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Author Topic: [OS] 夜明けと蛍 ~The Dawn and Fireflies [NagiShu]  (Read 535 times)

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[OS] 夜明けと蛍 ~The Dawn and Fireflies [NagiShu]
« on: December 23, 2016, 06:52:09 PM »
Shu is graduating. I was thinking of writing one-shot about them for a long while, but since Shu is graduating I feel like this is the right moment to make one. Especially after I saw the two dunces crying from their letters to each other. It's really bad for my heart...

At first I was thinking of writing something short and light, but then these vocaloid songs from n-buna played in my playlist... so I ended up with a sad-kinda-bizarre story in the end. Ha ha...

The main song is called 'Yoake to Hotaru' (lit. The Dawn and Fireflies). If you're interested you can listen to it here >> link
The name of the paintings also based on other songs made by n-buna.

All in all, enjoy~


~The Dawn and Fireflies~

I was too entranced by the pale moon

that I failed to see my own feet in the darkness

the stars in the faraway sky suddenly turned blurry

and before I knew it, I fell


The moon was so beautiful.

Its pale white color stood in contrast with the dark night sky, and the girl sighed, closing her eyes.

“What are you doing?”

A voice. She opened her eyes to meet a pair of jet black orbs, mirroring hers.

“Watching the sky.” She plainly answered. “It's so pretty tonight.”

“Pfft, the heck with that? You just tripped and fell down, ain't ya?”

The girl smiled as she heard the comment, taking the hand that was extended toward her.

“Aww, Shu... Can't you let me act cool for a chance?”

She whined as pulled the hand and stood back to her feet, patting her school blazer and skirt that was a bit dirty from her fall. The other girl smirked.

“You call that cool, lying down the asphalt like an idiot?”

“At least the reason can be.”

“Meh.” She released her friend's hand and skipped a few steps away, sticking her tongue out.

“Seriously, Nagi? Yer being too cheesy it gave me goosebumps.”

“Okay. That's it.”

Nagisa tapped her right foot to the ground a few times, smirking. Her eyes locked on her friend. Shu stared back at her for a while, before she furrowed her brows.

“Oh no you don't...”

As she finished her words, the two girls suddenly broke into a run, chasing after each other as they shouted loudly in the empty street.

“The last one to arrive paying for dinner!”


unable to find what I truly want

I keep my head down, hurrying to nowhere

so that even if I fall and people laugh at me

I can pretend not to hear them


“Eeh, next. Shibuya Nagisa-kun.”

“Yes, sir.”

The said girl stood and walked toward the front of the class, taking the piece of paper from her teacher. She flipped the white paper and blinked, staring at the big red circle on the top right corner.

“Amazing score as usual... Are you even studying properly?”

“A ha ha~” The girl scratched her head and laughed.

“I did, but everything just slipped out of my head so easily! Maybe I should put a net on 'em.”

The class turned into a mix of snickers and giggles right after. The teacher sighed as he heard that, hitting her forehead with the rest of the papers lightly.

“Just try harder on the next test.”

“Aye aye, sir!”


Nagisa skipped back to her desk, plopping down the chair with a big smile.

“Whoa, that was worse than math. Yer really suck in Japanese study.”

She glanced as she heard Shu whispered quietly to her ear.

“Want me to help you studying for once?”

Nagisa blinked. She stared at her childhood friend, seeing her usually so cocky expression painted with a bit of worry as the girl leaned forward on her desk. And then she laughed.

“Nah, it's fine~ You have yer own baseball club to worry about.”

“We're on our third year, dumbass. Club activities will end shortly.”

“Is that so?”

Shu grumbled, driving her knuckles to the back of her friend's neck as she felt annoyed by the thoughtless reply. But Nagisa didn't budge. The girl only yelped a bit, before elbowing the desk behind her and hitting Shu square on the gut with it.

Two girls kept whispering insults at each other for the whole session, until the bell rang to signal the lunch break and they both stood. A deadly glare mirroring one another.

And then they laughed.


as I paint the morning with a formless song

I turn toward those shallow summer days

and I'll see your hand, not yet cold

among the pale dawn and glowing fireflies


That place was her sanctuary.

A quiet small place by the edge of the town, where everything would finally move the way she wanted. Just a little stroke of her hand and the world changed according to her desire. She could picture it clearly beforehand, the warm orange mixing with the wave of cold blue undertone, just before she dipped her brush to the palette. Then, and only then, would she truly smiled. Her real genuine smile.

“Yo, Nagi~ Yer working on another piece—whoa, the heck!?”

Nagisa blinked and turned her head, seeing Shu standing by the front door of the warehouse. Her mouth agape.

“Shu! Finally, where's my lunch?”

Her smile quickly turned into a huge grin and she put away her work, scrambling away from the wall to snatch the plastic bag from the newly arrived girl. Shu instantly closed her mouth.

“Hey, hey, back off ya big glutton. There's my lunch in there as well.”

The girl pulled away, earning a pout from Nagisa.

“Who cares, I'm starving here~”

I care! Today's a big practice for my last baseball game so ya think I'm not starving?”


Nagisa clicked her tongue, leaving for the sink on the corner of the room and washed her hands. She saw Shu clearing the paint buckets from the table and put down their lunch.

“I got onigiri and yakisoba bread. Which one you want?”

“Yakisoba.” Nagisa answered as she turned off the faucet. “You didn't buy any takoyaki?”

“Shoyu or ketchup?”

Shu pulled out two paper boxes from the bag and Nagisa pumped her fist to the air.

“Shu. Have I told you how much I love ya?”

“As many as you beg me for food. And don't forget we're splitting the bill.”

Nagisa waved her hand in dismissal and pulled a chair over, reaching for her bread.

“So? What's up with the wall?”


Nagisa blinked, her mouth full as she munched on her meal. Shu raised her right shoulder.

“That one. Yer running out of canvas and finally start painting there?”

“Aah, not really.” The girl plainly answered, taking another bite of her bread.

“Just a change of pace. And I'm thinking of leaving some kind of memories here.”

“That's vandalism, y'know. Heck, even us using this abandoned warehouse is illegal in the first place.”

“Like you even care~”

Shu snorted as she heard the comment, giving her friend a shrug.

“Anyways, what's that supposed to be?”

Nagisa paused and stared at the unfinished painting for a while, before answering.



“Yes, fireflies.” The girl nodded, as if confirming herself.

“Fireflies in the breaking dawn.”

“I see...”

The baseball girl hummed, gazing at the soft blend of colors that was tinted slightly by the sunset streaming down the window. The two girls continued their lunch silently.

“Hey, Nagisa. Did you know?”

“ 'bout what?”

“They said fireflies are actually souls of the soldiers who died in battle.”

Nagisa stood up her chair in a flash.

“Okay, Shu. Out. Out you go. Now.”

Shu nearly bursted out laughing from the reaction.

“Pfft, still pissing yer pants from ghost stories even now?”

“I don't wanna be told by a scardy cat who cried begging not to ride a child rollercoaster.”

“Oi!” Shu slammed her hands to the table, her face red.

“Shut up, you frickin' adrenaline junkie! People will die if they fall down that ride!”

Nagisa smirked, crossing her arms.

“They have safety belts for a reason. And you think ghost can't kill ya? You can't punch or hit 'em for god's sake!”

“But they're not real, you dolt!”

“Just because you haven't seen them—


The two suddenly stopped their outburst and sat back down.

“Okay. Let's finish our lunch for a chance.”


They continued eating. Shu popped open her box of takoyaki as she finished her previous meal, her eyes wandered around the pile of canvas on the other end of the room. A painting of some clothes fluttering on the empty air with a bug flying behind them caught her eyes. She remembered asking Nagisa if it's some kind of invisible lady but no, the girl said, it was called 'The First Train and Kafka'. Shu decided to not question about her painting anymore after turning her head 180 degree searching for their meanings. She knew one thing though; that Nagisa really loved painting. So much that she could feel what's inside the wreck of her friend's imaginative mind and the joy she got from waiting her next piece.

Even when she sucks so bad in other subjects. Speaking of which...

Shu gulped down the takoyaki in her mouth and bent down, retrieving her bag.

“Oh yeah, I just remembered something.”

Nagisa paled as she saw a good heap of books tumbling down from it.

“I promised to help you studying, ain't I?”

The girl stood up her chair again, one hand pointing toward the door.



I've come to see myself as nothing but stain

the things I hate just keep piling up

I feel like leaving to the other side of this world

to that empty station, to meet the 'me' of yesterday


The two girls stood in front of the huge board silently as their eyes searched among the row of names, trying to find their own. Shu let out her breath as she found hers.

“Damn, I barely pass the midterm... I never thought much since our school have escalator system, but next up is college. Find yours already, Nagi?”

“Aah, I didn't pass.” Nagisa plainly answered. “I'm in the last rank. As usual.”

Shu turned her head, staring in disbelief as her friend scratched her cheek.

“Wait, what!? After all those exercises and all-nighters we did?”

Nagisa only nodded.




   “Hey, isn't that the school's biggest dunce?”

Shu flinched as she heard the low whispers behind them.

   “My, you're right. Is she seriously searching for her name? She'll always be the last without question.”

   “I wonder if her family still hoping her to take over the company. Man, she's nothing but a stain to their lineage.”

   “Don't say it like that. If it wasn't for that 'Shibuya' on her name, she won't even be able to enter this school.”

The girl couldn't hold herself anymore.

“Those bastards—!

“Stop it, Shu.”

Nagisa said quietly, her hand wrapped around the girl's wrist to stop her.

“I'm fine.”

“Huh!? Don't give me that, they just—

“I said I'm fine.”

The girl repeated a bit louder, a smile on her face as she gaze at her friend.

“I'm fine. Okay?”

Shu unclenched her hand as she saw the expression. She turned her face to the ground, hearing the soft laughter she knew so well ringing in her ears as the grip on her hand disappeared.

“Aah, it's almost time for the next lesson. We better get back to class, hurry hurry~”


Shu breathed out the answer quietly, trying to raise her face to meet the smiling face of her friend. That painful smiling face that almost like a cry, so different from the one she saw back then, on that small room dyed with countless colors.


each time I look away because my heart aches too much

the sight of you just keep drifting farther and farther

I must have dirtied our dreams by saying goodbye

to that flower we saw blooming in yesterday's sky


It was Sunday. The first weekend after the score announcement of the previous midterm exam, and Shu was walking toward the warehouse with another plastic bag. Nagisa had been painting like usual since that incident, though she had paused the fireflies painting to work on another piece. The new painting was just finished yesterday, a maddening red sky with black criss-crossing grid that resembled wire fence, and Shu could still remembered the girl's face when she revealed the title.

'Transparent Elegy', she quietly said, with a soft small smile that sent a chilling pain to the girl's heart.

Shu had known for long. That Nagisa had been burdened by 'reality' forced by people around her. But in this place, at least in this place, Shu found that the girl too could show her true self without shame. Because this place was her sanctuary; their sanctuary. But even that was near a point of shattering. Perhaps it was selfish of her to ask for these days to continue forever, and that incident had reminded her. They would soon walk out of high school, and from there on nothing would protect them from the harsh 'reality' as they chose their own path. So she had decided. She had to speak with Nagisa. About the future from now and the path she had chosen.

The girl took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Nagisa~ It's lunch time, ya big glutton—

“Oh, Shu! Nice timing.”

Shu froze as she saw the canvas piling atop each other in the middle of the room, her eyes wide in horror.

“Could you help me take the rest? There's just so many of 'em, ha ha~”

“Nagisa... What... are you...”

The girl said the words slowly, her lips trembled as she saw her friend threw another painting to the pile, so carelessly as if they were junks.

“What are you doing, you idiot!?”

Shu yelled atop of her lungs, snatching the white canvas from her friend's grip. Nagisa tilted her head.

“What, you ask? I'm burning 'em down.” The girl plainly said as she snatched the canvas back.

“I'm burning them; every last piece of them.”


“Now it's a 'why'?”

“Stop acting dumb and tell me why you're doing this!”

“But I am dumb, Shu~” The girl sang as the canvas left her hand, hitting the pile with a loud thud.

“That's why I have to focus myself on studying. And these things will only hinder me.”

Shu could only stood there as she saw Nagisa added more and more paintings to the growing lump. She clenched her fists.

“Is that really what you think? Or what your parents told you to think?”

The movement stopped. Nagisa lowered her hand and turned her blank gaze to Shu, her smile disappeared.

“Shut up...”

“So it's true, huh?”

“Shut up!!”

Her voice boomed, echoing among the small room.

“You think I don't know? Yer aiming for the professional baseball league, right?
So what's yer doing, studying hard for college and all—Are you taking a pity on me!?

The girl bent down and clutched her head.

“Chasing after your dream so boastfully, gaining something I could never have... No matter what I do... No matter how hard I try... I just end up failing in everything!“

Shu opened her palms slowly, reaching toward the trembling figure. She could hear the girl's slow quiet sobs, and she gritted her teeth, trying to bite back her own tears.

“Nagisa, I... I didn't mean to... I just...”



The hand touched her shoulder and Nagisa growled.

“I said leave!”

She swung her arm swatted the hand away; Shu flinched as the movement sent her right hand crashing to the broken wooden end of the canvas and she pulled it back quickly, clutching at the bloodied mess. Nagisa froze as she stared at the wound.

“Shu... Your hand...”

“D-don't worry, it's just a scratch. I can still pitch with this.”

She stumbled a step back, her tears trailed down her already wet cheek.

“Pheew, at least the painting is still okay.”


“It's a bit embarrassing but I actually love yer paintings so much. So please don't destroy them, 'kay?”

Nagisa sucked her breath.

“I can't, Shu... It's too late... Way too late...”

The girl turned away and ran, leaving the building with her head hang down. She couldn't do it. It's too late. No, there's no choice for her in the first place. The moment she was born under the name 'Shibuya' she had no choice but to follow the path her family had created for her. She had no freedom to choose her future. Not even once. Even when she painted she knew, that the day where she had part with them would come. So at least she wanted to leave a memory, of that dawn of fireflies where everything started. But she didn't even manage to do that. Trickles of water dropped down her shirt and soon turned into rain, but the girl didn't stop. She kept on running, running to nowhere, hoping to that she could undo time until she reach that summerly nights once again. A blaring sound of some car's horn filled the air and the girl stopped, turning her head toward the blinding light.



I can see the flowers, reflected on the water...

I can see the moon, swaying on the water, and yet...

if I were to paint a sky where summer never come

will you laugh at me, I wonder?

because I still see that daybreak in my dream

when the moon still hanging in the sky


“Come on, Nagi. This way.”

“Wait up, Shu~”

Two voices mingled among the quiet night as two small figures ran through the field, parting tall grasses as they walked. They finally reached a small river and stopped, catching their breath and brushing off stray leaves from their hair.

“Uwaah, we're gonna get scolded...”

“It's fine, it's fine~ Anyways, can you stop pulling my sleeves so hard? It'll tear apart.”

“W-what if there's ghosts!? I won't let you run by yerself!”

“Pfft, you still believe in ghost? You can climb the tallest tree already so yer already a grown-up.”

“Ghost can attack grown-ups as well!”

“Ah. A ghost.”


Shu snickered as she heard her friend screamed. She turned off the flashlight on her hand, but stopped when she felt a strong grip around her neck.

“W-what're ya doing, stupid? Don't turn off the light!”

“Akh—stop it, yer the idiot! If you kill me, I'll be the ghost and hunt you till the end of yer life!”

Nagisa finally agreed to release the girl's neck after she turned the light back. Shu sighed loudly.

“Geez... If we keep the light on they won't come out.”

“The ghost!?”

“No, silly. Fireflies.”

Nagisa blinked as she heard that, tilting her small head.


“Uh-huh. Check this out.”

The smaller girl carefully turned the flashlight off and reached for the fallen branch on the ground. She put on a smug smile, before swishing the branch across the grass. Small dim light fluttered up from the swaying scenery, basking the whole plain in a soft yellowish light.

Nagisa felt her eyes widened from the sight, watching the girl standing among the flickering fireflies, one hand extending toward her.

“Come on. You wanna try calling them too?”

“No wait. Stay there.”


Shu blinked as she heard that, watching as her friend grinned and made a rectangle with her thumbs and index fingers, peering through the gap like some professional cameraman. It's her turn to tilt her head.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Don't move, I said~ I'm saving this scene to my memories so I can paint them.”

“You can paint?”

“Nope. But I'll learn.”

“How convincing...”

Shu said in monotone but she didn't move anyway, letting Nagisa continued her work. After a while the girl nodded and pulled back her hands, while Shu fell to her butt on the grass. She scooted closer to Nagisa.

“So, you gonna put me on yer painting?”

“Huh? Nah, only the fireflies.”

She tackled the girl as Nagisa laughed her heart off, fighting and getting their clothes dirty in the mud until the soft light dissolved with the first ray of the sun rising up the horizon.


if tomorrow comes and I can still draw my breath

I'm sure I'll turn toward those distant summer again

so that I can feel your warm hand once more

among the pale dawn rising from the night


Nagisa opened her eyes.

It's been a while since she saw that dream, a dream from when she was still very young. The start of her very own dream. She took the worn our palette and dibbed her paintbrush. The warehouse she left had grown more deserted, and the half-finished painting on that wall had blurred away that she decided to redo it from scratch.

“Aah, I guess you didn't become a ghost in the end.”

She quietly muttered to no one in particular, applying strokes against strokes on the wall as the color start building up. The jagged surface of the old wall was so rough compared to the canvas she grown accustomed to use for the last three years, and the dirty room was way more cramped than the gallery she owned, but here, she felt like she could paint out her feelings a lot better.

The pale yellowish light of the fireflies seemed to lit back within the artificial sky on that wall, and across the dark field stood a little girl. A huge grin on her face as she stretched one hand forward. Nagisa smiled as she saw the finished painting, and she reached back her hand, stopping as her fingers touched the cold wall.

A tear silently fell down her eyes.

“I'll see you again someday, Shu...”


I'm back here again, to this town where summer yet to come

together with the brilliant night sky and dancing fireflies

The Dawn and Fireflies // END
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Re: [OS] 夜明けと蛍 ~The Dawn and Fireflies [NagiShu]
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Shu being the one to hold Nagi up all this time even with the failures in life, she held out until the end :nervous
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Re: [OS] 夜明けと蛍 ~The Dawn and Fireflies [NagiShu]
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Shu being the one to hold Nagi up all this time even with the failures in life, she held out until the end :nervous

Yeah... And now I'm just gonna leave these video and pics here because I realized I couldn't see this duo anymore...  :gyaaah:

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