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Author Topic: [OS] Inlove with the Casanova (MaYuki + IkuIko)  (Read 8984 times)

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Re: [OS] Light in Darkness (MaYuki)
« Reply #20 on: November 26, 2012, 01:16:23 AM »
It kinda breaks my heart but I'm glad tbey are together
mute, blind, next is deaf?

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Re: [OS] Light in Darkness (MaYuki)
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creamie.... you made my heart.... Dunno, complicated to explain a mix of emotions.... thank you for these two OSs, and gomenne for being so late to read the KojiYuu one...  :bow:
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Re: [OS] Light in Darkness (MaYuki)
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first you called us 3 idiots(rhin,cheesy and me)..XD
second yuko is mute..
third yuki is blind..

WTH creamy..hahaha
what is want HAPPY!!!
NOT SAD!!! :banghead:

well thank you for the cool fic even its sad..hahaha
i want more!! :drool:

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Re: [OS] Light in Darkness (MaYuki)
« Reply #23 on: April 27, 2013, 06:56:03 PM »
Yeah its cool!

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Re: [OS] Light in Darkness (MaYuki)
« Reply #24 on: April 28, 2013, 07:50:23 AM »
I've just read your Mayuki OS :mon study:
I thought that it kinda sad but in the end is a happy ending :mon lovelaff:
Your OS is awesome :mon thumb:
Mayu and Yuki is so nice with each other even they've just known for a few days :mon hanky:
Hope you'll have more great fic :mon firecrack:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Re: [OS] Light in Darkness (MaYuki)
« Reply #25 on: May 24, 2013, 11:08:42 AM »
kojiyuu' s part is cuteness overload :twothumbs
i love it

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Re: [OS] Inlove with the Casanova (MaYuki + IkuIko)
« Reply #26 on: February 27, 2014, 03:38:16 PM »
Hi guys, i'm back for an OS. It's quite long so hope you dont get bored while reading it. It's a request from a friend of mine (I dont usually take request but she keeps pestering me hahaha)

credit to Anonymous Editor for the poster

hope you'll enjoy it ^_^


They say high school life is the best. It’s the time when you can feel butterflies in your tummy when you see your crush smiles at you, the time when you do stupid things along with your friends and the time when you don’t have bothersome thoughts about responsibilities......  but I guess it’s also the time when you feel pain and cry. Promises are broken, betrayal towards friendship and a wounded heart.

“Kashiwagi sensei, can you tell us about your high school life?”

I heard one of my students asked the question, everyone was waiting for a reply from me. Well thinking about it makes me feel nostalgic. I can’t stop but let out a small smile but not long after it turned into a frown. I remember him, my first love, well I still love him now and I’m still waiting, waiting for his return.
It was the first day of my last year in senior high.....

“ohayo Yukirin!”

“ohhh ohayo Hacchan” I smiled at my friend. We’ve been together since nursery and I feel so lucky to have her by my side.

“Neh Hacchan who are those two k-kkissing?” I curiously asked as I saw two people kissing under the sakura tree but couldn’t figure it out who they were.

“Oh them? Rena-chan and Mayu-kun. Not that surprising though. Mayu-kun is such a popular guy so whoever he wants he can get, even me I guess?” She said nonchalantly.

“but hasn’t she been his 10th already? I remember he flirted with paruru, lovetan even jurina before, can’t really remember the others and hey!!!!! What do you mean even you? I never thought you had such low standards when it came to guys” I was shocked hearing Hacchan’s word. Who could fall in love with a guy like that? Serously!

“I can be his 11th if he wants…”


“Okay okay. I admit I like Mayu-kun, who couldn’t fall in love with him? I mean look at him. He’s smart, athletic and even musically gifted despite him being a troublemaker sometimes and a playboy. But girls like bad boys, don’t they?” Hacchan faced me. I saw a hint of blush on her cheeks and dreamy eyes.
I just sighed at my friend’s response. What is the real definition of love anyway? I really couldn’t understand why a lot of girls fall in love with Watanabe-san. He’s just playing with their feelings and after that he’ll just dump them like a trash. Humans these days!

The bell rang and class started. It was peaceful until lunch time. Girls gathered around Watanabe asking him to have lunch with them. It’s always been like that, not that I care though.

“How long will it take for Hacchan to finish her club meeting?” I sighed while observing my wrist watch. It was 4 in the afternoon as I waited for her to return to our room, bored.

With nothing to do I decided to take out my notebook and start doing my homework until the door opened.



I thought it was Hacchan but to my dismay, it was the most popular guy in this school, Watanabe Mayu. It’s not that I hate him but I just don’t like him at all. Not the kind of guy I would fall for.

“What are you doing here?”

“hmm just want to relax for a bit, Rena’s still in their club room having a meeting”

He walked closer to me and pulled a chair to sit down in front of me. He leaned onto my desk and placed his left hand on his chin.

“What are you looking at?” I asked as he stared at me with his intense eyes. I must say his eyes were mesmerizing. Come to think of it, it’s my first time to see his face this close. His eyes don’t fill with so much emotion, it’s cold but it’s captivating. His nose is perfect and also his cherry coloured lips. The strands of his hair fall perfectly in every direction. His skin is white as snow and so smooth. What am I thinking? I must not fall into his trap.

“hmm nothing” he teased and then smirk. There’s really something hidden behind those words and I need to be careful.

“If you got something to say then say it” I coldly reply but he just smiled. Damn it, do you really have to smile like that? I might fall—stop thinking about it YUKI!!!!!

“Kashiwagi-san, this if my first time seeing your face this close and it’s beautiful, I could stare at it all day”

He stated and then suddenly I felt butterflies on my tummy when he winked. Is this the way you’re going to trap your victims? I was about to say something but he continued where he left.

“It’s quite weird that I feel relax when I’m with you, maybe because you’re not clingy like those girls.  You just do what you want to do or would I say, do the safest things where people will not look down on you. You study hard but deep down inside your heart you feel bored and want to do some stupid things with your friends but fear is always there. You are afraid of criticism, afraid of betrayal and afraid of heartache. You’re the one who’s going to decide, to live with freedom or to live with fear” He read me like a book, each word a disclosure to my inner self.

I looked down forming both hands into fists; I hate him for telling me that, we are not even friends. I want to slap him but I just can’t do it. What he said was all true, I just go with the flow in everything; am I really afraid to be me?

“Looking at you being like that makes me want to kiss you right now” he whispered seductively and caught me off guard.
Not long after, a pair of lips touched mine and I was shocked but I closed my eyes as I gave in to the moment. How I wish this would never end. I never thought a kiss would be this comforting.

Soon our lips parted. I looked straight in his face but then he looked back with a reassuring smile. He leaned closer and patted my head.

“Sometimes, it’s fine to be you, to show who you really are” he whispered and stood up from his seat.

“Sorry for making you wait Mayu-kun” I looked to the direction where the voice came and saw Rena holding her knees, panting.

“No worries, let’s go?” Mayu then took his bag and walked to where Rena is. He then turned around and looked at me again.

“See you around, Yuki-chan”

With that he went out while holding hands with Rena. My heart skipped a beat then my hand started to touch my lips.

“He kissed me” I whispered to no one in particular.

“How did he know something about me when I know nothing about him?”


A sudden shout startled me and it was my bestfriend Hacchan.

“Let’s go?”

“Mou, you’re late” I complained as I started to fix my things and put it inside my bag.

I was still thinking about what happened earlier. Thinking what the kiss meant to him, thinking that I should change my views about him, thinking only about him.

“You’re smiling like an idiot since we left the school, did something happen?” Hacchan curiously asked. I didn’t realise I was smiling and even forgot that I was walking together with Hacchan.

“hm, nothing” I lied.


We then continued to walk to a nearby cafe to have our dinner. We talked a lot and laughed a lot then after that went home.
It was an exhausted day but I guess it’s worth it? Then after few minutes a fell asleep.
Because of what happened, I realized that I was already part of the game called ‘LOVE’

The next day I woke up earlier than usual and then prepared my things for school. It was a sunny day as the birds are chirped happily. I ate my breakfast that my mother cooked for us then went my way to school. It was still early so only few students were gathered in school. I was about to enter our classroom but then I heard a shout. I peeked in and saw Rena and Mayu, arguing.

“Why are you breaking up with me? Is there something wrong?” Rena yelled, her voice sounded like she’s about to cry.

“No nothing, it’s all about me. I thought you’ll never fall in love with me deeply, I thought it’s just a game” Mayu explained then holds Rena’s shoulder to give her a hug but she slapped him.

“Seriously Mayu? A Game? Love is not a game for Christ sake! It’s a feeling, an emotion”

I saw Rena wiped her tears, she’s broke, she’s hurt but it’s not my business to interrupt them so I just stayed in my position, unintentionally eavesdropping on their argument.

“I wish I didn’t fell in love with you, I wish I never met you. You’re the worst person I’ve ever known, you’ll never ever change unless you will know what love is” Rena chided with more tears dropping from her eyes as she stormed away.

 I tried to hide but it was too late. She passed right in front of me and just stared at my eyes without even uttering a word. It was quite frightening. I then look back and saw Mayu looking down; hand turned into fist then whispered which I can barely hear.

“I guess I don’t know what love really is”

Watching him like that made my heart ache and I just don’t know why. My hands opened the door without my permission. He was quite shocked and looked at me but then let out a smile like nothing happened.

“You can cry if you want” I suggested. I cursed myself for saying those stupid words.

“Me? Going to cry just for a break-up? Are you making me laugh?” He sat down on the chair and laughed.

“Well I guess?” I scratched my head and let out a fake smile. Maybe a playboy like him doesn’t feel anything.

“Neh, Yuki?” he called my name out of nowhere, not my surname. Such a disrespectful guy but why does it sounds so good when he’s the one uttering my name.

“Why are you eavesdropping on our conversation? I didn’t imagine you as the type” He asked. He placed his arm on the desk and his hand under his chin waiting for me to respond.

“It’s not that I intentionally listened to your conversation, it’s just I came at the worst time” I defended myself.


“Why are you smirking? It’s true!” I pouted but then a person just suddenly went inside. She’s not a classmate but a kouhai.

“Ah! Sorry for interrupting you, I’ll just leave!” She bowed immediately when she saw us being together. She was about to leave when Mayu spoke up.

“You’re not interrupting us, so? What are you doing in here?” Mayu asked looking at the girl while smiling.

“eee-ehto Watanabe-san, Namba-san wants you to report to the music club right now. She’s going to discuss about what to perform in our school festival” she said fidgeting.

Did I just see here blush? And she’s not even comfortable to have such a conversation with Mayu. Oh God please don’t be one of Mayu’s victims.

“oh hmmm you look familiar, are you by any chance Ikoma’s girlfriend?” He stood up and walked closer to her. He then bent down to examine the girl’s face and her features while the girl just stood there ready to explode from the close proximity.

“I-i-im not Ikoma’s girlfriend. I’m Ikuta E-erika, 2nd year, Ikoma-kun’s bestfriend” Her eyes wandered anywhere except at Mayu’s direction.

“hahaha, don’t be shy around me, I won’t bite” He winked at her. Is he teasing her? Ah this guy really! I just don’t get him.

“ah Yuki, I’m sorry I have to leave you alone here, don’t worry I’ll spend time with you later in lunch break, ja ne~” He said sendind me a flying kiss which made my heart skip a beat.

“idiot!” I shouted

“A handsome idiot you say” he smiled to me while scrunching up his nose.

With that he left. That bastard, is he really like that? How can he move on so fast but thinking about the flying kiss, I couldn’t help it but blush.
Shortly, the students arrived one by one and the class started peacefully. Mayu-kun is not yet around because of their meeting. I unconsciously watched the clock wondering if lunch break was already near but sighed with disappointment when I saw it’s only 9am. Did I really take his words seriously?
Meanwhile in music room....

*Ikuchan’s POV

“I didn’t know you can play piano so well and you’ve got a good voice too” I shyly said to him. Why couldn’t I even look him in the eye? I’m not like this when I’m with Ikoma, but when I’m with Watanabe-senpai, it’s not the same.

“That’s fine, I’m not usually present in this club. I just come here if I like too or when Nanba-sensei wants me to come” He stated then started playing a certain song. I closed my eyes absorbing the calm and comforting melody. He played so well, I then opened my eyes and and witnessed his passion for the song. He looked fascinating.

“So what are we going to perform?” A sudden question from him woke me up from my trance.

“ahh yeah hmmm can we play Kimi no na wa Kibou? I have the sheets already, if you don’t mind?” I suggested since that’s one of my favourite song.

“hm it’s okay for me, so who’s going to sing and who’s going to play piano? You choose since you’re the girl”

“I-i’ll play the piano and you can sing the song. I’m not really good at singing in front of a crowd and if you are the one who’s going to sing it, the crowd will definitely like it” I said firmly, making Watanabe-senpai sing the song, it would be a fantastic view.

“Ok let’s practice now since I have an appointment during lunch break” He said then tapped the duet piano bench telling me to sit down beside him.
I inhaled and exhaled loudly feeling nervous just sitting beside him. I then placed my hands on the piano keys but every time I played it, I always hit the wrong note. What is happening to me? I used to play it so well.

“Are you ok? You don’t have to be nervous and just take your time. It’s just our first practice” He smiled at me then he stood up and walked towards my back. He leaned closer and held my hands.

“I’ll help you for now, then you can play it by yourself later” he whispered. I can feel his breathe just near my neck and can’t hold my blush.

“Ready?” he turned his face around me, and it’s just few inches away. AH this close proximity is killing me, Kami-sama save me!


Then he started playing it teaching me how to do it properly. Surprisingly, it sounded so good. It’s so perfect and can’t help but enjoy this moment.
But I guess moments like this have an end when the bell suddenly rang indicating that it’s already Lunch break and Watanabe-senpai will now see Kashiwagi-senpai whom he promised to have lunch with.

“Well that’s all for today Ikuma-san, I’ll see you later” He stood up then took his bag, ready to leave.

“Thank you for the help, Watanabe-senpai” I bowed down showing respect.

“not a big deal and just call me Mayu”

“h-hai! Mayu-senpai”

“ah by the way, take care of Ikoma for me”


“ja ne~ Iku-chan”

With that he left but then confusion started to bottle up in my mind. What does he mean by take care of Ikoma-kun? I can’t really understand those two.


*Yuki’s POV

It’s already Lunch Break but Mayu is not here yet, maybe it was just a joke. Then a sudden tap on my shoulder startled me and when I turned around a warm sensation is pressing against my cheeks and realized Mayu’s giving me a peck on the cheeks.

“Sorry for making you wait”

“Hey! Why did you do that?” I was quite shocked from the kiss but did not dislike it.

“Did what??” He pouted cutely. I look around and saw dangerous stares from the girls.

“You should act properly, people around us might misunderstand. We are not even friends so you don’t have the right to kiss me like that”. To be honest, I never really liked him, his presence annoyed me. His flirtatious nature and how he feigns ignorance to his admirer’s feelings, I realized he is aware of them but then there’s a thick wall he built around him, a wall that no one can break. Could it be that his playboy image is just a facade?

“I don’t really care if they’ll misunderstand us or whatever, I’m just doing what I want, and yeah we are not YET friends that’s why I’m going to use this opportunity to know you better and maybe become your friend” he seriously said then held my hand, dragging me away from the hallway to the rooftop.

“Air in here really makes you feel good” he stretched his arms then sats down on one of the benches. He then unwrapped his obento and took a bite of his rice ball.

“Are you just going to stand there and watch me eat? Or sit down beside me?”

“oh sorry” I walked towards him and sat beside him. We just ate our bentos without uttering a single word but then after he finished his rice balls he said something that caught my attention.

“You are interesting, Yukirin”

Did I just hear it right? And Yukirin? What’s with that nickname?

“eh? Yukirin? And interesting? What do you mean?” I stopped eating and stared at him waiting for a response.

“Well I kissed your cheeks earlier and you got mad at me for a few minutes but here we are eating together in the rooftop. You are starting to change coz if I did that to you before what happened that afternoon, you might have slapped me hard already and throw some harsh words, but you didn’t”
Thinking about it, he had a point. Am I really starting to change?

“but Yuki, promise me something?” he turned to look at me. Those eyes, why I can’t see right through you Mayu? “hmm what?”

“just, just don’t fall in love with me”

With His eyes made my eyes bulge. Me falling for him? That’s ridiculous but then laughter echoed around us and saw him holding his tummy while laughing.

“hahaha your reaction is interesting too Yukirin hahaha”

He really knows how to annoy me.

“ha! Me falling in love with you? You wish!” and stuck my tongue out laughing along with him.

Every day we ate lunch together and sometimes Hacchan was there. Every day a certain feeling in my heart started to grow. Every day I started to know him better and every day I started to change the view of my life in a different way.

“So are you going home?” He asked me. We stood in the bus stop waiting for our buses. Then I saw his bus coming.

“yeah” I just whispered loud enough for him to hear. The bus stopped and he went in but then stopped.

“Sometimes it’s good to follow what your heart says. You are the one who has the right to decide on what path to take. You can take this bus if you want something new or just ride the same bus forever” he then proceeded to take his seat at back of the bus and without even knowing I stepped in the bus and sat down beside him.

“This is not your bus”

“so?” I responded then saw him smiling as he held my hand. I decided to take a new journey, with him. We went to arcade shop and played random games. We even took pictures in purikura. I’m really having fun, it’s opposite to my boring life since I just used to go home then study or watch the tv or just browse the net. Hacchan and I just went out seldom too. I’ve never felt this free before. We then went to the park to rest. He went somewhere to buy ice cream as I sat on a bench hugging the teddy bear that Mayu got from the arcade.

“Miss do you want to hang out with us?”

A group of guys whom I don’t know surrounded me, there were 4 of them. My grip on the teddy grew tight as fear built within.

“uhm sorry I’m with someone” I turned them down politely but they didn’t even understand what I said and started to touch my face.

“You’re beautiful and you’ve got smooth skin”

I can felt his breath near me and closed my eyes afraid of what might happen next but then I guess luck was with me, a familiar voice spoke up “let go of my girl”
I opened my eyes and saw Mayu’s serious face. His eyes hollow. He dropped the ice cream and went to the guy who was holding my wrist. He then grabbed his shirt but received a punch from the guy’s friend.


“so this will just be a defence”

He then started to punch the guys and kick the hell out of them. He dodged their attack smoothly and successfully as if he learned some martial arts. Then one by one the guys fell down on the ground, full of bruises. He walked towards the guy who touched me earlier and punched him repeatedly in the face.

“Mayu stop it!”

He didn’t look like his usually calm self anymore, he frightened me. Is this the real Mayu? Putting my thought aside I went to him and dragged him away from the scene. We went to a convenience store to buy a bandage for his wound and went to a place where we can sit down and relax.

“I’m sorry and sorry for calling you my girl too” he mumbled and closed his eyes when I put the bandage on his right cheek.

“Was that the real you?” couldn’t help but ask. I want to know all about him, his past.

“Everything you see is me” without looking at me he answered. Why do you always cover yourself with thick wall? Why don’t you want to let someone break it? Why are you hiding all the pain by yourself? I’m worried about you that someday you’ll be eaten by darkness. I’m worried that you’ll not be by my side anymore coz I… I'm slowly falling inlove with you and if only I can say it loud to you.

“I can’t reach you” I whispered but he just smiled then stood up.

“You can reach me, see?” He reached his hand towards me for me to hold. “That’s not what I meant though” I thought and just held his hand.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you home” and with that he took me to our house and at the end I just couldn’t do anything.


Laying down and just staring at the empty ceiling of mine makes me feel I’m slowly eaten by the darkness inside of me.  If she didn’t stop me I don’t know what would have happened.

“If you will knew everything about me, I don’t you’ll accept me anymore” I sighed and just went out of my apartment to have a stroll in the park. Walking quietly and just inhaling the freshness of the wind but then I spotted a familiar figure sitting down in the swing. Without having a second thought, I walked towards that figure’s direction.

“It’s dangerous for a girl to be hanging around this late” I advised then sat down in the empty swing just beside her. She faced me and I was surprised to see tears in her eyes then my body just acted on its own and went beside her and kneeled down. I wiped her tears using my own hands “what’s wrong?”

“Ikoma-kun and I had an arguement” more tears came out from her eyes and I couldn’t do anything but to listen to her “and then what happened?” I asked

“He got mad when I brought up your name. I just told him about what you said in the music room but then he interpreted it negatively telling me that I’m just doing all of those things because you asked me to do it” So this is my fault again. Everything is my fault.

“I just want to be beside him, I’m his bestfriend afterall why can’t he understand that. Neh Mayu-senpai, what’s going on between you two? Why does Ikoma hate you?”

One day those kinds of questions will pop up and I guess this day is not for me.

“You love Ikoma, don’t you?” again I’m running away from myself. I don’t want to answer her question so I might just ask her that will catch her off guard.
“eh? Of course I do, he’s my bestfriend afterall”

“You love him as a guy, not just as your bestfriend” with a surprised look and a blushing cheeks, I guess I hit the bull’s eye. After few seconds she nodded and looked down while clenching her skirt.

“I love him, but I don’t want our friendship to end, I want to be beside him even though he will just treat me as a friend. I know it’s selfish” then droplets of pain touched her skirt, she’s crying once again.

“Sorry I can’t help you, I don’t know what Love is all about” I admitted, because of my past, I secluded myself away from people, away from love, away from everything and just have fun.

“eh? You’re kidding right?” with a flabbergasted reaction she got reminded me of Yuki’s.

“I'm not, that’s why Ikoma hates me. His mother loves me so much even though we are not blood related but I just treat her like a trash since I don’t know how to return that kind feelings of hers” I never thought I can open up some pieces of my past.

Silence then filled the air but then she broke it and spoke up.

“Then why won’t you help me practice how to confess to him? I mean I still stuttered when talking to you since I had a crush on you before but it will help me to control my emotions. If I can do it properly to you then I might do it in Ikoma too” she smiled at me “sit down on the empty swing it will help you relax”

I obeyed her words then start to move it. She’s right, it’s relaxing and I feel like I’m flying. If only the wind can blow away my past but I guess it’s impossible.

“I’ll help you during our piano practice, let’s add more time so that we can practice both”


Ikoma, you’re lucky someone like Ikuta falls in love with you. Both of you are lucky.


*Yuki’s POV

Every day is a busy day for us as Cultural Festival is fast approaching. Mayu-kun also hasn’t been hanging around with us as much as he could since he’s busy practicing with his performance with Ikuta-chan.

“ahh how I miss the old days” I whispered and then suddenly the door opened.

“Is Kashiwagi-san here?”

“it’s me why?

“can I talk to you for a moment?” this guy If I’m correct is Mayu-kun’s brother, Ikoma.

“it’s fine” I nodded since it’s also good for me to take a break for awhile. I’ve been busy doing our menu for our cafe this coming festival. We walked towards the rooftop to have a fresh air.

“e-e-to are you and Mayu going out?” shocked is all written in my face when he asked that question. Do we really looks like a couple?

“no, we are just friends” I wish we were though, but it’s impossible since I remember he said not to fall in love with him.

“I see” he looked down like he just lost a battle then just walked towards the door tiredly.

“neh, why did you asked that question”? I asked curious, please don’t tell me that Mayu and Ikuchan are having a mutual understanding.

“I’m afraid if Ikuchan will fall in love with my brother. You see people always say that Mayu can take any girl he wants and these past few days, Ikuchan and he are spending a lot of time so” he reply having a sad and angry feelings. Why do I feel pain in my heart? It’s not yet proven they are like ‘that’ right?

“are you perhaps in love with Ikuchan?”

“I am but I don’t want to break our friendship. You know what, Ikuchan had a crush on Mayu and if he knew that, I don’t know what might happen”
With those words my feet suddenly moved and I realized I’m already running towards the music room where Ikuchan and Mayu always practicing together.

“Kashiwagi-san wait for me” he shouted also running behind me.

I ended up standing in the door outside the music room, panting. I was about to open it when I heard a familiar voice.

“please go out with me”

That’s Ikuchan’s voice, are we too late? Am I too late?

I opened the door forcefully with a bang and saw Mayu hugging Ikuchan. Did he just accept her confession? Why can’t it be me Mayu? Tears swelled up my eyes about to drop as I saw Ikuchan having shocked expression. Mayu then turned around and just smiled at me being oblivious with the atmosphere.

“Yo Yuki” he then started to move a step towards me but I didn’t like it.

“STAY THERE! DON’T COME NEAR ME!” I shouted, I don’t know why I’m acting this way, I’m not his girlfriend so I don’t have the right to get jealous but why does it hurts so much?

“You’ve got it wrong Yuki-sempai” Ikuchan voiced out but then how can I believe her when I already heard and saw them.

“Believe me, you got it wrong” Ikuma then started to walk towards me but then she hit her foot on one of the chair’s feet making her balance unstable.

“Watch out” Mayu ran towards her and hug her protecting her head for safety and ended up in an awkward position at the same time Ikoma arrived witnessing the situation that will break his heart.

“You dumbass what are you doing” without even asking what really happened he dashed towards Mayu pushing him towards and empty space.

“What are you doing with Ikuchan?” anger boiled up while Ikuchan is told him he got it wrong, we got it wrong. I on the other hand just stood there paralysed; my brain could not process the whole situation properly. With a loud noise, I was able to wake up from my trance but then I saw Ikoma punching Mayu mercilessly while Mayu just let Ikoma do it.

“Stop it stop it”

A trembling voice of Ikuchan echoed around the room. She’s crying while seeing a horrible scene no one could imagine. Brothers even though not related by blood were fighting.

“That’s right, punch me until you are satisfied. You hate me don’t you? Then give me all that you’ve got” Mayu whispered while smiling. Seeing Mayu like that I guess I really couldn’t take it.

“STOP IT!” I shouted then ran towards Mayu and hugged him, trying to protect him from Ikoma. I closed my eyes waiting for the blow but it did not come. I slowly opened my eyes and turned around just to see Ikoma’s fist few inches away from my face, I then looked down slightly just to see Ikuchan hugging him tightly.

“Stop it Ikoma, he already felt your pain, your anger, your hatred so stop it” Ikuchan begged and this time it worked. Ikoma then just sat down and cried. I sighed with relief and checked Mayu whose lip bled and cheeks swelled.

“it’s not what you think, we are---“ Ikuchan was trying to explain when Mayu interrupted her.

“not now Ikuchan, you don’t want to waste all of those efforts right?”


“no buts”

I don’t know what they are talking all about. Did we misunderstand something? Mayu started to get his balance and stood up walking nearer to Ikoma.

“Are you happy now? Are you satisfied now?” questions that surprised us even Ikoma who is staring Mayu curiously.

“Oni---“ he was about to say something but was cut off by Mayu.

“sorry for treating your mother like that, it’s not that I mean it or anything.  Tell mother I’m sorry” he patted his brother’s head then went out the room. I quickly followed him but......

“don’t, i’m fine so please don’t follow me”

I’m already at my limit, questions started to pop up one by one and I just don’t want to lose this opportunity to ask, to know him better.

“you are not fine!”

“I said I am!”

He turned to me with that serious face of his. It’s my second time seeing that, first was the one in the park and second is now.

“why? Why don’t you want anyone to break the walls around you? Why don’t you want to let me in? Tell me” droplets of waters poured from my eyes.

“because things are meant to be that way”

“you are just a coward Mayu! You told me all those things before like it’s fine to be me, that it’s fine to show who I really am, but what are you doing to yourself? You are just running away! ”

“i’m sorry”

“sorry is not enough. You are hurting me but you’re hurting yourself even more”

“i’m really sorry”

With that he left me alone and that day I cried for the nth time.


Being in school made me feel sad coz I know I can’t talk to him anymore nor do the things we did before. The cool playboy Mayu that I knew is now completely different and turned to a cold cyborg. He totally isolated himself from everyone.

“Yuki, are you going to watch Mayu-kun and Ikuta-chan’s performance? It starts in an hour” Hacchan suddenly asked me. Yeah right, I almost forgot it’s already cultural festival.

“hm ok let’s watch it” maybe I just miss him so much, maybe because I really do love him.

We went to the gym not surprise that it was packed. We searched for empty seats and lucky enough found two.

The lights suddenly turned off then a spotlight turned on towards the stage’s direction. There I saw him standing with a tuxedo. He really looks good on it. He’s fascinating after all. Ikuchan on the other hand wore a white elegant. Without farther adieu Ikuchan started to play the piano. Hearing her play it makes me feel relaxed, it just sounded so good until I heard Mayu sang. It was so beautiful but too painful to hear. I couldn’t help but stare directly at him and was surprised that he too was staring at me. How did he find me with all of these people gathered around? But still I didn’t break the eye contact and listened to what he was trying to convey from the song.

I watched you from far away on purpose,
but sometimes I lost sight of your figure
24 hours, my heart was hollow,
I was alone
unable to live

A warm liquid kissed my cheeks and then I realized I was crying. “you’re not alone” If only I could shout it loud for you to hear.

Even if you were to turn around,
I would remember your smiling face
No matter when, I'll believe in your existence
and walk straight ahead

“please stop it you’re hurting me”

I couldn’t take it so I just stood up and ran away leaving Hacchan confused at my actions. My feet brought me to our room where we had our first kiss. Reminiscing the past is so beautiful that makes you feel so sad after. I went to every place Mayu and I shared. Lastly, I saw myself standing at the music room’s door. The place where all of the things we have got broken.

Walking alone in this world of lie
Wanted to be hear and wanted to be care
But hugging myself alone in this part of this room
Like I am on my own and you are on your own
A song was suddenly played harmonizing the tune that piano is releasing. I know this voice so I took a glance and saw him, playing the piano while singing but it’s a sad song.
No one knows, no one cares
If I’m feeling lonely and scared
No one hears if I shout
These words inside my mind
And this feelings in my heart keeps hurting me inside
But no one dares to give their hand
To pull me out in this lonely world
I need somebody not today but every day, every day

A crystal tear suddenly dropped from his eyes and then I saw him crying silently like a child. I don’t know what got into me and decided to open the door and ran towards him then hugged him tightly.


“yeah it’s me”

“sorry” Sniffing, he apologized. I don’t know why though so I asked him “for what?"

“for everything, for hurting you and also for falling in love with you”

The last words caught me off guard. Did he really say he loves me?

“but you and Ikuchan—“ I wasn’t finish speaking yet he cut me off with a kiss. Passing all his emotions towards a single action but it really worked, I can feel that he’s true to his words. After seconds, we broke the kiss and stared at me.

“Ikuchan is like my younger sister. What you saw in this room was nothing to begin with. She was just practicing how to confess her feelings towards Ikoma and I decided to help her” He started to explain, the things that broke us that day.

“but you hugged her”

“I did, but I was just so happy that our hard work was paid off. I mean Ikuchan can’t really say those words properly even if it’s in front of me, but then luck wasn’t on our side and you guys misunderstood it” he stood up then walked to the window to peek towards the bonfire outside. “gambare Ikuchan” he whispered loud enough for me to hear.

So we really did jump to a conclusion that led us to misunderstand the situation.


*Ikuta’s POV

This is the time when Mayu-sempai and my hard work will pay off. Hopefully it will turn out to be fine.

“sorry for the wait” I told to the person who is waiting for me in the bench.

“you are late Ikuchan” Ikoma replied. Well our side really didn’t turn out like Mayu and Yuki sempai’s so we are still friends even after all that happened in the
music room.

“Ikoma, are you still angry with Mayu-senpai?” I know it’s a taboo but I needed to clear things out for Mayu-senpai’s sake.

“don’t say that name anymore” he said coldly but I couldn’t back out now.

“you got it all wrong that day you know that?”

“but he was you know what I mean, that day”

“he was trying to protect me. Well we were practicing something at the time right and when we made it perfectly, he hugged me and then suddenly the door opens revealing Yuki-senpai”

I started to tell the truth behind that accident that brought all of us in awkward atmosphere.

“that bastard”  I saw Ikoma clenching his fist but then I hold them for him to calm down which is effective.

“I thought Yuki-senpai and Mayu-senpai are dating so I was about to explain to her that she got it all wrong but then due to my clumsiness I hit my foot on the chair making my balance unstable and was about to fall painfully but then Mayu-senpai caught me and protected me and ended up with that awkward position. That’s the time when you came to the picture and got it all wrong and started to punch him”

Hearing my explanation, he looked down, feeling guilty of what he has done.

“you know what, Mayu-senpai isn’t bad, he even cares for you”
“you’re lying”

“it’s true. We have our conversations and he always asks how you are, and when we bid goodbyes he will say to take care of you” I looked up the sky remembering the moments we have.

“but he hates my mother” he whispered

“no, he just don’t know how to take and return your mother’s love towards him. I don’t know about his past but that’s what he told me” I smiled to him and I know slowly he’s trying to open up towards Mayu-senpai.

“so what did you practice with Oniichan?”

My nervousness is now trying to overtake my system as I heard his question but then I remember what Mayu-senpai told me and gain confidence about it.
“hmm both of us are bestfriend since middle school. Every day we are together going to somewhere or just do stupid things but you know what? Every day that we are together a feeling inside me is born and starting to grow. I wasn’t sure all about it but then later on I realized that, that I love you. Not as a friend but a guy. I know that you’ll think that why not Mayu-senpai? Since I had a crush on him before but then I realized I just look up to him like a brother that I never had. Every day is painful for me to be together with you like this, so right now I’m telling my feelings to you” I said then looked at him straight to his eyes.

“I LOVE YOU and it’s all true, will you go out with me?” I asked while holding my trembling hands.

There was no answer so I started to tell myself that it’s a failure but then I heard him giggle then laugh.

“what’s funny?” I was annoyed on how he reacted to my confession.

“it’s just that I worried over nothing coz I LOVE YOU TOO. I was afraid that Oniichan will take you away from me and just play with your feelings, that’s why I was there in the music room but I don’t like if the girl confesses me so”


“Ikuta Erika I LOVE YOU, WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?” he stood up and bowed.

I can’t hold it anymore and just cried and hugged him tightly.

“I’ll be glad, please take care of me”

“same here” he whispered then took the first move. A soft and warm thing touched my lips. It was our first kiss.

*Yuki’s POV

We were sitting on the piano bench, not really talking but just watching the fireworks then a sudden phone call got our attention. It was Mayu’s phone.

“hello? Ikoma?” it was his brother calling him and it’s pretty unusually since there are not in good terms at all.

“I see you must be happy. Take care of her” he smiled then hung up. How long has it been since I last saw him smile.

“it’s Ikoma, he said he is now going out with Ikuchan. Ahhhh my hard work has paid off” he was smiling like an idiot and I let out a giggle.

“what’s that giggle for?” he annoyingly asked

“nothing, it’s just funny how you look like an idiot, smiling widely haha” oh how I miss this kind of moments.

“you asked me before if it was the real me right? The Mayu you saw at the park”


“my mother and father are not together anymore. As you already know, Ikoma’s mom and my dad remarried. Our family started to crumble down when I was in 1st year of middle school. Dad is so busy with his work and didn’t have time to go home. Mom is always doing something I don’t know and only left some food for me, pretty much I’m all alone. Then one day when I got home, I saw my mom cheating on my dad and I don’t know what got into me so I grabbed the vase near me and hit the guy’s head then started to punch him but not long after I received a slap from my mom. Saying some cruel things I didn’t want to hear she left me like that. Everything was messed up, then dad married Ikoma’s mom. She loved me like her own child but having a past like that, I couldn’t trust her. I decided to live separately which my dad agreed to, and that’s when I start living all myself”

I was happy that he started to open up with me but sad to hear all of those things.

“I lost trust in everything specially LOVE but then you came”

Words startled me once again and stared at him.

“I was just playing around before. Afraid to get hurt, afraid to be betrayed again so I decided to isolate my feelings since I forgot what love is all about and the emotion carved in it. Then you came and reminded me all those feelings that I forgot but I was afraid I would only hurt you, afraid that things will not turn the way I want it to”

He stared at me, those eyes now filled with emotions including fear. Love is really painful but worth it.

“I love you. Just don’t answer me now since i’m still not worth it for you. One day when the time come, when the sparks between us are still there, then I’ll confess to you properly” He smiled at me then shifted to the piano and started playing it.

I just smiled at what he said to me then lean my head on his shoulders and listened to his music.

“thank you, thank you for opening up to me and I’ll be waiting for you”

“thank you too for breaking the wall and I promise that I’ll be a better person”

That night was the last time we were together. His Dad offered him to study abroad for the last couple of months and that night he agreed to it. He then decided to go to London to finish his studies and take up a business course to help his dad with his business, especially since they were planning to open a new one there in London.

I on the other hand, even though it’s quite sad that I couldn’t see him anymore, I still have his words that I’m holding on to dearly and I’m really looking forward for the time to come. I then decided to take up education, teaching high school students is not a bad idea afterall.


*Present time*

“Kashiwagi-sensei your high school life is somewhat complicated” one of my students said and everyone just nodded their heads for agreement.

“is it?” I asked even though I already know the answer.

“but did Mayu-san came back and fulfilled his words?”A question I really don’t want to hear but still keep popping up like crazy.

It’s been 6 years already since he left but still I haven’t heard any news from him. We really don’t have any sort of communication but I still believe in him, even until now.

“not yet”

I saw their frowns and I hope no questions like that will be asked anymore and then suddenly the bell rang and I immediately went out and sighed.

“saved by the bell” I whispered

I walked towards the teacher’s room but then decided to pass by towards the music room. Suddenly some students ran towards there which made me curious as of what’s going on.

I stopped halfway when I heard a familiar song, a song that I haven’t heard for many years. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I started to take a step slowly and starting to feel anxious. Tears are swelling up in my eyes but still I’m trying to not let them drop onto my face. I ended up standing in front of the music room. Feeling so nostalgic since it’s like a déjà vu.
(coz) someone knows, someone cares
If I’m feeling lonely and scared
Someone hears if I shout
These words inside my mind
And this feelings in my heart keeps hurting me inside
Still someone dares to give their hand
To pull me out in this lonely world
I need someone to be by my side for the rest of my life
I need you

Hearing again that sweet voice, my tears started to drop one after another then I realized that the lyrics had changed. I abruptly open the door revealing a familiar figure that I missed so much sitting down in the piano bench.

“there you are” I said ignoring the confused looks of the students around us. He then looked up and smiled. He didn’t change that much. He’s still the captivating Mayu I knew before. With smooth white skin, cherry coloured lips, a petite but good shape nose and mesmerizing eyes.

“you found me” He stood up and walked beside me. I heard some students whispering if he’s my boyfriend or what he then whispered “tadaima”

“okaeri” I smilingly said then he hugged me tightly. It’s been 6 years that I haven’t felt his warmth and it’s such a wonderful feeling I would never forget.

“Yuki-sensei, who is he?” A curious student asked me but then I don’t know what to answer.

“her only one” he said firmly then wink to me. Ahh this idiot, still really good at teasing me

“eh no fair, He’s too handsome for you sensei”

“what does that mean?” I was surprised at what my student said and then all the students starts to laugh including Mayu.

“what’s so funny?” I asked him with an annoyed look

“you haven’t really changed Yuki, your reactions are still hilarious as ever” he commented but when I tried to object he suddenly held my hand and dragged me elsewhere.

We then ended up in the school’s rooftop, inhaling some fresh air.

“it’s been 6 years that I haven’t seen you, but you didn’t change at all” He said while looking at the sky.

“is that a compliment?” why is he being meanie, this guy really! Arghh!

“i’m glad you didn’t change”

Hearing those words made me happy deep inside.

“you changed though but in a better way, and I’m glad that we’ve met again” I honestly said to him what’s on my mind. He came closer and held my shoulders to make me face him.

“do you still remember what I said before? The last night of cultural festival?”


“I’m back to fulfil that promise. To confess to you properly and to get your answer no matter what it is. It’s been 6 years that we haven’t seen each other and was afraid that you’ll have someone already by the time I’ll realize that I’m already a better person for you or afraid that I’ll fall in love with someone else and will hurt you again. I’m glad I’m able stand here in front of you indicating that I didn’t break my promise nor swallow the words I said before. I don’t know if you are dating someone already or maybe fell in love with a guy and you are about to confess to him but let me have this chance to tell you how I feel”

Nervousness, excitement, happiness, fears and any other emotions are all over me right now. This is the time I always dreamt to happen.

“I was nothing before but you gave me a value. I was lonely but you accompanied me. I’ve built a wall around me but then you broke it. I don’t know what love is but then you came. I loved you before, and now I love you even more, I don’t know what future might bring but I know I will love you at that time. Kashiwagi Yuki, Will you go out with me?”

I was dreaming of this day but I never thought it would be this fantastic. His speech, the atmosphere, everything is so perfect. He reached his hands towards me and without thinking twice I held it “I’ll be glad to be with you” with that he sighed in relief and a droplet of water drops at the corner of his eyes.
I wiped it away then hugged him tighter. He then started to lift me up and turned us around then after we stared deeply. Faces got nearer until our lips touched each others.


We broke the kiss when we heard the noise then turned around to see students taking pictures of us.

“kissing in the sunset is so romantic afterall”

“want to publish it tomorrow? It’s a good headline for the newspaper club”

“ahhh he’s really handsome”

“Yuki-sensei is so lucky”

Those annoying brats, I should teach them a lesson on not disturbing some scenes like this and why are they here anyways and ahh!

“hey delete those pictures you took!” I shouted then started to run towards them. Startled, they started running as fast as they could.

“hey!Give me a copy of those pictures ok?” I heard Mayu shouted to them. Ahh he’s tolerating them, this guy really.

“roger with a really good quality!” I heard one of them shouted back.

“those guys, really!” even it’s annoying but I feel happy, maybe because we are reunited again.

“it’s fine, they are just having fun” he said walking closer to me then hug me again “I love you” he whispered

“I love you too”

A promise was fulfilled; a new beginning has started for the both of us, a future that will keep us stronger and having him by my side is already worth living enough.

The End


Song lyrics that I used were Kimi no na wa Kibou by Nogizaka46 (Mayu and Ikuta's performance ) [credits to stage48 for the english translation] and the second one was my own composition.

Credits to javs for the proofread :cow:

that's all thanks ^_^

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Re: [OS] Inlove with the Casanova (MaYuki + IkuIko)
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All the tease is worth it..oh my god this os is soooo kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cant stop smiling now  :inlove:
And even though rhin is the first one who thank u here and beat ok  :D
The mayuki feels that im feeling right now is to much for me :banghead:

Cream thank you for the os :on gay: i can continue to study XD wish me luck *teehee*

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Re: [OS] Inlove with the Casanova (MaYuki + IkuIko)
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Hey I got the first thank you! I feel so silly awesome  :w00t:
Anyways, thank you creamcracker-san for the os!  :bow: My MaYuki here so cute!  :inlove: I love seeing Mayu and Ikoma as brothers since they're both ikemen  :inlove: kyaaaaaaaah :on gay: 
The MaYuki ending is so sweet  :wub: :drool: and I also got a glimpse of MayuIku  :cow:  :cow:  :cow: eventho it's fake Thanks so much, creamcracker-san!  :deco: and congratulation, this one is your longest os so far!  :D

ps. Happy Birthday to your proofreader! :on slopkiss:

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Re: [OS] Inlove with the Casanova (MaYuki + IkuIko)
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Like it sooo much :D

I wanted more kiss :lol: but anyway XD

It was so sweet! Mayuki FOREVER!!!!! :twothumbs
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: [OS] Inlove with the Casanova (MaYuki + IkuIko)
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OMG This is soo coool !! i love the story and the pairing .. please make new fic.. with mayuki pair of course
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Re: [OS] Inlove with the Casanova (MaYuki + IkuIko)
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This is amazing!!!!

Sweet mayuki!!!

Pls make more mayuki fics  :bow:
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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Re: [OS] Inlove with the Casanova (MaYuki + IkuIko)
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Nice to know that you're still alive.... and writing...  :cow:
Hope to see more Mayuki UPDATES and OS from you in the near future. (preferably tomorrow... jk  :lol:)

PS: Alam ko namang hanggang asa lang ako/kami... hahahahaha

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Re: [OS] Inlove with the Casanova (MaYuki + IkuIko)
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I want the picture that oneeeee :deco:
I will place it on a wall hahaha
Anyway mayuki is so cute!
Mayu knows how to take care everyone but doesn't for himself
Thanks to yuki that broke the wall down!

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