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OTPs Shots (Original Parings)
« on: May 14, 2017, 08:39:44 PM »
Hey everyone newbie here! Please bear with my stories and grammar,eglish is not my first language. Any recemblace to any stories;ideas you already red;think or owned here is pure coinsidence, im just a fun writing some of my delusions about my otps. Please be kind to me and I hope ya'll like it. Enjoy :peace:

My Happiness(MayuKi )[P1]

"Mayu! What are you doing here?"

"Did I surprised you?You didn't expect me going here and caught you cheating huh!"

"No you're wrong-"

"What is wrong Yuki?! Are you going to tell me its not what I'm thinking? You're freaking kissing on the couch! And maybe if I didn't get here you'll do even more!"


"So you will huh, not even denying it.
Am I not enough? Are you not happy with me anymore?....*scoffs* oh I get it,in the end you choose him over me"

"Mayu listen to me-"

"Don't touch me! I had enough if you really like him fine!"


Mayu's POV :

Opening my eyes, I then rise on my bed and wipe the sweat on my forehead

'That dream again' I thought to myself as i woke up from my nap, looking at my window, its already evening,and fix my gaze on my phone on the night stand when it vibrates. Reading the message from my friend, I then stand up and start preparing.

It's been a month when I caught my lover cheating on me. I love her so much that I give my everything to her. I though we will be together forever but I'm wrong. She broke my heart into pieces when I found her and a guy kissing on her apartment. that day,I thought she'll go after me,explain herself and beg for forgiveness but I guess I'm wrong.

I'm not a strong woman or something like that. truthfully, I'm just a fragile,sensitive weak girl that become really emotional when someone do or name her just a little bit of insult and being cheated by the one you love is too much for me.

But thanks to my best friend Jurina,somehow I manage to continue my daily life without locking myself up on my apartment crying and messing my health when I got really depressed from the break up. After i left and wait for Yuki to chase after me that did not happen, i quickly call Jurina to fetched me, she immediately did and get me on her apartment, i broke down and told her everything and she scolded me but still comforted me since I'm crying my hearts out in front of her.

Actually,Jurina don't really like Yuki for me ever since she saw her, she told me something's odd with her and she'll just hurt me but I did not listen and instead start a relationship with Yuki and now look at me.. Anyways, after that i told myself to move on and forget her and to do that,I change my phone number and location.

"Where is she?" I said to no one in particular, I'm currently in front of a bar waiting for Jurina.

'Tsk,she's the one who invites me here and she's late' I thought and ready to call her when a car stop in front of me and a tall person get outside revealing Jurina and start apologizing after I scold her. After the scolding, we then get inside the bar.

Jurina told me that she got promoted from her job and she's late becase her coligues celebrate it with her and she call me to also celebrate it with me. I congratulate her we eat and drink while chatting and having fun.

After that, we decided to call it a night Jurina drop me home and accompanied me in front of my doorstep.

"Thank you for dropping me off Jurina" I said

"hmm.. No problem when it comes to you I'll do anything"She said and wink at me. though Jurina is a flirt and really like to fool around with girls,she's a really nice,reliable and respectful friend. Honestly if she will confess to me, ill surely accept and date her but too bad, she likes older woman than her same age. but more the less, I am thankful that I have a friend like her that always there to support me. I hope she'll be my best friend forever

"Haha,really funny. Anyways thank you again, drive safe k?Goodnight" I said close my door and proceed to my bedroom to change and prepare to sleep after I bid her goodbye.

Lately,I feel like someone's looking at me, I don't know who but everything I do and go, this feeling of being stare and look at are making me uncomfortable and scared. Actually, I already know someone's looking at me when Jurina and I celebrates her promotion and just shrug it off since we're new at the bar and the bar is pack of people and just continue having fun and then this.

So I went to consult Jurina and tell her about this and immediately help me. She hire a secret detective and we found out that I'm being stalk and Jurina quickly act,she told me to hand over all my schedules to her so she can drive me off to work and safely and of course I give it to her.

Its been a while since we started this concept, while the secret detective is finding who's my stalker and Jurina continue to drive me to work and home until the detective call Juruna telling me that he finally capture the stalker, we quickly went to his office and there we found my handcuffed stalker. he's a middle schooler wearing a baseball cup and a digital camera sling on his neck and some taken pictures of me and a cameras memory card on the detectives table.

The detective says that the culprit admited after he caught him taking pictures of me on a near post near my work place that he like her because I'm cute and I'm her type. After Jurina punch him, the detective put him in jail and after thanking him, Jurina and I return to my apartment.

"Are you sure you're okay now?you know I can still pick you up everyday" Jurina said concern look on her face,we're currently at my front door

"I told you I'm fine now. Now that my stalker is in prison nothing bad will happens, and besides you have a business trip tomorrow right?" I said convincing her that I'm fine

"Are you sure? I can cancel it, I won't go if you're still not fine.What if another stalker stalk you again?" Jurina persisted mou, this girl

"I told you it's alright, you helped me plenty enough, and are you sure you don't want to go, Rena-san coming with your team right? Are you sure you want her to be alone? what about you're plan? she might get lonely and got stolen by others you know"I said convincing her,Rena-san is Jurina's love interest. Rena-san is her boss and quickly fall in love with her in first sight and Jurina decide to confessed her feeling after the business trip.I hope she'll accept Jurina,though Jurina's childish,she's really a lover material.

"hmm..You're right, but-" I quickly cut her off

"No buts,I'm okay now,just go with you're trip and good luck. Ow and don't forget to pray before you confessed okay?" I said, she's still want to protest but i glared at her,she just sigh and give up.

*sigh*"Okay I get it but call me if something happened ill immediately go back for you okay?"She said and nod for a reply then leaves after I wave goodbyes.

It's Saturday it means today is my day off. I currently spending my afternoon watching some program on my tv at the same time playing at my console while waiting for my best friend to message me.Its already the end of Jurina's  business trip but still, I didn't receive any call or message from her. The last thing I receive from her is the message she sent me last Saturday informing me that she arrived at her apartment safety and her message this Monday greeting me good morning and be safe always and after greeting her back and reassuring her about my safety, I didn't receive any message from her again. I try messaging her and also calling her a couple of times but to no avail. I though she's just too busy on flirting with Rena-san and enjoying her business trip  that she forgot or can't even spend a single glance at her phone. I thought on calling some of her colleagues to check on her but then I realize that I don't have any so I just sigh, put my console down and pick my phone that resting on the table beside me and try calling her again.

*Dialing....* While waiting for her to pick up, I fix my bored gaze on the tv screen in front of me

*Ringing..Ringing..* still waiting, I then avert my gaze on the tv program since its a news which is boring so I just look at clock above it.

*Ringing...Ringing..* Ugh, why she not answering? tsk,maybe Rena-san reciprocate her feelings and get busy on each other. Honestly that girl tsk. I thought to myself then ready to grab a drink, my movement stop when I hear a familiar name on the screen behind me.

"A 24 years old business woman named Matsui Jurina found her rotten dead body at her apartment after a week until just this morning. According to the residents of the said apartment, an unpleasant smell coming inside the girl's apartment after the consecutive knocking and calling in front of the girl's lock door the land lady forcefully open the door and there on the girl's bathtub where the strong unpleasant smell coming from the girl's body found together with a a cut sim card and phone wet in the bathtub arm hanging on the counter tub with its wrist slit open, pool of already dry blood on the floor."

*blip* "Hai, Matsui Jurina desu,please leave a message" *toot..toot..*

As the end call tone coming from my phone faded as my hold loses its grip on it causing it to fall straight on the floor. with my shocked,disbelieve, and terrified expression on my face, I feel my body limped and bare feet as if glued on the floor preventing me to move.

"N-no way,This can't be true"

"According to the investigations, The girl after going home late last Saturday sent a message to her coworker according to their business trip that she can't go because of a flu and committed suicide and locked herself on her bathtub until her body found. The police already confirmed the ."

As the news continues in front of me, with confusion plastered on my still shocked face,many questions flooded on my mind, like 'why? how come? she looks okay and happy last time I see she having trouble with something? why she didn't tell me? why did she do this?'. Then suddenly, my phone vibrates still in shock, I pick up my phone and saw the number of Jurina's mother and answer it.

"He-hello, Ma- Matsui-san?"

"Mayu,m-my daughter*sob* my daughter is dead!...Why, why did my baby committed suicide?*sob*...Do-does she have a problem leaving in the city?*sob* did, did you know anything? did she say something to you?*sob*" her mother said while crying .I can clearly feel the despair,sadness and sorrow of her mother's cry through the phone.

*sob*"Naze? why didn't you do something?*sob* Why didn't you help and stop her?*sob* isn't she important to you? isn't she you're best friend?!" She continued and cried out. Her last sentence hurt me more than anything that make me burst into tears, but I quickly bit my bottom lip to stop my sobs and let my new tears stain my cheeks  before answering her while preventing my sobs. pretending to be strong.

"Ma-Mataui-san,I- I'm really sorry about Jurina's death.I- I understand and know why you're hurt and angry at me bu-but, Like you, I, I'm also hurt and angry at myself.  You- you know how much I cherish and important you're daughter to me*sob*I- I'm also in pain,*sob* I lost my*sob* my best friend!*sob*If, if only I know Jurina will going to do this*sob* I should have-" I didn't even finish my sentence as the sobs i prevent to come burst out and I have to cover my mouth with my hand to muffled my hysterics sobs while tightening my hold on my phone. As I freely sobbing and letting new tears pour on my cheeks, I hear Jurina's mother sniffles and grab my attention as she said my name.

*sniff*Mayu, I- I'm sorry for snapping out,I shouldn't blame you I'm so sorry its just that, I can't believe my Jurina will do this things" She said and sobbed again I told her that I'm the one who should be apologizing. After that, she told me her husband and her will going to get her body back to their home town tomorrow. I told her I will come with them that i want to see and arrange her funeral with them. She said okay and give me the time for their arrival tomorrow.After that, I apologize again and thank her before she hang up the call.

wiping down my tears, the loud ringing of my doorbel caught my attention,with my still limp body, I force my limbs to get up and proceed to open the person who's ringing my doorbell. opening my door to see the person, I suddenly frozed, heart thumps and with shock look on my face when i saw her.

"Yuki" I utter not believing what I'm seeing in front of me. and I feel like crying again

"Mayu I finally found you!....wait, are you crying?" She exclaimed and change her expression into concern. As I saw her hand going nearer to touch my puffy and wet face, I quickly pull back swatted her hand away from me and turn my back from her and blinked my upcoming tears away.

'Ugh,what is she doing here?!'

*sniff*"What are you doing here?" I asked her when I manage to calm myself and allowing her to get inside when I didn't close my door for her.

"I've been looking for you, I want to fix us. Moreover, I'm more worried on why are you crying?" She said, I can feel her concern on her words but when I feel her move closer, I move away still back facing her.

"its non of you're business" I said coldly

"Of course it's my business,I don't want to see you crying again so tell me what's wrong? I'm worried" she said worried. then I feel her hand hold mine and turn me to face her and affectionate look at me. Then extend her other hand to caress my wet and reddish cheek before moving me to her warm embrace that I try to struggle to break free

"Stop struggling. it hurts me when you're like this so please tell me what's wrong?"  She said longingly and tighten her embrace while nuzzling my hair causing me to squeezed at her chest sniffing her so familiar scent that flashed some memories that I desperately buried on the back of my mind.

"Its okay, you can tell me everything"She reassure. I then stop struggling and let her held and comfort me. Maybe its because of the affection and warmth that I miss from her or Maybe the fact that the pain and loneliness of the sudden death of my best friend is making me too emotional and crying yet again.

*sob* "my- my best friend co-committed suicide,she don't want anyone to find out so she locked and *sob* ki-kill herself" I said crying yet again while clenching the hem of her shirt. then I realize something and remove my face on her chest and head downcast

"Ma-maybe she got tired of me bothering her with my problems and looking after me that's why she kill herself to escape me.,i-if only I just deal with my problems alone she might be still here *sob*maybe its really all my fault!" *sob* I exclaimed frustration and sadness mixed at my already messed up emotion with my downcast head, while busy with my sobs and cries, I feel Yuki's both palms cup my cheeks and make me face her.

"Don't say that, its not you're fault okay? don't blame you're self and don't worry, I'm still here I won't leave you alone ever again. so don't cry anymore okay?" Yuki said caressing my wet and red cheek while looking at me lovingly. She then lean in to kiss my tear on my eye away, move to my cheek and stays at my lips.  My eyes widened when I feel her tongue licked my sealed lips, and when I try to pull away she bit my lower lip causing me to yelp and immediately invade my mouth. I try to stop her by pushing her but she didn't bulge instead she forcefully deepened the kiss and move me even closer to her. My resistant then faded as her kisses soften and familiar sensation rush to my whole body and without second thought, I kiss her back. I'm to engrossed from the sensation she's giving me that I didn't realise that she move me on the couch until we part from our intense kiss.

"Mayu, don't worry. I'll comfort you until you forget everything except me.. I love you" She whisper to my ear before trailing kisses on my neck to my colar bone making me tremble and shiver as she starts exploring all over my body.

The first thing I saw when I woke up on my side is my  closet  that lightened by the lamp shade on my night stand.rising up ready to stand up,a familiar scent and arm wrap around my waist causing me to look over my shoulder.

"Where are you going?"

"Yuki? Wha-what are you doing he-" my sentence cut when  I saw through my window that its already evening and memories this afternoon flash back to me.. I blushed but I quickly dismissed it when I remember Jurina's death... the  emotions I feel that afternoon come back. As if she knows what's happening,Yuki immediately position herself in a seating position make me face her and held me in her arms.

"Ju-Jurina's...Jurina is dead" I said feeling my tears well up on my eyes

"shh...Im really sorry about what happened to you're friend but please don't blame you're self. None of us want what happened to her. and I'm sure, she also don't want you to look like this and blaiming you're self" She said comforting me and hug me even more. Her scent, her warmth, her voice,everything about her, I missed them all.  then I feel her pull over causing me to snap out of my thoughts.

"Mayu?" she said looking at me


"do you still love me?, can I still fix us?I know I did stupid things back then and I really honestly regretting it all" Yuki said gently hold my hand and look at me.I can clearly saw her sincerity in her eyes

"I really love you so much Mayu, do i  still have a chance? I will do everything to bring you back to me, I will never leave you again I promise" She continued before she leans in and gently place a kiss on my knuckles that didn't fail to make me blush in awe and my heart flatter.Honestly speaking, I still love Yuki, I thought I already forgot and move on from her but, the moment I saw her in front of my door, everything come back. the feelings, the memories everything.months sure really a short time to forget and move on for you're first love huh.

"Yuki?" I said earning her attention and continue

"Why did you cheated on me? I'm I not enough? I'm I not satisfying you're need? Why didn't you chase me that night?" I asked her.I want to know the truth before accepting her again

"N-no, you're more than enough for me and I'm really satisfied with you. I know I did stupid things and I regret it really.that time, I did chase you when you walk out but he stopped me, I break things with him and quickly run out to chase you but you're already gone. I keep calling and messaging you but you didnt answer until I can't contact you anymore, I also go to you're old apartment but you're not there anymore. I did everything to find you and I did. I'm really happy when I finally found you, I love you Mayu, you're the only one for me. Please be mine again!" She explained and held both my hand on hers serious expression on her face. now that I know the truth, I have decided.

returning my hand from her held, I then move it up her cheek gently and said.

"Thank you for telling the truth. Honestly, from this past month,I didn't forgot my love and feelings for you if ever, it become stronger when I saw you again. I love you Yuki" I admitted while caressing her cheek lovingly.

"Re-really?! Thank goodness, You don't know how happy you made me, I love you so much Mayu!I will never let you go!"She replied and hold my cupped hand on her and kiss it before she leans in, peck my lips and hugged me. That night she showered me with love and cuddle until we fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning,I saw Yuki in front of the bedroom door with a bed table with food on it. Finding me awake, she approach me put the table between us before pecking my lips good morning that didn't fail to make me smile.

"Morning, breakfast in bed?" She greeted and give me her warm smile

"morning and thank you, care to eat with me?" I said. Ow how much I missed this moments, she's still the caring  sweet girl I love so my much.

though I still wondering on why she cheated if she's satisfied with me alone....Well whatever the reason is, I don't care anymore me and Yuki is together again.

"Here Mayu, i will feed you" Yuki said that I gladly agreed and feed me.She feed me and herself until we finished it. then I remember Jurina. and quickly find my phone

"Where's my phone?...Ow thanks" I thank and kissed Yuki on the cheek after she hand me my phone, dialled Matsui-san's phone number.

"Who you calling?" Yuki said and held me behind that make me lean my weight on her that she gladly agreed

"Jurina's mom, I told her that I will going to fetch them on the airport today before we go and claim Jurina's body and then arrange her funeral" I explained

"can I come? I can help you manage the funeral an I also want to see you're best friend"she said that I also agreed and wait for the other line to pick up

"Great, ill go wash and clean our dishes. You should also go bath and fix yourself,ill wait you on the balcony" She said and left to go clean our dishes after placing s kiss on the blade of my shoulder.

Then, Jurina's mom answer the phone. after we talk,and confirm things,I go prepare and fix my things. After that,I get out of my room and saw Yuki seating on the couch watching some news but switch it off after wards when she saw me and get up on her seat and approach me.

"Lets go?"  She said and give me a warm smile that I return back and meet with Jurina's parents

After the funeral of Jurina, months later Yuki asked me to move in with her, of course I love her and the idea so I agreed.Yuki love me so much,she do and give me everything and so do I thats why,Yuki propose to me that I quickly accepted. We get married abroad and leave happily.
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Re: OTPs Shots (Original Parings)
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Hello NoSleep-san! Nice to meet you hehe 😄 welcome to JPHIP  :jphip:


Hmm actually i'm curious about jurina 😓 why she committed suicide?

I smell something fishy here~ hmm~

Mayuyu loves yukirin very much, so yukirin does love her too! 😄😄

Are you gonna continue this or it just an os?

Please tell me and write more os :3 thank you~ 😌😌😌
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Re: OTPs Shots (Original Parings)
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Yo minna! Here's the other part of my MayuKi story! Im so sorry about this, my delusions over taken me, BUT! I still hope you read and enjoy it again! :peace:

PS:  Thank you for Path107-san for  welcoming me! Really, you're comment flatters and pampered me to continue posting my works here. Arigatou gusaimashita! :bow: .....(is it okay to write this message here? If not, forgive me, i didnt know. :sweatdrop:)

My Happiness (MayuKi)[P2]

"Mayu! What are you doing here?"

"Did I surprised you?You didn't expect that I'm going here on you're place and caught you cheating!"

"No you're wrong-"

"What is wrong Yuki?! Are you going to tell me its not what I'm thinking? You're freaking kissing on the couch! And maybe if I didn't get here you'll do even more!"


"So you will huh, not even denying it.
Am I not enough? Are you not happy with me anymore?....*scoffs* oh I get it,in the end you choose him over me"

"Mayu listen to me-"

"Don't touch me! I had enough if you really like him fine!"


Yuki's POV :

Its been months since me and beloved girlfriend break up. I try to chase her,call her phone and go to her apartment to fix and explain everything about what happen that day. When i found out that she move to another apartment and change her number just to avoid me, it really hurt me and the fact that I'm madly in love with her almost drives me insane,i always missed her but i calmed my self and focus on finding her location, the thought of fixing everything about us and be with her again make me go on and be sane.

I currently on my way home from work and have to stop by a near convenient store for my dinner tonight. Actually im not good at cooking but because i want to cook for Mayu, i studied cooking and now I'm really good at it. though i have this convenient skill, i refuse to use it. This skill is useless if the person i dedicate this is gone. I learned this skill for my beloved Mayu alone no exeotions even to myself.

Nearing the convenient store, a very familiar person caught my eyes.

"Mayu" I mouthed. This passed months i desperately looking all over for her without any trace and suddenly appearing in front of me in flesh make me really happy! Ow how much missed her, i want to talk and hold her.

With this thought of mine, i dismissed buying my dinner and just focus on the person i longed for so long on the other side of the road. ready to take my first step towards her, a black car suddenly stop in front of her and reveals a familiar tall girl who get off the said car and smile apologetically at my Mayu. My Mayu scold this girl who just apologize and you just sigh and go inside the bar followed by this girl. Tsk, Matsui Jurina, is my Mayu's best friend. Tsk, i cant stop clicking my tongue whenever this dog near my Mayu. I hate her,  when Mayu and i still on the process of dating she's against our relationship and to protective and always clinging to my Mayu. tsk, i bet this dog also have an eye for my girl though i cant and definitely wont allow that. Mayu is mine, mine alone. with irritated look on my face, i followed them inside and spy them

You're laughing with this puppy while she's freely clinging to you, why are you laughing with her and not bothered by her clinging to you?you're smiles and warmth is mine alone. I really hate this irritating puppy of yours, she really want to test my temper. If only Mayu know how much i want to tear that puppy oof of her and yell at her to back off, though i really have the urge to do that, i wont, because if i do, my Mayu will get angry at me for hurting her best friend and i dont want that.

I followed them when they decided to go home. The puppy drove my Mayu home and flirt with Mayu before biding goodbye and leave. Tsk what a pissed off. after she leaves i focus my attention on my Mayu, i took a picture of her apartment on my phone, memorized her street and took her picture as my wall paper.

Starting that day, after work or day off, i will disguise myself and watch her. i found out that she's now working at a new cafe shop as a waiter wearing maid outfit, Mayu's so adorable and cute that i took a couple of pictures of her. After her work, she have to walk to the train station to reached her new apartment, of course i followed her until we reached her apartment.  Saturday and Sunday is her day off, she always spends her all day on her apartment watching anime or playing some games on her consol. the only time she will go outside is when she have to go grocery or some new game or anime got release, hung out with her friends and getting her trash out for the garbage collector collect later that i already know. I always bring my camera with me to take some pictures of her since i cant near her that easly,  though i have a bunch of her pictures on my apartment it still not enough everyday she become cuter and irrisidtable, i took a picture of her wearing casual cloths, when she's busy doing something, her cloths during her day off, her wearing her red glasses when doing grocery or throwing trush with it. i capture it all.

My Mayu is a real cutie that everyone charmed by her beauty. though everyone who push and try their luck hiting on my love get a taste of my confrontation and never be seen again. Even when i still dating Mayu, everyone who interested and have bad motives with her never been seen or heard again. I'm a possessive and obsessed when it comes to my property you know. but dont worry I'm just doing confrontation when i confirm that they really have bad motives and dangerous to my Mayu.

So since i told you about this please keep it a secret ne? if you dont... i might suddenly come knocking at your door and count you up from the people i confronted and ill be the last person you will see before you close you're eyes forever ... But, i know you wouldnt dare so lets continue shall we? Great!

Sure, you can call me a creep,stalker or anything i dont care. I just love everything about my Mayuyu i need to know everything about her. Call me psycho or crazy but I love Mayu more than anything that im willing to lock her in an a room to seclude and prevent her on meeting other people beside me. Me and Mayu are destined to each other, the perfect mach, No one else more suited from her than me and vice versa.

But then, my daily activity come to halt. Maybe Mayu notice my presence and get scared and asked her puppy of a best friend to help her that did not hesitate to help. Thanks to her, I cant stalk and take pictures of her freely because the puppy hired a detective to catch me,  always with my Mayu 24/7 and thanks to her, i have to lure another stalker that totally like Mayu's type. Though i'm relieve and satisfy when the stalker guy got imprisoned; because he really deserve it, I need to do something about this puppy. She' a threat and hindrance to me for Mayu. I need to get rid of her.

After i stalked Jurina a couple of times about her location and life style to know more about her, i found out that she have business trip coming this week and think that the following day is the right time to get rid of her, I come up with a plan. with glass of wine on my hand, i pick one of my beloveds many photos scattered in front on the table that i've been taken and look at it lovingly.

"Dont worry,soon enough no one will against our love anymore" I said while caressing her adorable face on the picture and with the last gulp of my wine, i gathered all her photo's and proceed to my room and sleep with all her photos beside me.

Midnight,where every one on the apartment is deeply asleep,
I sneak in to Jurina's apartment and quitely got on her bedroom and suffocate her with pillow.  She truggle and try to break free but im too strong for her so she die. After reasuring that she's already dead, with gloves on my hands, i carry her dead body and proceed to my plan in making her death a suicide scene. positioning Jurina on her bath tub with water,  i slit her wrist open with a letter knife that i found on her night table and leave her open flesh hanging on the edge of the bathtub with fresh blood dripping non stop on the now crimson tiles as i put the use letter knife on Jurina's other hand to grip on it that lying on her other side and clean any trace of evidence i might left before escaping the apartment without anyone noticing.

The following day, I didnt stalk Mayu, instead i focus myself on doing my job and hang out with my co workers and friends besides I dont want you to creep out again. After work, our friends invited me to drink that i gladly accepted. While drinking, one of my friends open the topic about our relationship. They said they saw Mayu and a girl on the bar having fun and all touchy to each other and assumed that she already moved on and told me that i should also move on and find another.  I just smiled at them for  reply. if they only know that i'm crazy in love with Mayu that i'm capable of doing anything to make her mine again. Her heart,body and soul, all her being is made just for me alone, She's my one and only and hapiness and no one will have or snatch it away from me.

Its friday and i'm currently on my way to my beloved Mayu's apartment.Today is really a special day because today, my Mayu saw my surprise gift for her. Knocking on her door, ow how i love to pin her to the wall and rubbish her right there and then when i saw her adorable shocked face in front of me,Though i have to resist and focus.

"Mayu! I finally found you!...wait,are you crying?" I said and wanting to feel her soft cheek on my palm but she quickly back away and swatted my hand before turning her back to me. i'm hurt,i missed her so much but she just swip me off.then the news on the television caught my attention and a grin crept on my face. 'ow~ she got touched from my present that it move her to tears,how cute~' i thought to myself and shidt my attention when my Mayu speak

*sniff*"What are you doing here?" She said still not looking

"Ive been looking for you, i want to fix us. More over, im more worried on why are you crying?" I asked

" Its none of you're business" She said 'how cold'

"Of course its my business!, i dont want to see you crying again so tell me whats wrong i'm worried" I said,look at her affetionatly ,took her hand and spin her to look at me and affectionately caress her wet cheek and embrace her but she's struggling how cute.

"Stop struggling, it hurts me when you're like this, so please tell me whats wrong?" I said and hug her even more and nuzzle my face on her hair.. i missed her warmth and scent. im in heaven!

"Its okay, you can tell me everything" I reassure her, then i feel her relaxed then she starts sobbing and tell me about her best friend's death and blaming herself

Ow~ Gomme ne Mayu, I know how important that puppy to cry and blame yourself like this, though I'm kind of irritated and  jealous of her, the fact that no one will interfere and take you way from me anymore makes me at ease.

Guiding Mayu's cast down head gently with my both hands to look at me and told her that its not her fault, dont blame herself
 and i'm here and wont leave her before i lean in and kiss her teary eye move to her smooth cheek and stop on her kissable lips. I missed and want to feel her lips more on mine, i lick her for an entrance but she try to pull away but i bit her upper lip causing her to yelp and immediately, i insert my tongue and deeply explore her.

Still pushing, i also move myself and deepened the kiss even more. 'You cant resist me, i know you still love me' i thought then, little by little her resistant died down and finally responding to my kisses. rough kisses turn into gentle once and move her gently on  her couch.

"Mayu dont worry ill comfort you until you forget anything except me... I love you"After whispering this to her redden ear, i then trail kisses on her neck to her collar bone. feeling her tremble and shiver from my kisses makes my whole body excited and flip something inside me. I want her now. Without second thought, i start exploring and marking her.

Its already evening when my beloved Mayu pass out after her release. clicking her tv off and locking her front door, i then carry my sleeping beauty bridal style to her bed and sleep with her.

I woke up when she suddenly move. dont want her to leave, i quickly wrap my arms on her waist and asked her where she going but she quickly back away when she realize it was me.

As if recalling what happened,I saw her blush then suddenly get teary eyed. and i quickly held her 'Ow come on, she's going to cry again for that dog. tsk though she already dead you still manage to make my girl cry and longed for you like this, it pissed me off and jelaous but im still impress. though it wont last long cause i will make sure she'll move on from you' I though then told her its not her fault that no one likes what happend to her and that Jurina dont want to see her blaming herself and crying. after i say this, i feel her relax and sob subdued.

"Mayu?" I asked with sincerity on the bottom of my heart, i look at her and hold her hands that getting her attention. I then asked her if i still have a chance from her and i really love her and i will do anything for her to love me back again as i waiting for her answer, silence surround us that makes me nervous that cause some what ifs like, what if she didnt want me anymore,what if she dont love me anymore that flood on my panic brain.

'Then if that ever happen, i dont have any choice but to tie her and lock her here-  "Yuki?" my thoughts cut short when Mayu call me. earning my full attention, Mayu asked me why i cheated on her and asked me if she's not enough for me that i quickly answer. After apologizing and admit my mistakes, Mayu let go of my hand and touch my cheek. as i looking at her while she caressing my cheek gently, she told me that she still loves me  that really from the bottom of my heart makes me happy.  I told her that I'm really happy and promise her that i wont let her go an told her i love her before i lean in to capture her lips then spend the rest of the night loving and cuddling her until we fall asleep.

Morning come, I'm the first one to wake up, a smile appear on my face when i saw my beloved naked cover with our shared blanket sleeping peacefully.

" You're finally mine again, i wont let you go again" I said caressing her soft cheek and kiss her forhead lovingly before i freshen myself to the bathroom and prepare her breakfast.

When i return, I saw Mayu already woke up. I approach and greet and give her a good morning kiss before giving her her breakfast in bed. She greet me back and asked me to eat with her that i immediately accepted. After we finish eating, I hand over her phone that on the night stand when i saw her looking for it. She grab it and thank me and start dialling on her phone. Curious, i sneakily approach her and held he from behind and asked her who she calling. She told me its Matsui's parents.  She told me Matsui's parent and her will going to get Jurina's body and bring her to their home town and that she will go with them to help arrange Jurina's funeral

I asked her if i can also come and help to arrange Jurina's funeral, she smiled at me and said yes, i thanks her and kiss her shoulder  before gathering our dishes to clean and told her that ill wait for her outside. Though i hate Jurina because she clings and against our relationship, im still at fault and sorry from erasing her from my Mayu's life forever, i'm still a decent woman, i want to help on arranging her funeral to say sorry and thank her for taking care of my Mayu. If only she didnt interfere and just accept our relationship, she should be alive right now. but she didnt so 
i have no choice but to erase her permanently.

While waiting, i switch on the television to pass some time. then a flash news on the tv appear and a familiar place and plastic bag caught my eyes then, an impress look appear on my face as i listen to what the new caster's report on a futage of many people and police surrounding the side of a lake

"Just a moment ago, a trash bag with already rotten chopped parts of human body found floating on the lake. According to the witness, they saw the bag floating on the side of the lake and saw a hand sticking out of the garbage bag and as they opened it, they saw the chopped limbs and head of a man. Because of its already rotten body, the police have difficulties to identify the guy. to those families who want to identify and claim the guy, please contact the police"

"huh, would you look at that, i thought you already sunk to the bottom of the lake" I said to no one in particular.

Can you guess who am i talking about? Bingo! its none other than Tegoshi Yuya, the reason why my precious Mayuyu break things with me. He's a random customer on Mayu's old work place wich is a cafe shop that become regular and obssesed when first saw me who always hanging out on the shop to protect Mayu on being hit on. The guy likes and always bother me causing my Mayu to get jealous and accusing me that i'm cheating on her. Not wanting any false accusations that can ruined our relationship, i stop hanging out on the shop to avoid the guy. Honestly, the original plan when he suddenly appear in front of my apartment and let him enter and seat on the couch is to tell him that I'm already taken,apologize and told him to just give up on me, but this to full of himself stupid persistent guy really pushing his luck and do stupid things. If only he didnt dare to lean inand kiss me, My Mayu wont break things with me and if only he just let me chase after Mayu and didnt dare to blabber rude things about Mayu and just shut his mouth, i might spare him and just kill him normally. But he didn't and I'm really angry at what he said about Mayu, So i quickly shut him up. and as punishment on bad mouthing my beloved, i cut all his limbs and put it on a trash bag and dispose it to the lake. No one can ever hurt or bad mouth my precious Mayu,anyone try to do so deserve to be eliminated and never be seen ever again.

My thoughts cut short when i heard Mayu's room creak open, i immediately switch off the television and approach my already prepared Mayu  'ow~she's adorable in everything she wears' i thought before pecking her kissable lips and guide our way to the door and leave.

Months later after the funeral, i asked Mayu to move in with me, I'm really happy when she accept my offer. but moving in together is not enough for me,my obsession,possesiveness,desires that mixed with my selfish love for her is over flowing that just thinking she wll be taken away or be with another person is enough to drive me insane. I wont let anyone get inside my beloved's inoccent, fragile heart besides me.So i did my best and earned and save money for us. Years later, i proposed to her and thank god she said yes. We got married in states and go back as a married couple.

Now that we're bond together forever, no one will take her away from me and i will make sure we will leave happily ever after.

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Re: OTPs Shots (Original Parings)
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OMG yuki is psycho :shock: :shock:
She really madly in love with mayu  :wub: :wub:
What will happen if mayu know yuki who killed her best friend because she didnt like jurina?
Will  you continue this fic author-san?   :welcome :twothumbs
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Re: OTPs Shots (Original Parings)
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Wow, when I first read your story, I already thought there was something suspicious with Yuki and you just confirmed my suspicion with this chapter. Yuki is a cruel psycho, let's just hope Mayu won't do anything weird or she will be killed.
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Re: OTPs Shots (Original Parings)
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Wow... my suggestion was right. Yuki was the one who killed jurina  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

Pure psycho.... emm yandere hahaha xD but that's really cool, you know. Yuki works was very clean. But it gives me chills u.u that's creepy

Thank you for your update  :D
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Re: OTPs Shots (Original Parings)
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Ey! Im here again with a new story! I just want to thank you guys who reads and appreciate my stories, im really greatful! :bow:   
Anyways, Here's my 3rd story hope you all like it! Enjoy! :peace:

My Rena-chan.

You are the one.the fans, the media, the members and even you, know that you're the one I adore and love the most from the group, but they and definitely you wolden't know that my adoration and love is more than you ever think off and definely true.

I know sometimes you hate and get really irritated at my younger, energetic, clingy self. the way I talk on in on about random stuff, my clinginess,my loudness,stubbornness and my many questions that really get on your nerves.

But even though i pissed you off, i, really from the bottom of my heart treasure all the expressions and attention you're giving me

We shared the same team and surname so the management always pair us together in any projects and because of this, we become close and before i know it, i fall for you not just because you're beautiful and kind but also because of how you're so passionate, dedicated and professional you are when it comes to our work

I know you hate and got irritated when i suddenly cling and try to kiss you and struggle to get away from me. I know I'm invading your personal space and you hate that.but thanks for the fan service and your profesionalism, you sometimes let me hug you and just scold me afterwards then act cold and ignore me whenever i stole kisses from you but even though its like this, I dont mind, sparing your warmth and noticing me for a couple of minutes is enough.

The sun and the moon, that's how i can describe the two of us. Me as the persistent ball of energy Sun and You, as the mesmirizing calm moon that drown anyone with its beauty.

But i wonder,how will you react if i say this unrevealed feelings of mine?.Please take it seriously,Please dont get mad and scold me,Please hear me out and accept me.

Though, even if i say this and pleads, I know fully well that my Rena-chan will just notice and indulge me if its for fan service, fiction stories and in my dream world but never in the real world. but its okay, I know from the start that Rena-chan dont swing that way,though you also sometimes flirts and kissed other members on the group,you're still straight. you just playing and enjoying yourself just like other members do. even if i already know this, i still want to tell and convey my feelings for you, its just something that i really want to do because honestly, even if you dont accept my feelings. I will still love and will continue falling in love with you. I wont and cant fall out of love with you. this realization hits me hard as if you have this spell pierce deep through me that even if i flirt, kiss or mess with others all i want and move on, just by randomly hearing, reading your name and seeing you on tv is enough to make my chest beat a couple of times and all feelings i bear for you returns,.. and besides, i truly love and cherish you that forgetting and moving on from you is unforgivable.

My love for you, my Rena-chan is truly pure and perseveres that if you dont accept me and want to be with someone else that make you happy is enough to make me happy but please, even if its a line from the fan service, a lyrics from our songs, or simply a joke to have fun, please tell me that you love me too.

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Re: OTPs Shots (Original Parings)
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Beautiful. I love how you described Jurina's thoughts.

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