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Mayuki -mayu graduation
A few days before senbatsu.
At mayu place.
Mayu pov.
Yukirin didn’t join ssk this year.. And I know she plan to graduation this year.. I don’t want yukirin to leave me alone acchan leave takamina and yuko chan leave nyan2… i know takamina and nyan2 sad and hurt.. And I don’t want to feel it.. I want to grad before yukirin.. Because I know she will follow me.. But I don’t want to hurt my fan.. Suddenly I hear my phone ring. And It was from yukirin my baby.. I pick it up and the conversation seen like this.
My: moshi2 yukibaby
Yk: ano.. Moshii2 mayuyuuu..
Yk: hai. Hahaha… ano.. Do you already hear that ssk will cancel if rain didn’t stop
My : no I dnt..hontOni??  Yabaii neii..
Yk : yup.. Ano honey.. R u free?  Where r u right now?
My : im free. .didn’t I already tell u I free till ssk..? 
Yk : hai2 ..where r u right know?  Answer meee..because im hear someone talking..
My: mouu.. Im at your heart babyy.. HahahHaha
Yk :mayuuuchannn… Im serious.. Where r u?  And who is talking?
My : at my home or should I call it our future house and the one who talking is hiwaki kun.. Hahaha
Yk : who is hiwaki kun???? Did he already have a dead wish?  And you say ur at our future house.. What the hell he doing there???
My : just kidding… no want at here.. That is television sound..
Yk : mouu.. But who is hiwaki kun.. ?
My : he was my boyfriend
Yk : watanabe mayu r u cheating behind me?
My : hahahaha.. Im not.. Seriously u believe that im cheating?  Hiwaki kun was kashiwagi yuki
Yk : huh.. U r dead mouse because u make me jealous btw can I come?
My : sure baby.. U don’t need to ask.. Just come. Im waitingg.. And what do you want to eat?  I will cook it for you.. *I hope she forgot about the dead mouse.. Hehehe
Yk : anything as long as you the one who cook.. I cant wait..
My : haii.. Ano yuki.. Can u also bring your stuff.. Humm.. It will easy to go to okinawa from here..
Yk : hahahaha… haiii… I know you just want me to stay right.. Ok.. I will bring everything.. Ja neee… bye2
My : mouu yukichan.. U forget to say something..
Yk :sorry honey. .i love you mayuneyy… jaaa
My : haii.. I love you too baby. Byee..
After that.. I cook some soup and sashimi for yukirin. And still think how to tell her..a few hour later. Suddenly I feel like someone hug me from behind.. And I know.. That is yukirin.. Because.. Only her can enter this house without permission… hahaha..
Yk : mou mayu.. What r u thinking?  Even I hug you u still show me your cyborg face..
My : gomen2 …I dnt hear u coming.. Hehee
Yk : im hungry … what do you prepare for me?
My : some soup and sashimi.. It done.. Let eat..
Yk : but..i want to eat you first..
My : *blushing.. U can eat me later.. Let eat a real food..
Yk : mou.. Just give me a kiss then.. *chuuu
My : let eat..
They enjoy they meal.. After that yukirin told me to wait at living room.. Because  she want to wash a dish.. But I say I will wait for you.. *wink.. Then both of us sit at living room watch some anime.. And I put my head at her lap..
My : baby..
Yk : yes?
My : why you didn’t join ssk this year?
Yk : because I want my junior to enter senbatsu member.. Im too old for that.. Hahha* I only want  u to be no 1 mayu.. If I didn’t join.. Maybe our mayuki fan will vote for you..
My : honto ? It not because you want to grad?
Yk : *sigh.. I have be thinking about graduation lately.. But.. Let me enjoy a little bit time with akb.. After that I will announce grad..why you ask?
My : I have been thinking to announce grad at ssk. But.. I don’t want to hurt fan..
Yk : just follow what is the best for you honey..
My : how about this.. If I no 1 this year.. I not grad. But if I get no 2 I will announce graduation…
Yk : if you think that the best for you.. Just do it okay.. But what is the real reason you want to grad?
My: I don’t want to hurt and sad like nyan2 and takamina.. Because they lover leave them ..
Yk : im not leaving you still here.. Even I grad.. I will move in here..
My : why you not moving today?  Hahaha..
Yk : I will okay. Just wait ..
My : ok.. Btw.. Baby. Let cook for dinner ..
Yk : haii. .and give mayu a kiss..
Yuki pov
I really hope mayuyu will be no 1…she still young to grad from akb48 and I want to enjoy our time together at akb.. And I know she will lonely at ssk because I will be mc for showroom and not with her… I know she will imagine her day in akb without me..
Now they will announce who will get no 2 and I really hope it sashi.. I don’t want mayu to grad..
Oh my god.. Mayuyu will announce her graduation.. Baka that baba sashi… it hurt me and I cry..
Then one by one member come to showroom untill mayuyu show up.
I smile at her and ask her to sit..and we talk sometime we don’t care about other mc.. Hahhaa.. We have our own world.. Then I hug her…  I smile at her.. I don’t want her to see me crying.. Then she need to go.. She hug me and go.. After that a few member come.. I want to end this as soon as possible.. I want to be with my baby… I want to tell her.. She did the best..
After one hour.. It finally end.. I try to fjnd her.. I call her. But she didn’t pickup.. I ask member did u see mayu.. They say my mayu go to toilet..
At toilet I call your name.. But still no answer then I try to open one oF the door but it lock. I knock the door but still no answer… then I hear someone cry and I know that is mayu.. I call her name.. Then she open the door and hug me.. She tell me she still cant believe she already announce her graduation.. And she announce without fan in front of her.. That make her sad… and say I know honey.. Im here.. Don’t cry.. Let go home.. I will take care of you..
At home.. She cry non stop.. Until I say..
Yk: U can cancel your announce honey..
My: I cant yuki.. I already broke they heart. ..
Yk :How about I also announce my graduation And we will have our graduation concert together and make a history ?
My : ehhhh… you don’t need to do that for me..
Yk : im not doing it for you.. But I want to be always beside you no matter what… and I already think about this..
My : *cry thankyou baby..
Yk : mouu.. U don’t need to thank me.. Im your girlfriend after all.. How about we go to restaurant infront from of this hotel?
My : okay..
Then yuki kiss mayu all over her face
Yk : is that better?
My : yes..
At a restaurant
They meet kojiyuu. Miichan,shimada and a few staf.. They greet them then go to they own table.. They want to spend time alone.. They order  Some ramen and coke.
My : nei baby.. Will we be like kojiyuu?  Still together even they r busy?
Yk : of couse hon.. I will never let you go. Don’t wrry… I love you..
My : auchhh.. I love you too..
Then they food come. They enjoy they late dinner and go back to hotel …
At hotel.. Mayu cant sleep but yukirin already sleep. Because she tired speak non stop at showroom.. Mayu bored and start to play with yuki hair and kiss yuki non stop.. Then yuki awake.. And tell her..
Yk: cant sleep?
My : sorry to make you awke.. Im bored
Yk: it okay..
Then yuki kiss mayu non stop.. She want mayu right now..
Yk: can I eat you now?
My: baka.. Don’t ask like that. Just do it *blushing..
They do that Until both of them tired and sleep..
Yuki Annouce her graduation at live concert..and want to have a graduation concert with mayu..
They graduation concert will be next year… and they have enough time to join they last akb activities as a member.. Both of them r busy and almost have a time for each other.. But.. In they free time.. They will together and exchange mail..
At mayuki graduation concert..
My: thankyou yuki.. For always be with me.. And for everything you give me..i love you yuki
Yk : most welcome honey.. And also.. Thankyou for always be with me from the first day as a gen 3 until now.. And I love you too..
My : welcome and give yuki a kiss at cheek..
At the concert they sing aozora no soba ni ite and temodemo no namida as a duet and other with akb member..
They also have they own mc time and talk about mayuyukirin fan and play with them..
They happy as a couple.. And enjoy they time.. Sometime they will invite atsumina and kojiyuu couple to come.. Then yukirin think about marry mayuyu and live as a married couple not just a couple.. Then she invite Takamina and yuko to come without mayuyu know. Because she have a photoshoot.then she tell the midget’s
Yk: ano takamina and yuko san..
Midgets : yes?
Yk : im thinking to marry mayuyu.. Do you want to help?  Of coz it will be a secret ceremony…
Yuko : of coz.. I also want to marry nyan2 ..huhu
Minami: I also want to marry atsuko..
Yk, yuko, minami : let get married thennn… hahah
Yuko : when both of plan propose?
Yk : end of month
Minami : this weekend and you yuko?
Yuko : tomorrow..
Yk/minami : ehhhhhh… honto?
Yuko : yes.. I love her.. I don’t to lose her..both also need to propose asap. .then let get married end of this month..
Yk/minami : yoshhh…
Mayuki propOse
At mayuki apartment
Yk : honeeyyyyy.. Let go to tokyo disney land.. I want to playy
My: mou.. Let stay at home.. Im don’t want to go out..
Yk : but.. Hurm* make a sad face
My : hai2..i need to change my shirt first..
Yk : haii.. I will watching.. Eh.. Waiting.. Hehehe
My : hentai yuki then kiss yuki
They use taxi to go there but suddenly yukirin stoo the car in front of shopping mall.. She told mayu to wait for her… she want to use toilet.. Then without waiting for mayu answer.. She open the door and run.. She looking for jewelry shop.. And she found one and pick a very beautiful ring to propose to mayu… then she comeback and go to disneyland.. After tired and try something in there..both of them then go to restaurant that yukirin already book and have they own private room.. They order food.. Then a few minute later.. They food come.. And start to eat… then.. Yukirin stop eating and call mayu.. She then take mayu hand and say.. Watanabe mayu.. Will you marry this stupid reaction queen  and be with me forever?  Mayu say yes then yukis kiss mayu. .and tomorrow they will prepare for they wedding.. And mayu still have no idea about kojiyuu and atsumina also will get married at the same day with themmm..
Kojiyuu propose..same day with yuki oropose
Yuko: nyan nyannnnnn. Where r u?  Im backk
Nyan2 : *tsk that annoying hentai.. She will disturb me playing game..
Yuko : nyan2 ..there you r..
Nyan2: what… im playing my game.. Don’t disturb me.. Go away.. *with here tsundere mood
Yuko : fine I will go to yuri house( yuko friend in instagram /hanestgram I will call her yuri in here)
Nyan2 : what ever.. Just go.. I don’t care… ehhhhhh.. Whatttt.. Yukoooooo.. Where r u going?? Come back here..then she run to her squirrel…
Yuko :*CRY she don’t ever care about me.. Im about to propose to her.. But that stupid game always no 1…nyan nyan  so *someone hug her from behind
Nyan2: im sorry nei.. Let go back home.. I will do everything for you..
Yuko : no.. U ask me to go.. Then I go.. Just play with your girlfriend game..
Nyan2 : yuuchan.. Nyan2 so sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.. Im just in my tsudere mood.. I promise you.. Will do anything to you.. Let go back..
Yuko : anything?
Nyan2 : yeah..anything that yuuchan want.. *wink..let go back
Yuko : then carry me.. Piggyback
Nyan2: but
Yuko : ok thenn.. I will go to yuri house..
Nyan2 : haii.. Jump at my back.. * I will do everything for you yuuchan.. As long as you still mine.. I don’t want to lost you
Yuko : hai.. Then she jump and hug nyan2 ..mou..u smell good.. Then she thinking how to propose to nyan2 ...then they go living room and yuko ask nyan2 to sit and she sit at nyan2 lap..
But what make nyan2 weird is yuko just hug her without doing what she call skinship.. And seen like passout with open eyes.. Then nyan2 call yuko.. But no answer.. Then she slap yuko..
Yuko : what the hell wrong with you??
Nyan2 : I call you.. But you didn’t answer.. But your eyes r open.. Then I just slap you.. What r u thinking about?  Is that yuri girl??
Yuko : no.. And if you say that name again.. I will go to her…
Nyan2 : yeah2 sorry.. Don’t go.. And hug yuko.. What r u thinking yuuchan?
Yuko : nyan2 ..if u want to get married.. Who will that be?  Just answer honestly
Nyan2 : of course it will be you yuuchan.. I don’t want anyone else..
Yuko : but.. That porter guy?
Nyan2 : hahahaha.. He nothing to me yuuchan.. You r the thing for me..
Yuko : awww…kiss me nyan2 and say you love me..
Nyan2 : *chuuu I love you so much my pervert squirrel..
Then yuko sit on the floor. And facing nyan2 .
Yuko : ano kojima haruna… will you marry me? Will you marry this hentai girl.. Will you marry this squirrel?  Will you grow old together with me? And open the box.. (she buy the ring at the morning before she search nyan2)
Nyan2 : yes I will yuko… I love you..
Yuko : awww..i love you too my nyan2 ..then hug kojima.. Then she grope her.. Haha..nyan2 slap her..
Nyan2 : u always do something hentai when we r at lovely moment..but I love you *kiss yuko
Yuko : hehe.. I love you more.. Tomorrow we will shopping for our wedding
Nyan2: haii..

Atsumina propose 
Minami call atsuko to ask her where is she..
Minami : moshi2 atsuko?
Atsuko : moshi2 darling?  Hahaha
Minami : I jUst want to ask you.. R u free now?
Atsuko : why.  U want to ask me for date?
Minami : mou atsuko.. Im serious.. Where r u?  Can we meet?
Atsuko : im at our home minami.. And where r u?  You left since 6 am… it to early and I know you don’t have any work today.. And you ask permission to meet me?  We already live together minami… just come home..
Minami : hehe.. I forgot.. Atsuko.. Get dress.. I will pick you up now.. And don’t ask me any questions.. Just wait ok.. I love you baby..
Atsuko : mouu minami.. Why I cant know?
Minami : because it secret baby.. If I tell you now.. It not secret anymore..ok?
Atsuko : hai.. I understand.. I love you too..
Minami arrive .then she take atsuko hand to go with her.. But.. Atsuko don’t want to go.. She want minami to kiss her first.. Minami kiss her all over her face and lock the door.. Minami call the taxi and show address to driver. She don’t want atsuko to know.. Then after a few minute.. They arrive
Atsuko : this is where first generation member audition place… why you bring me here?
Minami : because today will be our special day.. And I want you to remember where is the place we meet and start everything..
Atsuko : of couse I remember minami.. Impossible im not.. Place where I fell in love with my baka girlfriend.. Hahah
Minami : mou acchan.. Ur so mean..
Atsuko : and again.. Why exactly you mean by our special day?
Then minami sit like propose position… and say… maeda atsuko.. My beautiful and jealous girlfriend.. Will yoh marry me.. Will you stay be with me forever even I fail every time..?
Atsuko : of course minami.. Of course.. I love you so much… then she hug and kiss minami.. They also go to prepare they wedding..

Acchan mayuyu and kojima shock to see each other.. And that make they wife to be laugh…then they explain they plan and start the ceremony.. Only family and close friends come..

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