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Author Topic: [shortcut48's SHORTS] When A Yankee Uses A Gun (Majisuka Gakuen AU) 3/3  (Read 6322 times)

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HEEEEY, I'm back~ This thread is mainly focused on Short Series and OS. I still have the chance to write so I guess I'll take the opportunity. :)
I'll present a SayaMilky fic as the first story in this thread~   Enjoy~ ^^

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I love girls in short cut that's why I cut my hair short so I can love myself. *wink*

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[shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky

PART 1: This And That

THE OTHER girls of the said club fell quiet when they heard that their top girl is going to be taken home again. They secretly took glances at each other, some are amazed that customers are still coming to ask for her even though they know that she has been used by countless guys already while most of the girls are in the deep mud of envy. How will they even beat the number one girl?

“Milky-chaaan~” The manager called his top girl with a huge smile on his face. It seems like some big amount of money is already resting on his pocket now. “Are you going to be okay for tonight?”

The top girl, operating with her club name Milky, looked at her manager with an innocent face. “Is that something that is needed to be asked?” she asked with that hypnotizing smile on her face. “This is my career and I have no other place to go. There’s nothing I can do but do it well.”

The manager menacingly smiled at her. He just heard money coming in on his bank account with those words of Milky.

“Tonight’s guest will secure your place to the top.” He whispered to Milky while rubbing her hands together. “No one can ever beat you if you manage to please this guest as well.”

Milky’s eyebrows rose together with her curiosity. “What made you say that, Saionji-san?”

“Putting the fact that this customer is a big shot aside…” He gestured Milky to come closer and the girl did what was instructed. He then whispered,

“The customer is a girl.”



MILKY came out of the club after changing back to her usual clothes. Her customer for the night didn’t require her to wear anything that reeks of the club atmosphere. She was told to look like a decent person.

She went out of the building still a little confused of what is happening. She already met the customer at the VIP room a while ago and she couldn’t calm herself up after that meeting. Just looking at the way the lady is dressed, she could say that she isn’t just one of the usual person that you will see everyday. She looks rather sophisticated, calm and composed. She was sitting on the VIP room with a book on her hand which is very out of place.

When Milky came in, she gave her a scan from head to toe then back to the top with those sharp eyes. She closed her book and stood up. She looked at the manager and nodded at him.

“I will take her home.” The guest walked towards the door, passing by Milky. “But, make her change her clothes into normal ones. I can’t handle glittering stuffs.”

Milky sighed after remembering that scene. Throughout her whole career as a cabaret girl, this is the first time after a long while that she got a bit nervous. The last time she got nervous was her first experience. Never in her life that she imagined about being taken home by a girl. This is the first time that she will do it with someone of the same sex.

The woman who has reserved her for the night noticed her. It seems like she has been waiting patiently for her to arrive. Milky is sure that she took some time changing because she still couldn’t believe what is happening. She wore her game face on.

“Did you wait long?” She asked in a very cute voice as she went near the said customer.

The girl with a short hair stretched out her left arm to reveal her wrist watch.

“You almost took an hour just for changing and you are going to ask me if I waited long?” Milky’s eyes widened after hearing those cold words. Normally, she plays the customers on top of her palm but it seems like tonight is a different story.

The lady opened the door of the passenger seat and asked her to hop in. Milky gulped. This is it. There’s no way out.



MILKY could finally breathe when they went out of the car. The air is just so tight she thought she would die. The lady didn’t even say anything while they are on their way to her house. Milky tried to start a conversation but the girl will just give her short answers. She used that time to observe the girl through the corner of her eyes.

Her black, short hair is slicked back which makes her look really clean. Her face also seems like it is being taken care off very well. She doesn’t know why but she feels a strong attraction towards the lady. Was it because she is a girl and she knows the experience will be different than anybody else?

There is no trace of cigarette in the car. It smells a bit different than the usual cars she has rode before. It kind of smells likes coffee but she loved it. It somehow put her mind in ease.

The lady guided her towards her house. Milky was marveled to arrive in front of an old Japanese styled house and she couldn’t believe how huge it is.

“What are you doing standing there like a statue?” she jerked at that call of the lady. “Let’s go in.”

She just nodded at her and the gate opened. She was shocked to see a huge guy welcoming them. He bowed at the sight of his master.

“You’ve arrived, Sayanee-sama.”

“S-Sayanee-sama?” Milky unconsciously repeated which caught the attention of the guy. He looked at her and his eyes widened in an instant.

“G-G-Girl?” he stuttered. He even started breaking sweats. “N-Nee-sama brought a g-g-g—“

The lady who is being called as Sayanee threw her keys to the dumbfounded huge guy. “Go and park my car.”


That’s all and she started walking towards the house. Milky followed her while looking everywhere. They were welcomed by more tough-looking guys on the corridor heading towards Sayanee’s room. All of them are startled to see a cute girl being brought in.

“All of you…” Sayanee took a look at everyone who is tailing them. “Get out of the house and do business. If ever I see anyone of you—“

She is yet to finish her statement but the guys have already flown away. With just that, Milky has already concluded that the girl that took her home is not just an ordinary girl.

“Get in.” Sayanee said, more of a command. Milky did what she was told but there is one more surprise in the room.

“D-Dirty—“ she murmured but immediately covered her mouth. The room is really all over the place. There are books and clothes lying everywhere together with crumpled music sheets. The bed doesn’t seem like it has tasted changing its sheet for a long time. The only thing with a trace of cleanliness left is the study table. Is this where someone should take a girl for a one night stand?

“You got the hobby of blurting out what’s on your mind, don’t you?” Sayanee closed the door. The sound of it closing made Milky jerked. Sayanee just looked at her and went straight to the study table.

“You are going to have sex with me here?” Milky blurted out. Her pride as the top cabaret girl is finally surfacing.

“Huh?” The other girl looked at her with eyes of disbelief. “Who told you that I’m going to sleep with you? I’m not interested with your body.”

Lightning hit Milky after hearing that statement. She could never take this kind of treatment. The pride that she has worked for is not established just to be stepped on like this.

“If you are not going to sleep with me then what do you want?”

Sayanee looked back at her with a not amused face. 

“Clean my room.”



KEICCHI’S eyes were glittering while looking at her friend Milky. The excitement is so evident to her face that Milky felt uncomfortable. She already knows what her friend is going to ask and she could never tell her the truth.

“So~?” Keicchi started. “Tell me what happened last night? How was it being taken home by a woman?”

“Ehh…” Milky turned around to cover her thinking face. All the other girls are all ears to her. All of them are dead curious of what happened. It is the first time in the history of their club that someone was taken home by a girl.

“S-She…” An idea suddenly popped out of her head which gave her some confidence. “That girl likes roleplaying.”

A chorus of ‘Ohh’ was heard from the other girls. They looked at Milky with their hands clasped together as if praying to a goddess. Their eyes blinked fast, asking Milky to tell more details.

The top girl heaved a sigh and then wore her alluring smile.

“As I have said, she loves roleplaying. It was my first time doing it with a woman so I was a little bit unsure of what I have to do so I let her take the lead. Last night…” She stopped to think again. “Last night she made me play the role of her maid.”

“Kyaaa~” The girls giggled at her story.

“You mean she made you wear a maid outfit?” Keicchi asked.

“Sou, sou!” Milky nodded in agreement, thanking her friend in the back of her mind for the wild idea. “She made me wear a maid outfit with cat ears on then we did it.”

Another ‘kyaa~’ was heard from the girls. Milky took this opportunity to make more stories.

“She got a very nice technique. At first I was really scared of what is going to happen but she appeared to be gentle…”

She told them more lies. Milky just couldn’t accept the fact that she was taken home just to clean someone else’s room. She tried to seduce her but she failed so hard that she never wants to see that Sayanee person ever again. Everyone will laugh at her if they get to know the truth.

She continued telling more lies as dirty as it could get when suddenly, the reaction on the faces of the other girls changed. They were looking at something that is behind her, they all seem to be in a trance.

Milky stopped with her lies and slowly turned around. Her jaw dropped at the moment her eyes laid on the wonderful creature that is standing about a meter behind her. It was Sayanee and she is looking intently to her.

“H-How long have you been—“

“Wait, Milky! She’s the one who took you home last night?”


“She is reeking off of pheromones~!!”

“Milky you are so lucky~!”

Sayanee just remained standing there. There isn’t any change with her facial reactions. It seems like her facial muscles are not as active as those of other human beings or she isn’t just amused of the other girls praising her.

“So you are telling them that we did this and that, huh?”

The girls giggled even more after hearing her husky voice while Milky’s face couldn’t be painted anymore. She was caught in the act. How could she face her now?

Sayanee saw how Milky bit her lips and how tensed she is. She just rolled her eyes.

“Anyway, I booked you up for tonight as well.”

Milky raised her head up in a jolt after hearing that statement. The girls looked at each other with love struck faces.

“As expected for the top girl of this club!”

“It seems like you have made someone your patron in just one night again!”

“No one can beat you now, Milky!”

Those are the words that Milky’s pride is craving for but couldn’t she smile after hearing them? Her heart almost stopped beating when Sayanee smirked at her. It is the first smile that she has seen from the girl.

“What are you waiting for? I will take you home…” Sayanee turned her back to her and was about to get out but she stopped by the door to look at Milky once more.

“I can’t wait to do this and that with you again.”

The girls let out their giggles when Sayanee is already out. Milky stood there frozen. Her head is aching, still couldn’t cope up with what is happening. She closed her eyes and heaved a sigh.

“I’m doomed.”



MILKY’s eyes widened at the sight of Sayanee’s room. She believes that she has left the room spotless last night but why does it look like a hurricane has just passed by the place again?

“What in the world happened here?” Milky asked Sayanee who went straight to her study table. It seems like the girl is busy with making some files in her computer. Milky was ignored once again which sent her to her limits.

“Excuse me.” She clamored for the other girl’s attention. “Did you intentionally make this room dirty again just to see me?”

Sayanee’s brows furrowed with that question. She turned to Milky with her eyes squinted. “Excuse me?”

Milky was taken aback by that stare but she tried to act unfazed. “You just want to see me, don’t you? I’m sure I cleaned your room very well last night. You purposely did this, didn’t you?”


Knots were formed in Milky’s forehead after Sayanee almost cracked up with everything that she said.

“What are you smirking at?” she asked.

“I couldn’t locate my things so I had to turn the whole room upside-down before I could find them. Now, I want you to make a list about wherever you put my things. It’s not that I want to see you. You assume so much.”

Milky slapped her cheeks to wake herself up if ever she is just dreaming. She then went on to cleaning just to finish all of this at once. She showed how annoyed she was by putting force in her actions but Sayanee doesn’t seem to mind.

While Milky was putting back the books on the shelf, one book caught her attention.

“T-Things That—“

Her eyes sparkled then hurriedly pulled the book from the shelf. She ran in front of Sayanee’s desk with the book on her hand.

“C-C-Can I borrow this book?” she suddenly blurted out which made the busy girl a bit surprised.

“What?” Sayanee asked.

Milky looked at the book then back to Sayanee. “I’ve been waiting for this book to be out but it easily ran out of stock before I was able to buy it. I managed to read by borrowing one from my friend before but I want to read this again! Can you please lend this to me? I will finish this in just one day! I really love this so please~~”

Sayanee looked at her irritably for a moment but then she just sighed. She took the book from Milky’s hand and grabbed a pen. She opened the book and scribbled something on the first page.

“Come on, you don’t have to write your name on it. I will surely return—“

“It is yours now.”


Did she hear her right? She’s giving the book to her, right? She slowly reached for the book that is being handed to her. She looked at Sayanee with suspicious eyes before opening the book.

Her jaw dropped when she saw what was written on the first page. It was a sign.

“D-Don’t tell me you are—“

“Are you that slow?” Sayanee sighed. “Yes, I wrote that book. Are you happy now?”

Milky froze for a moment and then revealed her fangirl side after being thawed.

“Are you kidding me? I’m not just happy! I’m overjoyed! You don’t know how much I love this work and you are telling me that the author is right in front of me? I’m not dreaming, right?”

“Just a while earlier you are angry at me.”

“Because you are making me do absurd things!” She looked at her signed copy of the book and hugged it. “I will really treasure this! Thank you so much!”

Sayanee looked at her at the corner of her eyes. Somehow that child-like smile is more alluring than the kind of smile she curves up just to fish men. This smile…

“I have one more request if you don’t mind~”

Sayanee heaved a sigh. “What is it this time?”

Milky playfully opened the book on the page where Sayanee signed it and placed it in front of the girl.

“Please write my name on it. ‘To Watanabe Miyuki'.

She waited for the author to write her name but she found out that she is just staring at her. This made her cheeks burn a bit.

“W-What? You don’t know that kanji? The kanji for Mi is the one used for beauty and the—“

“Are you sure you are letting me know your real name?”

Milky fell quiet. There’s a rule in their club that giving out their real name to customers is forbidden. She got so excited that she just blurted out her name.

“W-Well…” she stuttered. “It doesn’t seem like you are a bad person to begin with…”

“Are you sure about that, lady? You have seen all the guys here in this house are bowing before me and you are thinking I am not a bad person? Guys won’t bow because someone is an author.”

“Well…” she thought once again. “They might be bowing to you because they really respect you. It may not be because they are scared of you. And… uhm… If you are a bad person then you have done something against me already, right?”

“You really know how to please people, don’t you?” Sayanee murmured.

“D-Did you say something?” Milky cutely asked.

“Nothing.” Sayanee started writing Milky’s name to answer her request. “What if the reason that I am not doing anything to you is because I’m not really interested to you? How will you react?”

“How about I try to seduce you… again?”

Sayanee looked up at her with her brows furrowed. Milky’s eyes are focused on her, stealing glances on her lips. Their stares locked. This is one of her fishing techniques. Once her prey is already looking at her eyes, there will be no way out. Thinking that she already got her, Milky slowly leaned towards Sayanee, closing the gap between them when—


Milky shrieked in fear when she felt a palm groped her butt. She fell to her feet due to shock. A shadow casts upon her which made her tremble in fear. She looked up only to see a pair of round, black eyes looking down at her. And they are owned by a…kid?

“You got nice butt, Onee-san.” The kid stated with a blank face. “It looks so nice that I felt like it was calling me to touch it. I couldn’t help it so I am not going to say sorry.”

“W-What are you—“

Milky suddenly heard laughs from Sayanee as the girl stood up from her seat. She went towards the little boy and ruined his hair. The boy just looked at him without any change in facial expression. He’s just like Sayanee.

“Here you go again at your butt fetish, Hiroki.” Sayanee greeted the boy and sat on the floor to level down the boy’s height. “Tell me you are not doing this kind of thing at your school.”

“Of course not.” The boy looked back to Milky. “Who is this girl with a perfect butt?”

Sayanee gave out a short laugh. “She is—“

“Is she going to be my mother, Otou-san?”

“Otou-san!!?” Milky shrieked. “You are a guy!!?”

The smile on Sayanee’s face faded. She rolled her eyes. “My asset is bigger than yours and you are telling me that I am a guy?” Sayanee shook her head while looking at Milky’s asset. The girl hugged herself as she felt like Sayanee’s is belittling what she has. “This kid considers me as his father, no matter how hard I tell him that I am not who he thinks I am.”

“Y-You mean you are also not her mother?”

“No… Isn’t it obvious?” Sayanee sighed, getting tired of explaining everything to Milky. “I adopted him after his parents were killed in a gang war. Ever since he came to this house he calls me Otou-san.”

“I don’t care.” The kid butted in. “You are my Otou-san and that is final. I don’t want anyone else.”

“Hai, hai…” Sayanee sighed and patted the boy’s head. “Introduce yourself to the visitor.”

“Konnichiwa.” The kid bowed a little. “I am Hiroki. I am 10 years old. Are you going to be my Okaa-san?”

Their eyes widened at the innocent question of Hiroki. Sayanee immediately dismissed the idea and explained to Hiroki why Milky is here. For a moment Milky felt her cheeks burned. Her chest tightened. Why is she feeling this way to someone she just met? And, to top all of it, this person is a girl.


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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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You're baaack! I miss you! lol :cow:

and with SayaMilky, tho I'm not much of a shipper but I still like how you make a story out of them :inlove: It's your story after all, of course it'll turn out good!

and dang did I read that right?

“T-Things That—“

is it what it is I'm thinking? Hmm... well nvmnd, I'll just brush it off.

I have something to follow again yay!

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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hee new fic!
tbh this would be the first sayamilky main pairing fic i read (don't kill me)

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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Loved it so much.

And I see what you did there. 😏
Gonna try and wait for the update patiently. 😀

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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YES!! NEW FIC :D I made my opinion in tumblr :D

Im really waiting for the next chapter
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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Hmmmm... I see what you did there. :mon misch: The book and Maru's cameo appearance. Oh and that "butt fetish" reminds me of Maru's Drunk Text chapter. Looking forward to the next part of this SayaMilky OS. :mon thumb:

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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Waaa!!!  Cut-sama you're back!!!  I miss you :on gay: :on gay:

And I see what you did there, sooo after all this time, sayanee wrote the book huh?  Lol

Waiting for the next part!!!
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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@Erza_Jerusalem-san, Ehh... Thanks for missing me. I wasn't gone that long tho. :) Man, that is some sort of a pressure. Hopefully I can give justice to this as well. ^^

@akbdaisuki48-san, Wow! This is your first? :) I hope you enjoy this. :)

@Goto24-san, I'm glad that you loved it. Thanks for waiting. ^^

@Haruko-san, Thanks for reading. ^^ I wonder what those questions are. ^^

@MatsuiLee-san, haha. nice. you remembered that drunk text. XD

@yukine-san, Waa!! haha. I'm back~~^^ Thanks for missing me. :)

And yes everyone, I used a lot of reference here from the last fic that I wrote. Eh? You haven't read it? It is called Things That Mix. It would be nice if you also check that one out. ^^ I hope you are enjoying this SayaMilky fic but this will not be a long series. It only has three parts (cause I am preparing something else^^) And man, I can feel the pressure. Please don't expect much with this short series. ^^

Also, tell me which pairing you like to be featured next in this thread. ^^
Next update will be on Sunday. See you~ Have a good day everyone. :)
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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Also, tell me which pairing you like to be featured next in this thread. ^^
Next update will be on Sunday. See you~ Have a good day everyone. :)

Well can I request yukkanen to be featured next??  It's Sugai Yuuka x Moriya Akane in case you don't know
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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The first thing that cross my mind when I finish reading this chapter "ああ。。Milky は ドM だ。。"

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (I)
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Yey!! A NEW Story!!

I've been a fan ever since I started reading Things that Mix
and I just can't wait to read your works.

I'll be waiting for your update! ❤️❤️
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[shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (II) 04-16
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@yukine-san, I will try to come up with something... ^^
@Genkikid-san, Haha. IKR. XD
@sadrilim-san, thank you~ ^^
@Oshi~san, Wow! Thanks for reading Things That Mix. ^^ Yey~

Good day, everyone! Happy Easter to all of you~ ^^
And now, for the promised update. Lol. I'm really nervous... Douzo~

A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky

PART 2: Table Number 8


Sayanee handed Milky the cup of coffee she has prepared. It’s already past 11 in the evening but here they are, about to take caffeine in their bodies. They are currently in front of the garden of the house where there is a koi pond in the middle. Everything about this home looks so Japanese with the rooms as exemptions. Sayanee sat by the other side of the tatami door.

“I’m sorry about Hiroki earlier. He is just a mischievous child.”

Milky chuckled while remembering how cute the boy was. They just met but it feels like they’ve known each other for a long time. Also, the fact that her butt was perfectly scored by a kid with a butt fetish made her pride full again.

“I don’t really mind.” She smiled. “I like innocent looking kids like him but actually a bit mean inside.”

Sayanee just nodded at her and took a sip of her coffee. Milky also took a sip of hers while stealing glances at the other girl. It is her second night without tasting any alcohol and now she is drinking coffee instead. Somehow it feels really weird.

She already finished organizing Sayanee’s room and she gave her the list so she won’t have to ruin what she has done. She was only called here to clean her room and now that her job is done, she doesn’t have any reason to be called again. Somehow, this makes her sad.

Milky shook her head at that thought. She couldn’t be sad. What will happen to the integrity that she worked so hard to establish if she would prefer this kind of life? She has learnt to swallow every kind of shame she has on her body just to achieve being number one.

“Say…” Sayanee started. “How long do you think you can do that kind of work?”

That question took her by surprise. Of course she had thought of that before but she never had an answer to it.

“As long as I can do it, I guess…”

“Do you think you can still sell even if you are already in your thirties?”

“I guess I have to lower the price that time…” She then laughed to pretend that it’s all fine with her. There are nights when she honestly thought if ever this time would ever come to an end.

Sayanee took another sip of her coffee then released a sigh.

“Are you fine with just any guy?”

“Pfft.” Mirky smirked. “I’m fine with anyone as long as they are going to pay me with the right amount. I’ve been doing this kind of job for a long time. It would be foolish to ask me things like that.”

“Watanabe Miyuki…”

Milky’s heart skipped a beat after hearing someone call her with her whole name. It’s the first time after a long time that someone called her Miyuki.

“You got a very beautiful name.”

Milky took another sip of her coffee to hide her blushing cheeks. Why is this person continuously making her feel things that she never felt before? Her heart is thumping so hard and it makes her hard to breathe.

“Is this withdrawal from alcohol or is this because of coffee?”

She took another glimpse of her and once again she was marveled on how beautiful Sayanee is. The light from the moon makes her glow even more. Milky bit her lips. She has never been so tempted and attracted to a person like this before.

“It’s now or never.” She thought to herself. She put down the cup of coffee and took a deep breath. “N-Ne…” She called. The other girl turned to her direction and there goes her heart again.

Milky’s fists balled. Crawling, she went towards Sayanee, showing a bit of her cleavage to the other girl. Sayanee has already noticed it but she isn’t giving any reaction like usual. Milky invaded the other girl’s personal space. She looked up to her with those alluring puppy eyes.

The small distance they have left made her heart go even wilder.

“Yuki Koi-san…” she called as their stares locked.

“You shouldn’t call me with my pen name.” Sayanee answered in a low voice.

Milky didn’t mind what she said. She just continued with her advancements. “C-Can you do me?”

Sayanee didn’t give any answer so Milky assumed it was a yes. She went for another attack and kissed Sayanee on the lips. She could feel a hand placed slowly on her shoulder. Thinking that the other girl has already responded to her, she went to take the kiss further but she ended up being pushed away by the girl.

She opened her eyes only to see Sayanee looking down at her. Her eyes are so cold it gives shiver to her spine; so sharp that it tears off her heart strings.

“W-Why?” She asked with no other words left to say.

Sayanee closed her eyes and pushed her even farther. “Get yourself ready, I will drop you home.” That’s all and she stood up to prepare her car.

“Wait!” Milky called out, her voice a little cracked. “You didn’t like the kiss? Why don’t you just do me? I feel bad for you paying me so much without even doing my actual work.”

“You cleaned my room and that is enough. At least that’s a decent job.”

“But it is not my job!”

Sayanee turned back to her and looked straight to her eyes.

“I don’t do girls that aren’t mine.”


MILKY jerked up after the manager of the bar clapped his hands right in front of her face. She looked up to him only to see his annoyed face.

“You’ve been spacing out a lot, Milky!” He nagged. He could already see money getting out of his door. “Stay like that for the whole week and you will lose your title! Are you getting tired of this job? Remember that you don’t have anywhere else to go!”

Milky rolled her eyes in irritation. “I know, I know! You don’t have to remind me that my parents sold me to you because of debt. I don’t have any other choice, right?”

“Good! It’s good that you remember!” He rubbed her sexy shoulders with a huge, freaky smile on his face. “Now go to table 8, Fujita-san has come for you again.”’

“That guy?” Milky’s shoulder dropped after hearing that name. That guy might be good-looking and rich but he has an awfully huge ego, probably bigger than the Tokyo Tower but he is actually bad in bed. “I can’t stand him to be honest. Can you give him other girls just for tonight? I’m really not feeling well.”

The manager gave her a sarcastic smile. “The money has already been transferred, lady. I’ve let you rest for the past days but that’s enough” He pulled her up from her seat and pushed her out of the dressing room. “Now go on and do as you are told or you will never be free!”

Milky let out a deep sigh and stomped her feet. She has been earning a lot but still it isn’t enough to cover the price she was sold to. The manager even doubled it saying that her value to the club has become so significant he just couldn’t let go of her just like that.

She made her way to table 8, Fujita’s favorite table because it is the table that can occupy the most girls. Just the sight of the guy’s face makes her want to puke. She wore her game face on and greeted everyone on the said table.

Fujita’s face lightened up right after he saw Milky. The girls gladly made space for her. It seems like they are all on the same page in regards with this guy. Milky sat beside Fujita and the guy was quick to arch his arm around her.

“You missed me, dearest Milky?” He then kissed Milky’s exposed shoulder. “I’m sorry that I’ve been away for a long time.”

“I don’t really mind you being away. I hope you are gone forever.”

Milky put up her fisher smile and hugged the guy. “It’s okay, you are back and that’s important.”

The guy laughed his ego out. “That’s what I like about you, Milky!” he brushed Milky’s hair that is covering her neck before he shoved his face on it and kissed it. “Are you prepared for tonight?” he whispered. Milky closed her eyes and Sayanee’s face suddenly flashed in the darkness.

“Geez. Why is she suddenly appearing like this? I can’t focus on my work because of you!”

It was the first time that someone turned her down after being kissed by her. That gave a huge blow to her pride but was it just really because of pride?


Milky’s eyes automatically darted by the entrance of the bar and her heart started racing. Speaking of the devil, Sayanee came after three days of absence. Why is her heart reacting this way just at the sight of her?

Sayanee turned to her and their eyes met. She saw a slight curiosity on the face of the girl when she saw her being kissed by the guy beside her. The manager was talking to Sayanee but the girl doesn’t seem to mind. She is just looking at Milky.

“Geez!” Milky gasped to herself when she saw that the girl is actually coming towards her. “Not now, you are making it hard to breathe.”

“Oh! It’s the woman who took Milky home!” Keicchi exclaimed when Sayanee is finally standing in front of them. This stopped Fujita who was currently busy with Milky’s neck.

“Woman?” He threw his death stare to Sayanee who is just looking coldly at them. “You were taken home by this woman, Milky?”

“And they’ve done wild things~!” The girls giggled as they remember the things Milky told them. Milky bit her lips. She can already smell the plate of trouble being served in front of her.

“I’m going to take her tonight as well.” Sayanee said to the manager pertaining to Milky.

“I-I-I’m sorry but Milky is already booked for tonight.” He explained; sweat is evident on his forehead. “Y-You can choose other—“

“I said I want her.”

“Hey!” Fujita rose from his seat, furious of being treated like a nobody by just a woman. “Can’t you see that I already paid for her!? Get the hell out of here!”

“How much did you pay for her? I will pay you back.”

Fujita’s eyes widened after seeing that Sayanee isn’t close to backing out. She just looked at him sharply, so sharp it felt like it could kill.

“W-What the hell are you talking about!? As if I am going to back down from a woman like you!”

“A woman like me, huh?” A smirk was drawn on Sayanee’s face sending fear to everyone who saw it. The manager started to tremble in fear. He almost fell down when she turned to him.

“How much is the freedom of this girl? I am going to buy her.”

Gasps were heard from everyone. Even the people on other tables who heard that stopped with whatever they are doing.

“C-Chotto! What are you doing!?” Milky also rose up to her seat. “Don’t tell me that she is planning to buy me to be her maid!? What is wrong with this woman, really?”

“B-B-But…” The owner stammered. “If I let you buy Milky our business will be affect—“

Sayanee moved her face near the owner for a staredown. “How much?”

Fujita lost it. He went to Sayanee and pulled her by the collar. “Don’t you know who I am, woman? Who the hell are you to treat me like I am air here, huh?”

Laughter was heard from another table which caught their attention. It was from a huge, bald guy who is currently enjoying his mug of beer.

“My boy! You should ask yourself about that!” He then took another gulp of his beer. “Are you sure you are allowed to say that to the woman in front of you?”

“Shut the fuck up baldie!” he shouted. “You don’t have anything to do here!”

The guy laughed again and looked at him with pity. “Looks like you have to prepare for burial, boy! You are just talking to the future Oyabun of Yamamoto-gumi!”

“Y-Yamamoto-gumi?” Milky stuttered. Is she hearing it right? Sayanee is the future leader of that huge Yakuza group? That Yakuza group that pushed her parents to the edge of the cliff!?

The strength on Fujita’s grip suddenly faded when he heard the name of the Yakuza group. His mouth is wide open while stepping away from Sayanee. The girl dusted off her collar and then turned back to the owner.

“I'm buying her freedom. I’ll be waiting downstairs.” She was about to go but stopped midway. “Don’t make me wait.”

“H-H-Hai!” The manager pulled Milky from the table and pushed her towards the dressing room to get changed. “I hate to do this Milky but you have to get out of here now. I don’t want my business to turn to literal ashes if I don’t set you free.”

Fujita heard laughs from his table. All the other girls are talking about cool Sayanee was. He was just humiliated in front of all these girls. He gritted his teeth, his fists balled.

“I’m not letting this pass.”

THE CAR stopped in front of Sayanee’s house. She removed her seatbelt and was about to go out when she noticed that Milky is not making a move.

“Aren’t you going out?” She asked but Milky remained silent. Sayanee removed the seatbelt for her which brought them too close to each other. “Aren’t you used to being free?”

“Pfft.” Milky smirked. “Are you seriously telling me that I am free? My master just changed. I’m not actually free, right?”

Sayanee moved back. She’s ready to listen to whatever Milky is going to say. She saw how pearls started forming from the girl’s eyes. She knows that Milky has been preventing herself to cry since the time she rode the car.

“You booked me for two nights, for what? Just to clean your awfully messy room? You didn’t do anything to me, saying you are not interested to my body. You even rejected my kiss and now you just bought me? You’re asking me things about freedom when the truth is…”

Her fists clenched before she turned to Sayanee. “The truth is your group is the reason why my parents sold me! Your group is the reason why they committed suicide! You are the reason why there is a value placed on my head right now! You—“

“I know about it.”

Milky was taken aback. “E-Eh?”

Sayanee is looking directly straight to her eyes. “I know about you. I know how much your family was pressured by one of our higher ranks 8 years ago. That officer was the one tending me so I was able to see all the horrible things that he did.

I wanted to do something that time. I may be the daughter of the Oyabun but I don’t have enough power to tell a high-tier what to do. I don’t know if you remember but I was the weird looking girl who always buys books on your bookstore before. I’m the one you mistook into a creep because you saw me staring at you.”

A picture of a stone-faced girl with messy hair flashed in Milky’s mind—the girl who is a regular customer of their bookstore.

“At that time buying books to your store was the only thing I could do to help. Then one day I just saw your place being surrounded by police. I heard that your parents hanged themselves after they sold you just to clear their selves of the debt.

I asked my uncle about you but you were taken in a very far place. I don’t even know your name. All I know is you are the girl who smiles at the sight of me. Most people fear my presence but you were there and smiled brightly at me.”

“W-What do you mean?” Milky finally found her voice.

“All these years I made my way up to the rankings not relying on my blood relationship with the Oyabun but with my own strength. I made all the way up to the point that I don’t have to introduce myself.”

Sayanee reached for Milky’s hand. The other girl was a bit hesitant but she slowly let her guard down. Sayanee held her tight.

“All this time I struggled to go up in order to have the power to find you and save you.”

Tears started flowing down Milky’s eyes. She covered her mouth with her free hand. She tried to avoid Sayanee’s stare but her eyes were drawn to them.

“I’m sorry…” Sayanee sighed. “I’m sorry that it took me so long to find you. I’m sor—“

She was not able to finish her statement when Milky jumped to her arms. She dug her face to her chest and there she released all the tears that she has been holding. “Why have you taken so long? I’ve been through a lot you know!? I’ve been through a lot of hideous nights!”

Sayanee heaved a deep sigh. She slowly embraced the crying girl. That embrace grew tighter. Finally, after all those years, the girl with that wonderful smile is finally in her arms. She hugged her with the hope that she would feel how sorry she is for being so late. For how sorry she is for everything.

Sayanee raised Milky’s head so that she could look up to her. She wiped her tears away while caressing her face gently. “But you know…

You are mine now…”

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (II) 04-16
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Love it even more!!!!!!

Ohhh so it was Sayaness's family that drove that to happen to Milky.
Ohh well. At least she got her out. But too long Sayanee. TOO LONG!!

Now I'm worried about what Fujita will do.

Don't make it a sad ending. 😐

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (II) 04-16
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I REALLY LOVE THIS!!  It will be a happy ending right?  Right?  Right? Bc, I'm worried about that Fujita guy...

Please don't make it the same like TTM!!!
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (II) 04-16
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Sayanee kakkoii na~

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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (II) 04-16
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Uwwwaa! Sayanee is so cool and ikemen here ❤️😍😭 Its kinda cool how Sayanee is the future head of a big yakuza group  :inlove: :drool: And the "you're mine now" part is just ......  :wub: I cant even.....  :wub:
Since she said in chapter 1 that "I dont do girl that aren't mine" AHDHSHDBHSBD

Ill be waiting for your update!
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[shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (F) 04-19
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A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky
LAST PART: Yakuza Movie

Sayanee heaved a deep sigh. She slowly embraced the crying girl. That embrace grew tighter. Finally, after all these years, the girl with that wonderful smile is finally on her arms. She hugged her with the hope that she would feel how sorry she is for being so late. For how sorry she is for everything.

Sayanee raised Milky’s head so that she could look up to her. She wiped her tears away while caressing her face gently. “But you know… You are mine now…”

“I don’t do girls that aren’t mine.”

Those words of Sayanee echoed at the back of Milky’s mind. Her heart started running wild once more. Her mind is turning blank. So it explains the weird attachment she has for this girl. She has known her years ago. She was the one with the same taste of books as hers. No wonder why she is so attracted to her.

Wait… She is telling her that she’s hers now, right? That just means…

Milky looked at Sayanee and their faces began to be drawn to each other. They were only an inch away from each other when Milky saw a pair of round eyes outside Sayanee’s window. She shrieked, releasing herself from Sayanee’s hug then went to hug her seatbelt.

Sayanee looked by her window and laughed.

“It’s Hiroki. Don’t worry he didn’t see what we were doing. The car is heavily tinted.”

“Gahd! That kid is always scaring me!”

Sayanee laughed again. Milky is really marveled that only Hiroki can make the girl laugh. She opened the window and greeted the kid.

“Why are you out of the house at this hour?” Sayanee asked.

The kid’s eyes immediately inspected the inside of the car. His eyes landed to Milky and the girl greeted her. He politely greeted back then looked back to Sayanee.

“I’ve seen your car arrived through the CCTV but you aren’t coming out so I came to check you out.” Hiroki looked back to Milky. “Don’t tell me you are enjoying her butt without sharing her to me.”

Sayanee lost it while Milky flushed bright red in an instant. Sayanee went out of the car and Milky followed her. She held Hiroki by the hand and then they walked inside. Milky stood on the other side of the boy. The kid was fast to spank her butt which made her shriek.

“Mou~ Seriously?” She asked the kid. Sayanee just laughed at them. Milky smiled at Sayanee and the girl smiled back at her then her heart was once again filled with warmth. It seems like she will enjoy having this freedom being spent with the two.


MILKY just finished hanging the laundry. It has been a week since she was released from the club of a nightmare. She may be staying in the house of a Yakuza high ranker but she never felt so safe in her entire life. She doesn’t have to sell her body anymore. No one is hunting her back knowing that she is in the domicile of a future Yakuza boss.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead and took pride at the amount of laundry that she has done. She went back inside and all the other guys are greeting her with respect. She would just smile at them and send them in a trance. Guess her fishing skill hasn’t gone rusty yet.

She took a peek of Sayanee’s room only to see that the girl is still fast asleep. Sayanee is more active at night. The writer can only organize her thoughts once everyone on the house has already fallen asleep. The peace brought by the night makes her concentrated with her work. She would sleep around 6 in the morning and wake up around 1 in the afternoon.

Since Milky was brought in, Sayanee has been so focused with her work because of a deadline. This just means they still haven’t done it.

Milky closed the door and sighed. “She said she has waited so long for me but it doesn’t seem like it.” She went to the room given to her and picked the book Sayanee gifted to her. She threw herself on the futon and opened the book.

“She wrote my name wonderfully…” Milky gasped when she realized something. She slapped her forehead. “I still don’t know her real name.”


“YOU’RE TOO good with that game.”

Hiroki’s attention was caught by the young girl that stood beside him. He got out of focus of the shooting game he is playing but he immediately went back on track. He tried to look at the girl through the corner of his eyes.

“I’ve been playing this for a long time.” He finally answered after clearing the stage. He wouldn’t care about talking to the girl if he didn’t find her cute. He placed the gun back to the rack and turned to the girl. “So, do you want to play with me?”

The girl smiled sweetly at him, surprised by his sudden invitation. “Sure!”

Hiroki extended his hand to her. Just how fast kids of these days could be? The cute little girl was about to reach for his hand when a shadow was casted over them.

“How about play with me, little kid?”


Everyone on the arcade center stopped what they were doing when they heard the shout from the girl. They just saw a man threw a boy inside his car then quickly sped away. Hiroki’s guardian was busy playing with his own game he didn’t even see that the boy has been taken away.

The big guy tried to follow the car but he was too late. Chasing for his breath, he rubbed his face with his palm. Looks like he’ll say goodbye to a pinky.


KAWAKAMI, Hiroki’s guardian was kneeling in front of Sayanee. The whole house is in big tension after the news that Hiroki has been kidnapped reached everyone. They were at the courts of the house with Kawakami kneeling in front of the stairs.

Milky is standing beside Sayanee. She is really worried about the kid with butt fetish. Who in the world would kidnap such an innocent looking child? Well, he may not be too innocent but Hiroki is still a child.

The other guys are all bowing their head. They all know how important Hiroki is to their leader. Kawakami might get his whole pinky cut off.

“Tell me, what are you doing when Hiroki was taken away?” Sayanee asked, her voice brought fear to the whole house. Kawakami wasn’t able to answer; he just started to tremble in fear. Sayanee stomped her feet which made everyone jerk.

“I-I-I was playing an arcade game. I-I-I lost sight of H-Hiroki—“

A butterfly knife suddenly landed in front of him that made him shake even more. He tried to look up but he only saw the merciless eyes of their leader gawking at him.

“If Hiroki is not back in this house this evening you already know what to do.”

“H-H-Hai…” He kneeled further, his head touching the ground. He was moved that his master gave him a chance. If it is other higher-ups his pinky has already been cut off right after he told them the story. He picked up the blade and kept it on his pocket.

Sayanee’s phone suddenly rang as if on cue, flashing an unknown number on the screen. She picked it up right away.

“Who are you?” she asked with a cold voice. The person on the other line answered her with an annoying laugh which got into her nerves.

“Is that how you normally pick calls up?” The guy laughed once more. “Remember how you humiliated me at the club? I’ve come for revenge.”


“I don’t care if you are a Yakuza boss or what. You humiliated Fujita Tomoya. I can’t just let that go. Now, bring Milky here to me in exchange of this kid—“

“Otou-san, don’t worry. I can handle this. They don’t look scary at all.”

“Shut the fuck up, kid!”

“This guy doesn’t look like he has the balls to—“

Sayanee heard a slapping sound which alerted her. The change in her facial expression frightened the whole house. “Bastard…” she gnashed.

The guy laughed again. “I will send you the location. Come here and bring Milky. No back up or anything. If I saw you bring backup…” A gunshot was heard which made Sayanee clenched her fist. “Say goodbye to this child.”

The line was cut. Sayanee put her phone back to her pocket. “Get out of the way.” He glared at Kawakami and the guy immediately stood up, tumbling because his legs gone numb.

Sayanee went straight to her car. The guys followed her with anxiety on their faces.

“Nee-sama! Are you going alone?” They asked.

“I can’t bring anyone with me. I heard a gunshot and that is making me worry.”

“G-Gunshot!?” they started panicking. “Shouldn’t you bring a gun with you too?”

“Sato, I know what I am doing. I am well-aware of the situation.”

“C-Chotto!” Milky made her way to Sayanee. “Bring me with you. That was Fujita Tomoya, right? I got the hunch that he will get revenge. That guy with a little whiny!”

“I can’t bring you with me.”

“He is asking for me, right? I heard all of it, Sayanee! Let me go with you and I will teach that jerk a lesson!”

The guys were marveled of the courage that the girl is showing. All their mouths are forming letter o’s. Sayanee heaved a sigh. “Get in.”

A smile curved from Milky’s lips. She immediately rode the car and fastened her seatbelt.

“Nee-sama, are you sure you can do this alone?”

“I told you, guys, I know what I am doing.” She repeated. “I will be back soon.”

Without further ado, the two went on following the address that Fujita sent Sayanee.


THE CAR stopped in front of a warehouse near the port. Sayanee was about to go out when Milky halted her. The girl is a complete picture of worry.

“What?” Sayanee asked. “You were so brave a while ago and now you look like a scared cat.”

“It’s not that.” Milky sighed. “Look, you are just getting out of the car like that? Shouldn’t there be a moment for the couple before they go out of the car? That’s what usually happens in the movies, right?”

Sayanee’s jaw dropped. Did she just hear her right?

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Milky innocently asked. “Aren’t you watching Yakuza films? Before the final action, the couple should have a moment in the car, remember? Don’t tell me we will just go in like this! This is too boring!”

Sayanee turned her whole body to the other girl. “Are you serious with this, Miyuki? And a couple? When did we become a couple?”

Milky’s got shook. “D-Don’t tell me we are not a couple yet…”

“We are not.”

Milky’s jaw dropped. She averted Sayanee’s stare and smiled bitterly. “Here I am thinking that we are already a couple, Sayanee… How embarrassi—“

Milky was silenced when Sayanee’s lips landed straight to hers after she was pulled into her arms. She felt Sayanee’s lips started moving and it made her weak. This is probably not a good idea after all. They are about to enter a battle ground and she needs energy. She realized that kissing like this in the movies is such a huge mistake.

But of course, as a former number one girl, she couldn’t let herself to be dominated just like that. She has made a lot of man worship her. Milky learned to kiss back. Who is she to fool herself that she doesn’t want what is happening?

Sayanee cut the kiss. Catching up for some air, they stared at each other.

“Yamamoto Sayaka.” Sayanee uttered under her breath. “That’s my name. Don’t call me Sayanee, you are not one of my men.”

“S-Sayaka?” Milky repeated. Her voice is still a bit shaky because of adrenaline.

“Mhm.” Sayanee nodded and gave her a peck on her lips. “I was planning to court you but you already said that we are a couple. You can’t take that back anymore.”

Milky nodded, still in a trance.

“We’ll continue this when we get home.” Sayanee sighed. “We just have to get Hiroki back. I’m worried that they might—“

They suddenly heard consecutive gunshots which made them jerked out of the car. Sayanee cursed loudly. “Hiroki!”

She ran towards the entrance of the warehouse. Milky just followed her though a little bit hesitant. What they heard are gunshots. Freakin’ gunshots! But why is Sayanee going in just like this. There is no trace that she is worried about getting killed. She just followed her either way.

When they opened the door of the warehouse, Milky was surprised to the amount of blood scattered all over the floor. She saw a lot of guys on the ground, all of them are groaning in pain. She also saw Fujita lying on the middle. His face is covered with the mixture of his tears and snot.

Stepping on his head is non-other than Hiroki. He is holding pistols in both of his hands.

“S-S-Spare me, please! I-I still want to live!”

It seems like Hiroki didn’t hear his plea. He pointed the gun on the guy’s body. “You were saying bad things about my Otou-san, right? I will show no mercy.”

“Hiroki! That’s enough!”

The kid turned to Sayanee with cold blooded eyes. Those eyes slowly started to regain spirit when he recognized Sayanee and Milky. “Otou-san! Okaa-san!” He dropped the guns on Fujita’s head sending the guy into a deep sleep. He ran towards Sayanee and hugged her.

“I’ve finished everything just for you.” Hiroki said. Sayanee looked around once more. Everyone is alive. Hiroki only immobilized them. She could finally breathe. She sat in front of the kid and patted his head.

“You didn’t overdo it, right?” The boy just shook his head. His uniform is stained with blood so as his cute face. Sayanee wiped the blood off of his face. “When I heard the gunshot during the call earlier I already know that this will happen. They surely messed with the wrong kid.”

“He destroyed the moment I was having with the cute girl on the arcade. He was also saying that he will take my Okaa-san away. As if I will just let him do that.” The kid turned to Milky and smiled at her. “You don’t have to worry anymore, Okaa-san. Hiroki already kicked his ass.”

That smile warmed Milky’s heart. She opened her arms and the kid came in for a hug. “Thank you, Hiro—“ Milky’s brows twitched when she felt her butt being groped by the kid once again. She just shrugged her shoulders and let him do his thing. “Just for this once I will let you do that. But sons don’t do that to their mothers.”

“Is that so?” Hiroki innocently asked then sulked. “Anyway, I like you as my mother more than your butt so I guess it is fine.”

Sayanee smiled at the sight of the two. She reached for her phone and called one of his subordinates. She ordered him to take the knife away from Kawakami and call for ambulance anonymously.

After that she invited the two back to the car and they went back home.


A MONTH has passed. After Fujita Tomoya was silenced by Hiroki, no other movie-themed incident followed that. Until now, Milky is still shocked about Hiroki being a skilled marksman at a young age. Sayanee told her that it was an inborn talent.

Milky is watching Hiroki playing with the girl he met at the arcade in the backyard like a normal kid. She could see that Hiroki likes the girl by the name Kyoko. Milky sighed.

“A month has already passed but we still haven’t picked up to where we stopped.” Her eyes darted to the direction of Sayanee’s room. “Until when is she going to make me wait? Mou… Sayaka…”

She stood up and took a stretch. She told Hiroki that she will just be in her room and then went inside. Sayanee became busy with the launch of her new book. She almost shut herself inside her room just to finish proof reading everything.

Milky was surprised to see a book on her bed. She picked it up and read the title,

“A Girl Took Me Home”

Her curiosity arose and her heart started to beat fast. She opened it up and saw a dedication on the first page saying,

“Dedicated to the reason why I worked so hard during the past eight years. To you who gave me that one precious smile I will never forget. I will treat you the way a pearl should be treated. You are my treasure. I promise you will not experience horrible things again.”

Her eyes started to water when she read the last line.

I love you. I really do. In my heart it has always been you…


                                         Yuki Koi

“So, you saw the book already?”

Milky turned to the door where she saw Sayanee standing. Her hair is still a bit messy since she just got off of the bed. Milky looked at her with puppy eyes.

“Do you mean it, Sayaka?”

Sayanee brushed her fringe up. She went towards Milky and held her by the shoulders.

“You still won’t believe me unless there is physical interaction, right?” She kissed the girl in the forehead and smiled at her. “I searched for you for eight long years, remember? Let me show why a girl like me took you home.”

To avoid being interrupted by a certain boy, Sayanee locked the door.



Hello everyone, Cut here. I hope you enjoyed this SayaMilky short series that I made. Thank you for reading it. Also, I want to take this chance to tell you that I’m going to release another series. It is called:

To those who have read Things That Mix... this is it.

It’ll be posted soon. Please wait for it. Thank you. ^^
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Re: [shortcut48's SHORTS] A Girl Took Me Home | SayaMilky (F) 04-19
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I want to know what they do after Sayanee locked the door

Things that mix is going to have a sequel?!?! Please say yes :ding: :ding:

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