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Author Topic: DREAM AMI (E-Girls) X HARUNA (NMB48)  (Read 472 times)

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Huft. It’s been just like that. Loving someone that we can’t reach. I don’t even know about her. We only ever met 1 time and it was at a music program shooting. But I’m not sure if she remember about our meeting or not. I don’t know if it can be accept or not, because I’ve been loving someone that is 10 years younger than me. I know that this is a sin for me. But what else I can do. This is the after effect if I dare to love someone that I don’t even know.

“ami, you okay?” shizuka-chan ask. I just sigh and show her my usual smile. She sits beside me and pat my back.
“you really love her don’t you?” she ask again. And again I just smile.
“then, how about we go to visit her today?” I turn to her with an investigating look.
“how?” finally I can let out a word come out from my mouth.
“you like her dance right?” I nod

That’s right. I start to like her since the day I saw her dance. E-girls is known for having a cool image and dance number. But since the day I saw her dance, I start to think that not only e-girls that have that characteristic. But there’s another one too. And the most notable member is the girl that I like. Known for the tsukkomi, her cold personality, and her boy looking dance. 

“what are you talking about?”
“you want to meet her right?”
“I do.”
“let’s meet her then.”
“her group’s theater.”

You gotta be kidding me. Is she crazy enough to bring me there? “you sure?” I ask. She nod and show me the stage’s ticket. What the… she already bought the ticket too. I just surrender with this kind of treatment that I got from her. Then we stood up from the chair that we just sat on and preparing to visit the girl’s group’s theater. “where are you two going?” aya-chan ask from our behind. “visiting someone’s dearest person.” Shizuka-chan said. Luckily my schedule for today already finished. I smack her hand as hard as I can. And she just laugh.

We use the bullet train from Tokyo to Namba purposely. Then, around 45 minutes (maybe), we arrive at the shin Osaka station. We call a taxi when the car is passing right in front of us. “NMB48 theater please.” Shizuka-chan said. And the car start to leave the station. We’re moving toward the NMB48 Theater. My heart start to beat faster than ever. God. I want someone to help me. And not too long after the ride, we arrive to the theater.

We enter the theater after we pay the fee to the taxi driver. The theater is an underground one. So cool. I wish dream or e-girls also have a theater like this. As soon as we enter the theater, crowd start to fill. I look at the white board that placed on the hallway. So her name is, kinoshita haruna. So beautiful. Then 5 minutes later the stage start. Starting from the first overture until the first mc. Her performance is too good.

Then the song continue to the unit’s corner. She’s having a dance number unit. And I have to admit it. She’s very good on making expression. Not to mention her dance is so good. I keep focused on her until I just realize that almost 2 hours already passed and the stage already finished. “I heard that she’s not participating on the high five, maybe we can go and visit her.” Shizuka-chan said while pulling me toward some place that I don’t even know where.

Ah, she’s searching for the theater’s manager. “emh, excuse me, sir. We’re from e-girls. I’m shizuka and this is ami.” We start to introduce ourselves toward the manager. “we’re here to meet the member call kinoshita haruna. Is she here?” shizuka-chan ask. And the manager ask if he should call her here or we’re the one that going to visit her. And I gladly accept if the manager is the one that call her here. I don’t want to take the risk for being caught lurking around at someone’s private area.

I and shizuka-chan talk while waiting for the girl to come. But not too long after that, I can hear 2 girls talking and laugh after it. Soon, the door is opened, and I can see that the two girls letting their idiot expression out. “hi, nice to meet you two.” I greet them. This is more nerve wrecking than what I think. “n-nice t-to meet you too. I’m kinoshita haruna and this is my partner, kadowaki kanako.” She greet while introducing her and her partner. I smile and call them to get closer. Shizuka-chan clear her throat and stand from the chair that she sat on. “um, kanako-chan isn’t it?” and got a nod from the girl. “mind to tell me where the toilet is?” she ask while blinking her eyes. And again she got a nod. Then the two of them leave the room and that’s leaving me alone with this beautiful girl.

“you do know who I am, right?” I ask breaking the awkward atmosphere around us. She just scratched the nape of her neck and nod while letting the shy smile out. I pat the empty seat beside me. she looks and give me a questioning look. I give her a smile and nod. She come closer to me and sit on the empty seat beside me. “your stage is finished right?” I ask to her.

“want to join me?”
“to where?”
“how about grabbing one bowl of ramen as your dinner?”
“I like that idea, but are you sure to take someone like me with you?”
“why not? I would like to know more about you.”

Her face turn red and she hid it immediately. I just giggle slightly. “let’s go.” I said while pulling her. She already change into her clothes, and now, it’s time to have a little dinner with a bowl of ramen. I only know one place that serve the most delicious ramen in Namba. When we arrive, I lead her to the most corner table that located next to the window. “ami-san, are you sure to choose this seat over all the table here?” she ask with a little bit confusion in her tone.

“sure. Is there something wrong with that?”
“um, nothing. I guess.” 

I giggle when I saw an embarrassed look on her face. “here is your miso and shio ramen.” The waiter said. “thank you very much.” We said in unison. After saying ‘let’s eat.’ To each other, we begin to eat our ramen. We eat in silence. Until 15 minutes pass and we finished our dinner. “what should I call you? Haruna-chan, or haru-chan?” I ask to her. “haru-chan will be fine. Member often call me that.” She reply and I start to call her haru-chan from now on. We keep on talking without noticing that this is almost pass midnight. And luckily, my phone remind me the time. I wish that time could be stopped for a while. I know that this is really selfish, but I want to spend more time with her.

“let’s go back.” That word slip out unconsciously. My mouth may said so, but not with my heart. It’s completely saying the reverse. I still want to stay with her. She nod and we stood from the seat leaving the ramen store. Huft. I exhaled my breath harshly. I gather my courage. “haru-chan, can I ask for your id?” I ask. She turn to me with a surprised look. But then the looks change into a sweet smile. “here you go, ami-san.” I smile and call a taxi for us. Maybe I’ll stay at my apartment tonight.

Around 30 minutes, finally, we arrive at haru-chan’s house. I give a little peck on her cheek before she left the taxi. I can see a tint of red on her cheeks. I ask the driver to take me to my apartment after sending haru-chan to her house. I wish I still can meet her after this.

3 months has passed and I’ve been having a contact with the girl that I love. And today, I have a plan to confess my love. I’ve been planning to do this for months. But I don’t know if she can accept me or not. Remembering our age’s gap that really aggressive. Urgh. Damn it. I have to do it. This is reality and I have to face it. She loves you or not is the later problem. I take my phone out and start to type a number on the led panel. It’s her that I want to call.

“are you free tonight?”
“mind to accompany me?”
“the restaurant that we often go these passed weeks.”
“I’ll pick you. Is that fine?”
“7.00 o’clock. See you.”

Then the call is hung by the other line. I smile. I have to do it. Be mine, haru-chan. fortunately, my schedule finished this 6 o’clock. So I have time to prepare myself. “aya-chan, I’m going to leave at 5.45. Is that okay?” I ask to aya. She just mouthing ‘it’s okay.’ to me because she still has something to do. I do my things as fast as I can so I have time to prepare myself beforehand.

Around 30 minutes later, finally, my work finished and I’m allowed to go home now. But I guess, I have to stay in my apartment at Namba. The driver from my agency take me to the bullet train station. I buy the ticket from Tokyo to Namba, Osaka. Huft. I keep on waiting until my destination’s stop. But it seems that I will sleep for around 10 minutes for wait the next stop. But I’m afraid that I can wake up. So I better stay awake.

And luckily I manage to save my energy and arrive safely at shin Osaka station in 45 minutes. I call a taxi that will take me to my apartment. Finally, around 25 minutes, I arrive at my apartment. I took out my phone and right now it’s already 6.45. I won’t be having any time to get a better preparation. I check everything that I have right now. Wallet, phone, car’s key, and ATM. All complete. So now let’s get moving to haru-chan’s house.

Around 15 minutes, finally I arrive at haru-chan’s house. I pressed the honk so that she can realize that I already right in front of her house. And not too long after it, haru-chan finally got out from her house with a very beautiful clothes that appealing her adultness. Damn, my heart suddenly beat faster than ever. And my libido is rising. I can’t keep on enduring this. I have to face this. “ready to go?” I ask to keep calm. She nod and I drive the car toward the restaurant we usually go.

At the restaurant, the waiter take me to the place that I already booked on the first hand. “ami-san, you’re taking me to where?” she ask. I just give her my usual smile when I’m with her. I grab her hands and intertwine our fingers together. What the. The beat on my heart starting to thump with a different rhythm. The waiter is taking me to a VIP room because I just want to be together with her. Not bothered by the customer outside. They’re freaking loud when they meet me with haru-chan. They all think that I’m dating with shizuka-chan and that’s freaking wrong.

“here is the room, miss.” The waiter said. And I just nod. I already order the food that she usually wants to eat. And of course I did this when I have my resting time on a variety program. We walk toward the only table that located inside the room. The table is right beside the room’s window and I take the left one while haru-chan take the one in front of me.

Skip the dinner ~

Finally after 2 hours, our dinner finished. I ask haru-chan to stay at my apartment tonight. And luckily she gladly accept it. Even though I know that she’s a little bit hesitate earlier. After I pay everything, we got out from the restaurant. We walk toward the parking lot and enter the car. As soon as we enter the car, I drive the car passing the medium speed.

Around 15 minutes, finally I arrive at my apartment. I park my car at the basement and hold haru-chan’s hands. I brought her toward my room. After we enter my room, I lead her toward my wardrobe. I have to give her a pair of pajamas, if no, she’ll be sleeping with that black dress that can make me turn into a monster. I choose one of my pajama that will fit her. It is my favorite though. “go change your clothes. The bathroom is right behind you.” I said while handing her the pajamas. She nod and take the pajamas from my hand. I also take another pair of pajamas for me to change. I walk toward the bathroom between my room and the kitchen. I want to take a bath also.

Around 30 minutes, finally I finished my bath and return to my own room. Fuck it. The moment I enter my room, I’m given a very sexy view. Haru-chan is tying her hairs into a ponytail and that makes her neck exposed to me. I just gulped my saliva down and walk inside. I hung my towel into the hanger behind my room’s door. After that, I walk toward her. I hug her from back. “a-ami-san?” she called. But I don’t care. I keep on staying like this. Her perfume is so thick. Danger. She’s making me wild. “haru-chan…” my voice turn into a husky tone. Shit. I plant a small kiss on her neck.

“a-a-ami-san.” She finally let her moan out when I suck and nipped hard her neck. My libido risen when I finally can feel her smooth skin under my lips. I move to the other side when I finished on making 2 mark on her left neck. I repeat the same things that I done on the right neck. I turn her body to face me. I can see that her face is freaking red right now, and she’s biting her lower lips. She’s fucking sexy right now. I move my face closer to hers so that I can taste those reddish lips. But her hands prevent me from doing so. “w-wait, a-a-ami-san. Please. We shouldn’t be doing this. We can’t do this.” She said. But I don’t care. Because I know what she’s talking about.

I kissed her lips lightly. After that I pull out. She might be saying that we can’t do this, but her body is saying the reverse. I kiss her again. At first, it’s only me that do this. But then she also do the same to me. I bite her lower lips and shoving my tongue right into her mouth. And she do the same. I push her right into my bed and start to do an intimate things.

A few hours later, we finished our intimacy game. She’s fully asleep for now. She keep on letting out moans and screams. I like the way she moans and scream. It sounded like a classical music in my ears. So beautiful. She’s peacefully asleep in hands as a pillow and head on my chest. I hug her like I’ll miss my precious things. And of course I don’t want it to happen. I don’t want to lose part of my heart that I finally found. She’s everything to me. Even if she’s really young, not minding the age difference. What I really want is to be with her. “you’re mine, haru-chan. And so do I, I’m yours.” I said before joining her into the dream world. But before it, I place a kiss on her forehead, cheeks, and lips.

~ Finish ~

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