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Author Topic: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 5 NEW UPDATE 6/11/17  (Read 4760 times)

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Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 4 2/14/17
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Still waiting~

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Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 4 2/14/17
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Sorry for the grammar and typo error

I Fell In Love

with the


Chapter 5

I lift my head and feel the water falling in my face and try to forget what happen earlier, I can still see her when she look at my eyes and watch how her body falls in the ground. I look down and saw the waters in the shower falls in the tiles. I go back to my hotel room after David shot Ruby in front of me; I should not feel this guilty. But this is killing me and I’m so afraid to face Yuko after this. I’m a good actress I know I can pretend this thing never happen but i can’t every time I’m in front of her. I feel I will cave in, once she starts to smile at me. I bit my lower lips hard until I can taste my own blood.

“This is not you Haruna!!” I said to myself but what I feel betray me, I clench my fist and punch the wall hard in front of me, “Ahhh!!!” i groan when i feel the pain.

I take a deep breath when I notice my hand start to bleed, I turn off the shower and go out in the bathroom and not bothering to get the towel and cover my body. I sit in my bed and hold my hands who’s injured, I decide not to bother heal my injured hand and try to sleep and plan what I need to do next. I grab the bathrobe and wear that and when I rest my body in the bed, I heard my phone ring.

I answer that fast, “Fischer??  Did you command David to do that?” i ask him fast when I know his the one calling me.

“Yes..” he answer me cold.

“Why?? You know you don’t need to do that, I can do my job!!” I feel angry and said that loud.

“You really want my answer?? David said you hesitate to kill her and what I command to him is right thing… you know what problem she will cause if that woman still alive, I’m so disappointed at you Haruna, I know this one is easy for you, but you put your emotion too much and I’m afraid you will fail this mission.”

What he said makes me speechless I don’t know what to say, I want to defend myself but I choose not to say anything, “I want you to remember why your there Haruna, remember your mission and that’s not hard” he said again.

What do you want me to do next?” I ask him.

Spy her? Like the mission I give to you and wait for my signal when it’s the right time to kill her.”

When he said ‘Kill her’ my heart pounding hard, “Did you understand that Haruna??” he ask again.

“Ye.. Yes…”


I throw my phone in the bed when I don’t have time to reply when he end the call.


I saw Yuko facing the window of our room and didn’t notice my arrival. She’s holding her phone in her ear, “Please.. Call me when you receive this message, I’m worried ok?? Please babe don’t do this don’t ignore me” she said in the other line.

She put her phone in the table and saw she wipe her tears, my guilty rise when I watch her like this, “Ahmm??” I fake a cough so she will notice my presence.

She turn around and she look surprise when she saw me, “I’m sorry I didn’t notice you’re here..” I notice the sadness in her eyes.

“It’s ok..” I wave my hand to assure her.

I saw her furrowing when she notice the bandages in my right hand, “What happen??” she walk closer at me and held my hand.

I pull my hand fast and try to hide that, “It’s nothing…” I look away while she’s staring at me.

“Come on, show me your hand..” she said while she cross her arms, even if I’m more taller than her I feel small when she look at me like that, so I slowly do what she want. “This is bad Haruna..” she said softly and touch my injured hand gently.

“It’s ok.. I already put something in my wound..” I assure her.

“Seriously?? Is this look ok to you??” she lift my hand to show how bad the way i put the bandages in my hand. She slowly let go and walk closer in her drawer and for a minute I feel sad when I can’t feel her hand on me. She grab her first aid kit and sit in her bed, “Come here..” she said softly and wave her hand to go to her.

I do what she want and walk closer at her, I don’t know what to do next so I only stand in front of her, I heard her chuckle, “Come on sit beside me..” she said and pat the bed for me to sit.

I do what she said and I feel nervous when she grab my hand again, “I will treated this ok??” she said again.

“You don’t need to do that..” I said softly.

“You know I will still do this even if you will say no..” she said while she gently take off the bandages in my hand. “What happen?” she ask me when she clearly see how bad my injure is.

Our eyes met, I can see the concern in her face, I bit my lips and look away. But my eyes wide when I can feel her thumb in my lips, “Your lips..” she said softly while trace the wound with her thumb.

“I…” I want to answer her but I close my mouth again.

“You don’t need to say anything.. I understand but allow me to do this first..” she smile and grab her first aid kit and get the alcohol and the cotton.

While she busy doing that, “You don’t have enough sleep??” I feel concern when I notice her eye bag.

“I don’t sleep last night actually…” she said while she didn’t take off her eyes on my hand.

I know why but I still pretend I didn’t know anything, “Why??”

“Ruby calls me last night and she said weird things, I try to call her again but I can’t contact her after that… I..” I can feel she want to cry when she said that. “I’m worried…”

“She’s fine..” I know it’s a big lie, because I saw her dead body last night.

“I know… I already send lot of messages and all i need to do is wait… she never do this..” and when she’s done with my hand she look at me for the last time and it break my heart when I can see the tears in her eyes.   

I broke this innocent girl heart and without thinking I held her shoulders with my both hand and hug her tight. “Ssshhh..” I try to comfort her when she start to cry, “It’s ok I’m here…”

When she stop crying I said it’s a good idea if she don’t attend her class today because she need a rest, at first she don’t like but when I said I won’t leave her. She said yes and now she’s soundly sleeping in her bed while I’m watching her. I know I can’t do this anymore so I make a phone call earlier to David that I want to talk to him.

I leave a message to Yuko and said I want to buy food for us. When I notice the limousine in the street I open the door fast and enter. But to my surprise I saw someone also in the car and David is not around. “It’s good to see you again Haruna..” he said with her deep voice.

“Fischer..” I said softly.   

“I’m here in Japan just to see you, so please act your excited to see me..” I want to think it’s a joke but I know him, he won’t do this if this is not important. “I heard you want to talk to David and what’s the reason of that?”

“It’s good you’re here so I will say it now in front of you..” i said calm but the truth I’m nervous, I know he will get mad if he hear this. But he still waits patiently, “I want to quit, I want to back out…. I can’t do this anymore, I can’t kill innocent people, I want to go back in Paris and pretend this thing never happened…” I said and take a deep breath and wait for his reaction.

But he only stare at me blank, “Oh Haruna…” when he said that I feel goosebumps in all my body and feel small with his stare. “I’m afraid it’s a bad decision..” he said again.

“You know I can quit if I want!!” I said loud.

“Yes you have the right to do that..” he said smirking.

“Then I will go back to Paris tomorrow..” I said when I want to leave he stop me.

“I want to bargain something Haruna..”

“What??!!” I frown.

“You will finish the mission and do all the things I want you to do..” I keep listening, “And if you do all of that without complaining?” he look straight in my eyes, “I will give the information you seek for years, I know who killed your parents…”

I clench my fist hard, “You have the information who killed my parents??!! But you keep that secret from me??” if my stare can kill, I already kill him now.

“Because I know I can use that information in the future, like right now..” he said smirking.

“Why you doing this Fischer??”

“Because human is greedy Haruna, I give you motivation and I think you can do this mission now.. right Haruna??”

I gritted my teeth, “Like I have a choice, I will kill her and you will give the information I’m looking for..” I said without looking at him.

When I’m outside of his limousine, “Haruna??!!” he call me again. I stop but my back still face him, “You will thank me, after this mission.. trust me you will glad I give this mission to you…” he said.



thank you for the comment and the thanks, i really appreciate that, i wont abandoned this fic and i promise more to come, it's good to know some of you still wait and im happy because of that...

and i will update my other fic too i just need to re-read that again, again thank you so much

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Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 5 NEW UPDATE 6/11/17
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Gosh! Haruna gonna has a bad time because this decision. Yuuchan never gonna forgive this...

I need to wait for the next chapter. Thank you a lot!

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Re: I Fell in Love with the Devil (Kojiyuu) Chapter 5 NEW UPDATE 6/11/17
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so ruby dead. thanks to david.!!

 iam glad to read that but at the same time i felling sorry for yuko😔

if yuko know this. she will never forgive haruna for sure🙁

ehh WTF😡😡

who killing haruna parents.?😨😱

can't wait the next update😁

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