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Author Topic: THE ONE IN MY HEART (Multipairing)  (Read 572 times)

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THE ONE IN MY HEART (Multipairing)
« on: December 23, 2017, 06:07:41 PM »
Hello everyone..It has been awhile.It has been a long time since I posted anything in here. There are so many fanfic that I had neglected.I hope this new fanfic I write I can finish it. By the way, Mayu's graduation hit me pretty hard and since then I have been doing Mayu's marathon.1 or is it 2? days left for her theater graduation. I hope I can be strong to handle it....


At park, there was two young girls sat on a swings without exchanged any word or looking at each other. No single soul around them that moment. The long haired girl was looking down the whole time.Her bangs covered her face but it was clearly she gonna cry anytime soon.Meanwhile the other girl who has a short hair had a guilty expression on her face. A rings of cellphone disturbed the silent.

After hang up the call, the short one started talking. "My mother called me,told me to go home now and help them with the packing".

"...When will you move away?" asked the other girl without looking at her friend.

"Tomorrow.My father have to report to his new work place sooner than expected".

Scoffed. "We don't even have a day".She said sadly.

Her friend hop down from her swing and kneeled before her. She cupped the sad girl chin and raised it to looked at her in the eyes. "Yukirin, it's not like I'll go away forever and disappear in your life. I will come here visit you during holiday and write a letter or an email to you. I also will call you if my parents allow it. Well not like they can success in stopping me from calling you,so please don't cry. When you cry, I also want to cry. Don't torture me Yukirin" .

The girl called Yukirin wiped her almost falling tears. "Fine but promise me, all the things you had just said, you will gonna do all of it. I don't want our friendship to end just like this".

Her friend smiled. "Of course. I promise you".They made a pinky swear to seal the promise. Before the short haired girl went home, Yukirin gave her a a snow shaped necklace.

"This is! "

"I want you to keep it. You know I really treasure this necklace a lot,the same like I treasure you as my best friend. This way you can't broke our promise because you have something which is mine. So please wear it the next time we meet. "

"...Thank you, Yuki".


"Yukiii!!! If you don't get down now you will be late for school! ". Mrs. Kashiwagi shouted from downstairs.The 16 years old Yuki checked her appearance for last time before ran downstairs.

"How many times I must told you to stop running running when you walk downstairs. I swear one these days, you will hurt yourself."Her mother scolded her only daughter behavior. Yuki ignored her mother's scolding and went to peck her father cheek and took her bento that her mother prepared for her. "And where do you think you're going young lady,  without eating your breakfast ".

"I am not hungry mom. Bye mom, bye dad".She kissed he mother's cheek before ran out from the house.

"That girl. Already 16 but still don't act like it. Where did I go wrong in raising her?". Looked at her husband. "Wait, you are! ".

"Me? "


Yuki walked down the street while humming some song. In her head, she imagined how her new school will be like. Will she got new friend or not? Can she blend in well with the others or will she be back to her past self,a lone wolf.Her father got a new job in Tokyo and because of that, her family had to move away from Kagoshima and this forced Yuki to left her friends and place that holds many memories from her childhood. Even so, she still look forward in making new friends and memories here.

A pink movement caught her attention. She smiled when she identify it was a cheery blossom petals. Both sides of the road she walking down to has Sakura trees lining up. She enjoying the scenery and around her she can saw many walking students whose wearing a same uniform as her. By that, she knew she headed in the right direction.




All the screaming and ruckus from behind her catched all the student's attentions including Yuki that slowly turned to look behind her only to saw a bicycle with three figures on it speeding toward her direction. Just in time,someone pulled Yuki strongly and saved her from becoming a victim to that bicycle. That bicycle uncontrollably ran passed them before went to the side of the road and kissed the pole making quite a commotion.Students gathered around to helped them got up from the ground. After made sure they were okay and nothing serious,their continue their walk again.

"Are you alright? ". The saviour  asked the-still-shocked Yuki in her arms. Yuki looked up to her saviour only to found it was a girl with a short boyish hair-cut staring at her.They got locked in each other's eyes.  For a moment Yuki felt a weird sensation in her heart but quickly it vanished after she realized the position they were in. Yuki pulled herself away from her saviour's hug and nodded. Her face became red from the embarrassment. The other girl chuckled, found Yuki's reaction quite cute. "Thank you for sa-saving me, but....",she pointed to the three figures whose in the mid of cleaning themselves with a painful groans escaping their lips.

Yuki's saviour only remembered about them after Yuki told her and quickly went to checked up on them. "Yuko, Takamina, Mayuyu, are the three of you alright? ".She asked worriedly.

"Did we look fine to you, Sae?".Takamina, the girl with a ribbon on her head gave a respond using a harsh tone.

"Woah,woah ...Relax girl. It's not my fault you are in pain now. Besides, I was not the one who rides a bicycle with three people on it. That's crazy, I tell ya".

"It was not like I wanted to in the first place. This all is this squirrel 's  fault".Pointing beside her.

Yuko who getting her bicycle up from the ground startled. "Me? "

"Yes, you are! This all not gonna happen if you didn't set your alarm wrong and dragged me and Mayuyu to rides a bicycle with you after convinced us we are gonna be late for school. Not just me, you also got Mayuyu hurts!"

Sae laughed while Yuko only grinning like an idiot without showing a single guilt.Takamina ready to continue her scolding but stopped when someone called Sae's name from afar.

"Oi Sae! What are you doing? We got a meeting this morning. Hurry up! "

"Ah.Almost forgot about that.  Well see you at school Takamina, Yuko, Mayuyu. And for you princess, it was nice meeting you and I hope there will be the next meeting between us. Be careful on the way .Bye~".Sae ran toward her waiting friend.

Yuki blushed by what Sae just called her. "Princess? Me? ".She watched Sae retreating figure with a strange feeling inside her chest. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her oshiri from behind. She let out a shrieked and slapped the hands away.

"Wow, yours are big but still can't compare to my Nyan Nyan but your slap... (whistle) just like her".Who again?

Yuko made her second move to harassed Yuki's chest next but Takamina quickly grabbed her and dragged her away from Yuki. Yuki sighed relieved.

"Yuko! How many times did I already told you to stop touching others girl assets without their permission. Do you want me to report to Nyan Nyan about this sexual harassment of yours?! "

"Not fair. You using Nyan Nyan against me!This called cheating midget! "

"Look in the mirror before you said that, you in the same position as me. Midget! "

"I am still taller than you"

"It doesn't change anything that you also a midget"

"Yes it does! "


Yuko, Yuki and Takamina looked to the source of the voice and saw a panting police man there, gasping for an air.

"Who's that? For some reason, I got a feeling I have seen him before"

"Owh  Takamina you forgetful girl. That was the same police who shouted at us to stop and chased after us earlier. "

Takamina and Yuko went silent. Both of them looking at each other 's eyes, exchanged a signal without a single voice and for next second, both of them ran away from the scene. Startled with the girls's actions, the police man started chasing and yelling after them again. The remaining students in that area looked at the scene with a weird face. Yuki confused but regained her composure back.

"They already gone",Yuki said.

"Huu~Thanks".A hoodie girl got out from behind Yuki. She already noticed the police sooner than her friends, she quickly hide behind Yuki after that. Thanks to her small body and Yuki's height, the police didn't noticed her presence at all.

Yuki analyzing the girl in front of her. That small girl wearing a hoodie that did a good job in covering the head and a tiny bit of Mayu's face.Even so Yuki still can saw this girl before her is a cute girl with a cute voice. Yuki hope she can saw the girl named Mayu entire face but she knew it was useless thanks to the hoodie.

Mayu noticed Yuki 's gaze toward her.It made her uncomfortable and bothered by it."What? " she asked slightly embarrassed but in the other hand Yuki found it adorable. Yuki got a soft spot for cute things after all.

Giggling."Nothing."When Mayu walks, Yuki noticed something wrong. "Ano.. Are you sure your legs alright? Your walks are kinda funny"

Mayu looked down at her knees and quickly covered her knee with her left hand.She also turned her back toward Yuki "Un.I should probably go now, I still need to drop this thing at it's place."Referring to Yuko's bicycle.

"Oh, okay. Bye~".Yuki  bid Mayu farewell. Mayu rode the bicycle away but not before bid her farewell to Yuki too.

Yuki looked at Mayu worriedly. Mayu looked like she had a hard time pedalling the bicycle. Shrugged it off, Yuki also made her way back to school because she still needed to attend to the principal's office.

2-B Classroom

The classroom was hectic and noisy as ever when there was no teacher around with a girls's voice. Takamina, Yuko, Sayaka and Sae was talking about Sae and Sayaka  upcoming basketball competition after summer holiday. Acchan and Mariko was talking about new clothes with the other girls while Haruna busy playing her game with Miichan beside her watching her playing. At the back near a window, a long black haired girl secluded herself from the chaotic her classmates made.A watch of hers became her attention,when her counting reached 0, Umeda Ayaka that on watchout today came running inside the classroom alarmed everyone inside about the sensei was coming closer.

All of them hurriedly back to their respective seat and sat like a proper lady should.Teacher Kimura came inside and following him was a new girl student. All of them was in awe of how beauty the student is. Long straight black hair, white fair skin and dark brown orbs,how they cannot but describe how perfect she looked. Yuki smiling when she heard the whispers of compliments her new classmates gave her. She already used to this kind of compliments back at her old school. Her eyes wandering around and halted when eyes meeting Sae's and immediately blushed by Sae sudden wink. Sae satisfied with the reaction Yuki gave her.

"Okay okay quiet please.I understand your excitement but please spare the poor girl so she can do her introduction".With that, all noises died down.Looking of how calmer it has became, the teacher signaling Yuki to start introducing herself.

"Good morning everyone. My name is Kashiwagi Yuki. All of you are freely to call me Yuki. I was from Kagoshima but because of my father's job, we need to transferred here,Tokyo.Nice to meet you and please take care of me".She bowed. And welcoming applause came after that.

"Quiet down please. Okay Kashiwagi-san, you may sit beside Matsui-san. Matsui-san please raise your hand so Kashiwagi-san here can know you" ordered the teacher. Matsui?.A hope showed up inside Yuki's heart.

The long haired girl at the back beside a window that gave a same princess aura as Yuki raised stand up from her seat and raised her right hand. A smirk plastered on her lips seeing Yuki's funny reaction after saw her. When Yuki saw the familiar face, she without further notice ran toward the person she has been missing so much and crushed the pale girl with a bear hug.

"Woah Yuki be careful. You're not light as a feather".Rena scolded her friend but at the same time replied the hug.

"You're Rena right? Matsui Rena right? "

"The one and only"

"I miss you so much"

"Me too.I-I also miss you Yuki. But can you please let go now, you're choking m.. me".

"Don't wanna. I hadn't seen you for a long time and the first thing you want is for me to let go of you?.. No way, since when you became this selfish? ".Still ignoring her friend request.

"And since when you became this childish?".

Yuki didn't made any attempt to move from her spot but later pulled away."Wait a second, I thought you will be attending high school at Nagoya to live with your parents,.. so why and how you're here at Tokyo? "

"I cancel my plan to attend school there last minute and came to conclusion that I am old enough to live on my own and be independent. My parents was a bit strict about is at first but later realized they can't hold onto me forever".

"And tell me about this never came into your mind? I already texted you a month ago about my transferred here, but you just keep silent about this? How cruel you can be Rena".Yuki pouted, slightly irritated of how Rena didn't told her anything.

"Sorry sorry. Forgive me please".Rena begging cutely. Yuki only whispered 'Baka'.

"Ehem Ehem.Kashiwagi-san ,Matsui-san, you two know each other? "

Yuki and Rena only realized that they had became a center of attentions of their classmates. All of them was staring at her. Sae in her seat looking at them suspiciously.The sight of that two princesses bothered her a bit. Meanwhile the others was in disbelief to saw how their ice princess(Rena) can talked friendly with other girl.

Because of how embarrassed Yuki was ,Rena decided to answered the question. "Un, we are friends. We studied in the same school before".

"Is that so. So I hope you don't mind I put Kashiwagi-san under your care because from how it looked, you two sure are close. But please, we still in the middle of class so I need you to keep your chit-chat for later ".

"Yes sensei".Both Yuki and Rena got to their seats. When their eyes locked to each other, they let out a silent giggles.


The bell rings.All lesson came to stop and the students freely to went out enjoying their rest time. After the teacher got out, half the students surrounding Yuki inviting her for lunch.

"I am so sorry. I will follow Rena wherever she go to have lunch".All the inviter's eyes turned to Rena.

"Sorry but I already promised Acchan to have lunch with them today. So excuse us".She took Yuki's hand and dragged her away from the crowd to Acchan's group that already connected their tables together. Yuki sighed relieved,grateful Rena was there to save her.

"Hi Rena-chan. Here sit beside me".Acchan offered the empty seat beside her to Rena. Yuki took a sit beside Rena.

"You brought the new girl with you."Miichan said. Yuki politely bowed.

"Don't be too formal Yuki-chan. We already met this morning. So relax. We all are friends here Yuki-chan. Oh hope you don't mind me calling you that,or perhaps.. you like the to be called princess instead ".Sae smiling flirtery.
For the third times today, Yuki blushed again.

Hearing Sae words alarmed Rena and this made her grabbing Yuki's hand under the table. Yuki startled a bit with the touch.

"Rena? "

"Sorry. Just don't want you to fall into a wolf's trap".Rena said glaring at the genking girl.

"Wolf's...trap? "

"Ahahaha... Nice joke there Rena.We don't have a wolf here, our school don't allowed to bring pet to this school after all.".Miichan interrupted, put a stop to Rena from making things awkward. "By the way, I am Minegishi Minami but please called me Miichan because I share a same name with Takamina. Member of Newspaper Club so if you got some interesting news, please inform me about it "

"Stop right there Gachapin. Don't take all the credit for yourself. "Interrupted a girl with a short brown hair. "I am Shinoda Mariko, a member of this school drama club. If you didn't know, one of our school protocols is all of students need to participated in club activities unless if you have a job outside like Acchan here.That's why of you are interested in acting, you can come to me so I can register you".

"Is that true? "Yuki turned to Rena. Rena replied 'hun', too engrossed in her melonpan. "I didn't knew"

"Now you know.Akimoto Sayaka. Nice meeting you " said a serious looking girl.

"NyanNyan, stop playing with your game and introduced yourself".Miichan pulled the game device away from Haruna. Haruna tried to retrieved it back but to no avail. "Fine. Kojima Haruna. Now give it back".Haruna confistcated her game back.

"Maeda Atsuko or better you can called me Acchan".

"Maeda Atsuko as in Maeda Atsuko?! The actress?! Sugoiii".

Slide~Their class door opened revealing two girls. One with a hoodie and the other with a camera hanging around her neck. Mayu and Paruru entered the class and heading toward Yuki's group. Sae was the first one to noticed them.

"Mayu and Paruru. Hello! Want to join us? "Sae invited the two kouhai energetically.

Mayu gave her a cold shoulder and went to her subject. "Miichan-senpai, Sashi-senpai request your attend inside the classroom now. "

"What?!! But I still didn't finish eating yet"

"Don't care. Just shove it all in your mouth. You are Gachapin after all ".Mariko snickered.

"Meanie".Miichan pouted.

Yuki remembered Mayu as the one she saw this morning.Something white around Mayu's left knee caught her attention. Her body moving on its own to kneel before Mayu. Mayu took a step back but got prevented by Yuki's hand that holding her leg.

"Yuki, what are you doing? ".Rena tried to stop her friend from making fun upon herself. Miichan, Mariko, Acchan,Sae,Sayaka,Paruru and Haruna also surprised. Haruna even stopped playing her game.

"That incident from this morning, you're injured".Yuki said looking up to Mayu's face. In that position,Yuki can saw Mayu entire face and didn't knew why but she became more worried for that younger girl well being.

"I already treated it. "respond Mayu. She didn't want to made a fuss about this little thing.

"This not called a treatment. You doing it in a wrong way. Also you're hurts so you need to rest not became someone researcher. You're coming with me to the infirmary, NOW and I DON'T take no as an answer. "Yuki's statement made Mayu shut up even if she want to fought back.Yuki dragged Mayu out. with her.

"Did Mayu-chan just.... "

" dragged out without making a protest? Yes Acchan, she did".Miichan finished Acchan's sentences and answered her.

"I didn't know Yuki could be like that"commented Sae. Seeing this new side of Yuki,there spark of curiousity and excitement inside her.

"Trust me. There's more of her you didn't see yet" Rena pointed it out.

To be Countinued

Sorry if this is too long. I will try to shorten it next time.

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART ( Chapter 1)
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2017, 04:03:41 AM »
That scene between Yuki and Rena during the self-introduction is hilarious.  :lol:

Looks like this is going to be a MaYuki pairing. Please tell me I'm right.  :drool:

Looking forward to see the updates.

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART ( Chapter 1)
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2017, 11:58:43 PM »
Good introduction
With desire to read the next chapter.

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THE ONE IN MY HEART ( Chapter 2)
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I just finish watching Mayu's last stage. Even though I said I will send her off with a smile, I still cried in the end. My eyes also still red from all the crying.Hope no one noticed it... Enough with that,here the next chapter...


After Yuki succeed in dragging Mayu to the infirmary. They got inside only to found it was empty. There was no sign of that school nurse inside the room.

"Looks like the nurse isn't here today. I guess I get back to my class".Mayu sneakily tried got away but Yuki fast enough to catched her.

"No can do. If the nurse aren't here. I be the one to treat you. Now get inside".Pushed Mayu inside and lead her to say on one of the infirmary 's beds.

"What?!".Mayu looked at Yuki in horror.

"Don't give me that look. I was a health committee back then in my old school".

"That's different.You don't have medical license. What if you kill me in the process? "

"And people keeps calling me overreaction Queen. It just a knee. It can't kill you. Now stop being a baby and sit here like a good girl".Yuki left Mayu a bit to gather all things that she needs to took care of Mayu. After got what she wants, she kneeled before Mayu and opened Mayu old bandage around Mayu's knee, she saw that place still covered in blood and she figured Mayu must treated this in hurry in order for anyone to not found out about this. The treatment finished along with a lot of hissed sound coming from Mayu.

"And done.. This is what you called a treatment. "Yuki felt proud looking at her handy work. Mayu couldn't respond because she holding the pain of her throbbing knee. "Next time, I beg you to not follow Yuko-san idea anymore. The idea for three people riding on the same bike is the stupidest thing I had ever heard. That Yuko girl are crazy and for you and Takamina-san got along with it was the stupid thing to do. "Scolded Yuki.

Mayu looking at her strangely before whispered, "Black Marimokkori".

"Huh? "

"I said Black Marimokkori. You only know us today but already brave enough to called us crazy and stupid. I presume you're not pure as white as you looks. Furthermore, when you surprised, your eyes went wide like Marimokkori. Don't blame me if I start calling you that in the near future. "

"CHOTTO MATTE KUDASAI.. I am not black, I am not Marimokkori neither. I don't have that kind of erection".Refused Yuki. Her face already went red from embarrassment been called that.

"The bell will ring soon. Better go back to class".Mayu got up with Yuki supporting beside her and both of them went out from the infirmary.

"So you're sneaky in changing topic. Oh.,,because we already in the name topic, we still didn't introduce ourselves properly right? I already know your name from this morning is Mayu and name tag said Watanabe. It's not fair if I am just the only one know your name, so let me properly introduce myself. The name is Kashiwagi Yuki, call me Yuki and from the color of the ribbon you're wearing, it's Yuki-senpai for you".

"Kashiwagi.. Yuki".

"Yah,that's right. Something wrong with my name? "

"I think Black Marimokkori more suited. Kashiwagi Yuki, your real name are far different from your true personality. How would you like it if I recommend you to change your name? ".Teased Mayu.

"Seriously we still in this topic? Can't you just give up and forget about it? ".

"I don't know what 'give up' means.Its not written in my dictionary ".


After Class

"You're amazing Yuki. You succeed in earning my respect! ".Rena excitedly said to Yuki who walking beside her. School was over and by coincidence, Rena and Yuki's house is in a same direction.

"What for? ".

"You succeed in making Mayu-san did what you told her to do. No one can order her around just like you did. Even Yuko-san who are close with her had a hard time in doing so.Not only that, dragging her to the infirmary is a big achievement because she hate hospital or a place that looked like it".

Yuki nodded. Didn't gave a thought about it.

"Haaa~.Well enough with that, any news about 'her'? ".Asked Rena.Yuki's smiled dropped immediately after hearing Rena's question. Without mentioning the name,she already knew who is it. Judging from Yuki's face, Rena already knew the answer to her question."So what are you gonna do about it? Are you still gonna wait for her, or you know, forget about her? ".

Yuki silent for a moment before finally gave her answer that she already thought months ago about this unrequited friendship of her. "I guess it's finally time for me to move on. I guess a long distance friendship is not gonna work out in the end. After she left, she didn't keep her promise at all. No call, no letter and the visit during holiday she talked about, only a dream. I am tired of waiting,Rena".Yuki looked up to the blue sky. Mesmerizing all the memories of her and her childhood friend together that she still remember. Rena looking at her friend sadly. She knew how precious that childhood friend to Yuki, and knew how Yuki will forced herself to forgot about her childhood... only saddened her more. "If you ask me if I angry Rena, no I am not... Just dissapointed ".

"If that is your real choice, just follow it. As your bestfriend, I am here to support you".She glancing behind a bit and looked forward again. She patted Yuki's back. "I'll support you".


Yuki reached her home. Without greeting her mother inside the kitchen, she flew upstairs to her room and threw herself on the bed after shut her door tightly. She closed her eyes and Rena and her conversation earlier came to her mind. She clenched her heart, a sound of her heart broken to pieces,she can felt and heard it clearly. It was hard for her to said those words, she also struggle months ago making that decision of her. She herself knew, deep down inside her, there still a bit of special place for her. First love, it is not an easy thing to forget about. It need time. I wonder how long the time I need for me to forget her?

Knock knock

"Can I come in? " heard her mother from outside.

"Yes.I didn't lock the door ".

Her mother got inside but surprised seeing her daughter. "Yuki, what happened? You're crying. Did someone bully you at school? ".Yuki confused a seconds, wondering what her mother was talking about when she realized she had been crying without her noticed it herself. She hurriedly wiped it off.

"I am tired and sleepy that's all".

"Okay".Mrs. Kashiwagi didn't buy the lame excuse but she didn't want to push her daughter over. If her daughter didn't want to talk about it, she also didn't want to hear it. She sat on the bed beside her already sitting daughter. "How was school today? "

"School are nice. I think I can blend in without problem. I also making new friends. Oh also, guess what? Rena also there and study in the same class as me! ".Yuki excitedly told her mother.

"Really?! I miss her so much. Next time invite her here. There so many things I want to talk to her".

"Alright, alright. Next time I will ask her".

"Good. Okay now I have some work that still not finish yet. Make sure you change your uniform first before it got all wrinkled".Later Mrs. Kashiwagi went out to continue doing her housework.Yuki smiled, thanking her mother silently. Talking to her mother made her cheer up a bit.

To Be Countinued

Sorry for the short fic, but I didn't feel well this moment. I will continue this later when I have a free time.

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You're right.
Mayuyu's graduation today has been very hard. I do not know how AKB48 will be able to move forward, now that all its original Kami7 is gone.

Thank you very much for the new episode.

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Re: THE ONE IN MY HEART (Multipairing)
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Hello everyone!! ~.It has been a long time. With the school start and all, I have been getting busier. I also need to prepare for a camping next week and competition next month so I can't update often. I also in my senior year, so I need to do extra duper best if I want to go to a good university. Okay enough with the babbling, let's start the story....


It has been 2 weeks since Yuki transferred to Akiba All Girl Gakuen.Because of her good looks and her relationship with some of the popular students like Acchan, Haruna, Mariko and Rena, she quickly gained her popularity and now has her own fan club. She admired by both students and teachers in that school. She always can be found with her bestfriend Rena but today Rena can't accompany her in finding a perfect club for her because she had club activityto attend to so right now, she wandering alone aimlessly inside the school.

Yuki POV

So far,I didn't have any interested in a clubs that I already visited. I am not very good in sport and I am not that smart neither so I seriously confused now. Haaa~Why the school need to have such a rule 'every student need to participated in club activity'. So troublesome, if I knew this sooner I already search for a part time job so this school can complain about this matter.

I passed by the courtyard,I can see basketball club are practicing. I watched them and immediately recognized Sayaka and Sae are there in many. Both of them looks cool especially Sae-chan. She looked more handsome and charming when she play basketball. I doesn't realized I stared her too long until a voice beside me interrupted my staring.

   "Miyazawa Sae from class 2-B.An ace of basketball team,a genking person and totally popular with girls. Are you perhaps interest in her,Kashiwagi-san?". I look at her confused of who she is and how did she know my name. I think she know what in my mind because she start to introduce herself.

   "I am Sashihara Rino from class 2-A. I also a vice-president of this school newspaper club. That was how I knew about you. You're quite popular for a new student and standing here in front of you right now, I can see why is that. Not bad, maybe I'll send one of my kids after you next time. I hope a lot of juicy news from you".She said and winked sending a shiver down my body.

   "H-huh? What did you meant?".

   "Don't mind me. So back to my question, are you interested in Miyazawa Sae? ".Sashi lift her eyebrow and grinned.

   "W-w-what make you say that? There's no way".I quickly denied it. I can felt my face and ears getting hotter and hotter.

   "Really? You're blushing though. I don't mind if you like her but just to remind you,Sae is really popular in this school. She has her own fan club that ready to kill you in any moment if you make your move on her". Sashi pointed toward a group of girls that yelling 'Sae-sama' or 'Sae-chan' nonstop. And what the heck, they also made a banner of their love waving it around enthusiastically. I gulped. Okay, I agree with this girl beside me.

   "Sashi-senpai, here the picture you requested yesterday. "

   "Ohoh, thanks Mayu-chan".When I heard the familiar name I turned to take a look at the new arriving girl.Mayu let her hoodie down and I so damn right when I said how cute Mayu is. With the twintails, her cute level increased more.

   "Hmm.. Good good. I didn't made a mistake when I recruited you this year. As expected from my best kid".Sashi said after checked all the pictures.

   "Can I go home now? My job for today already finished.I have something important to do ".

   "Meet your beloved anime?Sure you can. See you tomorrow Mayu-chan".

Mayu walked past me and leave the scene. I wonder if she didn't noticed me. But glad to see she walked just fine, that's meant her injury already recover. I also didn't saw any bandage around her knee earlier. Sashi excuses herself because she has something to do and when I thought I will continue my journey alone again,somebody stopped me.

'Such a cute girl' was what I had in my mind after I saw her. She shorter than me,has a long brown wavy hair and a milky white skin. She smile and took my hand inside hers.

   "Found you".

   'Huh? '

   "Miyuki! ".

That yells totally attracted ours attentions. I saw a short black haired girl marching toward us from behind me.If I didn't saw her wearing a skirt, I totally will mistaken her for a guy because of her boyish looks. "How many times I must tell you to stop grabbing peoples!You didn't want to cause any weird perspective toward you right. ".That boyish girl said after she reached us.

   "Look Sayaka! I found her. She perfect right? ".The girl named Miyuki let go of my hand and went to hugged the girl named Sayaka arm. Sayaka sigh.

   "Did you already ask if she already join a club yet?".

   "Nope. But she a new student,there's no way she can be in any club.Right?".She asked me with a pleading eyes. Ugh..Too cute, she hit my weakness. I nodded to her happiness.

   "See, I told you she perfect. This is our chance. "

   "You totally used you ability to seduce her. Totally no!If she wants to join, she must join with her will and not forced".Sayaka turned toward me and bowed. "I am sorry Senpai, this girl here lost her screw,that was why she acting like this.Don't mind her".

   "I am not a cyborg. Mayu-chan is the cyborg one".

   "At least Mayu-san still clever than you".

Milly pouted. "I am also clever,you know".

   "Ano excuse me".That attracts the girls attentions. "Both of you know Mayu-chan? ".

   "Of course we do. I am her cousin, Watanabe Miyuki. Feel free to call me Miyuki or Milky. This chin girl beside me is Yamamoto Sayaka. Be careful with her,or you will get stab by her chin".

   "Want me tell your grave number for your preference to make it easy for you".

   "So you already know Mayu-chan. This make thing easier ".Milky ignored Sayaka death statement and hold my hand. Before I knew it, I already got taken away to run to where I didn't know wheareabout. Sayaka yelling at us but the girl in front of me totally ignored her and continue took me running.

After all the running, we finally stopped in front of the door that written student council on the sign. I gasped for an air. Like I said, I am not really athletic person. Even though her body smaller than mine, the girl before me sure is strong.

Milky opened the door."Tadaima!! ~Oh. ".My jawdropped,my breaking hitched from seeing the scene unfold inside the room. Before me,Yuko and Haruna are making out with Haruna laying on top of the president's table while Yuko on top of her hovering the girl below. They looks like want to eat each other face.

Milky closed the door. My heart beating faster and did someone raised the temperature? Sure hot in here. Milky opened it again and this time the scene already change to... a normal one. Yuko and Haruna already sat on their own desk and acting like nothing happened few seconds ago. I can see Haruna's shirt was buttoned wrong and the messy clothes sure gave it away.

   "Good evening Milky,Yuki-chan." Yuko greeted us with a smile but we know behind those smile, she cursing us for interrupting her smexy time with her dear Nyan Nyan.

   "I brought a new member with me!!! ".Milky announced it cheerfully without an glint of guiltiness. 'Wait..what did she meant by new member? '

   "Eh Yuki-chan?You interested in student council. You should have told me inside the class".Haruna said while looking at me.


   "Ohoh. This is interesting. I can't disagree with the reputation you got".Yuko also shared her thought.

Milky send a smile toward me. No don't smile. Since when I agree to this. I must make things clear sooner. Become one of members of student council never in my mind before,I need to refuse.Before I did have any chance to say anything, Yuko slammed her desk.

   "I have already decided. As a student council president, you Kashiwagi Yuki, officially become a new member starting today!".Haruna and Milky clapped.'No,don't clap'."Ah now I need your sign here".Yuko handed me the application paper.

Looking at the paper inside my hand. 'You got to be kidding me'.

   "Wait let me think,.... You now is a student council member, officially? ".Rena asked still in disbelief. "I know you forced to be in club because of our school rule, but student council?You never failed to surprised me Yuki".

   "I never intended to. That kouhai named Milky really got me. I can't believe she easily tricked me to became a member. I didn't got a chance to refuse after I saw how happy Yuko-san and Haruna looked."

   "No surprise there. After all she Watanabe Mayu-san 's cousin.She got some sort of magnet that pulled people into agreeing with her demand".

   "I don't understand. What's her relation with her being Mayu-chan 's cousin? "

   "Ah I forgot you're new here. You still didn't know Mayu-san well to know she is more tricky, sneaky and dangerous to deal with than Miyuki-san. She always got something up her sleeve. That's why she got called Nezumi".

   "But Mayu-chan looks cute and innocent. How can that angel become more terrifying than her cousin? "

Rena scratched at the back of her neck. "What came into your mind when you saw Miyuki-san for the first time?".

   "Cute".Answered me shortly. But later realized the meaning behind Rena's question. Rena gave me a smile. "I really need to stop judging the book by its cover".Said me to myself.

   "Why is that? ".Someone whispered to my ear. I retreated myself back almost fall but a pair of arms quickly catch me prevent me from falling. "You really need me to save you everytime, don't you? ".Sae who caught me throw a genking smile. I pulled myself back with a redden face. My face must looked ridiculous just now. Sae only grinned while Sayaka smile at us. Rena suddenly got a hold of my hand. I didn't mind it though.

   "Did your practice already over? ".I asked them.

   "Yup. We're on our way to get some ice cream now. How about you two join us? " .Sae said.

   "That's great! ".I immediately accepted the invitation. Since I came her, I never had a chance to go out anywhere with a friend because Rena busy with her club and I didn't had a courage to invite someone else. So why not take this chance?

   "Yuki gomen. But I need to hurry home. I got something to do".Rena said to me before hurriedly took her leave before I got a chance to say anything.

   "Ah. I also remember that my relatives come by today so I need to run an errand for my mother.Next time okay".Sayaka also took her leave.

   "Eh, Sayaka?! This is weird. She never refuse free food before. This relatives of her must be important if decided to pass this chance. Looks like it'll be just two of us, Yuki -chan? ".Sae said looking at me. The gazes of her eyes makes me looked away. This is bad for my heart.

We went to a truck ice cream near the park and lined up waiting our turn to order. To not make thing awkward, we shared our today story.

   "Eehhhh..So in the end, you still didn't refused and become member?".

   "Un. I didn't have a choice. Furthermore, it make things easier because I also didn't have any club that I interested in first place. So I just went along with it".

   "You can join our club if you want".

   "Trust me. Me and sport didn't got along well".

   "I can teach you if you want. It's not that hard if you keep practicing and know how it works".

   "Easy said than done".

   "So is this rejection? ".

   "So what are you order, miss? ".The ice cream vendor asked us. We too engrossed in our conversation that we didn't know that we already up next.

   "Vanilla please".I ordered.

   "Give me chocolate and vanilla. But the chocolate must be at the bottom while the vanilla at the top. "

   Miss listen carefully. I want chocolate at the bottom while vanilla at the top. Got it? ".A little girl ordered with a bossy attitude.

   "Fine fine I heard you,little kid. So bossy",complained the ice cream vendor but still did what the little girl wanted.

   "That's not nice speaking with adult like that. You will make him angry".Little me said to my friend.

   "But if I didn't said like that in that tone, they will not care about it Yukirin. "My friend  pouted. "I like my ice cream that way".

   The sweet yet painful memory of my childhood friend came back.The way Sae ordered her ice cream trigger back the deep memory inside me.

After received our cream and pay it, of course Sae-chan the one who paying, we find a bench to sat at the park. Kids running around the park,playing with their friends of family. The scenery brought a smile to my lips.

   I turned to Sae and giggled. "Sae-chan, you got a cream near your lips".I told her.

   "Is that so. How careless. Nee , how about if you wipe it for me? ".Sae brought her lips near my face. My eyes seemed can't look away from her lips. It looks inviting. I gulped almost fall for the temptation but a familiar feeling came again.

   "Slow down when you're eating.The ice cream won't run away. Look, there an ice cream near your lips".

   "Wipe it for me Yukirin~".Said my friend cutely.

   "You have a hands,don't you? Wipe it yourself. "

   "Yukirin meanie. I want Yukirin to do it".

   "You're being childish ".I blurted it out accidentally. When I realized what I had just said, I cover my mouth.

   "I may be mature outside but doesn't mean I am mature inside. Here I already wiped it off myself".Sae pouted.

I laughed but I think Sae noticed that I am faking it.

   "You okay?You seemed off".Her concern gazes piercing inside me makes me guilty. It supposed to be happy outing between friend but I ruined it.

   "It just... You kinda resemble my childhood friend. "

   "Does that mean this childhood friend of yours can play basketball? ".

   "Un. Very good".

   "Where is she now? ".Sae question caught me off guard. A painful feelings raising inside me. I quickly regained my composure because I knew I will cry any moment if I didn't hold it.

   "Gone".I answered. "Never seen her again after she and her family moved away.We kind of lost in contact since then".

   "That childhood friend of yours, is she really important? ".Sae asked again. This time I feel there something weird in her tone.

   "Very. You know Sae-chan, she is my first friend. When I was a kid, I am not a friendly person or pretty neither. I wore a big glasses made me looks like a nerd. So no one want to befriend me. The boys also always bullied me. I thought I'll be alone forever until she came. One day when I sat alone looking at the kids around me playing with each other with a longing eyes, she came up to me and gave me a book later sat beside me. I was totally confused that moment,I didn't know what to do. She noticed I am not reading it and said 'you don't like book. I didn't bring anything else with me today. If you like game, I can bring it tomorrow' .When I heard what she said, I feel so happy,..finally I have a friend that I always wanted. Since then, we always together.She also protect me against bullying. I think this the reason of why I can't forget her easily. "A tears fell from my eyes. Sae saw it and immediately brushed it off with her thumb.

   "Don't worry Yuki-chan. From now, let me replace her. Let me be the one to protect you and take care after you. So don't be sad anymore. The Yuki-chan who is sad, it's not the one that I like. "



   "Otsukaresama. I'll be going first, see you all tomorrow".Takamina bid her coworkers farewell and exited the family food restaurant she had been working her part time job. But then a figure appeared before her making her shocked and let out a long scream.

   "Takamina!! You okay out there?! ".came a worried shout from her coworker behind the door.

   "Ye-yeah. Fine, just fine. A cat came out".she shouted back to the worried coworker.The coworker gave a sigh before return back to whatever activity she did before.

   "So now I am a cat? ".The figure had one hand on her hips.

   "What are you doing here Acchan?.It's almost dark. It's dangerous to be here in the alley at this hour ".

   "I know I know. My work finished early, I want to have dinner together with you.It has been a long time since we spend some time together.You still not had dinner yet right? "

   "I'll eat when I get home".Takamina started walked away.

   "But I am hungry. Can you accompany me, Minami? ".Acchan said with an usual tone when she wanted something. That tone was one of Takamina's weakness so how can she refused this girl.

   "Haaa~I'm full".

   "Sure you are. I wonder why people called Miichan is the glutton one while there is someone who more glutton than her standing beside me".

   "Mou~I heard that Minami. It's not my fault if I was hungry. But I can say the same for you, you refused my invitation earlier but who was the one who finished 3 bowls of Katsudon".

   "That's.... ".Takamina can't said anything because it was the truth. She refused Acchan's offer but she the one who ate more than her.

   "Ne, Minami. "Acchan's face turned serious. "Why are you avoiding me? ".

Takamina already knew this question will come sooner, she already prepared of it. "I am not. I have been busy with part-time making me have no time to enjoy myself. And even I already quit student council last year, Yuko still pestering me to help her out with student council's tasks.It doesn't help neither when I became our class president. So it was not like I am avoiding you ".Takamina explained without stuttering but Acchan knew Takamina better, she knew Takamina was lying.

   "Can I believe you? "

   Takamina flinched hearing Acchan's words. She didn't want to answer it, she don't wanna lie anymore to Acchan, but her mouth betrayed her because she spoke another lie. "Yes you can. Believe in me, your best friend. "

Acchan didn't said another word,only looked at Takamina's face, analyzing her.

   "It's already late. My house near here. You can call your driver right? I'll take my leave now. See you tomorrow at school. Dah!".

Takamina left. Acchan standing at the same place without moving an inch from her place. She clenched her fists and teeth. Inside her was burning with anger. "Liar".She whispered to no one.


   "Ah Miichan, not there".

   "Hold on Sashi. I am still not ready yet. "

   "Hurry, I can't hold on forever".

   "Okay here I come. Be ready ".


   "Who's coming in this middle of night? "

   "Don't ask me. I didn't pushed the doorbell. Miichan, go see who at the door".

   "Why me? "

   "It's your house. It's weird if I am the one who open the door".

Sigh. "Fine. I am coming! ".Miichan shouted to the visitor behind the door.She put her console game down to took a look who visited her this late of night,dared to interrupted her game night.

Miichan opened it only to found Acchan there standing alone.

   "Acchan? Come inside. "Miichan hold Acchan and took her inside to the living room where Sashi still with her game.

   "Hi Acchan. Whoa! What happened? You look like a crap. This is not how an actress supposed to look".Sashi paused her game when saw how horrible Acchan state was in. Her hair was a mess and there also a black circle under her eyes from all the crying. The ruined make up didn't helped neither, it made Acchan looked like a ghost."Did Takamina finally reject you? ".Sashi assumed joking.

   "Sashi. This is Takamina we're talking about. There's no way she can reject my waifu. Don't be stupid".Miichan waited Acchan to made her next comment but Acchan only stayed silent and hung her head down. She looked like she gonna cry again. "No...way".

   "I was right?!!!! Takamina really rejected you. You, Maeda Atsuko?!!!".

   "Acchan,you must be joking. That Takamina?. Oh My Gosh, did the world finally came to an end?.Is this the sign".

   "No, calm down. I didn't confess... yet".Hearing that, the situation calmed down.

   "So what exactly made you cried and showed up in front of my door? ".Miichan sat on the coach while Acchan sat beside her. Sashi also paid attention to Acchan, already forgetting the game that still not finished yet.

   "Takamina have been ignoring me and gave me a cold shoulder ".

   "Just that? ".

   "Took you long enough to realized it. "Acchan and Miichan stared at her."What? I said the truth. It's pretty obvious to me. Last year, you and Takamina stuck like a glue to each other making you inseparable but now, the glue already gone and both of you starts playing chase cat and mouse ".Sashi made her point. Miichan nodded.

   "I don't get it. Why so sudden, she act the same towards everyone except me. She lied to me. Just because of how busy she is, she can't makes that as an excuse to avoid me. I am also busy with my job but I still make a time for her".Acchan huffed,crossed her arms on her chest.

   "I seriously don't have an idea what she have in her mind. But a conversation may will make you feel better. Sashi,make a room for another futon and screw the game.We got a long night and long of girl's talks. "


Sky almost dark. Milky and Sayanee was on their way home from school after finished the duty of student council. Milky was busy with her cellphone giggling now and then. Sayanee who walked beside her getting irked everytime Milky let out a giggles. She tried to took a peek but Milky's did her job quite well in covering the screen from her view. Another giggles and it was enough to made Sayanee snatched the cellphone away.

   "Heiii! I am reading that".Milky protested and tried to win her cellphone back but to no avail because Sayanee 's was more faster than her. "What do you want? "

   "Why you did that? "

   "Did what? "

   "Because of you, Kashiwagi-senpai got forced in joining student council. ".

   "Is this why you took my phone away? Seriously Sayaka".Milky gave her friend a questioning looks.

   "Ju-just answer the question! ".Thanks god the place they was standing now a little dark, or else Milky can saw how red Sayanee's cheeks was. 'What a stupid topic to brought up Sayaka. Stupid jealousy, making me do stupid things'

   "Fine. I don't think Yuki-senpai cared that much because she didn't made any attempt to protest earlier. Also, she was the one who said she didn't have any club she interested in. So why not take this chance? And it's alright, she know Mayu-chan, that means she's Mayu's friend. Mayu can handle it if Yuki-senpai ever complain to her which I think never will come".

   "Poor Mayu-san to have such a stupid troublesome cousin. Oh another question, why Mayu-san is the smart one among you two and you is the stupid one? "

   "Knock it off Sayaka. Can I have my phone back? ".

   "That depends on.... "

Bzzz, Bzzz

   "Oh a message. Give it back"Milky took her phone back and checked the new arrived message. "Looks like we need to exchange our goodbye here. My boyfriend asked to meet him right now. "

   "At this hour! It's getting late and dark now. It's dangerous for you to be with a man alone".

   "Don't be a kid.She won't do anything harmful to me. I trust him. If you still worry about my safety, I'll text you my address later. So if anything happen, you can run to rescue me. Okay?Now I gotta go. Tell my Mayu I'll be home late tonight. Ja nee!  "Milky then ran off to met her boyfriend.

   "Miyuki, MIYUKI....and there she goes. Well... I am just her nobody. I don't have any right on her".

Her phone suddenly ringing. Sayanee took it and answered the call. "Yes, Yui?..... I am on my way home now..... My voice isn't weird. Maybe I caught a flu or something..... You're outside now?Wanna go grab a bite..... Yeah.. Yeah... Mm-hmm".


Mayu reading the paper inside her hand carefully to not missed any word that might be important. The sky getting darker outside but it didn't bother her because there no one who will be angry at her if she got home late. Well except for her annoying cousin that will be asking nonstop of her whereabout until she finally got her answer. But she can handle that. Her reading got interrupted when someone kicked her leg lightly under the table. She looked way from the paper and gave a questioning look toward her companion.

   "Mayu-san,did the newspaper club didn't have any interesting things going on now? ".Paruru asked while playing with her camera.

   "Nope. With the Atsumina topic got hold on for now, there's nothing interesting to write about. Sashi really go wild waiting for Takamina-san and Acchan got together. And now with Takamina-san avoiding Acchan ,our club worried and currently discussing if we want to call therapist for Sashi because I think she will lose it soon. Thanks gosh for now, Miichan is the one who take care of her.But why so sudden Paruru, I thought you like it because you didn't have to running and chasing student like me again ".

   "I am just bored. Much better chasing people than doing nothing."Paruru took a sip of her drink before countinuing, "But I don't understand. It's clear for people around them that they care for each other deeply, it's none other than a mutual why they don't be honest about it and put a stop to bother other people with their romance problem?".

   "It isn't easy as you said. You don't understand the feeling of loving someone, the feelings of being afraid to lose them, because you have never fallen in love before".

   "So,have you? "

   Mayu smile with a hidden meaning that Paruru can't understand. "Who knows".

   "What kind of answer is that? ",not satisfied with Mayu's answer.

   Mayu didn't replied, she simply looked out the window where the sky already turned dark, a street lights already on and many passing car by. No knew what she had inside her mind, no one, not even Paruru.


Finally finish~too long.Took me hours to finish typing this all.


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Chapter 2
Of course only Yuki can control Mayu. XD
So it's not going to be a MaYuki pairing? :(
Who is this friend though? :?

Chapter 3
Yuko and Haruna in the student council room. 8)
Is Sae Yuki's childhood friend? :?
Takamina, what are you doing??? :banghead:
Poor Sayanee, Milky doesn't have eyes for you. :(
What is Nezumi thinking? :lol:

Looking forward to your next update.

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