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Author Topic: The Waste of a Wish - [ANNOUNCEMENT]  (Read 120091 times)

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 7 (06-02) Maki, The Perfect Zombie
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NatsuMaki... eh? Hehehehe....

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 7 (06-02) Maki, The Perfect Zombie
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*Launches Exterminatus missles at Natsu*


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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 7 (06-02) Maki, The Perfect Zombie
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Good Paru... Good... Don't make Maru-kun sad anymore  :mon cweepy: :mon cweepy:

The reunion of the chuunibyous lol that's so funny!

Well I wouldn't mind to see some YokoYamamoto moments  :hehehe: :kekeke:

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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 8 (06-06) | Are You Still Not Affected?
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Chapter 8: Are You Still Not Affected?

FUMIE is already getting dizzy with all the turns they are doing. What’s with this unusually big house anyway? They’ve been meeting maids who are busy keeping the house clean. They greet Fuyu as if they are very accustomed to him. The guy would politely greet them back.

“Togawa-san should’ve just asked one her maids to fetch the snacks.” Fumie immediately shook her head after that thought entered her head. They set this up so she could have her alone time with Fuyu. She has to convince him about treating Natsu back to being his younger brother.

Yes, they set it up and it is going according to plan but she still hasn’t uttered a single word since they left the arcade room. The guy was the same. He hasn’t spoken to her yet. She has to immediately do something or else everything will fail because of her.

“We are at the dining area now.” Fuyu suddenly said which surprised her a bit. The guy pushed the door and a huge dining area welcomed them. Fumie’s eyes glistened in amazement.

“It’s such a big place, isn’t it?” Fuyu commented then continued walking towards the door on the right. Fumie followed him, still amazed with the luxurious dining area.

“It is such a lonely place.” Fuyu sighed. “It is well-decorated and everything but they have never dined together here.”

Fumie was more surprised with that statement. She looked at Fuyu and sadness is evident in the guy’s eyes as he looks at the long table.

“W-What do you mean, Senpai?”

“Nothing.” Fuyu stopped in front of the kitchen door and then pushed it open. Again, the kitchen is unusually bigger than the normal kitchen size. They found the snacks prepared by the head chef in the table. Different kinds of sandwich that are not high in calories were prepared for them.

“As expected, the food prepared is meant for celebrities.”

Fuyu picked the basket up and then looked inside the fridge. In there he found something that would really give them energy. He pulled a huge chocolate bar and put it on his pocket.

“Yosh. Let’s go back now.”

“W-Wait, Senpai!” Fumie halted him. “A-Actually, I have something to say to you.”

Fuyu was surprised but he didn’t let it show on his face. “What is it?”

“It is about you and Matsui-senpai.”

“Woah~ Shingyoji-san is really straight-forward when she finally gets her courage, right?” Maki commented while they are listening to their conversation. Fumie’s neuro linker is on and is secretly transferring the audio data to Miyu’s phone. The two are listening to them inside the purikura machine. They can’t tell her what to say, they can only eavesdrop on the conversation.

Miyu sighed. “Fumie is a frank person. She won’t lie to you just to sugar coat everything. She might look like she’s harmless but once she made up her mind she will tell it to you straight to your face.”

“Is that the reason why she only has you as her friend?” Maki innocently asked. “I mean, not everybody likes someone who is very honest.”

Miyu looked a bit surprised for a moment but then smiled widely like she always does. “Yes, I think we are the only ones who can stand each other. You can say that we are balanced.”

“Sou…” After that, the chuunibyou just stayed quiet and listened to the conversation.

“I’ve heard about your situation from Togawa-san. I know that you are twins and how you are not allowed to treat each other like brothers.”

Fuyu put out a faint smile. “Is this the reason for this gathering?”

“Aki! Why are they taking so long!?” Natsu irritably asked. He couldn’t focus to his match with Aki when all he could think of is his brother hanging around with that girl. “They should already be here!”

Aki just laughed at him. “Maybe Togawa-san’s kitchen is really far. Just let them have some nice chat. We both know that Fuyu is enjoying his time with Shingyoji-san.”

“Tch! Enjoy? That girl thinks of him as a crazy person. She doesn’t deserve the attention that Fuyu-nii is giving to her!” Natsu grumpily stood up from his seat. “I should go and ruin their moment!”

“H-Hey! What the hell are you talking about!?” Aki tried to stop him but Natsu won’t listen to him. They passed on the purikura booth where the two girls are. A statement from a familiar voice made Natsu stopped.

“It’s true that we are brothers but please don’t tell anyone about it. I don’t like to tell anyone about us being twins.”

That was Fuyu’s voice! Natsu is sure that it was his brother. That statement echoed at the back of his mind several times. His brother doesn’t really like to see him as his sibling. He might’ve felt it a million times through his actions but this is the first time he heard it straight from Fuyu’s lips.

Aki slapped his forehead. He failed to keep Natsu busy and now he is listening to the conversation as well. The girls won’t find this cool at all.

“Why don’t you treat him the way you supposed to treat him? I mean, Matsui-senpai is really lonely that you are ignoring him as your brother. Don’t you think it is unfair for him?”

“S-Shingyoji?” Natsu uttered under his breath after hearing Fumie’s voice. He was surprised to hear that the girl is standing up for him.

“Well…” Fuyu sighed. “It is a complicated situation. It would be really bad for the both of us if we introduce ourselves to the public as twins.”


“If you have heard this fact from Maki then I believe you have already heard about our family’s situation. My father didn’t like me from the very beginning because I don’t have anything set as a goal. I never had extravagant dreams unlike Natsu. From the very start, he thinks that Natsu is his only son.”

Natsu leaned at the purikura machine. That’s the awful truth—the filthy secret of their family.

“For that man, my dream is nothing but fantasy. A literal dream that I should wake up from. When our parents divorced, he talked to me as if he was threatening me. He told me to stay away from Natsu so that he won’t turn to a delusional person like me. He also told me not to tell anyone that I am Natsu’s brother. He despises the fact that I am his son. He won’t let that shame to get out in public.”

“T-That’s so cruel…”

That’s the only thing Fumie could say after that story. That was really very cruel of Fuyu’s father considering the fact that he was only five or six years old back then. But looking at Fuyu, he doesn’t seem like he is deeply affected by that.

“If I let the secret out and introduce myself as Natsu’s older brother, it would be over for us. That man will surely take me somewhere far where I can never reach Natsu. That is something that I never want to happen.”

Natsu’s eyes widened. Did he really hear Fuyu said that he can’t afford to be away from him? His heart is incredibly jumping in joy.

“I still receive financial support from that man especially for studying. The only reason that I am accepting that is because he enrolls me in the same school as Natsu. If I would follow my pride, I would prefer to stop studying but I still want to see how Natsu develops and reach his dream.”

Fuyu took a pause to get some air then smiled. “The only reason I’m studying in a prestigious school like NeoHorikoshi is solely because I want to keep in track of my brother’s activity and be in a distance where I could still talk to him. Natsu might not like that I am just treating him as a friend but it is better like that than to have us apart.”

Natsu felt tears rolled down his cheeks. He immediately wiped them. He looked at Aki to see if the guy is laughing at him but the guy just gestured for him to go on. Aki was finally able to breathe now. It may not be in accordance to the original plan but they are getting goo results, right?

He was amazed that Maki was right that Fuyu will be very honest to Fumie and he will tell her everything. Her predictions about the movements of the twins are very accurate. They were recording the conversation to have Natsu listen to it later but here he is listening to it live.

“So… you don’t really mean to be cold to Matsui-senpai?” Fumie asked.

Fuyu smiled at her. That was such a sad smile. “If I don’t do so it will definitely show in his face. He won’t be able to hide it and then that man will notice it. Me being cold to him is best for the two of us.” He then took a bite of a sandwich since he is really starving.

“But, you could at least treat him the way you should treat him in private so it won’t lead to misunderstanding…” Fumie tried to look to the guy’s eyes but his stare feels like it is passing through her that she has no other choice but to look somewhere else. “I believe Matsui-senpai would love it. I-I-I know I’m getting super nosy but—“

“It’s okay.” Fuyu pulled a stool and invited Fumie to sit on it. The girl hesitantly took the seat. “You can tell me what’s bothering you.”

Fuyu sat on the table itself far enough that he won’t be able to accidentally get skin-to-skin contact with the girl. He continued to eat while waiting for Fumie to start with her story.

“T-The truth is I actually feel bad that you can’t do the things siblings usually do. I mean, you both have the time and the chance. You still have each other…”

“What does she mean, Miyuuuuu~?” Maki curiously asked.

“Sshh…” Miyu shushed her. She got a very worried look on her face. “I wonder if she’s already ready to tell this story.”

A sigh was heard from Fumie. “During the start of the war, my dad and my older brother were deployed to fight for the country. I got into a huge fight with my brother. It was such a small argument but my immaturity made it big. I didn’t talk to him even on the day that they were deployed. For me who has lived in a peaceful country like Japan, war was just a word in the history books. I didn’t take that war seriously, thinking that it will be resolved right away. I didn’t know that I would never see my brother after that deployment…”

Everyone who has heard it for the first time gasped. Fuyu suddenly lost the appetite because of the story. He focused even more on the girl.

“He was killed in action. The time I heard the news, I was filled with bitterness. It was stupid of me to fight with him just because of a little thing. I couldn’t even say sorry to him. I tried but he won’t hear me anymore. If only I knew that it would be the last time that I would see him, I should’ve sent him off with a hug. I shouldn’t have sent him with an unresolved misunderstanding or maybe shouldn’t have sent him at all.”

Fumie looked up so that she could get her tears back to her tear ducts. She tried to smile, giving a shot in lighting up the atmosphere. She then soon bowed to hide her face.

“It’s not that I am telling that something bad will happen to one of you… I’m just saying that it is better to live each moment like it is the last so that we won’t have any regret if ever something bad might happen. You guys still both have each other. It’s not necessarily telling the public about your real relationship but you can try acting like one in private. I will try to help both of you so there won’t be any regret!”

Fuyu’s arm automatically stretched towards Fumie’s head. He was about to give her a pat to comfort her but his hand stopped midway. He pulled his arm back and then sighed.

“So that’s the reason why you suddenly got concerned of us…” He went off the table and stretched. “I feel really sorry about the loss of your brother. He is a person of valor. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to the two of you  but… I think the distance I have with Natsu now is enough. That man is still right. Natsu doesn’t need a lackluster brother like me. I’m fine with watching in the sidelines.”


“Let’s head back now. I’m sure they are waiting for the snacks.” Fuyu picked up the basket and then went towards the door.

“Senpai please listen—“

“Don’t worry about the drinks. There is a vending machine in the arcade room. It is free for all.” That’s all and Fuyu went out of the door. Fumie’s shoulders dropped. Did she succeed? She’s sure that she confirmed about Fuyu still caring for his brother but the guy is still not ready to let out his brotherly side.

“Mou… What should I do? Am I asking for too much?”



Everyone was surprised when Natsu suddenly called Fumie that way. He seemed to be a puppy that was waiting for his master to come back. Fumie was in great shock. What happened during the time she wasn’t around? When did the mad dog turned into a cute puppy?

Natsu is smiling from ear to ear. He even clung to Fumie and directed her to the race game that they were playing a while ago.

“Come, I will teach you how to drive.” Natsu cheerfully said as he drags her towards the game.

“W-Wait! S-Senpai!”

“Don’t call me Senpai. You can just call me Natsu! We are already friends, right?”

“W-What!? When did that happen?”

“Come on!”

Natsu continued to drag her away. She looked at Fuyu to ask for help but it seems like the guy was also surprised to whatever is happening. His eyes were glued on the way Natsu clings to her. He averted his stare and went to sit somewhere.

Did he just feel his heart tightened?

“Watanabe-san, do you know how to drive?” Aki asked. The girl looked surprised about Aki suddenly talking to her. She slowly shook her head which brought a smile to Aki’s face.

“Should I teach you to drive as well?”

“I-Is it okay?” Miyu asked. Her cheeks a bit pink.

Aki shrugged. “Of course! Let’s go?”

Miyu cheerfully nodded. Her gum smile back on her face. The two followed Fumie and Natsu on the racing game.

“Did you have fun talking to her?” Fuyu looked up only to see Maki smiling at him. She sat beside him and then looked at the others who are currently enjoying the game.

“You set that up, didn’t you?” The guy said. He pulled the chocolate from his pocket and handed it to Maki. “I know you would want some so I sneaked one for you.”

Maki’s eyes glittered at the sight of the chocolate. “You’re really the best, King!”

Fuyu placed his hand on top of Maki’s head. “Stop calling me like that.” He sighed. “You asked for Fumie’s help, didn’t you?”

Maki grabbed his hand on her head and held it. “I believe you are going to listen to the girl with the scent. I was hoping that she could convince you to treat Natsu-kun just like before.”

“Are you still worried about that?” Fuyu asked. He is looking at his brother who is busy laughing at the way Fumie drives. He feels a bit strange that Natsu can go close to Fumie like that unlike him. “Thank you for all the help, Maki. Thanks for always being the bridge for me and Natsu.”

Maki smiled. During the time when Natsu is sulking about his brother ignoring him, Maki told him things that are actually from his brother. Fuyu asked her to relay to Natsu that he would befriend him if he becomes cheerful. She also tells Fuyu Natsu’s feelings. She’s like the messenger for the both of them. It’s just Natsu doesn’t know anything about it.

“Everything for the two of you! You are my precious friends!” Maki chuckled.

“You got new friends now, don’t you? I’m happy for you, Maki.” Fuyu returned the grip on Maki’s hold to him. Their fingers intertwined.

“I don’t know if they consider me their friend.” She laughed and scratched her head with her free hand. “It’s hard to be friends with someone like me anyway.”

“I’m sure they are also enjoying your company. I’m just wondering why you chose to be friends with them.”

“Hmm…” Maki thought aloud. “Let’s just say that one after school, while I was secretly observing someone if she really does deserve something that is being given to her, I witnessed a confrontation between two people. I admired that girl’s honesty. I was even giggling in the locker.”

Fuyu’s eyebrows rose although they couldn’t be seen because of his fringe. “You are talking cryptically again, Maki.”

Maki just smiled at him and shove her head to him. “Pat my head more, King.”

Fuyu was taken aback. “You are holding my hand, see?” He raised their clasped hands to show her.

“You still have one free hand. You can pat me with that.”

“Maki…” Fuyu sighed. “You are not a small girl anymore.” That smile on Maki’s face is so genuine that he can’t also help but to be happy. He stretched his right arm and gave her more pats. The perfect zombie seemed to be satisfied. She even tightened her hug to Fuyu’s arm.

“I’m sure Asuka misses being patted like this, too.” She said and looked up to Fuyu. She heard the guy laughed a bit.

“I doubt that Asuka misses me. She has become so famous and she is getting everyone’s attention. Who needs the attention of a lackluster like me anyway?”

Maki’s smile somehow fainted. “Prince? Asuka? Me?” Fuyu suddenly ruined her hair. She laughed at the sudden action. She knows that such action means that he is thankful yet embarrassed at the same time.

“Let’s all dine on that long table so it won’t continue to be lonely!”

“If you say so…”

“Fumie-chan! Where are you looking at? Focus on the road!”

Fumie jerked to her place and then looked back at the screen. “G-Gomen nasai…”

“Ehhh… Where were you looking at?” The guy turned to the direction where Fumie’s stare is locked just a moment ago. His lips curved up.

“Don’t tell me you are getting jealous?”

Fumie’s face turned bright red. “W-What are you talking about!?” She stammered.

“Don’t worry, that’s how Fuyu-nii treats Maki. It has been like that since we were young. There’s nothing more than that. It’s just that he can somehow relate to Maki—being called delusional and such.”

Fumie released a sigh. “Thank you for telling me about that but just to clear things out, I am not jealous.”

“Ohh?” Natsu’s voice became more challenging. “Do you know that Maki has special powers? When she kisses people, she can change them into a better human being. Guess what, Fuyu-nii loves her kisses. I bet they will be making out in just a moment.”

“W-WHAT!?” Fumie’s head immediately turned to where Fuyu and Maki are. She turned so sharply that she almost hurt her neck. She only found the two playing some rhythm game then she heard Natsu’s annoying laugh.

“Not jealous, huh?” The guy laughed even more. Fumie rolled her eyes and just went back to her game. Natsu leaned towards her and in a whisper he said, “Since I am in such a good mood today I will tell you something.”

Fumie pretended that she isn’t listening but she is actually all ears to whatever Natsu is going to say.

“You see, you don’t have to be jealous to Maki since somebody already owns her. Someone has already secured her lips long ago. The one you should be jealous at is… Asuka-chan.”

[“How I wish that it was Asuka-chan and not anyone else.”]

Fumie remembered the last sentence Natsu said when they had an argument. The childhood picture that Maki showed them also flashed in her mind.

“Asuka?” Fumie repeated. “By any chance, are you pertaining about—“

“Yes, I’m talking about Saito Asuka. To remind you, I’m still in Asuka-chan’s side. I believe Maki is on the same side as me.”

Fumie shook her head. She is getting dizzy to everything Natsu is talking about. “I don’t know why you are telling me about this. It doesn’t concern me anyway. And to remind you as well, Ashuu is a well-respected idol. She can’t have herself be involved in a relationship.”

“Being in a relationship is forbidden, falling in love is not.”

Fumie turned to Natsu who was looking at her with challenging eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say if Asuka-chan didn’t become an idol, everything might have been different from the way it is now. Fuyu-nii might’ve chosen to forget about the girl with the scent… about you…” Natsu sneered at Fumie to provoke her even more. “Asuka-chan is deeply inlove with my brother and Fuyu-nii almost fell for her, you know?”

Then there it goes—the excruciating pain in Fumie’s heart.


@yukine-san, your request is quickly answered. Here is an update out of nowhere. XD
@hackata48-san, language bro. XD Don't kill Fuyu for the FuyuMaki moment. XD
@MayukiIsLife-san, nice picture there~ NatsuMaki~~~  :deco:
@Erza_Jerusalem-san, I wonder what you see. XD
@Genkikid-san, seems like Natsu's heart got thawed first. XD

Sorry for the sudden update. Thanks for reading~ I'm still going to update on Friday for the last chapter of the Gathering arc. See you~
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I love girls in short cut...

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 8 (06-06) | Are You Still Not Affected?
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That's the puppy we've been waiting for!!  :jphip:
In TTM, Maru kept denying her feeling but now "Paru" is the one who keep denying her feeling.

“You see, you don’t have to be jealous to Maki since somebody already owns her. Someone has already secured her lips longs ago. The one you should be jealous at is… Asuka-chan.”
Does "her"  here refer to Fuyu? If so, it's supposed to be "him"  and "his", because Fuyu is a boy. I thought it refers to Maki, but later thinks Fuyu is more suitable.
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 8 (06-06) | Are You Still Not Affected?
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Reaction for Chapter 3:

"Because I will literally lose the will to live if you tell me to forget about you…"

Damn! Right in the feels. Fuyu just stay strong. I know that Fumie will chase after you because you two are meant for each other. (Still waiting for Baby Orion hehehehe) and what a cute chibi artwork Author-san :)

Chapter 4:

Funny thing about love is it will make you do something that you don't usually do. Nice! 5 strikes?! Poor Fuyu boy.

The Hot-headed puppy Natsu and OH! Sharp-shooter Hoshi-senpai! Way to go!

Btw Author-san, it's really nice if there is a Game 2 for this. You know, for us to see the full skill of the Great Ice Prince Hoshizora Fuyu.

I really laugh so hard with Genkikid-san's comment. What a nice twist to include a zombie in a fic.

Chapter 5:


SO WHO'S THEIR MOM????????!!!!!!

All I can say is "The apple never falls far from the tree."  :hehehe:

Chapter 6:

Hmmmm... Fumie is missing her Ice Prince. Ayiiieee...

Fumie is teaming up with Sayachin, I mean Aki.

What a way to invite the Ice Prince, Maki-0048 the perfect zombie.

Chapter 7:

NatsuMaki kissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGASH! Hey Author-san! Will my Rena-chan make some appearance on this season?! I want to see a NatsuRena action!  :kekeke:

Really Aki? Your so gay for Haru that I LOLed so much. It makes me sing a song "This guy is inlove with you Pare (Bro)."  :luvluv1:

The great fisher Milky is being shy is kinda weird for me.

“I’m sorry, I’m a bit late. I had to help to the shop that I am working in.” He immediately explained, still chasing for his breath. “They had me help in the morning so that I can be free for the whole day.” Yeah Fuyu, whatever you say. They believed you, but we won't buy that.  :glasses:


Chapter 8:


Natsu is so clingy to Fumie that his twin bro became jealous(???) Anyways, it's so freakin' adorable!

Oh! FuyuMaki?! Hmmmmm... Alright! Holding hands & Patting in the head. Alright!!! :) Result = Jealous Fumie lol.  :mon misch:



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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 8 (06-06) | Are You Still Not Affected?
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“You see, you don’t have to be jealous to Maki since somebody already owns her. Someone has already secured her lips longs ago. The one you should be jealous at is… Asuka-chan.”
Does "her"  here refer to Fuyu? If so, it's supposed to be "him"  and "his", because Fuyu is a boy. I thought it refers to Maki, but later thinks Fuyu is more suitable.

I think Natsu is referring to himself. If you look back in chapter 7 at the first part, Natsu asked Maki to kiss him. XD


And man, I teared up at the part where Fumie told about his brother's story... ;-;

Glad to know that they cleared things up with the twins, good job Fumie! :twothumbs: Tho, a pup has been released be careful with that. Hahahahaha

That's all.. lol XD

Oh almost forgot Haru. Wahahahaha

On to the next chapter!  :D

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 8 (06-06) | Are You Still Not Affected?
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I havent been to JPHIP for a while and just read this from tumblr
but lol
it does different to read this from here and se how other readers think bout particular scene thinking like "hey me too! ikr"

waiting patiently for the next chap Author san

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 8 (06-06) | Are You Still Not Affected?
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“You see, you don’t have to be jealous to Maki since somebody already owns her. Someone has already secured her lips longs ago. The one you should be jealous at is… Asuka-chan.”
Does "her"  here refer to Fuyu? If so, it's supposed to be "him"  and "his", because Fuyu is a boy. I thought it refers to Maki, but later thinks Fuyu is more suitable.

I think Natsu is referring to himself. If you look back in chapter 7 at the first part, Natsu asked Maki to kiss him. XD


And man, I teared up at the part where Fumie told about his brother's story... ;-;

Glad to know that they cleared things up with the twins, good job Fumie! :twothumbs: Tho, a pup has been released be careful with that. Hahahahaha

That's all.. lol XD

Oh almost forgot Haru. Wahahahaha

On to the next chapter!  :D

Aahh souka... Got it now. Thank you!!  :jphip:
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 8 (06-06) | Are You Still Not Affected?
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@yukine-san, your request is quickly answered. Here is an update out of nowhere. XD

You're right!!! I only commented last night and now it's already updated!!   XD

JuriSaku is on the way hmmm...  :glasses: :glasses:
The YokoYamamoto rumor about they being a couple still stick in my head, sooo... Maybe you can give me some YokoYamamoto moments!!!!  :lol:

Oh, and i wanna ask you, when will you update the os thread??  I'm still waiting you know, Cut-sama...
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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 9 (06-09) | Maki's Prediction
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Chapter 9: Maki's Prediction

EVERYONE HAS just finished eating their lunch and they are now resting in the garden. Fuyu still fears about his allergy but he just couldn’t miss every opportunity to look at the girl of his dreams. He has the chance anyway so he decided to use it. He doesn’t know if this will happen ever again anyway.

Right now they are grouped into two. Maki and Fuyu are still inseparable. They have been with each other ever since Fuyu went back with the snacks. They were also sitting together during lunch and now they are sitting on a bench just like a couple.

On the other hand, the remaining people are on the other side of the garden. They are explaining everything to Natsu. They also told Fumie that Natsu already heard the conversation explaining his sudden attachment to her.

“I understand that you have some sibling issues…” Natsu started. “But I really couldn’t see what you can get from helping us.” His blonde hair is being blown by the spring breeze.

Fumie just gave out a faint smile. “I just want to help. As someone who wants to be an idol, I want to start with making the people around me happy.”

“Tch.” Natsu sighed. “You’re not even our friend. But ne,” Natsu smiled widely at her. “If you are really helping me and my brother then that is really wonderful. I’m sorry for telling you harsh things that day.”

“Harsh things!?” Aki’s eyes widened. “Don’t tell me you really did—“

Natsu turned to Aki with the same wide smile, pretending to be innocent. “She got on my nerves; that’s why I asked her to stay away from my brother.”

“Really, you—“ Aki turned to Fumie with an apologetic face. “Is he the reason why you dumped Fuyu? Let’s stop helping this freak! He just drove his brother’s happiness away!”

“Chotto, Agoki!”

“Who the hell are you calling Agoki!?”

The two girls just laughed at them. She stole a glimpse of what is happening to the other side. Maki seems to be telling a story to Fuyu who is sitting on the bench. The girl is using all her might with elaborated movements just to give more excitement to the story. The guy seems pleased as he smiles and even laughs at times.

“Happiness, huh?” Fumie thought to herself and then sighed.

“What the hell are you looking at?”

Fumie jerked when Natsu’s face suddenly appeared in her line of sight. The guy traced where she is looking then he smirked at her.

“Someone’s really jealous!” Natsu teased her. Miyu and Aki looked at the two out of curiosity then immediately found out what Natsu means.

“Ohh…” Aki nodded slowly while turning back to Fumie. “Are you jealous with their closeness?”

“She’s been looking at them ever since.”

“Miyu!” Fumie scowled at her friend who just returned her wonderful smile at her. Fumie released a deep breath. “I’m not jealous, okay? I want to be an idol.”

Natsu also sighed. “Am I the only one who is getting annoyed with her wanting to be an idol?”

Miyu gave out a hopeless sigh as well. “You’re not the only one.”

The two looked at each other with a surprised expression. That expression slowly turned into cunning smiles.

“I think there are things we can agree with, Miyu-chan.”

Miyu nodded with a smile. “I guess so, Natsu-kun.”

“Oy, oy, oy!” Aki butted in. His ears ringed when he heard Miyu addressing Natsu with his first name. “Call me with my first name, too, Watanabe-san.”

Miyu was taken aback with that sudden request. Her heart thumps so fast especially because of that pouting face of the cool vocalist.

“W-Well if you say so… A-Aki-senpai…” she looked up at the guy only to see his pleased face.

“Drop the formality. I also want to be called with –kun, Miyu-chan.”

Miyu’s smile widened even more then she gave him a cute nod.

“It’s the same for you, Fumie-chan.” Natsu said. “Since we are all friends now, it is much better to start calling us with our names so we can slowly be comfortable with each other.”

“F-Friends?” Fumie repeated. She couldn’t believe that she is hearing it from someone who scared the hell out of her just last week.

Natsu cleared his throat and looked somewhere else. “I-I’m doing this for Maki. She considers you her friend that’s why I’m befriending you, too.”

“I’m getting a little sleepy!”

They all turned to the direction where Maki and Fuyu are. Maki dropped herself to the bench and then leaned on Fuyu’s shoulder. “Let me sleep in your lap, King!”

Fuyu gave out an awkward laugh. “You got visitors and you’re going to sleep? How about the plan for Karaoke?”

“It’s okay~ Just a ten-minute nap would be fine!”

“But Maki—“

He wasn’t able to finish his sentence when Maki suddenly hugged him. “I’m going to sleep like this then.”


Everyone was surprised when Natsu suddenly sprinted to the other side. He suddenly pushed the two apart. His face is red in embarrassment.

“Stop being lovey-dovey with each other, will you!?” Natsu shouted at them. “I’ve been looking at the two of you ever since!!!”

Miyu chuckled. “Looks like you’re not the only one being jealous, Fumie.”

Natsu turned to his brother with a frustrated face. “Fuyu-nii! I also want to sleep in your lap!”

The three who were watching almost fell to their places. For a moment they thought Natsu is being jealous because he likes Maki. Maki grabbed Fuyu’s arm because she knows Natsu is going to steal him away.

“No! I’m sleeping with him!” she gnashed.

Natsu gritted back at her. “No! Not you! I’ll be sleeping with him!”

“Come on! You’re both using the wrong sentence!” Fuyu tried to calm them down. On the other hand, Miyu’s nose is already bleeding, some weird thought entered her mind after she heard Natsu’s sentence.

“No one is sleeping! Let’s spend the rest of the time with the others. It’ll be rude to sleep while having visitors! Follow me.”

Fuyu stood up from the bench and went towards the other side. Natsu and Maki are still like dogs fighting for the attention of their master. In the end, they just followed Fuyu.

The sight of Fuyu coming towards them didn’t leave Fumie’s heart at peace. Her heart tightens for an unknown reason. It grew even wilder when Fuyu stopped in front of her.

“I want to properly introduce myself.” He finally said after staring at her for quite a while. “I’m Hoshizora Fuyu. I’m sorry for everything that has happened for the past weeks. I know it caused you a lot of trouble. I’m really sorry.”

The guy took an apologetic bow and Fumie returned one. After that, Fuyu turned to Maki and held her hand. He pulled her to his side. Seeing them holding hands made Fumie averted her eyes. “This is my childhood friend, Togawa Maki. I have a feeling that she also surprised the both of you so I am introducing her properly.”

Maki just gave a sinister smile. “Yoroshiku~”

“On the other hand…” Fuyu turned to Natsu and asked him to stand beside him. The guy did so and he was surprised when Fuyu arched his arm around him. “This is Natsu. He’s my twin brother.”

Everyone was surprised at the introduction. Fumie and Miyu looked at each other knowing that there is really a progress. Everyone is pleased. Natsu couldn’t contain his emotions that he suddenly jumped to hug his brother.

Fuyu, because it has been a very long time since he got to hug his brother, felt really awkward but he slowly gave in. He patted his brother’s head and smiled.

The twins are smiling! Fumie looked at them and heaved a joyful sigh. She succeeded with the challenge, right? Seeing people smiling like this really made her happy. Fuyu looked at her and smiled. “Thank you…” is what that smile is inferring. She just nodded at him and returned a smile.

Maki is also very happy. This is the scene that she has been wanting to see for the past years.

“Yosha!” She shouted to get everyone’s attention. “Now that we got a good atmosphere, it’s time for Karaoke!!!”


THE GATHERING ended with a blast. They all enjoyed the karaoke event where almost Maki and Natsu are the only ones who were singing. They got into a competition where the winner will get the reward to sleep at Fuyu’s lap.

Fuyu slapped his forehead to the hopeless two. He didn’t have his turn since he is not confident with singing with other people around while Aki rocked the machine with all of his turns receiving perfect scores. It felt like they are watching a live everytime it is Aki’s term.

Fuyu and Fumie are seated opposite to each other. The whole time they were like fools who secretly took glances of each other. There are times where their eyes would meet but they will immediately unlock it.

Fumie is still confused why everytime Maki is near Fuyu and holds the guy’s hand, she feels like coming in between them and then tear them apart. It would be so inappropriate for her to do that. She knows that she has lost all the right to do so when she asked Fuyu to go away and above all, she doesn’t like him at the very least.

Or maybe that’s only what she thinks.

They ended their first gathering at the promised time. Natsu looked like he doesn’t want to say goodbye to his brother but he really has to go or else they would get into more trouble. Fuyu reminded him not to tell anyone about what happened today. Somehow it feels like Fuyu doesn’t trust anyone from their family. Natsu agreed with it and he went off with Aki.

Fuyu and the two girls were dropped by to the nearest station. Before Maki left them, the girl thanked Fumie and Miyu for spending the day with her. She even told Fuyu to visit her often then she left with a huge smile on her face. Since Miyu lives on a different direction, she rode the train opposite to Fumie and Fuyu’s. Now the two are left all alone.

They remained awkward with each other during the whole trip. Fuyu stood away from her but she’s still in his line of sight in case something happens. He called out to her when the seat in front of him was left vacant and let her take the seat. Fuyu then started to act like they don’t know each other again.

“Hey, want to go for a drink?”

A group of women, who seems like in their mid-20’s suddenly approached Fuyu. They stood in both sides of him as if they are cornering their prey. Fumie was surprised yet again, her heart squeezed for a moment. She bowed her head just to avoid seeing the scenario.

“Sorry, but I am underage. I don’t drink.” Fuyu coldly declined the offer.

“Ehh~” The girls complained. “Don’t worry; we will all drink in secret. These onee-chans will teach you how to drink.”

Fuyu sighed in irritation. “I’m not interested.”

“Ohh… Do you have a girlfriend?” Fumie suddenly looked up which made the girl who asked that turn to her. The girl smirked. “Is she your—“

“No.” Fuyu’s flat denial dumbfounded Fumie. He looked sharply at the girls just to have them shut their mouths. “I don’t even know this girl.”

Fumie bowed her head again. Right at that moment she wanted to slap herself for feeling hurt when Fuyu denied her. She’s really, really confused.

“Then you are free, right? Come on and drink with us.” The girls insisted even though he is already showing signs that he is irritated.

“Sorry. I got myself reserved for someone.” The announcement for the next stop echoed. “It’s my stop.”

Fuyu walked towards the door but the ladies are so persistent that one of them even slid her business card to Fuyu’s pocket. Fuyu was surprised with the sudden movement. He looked back at the lady who even gestured to give her a call. Fuyu took a deep breath to calm himself and then just ignored the girl.

Fumie hesitated if she’s going to stand up or not. This is their station. She has no other choice but to follow Fuyu or else she might get lost. The train stopped and the doors opened. For a moment she lost Fuyu but she immediately saw him because of his height. She tried to get in a closer distance.

Fumie saw him crumpled the business card he received a while ago then threw it right in the trash bin. She doesn’t know why but she felt so satisfied that Fuyu got rid of it. Fuyu then turned to her and looked around. It seems like he was making sure that the ladies aren’t following him.

He went near her and was about to touch her in the back to have her walk beside him but his hand stopped midway. Fumie was ready for that reach out but the sudden back out made her feel frustrated. Why is it so awkward between the two of them?

Fuyu pocketed his hands as he tries to regain composure. “Let’s go. Lead the way. Miyu told me that you are not good with directions. I will tell you if you’re not going on the right path. I’ll walk behind you.”


In the end that’s all that she could answer. Her heart is seriously complaining. It wants to walk beside Hoshizora Fuyu!

“We’re getting out at Exit 3. You are heading to 6.”

She jerked. She looked up and saw that she is indeed going to Exit 6. “T-Thank you, Senpai.” Her mind is blurry right now; she couldn’t think straight.

They finally arrived on the bus stop. The bus going home arrived shortly. Fumie’s seat sensor was so fast she quickly located the empty seats. She immediately went to take it. Looking around, there are no more vacant seats other than the seat beside her.

Clenching her fist, she gathered her courage. “S-Senpai! Here!”

She called out to Fuyu which completely got the guy off-guard. He hesitated for a moment but he then went to take the slot. He thanked Fumie but he didn’t look directly to her eyes. Fumie secretly smiled.

“Did you have fun today?” The guy suddenly asked. The day with this girl will end soon. It won’t be bad to ask some questions.

Fumie nodded. “I did. It was really fun.”

Fuyu smiled after that positive response. He is leaning to his left side so that he won’t bump shoulders with Fumie. “I’m glad that you became friends with Maki. Please take care of her.”

The smile on Fumie’s lips faded after hearing Maki’s name. She suddenly remembered how close the two to the point that they are comfortable with holding each other’s hands. Here she is again with unexplained feelings of frustration.

“Maki is a closed person. I’m surprised that she managed to be friends with you and Miyu. She might be a chuunibyou like everyone is saying but Maki is a very sweet and thoughtful person. I think she really likes your honesty. I hope you can get along with her.”

“Mhm…” Fumie nodded once more. “Togawa-san is so beautiful, right? I wonder why you don’t go for her. It seems like you too are close as well.”

Feeling that he is being driven away to another girl, Fuyu’s smile fainted. “Maki is indeed beautiful and special. But you know…” He turned to her and looked into her eyes. ”She isn’t the girl with the scent. She isn’t you.

Fumie’s face turned pink in an instant. She turned to another direction because her lips are automatically forming a smile which she doesn’t want Fuyu to see. Her body is acting on its own. Her emotion is certainly on a roller-coaster ride.

“You see, Fumie…” Fuyu started. “I’m really sorry for surprising you. It was foolish of me to just declare that you are my girl. I’m sorry that I didn’t even listen to you.

Today I realized a lot of things. We really do not know each other. There are a lot of things to discover. I don’t even know the things that you like…the things that you hate. I didn’t even know that your family has that scar and here I am acting like high and mighty, deciding on something in an instant.”


“I guess I started with the wrong foot.” Fuyu scratched his head while foolishly smiling at himself. “All I want to do is to treasure you. I’m really sorry.”

“I-It’s okay, Senpai. Don’t say sor—“

“Hmmm…” The guy audibly thought. “How about let’s start again? I know you don’t need romance. I want to be your friend. If it’s alright with you I hope that we can be friends.”

The word ‘friends’ echoed in the back of Fumie’s mind. The coaster seemed to go on a downhill ride again. She turned to Fuyu and forced a smile. “S-Sure.”

“I’m glad. Thank you.” The guy smiled as well. “I know our first meeting made everything so awkward. Please forget about that day. Right now, I’m looking for something to focus at. Please cheer for me until I find it.”

Fumie hesitantly nodded. Her heartstrings are being tugged. In a sense Fuyu is saying that he is trying to forget about her being the girl with the scent, right? It means she can focus on her training to be an idol without any worries but why is it that she feels like something within her is telling her not to let go of this person?

“It’s our stop.” Fuyu pressed the bell to notify the driver. He stood up and let Fumie go to the door first. The bus ride finished just like that and they are back to being strangers. They went up the slope with Fuyu walking behind her with a good distance. She automatically stopped in front of Fuyu’s house. All the lights are out.

“Are you going to be fine from here?” Fuyu worriedly asked.

“Yes, I won’t get lost at this distance. My house is just a few lots from here.”

Fuyu smiled faintly. “Then I’ll be going inside now. Thank you for today, Fumie. Enjoy the rest of the day.”

“You too, Senpai.” That’s all and she gave a bow. She hasn’t taken her third step when…

“Fumie!” Fuyu called out to her and as if like she is waiting for that call, she automatically turned to him. The guy is smiling from ear to ear. A wonderful smile it is. A smile she never saw him flashed to Maki. “Thank you for making me realize things about me and Natsu. Don’t worry; I am treasuring my brother as well. It may not be as proper as you guys think but I really love my brother. See you on Monday!”

He waved at her before going inside his house. Fumie was frozen on the spot. She could feel her heart getting so warm. It’s such a nice feeling to know that Fuyu is smiling because of something that she has done for him. It’s so wonderful to think that he is smiling like that because of her.

[“Please make sure that you are not going to miss the smile of that person that is more valuable than the smile of thousands.”]

She suddenly heard the playback of Haruna’s words. She got even more confused. Her heart couldn’t stay put. She violently shook her head and slapped her face.

“This isn’t like that…” she murmured to herself. “It’s not like that.”

MAKI went straight to her room after dropping her friends off. She booted her computer on to surf the web about world mysteries to somehow entertain herself. She was watching about reincarnation when she received a mail from a certain person.

“Asuka-chan?” her eyebrows rose after seeing who the sender is. The mail says to call her if ever Maki has the time. The chuunibyou smiled and immediately went to call the idol. It didn’t take long for the call to be answered.

“Moshi moshi, Maki-chan?” That was Asuka who seems to be having a sore throat.

“Asuka-chan! Long time no talk! Are you doing fine? Your voice seems hoarse.”

Asuka gave out faint chuckles. “I’m feeling a little bit under the weather these days.”

“Psh…” Maki turned her swivel chair around. “You should at least take a rest. I know the demand about you is too high but your health is a priority as well.”

“Mhm… Thank you for worrying, Maki…” Asuka took a pause to take some air. “How was the gathering in your house today? I’m sorry that I was not able to make it.”

“Don’t worry. There are still opportunities in the future. Just make sure that you will make it or else you family line will be cursed!” They both laughed at Maki’s chuunibyou joke. “Today was fun. It was really nice to see Fuyu-kun and Natsu-kun again. Fuyu-kun is surprisingly loose. I thought he would still be constrained.”

“Do you think it is because of that girl?” Asuka asked after another pause. “I heard that Fuyu-kun was dumped by that girl. Is that true? She also went there today, right? Did you see anything off between—“

“Asuka, Asuka ~ One question at a time.” Maki sighed with a smile. She knows where Asuka is coming from. “The awkward tension between the two of them is undeniable but I can’t deny the fact that the King listens to Fumie-chan. She made Fuyu-kun introduce Natsu-kun as his brother. I know you can imagine how happy Natsu-kun looked like.

Hmm… I like Fumie-chan especially her honesty. I witnessed her talking back to Natsu-kun! That was really brave of her! I heard Fumie-chan wants to be an idol that’s why her heart is closed for romance. I guess that’s the reason why Fuyu-kun is keeping a good distance from her. They couldn’t even look at each other’s eyes.”

Maki smirked after remembering the earlier happenings. “I wonder what could’ve happened if you came here today.”

“I wonder as well.” Asuka snickered. “How is it going on with Natsu-kun, anyway?”

Maki’s eyes widened. She felt her cheeks burning. “W-W-What’s up with that question?”

Asuka’s cute laughter echoed from the other line. “Nevermind. Anyway, Maki-chan, I’ll be going back to school next week but just because of work. I hope to see you by then.”

“Woah! You’re really coming back? Sure, I will keep my next week’s schedule clean!” A mischievous smile was pasted on Maki’s lips.

“That’s the main reason why I want to talk to you tonight. I’m going back to work now. See you next week.”

“Uhm. See you~!”

That’s all and the call ended. Maki clenched her fists in excitement then went to drop herself to her bed. “Next week will be exciting as well!”


@Genkikid-san, Yes... It is as Erza_Jerusalem-san said. her on that certain passage is pertaining to Maki. :) Sorry for the confusion.  :bow:
@MatsuiLee-san, That was such a long comment. XD Thank you~ :)
@Erza_Jerusalem, Haru will be here soon. Hold on. XD
@akbdaisuki48-san, thank for always reblogging this in Tumblr. Thank you so much. :)
@yukine-san, You have to wait for Yui to come out for those moments. XD About the OS thread, don't worry about it. I'm also working with the stories to post there but I'm still figuring about the right time to post them.

Here’s a clue for the next arc~

And yes, I got a reference picture for this drawing. So, if you somehow see a picture with the same pose then that should be my reference. I’m still practicing with drawing. XD
Guessing game: Who is the additional person in the drawing?
I’ve shown this drawing to other readers before hand but only one recognized who it is. XD

See you on the next chapter~~
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 9 (06-09) | Maki's Prediction
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@yukine-san, You have to wait for Yui to come out for those moments.  XD About the OS thread, don't worry about it. I'm also working with the stories to post there but I'm still figuring about the right time to post them.

I'll be waiting patiently for YokoYamamoto moments of course...  :kekeke:

Guessing game: Who is the additional person in the drawing?

I believe the shiki only have Haru, Natsu, Aki, and Fuyu, and I recognize all of them at first glance, but I have absolutely no idea who is the additional person is :lol: I think I'm just gonna wait for the answer to come out :lol:
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 9 (06-09) | Maki's Prediction
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Fumie-chann~ you should stop denying your feeling ~~

誰かな?the shiki's shirts give clues about their identity by the letters on it (I don't understand why fuyu's is written in hangul for H. Because maru's a korean in TTM?), but the extra's shirt letter is not fully visible so I'm thinking it probably an X or Y but I can't think any name of it. But I think, since Asuka is coming, he might be someone close to her in nogi (nanamin? Kitano?). But he might be someone else not connected like yukirin or mayu since it look like he's near to natsu (jurina). It's only my theories anyway

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 9 (06-09) | Maki's Prediction
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another great chapter cut-sama, by the way i still can`t move on from TTM  i re read it again and again, and oh judging by the height and his hairstyle that another boy is mayu right ? or is ot naachan hehe, oh i`m also waiting for haruppi`s appearance if you include her

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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 9 (06-09) | Maki's Prediction
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WTH Fuyu and Fumie?!!!
What was with all those chances?!!!
Though I can see why Fumie is doing that. But seriously I agree with Natsu and Miyu. It is getting a bit annoying to hear the same words over and over again.
I mean woman, the love of your life is right in front if you!!!!
Any who, I still can't figure out who is that additional member even with the coloring. But that has actually given me an idea with Hus hair color. For now I think it could be Nana. Who knows.
As always great work Cut-san. Can't wait for the next chapter.

P.S. When will Haru appear?! 😭😭

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@yukine-san, so it doesn't resemble anyone for you? >_<

@Genkikid-san, Yes, I used ㅎ for Fuyu which is actually H in Korean but this is also used to write words with F on it. Since the F sound for Japanese and Korean is a little bit in between F and H, his name can be spelled 후유 in Korean. (It sounds like 'who you' hahaha.) You don't really hear the sound of F in these countries. You are right about the reason why I used a Korean letter. Maru's original name also starts with ㅎ. :) And the letter for the additional character is actually Y:cathappy:

@FZA02-san, Thank you~ ^^ Thank you for still reading TTM even though it is already over. There will be a time for everyone to come out. :)

@Goto24-san, they made me frustrated that I had to write a special chapter for TTM. XD The chapter where Haru appeared is already written so he will be here soon. :) He's still busy styling his hair in Europe. XD

Last night I wrote an extra chapter for TTM, it would be nice if you could check it out~
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Re: The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 9 (06-09) | Maki's Prediction
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@yukine-san, so it doesn't resemble anyone for you? >_<

Now that you mention it, well at first it doesn't resemble anyone for me, but as I look closer to it, uhmmm... It kinda resemble Fujita Nana for me, but idk for sure since his position is close to Juju/Natsu I also thought that it'd be Mayu too and if there's Asuka, idk if she's gonna be paired with someone or not, but since there's Asuka I also thought of her most closest person in nogi which is Nanamin or maybe Kitano?? I'm confused :lol:
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The Waste of a Wish - Chapter 10 (06-16) | MFFFA
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Chapter 10: MFFA


Fumie’s eyes twitched after hearing that faint call. She took a stretch and rolled from her side to lay flat. As if nothing happened, she just went back to her sleep.

Ha… ka….

There it is again. She rubbed her eyes with her hands, trying to wipe the sleep away from it. She felt a hand caressed her face, tucking all the stray hairs on the back of her ear.

“It’s cold…” Fumie mumbled as she held the hand that is gently caressing her. What’s up with that cold palm? “Mama, I’m still sleepy. Give me five more minutes…”

She then suddenly heard snickers. “I’m not your mother.” Then she heard that voice laughed again. “Open your eyes and you will see.”

Fumie felt someone’s breath near her ears and…

“I finally found you… Haruka…”

And as if like she was plunged into the deep blue sea then surfaced only to be thrown in the air, Fumie felt the whole energy from her body being vacuumed. Her eyes opened with a jerk.

Much to her dismay, she only saw the ceiling of her own room. She jerked up from her bed and looked around. Cold sweat breaks out from her back.

Fumie slapped her face to wake herself in case she’s still in a dream. For one more time she looked around, trying to find the source of that voice. She held her head and closed her eyes. Her other hand automatically held her chest for her heart is currently on an early rampage.

“What’s happening with me, really?”

She went back to lying. With her arm covering her eyes, she closed them but Fuyu’s smiling face suddenly flashed in her sight. Her eyes automatically opened to get rid of that picture.

“I should go wash my face.”


AKI WAS in a lost when he arrived at school. Everyone seems busy and excitement is all over the air. A yawn escaped from the band vocalist. Their band was in a midnight radio show and he only had around three hours of sleep. But school is school. He has to finish high school at least.

Another yawning student passed him by. At just one look he recognized who it was but it seems like the girl didn’t notice him so he took the step to call her.


The girl automatically turned around after hearing her name. She was surprised to see Aki running towards her, she immediately covered her face with her bag.

“G-Good morning, Aki-senpai.” Miyu greeted while still covering her face.

“What’s up? Why are you hiding your face?” The guy asked with a brow raised.

“I-I… I wasn’t able to sleep well last night. I have dark arcs—“

She wasn’t able to continue what she is saying when Aki gently pulled her bag down. He was looking at her face so intently, with a lot of curiosity. After he made sure that he got a good look of Miyu’s face, Aki smiled at her.

Miyu’s fangirl heart is on double time with pumping. Aki is holding her to her wrist while looking at her. What did she do deserve this early fanservice?

“You’re still beautiful with those. It’s getting on trend lately because of Maki-chan so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Miyu felt cupid’s arrow struck her heart. She was called beautiful and it is not just by anyone else. She was called beautiful by the guy in her phone’s wallpaper!

“But…” Aki let go of Miyu’s hand to get something from his bag. Miyu got even more surprised to see what it is. “If you’re still uncomfortable with it, you can use this.”

“C-Concealer?” Miyu asked while looking at the concealer stick Aki is holding. “W-Why do you have—“

“I always carry this. Here let me help you.” Aki raised her head by the chin then gently applied concealer on Miyu’s under eye. He even skillfully blended it. “There… Now there’s really nothing to worry.”

Miyu was dumbfounded with everything that is happening. She doesn’t know what to feel—she wants to go ‘kyaa, kyaa’ because of happiness but it is being negated by the thought of rumors surrounding Aki might be really true.

“Hey Agoki, get inside already. Stop flirting in the school gate.”

They turned to the source of the voice with a jerk. It was Fuyu, nonchalantly checking things through his neurolinker.

“Fuyu-senpai~!” Miyu called out to the guy.

“Good morning, Miyu.” Fuyu looked at them. He is on his usual poker face. It doesn’t seem like he is in a good mood. It isn’t the right way to start a week. “Go get to your classes already. The school staffs are all busy with the preparations so don’t loiter around.”

“Woah~ Look who is acting like a real student council president!” Aki arched his arm around Fuyu. “My, my… Haru will be really proud of you.”

Fuyu released a sigh. “I received a call last night to come to school early. Do you know what that means Agoki? I’ve been here since 6am. I sacrificed my precious sleep just for this.”

“At least you are being productive. Ohh… Our little Fuyu—“

“Stop it!” Fuyu swatted Aki’s hand that is about to ruin his hair.

“You don’t like your coconut hair to be ruined?” Aki teased him even more. “Why don’t you smile? Are you really only going to smile to Fumie-chan?”

“I said stop, Agoki.” Fuyu sighed and freed himself from Aki’s arm. “You better go to your classes. I heard someone big is coming here today that’s why everyone is busy. I will be the one to get fried if you loiter like this. Also, this is called two-block hairstyle and not coconut hair. ”

“So cool~”

Aki turned to Miyu who is looking so dreamily of Fuyu. She even has her hands clasped together as if she is praying.

“What? You think this guy is cool? Do you girls really think that a guy with a coconut hair is cool?” Aki asked. His eyes are wide in shock.

“Pfft.” Fuyu smirked. “At least I can change my hairstyle anytime but you can never change your—“

Aki’s eyes started to burn with anger. “Finish your sentence then I will let you taste my fist—“

Aki’s sentence was cut when Fuyu palm covered her mouth. The guy began sniffing, trying to trace a certain smell. His eyes started glittering; looking like a dog that has smelled his owner. Aki and Miyu looked to where Fuyu is looking at. The two sighed with a smile.

“Ohayou gozaimasu~” It was Fumie. She greeted them with a faint smile. Her stare met with Fuyu’s. The guy was about to smile at her but she immediately averted her eyes which made the guy awkward once again. He sighed, the glitter in his eyes disappeared.

“I’m going back to the faculty office to ask what more do they need. See you guys later.”

“W-Wait, Fuyu!” Aki’s call was pointless. Fuyu already dashed back the school building. They just watched him disappear from their sight. Fumie tried to ignore what happened but she could never ignore how her heart reacts everytime their eyes meet.


“WHAT’S MAKING you so excited, Maki-chan?” Miyu asked. “You’ve been looking at the window like you are waiting for someone to arrive.”

Maki turned to her and smiled cheerfully. “I’m just really looking forward for today, Miyu-chan~!”

The girl was even nodding her head in a rhythm. It seems likes she’s in a really good mood. On the other hand, Fumie is just listening to them, surprised that the two are already calling each other with their first names. Looks like Maki is now an official part of the group.

[“…I hope you can get along with her.”]

Fumie shook her head to get rid of those words of Fuyu that just played back in her mind. What’s wrong with her? Why does she randomly see Fuyu or remember the things the guy has said? She heaved out a very deep sigh.

Noticing her being so down, Maki skipped towards Fumie’s seat then low-squatted in front of the lady. “Saa, Fumie-chan… Do you know that Ashu would be coming here today?”

Fumie’s eyes widened, her lips parted. “A-Ashu? Ashu’s coming today?” Her mind was suddenly flooded by the thought that she can see her favorite idol in flesh for a moment but her heart somehow reminded her of something.

[“Asuka-chan is deeply inlove with my brother and Fuyu-nii almost fell for her, you know?”]

“What happened?” Maki curiously asked. “Why did you suddenly freeze?”

Fumie forced a smile. “N-Nothing. I-I’m just excited to see Ashu.” She stammered.

“I see.” Maki’s smile widened. “Jaa, if you want then I can introduce you two to her!”

“Really? Is it really okay to do that?” Fumie asked. To be honest her feelings about this idea is a bit complicated.

“Asuka is my friend. I want to introduce my new friends to her!” Maki explained. “She’s from the same agency as you, isn’t she? It will also be good for you to greet your senpai in the industry!”

A sigh was heard from Miyu. “I’m really not interested with female celebrities but if it’s what you want then I will go with it.”

“Cool then! You are the best Miyu-chan~!”

Miyu’s heart quaked after seeing that cute face of Maki. She went to pat her head like she’s a cute animal. “My, my… You are so cute~ Just don’t suddenly go all chuunibyou.”

Maki snickered then she turned back to Fumie. “Fumie-chan, everything about you and Fuyu is already over, right? There won’t be a chance for romance, right?”

“E-Eh?” Fumie was taken aback. “W-Why are you suddenly asking about that?”

“Well…” Maki stood up. “You know, I’m actually shipping Asuka and Fuyu.”

Fumie felt like her ears stopped functioning for a moment. Did she hear her right?

“I know, I know. I’m sad for Fuyu that you don’t feel the same way despite him being so crazy about you from the very start. We can’t help it. His ability is not as real as my powers.” Maki shook her head while wearing a smug face. “But don’t you also think that Fuyu deserves someone who will love him as much as he loves you? I think Asuka fits the role perfectly!”

Miyu’s gossip sensor was lit. “Y-You mean Ashu—“

Maki pulled them in a hurdle to avoid information leak. “She’s been in love with Fuyu for a long time but Fuyu is looking for someone else. But since you already rejected him, wouldn’t it be nice to help him find someone else? Let’s help them get together!”

Miyu rolled her eyes. “Now I’m going to be cupid for my target? Really…”

Maki chuckled. “Stop acting like that. We all know that your eyes aren’t really on Fuyu.”


“B-But… Ashu is an idol. She can’t be in a relationship.” Fumie stated. “It will be bad for her if this thing leaks in the public.”

Now it is Maki’s turn to roll her eyes. “Really? Idols are just being used to distract the public’s attention from the war. They are being used so that the citizens may have imaginary peace. But idols are humans too!” She took a pause to get some air. “Okay! I know Asuka is a responsible person so she may not get into a relationship for now. Let’s do it this way: MFFFA!” (Read as M-Triple F-A)

“MFFFA?” The two repeated.

“Sou!” Maki nodded with her eyes closed. “Make Fuyu Fall For Asuka!”


“AND NOW we are finally here in front of the prestigious NeoHorikoshi Gakuen. It’s time for INFILTRATION!”

That was the title call of the show that is going to be taken inside the said school. The staffs gave applause as usual. As the title infers, the show bows to infiltrate establishments that the whole Japan has little knowledge of. The MC of the show is a comedian duo called the B-Boys.

This time, they are going to infiltrate NeoHorikoshi Gakuen. Everyone knows that it is a school for the elite and since it is just for that certain group of people, the general public really doesn’t have any idea what the school looks like inside and how things really go in there.

“For today’s infiltration we have our special guests! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Saito Asuka-san and Matsui Natsu-kun!”

The two entered the camera frame on cue. The two are both on their school uniform and they greeted the cameras together with their self-introduction.

“This two are legit students of this school! They will be the ones helping us with the infiltration!” said Dasa, the one who is wearing the black coat.

“But wait, we still have another one with us!” The guy wearing white, Tokiyo, said with a clap to get everyone’s attention. “Gaining popularity because of his special talent in telling about someone’s past life, the new trend setter in the mystery entertainment, Getters Yuma-san!”

Coming inside the frame with his red eye mask, Yuma greeted the audience with a glad ‘Yoroshiku onegaishimasu’.

“Looks like you are in a very good mood today, Yuma-san!” Dasa commented.

“Maa…” Yuma crossed his arms. “I’ve been waiting for so long to enter this academy. I can really feel that there are a lot of things to discover here.”

“Well, that’s something to look forward, right?” Tokiyo said which was answered by an affirmative nod from everyone.

“To refresh everyone’s memory, Getters Yuma-san is the one who is identifying celebrities’ past lives and according to him, there were past entertainers and celebrities who were reincarnated and then went back to the same business, am I right, Yuma-san?”

“Hai! It’s exactly like that!” Yuma answered with great confidence. “There are celebrities like THE IDOL, Kojima Haruna-san. I can say with great assurance that she was also AKB48’s Kojima Haruna. It’s not a coincidence that she was from the clan of the first Kojima and she was named with the same name. She is really Kojima Haruna coming back!”

A roll of ‘oohh’ was heard from everyone surrounding him. This kind of mesmerizing entertainment is timely needed to have everyone focus on the bright side.

“Well, Yuma-san…” Dasa asked. “If you are going to look at us, what do you think were we in our past lives?”

“Well…” Yuma looked around at everyone and there was silence. He opened his neurolinker to consult his research about these people around him. Then he looked back at everyone like he is scanning at their entire soul. Everyone is tensed yet excited at the same time.

“Let me say the result of my analysis.” Yuma first face the B-Boys and with a sly smile he said. “You two were cockroaches!”

“WHAT!?” The two almost fell in their places while the people around them laughed in the verdict.

“You were cockroaches in your lives before this. But before that life you were also a comedic duo of the 21st century called the Bad Boys!”

Everyone was in awe when they remembered the duo that was famous about being yankee comedians. They were really, really shocked.

“B-B-But we love that duo since we were kids!” Tokiyo stammered, still amazed of what Yuma said. “They greatly influenced our craft!”

“It’s no coincidence Tokiyo-san. Even the black and white outfits are linked to this!”

“So how about this two here?” Dasa asked pertaining to Natsu and Asuka. He is still feeling his skin thickened.

Yuma smiled at them. “Matsui-kun here was SKE48’s Matsui Jurina. He was that idol group’s absolute ace!”

Natsu’s jaw dropped, he was dumbfounded. “A-Are you saying that I was a girl in my past life?”

Everyone laughed at Natsu’s reaction. He couldn’t believe that a handsome guy like him was a girl in his past life. It looks like someone is going to dig the internet for some information when he gets home.

“And Saito-san here… She’s almost the same case as Haruna-san.”

“M-Me?” Asuka pointed herself.

Yuma nodded. “You were also an idol in your past life. You are Nogizaka46’s Saito Asuka.”

“Waah! The same name!” The MCs exclaimed.

“Yes. I’m really sure of this. They just have the same name but the kanjis are different.” Yuma once again answered with confidence. “Just by looking at a person it sends me signal of what they are in their past life. Those who had been under the spotlight in their past life release the strongest signal. That’s where I start further research to get more evidence.”

The MCs are still amazed by everything that Yuma is saying when they noticed Asuka sneakily snickering to Natsu.

“Hey, hey! What are you laughing at Saito-san?” Dasa asked.

Everyone turned to Asuka and the girl just couldn’t stop laughing. “I’m sorry but I just find everything funny. I don’t think that things like this really happen. It’s just mere coincidence.”

The director of the show suddenly became worried. He immediately looked at the special guest if ever there is a change in his facial expression. And there was! His face looked a bit disappointed for a moment but he returned to his usual smiling appearance.

“That’s something that Nogizaka’s Asuka would really say. She was originally a girl filled with doubts. Ladies and gentlemen, you have just seen a proof!”

Everyone was put again in awe. The director heaved a sigh a relief. He was thankful that Yuma is really a professional. He was able to handle Asuka’s negativity. Asuka just waved her hand and tried to negate everything but Yuma is really convinced about his evaluations.

A cue card was then raised. It is finally time to get inside.

Tokiyo took a deep breath. “Saa, our infiltration mission for today is… Dasa!

“INFILTRATION: Search for the Lost Stars!”


FUYU is currently in the library skipping class. Well, he got excused from classes for the sake of an interview but the great mochigusare isn’t interested at all. He passed the task to the original vice president of the student council that he calls Drill Sergeant because of her being a control freak.

He can vividly remember the girl’s face when he entrusted her everything and then escaped. He knows that he will be in trouble because of this but he doesn’t care anymore. It will be better that the school takes him off from the position. He is sure that Haru will be forced to get back because of that and that would favor him a lot. He can get back to his usual routine.

He’s sitting on the floor, in the middle of the last two shelves of that big yet useless library. Since everything has turned digital, all of these books turned into decorations. All of them are still being taken care off by the management but no one is there to use them according to their purpose.

“Purpose, huh?” Fuyu murmured to himself while looking at the books. “Am I not serving my purpose just like you guys do?”

He leaned his head on the wall and covered his eyes with his arm. He remembered how Fumie ignored him this morning and he felt his heart ache once more. He wants to punch himself to wake himself up to the reality that the girl will not look at him the same way he looks at her. As time goes by, he is feeling more helpless since no matter what he does the awkwardness between them just won’t get away.

“It’s my fault… I got too excited… I thought she feels the same…”

Fuyu wiped his face with his palm and then loosened his necktie. He has released a sigh for a hundred times now but he is not close to stopping.

“Why do I have to be born like this? Why can’t I focus on something else other than you?”

He let himself slid down the wall until he just found himself lying on the floor. His closed eyes were soon brought into real sleep. He was tired from his part time job yesterday yet he had to be at school in such an early time. Is there a better way to forget about sadness than sleeping? For Fuyu that has always been his escape route.

His heart is still in the lowest; still aching even though he has already succeeded with his mission. All this time he believed that he will be complete once he finds the girl of his dreams but why does he feel a lot emptier?

Now in his deep sleep, a drop of tear rolled down from his eyes and with deep longing he murmured…






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Chapter 11 Preview
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“I wonder if I can see them here.”

“Mou~! Stop flirting in front of me!”

“Stupid perfectionist.”

“Such a faint light!”

“I’ll get my flame dragons ready!”


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“Why do I have to be born like this? Why can’t I focus on something else other than you?”

That is what is called destiny,  Fuyu - kun :glasses: your past self don't want you to miss your destiny

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