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Author Topic: Crossing Japan Part 4 5/16/17  (Read 1014 times)

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Crossing Japan Part 4 5/16/17
« on: May 06, 2017, 09:39:52 AM »
Part 1

Part 1

It was never enough to settle. Roaming everywhere to arrive in a place of conquest and the smell of rotting flesh had tickled my nose although it was hard to battle the flies in most cases as they were not easily kept. I grew complacent. Settled for the vast mass of land before the incident had taken over me.

Now it was the buildings. Everything around had become lighted regardless of the sun or moon it was unnatural. The smells were as much as stinging the nostrils and all were together rather than broken apart as I hid in the darkness. The angel had appeared once before I was transported and now it was again upon the pearl shadow it had been cast upon me.

“Ah Yui~”

“You transported me here.” I growled, holding the leather handle when I pulled out the single weapon with the long barrel aimed towards it.

“Yuihan~ you can’t shoot at me.” The voice echoed. “I’m the one to transport you here.”

“Sure right I can.”

The surge of energy built into my hand before the stream shot out, lighting up the alleyway across of us when the angel shot a smile towards me, mocking the shot that had miraculously missed. Hearing the click of her tongue, the cooldown was ridiculous for just the one shot and now out of the realm I was used to, it was the chance for the angel to strike back.

“I brought you here more to analyze civilization. Easy to see what had happened when I took you away.” The angel sung.

“Terrorizing the land, burning everything to the ground.” I stated, scanning around. “What is expected?”

“Hello?” The voice echoed.

“Who’s that?” I asked when the person appeared with the short haircut.

“Um? Did you caused that light to hit the mirror and shot up into the sky?” The person asked.

“I didn’t hit anything?” I pondered.

“Well… the roof is on fire.” The person pointed upon the orange glow. “You caused it.”

“That’s not right. It would easily kill something.” I laughed.

“Um, whoever you are, you’re under arrest for arson.” The person commanded when my arm was grabbed and brought it into the wall when the eyes met up with it and the push back from the chest had triggered a realization. “Please don’t resist.”

“I guess I won’t.” I sighed, pulling the gun out when the white screen blinded me and pulled the triggered as the rush of energy was burst against something, hearing it shatter.

“Criminal property damage too.”

I cursed the angel for setting me up for it again when I saw the artificial light encompassing me when I finally saw the charred clothes I had on with the stained blood from before. Tattered from battles, I paced around when the angel stood in the corner, grinning towards the middle of the empty cell before I took a seat upon the cold bench and laid down upon it, staring up at the bright orb.

“She prevented you from causing damage.” The angel informed.

“I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t take me away.” I growled, turning towards the front with the people walking around when I tapped my hip. “My weapon.”

“They confiscated it.” The angel chimed in. “It’s a relic per se.”

“Relic? It’s my weapon!” I argued when the view of her thighs caught my attention. “She’s not covered! Her area will show anytime soon.”

“She’s wearing something… hopefully. I’m keeping an eye on it.” The angel snickered before elbowing the attention back to me. “They will have to return it.”

My midsection had growled when I walked up to see a tray by my feet of foreign items as I brought it up to my nose. It had no smell but the effort seemed easily fooled by their technology as I bit into the soft, moist item. Drinking the clear liquid was lacking the usual taste of nature on my tongue before I dropped the plate and the officer had walked up when I saw it again with the characters. “Yamamoto.”

“Hai! You need anything?” The voice piped up.

“You’re a woman.” I stated.

“Yeah… First time on patrol and arrested someone. Also, your weapon… will be delivered back shortly.” She stated. “Yamamoto Sayaka, at your service. My partner was just behind me when the shot had hit the window nearby.”

“Sorry… never felt something soft in my life.” I had pondered the words when the next one came with her legs exposed. “Why are you dressed so casually?”

“It’s my uniform.” The other officer argued. “Sayaka doesn’t like to be scandalous and I get to be the one to be eye candy. I heard you…”

Sayaka jabbed her in the shoulder, giving off a moan into the room. My eyes glanced back to the corner when the presence was gone and a bag was given to me with articles of clothing as they escorted me to the back with water pouring from the top. The contents were different as I was left in the room when the angel appeared under the water with her body exposed to me.

“Ah Yui~ get undressed and clean up. They are only here to help.” The angel snarled. “Don’t you like boobs?”

“Yes… ah no… I mean not like I see them bare like nothing was wrong with it.” I replied when the clothes seemed stick to me. “It’s awkward.”

“Well… get naked and clean up. We have a long day tomorrow to further explore the city we arrived in.” The angel smiled.

The angel was female upon her glance when my clothes came off as her teeth were shown quickly. My eyes only peeled away when she shot back at me as she was covered up and dry swiftly while I had sensed the trouble with the water from above before the angel shoved me under, drowning in the waterfall as she slapped me around with her hands before I could only realize how it was in the time as I walked out to see the rest talking with towels wrapped around their bodies.

“New recruit?” One asked.

“No… just lost.” I smiled, running to the next aisle as I laid out the contents with the angel looking over my shoulder.

“Underwear, bra, shirt and shorts.” She stated when she pointed at the items. “Put the first two items on first. The underwear on your crotch and the bra to hold up the breasts.”

It was uncomfortable. I hated it but the angel kept her support before pulling the shirt and shorts over to cover most of my body compared to the tattered pieces of cloth that were gone from my sight. I walked out when Sayaka glanced up with a smile and the clear bag with the gun. I nodded my head before walking past them out into the cool night, wrapping the arms around the body.

“Angel, you have a name?” I asked.

“Yuko. You can call me that.”
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Re: Crossing Japan Part 2 5/6/17
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2017, 08:26:36 AM »
Part 2

Yuko was different than any other person as a colleague, her aggressive attitude was one that caught me off guard but as I felt lost in this world, we were venturing the area with the finger pointing to whatever place I needed to know for the time being before I saw the police officer pass by in her scooter with her friend before turning down another street to the temple gate, placing the bike aside.

“I can’t stand for that.” I said.

“Yui… hold up. It isn’t what it seems.” Yuko grunted, grabbing my arm before escaping her grasp to the appearance with the two turning on the light to the hall, creeping closer in the darkness.

My eyes stared upon the one named Sayaka. She had changed from the uniform into the white shirt, seeing the size of her chest for the first time before slipping on the armor while the other one sat with her feet under her body, the soles of her feet touching her behind. My sight turned to the wall with the wooden blades, hanged up nicely before she grabbed the first one to swipe it in the air in a vertical motion.

“They have wooden blades?” I pondered.

I turned back to see her in full armor before placing the slotted mask with the imprint of the Noh face upon the front. Sayaka placed the first shot into the crevice of the shoulder before striking the ribs with ease. After a few attempts, she switched it to the hip and then spun to thigh. I had seen this practice a few times before in my time but in the momentum of my weapon throughout the land, I had never attacked them unless it was in battle. She was precise with her variety of blows to the body before I got to the front and stared upon the woman.

“Hey! You have a visitor. Looks like the one we arrested earlier.” The other woman called out when Sayaka froze and pulled the mask off.

“I’m sorry for bothering you.” I bowed to her.

“It’s good. I’m pleased to see someone go through the practice of the great sword practice.” Sayaka smirked.

“Great sword?” I asked when my sight had turned to the closet with the dull silver color as the length had reached above my head.

Sayaka took me to the side when her partner took to the door with Yuko walking in with her partner lurking behind us. Gripping the skinny handle, she drew it up and pulled it up into the sky, dropping it back onto the mat as the three of us popped into the air. Sayaka pulled it up again when she moved the second hand under and swung when I jumped back with my hand on the hip.

“I haven’t controlled it as much and been practicing.” Sayaka lowered her head.

“Maybe it is in the relation to your strength. Internally you should be able to control what was given to you or made by your own means.” I explained when Sayaka’s partner showed the three daggers and linked them together into the weapon. Yuko smirked upon the item as she twirled it in the sky and then folded it back into her pocket.

“I found it. I’m not sure why it came into my possession but it came upon a dream.” Sayaka glanced up to the ceiling, brushing the damp hair back. “I was told that it has great power to control Japan.”

The blade showed its name and smiled upon it. God’s sword. Never felt it but fear had roamed when it shook the land. The best of the battling states would possess of it when I heard of Oda Nobunaga had been conquering while I had managed only the small bit of land before the sudden change in my state. Sayaka’s eyes lowered to the ground when the closet had more of the same design but much small closer to the ones she had been practicing of the same emblem.

“Use this one.” I suggested when she held it and swiped it towards the dummy, slicing it with ease.

“Whoa!” Sayaka grinned.

“Tanaka was quite powerful in history with his swords but kept it within the family. The heirlooms must have been lost throughout time.” I surmised when I felt a bump on my shoulder.

“We should take them.” Yuko suggested.

“Maybe? Where?’ I asked.

“I forgot that when I took you out from your era that were will be making a team. Separate entities that are spread throughout the land to fight the evil lingering in the darkness.” Yuko explained as my sight turned to the outside.

“Maybe it’ll be a good time to see where we are at with their training.” I pondered when the rest saw the red eyes and gripped their weapons.

Sayaka’s partner was first when she gripped the daggers and threw at them before I had given them a few warning shots. Her quickness seemed eerie as she headed into the dark while the rest had been visible. Sayaka twirled her sword and struck two with the one swipe as I saw the bursts of white magic come across my vision. The next instance was the flight of the connected daggers before returning back to her as my shots etched into their bodies as they ran off.

“That was a first.” Her partner breathed. “The name is Miyuki. I have daggers and a shuriken as my weapons.”

“Miyuki we may need to hide the other pieces before they come back.” Sayaka pointed to the closet. “We found these yesterday here when the temple was suddenly empty. I came here to practice and yesterday it was eerily empty. Then, tonight it was meeting you.”

 I had a sense to agree with them to transport them away but location seemed to bother me more when the sirens came with a group to visit the shrine. They turned to the officers while we crossed our arms to wait on the side when I watched Sayaka removed the armor with my eyes upon the body before feeling a pain into my shoulder.

“You are a boobs person.” Yuko snickered.

“I’m wondering myself how they got that big.” I sighed. “She is skinny.”

“The triplets I had to work with were a bit slender but they held big weapons to distract them from when any man had stared upon their bodies.” Yuko elaborated. “They took baths together too which was harder for any man to hide their pride.”

“I would imagine but Miyuki isn’t that bad too.” I laughed.

“Maybe perverseness lasted longer than I expected.” Yuko nodded when the two walked up.

“It may be good to say that we are free to move them and given time to do the research into where the people had gone too.” Sayaka informed the group.

“Well Yuko and Yui are part of our group for the time being as assistant colleagues.” Miyuki informed us. “Let’s take it to the safe house.”

We helped them load the car of the weapons and drove off with the rest scanning around as we were off to the unknown area of the suburbs and taken into a small building with the furniture set up. The officer on hand turned off his light and handed the bag before we dragged it inside with the lack of residents around us when we turned on the light. The four of us circled the bag, pulling out the great sword first and then the rest to be placed into the closet and locked.

“We should be looking for food, I have to call them so Yuko and Yui can sleep.” Sayaka stated.

“I’ll be with you guys and Yuko is on the same page.”

As I turned back, she was in a deep sleep upon the chair as the other two had shut the curtains to start the research into the weapons by the Tanaka clan.
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Re: Crossing Japan Part 3 5/9/17
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Part 3

Tanaka clan had a reputation to build and even if they wanted the weapons back, I had considered they would be peaceful rather than attack the two for possession of them. Sayaka took to the electronic box while Miyuki had done the same when I felt the warmth of the swords, fresh of battle memories filled my mind when I had prompted to lower their heads to me.

“Yui… how far can you remember them?” Sayaka asked.

“Hmm… since the start of the sengoku jidai.” I stated.

“Four hundred years?” She spat.

“It was only a few years ago.” I breathed.

The view of the two faces had grabbed me when Yuko had stretched her arms out when she had glanced at the three of them. She had swayed her eyes around once she had saw that I had spoken something wrong with them as she grabbed them away from me, the grip of the sword was different than I expected of such a classic weapon but it was the development of my propelled item that it was going to change history. I was the trailblazer before the angel had taken me away from taking over Osaka and now in the area that was once mines had been a foreign zone.

“Yuko said there are a few more left she had to find.” Sayaka informed me.

“People like me?” I scoffed.

“Not really… they are actually from the same time but different areas.” Yuko smiled. “Maybe some you could relate with.”

I led this small group to conquer such lands but never grew interested in anyone but myself. The analysis went through every single piece of history and I sought the family tree as I knew it before the abduction, handing it over to the police as they drew it up from the point on. The names and dates were beyond my imagination for their existence if I had eliminated them at a suitable time before arriving into the present and saw the names before writing down the location.

“Hmm… Niigata and Fukuoka?” I stated.

“Present day locations. North and south of here.” Sayaka presented. “Might be hard to maneuver with all the items.”

“We will do our best.” Yuko saluted the two. “However… we may need to get some reinforcements.”

“How?” I asked.

It hadn’t been long before seeing soldiers walking down the stairs and leading to the front door before the sound of a bomb had brought us back into the wall. The shadows came with their red eyes staring upon us as my hand went to the hip, finger upon the trigger, and saw the blue stream escaped past the ears of the soldiers, taking down the row of enemies. Yuko walked up behind them and pressed into the backs as they went forward while Miyuki had taken to the other end.

“Why did you get that for?” I asked Sayaka with the God’s Sword. “Hell! Swing it!”

My eyes turned to the army when I felt the wind changed from my left. The power seemed infinite in the right hands when it struck the ground, causing the fissure under the full moon and the shadows fell immediately one after the other with their muffled screams before the hold closed up. The fear upon everyone had been settled to observe the woman with the large sword as she laid it upon her shoulder.

The shadow in the back caught my sight when it stood over Sayaka. The presence haunted me when Miyuki had swung her shuriken into position while Yuko stood stunned upon the colossal thing behind Sayaka. I crept up closer with Sayaka showing a wide smile towards us.

“I don’t know…” Sayaka started when a voice came from the back.

“Hmm God’s Sword.” The grunt came with the heavy armor glistening under the natural light. “And a pirate?”

“You want to start a fight Akigori?” I growled. “It will never stop.”

“Never mind the small twerp… Yuko… why did you bring this one?” Akigori pointed directly towards me.

“Get together…” She replied when I glanced up at the large tower with the historic club in hand.

“We have other things to worry about.” I sighed. “We do… we need ya help.”

“Really? Why does it matter?” Akigori grunted back.

My hand grew close to the gun but I placed it behind my back for the bigger cause as Yuko had pushed the being aside before seeing a firm nod from the one called Akigori. It was the cross breed of a gorilla and human that was descended to protect the kingdom in the jungles. All were settled either male or female to protect the area regardless of their cost of life. Akigori was the runt that was sent out into the human world and worked in Kyoto. Skirmishes had broken out when the being drank although knowing Akigori was having a hefty appetite for human males. I shot at it once to prevent any flare ups, thus starting a hatred between the two of us.

“I’m not sure as of yet. Yuko seems to know more…” I replied when Yuko shrugged her shoulders.

“I do.  Just not in the cards yet.” Yuko snickered when Akigori turned away.

“I don’t want to be shot again… however for Yuko… we have a deal. What’s the mission?” Akigori breathed, keeping the eyes upon me.

“We are going to Fukuoka… she is the mage who uses the children to power her up…” Yuko smirked. “I know she uses the souls and the ones who train with her knows the same skills.”

“Can it be that simple?” I pondered.

“Maybe. Maybe not but she is quite feisty like Akigori when she is hungry for men.” Yuko smirked before seeing the glowing eyes of the being. “It was a joke.”

“It’s best if they are cooked with a little salt and get a branch to ram it…”

“We get the picture…” I stopped her. “Let’s get this mage.”

“You know it is good to eat meat.” Akigori informed me when I casually nodded. Although a bit rare for me to take my red meat with a soul attached to it.

The large being gripped the bag from the floor while the cars had pulled up to see the carnage and now the extra member of the team standing like a tower over them as Sayaka held out her hand before Miyuki stepped up.

“She’s with us. We will need the truck.” She instructed when the bigger vehicle had pulled up from behind to see the front of the house with the gaping hole.

“Attackers. We took care of it.” Sayaka smiled when the sword was brought to the back with Akigori while I sat across of her with Yuko, acting as the mediator between the two of us while Miyuki and Sayaka were in the front to start the trek south to the place called Fukuoka.
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Re: Crossing Japan Part 4 5/16/17
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Part 4

The sight of the artificial light burned my eyes before viewing out to the waning moon over the bridge. My chest became tight when I viewed the water as I turned back with Yuko and Akigori speaking to each other. There were many things I had the tendency to worry about although it was difficult to reminisce back to that time with my hand gripping the handle. The sight of Akigori’s eyes came upon me as I glanced up and placed the weapon away.

“You fell into the trap too.” She muttered.

“Yeah… it was hard to catch me.” I laughed.

“Same… weren’t you with…?” She asked when my hand went to the gun and stuck it into the cheek. “Too soon?”

Life was bitter. With my weapon, I could conquer everything except for the reason to truly understand. Her eyes were like lead when I finally got to her. It was easy to blame others for my mistakes but truly I could never own up to it. She had a path that escalated quickly before I could realize it and then she was gone into the earth. Her family threw me out into the open but I was welcomed quickly into a tribe. I hated them as much but they offered everything for the time while I had constructed the weapon and left in the middle of the night to venture off on my own. Then, it was to meet Akigori on that same path before the attempt of fear killing came into mind.

“What are you talking about you two?” Yuko smirked.

“Yui was never a loner. She had told me stories of her life on the run.” Akigori began.

“Don’t say it.” I warned when she nodded her head.

“Oooh… there was somebody.” Yuko swooned when I closed my eyes.

It felt like I killed her. The name etched into my memory for her effort as the moon would be up high and I would lit the lamp while she practiced countless spells. I felt she could become a sorceress one day. She was able to master all the spells but fail at the exam. The encouragement drove her far enough to that point when I had seen the item from far away but avoided me to strike her smoothly. My eyes welled up upon the sight when she gave me that smile. The moon was the reminder of her expression every time I viewed it and telling the story of her to Akigori, she had admitted many had got her heart but only one was her mistake.

“Akigori too.” I argued.

“I killed her.” She snickered. “Not on purpose though.”

“Mou~ that’s harsh.” Yuko growled when the truck pulled into the rest stop.

“We will check in and take a room together. You guys want to come?” Sayaka asked.

We all nodded. The atmosphere was foreign to me with the vehicles of much smaller stature compared to ours and the people were like fair skinned. They wore awkward clothing like how I was in the items when we entered into the building. Sayaka and Miyuki pulled to the side as we sat on the items with a large soft exterior that comforted our behinds. The lights were much dimmer but the noise was loud of a foreign noise and closed my ears quickly before the beat caught my brain on a loop.

“Yui… don’t look stressed.” Yuko smiled.

“It’s too different.” I argued when the duo handed the key to us.

“The area is down the hall. There is a public bath and shower nearby. We have to get some food and we will be next to you guys.” Sayaka announced as Yuko led the way through the corridor.

“How do you know this place so well?” I asked.

“Time may change but my body doesn’t. I was blessed with everything except for aging and death. It may seem nice but… there is a major downside to it.” Yuko exhaled, pointing into the room with the tatami mats and the view of the moon in the distance.

“Which is?” I asked when Akigori had glanced at her.

“Living life to the fullest. I wished to have love and the moment when everything meant something instead of the emptiness of doing this work. Generations after generations of performing these things got me here.” Yuko explained, sliding the door behind us.

I would have felt happy to live forever when the sight of her face caught me staring out at the moon. Closing my eyes, I pondered what I had done wrong. I’m here in the future but she was left to rot. My lips quivered when the sound of the sliding door opened to the trays of food when I walked over to the table with them handing a tray over to me as I bowed to it with Akigori instantly picking up each morsel and swallowing it whole.

“You must have found someone?” I asked softly.

“I always do… just for intercourse. Male and females have touched my body but none had really developed the profound effect…” Yuko explained when her eyes turned to the light above us. “One I had my chances if I hadn’t told my secret too.”

Pursing my lips quickly, Akigori went forward to seek clarification when Yuko kept her mouth full. We had the same issue. I confirmed it with Yuko being evasive but I wanted to know my heart could be broken as much as being filled with these warm feelings again. The question would linger before shooting it down swiftly. My stomach was filled when I heard a cry in the next room. Yuko pulled her ear close to the thin walls and held a toothy smile. Akigori cupped it as much to the forbidden noises.

The sound was something different but my curiosity seemed out of sorts. The moon was my only source of entertainment now before the darkness overcame my body. There was no one to admit that it wasn’t my fault. The night I was watching her dance along the floor. The entertainment was beautiful to see with the plum blossoms sparkling the room. She extended to the extension when the glare in her eyes caught me when the blossoms turned black. I dove for her body as she fell into my arms.

“Paru! No! Why!? Paru! Don’t leave me! PARU!”

“Yui! Yui? Wake up.”

“What?” I sat up and glanced around with the sun.

“You were entranced by something.” Akigori noted.

“We have to go.” Yuko informed me as we rushed out to the truck.

Her name was an open wound. Everything was like salt to me but she was truly what I had imagined in a person I wanted to be with forever.
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