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Author Topic: Best Christmas Gift Ever (My OS corner)  (Read 4756 times)

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Re: My English Teacher Seducing me (My OS corner)
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Another OS from me.. again sorry for my grammar, i will try my best to improve myself... i


Haruna POV

This is the first time my feet start to heavy, I’m walking in the street not noticing the people passing by; I put my earphone in my ear and listen to my favorite song. It’s still fresh the last I saw her in front of my door and say her goodbye. I try my best to forget that smile, that lips, the voice I missed the most, I put my hands in the pocket of my coat when i feel the cold wind.

I remember when we always walk at the same street hand by hand; I clutch my fist inside of my pocket and feel something, ‘Hurt’ I feel she still here with me. Hugging my arms so tight and laugh with her lame joke, I will touch her head and try to stop her when she will start to push her body on mine. We don’t care if people watching us with our sweetness, when she show that smile, I will smile back at her and kissed her forehead.

They say were perfect for each other, actually I feel the same when I hug her and her small body perfect with my arms. We promise lot of things together, travel the world like we always plan. Have 2 kids and live in our small apartment and work for the family we going to build. We have a perfect life when we start to love each other, contented to wake up every day with each other arms and the first thing we see in the morning is our face.

I love to cupped her face when she start to pout and complain when I’m busy playing with my phone or busy with my dogs. I love when she complain when I messed our room with my clothes, I love when she wrapped her arms in my waist and kiss the nape of my neck. I love when she whisper the I love you’s in my ears. I love when we take our bath together snuggle in our tiny bathtub until the hot water turn cold. I love when she crawl in the bed when she go home late and dive in my body and wake me up just to say ‘Hello.’ I love listening with her laugh or how she sings our theme song in the bathroom.

I love her that’s the only thing I know, my heart beating only for her, that’s why I can’t move forward with her goodbye. I stop crying when she said she’s happy with someone else, I still keep her wedding invitation to remind me, that’s the end of my fairytale.

I’m happy for her but I feel sorry for my heart, I feel the loneliness every night when i start to watch our video together over and over again. It’s like a movie that don’t have end, my sweet dreams every time I close my eyes. I still keep the pictures, gifts, the letters and the promises. I’m afraid to throw that with my heart, she’s always in my mind very seconds, every minutes.

She make me can’t breathe when my friends start to mention her name and i start to pretend I’m ok, that I’m happy for her. But deep inside I cried hoping that was me, me who she marry. Life is difficult for the both of us, when we start to shout in each other, I thought were going to make it. I try and I know she tried. She said she need time alone, I give what she want and don’t stop her when she leave with our house. I thought she going back with that smile, I love the most but I’m wrong when she knocked on my door and gives me a bitter smile and that goodbye.

Goodbye? I hate to hear that, all the things I dream disappear because of that goodbye. Everything I hold on, start to fade with that one word and said by that lips I loved to kiss.

I don’t know where I do begin without her, but I start with a smile and hope someday I will start to forget about her and be happy for her.

I take a deep breathe when I reach the park, I watch the kids playing and look around and notice the birds in the trees. I walk closer in the fountain; I fix my hair when the wind blows. I still keep listening with that same song today, I love doing that, like my time stop for a while.

I look for that bench again, it’s my favorite spot when I go here every day in my lunch break and eat the sandwich I bring. When I saw the other side of the bench still available I sit there and cross my legs and watch the fountain in front of me.

I close my eyes and smile when the song makes me calm, I tap my finger in my legs and hummed the song.

“I love that song…” a girl voice suddenly interrupts my peace.

I look at her and frown, “Excuse me??” I pull my earphone so I can hear her again.

“I’m sorry.. am I interrupting something?” she bow many times.

I chuckle with this girl in front of me, “Not really… it’s ok..” I look at her and smile, “Your saying something right?” I ask her.

But the girl mouth hang open when I start to talk, “Damn you’re really beautiful..” she said without thinking I can hear her.

This time I laugh and cover my lips with my hand, “Oh my god, am I look stupid now??” she ask me and show that puppy eyes.

“Don’t worry.. there’s someone I know look more stupid than you..” I said and remember her again.

“Oh… so I’m not alone then, I thought I’m special..” we both laugh at the same time.

“You said something right??”

She gesture her hand playfully when she remember something, “Yah!!! The song…”

What song??” I ask her.

“The song you sing earlier??”

“I sing earlier??” I feel my face turn red.

“Nah.. not really.. Your humming, hmm you know what?? when you start to hummed I use my 100% of my brain to think what song is that…”

I watch her, how she speaks and the way she move her lips with her words, I love that toothy grin, “Oh… “ I said.

“Yah… and to be honest I love that song too… maybe you don’t notice me but every day we sit in the same bench every day and watch the fountain, I’m kind of shy to approach you because you always looked far away…” her confession.

“I’m…” I look for perfect words to say.

But she giggle when she know I don’t know what to say, “You’re the type of person who don’t like talking?” she ask me and I answer her with a nod. “Well…. I’m a type of person loves talking..” she said and smile cheekily.

I bit my lips when she said that, “Hmm?? I guess I’m the one here will talk a lot, Hahahaha” and when she start to laugh. My heart beating fast and the way she show her dimples melt me, she extend her hand, “By the way… I’m Oshima Yuko….” She said and smiles wide.

I grab her extend hand, “Kojima Haruna…”

“Cute name…” she said cheekily.

“Yours too..” I whisper.

We look at each other eye for a minute, no one say any words, I look down and smile at myself, I think she is my great unknown.


Yuko POV

I clutch the mic in front of me and look around hoping she’s here watching me, I invited her when I mention I’m in the band, I said I have a show tonight hoping she can come, I look at the entrance hoping I will see her face. But the music start to play, I look down and close my eyes and sway my head and enjoy the melody.

Here I am
Sitting on the floor
Wondering what it is I'm looking for
Waiting for, waiting for a sign
A sign that I am yours and you are mine

I start to sing and saw her entering the bar, I start to smile when our eyes meet, her face glowing because of the dim light.

The glowing shimmer of your summer skin
And the sun shines brightly on your eyes
Treading lightly, where do I begin
Stars align with your doe-eyed smile
My souls alight with your secret smile

I remember the first time I saw her in the park while I’m sitting in one of the bench, I thought I saw an angel. The way her hairs blow by the wind and how her skin so white, my heart race when she smiles a little. I froze for a minute watching her walking and sit in the other side of the bench where I also occupied, she doesn’t know but I watch her the whole time in the corner of my eyes.

You've been on my mind
Sealed, delivered and signed
Scared of the fall
Do I risk it all
Or maybe I'm afraid of the great unknown

And after that day, I always go there and hoping I can see her again and my patience paid off by coming there every day. I have a chance to see her, i think she love to be alone, I notice she always bring her sandwich and bottle of water and eat her lunch there and watch the whole park.

You woke me up
And knocking at my door
Wondering why you're here
Or what's in store
I heard a sound
The sound of your voice, so tender and serene
Apart from this noise.

I don’t have guts to talk to her, i want to ask her name but every time I’ll try to say something my lips shut. I’m caught by her beauty the way she walks and watch her back leaving in the park. The only thing I can do is give myself a big sighed because I’m a big coward and i don’t courage to ask her name.

The glowing shimmer of your summer skin
And the sun shines brightly on your eyes
Treading lightly, where do I begin
Stars align with your doe-eyed smile
My souls alight with your secret smile.

You've been on my mind
Sealed, delivered and signed
Scared of the fall
Do I risk it all
Or maybe I'm afraid of the great unknown
Or maybe I'm afraid of the great unknown.

And I can’t forget the moment I talk to her, i did not plan that but her hummed caught my attention and my mouth move without thinking. I thought she will think I’m weird but she laughs with my jokes, I love hearing that laugh. We talk a little but I feel I know her for a long time and when our hands touch I know from that moment, I’m in love with her.

You've been on my mind.
sealed, delivered and signed
You've been on my mind
sealed, delivered and signed
Scared of the fall
Do I risk it all
Maybe I'm afraid,
Oh maybe I'm afraid,
Oh maybe I'm afraid of the great unknown.

I watch her when she sits near in the stage we look at each other eyes like it glued. She bit her lips when I start to smile while singing. I want her to feel the song and the way I sing the lyrics I hope she will notice this feelings I kept.

Here I am
siting on the floor
wondering what it is I'm looking for.

When I finish the song, I excitedly wave my hands at her and she smile back at me. And I start my second song, my heart flattered every time she will look at me and move her lips and whisper ‘You’re awesome.’


“Did you enjoy my performance?” I ask her and sit beside her. When we finish our third song I run at her and smile like a kid and feel proud because I accomplish something.

“Yah.. I did not expect that?” she said with that lovely tone.

“What?? That I'm in the band?”

She chuckle, “Yes..” she cover her lips when she start to laugh.

“Eh?? Why you think that??” I frown hard, “Hmm if I’m not in the band what do you think my career?” I ask her.

She thinks for a while, “I will think….?” She stops and close her lips like she want to laugh again.

I close myself at her and pout, she take a deep breath and look in my eyes, “I will think you’re a Librarian..” and then she start to laugh.

“Eh???” I’m pouting while give her my puppy eyes.

“Your cute..” she whisper and look at me serious, “And very talented.. I enjoy your performance”

My heart race when she said that, “Ahm… that’s not the only thing i can show to you..” I said cheekily.

I look at her eyes, hoping she allow me to show lot of things that I think she will enjoy, “Well??? i want to know all about you..”

I bit my lips with her confession, but I feel someone put her arms in my shoulder, “Yow.. who is this beautiful girl Yuko??” Sae said in my side.

I look at her and glare, “By the way this Sae our drummer and this Haruna..”

Sae extend her hand, “Nice meeting you Haruna-san..”

They shake hands, “Me too..” Haruna smile at her.

“I’m sorry to interrupt something.. but” Sae look at me, “Your break is finish we need to go back in the stage and perform again..” Sae said.

She said her goodbye to Haruna while she tap my shoulder, “She’s beautiful..” Sae whisper in my ear and my face turn red.

“Ahm… I need to go back now..”

She nod, when I turn around I bite my lips hoping I have courage to ask something, I look at her again and she startled.

“Ahmm” I look away when she wait for me, “Will you wait for me? I want to take you home??” I pray she will say yes, “Even if I don’t have a car, we can walk, walking is good in our body, at least we don’t need to go in gym… And…” I want to say  lot of nonsense things but she stop me.

“Yuko??” I startled when she call my name, “Ok… I love that idea..” and smile at me.

“Really??” i want to hug her right now but I stop myself, “You won’t regret this…” I said for the last time before Sae interrupt me.

“Oi!! Yuko?? We need you here” she said in the stage.

Haruna gesture her hands and say “Go”


“Thank you for inviting me…” she said.

I look at her in my side, when we finish our show we leave in the bar and go for a walk to her apartment.

“I’m happy you enjoy that..”

“It’s been a long time since a have fun like that.. i enjoy all the song your band played, i hope someday your band will be famous…”

“That’s our dream… that’s why we all work hard..” I said and look at her in the corner of my eyes. I notice she’s cold she wear a thin clothes.

I take off my jacket and give that to her, “Here.. I notice your cold..” she furrow her eyebrow, she hesitate first.

“Come on.. its ok.. I’m used to the cold, it’s ok.. use that for a while until we reach your apartment..” I said again.

She smile, “Thank you..” she wear the jacket I give to her.

“I’m sorry my jacket is small..” I said.

“It’s ok..” we both laugh when the jacket is small with her body.

When we both silent, I ask something, “So?? Who is the reason you have a sad eyes?” she look at me fast.

But my question make the atmosphere awkward, “I’m sorry about my question, don’t mind that..” I look down and feel I’m really stupid.

“It’s ok…” she paused and put her hands in the pocket of my jacket, “So you notice??”


“My ex..”

“Oh?? You still thinking about him?” I ask her but not looking at her.

“Her…” I give her my ‘O’ look.. “For your last question.. Yes I always thinking about her..” she smile a little and I can still feel her pain.

“It suck right..”

She chuckle, “Yah…” I look at her again and now she looked down and watch her own feet.

“I can’t say forget about her and move on.. because no one can move on from there past that easily but don’t stop yourself if there’s someone can make you happy.. you just need to enjoy all the things you will experience for now and you’re the only one can decide if you will accept the changes, don’t confine yourself to the past, open yourself to all the possibilities..” I said.

“Actually…” she stop and look at me, “I think I already meet that possibility you mention…”

I stop also stop and stand in front of her, “Really?? wow..”

“She’s a little bit Baka she said.. but I enjoy her company, she have a beautiful voice and can talk the whole day and i enjoy that, I think I won’t feel bored if I’m with her..”

My eyes shine when she said that and I think I’m blushing right now, “Wow lucky her…”

She bit her lips, “Where here.. in my apartment..”

I look around and notice she stand in front of her apartment, “Oh…”

She take off the jacket and give that to me, “Thank you for this night…”

I grab my jacket, “You don’t need to thanked me..”

“So I will go inside now?? Are you sure you’re ok, going home alone?”

“Of course. Don’t worry about me.. I know a little Karate..” I joke.


I wave my hands, “No!!! I’m only joking.. but thanks for worrying.. go inside, I will leave if I know your safe..”

“Hahaha I’m safe… it’s my house….”

“Yah I know.. I want to make sure…”

“Hmm ok.. take care ok??”

I nod and she turn around and when she open the door she stop and look at me again, “I’m thinking if…” I frown, “You want a coffee??” her invitation.

I smile wide, “Of course….” and nod my head.

The End


i want to say i dont own the song, if you looking for that song, the title is the title i use for this fic.

I hope you all enjoy this OS, im half way done with the second part of my other os... i will post it but for now i will post a christmas os soon  XD

thank you for the comment and for the thanks... im inspired to write :D more kojiyuu coming from me, i will try to fix my tumblr acc, which is i cant open or make one, so the other fic that i already finish i can post there which is have a matured content hahaha smut for short.. see you all next time.

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Re: The Great Unknown (My OS corner)
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2 shots comment: for the seducing English teacher Haruna :  hi author from planet zeroNine.. I hate this fic!!!  :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:  it makes my mind henXXX! imagining Kojima sensei and I can see part of her oXXXi from her unbutton white shirt,,do u think it's enough for me reading this???  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:
 ah damn you!! make the complete cooking! I mean writing!! make another chapter, finish this cooking class!

oh, your ma cherie said to me u must continue this fic even its os, she said u must.

for the great unknown:  you are the great author I ever met dear J. I like that song too :) I like this fic.. fluffy and lovely.. just like you author san.  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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Re: The Great Unknown (My OS corner)
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OMG so lovely that fic, thank you!!! I just think first was kojiyuu but then BAAAM Oshika appear.. loveee it!
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Re: Best Christmas Gift Ever (My OS corner)
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I know is late for this fic but i'm so busy and i enjoy writing this one and i hope you all can enjoy this, again sorry for my grammar and some mistake in this fic.

Christmas Eve and the worst day of my life, it supposed to be a happy one not a depressing night. I swallow the last tequila in my glass and raise that again to get the attention of that bartender so busy accommodating the other costumer. When our eyes met, she walks towards me "Another one?" she asks me frowning.

"Yes..." I answer her cold.

"Rough day?" I can see the concern in her face.

"My date did not showed up so more than that ‘rough day’ you asked"

"Tsk.. now I get it" she whilst and shake her head.

She poured my glass again, "Thanks..." i whispered.

When i finish my last shot, i get her attention again, but this time she just looked at me, "Your already drunk, its better you stop drinking or else you will leave this bar crawling..." she shrug her shoulder in front of me when I glare at her.

"I’m not drunk ok? I can handle myself..." I protest.

"I know you can handle yourself but let me tell you something, I don’t want you to do something stupid because you’re so drunk and regret that in the morning..."

I sigh because i can’t give a fight when i can’t look at her straight because my surrounding is spinning right now. "You know what stupid?" i ask her.

"Hmmm??" she hummed and waits for my next word.

I pulled my phone in my bag and show that to her, "Call someone randomly and talk to that person the whole night" I said and smile wide.

I make the bartender laugh, "You’re crazy, you can’t do that" she said.

"Try me..." i said and type a number i don’t know if that exist.

The bartender gives me a small smile and said her goodbye for a while to entertain the other customer.

I frown hard when i try to call the number I type randomly, when I put my phone in my ear and hear the first ring. My heart beating faster, and i think this is bad idea, what if the owner of this number is a serial killer or a rapist? But when i glance at the bartender she looked at me in the corner of her eye like she knows I’m backing out. So I did not cancel the call instead i wait until the owner of this number answered my call.

"Hello..." i heard an angelic voice in the other line, I didn’t expect that.

I straight my body and that voice caught my attention for a second I heard her voice.

"He...llo??" there’s a gap in my word because i don’t know what to answer.

"Who is this?" said the angelic voice again.

I close my eyes for seconds and enjoy that voice, "Ahmm...." i want to say something to extend this conversation but i don’t know where to start.

"Do I know you? Because your number is not in my caller id..."

"Actually.... you don’t know me and i don’t know you too" my confession and wait for her reaction.


I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not but my mouth start to talk without thinking, "I know it’s weird and maybe you’re thinking I’m a stalker or something? but this is not my night... I’m so bored right now and the bartender keeps looking at me like I’m a drunk girl which I am actually..." i pause.


"You know i want to share this to you, you don’t know me so I’m safe, my friend wants me to attend this stupid blind date, of course I’m so so so excited it’s been so long since i attend a date but my blind date don’t showed up!!!!" i said breathless.

"Oh? I’m sorry to hear that..."

"And you know what worst?" i said again.

"Ahh?? Okay what's the worst part?"

"I take a bath twice for this day!!!" i said angrily.

But i heard a small laugh in the other line, "And i wear my lucky sock!!! i didn’t wear that occasionally just for that date" i continue.

"Well too bad… I think that sock don’t worked.." I feel that mysterious girl wants to laugh.

"Hey it worked!!! But not this time i think..." i said pouting and like she’s in front of me right now.


I take a deep breath, "I’m expecting a Christmas sex..." i said and feel sad.

"You what??!!!" i feel she’s shock with my confession.

When i think for a while, my face turn red when that words sink in my head, "Ah... I’m not supposed to say that right??" I grab my head with my other hand and mess my hair.

"Well... you already said that HAHAHAHA" this time the mysterious girl laugh.

"I cancel to meet my parents in Christmas Eve for this date..." i feel sad when I remember my parents.

"Hmmm..." she hummed.

"By the way... may I know your name? if its ok with you.. if not? I understand.. who am I right? And……” I start to rambling again but i stop with her laugh.

“Haruna….” She said softly between of her laugh.

“Wha.. what??”

“My name is Haruna, how about yours?”


“Nice talking to you Yuko….” She said with that sweet voice.

“Same here…  am I interrupting something? I know just few hours its Christmas eve…”

“Hmm I’m in the party right now..” she said.

“Oh… I’m sorry, you can go back now and don’t worry mood back, thank you for that by the way..”

“It’s ok, I’m in the balcony right now, that party is boring and talking to you entertain me..”

I smile wide, I hope she can see me right now, “Really??”

“Hmm… yes and this conversation makes my day…” I heard her chuckle.

“I’m glad to hear that.. Let’s make this more interesting…” I pause and sit straight in the chair. “Tell me what you’re wearing right now and your face? So I can imagine you? It’s that weird?” i said frowning when that’s question is out of line and I’m like a pervert old man.

"I don’t mind, I’m curious about you too..." if i can see her right now i think she’s smiling too.

I grin wide, "So??" I said and wait patiently.

"Hmm.. I wear this red dress above my knees that fitted with my body and the neck line showed my...." she paused for a while, "I think let’s skip that part..."

"I agree, if you continue that part you going to kill me..." I chuckle and start to imagine her right now.

"You’re really funny" she said laughing.

"Well I' am, I’m irresistible and cute and don’t forget I’m charming too..."

"I want to see you in person because of that..." she said softly.

"Well you can" I dare her.

"You think you can save me with this boring party?" 

I dont know if I read it right but I think she’s flirting with me, "Where are you right now? I mean I hope were in same town..." I said so serious.

"Im in akihabara right now, how about you?"

"You think its faith?" I teased her, "I live in akihabara and I’m hoping you know Yasushi bar? That’s where I’ am right now, drinking ALONE... i can used some company.."

"I know that bar..." she paused and I can hear the sound of her heels and I think she’s walking, "You think you can wait? give me 15 minutes..."

"You know I can..." I said smirking and my excitement killing me right now.

"Good... because I’m coming..."

I feel my blood boiled with this excitement, "Then i will end this call and wait for you?"

"Sit tight... dont go anywhere, bye" she whisper with that damn seductive voice.

I smile wide when I put down my phone and I can’t believe this is happening right now. I’m still in my day dreaming when I didn’t notice the bartender in front of me.

"So how’s that phone call? i can see your smiling now, its good?" she ask.

"I think it’s still my lucky day because it’s Christmas after all..." i said smirking.

"I hope you receive a wonderful gift tonight" she wink and leave.

I look at my wristwatch many times to check the time and glance at the door. In exact 15 minutes she said, I saw a girl enter the bar and my jaw dropped when there’s a hot damn gorgeous standing and look around like searching for someone. I pray hard hoping she’s Haruna and when our eyes met, she smile. She sway her hips when she walks towards me and every step she make my heart race until she’s in front of me.

"Are you Yuko? Because she said, she's irresistible and charming and to all the people here, your fits with her description" she said smiling.

"You forgot that I'm funny too..."

She bit her lower lips while she can’t take off her eyes on me, "And you’re right..." she paused and licked her lips, "You’re cute..."

"I guess your Haruna, too bad I can’t see what your wearing right now.." i look at her coat that she’s wearing.

And just a cue she slowly take off her coat while we both look at each other eyes, "Is this chair available?" she mean the chair besides me.

"All yours..." i gesture my hand for her to sit.

She sit beside me and look at me in the corner of her eyes, she cross her legs in front of me and the dress she wearing is perfect with her curve. It’s above her knees and show how beautiful her legs are and her red lipstick is inviting me to kiss her. And when my eyes is roaming downward I stop and feel I’m drooling. "Im glad you skip that part earlier or else my mind going crazy" my eyes still in her cleavage.

I heard her chuckle, "I think you’re not drunk anymore... because you can see clearly now..."

"Hell yeah...." i said.

"You still want to continue drinking? or you want to go somewhere?" she ask me.

"What do you propose?"

"Hmm..." she think for a while, and then move her face closer with mine, "I want to go in near club right now, i know i place and i want to see you dance too..." she whisper in my ear and pulled her face and smirking.

I stand up, "Lead the way..." and gesture my hand.


The music starts to hypnotize me when we enter the club and I want to dance right now. I look at my hand she’s holding while dragging me, she stop and face me. "Let’s find a table first..." she shouts in my right ear for me to hear.

I nod and just follow her, we found a table in the corner of the club and put our bag and our coat in the chair, "I will buy us drinks what do you want?" she said again so close that I can feel her hot breath on my face.

"Just vodka for me...."

"Ok.." she said.

I watch her back when she walks towards the bar, while waiting; I look around again and smile, when i watch the people dancing. But someone blocking my sight and all i can see is her upper body. I look up and saw a girl smiling, "Are you alone?" she said.

"Actually..." i look at Haruna again but she's gone.

"Can i buy you a drink?" the girl said again.

"She’s with me..." i look at my right and found Haruna standing while her both hands holding our drinks. She glares at her and the girl get that I’m not alone so she said her goodbye and leave.

"Oh wow i didn’t know your jealous type.." i start to teased her.

"I’m not actually but your too cute to resist.." she said and put the drinks in the table and held my hand again. "Come on lets dance.." she drag me again.

"Wha... what??" it took me by surprised when she pulled me closer.

"She still looking at you..." she whispers in my ear.

"Who?" i look at the direction she’s looking and saw the girl wants to talk to me earlier, i look at Haruna smirking.

"What??!!" she said.

"Nothing..." i held her two hands and step back, "I will show you how I dance” I said and wink.

I position my back in front of her and guide her hands in my hips. While I seductively sway in front of her. I feel her head rest on my shoulder and nuzzled in my neck. I lift my hand to grab her head and pull her closer. I bit my lips when she hugs me so tight while we dance like were the only people here. We join the beat of the music and we dance for i dont know how long. When i put my arms in her shoulder and pulled her closer and our forehead touch. I slowly close my eyes while smiling, her hands holding my hips like she don’t want to let go.

"You know what? It’s not common for me to feel this to a stranger... i mean the people i met just an hour ago" she confess.

"Me either..."

I heard her chuckle, "I want to know you more..."

I bit my lower lips and pulled my face so i can look at her eyes, "I’m willing to show everything you want to know about me Haruna" i said softly.

But her gaze is on my lips, and just seconds she hypnotize me to kiss her. I slowly move my lips on her lips and give her a chaste kiss first to know if she want this or not. But she cupped my face to pull me to kiss me aggressively. I open my mouth for her and hear her moan in between of my lips. Until i pulled my face at her. "Let’s go somewhere?" i said.

"What do you propose?" she asks me this time.

"My apartment not far from here, if you want to continue this, we can go there now?" i said.

She think for a while, "Hmm i love that idea.." she said smiling.

I smile wide and i feel i win big time tonight, this time I’m the one dragging her outside and call a taxi to go fast in my apartment.

We  laughing the whole time , until we both in front of my door, i saw her biting her lips, i turn around to open the door but i feel her body push me  and start to kiss me in my neck while her hands roam my body, i giggle when she try to put her hand under my shirt. My hand shaky when I put the key in the keyhole and open the door for us. She hugged me behind while i walk inside of my apartment. "Cant wait?" i teased her.

I hear she close the door for me and turn to face me, "The moment I saw you, I want to do this.." when she said that she kissed me hungrily.

She try to remove my coat while we both walking backward.  We did not let go the kissed, i hear the sound of my coat fall in the floor. I pull my face at her but she pulled my collar instead for another kiss. I take off her coat fast and turn her this time; I slowly pull down the zipper of her dress and kiss the exposed shoulder of her gently. "Bedroom" I whisper in her ear.

She allow me to guide her in my bedroom and what i didn’t notice is how she take off her clothes fast and now she only wearing her underwear. And when i look at my wall clock it’s Christmas.  "I think my sock worked..." i said.

She furrow her eyebrow, "Because I have you tonight..." i said again. "And by the way... Merry Christmas" i said and kiss her again.

And when she get what i mean, she pull me again but this time taking off my own clothes, "Merry Christmas.." she said while busying herself with my clothes.

"Best Christmas gift ever...." I said smirking



If you looking the full version of this fic click this link but if your not comfortable reading smut, DONT READ  :)

this fic is for my friend  :)

thank you for reading and the thanks and the comment i appreciate that :) i dont know if i can post a OS again because my focus is on my On Going so bye for now.   :deco:

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Re: Best Christmas Gift Ever (My OS corner)
« Reply #24 on: January 27, 2017, 02:21:17 PM »
I know it's too late..but, I feel this fic is a best Chrismast gift ever for me (oh.. I am blushing blushing blushing) sorry I feel so close to you author san.. it's like you are my old friend  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I like this fic and the drunken Yuuchan calling random number reminds me to a friend who often do that when drunken   O0 O0 O0 :pimp: :pimp: :pimp: :pimp: 8)2 8)2 8)2 8)2   it's a cute thing

ur fic is always good for me. the story and the details, the lucky shocks is also a little thing that colored up ur fic so well.

umm.. we're close to V day.. please write something as sweet as chocolate, as beautiful and classy as a bouquet of rose. please write before 14th. make it as the sweetest V day's gift ever for my princess Kojima san n her love Oshima san.
and please.. do not stop writing Kojiyuu  :jphip: :jphip: :jphip: :jphip: :jphip: :jphip: :jphip: :jphip: :jphip:

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Re: Best Christmas Gift Ever (My OS corner)
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Just your average silent reader, but I reaaaaaally want a 2nd part for My English Teacher Seducing me cuz rEE i want more Kojima seduction
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