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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 37 (06-07) | What's Meant to Be Will Be  (Read 63996 times)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 36 (05-01) | Galaxy
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@Genkikid-san, yeah... I think all Yuu needs to do is to be honest. But it would be hard to break down that wall established of years of being apart... :(
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I love girls in short cut that's why I cut my hair short so I can love myself. *wink*

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 37 (06-07) | What's Meant to Be Will Be
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Took a while to post an update. Here it is~ Enjoy~ :)



FUYU IS quietly standing by the door of his parent’s room. The young boy is just staring at his mother who is weeping at the side of their bed. Just a while ago she was a complete picture of strength. She even promised Fuyu’s father that she will not cry but there she goes letting it all out. It must’ve been heavy. It must’ve been that painful to pretend that you’re fine when you’re actually dying inside.

The little boy turned to his back to look for Natsu but the truth that his brother is not around anymore and is going to live in a new house with a new mum made his young heart clench in pain. He was about to call his brother so they could make their mother stop crying together but it was only him left.

“Okaa-san…” Fuyu called out to Atsuko who jerked after hearing her son’s call. Fuyu is looking at her with those unusual set of eyes. The kid was always cheerful and bright but she could feel the coldness with his stare. She couldn’t blame him. She can only blame herself for letting her sons witness this kind of ending between her and their father.

And for the love of God, her boys are twins. They couldn’t even sleep in different beds but now they were forced to be apart. They’ve been inseparable since birth but because of their parents’ selfishness, they had to face things on their own for the first time in their lives.

“Come here, sweetie…” Atsuko stretched her arm towards Fuyu. The little kid, dragging his favorite bunny stuff toy, slowly walked towards his mother’s arm and let her little body be wrapped by that warm embrace. Atsuko made him feel that he isn’t alone but her tears welled up even more.

“Okaa-san…” Fuyu called in a soft voice. “Have you used your magic? Have you already used that one wish?”

Atsuko wiped her tears and faced her eldest son. The little kid is pertaining to the favorite bedtime story that she tells the twins. The story says that all people are capable of doing magic but it can only be used once in a form of a wish. The twins believe that they have their own precious wish and they are keeping it in case of emergency.

“Why did you ask Fuu-chan?” Atsuko asked, combing the boy’s hair with her fingers.

“Because me and Natsu used our wish. We wished that the divorce won’t take place so that we could stay as one whole family.” Fuyu dropped his head down in embarrassment. “But our wish didn’t come true. Do you think we are not capable of using magic?”

Atsuko’s heart hurt even more to the fact that her sons ‘used’ their precious one wish just to save their relationship. She lifted Fuyu’s face and saw his misty eyes but the little boy is trying hard not to let his tears fall down.

“I guess the wish won’t take effect to something that would never be. I think me and Yuu-kun won’t be really happy if we stay together… I-I… I believe that’s the reason why it didn’t take effect.”

Fuyu took a deep breath. “I wonder if I used it in some other things…”

Atsuko shook her head. She forced a smile while wiping her tears. “Saa, Fuu-chan… Let me tell you something…” She made her son sit on the bed while she kneels on the floor, trying to bring her composure back.

“Do you know? Every life is a partial fulfillment of a wish itself.” This statement made the little Fuyu tilt his head to the side. He couldn’t understand the reason why his mum is bringing it up in times like this.

“What do you mean, Okaa-san?” He asked, looking straight to her mother’s eyes.

“You see, the feelings we have now, the way we decide, or even the dreams that we have are all influenced by our past lives. It’s all part of the wish that our past selves have wished.” Atsuko cupped her son’s face. “You know? For example, you… You got a very strong desire to meet someone, right?”

Fuyu’s heart jumped just at the thought of that person. “T-The girl with the scent?”

Atsuko nodded. “I believe that your past self really loved that girl too much that’s why you are feeling that way. That love was so strong that it managed to surpass death and time. And now, you are here to fulfill that wish of your past self to meet the girl of the scent and fall in love with her again.”

The boy’s eyes widened in excitement. “But Okaa-san, I’m already sure that I love her! Whenever I think of her, I just couldn’t stop the loud beating of my heart!”

Atsuko got surprised but then soon chuckled at the cute confession of this little man. How cute it is for him to say that he is sure about loving someone he hasn’t seen yet.

“See?” Atsuko’s smile fainted a bit. Her stare is travelling to the features of his son’s face as she gently caresses his face. “I… I also believe that Yuu-kun is also like that to Haruna-san. From the very start he knows that the woman for him was Haruna-san but because of circumstances, his heart broke and somehow ended up with me… What am I even doing talking about these things to you?”

Atsuko just smiled and released a breath. “What I mean is that, you don’t have to be angry to Otou-san for leaving us. His heart just wouldn’t stay still if he doesn’t end up with her. It would be harder for us to stay together.”

She then saw her son’s eyebrows crunched a bit. “Then why did he go to you if he loved Haruna-san from the very start? He should’ve remained true to his feelings.”

Atsuko faintly shook her head. “It may be that simple to say but when circumstances start to get bigger than your desire, people tend to succumb into their weakness. You will understand when you grow up more, Fuu-chan…”

“I don’t need to grow up to understand that he treated you like nothing. Okaa-san, you don’t deserve to be treated like that.”

Atsuko just smiled and pinched her little hero’s cheek. “Don’t worry, Fuu-chan… I will help you in finding the girl with the scent. When that time comes, I will make sure that you won’t make the same mistake as your Otou-san.”

Fuyu looked at his favorite bunny stuff toy with a frown. “I won’t be like him, right, Negai-san?”

Atsuko stood up, feeling a bit freshened up after letting her tears go. She messed up little Fuyu’s hair only to fix it again. “Do you want some hot chocolate, Fuu-chan?”

The boy’s face brightened up at the sound of his favorite drink. He hopped out from the bed and held his mother’s hand. “Make one cup for Negai-san, too!”


“NEGAI-SAN, it has been a long time, isn’t it?”

Fuyu was looking at the stuff toy on the shelf. Yes, it has been a very long time but he made sure that Negai-san is being taken care of very well. It does look a bit thinner that its original size but it is still clean. It can’t be helped. When Natsu was taken away, it became his bedtime buddy for quite a long time.

Fuyu turned around and looked at the altar of his mother’s ashes. The beautiful smiling face of his mother in the portrait gives him assurance that his mother lived a happy life that she managed to give such a marvelous smile. It also gives him hope that she might be somewhere out there living her new life.

“Okaa-san…” he called as he went to his knees to give respect. “Don’t worry about me. I hope you can fulfill your wish wherever you are now. I’m halfway to fulfilling mine.”

He gave out a very wide smile that he was afraid of showing Atsuko before because his dimples remind her of his father. Nevertheless, Atsuko loved seeing his smile. It was one of her treasures and protecting it is that one thing that kept her going despite all the she went through.

“I finally understand what you said to me before… about the circumstances that made him commit those mistakes. I promise I will not lose to those circumstances.”

He stood up and took a  stretch. “Let’s get to work and finish early! Today is the day!


“I GUESS I arrived too early.”

Fumie gave her head a light scratch while looking at her watch. She’s already in front of Tokyo Dome, 40 minutes early than the time she set with Fuyu. She had to take her father to the doctor in the morning and their family had a scheduled family lunch so Fuyu decided to work in the morning.

Fumie invited him to join the lunch but the memory of the dinner he had with his girlfriend’s father is still fresh to his memories. He also said that it would be better that it would be a family time. There are things that they couldn’t discuss if someone like him is around but he promised to invite them to dinner one day.

The girl was a bit disappointed that her Hoshi declined the invitation but she realized it was necessary for him to not be around because all they talked about during lunch time is her upcoming date with Fuyu.

Her father doesn’t really show the support he has for the couple even though he thinks that having someone like Fuyu is a gift to Fumie. Through meeting the guy, Fumie started to have more friends. He was worried that she would be bullied like what happened to her overseas but Fumie adjusted really well and that is all thanks to Fuyu and the other kids.

He is open about the support when talking with his wife but when Fumie is around, he just couldn’t help but to frown. Seeing his lovely daughter being so giddy about a guy still gives a different feeling. His mood changed when the two women of his life started talking about Fuyu’s good points as if they haven’t seen it to any other guy before. The retired lieutenant colonel wanted to raise his hand and tell them that he has the same good points as well. Fumie and her mother couldn’t help but to laugh at the jealousy of the ex-soldier.

Since it is technically the first time that she and Fuyu are going out on a date, they discussed about the things that she should do and the things that she shouldn’t. Her mother strictly warned her not to fangirl so much to the point that she might forget that she’s on a date. Her mother knows her capacity as a wota very well.

Fumie promised that she would not let her inner wota takeover during the date. Even though it would be hard, she has to make sure that she won’t make anything that would be a major turn off. After that, her dad asked her about their plan after the concert.

“Nothing…” was the only answer she could give. She realized that they really didn’t set to do anything other than the concert. Then ideas just came flooding her mind. It would be nice to get some ramen for dinner and after that maybe they could take a night stroll while trying to stargaze. She felt like Fuyu would really love to do those things. It just feels like it without any particular reason why. She was trying to remember something that Yuma was claiming before but she just couldn’t recall it.

It hasn’t been long when she started to feel that she has to go to the rest room. She indeed had a lot of iced tea while they were discussing about the date. She couldn’t help but to be anxious about two things—how the date with her Hoshi would go and when would her father stop acting like a big tsundere. She felt that he would follow them throughout the whole date if only her mother didn’t take her dad home.

There are already a lot of people around the dome, the line was so long that she couldn’t wait to get in or else she’ll be done for. She can’t also go inside without Fuyu. She immediately crossed the street and went inside the Tokyo Dome Hotel. She just couldn’t explain the relief that she felt after getting inside the restroom in the first floor.

Fumie also took this time to fix her makeup. She doesn’t necessarily need to apply makeup but she wants to surprise her boyfriend a little. Her heart races everytime she imagines the face that Fuyu would make once he sees her on her carefully thought makeup and outfit. She made sure that Fuyu would be more into her.

She was surprised when she saw familiar faces when she went out. The mentors of the idol course that she failed are all in the lobby having some iced tea before the concert starts. She was immediately noticed by her dance teacher and she was given a warm greeting through a wave.

“Fumie-chan! It’s nice to see you here!” Anna-sensei greeted her as she gets closer. Fumie gave them a bow before moving nearer.

“I’m here to watch the concert.” Fumie answered with a smile. “I can’t wait to see the girls perform on stage.”

Anna-sensei produced a sad face and surprised the girl with a hug. “I’m glad you’re doing fine, my dear. You looked so devastated after the results came out. I’m glad you look healthy and seem to be eating well. I was really worried about you.”

“E-Eh?” Fumie stammered. She tried to ask help from the other mentors but they just gave her a smile in response.

“Just let her hug you, Fumie-chan.” Their fashion coach, Shinobu, said while faintly shaking her head. “Anna-sensei was really worried about you. There’s not a single gathering with her not saying your name.”

“R-Really?” Fumie was then released by her dance teacher who got teary eyes.

“It felt like I raised a child during that short period that you were under my care. You really improved a lot and with that I am very proud.” Anna-sensei wiped her tears and placed her hands to Fumie’s shoulders. “Please pursue being an idol. I believe you will be big! And when you get famous don’t become like some brat who after placing first in the elections consecutively just locks herself in her hotel room and only attends rehearsals once—“

“Shh! Anna!” Togasaki, the vocal trainer, immediately pulled the dance teacher away from Fumie. “You don’t have to say that. People might hear you!”

“E-Eh? What do you mean? Is Asuka-san alri—“

“Who did you come with anyway, Fumie-chan?” The vocal coach asked to change the topic. The girl was taken aback a little but a wonderful smile was painted on her lips.

“I came here with my bo—“

“Fumie-san! What’s taking you so long?”

The eyes of the teachers widened when they recognized who called their former student. Surprisingly not on his usual outfit, Kato Kenta came running towards them. He’s on a very casual light blue long-sleeve polo that’s paired with khaki pants. He brushed his silver hair up with his fingers before heaving a sigh. “Let’s get going, we’ll be late.”

The vocal coach had to lift up the jaws of his colleagues who were sent in a trance by the said guy. “Wake up, people.” He said monotonously.

“K-Kato-san!?” Fumie was startled to see her former manager. “What are you—“

“Fumie-chan, you know each other?” Anna-sensei asked, bewildered. “Y-You and K-Kato-san—“

Kato immediately shook his head and waved his hands to deny what the teachers’ hypothesis. “It’s not what you think, Sir and Madams.” He took a deep breath and smiled. “I am Fumie-san’s manager.”

The mentors’ jaws dropped once more but this time together with the vocal trainer.

“K-Kato Kenta is your manager? The Kato Kenta!?”

Kato scratched the back of his head before looking at his watch. “I’m sorry but we have to go now. The gates are already open and we have to fall in that very long line. I can’t afford to be late at this event! See you around, Senseis! Fumie-san, let’s go~”

The manager went on his way, cheerfully humming Asuka’s new song. Confused of what’s going on, Fumie gave her teachers a bow as a goodbye before going after the bleach-haired guy.

“Did you see that!?” Anna-sensei exclaimed. “I knew it! That girl is destined for stardom! She wouldn’t be picked by Kato Kenta if she isn’t a big idol material!”

“I couldn’t believe that Kato Kenta is back to discovering idols after all that controversy.” The fashion coordinator commented. “I mean, we all know that the case was dismissed in favor of him because it was proven that those who filed sexual harassment against him were lying but he has already gone bankrupt and everything. No one has trusted him even though he got his name clear of the issues.”

“I guess his gifted eyes can’t just stay still!” Anna-sensei’s display of amazement towards Kato Kenta doesn’t really please Togasaki.

“I don’t really trust him.” He bitterly said. “He may be cleared from the sexual assaults but we know how he treated the idols under him like things. Until now Asuka-san is still scarred because of that cyborg treatment. You should get worried about Fumie-san’s sake now that you learned that she is being managed by that person.”

“What if Asuka is just really being a brat?” Anna-sensei got back at him with a pout, her hands in akimbo.

The guy looked at her dead in the eyes and brushed her face with his palm. “Don’t be bitter just because she is aloof with you. She’s like that to everyone else. Try to understand the pressure that she’s in. Don’t be a kid, Anna-sensei.”

The dance mentor clicked her tongue and then took a sip of her iced tea while biting the straw.

On the other hand, Fumie was finally able to catch up on Kato Kenta who just casually handed her a Red Velvet Cake Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème in Trenta size. Fumie couldn’t even help but to be surprised on how huge it is.


“My treat.” The guy smiled cheerfully, raising the Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino Blended Crème in the same size. “This one is for Fuyu-kun. I saw him in front of the dome and I believe he is waiting for you. He is looking hella fine, dear lady! You shouldn’t let him wait or he will get flocked by vultures!”

“A-Arigatou gozaimasu…” Fumie blushed at the thought of her boyfriend. Fuyu has already arrived and is waiting for her. She has to hurry up and show him what she prepared.

“Fumie-san, you remember what you told me at the day of the announcement of the results, right?”

The girl’s eyebrows furrowed a bit. “What I said?”

The silver-haired guy smiled and shook his head a little. “It’s nothing. Now go to your boyfriend.”

He pointed at Fuyu who immediately noticed them through the scent. His pupils dilated right after seeing the beauty of his girlfriend. Kato is right. He looks so dazzling even though he is just wearing the white tunic collar shirt he didn’t know his father bought for him. He was about to smile at Fumie but the guy standing beside her girl made him squint a little.

“Kato—“ Before he could even say anything, Kato handed him the Frappuccino with a huge smile on his face. “Don’t worry, it’s not what you think it is. Enjoy your date, lovebirds~”

That’s all and Kato disappeared into the crowd. His disappearance is as quick as his sudden appearance. The couple just looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. And the reality that they are together now has finally sunk in. Starting feeling a bit bashful with one another, they averted their stares to another direction.

“L-Let’s go fall in line.” Fuyu stammered. He knows he has to say something about Fumie’s looks but this event being labeled as their first official date is making his heart shake. He is literally blown away.

Fumie took a glance of her boyfriend and noticed that he got his hair trimmed a little. His eyebrows are now a bit visible. The overall look is just really clean and refreshing. If Miyu is with her now, she’s sure that she would be slapped in the shoulder a thousand times due to the appearance of a ‘king’.

The girl smiled to herself, gaining confidence knowing that this guy is her boyfriend. He isn’t just good looking but he is also as pure as his name. Without any hesitation, she held his usually cold hand, surprising the guy who was still lost in which word he should use to describe Fumie.

Fuyu just gave her a smile, still a little awkward but the nerve between them is slowly disappearing. They immediately went to find their seats after buying some light sticks because attending a concert won’t be complete without it.

The concert started presenting the idols who also ranked in the prestigious list. There are also on-going concerts on different parts of the country and it is like a nationwide festival. It is like a thanksgiving festival for the fans who gave their all just to have their oshi in the ranks. It is a yearly event that is also being celebrated by the international wotas.

At first it was only Fumie who was enjoying the event but seeing how she is so into it, Fuyu slowly loosened up and started to enjoy the event. He isn’t really fond of idols because of many reasons but how could he stay still if his girl is really an industrious wota?

Everyone is enjoying outside but they aren’t aware of the commotion happening backstage…

The first six members of the Jyuuni Seiza had already performed their acceptance stage and the next girls are on standby. None of those girls are in Tokyo Dome. They are all scattered in different parts of the nation and having a simultaneous concert. The idol is shown on the huge screen in the stage while idols in the lower ranks will take the stage as backup dancers. The staff members are all looking tense because of the continuous flow of the event. They are against time because they are also in live broadcast. They can’t afford to waste a second so they are pressured to keep everything in accordance to what is rehearsed. They have to be in perfect synchronization.

What’s pressuring them even more is Asuka just arrived backstage. She doesn’t seem to be in a very good condition with her paler-than-usual skin and dark circles under her eyes. She came with her manager, Hori, who is much more worried about the idol. He already told her to stay at the apartment or maybe go to the hospital because she’s in high fever but the girl insisted that she has to go to the concert and give back what her fans deserve.

The staff immediately went to her and took her to the dressing room to have her makeup done and be dressed in the costume specially tailored for the ‘Queen of the Idols’. Hori couldn’t calm himself as he was walking back and forth outside the said room. He has seen Asuka getting a bit sick before a concert starts because of her nerves but it is the first time that he has seen her this weak to the point that she looks like she is only dragging her feet in able to perform.

“T-This is bad… If something bad happens at Asuka-san at the stage it would be a big controversy but if she won’t make the performance it would mean the same thing. If ever she makes it but gives a lousy performance then it is still an issue!” He started to pull his hair as stress starts to fill him up. “What should I do!? I have to pull her out if she’s really sick! Her health is top priority into this!”

“Hori-san!” Anna-sensei hurried towards the said manager with a grumpy face. “I know that Asuka is hard to deal with but you have to be strong enough to convince her to go to rehearsals. She missed the dry-run and now the new idol group that would dance with her is clueless of what will happen on-stage. She should’ve practiced with her atleast once!”

Hori’s sweat glands started to work double-time after seeing the certain mentor. “I-I’m sorry, Sensei. Y-You know that it is really hard to put everything on Asuka-san’s schedule. She has been working day and night lately especially after she was announced as the Queen again. Magazine photoshoots and CM shoots are here and there—“

“Nonsense! The concert should be prioritized! All of those can be set aside for now but the concert will happen only once!”

Hori would like to defend Asuka even more. He liked to tell the teacher that in her little breaks she practices the song and the choreography to the point that she sacrifices her time for eating. He has seen all the hardworks of the idol and he can’t just let her be misunderstood by someone. He was about to talk back but the two of them twitched together with the other people in the hallway after hearing a thudding noise from the dressing room followed by the shrieks of the people inside.

The manager immediately crashed inside the room out of instinct. His eyes widened after he saw Asuka lying on the ground with her eyes closed, surrounded by people who are trying to make her stand up. The makeup artists are still trying to fix her appearance even though it is clearly seen that she’s in pain.

Hori couldn’t stand it anymore and made his way towards his talent. “Get out of the way!” he shouted. All the staff members surrounding the girl made way for him after hearing his angry voice. He gasped after holding Asuka. It felt like he almost burned his hand after touching her.

“Call for an ambulance! Asuka-san is in high fever!!!”


“JUST LOOK AT THE LEFT…” Fumie repeated what Fuyu told her before she went inside the restroom. The huge-sized drink that Kato gave them has already taken a toll on their bladders. They had to immediately go to the restroom while  the MC part is on-going.

“Did I really turn left? Did Hoshi say that I should just look and not walk?” The girl held her head to somehow calm herself. She’s been walking for about five minutes or so but she still hasn’t seen Fuyu at all. She kept on looking back but there is no sign of her boyfriend as well. “Why am I being a ponkotsu during an event like this? I should get there before the performance of the top 3 starts.”

Her feet suddenly stopped moving when she got a brilliant idea. It would be easy if she could just call her Hoshi. So she immediately rummaged her pouch to look for her phone. She was about to dial his number when a horde of people suddenly came running towards her, ignoring the fact that she’s on the way. She dropped not only her phone but her open pouch as well, spilling all the things inside. She managed to stick herself to the wall to somehow lessen the damage but she could see that her phone is near to its grave.

“Oh no… This can’t be…” Fumie picked her phone that has its screen cracked because of the stampede. What’s more depressing is its touch functions totally stopped working. She could have another method to contact Fuyu if only she didn’t leave her neurolinker at home due to the reason that it would not look good with her outfit.

Fumie suddenly froze after realizing something. Her head tilted towards the direction of the people who just passed by. Somehow, she recognized the girl who was being carried on the back of a certain guy.



She then turned to the owner of the voice and saw her teachers and some of the staff members from the idol course that she joined. She jerked when her phone suddenly rang and saw that Fuyu is calling but she couldn’t answer it because of the defective screen.

“F-Fumie-chan! I-I think we need your help!” said Anna-sensei which made everyone around startled.

“What on earth are you thinking, Nakasone Anna?” Togasaki growled. “Are you out of your mind? We should consult Kojima-san and the members of the council first!”

“We don’t have enough time, Togasaki-sensei! Kojima-san is doing the MC part with the graduates and all the other girls are already on standby! We can’t call them and suddenly destroy their formation!”

“But you are going to use a non-idol as a substitute for the top idol of this year? Are you serious!?”

“But we can’t call the other ranked girls to substitute for Asuka. They are all in other different cities! It is impossible! And you know that nobody knows about the choreography of the new song aside from the girls on the idol course!”

Togasaki was taken aback. The dance teacher has a point. They are on a deep pinch. Asuka never had an understudy. If this was only a group concert it would be reasonable to pick a substitute. It would be easy. But Asuka is a solo idol already and this is a new song confidentially taught to the idol wannabes. His head started hurting after concluding that no matter who they use as a substitute, the people will end up getting angry.

“Everyone, we don’t have any time left!” A staff came running towards them. “The MC part has already finished and the next performance already started. Exactly 13 minutes before Asuka-san’s performance!”

All of them fell quiet, looking at Togasaki who still couldn’t arrive with a decision. Fumie was still clueless of what’s happening. All she wanted to do that time is to be able to answer the call from Fuyu. But when she remembered that she could answer the call just by placing the phone by her ears, the call ended and she couldn’t redial it.

The next thing that she remembers is that her phone was suddenly snatched from her by their fashion teacher, Shinobu. She was pulled to stand up and was pushed to the makeup artists that took care of her during the course.

Everyone is still startled but Shinobu put her hands together to awaken them up.

“No time! The show must go on! We will explain everything after we get this concert done! Let’s go!”


IT WAS ALREADY around 11 in the evening when Fuyu got home. The date has ended. It wasn’t everything that he was expecting at all. Everything felt like a dream. So unreal.

He went to his mum’s room to give a report, dragging his feet. He just desperately needs someone to talk to at this time. All the confidence that he had in the morning… all of it vanished in thin air.

He switched on the lights and saw his beloved stuff toy on the ground. With his expression blank, he went to his knees and picked up the said plushie.

“N-Negai-san…” he called out, his voice a bit hoarse. He gulped as he could feel something blocking his throat. He closed his eyes, trying to get rid of the unnecessary ideas running around his mind. “I don’t know... I don’t know why but I suddenly felt afraid of tomorrow.”


I love girls in short cut that's why I cut my hair short so I can love myself. *wink*

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 :err: :fainted: :frustrated: :on cloudeye:

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 37 (06-07) | What's Meant to Be Will Be
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So, does this mean that I'm ready to cry? I want to hug Ashu and Fumie and Fuyu. And then kick Kato Kenta into a pit of death.

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 37 (06-07) | What's Meant to Be Will Be
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that freaking plot twist, you just reminded me with eichiro oda, start the story with something nice, funny but then adding plot twist and freaking drama so youu can put the readers on roller coaster of feeling

@shinoki-san, what about those whole management ? i want to slap that anna-sensei for talking ill about my ashu

really want to hug asuka, can i adopt her ? :grin:

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@LuckyMatsui-san,  :tama:
make way for the real villain of the story *points at myself* haha XD

@Shinoki-san, Save your tears for now... The cue is yet to come...  :mon curtain: ㅠㅠ

@FZA02-san, Wow, thank you for that compliment. I hope I'm still bringing stories that you guys like. I enjoy writing them, I hope you also enjoy reading them.

And, I just finished my part for the collab I had with ZXRevolution-san. :) You can check it out here --> NogiChuu SP (shameless plugging. XD) Here's also the link for the thread (N46) 恋の予感 (Premonition of Love) (MinaMiona)
To those who haven't read the first part, I recommend that you read it first. :) Had a good time with doing a collab. I hope you guys enjoy this as well. :) Thanks a lot for reading. :)
I love girls in short cut that's why I cut my hair short so I can love myself. *wink*

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