.

“It’s okay.” A smile curved up on Irene’s lips. “I already got a name that would remind her of our group…”

Maru gulped. She’s so excited but she has to remain composed; she couldn’t break eye contact with Irene. Damn, she suddenly realized that this girl is such a stunning beauty.

That smile grew brighter which made the hearts of the crew swoon. “Joowon-ah.”

(A/N: Joowon/ 주원 / 朱圓 : Joo(朱) means red [for Red Velvet] while Won(圓) means circle [Because of Maru’s round glasses] Irene called her dearly as if they are close friends. She wanted Maru to be more comfortable with them thus the absence of –ssi which is the equivalent of –san in Korean.)

A warm smile was then seen on Maru’s face. She’s just so happy for a new name and she couldn’t hide it. “Thanks, Joohyun-ah.” She thanked Irene, also removing the formality.


Maru jerked at that sudden call from Yeri who is still hugging her. She looked down at her only to see her grinning at her. “Why are you calling me oppa!?”

Yeri suddenly poked Maru’s cheeks which made her blush. “I thought you are a guy for today?”

“그지!” Here comes Joy with her sexy appeal. She clung to Maru’s shoulder and blew on her ear. “Today you will be our Nam. Ja. Chin. Gu~” (남자친구 : Boyfriend)

“Here they go again.” Wendy shook her head. She really couldn’t stand these two when it comes to appeal time. “They didn’t even consider Maru-ssi’s feelings about being called oppa.”

“It’s okay, Wendy.” Irene assured her. “It’s better like it to lessen the awkwardness. You see? She is laughing sincerely now.”

Wendy looked at Maru and what she saw proved that Irene was right. She’s pretending to be annoyed but a smile would slip out in the scene once in a while.

“Okay, okay!” Maru stopped the two girls from bombarding her. “Indeed I came here as Marco because I’ll be doing the boyfriend role but not to all of you.” This time, Maru started to be in her full Marco mode.

“Huh?” Joy’s eyes bulged. “Wait, it won’t be fair! Well, it would be fair if it would be me.”

“No! You already got married, Ajumma!“ Yeri pushed Joy away.

“Ya! Who are you calling ajumma!?”

“Wait!!!” Mau held both of them by the arm to stop them from fighting. “It’s not one of you.” Maru looked at her girlfriend for today. She feels bad that she will be calling someone else her girlfriend at the exact date of her anniversary with Paruru but she keeps convincing herself that it will be okay. It will be okay since it is just work. Just work.

Everyone looked at the person whom Marco is looking at and the other girls were surprised.

“M-Me?” Seulgi pointed herself, she couldn’t put her lips together afterwards.

Maru averted her stare and scratched her head lightly. “Well… That’s if you don’t mind.”

Suddenly, the whole living room brightened up when Seulgi smiled. Irene was just watching her as always. “Of course, I won’t mind!”


MARCO or who the ReVelies call Joowon-oppa brought them to his favorite places around Tokyo. They went to play on his favorite gaming center which they really enjoyed. People were following them wherever they go but they chose to play like it was their private time. They all enjoyed the crane game and Marco’s favorite FPS game. They also went to the purikura machine to take a commemorative picture.

After the group picture, they didn’t let Marco and Seulgi come out until they haven’t taken a couple photo. Seulgi is having fun being pampered by Marco but there are times that Joy and Yeri would ruin their moment by bumping into them like they don’t mean it. Joy would intentionally trip in front of Marco to have him catch her. On the other hand, Yeri would suddenly go in between them and clung to both of them as if she is their child. They didn’t really get a proper couple time together.

Lunch time. Marco brought them to his favorite Ramen house for dinner. A trip to Japan won’t be complete without a delicious bowl of ramen. This ramen place has become really famous since Maru often talks about it at interviews.

“I don’t know if the owner would let us film inside but let me talk to him first.” Marco went inside first and they heard a guy shout in joy right after he came in. They could hear him loud and clear.

“You are Marco-kun today! What a nice present! Sure, sure! Feel free to use the place! One single picture of you being Marco would be enough!”

The girls laughed after Seulgi translated everything that she heard.

“Joowon is sure loved by a lot of people.” Wendy commented. “I want to properly know her more.”

“But hey, Seulgi.”

“Hm?” Seulgi responded to Irene’s call. “What is it, Eonni?”

“Why don’t you become sweet to Joowon?”

“EH!?” Seulgi almost choked at her own saliva with that suggestion from Joohyun.

“I’m serious. He said that he came to be your boyfriend but you guys aren’t acting like you are a couple. The plan of our PD-nim would be wasted if you don’t at least act as couple. Right, PD-nim?”

The mischievous PD raised her thumbs up paired with a smug face.


“Joowon said it already. He is your boyfriend for the day. Don’t worry about this. The fans would understand.” Irene then turned to a camera. “Right, ReVeluvs?” which was followed by a wink.

“It’s okay, Seulgi-eonni. Go on and be treated like a girl for once. You are always our gentleman!”

“You talk like that when you keep on bothering them?” Wendy told Joy, the latter immediately mouthed ‘Sorry’ with an apologetic face.

“You too, Yeri.” Irene turned to their youngest. “I’ll give the responsibility of taking their pictures to you. Understood?”

“Arassoyo~” Yeri answered. She was about to get disappointed that she can’t mess up with them but the task given to her seems fun so she accepted it with a smile.

“Get it, Seulgi?” Irene turned back to the worried bear.

“I-I… I will try my best.”

“It’s okay! ‘Jii-san said that it would be okay to film inside.” They all jerked when Marco suddenly came outside. They all pretended that they weren’t discussing anything which made it more suspicious. “Are you guys, okay? Let’s go and eat. I suddenly got hungry at the smell of ramen.”

“O-Okay!” They answered in unison. Marco looked at them one by one before opening the door widely at them.

The Ramen Master welcomed them with a huge smile on his face. He personally led them to the available seat. The girls looked around and marveled with the place. It’s just a very small ramen house. There’s nothing special with the interior and all but Marco seems to really love this place. He talks to the owner like he is a part of his family.

“It’s a surprise that you came here with other girls!” The owner commented. “Where is Paruru-chan?”

“Ah? Haruka?” The smile on Marco’s face suddenly faded while Seulgi’s ears twitched after hearing that name. “Haruka is at home, I guess…”

“You both seem busy these days. I hope you come here together next time. Last time Paruru-chan came here with an actor and…

The owner’s next words suddenly became flat noise to Marco’s ears. For a moment he couldn’t hide his shocked face. The members started to wonder what they are talking about.

“Haruka came with a guy?” He asked. His eyes are obviously getting moist.

“O! The one she is rumored to be dating with. Her co-star in…” He continued with his story and Marco felt like everything is getting dark. Paruru didn’t tell him anything about it. He never heard anything about her going out with a guy. What the hell is going on?

“I will have Tonkotsu Ramen!”

Seulgi’s voice somehow broke the darkness that is slowly filling Marco. He looked at the girl who still has her hand raised. Seulgi smiled at him which somehow reminded him that he is working. Throwing a fit in this situation would just ruin everything. There must be a reason why Paruru went out with that guy. It must be work. Yeah, maybe they were just talking about work.

“As expected from the human vacuum; going with the most calories.” Wendy joked at Seulgi.

“I can’t help it. I’m hungry.” She smiled innocently as a response.

“I’ll go with the usual, ‘Jii-san.”

The other girls then told Seulgi their orders because Seulgi’s Japanese language skill is really good. The owner repeated their orders and then went straight to his kitchen.

Marco massaged his temple. His head suddenly ached after hearing that news. He tried to take deep breathings to compose himself up when he suddenly felt a hand reached out to him. He looked at Seulgi who is sitting opposite to her.

“Are you okay, oppa?”

Everyone was surprised with the sudden move from the bear. Yeri was about to tease them but Irene hurriedly covered her mouth. The cringe is real for Wendy but she agrees that this scene is really cute. Seulgi acting so girly is really cute.

Marco smiled at her followed by a meaningful sigh. He reached out to her and gave her soft pats on her head which made her blush in no time.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Marco’s hand then traveled down the girls face and started to caress her cheek. “Eat a lot, okay?”

He is smiling. Seulgi was sure that Marco is smiling at her that time but why is there a different story in his eyes.

“Ehem.” Irene cleared her throat to get their attention. “Should we go on another table?”

“Ya Eonni! I thought we shouldn’t distract them, why are you the one disturbing them now?” Joy reacted strongly. “I’m currently enjoying the cringe!”

“Oh!” Yeri suddenly pointed at something on the wall. “You got a picture here Joowon-oppa!”

They all looked at the picture posted by the owner on their wall of pride. It is a picture of Maru and Paruru sitting at their usual table, eating their favorite Shio Ramen.

“Who is the girl with you?” Wendy asked. “She looks really cute!”

Marco leaned on his seat before looking at the owner who is busy preparing their ramen. “That’s Haruka. She’s my…”

Marco bit his lips and that didn’t escape Seulgi and Irene’s observant eyes.

“She’s a special person…”

“Ah! She’s your bestfriend, right? Let’s go meet her!” Wendy’s suggestion brought a faint smile to Marco’s face.

“It would be nice to meet her… but I don’t think today is the right time. Excuse me for a moment.”

Marco then went to the PD to talk with her privately. Judging his gestures, he is asking for her to cut something. Most probably the part where the owner was talking about Haruka. It seems like the PD understood him and affirmatively answered.

When the orders came, Marco was surprised at the appetite of the girls. They ate their ramen with delight which really made the owner happy. They don’t seem like to care so much with their weight, food is food and it should be enjoyed.

After that, they went to walk around the vicinity with Marco telling things about each street. It seems like he has really fallen in love with the city. He is the one leading the way.

“Seulgi-ya, what are you doing?”

Seulgi turned to Irene with a face clearly asking what she means. It wasn’t just Irene who was looking at her, even the other three are gawking at her.

“Go grab his hand!” Joy whispered. “It’s your chance!”


Yeri raised her phone. “Eonni, my camera is ready.”

“B-But…” Seulgi continued to stammer. “It would be so awkward!”

“If you don’t move, he’ll keep on thinking about another girl.

The other members suddenly couldn’t process what Irene said but the bear unexpectedly understands. Her face of resolution surfaced back, she balled her fists.

“Okay, I’ll go ahead then.”

“Go, go Ddeulgi!”

The members clutched their hearts as Seulgi made her way towards Marco who was currently talking about random stuffs. Seulgi could feel her heart raging as she is just a few inches away from the guy. She started to extend her arm and reach for Marco’s hand.

“Ah! Come what may!” With her heart quaking and her face blushing hard, Seulgi gently held Marco’s hand. She was surprised on how cold his palm is but she didn’t let go.

Marco jerked at the moment he felt someone hold him. He looked at Seulgi but the girl immediately looked away to hide her flustered face. He then stared at her hand holding his.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Before looking back at the road, he held Seulgi’s hand back, intertwining their fingers like how normal couples hold hands.

The members almost melted with what they are watching. They made sure that Yeri is capturing everything. The documentary of Seulgi’s first date should be properly taken.

They continued walking until they reach a certain intersection. Marco stopped and took a good look of the said place. It’s just near the AKB Theater where they are going to visit next. He turned to them with a forced smile.

“This is where I got into an accident last year.”

The girls weren’t able to react. They remained silent and waited for Marco to tell more of the details. He has become so open to them after that lunch in the ramen house. He’s doing his tour guide job really well but there are times that his eyes tell them that he’s somewhat lost.

“Last year I thought that I’m going to be blind. My sight slowly deteriorated to the point that I was experiencing sudden blackouts and I thought that there wasn’t a way out. This is where I lost it completely.”

The staff suddenly became more focused on what Marco is talking about. He isn’t really open about discussing last year’s incident. It’s very rare for him to talk about it. Probably travelling back to where it happened brought back a lot of memories.

“I was so stubborn that time. The family who adopted me told me to come back to Korea to perform more examinations to find a cure but I chose to stay.” A picture of Paruru’s graduation then flashed in his mind. He turned to Seulgi who was also looking at him at that time. “It was just really hard to leave that time.”

The lights turned green and Marco led them to cross the street.

“After crossing this road, everything faded away and then I made a mistake with my footings when I heard a bicycle bell. After that, all that I remember was I got hit by a rushing car. Hours after the accident I managed to wake up but my eyes really couldn’t see anymore. Everything in my body was aching and I got into a critical state again. I got into a state of comatose right a violent convulsion.”

The people around were all surprised at the sudden appearance of Marco-kun in the vicinity. They suddenly had a huge horde of followers. Marco is humble enough to greet them. A group of highschool girls even took the courage to come and talk to him. He shook their hands which made the girls cry in happiness.

It would be impossible to film properly with the amount of people following them so they decided to get into the theater earlier than the set time.

“Some sort of miracle happened while I was in a coma. The nerves somehow regenerated and until now the doctors weren’t able to find out how that happened. With that, I got capable of receiving eye transplants. They performed the surgery three weeks right after I woke up. I was asleep for a month and two weeks.”

Marco’s story continues even on the escalator of Don Quixote. He’s still holding Seulgi’s hands and none of them is planning to let go. Seulgi could feel him tremble while telling the story and she wanted to be there to support him. Marco could feel that support which he really needs at that time. Somehow he is thankful that Seulgi was there to hold him tight.

“The first time I went out in the media after that incident, I saw a whole nation rejoiced in my recovery. It was the first time I cried with my new set of eyes. I was so happy. I felt like my existence does matter in this country so when I got my full recovery, I continued with the entertainment industry to make people smile.”

Marco smiled after remembering that certain scene of the people welcoming him back. “The management helped me to remove all the scars I got when I was in my suicidal period. They did whatever it takes just to free me from my past.” He raised his hand that is holding Seulgi’s hand. “My arms were full of cut scars before. I guess you already know why I was suicidal.”

They finally arrived in the theater and Marco gave them a tour around. Today’s performance will be of Team A and the group is currently rehearsing inside. They were at the hallway where the frames are pasted when Yuihan suddenly came out. The General Manager almost shrieked at the sight of Marco in the theater.

“Maru-chan! What are you doing here as Marco!?” Yui said almost shouting, covering her face because she is wearing no makeup at all. Her eyes traveled to the people around Marco and those sharp eyes got stuck on something.

Marco noticed that Yui is looking at their clasped hands so he raised it up to give Yui a better look. “It will be a long story to tell but she is my girlfriend today, GM.”

Yui’s eyes widened in disbelief. “What are talking about!? Today is your anni—“

Yui wasn’t able to finish what she was saying when she met Marco’s dead-looking eyes. “It’s work. Just work.”

Seulgi felt her heart clenched for a moment for she perfectly understood what Marco said. She was about to pull her hand back but Marco didn’t let her go instead he pocketed their hands which made the other members’ and Yui’s jaws dropped.

“These girls are called Red Velvet and they are an awesome idol group from Korea. I guess you have already heard that they’ll be here to watch today’s performance.” Marco then turned to the girls. “This girl is Yokoyama Yui, she is the General Manager of AKB48. Go and greet her.”

The girls did what Marco said and Yui greeted them back. Yui immediately read the atmosphere. It’s all written in Marco’s face and the daijoubu sensor she inherited from Takamina doesn’t tell lies. It seems that Maru is still bothered by what they talked about at the night they got drunk together with Milky, Sayaka and Jurina. She could sense the anxiety in Marco’s eyes.

“Please enjoy your stay at the AKB Theater. You are very much welcome here.” Yui said with a smile which Marco immediately translated for them. After that Yui went back to practice when another member of the group arrived. It was Sakura, chasing for her breath.

“Haruhi-san!” Sakura immediately bowed when she recognized Maru. “Are you going to take pictures today?”

“Sakura, you’re late again?” Marco laughed and then ruffled the girl’s hair. “Was it because of Showroom again?”

Sakura puffed her cheeks. “No, it was Maru-nyan this time. He climbed the highest point of our house and he couldn’t come down by himself. It took a lot of time to get him down.”

“Why are Bisu and Maru-nyan this savage to their owners?” Marco patted Sakura’s shoulders. “Go inside now. The rehearsals already started.

“Okay. See you around.” Sakura smiled brightly. She bowed at the visitors before going inside.

“Who’s that girl?” Wendy asked; her eyes bulging out. “She’s really cute!”

The other girls agreed with her. Marco just smiled. “She’s the one who was attacked during an event. She’s Miyawaki Sakura and one of the aces of the group.”

“Somehow everyone looks weird right after they see you holding hands with Seulgi.” Irene suddenly commented. “Something seems fishy.”

Marco turned to Irene who was obviously flashing a challenging smile. He then gave a nod to Seulgi, the latter being able to pick up fast let go of Marco’s hand for a moment. The guy then made his way towards Irene who suddenly got alarmed.

“W-Wait. What are you doing, Joowon!” Irene wasn’t able to do anything but to step backwards. His lonely eyes are just darted unto her as if passing through her whole. Irene panicked even more when she felt the wall behind her.

“Isn’t there anyone going to help—” she got speechless when she saw Yeri happily taking pictures of what’s happening while Joy and Wendy are submerged in the scene as well. Then she suddenly saw an arm blocked her sight of the others which made her focus on Marco’s face. She looked on the other side but another arm blocked her.

Irene is completely jailed at Marco’s double kabedon.

Marco’s face slowly descended towards hers, making her froze on the spot. He moved closer and closer until Irene couldn’t help but to close her eyes.

“I’ll tell you the reason once the cameras stop rolling. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Seulgi.” Marco whispered to her ear which made her legs weak to the point that she almost fell. Thank goodness, Marco was there to assist her.

“Irene-eonni, down with just a whisper!”

“The Goddess was literally blown away!”

“Stop!” Irene scowled at the other members before turning back to Marco and gave him a slap on the shoulder. “Why do you have to do that!?”

Marco smiled slyly at her. “You seemed like you were challenging me. I just accepted the challenge.”

“But you don’t have to—”

“You’re still leaning to me, princess.”

Irene blushed heavier. She tried to get her strength back and stood by herself. She then felt a palm on top of her head which made her look up at Marco.


That’s all and Marco went back to Seulgi who is trying hard not to laugh. The other girls then broke into laughter which embarrassed Irene even more.

“Stop laughing!” She shouted at them but they aren’t listening.

“Sorry, Joohyun-eonni but your flustered face is really the best!” Joy laughed even more then turned to Yeri. “Show to me everything later!”

The beagle agreed enthusiastically. “This is so cinematic!”

“Irene-eonni, what did he say to you?” Wendy asked, her eyes glittering as if she has learned a new move to use. “Why did he suddenly turn aggressive?”

“I-I-It’s nothing!”


AFTER A few more tour, they went back to the villa for their pajyma party. Maru is already back and her work as Seulgi’s boyfriend is already finished. They were talking about today’s tour and the live footage that was shown in IdolM@ster was the scene where they were laughing about Irene getting kabedon-ed by Marco.

“Please kabedon me as well!” Joy requested with her hand raised on high.

“No, Joowon-oppa! She will surely reverse kabedon you and seduce you!” Yeri clung to Maru while looking sharply at Joy. The other girl smirked.

“I’m not Marco anymore so stop calling me oppa.” Maru scratched her head. “Call me just Maru or Joowon. I’m fine without any formalities.”

“Alrighty~” Yeri affirmed and beamed at her like the usual beagle she is.

“But I don’t want to stop calling you oppa.” Seulgi murmured to herself but then suddenly everything went quiet. She looked up only to see that everyone is looking at her. Blood immediately went up her face.

“D-D-Did you hear—”

“She’s inlove! Seulgi-eonni is definitely inlove!” Joy shouted on top of her voice.

“That fast! Joowon-ssi, wah~! You are really something!” Wendy applauded which made Maru shook her head in embarrassment.

“I’m not inlove!” Seulgi grumpily said.

“Then what is that ‘I don’t want to stop calling you oppa’ thingy then?” Yeri teased her even more. Seulgi was about grab her but the beagle immediately hid behind Maru.

“But Seulgi…” it suddenly became quiet again when Irene spoke. “Truth be told, what do you think of Joowon?”

“Eh?” Seulgi looked at Maru whose head is down. “Well I...” she bit her lower lips. “To be honest I really like her as a person. I have a huge respect for her and everything that I get to know about her makes me want to be at least a little closer to her.”

The members stared at her for almost a minute as if they were waiting for something.

“Is that all?” Wendy asked which was immediately answered by a nod by Seulgi. Everyone’s shoulder dropped.

“Heck, no jam!” Wendy commented followed by an air swat. “Here I am having my expectations set high.”

“What are you talking about, Wendy?”

“The answer should be ‘I really love her! I’ve fallen inlove with her!” Joy said with her arms crossed. Wendy agreed with her and they highfived.

“He was so sweet to you and was only looking at you during the trip. If that was me I could’ve already filed a marriage form to the city hall!” Yer’s comment brought laughter to the staff.

“You are underage, young lady!” Maru suddenly butted in. “There’s nothing wrong with what she answered. Her answer really made me happy.” She then turned to Seulgi and patted her head. “Thanks, Seulgi-ya.

The members’ audible giggling filled the whole room. Seulgi is blushing hard again while looking at Maru’s eyes.

“I want to ship the both of you but it all ends tomorrow!” Yeri sighed.

“Yeah, tomorrow’s the final day with Joowon but she hasn’t patted my head yet.” Joy immediately felt a hand landed on top of her head and started to brush her hair.

“Is this enough?” Maru asked innocently which fired arrows at Joy’s weak heart.

“It isn’t! How about let’s sleep together tonight?”


“Seonseangnim! (teacher)” Wendy called with her hand raised high. “Pat my head as well. I want to learn from you!”

“W-Wait! S-Seriously girls—”

“Mine, mine! Get away old ones!” Yeri hugged Maru and protected her from vicious vultures.

“I hope you had a good time with us, Joowon-ah.” Irene said calmly which somehow calmed the other girls. They are all waiting of what Maru is going to answer. They ruined her schedule and everything so they were expecting that Maru might be secretly hating them.

“Don’t worry about it. It was fun. Although I was really upset in the beginning, spending time with you girls isn’t bad at all. I enjoyed hanging out with you all.”

She looked at them one by one until she arrived at Seulgi. She stared longer at her which made the other girl’s heart stopped for a moment.

“Thank you for holding my hand during the times when I couldn’t handle it.”

Seulgi blushed but then gave her a cute smile. “No worries.”

“Hey, hey! What are you guys talking about!?”

The two were then bombarded by questions from the other girls while Irene remained silent. That pajyma party was finished early since the staff has to set everything down to prepare for tomorrow’s activity. They arrived on the villa with everything clean and in order; they have to leave it in the same state.

Maru, seeing that there’s still plenty of time, asked the PD if she could use her phone and go outside to buy something. She agreed and told her that the phone is in her manager. Maru then went to Kato-san only to find that her phone already died.

She gave out a sigh of frustration and decided to leave her phone while it is still charging. She was about to get out of the villa when…

“Joowon-ah, where are you going?”

Maru turned around and saw Seulgi wearing a grey hoodie just like her. They were both surprised that they are wearing matching clothes.

“I’m just going to buy something. I believe that the store is still open by this time.” Maru explained. “I’ll be back after getting it.”

“Is that the gift that you were about to buy the other day?”

Maru nodded. “I’m amazed that you remember.” She smiled. “I’ll be going now. See you later—”

“Wait!” Maru once again turned to Seulgi. “C-Can I tag along?”


PARURU tried to explain herself but Milky doesn’t seem like she is listening. They are currently on a night stroll. Both of them suddenly had the urge to eat a lot after watching the footage of Maru with Red Velvet. Paruru’s salad turned into omurice. Now they have to burn the calories they just took in.

While they were walking, they met Paruru’s co-star who was jogging at that time. It is inevitable that the guy was delighted after seeing Paruru. He started talking about the day Paru invited him out for dinner and he expressed the willingness to be invited out again. If only Milky didn’t tell him that they are busy and have to continue with their stroll, he won’t free them.

“Tell me about that ‘invited out for dinner’ thing.” Milky squinted at her. “Don’t you know what you are getting yourself into, young lady?”

“I was just asking him what do men like ladies to do for them. That’s all!”

Milky gave herself quite a strong slap on her forehead. “Out of all the things you would ask that from him!? Do you think that he wouldn’t misunderstand that!? He might be thinking now that you are showing interest to him. He’s obviously into you!”

“But I just asked him to prepare for my anniversary with Hosh—”

“You could’ve asked Sayaka or Jurina-chan but why asked a guy!? I understand that Waru-kun is the one topping here but to ask a guy!? You even asked the guy that Waru-kun is—” Milky tried to stop herself. She has revealed a lot of things in the past and she doesn’t want to reveal anything this time.

“What are you talking about, Milky-san?” Paruru innocently asked.

“Nevermind.” Milky sighed. “You have to clearly draw a line, Paruru-chan. It won’t be healthy for you and Waru-kun.”

“But it was really nothing—”

“Excuse me for a moment, I have to go to the rest room.” Milky ran to the nearby restroom without looking back to Paruru.

The girl sighed and sat on a nearby bench. She looked up in the sky and took a deep breath. “But Hoshi didn’t show any sign of jealousy at all.”


“THAT’S A really wonderful gift!”

Seulgi still can’t contain her amazement to the gift that Maru chose. Maru is holding the gift she bought that is inside a paper bag while Seulgi is holding a big stuff toy she won on a crane game. After buying the gift, Seulgi asked her if they could go back to the game center for the stuff toy that she really wanted to get.

“And you got a really big dedication just for that.” Maru commented while looking at the huge pikachu stuff toy.

Seulgi smiled and covered her face with pikachu.

“Pika~chu! Pika pika~”

The sudden pikachu monomane made Maru stop. Seulgi uncovered her face and waited for a reaction until Maru gave out a smile. This also brought a smile on her face.

“That was really on point.” Maru said while smiling foolishly to herself, continuing with her journey.

“It is, right?” Seulgi giggled then bit her lips.

The two continued to walk on the park. Somehow the two agreed to take a break from all the cameras and took a light stroll before going back to the villa. They talked about random stuffs with smiles on their faces.

“Anyway,” Seulgi started. “To whom are you going to give that wonderful gift? One of your friends’ birthday?”

Maru wasn’t able to answer for a while which made Seulgi wonder if she stepped on something she shouldn’t have stepped unto.

“Well…” Maru sighed. “I’m going to… I’m going to give it to my girlfriend.”

Seulgi’s feet stopped working. Maru has taken a few more steps before she noticed that Seulgi froze. She turned back to look at Seulgi who is wearing a shocked expression. She wasn’t surprised about that reaction at all.

“Is something wrong?” Maru asked with a faint smile.

The other girl gulped. “Y-You said you are in a relationship with a—”

“I am madly inlove with a girl.” Maru looked at her straight to the eye, observing her whole face. She smiled. “I thought you won’t be surprised about it. You girls were seeing me as a guy in the first place.”

“W-Was it Haruka-ssi?”

Maru’s eyebrows rose. “How did you know?”

“Y-You kept on saying her name on your sleep.”

“I did?” Maru smiled and brushed her fringe backward. “I guess I really miss her.”

Seulgi remained silent. As she thought, something is already wrong with Maru yearning for Haruka in her sleep. She looked around and saw a bench where she unconsciously dragged her feet and dropped her body.

“Is it creepy? Can I still get near you?”

“No, it isn’t!” Seulgi interjected while hugging pikachu. “I’m just… a bit surprised.”

Maru sat beside her to test if she really doesn’t feel awkward and she didn’t. Surprisingly, Seulgi looked at her with moist eyes.

The glasses girl bowed her head and looked at the present she’s holding. “Somehow it feels good… telling about our relationship to other people. I feel really proud.”


“I don’t really think that romantic feeling lasts but no matter how hard I try to forget my feelings for her, I always failed. I really love her, I’m deep in this madness called Shimazaki Haruka.”

“B-But…” Seulgi gulped, trying to remove what’s obstructing her throat. “Why are you trying to f-forget the feeling?”

“Well I…” A frustrated sigh came out of Maru. “Lately I’ve been feeling so inferior…”

“What do you mean?”

“Actually I was already through the stage of shaking away my feelings for her but the current happenings make me feel that I have to prepare for the worst.”

Maru started fidgeting with the paper bag. “Lately she has been showing huge interests with guys. There’s this co-star of her that seems to like her as well while here I am… I’m just a girl.”

“Haruka… She adores kids a lot and someone like me would never be able to give her one. I won’t be surprised that one day I will wake up with her feelings already changed. I’m preparing myself not to get affected if she would just suddenly call us off.”

Seulgi could feel the heaviness in each word that Maru said. Her voice cracking at times makes her want to hug her.

“I know someone like me would never be enough. Seeing all that’s being written in forums makes me think as well. I’m not an ikemen. I’m just a girl. Maybe she’s just stuck at me because of the accident…because of my past.”

Maru removed her glasses to wipe the fluid that has been flooding her eyes. She couldn’t believe that her new set of eyes are weak in hiding tears. She could remember that she cried last time she got drunk with Sayanee and the others.

“Knowing that she went out with a guy without telling me… I felt like my heart was crushed. I guess it is starting already. She’s gotten tired of me…”

“Maybe it’s not like that!” Seulgi panicked. “There might be another reason why she went out with him. You guys need to discuss things out!”

“I wonder… If I tell her about what I feel she would just tell me that it is just work and nothing more.”

Maru jerked when she felt Seulgi held her hand. She gave the latter a faint smile to say that she’s okay.

“It would be nice if she won’t change her mind about me but if ever that day comes, I want to say that I did my best for her. That I gave all the love that I could offer. Geez.” Maru took a deep breath to get a hold of her tears. “That’s why I never liked falling inlove. It makes people crazy.”

Seulgi took the courage to wipe Maru’s tears away. Maru just let her do it. She even held Seulgi’s hand on her face and closed her eyes.

“It’ll be okay, Joowon-ah. It’ll be okay.” Seulgi brushed Maru’s fringe to clear her face. “Don’t worry too much. I believe she’ll be pleased with the gift.”

“You think so?” Maru’s teary puppy eyes made her heart clutch. Seulgi answered her with a smile and nod. Maru took another deep breath.

“Crying in front of others is really embarrassing.” Maru stood up and took a stretch. “Let’s go back, Seulgi.”

Seulgi affirmed. She was about to stand up when Maru suddenly stopped her. The glasses girl place the gift on the bench before kneeling in front of Seulgi.

“W-W-Wait… What are you—”

“Your shoelace… Let me tie them.”


She watched Maru tie her shoelaces. The silence between them made her hear the loud beating of her heart. Then, her arm moved on its way to Maru’s head and started to caress her hair. Maru looked up to her with an innocent looking face.

“Joowon-ah… Actually…” Seulgi continued to brush her hair with adoring eyes. “Actually… I like Ir—”


Maru’s head almost twisted as she automatically turned to the source of the voice. She immediately rose to her feet, her lips curved up into a smile. The girl that she has been wanting to see since yesterday has appeared in front of her.

“Haruka!” Maru called, smiling from ear to ear. She ran towards Paru. “I really missed—”

Seulgi gasped at the next scene that she saw. Maru’s head twisted to the right after receiving a heavy slap from Paruru. Maru was not able to move, she felt her world stopped moving.

“You said you were working but what are you doing here getting touchy with another girl!?” Paruru shouted at her before looking sharply at Seulgi. “So it’s her? I know right. She’s so beautiful and perfect. I know you would really like her!”

Maru turned to Paruru, her dumbfounded face cannot be painted.

“I-It’s not like that, Haruka. Actually we went to buy—”

She was about to reach for Paruru but the girl shove her hand away leaving her speechless.

“Here I am thinking that you are still working at this time but here you are flirting with another girl!”

“Haruka…” Maru called with a pleading voice. “It’s not like that, baby. Come on. You have to listen to me first. Come on—”

“Don’t touch me!” Paruru continued to swat her hands away. “I’ve been worrying about you but here you are. You even dared to get out with another girl at our anniversary!”

“Haruka please…” Maru took a glimpse of Seulgi. Both of them don’t know how to calm the other girl. “Listen to me first, please. There’s really nothing to be jealous—”


Their attentions transferred to the upcoming guy. On his hands are two cans of energy drink. The guy noticed Maru and smiled at her as well. He removed his earphones as he stood near them.

“Hoshino-san is here as well. Good evening~!” He cheerfully greeted Maru before turning completely to Paruru. She handed her one of the cans. “The vending machine gave me a bonus, you can get this.”

Paru looked at him shocked, not knowing what to do. The guy took her hand and gave her the drink. “Sorry about this. Let’s go eat again at that ramen house. The food is really good there.” He gave Paru soft pats on her head which made Maru’s eyes widened.

“See you around, Haruka-chan. I’ll be running another lap.” The guy then turned to Maru and gave her a meaningful smirk before going.

Awkward silence covered them after the guy left. Paruru seemed like she got splashed with cold water after the encounter with the guy. She was just looking at Maru.

“What the hell was that?” Maru finally talked. Paruru felt her world shook when Maru flashed that familiar smirk, that challenging, sly smile she never wanted to see.

The glasses girl started looking around. “There isn’t any camera anywhere, right?” Maru had her hand on her waist. She looked up the sky before taking a deep breath. Maru bit her lips so hard.

“What on earth is this? He even patted your head in my presence and calls you like that.”

“H-Hoshi…” Paru called. “I-It isn’t like what you are—”

“I already know about this. ‘Jii-san already told me.” Maru tried to keep her voice calm and composed but the growling leaks. “So what was that about? You went out with him because of what? How many times have you gone out without my knowledge? Was it fun? Did he meet all your qualifications?”

“Hoshi, it isn’t like—”


Paru fell silent, she froze on the spot. Maru was also surprised by the sudden rise in her intonation. She covered her mouth with a clutch.

“What’s with being angry at me after seeing me with another girl when you’re the one going with another guy? If I didn’t hear it from someone else will I be able to know about it? Why do you have to be jealous to the point of slapping me in front of Seulgi? Do you know how much you embarrassed me? Do you know how much—”

Maru bit her lips again, her fists balled. She’s trying so hard not to cry.

“Is this a setup? Is this the way you are telling me that we are over? You pretend that you are jealous about this but actually you are just doing that so that it would look like you’re not looking at somebody else? Damn…”

“H-Hoshi…” Paruru called. Tears started flowing down her eyes. “I went out with him because—”

“Because of what? Work? That’s always the excuse, isn’t it?” Maru brushed her fringe up. “Do you know how much it hurts whenever I read comments? Do you know how much your public expression of admiration to that guy hurt me?”


“I chose not to say anything because I understand that it is work but have you ever considered my feelings?” Maru looked at her with eyes far from the usual eyes she uses to stare at her. This pair is full of anger and frustration. Paruru wasn’t able to say a thing.

Maru smirked once again. “You want something to be angry about, right? You want something to fight about?” She then looked at Seulgi who was frozen on the bench then turn back to Paruru. “I’ll give you something then.”

Paru held unto her Hoshi to stop her from leaving. “I’m sorry, Hoshi… L-Let’s talk about this, please…”

Maru turned to her only to shook her hand away. The glasses girl then went to Seulgi and grabbed the girl by the hand. She also grabbed the gift that she purchased for Paruru before going back to Paruru’s direction.

Maru grabbed the energy drink from her hand and threw it on the ground with such a force that made the other ladies gasp. Now that Paruru’s hands are free, she handed her the gift with a slight push.

“Happy anniversary.”

That’s all and Maru took Seulgi away without looking back. Unable to move, Paru just watched Maru leave in tears. Her knees suddenly lost strength that she fell down to her feet. She was in shock, seeing Maru that angry at her for the first did leave her in a huge shock.

She continued to tear up as she opened the paper bag Maru gave her. Inside it is a box containing a necklace with a beautiful moon pendant that seems to glow in the dark. A letter is taped on the back of the box.

With her hand shaking and her eyes welling up with tears, she read the letter.


I know it’s weird of me to write a letter but yeah, happy anniversary. I hope you had fun in our first year and hopefully this isn’t the last. I really had a wonderful year with you. Just waking up with you by my side fills me with a lot of warmth. It’s corny, I know, but you really complete me.

I gave you a moon necklace so that I can be your Orion. Let me adore you as long as I live. Let me treat you as my moon goddess. Let me love you with everything I have.

I know this will make you cringe so I’ll just stop here.

I love you, Haruka.


Your Hoshi


Paruru’s tears dropped straight to the letter. She bitterly cried as she hugs the gift Maru gave her.

Milky made her way near Paruru. She witnessed everything. After using the restroom, she went to find Paruru who suddenly disappeared. She found her watching Maru and Seulgi talking on the bench. They weren’t able to hear what they were talking about but the mood between them seems to be really good. They won’t be able to understand it anyway.

Waruki didn’t do anything. She just watched everything unfold before her very eyes. She knows that Maru isn’t the type to cheat but she also knows that Paruru is really bad in terms of handling jealousy. It’s their relationship and they should learn things along the way.

Maru gave her a faint nod before leaving. That means she entrusts Paruru to her. In the end, even though she is angry and all she couldn’t leave her alone just like that.

“Who would’ve thought that Waru-kun would be able to release everything like this.” Milky stated followed by a sigh. Paruru looked up to her with her eyes swollen.

“Milky-san… Hoshi is…”

“Let’s go back to the pent house.” Milky helped her stand up and wiped the tears from her face. “Let’s leave it like this for now. Let’s wait for Waru-kun’s head to cool down.”

Paruru continued to sob as they go on their way. Milky gave out another sigh.

“Seriously Paru-chan, you need to trust Waru-kun…”


Still on vacation and internet connection sucks. Will be replying to comments once I get back to my dorm. Thank you all for reading. :)
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 :( :( :cry: :cry:
Already had a feeling they're going to meet at the park and a misunderstanding is going to happen

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And you literally brought the angst out xD

You could’ve asked Sayaka or Jurina-chan but why asked a guy!? I understand that Waru-kun is the one topping here but to ask a guy!? You even asked the guy that Waru-kun is—” Milky tried to stop herself. She has revealed a lot of things in the past and she doesn’t want to reveal anything this time.

—Miyuki is such a tease even tho she's lecturing Paru. Gomen! I just can't help it but to notice! Lol! (Lowkey implied smut there) ;)

But honestly despite the excitement this chapter brought me I really felt bad in both parties. For Maru bc even tho she was doing her best the words of the lover hurts mosts even none of those are true. Trust issues are on point here huhu. And for Paru because she's stuck with a false image as a celebrity. I really hope everything goes well between the two of them. :3 (MaruParu ship will prevail!!)

I really can't help but notice a lot of classic heart shuddering scenes here xD i hope there's more!!!

Btw, did Seulgi just confessed of liking Irene bc waaaaah the Maruelgi ship will sink!!!

I hope for more... :< Please update soon!!!! Onegai~
Another update will be treated as an omiyage from where you've been to xD Ganbare~!
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OK. Why?....
Why does this seem like one sided???
They are both in the wrong here!!!!
 :mon uggh:
Everything that lead up to this part makes me feel like the figthing is one sided. Even Miyuki is siding with Maru.
It's Maru's fault for not expressing her feelings and Paru's fault for inviting the guy.
There! All is done, make the damn up! And fall in love again. Cause if they don't make up.....
Maru..... You already made her cry. :mon mad: I will see to it that there won't be a single of tour being left in this world.  :mon evil: :mon evil:

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Bring it on Cut-san!!! I cried when I read the fighting scene but my masochist heart is craving for more MaruParu action.

And btw, I'm rooting for MaruSeulgi.

MaruParu is over. It's done. THE SHIP IS SUNKEN!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH  :hiakhiakhiak:

P.S Waiting for the next chapter  :byebye:
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (F)
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@MayukiIsLife-san, I like Wendy too but I know she is the type to cringe about these things so I had hard times in making her join the craziness. XD
@Genkikid-san, After the accident, Maru became a little soft so sometimes she goes on calling people in their real name even without receiving a name from them. :)
@porkofdoom-san, This is the omiyage. XD Have you decided on which team to support?
@Goto24-san, Calm down. Don't be so angry to Maru. Her mind is blurry so she's just riding the waves. Don't kill the already dead. XD
@MatsuiLee-san, Haha. Did you really cry? :0 Uh oh... Did Seulgi catch you? XD

Here is the final chapter of the SP. All the titles I used are songs of Red Velvet so you can go check it out if you're curious. The song for this chapter is really nice. Trust me. Hahahaha. Anyway, have fun reading. Sorry in advance if this won't meet your expectation. XD Dozou~

Things That Mix | Plus RED


“ARE THEY back already?” Irene asked their PD. She couldn’t bring herself to sleep knowing that Seulgi is still outside.

“They arrived just a few moments ago.” The PD said with a wide smile on her face. “They arrived while holding each other’s hands and then went straight to their room. I guess they just couldn’t break their role as a couple.”

“What are you talking about, PD-nim?” Irene innocently asked.

“Nothing…” The PD mischievously smiled. “I’m just a little worried about Maru-ssi’s lips. It was bleeding when they rushed to their room. Did Seulgi go that far?”

“Wait, what—”

“Go to sleep now, Irene. We have to be early for tomorrow.”

The PD left Irene in the living room and went to the staff’s room. The goddess of peace, with a cute frown, went upstairs to see whatever is happening between Maru and Seulgi.

She was about to knock on their door but the audible conversation stopped her.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. It’ll be fine.”

Irene is sure that that was Maru’s voice but why does it seem like she’s pushing an idea over.

“B-But!” That was Seulgi sounding flustered. “Just looking at it, it seems like it will hurt a lot.”

“Don’t you trust me as well?”

“I-It’s not like that!”

“If I say it won’t hurt, it won’t really hurt. Trust me.”


“Go to bed now, Seulgi. I am an expert in this kind of situations.”

“But, I’m scared…”

“What are you being scared of? Trust me. It won’t really hurt—”


Irene barged into the room only to see Seulgi holding a cotton swab while Maru is pushing that hand away. Trace of blood can be seen on her lips. The two became mannequins at the sight of Irene.

Blood immediately went up to Irene’s face, embarrassed of her own thoughts. She hurriedly stepped out of the room and shut the door close.

“Sorry! I was sleep-walking!”

Irene went back to her room in the speed of sound. Maru and Seulgi looked at each other then just shrugged their shoulders.

“Joowon-ah, we need to atleast disinfect your wound.” Seulgi insisted, pushing Maru backwards. “How come you even bit your own lips to the point of bleeding?”

“This is normal... Although this is the first time in a long while.” Maru held Seulgi by the wrist but the girl continued to push towards her. “It’s okay already. It stopped bleeding so we can go rest now.”

“Joowon-ah!” Seulgi pressed her lips together. “You are going to come out with us at tomorrow’s press conference. Are you planning to make a misunderstanding in the media?”


“If your lips swell, they would think that we fought with you or something!”

Maru sighed. “Okay then. I’ll let you do what you want.”

“Come here.” Seulgi smiled at her and made her sit at the bed. Seulgi sat beside her and started to treat her wound. Maru was just looking at Seulgi’s face while the girl is busy taking care of her wound.

“Seulgi-ya…” Maru called in a low voice which made Seulgi jerk. “I’m sorry for earlier. I know you got shocked.”

The girl smiled faintly. “It’s okay. I should be the one saying sorry. If I didn’t tag along maybe nothing bad happened.”

“It’s not your fault. I told myself that I should handle those kinds of situation calmly but seeing my girl being treated like that by another guy in front of me made my head blank.”

“You know, you should not hold your emotions like that or you will really explode like what happened earlier.” Seulgi suddenly commented which made Maru blush. “But I guess you managed to make your point which is nice.”

“I’m sorry if that surprised you.”

Seulgi cutely shook her head. “It’s okay. Koreans are quite known for our blunt expression of anger. It’s nothing new.”

Seulgi stood up and cleaned everything. Maru looked at her charging phone but she doesn’t have any will to boot it on. She knows that she’ll only end up reading forums. It didn’t matter to her before but since doubt has already entered her system, those comments started to have meaning.

“I’ll turn off the lights now.” Seulgi said. Maru looked around and saw that the cameras are already taken away.

Seulgi joined her in bed which somehow surprised her. “Don’t you feel awkward?”

“Eh? Why?” Seulgi asked back.

“Because I’m inlove with a girl. Don’t you feel awkward having someone like me around?” Maru removed her glasses and placed it on top of the nearby cabinet.

“Are you really worried about that?” Seulgi smiled as she turned her body towards Maru. “I don’t really mind at all. Don’t be so wary about it.”

“But if I were a boy, would I make your heart quake?” Maru covered her eyes with her arm and sighed. “Why was I born as a girl in the first place? Things could’ve been easier if I were a boy.”

Seulgi also sighed. She could trace frustration on Maru’s tone. Carefully, she lied down on her stomach and slowly uncovered Maru’s face only to find her tearing up once again. Her heart clenched for a moment.

“You’re wonderful the way you are, Joowon. There’s no need to become a boy.” Seulgi stated, looking straight to Maru’s eyes. “If you became a boy, I wonder if they would let us sleep together like this. I wonder if they would let us hold hands in public. I wonder if I could still be close to you… just like this.”


“I know you’re afraid of losing Haruka-ssi. You guys have to talk about it when you’re heads already cooled down. There might be a misunderstanding somewhere that you guys must fix.”

Maru sighed. She held Seulgi’s hand that’s brushing her hair and held it near her cheeks. “Thank you.”

“There’s no need to—”

Seulgi wasn’t able to finish her sentence when Maru pulled her into an embrace. Maru held her tight, her hands trembling.

“Thank you for understanding me, Seulgi.”

The Korean girl smiled and returned the embrace. She kind of liked this pair of arms that she’s jailed into; she really won’t mind sleeping on it everyday. It’s a waste that tonight is the last night that she could enjoy it. Knowing that this would never be hers somehow gives her heart a light pinch.

“Everything will be alright, Joowon-ah.” She buried her face to Maru’s chest. “I believe that it’ll be fine.”


THE REVEL press conference finished smoothly which was followed by a fan meeting. The Japanese fans noticed how close Maru has become to the girls. She was made to sit between Irene and Seulgi making it a little bit awkward for her since most of the people came there just for Red Velvet.

She was surprised to see Korean fans coming to meet her. She even received a lot of gifts from them. This is different from the usual handshake event because fans are able to personally hand you the gifts.

She can consider the girls as fanservice goddesses because they are still able to make the fans smile despite the language difference. They are really professionals.

Fancams are already being uploaded in the internet even during the event. There are a lot of videos showing how Maru interacts with other members especially with Seulgi and Irene. It can be seen that she and Seulgi has some extra closeness when on the other hand, Irene would look away whenever Maru will turn her way.

There was even a time that Maru wore a pair of cat ear clips and showed it to both of them. Seulgi immediately grabbed her phone and took a picture of Maru, surprising everyone because Maru doesn’t like her pictures be taken by others. She even willingly stroke a cute pose.

On the other hand, when Maru showed it to Irene, the leader looked at her for a moment before finally smiling. Atlast, Maru was able to thaw the ice between them. They started to interact even more after the cat ear incident.

There are times that Yeri would stand up from her seat just to show something to Maru and the fans like the interaction between them as well. Joy would not just let everything go just like that, she surprised Maru by suddenly hugging her from the back, placing her chin above Maru’s head. Maru was busy interacting with some fans that time but Joy kept on bothering her by whispering to her ear so she stood up and chase her.

Yeri joined the commotion and ran after Maru. Wendy slapped her forehead at how childish they could be but the fans are enjoying everything. Maru even used Seulgi as her pikachu which made them all laugh. When the pikachu attack didn’t work out, Maru resolved to use the oldest.

She made Irene stood up and took the leader’s seat. After that she pulled the girl to make her sit onto her lap. This made Irene and the others gasp together with the fans. Maru continued interacting with the fans with the surprised Irene sitting on her lap. Irene tried to escape but Maru kept her jailed.

Yeri and Joy started with their “Unfair” chant and then hugged Maru. Seulgi slapped the table as she stood up leaving everyone in shock.

“Hey! I’m the girlfriend here!”

Everyone looked at Seulgi’s way. She then pulled Irene away and made her sit beside her. The others were then dumbfounded at the sudden SeulRene fanservice. Everyone thought that Seulgi would go for Maru but she went for Irene instead.

Maru was surprised but she soon smiled at Seulgi as if they both understand each other. Irene still couldn’t comprehend what happened but the heavy blushing of her cheeks is inevitable.

They performed Rookie and Red Flavor to close the fan event. They also received news that the show will be specially aired in Japan which really delighted them. And here goes the wota chat room/ forum. XD

Maru-sama doesn’t seem like she’s making distance from the girls this time. I wonder what happened during the time she’s with them.

The show will be aired here so we will find out soon.

She’s not acting defensive like what she does during IdolM@ster. This time she also made an attack to Irene and Seulgi.

Somehow I feel like something happened to her.

I agree. Like, she was freed from something.

She’s enjoying their company without drawing a line. I really love her chemistry with the girls.

I’m still MaruParu into this. No matter what! Can’t you see that Maru-sama’s eyes looked dead!?

LoL. That’s funny.

I won’t be surprised if Maru-sama gets invited to Korea after ReVel’s show gets aired. More of that MaruSeulgi moment. Add Yeri up and it’s a happy family.

MaruSeulgi or MaruIrene? XD

Don’t give up about MaruParu please.

LoL. Maru-sama already woke up that Paru-chan doesn’t like her the way she likes her.

It’s okay like this. I guess they’ll be happy with their own lives.


MARU IS already on her way back to her home from the airport. She even went with them even in the airport which really surprised even the staff and crew.

“I thought you are a busy person. Why do you have to drop us here?” Irene coldly asked but she actually felt grateful to see Maru there. That just means she enjoyed hanging out with them.

“I really thought that you would disappear like a bubble right after the conference.” Joy said before clinging to Maru. “In any case, have you fallen for me?”

Maru rolled her eyes. She was about to answer when Yeri answered for her.

“If Joowon will fall inlove, she’s definitely not going to fall for you.” Yeri pulled Joy away from Maru and pushed Seulgi to her. “She’ll fall to Seulgi-eonni!”

“What’s up with you, Yeri!?” Joy scowled.

“They are my parents!” The little devil answered.


Maru slapped her forehead. “I guess Shakure King already got a grandchild.”

“Joowon-ah, let’s take a selca!” Seulgi asked. Maru just nodded which delighted Seulgi. The girl took a lot before finally kissing Maru on the cheeks. The other members were dumbfounded at Seulgi’s move.

“Call me after you talk with Haruka-ssi. I’ll be waiting for a positive news.” Seulgi innocently smiled before biting her lower lip.

Maru was also surprised but she then smiled and pulled Seulgi into a hug.

“Message me right after you arrive.”


“Hey!!! Stop that!” Joy shouted. “Stop being unfair, Seulgi-eonni!”

“Let my parents do their thing!” Yeri continued to pull Joy away.

“It’s amazing how they got really close just for three days.” Wendy told Irene.

Irene nodded. “I’m really amazed how well she was received by the fans. Joowon is really something.”

The leader then went to where Maru is and cleared her throat to get their attention. “I-I… I would like to take a selca with you as well.” She asked, her cheeks would never hide the embarrassment.

Maru was a little surprised but she smiled soon after. She nodded at Seulgi and the girl winked at her before giving them space. Irene got her camera ready and raised it up while Maru drew a little closer so her head won’t get chopped. Little did she know that Irene already had something on her mind.

The glasses girl jerked when she felt a hand slid down her palm. Irene is making sure that she is capturing every moment, the shutter won’t stop at all.

“I let you hold her hand. I’m just taking the sensation back.” She whispered. “Well, I also want to know how this feels…”

Maru smiled. “Stop holding back your feelings. I’ve been there.”

“I know. I got a confirmation when I pushed her to you.”

“Why do people always use me at things like this?” A picture of a certain Kagoshima girl flashed in Maru’s mind. “I can’t give you any advice about that. You see, I’m also in a pinch… But… Just be natural, it just comes automatic.”

The leader smiled at the pun. She took her hand away and stole Maru’s glasses before hopping back to her group.

“Souvenir~” She smiled.

“Hoshino-san, is currently resting.” Maru’s attention was taken away from Red Velvet’s instagram posts by the panicking voice of her manager. “I’m really sorry, Yamamoto-san but—“

“Give it to me, Kato-san.” Maru’s request was immediately granted. Her manager eagerly handed his phone. “Shakure King, what’s up?”

“Don’t ‘what’s up’ me, kiddo.” Sayanee answered without a hint of amusement. “What is with your twitter? Did you really post that? Are you serious?”

Maru crossed her legs. “That’s too short. I’ll be coming back anyway.”

“A month of hiatus is a year’s worth for the fans!” Sayanee shouted. “And it is so sudden and you didn’t give any reason. You are making everyone worried about you. Have you told Aki-P about it? Does Paruru know about it? I heard everything from Milky. Are you guys ok—“

“Calm down, Shakure King.” Maru sighed. “Sensei knows about this. I asked him for some rest and he agreed. He pranked me during my rest day so he couldn’t say no. About me and Haruka, I can’t talk about the details for now. My mind is blurry—“

“For Neon’s sake, never ever hurt yourself again, kiddo! I will kick you off from your penthouse if you cut yourself again!”

“You’re over reacting! I won’t cut myself. Only your chin can cut me.”

Maru heard her manager snorted after the joke. Sayaka somehow managed to hear that as well.

“Stop worshiping my chin! Your joke already sold a lot!” Sayanee took a deep breath. “I still have something up, kiddo. Contact me in case you need someone to drink with. And please!!! Stop blocking calls! You’re making me nervous to the core!”

“Alright, alright.” A certain stall suddenly caught Maru’s attention while they were about to turn right. “I’ll call you later, Shakure King. I’ll just drop by somewhere.”

“W-Wait, kiddo! I’m not yet—“

Maru ended the call while smiling mischievously. She handed the phone back to Kato together with a question.

“Kato-san, would grey suit me?”


PARURU arrived home while dragging her feet. It isn’t really a good day. Her shoots resumed but somehow everything didn’t turn out well. Since her mind is filled with the thoughts of Maru, she couldn’t focus at all. She kept forgetting lines and stuttered a lot. Her co-star that is showing interest to her doesn’t help at the situation at all. Every scene with him turned too awkward.

It is clear to the director’s face that he isn’t pleased with Paru’s performance but their attentions shifted right after the news of Hoshino Maru’s one month hiatus from the public eye broke. They all got worried about Maru’s welfare. Knowing that Paruru is her closest friend, they sent her home to be at Maru’s side if ever she is feeling unwell. They decided to take the scenes that Paruru isn’t involved and planned to retake Paru’s scenes once she herself gets back in shape.

She already got an idea why Maru suddenly went for a hiatus. She also knows that she has to apologize but her thoughts are in a deep mess. She’s even feeling scared that Maru would drive her away just like what she did before finally confessing her feelings.

What surprised Paru even more is that she found a carrier ready by their door. She hurriedly went inside only to see a grey-haired girl ransacking her room.

“H-Hoshi?” She called out which stopped the other girl from getting everything out from a certain drawer. Maru didn’t look at her, instead she continued with what she’s doing.

“Great timing, have you seen my passport?” Maru coldly replied.

Paru’s feet automatically stepped inside the room. “A-Are you going somewhere?”

Her voice cracked but Maru seemed like she didn’t care. She didn’t even give her an answer. After some while, a sigh came out from Maru before she finally stood up, looking at Paruru for the first time after their fight.

“I want to go somewhere for a short vacation. I just want to clear my mind. I’m sorry for not asking about your thoughts; I decided to take a leave in a whim. I want to practice my photography with beautiful sceneries this time.”

“B-But Hoshi… I—“

“You can go home if you feel bored. I know you’ll be busy so I guess that won’t be the case.”

“You need to listen to me—“

“I already filled the fridge so there’s no need for you to go shopping for food. You won’t have to be afraid of going outside just for food. Eat well during the time I’m away…”

“No! Don’t leave! If you leave I know you won’t come back.”

“The cleaning lady would come here often so don’t bother with the cleaning—“

“Hoshi, please! Listen to me!”

Paru held Maru’s hands. She looked at her straight to the eye but the other girl couldn’t do the same to her. When Maru finally found the courage to look at Paru her eyes turned into that unusual helpless state, far from her signature piercing stare. It’s obvious that she’s trying to show that she’s okay but those eyes would never lie.

“Haruka…” she called Paru in a husky voice as she reaches out to her. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry for suddenly getting angry at you last night. I’m sorry if I frightened you or something… Sorry for making you cry…”

Paru furiously shook her head, biting her lower lip to prevent herself from crying. Why is Maru saying sorry? She held on to Maru’s shirt and drew nearer. “No… It was my fault. I was the one who suddenly gotten angry. I embarrassed you just because I feel jealous. I wasn’t thinking straight. I thought you were being taken away by someone else.”

Maru looked more pained after hearing that. “Do you really think that it would be that easy for me to be taken away?” She asked, her voice pleading. “Do you think it would be that easy for me to leave the one my heart yearns for?”

Paru started tearing up. She bowed her head down to wipe the tears flooding her eyes before looking back at her Hoshi. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry for not trusting you enough. I’m also sorry about going out with another guy. Believe me, it wasn’t a date and I only asked him once! I just wanted to consult him about something but it all turned to misunderstanding. It was just—“

“Shh…” Maru hushed the panicking Paruru, caressing her lovely face with that cold palm. “I know… Miyuki sent me a message. She explained everything to me. And please don’t worry about me. That would be the last time that I would be angry about that stuff. I don’t want you to feel that I’m putting a collar to you. You can do whatever you want…”

Paruru felt her heart clenched even more. Those words are coming out not because Maru is a tsundere but because she is feeling inferior. She feels insufficient. Maru’s clearly thinking that if she doesn’t manage to fill Haruka’s needs she would be left behind. It’s the clear reason why she hid her jealousy. It is why she never said something even though it pains her.

Paruru went to hug her, listening to her loud beating heart. This has been her favorite place ever since Maru got into an accident. She loves listening to the sound of her heart, the proof that she’s alive. And now that it is beating this loud, she knows that Maru is really in deep pain.

“You can be selfish…” Paruru started. “You can be selfish as much as you want when it comes to me. I would like it to be honest. I won’t mind if you hold my hand in me in public, I won’t mind if you kiss me in front of everyone. I would love it. I like to be called yours—“

She wasn’t able to finish her statement when Maru suddenly graced her lips on hers. “Are you hearing yourself, Hime-sama? Are you sure of everything you are saying?”

Looking straight to her lover’s eyes, Paruru nodded. “I am. Without any hesitation.”

Maru looked at her with inquisitive eyes. She couldn’t believe that the Queen of Salt is saying all these things to her.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Paruru asked.

“Nothing.” Finally, a cute smile flashed on Hoshi’s face. “I just realized once more that I’m madly in love with you.”

Paruru was not able to respond further when her lips got occupied by Maru’s. She eagerly welcomed those lips since it has been a really long time that they kissed like this. She returned the kisses passionately, telling Maru that she loves her with every movement.

She could somehow smell the dye used in Maru’s hair but she didn’t mind at all. She already fell in love with her new look. It made Maru look more desirable. Just looking at her makes someone want to reach out to her.

They cut the kiss to get some air and continued soon after they got they lungs filled. Maru slowly led Haruka to the bed and made her sit as she continually kisses her. Taking a break, she looked at Paruru’s lovesick eyes and knowing that she only has these eyes while looking at her makes her heart grow wilder. She also noticed that she’s already wearing the gift she got her which made her smile out of nowhere.

“Why?” Paruru innocently asked but Maru just shook her head. She planted a kiss on Haruka’s forehead before finally closing their door. After that she went back to Haruka and leaned towards her. The other girl wrapped her arms around Maru’s neck, their foreheads touching each other.

“Let’s go back to where we stopped…” Maru whispered, sending chills to Haruka’s whole system.



THE NEXT day, with her body still aching because of what happened last night Paru still went to finish her shoot. They had it only for from 8 AM until noon because Paruru is in top condition. Her director was so surprised on how well she memorized her script and her delivery of each line. The shoot ended smoothly and quickly.

What surprised the drama crew even more is Maru arrived personally to fetch Haruka up. Her grey hair making a fuzz to the female staffs. What’s gaining more attention is what seems to be a kiss mark that is clearly seen on her neck.

They are currently talking to some member of the staffs when Paruru noticed her co-star looking at their way. She pretended that she didn’t notice him and then she slowly held Maru’s hand while hugging the other girl’s arm. They heard the people in front of them gasp but they didn’t mind at all.

“What was that?” Maru asked while they are already in the car. “You suddenly held my hand in the presence of your co-workers.”

“Ehh? That one?” Paru innocently asked. “Is there something wrong in holding my girlfriend’s hand in public?”

Maru couldn’t help but to grin after hearing those words. If she isn’t holding the steering wheel then probably she already pulled the girl unto her. They went to a theme park after eating lunch where they spent their day just like normal people do.

They were surprised on the videos and pictures taken by fans that were uploaded in the internet. Shinobu-san was the one who notified them about it. She reminded them to be extra careful the next time they go out but she also praised Maru’s new hair color.

Maru explained that instead of cutting herself, she resolved on changing something on her and it turned out that she has never tried dying her hair hence the grey-haired Maru came out to light.

All of the loyal shippers rejoiced at the sight of the MaruParu couple going out in a date. They thought that they aren’t shippable anymore but all the sweet pictures of them are just proofs that the ship is still strong amidst the typhoons. The shippers who backslid also went back to the mother ship.

Joowon-ah, I saw the pictures! I’m glad that everything went fine between you and Haruka-ssi. Also, your new hair color is amazing! Irene-eonni told me to say hi to you.

*credits to 게임회사 여직원들

It’s funny because she’s using your glasses almost all the time and wears a hoodie at our dorm. I can’t go to further details but I can say that we got closer right after our trip to Japan. ㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway, have you seen the pictures Yeri uploaded? She called us her parents. I am worried that this might spark another misunderstanding but Yeri just won’t take the picture down so please just explain everything to Haruka-ssi.

Thanks again. You somehow made me realize a lot of things. I’ll be true to my feelings even more. See you soon!


“What are you smiling at?” Paru asked Maru who is currently grinning while looking at her LINE.

Maru showed her LINE to her. “It’s Seulgi. She just sent me an update.”

Paru’s brows met. “I can’t understand a thing. It’s all in Korean.”

Maru chuckled and pulled Paru to sit beside her then jailed her in her arms. “She just said that everything is going fine with her and Joohyun. Those two are kind of caught up with something and couldn’t move further with their relationship.”

“Eh?” Paru’s eyes widened. “They are dating each other?”

“It’s the case.” Maru placed her phone on top of the table in front of them so she could hug Paru properly. “You see, there wasn’t anything to be jealous at all.”

“Hmm…” Paru apologetically nodded. “I think I also have to say sorry to her.”

“It’s okay, she understands.”

Maru planted a kiss on her nape which somehow tickled her. She tried to escape but Maru didn’t let her go, instead Maru even buried her face to Paru’s nape to enjoy the other girl’s endearing scent.

“What are you planning to do for this month? Are you still going to travel?” Paru asked. There’s a hint of worry in her voice.

“No, I’ll be your manager for this month. I’ll be with you everytime.”

“Eh? Are you serious?” She turned to her girlfriend who is smiling mischievously at her.

“I am.” Maru drew nearer until their faces are just an inch away from each other. “Let’s see if you won’t get tired of this face.”

Paruru suddenly chuckled which surprised Maru. “Who said I will get tired of you? I’m actually excited about it!”

Maru snickered. “Let’s see. Don’t expect that I will be loose since I am yours. I’ll be strict.”

Paru playfully hit her in the shoulder. “How strict then?”

“Ohh… Are you challenging me?” Maru smirked. She suddenly stood up and carried Paruru in her arms making the girl shriek. “Time for bed, Actress-san.”

“E-Eh! It’s still too early!” Paru panicked while clinging to Maru. “My schedule for tomorrow is also at noon so—“

“It’s time for bed.” Maru emphasized followed by a playful wink.


I’ll end it here before we forget what really happened to Maru. To those who want to read what happened after Maru closed the door, send me a personal message and I will send you the file. (Although I’m yet to write it, but I’ll try to come up with something. I want to challenge myself but I’m really bad with those kind of scenarios so I’ll just send it to interested people.)

I’ll be going back to The Waste of A Wish. Thank you for reading the SP Arc of TTM. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you for the one year~ ^^

I love girls in short cut...

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (F)
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I'm drooling......   :on bleed: :shy2:
I would really be pissed at you if it didn't end well but looks like I really didn't have to worry about it.
Also... a little bit of.....  :mon trudge: :mon blood: :mon lovelaff: :mon bleed2: :mon crazyinlove:

Overall, I liked the story. Had a different approach to it and as always, AMAZING.
I am so looking forward to more stories like this or so.

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (F)
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Whoohhooo!! The MaruParu ship is still sailing and Seulrene ship has started sailing  :jphip: :jphip:

Ohho Yeri is making her own little family. Which means Shakure King got a grand daughter and Koinu got a niece  :yep: :lol:

P. S. Irene in that  Game Developers web drama is so cute in the round glasses and hoodie. Have watched all the episodes and think the  simple attire is better than the cosplay dress at the last episode

P. P. S. Maru in grey hair would look so cool :oops: :wub:
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (F)
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i can't reply fast enough gomen, but this special is really......sweet and the last chapter is.....lots of fluffy things haha

i really like how maru says sayanee got grand children, it's just mean that she already accept being sayamilky's son (she is their son not daughter right) and saya-papa being worried to her son is cute and touching

and grey haired maru seems

all and all maruparu always prevail

thank you for amazing special chapter now i'll be waiting for the new chapter of waste of wish :twothumbs :bow:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (F)
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Well everyone if you're curious on what I'm talking about you should request Cut-san about the Closed Door chapter where Maru and Paru are being ummm.. *blushes* (you know while im writing this i keep on smiling and giggling about it).

So guys guys guys. If you are on legal age or if your parents or legal guardian know that you are reading smut/lemon or whatever fanfic terms we have there, you should hit that message button and do a dogeza in Cut's inbox xD

Congratulations to your smut debut, Cut-san!!! Really, you are an awesome writer. I suggest you make 50shades of Maru's hair lmao.

Paru is really naughty. Wahihihi! XD

PS: I am someone who doesn't like/read yuri(femalexfemale) lemony stuffs bc i have this weird preference in yaoi but I WHOLEHEARTEDLY APPROVE. It's light and sensual but full of emotions!!! And thank you Cut-san for that amazing extra chapter! I hope you write more. Feed my soul bc i really miss seeing Maru's name   :heart: :heart: :heart:
Uza... Uza... Uza... EKISAITINGU!!!
 :on asmo:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (F)
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Well everyone if you're curious on what I'm talking about you should request Cut-san about the Closed Door chapter where Maru and Paru are being ummm.. *blushes* (you know while im writing this i keep on smiling and giggling about it).

So guys guys guys. If you are on legal age or if your parents or legal guardian know that you are reading smut/lemon or whatever fanfic terms we have there, you should hit that message button and do a dogeza in Cut's inbox xD

Congratulations to your smut debut, Cut-san!!! Really, you are an awesome writer. I suggest you make 50shades of Maru's hair lmao.

Paru is really naughty. Wahihihi! XD

PS: I am someone who doesn't like/read yuri(femalexfemale) lemony stuffs bc i have this weird preference in yaoi but I WHOLEHEARTEDLY APPROVE. It's light and sensual but full of emotions!!! And thank you Cut-san for that amazing extra chapter! I hope you write more. Feed my soul bc i really miss seeing Maru's name   :heart: :heart: :heart:

100% agree!!!  :mon blood:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | ANNIV SP [TTM x RV] (F)
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As expected Cut-san. You're skills know no boundaries huh.  :mon inluv: :mon beam: :mon trudge:

For those who are interested in this genre, I do recommend you to read Cut-san's first work of it titled 'Closed Door'. Message Cut-san and ask about it. I'm telling you that you will not be disappointed. I'd say, Cut-san has done an amazing job at writing this. It has that vibe of being sexy and daring yet it still retains that feeling of innocence and fluffiness with it. Not to mention it has those little bits of embarrassing moments with it. Of course, it's still a first work in the making of maybe more to come in the future.  :mon misch: :mon noprob:
But I do hope you enjoy it either way.
Just a little bit of a synopsis that happens in it. They get naked. :mon trudge: :mon angel: :mon blood: :mon lovelaff: :mon fyeah: :mon nyah: :mon huh2: :mon fu:
Imma tell you now. I literally felt like my soul left my body for that mere moment.

Also, I'm sure Cut-san is open to opinions for this. (If not then forgive me Cut-san.) If you think it was amazing, comment. If you found it boring, comment. If it seemed to light for you, then comment. Comments are also what helps our writers improve in their writing skills. So, I do hope those silent readers out there, even if it's just to say 'Hi', 'Hello' or want to say something about the fic that you found confusing, do comment. I'm telling you now, it would mean a lot.
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Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)
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Things That Mix | 애리와 미남

I started this one long ago with the hope of posting it today. Well, if you’re asking what’s up with today aside from Christmas Eve, today is Maru’s birthday~ Yey~ Happy birthday, Maru!!! Lol. I planned on posting this with an art but RL got in the way. Anyway, thank you everyone for another year and to those who commented on the other SP! Have a merry Christmas~

A MAN’s body was sent flying to the wall followed by a loud thudding sound and the man’s groan due to severe pain. The girl who sent him to sleep just casually dusted her jacket and looked down at the man with disgust.

She was having her good night sleep at that certain train station when this man went to crawl on her. She woke up when she felt hands on her legs and what she first saw was a horrible face of lust. The man immediately covered up her mouth to prevent her from screaming but this girl exactly knows what to do at this kind of scenarios.

It has happened to her several times and having a black belt to taekwondo has helped to get out of the situation. She already knows how to free herself from vicious vultures that has come to get her.

“I can’t believe my hair is already this long.” The mysterious girl told herself while brushing her sticky, oily hair. Her hair has been like this since she was not able to take a bath for days. The public bath house that she usually goes is always filled with people nowadays due to the season.

“I probably should get a shorter cut than before.” She lazily murmured once again, trying to remember how short her last cut was. She concluded that she will only be attacked of her hair is long. Probably because everyone thinks that she is a boy when her hair is really short.

She looked back at the man who is fast asleep. Most likely the alcohol has a higher influence to this heavy sleep. The girl squatted and started to search for the guy’s phone. She dialed 119 as soon as she found it.

“A drunken guy passed out here at Yeouido Station. He doesn’t seem like he will wake up soon. It won’t be good if he stays like this at this cold weather. Please send something to pick him up. He is on the platform of the train bound to Banghwa.”

That’s all and she ended the call. She threw the phone back to the guy and then walked away.

She has killed a man before and she never want that her hands to be soaked in blood once again.


“WHAT HAPPENED to your hair?”

That was the first question asked to her by the high school girl who comes to her almost everyday. This girl is also the reason why she trended in the ulzzang community because she took a stolen picture of her and uploaded it online without her permission. She trended as the “Lonely Girl in Yeouido Station” which has brought a lot of curious teenagers to come and see her.

This girl tried to take a picture of her once again but she caught her along the process. But our heroine didn’t expect that she will cling to her like they just became friends. They don’t even know each other’s name but she can see that this girl is from a rich family. Her uniform even has a YISS* logo on it. There was a time that this girl came with a friend and the friend called her ‘Ae-ri’ so she assumed that it was her name.

*Yongsan International School of Seoul

“What did you do to your hair?” Ae-ri asked while shoving her face to the older girl. “Why did you cut it like that? I didn’t even recognize you!”

“Why do you even care on how I want my hair to look like?” The girl coldly answered, rolling her eyes while shifting her body to the other side of the bench. Earlier this day, she went to the arcade shop to look if there are people who will pay just to see her finish the unbeatable FPS game called Brutality V.

She garnered enough audience, especially those college boys who can’t get enough of her aura—scary but really charming. She played the game like an overpowered beater. Her life points only got a slight deduction which somehow frustrated her because she always perfects everything. Maybe she needs a new pair of glasses.

After earning decent money she went to her usual hair salon to get a two-block haircut, something that usual girls will never get. The salon manager somehow found cutting her hair a waste but she insisted on doing it. They got surprised that it fitted her and made her even cooler than winter to the point that the store manager immediately sent her to the bathroom and bought her change of clothes.

Pictures of her were taken to serve as the shop’s model even though she doesn’t like it. It gave her free clothes and money so she can’t really protest about it.

“You really look like a guy now! A cute highschool boy to be exact!” Ae-ri giggled while still trying to get a good look of the other girl’s new hairstyle.

“Tch.” That statement really irritated our heroine. She wants to live her life as she really is but if she won’t cut her hair like this she’s sure that nights like yesterday’s will continue to happen.

“Anyway, have you eaten something already?” Ae-ri asked while trying to secretly take a picture of the other girl. “Let’s go grab some ddeokbokki!”

*credits to the owner of the photo

Our heroine looked at the other girl who is just smiling at her like a usual cute kid. She was really surprised. Ae-ri indeed looks like that she is from a rich family but she just casually talks to street wanderers like her and even eats street food like ddeokbokki. She also uses public transportation even though her family has drivers that can take her wherever she wants to go.

“Sure, let’s go.” She suddenly answered without giving any thought about it. She was surprised about what came out of her mouth. The other girl’s face brightened up with joy. She immediately stood up from her seat and dragged the other girl out of the station.

“Why aren’t you wearing any gloves?” Ae-ri continued throwing questions while they are walking. She was holding the girl’s hand and took a good look of it. The older girl immediately pulled her hand away, trying to hide the scars and the fresh wounds that she inflicted herself.

She’s sure that Ae-ri saw it but the girl didn’t falter with the way she is treating her. She’s still smiling like she didn’t see something to be afraid of.

“I wonder what I should call you.” The high school girl audibly thought, changing the subject. “You won’t even give me your name.”

A deep sigh came out of the other girl. “I told you I don’t have a name.”

“That’s really interesting. How long are you going to say that?” Ae-ri said in between snickers. “If that’s the case it will be okay to give you a name, right?”

The heroine’s eyes widened for a bit but she didn’t let her bewilderment be noticed by the other girl. This is the first time in her life that someone would give her a proper name.

“Hmmm…” Ae-ri looked so cute and innocent while thinking. “How about Mi-nam?” *means beautiful male

Ae-ri froze when she met the other girl’s eyes filled with disappointment. She just named a girl who happened to have been carrying a masculine name since birth with another name for boys. Mi-nam then went on her own trying to make a gap between the two of them.

“W-Wait!” Ae-ri, who was then clueless of the girl’s past, just followed her, calling out to her with the name that she has given her. Her cheeks are blushing heavily. For the first time since Ae-ri started hanging out with this striking girl after her classes, she finally agreed to eat something with her. She has even given her a name. Although giving her a very manly name sounds absurd, Ae-ri felt like she has tightened the gap between them even just a little bit. Well, she can’t help it. The other girl looks like a really cool guy in that hairstyle.

“Mi-nam!” Ae-ri continually called her. Mi-nam immediately covered her mouth when she felt her muscles lifted upwards. It was the first time after a long while that her facial muscles moved to form a smile.

“Damn, I can’t stop grinning.” Mi-nam cursed to herself, trying to erase the smile from her face.


MI-NAM is back to her usual spot in the train station. The dinner with Ae-ri sure has saved her from starving throughout the night. The girl treated her and surprisingly, she had a good time talking to her. Ae-ri is so natural. She might look vicious but she has this cute side of her.

But after that dinner she couldn’t help but to think of some of the things that they talked about. The biggest question she has in her mind now is: Why are Ae-ri’s parents not mad about their only child being a girl?

Ae-ri confessed that her family is really rich. Her parents are CEO’s of their own companies; not just small companies but really big ones. Isn’t the heir always supposed to be a boy? Why is Ae-ri having a good life? Why is she still a girl? Why is Ae-ri being treated on the exact opposite on how she was treated?

The other girl is as free as a bird. She can travel after her classes; she doesn’t need to attend cram schools. She isn’t being home-schooled. There are no guards with her. She got friends. She’s basically living a normal life. When she on the other side…

Mi-nam sighed. She pulled a paper from her pocket and stared at her ‘Ways to Die’ list. Her face crumpled after failing to find an effective way to kill herself.

She tried. She tried a lot of times to be exact. There are plenty of times that she slashed her wrists but nothing happened. There would be bystanders who would help her at times but she thinks that since she usually does it, her body developed to cope up with the pain and learned how to heal fast.

She thought of killing herself by jumping in front of the upcoming train or by jumping from a building top but she’s worried that she might survive the fall but have her limbs paralyzed or mutilated. That would be a very terrible scenario. The same goes with trying to drown herself at the freezing Han River. She can never accept it if ever she becomes invalid.

There was a time that she tried to buy sleeping pills but every pharmacists declined her. They were all asking for a prescription from the doctor which she can never present. There was no place to hang herself as well. The thought of suffocating herself came into mind too but there is no place to lock herself and start burning something to be poisoned by carbon monoxide.

*Wrote this before the incident of SHINee’s Jonghyun (고생하셨어요 종현씨). This type of suicide has been done by a lot of people. A famous actress and her brother did the same way of killing themselves before. I’m not promoting suicide to be clear to everyone.

All this time she is relying to cutting herself hoping that one day it would put an end to her miserable life. But she’s perfectly healthy. Aside from her poor eyesight, she is almost resistant to colds even without taking flu vaccines before winter even start.

Then the thought of Ae-ri came into mind again. The girl is really friendly and is like a walking light bulb. She radiates by herself and is looking stress free despite the pressure she might be receiving in her school and in her family.

“Mi-nam, huh?” She slid on her seat, burying half of her face to her jacket where she then also hid her smile. “I guess I got a friend…”


TIME PASSED by so quickly. Winter has passed without Mi-nam noticing it. She didn’t even notice that the flowers already bloomed and the season for peaches is already over. Was it because she was so entertained of having a friend like Ae-ri beside her?

Despite the cold weather, Ae-ri was sure to visit her everyday so nothing would stop her this summer. She would bring Mi-nam together with her to the public library where they will both study. She has known Ae-ri for being really loud to the point that she doesn’t think before even speaking. She thought that girl was a no-brainer but she was amazed on how diligent she is in studying.

“I want to get to Seoul University!” is what she would always say. Her father is an alumnus of that school and she wants to follow her father’s footsteps. She has deep respect for her parents and it is evident despite the fact that she would say how weird they can be in terms of their hobbies.

“Idols? Japanese idols?” Mi-nam asked one time they were studying at the library.

The other girl nodded. “They are so much into idols to the point that my dad is spending a lot every year just to vote for his favorite girl. They would even fly to Japan to watch the election results.”

“Election? Are the idols you are talking about also work in government offices?” Mi-nam innocently asked which was followed by a snicker from Ae-ri. The girl reached out for her phone and started to search up for something. When the results loaded, she showed what she searched for the clueless Mi-nam.

“AKB48?” She read the searched word.

“Yes! They are called AKB48. They are Japan’s, no! I think they are the world’s largest idol group. Every year they are having this popularity contest on which the fans would vote for their favorite members. The number one girl would be the center girl for their next song. They are really big in Japan!”

Mi-nam then scrolled up for more information. She never thought that something like this concept exists. Idols that you can meet. The thought that these girls are being treated really special entered her mind. It felt like they are saints due to the way they are being treated. Just shaking their hand would cost you money.

“People get inspiration from them? That’s absurd.” She sighed while still reading more information.

“Well, aren’t all people like that? We get inspiration to whatever gives us that thing. That is how we are so deprived of inspiration.”

A smirk suddenly curved up off Mi-nam’s lips. “For a noisy girl like you, that was quite a line you got there.” She gave back the phone to Ae-ri after scanning everything. “So, who is your father’s favorite?”

“Oh, wait a minute.” Ae-ri typed the name of the girl and clicked images. She then watched the abundant reaction from Mi-nam’s face.

“W-W-What!? WHAT ON EA—“


Mi-nam immediately covered her mouth after the other people were disturbed by her shock. She looked at Ae-ri who cannot control her laughter because of her beet red face.

“Why are you showing me pictures of a girl in a bikini!?” She asked whispering but also shouting at the same time.

“That was a very nice reaction! It was the first time I saw you this flustered!” Ae-ri continued to laugh but was finally able to suppress it after a lady who was sitting behind her transferred to another place. “She’s my father’s favorite. Her name is Kojima Haruna and one of the original members of the group.”

“T-They do bikini photoshoots!?”

“Why? Do you want to be their photographer?”

“Hell no!”

Ae-ri grabbed back the phone from Mi-nam and showed her another girl. At first, the other girl was anxious to take a look at it because it might be another bikini picture but Ae-ri showed her more wholesome pictures this time.

“This girl is my mother’s favorite. She is Maeda Atsuko. She was the center of the group and was also known as the face of the group.”

“Center? Was?”

“Yes. She was because she already left the group in 2012. I remember how much my mother was so shocked at the announcement of her graduation. We event went to Japan to watch her graduation concert.”

“Hmm...” Mi-nam thought aloud. “I guess leaving the group is called graduation, huh?”

“That’s right! You’re really quick!”

“Then why do they leave the group?”

“Because they can stand without the group anymore? In Maeda’s case I think that’s true. Her name, even without the light of AKB48 attached on it, can shine by itself. That’s the reason of the popular members… Also to give chance to the younger girls. You can see how big the group is, right? The management just keeps on recruiting new girls almost every year.”

Mi-nam fell silent for a moment. Ae-ri said something about popular members. She concluded that there are also not that popular members who would leave the group for not being able to shine brightly among the mass of other light bulbs. She thought that it was waste of time and effort.

“You see? There might be a lot of girls now and is really hard to stand out but I can see that the girls are all happy with what they are doing. Of course, they may grow tired and be disappointed at times. They are also humans as well but you can see that they are enjoying what they are doing. That’s why I don’t stand against my parents’ hobby.”

Ae-ri smiled while scanning the other pictures. Though she’s not really into them because she likes Korean music more than Japanese music, Japanese idols became the way for her parents to meet and that is something that she is thankful for.

Mi-nam also smiled. For a moment she believed that she knows the reason for that smile of Ae-ri.

“If this girl left the group, then who is the main girl now?”

“Main girl?” Ae-ri chuckled. “It is called center. There are a lot of center candidates. But they have this drama that shows who are fighting for the top and these two girls play the main characters.”

Once again Ae-ri handed her the phone and Mi-nam’s eyes somehow got stuck at the picture.

Ae-ri leaned back to her chair and started with introducing the girls. “The girl on the left is from a sister group and I heard from my mother that she is really rising in popularity. On the other hand, the girl on the other side is like the ace of AKB now. She is like the strongest center candidate but her personality is a little peculiar. It doesn’t seem like she wants to be the center even though she can claim the position anytime she wants…”

“W-What’s her name?” Mi-nam asked followed by a gulp.

Ae-ri was taken aback after seeing Mi-nam’s face that is full of concentration. She leaned forward with her eyes fixed on the other girl. “The girl on the left is—“

“I am asking about the girl in the right.”

Ae-ri’s jaw dropped. She immediately snatched the phone from Mi-nam’s hands. The other girl turned to her; she couldn’t believe what Ae-ri just did. “I’m still looking at it.”

“Well, you can’t look at it now.” Ae-ri tucked her tongue out to Mi-nam before going back to her book. This action brought Mi-nam’s eyebrows to meet.

“Tch. What’s up with you?” She leaned back to her chair and crossed her arms. She gawked at the other girl who is busy pretending that she is reading something when her book is obviously upside down. “Tell me her name.”

“I don’t like~” Ae-ri continued flipping the pages of the book and then finally came into realization. “Oh, it’s upside down.”

“Why are you acting like that?” Mi-nam shook her head and grabbed a book in front of her. “I’m just asking for the girl’s name.”

“Why are you interested anyway?” Ae-ri rolled her eyes. “I won’t tell you her name. If you want to really know her you can ask my parents about her.”

“Tch.” Mi-nam closed the book with a force making another person leave. She took a deep breath then tiringly shook her head. “To be honest I really want to meet your parents.”

“Huh?” Ae-ri dropped her book causing another terrible noise which kicked two people out.

“I’m serious…” Mi-nam sighed. “I want to witness with my own eyes if they are really cool just like what you say.”

Ae-ri stood from her seat, making a loud screeching sound with her chair. “Then go and meet them tomorrow!”

“What!? Right away!? Aren’t they busy people?”

“They can surely make time if it is for me!”

Mi-nam’s eyes sparkled at that line. “Are you for real?”

“Yes!” Ae-ri nodded proudly. “I’ll go with them tomorrow at the usual meeting place. Make sure that you’ll be there! Don’t hide from us!”

“U-Uh… O-Okay—“

“EHEM.” Mi-nam’s stuttering affirmation was halted when someone suddenly cleared his throat. They looked at the guy in slow motion and the two couldn’t help but to gulp at the sight of the guy’s angry face. It was the librarian.

And without any word, he raised his arm and pointed at the exit of the building. The two just silently cleared their table and left the premises. It was an embarrassing situation but Ae-ri couldn’t stop herself from laughing. The contagious laugh of the girl made the stone-faced Mi-nam laughed once again.

This girl is really a wonderful kid. She’s sure that she has wonderful parents as well and she’s going to meet them finally! She can’t hide the excitement that she’s feeling.

Before parting ways, they went to eat dinner. Ae-ri always treats Mi-nam dinner as thanks for helping her with her studies. Mi-nam is like a walking encyclopedia for Ae-ri. I guess those years of torture and forced studies would make your memory absorb all the shit.

Mi-nam didn’t want to be treated because it felt like she is asking for something in return of what she is doing on her own accord but hunger is hunger. Dinner is now one less worry for her.

“Hey…” Mi-nam called the girl who was walking before her. Ae-ri immediately turned to her with a face clearly complaining why Mi-nam still calls her ‘Hey’ as if she doesn’t know her name. “Do you think I should go cut my hair?”

“Oh? Why?” Ae-ri innocently asked. “How about grow your hair this time? I think you would look cuter when you grow your hair!”

“I don’t care about being cute, you know?” Mi-nam looked at her right only to see a sea of people coming out of the subway exit. “The hair is making my nape itch a lot. I thought I should get my hair done again.”

A thought lighted up Ae-ri’s playful mind. She jumped towards Mi-nam and clung to the girl’s shoulder. “By any chance do you like to look manlier when you meet my parents?” She mischievously smiled but Mi-nam was quick to shove her face away.

“I’m serious, you know? I don’t really think that hair longer than this would suit me.” Mi-nam went to brush her hair up that is now a short bob.

“Don’t bother! You’ll be more popular to boys if you grow your hair!” Ae-ri enthusiastically said but her mind is telling her something else. “If you grew your hair longer then all the other girls that are following you would disappear! Kekeke!”

“I’m not after popularity as well. I’m pro-comfort!” Mi-nam raised her white flag as she dropped her head. “I guess I’ll let it grow for a change. You’ll be held responsible for this, little missy.”

“Fine!” Ae-ri tightened her hug to Mi-nam’s shoulder which, for the other girl, felt like a koala is hanging on its dear life. “If it doesn’t fit you then you can chop your hair off and be my boyfriend.”

“Hell no!” Mi-nam shook her away before fixing her shirt. “I told you I’m asexual and I’m a—“

“Yeah, yeah… You’re a girl…” Ae-ri finished her sentence while shaking her head like those noddy toys in cars. “But you’re way hotter than most guys so you’re still a boyfriend material!”

The short-haired girl’s shoulder dropped. She can never understand Ae-ri’s logic. Sometimes she thinks that this girl is really missing a screw. She then entered the train station and scanned her card. The younger girl is just following her with a cute, lips shut tight-smile on her face. It’s the time for Ae-ri to go home while Mi-nam is literally already home.

They went down the subway through an escalator. There are a lot of other kids wearing uniform that time since most of them have already finished taking advance classes. The short-haired girl looked at them with envy. For once in her life she has never even tried wearing a school uniform. She just turned her attention to the time of arrival of the next train to get rid of the negative feeling.

“Anyway, Ae-ri…” she called while still looking at the monitor screen. “Does that college guy still bother you?”

“Hm? You mean Heonwoo-oppa?” Ae-ri’s expression immediately changed after saying that name “He still sends me a message even though I’ve been ignoring him since he is so full of himself. I guess some people just don’t know when to give up.”

“Tell me if he tried to do something to you again. I will literally send him to a surgeon to get some plastic surgery after I crush his face. He should know his limits. He groped a high schooler and that is something I can never forgive. He was lucky all I did was to punch him last time.”

“Ohh… my sweet, sweet boyfriend~!”

Ae-ri tried to hug Mi-nam but she got shoved away once again. “Your train is here. Get home safe.”

“See you tomorrow. My parents already agreed to meet you. Don’t go anywhere, got it?”

“I’ll stay here.” Mi-nam assured her while gesturing for her to get on the train. Ae-ri cheerfully hopped in and waved goodbye to the other girl as the train is accelerating.

The short-haired girl then went to the end of the platform where her usual sleeping bench is located. The officials have tried to send her away before since it is really illegal to settle there but when they found out that she is some sort of an online sensation and the stores located at the subway are earning because of those who are visiting her, they let her stay there. The store keepers are kind enough to give her leftover foods and unsold, out of season clothes.

She isn’t aware of all of this since she doesn’t have her own phone to begin with. She isn’t interested to whatever is happening to the world anyway. All that she was thinking back then is how she would put an end to her miserable life. But things got a little color when Ae-ri came to her life and started pestering her…in a good way.

She sat on that bench, watching people as they come and go. There are times that young people would suddenly wave at her and run fast. She has gotten used to it. She thought that maybe they are one of the youngsters that watch her as she plays in the arcade.

Time passed by just like that and the operation of the train ceased. The usual patrol old man went to check her if there is anything she needs before he turned off the lights. Mi-nam only uses a small flashlight to help her survive through the dark night. She hates darkness with a passion.

The girl was about to fall asleep when she suddenly heard a shout followed by a loud thudding sound that made her jerk out of her bench bed. It was the voice of the old man. She hurriedly wore her glasses and reached out for her small light. She could hear laughing men, their footsteps getting closer.

She suddenly saw light coming down the stairs. It was from a phone flashlight. The light was so bright that it blinded her for a minute before her vision cleared to see three men approaching. Her fists clenched after recognizing the one who is leading them.

“Jerk.” Mi-nam gritted. “What did you do to Ahjussi?”

“What a way to greet me!” The guy in the middle laughed. Even if it is a little dark, Mi-nam could tell that the guy’s face is still swollen even though she landed a punch on him three days ago.

Mi-nam smirked. “Did a guy seriously take two more guys to get back on just one girl?”

“A girl, huh? You are more like of a gorilla than a girl.” The guy called Heonwoo said as he continued going towards her.

“Gorilla? Then I’d be a gorilla with manners. I’m still better than a pathetic person like you.” A drop of sweat rolled down Mi-nam’s face. Why on earth is she even agitating him more? Just looking at how buff the other two guys are she knew that she couldn’t stand a chance no matter how good she is in taekwondo. She is already cornered.

“I’ll let that pass for now because I know you’ll be crying out while shouting for my name in just a little while.” Heonwoo signaled to the other guys and as if they were puppets, they blindly obeyed the younger guy.

The two went to catch Mi-nam but the girl was hard to deal with. She tried to protect herself, landing kicks and punches to the guys but they aren’t making any damage. She might be able to send the other one down but the other one will attack her and it became a repeating process until she ran out of stamina and got caught.

The two guys held her by her arms locked behind her back. One guy pulled her head up through her hair and she was shocked to the core when she saw Heonwoo’s pants down. Blood started to run up to her eyes; she could really feel the heat of her anger.

“씹새끼 미친놈아!!!” Mi-nam cursed loudly, hoping that there would be someone who could hear her shout. What the hell are you planning to do!? Get the f*ck out of here!!!”

The guy just laughed and drew closer to her. Mi-nam struggled to get herself free but the two guys are so strong and she felt like her arms are going to fall off she continues to struggle. One guy kicked her behind her legs, sending her down to her knees.

“Time to teach you a lesson, you piece of shit. Ruining my image in front of the heiress of the Park Technologies? I will bring you down to shame!”

Mi-nam suddenly laughed which put the guy into a halt. She roared like a wild lion and showed him her amazing set of teeth. “If you put that in my mouth I’m going to tear it off! You would have to say goodbye to it!”

“병신 새끼! Turn her around!”

Mi-nam was then raised back to her feet and was violently turned around. Heonwoo pulled down her pants which made her even more agitated. She could feel his bare hands on her bottom but she couldn’t do anything.

“I want to be clear to you, piece of shit. I know you are attractive but don’t be full of yourself just because you’re a bit famous online. You hit a guy because you think I won’t hit you back because you are a girl? Let me tell you the truth…”

The girl could already feel the tip on her skin that made her bite her lips until it bled.



AE-RI was shocked to see that the station where Mi-nam is staying was closed and police lines are everywhere. For the first time after a long while, she used one of their family’s service cars to meet her friend that morning. She decided that she would go groom her and would buy her some good, girly clothes before they meet up with her parents but what on earth just happened?

“I’m sorry, miss, but you can’t go inside.” An officer blocked her way when she was about to sneak in the station. “An investigation is on-going so we can’t let any people go inside. Please use another station for now.”

“W-What happened, officer?” Ae-ri stammered.

“A homicide happened here, little lady.”

“H-Homicide!?” The girl gasped. “L-Let me in, officer! Please, my friend resides here!”

“Are you referring to the girl who lives here? She is nowhere to be found. The CCTV footage showed that she was the one who called for the ambulance to get the patrol man to the hospital but she disappeared when the ambulance arrived.”

“T-The patrol man?” Ae-ri tried to catch her breath. The patrol man always greets them with a smile whenever he sees them. He was a very good guy.

“W-What happened, officer? Please tell me the details!”

The officer knew that he couldn’t just say the details to anyone but the kid’s half-crying face is a proof that she is really related to the girl they were talking about.

“Three men crashed the station. The patrol man tried to stop them but they beat the old guy up. It seems like his old body was not able to handle the torture and he had a cardiac arrest. They were after your friend and the footage showed that they attempted to rape her but amazingly she was able to knock them down. The suspects are still inside and we are searching for the girl because we need her statement—“

His explanation was halted due to the sound of his radio.

“We’re going to get the suspects out. Clear the way.” was the command that came from the radio. And in accordance to their duty, the officers cleared the way; Ae-ri and her driver were pushed to the side. The other officers were seen climbing up the stairs. In the middle of them were the three suspects who all have their heads down, preventing the media to take a good shot of their heavily bruised faces.

Ae-ri almost lost her balance due to shock after she met eyes with Heonwoo. The guy was first surprised to see her but he gave out a freaky smile while he is passing her by. The suspects were then made to ride the police car. The evidence on them is too strong that it is sure that they would spend some good time in jail. A damaged pride even led to someone’s death. How terrible it is to be eaten with pride?

The girl turned to her driver, her whole body is shaking. Her eyes are teary.

“A-Ahjussi! We have to find Mi-nam quickly!”


“SHE’S MISSING?” Hiroko worriedly asked her daughter. She could hear her daughter’s sobs. She and her husband are taking the train for today for a change. Since they will be meeting in a train station, they thought that it would be good to have a subway date. They are just a few stations away from the meeting place.

“Omma, we really need to find her! She may not know it but I know that she’s cutting herself. She’s self-destructive and I know she’s having a hard time with her life so we really need to find her before she even does something that would hurt her more! She was attacked because she protected me! We need to find her!”

“Calm down, Ae-ri. We’ll find a way to search for her. We are here in Noryangjin station. We’ll wait for you here.”

“O-Okay, omma!”

Hiroko dropped the call and started to call one of her secretaries to instruct to try and get more information about the crime that happened.

“What happened?” Choon-soo asked, carrying the presents that they bought for the girl that became very close to their daughter. “That sounded so serious.”

“Kim Heonwoo attempted to rape Ae-ri’s friend and even killed a guy in the process. That worthless son of your employee went nuts completely and now the girl is missing. Ae-ri is pleading for us to find her.”

“개자식! He will surely pay for this.” Choon-soo isn’t the type of person to curse but it is times like this that he couldn’t handle his own tongue. He already heard about Kim Heonwoo and even told the guy’s father to stop him from getting close to his daughter since he isn’t mentally stable.

“H-Hey! What are you doing there!?”

“Get the hell out of there!”

“Hey! Are you on the right mind!?”

Their attention was caught by the people shouting at the girl who is standing at the edge of the platform. The girl has rips on her clothes and is holding an office blade on her right hand. Blood is dripping out of her arms and it is a horrible scene for many. There are also stains of blood on her head from the wound that she got when she headbutt the wall to stun her attackers. She used that moment to give everything that she got to knock them down before the stupid boy even penetrates her.

The signal for the upcoming train rang throughout the whole station but the girl isn’t moving from where she is standing. No one is brave enough to pull her away because of the hazardous blade that she is holding.

“Honey, it must be her!” Choon-soo immediately jumped into action without any fear of getting himself hurt. He didn’t even wait for Hiroko to react. He knew that the girl’s mind is somewhere else so he got the opportunity to hit her hand so hard that she lose grip of the blade.

Surprised, the girl turned back but before she could even do that, Choon-soo carried her away from the platform. She started to struggle, the information that a man is holding her has entered her mind and it is causing her so much disgust that she felt like puking.

She was so strong that Choon-soo needed assistance of the other people in the subway.

“Hayaan mo na ako mamatay! Patayin mo na ako!” The girl tried her best to break free, shouting those words on top of her lungs but her hopes crumbled when the train already passed. She started crying like a kid until she drained herself and passed out.

*I’ll leave it for you to search for the meaning of those words. Remember? Maru is a halfie as well. Thanks to you~ You know who you are... :)

Choon-soo was quick to call an ambulance and the couple went with her to the hospital. That was the day they found a heavily scarred treasure.


“NEKO-CHAN! Time to watch the performance!”

With her face still blank, the girl that they saved from the killing herself came to Hiroko at that one call. Her face may be expressionless but her actions are telling something else. She’s interested to whatever Hiroko is going to show her.

“It’s time to watch your favorite Haruka dance as center! They have a new clip of Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai. Sit here.”

Hiroko told her to sit on the floor beside her while they face a huge ultra-flat screen TV.

“I told you Hiroko-san, I’m interested to another Haruka and not to the one in the center.” She sighed. The Maru from back then heavily denied that she is attracted to Shimazaki Haruka even though her actions clearly show it. Kodama Haruka might be her favorite member but everyone in the Park household that she got a crush with Paruru. She’s not aware of those kinds of feeling so the couple finds it cute.

It has already been a month since the incident. She still has episodes of hurting herself but since she is surrounded by all these good people and she is being dragged to the world of idols those thought of hurting herself has lessened.

The guys that attacked her are serving their time in jail. Her heart grieved to the loss of the patrol man that she has grown attached to, adding to her pile of misery. Ae-ri asked her parents to take her in and they agreed knowing that they can provide her protection.

The family knows of her past. Choon-soo would not just let someone in his family without a background check. She might not want to tell them her name but Choon-soo already saw her Identity Card when she was brought in the hospital. The name did shock him which made him want to protect her even more. They kept it a secret from her.

“Mi-nam-ah!” Ae-ri’s loud voice echoed throughout the whole living room. “It’s time to get a haircut!”

“Wait! Let me finish what I am watching first!”

Ae-ri gasped when she saw Paruru in the screen. She immediately went to steal her Mi-nam’s glasses so she won’t be able to look properly. “Omma! I told you not to make Mi-nam watch any videos with Paruru on it!”

“But Paruru is a part of AKB!” Hiroko tucked her tongue out cutely.

“Ae-ri, give me back my glasses! I’m still watching!” Mi-nam tried to snatch her glassed back but she really couldn’t see well.

“Get your haircut first!”

“Why are you so obsessed with my hair!?” Mi-nam stood and ran after the other girl. “You told me I would look better with longer hair!”

“No! I changed my mind! You look better with shorter hair! That’s the best!”

“I don’t get you!”

In a sense, Ae-ri’s obsession to Mi-nam’s hair was due to the trauma of her being almost raped. She thought that having a shorter hair is better to drive the perverts away. In addition, the older girl really looks stunning with shorter hair and she could introduce her to anyone as her boyfriend.

“You’re my boyfriend so you have to look cool!”

“When did I become your boyfriend!?”

Hiroko was just laughing at the two. Her house became even livelier at the arrival of this girl in their lives. She is a gift and she wanted to make the girl feel the same way about herself. No matter how much the world had been cruel to her, for people like them she is someone that can never be replaced.

“Neko-chan, how about we go on a handshake event?”

The two stopped with their chase when the taller girl turned to Hiroko. “Handshake event?”

“Yes. It is an event where you can meet and shake the hand of your favorite member. Let’s make time and go to Japan to attend one event.”

The girl was surprised about the said event. “Will it be okay?”

“It will be!” Hiroko brushed Neko’s hair. “They are idols you can meet anyway.”

She then turned back to the screen and even without the help of her glasses; the image of Paruru looking so beautiful on the paused video was engraved to her mind that time. She smiled for the first time in forever.

“Idols that I can meet…”


This might be the last special chapter for TTM. Sorry if it felt rushed in the end. WISH will be back next week. :) Happy holidays to you all~ Again, happy birthday, Maru! :) Merry Christmas~
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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)
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Ahhhh, that was so good. Getting to know how Maru and Ae-ri came to meet makes me even more attached to these girls. I like Ae-ri a lot more now. Seriously, Maru needs to have a happy ending in her next life, so I'll be looking forward to the next WISH. Merry Christmas~ And happy birthday, Maru~

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)
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“Hayaan mo na ako mamatay! Patayin mo na ako!” The girl tried her best to break free, shouting those words on top of her lungs but her hopes crumbled when the train already passed. She started crying like a kid until she drained herself and passed out.
no one is gonna let you die Maru I repeat no one,

no need to search since i understood it proud Filipino here  :yossi: ans belated happy birthday

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)
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man...this chapter is so...great, it's really nice to know about maru's past when she met aeri and her parents, and somehow touching

i don't know the meaning what she shouts but i can guess it's probably she asks them (or pledge) to let her die
p.s : thanks to @yuuri14 -san's comment i think i got it right hehe

well, i kind of understand for maru's self-destructive habit, (i'm not one) but sometimes when anxiety and depression kicks in it can't be help but to feel wanting to hurt ourselves

this chapter is really nice, i really love it, and i can't wait for wish's next chapter and (maybe) some new special again haha (just joking for the last one i don't want to burden you)

p.p.s : oh, i'm not a kpop fans or anything but my heart also broken when i hear about jonghyun, my pray goes for him and his family

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)
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I'm sorry for the rage but the crime the I hate the most, aside from murder, are those related in sexual assaults.
I mean, men, and at times I guess women, KEEP YOUR DAMN F****** HANDS TO YOURSELF!!!!!


But aside from that, this is a cute story on how Maru and Ae-ri met. Guess Maru must have been so attractive for Ae-ri to stalk her for a bit.

Also, didn't expect Maru to be half Filipino. I'm happy to learn about that.



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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)
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You know that scene when Maru calls Aeri 'Hey!' my mind immediately supplied the word 'Ya!' bc i was literally bingewatching Kdrama these days xD also when Mama Hiroko called her husband, 'Honey' i was contemplating whether it's 'Yobo or Chagiya' lol XD so much for korean information~

The rape scene was a bit Wow bc it's a bit triggering. It's intense and I wanted to rip that dick off from Heonwoo or whatshisname is. And I google translate that language and it was Let me die. Kill me now.

Anyway, I really like this story. It's well written (i omitted the fact that there are some grammar mistakes bc it's unbeta'd) and also the Minam-Aeri relationship I've been wanting to know!

I hope this isn't the END for TTM so I'll definitely amp up the writing on that not so secret fic I've been working on for about idk MONTHS! LOL! Now that I have more information~

Ps: Belated Merry Christmas to you Cut-san :3
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