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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM - Chapter 16 (Part 2) *190125*
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Chapter 16 - Part 3

“Ahh~ that lunch was so good,” Yui sighed happily as she walked Haruka home after their day out together.

“Yeah, it was. And the cake we had for dessert wasn’t too bad,” Haruka held her belly. “I’m so full, I might burst!”

As the two chuckled, they eventually arrived in front of Haruka’s apartment building.

“Ah… we’re here.”


“Time sure flies, huh… I really wanted to spend more time with you.”

“Me too…”

Yui felt her heart flutter a bit as she looked at Haruka, who was shyly averting her gaze.

“Would you want to go out to lunch again sometime?”


“I work part-time at a family restaurant. You should definitely come by!”

“Okay! I’ll try this weekend when I’m free!”

“I’ll see you then.”

“Yeah! Bye bye!”

The two parted ways, and Yui walked on from Haruka’s apartment building with a smile on her face.

However, it was then she realized something...

“Ah! That’s right, I never turned on my communicator!”

As soon as she turned on her wrist communicator, it began to ring loudly.

“Huh?! It’s Yuko!” She quickly answered it, worried it might be an alert of a Black Gem attack. “What’s wrong?”

“There you are, Yui! Where’ve you been?”

“Ah, sorry! I was spending the day with Haruka and forgot to turn on my communicator. What’s going on? Is it Obsidian’s minions?!”

“Uhh… not exactly.”



Everyone returned to the base so that they could be formerly introduced to one of their seniors. After being caught up on the situation, Yui couldn’t believe her eyes seeing the ghost of one of the original Prism Knights standing before her.

Yuko began, "Let me introduce her again to you girls. This here's Masuda Yuka. And as you already know, she's the Prism knight who was one of your predecessors."

“B-But I don’t understand,” said Jurina, “How can she be here?”

“My soul was able to live on through the power of my Gem since it was unharmed.”

Yuka held out a glowing, violet colored Gem.

“It’s a tanzanite,” Yui recognized the gemstone.

“After I died, I was asleep for the longest time, for who knows how long. But then, I heard Ange’s voice call out to me.”

“Yuka… your friends need you. I don’t have my full power restored, but I can grant you enough to help them.”

"It was thanks to me being a former Prism knight that Lady Ange was able to grant me the chance to be here in this world, but only as a spirit. But in this way, I'll be able to help you guys!”

“Help us?” Sayanee asked.

“With what?” Haruppi also inquired.

“To find the three Legendary Relics!”


“They’re special artifacts that can be used to defeat Obsidian, once and for all! They were lost during the Great War when Ange sealed him away, but if we find them, we’d be able to beat him for good this time!”

“What are they?”

“The first is the golden armor of Nephrite the Noble. The next is the Blade of Bismuth. And the last one is Ange’s Heartstone. If we find these three Relics, you guys will become strong enough to face Obsidian!”

“Armor, a blade, and a… Heartstone?” Mako raised a brow. “What’s that?”

“When Ange gave up her powers, her body and heart were separated,” Yuko said. “It’s a bit difficult to explain, but her body was turned into pure light, and the Heartstone is all that remains of her. It was the core of her magic, so when she died, all of her magic faded, as well.”

The five slowly took in the information, the younger pair of Mako and Haruppi trying to comprehend as best they could.

“So, the Heartstone isn’t just her Gem that powered her magic, but also Ange’s actual heart?”

“Basically,” Yuka said frankly.

“That sounds like it’ll be difficult.”


“Don’t worry,” Kana then said. “We’ve already got a search party started!”


“Remember how we said Sayaka and Sae were helping out a friend down in Fukuoka?” Kana then brought up on one of the computer screens a video image.

It was a livestream of a radio broadcast, featuring a young woman with vibrant red hair.

“Ume-chan!” Yuka exclaimed with a wide smile. “Man, she’s gotten really pretty~”


“Isn’t she one of our senpai, too?”

“Yup! Sayaka and Sae asked her to start a search party for the armor of Nephrite the Noble!”

“Since Ume-chan’s a radio DJ, she has a bunch of followers, so maybe one of them have seen something that looks like Nephrite’s armor!”

“Do you think it’ll work?”

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”


To Be Continued

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Re: {Sky and Ruka} PRISM - Chapter 16 (Part 3) *190223*
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Yeay thank toi for update this fic !

Love the Yuiparu part !
This chap is short but it's okay, don't worry

Can't wait for next chapter
Please continue this fic !
More Sayamilky, Kojiyuu and Yuiparu !